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Importance of cushioning and padding during packing Packing is the crucial task while moving to a new place. And it becomes hectic if you are planning to do it all by yourself. Usually people rely upon reputed Chicago movers for packing and moving of their belongings. In that way the process becomes less time consuming and nerve wrecking. However some people may want to do the packing they while leaving the moving task in the hands of experts. If you are planning to do the packing, certain things should be kept in mind for the safety of your belongings. During a move, cushioning and padding act as a bumper and shock proof material to keep your belongings as safe as possible. If you have used cushioning and padding, you can find your household items in the same shape when you get them out to unload. Usually the moving companies make use of cushioning and padding while packing your items.

The best way for cushioning would be bumpers and they are pretty easy to make too. You can start making them by collecting the paper that goes for newsprint but without ink. You can easily find them at packing supply store and online stores selling packing and paper material. For making bumpers you need to lay down the sheets of newsprints on a flat surface. Now take two separate sheets of paper that would be crumbled separately. Place the crumbles sheets of paper on the laid down newsprint. You need to roll the newsprint to form a structure of hotdog or sandwich thus forming an efficient bumper. Before placing any material in the packing box, you need to spread these bumpers at the bottom of the box. You can start placing the dishes or any items of fragile nature once you have made a layer of bumper. Start placing another layer of bumpers over the items for making place for giving cushioning effect for next set of items. Remember to insert sheets of paper in

between the two plates if they are of breakable nature. The inserted papers would act like cushioning and padding. Once you have finished packing the whole box, remember to place yet another layer of bumpers over it. Close the box and check if there is any space between the lid of the box and bumper layer. If so, place more bumpers to fill it. For keeping things that are extremely delicate and fragile, place the bumpers at the side of the boxes by placing it vertically. This would give more cushioning effect and protection even if the boxes are stacked over each other. It is not a wise thing to overload the box as this can cause damage to the material inside. Seal the boxes and label it properly so that there would be no confusion while unpacking. Whether you are relocating locally or at far distance, you need to use the moving blankets or moving pads. These blankets are quilted and stuffed with polyester or cotton and can be used for packing furniture. To reduce collision during the move, place the moving blankets below and in between the furniture. Thus the items would be protected from scratches. Cover the items completely with moving blankets and wrap them properly so that it would not get lose.

Source: Chicago Movers

Importance of cushioning and padding during packing  

Once you have finished packing the whole box, remember to place yet another layer of bumpers over it. Close the box and check if there is an...

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