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Piano Moving Company and All about their Services

If you are planning to shift your home or getting transferred to a new place then it is of sure that you will be looking for the services of professional movers. One important point that everyone has to consider is that it is not necessary that a particular mover will specialize in moving every articles of household. For instance if you want your car to be moved then you must seek help from auto shipping company. For basic equipments of household you will seek help from local packers and movers. Simultaneously if you are willing to move your piano then you must seek help from piano moving company only.

If you want to move this musical instrument from an apartment that is at a higher floor then it becomes very difficult to carry and move. A freight elevator will turn out to be as a greater support at this situation. But if there is no such elevator then piano moving company will move your musical instrument through a crane which will be carried on from the balcony, window or through any other spacious place outside of home.

Place at which it has to be transferred

At the time of hiring their services a representative from the piano moving company will come to inspect your home both old and new. This is done so that the company representative is able to plan out how to transfer your instrument safely. However if the newly shifted place is in longer distance then it is certainly not possible for the company person to come and inspect your new place of staying. Then over here client will take the responsibility to ensure that the instrument will get fitted in the

new location. It is the duty of client to ensure that in newly shifted place the instrument will not be moved through smaller windows or carried away through a staircase which is too short.

If in any case, the piano moving company finds difficulty in moving as for the reason the new place is not fit enough to be moved then in most cases instrument will be brought back. Anyhow client will be charged for every service that is been provided which includes the service of storing and carrying back to the old destination.

Hence, one must always know certain things before hiring their services so that he/she is able to answer the queries of the mover’s beforehand. Some common queries in which you will come across are like

Which type of piano .Whether you are having an upright or a grand piano?

What is the size of the instrument? As the measurement of both instruments differs.

Addresswith postal codes for both the places.

Size of the stairs, whether it is straight or is there any curves or bends in it.

How much time will it take for to and fro of the instrument? Is any guarantee provided during the transit? Any insurance coverage against the damages.

Source: Chicago Movers

Piano Moving Company and All about their Services  

The piano moving company finds difficulty in moving as for the reason the new place is not fit enough to be moved then in most cases instrum...

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