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Jake Dalton

2011 Winter Cup Champion

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Acrobatic Gymnastics Program in Your Gym

MARCH 2011 – VOL. 31 – #3

Gymnastics Builds Brains & Bodies

events 2011 March 2-6 4 4-6 5 19 25-26

Rhythmic Challenge Colorado Springs, CO Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup (W) Jacksonville, FL Winter Classic (TT) Houston, TX AT&T American Cup (M/W) Jacksonville, FL Flower Cup (TR) Aalsmeer NED USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (M) Springfield, MA

April 8-10 8-10 14-16 15-17 15-17 28-May 1 29-May 1

USA Gym Collegiate Championships (W) Colorado Springs, CO JO Regional Championships (M) Various Locations NCAA Championships (M) Columbus, OH L 9/10 Regional Championships (W) various locations NCAA Championships (W) Cleveland, OH TOPs Invitational Training Camp (W) Houston, TX Elite Challenge (TT) Ft. Worth, TX

May 4-8 JO National Championships (M) 6-8 L 9 Eastern/Western Championships (W) 7 USA Gymnastics Special Olympics Championships (M/W/R/GG) 13-14 JO National Championships (W) 15 National Invitational Tournament (W)

Long Beach, CA Worcester, MA/San Diego, CA

Marietta, GA Long Beach, CA Long Beach, CA

June 2-5 USA Gymnastics Open Championships (W/R) Orlando, FL 5 National Elite Qualifier (W) Orlando, FL 6-7 State Regional Chairman’s Workshop (W) Orlando, FL 11-12 Region 3 Congress Vail, CO 17-26 Olympic Gymnastics Week various locations 22-28 JO National Championships (R) Chicago, IL 22-28 Chicago Cup (R) Chicago, IL 23 Olympic Day various locations 24 - 26 Region 7 Congress Baltimore, MD 30-July 1 American Classic Houston, TX

July 2-3 National Elite Qualifier (W) Houston,TX 9 National Qualifier (M) TBD 8-10 Trampoline & Tumbling U.S. Championships San Antonio, TX 10-15 JO Championships (TT) San Antonio, TX 10-16 World Gymnaestrada (GG) Lausanne, SUI 15-17 Region 8 Congress New Orleans, LA 22-24 Covergirl Classic/Challenge (W) Chicago, IL 22-27 Acrobactic National Championships San Jose, CA 28-31 TOPs Invitational Training Camp (W) Houston, TX

August 5-7

Region 6 Congress


JO Beginner/Optional Training Camp (W) Houston, TX


JO Inter./Adv. Optional Training Camp (W) Houston, TX


Visa Championships (M/W/R)

Saint Paul, MN


National Congress and Trade Show

Saint Paul, MN


Region 1 Congress

Santa Clara, CA

September 8-11

State and Regional Chairman’s Workshop (M)



Rhythmic World Championships

Montpellier, France


National Gymnastics Day

various locations


Region 5 Congress Indianapolis,IN

30-Oct. 2 National TOP Testing (W) Houston, TX

October 1-3

National TOP Testing (W) Houston, TX


World Artistic Championships (M/W)


JO National Team Training Camp (W) Houston, TX


Level 9/10 Training Camp (W) Houston, TX

14-30 Pan American Games (M/W/R/TR)

Tokyo, Japan

Guadalajara, Mexico

November 10-13

Future Stars Championships/Coaches Workshop (M) Colorado Springs, CO


Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships

Birmingham, ENG

30-Dec. 4 National TOP Team Training Camp (W) Houston, TX


TOP B Training Camp (W) Houston, TX

2012 January 10-18

Olympic Test Event

London, ENG

February 2-4

Winter Cup Challenge (M)

Las Vegas, NV

March 2

Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup (W)



AT&T American Cup (M/W)


16-18 Pacific Rim Championships (M/W/R/T)




USA Gymnastics Collegiate Champs. (M)

MaY 7-13

JO National Championships (M) Cincinnati, OH

June 6-9

Visa Championships

St. Louis, MO

28-July1 USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show San Jose, CA Boston, MA

28-July1 U.S. Olympic Team Trials-Gymnastics (M/W)

San Jose, CA

W = Women, R = Rhythmic, TR = Trampoline, M = Men, GG = Group Gymnastics, TU = Tumbling, AG = Acrobatic Gymnastics, B = Business, TT = Trampoline/Tumbling

NOTE: Dates and events subject to change or cancellation. 2

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2011 • VOLUME 31 • #3

6 Gymnastics Builds Brains & Bodies

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by john cheng

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In the January issue of Technique we discussed “strengthening our core.” During the past few weeks, USA Gymnastics has been doing just that. This past month, we joined the U.S. Olympic Committee in designating the USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas, as an official U.S. Olympic Training Site. The USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center will serve as the official training site for women’s gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, and acrobatic gymnastics. The Karolyi Ranch has been an effective training location for USA Gymnastics since 2000, when our women’s program began using it for its national team activities. Since then, we have increased the number of athlete development camps, and the facilities at the Ranch have been expanded to include training environments for rhythmic, acrobatic gymnastics, and trampoline and tumbling. Through the partnership with the USOC and the Karolyi’s, USA Gymnastics gains almost exclusive use of the facilities to increase the amount of athlete development camps and clinics that can be conducted throughout the year for each of these disciplines. The Karolyi Ranch includes housing for 300 athletes, coaches and administrators; three training gyms, two artistic and one multi-discipline (rhythmic, trampoline/tumbling, acro); a dance studio; dining and recreational areas; medical and rehab facilities; and office space. With its central location near the George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport, it provides an ideal venue for all types of elite and developmental camps, clinics, and coaching seminars. In addition, Hilton Worldwide has joined the USA Gymnastics family as our official hotel partner. The multiyear relationship will focus on support for the country’s top athletes, along with providing travel benefits for our members. Through this partnership, USA Gymnastics and Hilton Worldwide have created Team Hilton HHonors, and we are continuing to explore other ways for Hilton to support USA Gymnastics’ athletes and programs. There are several initial ways our members can connect to Hilton Hotels directly. The first is to automatically enroll in a fast-track program to become a gold member of HHonors. The second is to book your hotel travel through a special on-line portal designed to provide discounts at the entire Hilton collection of hotels around the world. Lastly, we can connect you to a Hilton group sales specialist for your club’s group needs, whether at home for meets you are hosting or away when you are traveling. For more information, please see the advertisement on the adjacent page. Also, USA Gymnastics was included in the NBA All-Star Jam, Feb. 20, in Los Angeles. Using the theme of “Handstand Jam 2011,” USA Gymnastics relied on the expertise of the UCLA women’s gymnastics team to help teach a handstand to all kids in attendance. 2011 is the “Year of the Handstand” here at USA Gymnastics so we’ll be doing more of these events as the year unfolds. We have also added two members to our team in the Member Services Division, both well known in the USA Gymnastics community. Cheryl Jarrett has joined USA Gymnastics as Vice President of Member Services, and Lynn Moskovitz is the new Director of Education. Both women have extensive backgrounds in the sport of gymnastics, the business of our clubs, and other industry needs. We are thrilled to welcome them to the staff! Lastly, be sure to register for the USA Gymnastics Open Championships at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, June 2-5, for women’s and rhythmic gymnastics. This competition is a nationwide invitational for Women’s Levels 4-8 and Prep Op as well as an Elite National Qualifier and the Junior Olympic Open National Championships for Rhythmic Levels 4-6. The event will name both individual and club team champions in women’s and rhythmic gymnastics. To register for the event or learn more about it go to There is also a full page ad in this issue of Technique. See you in the gym,

Steve Penny President and CEO


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Gymnastics Builds

Brains and Bodies By Debra Em Wilson, Reading Specialist, & Marcia Carter, Gym Owner/Coach


mart phones became popular because they focused on the ever-evolving needs and wants of a diverse world. Smart phones were originally called converged devices because they brought multiple technologies together into one small package for one-stop shopping. Taking the lead from a multibillion dollar industry, gym owners can create “smart gyms” that emulate the success of the smart phone. The smart phone is thriving even in this economy because the creators studied the needs of diverse individuals and put the solutions into one cohesive smart package. Study the needs of your community by networking with early childhood organizations, public and charter schools, senior citizen advocacy groups, regional centers for children with special needs, and homeschooling parents. Find a way to offer programs to meet the needs of your community, package it under one roof, and create value for your families. Doing so will ensure a thriving business in any economy. Now, more than ever, families need to feel their dollars spent at your gym are well worth the sacrifice of not being able to use that money elsewhere. Just like smart phone consumers, they are looking for value and one-stop shopping to meet the diverse needs of their family members.


T E C H N I Q U E • M A R CH 2 0 1 1

Even homes today are like smart phones with almost everything needed under one roof, including video games simulating real activities, online shopping reducing trips to the mall, and hundreds of television channels taking us anywhere we want to go. Teaching parents the value of gymnastics for developing a well-rounded child is essential for getting them out of the house, let alone coming back to your facility once their child has taken a class for a test run. Knowing what service gap for families exist in your community and finding a way to fill that gap is critical to the ongoing success of your business. Steve Greeley, former gymnastics center owner in Simi Valley, Calif., had the idea that he could provide a quality gymnastics program that also helped children learn better. Each year his gym, Imagymnation, was the sponsor of Special Olympics and developed programs aimed at creating wellrounded children focusing on body, mind, and emotional balance. His gym met the needs of the diverse families it served while filling a gap in the community. In effect, Imagymnation was one of the original “smart gyms.” Greeley was on the leading edge and ran an extraordinarily successful non-competitive gymnastics program, while also providing much needed support for families of children with special needs.

If your gym is empty during the day, expanding your offerings to programs that build strong minds, as well as strong bodies, may help increase revenue and differentiate you from your competitors. Possible offerings include preschool foundation classes, homeschool elective courses, after-school enrichment, school-age tutoring, and senior Boomer programs. “Smart” is in. Parents want their children to be smart. Schools want their students to be smart. Aging Boomers want to remain smart. Savvy gym owners know exactly why their programs rank high in smartness factor.

Why “Smart Gyms” Raise the Smartness Factor

The more a child tumbles, climbs, creeps and crawls, the more densely wired the brain becomes for academic success. Movement is the architect of a child’s brain. The two hemispheres of the brain are designed to constantly communicate with one another. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and vice versa. Bilateral activities, common to all gymnastics programs, require both sides of the body to work together and separately. Coordinated movement patterns create efficiency in the brain. Efficient pathways create fluent readers who complete reading tasks with ease. For example, during reading,

the left hemisphere attends to letters and the sequence of words, while the right side of the brain focuses on comprehending what is read. Reading fluency depends on an intimate conversation between the two hemispheres of the brain– a clear signal, just like a smart phone. Bouncing on the trampoline, tumbling down a mat, swinging from the bars – all of these activities help wire the brain and integrate the vestibular system. Located in the inner ear, the vestibular system is intricately connected with the brain. Its job is to make sense of all perceived sensory information from the environment and tell us where our bodies are in space. Like the integrative technology of a smart phone, the vestibular system integrates vision, hearing, balance, and skin sensations. If children have poor sensory processing skills, they may have a difficult time learning gymnastics skills or regulating behavior. Weaknesses observed in gymnastics classes may lead to discovering that the child is struggling in school as well. The No Child Left Behind legislation prompts parents to seek programs that help children meet the mandated academic standards expected of today’s youth. Without your assistance, parents may overlook

M A R CH 2 0 1 1 • T E C H N I Q U E


Gymnastics Builds Brains and Bodies continued...


T E C H N I Q U E • M A R CH 2 0 1 1

Gymnastics Builds Brains and Bodies continued... your gym as a valuable resource. You can help them see the real value of gymnastics programs by linking these programs to academic benefits, which is the focus created by No Child Left Behind and standardsbased education. Duplicate this chart and hand it to every parent who enters your “smart gym.” When parents are cutting corners and deciding what extracurricular activities

gave their congratulations for all Carter has done to help kindergarten students achieve these high expectations. The Feather River Recreation Activity Center is expanding its classes to include Boomers, capitalizing on the need for more services for active seniors while bringing in increased revenue for the facility. Dr. Nancy Bates, owner of Gym Magic Sports Center and Preschool in Las Cruces, N.M., offers classes focusing on building a solid foundation for learning. “We emphasize education and learning. The response from our staff, parents, and children has been incredibly positive.” Gym Magic created a program, titled Magical Moves (for 6 months to 3 years of age), which has led to partnerships with many early intervention groups. The response has been so positive that the early intervention groups have had to rotate families in and out of Gym Magic’s program because so many families want to participate.

stay in their budgets, educating families is the key to ensuring your program remains when others may go. Dr. John Ratey calls exercise “Miracle-Gro” for the brain. Adding classes with a smart twist can also be ‘Miracle-Gro” for your business. See chart on page 9.

Look for Dr. Nancy Bates’ article in next month’s Technique magazine that explains how she began a successful tutoring program by networking with schools and integrating gymnastics with after-school reading tutoring. She’ll discuss how the program was funded through federal grant money. It’s a must read for all gym owners looking for ways to increase revenue and fund new programs.

How Gym Owners Are Expanding Their Programs

For more information, visit S’cool Moves website at

Marcia Carter, director of the Feather River Recreation Activity Center and former owner of Oroville Gymnastics Learning and Sports Academy, began a program specifically designed to help children be more successful in gymnastics classes and at school. Meeting the needs of the families in her community, she offers specialized classes to build the foundational skills critical for emotional and academic success. According to local educators, during the past four years they’ve noticed that the kindergarten children from Carter’s preschool program achieve reading goals sooner and with more ease than ever seen before. The children from this particular program are always well-prepared for high state standards expected to be learned by kindergartners. The local educators


T E C H N I Q U E • M A R CH 2 0 1 1

best just better!

The got

New cover material meets all competition required



Dual density padding for improved impact absorption



Thicker guide and end plates eliminates distortion of the plates under weight

Performance Series

Auto-lock keeps beam height securely locked in place

ISL Competition Beam 5121-120

The improved Performance Series ISL Beam is the only one of its kind in the world for both training and competition. Š 2010 Spieth Anderson International Inc.



Angled leg keeps base firmly on floor at lowest setting even over 20cm mats. 4� tubular steel legs for superior stability



Ways to RETAIN Your Customers

Brant Lutska and Linda Thorberg – National Instructors for USA Gymnastics


ymnastics classes are choices, not necessities. Everyone working at a gym must step up and not only teach cartwheels, but be a customer service representative for the program. When people have to make choices about spending their money, let’s all help them choose to spend it at our gym, taking classes.

Here are 10 things you can do to help customers stay in your program and keep coming back:

1 2 12

The staff/program shows a personal interest in the child or family. The program has quick response time to a problem or complaint.

T E C H N I Q U E • M A R CH 2 0 1 1

3 4

Staff people or products are available when needed. People on the front line (phone or office) are friendly and courteous.

5 6 7 8 9 10

Staff is courteous and shows Let everyone on staff know how respect for all customers. important it is for them to have sincere, positive interaction with the customers. Learn The club under-promises results (and over-achieves). the parents’ names, ask them questions, become a resource for them on children’s fitness and The club/staff presents a child development. They will not positive and professional only keep signing up for class, image. they will promote your program The club/staff gives reasons to all of their friends and family, why you “can.” too! The club avoids the nickel and dime approach to their customers. The club delivers wonderful quality of service.




Thanks to Joan Nowak for her pointers during N.J. State Clinic.

SET Achievable Goals for Students BUILD Enrollment Retention MEASURE Teacher Efficiency RECORD Student Accomplishments


To stay enrolled kids need to have fun, be successful and learn in a safe and progressive manner. Since 1991 we have provided hundreds of clubs and thousands of teachers the tools they need to help every child feel successful. 

• INSTRUCTOR VIDEOS – show how each skill is taught and create a STANDARD in your gym F U N & F I T • CURRICULUM CARDS – track students progress and GYMNASTICS help structure classes by ability level P R O G R A M • CURRICULUM POSTERS – for the kids to TAKE HOME to track their progress • STARS & CERTIFICATES – reward ACHIEVABLE GOALS Licensed to Gym Clubs Internationally Since 1991 building self-esteem and confidence


$50 ofGf to USAclubs member

Call or e-mail today for FREE DVD SHOWING THE PROGRAM IN ACTION OR call (800) 800-3162

M A R CH 2 0 1 1 • T E C H N I Q U E



USA Gymnastics and the

NBA All-Star Jam USA Gymnastics along with 1996 Olympian John Macready, 2008 Olympian Samantha Peszek and the UCLA women’s gymnastics team participated in the NBA All-Star Jam February 20, 2011, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The UCLA gymnasts taught children how to do a handstand. The event was a great success introducing many children to gymnastics for the first time!

More What’s New on pg. 27

A-1 Awards is proud to be the official award supplier of USA Gymnastics

A-1 Awards, Inc. You’ll Love Our Valentines Theme! $














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2011 USA Gymnastics

Fitness Program PROGRAM INFO What: The USA Gymnastics Fitness Program is an initiative that encourages physical fitness through fun activities that emphasizes strength training, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility and good nutrition. Who: The program is geared toward children 6-16 years old. The program is

Photos by Marvin Sharp

designed for year-round use to develop a physically active lifestyle for today’s youth. The new 2011 edition also features scales of measurement and additional movement training exercises, as well as exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Other new materials include individual online video breakdowns of every exercise, a handstand progression wall chart, updated 2011National Gymnastics Day logo, and 2011” Year of the Handstand” logo and stickers. Where: The USA Gymnastics Fitness Program can be held at any gymnastics club, youth organization, school or community center. You can find a local club by calling 1-800-345-4719 or visiting When: While the program is designed to be year-round program, most gymnastics clubs start their sessions in the early spring with a renewed push during the back-to-school time frame. Each year, National Gymnastics Day (Sept. 17, 2011) is a platform for clubs to host demonstrations of the program and voluntary participate in the National Gymnastics Day’s fundraising efforts for Children’s Miracle Network. This year, a nationwide handstand competition is planned.

Sign up now at

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T E C H N I Q U E • M A R CH 2 0 1 1


TO Start


T E C H N I Q U E • M A R CH 2 0 1 1

A c r A o c an Acroba o r c A program i

c i t o a b obatic c Gymnastics o tic in your gym


What is Acrobatic Gymnastics?

o paint a visual image of Acrobatic Gymnastics, or acro as it is commonly called, you could say it is a combination of artistic gymnastics, pairs figure skating, and Cirque du Soleil acrobatics and choreography. The competitors tell a story with their performances, while capturing the audience’s attention with thrilling dynamic and graceful balance skills.

To expand on that visual description, acro is a partner sport. Partners in pairs or groups of three or four perform acrobatic skills like balance holds, hand balancing, pyramids, toss and catches. Routines also include tumbling elements and are set to music with unique choreography and synchronization among partners. The elite competitors in the sport, like most sports, are simply amazing to watch. The beauty and grace, coupled with skills that seem to defy gravity, leave the audience wanting more. The discipline certainly provides tremendous opportunities, fun, and physical activity for the participants. The partner aspect of acro, makes it an even more interesting gymnastics discipline, promoting teamwork and cooperation along with physical fitness. Who is acro for? Acrobatic Gymnastics is fun for athletes of any age and athletic ability. Athletes of varying heights, weights, and body types can participate in acrobatic gymnastics. Smaller, more flexible athletes are needed as tops, while taller and stronger athletes are ideal for base positions. Since so many athletes can participate in acro, it can also be a great addition to a gymnastics club, dance studio, or recreational program. Athletes with gymnastics, tumbling, and dance backgrounds find it easy to transition into acro since many of the basic body positions and skills apply. Why participate in acro? Here are some of the wonderful benefits that can be derived from an acro program at your club: • Quick and inexpensive to add an additional program to your gym • Unique advertising and marketing for your gym • Creates new excitement among parents, athletes and staff • Attracts new athletes

• • • • •

Retains current athletes Provides more choices for students Offers more competitive outlets Captures additional revenue Provides fun activities for recreational classes

Various opportunities and benefits are available to athletes through participation in acrobatic gymnastics, such as the following: • Physical fitness - especially in the areas of strength, flexibility, agility, balance • Life skills – particularly teamwork, communication and trust among partners, responsibility, and friendship • Variety – gymnasts can do acro in addition to current disciplines • Safety – partners assist athletes to safe landings with less wear and tear on the body • Accomplishment of goals - fewer age limitations which leads to a wider window of opportunity to accomplish goals and remain competitive in the sport • Outlet for Artistic Expression – by combining the love of gymnastics with the love of dance • Continued Participation in Gymnastics – acro is perfect for gymnasts who enjoy tumbling and floor exercise, but may not prefer other apparatus such as beam or bars How do I start a program? Equipment: Minimal equipment is needed for an acro program. The pre-team program and lower competitive levels can be performed on panel mats or carpet bonded foam. Higher levels require a spring floor. Other helpful equipment includes a CD player, stop watch, and selection of music.

M A R CH 2 0 1 1 • T E C H N I Q U E


HOW TO Start As the athletes progress, pedestals (or blocks), an overhead spotting belt, and various mats are helpful with drills, learning new skills, and conditioning. Class Structure: A typical session may run 12-14 weeks, but could be tailored to meet the needs of your program. Beginner classes may meet once a week for 1 to 1 ½ hours. Athletes may also be required to participate in a tumbling class at another time during the week. It often works best to have two coaches with 6 to 8 pairs or groups of athletes, or one coach could work with 4 to 5 pairs/groups. The first few weeks of the session are focused on conditioning, individual element work, and partnering athletes. Once the partnerships are formed, more time is spent developing pair/group skills. Athletes in a pre-team program may work toward a performance at the conclusion of the session. Partnering Athletes: When partnering athletes, consider the following: • Size • Weight • Strength • Personality and chemistry • Similar goals and ambition Athletes may be grouped into pairs or trios, based on the numbers in the class. Pairs can be all girls, all boys or a mixture, trios are all girls and groups of four are all boys. An athlete may participate in both a pair and a group if desired. Learning the Skills/Coaching: The materials referenced below provide a wealth of information to help get you started. The Pre-Team program includes detailed lesson plans, skill descriptions, and pictures. Online videos are available to help coaches learn technique for Levels 4, 5, and 6 skills. Another tremendous resource is to attend an Acrobasics Clinic, or Regional Clinic in Acrobatics. The Acrobasics Clinics are offered as sessions at National Congress, along with several of the Regional Congresses. Each region within the Acrobatics Program conducts a Regional Athlete Clinic during the winter (December – February). The regional clinics also provide terrific coaches’ education and training opportunities for athletes at all levels. Rules: The Pre-Team program provides a recreational program for Levels 1-3. Clubs can utilize this program for recreational classes or a more formal pre-team. At


T E C H N I Q U E • M A R CH 2 0 1 1

the end of a session, athletes may perform for parents or the club could host an intra-squad meet. The PreTeam program has three levels which build upon each other and progress directly into the JO Program, which starts at Level 4. All of the information for the JO program is contained in the JO Code of Points and the Acrobatic Gymnastics Rules and Policies. Reference Materials • Pre-team program – Provides an easy-to-use program to get acro started in your gym. www. preteam.html • JO Code of Points – Includes skills and exercise requirements for Levels 4-10. pages/acro/pages/jo_codeofpoints.html • Coaches Training videos - http://www.usagym. org/pages/acro/video/

Quotes • Responding to the question, “What has Acrobatic Gymnastics done for your athletes,?” Ronda Francis, owner and head coach of Acro Explosion/ Ronda’s Dance*Tumble*Cheer Center in Blue Springs, MO, said the following: “Acrobatic Gymnastics has provided athletes of Acro Explosion the opportunity to see that hard work and determination does pay off. The love the athletes have for this sport allows them to inspire other kids in the community to get involved and follow their dreams. Because dreams do come true, it just takes hard work and determination. Acrobatic Gymnastics has provided Acro Explosion athletes the opportunity to travel, meeting people from all around the world, giving these athletes exposure to other cultures, languages, and lifestyles. Acrobatic Gymnastics has provided Acro Explosion athletes the ability to build relationships and develop lifetime friendships at the same time gaining self-confidence through these experiences. Acrobatic Gymnastics has provided education on fitness, respect for others, setting and obtaining goals, and self-discipline. Acrobatic Gymnastics gives children of all shapes, sizes and skill levels an opportunity to compete and be a part of a team. There is a place on our team for every child that walks through the gym door. At Ronda’s Dance Tumble Cheer Center one of our main goals is promoting physically active children. Acrobatic Gymnastics not only does that but it also builds self-esteem and self-confidence in our young athletes and gives them the opportunities to experience and broaden their perspectives, helping to produce well-rounded and mature individuals.” • “Acrobatic Gymnastics is a beautiful sport that combines strength, flexibility, tumbling, dance, and artistic gymnastics. All major gymnastics clubs in the United States should offer acrobatics as part of their program. Acrobatic Gymnastics is a unique sport that offers athletes of various ages with different body types and abilities the opportunity to use their gymnastics skills and be successful in a competitive arena. The physical demands of acrobatics are less strenuous than that of artistic gymnastics, therefore allowing athletes more years of participation. As a gymnastics club owner, this program appeals to a broader population and allows us to keep athletes in the gym that might

ordinarily drop from gymnastics due to physical maturity, injuries, or time restraints. There are unlimited benefits to having Acrobatic Gymnastics in your club!” –Yevgeny Marchenko WOGA Gymnastics co-owner World Champion, European Champion, World Cup Winner in Acrobatics Gymnastics-Mixed Pair Coach of Carly Patterson

M A R CH 2 0 1 1 • T E C H N I Q U E




Designed to allow for increased repetition of tumbling and gymnastic skills as well as to decrease stress on body parts. The Tumbl Trak™ has become a “must have” piece of equipment for gym clubs and cheerleading programs.

BENEFITS: ● Special 6” springs provide a tight bounce ● The 21” height is the lowest and safest on the market. ● Many varations available to meet your diverse needs, including: Porta Trak, Xtreme Tumbl Trak, Air Trak and Air Floor. ● Tumbl Trak™ is THE ORIGINAL and has been around for over 20 years.






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2011 USA Gymnastics Fitness Program Why: • Today’s children are considered the most inactive generation in history. • Approximately one in five kids is overweight, a percentage that has


more than doubled in the last 30 years. Childhood obesity is considered the most common nutritional disorder of U.S. children. (American Obesity Association) • Obese children and adolescents are more likely to become obese as adults. One study found that approximately 80 percent of children who were overweight at 10-15 years old were obese adults at age 25. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) • Gymnastics clubs are a fun and safe environment and many already have fitness-related activities and classes. • The basics of gymnastics provide a solid foundation for becoming physically fit and preparing to participate in other activities and sports.

Business Brain Trust Conference A business conference without equal Diverse presentations, innovative topics, focused discussions Position/staff specific modules Collaborate, innovate, participate

May 1 - 4, 2011 The Luxor, Las Vegas, Nevada For more information and to register, visit

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Safety/Risk Management Certification Course USA Gymnastics University is proud to announce the launch of the revised course and handbook.



• Available online • Valuable risk management information for everyone in the gym, from administrators to athletes, coaches to owners • Certification is valid for four years • Earn credits toward USA Gymnastics University Level 2 certification • 2009 Handbook available through the online technical materials store

To register for a course, visit the USA Gymnastics website at Register online or download the registration form. **Save $5 by registering online!**


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Tel: 011 44 1621 784684 Fax: 011 44 1621 784558 email:


Raisman receives Outstanding Jewish H.S. Scholar– Athlete of the Year Award 2010 World all-around finalist Alexandra Raisman of Needham, Mass., is one of three recipients of the Pearl D. Mazor Outstanding Female Jewish High School Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award. Raisman will receive her award at the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and Museum Induction Ceremony at the Suffolk Y Jewish Community Center in Commack, N.Y., on March 27, 2011. Raisman will represent the USA at the AT&T American Cup in Jacksonville, Fla., on March 5, 2011. She helped the U.S. Team win the team silver medal at the 2010 World Championships, in addition to competing in the finals for both the all-around and floor exercise.  Raisman also earned the 2010 U.S. all-around bronze medal and the all-around silver medal at both the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships and the 2010 Tyson American Cup. More What’s New on pg. 30

photo by John Cheng

M A R CH 2 0 1 1 • T E C H N I Q U E


WHAT’S NEW Athlete Focus

Dalton Wins

Winter Cup Challenge By Luan Peszek

University of Oklahoma sophomore Jake Dalton, 19, came home to Nevada to clinch his first major all-around title at the 2011 Winter Cup Challenge in Las Vegas. Dalton, a Reno native, was surrounded by family and friends when he earned a score of 176.250 to win the all-around title, as well as the floor exercise and vault titles. Dalton said, “It feels great to be the Winter Cup champion. The hard work is starting to pay off now. This is the first Winter Cup title I’ve won and I’m grateful for everything that’s come my way. It’s a good start for

Photos by John Cheng

the year. I’m glad I could show everyone what I’m capable of and I hope to continue the positive momentum.” Dalton was a member of the gold medal winning team at the 2010 Pan American Championships, where he also took third on floor. A member of the U.S. World Championships Team in 2009, he also competed at the International Junior

Competition in Japan that same year, placing fifth on floor and sixth on vault, high bar and in the all-around. Dalton is the 2009 national vault champion and finished second on floor at the 2010 Visa Championships. Dalton, who is coached by Mark Williams, said as far as what’s next, he wants to concentrate on his collegiate season, continue to hit his routines and increase his start values but stay consistent. He also wants to be ready if he is given an international assignment. His goal for the year is to do well at Visa Championships and make the 2011 World Championships team. Dalton will be one to watch as we head into 2011 and beyond!


Liukin, Johnson, Miller SUPPORT


6 gymnasts participate in one-of-a-kind sports bra design auction fundraiser

2008 Olympic all-around champion Nastia Liukin, 2008 Olympic all-around silver-medalist Shawn Johnson, 2004 Olympic all-around champion Carly Patterson, three-time Olympic champion Svetlana Boginskaya, and 1996 Olympic team gold-medalists Shannon Miller and Dominique Moceanu are participating in BRAVADO, a fundraising auction dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness co-sponsored by GK Elite Sportswear L.P. and Unite for Her. The six gymnasts have designed unique GK sport bras that were offered at a silent auction to raise funds for Unite for HER breast cancer programs and initiatives at the Pink Invitational, Feb. 25-27, at United Sports in Downingtown, Pa. The six designs reflect each gymnast’s personality. Liukin’s “Straight from the Heart” design is a bra dyed pink and decorated with miniheart stone clusters and two hot pink sparkly tulle bows. Johnson’s “Guardian Angel” sports bra is covered in delicate white flowers and features purple feathered wings at the back. Miller’s “Go for the Gold Cure” design features elegant golden shimmer fabric draped across the front with dainty golden ribbons trimmed along the neckline. Boginskaya’s “Flower Power” sparkly sports bra is covered in brightly colored daisies and features two beautiful purple butterflies. Moceanu’s bra, “Amore,” features a large jeweled heart design at the center front along with three smaller hearts and scattered red jewels. Patterson’s Wild Western design “The Boot” is covered with ten cowboy boots and features pink accents throughout to show support for the cause. In addition to the athletes, USA Gymnastics, Northern Elite Gymnastics and AJS Pancott National Training Center also


T E C H N I Q U E • M A R CH 2 0 1 1

participated in BRAVADO. USA Gymnastics presented a “Go For Gold” design, featuring red, white and blue ribbons trimmed along the neckline and a right side seam, a striking gold medal, and the USA Gymnastics logo. The “Hooters” design provided by Northern Elite Gymnastics of Flanders, N.J., displays a one-of-a-kind owl design. AJS Pancott National Training Center of West Chester, Pa., has designed a red silk bra decorated with antique jewelry, which they named, “Keep ’Em Vintage.” In December 2010, GK Elite Sportswear announced a new 2011 partnership with Unite for HER, which included the co-sponsorship of BRAVADO, support of the 2011 Pink Invitational, an outreach gymnastics meet presented by Unite for HER, and the production of a collection of breast cancer awareness leotards. GK Elite’s 2011 collection of breast cancer awareness apparel includes three in-stock leotards embellished with the pink ribbon and a custom GK/Unite for HER logo. These special leotards, along with a sports bra and workout shorts, will debut at the Pink Invitational on Feb. 25, 2011, and will be available through June 15, 2012. As a proud sponsor of Unite for HER, GK will contribute five percent of the sales of the breast cancer awareness collection to our friends at Unite for HER. This dazzling and inspiring collection is a perfect complement for breast cancer events. Visit or call 610-322-9552.


Jarrett joins USA Gymnastics as vice president of member services

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heryl Jarrett of Round Rock, Texas, has been named vice president of member services for USA Gymnastics. She is responsible for the overall direction and management of the Member Services Division, which includes membership administration, sanctions, education and member club activities. “Cheryl’s experience as a club owner, coach, administrator and educator provides the perfect combination for leading our Member Services Division,” said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. “She has first-hand knowledge of what our members need to conduct their business and has great ideas for how we can expand our customer service. Her passion for gymnastics and commitment to excellence will be invaluable as we grow our member and educational opportunities.” “I have been a part of the gymnastics community for more than 30 years, and I believe my experience and relationships provide valuable insight for continuing to build the organization’s member services efforts and initiatives,” said Jarrett. “I am excited to accept this responsibility.”

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Jarrett and her husband, Jim, formerly owned and operated Capital Gymnastics, which has three facilities in the Austin, Texas, area. The first club was established more than 27 years ago. She also served as the Region III Junior Olympic Committee chairman and the educational director for the Gymnastics Association of Texas. Her other experience includes: compulsory co-author for 2005-13 for the USA Gymnastics National JO Committee; coach for several international events, including the Pacific Alliance Championships, World Championships, 1991 Pan American Games and World University Games; national lecturer for USA Gymnastics; lecturer for the Academy of Coaching Excellence; and co-founder/CEO of Gymnastics Educational Workshop.

USA Gymnastics announces staffing changes Galimore promoted to COO; Moskovitz joins as director of education USA Gymnastics announced recently that Ron Galimore of Indianapolis was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, and Lynn Moskovitz of Westfield, Ind., has been named director of education, along with several other staffing and title changes for USA Gymnastics staff. “Ron has a thorough understanding of USA Gymnastics and has played an important role as a member of our leadership team,” said Steve Penny, president and CEO of USA

Gymnastics. “His background as an athlete, club owner, and executive is a valuable asset, and he has become an outstanding liaison in the areas of business development and the Olympic movement.”  “Lynn has a strong and diverse background in the sport that makes her ideal for advancing our educational initiatives.  We are excited to welcome her to our team,” said Penny. To see additional staffing and title changes go to

Club TiCkeT SaleS Program 2011 Visa Championships – Aug. 17-20, Saint Paul, MN 2012 Visa Championships – June 6-9, St. Louis, MO 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Gymnastics – June 28-July 1, San Jose, CA Sign your club up for the Club Ticket Sales Program and receive great benefits such as: • Discounted tickets • FREE VIP tickets • Celebrity/athlete visits to your gym • Club recognition at the event • Autographed items • And much more

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important notice The following Membership Statement has been adopted by the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors: • Membership in USA Gymnastics is a privilege granted by USA Gymnastics. That privilege can be withdrawn by USA Gymnastics at any time where a member’s conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the best interest of the sport of gymnastics and of the athletes we are servicing. The following former professional members are permanently ineligible for membership within USA Gymnastics:


State Name

Julian Charles Theodore James Phillip Patrick Douglas Joseph Shawn Vince Edward Trey James Thad Steven Anthony Matthew H. Rick William Joseph Roy Larry Robert Allen (Bob) Sean Timothy Ricardo “Chico” Marcelo Vernor Paul

Amaro CA Bates MN Bell WA Bishop MI Bogan MD Boger CA Bowers OH Bowlden IL Brown SC Coniff TX Craig III CO Cypher MI Elliott TX Engelke PA Erichsen WA Feuerstein CA Foster AL Fountain MD Gallagher PA Garner TN Gilham CA Glas NE Goddard NY Guimaraes TX Gumila IL Hagan MI

State Name

Robert Dean Head Ted Hicks Michael Hinton Nicholas Hitchcock Robert Hoefer Frank Hohman, Jr. Milos Hroch Steven L. Infante Dana Koppendrayer Ronnie Lewis William McCabe Robert Mollock John S. Moore Gregory Muller William Munsinger Jeena Nilson Paul O’Neill Patrick Okopinski Marian Penev William M. Permenter Timothy Picquelle David Pyles Jeffrey Richards Rudy Rodriguez John H. Row Gabriel Salazar


Mark Robert Steve Steven Todd Blake Steven Paul Mark Freddie Eugene Jay Jon Oliver Kenneth Brent Jon Anthony Joel David Paul Chris Brooklyn Steve Donald Mike Jonathan Lyf Christian Bill Joel

State Schiefelbein TN Shawler CA Shirley MO Siegel CO Starr UT Summers OK Swift FL Tafoya, Jr. CA Thomas LA Thomas VA Trottier WA Valdez IL Van Kirk CA Velasquez OR Waage OR Wagoner TX Walters IN Waples TX Watts KY West WA White CA Wildenberg MN Witthar MO Woodruff TX





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member member services Update member services services Update Update USA Gymnastics Prepares to Launch Changes to Online Registration System Processing


or the last several years USA Gymnastics has been striving to create a more effective and user friendly online registration system for our members.

At this time, USA Gymnastics is excited to announce that it is preparing to implement the first phase of changes to the way our members interact with our online membership information. These changes will hopefully make visiting and using the USA Gymnastics online registration system processes much more efficient and simpler to use for our members. On January 25, USA Gymnastics began beta testing these new changes to a select group of club owners, program members, and various state and regional chairman for feedback prior to launching these changes live to entire membership organization. The changes, we believe, will revolutionize the way our members, club owners and meet directors use the USA Gymnastics website to search and update membership(s), not just their own membership, but

those who are affiliated with their clubs. Meet directors will also have a much easier and streamlined approach for obtaining sanction paperwork and verifying members who plan to attend their event. March 2011 is the tentative date for the phase 1 of this implementation to take place. In order to be fully prepared for the launch, we are requesting that all members ensure that their contact information is correct in the USA Gymnastics database. Please take a moment to review and update your contact information, and most importantly your email address online at the following link: ( asp?TransType=IND_UPD. You will log in with your member number and password. Special Notice to Member Clubs: to further ensure that you are ready for the upcoming changes, please ensure that your Member Club information has an Owner and Primary contact listed on your Member Club account. You can review your member club information at the following link: asp?TransType=INST_UPD You will log in with your club number and club password. All members are encouraged to contact Member Services at 800-345-4719 or membership@usagym. org in order to inquire about both your personal and member club accounts. USA Gymnastics Member Services would like to thank you in advance for taking a moment to review and update your accounts.

M ar c h 2 0 1 1 • T E C H N I Q U E


August 17-20, 2011 • Saint Paul River Centre, Saint Paul, MN


REGISTRATION FORM Held in conjunction with the 2011 Visa Championships



(must be postmarked by May 16 to receive early bird discount)

Payment in full is required at time of registration. Minimum age for all Congress attendees is 15.

Professional, Jr. Professional, Instructor, Foreign Instructor and Athlete Members (age 15+) $199 $504 $379 $304

Early Bird Congress Registration Early Bird Congress Registration and Gold All-Session ticket package Early Bird Congress Registration and Silver All-Session ticket package Early Bird Congress Registration and Bronze All-Session ticket package

Introductory Coach Pricing $229 $534 $409 $334

Early Bird Congress Registration Early Bird Congress Registration and Gold All-Session ticket package Early Bird Congress Registration and Silver All-Session ticket package Early Bird Congress Registration and Bronze All-Session ticket package

Visa Championships Ticket details GOLD: $305 – first 5 rows on sides. public price $375 – Save $70 Includes free event program and commemorative gift SILVER: $180 – rows 6-10 on sides. public price $280 – Save $100 BRONZE: $105 – rows 11 and up on sides and low ends. public price $190 – Save $85

Tickets will be mailed to address on registration form approximately 4 weeks prior to event. All-session tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. Email: with any questions.

Additional 2010 Visa Championships All-Session Ticket Packages Please indicate total # of packages. All-Session tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. Special ticket pricing for Congress Attendees.

Visa Championships Gold All-Session ticket package _______________ x $305 Visa Championships Silver All-Session ticket package _______________ x $180 Visa Championships Bronze All-Session ticket package _______________ x $105

Non-Members & Other Member Types $300 Early Bird Congress Registration (Ends May 16) $335 Congress Registration (Ends July 15) $400 On-site Registration

Individual registration fee includes: 1. Credential for entrance to Congress sessions, Aug 17-20. Credential available at check-in Aug 17. 2. Access to USA Gymnastics’ Hospitality Center for pre & post event activities. 3. Trade show admission 4. Complimentary transportation to St. Paul River Centre from the following hotels: Hilton Garden Inn, Embassy Suites, BestWestern Kelly Inn and Holiday Inn East. 5. Complimentary admission to the Rhythmic events held at the Roy Wilkins auditorium.

Visit for registration and complete details regarding National Congress schedules, activities and policies.

MAILING INFORMATION Name_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ USA Gymnastics Membership No. _________________ Email Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth ____________________________________________


Make checks payable to USA Gymnastics

Mailing Address______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone ________________________________________________

Registration (package) total: $ _______________________________

City_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ State________________________ Zip __________________________________________

Additional ticket package total: $__________________________

Club Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Club # _____________________________________

Ticket Shipping and Handling Fee:


Other________________________________ Card #_______________________________________________________________________________ Exp. Date ______________________


TOTAL PAYMENT $ ________________________________________ authorized/enclosed

Signature _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Print Cardholder Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email Address for credit card receipt _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Return completed form and payment to: USA Gymnastics, 132 E. Washington St. Ste. 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or by fax: 317.692.5212 Attention: Member Services

For Your Hotel and Travel Needs, Contact NATIONAL TRAVEL SYSTEMS Or call 1.888.603.8747 or 806.794.3135

USA Gymnastics welcomes you to pay with your Visa® card

SUBSTITUTION POLICY: To transfer registration to another person, the new Congress attendee must also have a USA Gymnastics Congress-eligible membership. After July 15, $30 fee per substitution.

Office Use Only

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations must be in writing. Before July 15, refund of registration fee less $30 service fee per person cancelling. After July 16, refund is 50% of registration fee per person cancelling. NO REFUNDS AFTER AUG. 30. Submit all substitution and cancellation requests IN WRITING to USA Gymnastics.



Check/Reg #___________/__________ Auth____________ Date_______________

2011 NATIONAL CONGRESS & TRADE SHOW August 17 -20, 2011 Saint Paul, MN


A New Educational Experience for 2011!!

here are many new and exciting educational opportunities that will be offered at the 2011 National Congress & Trade Show in Saint Paul, Minn., Aug. 17-20. Some of the educational opportunities include: 5 Hands on Spotting Clinics for women, men and trampoline & tumbling** Women’s Level 2 Certification** Business Level 1 & 2 Certification** Trampoline & Tumbling Level 2 Certification** Special Olympics Course & Certification USA Gymnastics Safety/Risk Management* USA Gymnastics Preschool Fundamentals Hands on Training (H.O.T.) * *available at additional fee

club owners, with education and experience vital to continued growth of your staff, programs and business. For registration details and more please visit or refer to the individual registration form in this issue of Technique. Special discounted tiered pricing is available to Member Clubs. Hotel/Travel Reservations: National Travel Systems: 888-603-8747 Email: Website: Visa Championships is Aug. 17-21. Men’s and Women’s Artistic events at the Xcel Energy Center and Rhythmic competition at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. With all that the 2011 National Congress has to offer, this is the best educational investment you will make all year. Early Bird pricing available until May 16. Don’t Delay! Register Today!

** All congress attendees are highly advised to complete the Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction Course prior to attending. For more information regarding the Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction please visit Along with the new certification opportunities, three days of education with more than 170 sessions is offered in a wide range of areas including judging, business, preschool, recreational, sports science, rhythmic, acrobatics, gymnastics for all, fitness, and cheerleading. Full day session tracks will be offered in the areas of Recreational/Instruction, Women’s, Men’s, and Trampoline & Tumbling. Five sessions per day beginning at 8:30 a.m. The 2010 National Congress and Trade Show has something for everyone, new preschool instructors, office managers, beginner/advanced coaches, and

M A R CH 2 0 1 1 • T E C H N I Q U E


Wednesday, August 17, 2011 • 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. The River Center, Saint Paul, Minn. This Year’s Topic: Preparing for the olympic Year, will deliver a comprehensive day of expert-led discussion and insight driven roundtables, offering participants key information needed to effectively prepare for the journey to the 2012 olympic Games. Whether its identifying and securing grant funding, starting or improving your club programming, or building the social network and media platform to strengthen your club brand, this year’s conference is designed to fully equip you and your staff with industry leading tools, techniques, and proven practices necessary to take your business to the next level. don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from the best and prepare your business for an exciting year leading up to the olympics. register and reserve your seat today!


oin USa Gymnastics and a panel of industry leaders and olympians at the 2011 national Business Conference to be held in Saint Paul, Minnesota on Wed., august 17 from 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Shannon Miller, Seven time Olympic Medalist and founder of Shannon Miller Foundation – as a spokesperson for women’s health issues and a new mother, Shannon’s goal is to empower women with the knowledge and education they need to make informed decisions on health and fitness. her website provides professional and interactive user content. in 2011 she launched Shannon Miller’s Walk-Fit Program to help get the community fit. Through her weekly call in radio show, Shannon Miller Lifestyle, she focuses on creating dialogue with experts to inform and entertain. PeTer VidMar, Chairman, USA Gymnastics, Board of Directors – Peter Vidmar, a two-time olympic gold medalist, was named chairman of USa Gymnastics Board of directors in december 2008. Vidmar is a professional speaker who has given more than 1,000 presentations on risk-taking, innovation and quality to the USa’s top corporations and associations, as well as sales, marketing and management audiences. he has worked as a journalist at the olympic Games and as a gymnastics television commentator. Vidmar has also published several books and articles.

To sign up for the Business Conference call (800) 345.4719 or visit

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ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex will host inaugural USA Gymnastics


Dates & Site: June 2-5, 2011 HP Field House – ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Lake Buena Vista, Florida What is the USA Gymnastics Open Championships? USA Gymnastics is hosting a nationwide invitational for Women’s Levels 4-8 and Rhythmic Levels 4-6. We have partnered with Disney Sports at the newly re-imagined ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex to combine an outstanding competition experience in a family-friendly atmosphere. This competition will feature both individual and club team champions, and will crown an overall 2011 Club Team Champion for both women and rhythmic. A women’s artistic National Elite Qualifier will also be conducted in conjunction with this event. How do I enter? Register at Note: You will need to register for the team competition in each level separately. The team fee will be applied to the first registered coach for each level. Tentative Schedule: Thursday, June 2: Artistic – Level 4 – Prep-Op (will follow Region 8 Prep-Op Rules) – Division C (Silver, minimum age 6) – Division D (Gold) – Division E (Platinum) Rhythmic – Future Stars Test Friday, June 3: Artistic – Levels 4-5. Rhythmic – Level 4 Saturday, June 4: Artistic – Levels 6-7. Rhythmic – Level 5 Sunday, June 5: Artistic – Level 8 & Elite Qualifier. Rhythmic – Level 6

The above is a tentative schedule only. Depending on your competition draw, we recommend you arrive Thursday morning and plan on departing Sunday/Monday morning, to allow you to take full advantage of Walt Disney World vacation package options. A finalized meet schedule will be available in May 2011. Equipment: AAI

Awards and Club Team Competition: Individual awards will be given for each age group in each session. Age groups will be established by dividing the athletes in each session into four approximately equal groups (determined by actual birth date). Club teams will be comprised of a minimum of three (3) gymnasts per club. The top three club team champions will be awarded in each session. Team scores will be determined by adding the top three scores in each event. The top three overall club team champions will be named at the conclusion of the event. Points will be awarded based upon the Team rankings per level in each session (1st place = 5 pts.; 2nd place = 3 pts. and 3rd place = 1 pt.). Entry Fees: $50.00/gymnast – Artistic Prep-Op, $75.00/gymnast – Artistic Levels 4-8 $15.00/club team per level – Artistic $150.00/gymnast – Rhythmic Levels 4-6 $30.00/club team per level – Rhythmic Deadlines: Entry deadline is April 1, 2011. Late fee is $25.00 per gymnast. Refunds will be granted minus a $25.00 administrative fee per athlete. No refunds will be permitted after May 1, 2011. Accommodations: A variety of accommodation and vacation packages are available through National Travel Systems ( © Disney

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INTERNATIONAL ELITE COMMITTEE January 25, 2011 Chairman..............................................Steve Rybacki Coach Representatives............................Valeri Liukin ...........................Mihai Brestyan ...........................Mary Lee Tracy National Team Coordinator.....................Martha Karolyi Athlete Representative............................Nastia Liukin Vice President Program...........................Kathy Kelly Meeting convened at 10:30 a.m. I. Selection Procedures The committee discussed the Selection Procedures for the 2011 Pan American Games, the 2011 World Championship and the 2012 Olympic Games. Recommendation to propose the 2011 World Championship Selection Procedures as written. Motion Second PASSED

Mihai Brestyan Mary Lee Tracy

Recommendation to propose the 2012 Olympic Selection Procedures as written. Motion Martha Karolyi Second Valeri Liukin PASSED

Kathy apprised the committee that the age eligibility for the 2011 Pan American Games team members has been confirmed by the PASO as 15 years of age in the calendar year. The date for final submission has been confirmed as September 21st. The procedures will be updated with these changes and the committee requested that the Olympic Committee consider a suggestion to the procedures to broaden the requirements for Petitioning.

II. Qualification The committee discussed allowing the athletes who participate in the Developmental Camps the opportunity to qualify to the 2011 American/U.S. Classic Meet. Recommendation that only those athletes who participated at either the February or April Developmental Camp will be eligible to attempt to qualify to the 2011 Classics at the May Developmental Camp by performing full sets on competition surfaces.

Motion Second PASSED

Nastia Liukin Valeri Liukin

III. Summit Meeting Committee reviewed the agenda for the Summit Meeting. IV. The IEC discussed the current Video Panel and made the following recommendation. Recommendation that the Video Panel for Classic Meets and Visa Championships be comprised of Muriel Grossfeld and at least one member of the Selection Committee. This will allow Tatiana Perskaia to act as a judge on the competition floor. Motion Second PASSED

Valeri Liukin Mary Lee Tracy

Meeting Adjourned at 1:45 p.m.


T E C H N I Q U E • M A R CH 2 0 1 1

rebecca Bross

2010 AT&T American Cup Champion 2010 National Champion

Jonathan Horton

2008 Olympic Silver Medalist 2009 & 2010 National Champion

Artistic competition Venue:

Artistic Gymnastics at the Xcel energy center • August 17-20 rhythmic Gymnastics at roy Wilkins Auditorium • August 19-20

TickeTs on sale noW through participating Gym Clubs and Order by Phone:


Event Information:

Group Sales:


Visa. Proud sponsor and the only card accepted for 2011 Visa Championships tickets.

Text Updates provided by AT&T:

Text VC2011 to 56418

The Road To London goes ThRough san Jose in


event schedule Thursday, June 28 7:00 pm - Men’s Competition – Day 1 Friday, June 29 5:30 pm - Women’s Competition – Day 1 saturday, June 30 11:00 am - Men’s Competition – Final Day sunday, July 1 5:30 pm - Women’s Competition – Final Day Schedule is subject to change. All times are Pacific.

Venue Location

Visit for the latest information and the plans for Gymnastics City, USA!

TickeTs on sale noW! through participating Gym Clubs and at

DISCOUNT GYM CLUB OFFER - contact HP Pavilion at 408.999.5841 to reserve your seats today! Text updates provided by AT&T:

Text usagYM2012 to 56418 Standard message and data rates apply. Available on all wireless carriers

Visa – The only card accepted for 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics tickets

c l a s s ifi e d s

for sale • position available • seeking employment • education • consignment

POSITION AVAILABLE INSTRUCTOR/COACHES. Paragon Gymnastics of Norwood, NJ (Bergen County), is looking for instructors and coaches, P/T – F/T. Requirements: Positive attitudes, responsible, reliable, and love of children. Position available for competitive team coach Level 6 and up with flexible hours. Also preschool through intermediate instruction. Company sponsored certifications (safety, CPR, First Aid). Benefits available, paid vacations & sick days. Salary commensurate with experience. NEW facility, stateof-the-art approx. 11,000 sq. ft. Located in the NY/ NJ Metropolitan area, easily accessible from all major highways. Contact Dot via email: paragongymnastics@, 201-767-6921 or fax to 201-767-6693 or at 49 Walnut Steet, Suite 4, Norwood, NJ 07648. www. Nashoba Gymnastics Academyat One Stop Fun, Westford, Massachusetts is looking for an enthusiastic, experienced, highly motivated Team Coaches for pre-team, compulsory and optional teams. Ideal candidates are team players, mature, career-minded, energetic and have a positive attitude. Compensation based upon experience. Benefits available to full time coaches. Send resume to Glen Mair: Looking for a boys coach/boys program director of a well-established program in Las Vegas area. Full-time position with health, dental, & other benefits. Looking for someone who really wants to strengthen the boys program and is conscientious. Pay depends on experience and conscientiousness. Position starts in May or June 2011. Contact: Head Coach - Women’s Gymnastics Team Program. Large, well respected, Men’s and Women’s program is seeking full-time coach with strong communication skills and dedication to team and program goals. Fully equipped facility with private preschool room and dance studios. Our facility and our supportive community will exceed your expectations. Ten years of competitive compulsory and optional experience in USAG JO program preferred. To the qualified candidate we will strive to offer an aggressive salary and full benefits package to ensure the future growth of this comprehensive program. Contact: Lisa Pratt, Hanover Gymnastics, Hanover, PA 17331. - lpratt@ COACHING/CHOREOGRAPHY SERVICES

Nancy Roach, four-time Elite Choreographer of the Year and founder/former owner of Flips Gymnastics, Reno, NV is available to provide her expertise in Choreography for all levels on floor and beam as well as “fine tune” existing routines to maximize the presentation and individuality of their performance. Additionally, Nancy can provide clinician services for coaches and gymnasts. Just a few of the previous athletes include, Shannon Miller, Amy Chow, Morgan White, Tasha Schwikert, and Samantha Peszek. To quote Tammy Biggs “Nancy Roach is one of the best Choreographers I know. She can make a gymnast that


T E C H N I Q U E • M A R CH 2 0 1 1

cannot dance into a winning floor performer.” Contact: or 775-721-1610.

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Technique - March 2011 - Vol. 31 #3  

Technique - March 2011 - Vol. 31 #3

Technique - March 2011 - Vol. 31 #3  

Technique - March 2011 - Vol. 31 #3