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Create your own Perfect Growing Environment

Grow All Year Round

Eden Grow Rooms

Plants grow faster in the Garden of Eden. By setting your grow lights to optimal day and night perameters, plants can grow much faster than being subject to daylight hours.

Start growing your own vegetables, flowers and herbs 365 days a year. Now you can control what you are eating and feeding your family no matter what climate you live in. With an Eden Grow Room you are in control of everything from the soil to the fertilizer. Produce organic vegetables and herbs with no pesticides or chemicals. With an Eden Grow Room you are in control.

Eden Grow Rooms are highly insulated climate controlled rooms that allow complete control of your environment for growing plants. Due to new technology, consumers, gardeners, commercial restaurants, grocery stores, etc. can now take gardening to a whole new level with an Eden Grow Room. Eden provides the enclosed shelter that controls the growing environment and protects plants from the outside atmosphere. Add grow lights, shelving, a watering system and air conditioning/heat to provide the perfect growing environment for plants.

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Regardless of the weather outside, inside an Eden Grow Room can be any environment needed for plant growth. No need to worry about your plants trying to grow in climates that are too hot or too cold. Control your plants’ environment 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!


Eden Grow Rooms are environmental enclosures specifically designed to allow users to have complete control of their growing environment. Once designed to specified needs, units can optimize plant production and quality of produce. Eden Grow Room units are constructed with 4" high density foam insulation laminated between two sheets of painted galvanized 26 gauge steel creating modular insulated panels. Each unit comes with tongue and groove edged panels that are equipped with cam-action locking devices that seal tightly to create an enclosed environment. Each standard unit includes an insulated entrance door already installed in a standard panel for easy installation. This design, with its high R-value and gasket construction allows for many years of air tight and water resistant performance. Eden Grow Room units are available in 3 standard model sizes that are able to be installed inside or outside. Custom units are available upon request. An insulated floor can be provided for more energy efficiency for indoor or outdoor environments. Eden Grow Room units have the ability to be easily expanded or relocated in the future by simply unlocking the panels.

Optional shelving, floor and entry port is available upon request. Our optional coated shelving system is designed to deal with the harsh conditions experienced in a growing environment.

Standard Model Sizes:

Nominal: 8’x6’x8’ 8’x9’x8’ 8’x13’x8’

Actual Grow Room: 7’10” x 5’10” x 8’8” 7’10” x 8’10” x 8’0” 7’10” X 12’10” x 8’0”

If these sizes do not fit your needs, Eden can manufacture grow rooms to any size or shape. Our Service Commitment

At Eden, our goal is to develop lasting relationships with our customers, beginning with the very first telephone call. We strive to provide the best in sales and service, from quote to product delivery, with the emphasis on meeting our customers’ needs better than anyone else. To help ensure our customers complete satisfaction, our customer service representatives are here to address any specific concerns which may arise following product shipment.



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Eden Grow Rooms  

Eden Grow Rooms allows you to grow all kinds of plants and organic produce with perfect environmental control. These shelters are modular, i...

Eden Grow Rooms  

Eden Grow Rooms allows you to grow all kinds of plants and organic produce with perfect environmental control. These shelters are modular, i...