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 Moran learns to cook for himself. See p. 4.

 Americans and Chinese: Differences in Diet, p. 5.







Lunch Mid-Autumn


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Fight On! USC Trojans Defeat Cal 27-9 Language Academy students attended the Trojan vs. Cal football game on Saturday, September 22. The campus was filled with tailgate parties before the game as loyal Trojans enjoyed food and drink before the kickoff at 3 p.m. The bleachers were packed with fans in cardinal and gold making waves across the stadium and cheering on the players as they entered the field. Robin said, “I didn’t realize that football was so popular. Actually, it’s more exciting before the game—all the people marching to the stadium. I couldn’t even find the ball on the field!”

Language Academy students show their school spirit at the USC-Cal game.

Miya was asked at the Subway station why everybody was wearing red and

gold. She said she was proud to be a Trojan. See Football on p. 8


Festival Romantic


Restaurant iPhone 5


Review True Love


Story Movie Review


UPCOMING ACTIVITIES Venice Beach Friday, September 28, 2012 12:30PM-6:00PM, meet at JEF Venice Beach is an iconic Californian destination lined with art vendors, beach activities and diversity. Meet Blaire and Luke on Friday at 12:30pm in the JEF courtyard for a day that is sure to be memorable in your Los Angeles experience!

Los Angeles Zoo Friday, October 5, 2012 12:30PM-6:00PM, $5 payment Join us on our trip to the Los Angeles Zoo, home to more than 1,100 mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles representing more than 250 different species. There is a $5 payment, so be prepared to pay in cash when you sign-up today!





JEF 124 DRB 265 JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard



Monday, October 1, 2012 Description Writing to Impress (Levels 5-6) GRE/GMAT (Levels 4-6) Conversation Level 1 & 2 Conversation Level 3 & 4 Conversation Level 5 & 6 Conversation Level 1-3

Facilitator Heather James Rachel Jackie Luke C. Luke C.

JEF Courtyard VKC 202

Statement of Purpose: Introductions (Levels 4-6)



Writing to Impress (Levels 5-6)


Conversation Level 4-6


Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Time



12-1pm 1:30-2:30



JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF 203

Speak English Fluently (Levels 1-3)


VKC 202

GRE/GMAT (Levels 4-6)


Conversation Level 1-3 Conversation Level 4-6 Conversation Level 1-3 Conversation Level 4-6

Luke C. Rachel Luke C. Joyce

GRAD OPENHOUSE USC School of Architecture Monday, October 22 at 5:00 p.m. Master of Architecture (Post-Professional, +2) Master of Building Science Master of Heritage Conservation Master of Landscape Architecture (Post-Professional, +2, +3) Learn about our programs, connect with faculty and current students and tour our facilities. We are committed to an interdisciplinary approach to graduate studies and look forward to meeting with you.    

RSVP: Laarni Cutidioc at or (213) 821-2168


Writing to Impress (Levels 5-6): Impress your Language Academy teachers and your USC professors with your academic style. Learn how to use academic sources to powerfully support your ideas and enhance your scholarship. GRE/GMAT Preparation (Levels 4-6): Find out the best ways to succeed on the new exam Statement of Purpose Workshop (Levels 4-6): Learn how to write an amazing SOP for graduate school. Bring your draft statement of purpose to every session. Speak English Fluently (Level 1-3): KNOW THE CODE! Maybe you can speak some English, but when you hear Americans talking socially, they use different English. This language lab will give you everyday English phrases so you can understand what Americans are saying, answer quickly, and make new friends. Conversation Groups: Practice speaking English by level with USC students. This is an interactive discussion in which you will participate in groups about several interesting topics. This is your opportunity to practice and to ask questions to native speakers.



Statement of Purpose Workshop (Levels 4-6):


Location JEF 124


JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF 124


JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 Description Statement of Purpose: Introductions (Levels 4-6) Conversation Level 1 Conversation Level 2 Conversation Level 3 *Special Conversation: Election 2012* Levels 4-6 Reading Power (Levels 1-3) Conversation Level 1,2 Conversation Level 3 Conversation Level 4-6

Facilitator Marisa Megan Anastasia Luke P. Blaire Marilyn Anastasia Luke P. Blaire

Thursday, October 4, 2012 Time






JEF 124

Statement of Purpose: Introductions (Levels 4-6)


JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF 124 JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard JEF Courtyard

Conversation Level 1,2 Conversation Level 3 Conversation Level 4-6 Speak English Fluently (Levels 1-3) Conversation Level 1,2 Conversation Level 3 Conversation Level 4-6

Megan Luke P. Blaire Marilyn Blaire Anastasia Luke P.

Learn how to write an amazing SOP for graduate school. Bring your draft introduction to this weeks session. See more detailed description online.

Reading Power (Levels 1-3): Do you want to become a better, faster reader? Attend this lab to get tips and tricks on how to improve your reading skills.

Speak English Fluently (Level 1-3): KNOW THE CODE! Maybe you can speak some English, but when you hear Americans talking socially, they use different English. This language lab will give you everyday English phrases so you can understand what Americans are saying, answer quickly, and make new friends. Conversation Groups: Practice speaking English by level with USC students. This is an interactive discussion in which you will participate in groups about several interesting topics. This is your opportunity to practice and to ask questions to native English speakers. Special Conversation: Election 2012 (Levels 4-6) Americans will be choosing their next President on November 6th. Learn more about the process and the candidates.



and “a complete collection of cooking shrimp,” when I arrived home, but suddenly I realized that if I cooked all kinds of meats and vegetables, I would need to wash a lot of dishes. I hate washing dishes, so It was not until last weekend the plan A, making a feast, turned that I cooked by myself. In the past into plan B, making one course. 21 years in my life, I never cooked Eventually I decided to make but just dined with my parents, orfried chicken with vegetables, since Moran learned to cook for himself here in L.A. dered delivery or went to restauit seemed like a simple and nutrirants with my friends. When I artious one. Surprisingly, the process rived in LA, I tried to do the same Ralph’s to buy some ingredients. of cooking was pretty painless. I thing in the first week; however, After wandering the supermarket, I thought that I might cut my finger soon I found it was much more ex- added chicken, shrimp, beef, three or burn the chicken into coals, but pensive eating in a restaurant here kinds of vegetables (I don’t know actually nothing happened. than in China, and obviously I their names), and a lot of spices I followed the online guidance couldn’t bear to have every meal in into my cart and checked out. step by step and made a really nice Burger King or Wendy’s. So finally Thanks to modern technology, I and yummy course (at least I think I decided to cook for myself. googled something like “how to so). “I should apply for chef On a lovely Saturday I went to cook chicken,” “how to cook beef,” school,” I told myself.

Moran Pei

My First Cooking Experience in LA

Recipe of Healthy 5-minute Lunch for One Yiqing Lin (Claire)

into small pieces freely. (Tips: I usually cut the cucumber into bite-size because it feels better when you eat.)

Are you tired of choosing sandwiches, burgers or pizza for your lunch? Are you worried about your 2. Put the cucumber into your lunch health( or your body shape) when box. you are eating those meaty, highcalorie foods? You may only need five minutes at night to prepare your- 3. Open up a can of tuna, and drain all the juice inside the can out. self a delicious, healthy lunch for toDrop the tuna into the lunch box morrow. Follow the recipe and find it too. out! Notes: The ingredients are not necessarily fixed. You can add almost 4. Cut the lemon into half. I prefer anything you want into the meal: e.g. You only need a cucumber, a can picking out all the seeds before fresh strawberries, raspberries, or of tuna, a lemon, and ¼ teaspoon of the next step. Then squeeze all even mixed nuts. seasoning salt for this meal. You can the juice into the container (Enjoy The secret of this recipe is the lemon start by strictly following this recipe, SQUEEZING!!). juice. With a hint of that, everything and then make your own version by feels fresher. being creative. 5. Sprinkle the seasoning salt onto You can find more of this kind of your meal. This step adds extra quick lunch ideas at Youtube. Search Directions: flavor into your lunch. So feel “Quick lunch” in the website, watch free to try different seasonings the videos and try your favorites out. 1. Peel the cucumber, or wash it and choose your favorite! If you are inspired by some of them, thoroughly before use. Cut the you can also videotape your creative cucumber into half at the long 6. The last step: mix all things up recipe and share it with everyone way, then cut the two pieces with a fork and take it with you to else. again into fourth. Then, cut them school.



the afternoon. Alternatively, they sometimes combine and lunch together Culture Differences in Diets be- breakfast as brunch which occurs at 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning. tween China and America The other culture difference in diet is people’s attitude In China, there is an old saying: Food is the towards dinner. In China, the paramount necessity of the people. That is to say, dinner’s proportion of all day’s people regard food as their prime want. As a result, food-intake is only 10% -20%. For health concerns, my friend thought that knowing food well is the best a lot of people usually eat less food than at lunch, strategy for me to quickly adapt to a new life. He and the choices of food also focus on easily digestitook me to the university cafeterias, surrounding ble, such as porridge or vegetables. On the other restaurants and local supermarkets. As a Chinese hand, Americans eat more energy food at night, and woman who is here for the first time, I strongly felt they also prefer to hold a formal banquet in the evethe subtle differences in diets which are due to disning while in China the banquet is usually held at parate cultural backgrounds. There are many differnoon. ences in cultures which are reflected in diet. Besides, under the far-reaching influence of traOne of the culture differences in diet is the time ditional medicine, one aspect of China's health life options for dinner. In China, people normally have style is diet. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and supper. believes the human body is a balanced system, and They place emphasis on breakfast and lunch befood is the most natural and safest drug when the cause they consider this body loses balance. TCM always encourages peohabit as a regimen to keep ple to eat vegetarian and to have a limitation on the healthy. They eat breakintake of meat. Therefore, most of the food in China fast very early in the mornmixes the appropriate proportion of coarse grains ing, and they have lunch with meat and vegetables. Unfortunately, most peoat noon. However, I find ple like to eat junk food which contains high-calories that American people just in the United States. Therefore, the cultural differdrink coffee in the mornence is an indispensable factor which exerts a proing, and they eat lunch a found influence on different eating habits. little late (at 1 o’clock) in

Dan (Iris) Mu

ter and 1.8 inches in thickness. The filling, which is wrapped by a thin mooncake crust, is made from many different types of food, such as the lotus seed paste, salted duck egg yolks, Christy (Qiong ZHU) sweetened bean paste, ham, sesame seeds, and abalone. Mooncakes are a special treat for This September 30 is a the Mid-Autumn Festival in China Hence the flavor of moonvery important day for Chicake can be sweet or salty nese people. It is the Chibased on personal prefernese traditional Mid-autumn activities together. These activities include ence. Festival, which Chinese eating mooncakes while enIf you love ice cream, you named "中秋节". joying the beautiful full cannot miss the various flaTraditionally, this festival moon, appreciating decoravors of ice cream moonis for those farmers who had tive lanterns, and burning cakes, like vanilla, chocotoiled on the soil to celebrate incense. late, strawberry and so on. their harvest. However, with The mooncake is a deliFor those meat eaters, fresh the advancement of agriculcacy that is an integral part pork mooncake is the best ture and industry, this festiof this important occasion. choice! The fresh pork val has been transformed Usually, the mooncake has a mooncake is different from into a one-day holiday in round shape with approxithe other mooncakes in size, order to gather family memmately 3.9 inches in diameingredients and taste. bers for dinner and join in

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Though its size is much smaller, it is much more popular with the people who live in the Yangtze River delta because they regard this kind of mooncake as freshest and best tasting. It needs to be eaten immediately after it has been baked. The crust tastes like puff pastry, and the filling is all pork which is still hot and even contains its delicious juice. On the Mid-Autumn festival day, you can easily find the stores selling this type of mooncake because people line up for them. It is often said where there are fresh pork mooncakes, there are long queues.



Life in L. A.

Yamashiro: A Romantic Restaurant in Hollywood by Xurui (Christy) Wang Yamashiro is a good place to date and even propose to your girlfriend. If you have never been there, you had better go. Otherwise, you will regret it. Yamashiro has a long history. It means “Mountain Palace” in Japanese. It was the dream of the Bernheimer brothers in 1911 to build a hilltop mansion 250 feet above Hollywood Boulevard to house their priceless collection of Asian treasures. Hundreds of skilled craftsmen were brought from the Orient to recreate an exact replica of a palace located in the “Yamashiro” mountains near Kyoto, Japan. Now, Yamashiro is a Japanese restaurant which is located in Hollywood. It is famous for its romantic atmosphere

Yamashiro was built in 1914.

there. Even though you have never been there, you still can find it on the website. There is software called Yelp. It is such popular software we can use it to find a best restaurant around us. Yamashiro has five stars in Yelp. Its reviews increased to 1298 in one month. People who have been there for dinner

always take a picture and upload to Yelp. In order to share their happiness, they usually write good recommendations on the website. The food there is also fabulous. Sushi has changed to American ways. Some desserts there are not too sweet, but they are made of cream. Here are some pictures from Yamashiro. I hope you will have fun in Yamashiro.

Diners can enjoy a panoramic view of Los Angeles at Yamashiro.

iPhone 5 The Most Advanced—but Boring Zhonglan (Panda) Lin Perhaps the biggest thing that has happened to the technology industry recently is the launch of iPhone 5. According to Apple, within just 24 hours after the release of iPhone 5, pre-orders had reached 2 million, which doubled the record of iPhone 4S. However, as a big fan of Apple products, I’m a bit disappointed in iPhone 5 it doesn’t astonish me as their previous products used to. I’m not saying iPhone 5 is not a top smartphone. In fact, the processor of iPhone 5, A6 chip, is twice as fast as the last generation. And the use of liquid metal makes it 18% thinner and 20% lighter than its predecessor. So “the

more like a regular technological development. It seems like there will be the “thinnest phone in the world” every one or two months. After a time, is there anyone who cares that his phone is 0.5mm thicker or 20g heavier than others’? I would rather make use of this space to extend the battery life. I still ordered an iPhone 5 anyway. As I said before, it is definitely the most adthinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone4, or the smart vanced phone at this moiPhone ever” of course voice-assistant of iPhone ment. But what if the next becomes the official slo4S, we expected another generation of iPhone is gan of iPhone 5. surprise this time, espelaunched without any surBut the updated hardcially when Apple is in a prise? ware of iPhone 5 seems to very competitive technoMany other smartphone be boring and underlogical industry in Steve producers, such as Samwhelming. Recalling previ- Jobs’ absence. sung, Nokia, Blackberry ous surprises, such as the To my surprise, the lar- and so on, are all doing fresh multitouch interface ger but lighter and thinner Bovard is the very Auditorium well, and they are of iPhone 3GS, or the tophone is nothing about closely keeping their dureyes venue for many concerts tally new outlook of revolutionary changes but on the smartphone market. ing the academic year.

Media Highlights

A Love Story in 22 Pictures

Mengyao (Miya) Cheng Several days ago, I saw a blog named" A Love Story in 22 Pictures" which has been reposted thousands of times and has moved many people around the world. The story is about a 23-year-old young man Taylor Morris and his girlfriend. In the first photo, handsome Morris is smiling in a navy uniform. It's his first day in the army as a bomb disposal officer. Unfortunately, his hard work didn't bring him good luck. During a mission in Afghanistan, Taylor lost all his four limbs. Lying in the bed, he looked so weak and tired. No one knew if he could survive, nor did anyone know how this Taylor’s girlfriend Michelle never gave up on young man was going to live the rest of her sweetheart and gave the blogsphere an his life without limbs. However, it was important life lesson. always his girl friend, Michelle, who encouraged him to never give up. And she was right beside the bed. After he she never gave him up. was discharged from the hospital, she When Taylor was under treatment, carried him on her shoulders and went Movie Review

Resident Evil: Retribution



everywhere they planned to go before that accident. In those pictures, they played on the beach ; they went to concerts together; they hugged as usual; they took photos with smile. And finally, they stepped into the church holding hands with blessings from all the family and friends. Someone told me that love nowadays is all about detachment. People are saying “Goodbye" almost every second in some corners of the world. It's the true love between Taylor and Michelle as well as their optimism that gives everybody a life lesson. That is, you can plan out life as much as you want, but life has a plan of its own. What you have to do is just look forward, no matter what destiny may throw at you. To see the whole 22 pictures, visit: true-love-in-pictures-only-28m7

been using her and her allies as basic cloning model of the virus experiments. Suddenly, every friend seems suspicious.

by Rui (Christina) He

Although the “Resident Evil” series at first was set as horror movies with The fifth “Resident Evil” series came zombies and terrifying creatures, you out on September 14, and it successfully have to think twice before buying tickets ruined my two hours in a sunny Friday if you expect to be scared this time. afternoon. You don't have to watch the It seems that Paul W.S. Anderson’s four previous ones to understand the imagination has dried up because there’s movie, because it’s a totally empty-head nothing new on the screen: zombies, a film with terrible acting, few storyline big disgusting dog-like spider with but only simple scares. brains, aliens with axes, and nothing As always, our unstoppable, halfmore. However, if you are a big fan of human, half–viral heroine Alice (Milla the “Resident Evil” video game, you Jovovich) has come to save the world, won’t regret it because it's actually a again. This time, in order to stop the first-person-spectating record of the Umbrella Corporation’s zombie plague game in a real human version. from spreading, she has to destroy their There’s a new face: Bingbing Li, a evil underground facility, which dupliwell-known Chinese actress, particicated Tokyo, New York, Washington, pated in it and did a fair job. She played D.C, and Moscow to improve the virus Ada, an agent of the White House who effectiveness. helps Alice escape from the facility. Moreover, she also discovers an asAs far as acting, she did well and she tonishing fact that the Umbrella has obviously put much effort into practic-

ing her spoken-English so that you can barely notice the Chinese accent. But due to the script and the limited showing time, she didn’t have the ability to win the audience . All in all, “Resident Evil” is a movie with great special effects but no storyline at all. Therefore I won’t recommend it to anyone that I care about. But if you insist, all that I have to say is “buy discounted tickets and prepare to be bored!”


2 8 .


2 0 1 2

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Football continued from p. 1 Panda said, “I couldn’t understand the rules and didn’t know why there were so many breaks [in the game.] Moran said, “It really shocked me because it didn’t look like a match between two colleges. It looked more like a

professional league—huge stadium. In China, the matches, they just have a few hundred people. The people behind me were cheering for Cal, but they didn’t have too many times to shout for their team.” True. USC walked away with a big win. Fight On!

EVENTS CALENDAR: SEPTEMBER 28-OCTOBER 4 variety of student ensembles.

Music Jazz Night Thursday, October 4 7:00pm Ground Zero Performance Cafe

Film Screening of "Assignment: China" - China Watching

Thursday, October 4 4:00pm to 6:00pm This ongoing series of contemporary Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism jazz features top players in Thornton’s jazz programs performing in a 204 Free


Enjoy free events on campus during the semester. Please go to the Arts and Events Calendar for more details at feature/2819

Film screening of “Assignment: China,” China's new segment China Watching, which tells the story of American journalists' in Hong Kong following the Communist Revolution in China. Led by USCI Senior Fellow Mike Chinoy. Please go to

this website for more information: ShowEvent.aspx?EventID=3957


The Academy News - September 28, 2012  

In this issue: USC Defeats Cal, Mid-Autumn Festival, Cultural Diet Habits and more!