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EVENTS 2010 JULY 2-4 9-11 10 16-18 17 23-25 23-25 25-28

National Elite Qualifier (W) Aero Gymnastics World Age Group Competition U.S. Men's Qualifier (M) Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships Rhythmic Notional Qualifier National Elite Qualifer (AG) CoverGiri Classic (W) Aero JO National Championships

DECEMBER Houston, TX Wroclaw, Poland Colorado Springs, CO Wroclaw, Poland TBO Kissimmee, FL Chicogo, IL Kissimmee, FL

1-5 5-9

TOPs Camp (W) TOPs BCamp

2011 FEBRUARY Nastia Liukin Cup (W) Tyson American Cup (M/W)

4 5

Visa Championships Annual Business Conference National Congress and Trade Shaw Youth Olympic Games (M,R,TR) Region 1 Congress

Hartford, a Hartford, a Hartfard, a Singapore Santa Clara, CA

SEPTEMBER 1-5 10-12 18 17-19 19-26 TBO

Senior Pan Am Championships (M/W) Region 5 Congress National Gymnastics Day Region 2 Congress Rhythmic World Championships Senior Pan Am Championships (R)

Guadalajara, Mexico Itasca, IL Everywhere Portland, OR Moscow, Russia Guadalajara, Mexico

TOPs National Testing (W) World Artistic Championships (M/W)

Future Stars Championships/Coaches Springs, CO Trampoline World Championships (TT) International Age Group Championships (TTl

World Gymnaestrada (GG)


Visa Championships

Lausanne, SUI



Rhythmic World Championships

8-16 14-30

World Artistic Championships (M/W) Pan American Games (M/W/R/TR)

Lille, France

OaOBER Tokyo, Japan Guadalajara, Mexico

2012 28-Ju~ 1

Houston, TX Rotterdam, NED

NOVEMBER 4-7 Colorado 11-13 17-19



OaOBER 1-3 17-24



AUGUST 10-14 11 12-14 14-26 20-22

Houston, TX Houston, TX

Workshop (M) Metz, France Metz, France


USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show San Jose, Calif. U.S. Olympic Team Trials-Gymnastics (M/W) .. San Jose, Calif.

Catch gymnastics on the Web and TV! Go to to find the coverage schedules for the CoverGirl Classic, July 24 on Universal Sports, and the Visa Championships, Aug. 12-14 on Universal Sports and NBC Sports. Both events will also have web coverage. --

W=Women R=Rhythmic AG =Acrobatic Gymnastics B=Business

TR =Trampoline TT =TrampolinelTumbling

NOTE: Dates and events sub;ect to change or cancellation.



M= Men

GG =Group Gymnastics

TU = Tumbling


Steve Penny EDITOR


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Balancing Act of Life and Gymnastics


Treatment of Shin Splints


National Congress & Trade Show

Grant Glas

USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS (hair: Peler Vidmar Vice-Choir: Paul Parillo Secrelary: Gory Anderson Treasurer: Morris Jim Notional Membership -Women: Tom Koll Notional Membership -Women: Steve Rybacki Notional Membership -Men: Yoichi Tomita Notional Membership-Men: Russ Fyslrom Notional Membership- Rhythmic: Brooke Bushnell-Toohey Notional Membership -Trampoline & Tumbling: George Drew Notional Membership -Acrobatic Gymnastics: Or. Joy Binder Adv~ory (ouncil: Mike Burns Adv~ory (ouncil: Ron Ferris Adv~ory (ouncil: Mike Lor. nzen Athlete Direelor -Women: Kim Zmeskal Athlete Direelor -Men: John Raethlisberger Athlete Direelar - Rhythmic: Jessico Howard Athlete Direelor -Trampoline & Tumbling: Karl Heger Athlete Direelor -Acrobatic Gymaostics: Michael Rodrigues Public Seelor: Fronk Marshall Public Seelor: Bilsy Kelley Public Seelor: Jim Morris Public Seelor: Mary Lou ReHon


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USA Gymnastics Message

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~[I~ USA Gymnastics

l~es;;x'.~ i) ~ational Congress ~ TraCle Show l-Iartjord'20lO



he Visa Championships and National Congress and Trade Show are coming up soon in Hartford, Conn. , Aug . 10-14. We are looking forward to some very special celebrations, including a hospitality center for all Congress attendees at the Old State House, located in the middle of Hartford. This will also be the site for the Visa Fanfest and other fun activities, including Morning Fitness. We are also planning a Go Hartford! program, which will feature an overview of the opportunities available during the weekend. Among the most special events being planned at the Visa Championships are:


2000 U.S. OLympic Women's Team medaL presentations. The 2000 U.S. Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team will be awarded the Olympic team bronze medal at a special ceremony on Aug. 11 at 7 p.m. at the XL Center, just prior to the start of the first day of the senior men's gymnastics competition . We are thrilled to provide an actual roC-endorsed Olympic medal ceremony, and Anita DeFrantz, one of the USA's International Olympic Committee members, will officiate. 1980 U.S. OLympic Team ceLebration. This year, USA Gymnastics will recognize the 1980 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team on Satu rday, Aug. 14, as part of the final day of the 2010 Visa Championships. Thirty years ago, the 1980 USGF International Invitational, the alternate Olympic competition for gymnastics, was held at the Hartford Civic Center, now known as the XL Center, after President Jimmy Carter decided the United States would boycott the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, Soviet Union . These teams are worthy of our appreciation and deserve this special moment to once again be together. Champions ChaLLenge. The Champions Challenge is a newly created $50,000 prize pool for senior men's gymnastics at the 2010 Visa Championships. Special thanks to International Gymnastics Camp, based in Stroudsburg, Pa., for working with us to create this opportunity that is designed to meet the everincreasing demands of training for men's gymnastics at the elite level. A special awards ceremony will follow the men's event on Friday night. USA Gymnastics HaLL of Fame Luncheon and Ceremony, Presented by the NationaL Gymnastics Foundation. The 2010 HaU of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon will be Friday, Aug, 13, from

10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Marriott Hotel Ballroom. This year's Hall of Fame class includes: Wendy Bruce, Kevin Mazeika, Dominique Moceanu, Robert Null, Jennifer Parilla and Kip Simons, with Ellen Garlicki Nyemcsik for Lifetime Achievement. Also in August, the September 2010 issue of Parents magazine will include the USA Gymnastics national advertising insert, which should hit the newsstands around Aug . 10 and has a reach of approximately 15 million people! The insert will expand the message delivered in the 2008 advertising insert - gymnastics is a part of our human nature, and gymnastics clubs are the very best place for young people to learn about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Readers will be directed to the USA Gymnastics website where they will see a link directing them to "find a club" in their area. All USA Gymnastics Member Clubs will be included in the search. All Member Clubs will receive some compllmentary inserts and two posters, mailed to the gym in midAugust. If you'd like to order more inserts, email to place your order. The inserts are a great tool for clubs to help promote their preschool programs and their club. As you can see, there is a lot of fun in store this summer. If you can't join us in Hartford for the Visa Championships and USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show, please check out the USA Gymnastics website at visachampionships for a full competition schedule, results and reports from the Visa Championships, as well tune in to watch coverage on TV and the Web on Universal Sports and NBC Sports. See you in the gym,

Steve Penny President and CEO



ep tition

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AND COACHES: This gymnastics article ran in The

Fairfax Connection, a newspaper in Fairfax, Va., and tells the story of a young gymnast with cystic fibrosis. The story truly illustrates how gymnastics is for all! As club owners and professionals in the sport, share these positive stories with your parents and prospective parents so they, too, can see the benefits of gymnastics for children.







OF LIFE AND GYMNASTICS By Reed S. Albers Reprinted with permission of the Fairfa x Connection Newspaper -0


o ,...

ylng on the couch in the living room of his Mantua home, Jake Sowder watches a DVD of a parallel bars routine from his latest gymnastics meet.

oVl n c


,... CD Vl


o ...., til

o :;;

0.. CD

...., ~



"I got first place on this one," he said. The 7-year- old's eyes cling to the television . As the video plays, Jake's body transitions from sofa to floor, flipping over like a slinky down a staircase . Finally, Jake vaults into a handstand for all to see . His mother Suzy, sister Helena, 10, and father, Jim, roll their eyes as he holds the handstand with perfect balance . His arm muscles tighten, displaying a strength not commonly seen in one his age . "All right Jake, let's calm down," Jim Sowder said. Jake lowers his body, pops up to his feet and launches himself onto the couch . For seven hours each week, the first grader practices gymnastics at the Fairfa x Gymnastics Academy. Every few weeks, he goes to competitions where he typically cleans up . In his year of competition, Jake has earned more than 30 medals . His practice time doesn't include the "e xtra curricular" work he does at home - practicing his high bar routine on the family swing set, somersaulting around the house or spinning around on the mushroom, a circular pommel horse practice apparatus . Jake runs a mile -a-minute at times, but twice a day he has to sit still . His wellness depends on it . Jake has cystic fibrosis, which, according to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, is a life-threaten-

JULY 2010 â&#x20AC;˘ TECHNIQUE


ing disease that causes mucus to build up and clog vital organs in the body such as the pancreas, lungs and digestive tract . The illness can create further health complications . "People with cystic fibrosis have difficulty keeping up their weight and getting nutrition, which puts you at higher risk for when you have a cold," Suzy Sowder said . For 20 minutes in the morning and night, Jake wears a vest with air tubes connected to the back . The vest is hooked up to an air pulse generator that vibrates the vest, lightly shak ing Jake's 42-pound body. "We do this to help shake up and break up the mucus his lungs," Jim Sowder said . Along with the vest, Jake wears a mask con nected to a nebulizer machine to deliver more medication . He also takes various pills to help battle the illness. "On a good day, with no extra medicine, Ja ke takes about 15 pills in add ition to the other therapies," Suzy Sowder said . For Jake, his daily routine of treatment and gymnastics is normal. This is the only life he's known . "This is how it's been since he was young," Jim Sowder said . Since Jake was 3-months-old, he's battled with the disease. Both of his parents carry the cystic fibrosis gene, but Jake is the only child in the family with the condition. "There is a 25% chance that a child of parents who carry the gene will have cystic fibrosis," Suzy Sowder said. The battle has been long and hard, but the Sowders have persevered .

As Jake grew older, his parents looked for ways to help keep him healthy. They found a new, fun treatment in the form of gymnastics . "A friend of mine told me about gymnastics so we checked it out," Suzy Sowder said. "Ex ercise is a great contributor to stayin g healthy for someone with

CF." Jake joined the Fairfa x Gymnastics Academy and soon began working on his abilities . Not long after join ing, he was invited to join the competition team . Soon after joining the team, the awards flowed in. "There's only been two or three meets where he hasn't won a medal for every event," Suzy Sowder said. "On occasion, he has a medal for si xth place, but most of the time it's fi rst . " It turned out gymnastics had spawned another form of treatment: winning . It didn't matter if it was a trophy or medal, Jake enjoys the thrill of victory. But the winning and medals aren't the Sowders' main concern. They just want Jake to stay active for health reasons and are even looking into wrestling programs . "We just want him to stay interested [in gymnastics]," Suzy Sowder said . "If he wins, that's a big bonus . " 1\

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TREATMENT OF SHIN SPLINTS St.Vincent Sports Pelformance

Therasa Timmons, MS ATC, John Locke, ATC, Jennifer Brennan, ATC, Anna Foster, ATC, Chad Gabbard, ATC, Jennifer Johnson, ATC, Justin Miller, ATC, Richard Santerre, ATC, Craig Stull , ATC

edial tibial stress syndrome, more commonly known as shin splints, is a general term used to describe pain in the anterior/medial portion of the lower leg. This injury is common in running and jumping athletes such as gymnasts. The injury is a result of repetitive stress applied to the tissues of the lower leg due to over training, poor mechanics, or simply a muscular or strength imbalance . Symptoms are pain along the medial aspect of the tibia and can be tender to touch either over the bone or muscle. Pain is generally worse during activity, especially running and jumping, and immediately after. Swelling may be present. Other conditions common to the lower leg include stress fractures or compartment syndromes. If lower leg pain becomes sharp and debilitating it should be evaluated by an athletic trainer or medical doctor in order to provide the appropriate course of treatment. A stress fracture is suspected when the pain is localized to one specific area that can be pointed to with one finger. Symptoms of compartment syndrome are severe pain/swelling that mayor may not give the skin a shiny appearance, and causes numbness or tingling down into the foot.

First aid: The athlete will often feel relief by icing the shins following activity. Using an ice bag or ice cup will give the athlete the relief of ice as well as help to flush out any swelling that has accumulated in the shin and loosen tight tissue . To make an ice bag, fill a small paper cup with water and freeze. Take out of the freezer and peel back the paper. Rub the ice over the injured area in a circuiar lTIoLiurr, i:lfJfJ;yi'l~ !jurrre pressure. Do this for 15 minutes following activity, or for 7 minutes prior to activity.

â&#x20AC;˘ Calf stretch: Will take a sign ificant amount of strain off of the anterior portion of the leg . Proper calf stretching must be done with the heel on the ground in two positions: with the knee straight and with it bent. An angle stretch boar d is very effective . Stretch before and after workouts, 3 times each for 30-60 seconds.

Rehab tools: The goal of rehabilitation for any injury is to correct deficiencies in mechanics of movement of the injured area as well as the whole chain of movement. The athletic trainers approach here falls into two categories : stretching and strengthening.

St Vince/It Hospital and St. VincCllt Sports Performance in IlIdiallapo/~ I1Id., are rifficial service providers to USA Gymnastics. Call 3 174 15-5747 or visit sportsperforllJallce.stvincent 07,



• Foam roll: Using a dense foam roll or tennis ball for massage is very effective to help loosen tight muscles. Rollover both the calves and the muscles on the front of the leg. Do this 3 times for 15-60 seconds for each tight area .

• Heel and toe walking : Strengthens the muscles of the foot and lower leg, improves balance . Walk for 30-60 seconds on heels, alternate to toes, 10 times each.

• Elastic band ankle strengthening : Elastic band exe rcises are important to increase foot/ankle stability and strength. Tie a band to a pole and have the athlete pull from out to in (inversion) and from in to out (eversion) . This should be done slowly and repeated for 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps . • Eccentric calf: This strengthening technique is essentially a modified calf raise . After rising onto the toes, lower very slowly back to the floor. Do 3 sets of 10.

• Balance exercises: Balance on one leg with the knee/hip slightly flexed and the core activated . Begin on the floor then progress to a stability pad or mat to increase difficulty. Hold until failure or the muscles fatigue and repeat 3 times .

• Plyometrics: Once the pain has dissipated , plyometric exercises are the next step in maintaining strength and improving mechanics . These exercises are about jumping but the emphasis is on proper landing technique with th e athlete absorbing the landing at the feet, an kles, • Towel scrunches: Strengthens the muscles of the foot knees, hips and core. Th is should come natural for the and lower leg . With the heel on the floor, scrun ch towel gymnast! towa rd you then push it away. Wet the towel or add a light dumbbell to the end of the towel to increase Taping techniques resistance . Repeat 10 times . The rehabilitation process can take from days to weeks



depending on the severity of the injury. During this process it is often helpful to try any number of taping techniques to help reduce the pain during athletic activity. The drawback to the use of tape in gymnastics is that the tape has a slick surface . To counteract this, athletic trainers will often use a very light layer of adhesive spray or coban, a self adhesive tape like they apply after you have given blood, over the initial tape job.

• Leukotape navicular: Works to reposition the foot to reduce stress throughout the whole chain of motion .

• Kinesiotape: Less likely to impede motion due to the elasticity of the tape. There are several approaches to the treatment of shin splints but they all have one common goal: to reduce pain by correcting deficiencies detected during the injury evaluation . The stretches, corrective exercises, and taping along with ice massage and deep tissue release will help to alleviate shin splints. It is very important to remember that everything is connected! The exercises listed here work the ankle and lower leg but the knees, hips and core must be just as strong to maintain efficient movement. Even with the tips listed here, if moderate pain is present for greater than one week, pain in an isolated one inch area for about three days, or numbness and tingling that persists for a day, please seek medical care.

• Arch tape: This is particularly effective when the person has fallen arches or poor foot and lower leg strength and neuromuscular control. If arch taping is effective, then it may be helpful to consider orthotics for the time spent out of the gym.





SET Achievable Goals for Students BUILD Enrollment Retention MEASURE Teacher Efficiency RECORD Student Accomplishments




• INSTRUCTOR VIDEOS - show how each skill is taught and create a STANDARD in your gym FUN & FIT • CURRICULUM CARDS - track students progress and GYMNASTICS help structure classes by ability level PRO G RAM ,. • CURRICULUM POSTERS - for the kids to TAKE HOME to track their progress • STARS & CERTIFICATES - reward ACHIEVABLE GOALS Licensed to Gym Clubs Internationally Since building self-esteem and confidence


Call or e-mail today for FREE DVD SHOWING THE PROGRAM IN OR call (800)


MEMBER SERVICES THE HOW, WHAT, AND WHEN ON USA GYMNASTICS MEMBERSHIP CARDS One of the most frequently asked questions to the Member Services Department involves questions regarding membership cards.

A: A membership card will reflect the old expiration date until the transaction has posted. Transactios typically post within 24-48 business hours. Once the transaction posts, a card with an updated expiration date will be ava ilable.

• Q. When will the 10-11 athlete membership cards

be available? • A: Athlete's that have been renewed for the 10-11 season can expect to receive their membership cards in the mail the beginning of August.

• Q: Do Introductory Athletes receive membership

cards? A: Yes, Introductory Athletes w ill receive a hard copy membership card in the mail to their home address.

• Q: My athlete is attending camp in a week and I

need to show proof of membership.

• Q: When can I expect to receive my membership

A: Athlete cards are unable to be provided at this time until after August 1, but the club roster list is available. Clubs may print off their athlete club roster list from the USA Gymnastics website to show a list of their current athletes. Please click the following link to obtain the list.The user name is the club number and club password. Club Roster Link: www. usa-gym mem bersh ip/ pages/ ci u b_roster_ list.php

• Q: I renewed my Professional membership online

today, but I received an emailed card with the old expiration date?

card? A: Membership cards are mailed out within 2-4 weeks from the date that the membership was pa id, and requirements of membership have been completed. It is also vitally important to keep Member Services updated on any changes to personal information changes in order to ensure that all membership material . and benefits are being received in a timely manner. Please contact Member Services at 800-345-4719 or via email at for any additional questions or concerns. 1\ ~

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NATIONAL GYMNASTICS DAY National Gymnastics Day is September 18,2010: have you started planning yet? Now is the perfect time to brainstorm and begin putting your plan for National Gymnastics Day into action! Here are some ideas to help you start promoting: •

Use social media and get your gym club families talking about National Gymnastics Day. Does your gym have a facebook page? Do you tweet your clients? Do you have a monthly newsletter? Do you email your families in your program? Become active in the space where your gym club members are communicating. Hold an open house and welcome your community into your gym. Invite the public to your gym and show them all gymnastics has to offer. Invite other health or fitness-related businesses to have a booth at your event. By doing so, you can build healthy connections in your area. Ask each family to bring another family and introduce them to a free "family fitness day" at the gym. This would be a time to host a Tyson Fitness Challenge event, and show how health and fitness are fundamentals of gymnastics. Share the online giving site for Children's Miracle Network. This is a great way to get your classes and team kids raising money for your local CMN hospital.

Teaching children to give back in their communities is a great life lesson to instill in our youth today. Call your local hospital to see if you can have a tour of the hospital and bring the students who will be fundraising. Do this tour before they start fund raising, for a more meaningful experience. Schedule a competition or event on NGD, such as a cartwheel-a-thon or flip-a-thon, where each participant collects pledges or sponsorships that are donated to Children's Miracle Network.

Be creative and use these opportunities to educate others and celebrate all the wonderful benefits of gymnastics. Once you have raised awareness and gained community support, you are sure to make National Gymnastics Day a huge success! Send an email to detailing your National Gymnastics Day event with lots of pictures, and your club could be featured in our publications or on! And don't forget to post a photo or video of your event at The deadline for event and photo submissions is October 18, 2010. X

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Don't forget to register for the 2010 National Congress and Trade Show! I-Iurry, pre-registration ends July 15th s the 46th Annual USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show approaches, USA Gymnastics would like to remind you of the great educational opportunities this event has to offer. The Connecticut Convention Center will host the 46th Annual USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show, Aug . 11-14. Held in conjunction with the 2010 Visa Championships, the National Congress provides a unique opportunity to attend more than 150 presentations, demonstrations and educational seminars on a variety of topics within the sport - all in one location . For registration information and more please visit or call 800345-4719.


National Congress Registration Schedule Connecticut Convention Center

• • • •

Wednesday, August 11 -12:30 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. Thursday, August 12 -7:30 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. Friday, August 13 - 7:30 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. Saturday, August 14 -8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

National Congress Sessions - August 12-14Connecticut Convention Center

• • •

15 lectures per hour with 5 sessions per day Sessions begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. on all three days Lecture sessions include information from all disciplines and levels, business, recreational, fitness, sports science, preschool, cheerleading, safety and risk management.

Now available: National Congress Final Presenter List!

The final list of congress presenters is now available! Visit www.usagymnasticsnationalcongress. org. Dates and times of all sessions will be available soon! Please continue to visit the National Congress & Trade Show website for the most current information .

Level 2 Business Course

We are pleased to offer the Level 2 course from our Business College as a live course at National Congress this year. The course is scheduled for Saturday, August 14 from 2:15 - 4:30 p.m. This 3 hour seminar focuses on the seven major systems of any business: overall management, marketing, people management, information management, financial systems, facilities management, and risk management. It is being offered free to National Congress registrants but pre-registration is requested . This course builds upon the principles explained in the Level 1 course and registrants are encouraged to take the Level 1 course online prior to coming to the Level 2 course. It is especially helpful for more experienced Program Managers, new Program Directors, new Owners, Owners in the Growth Phase, or those who are considering purchasing or starting a business. We are offering the online Level 1 course at just $19 through 8/13/10. That's a $20 savings! Please visit for more information. Get Up & Get Fit!

Start your day off right and join us at Morning Fitness at the Old State House during your stay in Hartford. Morning Fitness will be held on August 12-14 from 6:307:30 a.m. Congress Attendees Pre/Post Event Hospitality

New for 2010, credentialed National Congress attendees will have complimentary access to The Old State House. The Old State House and its surrounding park, located in central Hartford, will be THE place to gather and socialize. This hospitality center will provide credentialed Congress attendees with a place to meet both pre-event and post-event to enjoy food, music and other Visa Fan Fest activities.

National Trade Show Hall

The 2010 National Trade Show, proudly sponsored by the United States Gymnastics Suppliers Association, will feature more than 160 booths of products and information from more than 65 vendors in the gymnastics community. Special events such as the USGSA Mega-Raffle will take place in the Exhibit Hall. With demonstrations and lectures held daily in the Trade Show Hall, this is definitely a location no Congress attendee should miss! Trade Show Hall Hours

• • • •

Wednesday, Aug . 11 Thursday, Aug. 12 Friday, Aug . 13 Saturday, Aug. 14

5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m . - 5:45 p.m. 9:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

The Old State House will be open to credentialed Congress attendees on all three days of Congress, Aug. 12-14. Activities will conclude on Saturday night, Aug . 14 with a National CongressNisa Championships Closing Celebration! You must be 18 years of age to attend and must have a Congress credential to enter. No other passes will be available for purchase. 1\




August 12-14, 2010 • Connecticut Convention Center - Hartford, CT


REGISTRATION FORM He ld in conjunction with the 2010 Visa Champ ionships

PL~AS ~ S ~ L ~ C T ALL TH AT APP LY. Payment in full is required at time of registration. Minimum age for all Congress attendees is 15.

Pre-Congress Registration Ends July 15, 2 010

Professional, Jr. Professional, Instrudor, ~oreign Instrudor and Athlete Members (age 15+) $235 Congress Registration $541 Congress Regist rat ion and Go ld All-Session ticket package $417 Congress Regist ration and Silver All-Session ticket package $341 Congress Registration and Bronze All-Session t icket package

Individual registration fee includes: 1. Credential for entrance to Congress sessions, Aug 12-14. Credential available at check-in Aug n. 2. Registration & attendance earns 15 individual USA Gymnastics University credits. 3. Trade show admission.

o o o o

4. USA Gymnastics Pr./Post Event ~ospitality Acc...

New for 2010, credentialed National Congress attendees will have complimentary access to The Olel State /-louse. This hospitality center will provide credentialed congress attendees a place to gather both pre and post event to enjoy food, music and other Visa Fan Fest activities. The Old State /-louse will be open to credentialed congress attendees all three days of Congress, Aug. 12-14th. Activities will conclude on Saturday night, Aug. 14th with a National Congress/Visa Championships Closing Celebration Party. Must be 18+ to attend. Must have a congress credential to enter. No other passes will be available for purchase.

Introductory Coach Pricing $265 Congress Registrat ion $571 Co ngress Regist ration and Go ld All -Session ticket package $447 Co ngress Registration and Silver All -Session ticket package $371 Congress Regist ration and Bronze All -Session ticket package

o o o o

Additional 2010 Visa Championships All-Session Ticket Packages Please indicate total # of packages. All-Session tickets are NON-REFUNDAB LE ticket pricing for Congress Attendees. Visa C ll a" lp iollSl,ips Gold AII -Sessio" ticket packagee-====-xx-$$~3006 Visa Gi ,a" Ipionsllips Silver-All-Session ticket package x $t82 Visa Champ ionships Bronze All -Session t icket package _ _ __ x $106

Ticket details - all ticket packages include $7 facility fee GOLD.


$30~~des (filst 5 la~~i'illr'

....-st\:;¥ER:-$I82-=-1ower-levehic!es-ffow-rows}'1l_ • BRONZE: $10 6 - side seating (mid to high rows)

Non-Members & Other Member Types $335 Congress Registrat ion ( ~ nds Ju ly 15) $400 On-site Regist ration


Special ticket rate for All Sessions is for purchase for Congress attenelees. Prices ref/ect a eliscount of up to 40% off public prices. Tickets will be maileel to adelress on registration form approximately 4 weeks prior to event. All-session tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. Email: with any questions.

o o

Visit www_USAGymnasti for registration a nd complete detai ls regarding National Congress schedules, activities and polic ies.

Name, _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ ____ USA Gymnastics Membership No._ _ ~mail

Address _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ Date of Birth _ __ _ _ _ __

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Additional ticket package tota l: $_ _ _ __ Ticket Shipping and I-landling t=ee:

0 Other_ _ _ _ ___ Card # _ _ _ __

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~xp.

Date _ __

Print Cardho lder Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ __



Address fo r credit card receipt _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ __

Return completed form and payment to: USA Gymnastics, 132 ~ . Washington St. Ste. 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or by fax: 31].692.5212 Attention: Member Services

t=or Your I-lotel and

Travel Needs, Contact NATIONAL TRAVEL SYSTEMS Or ca ll 1.888.603.8747 or 806.794.3135 www.


TOTAL PAYM ~ N T $_ _ _ _ _ _ __

Signature _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ __

~mai l

Registration (package) tota l: $ _ __ _ __

0 Administrator 0 Other


o Visa

PAYMENT TOTALS Make checks payable to USA Gymnastics


PROUD SPONSOR USA Gymnastics welcomes you to pay with your Visa<D card

SUBSTITUTION POLICY: To transfer registration to another person, the new Congress attendee must also have a USA Gymnastics Congress-e ligible membership. After July 15, $30 fee per substitution.

Office Use O nly

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations must be in writing. Before July 15, refund of registration fee less $30 service fee per person cancelling. After July 16, refund is 50% of registration fee pe r person cancelling. NO R~ t= UNDS At=T ~ R AUG. 30. Submit all substitution and cancellation requests IN WRITING to USA Gymnastics.

Payment_ _ _ _ __

Postmarked_ _ _ __

Check/Reg #---.-1 __ Auth ___ Date _ __

'~"""'II.... ~



USA Gymnastics

~ational Congress ~ Traae



VISA CHAMPIO Hartford. CT (-(

J.,IIPS August 10-14

USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show and Visa Championships Schedule Tuesday, August 10, 20 10 10:00 AM 6:30 PM Wednesday, August 11, 201 0 8:00 AM 5:00 PM 10:00 AM 2:00 PM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 11 :00 AM 1 :00 PM 12:00 PM 5:00 PM 12:30 PM 6:45 PM 1:00 PM 4:00 PM 1:00 PM 5:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 9:30 PM Thursday, August 12,2010 6:30 AM 7:30 AM 7:30 AM 5:45 PM 8:30 AM 4:30 PM 9:00 AM 5:45 PM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 11 :00 AM 1:00 PM 11 :00 AM 1:00 PM 4:30 PM 5:45 PM 4:30 PM 6:30 PM 4:30 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 9:30 PM 9:00 PM 11 :30 PM Friday, August 13,2010 6:30 AM 7:30 AM 7:30 AM 5:45 PM 8:30 AM 4:30 PM 9:00 AM 2:00 PM 9:00 AM 5:45 PM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 11 :00 AM 1:00 PM 11 :00 AM 1:00 PM 11 :00 AM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM 4:30 PM 5:45 PM 4:30 PM 6:30 PM 4:30 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 10:00 PM 9:00 PM 11 :30 PM 10:00 PM 11:30 PM Saturday, August 14,2010 6:30 AM 7:30 AM 8:00 AM 4:30 PM 8:30 AM 4:30 PM 9:00 AM 2:00 PM 9:00 AM 1:00 PM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 1:00 PM 3:30 PM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM


TECH N I QUE â&#x20AC;˘ J ULY 2010

T&T Prelims Competition

Univ. of Hartford

Congress Annual Business Conference T&T Finals Competition Welcome Center Mid - Day Activities/Gym Demos Safety/Risk Management course Congress Registration Jr. Artistic Men's Competition H.O.T. Course Exhibit Hall Opening Sr. Artistic Men's Competition - Day 1

Marriott Univ. of Hartford XL Center Old State House Marriott Convention Ctr. XL Center Marriott Convention Ctr. XL Center

Morning Fitness Activites Congress Registration Hours Congress Sessions (15 concurrent tracks) Trade Show Exhibits Welcome Center Mid - Day Activities/Gym Demos Lunch Break Raffle Drawing Trade Show Reception & Raffle Drawing Visa Fan Fest Pre - Event Hospitality (credential required) Sr. Artistic Women's Competition-Day 1 Post - Event Hospitality (credential required)

Old State House Convention Ctr. Convention Ctr. Convention Ctr. Old State House Old State House Convention Ctr. Convention Ctr. Old State House Old State House XL Center Old State House

Morning Fitness Activites Congress Registration Hours Congress Sessions (15 concurrent tracks) Jr. Rhythmic AA Prelims & Individual Event Finals Trade Show Exhibits Welcome Center Mid - Day Activities/Gym Demos Lunch Break Raffle Drawing Hall of Fame Induction & Luncheon Sr. Rhythmic AA Prelims & Individual Event Finals Trade Show Reception & Raffle Drawing Pre - Event Hospitality (credential requ ired) Visa Fan Fest Sr. Artistic Men's Competition - Day 2 Post - Event Hospitality (credential required) Post - Event Celebration

Old State House Convention Ctr. Convention Ctr. Univ. of Hartford Convention Ctr. Old State House Old State House Convention Ctr. Marriott Univ. of Hartford Convention Ctr. Old Stat e House Old St at e House XL Center Old Stat e House Old State House

Morning Fitness Activites Congress Registration Hours Congress Sessions (15 concurrent tracks) Rhythmic Jr. AA Finals & Sr. AA Finals Trade Show Exhibits Welcome Center

Old State House Convention Ctr. Convent ion Ct r. Univ. of Hartford Convention Ctr. Old State House XL Center Old State House Old State House


LIVE COURSE SCHEDULES Live course schedules are updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most current schedule .

. Safety/Risk 'Management Certification









Safety/Risk Mallagemellt Certificatioll is required for all Professional, JUllior Prof~ssiollat Illtroductory Coach, i. alld fu~ior Illtroductory Coach Members. . .' ,

Preschool Fundamentals: Hands on Training (HOT) August 11

July 18 Held in conjunction with the National Judges' Symposium Eaglewood ResortjSpa 1401 Nordic Rd. ltosca, Il60 143 Course code: EP071820101l 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. July 31 Top Flight Gymnastics 721 Center View Blvd. Crestview Hills, KY 41017 Course code: BM07312010KY 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

August 11 Held in conjunction with the Notional Congress &Trade Show Hartford Marriott Downtown 200 Columbus Blvd. Hartford, CT 06103-2807 Course code: XX081120 1OCT 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

August 19

September 19

Marriott Santo Clara 2700 Mission College Blvd. Santo Clara, CA 95054 Course Code: R108192010CA 5:00pm-1O:00pm

Held in conjunction with Region 2 Congress Multnomah Athletic Club 1849 SW Salmon St. Portland, OR 97205 Course code: R2091920 1OOR 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

September 2 c.G.'s Gymnastics 14550 Florida Blvd. Baton Rouge, lA 70819 Course code: CG09022010lA 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

November 27

September 9 Held inconjunction with Region 5

International Gymnastics Camp 9020 Bartonsville Woods Rd. Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Course code: PF1127201 OPA 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Congress Westin Chicago Northwest 400 Pork Blvd. Alton Room ltosca, Il60 143 Course code: R5090920101l 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

(in conjunction with Notional Congress) Hartford Marriott Downtown 200 Columbus Blvd Hartford, CT 06103 Course code: XX081120 1OCT Time 12:30 p.m.. 4:30 p.m.

August 19 Held in conjunction with Region 1Congress Marriott Sonto Clara 2700 Mission College Blvd. Sonto Clam, CA 95054 Course code: Rl08192010CA 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

SQPtember 3 Renaissance Hotel 9721 Arboretum Blvd. Austin, TX 78729 Course code: BG090320 1OTX 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

·COU1S8 dates and #mes are subied fo change and/or cancella#on.

SAFETV/RISK MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION COURSE USA Gymnastics University is proud to announce the launch of the revised course and handbook. GYMNASTtCS RISK MANAGEMENT SAFETY HANDBOOK

To register for a course, visit the USA Gymnastics website at Register online or download the registration form. **Save $5 by registering online! **


Connecticut Convention Center Hartford, Connecticut August 11. - 14



who support )'OUr COllgTu.s ,lnd your '

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USA Gymnastics

~ National Congress

...~~~ ,o

~ Trade ShOW- J.lartford'2olO

WOMEN'S JUNIOR OLYMPIC COMMITIEE MEETING DALLAS, TX MAY 10-11, 2010 Roll Call Tom Koll, Chairman Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm Region 1 Dan Witenstein Region 2 Lau rie Reid Region 3 Cheryl Ja rrett Region 4 Bryon Hough Region 5 John Geddert Region 6 Larry Goldsmith Region 7 Linda Johnson Region 8 Brad Harris Vice President Kathy Kelly I. Junior Olympic National Coach of the Year

Nominees for this honor are : Region 1 Cassie Rice Region 2 Meg Doxtator/ lvan Alexov Region 3 Lindy Franzini-Carpenter Region 4 Mi ke Hunger/ Sami Wozney Region 5 Dan Miller Region 6 Jami e Winkler Region 7 Bob Ouellette Region 8 Ludmila Shobe Mike Hunger and Sami Wozney were elected as the 2010 Junio r Olympic Coaches of the Year. Recommendation to cover the expenses and provide VIP credentials for Visa Championships, and Congress credential for the JO Coach of the Year, effective August 1, 2010. Motion: C. Jarrett Second: L. Johnson PASSED The committee discussed Guidelines to be considered for nomi nation criteria : • Excellence in coaching at multiple JO Levels with an emphasis at the highest level in the current year. • Displays Good Sportsmanship, Team Spirit and Ethics. • Contributes to regional efforts (camps, clinics, congresses, volunteer positions). • Coaching Resumes may be considered. II . Equipment Issues Recommendation to require a minimum thickness of 1 and 3/8 inches for the Vault runway at all Optional Levels (7 10), effective August 1, 2010. Motion: J. Geddert Second: C. Jarrett PASSED Recommendation that NO extra matting be allowed between the Safety Zone and the vault table, effective August 1, 2010. Motion: B. Harris Second: D. Witenstein PASSED Recommendation to request that AAI, in addition to meeting



FIG apparatus requirements for FX, provide additional matting in the corners of the Floor at JO Nationals and other meets where AAI supplies the equipment, effective August 1, 2010. Motion: B. Hough Second: L. Reid PASSED III. Competition Structure The committee discussed issues of the competiti ve structure in various areas. Recommendation to add 5 seconds to the maximum time limit to the Level 2 and 3 Beam routines, effective August 1, 2010. Motion: B. Harris Second: L. Goldsmith PASSED Recommendation that the Mobility Score for an Individual Event Specialist at Level 7, 8, and 9 be 8.5 per event, effective August 1, 2010 Motion: L. Reid Second: J. Geddert PASSED Recommendation to add to the 2010-11 Rules and Policies, Page 78, 6.B. Change to read: At Levels 1-6, any combination of landing mats and skill cushions may be used to facilitate the mount. Motion: L. Reid Second: B. Harris PASSED (1 opposed) There was much discussion regarding the format of the East/ West Championships. Although some regions felt the format should return to 8 age groups, others were satisfied with the current (16 age groups). f(lrmat (jf t~e Level 9 East/.... est age gr(lu~s , 12 at~letes ~er regi(lfl , 6 swres WUflt f(l r team swre. If aflY regi(lfl eaflfl(lt field a team (If 12, em~ty sl(lts are filled by g(liflg ba ck t(l t~e vyiflfliflg team ff(jm t~e ~revi(lus year. Rafld(lm dra" f(lr flig~ts. If a regi(lfl ~as m(lre t~afl 12 qualifiels, all at~letes cafl c(lfltribute t(l t~e team swre. ~I(lti(lfl . B. "(lug~ Sewfld . D. Witeflsteifl This motion was passed, then a request to reconsider was brought up and the motion was amended to read as follows: ReC(lmmefldati(lfl t(l

E~am~i(lflS~i~s .

e~aflge t~e


Recommendation as a pilot program to change the format of the Level 9 Western Championships: Eight age groups, 12 athletes per region, 6 scores count for team score If any region cannot field a team of 12, empty slots are filled by going back to the team results from the previous year. Random draw for flights. If a region has more than 12 qualifiers, all athletes can contribute to the team score. Effective August 1, 2010. Motion: B. Hough Second: D. Witenstein PASSED (1 opposed - Region 7) Recommendation to adopt the following statement and add to the 2010-11 Rules and Policies and the 2013 Compulsory Book.

Performance Series Fusion Vault Board 5002-000 Improved stability and performance through structural design. Easy spring re-configuration aids athletes of all we ights and abilities. Improvement s: • Board bottom is a single piece design significantly reducing distortion on impact with spring access cut-outs . • New eight spring configuration with 5 spring "X" pattern at the back of the board gives it better response and a larger sweet spot



• Performance Series Fusion Soft Board • F.I.G approved

Performance Series Vault Table with Column Padding 5001 Improved constant force spring base makes height adjustment quick and secure. Widest range of height settings on the market. New PeR (Postive Energy Return) surface for a faster, non-slip response . Improvements: • Height adjustment range is from 100cm (39-3/8" ) to 140cm (55-1/8 ") • Optional 12cm and 20cm fitted base mats avai lable.


• Performance Series Crank Va ult Table w ith Column Padding • F.I.G approved

Region 3 Carole Bunge Region 4 Linda Thorberg Region 5 Char Christensen Region 6 Pat Panichas Region 7 Myra Elfenbein Region 8 Marian Dykes Asst. Tech . Comm . Chair JO Program Director

Motion: B. Harris Second: J. Geddert PASSED In the spirit of good sportsmanship, fairne ss to all athletes and competitive balance, the mobility system within the National JO Program should be followed in the manner that it was intended. • Before moving up a level, every athlete should show proficiency at their current level. • Once a high level of proficiency is achieved at the athlete's current level, she should strive to move up to the next level as long as it is done safely. • For athletes to repeat a level with the intent to gain an advantage over other competitors or teams IS NOT in the spirit of the JO Program or youth sports in general.

IV. CALENDAR Sites listed are pending final contracts. 2011 2012 9/ 10 State Meets March 26-27. March 24-25 April 9-10 l,,,l90oly April 20-22 9/ 10 Regionals Level 10 only Regionals April 15-17l",l9.'0 April 28-29 Level 9 East/ West May 5-8

JO Nationals

April 20-21

West: Poway, CA

May 3-5 West: TBD East: TBD

May 12-15 Long Beach, CA

May 17-20 TBD

May 10-13 TBD

JO National Compulsory Workshops and WTC Symposium

May 31-June June 7-9

V. New Compulsory Program Committee was asked to review the text for Vault and Bars and send any corrections to Tom . Deadlines will be determined and sent to the committee. Kathy Kelly was asked to check with the USA Gymnastics attorney for requirements and concerns regarding the development of music for the compulsory Floor Exercise. VI. REC/ OPT Program Tom presented a proposal for Rec/ Opt for the committee to discuss and make recommendations. Recommendation to allow the use of "air-o-board" for Level 1-3, and Prep/Opt, effective August 1, 2010. Motion: B. Harris Second: B. Hough PASSED

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES MAY 10-11, 2010 I. Roll Call: Chairman Cheryl Hamilton called the meeting to order at 8:00 PM on May 10th . Region 1 Neela Nelson Region 2 Linda Mulvihill



II. Coaches Professional Member Behavior Policy According to page 12 of the Women's Rules and Policies, there are procedures for handling unacceptable coach behavior towards officials. Whenever a verbal warning is given for the first offense, this action should be recorded by the Meet Referee on the sanction report form.

2013 March 23-24 April 13-14

May 10-13 West: TBD East: TBD

East : Worcester, MA

Audrey Schweyer Connie Maloney

III. JO Code of Points additions/c hanges A. Beam Clarification - JO Code of Points , page 147 , B. Delete B in its entirety and replace with the following : B. It is possible to con nect certain acro elements that either land on one foot and swing the free leg forward to step into a second acro element or land on two feet simultaneously; however, these connections may be broken when: 1. The first element lands on one foot and the second foot steps down behind into a lunge. • Example of broken series: Back walkover lands on Right foot and Left leg steps down behind to finish in a Right lunge. It is not possible to connect to a second element which has counter movement (i.e., front walkover, cartwheel, round-off) either by lifting the Right foot to 2 step into the next element or by leaving both feet on the beam and just leaning forward into the second element. • Example of possible connections : Back Walkover lands on Right foot, Left foot steps behind and body continues moving backward to perform a 2nd back walkover (or a Back Walkover, step down on Right foot, place Left foot beside Right and perform a Flic-flac step-out)

2. The first element lands on one foot and the second foot swings forward to step-kick into the second element. During the step between the elements, the free leg must be no hig her than 45 °, or the series will be considered broken. 3. The first element lands on two feet close together simultaneously (not step-out to lunge) . • Example of a broken series: Gymnast performs a Right Round-off, landing simultaneously on two feet . It is not possible to connect to a second element which has counter movement (i.e. , front walkover, cartwheel, roundoff) either by lifting the Right foot to step into the next element or by leaving both feet on the beam and just leaning forward into the second element. • Examples of possible connections: - Round-off lands on two feet simultaneous ly and the body continues moving backward to perform a Flic-flac step-out. - Round -off lands on two feet simultaneously with a rebound (punch) into a dive (mounting) front walkover. B. Level 10 Vault Bonus procedures JO Code of Points , Page 27 , E. 5. - Add a second bullet: • Each judge must visually indicate if bonus was awarded.

IV. Clarification of incorrect attire Add the bold text to the JO Code of Points, page 14. h: If the jewelry is not removed during the competition and/or WARM-UPS, the deduction is taken one time from the event score competed after the warning was issued. Add the bold text to JO Code of Points, page 5, 14. h. -5th bullet and to the R & P, page 13, J. 3: One pair of stud earrings is allowed, one per ear. ALL other piercing should be REMOVED and not just covered with tape or Band-aids.

V. Judges' Accreditation Concerns The national office requested that the Technical Committee consider making some changes to the current procedures. The following changes will be effective August 1, 2010. A. Test Administrators submit their requests to schedule an exam at least 5 (instead of 4) weeks prior to the proposed exam date. B. It was recommended that TA's must indicate a location and . tentative start time when submitting their request to schedule an exam. C. Recommend to add a late fee of $10 per test part (in addition to the $20 per test part) for those individuals who do not register by the published deadline (2 weeks prior to the exam by mail/FAX and 1 week prior for online registration). All registrations for exams must be received at least THREE business days before the test is scheduled and the examinee must receive the permission of the Test Administrator. D. Judges cannot transfer registration fees to another exam date or request a refund unless they do so in writing to USA Gymnastics at least eight (8) days prior to the exam. Extreme extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration on an individual basis. E. Once an exam has been sc heduled, the Test Administrator cannot change the date. The procedure would be to cancel the exam (as published in the TA Manual) and then schedule a new date at least 5 weeks in the future. F. In order to maintain the integrity of the exams, the committee recommends that the exam results continue to indicate only a pass/fail and the weak events, not the actual score. G. The committee recommended that the national office generate an exam report (with only pass/fail results and rating earned indicated) for the Test Administrators, effective August 1, 2010. VI. The committee decided to use "Technique" as the theme for 2011 Congress Core Technical Sessions. The committee wi ll meet November 6-7 in Indianapolis to evaluate the films.

and a minimum of 21 years of age. 2. Must have attended a minimum of two Regional or National USAG Congresses or NAWGJ Symposiums in the current four-year cycle (June 2009 - Dec. 31, 2012). Attendance at the 2009 National or Brevet Course would not meet this requirement. 3. Must hold a current USAG Professional Membership, safety certification and background check. 4. Must be current with annual CPE during the current cycle. Judges applying for the National rating must submit copies of their Annual CPE report forms for their current cycle to verify their activity. 5. Must volunteer within the current cycle (June 2009 - Dec. 31, 2012) at two separate events (State, Regional or National clinic, training camp, or competition) for a minimum of 6 hours at each event, OR serve as a USAG or NAWGJ elected officer during the current cycle. - USAG officers: State Administrative Chairs, Regional or National Administrative, JO or Technical Chairmen - NAWGJ officers: State & Regional Judging Directors & National officers B. Eligibility for USAG Brevet rating in 2013: 1. Must be previously rated as FIG or USAG Brevet OR Must be a previous Senior National Elite team member and a minimum of 21 years of age. 2. Currently rated officials must have attended a minimum of two Regional or National USAG Congresses or NAWGJ Symposiums in the current four-year cycle (June 2009 - Dec. 31, 2012). Attendance at the 2009 Brevet Course would not meet this requirement. Must hold a current USAG Professional Membership, safety certification and background check. 4. Must be current with annual CPE during the current cycle. Judges applying for the USAG Brevet rating must submit copies of the 4 years Annual CPE report form to verify their activity. 5. Must volunteer within the current cycle (June 2009 - Dec. 31. 2012) at two separate events (State, Regional or National clinic, training camp, or competition) for a minimum of 6 hours at each event, OR serve as a USAG or NAWGJ elected officer during the current cycle. - USAG officers: State Admini strative Chairs, Regional or National Administrative, JO or Technical Chairmen - NAWGJ officers: State & Regional Judging Directors & National officers C. Format for the courses and testing wi ll be decided at the

November 2010 Technical Committee meeting . VII. Technical Symposiums Connie Maloney announced that WTC Symposiums will again be held in conjunction with the 2013 Compulsory Workshops the first two weekends in June. VIII. Eligibility for 2013 Judges' Courses A. Eligibility for National Rating in 2013: 1. Must be previously rated as National or Brevet OR Must have held a Level 10 rating for a minimum of two complete cycles (8 years) (Must have achieved a Level 10 rating by December 31, 2005) OR Must be a previous Senior National Elite team member



IX. ONLINE JUDGES' COURSES The Technical Committee is developing online courses for the beginning optional levels. Format was discussed and plans for initiation of the online course will be finalized at the November 2010 meeting. X. The Committee spent the remainder of the meeting evaluating routines to be used for 2010 Congress "Core" Technical sessions. The next meeting is scheduled for November 6-7, 2010 in Indianapolis. Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

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II. Kathy Ostberg welcomed the committee and thanked them for the work they do on a daily basis. III. RULES AND POLICIES Kathy Ostberg assigned sections of the R&P to each Regional Chairman and their revisions have been submitted to the office. The committee is waiting for the final document. The committee discussed all the changes and made the following recommendation.

you can train more staff

~ Nationally known clinicians


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m . by Chairman Kathy Ostberg I. Roll Call Region 1 Jennifer Krause Region 2 Meg Doxtator Region 3 Cori Rizzo Region 4 Jim Schlott Region 5 Hilary Carlson (for Bobbie Montanari) Region 6 Jen Scannell Region 7 Lynn Perrott Region 8 Deb Kornegay VPP Kathy Kelly

Franklin, TN Oct 3

.••m",. to come'

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.,.,.. ....

Recommendation to accept the Rules and Policies as amended. . Motion Meg Doxtator Second Deb Kornegay PASSED Recommendation that Appreciation Gifts to judges from the Regional Committee will be limited to a monetary vaLue of $50.00 (per annum- per judge). Motion SchLott Second Perrott PASSED Recommendation to add to the Judges' Compensation Package the following statement: Judges are not allowed to accept gifts in addition to the USA Gymnastics Compensation Package and Meet Directors or Host Organizations may not give gifts to judges at any sanctioned event. Motion SchLott Second Doxtator PASSED IV. FINANCIALS Kathy Kelly explained to the committee that based upon the recommendation of our auditors and with the approval of that recommendation by the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors, there will be a new accounting system for States and Regions. More information will be given to the State Chairs at the State Chairman Workshop. Regional Chairs were asked to report the number of transactions each state/ regional account had over the last year.

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V. ELECTION GUIDELINES The committee will review the Election Procedures sections of the Operating Code and the State Chairman Handbook to make sure that the State Chairman Handbook reflects the procedures in the Operating Code (which is the official document).

Recommendation to the Women's Program Committee to add the following statement to the Women's Operating Code, Page 1, Article 3, .2 "And to further the development of USA Gymnastics at the grassroots level." Motion Corl Rizzo Second Jen Krause PASSED Recommendation to the Women's Program Committee that the following be added to the Operating Code; Page 16 Section A. First sentence change Chairman to elected official and add "Regional" before National. Section B #1, add to title/committee members - delete regional and/or national Motion Debby Kornegay Second Jen Scannell PASSED VI. Prep/Opt Program Committee discussed the Prep/Opt Program to address this growing area. The purpose of the discussions of all the

committees is to define the philosophy, draw the parameters and allow the states to continue to direct the competition rules . The JO Committee will be discussing the issue at their meeting. Proposal was drafted by Tom Koll, Kathy Ostberg, and Debby Kornegay. VII. REGIONAL CONGRESS Kathy requested that the RC's provide dates and sites to Rachel for 2011. The committee discussed the request from the national office that the regions be sensitive to the date of the National Congress when scheduling the date of their regional congresses. The regions expressed concerns about existing hotel contracts, calendar history of the regional congress, etc. Committee requested that Kathy take their concerns to the office for final decision. VIII. STATE CHAIRMEN'S WORKSHOP The committee drafted the Agenda for the Workshops. The agenda and the timelines will be sent along with the invitations to the regional and state chairs. IX . MISCELLANEOUS CONCERNS Committee requested that the office investigate a resolve for the following areas of concern: • Posting of results on the internet with children's names . • Work with NTS to provide a link for each region to their website to book rooms. • Develop a program for on-line registration for Regional Meets that will interface with scoring system to streamline the reporting process.

Levels 3-Elite-Including Prep Opt.

Sa~~~~!~e dateljJanuary 14-16, 20Uj 310 Birch St. Columbus Grove, OH 45830 419-659-5789

At the Seagate Center - Toledo, OH



~g [f'(J n@lIlll> nU8wn~~Q Lf'@ Lf'[}u@ W~Oi)Oi)~Oi)@

m.@@~@0i) &IJ)IJ)@[J'@O [?Ql]Oi)@Jg

t ~_ ~[ft} C!l~h ~m1~ ~



* C ae


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• Look into Membership dates to assure that no member expires in March, Ap ril and May so that no coach would be disrupted during heavy meet season. • New films for Judges' Accreditation Program . New films will be available in 2013 for the Judges' Accreditation Program. Introducing new films at this point would disrupt consistency of the test, and involved new computer programming for scoring. Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

JOINT JR. OLYMPIC/TECHNICAL COMMITIEE MEETING MINUTES MAY 10, 2010 DALLAS, TEXAS I. Roll Call: Chairmen Tom Koll & Cheryl Hamilton called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. on May 10th. Technical Committee JO Committee Administrative Committee

Region Region Region Region Region Region Region Region

1 Neela Nelson Dan Witenstein 2 Linda Mulvihill Laurie Reid 3 Carole Bunge Cheryl Jarrett 4 Linda Thorberg Bryon Hough 5 Char Christensen John Geddert 6 Pat Panichas Larry Gold smith 7 Myra Elfenbein Linda Johnson 8 Marian Dykes Brad Harris

Asst. Tech. Comm. Chair NACC Kathy Ostberg

Audrey Schweyer

Meg Doxtator

Vice President - Program JO Program Director Guest- NAWGJ President

Kathy Kelly Connie Maloney Carole Ide

II. Judges' Compensation Package Discussion regarding the mileage reimbursement for judges who drive to meet the carpool. Recommendation for the national office to consider reimbursing full mileage (no deduction of the 30-mile round trip) to all individuals involved in the carpool when renegotiating the Judges' Compensation Package that will be effective August 1, 2010. Motion: P. Panichas Second: M. Elfenbein Passed III. FLOOR EXERCISE CONCERNS A. Clarification: Stag leap forward with leg change (Stag-switch leg leap) will be added to the JO Code under #1.104 = A

B. Recommendation that a double stag jump with 1/1 (360°) turn and double stag leap with 1/1 (360°) turn be valued at "B" (#1.201), effective August 1, 2010. Motion: L. Reid Second: C. Christensen PASSED

Deb Kornegay C. Dance Passage Re-defined In order to allow for more creati vity and simplification , the committees made some changes to the Dance Passage Special

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0 ••• 3-D motion fra mes conta ined w ithin des ign MM15 as shown on AT8800



Requirement (changes in italics type): Recommendation to redefine the Floor Exercise Special Requirement, effective August 1, 2010, as: Dance passage with a minimum of two (2) different Group 1 elements, directly or indirectly connected, one of which is a leap (one foot take-off) requiring a 180° cross or side split position. An indirect connection would allow for running steps, small leaps, hops, chasses, assembles, or any kind of turn on 1 or 2 feet between the two dance Value Part elements. • No pauses or stops are allowed within the dance passage. - Example: Using a lunge preparation that creates a pause prior to a turn on one foot would break the dance passage. • Acro elements performed between the dance value part elements will break the dance passage. • Change in JO Code of Points, pg. 224, 3.d.: Group 1 elements in the dance passage may land on one or both feet as the first and/or second/last element of the dance passage. Rebounding out of a leap/jump is allowed and does NOT constitute a pause or stop. • The leap with 180° split 1. If the cross position is used, it must have the forward leg extended. 2. If the forward leg of one of the two dance value parts finishes in a stag position, it will NOT fulfill the Special Requirement. 3. If the rear leg finishes in a stag position, it WILL fulfill the Special Requirement.

4. The stride leap forward with change of legs to wolf position (#1.404) DOES NOT require a 180° split; therefore it will not fulfill that part of the Special Requirement. • The second (or last) element may also land in a prone or split-sit position. Motion: L Johnson Second: C. Jarrett PASSED As a result of the above changes, delete the following from the JO Code of Points, pg. 224, • 3.a. 2nd bullet: Pivots on two feet and 1/ 1 (360°) turns (or more) on one foot are not permitted because they are stationary. Exception: Chaines turns ... • 3.e. Jumps (take-off from two feet) must land on one foot as the first element and may land on one or both feet for the second (or last) element. D. Clarification for recognizing Dance Value Parts If a dance element is performed that is a variation of an element listed in the JO Code of Points and the root skill is recognizable, it may be given the same value as the root skill and can be used to fulfill the Dance passage Special Requirement. • Example: Tuck jump to prone position = Tuck jump E. Floor Exercise re-wording of the Special Requirement of a Salto performed as the last isolated salto or within the last salto connection, as described in the January 2010 clarifications:

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Delete the reference to "dismount". "Falls on the last salto performed as the I~ last isolated salto or within the last salto connection" a. If the salto was initiated but was not completed to land on the feet first, • deduct 0.50 from the Start Value for not meeting last salto Special Requirement (due to no value) • deduct 0.50 for the fall. b. If the salto was NOT initiated, • deduct 0.50 from the Start Value for not meeting last salto Special Requirement (due to no value) • deduct 0.30 from the Start Value for no attempt to perform a "last salto" • deduct 0.50 for a fall (if a fall occurs) l'!'~


Example: A gymnast performs two tumbling passes early in the routine. Near the end of her exercise, she runs down the diagonal, performs a round-off, flic-flac and then just rebounds and runs backward without a salto (balks). • deduct 0.5 from the Start Value for not fulfilling the Special Requirement of the last salto with the correct value • deduct 0.3 from the Start Value for no attempt to perform a "last salto" element • no deduction for a fall

\ I


That's why I switched ... ---



• •••


F. Performance of an "unallowable" Salto Value Part - as the last salto or last salto within the last salto series Clarification : Add to the JOC Code of Points, pg 225, 4a At Level 8 or 9, if the salto performed to fulfill the "Last Salto" Special Requirement is a Value Part that is not allowed at the specific level, • deduct 0.50 for missing the Special Requirement • deduct 0.30 for no attempt to perform a last salto of value • deduct 0.50 for performing an "unallowable" element for the level

//::'to ProSchool software."





I 1



"\ \ \

\ ! \/







\ \ \





"" "

\ \ \





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G. Dance Connection Bonus Recommendation to allow the same dance element (from Group 1 or 2) to be used in a direct connection on Floor Exercise to receive C+ C (same or different) Connection Value bonus of +0.10, effective August 1, 2010. Motion: J Geddert Second: B. Harris PASSED, 2 opposed

" "-

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H. Coach on the Floor Exercise mat Recommendation to reduce the Chief Judge deduction for coach on the floor exercise mat at Optional levels from 1.00 to 0.50, effective August 1, 2010. Motion: L. Goldsmith Second: B. Hough PASSED 1. Meet protocol on Floor Exercise


Clarification that gymnasts and coaches are permitted to stand around the floor exercise area (and cheer), provided that they do not obstruct the view of the judges and spectators. IV. GENERAL & VAULT A. The committees discussed the possible implementation

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of certain parts of the proposed structure changes for 2013 . Considering the number of changes required for clubs, states and regions to â&#x20AC;˘ accommodate early implementation, no action was taken at this time.

~'~a I,a

B. Warm-up concerns: Reminder to Meet Directors that there must be a minimum of 15 minutes scheduled for General stretch. No equipment may be used (except for bar settings). If a gymnast or coach disregards the rules, and is witnessed by USAG officer or State Committee member, it should be reported on the sanction form. Pre-meet timed warm-ups - If a coach/athlete disregards the timer and exceeds the warm-up time, the timer must report the infraction to the Meet Director or Meet Referee. Pre-meet warm-up on vault clarification: The "timed" precompetition warm-up for vault is based on time (times the number of athletes in the largest squad), NOT on a specific number of vau lts. Only the competition "To uch Warm-up" has a guarantee of a certain number of vaults.) B. Fall deduetion for Bars and Beam . Reeommendation tnat in tne attempt to remount after a fall, tne 9~mnast falls a9ain before tne jud9in9 nas resumed (performin9 an element on bars or beam time resumes), tne 0.50 deduetion VY(Juld not be applied. /\ oti (JfI. T. 1(0 II

Seeond. C. Jarrett DEFEATED C. Vault Runway

Recommendation to allow athletic tape, Velcro strips or small chalk marks to be placed across the width of the vault runway. The markings should be removed no later than at the end of the rotation. Effective immediately. Motion: D. Witenstein Second: L. Goldsmith 12 in favor, 5 against PASSED D. Vault Value change Recommendation for Levels 8-10 to change the value of the following vaults to 7.00: #1.106 1/4 - liz turn on - with repulsion to feet off #4.101 RO, FF on - repulsion to feet off Motion: B. Harris Second: M. Dykes PASSED

E. Foot Form Deduction on Vault

Recommendation for Optional Vault (Levels 7-10) to add a deduction of "up to 0.10" for incorrect foot form in each phase (pre-flight, support, after-flight) of the vault. Motion: N. Nelson Second: A. Schweyer PASSED

F. Level 7 Vault Touch Warm-up Recommendation that for meets/sessions with only Level 7 gymnasts, the competition touch warm-up allow for only two vaults per gymnast. Motion: M. Dykes Second: M. Elfenbein PASSED G. Competition Touch Warm-up on Vault Recommendation to reword #11 on page 28 of the JO Code of Points and page 43, 4.c. in the Rules and Policies as follows: During competition touch warm-up, each athlete is guaranteed a specific number of vaults (jumps over the table). The vault touch warm-up is NOT regulated by time. • After presenting to the judges, gymnasts are allowed one "run back" from the board before the vault attempts are counted. • Level 1- 7 gymnasts are allowed a maximum of two (2) touch warm-up vaults. • Level 8-10 gymnasts are allowed a maximum of three (3) touch warm-up vaults • Each gymnast is allowed to stand on the vault table and jump or salto off one time ONLY, in addition to their specific number of allowable vaults. Motion: P. Panichas Second: L. Mulvihill PASSED, 2 abstentions H. Level 8 Vault Value Recommendation for Level 8 Vault chart to change the value of vault #5.101 (RO, FF 112 on - Handspring off) from 9.10 to 9.20. Motion: B. Harris Second: M. Elfenbein PASSED V. BALANCE BEAM A. New elements performed at the 2010 JO National

Championships: Recommendation to accept the values for the following new Beam elements: 1. Side Aerial to an immediate scale with back leg maintained at a minimum of horizontal for two seconds. (Asi Peko-Region 1) #7.503 Value = E 2. Free aerial walkover forward with 2/1 (720°) twist dismount of the end of the beam (Cammi Muhr-Region 3) #9.402 Value = D Motion: C. Christensen Second: C. Bunge PASSED B. Description of Stretch jump on Beam Recommendation to make the following change of wording in the JO Code of Points (Beam element #2.108) to indicate that the stretch jump no longer is required to move forward or show an arch to receive A value part. 1st illustration: Stretched jump or arch jump 2nd illustration: Stretched jump with 112 turn (180°) 3rd illustration: Stretched jump with change/beat of legs Motion: L. Thorberg Second: B. Hough PASSED C. Clarification of the compositional requirement of use of acrobatic elements in two different directions on Beam in the JO Code of Points, page 147 IV. A. 1. To be con sidered as a forward or sideward element, the element must move through a forward or sideward plane and must be from Groups 1-Mounts, 6-Rolls, 7-Walkovers/ Ca rtwheels and 8-Saltos. A kick-up to handstand - step down is a Group 5 element, and therefore cannot be used to fulfill this compositional requirement.

D. Acro, Mixed and Dance Series Clarifications, page 146, III. in JO Code of Points Recommendation to change the deduction for lack of tempo/poor rhythm between elements performed in a

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~~~~!I~t~1 ~wtt Ylru~us'~I!s;~f'~IIJ

series to up to 0.20 for: • acrobatic (forward acro, counter acro, backward non-flight acro) • mixed series • dance connections Note: The connection of two or more backward acro elements, with a minimum of one flight, is still evaluated as either connected or not connected. If not, deduct 0.50 for missing the Special Requirement and do not award value part credit for the second element IF both elements are the same. Motion: T. Koll Second: A. Schweyer PASSED JO Code of Points: Page 146 Reword Under III. A. 1. Backward Acro flight series a. Arms moving as low as the thighs or further back "after landing" will break the series. E. Beam ELement VaLue changes Recemmefldatiefl te d1aflge tl1e value ef Beam # 2.302 2fld illustratiefl. Startiflg ifl ness fjesitiefl, straddle jumfj witl1 'I. tUff! te nfl;sl1 ifl side stafld frem "E" te "B". MElt;efl. E. BUflge Secefld. A. Scl1v,e:yer DEFEATED

Recommendation to raise the value of Beam #2.306 (see 2nd description) - Pike jump from cross position (hip < 90°) with 3/4 turn (270°) from "c" to "D". Motion: M. Elfenbein Second: C. Jarrett PASSED F. Beam Clarifications: 1. Beam eLement # 5.203 - Balance stand on one foot, free Leg

in sideward upward hold above 140° (2 sec.) may be performed also by hoLding the leg with the hand. 2. Gr. 4 Body waves (#4.101, 4.102, 4.103, 4.201, 4.202, 4.203) add to the description that the balance stand requires a 2 second hold. (#4.204-Toe rise) does not require a 2-second hold . 3. Clarification that any press handstand used as a mount or within the exercise is not required to have a two-second hold to receive valu e part credit. On Page 145 of the JO Code of Points, B. LeveL 7 Special Requirements 1. b. 3) Add to b) There is no hold requirement for a turning handstand OR a press to handstand performed within the exercise. VI. UNEVEN BARS A. Clarification: aLL flyaway dismounts must be initiated from the High Bar in order to receive va lue part credit. B. Extra swings Recommendation that whenever more than one extra swing is performed following a single element, the maximum deduction is 0.60. Motion: T. Koll Second: L. Reid PASSED



C. Level 7 Bar Dismount

Recommendation that, for Level 7 only, no penalty for extra swing be applied if a counter swing is performed prior to salto forward (front flyaway) dismount. Motion: J. Geddert Second: D. Witenstein PASSED D. Clarification on Group 8 - Bar Di smount descriptions Delete the reference to starting position - "( Handstand on HB)" from any dismount currently described as such in the JO Code of Poi nts. E. LeveL 7 and 8 Bars: Circle Element from Group 3, 6 or 7 Special Requirement Recommendation to allow Level 7 and 8 gymnasts to perform the following selected "c" elements for "B" value part credit which may also fulfill the Group 3, 6, 7 Special Requirement: • #6304 Back stalder to handstand, also with half (180°) turn, • #7.309 Piked sole circle backward to handstand, also with half (180°) turn Note: These selected elements are in addition to the Clear hip circle to handstand, also with liz (180°) turn, already permitted at both Level 7 and 8. Motion: D. Witenstein Second: N. Nelson PASSED, 10 in favor, 2 opposed, 7 abstentions VII. Kathy Kelly reported on the recommendations made by the National Administrative Committee in their meeting held on May 9, 2010. Refer to the minutes of the NationaL Adm inistrative Committee. VIII. Petitions Petitions to JO-NIT: Currently petitions are due the Monday before Regionals for those athletes who are unable to compete at the Regional Championships in order to determine the number of extra slots available on a percentage basis for the NIT. Athletes injured at the RegionaL meet had no possibility of petitioning in 2010; however, there were open slots in many of the age divisions. Recommendation to allow additional petitions to the JO-NIT for gymnasts who are injured between the petition deadline up to and including at the Regional Championships. These late petitions must be submitted within two days following the Regional meet. Approval will be based upon meeting the petition requirements as well as available space after qualifiers have been notified. Motion: J. Geddert Second: L. Johnson PASSED VIX. The committees requested that all professional members folLow the proper channels of communication by using the "Hotline" found in the Rules and PoLicies on page xiv. The first point of contact is your State Admini strative Committee Chair; however, technical questions must be copied to the RegionaL Technical Committee Chairman; specific JO program questions to the RegionaL JO Chairman. VX. Level 8 Beam and Floor Recemmefldatiefl te alle" Level 8 g:ymflilsts te fjerferm efle acre E Elfl beam afld efle acre E Elfl fleer exercise te recei ve B


~ ~


F~!i' tV m aDngl1

ilU~v!ltl:i~!)}J ~j;§;L~

nliles,nal'rt·s' eam, al'r

~~" =="",,~,,


eredit, effecti ve AtJgtJst 1, 2010. Motiof!. M. D:ykes Seeof!d . A. Sel1Yie:yer DEFEATED (7 if! favor, 11 ofjfjosed)

VXI. NEW BUSINESS A. BARS 1. Level 10 Bars: Clarification of the specific compositional deduction for Bars for Level 10 only: Squat on LB with or without sole circle to grasp the high bar Level lOs may perform only one element that places the feet on the LB and then jumps from the LB to the HB . If more than one such element is performed, a 0.10 deduction is taken each time. 2. Recommendation to change the wording on BARS, JO Code of Points, Page 66, B.1.b. in regards to two bar changes for Level 9. "A fall from the high bar with continuation of routine (performance of a listed value part element) on the Low Bar is considered as a bar change." Delete the following bulleted sentence: "After a fall, climbing onto the LB, then jump to HB is considered a bar change." Motion: L. Thorberg Second: C. Christensen PASSED 3. Clarification on Bar Technique, JO Code of Points, Pg 57. G. 2. b - Back uprise In order to receive "B" value part credit, the gymnast must show a closed shoulder angle, pulling the shoulders over the

B. BEAM 1. Recommendation to raise Beam elements #7.408 (Flicflac with 3/4 - 1/1 turn before hand support) and #7.411 (gainer flic-flac with 3/4 - 1/1 turn before hand support) from D to E Motion: N. Nelson Second: C. Bunge PASSED 2. Recommendation to raise the value of Beam element #7.402 - D (last description/illustration) Free (aerial) walkover forward to land on two feet (Davidson) to #7.502 - E. Motion: T. Koll Second: L. Johnson PASSED C. BEAM & FLOOR EXERCISE

Recommendation to add a deduction of "up to 0.10" on beam and floor exercise for "Failure to perform value parts from the turn category in high releve." M. Dykes L. Thorberg PASSED Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 16, 2011 following JO Nationals/ JO-NIT in Long Beach, California. Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

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