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August 2013

Sharmila Dance Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Vol 2 Issue 10

Words from Sharmila Kamte Dear Students, We are all in the middle of our summer vacations some of us away in exotic locations while others are dealing with the ever-increasing heat in Dubai! Wherever you are, I hope that you are enjoying a relaxed and less hectic time stretching and working out in some shape or form! I was delighted to see such a healthy turnout in our summer classes when I passed through Dubai and got the chance to teach for two days. Keep it up! Since our last newsletter our professionals performed for the opening of the Infinity Tower at the marina, the Huawei fastest 4G-phone launch at the Armani hotel and Kaleidoscope’s new clothing for the season at the courtyard.

Content • Summer/Ramadan timetable + Ramadan tips -Pg. 2 •

What’s new at Sharmila Dance? – Pg. 3

Getting to know the company members – Chantal - Pg. 4

Spotting and how its work’s - Pg. 5 - Pg. 6

Harris’ Farewell – Pg. 6

Editors Note – Pg. 7

We also had our five-day summer workshop ending with a showcase on the 1st July. I was pleased to see the growth in our students over the short period of time. Absolutely everyone worked to their maximum ability for every single guest instructor, as their teacher I couldn't ask for anything more. The showcase was well received by all who attended and the energy on stage was electric. So a big shout out to all the teachers involved, students for their tireless energy, Ductac staff for seeing to all our requirements and parents for staying those extra few days allowing your children to benefit from it. You will have noticed that we have added a few extra classes for our younger students; classical ballet for level 1's and 2's as well as a hip hop class on Saturday for level 1's. I hope that they will take this opportunity, as I'm sure with the added technique they are going to a formidable force! Before I go I have to mention how much I miss dancing/teaching and look forward to seeing all of you after your summer holidays with an even stronger and more positive attitude! Sincerely, Sharmila Kamte


Ramadan tips/Summer and Ramadan Timetable

Issue 10

August 2013

First of all I would like to wish a Ramadan Kareem to you all!! We praise you all for your hard dedication this Ramadan, as it has been one of the longest and hottest months.

Summer and Ramadan Timetable Please note as soon as Ramadan and EID AL FITR have finished, the timetable will resume with the summer timings. Ramadan (fasting) Tips: For those who are fasting – In the morning (Suhoor) Focus on taking in foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, fruits or vegetables, and plenty of water. During the hottest part of the day, stay in cool areas (indoors or in shade) and limit your physical activity – apart from walking. Rest if possible. Avoid gorging yourself when breaking the fast at sunset. Break your fast with dates and either milk, water, or fruit juice. After the Maghrib prayer, continue with a light starter such as soup and crackers. After a long period of fasting, you need to bring your fluids and blood sugar level up without overdoing it. This will keep you healthy and as cautious as possible while fasting in Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem

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What’s new at Sharmila Dance?

Issue 10

August 2013

Brand new level 1A & 1B Hip Hop/Street Jazz Class Every Saturday from 4PM to 5PM Starting September 2013!

Brand new Basic Ballet Class Every Sunday from 4PM to 5PM Age: 7+ Starting September 2013!

Most Hard Working Student Of The Month Words from Sharmila Kamte “I have decided to award the hard working title to Kamil Faour as he has shown a huge desire to improve with excellent attendance. Challenging himself daily to work towards overcoming certain issues in his dancing. He is a wonderful individual with a vibrant personality and I look forward to working with him to turn him into the dancer he can be.” Bravo Kamil!

Congratulations to:

Kamil Faour Age: 15 Teen


Getting to know the team

Issue 10

August 2013

When did you start dancing? When I was about 15 turning 16-went to one class and got addicted.

What do you enjoy most about dancing? That I have an outlet to let the crazy out. It's also a place where you can forget the world for a second and just enjoy the moment. I could never imagine not dancing, I already have way too much difficulty staying still if I hear a beat I like-I usually get a few stares but honestly? STARE people, I LOVE it!!

Fun facts? Before I turn 30 I want to jump in a bath filled with all sorts of sponge cake. My ideal pets would be a wolf or a seal I had REALLY short hair until I was 16/17 (courtesy of mother thank you very Favorite Color: Apple Green much) and was once mistaken for a boy. I then started wearing dresses. Favorite Food: Everything I love to make a fool of myself. I used to love extreme sports and did them every summer before I started dance- i.e. Hydro-speed, VTT, Canyoning and extreme Role Model: Don’t really have one I rock climbing. Fast forward 7 years and I am terrified of even doing a cartwheel. get my inspiration from different My favorite game is hide and seek.

Fun Facts

• •

people who overcame difficulties to reach their goals. •

Random Fact: Baboons have been known to kidnap puppies and raise them as pets

Dance Class  Tracks   Current  Music:     • Happy  by  C2C                  (Adults,  Teen  &  Level  2)   • Get  you  alone  by  Robin  Thicke     (Level  1A  &  1B)  

Favorite Singer: Hmmm. Elpahaba from Wicked and Nicki Minaj

Our official Sharmila Dance wear is out and selling fast, there are 2 colors available White and Yellow. Sizes available: White: Yellow: XS – Available (Few Left) XXS - Available Small – 2 Pants Left! XS – Available Medium – Available (Few Left) Small – Available Large – Available (Few Left) Medium - Available Purchase of tracksuits is available during office hours or class timings throughout the week! Be proud to be part of the Sharmila Dance culture and represent your dance school.


Spotting and why it works!

Issue 10

August 2013

"You have to trust your body to take care of you." - A.J. Langer Dancers are taught to “spot” at a young age. Hours are spent teaching this concept, visual aids are hung in studios, and many theatres have a spotting light at the back of the theatre for dancers. Spotting involves staring at a fixed point while the body is turning to prevent dizziness and loss of balance. Clearly, experienced dancers believe it is a valuable tool since it is passed on through instruction, and it must work since dancers performing multiple turns on stages are able to continue dancing without pausing to regain balance or falling over. What are the physiological reasons that spotting works? The body uses three systems to establish balance – the proprioceptive system, the visual system, and the vestibular system.

Proprioception is the body’s awareness of its position and movement in space. There are sensory receptors located in the body’s muscles, tendons and joints that respond to changes in pressure and send messages to the brain letting it know where the different parts of the body are and how they are moving in relation to other body parts. The visual system helps determine where the body is in space. Within this system is the body’s optical righting reflex. This reflex helps ensure that we remain upright by working to keep both eyes on the horizontal plane. The vestibular system helps the body maintain balance through the anatomy of the inner ear. This system gives the brain information about the body’s position during movement. The ear canals are filled with fluid and lined with cilia, or tiny hairs, that are sensitive to the movement of the fluid. When the position of the head shifts during movement, the cilia send signals to the brain to activate the muscles that keep the head vertical. When a dancer is turning, obviously the body’s position in space is constantly changing, and the proprioceptive system cannot be relied upon to help establish balance until the turn is perfected. Once it is perfected, the body's "muscle memory" can aid in helping the body to sense that it is balanced. In the meantime, the body must rely upon the visual and vestibular systems. Both of these systems involve keeping the head in a constant position that is upright and on an even horizontal plane. Staring at a fixed point keeps the eyes focused on one image. If a dancer were to simply look at everything around him or her while turning, the brain would definitely be confused by all the input, but that is only a part of the equation.

Spotting and why it works!

Issue 10

August 2013

Our bodies have mechanisms that are useful and necessary to provide equilibrium and keep us safe on a daily basis. It is important for dancers to understand these mechanisms so that they do not fight against them but, instead, use them to their advantage to improve technique and promote safe, healthy dancing.

Harris’ Farewell It’s been a great pleasure to be working with Sharmila Dance and being involved with the newsletter, as one journey ends, a new one begins. The Sharmila Dance family has been my home for the past 6 years so this goodbye does not come easy. If your lucky enough to be a part of Sharmila Dance and experience the love and warmth that is shown from everyone you’ll get to see the true magic of this dance company. I will miss everyone very much, make sure that you appreciate the time that you have here and work hard to the best that you can become. I’m glad to announce that Tom will be taking over the newsletter and will continue bringing you exciting news and information about Sharmila Dance. I would also like to personally thank Sharmila for the opportunities that she has given me, not only is she a wonderful boss but a great friend.


Cayan Tower Opening

911 - Huawei Launch


Sharmila Dance

Editor’s Note

Located at the Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Center (DUCTAC) at Mall of the Emirates

It brings me great pleasure sharing all the exciting news that is happening with Sharmila Dance. The newsletter was an Phone: +971-4-341 4777 ext 209 idea that Sharmila has been talking about Mobile: +971-50 8581083 (Emma) for a while and now we are on our BB PIN: 2883A685 second year releasing content every two months. Our aim is to make all of our Mobile: + 971-50 8581084 (Tom) followers more engaged with all our BB PIN: 285C1F81 activities and news. I hope you are Email: enjoying the newsletter and would love Email: to hear your feedback. If there are any suggestions that you would like to Website: include please inform us and we will perhaps feature it in the next edition.

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