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Career Services Guidebook

Contact Us You can meet with a staff member for individual counseling any time you have questions about career-related topics such as majors and career path explorations, job shadowing and internship opportunities, interview prep, and résumé writing. We’re located in the Penland Administration Building, Room 108 – Phone: (803) 641-3440 – Fax: (803)641-3652.

corey Feraldi director 803-641-3280

kathryn McGlynn coordinator for experiential education and employer relations 803-641-3533

Mary clark administrative assistant 803-641-3440

Vi s i t U s Online at s

In This Guide: Career Services Office......................2 Pacer Career Connection.................3 Experiential Education ...................4 Résumé Resources & More .............7 Career Fairs & Events.....................8 Leadership USC Aiken.....................9 Quick Link Guide ..........................10

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The Office of Career Services is available to assist you with your career related concerns— choosing a college major, choosing a career, career planning, experiential learning and job search. Our services include: • • • • •

• • • •

Individual career counseling/advisement Various career-related handouts such as writing a résumé, preparing for an interview, choosing a major, etc. Career assessment tools (MBTI, FOCUS 2, StrengthsQuest) Experiential Education such as job shadowing, informational interviews, non-credit internships, cooperative education Job vacancy listings for on-campus student employment, as well as off-campus internships, summer jobs, part-time, and full-time employment (All jobs are listed on our Pacer Career Connection online job board.) Résumé and cover letter review Job search and interview assistance Career events and programs- Preparation for graduate and professional schools

The information provided in the Career Services Guidebook is designed to refer you to online resources through our website at If you have any questions about any of the content, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2 Career Services Guidebook

Pacer Career C onnection all students and alumni are eligible to use Pacer Career Connection, USC Aiken’s online job board. through the Pacer career connection You can • Search for part-time, full-time, internship and on-campus student employment jobs • Utilize our easy to use smartphone app to search anytime, anywhere • Watch helpful career videos on a variety of career and job search topics

s You can view and save jobs, search and follow companies, market yourself to employers, be followed by employers, and receive notifications. Pacer Career Connection is easy, fun, interactive and informative.

PACER SCORE (Starting August 2016) You can now track your career preparation progression with your Pacer Score. From career novice to fully prepared, Pacer Score can show you which career related tasks have been completed and which ones still need to be done to become more career ready.

s If you're looking for an on-campus job, most departments post opportunities on Pacer Career Connection. Remember that jobs go fast, so keep checking the site!


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Experiential Education

gaining exPerience is imPortant, regardless of your major. Career Services is dedicated to helping you find opportunities to gain the experience you'll need in order to be successful after graduation. Visit to apply for a variety of experiential education opportunities or to find out more about each one.

4 Career Services Guidebook

“I feel this program has been very beneficial to me by providing me with quality work experience that will be valuable to me for the rest of my life.� Antwon Dallas, Management Major Completed a fellowship at Security Federal Bank

Internships An internship is a professional experience that provides you with an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in a particular career area. Employers will generally hire students who have enough academic experience to help them perform daily tasks or to work on special projects. Internships can be paid or unpaid, and you can earn academic credit for some of them.

Job Shadowing A job shadow offers you a short-term experience to observe a professional in a career field that interests you. You can learn about the daily activities of that particular field, investigate the work environment, ask questions, and get a first-hand view of what a day-in-the-life can look like for someone working in that career.

INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWING An informational interview is an alternative to a job shadow, offering you a chance to explore a career field that interests you when job shadowing may not be permitted (e.g. Confidentiality laws prevent job shadowing in medical fields).


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Career Development & Decision-making So many factors go into career planning and development. Finding the right career path is a process, not just a sudden realization. There isn’t a test to take or a person who just asks a few questions and then determines what career is the best fit. Determining and preparing for a career is a journey that involves different steps along the way. Career decisionmaking is a life-long process, so these steps may be repeated several times during your lifetime.

What Can i do with this major? You may often hear comments like , "You can't do anything with this major," or "You need to study a certain major in order to get a good job!" These statements aren't always accurate. We encourage you to explore to learn more about careers related to your major. You'll be able to see outlines of common career areas, employers that hire people in that field, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities.


Résumé Resources & More PreParing for a job search can be overwhelming, but the Career Services Office is dedicated to providing you with the resources to be successful. Information about résumés, cover letters, CV’s (curriculum vitae), thank you letters, and more can be found at Samples of each can be found online as well.

résumés A résumé is a marketing tool used to match an individual's background to employment positions. It should address qualifications for a job through sections such as education, experience, and extracurricular activities. Using these sections, the résumé’s purpose is to stimulate the interest of an employer, show how you would be of value to them, and ultimately land an interview.

Cover Letters A cover letter may be the first contact an individual has with a potential employer. It may even determine whether or not an organization glances at someone's résumé. While many job searchers spend considerable time and effort on their résumé, surprisingly few dedicate a similar amount of time to a cover letter. In today’s competitive job market, numerous employers say a cover letter can be more important than a résumé when selecting candidates for interviews and job offers.

Other REsources Visit the Career Services Office for information on many more aspects of the career planning and job search process, including: • Choosing a Career or Major • Curriculum Vitae • Interviews • Networking • LinkedIn

• Professional Etiquette • Internships • Success Worksheets • Graduate Program Applications


C a r e e r Fa i rs & E ve n t s the career services office hosts a number of events throughout the year that will allow you to form connections with professionals in a variety of fields and learn about professional opportunities. You can attend: • • • • •

USC Aiken Career Fairs Career Panels Education Interview Days Networking Receptions Student Employment/Internship Expo


8 Career Services Guidebook

L e a d e rs h i p U S C A ike n ARE YOU INTERESTED IN FURTHERING YOUR LEADERSHIP ABILITIES while exploring future career options? We invite you to enroll in the Leadership USC Aiken: Developing Career and Community Leaders Certificate program. The program offers participants a unique academic and co-curricular leadership experience that's founded upon the principles of a liberal arts education (citizenship, service, career preparation, and leadership). This program is open to all majors. To apply, visit


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USC Aiken Career services Quicklinks

Pacer Career Connection, Student and alumni Job Search tool

WEB.USCA.EDU/CAREER-SERVICES/PCC experiential education, Internships, job shadowing, and informational interviews

WEB.USCA.EDU/STUDENT-SERVICES/EXPERIENTIAL-EDUCATION/ what can i do with This Major? Career decision-making tool

WHATCANIDOWITHTHISMAJOR.COM/MAJOR/ résumé resources & More Sample résumé, cover letters, and job search advice

WEB.USCA.EDU/CAREER-SERVICES/HANDOUTS/ career Fairs & events Events for making professional connections

WEB.USCA.EDU/CAREER-SERVICES/EVENTS-PROGRAMS/ Leadership uSc aiken Certification program to further students’ leadership abilities


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Career Services Guidebook  

Career Services Guidebook