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ATM MACHINE A machine that provides immediate access to the money kept in the bank is ATM. This machine automatically updates the customer with all information of its account without going a long way back to being under any circumstances. This Automated Teller Machine just requires the inputs to carry up through the customer to deliver best service in return. The working of the machine is very simple, one just has to insert the card and pin code assigned by the bank authority for a particular card. The last and main step lies in filling the amount one wants to draw from the account. It is always recommend changing password after every 5 months to ensure full proof security. These machines make work much easier in the field of finances. This machine has restricted to give money in multiples of hundreds only; it could be hundred, five hundred or maybe a thousand. The machine itself draws money from user account easing the customer with the facility of fast processing with this, it also offers receipt of the amount drawn and the balance left in the account, in addition to this it also tells the details of time, when the amount was drawn. It was the life saver at the time of emergency need and ties to keep the customer within touch of their customer. In addition to this entire context, if one buy atm machine is also useful in many ways, it not only provides the customer with ease but also it provides that person a very good business. It could be placed in some shop or small booth to make it available for accessing of different people; with it not only helps to ease the rush but also saves a lot of time of many people, and with this also helps in reduction of crime. With addition to these plus factors in if one purchase atm machine it also helps to give employment to the people as of necessity security guard placed for atm machine. Sometimes when a person just withdraws his money from the machine and step out, is attacked by the robbers, resulting loss of money and sometimes major injuries are caused. This entire process alarms for the crime. These machines are good to help in the field, but due to lack of sufficient machines as in comparison to customers they had, drag it to long lines of needy which leads to bad experience with the machines. Lots of time wastage is there, the precious time in which few silver coins could be easily earned. Money is very useful and valuable. This is that basic necessity which fulfills our desire anyhow, everything lies in that money, but this is that valuable thing which could be theft easily, so they are kept in banks; another reason to keep the same in a bank is multiplying money on its own. In return, banks provide us the facilities of ATM cards which make our lives easier than ever before. These are best to access with to explore the advantage it offers.

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