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The Department of Business Administration in cooperation with the Society of Young Business Executives and Entrepreneurs (SYBEE) rocked the second day of the SBE Week celebration with its seminar series last February 14, 2012 at the Theodore Buttenbruch Hall, USC Downtown Campus.



Alcohol and Drugs SBE Week in Review


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BA Rocks Day Two with Seminar Series by Jomes Kemuel IbaĂąez


DHM Raises Awareness on



Strategies and Career

SBE Holds Research

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The honored guest speakers came from the various industry players who shared and imparted effectively key points related to their topics. The said event was divided into the morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning, Mr. Glenn Soco, President and General Manager of Coffee Dream, shared his expertise on People Management and Marketing Communications while Mr. Juel del Rosario, Finance Manager of Philippine Airlines, talked about Personality Development. In the afternoon, Mr. Boler Binamira, Jr. of Filinvest dialogued on Business Leadership Strategies and Career Opportunities; Ms. Nancy Nacua of SMART Communications had her lecture on Customer Service 101; while Mr. Ernest Evangelista, Chief Investment Counselor of Wealth Securities Inc., communicated about Basics in Stock Investing. It was graced by Dr. Melanie de Ocampo, Asst. Dean; Dr. Grace Marie Lape, BA Dept. Chair; and Engr. Jovenal Arnaiz, BA Dept. Asst. Chair. Mr. Tito Daiz, BSBA – HRDM 4, hosted the event. SBE students particularly those who came from BA and Accountancy listened eagerly

Above: Dr. Grace Lape and Ms. Nancy Noel Nacua after Customer Service 101 Right: Mr. Boler Binamira, Jr. shares his real estate expertise Photos by Katrice Jane Fortuna

on the talks given with high hopes of applying the learning they have gained to their current academe and soon to be industry experience.

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Business Leadership Strategies and Career Opportunities by Lars Raphael Lammerskötter Theodore Buttenbruch Hall became the venue for a series of three back-toback seminars on Business Leadership Strategies and Career Opportunities yesterday afternoon from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Demand was high and students quickly filled the hall by occupying all available seats.

“The customer is always right.”

The first speaker, Mr. Boler L. Binamira Jr., was introduced by Dr. Grace Marie V. Lape, Chair of the Department of Business Administration. Mr. Binamira, AVP Area Sales Head for Visayas of Filinvest Land Inc., spoke about career prospects for graduating students in the real estate market. He presented, amongst others, Filinvest Land Incorporated’s project at the South Road Properties (SRP), which presents a treasure of opportunities for students who wish to start a career in real estate. Emphasizing on the importance of entrepreneurship, Mr. Binamira recommended to students to start thinking differently and become entrepreneurs “as early as now.” He also suggested students to take “short cuts” and start businesses. With “short cuts” he meant the need to stop thinking in traditional ways and taking a more “out-of-the-box” approach. Quoting Dr. Stephen R. Covey, he said that it is important to “Begin with the end in mind” – to have a vision of where one would like to be, or what one would like to achieve in the future. Mr. Binamira also stressed that in every problem lies an opportunity; that one cannot argue with success.



The second seminar, entitled Customer Service 101, was conducted by Ms. Nacy Noel Nacua. A graduate of the University of San Carlos, Ms. Nacua is Manager for Customer Care Operations (Cebu, Bohol, Samar, and Leyte) at SMART Communications. Ms. Nacua started her presentation by stressing on the importance of customer service in a business enterprise; that the success of a business lies, first and foremost, in being able to satisfy the customer. She also emphasized that every employee represents the company he or she is working for; that it is important, as a service provider, to know how to process customer requests, answer queries, and handle difficult or irate customers. Students also learned that customer service goes beyond subject expertise, and that every customer has both personal and practical needs; such as the personal need to feel important, respected, and understood, or the practical need to avail of a product or service. Selfesteem also plays a high role in customer service as it is a mirror of one’s self-worth or self-value. Ms. Nacua went on to say that it is essential to listen and to respond to customers with empathy; a customer service provider has “to understand why an irate customer is feeling that way”. Students were also given advice by the speaker on how to provide good service to customers by following these four steps: 1. acknowledging the person, 2. clarifying the situation, 3. meeting or exceeding the need, and 4. confirming the

customer’s satisfaction. Ms. Nacua also conveyed to students that in order to deal with difficult customers successfully, one has to actively listen to a customer, empathize with him or her, and apologize for the inconvenience that has been caused. Ms. Nacua ended her presentation by quoting Harry Gordon Selfridge, Sr., “The customer is always right.” The third speaker, Mr. Ernest S. Evangelista, was introduced by Engr. Jovenal M. Arnaiz, Asst. Chair of the Department of Business Administration. Mr. Evangelista, a graduate of the University of San Carlos, and Chief Investment Counselor at Wealth Securities, Inc., gave a presentation on “The Basics in Stock Market Investing”. He started the seminar by asking students for a definition of the stock market, and by relaying that the 9th biggest mistake committed by investors is the exclusion of the stock market in their investment vehicles. Mr. Evangelista explained that a market is created when there is a “meeting of the minds” and that studies have shown that stock market trading can give investors up to 80% higher returns when compared to investments in money, insurance, or debt markets. He also explained the stock market story and stock trading in detail by explaining the characteristics of, and comparing, preferred and common stock, and what successful and growing companies have in common, namely a need for more capital. Mr. Evangelista Continued on page 3 ►





◄From page 2 conveyed that growing companies have access to capital through the equities and debt markets, and that it can be beneficial for companies to raise capital through the sale of stock as there are no interest payments attached to them. The speaker also explained that investments in stocks provide two avenues for growth; through dividend earnings and capital appreciation. He also went on to explain how prices are attained through the bid and ask/offer prices of the buyer and seller, respectively.


Mr. Evangelista also provided an overview of the various sectors (financial, industrial, holdings, property, services, mining and oil, etc.) represented at the Philippine Stock Exchange, and explained that an investment is “an exchange of one’s asset with another asset, in the belief that a higher return will be achieved in the future”.

investment vehicle, not a gambling den; when it’s too good to be true, it’s not true. 4. You don’t have to know everything; just the right things, to make an informed decision, and 5. Beware of the stock market’s fiercest enemies; greed and fear.

Ending his presentation, Mr. Evangelista gave students his “friendly advice to stock market investing”: 1. It has (manageable) risk, 2. Invest only your extra money, 3. The stock market is an

Students listen to a lecture. Photo by Jon Oliver Balili

Mr. Binamira shows the outlook of the property market. Photo by Jon Oliver Balili



SBE Holds Research Seminar


by Jon Oliver Balili Programs. Present at the seminar were Dr. Challoner A. Matero, SBE Dean; Dr. Marites A. Khanser, Coordinator of the SBE Research Committee; and Dr. Liberato Reyes, Coordinator of the SBE Graduate Programs.

The paper presenters and organizers pose for a group picture.

The School of Business and Economics held yesterday morning a research seminar at the Gansewinkel Hall. This seminar showcased different academic papers from students of SBE Graduate

Photo by Jon Oliver Balili

Academic papers focusing on various fields were presented during the seminar. Engr. Saeed Azhdarnia, a Ph.D candidate, tackled cost control for international construction companies. Engr. Irish TejeroDakay, chair of the Industrial Engineering Departmet, talked about the Philippine patent system. Mr. Francis Dy introduced his revolutionary new system which will lead to the commercialization of virtual education. Mr. Exuperto Cabatana shared his experiences

during his research on knowledge management in an R&D setting. Mr. Miguel Garcia of the Economics Department presented his paper on the logic of the natural state. The event was attended by students from the different departments of SBE. Some students, as well as faculty, raised their questions to the presenters, eager to learn more about their research studies. As was said in Dr. Matero’s opening remarks, research is at the heart of the university. Indeed, these paper presentations showed that research was alive in the School of Business and Economics.

DHM Raises Awareness on Alcohol and Drugs by Katherine Anne Sy Held on hearts day, 2012 at the Gansewinkel Hall of the University of San Carlos was a seminar about the wrong kind of love - the love (more appropriately addiction) to alcohol and drugs. This seminar was organized by the Department of Hospitality Management Drugs and alcohol has a way of reaching people regardless of age and background. With that the event was open to all Carolinian students. Groups of out-ofschool youth were also invited. The first speaker, Mr. Ray Nobleza is the director of Exceptional Children’s Educational Center. He himself was a drug addict but he now




spends his time helping those who are suffering from drug use and abuse. He tackled about the reasons why people use drugs, the long-term effects of drugs and his effort of helping people who are addicted to drugs. The second speaker, Mr. Gabriel Bernedo and his F.R.E.E. team talked about how they overcame their addiction through the guidance and faith of God. He says that drug use is an unrecognized spiritual craving. It was more on a personal level since an open forum was conducted in which the audience and speakers had the chance to interact. The first speaker expounded the value of abstinence while the second

speaker talked about the recovery from addiction and maintaining a sober living. This makes the seminar both a preventive measure and a reality check. It was simply enlightening and greatly inspiring in many ways.






SBE Week in Review: Day 2

Mr. Cabatana shows the framework of his study. Photo by Jon Oliver Balili

Mr. Dy and Dr. Matero shake hands after the former’s paper presentation. Photo by Jon Oliver Balili

Mr. Calomarde, Dr. Lape and Mr. Binamira after Business Leadership Strategies and Career Opportunities Photo by Katrice Jane Fortuna


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The SBE Times - Febraury 15, 2012  
The SBE Times - Febraury 15, 2012  

The second issue of the SBE Week special coverage of The SBE Times