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Growing the Game News Vol. 2, No. 4 - Feb. 12, 2013 Important News Sign up today for Weekly Coach Tips delivered every week right to your inbox! The Responsible Sports Weekly Coach trip emails deliver helpful tips about coaching and different ways to impact the lives of youth athletes in a positive way. These tips provide examples of how coaches can improve their team’s overall morale and how a positive team environment can be created on and off the field. Videos People Are Awesome - This inspiring video ( shows some of the amazing things people can do in sport and life, showing in both slow and regular motion. It is a great pre-tourney motivator for any team. Fantastic Volleyball Save to Point – When coaches speak about relentless pursuit and never giving up, this save in a Canadian men’s match the first week of February sets a new standard worth sharing with your team. Life of a Club Volleyball Official – Take a look at a humorous video ( at what many club volleyball officials go through. Articles Practice Planning – The renowned Gold Medal Square program created this practice planning article (, which is particularly timely for where we are in the club or collegiate men’s season. Book/Movie Suggestions The 16th Man - ESPN’s 30 for 30 movie series includes the true story behind the movie Invictus (, which shows how sport has the power to change the world. It is one of the most powerful and inspirational stories about achieving national unity through sport. Hidden Gems The Player Who Knows Why Beats the Player Who Knows How – The title in this classic article ( from the Growing the Game Together blog says it all.

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Growing the Game Newsletter for Feb. 13, 2013  

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