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A Case Study On Nokia


Introduction   Market reputation of a brand doesn’t come easily. Product quality, price of the product, promotional activities and other elements brings the company into the light. To get a great reputation, business needs to go beyond average.  Go beyond their expectations and one of the ways of this is marketing mix. The marketing mix is often referred to as the '4 Ps', i.e. product, price, place and promotion.


Objectives  Our objective is to find out: How to build brand reputation through marketing mix? What is the effect of marketing mix in Brand reputation? What is the opinion of buyers toward the marketing mix and brand of Nokia?


Research Type ď‚– ď‚™ To identify problem more specifically and deeply and gain insights for developing approach. we had to cross exploratory research. Which main objective is to look insight of a given problem and making it precise. ď‚™ Then for best use of this research, we made a step to causal research. Conclusive research is designed to assist the decision maker e.g. manager to determine, evaluate and select the best approach in a given problem. 4

Findings ď‚–

After calculating average rating of scale, we got 419 in marketing mix and 423.5 rating in brand reputation. That means, marketing mix increases the brand reputation of Nokia.


Brand is recognized in the market place also favorable for respondents. But reliability and consistency are the lowest score we have which means consumer are not happy with that. 6

Respondent are satisfied with product quality as well as promotion of Nokia. Their product are convenience but have some price barrier.



  Promotional activities should be taken to optimize customer attitude to the company. Customer service centers should have more speed and ease of formality. They should set up customer call center to give instant service to any problem.  Pricing of the products can be reduced to get more attention of the customer.  More availability of the product should be ensured. 8


 Company reputation blends other facts that are seen as sever issue in poor reputed company. Nokia has created a brand image that is wrapped with quality, convenience, promotion of product. They have also created loyal customer whose attitude toward company can’t be hampered with little price difference. But world is full of competitors. Nobody knows what happens next. 9

Building Brand Reputation Through Marketing Mix - A case study on Nokia