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Happy Ice-Skating Time in Santa Monica By CHRISTY ZHU

The temperature of Los Angeles is becoming lower than before as the winter is coming to embrace us. Last Friday, November 30, we went to Pasadena Ice Skating Center to play the most popular sports of this season, from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Not only Silvia, Blaire and Luke but also more than 40 students attended this weekly activity. All of us were excited and looking forward to doing some exercises. Some of us were really good at it, like Blaire, Korean classmates and so on. In the contrast, some friends and I were struggling to stand stably on the ice. We moved slowly and carefully with tightly clutching the handrail beside us. See Ice-Skating on page 3.

Students went ice-skating last Friday afternoon in one of the final activities.

UPCOMING ACTIVITIES Winter Wonderland at the Grove Friday, December 7, 2012 Meet at 5:00pm (return by 10:00pm) Come shop, eat and celebrate Christmas spirit at the Grove with Language Academy Staff! The Grove has a 110-foot Christmas Tree, the tallest Christmas tree in the city of Los Angeles. Sign up for our FINAL event of the semester with Silvia in JEF 200B… it is FREE!

Closing Ceremony and Group Picture Friday, December 14, 2012 at 9:00am at the Radisson What a great semester this has been! Join your fellow Language Academy students, faculty and staff in our Closing Ceremony to remember the moments we have had together and to receive your certificate of completion. We will be taking a group picture after the ceremony.

I-20 Extensions If you will stay at the Language Academy for the Spring Semester 2013, you MUST complete the white extension form. Please check your email on Friday, December 7th for a message from Gil to confirm your plan. If you did not receive an email, see Gil immediately. Early Payment Deadline For students who will continue to Spring Semester 2013, the deadline to receive the $100 early payment discount is Wednesday, December 12th.

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Housing Information Sunday, December 16th is the LAST day to move out of Parkside by 5:00 PM. If you are not continuing to live in USC housing next spring, you MUST move out of your apartment. Remember to have your RA check your room for cleanliness and damages, remove all of your belongings, and return your keys to the customer service front desk before you leave. If you have questions about housing, please email Silvia at

Be a PAL—Peer Academy Leader Former and current students are welcome to join us during Orientation to help out Silvia and the USC Language Academy as PALs. You’ll get to help the new students get to testing, answer questions, eat lunch with them, and help them with email, USCard and many other things. Email Silvia at if you are interested in helping out during Orientation on Wednesday, January 23th & Thursday, January 24th.





END OF SESSION Course and Program Evaluation Schedule Monday, December 10 All students will complete the course and program evaluations on Monday, December 5 according to their elective classes. Please go to the computer lab at the time indicated in the table below. IPPAM and CMGT students who are not in elective course will be given the link to use to complete the evaluations. KOH 208

KOH 208

100:00-10:30 Film 472 Marisa Garcia-Crocker 10:30-11:00 Bus 470 Todd Kolberg 11:00-11:30

LS TOEFL Barbara Holmes

11:30-12:00 LS TOEFL James Hutzell

WPH B 36 100:00-10:30 Film 471 Diana Hiciu

WPH B 36 10:30-11:00 Vocab 120 Ilana Melmed

Drama 360 Priscilla Taylor 11:00-11:30

TOEFL 301 Michael Cannon

SPKENFL 241 Nathan Crandall 11:30-12:00 SPKENFL 242 Maggie Calafano Journal 370 Sonja Lovelace


LisNote 20 Katie FitzSimons

Pro 470 Priscilla Caraveo 12:30-1:00

TOEFL 302 Jeminah Espinoza


Ice-Skating Continued from page 1

this activity. Actually we were using our arms’ It was a wonderful time with friends power to move forwards. Though it was not my first time to play ice skating, I still did not think this sport was easy to learn. And that I fell down two times was quite painful. It was funny that when I was laughing at my friend’s fall and doing nothing, I suddenly fell down too. My friend said this was a kind of karma. I guess so. I wondered why all the Korean friends played it so well. One of them told me that when the winter comes, it is very cold in Korea, and ice skating is very popular in Korean students’ good ice-skating performance. Korea too, so that most young people like playing it with friends. Even some Chinese tourists also come to their country just for

to go ice skating. Although falling down was extremely painful, I still want to go again if we have the chance.

Ice-skating is not easy the first time.




Personality Profile—Assyl By MIYA CHENG And ROBIN NAN

Our first impression of Assyl, a 23year-old Kazakhstan boy, is that he is handsome, but a little bit quiet. Not until this interview in Oral Skills class did we notice that he is actually talkative in his interest areas and has so many profound ideas. His major is telecommunications, a branch of electronic engineering, and he has already earned a bachelor’s degree in this field in Kazakhstan. “I really like my profession. I made up my mind to study it in high school,” said Assyl. He is going to apply to graduate school in America, and Viterbi of USC is his ideal choice. Assyl once studied in the best high school of Kazakhstan, which focuses more on science, and his study here is supported by the scholarship from his government, covering his tuition fees and partial living expenses. The only

America. When it comes to suggestions to improve English, Assyl’s opinion is interesting and thought-provoking. He said, “Well, it depends on yourself actually. You cannot think that once living in an English-speaking environment, your English will improve automatically. What matters is your effort.” He also gives an example of his friend, who has lived in New York for a decade but cannot speak English Left to Right: Miya, Assyl, and Robin. well. “Living on campus can help; so can reading English books and watchcondition is that he needs to go back ing movies. But if you just watch movand work for his country for at least ies for fun, it is meaningless,” said five years after graduating in the US. Assyl, “I pay attention to what I say, In his spare time, he goes to the trying not to make any grammar misgym regularly. This good habit is reflected in his balanced body. Although takes and such.” This advice will be very helpful to Assyl defines himself as an introverted Language Academy students. but thoughtful person, he has made lots of good friends after coming to

Skiing in Big Bear Mountain By PANDA LIN

It was almost like the beginning of a horrible movie when we arrived at Big Bear Mountain after sunset. It was dark, cold and quiet except for the howling of wolves off in the distance. What was worse, I checked my phone and there was no signal. Following the GPRS, we finally found the cabin we booked online, nestled among the trees on the hillside overlooking the ski slopes. Far away from downtown, the cabin seemed to be isolated from the civilized society. However, this thought dissipated as soon as we stepped into the cabin. Full equipped with fireplaces, kitchen utensils, cable TV, Wifi, and even game tables, the cabin was cozy and comfortable. We woke up early the next day and couldn’t wait to step out to ski in the winter wonderland. As an absolute beginner, I took almost five minutes, just to get myself up the first time I fell down. After I


Big Bear Lake, which offers skiing and snowboarding in winter, is only a two-hour drive from L.A.

taught how to walk forward and backwards like a penguin, walk sideways like a crab, and fall down like a kangaroo, I took the lift to the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, I fell down again as soon as I got down from the lift. So embarrassing, especially when the person who

helped me up was a 10-year-old boy. Laugh as much as you want, but that was what really happened. I spent my entire first skiing practicing how to stop, as I was really not good at getting myself to a stationary state. See Big Bear on p. 8



Battery Experience of iPhone 5 Battery Issues By CHRISTY ZHU

I still remember the moment when I got my first Iphone 5 to replace my previous iPhone, I was quite excited and could not wait to unpack it and try some new functions. In my view, everything is satisfactory: good design, faster operation, longer battery life and lighter weight, etc.. However, I have to use other navigation applications instead of Google Maps. This perfect condition lasted about two weeks, until last Thursday. The phone kept a very high temperature for long time after I charged it to full battery, and the electrical storage dropped incredibly more quickly than before. After I sent 10 “What’s

ple shared on the websites, I changed the setting of my Iphone: like turn off Siri, turn off location services, turn off push notification, turn off notification center widgets and download the battery doctor applications. I turned off all the options which would potentially cost more battery in order to save as much energy as possible. But the Oh, no! Have to recharge the performance was the worst cellphone again! that I have never met. up” messages to my friends, Within three hours, it totally ran out of battery. I I did nothing with it. The battery suddenly decreased had no idea, except for making an appointment with to 80%. Can you believe that 10 messages cost 20% Apple store specialist to of the battery life? I felt sur- check my cellphone. In the end, at the store, I prised, but I guessed that got a new iPhone 5 and had perhaps I set something to repeat all the preparawrong with it. I searched tion for using a new cellthis problem online, and phone again: synchronising according to the tips peowith icloud, downloading

documents from applications and so on, but without any sense of e xcitement. I always consider Apple products as my first choice for I have been a hard-core apple fan for many years. However since Steve Jobs passed away, their products have started to lack some surprising elements for customers. Their work looks like more focusing on improving the functions, not creating something new. They are even involve in 7 inches tablet pc markets which have always belonged to Kindle. I don’t know what the current CEO is thinking about. Sometimes I really wish that Jobs could come back and lead his team forward.

Jimmy Kimmel Talk Show By CHRISTINA HE

It’s a huge pity if you don’t attend any of the Hollywood-ish activities in Los Angeles, the center of the entertainment industry. Luckily, I had the honor to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live, one of the most popular late night talk shows in the United States. For those who don’t know who Jimmy Kimmel is, for short, he is the guy who has hosted the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and 64th Emmy Award. Although the program is called “Jimmy Kimmel LIVE”, it’s actually taped three to four hours before the airing time, which allows for unpredictable accidents (usually triggered by “crazy” fans, according to the coordinator), video editing, and special effects. But from my observation, with the hosts’ and the staffs’ professional abilities, the show didn’t need any take-

two. It’s a late night talk show airing at 12:35 a.m., so that the topics can slightly cross the PG-13 line. That’s why only audiences above 18 years old will be allowed into the theater. That night’s guest was Damian Lewis, the lead actor of Homeland. They talked about the overwhelming success of Homeland and Lewis’ recent life after getting Emmys. The dialogue’s fluency and humor surprised me and made me wonder whether they had a script or a rehearsal before. Even if Lewis just won the Emmy Award, Jimmy Kimmel was stage center for the whole time. That’s because, unlike many talk shows in China, America’s late night talk shows rely heavily on the host’s personal charisma and abilities. The tickets are free, so it’s highly recommended to book tickets in advance (website:

view/Jimmy_Kimmel_Live) . Get ready to be entertained by one of the best hosts in United States (but don’t expect to get every joke).

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the most popular talk show hosts on late-night TV.



Movie Review: Life of Pi the tiger goes away without turning around.


I have to say that I have admired the director Ang Lee since I watched the movie---Life of Pi. I do love it!

In my view, these four stages also mean that virtue overcomes vice. There is evil in human beings’ minds, but people are able to control this mind if they want to. Pi is the same as the ∏, and it means circle and infinity. This implies that life is like drawing a circle and experiencing a fight between good and evil continuously. Maybe the tiger in our heart gets the upper hand sometimes, but we can plant a rose in there and tame the tiger to enjoy the fragrance of the flower.

Everyone has a tiger in his or her heart, and tiger means the fierce and cruel mind in humanity. This movie presents a fight between a tiger and a young man Pi in the wide ocean. In other words, it presents the fight between vice and virtue. Pi and the tiger live together in a small boat and experience four stages. These are fear, mutuality, domestication and dependence. First, Pi is afraid of this large animal because that tiger is stronger than Pi. In order to live in this tough situation, Pi tries to make peace with the tiger. However, less and less food forces Pi to feel serious, and he wants to tame the tiger. In the end, they both

Life of Pi is currently showing in theaters..

If you lose your way, do not worry, follow your heart, and follow your belief, and you will reach the beautiful heaven in your heart. In you the tiger sniffs the rose.

have little power and depend on each other. When they arrive at the beach,

Film “Back to 1942” Depicts Tragic Events in China province negotiated with the army commander in Henan, asking for army proviIn the year 1942, during the Second sions to help refugees. The commander World War, three million Chinese died of said, however, “If refugees die of starvastarvation in Henan province. In that year, tion, China is still China; if my soldiers die Japanese fascists were trying to invade the of starvation, China will no longer exist.” province when a severe drought happened; An American journalist witnessed the croplands were abandoned, enemies were disaster and tried his best to draw attention coming, and people in Henan had no of the central government. The journalist choice but to flee. However, it’s a long and succeeded, and rescue came. Corrupt offitough journey. cials as well as the lateness of rescue, howThe movie “Back to 1942” started ever, still made three million of Chinese with the story of Landlord Zhang and his die. family. Starving refugees occupied his little castle for food, and his only son was killed in the conflict. A fire burned every- Director: Director Feng Xiaogang thing out. Landlord Zhang as well as mil- U.S. Release Date: November 30, 2012 lions of refugees started their march for For information on theaters showing this survival. Starvation, Japanese bombers, film, go to this website: and all the challenges made it a mission impossible. back-to-1942 In the meantime, the Chinese government was busy preparing for the war with Japan; accordingly, those refugees were ignored somehow. Governor Li of Henan By MORAN PEI

The grasshopper is a symbol in the film.


Due Day Blues By MORAN PEI

I hate due day. No matter how many assignments I have, I always finish them just before the deadline. So on those days when a lot of assignments are due, I can’t sleep, just like today. I need to finish five stories for journalism class and a really long essay for reading and writing class today, so I really would like to kill myself now. Each time this mess happens, I tell myself that I will balance the burden, finishing tasks early next time; however, I am a liar. I can’t remember how many times I worked on home-

casual clothes. Teachers will present your graduation certificate in front of people. If you By CHRISTY WANG want to take pictures with your teachers or friends, If Christmas Day is an please wait till the end of important day for Amerithe ceremony. Since Lancans, Language Academy guage Academy will preClosing Ceremony will be pare a lot of games for the most exciting day for students, you will be busy Language Academy. On playing games at that time. that day, you will see all At the end, you will the teachers of Language have more time to get Academy. You can talk to close to your teachers. work the whole night. Why them and have breakfast You can talk about your can’t I just start earlier? I with them. You will recall vacation or plan for next don’t know. what you did in this sesemester. The entire atThis must be a new mester, and have a great kind of disease, and I need time with your classmates mosphere there is sweet. It will be hard to say goodto see a doctor. Since I still and teachers there. bye to your lovely teachers have many essays to The closing ceremony will write, I would like to finish start at 9:00 a.m. so, if you and friends. However, you will be in a happy mood to this article here. Anyway, I want to join in this party start your vacation. am still a good student, please don’t be late, besince I never give up on cause it will be the last day finishing them. Oh yes. for this whole semester Many people dress more formally, but it isn’t required. Others have more

Happy Ending: Closing Ceremony

Restaurant Recommendations: The Bazaar by Jose Andrés By CATHY HUANG

If you like different food to hit your tongue, and you enjoy the beauty of the interior of a restaurant, how about trying this one: The Bazaar.

In addition to the restaurant, The Bazaar also has a lounge bar and a dessert bar, if one just wants to eat some dessert or have some drinks, it also can satisfy them.

Location: The operator of The Bazaar is José South La Cienega Boulevard Andrés, who is an innovative awardwinning chef, and the interior designer Los Angeles, CA 90048 T: 310.246.5555 is Philippe Starck who is one of the most famous designers in the world. Bar Centro open daily at 5:30 p.m. Open for dinner daily at 6 p.m. dinner The Bazaar is located in the SLS daily at 6 p.m. Hotel in Beverly Hills. It is a Spanish restaurant that sells tapas. Tapas are Visit their website for more information one kind of Spanish food for people and for reservations: who like to taste a little bit of different dishes.

Jose Andrés, the owner of The Bazaar, has won many culinary prizes.



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International Language Exchange--Final Deadline I couldn't remember how many times I felt to the ground, to to submit blue participation sheet! avoid causing an accident to the Big Bear from p. 4

USC Language Academy Rossier School of Education

others or running into the fence. Nevertheless, falling on soft snow was quite fun. Sometimes I felt lazy to get myself up.

Phone: 213-740-0080 Fax: 213-740-0088 Web: Check out The Academy News online at Go to “Student Information” and then click on “The Academy News.” The Academy News is a weekly newsletter produced by students in the Journalism Elective of the USC Language Academy. All students in the Language Academy Program are encouraged to send news stories and photos to Sonja Lovelace at

On the whole, it was really an exciting first time experience. I recommend anyone who has the desire to ski and has never tried to go for it because you only live once and this is one of the many things you should wish to experience in life.

If you participate in the International Language Exchange program, you need to get Language Lab credit for meeting with your partner this semester. Please bring your blue participation sheet to JEF so Katie can check it. Just go to the front desk and ask the student workers to put your blue sheet in Katie's mailbox. The absolute last day to put your blue sheet in Katie's mailbox is Friday, December 7th. No blue sheets will be accepted after December 7th.

CAMPUS CALENDAR: December 7-13 MUSIC USC Baroque Sinfonia Friday, December 7: 8:00-10:00p.m. Alfred Newman Recital Hall Free The USC Thornton Baroque Sinfonia, led by Rotem Gilbert, presents a gorgeous evening of early music masterworks.


Enjoy free events on campus during the semester. Please go to the Arts and Events Calendar for more details at calendar/32/feature/2819

THE ACADEMY NEWS STAFF Editor: Christy Zhu Assistant Editor: Christina He Reporters: Ziad Almimony, Miya Cheng, Charles Hsieh, Cathy Huang, Claire Lin, Panda Lin, Yvette Ling, Iris Mu, Robin Nan, Moran Pei, Lien Phung, Christy Wang,


The Academy News - December 7, 2012  

In this issue: Ice-skating fun, Personality Profile, TV tapings & more!

The Academy News - December 7, 2012  

In this issue: Ice-skating fun, Personality Profile, TV tapings & more!