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EVENTS 2008-09 SEPTEMBER 4-9 9-13 13 26-27 26-28 29-0ct.6

Winobranie Tournament (TT) Friendship Cup (TR) National Gymnastics Day World Cup Portugal Region 5 Congress Acrobatic Gymnastics Inlt. Age Group Competition

Zielona Gora, POL Kladno, CZE All Over louie, POR Indianapolis, IN Glasgow, Scotland


5-7 21

3-5 6-13 10-12 10-12 11-27 16-19 23-26


NOVEMBER Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO Huntsville, TX TBD

Maio International Acro Cup (invitation only)

Maio, Portugal

JO Nationals (M)

Cincinnati, OH

International Sport & Cultural Festival (GG)

Fort Worth, TX

Acrobatic Gymnastics Freedom Cup Acrobatic Gymnastics Junior Olympic Notional Championships

SI. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota

JUNE 23-28

JULY 9-11 12-16

AUGUST 12-15

Visa Championship (M,W,R,TT,AG)



Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship

Mie, Japan


DECEMBER 3-7 7-11

los Vegas, NV TBD


Future Stars Championships (M) Notional Coaches Workshop (M) High Performance Coaching Seminar (W) Junior Olympic & Notional Team Training Camp (AG)

Winter Cup (M) American Cup (M,W)


National TOPs Testing Huntsville, TX Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships Glasgow, Scotland Region 2 Congress Portland, OR Winterthur Cup (AG) Switzerland Indo-Pacific Championship (TT) Rotorua, NZl Glasgow Grand Prix (W) Glasgow, GBR DTB Pokal World Cup (W) Stuttgart, GER




6-8 6-9 12-16 21-25

Acrobatic Gymnastics Super Clinic

TOP's Notional Team Training Camp (W) TOP's Notional BTeam Training Camp (W)

Huntsville, TX HuntSVille, TX

- 2009 -


World Artistic Gymnastics Championship (M, W)

london, ENG


Trampoline Gymnastics World Championship

SI.Petersburg, RUS


Acrobatic Gymnastics International Selection Competition

W= Women R= Rhythmic AG = Acrobatic Gymnastics B= Business NOTE: Dates and events subiect to change or cancellation. 2



TR =Trampoline M=Men IT =TrampolinelTumbling

GG =Group Gymnastics

TU = Tumbling


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Steve Penny EDITOR



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26 Olympic Recap



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• • U SA



The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, will be remembered for many things and are being touted as the most watched Olympics in history. NBC provided extensive coverage of the U.S. team through its various broadcast and internet distribution channels. The decision to compete earlier in the day allowed NBC to deliver the broadcast live, and generate significant ratings which help everyone connected to the Olympic movement. I have been hearing from many that late night viewing became a mainstay for the first week of the Olympic Games. We are very proud of the accomplishments of the athletes, coaches, and administrators who played a role in the success of our entire team. Winning a total of 10 medals including two gold, six silver and two bronze as a significant achievement and a result of many years of hard work, commitment, and dedication. The results demonstrate that USA Gymnastics is maintaining consistency on the medal stand in the Olympic Games, which means a great deal to our sport and our country. In many respects we set the tone for the entire U.S. Olympic Team when we begin the Games with success. In total, the USA emerged as the #1 country in the world in total medals with 116. Along with the success comes the exposure of gymnastics on a world stage. The fact that both the men's and women's teams medaled in back-to-back Olympics and two back-to-back all-around champions with Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin is a reflection of our gymnastics community and the enormous cooperation of the athletes, coaches, judges and everyone involved. The bar is set and our athletes continue to reach for the top. We are hearing that these great results and the manner with which our athletes were portrayed are filtering down to the club level, and gymnastics clubs across the country are experiencing an increase in calls and a surge in their business. This combined with a strong outreach at the grassroots level can help generate a new momentum for the sport. USA Gymnastics has received great feedback from our advertising campaign focused around the 8-page insert in USA Today on August 15. We understand that our foundation is paramount to our success. Featuring endearing photos and snappy copy, the insert in USA Today communicated the essence of gymnastics and made it easy for parents to find a USA Gymnastics member club in their area. USA Gymnastics also launched a targeted Web site, where parents can learn about the benefits of gymnastics, find answers to common questions and easily locate a USA Gymnastics member club in their community. The national exposure, coupled with the local efforts of member clubs, provided our sport strong public outreach. This campaign signaled the dawning of a new level of partnership with the gymnastics community, the National Gymnastics Foundation, and some of our biggest sponsors, AT&T, CoverGirl and Tyson. Initiatives such as this help build the base of our sport so that we can continue winning medals and breaking records at Olympic Games in years to come. Congratulations to the coaching staff and all of our USA Olympians including: Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, Chellsie Memmel, Samantha Peszek, Alicia Sacramone, Bridget Sloan and alternates Jana Bieger, Ivana Hong, and Corrie Lothrop for the women; Alexander Artemev, Raj Bhavsar, Joey Hagerty, Jonathan Horton, Justin Spring, Kevin Tan and alternate David Durante for the men, plus Paul and Morgan Hamm, who withdrew from the team; and Erin Blanchard, Chris Estrada and alternates Alaina Hebert and Logan Dooley for Trampoline. September 13 is National Gymnastics Day. We hope you are making plans to celebrate this special day, and invite you to join us in surpassing our goal of $1,000,000 raised for the Children's Miracle Networks. Since 2001, USA Gymnastics and its gym clubs across the country have raised more than $816,000 for the Children's Miracle Network through a variety of activities. Good luck with all of your initiatives and we look forward to hearing about and seeing photos of your great events. Please send them to Loree Galimore at See you in the gym,

Steve Penny President





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Phone: 1-800-345-4087 Fax: 1-888-866-9884 customerservice@GKEL.'

unbeatable customer Service


Poor D ym owners spend thousands of dollars to attract new customers. But, it is just as important to keep the customers we haveshutting the back door, if you will. When we create a relationship with a customer, we create a loyal customer. Loyalty turns into positive "word of mouth': This loyalty equation is necessary to create lasting relationships as well as gain new students.


By Patti Kom ara


ere are five reasons customers will choose your gym and surprisingly price is last:

1. Need- Customers should feel they need what your gym offers. Do your marketing materials convey the BENEFITS of gymnastics such as fitness, selfconfidence building, and athletic development for all sports? Or, do you just mention that you have a 40 x40' super-duper spring floor and a 35 ' long Tumbl-Trak? In reality, do those two things matter to the average consumer? 2. Confidence- Do you have a great reputation for fairness and cleanliness? Do your marketing materials convey the pride you have in your gym?


3. Is your gym known for the highest quality in the three main areas - staff, faCility, and curriculum? 4. Selection- Are you offering preschool classes in the evening or on the weekends? Do you offer a un ique combination class of gymnastics and dance? 5. Price- If you offer the lowest tuition in the area, your gym will not thrive . You need adequate capital to maintain the quality needed for long -term success. People will pay a premium price if they are getting a premium product or service . This is the very reason that stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stay in business .

Problems or ob stacles can be turned into opportunities to build customer loyalty. For example, all gyms struggle with "make up classes " when a customer misses a class. At our gym, we allow the students to make up as many classes as they wish in the summer. We service about 400 make up classes in July alone. During the school year, our policy is to allow a student one make up class per 8-week session . This rule is on the registration form . It is written in the parent handbook. Additionally, parents are reminded of the policy when they call to schedule a make up cla ss. We even have the rule on signs posted in the gym lobby. However, Mrs . Smith never knew about this policy. Her daughter Rachel was sick last week. The week before last, Rachel had a band concert . Oh, there was also that soccer practice that she could not miss. Now, Mrs. Smith wants to know if Rachel can make up all of the clas ses she missed. You now have to choose whether to "stick to your guns" or use this scenario as an opportunity to create an honest, human relationship with Mrs. Smith. The office staff at my gym is empowered to make decisions like this every day. Anyone of my 12 secretaries would tell Mrs . Smith, "I understand . As you know, our policy is to allow only one makeup class per 8-week session . But, you are such a good customer-let's see what we can do. Three make-ups seem to be a lot, but I' ll set Rachel up for two make-up classes ." Now, Mrs. Smith is clearly aware of the policy but will most likely value your fle xibility. The secretary has developed a relationship with Mrs. Smith while "sticking to her guns. "



Let's look at four customer needs that help create relationships : 1. To Feel Welcomed- A customer needs to feel welcomed in your gym from their initial telephone call. Every day, the office staff at my gym looks over our "new students list" to ensure that they warmly welcome the new students and their parents. Welcoming new students by name is very powerful! 2. To Feel Important- Everyone has a sign und er his or her shirt that shouts, " Make me feel important! " Everyone listens to the same radio station-WIIFM, What 's In It For Me? 3. To Feel Comfortab le- Supplying customers with a safe and child-friendly facility can make parents and st udents feel comfortable in your gym. At my gym, we offer a television in the lobby for parents and children to watch their favorite movies. We also give every new student a free " intro class." This i s a free 20-minute class with a teacher who goes through the names of the main skills they will learn and the different gymnastics positions such as straddle, pike, tuck, etc. 4. To Fee l Unde rstood - If a problem arises, gym owners and customer service representatives need to feel and express empathy. If a customer has a problem , bring him or her into your office or to a quiet location in your gym and listen to the customers concern. Repeat back what they said. Ask the customer what you can do it to fi x the problem . Then , try to do it. Stu Leonard 's Dairy Store is famous fo r their customer service . His customer service slogan consist of two rules : 1. The customer is always right. 2.lf you are not sure what to do, refer to rule numb er 1.



We have customer service slogans at our gym . This is the first thing asked at every office staff celebration. Two of my favo rites are : " Please the customer." And "Give the customer what they expect and more ." What does a customer expect in a gymnastics school? • Correct information on the phone or website . • A clean colorful facility, to be greeted warmly and treated with respect, a workable schedule, small class size, kindness towards their children, excellent curriculum, pre and post-class association with the parents, and remembering their names. • Presc hool student s expect to have fun and to be treat ed kindly. • School-age students expect to learn skills and for the staff to take an interest in them . • Team members and their families expect to win! * Success is directly related to how often we meet and exceed these expectations. Customer service has to become second nature at your gym. It ha s to be a feeling that permeates throughout the staff. The customer is our boss and we have been hired to please them. Remembe r students do not quit for one reason . They quit when their expectations are not met over time . When you chip away at customer satisfaction time after time, the customers will leave you. Your success is entirely related to how often you meet the expectations of our customers. Remember the customer is your boss. 1{ Patti Komara has produced over 50 training OVOs and tapes in the area of business and teaching gymnastics for all ages. She also has lesson plan books for preschool, dance, school-age gymnastics, and nursery schools. View her online catalog at www.tumb leb or ca ll (219) 865-2274 for a catalog.

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Keep your academics and athletics in perfect balance with K12.

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Head Over Heels for


Gymnast Cassie Whitcomb balances school and athletics beautifully.





Fifteen-year-old Cassie Whitcomb dashes over the mat and leaps high into the air. Twisting her body to arc backwards, she somersaults head over heels, not once, not twice, but three times, finally landing on her feet with perfect poise and a sweet smile.

What's more, each K' 2high school course is taught by an experienced teacher who is qualified in his or her particular subject area. Cassie and her fellow students attend online classes, participate in teacher-led discussions, and can always contact their teachers with questions or for extra help.

Just watching Cassie can take your breath away. So can listening to this young teen describe her daily routine. Up at 5:30 am, Casssie's days don't end until around 9 pm, the hours almost evenly divided between gymnastics and school. You won't hear Cassie complain though; she loves both.

In fact, K'2'Steachers are one of the best parts of the program as far as Cassie is concerned. "I love my K12 teachers:' she says.

"My Spanish teacher lives nearby and we had a Spanish class outing at a restaurant:' No doubt this is part of the reason why Spanish is Cassie's favorite subject next to science.

A perfect 10 on-and off-the mat

Traveling the world and discovering the sea

A rising high school sophomore who attends school online using the award-winning K' 2 curriculum, Cassie appreciates both the quality of the lessons and the flexibility that learning online with K' 2allows her. A dedicated athlete, Cassie is ranked third in the Junior Division of the International Ladies Gymnastics, and is preparing to tryout for the 2012 Olympics. In addition to practicing 36-40 hours every week, Cassie also travels from her home in Ohio to Texas five days a month for extra training. Every two months, this talented 15 year old attends international competitions in far flung countries such as Belgium and EI Salvador.

In addition to allowing Cassie the freedom to develop her athletic talent, online learning with K' 2allows Cassie to pursue a lifestyle that broadens her horizons. Being able to take school with her when traveling has expanded Cassie's world to include interesting new people, places, and cultures. It's even introduced her to the ocean.

K12-Scheduling flexibility plus educational quality When Cassie was ready to start high school, her parents realized that, with this kind of schedule, traditional schooling would be virtually impossible. So they enrolled her in the Ohio Virtual Academy, an online, tuition-free public school that uses the exceptional, engaging K' 2 curriculum and learning program. K' 2 is the nation's leading online learning provider for the K12 market. The K' 2curriculum is available tuition-free to fulltime students in grades K-12 via online public schools in 17 states and the District of Columbia. Elsewhere, it is available both full- and part-time through the private K'2 International Academy, or by direct purchase of individual or bundled courses.

Trips to Florida and the West Coast have ignited a passion for the sea in this native of landlocked Ohio-a passion she'd like to pursue as a career. An excellent student, Cassie is hoping to get a college scholarship to study marine biology or oceanography. In the meantime, she continues to leap, fly, flip- and get ready for the 2012 Olympics.

To learn more about the K 12 curriculum and learning program s, visit or call 866.968.7512. ,. ............


, , ,




, I




, \


Now, Cassie takes her schoolwork on the road with her. Like all students who use the K'2 curriculum, she can attend class at home, at the gym, in a hotel room-anywhere an Internet connection can be found . "Learning online with K12 is

organized; it's easy to find the things I need to study and to contact my teachers for help:' says Cassie. "I love my K'2 teachers:' As a high school student using the K'2curriculum, Cassie has a choice among more than 90 high school courses-from up to fou r levels of core courses, including Honors and Advanced Placement"', to exciting electives in such fields as journalism and Web design.



\ \






, , ,


, I

,, I




Cassie Whitcomb






:-------c 0 REV ECT~-----, TRAINING

FOR GYMNAS ICS By Robb Rogers M.Ed., CSCS, MSCC - St. Vincent Sports Performance Center


St.Villccnt Sports PClformallce Center

he core is an area of the body roughly defined as the region from the armpits to the knees. Most of our movements occur through the core after beginning somewhere else. For instance, in jumping the area of the core will move toward the ground as the arms reach back or up and the legs flex. Upon forceful extension of the arms and legs the body is propelled upward with the force moving through the core to the blocked arms. In sprinting approaches for the vault and floor routines the arms and legs are dynamically moved throughout the range of motion in order to develop the velocity of the body, moving the core forward. These ballistic arm and leg movements occur around a generally stationary strong core. If the core lacks proprioceptive strength, (strength with balance and stability) then energy leakage can occur upon force production or force absorption and the power generated by the limbs and transferred through the core can be lost, resulting in less speed or height generated for an event, routine or technique. During force reduction, the compensation pattern to accommodate these weaknesses can lead to injury. In training the core it is important that the many vectors of stress and planes of motion be addressed as the demands of


gymnastics occur at high speeds and a variety of angles. Training the core in the variety of angles needed is similar to the angles of attack in martial arts.The attack vectors of martial arts are up and down; diagonally up and down; across the body; and straight in, which is unnecessary for core development. If we can train the core in these various angles with a variety of implements then the core will better be able to withstand as well as transfer the forces needed in preparation and competition. The labels for the various vectors are as follows: Straight Down Slams Straight Up Scoops Side to Side Twists Diagonal Up Lift Diagonal Down Chop The stances are relatively simple to master as there are four basic stances with three levels of difficulty. There is the lunge stance (kneeling or standing), the squat stance (kneeling or standing), diagonal variations off of each of these and the single leg stance. Begin wider than hip width in the squat stance for ease, move to hip width to increase the difficulty and less than hip width for the most difficult position . The narrower the base

St. Ville.,,' Hopitol alld St. Villcent Sports Performallce ill IlIdiallapolis, Ind., are official service providerr to USA Gymnostics. Coli 317415·5747 or visit





• Movable, colorful hands and feet can be reconfigured for different skills

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Training .B.e_C3 rm1 355 -151/165


• Rubberized foam cushioning on wood core covered with synthetic suede • 8" W

x 86" L x 11 " H

"THE STANCES ARE RELATIVELY SIMPLE TO MASTER AS THERE ARE FOUR BASIC STANCES WITH THREE LEVELS OF DIFFICULTV." the more difficult it is to maintain core stability. Needless to say 1-2 foot widths wider than, or away from the opposite knee.The next level of difficulty the foot/ knee is on one side of a line and the opposite foot/knee on the other side of the same line. The most difficult lunge stance is the one in which the foot/ knee and opposite foot/ knee are on the same line, as if on a balance beam . In the squat stance start out wider than hip width, move to hip width and the most difficult stance in order to maintain core stability during a strength movement is with the feet less than hip width. Needless to say, the single leg stance is the most difficult of all to maintain balance and execute pillar core training. As for modalities used to implement core training, the Keiser Functional Trainer is excellent for the constant variety of speeds and loads at any angle and it has a power output reading. Most of us are not so fortunate to be able to afford a Keiser, so substitute some light to medium resistance tubing in order to give resistance in the proper ranges of motion. Medicine balls are excellent in order to mimic the movements in the various vectors and stress the ability to maintain a tall pillar core without arching or collapsing with rotation.The medicine ball can also be thrown to the floor or off of a wall in the various vectors in order to increase the power developed and force transfer through the core. The most stressful implement to use in core vector training is the water ball. The water ball is simply a small stability ball with about a gallon or 8.8 pounds of water. Get a small piece of tubing and fill the sink with water. Inflate the smaller stability ball to about % full and insert the tubing into the sink and siphon the water into the tube to begin the flow of water. Insert the tube into the ball in order to siphon the water from the higher sink into the lower ball on the floor. Keep adding water until about a gallon of water is added into the ball . During the movements the added water will move about inside the stability ball and cause the core to react and proprioceptively stabilize in order to execute the movements. Another way to execute core vector training is by using dumbbells and ankle weights and moving the limbs through a variety of movement vectors while maintaining a long, strong pillar core on the floor for front side training or on a stability ball for back side core. A 2-5 pound dumbbell and 2-5 pound set of



ankle weights are sufficient for most any athlete. While on the back, the dumbbell is extended above the head and the opposite leg is extended while the same side leg is flexed at the knee. The athlete will bring the dumbbell and ankle weight up in a long arm and leg movement and meet in the middle for a sit-up type movement. As the dumbbell and ankle weight are returned to the ground it is imperative the athlete get long through the core but does not arch the back. The second vector is to move the arm out to "2 o'clock" position and the opposite leg out to the "8 o'clock" position and now execute the same sit-up type movement in a diagonal type vector.The final movement starts from a totally different position.The arm is extended above the shoulder straight up at the ceiling while the opposite leg is extended up above the hip in a similar fashion. The arm moves away from the body toward the "3 o'clock" position and the leg moves away from the center of the body towa rd the "9 o'clock" position . Neither the arm nor leg will touch the floor as the core of the body fights to keep the belly button facing straight up to the ceiling. Do not let the belly button follow the long, straight leg away from center is one cue, the other being to maintain ground contact with both hips throughout the movement. The same concept can be utilized on a stability ball for the "super man" type of exercise. However, we will change the vectors and emphasis of motion. Just about everyone is familiar with the "superman" exercise. However, we will add a dumbbell in one arm and ankle weights as well as provide a different aiming point and cue for technique execution . Most people will coach and execute the movement by reaching up for the ceiling with the arm and leg. The optimal execution is to reach the foot and hand for the meeting point between the wall and floor and let the long stable core support the shoulder extension at the deltoid and hip extension at the glute.The foot should not get higher than the glute and the hand should not get higher than the deltoid. The cue is to "reach " and get "longer" through the back side core. The vectors are the normal superman with either the same arm or opposite arm involved. The second vector is the arm at"2 o'clock" and the leg at "8 o'clock" and the final vector is with the arm at either 3 or 9 o'clock and the opposite leg at either 6 or the opposing 8 or 4 o'clock angles. X



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Found Out


Gymnastics Campaign Vaults Over Star, Spotlight on Kids Aims Lo Give Boost To Local Gyms B y 5T£ PHANIE ICANG


suaJ.I)' Olympic: 5fan get tttl' spotlight In ad campaj&ns. But in Its latest promotion, USA Gymw.stics is hyping its Iinlest IlJId least ac-compli5hed athletes: kids. The group Is tUi~ the un' " advertuinx step to hl'l p at .bout

teamfaDedtowinasinglemedl didn't move the needle ai nU his gym that ~ar. "The gymn tlc:c:ommunity,!ttOSf!)" and boys, weren'tl!Xtitl!dr," he

me-mbc!rs. RSo we s'w nothinJ Mr. Hokomb hils high 001 ror this yean women's te. which features sindouu, I Shawn Johnson and Nu: Unkin, both of whom are , P,Ktedf?wia~';Is.!he rillU

How the U.S. gymnasts helped each other through the tough moment~ & heartbreak

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly-Part 2

n Part 1, I defined The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of confrontation. In brief review, 'The Good' is when we willingly confront issues needing confronting, remembering to confront the PROBLEM , not the person. Below, I discuss ho w to recognize and deal with various defense mechanisms. Getting angry, huffy, indignant. "I can't believe you're talking to me like that;" "I am too angry to talk to you right now;" or the like. Response: This person is trying to turn it into a personal confrontation. Don't fall for it. Calmly remind the person that "there exists a problem that you are involved in. Furthermore, the problem mu st be resolved and for that to happen we must talk about it. If you cannot discuss it now this meeting is over/ must be rescheduled, etc." Crying . Crying stops most leaders in their tracks. Response: Cool, smiling , knowing, patience. Don't forget, this person has become an expert on how and when to cry to rescue them from confronting problems. Simply do not play the game. Wait it out, hand over a Kleenex, smile if appropriate, sit calmly until the crying ends. If it goes on a long time simply say "take as much time as you need to get yourself together" sending the message you can wait longer than they can cry. You will likely cure this person of using this tactic (with you) ever again. Redirecting blame back to you. "I know I was late but I have seen you rush in the parking lot with five minutes to go" Response: Calmly say, "no argument,


ho wever this discussion is not about me, it is about the problem as stated and your involvement in the problem. Assuming a successful resolution I will be happy to sc hedule another time to talk about valid concerns you may have. " Diverting blame on another. "We ll, John has been late many times before." Response: Calmly explain that "this discussion is not about John, it is about the problem and your involvement and I would like to resolve thi s problem before we address another topic. " Soliciting pity, sympathy. "You just don't understand, my life is crap"; "I was abused as a child." Response: Express "how sad and unfortunate that is however the sa dness does nothi ng to resolve the problem that we need to reso lve. At another, appropriate time I'd be happy to sit down and chat abo ut your other problems." Pointing out how great other people think s/ he is. (For instance, as a welltimed letter of appreciation from a client just before an appointment to confront a problem)! Response: Add ress the problem as usual. Point out that "in our company, a strength in one area is a wo nderful thing and appreciated but it does not compensate for a weak ness in character nor does it resolve the problem at hand ." Changing the subject. Can be subtle. Response: First , recognize it. Then , calmly, simply, reply, ''I'd like to get back to the problem at hand and your involvement." Be consistent in this and you will quickly break the habit. Fail to do it and you wi ll be lead around by the nose.

~ -~ Small Business

, Ilf)f)')'

4 (~l'~~~

Jeff Metzger USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp President, Kids First Sports Center

Avoidance of appointments (always with great excuses). Thi s can go as far as avoiding walking by your office or even learning your schedule and avoiding crossing paths. This habit can be very su btle and esca late if you let it. Response: Recognize it is happening early in the game rather than later. Get to the heart of this issue fa st . Corner the person and ask "are you aware that you are avoiding me? No? Well, it is very clear to me." Do NOT get sucked into offering examples if asked, as the person wi ll likely argue each point. Instead, confidently suggest to the person how apparent their behavior is and ask them to observe their own behavior in the future . Also, make sure you speak clearly about the kind of communication you need, "Let me describe to you the type of communication we need in our compa ny. When I ask for a meeting ... ". Heaping compliments on you to divert attention from poor performance. Those having this habit also tend to have cycles of good performance countered with cycles of poor performance. Observe the pattern and recognize when it is happen ing. It can actually clue you to a problem before you know there is a problem. Response: First , ignore the compliments and deal with the problem and the person's involvement. Assu ming the first problem gets resolved, at a later mom ent go a step further and discuss the secon d problem-the person's habit: "are you aware that during bouts of poor performance that you tend to pass out compliments to preempt negative consequences?" X

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USA GYMNASTICS UNIVERSITY LIVE COURSE SCHEDULES Live course schedules are updated weekly on our website please see the website for the most current schedule.

Preschool Fundamentals: Hands on Training (HOT)

September 13 C('s Gymnastics, Inc. 14550 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, lA 70819 Course code: CG09132008lA 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 13 Embassy Suites Hotel - Marlborough 123 Boston Post Road West, Marlborough, MA 01752 Course code: PM09132008MA 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 13 Aspire Kids Sports Center 50 S. Hearthstone, Chandler, AZ 85226 Course Code: BR09132008AZ 3:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 13 Atlantic Gymnastics 150 Gosling Road, Portsmourih, NH 03801 Course Code: TR09132008NH 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 14 Northern Ughts Gymnastics 94 Olcott Pari<, White River Junction, VT 05001 Course code: GM09142008VT 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 20 Huntsville GymnasticsCenter 3062 Leeman Ferry Road, Huntsville, AL 35801 CourseCode: JL09202008AL 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 21 Jersey Jets Gymnastics 20A Roland Ave, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Course Code: PF09212008NJ 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 25 Region 5Congress - Sheraton Indianapolis 8787 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240 Coursecode: XX092520081N 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 'Course dale5 and lime5 are 5ubjed 10 change and/or cancellalion.



27 Henderson's Gymnastics 216 Tingley Lane, Edison, NJ 08820 Course code: CF09272008NJ 4:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. 28 Woodward Camp 134 Sports Camp Drive, Woodward, PA 16882 Course Code: SH09282008PA 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

October 12 Region 2Congress- Multnomah Arihletic Club 1849 SW Salmon St., Portland, OR 97205 Course code: XXlO1220080R 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 19 Mainline "Y" 100 St. George Road, Ardmore, PA 19003 Course Code: PF10192008PA 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

September 13 Appalachian Gymnastics 1777 Old Gray Station Road #3, Johnson City, TN 37615 Course Code: DN09132008TN 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 28 Region 5Congress -Sheraton Indianapolis 8787 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240 Course code: XX092820081N 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

October 12 Region 2Congress- Multnomah Arihletic Club 1849 SW Salmon St., Portland, OR 97205 Course code: XX1 01220080R 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

November 1 AGC Gymnastics 3729 Magnolia Street, Orangeburg, SC 29118 Course Code: KB 110 12008SC 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 14 Mpact Gymnastics 1647 Mallory Lane Suite 102, Brentwood, TN 37027 Course code: CCll142008TN 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. 29 International Gymnastics Camp 9020 Bartonsville WoodsRd., Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Course code: PFl 1292008PA 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

To register for a course, visit the USA Gymnastics website at www.usa路gymnastics .org. Register on line or download the registration forms . "Save S5 by registering online!" Pre-registration is IMPORTANT to ensure you r spot in the course. The registration deadline for mailed/ faxed form s is two weeks prior to the course. Online registration must be completed at least one week prior. Late and onsite registration may be available and will in cur an additional $25 fee . If you are interested in hosting a course at your gym, contact education@usa-gymnastics .org for more information .


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•• MEMBER SERVICES background check logo.


• •J

!3§fiiii!i'hiii!?.ii! ifF Mff TOIA[CTOII...d




Attention: All Current, New and Expiring ProfessionaL Members! Have you compLeted your background check? With the 2008-2009 season now open and in full swing it is important to remember that background checks are now a requirement for ALL Professional members. The Member Services Department is working diligently to ensure that all Professional members are made aware of the need to complete the background screening. The following are the various communication pieces that are sent out to all Professional members. • Bi-monthly emails are sent to those Professional members who are about to expire without a background check. • Bi-monthly emails are sent to notify those Professional members who are in pending due to lack of background check and/ or safety/ risk management certification . • Three renewal notices are mailed to the Professional member with a reminder that the background check is required prior to their renewal. • Clubs are emailed reminders that the background check must be completed by any Professional member who needs to ~accompany athletes to a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event. • Every issue of Technique magazine has the background check calendar and a reminder of the background check requirement. • The USA Gymnastics website contains information dedicated to information regarding the background check. • Monthly Member Services "e-newsletter" includes information regarding background check in every issue. • Notification is sent via email to members when they have received "green light" status on their background checks.

Important Reminders: • It is vitally important that all Professional members keep their

contact information current and up to date to ensure that they receive the important information and reminders being sent out by the National Office. • Professional members without the background check requirement will be placed in a pending status and will NOT be allowed access to any USA Gymnastics sanctioned event or receive any membership benefits. • The background check must be completed online. Access to NCSI is gained through the USA Gymnastics website. - click on member services link and look for the 30


• Any Professional member, whose background check results are pending due to payment, must resolve the issue with NCSI within 30 days of receiving payment pending notification. Failure to resolve payment issues with NCSI will put the member at risk of receiving a "red light" result on their background check. Anyone that receives a "red light" result will be denied Professional membership with USA Gymnastics. The member will remain in "red light" status until the payment issue has been resolved with NSCI.

Background Check Q &A Below are answers to several questions that you may have regarding the USA Gymnastics background check requirement. Please note: All information is subject to change. Please visit the USA Gymnastics website for the most up to date information Q: Who must complete the background check? A: All USA Gymnastics Professional Members must complete and pass a background check. Professional membership will carry a pending status until the background check and safety/ risk management certification have been successfully completed. Q: When must the background check be completed? A: New requirements for professional membership began December 1, 2007. Background checks are required for all new/ lapsed/ renewing/ expired professional members. Therefore, if your membership is new or already expired at the time of renewal, the membership will be pending until the background check is completed. All current professional members must complete the background check by their renewal month. Q: What is the cost of the background check? A: The minimum cost of the background check is $20.00 plus a $1.25 processing fee. This cost includes a Full Service Check-itTwice'" search package plus one single county search . The cost of the background check may increase depending on the state and/ or number of counties or names that are being searched. A full fee schedule is available upon logging into the background screening application.

Q: I need to complete the background check requirement, but I

am not sure how to begin? A: The first step in completing the background check requirement is to become a Professional member. Once your membership has been processed you will be emailed your member number and password. Once you have this information you will need to log on to the USA Gymnastics website,, and click on the gray Member Services link near the top of the page. Once on the Member Services homepage, scroll down until you see the box that states "Background Check" this will take you right where you need to be in order to begin the background check screening process. Q: What is my username and password? A: Username = Professional Membership Number. Password = 8 digit date of birth (mmddyyyy) Q: What criminal offenses is the background check looking for?

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866-591-8500 Toll Free Fax Number 1-888-504-5111


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MEMBER SERVICES A: Below is a list of offenses that NCSI is searching. NCSI search guidelines have been developed by the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS). A finding in any of the below offenses may result in a "red light" of the background check screening. • Any felony (any crime punishable by confinement of greater than one year) • Any lesser crime involving force or threat of force against a perso n • Any lesser crime in which sexual relations is an element, including "victimless" of a sexual nature (including pornography) • Any lesser crime involving controlled substances (not paraphernalia or alcohol) • Any lesser crime involving cruelty to animals • Any sex offender registrant list Please Note: USA Gymnastics and/or NCSI are NOT running a credit check on ANYONE going through the background screening process.

Q: How does NCSI go about researching information? A: NCSI searches the following database in order to obtain information. • 2 independent national databases • Sex offender registries of all available states • Social Security number and address verification • Federal terrorist database search • Non -database (county courthouse runner) searches of county criminal records of all jurisdictions of residence in the prior 7 years. Please Note: USA Gymnastics and/or NCSI are NOT running a credit check on ANYONE going through the background screening process.

Q: Can I mail or fax my background check? A: For security reasons, NCSI discourages the use of paper forms. Paper forms may be sent, but this will cause an increase in the processing time for the background check. Please e-mail NCSI Client Services at if you will need a paper application. Q: Can I request a copy of my background check resuLts? A: Yes, by contacting NCSI at 866-833-7100 or email at USA Gymnastics cannot provide this information to you. Q: What information is required for the background check? A: The screening will need the following information: • social security number (required for verification purposes, background check will not be submitted or completed without this information) • first and last name • date of birth • city, state and zip • contact information • gender

Q: Who do I ·contact if I have questions on my background

check? A: National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) at 866- 833-7100 or by email



Q: What information is USA Gymnastics provided on my

background check? A: The Presidential and Vice Presidential offices of USA Gymnastics can be made aware of the content provided on a background check. No other employees of USA Gymnastics have access to the content of an individual's background check. Q: When wiLL I be notified of background check resuLts? A: Once you have completed the background check you will receive email notification of resu lts. Normal processin g time is 3 to 4 weeks. Q. What if I am given a green Light? A: The "green light" indicates an individual has passed the background search with regard to suitability for participation as a professional member of USA Gymnastics.

Q.: What if I am given a red Light? A: The "red light" indicates an individual does not meet the criteria as suitable for participation as a professional member of USA Gymnastics. If a question arises concerning a background search, the applicant will be contacted by NCSI and provided with an opportunity to correct potential errors in the applicant's record or to provide additional information prior to issuing a "red light." In such situations USA Gymnastics may also be contacted.

Q: Can I contest a red Light? A: For an applicant to contest the content of a record provided to the applicant as part of USA Gymnastics background check, the applicant may seek an appeal of his/ her record with NCSI pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. USA Gymnastics will use the determination provided by NCSI, in accordance with USA Gymnastics Bylaws Article 9 Membership, to determine an individual's eligibility for membership in USA Gymnastics. Should an individual contest a USA Gymnastics decision to deny participation based upon a "red light" from the background search, the applicant has the right to appeal the decision pursuant to Article 10 of the USA Gymnastics Bylaws. Q: I wouLd Like to dispute the charges on my background

check, who do I contact? A: Contact NCSI at 866-833-7100 or by email at clientservices@ Please note: USA Gymnastics cannot answer or resolve any questions regarding payments made toward the background check screening. Q: How do I obtain a receipt from my background check

screening? A: Contact NCSI at 866-833-7100 or by email at cleintservices@ Please note: USA Gymnastics does not receive any of the money involved with the background check. Therefore, we cannot provide receipts for the background check services. Q: Why aren't the fees for the background check included in

my ProfessionaL membership dues? A: USA Gymnastics, after a great deal of investigation, identified a company who would not only perform the necessary functions of getting a background check completed as well as, identify and uphold the required criteria, but has the department to analyze the results, determine a green/ red light determination,


III always want the best for

store all records, maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our members, communicate with the individuals and send results to USA Gymnastics. The fees go directly to NCSI - a private company. Therefore the fees must be separated out of any membership fees. USA Gymnastics does not receive any of these fu nds.

all my gyms.

Q: I submitted my background check 3 weeks ago and still Acct Sum



Q: The NCSI page is asking for an "8 digit individual id



number" where can I obtain this number? A: For security purposes, the NCSI website is programmed to log out a user who has sat idle or has been on a page for too long. When this occurs the page will ask for an 8 digit individual number. There is NOT an 8 digit number for USA Gymnastics members to enter, therefore the member must re-login from the USA Gymnastics website and begin the background check process again.

\ J

That's why I switched ... /

--- ---

/ Q: When does the background check expire? A: The background check must be redone every two years, dating from the month the first background check was completed. If your background check expires your membership will be placed in a pending status until the background check is renewed.



// : •• to





Q: Can an Instructor Member or Non-Member complete the


background check? A: At this time the background check process is only available to Professional or Pending Professional members.


I /

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"- "-

\ \

/ '-..




Rita Brown, President \ Brown's Gymnastics ""Training Centers "-

Pro School,


have not received the results who should I contact? A: Contact NCSI to inquire the status your background check. NCSI can be contacted at 866-866-7100 or by email at

Q: Can a club do a background checks for their employees? A: Services for clubs to use the NCSI screening services will be available soon, please watch the USA Gymnastics website for more details. Q: Can I use the result~ from a different background screening

agency? A: No, NCSI is the only background check accepted by USA Gymnastics. Each organization that conducts background checks has a unique set of criteria and number of years that are being checked, as well as diverse re-check policies. While USA Gymnastics truly respects the background check policies of other organizations and trust that their findings would be thorough, we cannot accept another background check agencies results as a matter of policy. Anyone exception would mean we would have to accept checks from a variety of organizations, thus diluting the consistency and value of the NCSI system.

'-.. '-..

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Q: Who receives the revenue from the background check

'-.. '-..

screening? A: Background screening fees go directly to NCSI to cover provider and processing costs. USA Gymnastics does NOT receive any of the money from the background check process. We are serving as a facilitator for the background screening agency and its members. USA Gymnastics worked closely with NCSI to obtain an affordable price for this important service

Manage it with class

MEMBER SERVICES • • Q: Can one go through the background check prior to their

membership expiring? A: Yes, the background check will be valid for two years from the month of the original background check. Q: How does NCSI determine the counties that need to be


searched? A: Applicants are asked to provide name and county history during the NCSI registration process. In addition, a Social Security Number Trace is used to verify the applicant's information. The SSN Trace reports name and address history associated with aSSN. NCSI will utilize the applicant's submitted information and the SSN Trace to search all names and counties reported in accordance with USA Gymnastics policy.

USA Gymnastics Member Services Department Phone Hours: Monday 12:30pm-5:30pm eastern standard time Tuesday - Friday 8:30am-5:30pm eastern standard time 1-800-345-4719 toll free aspx ?prog=memberservices X

Q: I am not a citizen of the United States and I do not have a

social security number how do I complete the background check requirement? A: Please email USA Gymnastics at membership@usa-gymnastics. org to request a Non-citizen without a social security background check application. The processing time for this background check is 30 days and the cost is $50.00.


Please feel free to contact Member Services for any other question or concerns.

USA GYMNASTICS Begin f-le re. Go A nywhere.

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NEW • •

Early this fall, USA Gymnastics will relocate its corporate headquarters, remaining in the downtown Ind)9napolis area . Please take note of the address change effective October 1. The move is

not expected to create any disruption in customer service for our members.

USA Gymnastics 132 E. Wash ington St. Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Main Phone: (317) 237-5050 Main Fax: (317)-237-5069 Member Services Phone: 1-800-345-4719 Member Services Fax: (317) 692-5212 Since 1987, USA Gymnastics has been located in Indianapolis.

USA Gymnastics Thanksgiving Holidays Hours: Office closes at noon on Wed., Nov. 26 and reopens on Monday, December 1. 1\

National Gymnastics Day has two goals: to increase excitement and raise awareness for the sport of gymnastics and to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network through the Tyson Fitness Challenge. National Gymnastics Day is celebrated by thousands of gymnasts and gymnastics clubs across the country. Legendary gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi is chairman of National Gymnastics Day on Saturday, Sept. 13,2008. Gymnastics clubs and their gymnasts celebrate National Gymnastics Day by holding open houses, exhibitions at local malls and parks, doing the Tyson Fitness Challenge and raising money for the Children's Miracle Network and other fun and entertaining events. Let us know what your club plans to do for National Gymnastics Day. Log onto Help us reach our goal of 1 million dollars to the Children's Miracle Network! Try your hand at the online giving at

https:llsecure.e2rm.comlregistrantILoginRegister. aspx?EventID= 16655&LangPref=en-CA View the prizes for the club and individuals that raise the most money and the form to complete and mail to CMN. Do this by November 10,2008 to qualify for prizes at http://www.usa-gymnastics.

orglPortalslOIPDFslHomelNational%20 Gymnastics%20DayIRemittanceForm.PDF Also, please visit our new national marketing campaign for gymnastics and share it with your clients. If your club is a Member Club, you will be listed. www.beginheregoanywhere.coml Ride the Olympic wave and celebrate gymnastics on National Gymnastics Day! Be sure to take photos and tell us how your gym celebrated. Send to Loree Galimore at 1\



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nastics Equipment


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§ Super Grip 1~' ~5 GLOVE 3N61 Righi " " " 0" ' "




QrifJL ~


Acrobatic Program

UPDATE Program Committe Conference Call JuLy 3, 2008 1. RoLe CaLL - Chairman Linda Ocmand called the meeting to order at

10:00am EST. Linda Demand Tanya Case Kari Duncan Selena Peco Ivaylo Katsov Michael Rodrigues Tom Housley

Program Chair Vice Chair Technical Chair Junior Olympic Chair Elite Chair Athlete Representative Program Director

2. 2008 USA InternationaL Track ProposaL JO Program Chairman SeLena Peco discussed the current proposaL for the USA InternationaL Track for the USA Acrobatic Gymnastics Program. The proposaL wiLL be discussed further at the Acrobatic Gymnastics NationaL Championships in JuLy. An internationaL track is being deveLoped to eLiminate the need for muLtipLe routines for athLetes representing the United States on the internationaL stage.

a. LeveL B InternationaL (LB-I) ProposaL: i. Pair/Groups wiLL use 11-16 FIG ruLes for LocaL. State, RegionaL, and NationaL-LeveL events. 1. DifficuLty (up to .50) converts to a 10 point scaLe ii. LB-I athLetes wilL be considered for the 11-16 Junior NationaL Team 1. Pair/ Groups wiLL be required to meet a quaLification score at the State, RegionaL or Junior OLympic Acrobatic Gymnastics NationaL Championships to compete and vie for a spot on the 11-16 Jr. NationaL Team at Visa Championships. 1. A quaLifying score of 4B .00 must be met (two routines)


2. Minimum age is 10 years oLd 3. Maximum age is 16 years oLd

2. Visa Championships will serve as the selection event for the 11-16 Jr. NationaL Team . iii. Visa Championships wiLL crown the LB-I NationaL Champions in each event. 1. LB-I athLetes are to follow eLite ruLes of attending State or RegionaL Championships in the year of a Visa Championships. The decision is made to aid with athLete traveL expenses. b. J E (12-19 InternationaL) ProposaL: i. AthLetes wiLL use FIG ruLes for 12-19 (Junior) ii. ALL Junior ELite's will be considered for 12-19 Junior NationaL Team. Priority wiLL be given to the athLetes meeting competition age for 12-19 ages for internationaL traveL in the year of naming the team. . 1. 12-19 InternationaL athLetes must meet the beLow ages to be consldered for the team: 1. Minimum age is 10 2. Maximum age is 19. 3. Priority wilL be given to athLetes meeting competition ages for 12-19 for open sLots on the 12-19 Junior NationaL T.e?m .. . 2. 12-19 InternationaL who meet the qual1ficatlOn score at State, ReglOnaL and/ or JO Championships wilL participate at Visa Championships 3. Visa Championships wiLL serve as the seLection event for the 12-19 Jr. NationaL Team. iii . DifficuLty caps wouLd be added at this LeveL to be more in Line with the 12-19 ruLes. The decision is being considered to keep in mind the safety issues specifically to the younger athLetes competing at this high LeveL. The difficuLty caps are a slightLy higher than the FIG caps, however Leaves room to work towards senior difficuLty. 1. DifficuLty caps wilL be determined pending new FIG TabLes of DifficuLty Charts.


~~~~ rideo~book~

apparel, pins, and so much mo,.1 TeA





Acrobatic Program

UPDATE 3. Level Mobility - International Track L8-I ath letes will be required to test through levels either at a competition or skills testing. Athletes competing at the L8-I athletes must meet Level Mobility procedures per the Rules and Policies to move from Level 9 to Level 10 and from Level 10 to Junior Elite. Athletes competing at the L8-I level do not ha ve to compete Level 9 or Level 10 rules because they test up. Athletes must mo ve through the Level Mobility rules before going from L8-I to Junior Elite/ 12-19 International. A motion was made to allow Skills Testing for all levels at Nationallevel events only (i.e. Super Clinic, Selection Events, etc. .. ) Motion: Selena Peco Second: Linda Ocmand Passed 4. Junior Olympic National Team Athletes competing at Level 8, 9, and 10 USA rules will be considered for the Junior Olympic National Team. Athletes will be required to meet qualification scores, per th e Rules and Policies, to compete at the Junior Olympic National Championships. The JO National Championships will serve as the selection event for the JONT team. Coaches may choose to have athletes compete both a USA level and L8-I (for example Level 10 and L8-I) . Coaches and ath letes must accept the published competition schedule.

7. World Championships/IAGC Officials Tec hnical Chairman Kari Duncan di scussed potential officials for the 2008 World Championships and International Age Group Games. Officials were di scussed and final decisions to be made after more information is kno wn. Program Committee recommends the following delegation officials: a. WC - HOD: Steve Penny *; Team Manager: Tom Housley b. IAGC - HOD: Tom Housley * If USA Gymnastics President, Steve Penny is unable to attend World Championships, the Program Committee defers decision to Steve Penny to select the HOD for the World Championships.

Motion: Linda Demand Second : Selena Peco Passed 8. World Games Test Event The program committee discussed the importance of supporting the World Games Test Event. World Games is the equivalent of the Olympic Games for Acrobatic Gymnastics. Athletes who attend t he test event will have an adva ntage over those who do not. However, due to budget constraints, no financial support is possible. X

5. USA Level 9 Age Group Change Proposal USA Level 9 will be reduced to two age groups due to pair/ group numbers decreasing. Age Groups are being considered based on previous numbers of athletes competing at National Championships. The decision is being considered to create more he ad to head competitio n at thi s level. USA Special Requirements will remain at the current levels. Small revi sions may be necessary at some levels. 6. USA Level 10 Rule Change Proposal USA Level 10 will req uire adding a combine routi ne for a total of three routines - balance, dynamic, and combined . The decision is being considered to better prepare athletes for the Junior Elite level. Difficulty will be capped at 110 Balance, 80 Dynamic, and 110 Combined . A 2.0 deduction will be implemented for going over diffi culty. Age groups would be co llapsed at L10 in preparation for Junior Elite. USA Special Requirements will remain at the current levels. Small revis ions may be necessary at some leve ls.

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USA GYMNASTICS Begin I-lerw. Go Anywh.r •.



limit one per person. First ~me guests ond locol residents only. Must use some club for entire term. Days must be used consec~vely, and between the hours of 8 a.m. ond 9 p.m. only. No other discounts can be used with this offer. Must be at least 18 years old ( 19 in NE) ar 12 with parent. Incentives may be offered for enrolling in other memberships. Personal Training and Kids' Club available far on addi~anal fee. Facilmes and amenities vary. Not all clubs open 24 hours. Participating locations only. Not for re-sale. No cosh value. Offer may expire without prior notice. See club for details. ©2007 24 Hour Fitness USA. Inc.

CLASSIFIEDS for sa l e· pos it ion ava ila ble· seeking employment· education· cons i gnment

POSITION AVAILABLE HEAD COACH - WOMEN'S OPTIONAL GYMNASTICS TEAM. The preferred candidate will have at least five years of optional level experience along with knowledge ond technicol understanding of the USAG JO program. The right candidate would be working with a full -time coaching team consisting of a Women's Compulsory Head Coach, Men's Team Heod Coach, Pre-School/ Closs Coordinator and Director. In addition to the full-time stoff we have 36 paid port-time coaches and instructors. The program is large so we will be looking for on individual with strong communication skills, dedication to team and to the program as a whole. We can offer excellent working conditions in our 24,000 square foot, air conditioned facility with equipment that will meet or exceed your expectations. We also guarantee a very competitive salary, full benefits and on excellent retirement package. Please moil resume to Hanover Area Family YMCA, Alln: lisa Prall, Gymnastics Director, 500 North George Street, Hanover, PA 17331. View our website at for a closer look at our program. AS PART OF OUR EXPANSION PROGRAM,our company is looking for port time Work from home account managers, sales and poyment representatives, it pays a minimum of 53000 a month plus benefits and tokes only lillie of your time. Please contact us for more details. Requirements - Should be computer literate. 2-3 hours access to the internet weekly. Must be Honest and loyal. Must be Efficient and Dedicated. If you are interested and need more information, contoct Michael J Sloan, Email: mjsloanOl

ATLANTA AREA GYMNASTICS & CHEERLEADING TRAINING CENTER FOR SALE - One of the lorgest & best known Atlanta facilities is available for sale to a serious buyer. 20,000 sq. feet, 2 large in·ground pits, 2 full size floors, dance studio, all multiply equipped for boys, girls, & preschool gymnastics and cheerleading, plus full summer multi·sport camp including pool. Potential partial owner financing for the business. 8uilding will require separate mortgage. If interested, email or call 404-357-0636. UP TO 50% OFF GK OVERSTOCKS - Shop GK's OnUne Overstock SALE for fantastic savings on Overstock and Recent Closeout leotards, Apparel and novelty items. Choose from Recently discontinued 2007 Women's Competitive long Sleeve leotards, Men's Comp Shirts, Shorts and Pants, and discontinued WormUps. Great Savings on Closeout Team Coardinates Shirts, Jackets and Pants. Choose from selected Gymnastics everyday-wear Shirts, Shorts and Pants with Gymnastics themes. Also featuring a great selection of 8ras and Cheer 8riefs. All available while supplies lost - you can see the available inventory on all styles. SEE THEM ONLINE at <hHp://www.gkelite. com/> - Shop in either the 8argain 8asement SALE section or the SALE sections in Gymnastics, Cheer, Men's or Team Coordinates. GK authorized Dealers and Clubs - login to see your total Savings! Or coli GK's Sales deportment to set up on account - 800-345-4087. Overstocks only Available ONLINE at


GK RISK FREE PROGRAM: Get with the program! It's beHer than ever, with a terrific assortment of NEW styles and fabrics and incomparable sales potential. Plus, it's easier than ever to order, sell and return your RISK FREE garments. We offer customized packages for your pro shop, mee~ and summer camp. You only pay for what you've sold and may return the rest, there is absolutely NO RISK! If you haven't tried us lately, it's time you started earning extra profits with our RISK FREE merchandise. Call 1-800-345-4087 for more information on how you can get started today! Email: SCORE MASTER - Scorekeeping software interfaced to many different score boards: EliteScore, 8eta8rites, lV's & Projectors. Download team rosters from the USAG website. Features include: random draws, create rotations, assign #'s, the most comprehensive reporting and results can go directly to your website. Supports: womens/mens, individual/team, artistic/ rhythmic/trampoline, compulsory/ optional. Download a FREE demo at www.Score· CLASS CONTROL for Windows XP and Vista. Serving Gymnastics since 1990 with Closs Management and Accounts Receivable software, including free training and technical support. Pocked with features, easyto use, and networkable. Flexible setup, easy assignments, rosters, aHendance tracking, marketing analysis, automated tuition colculation, multiple discounts, additional/retail charges, inventory management, sales tax support, invoices/statements, receivables reports, financial and enrollment summaries, instructor schedules, waiting and makeup lists, moiling labels, sendmessages and invoices bye-moil, support for online bonk droh and credit cord payments, and much more. Only 5600 (5300/ additional workstation I. Contact Vaughn Software Services at 800-821 -8516, vaughnsoftware@bellsouth. net, or MC/VISA/AMEX

CONSIGNMENT LEOTARDS ON CONSIGNMENT: Would you like to expand your leotard sales? This is a good time of the year to introduce a new assortment of leotards. Rebecca's Mom popular leotard consignment program is the solution. Our consignment selection features our newest styles and fabrics, including the Framed Hologram style. Rebecco's Mom specializes in workout leotards and team worm-up leotards featuring Holograms, FOils, GliHer, Rhinestones and Nail Heads and our rainbowof soh Velvet fabrics. We also include a sensational selection of nylon Iycra designs featuring Hawaiian prints. Our leotards are designed with your Team Gymnasts in mind and are available in all sizes, 5/ 6through adult large. We are currently accepting new applicotions from Club Pro Shops, Parent800ster Groups, Retail Stores and Summer Camps. Please coli our toll free telephone number, 1-888-289-2536 or fox Rebecca's Mom at 1-818-980·0119 for credit application, terms, and prices. We also supply State and Regional Meet Packages as well as leotards for special events, so please coli TODAY.

COMPETITIONS COACHES AND JEWISH GYMNASTS. On December 7, 2008, the Trials for the 18th World Maccobiah Gomes, will be held in Norman, Oklahoma. The Gomes will be in Israel, in July of 2009. The trials for the team are for girls and boys level 9 & up. In addition to the Trials, there will be a Maccobi/ USA Gymnastics Invitational. This is open to all Jewish gymnasts, from USAG level 4-8. For more information on the Trials and the Maccabi Gymnastics Invitational, go to or contact 8en Fox at bhf1161

HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD RATES 1-100 word. = S100 101 -200 word. = $200

YO\Jfod~ T~wil ou1omcJfirolybeplo<ed

online for 30 days", noodditionolchfrge.1he oddr", is: www•••••its.o.g/dassifitd./ Your 30 doyiwill begin on !he next regu" posti1g dote.



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H.,jDe<.. ........................... ....... Od. to NOTE: 1f,1N 10th 'aHs on a w....rHI or holiday, ,IN P""1iJIg work day is ,onsH/".d deodline_


SUBMIT Ema,1 your ad and credil card informalion 10: Or mail 10: USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fox to 317-237-5069. ' " you fax, pIea.e iIdode your aeclt mrd number, expiro1ion rIciIe ond .ignature. designale if your ad should oppeor in Technique magazine or USA Gymnastia mogazine. ADS SU8MIlTED WITHOUT PAYMENT Will HOr 8E PU8USHED. USA GymnOlfia ,oserv.. the righlto vory formot. rochnique is roceived by more than 17,000 USA Gyrnnoslks professionol membe" ~us bonds of Yiewen will be exposed to your od onr... Mveilise ~r employment opjlOrtunily, product, ~;:t, ~r j1rr1~~~re grool results. Questions' Coli loon

FOR INFORMATION Available now! The NEW GYMCERT Gymnastics training manuals (levels 1, 2, 3, & the NEW Skills &Drills for the Compulsory Coach level's 4,5 &61 a must for training your stoff; cut your lesson planning time significantly; use to coordinate closs progressions and skill training methods; and, best of all have a quick reference that is easy to use which includes lesson Planning Forms and (/ass Evaluation Forms by level. The GYMCERT manuals provide concise instruction, clear illustrations, and several coaching, spoHing, and safety tips. Will your stoff be ready for your fall students? Order direct by colling toll free: 1-866-591-8500 or online:

on bow 10 pulrfsh a classified ad in TecIrnique, go 10

Or call Luan Peszek 01317-829-5646.

Call National Travel systems today to book your next trip , whether it ' s a gymnastics

Texas Tech University Independent School District (TlUISDI is on accredited elementary, middle and high school available entirely at a distance. Through nUISD your world·class gymnast con learn from anywhere and even earn a diploma. Our distance learning options give you the choice to toke one course or enroll in our independent school d~trict. Our courses con be token at any time, at your own pace, completely at a distance, no maHer where you ore. You con choose from over 70 self-paced, independent, online and print·based courses. Dual-Credit courses are available. For more information or to enroll, visit or coil 800.MY.COURSE.


competition or a vacation ~ts




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Who wants to see another first?

The people of Chevron know about being first. Chevron was the first to be designated

TOPTIER gasoline by BMW, GM , Honda and Toyota. So it makes sense that Chevron has been, and will continue to be, a proud sponsor of U.s.A. Gymnastics, a team that tirelessly strives for top tier performance. Their success is inspirational and we wish them all the best.



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Technique Magazine - September/October 2008