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Get me in May


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When you are with a friend or a group of friends, there are all kinds of things you can do together.

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I am CAPTAIN of this ship!



Friends together

Get me in May


Mum, this is my friend Kylie.

Look at a book together. Put on a play.

Make up a game or a dance routine. SOB

Invite your friends to meet your family. (Don’t forget to introduce them).



Help each other when things are difficult or sad.


Ha ha HAA

Play a board game. Bounce on a trampoline.


. an Afr ican plain

e n th high i Birds f ly

... sk y

Look after pets.

ra stroll beneath a b d of zeb aobab ...as a her tree.

Make cards for your friends’ birthdays.

Build something.

Plant some seeds.

n blazes do wn e su


trump! ...w


baby elephant trot s beside them. hile a


Watch a film together.


A friend is someone you choose to be with and who likes to be with you. You feel happy most of the time when you are with friends.

irp of Royal lions march sed ately amily throu Af gh the lon grass. g


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From learning to recognise what a good friend is to developing the emotional and social skills that help maintain relationships; help young children build meaningful friendships with this fun and reassuring introduction.  £9.99 | Age 3+ | Code: 96838 (H)

Get me in May

Press the embedded sound buttons to hear specially arranged music from Saint-Saëns’ famous The Carnival of the Animals – and scan the QR code on the back of the book to hear even more wonderful music! £12.99 | Age 3+ | Code: 96804 (B) Meet five adorable kangaroos with fluffy ears, fuzzy pouches, rough noses and more in this bouncy new addition to the much-loved series. Perfect for developing sensory and language awareness! £6.99 | Age 6 months+ Code: 96789 (B)

With advice on healthy eating and exercise, how to get enough sleep, navigating friendships, and more, this approachable guide takes a detailed and sometimes humorous look at how to have a healthy and happy lifestyle. £6.99 | Age 8+ Code: 98275 (P)

Get me in May

Get me in June

Get me in May

Freddie Yates likes facts. But when he learns the surprising fact that his biological dad might be living in Wales, Freddie and his best friends sneak off to find him, unwittingly causing a chain of ‘miraculous’ events. From onion-eating competitions to loo-exploding pear-andpotato turnovers, Freddie learns that journeys never take you where you think they will. And for Freddie, that fact might just have to be enough… £6.99 | Age 9+ Code: 97404 (P)

Ted’s tractor is out of control – can Poppy and Sam help? With embedded sounds on every page, little ones will delight in pressing the buttons to hear the noises of the farm. Get ready for another Farmyard Tales adventure! £12.99 | Age 3+ | Code: 97491 (B)

Get me in May

Serving as a calming distraction from any worries and anxieties, simply sweep a wet paintbrush over the black-andwhite illustrations to fill the page with vibrant colour! £5.99 | Age 5+ | Code: 97333 (P)

Get me in May

Meet Grace, Holly and Lily, the Magic Dolls who care for the Magical Creatures of the Enchanted Isle. A frightened unicorn has whipped up a terrible storm in the Spellwood. Can the Magic Dolls help, before it’s too late? £5.99 | Age 5+ Code: 97131 (P)

From examining how and why we make choices to asking big questions about just about anything; these two new additions to the award-winning series use vibrant illustrations to offer simple, accessible and engaging explanations of big ideas. £9.99 | Age 10+ | Codes: 95068, 95088 (H)

Geraldine McCaughrean Set: Just £9.98... Looking for fantastically original middle grade stories that are impossible to put down? From the award-winning author Geraldine McCaughrean, The Middle of Nowhere and Where the World Ends are beautiful stories of courage and resilience, with fascinating historical twists that bring past times and faraway settings to life. £9.98 (RRP £13.98) | Age 11+ | Code: 99054 (P)

... Save £4

Slow down and unwind with this write-in book full of soothing activities. From breathing exercises to mindful doodling, there’s lots to help calm both body and mind. roar! £8.99 | Age 8+ Code: 97049 (H)



Get me in May

LITTLE ONES Get me in May

Get me in May

You shouldn’t tickle the dinosaur… but it’s oh so hard to resist! Little children will love peeking through the holes and pressing the touchy-feely patches in this hilariously noisy book. £12.99 | Age 6 months + | Code: 97676 (B)

Meet five red buses with shiny doors, bumpy wipers, sparkly lights and more in this brand new addition to the internationally bestselling series. Don’t forget to look out for the little white mouse! £6.99 | Age 6 months + Code: 97213 (B)

Discover the delights of a beautifully sunny day in this charming Little Board Book. From learning about flowers and bees to swallows and cherry trees, this sweet tale is a real story time treat for young children and babies. £4.99 | Age 18 months+ Code: 97156 (B)

Get me in June

Join the friendly animal characters as they take a moment to relax and be peaceful with this calming music book. Snuggle up, get cosy and let the five beautiful pieces of classical music wash over you. £12.99 | Age Birth+ | Code: 94848 (B)


This interactive introduction is a fantastic way of helping little learners build vocabulary and begin to associate letter shapes and sounds. Simply take an exciting fingertip journey through the alphabet, following a trail from acrobatic anteaters to zebras on zipwires. £9.99 | Age 3+ | Code: 96831 (B)

Clouds of pink blossom bloom in the trees, and everything is green and growing. SPRING is here! Hungry chicks in a nest are calling.

Get me in June

Ch ee



Chee p!

Their father flies in a hurry to feed them breakfast.

There are little lambs in the meadow, and fluffy ducklings swim on the pond behind a mother duck. What other baby animals can you see?

Get me in June

Press the buttons on the pages of this charming book and hear a world of beautiful birdsong come to life! With die-cut holes and finger trails to explore, little ones will be enchanted by this glimpse of the natural world. £12.99 | Age 3+ | Code: 97674 (B)

Can you find the animal hiding on each page of this delightful book? Peek through the holes, lift the flaps and enjoy a fun game of hide and seek with all the different animals around the pond. £7.99 | Age 2+ | Code: 97497 (B)

From birds nesting in the spring blossom to the wind whipping up colourful autumn leaves, discover the seasons with each turn of the page in this gorgeous pop-up book. £10.99 | Age 3+ Code: 97209 (B)

Lift the flaps in this charming and colourful book to discover wiggly worms, springy grasshoppers, and more. £5.99 | Age 10 months+ Code: 96881 (B)

From a woodpecker pecking to bees buzzing among the flowers, go on a nature trail walk in this wonderful pop-up book and watch as the natural world springs out with each turn of the page. £10.99 | Age 3+ | Code: 97208 (B)

Get me in June

How do tornadoes form? How do people deal with wildfires? Why is extreme weather getting worse? Lift the flaps in this topical book to find the answers to these questions, and more. £9.99 | Age 5+ Code: 96887 (B)

Get me in June Bullfinch

All kinds of birds

nests Shy bullfinches build in hedges and woods.

Blue tit


Blackbirds sing in the garden at sunrise and sunset.


This noisy bird lives in woods, parks and gardens.

Bugs and inse cts

Look for big groups of swifts flying fast and high in the sky.



These bright birds visit gardens, looking for seeds to eat.

These striped insects love fruit and other sweet foods.


Grasshoppers ‘chirp’ rubbing their legs by and wings together.




Bees buzz between catch insects flowers in summer, Swallows swoop over they feeding on nectar. as ponds and farms.

Listen for a robin’s loud song in gardens and woodlands.


Butterflies flutter around gardens on sunny days.



Snails hide behind flowerpots and in other damp, shady places.


Look for starlings flying in huge flocks across parks and fields.



Tiny wrens scoot Ladybird along the ground, Look for ladybird s looking for insects. in gardens and meadows.

From learning just how important oceans are for life on Earth to finding out how they are being put at risk, dive beneath the waves and discover millions of incredible creatures in this fascinating flap book. £9.99 | Age 6+ | Code: 96891 (B)

Blue tits love to eat nuts and seeds from bird feeders.


Beetles rest during the day under dead leaves, logs or stones.

Spiders spin sticky webs to catch flies and other insects.


Long lines of ants march along the ground, searching for food.


A caterpillar munche hundreds of leaves s through before becoming a butterfly .

This beautiful nature book has an array of things for little children to spot. From “In the garden” to “By the pond”, join Poppy and Sam on a learning adventure about the natural world around you. £7.99 | Age 1+ Code: 96254 (B)


Get me in


Get me in June Get me in June

Get me in May

Bring sports day to life in this exciting sticker book. £5.99 | Age 3+ Code: 96827 (P)

With hundreds of stickers in a compact format, these activity books are brilliant for developing essential fine motor skills and creativity. From football to flamingos, there’s something to capture every child’s imagination. £5.99 | Age 3+ Codes (left to right): 96824, 97134, 96926, 96822, 97135 (P)

Get me in June

Decorate the pages with colourful stickers as you follow Ruby the Rainbow Fairy around Fairyland in search of fairy dust. £5.99 | Age 4+ Code: 97833 (P)

Get me in May

First Sticker Book Set: Just £6.98...

Get me in May

Get me in May

Add sparkly stickers to the summer scenes and make them shine. £6.99 | Age 3+ Code: 96865 (P)

Dress the dollies as they travel around the world, prepare for their wedding days and explore an undersea world. These delightful additions to the bestselling Sticker Dolly series are packed with sparkle and adventure. £6.99 | Age 5+ | Codes (left to right): 97339, 98051, 97343 (P)

Get me in May

This holidaythemed, write-in activity book is full of fun activities to do! £6.99 | Age 4+ Code: 96800 (P)

Get me in June

Get me in June There are dozens of different animals, plants and people to discover in these fun and lively sticker books. From a busy farmyard at harvest time to discovering the Amazon, each page is packed with plenty of things to talk about. £6.98 (RRP £11.98) | Age 3+ Code: 99055 (P)

...Save £5

Featuring narwhals, dolphins and lots more creatures who have found their homes under the waves, simply brush water over the black and white illustrations and watch the magical underwater scenes burst into colourful life. £5.99 | Age 5+ | Code: 97961 (P) Also available: Magic Painting Dragons, Code: 96799

Get me in May

Get me in May

Get me in May

Bring Rusty the dog, Woolly the sheep and other Apple Tree Farm favourites to life by adding water to the black and white pictures in this charming book. £5.99 | Age 3+ Code: 97490 (P) Play snap, pairs and more with this animal-themed addition to the range of Usborne Snap cards. £5.99 | Age 3+ Code: 97452 (Cards)

With bold outlines and simple words on each page, our Little First Colouring series is the perfect way for young children to both develop their pencil control and colouring skills, and develop a curiosity for information from an early age. £4.99 | Age 3+ | Codes (left to right): 98055, 96921, 98056 (P)

Get me in June

Join the dots, solve mazes and more – and then wipe clean and enjoy all over again. £5.99 | Age 3+ Code: 96857 (P)

Get me in June

A sunny puzzle book that’s perfect for the summer holidays! £6.99 | Age 6+ Code: 96932 (P)

Get me in May

From things to spot at the airport and on the road to pencil games that can be enjoyed both individually and in pairs, these entertaining additions to the popular Usborne Minis series are brilliant for keeping children entertained on the move. £3.99 | Age 6+ | Codes (left to right): 98103, 98104, 98105, 98106 (P)

Bursting with fun fingerprinting ideas! £9.99 | Age 6+ Code: 96794 (CS) With three simple nine-piece jigsaws and a beautifully illustrated board book, little ones can enjoy poring over the endearing animal-filled scenes in the book before using the jigsaws to recreate them. £7.99 | Age 3+ | Code: 96939 (J)

This quirky set of fifty wipeclean cards is an ideal treat for any plane journey. £6.99 | Age 6+ Code: 97050 (Cards)

Get me in June

Get me in May

Put your number skills to the test in this fun-filled book. £5.99 | Age 6+ Code: 96933 (P)

From puzzles, drawing and dot-to-dots to spot the differences, wordsearches and simple spotting games, there is no cutting or sticking required in this entertaining pad. Perfect for fun on the go. £7.99 | Age 5+ Code: 96928 (P)

This wonderful introduction to the natural world contains 36 colourful game cards, four bingo boards and a beautifully illustrated book complete with instructions and fascinating facts about each bug. An ideal way to have fun while developing key cognitive skills. £7.99 | Age 2+ | Code: 96945 (Box)


It’s a big day today! I’m starting a new job.

I climb trees for work!

I don’t have to go far...

I grow and care for

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my college project.

Outdoors Come rain or shine, Is it windy today? there are people hard at work outside.

We’re going to save a boat that’s in trouble.

I need to all kinds of plants. get to work by 9 o’clock. I’m flying to the other side of the world.

It’s hard work, but I got a good crop of rice this year.

Here’s the Sales & Marketing team. Advertisement ideas

I’ve just FINISHED work. Time to sleep!


I’m late!


Why do you have to go to work?

Postal worker

my life. Now I’m retired.

This is the Accounting team.

I keep track of the plants and animals that live on this nature reserve.

Fishing crew



Come in! I’ll show you around.

Hello, I’m new here.


STRETCH. I’ve been sitting down for hours.

Mmm, yes I see.

I organize diving trips in summer...

We pull in the nets and clean the fish.

Most people in offices work on computers.

Cereal bars sold

We keep track of how much money the company’s making.




Follow me, I knowallthe way I’ve worked to the top!

We promote and sell the cereal bars.


Mmm, Product developers which one to take?


Mountain guide



Lots of jobs involve working indoors AND outdoors.

I’m very fit! I walk for hours, carrying heavy bags full of mail.

We’re going...

Creative director

Chief executive officer (CEO)

We’re testing a new recipe.

Conservation officer

I’m painting the insides next.

zo ooom

Turn the page to discover lots more jobs – some you might not even know existed...

Get me in May

From classical sculptures to Cubist paintings, explore how art works in this lively and fascinating book. £12.99 | Age 9+ | Code: 59889 (H)

Get me in May

Lift the flaps of this fascinating book and discover what grown-ups do! Whether they work by day or night, outdoors or indoors, up high or even under the ground, this wonderful introduction opens up a world of possibilities. £9.99 | Age 5+ | Code: 96889 (B)

We run this cereal bar business together.

Lots of people work indoors – in an office. What’s going I’m looking for a job. on inside this one?

My job is to look after my children.

Farmer Gardener

Getting dressed is easy – I wear the same thing every day.


Lifeboat crew Arborist

Every morning, all around the world, people get up to go to work. Lift the flaps to find out where all these people are going.

From atoms and X-rays to the Big Bang and the Internet, brilliant scientific breakthroughs have changed the world. Discover 100 amazing scientists and their discoveries in this fresh, graphicstyle book. £9.99 | Age 8+ Code: 95080 (H)

Get me in June

Lift the flaps and peep through the holes to explore the cockpit, engine, wings, and more as you follow a plane on a journey around the world. £7.99 | Age 3+ | Code: 95302 (B)

Chart the rise of an urban skyscraper in this informative, fun and accessible lift-the-flap book. £9.99 | Age 5+ | Code: 94296 (B)

Full of fun experiments budding scientists can try at home, engage in the world around you with this lively and enlightening introduction to an impressive range of topics. £9.99 | Age 5+ CODE: 96896 (H)

This user-friendly guidebook helps complete beginners get started using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With step-by-step instructions throughout, you’re all set to build your very own website from scratch. £12.99 | Age 7+ Code: 95071 (CS)

Ever dreamed of writing and producing your own shows and films? With a wealth of script-writing activities, tips and advice, this write-in book is a wonderful way of helping imaginations fly. £9.99 | Age 8+ | Code: 96910 (CS)

Discover how to collect, display and analyse data in this interactive activity book. £6.99 | Age 6+ Code: 96047 (P)

Enjoy a guided tour of our very own art gallery in this charming sticker book. £6.99 | Age 5+ Code: 96897 (P)

Get me in May

We are frequently warned about our planet’s health, but what can we actually do to help? From recycling to shopping choices, this hands-on guide is filled with suggestions to help readers make a positive difference. £6.99 | Age 8+ Code: 98276 (P)

Floating and sinking

You can try a similar experiment at home, with different objects. Ask a grown-up for help before you start.

When you put different materials in water, some of them float near the top, and some of them sink to the bottom.

Introduce children to the wonders of science – from astronauts living in space to simple experiments you can try at home! £9.99 | Age 3+ Code: 95083 (B)

Some things that float bob on the surface. Pebbles T he air inside this bottle helps it float.

Paper clips


Metal key

Some things float a little lower down.

Cork Full glass bottle

Which of these things do you think will float?

Empty glass bottle

Some things sink more slowly than others.

Glass marble Metal fork

Clay pot Pa


Shells rs



T here’s very little air inside the full bottle, so it sinks.

Get me in May Help the endearing monsters find their way through the mazes, then wipe-clean and enjoy again. £5.99 | Age 3+ Code: 96840 (P)

Tennis ball

My First Science Book Spreads.indd Custom V 10

04/12/2019 15:54:49

Creative Writing Book: Just £6.99... ...Save £3 £3

Get me in June Name:

To persuade someone that a product is worth buying, you have think your way into the mind of the potential buyer. Writing a good advert is halfway between being a psychologist and a writer. Good adverts try to appeal to customers using a combination of...

Logic What is the product used for? If it’s not the only product of its kind, why is this brand better than all the others?

Inspire a new generation of authors, poets, journalists and scriptwriters in this lively write-in book. Packed with tips, advice and lots of activities to fire young imaginations, this is a book no budding writer should be without! £6.99 (RRP £9.99) | Age 8+ | Code: 59878 (CS)

Give these products names and write a short, memorable phrase to sum each one up. Phrases like this are often known as slogans.

Write an advert


What might the people seeing the advert want out of life? How can you persuade them that this product can provide what they crave?


Is the potential customer afraid of being alone? Of being a failure? Of being ugly? How might buying your product take away those fears?

Sense of humour Can you make your audience laugh? Laughter can make people more receptive to the message you’re trying to put across. 2


Join five friendly animals for lots of fun, wipe-clean activities based around the school day. £6.99 | Age 3+ Code: 96837 (P)

W ide ord as Name:

delicious soft durable sparkling energy dreamer improve transform safety adventure discover health perfect crunch speed perform control freedom dare feel best taste




Name: Slogan:



Get me in May

Get me in May

Shiny, wipe-clean pages, engaging activities and a special pen combine to provide children with endless opportunities to practise what they’re learning in the classroom. Brilliant for home learning fun! £6.99 | Codes (left to right): 96849 (Age 6+), 96526 (6+), 95113 (7+), 96523 (7+), 96852 (8+), 96853 (8+) (P)

Get me in May

Get me in June

Suzy can’t wait to return to the Union of Impossible Places on the Impossible Postal Express. But when she arrives, she overhears a dastardly plan to destroy Trollville from a shadowy and unexpected villain… £6.99 | Age 9+ Code: 97221 (P)

From writing and pen control to counting and taking away, these lively wipe-clean pages allow little learners to practise again and again – all with the help of a host of friendly animal characters. £6.99 | Age 3+ | Codes (left to right): 96842, 96841, 96843 (P)

Get me in May

Frog is on his log, mouse is moving house, and a gang of excitable skunks are donning their trunks in the latest additions to the much-loved Phonics Readers series. With endearing illustrations and rhyming text, they are a brilliant way of developing essential language and early reading skills! £5.99 | Age 2+ | Codes (left to right): 97016, 97014, 97148 (Age 3+) (P) Featuring bold and adventurous female characters, these inspiring, beautifully illustrated fairy tales are the perfect way for young readers to discover traditional stories about brave and brilliant girls. £5.99 | Age 5+ Codes: 96976, 96970 (H)

Get me in June

Get me in May

With easy-to-read text and stepby-step visual explanations, these charming reference books are accessible to young children but of interest to all. £5.99 | Age 4+ | Codes: 97939, 97942 (H)

Get me in May

Developed in consultation with acclaimed ELT expert Peter Viney, these beautifully retold stories are highly accessible to English language learners. Complete with a word list, downloadable activities and free online audio. £6.99 | Age 4+ | Codes (left to right): 92703, 97204, 93996 (Age 6+), 94790 (Age 7+) (P)

Get me in June

Leni LOVES birds. So when two feather-brained professors visit her island home on a mission to bring back the dodo, she’s eager to help them. But the famous bird has been extinct for over 300 years – and Sugar King Benny Shuster will stop at nothing to keep it that way. Can Leni and the professors achieve the impossible? £5.99 | Age 7+ | Code: 95625 (P)

Flora “doesn’t do people” since the incident that led to her being diagnosed with bipolar II. Until Hal arrives. Hal is researching a World War I soldier and needs Flora’s help. Working with Hal is Flora’s worst nightmare, yet as they piece together the soldier’s life of lost love and secrets, Flora finds a piece of herself falling for Hal. £7.99 | Age 12+ | Code: 94069 (P)

Get me in June

12-year-old Will likes two things: turtles and the local nature reserve. Everything else is a nightmare, because Will has a facial difference that has earned him an unfortunate nickname. But when Will meets RJ, who is confined to a hospital room, the boys help each other realise that life is too short to be lived in a shell… £6.99 | Age 9+ | Code: 98138 (P)

Shakespeare: Complete Shakespeare: Just £12.99... Just

10 Ten-Minute Stories: Just £8.99... Meet a sorcerer’s apprentice, a flying horse, a magical firebird and more in this collection of tales from around the world. With each story taking ten minutes to read, it’s sure to become a family story time favourite. £8.99 (RRP £12.99) | Age 4+ | Code: 59674 (H)

...Save £4

With vibrantly illustrated, classic stories of love, loss, joy and heartbreak all retold for young readers, this comprehensive and captivating collection is the perfect introduction to Shakespeare’s masterpieces. £12.99 (RRP £17.99) | Age 8+ Code: 59877 (H)

...Save £5

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From atoms and X-rays to the Big Bang and the Internet, brilliant scientific breakthroughs have changed the world. Discover 100 amazing scientists and their discoveries in this fresh, graphic-style book. £9.99 | Age 8+ | Code: 95080 (H)

We are frequently warned about our planet’s health, but what can we actually do to help? From recycling to shopping choices, this hands-on guide is filled with suggestions to help readers make a positive difference. £6.99 | Age 8+ Code: 98276 (P)

Meet Grace, Holly and Lily, the Magic Dolls who care for the Magical Creatures of the Enchanted Isle. A frightened unicorn has whipped up a terrible storm in the Spellwood. Can the Magic Dolls help, before it’s too late? £5.99 | Age 5+ | Code: 97131 (P)

With things to spot, mazes to follow, colouring and lots more, keep active minds entertained on holiday, during rainy days and on long journeys with this holidaythemed, write-in activity book. £6.99 | Age 4+ Code: 96800 (P)

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Once signed up, you’ll receive a Starter Kit of new books and business essentials. You will also receive a free website to help promote your business. Aardvarks, sharks, tree frogs, Go on a journey into and through the zombie worms… Can you find brain in this visually astonishing book. some of the world’s most amazing animals in this collection of From the senses to sleep, memories to making decisions, this book brings wordsearches? A brilliant way to help young readers recognise the wonder of brains and brain letter patterns. science to life. £5.99 | Age 6+ | Cde: 97515 (P) £9.99 | Age 6+ | Code: 95058 (H)

Brush water over the beautiful black and white illustrations and see a snake get its green scales, a flamingo’s feathers turn pink, and more, as if by magic! £5.99 | Age 5+ Code: 94852 (P)

YOUR NAME ......................................................................................................... CLASS/GROUP .......................................... CONTACT No. .................................

What’s the nature of reality? What is beauty? Using fascinating examples and thought experiments, this comic-style book invites the reader to think about things in ways they may not have done before. £9.99 | Age 10+ Code: 95088 (H)

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