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EVENTS 2010 JANUARY 15-18 16 22-24 29-31

Acrobatic Gymnastics Super Clinic AcraBasics Course National Elite Qualifier (W) Sand Dollar Natl. Elite Qualifier (W) Metraplex

4-6 11-14 12-14 19-21

Winter Cup (M) Rhythmic Challenge (R) Natl. Elite Qualifier (W) All Olympia Natl. Elite Qualifier (W) Buckeye

JULY Tampa, FL Tampa, FL Orlando, FL Dallas, TX

FEBRUARY Las Vegas, NV Colorado Springs, CO Los Angeles, CA Columbus, OH

MARCH 5 5-9 26-27

Nastia liukin Cup (W) JO and National Team Training Camp (AG) Tyson American Cup (M/W) USA Gym. Collegiate Champs (M)

Worcester, MA Huntsville, TX Worcester, MA Colorado Springs, CO

APRIL Women's NCAA Regionals Men's NCAA Championships USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (W) Women's NCAA Championships XIV IntI. H. Chmielewski Tournament (AG) Pacific Rim (M/W/TT/ AG) 29-Nu-{2 3O-Nu-{ 2 Level 9 East/West (W) 10 15-17 15-17 22路24 28-May 2

various sites Westpoint, NY Denton, TX Gainesville, FL Swidnica, Poland Melbourne, AUS TBD

MAY 4-9 6-9 6-11 9 21 22-24

Men's JO National Championships Women's JO National Championships Volkov Cup (AG) National Invitational Tournament Acrobatic Gymnastics World Team Trials World Championship Training Camp (AG)

Knoxville, TN Dallas, TX St. Petersburg, Russia Dallas, TX Huntsville, TX Huntsville, TX

JUNE 27-Ju~2


Trampoline and Tumbling JO Nationals Chicago Cup/Rhythmic JO Nationals

10-12 14-18 17 23-25 23-25 25-28 TBD

Acrobatic Gymnastics World Age Group Competition Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships Rhythmic National Qualifier National Elite Qualifer (AG) CoverGiri Classic (W) Acro JO National Championships Men's National Qualifier

8-19 11-14 11 12-14

Youth Olympic Games Visa Championships (M,W,R,TT and AG) Annual Business Conference National Congress and Trade Show

1-5 18 19-26

Senior Pan Am Championships (M/W) National Gymnastics Day Rhythmic World Championships


Guadalajara, Mexico Everywhere Moscow


World Artistic Championships (M/W)

4-7 11-13 17-19

Future Stars Championships/Coaches Workshop (M) Colorado Springs, CO Trampoline World Championships (TT) Metz, France International Age Group Championships (TT) Metz, France

Rollerdam, NED



JULY 10-16

World Gymnaestrada (GG)

Lausanne, SUI

OaOBER World Artistic Championships (M/W)

Tokyo, JPN

Virginia Beach, VA Chicago, IL

TR = Trampoline M= Men IT =TrampolinelTumbling

GG = Group Gymnastics

NOTE: Dates and events subject to change or cancellation.


Singapore Hartford, CT Hartford, CT Hartford, CT


8-1 6

W= Women R= Rhythmic AG =Acrobatic Gymnastics B=Business


Wroclaw, Poland Wroclaw, Poland TBD Kissimmee, FL TBD Kissimmee, FL Colorado Springs, CO

TU = Tumbling


Steve Penny EDITOR

Luan Peszek

2 0 1 0 · VOLUME 30. #1


What you Need to Know Before you Borrow Money: The Five C's of Lending and Leasing


National Gymnastics Day


Club Corner


Achilles Tendonitis in Gymnastics


Grant Glas

USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chair: Peler Vidmar Vice-Chair: Paul Parillo Senetary: Gary Anderson Treasurer: Morris Jim Nalional Membership -Women: Tom Koll National Membership -Women: Steve Rybacki Nalional Membership -Men: Yaichi Tomita National Membership -Men: Russ Fystrom National Membership - Rhythmic: Brooke Bushnell-Toohey National Membership -Trampoline & Tumbling: George Drew National Membership -Anobatic Gymnas~cs: Dr- Jay Binder Advisory Council: Mike Burns Advisory Council: Ron Ferris Advisory Council: Mike lorenzen Athlete Diredor -Women: Kim Zmeskal Athlete Diredor -Men: John Roethl~berger Athlete Diredor - Rhythmic: Jessica Howard Athlete Diredor -Trampoline & Tumbling: Karl Heger Athlete Diredor -Anobatic Gymanstics: Michael Rodrigues Public Sector: Frank Marshall Public Sedor: Bitsy Kelley Public Sector: Jim Morris Public Sedor: Mary lou Renon

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USA GYMNASTICS MESSAGE Happy New Year! It's January and individuals and businesses alike are developing

resolutions for the New Year. At USA Gymnastics, we are doing the same, making a pledge to continue discovering new ways to support growth , increase visibility, win medals, and provide outstanding customer service. We remain optimistic on the continued growth of the sport, because we have seen an increase in membership numbers over the past year, despite the sluggish economy. Challenges still exist, which serve as motivation to keep the wheels in motion as much as possible. As part of the ongoing effort to create new opportunities in the sport, we are developing new events at the national level for more athletes. Among those is the introduction of the Nastia Liukin Cup, scheduled for March 5, 2010, at the DCU Center in Worcester, Mass. USA Gymnastics is working with 15 events within the Nastia Liukin Cup Series to select more than 30 Level 9, 10 and/ or elite athletes to compete on the podium the night prior to the Tyson American Cup. These athletes will be provided with a "national team" experience and spend time with the reigning Olympic all-around champion along with other international gymnastics stars. We have been working on an ever-growing television schedule with our partners at NBC/ Universal Sports. In 2010, we expect to televise the Nastia Liukin Cup and provide expanded coverage of our premier events- Tyson American Cup, Pacific Rim Championships, Visa Championships-and the CoverGirl Classic. 2010 will be a very busy year for all of our disciplines. World Championships are scheduled for everyone, providing plenty of opportunity for increased exposure and coverage of gymnastics. For the first time, the IDC is hosting the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore this August. USA Gymnastics hopes to be represented in all Olympic disciplines by our junior athletes in the Youth Olympic Games. USA Gymnastics is keeping membership fees constant for 2010-11 and upgrading our technology to make it easier for members to do business on a day-to-day basis. We plan to unveil the new Levell on-line course as part of USA Gymnastics University in the first quarter of 2010 and will make that available at no additional charge for professional members. As 2010 gets unde rway, we are already planning for the Visa Championships and USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show in Hartford, Conn., Aug. 11-14. All five disciplines once again will be featured: men, women, rhythmic, trampoline and tumbling, and acrobatic gymnastics. The Connecticut Convention Center is the site for the Congress, and we believe this year's event will be one of the biggest and best in history. Let's all make this a great 2010! See you in the Gym,

Steve Penny President & CEO



2010 WolU{OllT

Alpha Factor

& . WEAR CATALOG aerials

Alpha Factor

~. aerials

Winter/Spring Volume 48

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IIGo Hard or Go

Home" Scorebook See catalog for details.

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L 515路36813 L


12 .": ~ "

e all know that money and our ability to manage it is what keeps our facilities running smoothly. Usually how we handle our cash flow needs can be the primary factor in whether the business runs smoothly and in some cases whether we, as owners, get paid. In the course of arranging financing for businesses all over the country, including some Children's Activity Centers (CACs), I have found that many gym owners have not prepared themselves and their businesses for borrowing money when the time comes to expand, consolidate debt or make purchases. The process of borrowing money for financing a building, equipment, or refinancing existing debt is similar in that all can be time consuming for the CAC owner, and even more so when the owner is busy with teaching classes or coaching competitive programs. In an attempt to help CAe's be better prepared when it comes time to borrow money, I have developed a fivestep checklist for the borrower to refer to before the search for funding. All five are equally important and must be addressed ahead of time . Deficiency in anyone category can sink the borrower's ability to get financing. By addressing these five specific areas early, the CAC owner can make the financing process go much more smoothly and greatly enhance their ability to get funding.



credit and your business credit. Personal credit is what we are most familiar with. Unfortunately, it is widely misunderstood by the very consumers who depend on it. Even when you are applying for a business loan or lease, your personal credit is just as important as your busin ess credit. While I have to stress to you that I am not a licensed credit counselor, there are a few pointers I can share with you. First, in many cases the rate charged to you for borrowing is a direct reflection of your credit score. The better the score, the lower the rate . In order to get the best rates your credit score must be in the mid 700's. 1. Credit cards with high balances hurt your score, but so do not having any revolving credit. Try to keep all credit card balances between 25%-50% of the credit limit to maximize your score . Even if you have to carry a lot of revolving debt, it is better to have four cards at 50% of the high credit limit rather than two cards that are maxed out.


2. Late payments kill your credit score. In addition, you will have to write a detailed explanation justifyi ng every late payment on your cred it report, even those dating back several years. Avoid rolling lates, which happens once you get behind by more than 30 days and it rolls over to the next month. As you make the payment, you are actually paying last month's bill and this recurs over several months, thus creating several sequential 30 day late notices on your credit report.

Credit is probably the single most problematic area that I have seen. While all of us know we have a credit score and that it is important, I have found that many don't realize just how important it is, or how to protect and en hance it. First, there are two different types of credit ratings you need to be concerned with, your personal

3. Collections and judgments, especially within the last two years, drop your score dramatically. The medical bill that you disputed and refused to pay can end up in collections and will show up on your report. Avoid this at all costs. Wh en paying off collections (or any debt for that matter) be sure to get a receipt or written letter showing the balance


is paid and in good standing, or closed. Collection agencies are notorious for reporting negative, but not positive credit activity. 4. A lack of diversity in types of credit will hurt your credit score . Having only one type of credit is not going to build your score . You need to have revolving (credit cards), installment (car loans, etc.) and mortgage lines all in good standing for at least 24 months in order to create the best possible credit file. 5. Too many lines of credit and/or too many inquiries. If you have too many open lines, even though you may not be using them, can also trigger a reduction in score . But even more important is the number of inquiries on your credit file. Whenever you apply for a credit card, get an insurance quote, shop for a mortgage refinance, get a new cell phone, rent a car using a debit card, or sometimes even apply for a job, there will be a coincidi ng inquiry to your credit status . Too many inquiries in a 90 day period can be detrimental to your credit score. In general, a score will go down approximately five points for 30 days with each inquiry. Additionally, when applying for credit, recent inquiries may have to be explained in a letter to the lender.

CREDIBILITY Credibility is all about the amount of experience you have in your industry. While it is always more difficult to finance a new business, the amount of time you have worked in the industry and what management positions you have held will be crucial to your ability to borrow money. A strong personal resume will go a long way in convincing a lender that you are worthy of their risk. If you are an existing facility, your time in business, the strength of your financial statements, community involvement, and business accomplishments all combine to create a type of resume for the business . Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, your personal resume is equally important in creating credibility for the company. Here are some things you can do to best present yourself and your company to potential lenders:

information that can confuse, distract or even bore a potential lender. 3. For existing businesses, make sure your business plan has a history of the business included. This history should note competitive accomplishments, but also community invo lvement such as awards. If your gym feeds the homeless on Thanksgiving Day or sponsors community events, these things should be included . Include copies of news articles, brochures, and marketing materials. 4. Make sure your personal financial statement and all company financials are in good shape. When your house is in order, it speaks to your level of responsibility. Th e single biggest mistake CAC owners make is to wait too long to get financial assistance when things are tough. While breaking even or just showing a slight loss on your P&L's will not completely kill your chances of getting funded, the stronger your financial position on paper, the better your chances. 5. What's good for your tax return is not necessarily beneficial to your quest for new funding options . As small business owners, we want as much return from our business as possible, while showing the smallest net profit lin e possib le. The reason for this is clear. If your net profit is low, you will have a lot less in taxes to pay. If you are an LLC or an 5-corp, this profit shows up on your personal tax return. However, lenders look at the profitability of your company as an in dication of the relative health of the business. 50 having a high net profit better ensures your viabi lity to the lender as a good risk. By the way, a low net profit can also limit your return when you decide to sell the business.

1. Make sure your personal resume shows roles in management, even if outside of the industry. 2. A well thought out business plan for both start-u ps and existing businesses will speak towards your credibility. Beware of software programs designed to help you put together a business plan . Most are not for service-oriented businesses and will create a business plan with a cookiecutter look to them. Many will include chapter and section headings that have little or nothing to do with a CAe. Unfortunately, instead of just deleting these sections, borrowers usually try to fill these sections in with irre levant



6. Keeping your financials accurate and up to date on in-hou se accounting software will make your life much easier in the long run . When a lender asks for current or historical profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow reports or even asset lists (equipment lists), having them essentially at your fingertips can save you time and money. Also, having up-to-date spreadsheets tracking all aspects of your business can help paint a fuller picture than just your tax returns. There are spreadsheet templates out there for you to track different revenue and expense categories and allow you to compare them to the industry standards.

CAPITAL Every lender wants to be comfortable knowing that you have the ability to pay back the loan or lease. And even though you need their money to buy the building or equipment, the lender will want you to contribute a portion of the purchase price. Even when restructuring debt where nothing new is being purchased, and even if you are getting loan proceeds for working capital, you will still have to provide some funds for a down payment. What's interesting here is that the more money you have available (thus the less need you have for financing), the better chance you have of getting financed. In a variation of an old adage, "It takes money to borrow money." The amount of money you will need varies according to the type of transaction. For example, any loan that does not incl ude real estate you can expect a requirement of at least 10% down payment and usually a 20% down payment. However, an equipment lease can require as little as a security deposit equa ling one or two payments and will usually demand significantly less upfront cash than what is required for a loan. The down payment requirement for real estate loans can vary as well. Traditional commercial real estate lenders generally look for 20% down payment or more, depending on the type of property. But SBA programs can lower the down payment requirements to 10%. Th ere are also some other, more aggressive programs out there where you can get as little as 3% required down payment, but those programs are at a higher interest rate and are difficult to qualify for. So, no matter what you need money for, be prepared to provide some of your own funds, no matter the amount of collateral you may have.

CAPACITY Your Profit and Loss Statement, Balan ce Sheet and business tax returns will all speak to the business's ability to pay back any new debt. If these financial documents are not strong enough to demonstrate the business's CAPACITY for repayment, then in order to give a level of comfort to the lender, the company will have to demonstrate new revenue in the form of projections or a Pro Forma . If the borrower is using the money to purchase equipment, he/she will have to demonstrate how the added equipment will generate more revenue for the company. The same holds true when adding on to your building or moving to a larg er facility. But what if you are restructuring existing debt? In this case you are



not adding new revenue, yet have to demonstrate the ability to pay back the loan. If your existing financial documents are not strong enough to carry the new debt load, the Pro Forma becomes criti cal once again. In every industry there are natural business cycles, usually based on the calendar year. But in the CAC industry, specifically gymnastics, there is a four year cycle as well. For examp le, most clubs can expect a boost in revenues in the year following the Olympics. A Pro Forma showing the increased business, backed up by historical financial documents showing similar increases for past Olympic years might be enough to satisfy a lender, even if your financial documents do not show the company has the current ability to repay the loan and no new revenue streams are expected from the use of the loan proceeds. This scenario would be strengthened by a strong credit score for both the business and th e borrower, as well as healthy reserves. In any case, even if your credit and credibi lity are perfect and you have healthy reserves, you will still have to prove your ability to pay back all funds borrowed.

COLLATERAL For any loan request you have, the first question from the lender is always about you r credit and the second is about COLLATERAL. Obviously if you are buying a building for your company then the building is your collateral. Sim ila rly, equipment is the collateral for loans or leases used for that purpose. But what if you want to buy a building and need money for the build out? Most buildings are not suited for CAC use without renovations. And if there is not enough equity in the building for you to borrow more than the purchase price, then there could be some potential problems in getting the financing you want. On equipment loans and leases you may need as much as a two to one ratio of collateral to debt in some cases, especially if the



Shouldn't Hurt






w <.:l Z



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;fi,,,1 )r){'? 1

(800) 331-4362

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nce again, gymnastics clubs across the country put forth their best efforts and raised nearly $150,000 for the Children's Miracle Network. Since USA Gymnastics first partnered with Children's Miracle Network in 2001, the gymnastics community has donated more than $1 million to the cause . Gym clubs and their members raised money as part of their celebrations for National Gymnastics Day through the Tyson Fitness Challenge. The Tyson Fitness Challenge is a joint initiative of USA Gymnastics and Tyson Foods that helps today's kids get more physically fit through fun activities and raises money to help kids who are fighting illness at Children's Miracle Network hospitals around the country. "Young kids make an incredible difference when they work for those who really need it/' said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "The Children's Miracle Network helps save



the lives of kids every day, and USA Gymnastics appreciates everything the gymnastics community does with the Tyson Fitness Challenge and National Gymnastics Day to benefit such a worthwhile cause." The 2009 Tyson Fitness Challenge and National Gymnastics Day served as catalysts for the fundraising efforts of the top club and individuals for the Children's Miracle Network. Gymnastics World of Broadview Heights, Ohio, once again led the way, raising a total of $28,936.26 with the individual winner, Abby Villenauve, producing $7,250 of that total. Gymnastics World has been the top fundraising club for the last three years . The top three clubs and individual participants receive prizes from AAI, Tyson and USA Gymnastics. The top three clubs that raised the most money for Children's Miracle Network in 2009 are listed on the next page .



I I b¡


Let's Meet the Winners By Mary Kate Oreovicz

USA Gymnastics talked to the winners to learn more about their fundraising efforts. Here's what they had to say.

Ron Ganim: Yes, through our local cities, we sponsor up to three needy families every Christmas season . After receiving each family's "Wish List/' the kids that wish to participate pick a gift tag off of the paper tree in our lobby, purchase, wrap and return the gift to us. Last year alone, our kids purchased more than 120 gifts, bringing the spirit of Christmas to six adults and 11 children . The beautiful part of this is that all gifts, as well as the receiving families, are anonymous. We do not know who they are; they do not know it was the Gym and Cheer World kids that bought the gifts. USA Gymnastics: What is your favorite memory

from this year's fundraiser? Ron Ganim: We love the ingenuity of some of the girls! A few had lemonade stands in their neighborhoods. Our high school girls placed canisters in a few local restaurants and raised $190.00, but the best was Abby Villenauve, who conducted a raffle for various prizes, including I-Touch and I-Pods. $10 gave you one chance to win, $20 gave you three chances .... etc. In all, Abby Raised $7,250! USA Gymnastics: How did you encourage your students to participate in the fundraiser this year?

1 st Place Winner: Gymnastics World, Broadview Heights, Ohio Club Owners - Joan and Ron Ganim Gymnastics World, Broadview Heights, Ohio, $28,936.26, taking its seven-year total to $151,887.26

Ron Ganim : Quite simply whenever the timing is right, we talk to the kids about being a good person and how their participation in the CMN effort will help their journey. We speak of an obligation to help others; opportunity to grow; and how selfless acts help us feel good about ourselves.

USA Gymnastics: Why did you decide to help

raise money for the Children's Miracle Network?

USA Gymnastics: How would you encourage other clubs to participate in fundraising for the

Ron Ganim: It has always been our belief that we are teachers first and coaches second. Part of being a teacher involves looking at the total child, not just the athletic side. This responsibility as a teacher invokes the need to find ways that help parents and community raise the child to be a good person. And, being a good person, in part, means helping others. CMN gave us the opportunity to teach the kids that when everyone does a little, we can make the world a better place to live.

Children's Miracle Network next year?

USA Gymnastics: Does your club take part in

any other charitable fundraisers?

Ron Ganim: If a coach is only a coach, they will not participate so it really doesn't matter what we say here. However, for those who believe that teaching the child is more important than coaching the gymnast in them, they will find a way to take the time, exert the effort, and reap the benefits of having a gym full of great kids, thereby making the coaching efforts more enjoyable and more productive . The amount of money raised is secondary to the concept of giving children the opportunity to become a contributing member of society.




2nd Place Winner: Northern Elite Gymnastics & Cheer - Flanders, New Jersey Club Owner - Noreen Cacchione Northern Elite, Flanders, N.J, $21 ,065.49 USA Gymnastics: Why d id y ou decide to help

raise money for the Children's Miracle Network? Noreen Cacchione: Last year we were invited b y CMN to participate in an event at the Children 's Speci alized Hospital to kick off the Tyson Fitness Challenge. We were a new gym and ou r team kids love to d o exhibitions so we went with the idea that they could use their skills to help out. Everyone we met at this event had a giving heart and a positive attitude, including the patients. It felt g re at to be a part of something so special. Our gymnasts left that hospital determ ined to make a change . And t heir success just makes us all want to do mo re! W e are just getting started . USA Gymnastics: Does your club ta ke part in

any other charitable fundraisers ? Noreen Cacchione: Yes, we do as much as we can , b ut Children 's Mi racl e Network is our favorite! USA Gymnastics: What is your favorite memory

from this year's fundraiser? Noreen Cacchione: The energy that filled the gym as every ch ild gave their all in preparation for our show "Mi racles ." The generous spirit throughout the gym was contagious! Every person involved will instantly sm ile when you ask them about Northern Elite's " Mi racles ." It was a HUGE feel-good memory! USA Gymnastics: How did you encourage your students to participate in the fundraiser his year?

CLUB TOTAL Gymnastics World, Broadview Heights, OH $27,936.26 Northern Elite, Flanders, NJ $21,065.49 Flip Fest, Crossville, TN $14,318.75 California Sports Centers, San Jose, CA $11 ,943.53 Arizona Sunrays, Phoenix, AZ. $9,593 .76 AZ. KTAR FM, Glendale, AZ. $6,180.00 Reg ion 6 Auction, Boston, MA $5,979.00 West Valley Gymnastics, Campbell, CA $5,088.90 Aim High Academy, East Greenwich, RI $3,874.04 Discover Gymnastics, Houston, TX $3,501.00 Ten Point 0 Gymnastics, Ridgeville, OH $2,500.00 Olympiad Gymnastics, St Lou is, MO $2,286.30 Queen City Gymnastics, Cincinnati, OH $2,085.00 All Star Gymnastics, Harvey, LA $2,000.00 All Star Gyms, KS $2,000.00 Dynamite Academy, Waterbury, CT $2,000.00 1st Class Gymnastics, Lackawanna, PA $1,659.44 TNT Gymnastics & Fitness, Jacksonville, FL $1 ,560.00 Online donation $1,41 1.00 Sonsh ine Academy, Conway, AR $1,297 .01 American School of Gymnastics, Wilbraham, MA $1,280.07 Shenandoah Tumblers, Winchester, VA $1,400.00 Legacy Gymnastics, Lexi ngton, KY $1, 141.50 Jump Start Gymnastics $762.50 Leaps N Bounders, Trevose, PA $745.00 SIGS Sportplex, New Albany, NY $745.00

Gym South Gymnastics & Cheerieading, Fayetteville, GA $708.37 $683.00 $665.00 $654.75 $650.00 $608 .00 $595.00 $591 .00 $533.00 $522.00 $493 .00 $447.80 $423.50 $423.00 $400.00 $327 .84 $300.00 Janet's All-Star Cheerieading, Gym and Dance, Wright, KS $285.00 Metro Gymnastics Center, Tigard, O R $277 .13 Technique Gymnastics, Rancho Cordova, CA $275.00 Frisco Gymnastics Center, Frisco, TX $220.00 Starz Gymnastics, Omaha, NE $217.50 DMG Inc, Lafayette, IN $200.00 Illinois Gymnastics Institute Inc., Westmont, IL $180.00 Sharp'S Gymnastics Academy, Indianapolis, IN $160.00 Hartland Gymnastics Academy, Howell, MI $150.00 Patti's All American, Dyer, IN $141.00 Rutgers Gymnastics $140.55 Naples Progressive Gymnastics, Naples, FL $1 00.00 Flip 2 It, Rosevillle, CA $100.00 Danik Gymnastics, Eagle, 10 $87 .81 Flagstaff Gymnastics, Flagstaff, AZ. $65.00 Youngsters Inc., Yuba City, CA $50.00 Leaps N Bounds, Fairfield, ME $50.00 Firehouse Gym, Johnsbu rg, IL $40.00 Los Alamos Flyers, Los Alamos, CA $40.00 The Little Gym of Lake Osago, OR $29.00 Monroe County YMCA, Bloomington, IN $20.00 The Little Gym, Beaverton , OR $5.00 The Little Gym of Nightsda le, Nightsda le, NC Countryside Gymnastics, Fayetteville, NC Santa Cruz Gymnastics Center, Santa Cruz, CA Inspire Ath letics, Elkhart, IN WI SC, Williamsburg, VA Palm Valley, Harlingen, TX Champions Academy, Morgan Hill, CA Online donation I & M Gymnastics, Channahon, IL Gymnastics Academy of Boston, Plainville, M A Atlantic Gymnastics Training Center, Dover, NH Emerald City Gymnastics, Ft Walton Beach, FL The Gymnastics Academy of Plainville Gymnastics, Etc., Sulphur, LA North Florida Gymnastics, Jacksonville, FL CS Gymnastics Inc, Flanders, NJ

TOTAL: $147,613.80



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has the sales potential of Only 9K, t. vorite gymnasts, AmerIca sa. . and like Nastia Llukm Shawn Johnson.

LlJ 13 [: [] I~ I~ I: I~ THE SWING HIGH PROJECT 2004 Olympic Team Silver-Medalist Michelle Dusserre Farrell knows all about hard work, dedication and discipline from being an Olympian . Now, she's using those same talents to pursue a different goal , "The Swing High Project" to help children with disabilities have accessible playgrounds. Farrell's daughter Abby was born with Spina Bifida (a birth defect of the spinal cord). Farrell , whose two daughters have been involved with gymnastics from a young age , knows how important a playground and physical activity can be to children . Farrell has been raising funds through "The Swing High Project" for about three-and-a half years . Recently she worked with two clubs in her area, Colorado Aerials in Colorado Springs,



Colo., and Sundance Gymnastics in Monument, Colo ., who held cartwheel-a-thons to raise funds for the playground . The efforts raised another $7,000, which helped to earn the last bit needed to begin the p roject. Farrell, a 2006 USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame member, has a bachelor's degree in nutrition and a master's degree in exercise science . She's worked at the United States Olympic Committee in Sports Partnership from 2000-06 and was a member of the NBC Research Division for the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games broadcast. She's now the founder and president of The Swing High Project! We caught up with Michelle and asked her a few more details about the project. We wanted to share her success story with the gymnastics community!

Tell me about your daughter and why it is so important to build an accessible playground? Abby was born with Spina Bifida . She can walk, but it is difficult, and most of the time she uses a wheelchair. When she was a baby, we went to the playground and it was there I realized that the most introductory form of physical activity for kids, where they can play and interact with their peers, provided a host of barriers to Abby. Sand is the first preventative barrier, followed by steps and stairs. Kids using assistive devices can't even get near the action. Abby and her peers with disabilities want to play and interact with their able-bodied peers, and it's an extremely important developmental activity. Without access, she can't play and explore the world inde-

pendently, or have that critical social interaction with her peers. Studies have shown that spontaneous play has huge cognitive benefits, but most kids with disabilities must be forced to play in very controlled and programmed arenas (usually physical therapy) because of access and safety. A universally accessible playground will allow our kids with disabilities to play alongside their able-bodied peers. Equally as important, it will show kids who are ablebodied that kids with disabilities can play, have fun, be creative, smart and talented if given the chance (and access) to shine! I know you've had both of your daughters in gymnastics. How has gymnastics helped Abby? Gymnastics has created a wonderful opportunity for her to develop physically. Being side by side with her peers, her motivation to perform everyday skills was greatly enhanced . When she would watch her friend reach down and pick up a beanbag, climb the rope, do a pullover, she wanted to do it, too! This did not happen in physical therapy. Her ability to acquire "Activities for Daily Living" (ADLs) improved dramatically, and her independence is greatly enhanced. It may not be the best option for all kids with disabilities, but as we realized, it shouldn't be ruled out as an option . This is why it is so important for all kids to have peer interaction during play; they gain so much more . Tell me about your fundraiser to raise funds for the playground? We held cartwheel-a-thons at Colorado Aerials in Colorado

Springs, Colo., and at Sundance Gymnastics in Monument, Colo ., in conjunction with National Gymnastics Day. We raised about $7,000 total, and we began construction on our playground in October. We have been raising funds for three-and-a-half years, and this helped us to raise the last bit needed to cover some additional expenses and get started on the project. It was during a conversation with two great friends of mine (Cheryl Jarrret and Lori Forster) that we realized the power of gymnastics can be so great and can do so much for the community. We then challenged local gymnast ics clubs to help raise money for this community cause, and the result was fantastic! What hoops did you have to jump through to build the playground? How did you get the land? Is it near your house? Did you have to get approvals? Did you have to find a company willing to do it? We went to the City of Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation, and they were 100% behind the idea . Colorado Springs has a fantastic adaptive recreation program and is also one of the fittest cities in the nation, so they believe strongly in opportunities for recreation for all citizens . There are about 8,400 citizens between the ages of 5-20 in EI Paso County that have some degree of noninstitutionalized disability, and the closest fully accessible playground is about 75 miles away, so for them this was a win-win . We have acquired the space at a current city park. The playground is central to Colorado Springs (Memorial Park, about 1 mile from the U.S. Olympic

Training Center, and just down the road from a major outpatient rehabilitation center). This will become a city owned and operated playground, so th e city has taken on the process of finding companies who will build it, etc. When will the playground be completed? Hopefully, February weather cooperates!) .



How will it benefit kids like Abby? She will feel included and have the same developmental opportunities as her peers. Yo u think of what happens on the playground (physical activity, role play, imaginative play, negotiation, leadership, conflict resolution) and these are things that kids with disabilities have missed out on. What advice do you have for others who take on a project such as this one? We obviously have a strong passion because there is a personal connection . There is such a benefit to this type of project and the story just really speaks for itself, but it can be tough at times. I must continue to remind myself that this is too important of a project for it to not happen, and the more I tell the story and why it's important, the more momentum it builds. If you have a strong cause and passion, just keep telling the story and spreading the word. Most people who become connected to the project either know Abby or have met Abby, and it's that personal connection with Abby that has helped the process move. She spoke to the City Council,



and they immediately supported the cause because they formed a personal connection with her. It's like The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell, you have to keep working on ways to get the idea to "tip" and for the "it" to take off. What setbacks have you had throughout the project? In February 2008, Abby became very sick with an issue related to her spina bifida and she was in critical condition . One doctor described her condition as "knocking on death's door." I had to put my efforts for the project on hold. It was such a strong reminder that kids with fragile medical conditions and disabilities have so many challenges and issues to deal with, that the simple things in life have so much more meaning and significance . These kids deserve to have these basic rights. Fortunately, Abby fought back and is doing fine now. What great revelations have you had throughout the project? There have been times during this project that I think my time as an athlete and Olympian have all been preparation for taking on a project like this. I look at it as living the ideals of Olympism . Being an Olympian, you realize that living these ideals is a far greater responsibility that extends beyond athletic accomplishments, and now we will be impacting an underserved community to make a difference . And the great thing about the fundamental principles of Olympism is that you don't have to be an Olympian to live these .




SUNDANCE GYMNASTICS Kathy and Steve Clowes, owners of Sundance Gymnastics in Monument, Colo., heard about the great cause and decided to help out. "We were planning to do a National Gymnastics Day celebration so the money we raised went towards Michelle's cause of building an accessible playground for kids," said Kathy Clowes. "It's a great opportunity to get our kids involved in the community and to use our talents to help other people." The event raised more than $6,000 with the help of all of the Sundance Gymnastics team members. 2004 Olympic team silver-medalist Brett McClure and Geoff Corrigan signed autographs and helped with the day. The club gave prizes to the kids who could do the most cartwheels in a minute, plus the team kids did exhibitions and a leo sale was conducted . Kathy Clowes said, "We had never done anything like this before - we are a relatively new gym (started competitive gym 5 years ago) - we wanted to help our community. It was a great way to get involved!"

COLORADO AERIALS Tom and Lori Forster own Colorado Gymnastics and have three gyms. All three of their gyms participated in the National Gymnastics Day cartwheel-a-thon and silent auction to benefit the Swing High project. In fact, the gym has helped to fundraise for the Project for the last three years! "We wanted to help another non-profit organization and we selected the Swing High Project," said Tom Forster. "Michelle 's daughter Abby takes gymnastics here and this is a great cause; plus we wanted our girls on our teams to learn about community service. We wanted to pick something in our community and be a part of helping out!" Colorado Aerials has raised a total of $15,000 for the project over the last three years and still has more fundraisers in the works. Tom Forster said, "We are doing another fundraiser with a jewelry sale and we also do corporate sponsorships for our meet/ gym and 10% of the money goes to the Swing High Project. "1\

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LlJ 13 [: [] I~ I~ I: I~

Operation Christmas Child By Christine Mcilhenny For a day or two in November, Cumberland Gymnastics, in Carlisle, Pa., becomes a bit like Santa's workshop! Head Coach Melanie Heckert, and her team of approximately 50 girls and parents, wrap and stuff shoeboxes for young boys and girls in need. The boxes are shipped off to North

Carolina to the staff of Samaritan's Purse, who then ships the boxes overseas to various countries where children in need will receive them as Christmas gifts for Operation Christmas Child. Last year was the first year the Cumberland Gymnasts took on the task with a goal to fill 100

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shoeboxes and they ended up filling 200. Th is year the goal was to double that number and, by the end, 420 boxes were filled with towels, soap, toothbrushes and paste, school supplies, socks, candy, play doh, and toys! Coach Heckert plans to continue the program as families have generously contributed bulk items as well as time to this fun and rewarding project. To learn more about the project go to X

The Licking County Family YMCA Gymnastics Team (pictured left) from Newark, Ohio, held a meet called "Flip for a Cure," and raised $1,000.00 to The Susan Komen Cancer Fund. The girls were proud to be able to donate to such an important cause. X

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Scholarships in Clubs follow economic trends closely and I began to prepare personally and professionally for rocky economic times in October, 2001. One thing Kids First did was to create a Scholarship Program . Early attempts had numerous oversights or 'holes' which one by one we have closed. My hope in writing this article is that our experience will eliminate missteps for you. I have elected to offer my thoughts in bulleted fashion . Please pay special attention to the italicized words :


• Kids First has a limited number of scholarships available for worthy families. We do not divulge how many scholarships we have nor do we divulge criterion for acceptance. Frankly, we do not know how many we have and our criterion is constant ly evolving. We have decided to give scholarships 'until it hurts.' • We clarify that scholarships are for tuition only (no other costs such as leos, Booster fees or anything other than tuition).


• You must identify and state a

defined process. Ours includes an application that requires : personal information; a narrative by the parents expl aining their reasons; a narrative by the student addressing their dedication to the program; 1040 and W2 from most recent tax year; statement of special circumstances (jobless, etc .); how much scholarship they are requesting in percentage format. • We make it known the decisionmaking process may take 30 days (we found people want to know right away and sometimes this does not fit our schedule, especially with trave I) . • We never give 100% scholarships. The range has been from 30-95% for true hardship cases. • We always have an ending point, typically a year or until the competitive season ends or some other logical ending point . We explain that they are 'welcome to re-apply' when their scholarship period runs out .

• We have a tangible crediting system that is transparent to whoever may be accepting their tuition payment over the months. Basically, we computer generate X number of discount certificates good for X months in the scholarship period. • We make it known that if their financial circumstances change it is their responsibility to immediately contact the Scholarship Chairman .

Summary You are probably thinking that publicly offering scholarships cou ld be risky, that things could get out of hand . And they could. That is precisely why we stay mum about how many scholarships we have to offer as well as the criterion for acceptance; this a ll ows us to ease up or cease the program at any time . Make it a great New Year! Jeff Metzger (to receive a pdf of the Kids First Scholarship App please email


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MEMBER SERVICES PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS: THE IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING RECORDS Record keeping is an important responsibility for all . gymnastics clubs as well as individuals. USA Gymnastics would like to take this opportunity to remind you of this responsibility and reinforce the importance, consequences, and requirements. Record keeping is a risk management consideration and vital to protect you and your business from a liability standpoint. Keeping signed waiver and release forms, athlete membership forms, and other records is not only good business practice, but also a requirement in the area of USA Gymnastics athlete/introductory athlete forms. The USA Gymnastics Athlete Membership forms must be completely filled out by the athlete and his/her parent and the club owner and kept on file at the gym. This form serves as an agreement between the athlete (and his/her parents), the gym club, and USA Gymnastics and it is required in the case of injury or the need to use the secondary insurance coverage benefits. Even if athletes are registered online, clubs must see to it that these forms are completed and kept on file. The same goes for waiver and release forms and other forms and notices that gyms collect on their participants. Records are often helpful in terms of documentation, but are essential in the case of lawsuits. Attorneys or others may request certain forms as proof of membership, release, medical conditions, etc. Protect yourself and your business by making sure forms are completed and keep them organized and in a safe place. Keep in mind that an injured minor may be able to bring suit after he/she becomes an adult. Because of this fact, records should be maintained even following termination of the relationship with the program participant. You should see local legal assistance in determining the proper length of time for retaining records. Continue reading for further record keeping tips and requirements of USA Gymnastics. Tips to Maintain Proper Record Keeping

Most club owners and administrators understand the importance of practicing proper record keeping as it applies to the day to day operation of their gymnastics businesses. Unfortunately, some club owners and administrators often fail to follow such practices when it applies to the applications and registration of their USA Gymnastics introductory/athlete members. Failure to follow proper record keeping not only places the gymnastics club and USA Gymnastics in poor legal liability situation, but also causes confusion and frustration on the part of the athlete and the athlete's parents. Reviewing the tips below is a great way to ensure that your business and its clients will not be caught in an unfavorable legal and/or financial situation.

continued on next page



----0 .". '.....

~ . ..




• Print the intr6ductory/athlete membership application form(s) from the USA Gymnastics website prior to registering any athlete(s) in your club. Ensure that the form is completely filled out by the parent, athlete and the club administrator. All USA Gymnastics membership application forms are available on the USA Gymnastics website at: USA Gymnastics Membership Forms. A new athlete/introductory athlete form MUST be completed each new competitive season regardless of how long an athlete has participated with your club. • Ensure that a copy of the completed introductory/ athlete membership form is given to the parent (s) of each athlete for their personal recording keeping. As a reminder, the completed application form is a signed legal contract between USA Gymnastics, the parent, and the club. Therefore, it is important to provide the proper documentation to all parties involved. • NEVER register an introductory/athlete membership online unless you first have the completed form(s) in possession and on file in the club at the time of registration. Failure to complete this vital step, often leads to forgetting to obtain the form. As a reminder, USA Gymnastics can audit a club at anytime and request copies of the completed introductory/athlete membership application forms. Don't be caught off guard; be prepared! • Contact USA Gymnastics IMMEDIATELY following a mistake made in online registration. All USA Gymnastics memberships are Non-Transferable and Non-Refundable; however, USA Gymnastics understands that mistakes can happen from time to time. Clubs may accidently click the wrong athlete's name when registering their athletes online. In the event of an online registration error, USA Gymnastics MUST be notified within 72 business hours. Under certain circumstances, a refund or transfer may be granted. Please keep in mind that when such incidents occur you may and will be requested to submit the completed introductory/athlete membership application forms of those you wish to have the introductory/

athlete membership. USA Gymnastics may not be able to process a request if proper forms are not submitted to the National Office in the time guidelines requested. Please also note that USA Gymnastics CANNOT provide any refunds or transfers on introductory/athletes that have already competed with the current membership, switched gymnastics locations, or stopped participating in the sport of gymnastics. Ensure proper communication between the individuals collecting the introductory/athlete membership application, and the individual actually processing the actual membership application payments. Often Member Services receives calls from clubs stating that there was a mistake in communication between the individual collecting and the individual processing payments and therefore, a mistake in registration occurred. While USA Gymnastics respects such errors, we often cannot resolve the errors that may occur in these situations. • Notify Member Services of any changes/deletions to your club roster list. Maintaining a proper club roster with USA Gymnastics is an important way to avoid mistakes in the future. Send changes to Member Services via email at of via fax to 317-692S212.AII changes will be completed with 24-48 business hours . • Ensure that you have obtained and keep on file a current athlete/introductory athlete membership form for any new athlete/introductory athlete that has joined your club that may have already been paid for this season. It is the current club responsibility to ensure that they have a completed membership application form, regardless of club affiliation at the time the registration was paid. Maintain the form in the athlete club file. For any questions or concerns regarding the proper maintenance of USA Gymnastics application forms; please contact USA Gymnastics Member Services at 800-345-4719 or via email at • X


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endonitis is common in gymnastics with mUltiple repetitions of floor routines, beam routines and sprinting toward the vault. The calf muscles and the Achilles tendons are constantly being worked and stressed. The Achilles tendon provides power when pushing off the foot. A strain can cause injury to the calf muscles or the Achilles tendon. This can happen during a strong contraction of the muscle, as when sprinting toward the vault or when doing a tumbling pass, the foot may be forced upward upon transition of landing to jumping. The strain may affect different portions of the tendon. And the injury can be either an acute injury, occurring immediately, or chronic occuring over a period of time. The Achilles tendon is the large tendon at the back of the ankle. It connects the calf muscles (Gastrocnemius and Soleus) to the heel bone (calcaneus). An injury may occur at the attachment of the heel or mid-tendon. Many gymnasts have been diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis, bursitis or Sever's disease. Let's take a look at each one.

Achilles tendonitis - A strain that may occur in the tendon at the point of insertion to the calcaneus or in the mid-section of the tendon. This is no longer thought to be only an inflammatory condition. It is also considered to be degenerated tissue with a loss of normal fiber structure.

Tendocalcaneal Bursitis- A bursa is a fluid-filled sac designed to limit friction. When a bursa sac becomes irritated and inflamed, it is called bursitis. Tendocalcaneal bursa is located under the fibrous Achilles tendon and behind the heel bone (calcaneus). Achilles tendon rupture - In severe cases, a force may even rupture the tendon. The rupture may be preceded by periods of chronic tendonitis. Multiple episodes of tendonitis may weaken the tendon and its fiber structure. Many athletes report that a rupture feels like someone kicked them in the leg. They no longer have the ability to walk or push off. Surgery is the common course of treatment for an Achilles rupture. Sever's disease - At the site at which the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel, it becomes inflamed and the bone starts to deteriorate. Sever's disease may be associated with a growth spurt. As the bones get longer, the tendon becomes tighter; therefore, the tendon is pulling on the bone and the bone is adjusting to the tension . CAUSES OF ACHILLES TENDONITIS Participating in activities that involve sudden stops and starts and repetitive jumping such as gymnastics increases the possibility of Achilles tendon irritations. Achilles tendonitis may be caused by a single incident of overstressing the tendon, or it may be due to mUltiple stresses that produce small tears over time. Conditioning of the athlete, too much too soon and lack of recovery time may affect the athlete's ability to properly adjust to the stresses on the lower leg. Overuse is the highest risk factor; however, other factors can contribute to the condition. In gymnastics there are no shoes to support the arch of the foot, creating pronation (inward rotation). Athletes are trained to keep their toes and ankles in a pointed position (point) which creates decreased range of

St. Villcellt Hospital alld St. Villcellt SpOtts PetjimJ/allce ill Illdim/upoli.s, Illd., are '!/Jicia/ service providers to USA GYlIJllastics. Call 317-415-5747 or visit http:! / spOltspetjiJl7lJallce.stvillcmt.OIg



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motion at the ankle joint. The decrease in dorsiflexion (toes toward shins) creates tight calf muscles which increases the chance for a muscle or tendon strain. Overpronation or when the feet roll in when running can place an increased strain on the Achilles tendon. As the foot rolls in and flattens, the lower leg also rotates inward which places twisting stresses on the tendon. Continuous high stress of the tendon usually results in a change of the normal arrangement of the fibers of the tendon .Tendons are made up of strands of material named collagen (think of a tendon like a nylon rope and the strands of collagen are the strands of the rope) Some of the individual strands of the tendon become disorganized due to degeneration and other fibers may break due to the tendon losing its strength. The healing processes create scar tissue which causes the tendon to become thicker and less flexible.The area where the tendon is repairing itself can progress and form actual palpable nodules (tendinosis). The area around the scar tissue is the weaker than normal tendon tissue. The weakened tendon sets the stage for the possibility of an Achilles tendon rupture.

Chronic tendonitis can be addressed by working on increasing muscle length with stretching and soft tissue massage (fig.l -3). Modalities such as ultrasound and joint mobilizations are often used in the rehabilitation process in a clinical setting. And strengthening with good technique and proper progression are the keys to success (figA -6). Eccentric muscle loading is extremely important in the recovery of tendonitis. Eccentric muscle action is a lengthening muscle contraction. The crossbridges (sarcomeres) of the muscle fibers are at their maximal overlap at the beginning of the contraction; therefore, this contraction generates more tension than the other types of contractions. Eccentric exercise is essential for the recovery and prevention of Achilles tendonitis. Fig 1 = the stick Fig 2 =foam roller Fig 3 =eccentric tubing exercise 1 Fig 4 = eccentric exercise 2 Fig 5 = eccentric heel raises standing 1 Fig 6 = eccentric heel raises standing

SYMPTOMS OF ACHILLES TENDONITIS - swelling or thickening over the Achilles tendon - tenderness on palpation - decrease in range of motion at the ankle, limited dorsiflexion - occasionally you will feel a squeaking when you palpate the tendon and move the ankle. - painful to heel raise - painful to push off when walking, especially up hill or up steps - pain and stiffness in the tendon, especially after rest - pain with exercise. Acute pain may diminish with activity and chronic pain will remain for the duration of the exercise

TREATMENT OF ACHILLES TENDONITIS It is extremely important for the gymnast to be educated about this injury. The earlier the tendonitis is detected the sooner the treatment can begin. The length of time you have tendonitis will determine the length of time it will take to resolve. Educate the gymnasts to inform the coaches when they are feeling pain during calf stretching and if landing or pushing off is painful. Acute injuries should be evaluated by a physician to be diagnosed properly and to rule out any rupture to the tendon. Treatment includes possible immobilization (boot), ice and medication for the reduction of inflammation. Exercises should be done to increase ankle range of motion, tendon extensibility and strength. And activities should be limited until pain is minimal with walking, running, jumping and landing.


TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 2010

CONCLUSION Early detection of Achilles tendonitis may lead to a quick recovery with less damage to the tendon tissue. Stretching pain free and performing eccentric loading exercises will help prevent and treat chronic Achilles tendonitis. Finally, good technique with landing, stretching, and strengthening exercises during practice will keep athletes healthy and ready for competition. X

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Pre-Congress: August 11 â&#x20AC;˘ Business Conference â&#x20AC;˘ Certification Courses Congress: August 11- 14, 2010 Where: Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford Conn. Sessions begin at 8:30 a.m. Five sessions offered per day. Registration: Please visit for more information

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IMPORTANT NOTICE The following former professional members are permanently ineligible for membership within USA Gymnastics: Th e following Membership Statement has been adopted by the Board of Directors of USA Gymnastics: Membership in USA Gymnastics is a privilege granted by USA Gymnastics. That privilege can be withdrawn by USA Gymnastics at any time where a member's conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the best interest of th e sport of gymnastics and of the athletes we are servicing.








AHention Club Owners: Promote Your Summer Camp To register and promote your summer camp in the USA Gymnastics Summer Camp Directory, go to and follow the directions! In order to register your camp in the directory, USA Gymnastics requires that you certify that no persons permanently ineligible for membership in USA Gymnastics are or will be associated with your organization's gymnastics related activities or the position, activity or event that you intend to publish . A list of persons permanently ineligible for membership is available for your reference at the following link: 1\

Conner is one of five inducted into Oklahoma Commerce & Industry Hall of Honor 1984 Olympic gold-medalist Bart Conner was one of five inducted into the Oklahoma Commerce & Industry Hall of Honor by Oklahoma City University's Meinders School of Business on Nov. 4. Conner received the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award during the ceremony at the Cox Business Services Convention Center. Bart Conner is shown right with his wife Nadia Comaneci. 1\

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Continued from p. '2 Noreen Cacchione: All I did was encourage the opportunity. The kids, the coaches and their families ran with it. They had t eams and captains and they all encouraged each other. USA Gymnastics: How would you encourage other clubs to

participate in fundraising for the Children's Miracle Network next year? Noreen Cacchione: I would suggest that you encourage your athletes t o visit a CMN hospital and meet the children they are working for. I don't think there is any more powerful way to appreciate how their efforts can impact their own peers within their own community. Kids helping kids ... it's a beautiful thing .

3rd Place Winner: John Macready's and John Roethlisberger's Flip Fest - Lake Francis, Tenn. Club O wners - Joh n Macready and John Roethlisberger

$14,31 8.75


always want the best for

all my gyms.

That's why I switched ...

USA Gymnastics: Why did you decide to help raise money

for the Children's Miracle Network? John Macready: We always want to "give back" and the CMN is a wonderful cause.



USA Gymnastics: Does your club take part in any other

charitable fundraisers? John Macready: No, as of now, we focus all fundraising efforts on the CMN. USA Gymnastics: What is your favorite memory from this

year's fundraiser? John Macready: Our campers compete each week to "beat" the previous week's campers in the funds they raise. To see the faces on the campers when they realize they raised more money than a previous week is pretty awesome. USA Gymnastics: How did you encourage your students to

participate in the fundraiser this year? John Macready: We explain to them that they are fortunate enough to be able to go to summer camp and have a blast, and many others would have loved to have been in their position . By giving back to CMN, they are able to help those kids that aren't able to be out attending something fun like summer camp. USA Gymnastics: How would you encourage other clubs to

participate in fundraising for the Children's Miracle Network next year? John Macready: The mere rewarding feeling of knowing you have personally been able to help out kids in need is enough motivation for us! J(:

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I '-




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\ I





1\ \ \ \


I \




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\ \

Rita Brown, President Brown's Gymnastics Training Centers




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LIVE COURSE SCHEDULES Live course schedules are updated weekly on our website

wwwousa-gymnasticsoorg please see the website for the most current schedule.

Preschool Fundamentals: Hands on Training (HOT) January 10 Wichito Stote University Heskett Center 1845 Fairmount Wichito, KS 67260 Course code: JS011020 lOKS 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

January 30 Premier Gymnastics Academy 2435 Curtiss St. Downers Grove, IL 60515 Course code: EPD130201 OIL 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

January 17 Multnomah Athletic Club 1849 SW Salmon St. Portland, OR 97207 Course code: DAD 117201OOR 10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

February 13 Markellnsuronce Offices 4600 Cox Rd. Glen Allen, VA 23060 Course code: SH02132010VA 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

January 10

West Coast Elite Gymnastics 900 S. Santo Anita Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006 Course code: MTO 11020 lOCA 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

' Course dates and times are subiecl to change and/or cancellation. 'Held in coniunclion with USA Gymnastics 2009 National Congress and Trade Show

2010 SAFETy/RISK MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION COURSE USA Gymnastics University is proud to announce the launch of the revised course and handbook. GYMNA.STICS RISK MANAGEMENT SUETY H4ND600K

x To register for a course, visit the USA Gymnastics website at Register online or download the registration form. **Save


by registering online!**

.••• ~'. .,1


ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS PROGRAM COMMITIEE MINUTES OCTOBER 16-18, 2009 1) Roll Call: Bob Meier - Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee Chairman Kari Duncan - National Technical Committee Chairman Ivaylo Katsov - National Elite Committee Chairman Selena Peco - National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman Michael Rodrigues - National Athlete Representative Tonya Case - USA Gymnastics International Technical Consultant (10/17/09) Tom Housley - Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Director 2) Program Committee Reviews and Approves Agenda and Schedule Motion: Ivaylo Katsov Second: Bob Meier Passed 3) Chairman's Opening Remarks Bob Meier opened the first day of meetings with a very sincere "thank you" to the entire committee and Program Director for the hard work put forth thus far. He continued in stating the tremendous amount of growth development achieved over the last two years and encouraged each member of the committee to focus on the goals of the acrobatic program -- As a committee, we represent the entire community of acrobatic coaches, judges and athletes. Bob thanked the Program Director for the wonderful accommodations, conference room, and detailed schedule and agenda.

year, each of the National Committee Chairmen, in coordination with the Program Director, produced a National Committee Work Plan (see National Plan on Judges/Coaches Update webpage). Motion: Selena Peco Second: Michael Rodrigues Passed 6) Level Mobility - Skills Testing The Program Committee recommends requiring the Junior Olympic Committee Chairman or Elite Committee Chairman serve as the lead evaluator for skills testing including Level 9 to Level 10 and Level 10 to Junior Elite. The two remaining skill evaluators are per the Rules and Policies for Skills Testing. Skills testing may take place at any point throughout the season. The new proposal requires all skills testing to be video recorded. The video is to be submitted to the National Office including all required paperwork. Motion: Ivaylo Katsov Second: Kari Duncan Passed 7) Elite Committee Sub-Group Follow-up - Level Mobility: Skills Testing 11-19 The Program Committee reviewed the elite committee sub-group proposal for level mobility from Junior 11-16 and Junior Elite. The proposal bridges the gap between Junior 11-16 and Junior Elite by means of skills testing. 8) 2010 Event Calendar The Program Committee recommends the following events, camps, and clinics for the upcoming 2010 season in the discipline of acrobatic gymnastics (see National Plan on Judges/Coaches Update webpage for further details:

4) 2010 Acrobatic Gymnastics National Plan The Acrobatic Gymnastics National Plan is a top-level document to provide vision, direction and call-to-action for the various committees and sub-committees in the discipline of acrobatic gymnastics and to achieve three main goals:

a) National Team Training Camp and International Competition Selection Camp (JONT, JNT, SNT)

1. Continue success in international competition

c) Pacific Rim Championships (SNT)

2. Promote and develop acrobatic gymnastics at the grassroots and national level through use of the athlete development pipeline 3. Increase educational initiatives and opportunities for professional members including judges and coaches (See National Plan on Judges/Coaches Update webpage). 5) National Committees Work Plan To aid in the dissemination and completion of the various initiatives and tasks for the respective



b) International Competition - USA Delegation (JNT, SNT)

d) World Team Trials, May 21, 2010 (Open) e) USA World Camp, May 22-25 , 2010 (World Team) f) World Age Group Competition, July 6-12, 2010 (Wroclaw, Poland) g) World Championships, July 13-19, 2010 (Wroclaw, Poland)

t':~ '\·=1'~ff



,r~.....'":'\ '~

h) National Elite Qualifier, July 23-25 (Kissimmee, FL) i) Junior Olympic National Championships, July 25-28 (Kissimmee, FL) j) Visa Championships, August 11-14 (Hartford, CT)

k) National Athlete Development Camp, (Oct-Dec 2010) l) Junior Olympic National Team Training Camp, (Oct-Dec 2010) 9) 2010 Acrobatic Gymnastics Junior and Senior National Team The Program recommends adding two alternates per event and age category for the Junior & Senior National Team. In the event a current pair-group retires or changes partnership, the alternate will be automatically moved to the team. Alternates are not required to be named to the respective team. Motion: Selena Peco Second: Kari Duncan Passed 10) US Acrobatic Gymnastics International Club Meet Policy A motion to restrict participation in international club competition (non official USA Delegation events). Motion: Michael Rodrigues Second: Kari Duncan Passed 11) USA Acrobatic Gymnastics International Consultant Tonya Case asked the Program Committee Chairman to address the Program Committee. Due to the many responsibilities and expectations of her role as FIG Technical Committee Acro President and the importance of the world-wide development of acrobatic gymnastics, she must make the FIG the priority in terms of travel and time. This may prevent her from attending various USA Gymnastics events in the upcoming year. She will notify the Program Director and Committee on an event by event basis. 12) Acrobatic Gymnastics Operating Code Athlete Selection Committee Based on committee minutes number 12 above, the Program Committee recommends the following changes to the Acrobatic Gymnastics Operating Code:

• Member 1: USA National Technical Chairman • Alternate: High level judge with international experience appointed by the Technical Chairman* • Member 2: Elite Committee Chairman

• Alternate: High level coach with international experience appointed by the Elite Committee Chairman* • Athlete Representative: Michael Rodrigues • Alternate: Mallory Henthorn* *The Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee must approve the alternate of the appointed chairman. Each member of the Athlete Selection Committee is to be unaffiliated, when possible. Due to the large number of athletes vying for a spot on the Junior Olympic National Team, Junior and Senior National Team and USA Delegations, the Program Committee recommends adding the below members to the Athlete Selection Committee as nonvoting members. • Program Committee representative (non-voting) • Program Director (non-voting) Motion: Selena Peco Second: Kari Duncan Passed 13) The Program Committee motions to approve the 2010 Event Calendar Motion: Michael Rodrigues Second: Bob Meier Passed 14) Petition Process A motion to require all medical documentation to be submitted on official letterhead of the treating physician. Medical documentation is subject to verification by the USA Program Physician. Motion: Selena Peco Second: Ivaylo Katsov Passed 15) Online Issue/Proposal System The Program Committee recommends an online form for acrobatic gymnastics community members to provide feedback, comments and present issues or propose changes to improve the program. The Online Issue/Proposal form will be a drop-down menu on the Judges/Coaches link. Motion: Bob Meier Second: Selena Peco Passed 16) Athlete Funding As the 2008 World Championships silver medalist and 2009 World Games gold medalist, the Program



Committee recommends the following athletes are funded in the amount of $500.00 per month for December 2009 - July 2010. In August, the committee will review the funding on the future endeavors of these athletes (pending approval of 2010 budget). Michael Rodrigues Kristin Allen Motion: Bob Meier Second: Selena Peco Passed 17) Next Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee Meeting February 26-28, 2010: Face-to-Face - Las Vegas, NV

ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS PROGRAM COMMITIEE Conference Call Minutes November 16, 2009 1. Role Call

Bob Meier - Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee Chairman Kari Duncan - National Technical Committee Chairman Ivaylo Katsov - National Elite Committee Chairman Selena Peco National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman Michael Rodrigues - National Athlete Representative Tom Housley - Acro Program Director (non-voting) 2. 2010 National Plan Recommendation to approve the 2010 National Plan (pending budget approval) Motion: Ivaylo Katsov Second: Selena Peco Passed 3. 2010 Junior Olympic National Team and National Team International Assignments Recommendation to approve the following international assignments for the respective teams: Acrobatic Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Team : • XIV International H. Chmielewski Tournament, Swidnica, Poland - 30-May 2, 2010 Acrobatic Gymnastics Junio r and Senior National Team: • Volkov Cup, St. Petersburg, Russia - May 6-11 , 2010

All members of the pair-group must be current members of the respective team. JONT members and National Team pair-groups will prove readiness at the March National Team Training Camp. Motion: Bob Meier Second: Selena Peco Passed



4. World Age-Group Competition & World Championships Selection Procedu res Email elite coaches for recommendations to the respective Selection Procedures. Meeting Adjourned at 10:56 p.m . Approved by the Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee 11/16/2009 Approved by USA Gymnastics President, Steve Penny 12/01/09

INTERNATIONAL ELITE COMMITIEE NOVEMBER 21, 2009 National Team Training Center Chairman : Steve Rybacki Coach Representatives: Valeri Liu kin, Marvin Sharp (absent - email approval) and Mihai Brestyan National Team Coordinator: Martha Karolyi Athlete Representative: Kim Zmeskal (absent - email approval) Vice President Program: Kathy Kelly Women's Program Dir.: Gary Warren I. Athlete Funding The committee discussed funding of the former national team members who were unable to compete at 2009 Visa Championships. Recommendation to award support funds to Mattie Larsen and Olivia Courtney at $500.00 per month for the first quarter - thru March 2010. Motion V. Liukin Second M. Brestyan PASSED

II. Youth Olympic Games Selection Committee The committee amended the Selection Committee at the request of the President and made the following recommendation. Recommendation to accept the procedures as amended. Motion M. Brestyan Second V. Liukin PASSED III. Staff Kathy updated the committee on the staff contracts and obligations. Contracts will be extended afte r budget approval by the Board of Directors. IV. Training Camp The committee discussed the length of the training camps. A recommendation for increasing the number of days at training camp came from staff members at the Developmental Level and from some national team coaches. Some other national team coaches have

requested that the national team camps be of shorter duration. The committee feels that the current schedule is the minimum number of days and that the success of the system has proven itself. At this time there will be no change. Selection Camps will be conducted for specific Teams and those camps will be one day shorter. When modified verification is conducted at the Developmental camps it will be done in one session by the national staff. The Elite Calendar was reviewed and additional activities were added. The updated Calendar will be emailed to the elite community. V. Technical Packet Committee discussed the rules that should be applied at Visa Championships. The office was requested to draft new language for the Technical Packet and submit it for approval in January. VI. National Team Training Squad Kathy presented a proposal to create A National Team Training Squad which would be determined by the Selection Committee from among those athletes who competed at the Visa Championships and those athletes invited to Camps. These athletes will be invited to attend either National Team or Developmental Camps and receive a leotard and Warm-up. Recommendation to accept the proposal as presented. Motion M. Brestyan Second V. Liukin PAS ED

VII. Training Plan Martha discussed the challenges of the upcoming season with the committee. Martha will be speaking with personal coaches and will present the training plan to the National Team Coaches in January. VIII . Athlete Equipment Assistance This program is again in effect for the National Team Members Clubs. The award and procedures to use the funds will be presented in January. IX. Qualification Score A national team coach requested that the committee review the two event qualification score for Junior age group . The committee did not make any change to the current system strongly believing that young athletes should be working all events and that the Junior Qualification score is quite attainable.

JR. OLYMPIC COMMITTEE MEETING Oma ha, Nebraska Nov. 13-15, 2009 I. Roll Call Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m . by Chairman Tom Koll. Region 1 Dan Witenstein Region 2 Laurie Reid Cheryl Jarrett Region 3 Region 4 Bryon Hough Region 5 John Geddert Larry Goldsmith Region 6 Region 7 Linda Johnson Region 8 Brad Harris Connie Maloney JOPD II. Tom welcomed the committee and reviewed the job ahead of the committee in terms of their responsibility to create a future compulsory program that fulfills not only a progressive, developmental competitive program , but also a program that assists in keeping children involved with the sport. III. The committee discussed the proposal from Linda Johnson regarding a change in the Level 1-10 structure and added difficulty requirements for the optional levels and minimum age requirements. Pre-Competitive: set of skills/ conditioning or physical ability/ preparatory drills to prepare for compulsory routines Levels 1-10 would all be competitive levels Levels 1-5: Compulsories Levels 6-10 : Optionals SEE NEXT PAGE

At the May 2010 meeting, the committee will discuss the possibility of adapting some parts of the new structure prior to 2013 . IV. Dance Passage Clarification Clarification regarding the breaking of a dance passage: A dance passage on floor is considered broken ONLY when there is a pause, stop, 1/ 1 turn or more, or an acro element between the dance elements. Scooching or bouncing out of control between elements would be considered execution errors and deducted, but credit for the dance passage may still be given. In order to receive Connection Value bonus, the element must be directly connected.



Current Level 1

Proposed Level PreCompetitive

Competition Required at this level to advance?

2 3 4 5 6 7

1 2 3 4 5 6



Advanced Beginner Optional



Inte rmediate Optional



Ad vanced Intermediate Optional



Advanced Optional

Min . Age

No No No Yes Yes No Onl Yes Only A & B plus all C dance allowed No other C/ D/ E) * Yes No D/ Es allowed , 1 C allowed, lus all C dance allowed Yes 1 D/ E allowed; plus all D/ E da nce allowed No restrictions

4 5 6 7 7 7



8 9

Recommendation to accept the proposal for a change in structure, effective August 1, 2013. Motion: Linda Johnson Second: Brad Harris PASSED unanimously V. Floor Exercise music clarification: The musical accompaniment must be recorded with orchestration, piano or other instruments (without singing) . Human sounds are allowed, provided there are no words spoken or sung. There is a 1.00 deduction for absence of music or for music with words. VI. Finalization of elements for the five compulsory levels, effective August 1, 2013. Recommendation to accept the proposal of final elements for the 2013-2020 Compulsory Exercises. Motion: Cheryl Jarrett Second: John Geddert PASSED unanimously These elements will be presented to the gymnastics community at a later date. The committee would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a response to the JO Compulsory survey. Each member spent countless hours reviewing your comments. The committee also expressed their appreciation to previous committee member Don Houlton for the many hours he spent producing the survey and tallying the results. Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m. on Sat. Nov. 14.

Attention Women's Judges and Meet Directors: Judges' Mileage Reimbursement for 2010 Effective January 1, 2010, the rate for mileage reimbursement for judges is $.50/mile to reflect the recent in the IRS standard mileage rate for 2010. .





TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 10 I 0

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SUBMIT Email your ad and aedit card information to: Ipeszek@usa· Or mail to: USA Gymnaslics, 132 E. Washinglan Sf., Ste. 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 or fax 10317-237-5069. ' Hyo. fax, please inducIe your a.... nwd number, expiration dOt. and signa...... PI""" delignat. if your od should oppeor in Technique magazine or USA Gymnostifl mogazin•. ADS SUBMmED

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Technique Magazine - January 2010