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INTERNATIONAL ELITE COMMITTEE JAN 27, 2010 coaches with Brian at Fairland. "Everyone knew about his plan but me . They announced the judges for the meet, we walked out, and Brian grabbed the microphone and asked for everyone's attention, then came over and proposed to me." Beth said, "YES!" She added, "I knew it was coming but I didn't know when. I was very excited . It was beautiful. " The gymnastics coaching couple have not yet set a date, but will be married someti~e in

2010 . Congratulations to Brian and Beth. ~ ~=~=~


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Chairman Coach Representatives Alternate National Team Coordinator Women's Program Director

Steve Rybacki Marvin Sharp Andy Memmel Mihai Brestyan Martha Karolyi Gary Warren

I. 2010 TOP Skills changes The committee met to review and approves the final changes to the 2010 TOP Skills testing Motion Sharp Second Memmel PASSED

II. Qualification to Championships from Training Camp Verifications The committee discussed the possibility of Non National Team Members being permitted to qualify to Championships from full set verification at the Developmental and National Team Training Camps. Currently, because of their training and competition requirements, this is only allowed for current National Team Members. After discussion on this subject, the committee felt that Non National Team Members would still need to qualify to Championships through their normal methods of National Elite Qualifiers and/or Classics. There was no motion put to the committee. III. TOP 8 year olds at National Testing The committee continued discussion on the possibility of testing 8 year olds at the National TOP Testing. Steve asked the IEC members (along with the ADC Committee) to develop Skill Testing ideas to be reviewed at the February IEC meeting.

IV. Samantha Shapiro funding The committee approved funding for Samantha Shapiro at $500.00 per month for the first quarter of 2010. Motion: Brestyan Second: Sharp PASSED

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Technique Magazine - March 2010  

Technique Magazine - March 2010