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San Diego is the ideal vacation for spring break. See pp. 4-5

Stop Kony 2012 has

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St. Patrick’s Day by Sara Al Shehri

become a political force to help the children in Uganda. See p. 5

What to wear? Read some fashion tips for spring om p. 6




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Stop Kony


2012 St. Patrick’s


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“Wear green or you will get pinched!” This common saying is what you are going to hear on Saint Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick’s Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is an Irish cultural religious occasion that celebrates the most known and recognized Saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick, or the Patron saint of Ireland, was one of the most famous Irish saints in the Roman Catholic Church, which is the largest Christian church in the world. What makes people respect him is a famous legend that said that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of the Ireland, which is the evil in Christian symbolism. In fact, there are no snakes in the Ireland in the first place because of the Ice Age that prevented

snakes from living there. On March 17, which is the date of Saint Patrick’s death, both Irish and non-Irish celebrate this day. Some of the customs on this day are wearing green clothes, participating and attending the public shows, eating Irish food and drinking Irish alcohol. See St. Patrick on p. 3

UPCOMING ACTIVITIES Tuesday, March 27th ALL DAY You will get the opportunity to attend a real university class with real USC students on this day! This is your chance to test your listening and notetaking skills, as well as to see what a USC class is like. There will be NO Language Academy classes on Tuesday and NO Language Labs this week. Griffith Observatory

Friday, March 30th 1:00pm—6:00pm Come with us to the famous LA landmark in the Hollywood Hills! Visit this beautiful planetarium and get a bird’s eye view of the city of angels. This activity is FREE, so sign up on Monday, March 26th at NOON if you would like to go. There are only a few activities left this spring, so don’t miss out!



All full-time students are required to attend University Day on Tuesday, March 27th. There will be NO Language Academy classes on this day, but you will be counted absent for the whole day if you do not sign up for and attend a University Day class. You will have an assignment in your Oral Skills classes that you must turn in as well. Please sign up for the University Day class of your choice starting today at NOON, 3/23, until Monday at 8:00 AM, 3/26. Space is limited in each class, so remember to sign up early. If you are unable to sign up for your first choice, you must pick another one. You will sign up online on the Language Labs website. If you have never visited the Language Labs website, instructions on how to create an account and sign up are available online—Go to: to find instructions. All students will receive a list of University Day classes in their Oral Skills class TODAY. The list is also available at the USC Language Academy front desk.

NO LANGUAGE LABS THIS WEEK—Thursday, March 29th Time 11:00—11:50

Location ZHS 159

Description STAY Meeting

Facilitator Gilbert Cho


THH 118

GO Meeting

Gilbert Cho


JEF 204

GO Question & Answer Session

Gilbert Cho

STAY Meeting with Gil Please attend this workshop if you will continue your studies at the Language Academy for the Summer Session A 2012 at 11:00 AM. Please sign up for this meeting on the Language Lab website. GO Meeting with Gil If you plan to leave USC and transfer to a different school or leave the United States and discontinue your studies, you should attend this meeting at 12:30 PM. Please sign up for this meeting on the Language Lab website. GO Question & Answer Session If you have further questions about what you need to do before you leave the country or transfer to another school, please attend this Q & A Session at the USC Language Academy in Gilbert Cho’s office.



Memorable Trip to San Diego HOWARD WEN PHOEBE ZHANG

If you don’t know where to go to spend your vacation and don’t want to spend so much money to buy flight tickets, we know a wonderful place and we have just spent a fantastic time there. You can enjoy beautiful sunshine, sea wind, soft beaches and wild animals there. I strongly recommend you choose San Diego as your next holiday paradise. Believe me, you won’t regret it. San Diego is the second largest city in California, and it is located right on the Pacific Ocean, bordering Mexico. It takes about two hours to get there from LA. On Monday morning, we started our journey with excitement. Just before we arrived there, we could see warships floating on the blue ocean and sea gulls dancing over the water; we could feel the sea wind blowing on our faces from

The San Diego skyline and the Pacific Ocean

open car windows and breathe the tide air. “What a cozy city. We are here now!” Mission Bay was our first destination. After checking into the hotel, we went to Coronado Island to enjoy the sea and beach. On Coronado Island, the most famous scenic spot is the Hotel Del Coronado, which was built for the British royal family. A rumor said Edward VIII of

the United Kingdom chose his beloved beauty over his kingdom, and the newlyweds spent their honeymoon at the Hotel Del Coronado. This hotel is an architectural complex which has white walls, red roofs and palm trees around. The sand of the beach in front of the hotel is so clean and soft. Walking on the beach barefoot and watching the

sunset, we spent a quality afternoon there. The next day, we couldn’t wait and woke up very early because we were going to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. We bought multi-tickets for three parks, including Sea World. The San Diego Zoo, one of the biggest zoos in the world, is near Balboa Park. In this vast zoo area, there are 800 kinds of more than 4,000 animals from all over the world. We saw a polar bear sleeping in its small arctic pool, hippos swimming in their nice pool, and an elephant washing itself in the sand. It was a great opportunity to get close to so many animals. After having fun in the zoo, we took a one-hour See San Diego on p. 4 The Coronado Hotel was built for the British royal family.

San Diego continued from p. 4 drive to visit Wild Animal Park— Safari Park. The Safari Park has 2,100 acres in Escondido. While we were there, we saw hundreds of animals walking about freely. To end up our San Diego trip, we spent the whole afternoon playing at Sea World. It is the largest sea world in the world. The most famous show there is The Shamu Adventure. Shamu played with her children to bring an amazing show to us. They were very smart and supportive. The funniest thing was that they kept splashing water by using their fins to get people wet. That was so cute. In addition to Shamu, dolphins and sea lions also had some wonderful shows. Among the other shows, we enjoyed Shark Encounter, Skytower and Wild Artic. At the end, we were exhausted and left reluctantly. It’s too hard to describe the three -day experience in San Diego with limited words. On the way home, we decided to visit San Diego again next month. Sunshine, sea breeze, beaches, warships, zoo, parks and good moods, they absolutely compose a beautiful vacation paradise—San Diego.



The polar bear at the San Diego Zoo was taking an afternoon nap.

Shamu is one of the most popular attractions at Sea World.

Knott’s Berry Farm Mei Jiao How do you spend your weekends? Is it enriching and interesting? If you don't know how to spend your weekends, I'm going to introduce an interesting American theme park named Knott's Berry Farm. This theme park is located in Buena Park, and the address is 8039, Beach Boulevard , Buena Park, CA 90620. (Just 10 minutes

from Disney Land.) Shopping & dinning When you enter the park, you can find many stores on the side of Roller the main road. Also, there are some coasters There are stores which are Indian style in the more than park. These are convenient to buy 10 kinds of souvenirs. If you want to spend all different day in the park, there are some roller coasters, such as high speed, restaurants and fast food stores deep drops, sharp turns, or other you can choose. dynamic forces. The most popular one is Ghost Rider. It's the largest Visit the website for more informaone in the park and part of the track tion: is above the street. I felt excited and amazed when I’m on the ride.


UNIVERSITY DAY On Tuesday, March 27th, your regularly scheduled classes will be replaced with one USC class which you will choose and sign up for online (JUST LIKE LANGUAGE LABS). You will get the opportunity to attend a real university class with real USC students on this day! On Friday, March 23rd, you will be able to sign up online for ONE class that you find interesting. This is your chance to test your listening and note-taking skills, as well as to see what a U.S. university class is like. You will also have an assignment in Oral Skills class to complete after you have attended your USC class.

USC professor lectures on University Day last spring 2011.

Stop Kony 2012 YARA HADI Stop Kony 2012 is a campaign started by a group named The Invisible Children to stop the LRA and their leader Joseph Kony. The LRA is a terrorist group in Uganda that kills innocent children and makes other children kill their own parents. The goal of the organization is to stop and arrest Joseph Kony by December 2012. This project started when one of the founders of The Invisible Children and a USC graduate in the cinematic arts, Jason Russell, and his three friends went to Sudan seven years ago to document a war. When they went to Sudan, they found out that the war was over. One of Jason’s friend said, “What they weren’t expecting was to get there, find the war to be over, and end up uncovering child abuse, and abduction, When Jason was in Uganda he met a young boy named Jacob, whose brother was murdered by Kony. Jason promised Jacob that he would stop

Kony. The Invisible Children group posted a 30-minute video on You Tube, which now has over 80 million views, to help people recognize Joseph Kony. In this way, people will help stop and arrest him. George Clooney said in the video, “I want indicted war criminals to enjoy the same level of celebrity as me. That seems fair.” When another interviewer asked Clooney what he thought about Kony, Clooney said, “I

Attention Students! Do you have class at the Radisson Hotel? Please remember that you should always park your bicycles in designated bike racks, and lock it to something secure. We have had complaints that students are parking their bikes in front of Rosso’s Pizzeria. If you park your bike and it isn’t locked to a bike rack, it could get stolen, or DPS will impound it, which means to take it away because you aren’t following the rules. Please don’t forget!

was talking about satellite sentinel project and shining a light on Omar Al-Bashir and war criminals, but it applies to Kony.” That is the goal of the invisible children, shining a light on Joseph Kony. Jason Russell and his team members also went to Washington to talk to senators about this problem. In 2011, President Barak Obama sent a few U.S. troops to Uganda to help the army find Kony. This video really affected me when I watched. It made me want to help the Invisible Children to find Kony. You can help by visiting the online site You can also sign a pledge and donate money to help Uganda get all the technology they need to find and stop Joseph Kony. Help spread this video by sending it to your friends and family. Link to the 30-minute video: http:// v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc Sources:




Culture Notes

Culture and Fashion

Word Search Provided by Lily Sabajan

St. Patrick Continued from p. 1 Wearing green on this day defines the symbol of the Catholic religion in Ireland. The first observance of this tradition was on March 17, 1789, when the Irish soldiers wore full green uniforms to grab the public’s attenion. Since that day, wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day has become a mandatory tradition in order to celebrate this day. Although it’s originally from Ireland ,every year on March 17, big cities such as New York, London, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo, and all over the world celebrate this day with street shows known as Parades, fireworks ,and drinking green Irish beer all day long!

Fashion Trends This Summer YVOON WEI

simple tops and loose knits. The maxi skirt is a very feminine item, so you can even wear a jacket to make yourself look cool.

The summer is coming. Are you ready to set yourself apart from the crowd? Now I will talk about the fashion trends of this summer. 2. Chiffon shirts are popular in this summer. You can find lots of chiffon items in different fashion shows. Chiffon shirts can bring a 1. sense of elegance to peoMaxi skirt is one of the ple. I love chiffon shirts so fashionable items in this much and brought several summer, particularly in items for this summer. eye-catching colors and You can just match them bold prints. Maxi skirt is a with mini skirts and pants. great choice working with

3. Blazers in bold colors will be trendy this summer. Like the flower blossoming in the summer, the colorful blazers can extend a sense of summer to people and remind them of flowers. Blazers in bold colors can match with pure basic tops underneath. It will be the most eyecatching item among all the stuff you wear. Do not put too many other bold colors with the blazer, unless you are confident with your color choice.

4. Asymmetric skirt was and continues to be a hot item this summer. It is asymmetric and presents a different look from maxi skirt. When you wear a maxi dress, you will be elegant and feminine. On the other hand, when you wear an asymmetric skirt, you will be sexy and cute. I love asymmetric skirts better because I like the feeling when the skirts are blown by the wind.


PIANO LESSONS FOR LANGUAGE ACADEMY STUDENTS Do you want to study piano? Any level. My name is Henry Chen, and I am a USC student. If you are interested, please contact me at Rate: $30 per hour 12 years of experience Classical and romantic music

ARABIC SPEAKERS Would you like to help us in our Welcome study? We are researching writing Velkommen concerns Bienvenue for speakers of Arabic and Bienvenidos need five or six volunteers to answer a Benvenuti Bem-vindo few questions. 歡迎 환영 ようこそ

The interviewยินwill ดีต้อนรัbe บ about ten minutes. If you are interested, Қош келдіңіз! please email Xush kelibsiz Sonja Lovelace at or ‫ مرحبا بكم‬at maMarisa Garcia-Crocker Добро пожаловать before March 28 and we canCourtesy arrange forTranslate a time to meet. of Google

SUDOKU Complete the puzzle by putting numbers 1-9 in the boxes. Level: Moderate

Happy Birthday! Aries Barbara Holmes Mazin Alahmadi Raed Sharaf Alelwani James Hutzell Ying (June) Xue Danfeng (Erwin) Shen Ramadan Elsanosi Barasi Mahdi Balharith Bochao Zhao

23 23 25 26 26 27 27 29 29

Aries: March 21—April 20 Adventurous and energetic Pioneering and courageous Enthusiastic and confident Dynamic and quick-witted



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Polish Music Festival

Technology, Public Policy and the Future of the Internet: An Advocate's View

Friday, March 23, 8 p.m. Saturday, March 24, 4 p.m. University Park Campus Alfred Newman Recital Hall

Monday, March 26, 2012 : 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Friday, March 30, 2012; Saturday, March 31, 2012; University Park Campus Bing Theatre Tickets purchased in person at the Ticket Office: students, $6; faculty and staff, $10; general public, $15. Tickets purchased by phone or online: $17.

University Park Campus Annenberg School for Communi- Obtain Tickets onlilne cation & Journalism USC’s Polish Music Center presents Geoffrey Cowan Forum, Room This Tony-winning Best Musical is two days of concerts featuring both a deliciously funny spoof of 1940s 207 California and world premieres. Free

FREE EVENTS Many events on campus are free. Please go to the Arts and Events Calendar for more details at calendar/32/feature/2819


MUSICAL THEATER City of Angels Thursday, March 29, 2012

film noir and hard-boiled detective fiction.

In glamorous 1940s Hollywood, a young novelist is attempting to write a screenplay for a fast-talking Hollywood producer while trying to maintain his artistic integrity and marriage.


The Academy News - March 23, 2012  

In this issue: St. Patrick's Day, Kony 2012, fashion trends, announcements & more!

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