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BRANDING GUIDE Revised 10.19

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Dear Reader, Thank you for taking the time to review the Usborne Books & More brand standards. This is an essential resource for everyone affiliated with Usborne Books & More. It will provide a common understanding of our brand identity and the many ways it is communicated both inside and outside the company. With the effort invested in creating and building our brand, we must ensure that the brand stays relevant as we continue to grow. The Usborne Books & More brand is an asset that requires our careful attention and protection. Every one of us - at every level - is a brand champion charged with the responsibility of using the company logos and graphics properly, and encouraging awareness of these standards to others. This manual contains rules and examples for upholding the brand throughout all aspects of Usborne Books & More communication. Whether you’ve been affiliated with Usborne Books & More for 2 days or 20 years, there’s no doubt that everyone can learn from these standards. Thank you again for your investment in this company - this brand.


Usborne Books & More Home Office


What is a Brand? A brand goes beyond just a logo or pretty colors. When we think about our brand, we think about the entire customer experience…everything from our logo and our website to social media experiences. In short, our brand is the way our customer perceives us. Our brand is Usborne Books & More. It is the amazing opportunity that we offer others to reach their dreams. It is the quality with which we provide service to our customers. It is the care that is taken to provide exactly what is needed in a timely manner.

What can Branding do? Branding promotes recognition and trust. This is what is so vital about following the branding standards. People tend to do business with companies they are familiar with. By making our branding consistent and easy to recognize, it can help people feel more at ease purchasing our products, because they know exactly what to expect each and every time they experience the brand. Branding creates referrals. People love to tell others about the brands they like. People wear brands, read brands, follow brands, and they’re constantly telling others about the brands they love. On the flip side, you can’t tell someone about a brand you can’t remember. A strong brand is critical to generating referrals or viral traffic. Branding builds financial value. Companies who publicly trade on a stock exchange are valued at many times the actual hard assets of the company. Much of this value is due to the branding of the company. A strong brand usually guarantees future business. The greater a company’s devotion to build its brand value, the better the financial return from its efforts. 3

Why do we Need Brand Standards? A branding identity functions as the symbol of the company. Just as a house requires a strong and structured foundation, a brand identity requires rules and guidelines for application on all materials. From business cards and banners to social media posts - the consistent use of the company’s brand identity is vital in communicating professionalism, confidence, and excellence. This document is designed to help you. It reflects the thought processes that went into creating the brand and provides the Usborne Books & More standards you’ll need to make it work.

Our Mission “The future of our world depends on the education of our children. USBORNE BOOKS & MORE delivers educational excellence one book at a time. We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values. We touch the lives of children for a lifetime.”

Our Core Values Low Start-Up Costs No Minimums for Consultants Competitive Compensation Fairly-Priced Products These values are the crux of what we do in our daily activities. They are the guidelines for driving each Consultant and Home Office team members’ day-to-day decisions and are the tools that bring life to the corporate brand. 4

What is in a Name? When using the company name on marketing materials, please use the following guidelines: When referring to Usborne Books & More Use ‘&’ not ‘and’ The first letter in all words of the company name should be capitalized Do not refer to your business or products as “Usborne Books”. This cuts out Kane Miller which is a vital part of our company.

Using the Correct Company Name Educational Development Corporation (EDC) consists of two divisions - EDC Publishing which sells to the retail market and Usborne Books & More which sells directly to the consumer via Independent Consultants. Usborne Books & More is a division of Educational Development Corporation which is represented by Independent Consultants who offer both the product and the business opportunity to others. Usborne books are one of the lines of titles that are published and made available by Usborne Books & More Consultants. Usborne Publishing is the name of the company in England that creates a line of children’s books represented by Usborne Books & More Consultants. Kane Miller books are one of the lines of titles that are published and made available by Usborne Books & More Consultants. Kane Miller Publishing is the name of the EDC-owned company that publishes children’s books represented by Usborne Books & More Consultants. UBAM is an abbreviation for Usborne Books & More.


Our Tag line A company tag line is simply a brief phrase that is closely allied with a company name or brand. It can appear in a range of media, typically including websites, stationery, printed marketing collateral, and so on. Often, the tag line appears in close proximity with the company name and/or logo so that the graphic and phrase can form a single visual unit.

The difference between a ‘slogan’ and a ‘tag line’ is that a slogan is associated with a particular product, service, or marketing campaign, whereas a tag line is associated with a company or brand.

Things to Consider When Representing UBAM Be confident - quietly. Our message should be understated, subtle. This is not about making claims; it’s about who we are. Be benefit-driven. How do our products and business opportunities enhance people’s lives? Focus on these qualities when sharing our message.

Be conversational. The message should speak to people, not talk at them. Be sensitive. Not everyone shares the same values or beliefs. For example, humor is a wonderful tool to use, but ‘your’ humor may not be ‘their’ humor. 6

Our Policies To simplify things for you and your team, as well as to assure our branding standards are consistent, we ask that all Consultants use the Branding Guide specifications. The branding standards are meant for quality control, since every advertisement, Facebook cover photo, etc. that a Consultant makes can’t be sent to the Home Office for approval. It helps assure that the marketing materials not made by our Home Office designers still have our company branding. The Home Office releases graphics with varying fonts. We produce so many graphics with different focuses that many fonts are used. Since we create the design and a specific look for the company as a whole we know that those fonts/designs adhere to our company message. All Home Office graphics are to be used in their entirety. Due to copyright licensing, all content provided by the Home Office, such as text, graphics, images, etc., as well as collection, arrangement, and assembly of all content is our exclusive property and should not be altered in any way. Social media graphics created by Consultants MUST HAVE the “Independent Consultant” or “Educational Services Representative” tag line. This will differentiate graphics that are created by Home Office and those that are created individually.

Educational Services Representative Images and Graphics created by Home Office are to be used for their intended purpose only. They may not be used on apparel, merchandise, etc. Consultants may NOT use the Usborne, UBAM, Kane Miller or EDC name, images, programs or offerings to create product or services for financial gain.


Our Policies Usborne and Kane Miller book covers and spreads are to be used in their entirety. Legally, they may not be altered or changed in any way (i.e. cutting characters out, changing words on a page, etc) Please make sure that if you are featuring a Kane Miller book that you don’t refer to your business or the books as “Usborne�. Facebook Live and Recordings - Kane Miller Books: Consultants may read or show no more than 20% of a book in a Facebook Live event or video. Please note, the author, illustrator and publisher must be credited, and no part of the text or illustrations may be amended or altered. Consultants may read a picture book in its entirety on Facebook Live, however recording the video for playback is prohibited. Facebook Live and Recordings - Usborne Books: Consultants may read or show no more than 50% of a book in a Facebook Live event. Recording the video for playback is prohibited. Consultants can hire a 3rd party designer to create graphics for them personally. A designer can be hired by a Consultant to create graphics for their UBAM business. The designer will need to request a Logo Release Form from Home Office which we will be happy to provide once the project is established. This form restricts that designer to just that specific Consultant project as it is unethical to create graphics for sale to a group of Consultants. The Consultant or designer may not advertise or sell the product produced via Facebook, website, etc. The designer will need to adhere to all of our company branding policies listed in the UBAM branding guide. Vistaprint Corporate is the Usborne Books & More preferred vendor and has Home Office permission to do use our company branding.


Logo Usage Preferred Version: This is the version to use on printed materials and websites when size and placement allow. With UBAM Tag Line: The tag line can be added to the logo if it is not used in other places on the page. With Education Services Tag Line: Used by Educational Services Representatives on materials specific to School & Library. With Independent Consultant Tag Line: To identify or distinguish the difference between Independent Consultant and Corporate Home Office. This version needs to be included on your business supplies (business cards, stationery, etc.) as well as social media graphics.

Educational Services Representative

With Educational Services Representative Tag Line: To identify or distinguish the difference between Independent Consultant and Educational Services Representative. Round Logo: May be used when the preferred version won’t fit ideally in the space a lotted. House Logo Only: The full company name must be included somewhere else on printed materials. This logo may be used alone on apparel.


Logo Usage The logo should be reproduced only in the following color options:

All Purple: House and round logo with company name only.

Purple with Orange: House logo and company name with the UBAM, Educational Services, Independent Consultant or Educational Services Representative tag lines.

Black: All logo versions.

White on Solid Color: All logo versions.


Logo Size and Formats When using the logo, be sure to allow space around the entirety of the logo. This isolates the image and allows it to stand out, assisting with recognition.

.75” minimum

.50” minimum

.375” minimum

Electronic files of the Usborne Books & More logos are available online. Should you need any assistance with downloads or formats, please contact the Home Office. The following files are available for you to download: .eps file: Transparent background - used for printing .png file: Transparent background - used for web and programs such as Canva .jpg file (RGB): This logo will have a white box around it. It can be used on white backgrounds for the web. .jpg file (CMYK): This logo will have a white box around it. It can be used on white backgrounds for printing. 11

Logos Misuse

Never enlarge or reduce a portion of the logo.

Never stretch the logo.

Never use the logo in a white box on a colored background.

Never reproduce the logo in non-approved colors.

Never squish the logo.

USBORNE Never change the fonts. Never alter the horizontal alignment of the logo. 12

Color Palette The Usborne Books & More color palette has been developed to provide a recognizable brand personality. Color specifications for each hue are provided. Do not allow colors to be picked ‘by eye’ or give vendors instructions such as ‘make it purple with blue and orange’. Use the Pantone colors or 4 Color equivalents (CMYK) noted below.

Primary Company Color

Secondary Company Colors (in order shown, left to right)

PMS 383c

CMYK: 35 / 14 / 100 / 0 RGB: 178 / 187 / 28 Hex: #B2BB1C

PMS 255c

CMYK: 65 / 100 / 22 / 9 RGB: 115 / 20 / 114 Hex: #731472

PMS 292c

CMYK: 58 / 17 / 0 / 0 RGB: 96 / 176 / 230 Hex: #60B0E6

PMS 281c

CMYK: 100 / 96 / 33 / 24 RGB: 29 / 46 / 95 Hex: #1D265F

PMS 192c

CMYK: 1 / 99 / 62 / 0 RGB: 237 / 23 / 79 Hex: #ED174F

PMS 152c

CMYK: 1 / 51 / 99 / 0 RGB: 244 / 145 / 30 Hex: #F4911E


Fonts We ask that all Consultants use the following specifications for fonts. If you can’t find the core fonts, please use their substitutions (which are all free and available online to download). We realize that some web programs (i.e. Canva) may not have all these fonts available - we ask that you please use one that closest resembles our approved fonts. CORE FONT Museo Slab 500 ABCDEFGHIJ klmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

Main Headers / Web Banner Headlines SUBSTITUTE FONT Aleo ABCDEFGHIJ klmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 Free download available: fontsquirrel.com 1001freefonts.com

SUBSTITUTE FONT Droid Serif ABCDEFGHIJ klmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 Free download available: 1001freefonts.com

Sub Headers / Stand Outs / Calls to Action CORE FONT

Caflisch Script ABCDEFGHIJ klmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

*NOTE* Clicker Script MAY NOT be used in place of Caflisch Script in the tag line.


Clicker Script ABCDEFGHIJ klmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

Free download available: 1001freefonts.com fontspace.com


Breetty ABCDEFGHIJ klmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

Free download available: 1001freefonts.com

Main Body of Text / Details / Disclaimers CORE FONT Myriad Pro Regular ABCDEFGHIJ klmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

SUBSTITUTE FONT Arial ABCDEFGHIJ klmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 Free - standard on all computers and tablets

SUBSTITUTE FONT Helvetica ABCDEFGHIJ klmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

Free - standard on all computers and tablets


Graphic Elements Consultants now have access to Home Office created promotional graphics, stock images, design elements, etc. A Facebook page with all the images can be found at: Facebook/UBAM Home Office Branding These photos may NOT be used on any material that will be reproduced for resale. You may use these images on printed or social media graphics along with the logo for the use of Usborne Books & More only. By using these images, you are agreeing to our licensing contract. Below are some of the graphic elements that are available for you to download and may be used on UBAM branded images.







Graphic Philosophy Not everything for social media needs a specific graphic. There are many graphics available to download that feature quotes, literacy statistics, etc. that can be used to draw attention. This way it leaves you free to write the post with the exact information in which you see fit. Have a Call to Action. A graphic works much better when it calls on the customer to react in some way. Call to Action’s can use all kinds of different wording to attract attention from leads, including: - View our catalog now - Start a new career today - Ask me how to earn free books - Message me for more details Do not over do it. Too much information can turn people away. Don’t use 20 words for something that can be said in 5. Respect Images. - Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, such as literary and artistic works, designs, images, and symbols used in commerce. Be cautious when using ‘found’ images from the internet, especially social media. - Always ask permission if the graphic you want to use is not created originally by you or the Home Office. - Never use an existing graphic from another business (i.e. Scentsy or Thirty-One) and just change the logo out to reflect UBAM. This is a violation of copyright laws.


Frequently Asked Questions Can I put the logo on apparel/items? Yes with the following restrictions: - Adhere to our branding guidelines. - The product may not be sold for profit. - Do not take an existing design from another company and insert our logo. - Images taken from Google often have copyright laws that you are unaware of. It is illegal to take an image or design from Google and have it printed on apparel or other items. I have a friend with an online shop. Can she sell apparel/items in her shop with our logo? No. In order to carry items with the Usborne Books & More logo or branding, you must be a Home Office approved vendor. I have a friend who sells customizable items (i.e. Jamberry, Thirty-One gifts, Jewelry, etc), can she use our branding/logo on these items to create something for me or my team? No. Using our logo or branding on another Direct Sales company’s products is a conflict of interest and can be a gray area when it comes to legal issues. What do I do if I see a social media graphic made by a Consultant that doesn’t adhere to the branding guidelines? Politely contact the Consultant through a private message. What do I do if I see images or products being sold with the UBAM logo, company images, etc on it? Please contact Suzanne Howard, Director of Marketing at suzanne.howard@edcpub.com. Can I hire a designer to create images for me or my team? Please see page #8 for company policies regarding this issue.


Frequently Asked Questions If I make a graphic that has UBAM books or the logo on it, can I only use the 6 colors in the branding guide? We encourage Consultants to use our company branding colors (after all that is what makes our company consistent and recognizable). However, we understand the need to use other colors especially for holidays and special events. We ask that you use our company logo in only the 3 approved colors though (purple, white or black) and to remember that on all social media graphics, you will need to use the logo with the Independent Consultant tag line. Can I add my graphic designer or photographer to the Home Office Branding Facebook page? No. The images shared on this Facebook page are for Consultant use only. We are only able to provide those stock images to the Consultants with the understanding the images will not be used for monetary gain or in the resale of any product. Can I add information to or edit a graphic that Home Office created? No. Home office created graphics may not be altered in any way by Consultants. They must be used in their entirety. Can I put Home Office created graphics (such as Facebook graphics) in a collage as long as I don’t alter the individual images? Yes. You may show a Home Office created graphic in its entirety along with other images. Can I post/share Consultant created graphics in the comments on the Home Office Branding Facebook Group? No. The group is for Home Office created graphics only. It is meant to be a group where Consultants can go for company approved graphics with the latest branding and information.


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Usborne Books & More 2020 Branding Guide  

This guide is intended for Usborne Books & More Consultant Use Only.

Usborne Books & More 2020 Branding Guide  

This guide is intended for Usborne Books & More Consultant Use Only.