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Trojan Spirit Spring 2013 Check out The Academy News online: langacad.Go to “Student Information” and then click on “The Academy News.”Check out The Academy News online: langacad.Go to “Student Information” and then click on “The Academy News.”


Language Academy students on the steps of Doheny Library, Friday, April 26.

Announcements 2 Another Side of Saudi Arabic


LAX Shuttle Service


Survey Results: Superlatives


Profile: Paul Dykman


End of Session Quiz


More Photos of Oral Skills


Program Notes First Day of Classes Thursday, May 23

Be a PAL: Continuing and Returning Students can volunteer to help new students with Orientation, May 21-22. Come to the Jefferson Courtyard at 8:30 Please see Pam You can help the new a.m. to pick up your new schedules and students by answering their questions go to your first class. Classes will start at and guiding them around campus. Email Pam at Email Pam at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday. pyamamot@usc.edubegin next Friday, April 19th at 12pm in JEF Courtyard.



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Summer A 2013 classes begin on Thursday, May 23 Come to the JEF courtyard to pick up your schedules at 8:30am.

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Housing Information Sunday, May 5, is the LAST day to move out of Parkside Apartments. You must move out by 5:00 PM. If you are not continuing to live in USC housing this fall semester, you MUST move out of your apartment. Remember to have your RA check your room for cleanliness and damages, remove all of your belongings, and return your keys to the customer service front desk before you leave.

Right: Grammar 502 with Todd Kolberg

A small studio, furnished (bed, desk, chair, closet, stove, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner and internet), laundry room and gated parking are also available., almost 5 minutes walking to USC (gate #6 on Vermont), DPS always at each end of the street, move in May 5th. Go to http://



to choose a girl for their son is common around the world. Another kind can come directly from individuals to choose their own partners. By AWS ALMUSALLAM Women have taken important roles that have never been there Saudi Arabia is a special before in our community in the country that has many different last few years. They have entered cultures. Those cultures not only many organizations, have gotten differentiate from region to region significant jobs, and have been but also might differentiate from paid as much as men who are in family to family. the same positions. There are many different ways Since male and female are to get married there. One way was now able to interact with each for the Japanese mentioned in The Academy News Mareen’s other,friend theraised new money generation might relief effort by giving haircuts and donating last week by Xiaowen Liang in herproducts meetatand deal daily with many his hair salon. article, “Getting Married in Saudi people from the other gender. Arabia.” That way which comes Therefore, that gives them the opthrough families who are supposed

Another Side of Saudi Arabia

portunity to pick their own partners by themselves. My friend Abdulrahaman, a doctor, and his colleague Fatimah, both live in Saudi Arabia. They fell in love with each other and decided to get married. With the approval of their families, they got married, and they are very happy with their two children Sara and Khalid. Abdulrahman said, “I am so happy in my life since I got married to the woman I love, and nothing will prevent us from spending the rest of our lives together.”

Upper Left: Oral Skills 102 with Delia Racines; Upper Right: Oral Skills 303 with Barbara Holmes; Lower Left: Oral Skills 502 with Nate Brown; Lower Right: Oral Skills 404 with James Hutzell.



Upper Left: Oral Skills 503 with Paul Dykman; Upper Right: Oral Skills 401 with Priscilla Taylor; Above: Oral Skills 403 with Jeminah Jones; Right: Oral Skills 301 with Sonja Lovelace

Going to LAX? Airport Shuttles are worth the price. _____________ BY SUNHO AN

How was the summer session B for you? Was it hard? Was it busy? The summer session B finished this week. You were able to make many friends from different countries and make precious memories. It is the time to say good bye to each other. Some people are leaving USC Lan-

guage Academy, some people will stay here. Are you planning to leave here? When you leave LA, if someone gives you a ride, it will be very good and convenient. But if not, you should take a bus or taxi. However, using buses is not good for moving your big suitcases, and it is too expensive to go to the airport by taxi. Here is the information for alternative transportation to go to the airport. It is the airport shuttle. Airport shuttle companies provide shuttle service for a reasonable price, and they will help you to carry all of your stuff to the front of

the airport. If you are interested in this shuttle bus, you can call or check some internet website. Checking internet websites is easier and more convenient to make reservations. Their website will suggest a form to fill out your flight information. After you complete the form, they will show to you the proper time to pick you up. Also, you can choose the shuttle that you want. The regular shuttle price is less than $20. For example, Prime Time ShuttleBovard provides a regular shuttle for Auditorium is the only $15 from USC campus or near venue for many concerts durto LAX airport. ing the academic year.



Language Academy Superlatives Many thanks to the Language Academy students who participated in the end-of-term survey. Here are the results. Are any of your friends mentioned here?

SURVEY RESULTS Funniest Teacher Todd and Michael Most fashionable Student Victor and Serena Most beautiful/handsome Student Sandy, Aws, and Thamer

Funniest Student Dalal Alkhodairi Moody If you could bring something from your country? Arabic coffee My family My dog My bank Cheese My horse If you could take something home from L.A The weather A beautiful girl The beach Santa Monica Language Academy stuff Hospital and doctor

How many friends did you make this term? Fewer than 10


11-20 More than 20

38% 34%

What would you do differently? Make more friends Study harder

What did you like best about The Academy News? Valentine’s Day Arabic restaurant Dubai NBA Game Activity News

Favorite Activity Disneyland Basketball game

Top Left: Oral Skills 203 with Ixchell Reyes; Top Right: Oral Skills 302 with Marilyn Gomez; Lower Left: Oral Skills Beginning with Katie Guevara; Loower Right: Grammar 501 with Heather Robertson.


Personality Profile: Paul Dykman By ALIBEK BISSEMBAYEV

Editor’s Note: Alibek interviewed Language Academy instructor Paul Dykman about his background and his work. Could you please tell us about yourself? Where were you born and raised? I was born in the LA area, actually Lakewood , which is right to next to Long Beach, so I grew up in Southern California. I only lived in a couple of places outside for a short time. I went to UC Santa Barbara, which is a couple of hours north, and I also lived in Portland, Oregon for a couple of years, and Sweden for a year. What made you chose to be teacher? Well actually that kind reminds me of the Sweden thing. Actually it is kind of interesting, I always told myself that I never wanted to be a teacher because my mother is a high school English teacher, and I was never interested in teaching children just because of the authority aspect,—you have to discipline everybody. Later, another thing is, when I studied language it was Spanish in a high school, and I hated studying it because I always thought that I wasn’t very good at learning languages. Then I went to Sweden for a year abroad, and I took intensive language courses in Swedish for the entire year, and we just had one teacher for all the skills. Her name was Annika. I think she was an inspiration because she was just a very good teacher. She was very patient and understanding, and this made me realize what a language teacher should do. Honestly my high school Spanish teacher wasn’t very good. (smiling) Who is your moral inspirational model, maybe famous or a relative?(mother or father) ? I think, as far as a personal

Paul Dykman has been teaching at Language Academy since Fall 2012. He was previously at UCLA’s Intensive English Program.

[inspiration], my parents are inspirational for me. They work very hard, and they never give up. Actually my father just retired. He is 79 years old. If he can work really hard, I can do it. Could you please tell us about the best part of your work? I think interacting with students is the best. It is almost like traveling all over the world except you don’t have to go anywhere. The cultural aspect is really interesting. You know, when I became an English teacher, I had the option, of course, of going to another country or staying in the U.S. I think staying in the U.S. is little bit more interesting because then you get mixed with all different countries. You know something? If I had gone to Korea or Japan or Thailand or Kazakhstan, I wouldn’t have all students from only one place and I really like the exchange of a cultures between the students. Where do you see yourself in the next five years from now?

Hard to say for everybody because everybody is different, but the difference is technology. One thing I worry about, I first say that students these days have many more opportunities. They have more opportunities to study than never before, especially internationally. I am sure in Kazakhstan or any other country, if you go back for 20 – 30 years a lot of students didn’t have opportunities to go to the university. Now a large number go to university, and the system now is much more open. If you decide to go to certain university, let us say you don’t get accepted, you can go into another university. If you didn’t do well in a high school, you can go to the community college, and you can get good grades and transfer. Things are much more open. Sometimes I worry about technology. I am guilty of this too because I am addicted to my phone, and social media and things like that, but you know it is hard that the students have a little bit more difficulties with paying attention in class, and people are reading less. That’s just my observation, but on the other hand, maybe they are reading more because of access to the technology. So, overall I am really excited about the future. I heard that you like to travel. Where have you been for the last five years? In the last five years I’ve been to one place—I went to Thailand. My wife is from Thailand. Of course I have been to Sweden, many countries in Europe, and I went to Guatemala a few years ago to study Spanish. I really do lots of traveling. It can be stressful sometimes. As you know, you are kind of like a fish out of water, but overall I really do like it.

Here. (laughing) So far, I really like What are your three favorite places that it. I plan to just become more involved you like to go most often locally? with administration, but still teaching. What do you think of today’s students personalities? Are they smart enough to study and consume more things than decades before?

See Paul Dykman on p. 6




THE LANGUAGE ACADEMY QUIZ 1. What was the USC mascot before Traveler the horse? a. a cat b. a parrot c. a dog d. a bear

4. How many libraries are there at USC? a. 8 b. 16 c. 20 d. 23

7. What can’t we find at the bookstore? a. earrings b. bananas c. phone cases d. toothbrushes

2. How many students are enrolled at USC? a. 20,000 b. 25,000 c. 35,000 d. 40,000

5. Which famous person went to USC? a. Barak Obama b. Neil Armstrong c. Jennifer Lopez d. Angelina Jolie

8. Who is the president of USC? a. C. L. Max Nikias b. Ernest J. Wilson III c. Steven Sample d. Jerome Houphouet-Boigny

3. When was USC first established? a. 1870 b. 1880 c. 1890 d. 1898

6. How many flags are there at VKC? a. 17 b. 77 c. 107 d. 137

probably don’t know, but one of my hobbies is reading comic books. So, I do Continued from p. 6 read a lot of graphic novels, one of my favorites is “The Watchmen,” and it is a I like to go to Downtown LA, I think it great graphic novel about politics and is a really exciting place, sort of chang- power and things like that. Another ing. I like to go there and book is short stories by Raymond see what’s happening. I like to go to Carver “Will You Please Be Quiet, museums, any sort of art museum. I love Please?” bookstores, and they are sort of dying. As you know, we are switching to What is your favorite holiday and why electronic books, and things like that. do you like it? It is harder and harder to find a really good one. If I find a good one, I like to I think is Christmas is always a good go and hang around, and look at the one. Also I am not a very really relibooks. gious person. It is really tied to American culture, and it is a time of family. So your hobby is reading. Could you All my family are from the Southern please recommend your favorite three California, and it is a time when we all books that you like to share with us? come together, and give gifts. Of course I have some vacation at that time. Sure, one is J.D. Salinger “Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters,” and What advice you could give for LA stuit’s just kind of a funny story and also dents to improve their English skills? dark. Another book that I like, you

Paul Dykman

Give you answer card to a TAN staffer and you might win a prize!

The one thing that I know, it is a simple thing, and people will be skeptical, but students that I see succeed are ones who go outside of the program and make American friends and do cultural things, and really put themselves out there. It is kind of ironic a little bit because sometimes I get angry, when the students stay out all night and go to clubs and parties, but I hate to admit it that a lot of times those students have the best the English improvement because they are spending time with American friends and really interacting with the culture. You can stay home with your grammar book and study all you want, but your English really won’t improve until you use it in a real setting when interact with American culture. Thank you very much for your interview and have a fruitful work with LA students in the future! We wish you success and all the best !


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Have a wonderful summer break!

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Above: Oral Skills 101 with Diana Hiciu; Above: Oral Skills 402 with Marisa Garcia-Crocker.

The Academy News Editor: Abdullah Bin Kolaib Oral Skills 202 with Michael Cannon

The Academy News Staff took a field trip on Wednesday afternoon to the Los Angeles County Fire Department Communications Command Center. Fire Chief Steve Weston gave the students a tour of the dispatch control center where all 911 calls come in. Students learned about the protocols of emergency calls and the various communications networks of the LAFD.

Staff Reporters: Yousef Alwaseifer Alibek Bissembayev Xiaowen (Sharon) Liang Lora Sonbol


The Academy News - Spring 2013 Final Issue  

In this issue: Another side of Saudi Arabia, Paul Dykman Personality Profile, and class photos!

The Academy News - Spring 2013 Final Issue  

In this issue: Another side of Saudi Arabia, Paul Dykman Personality Profile, and class photos!