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Women's Program

UPDATE XII. SCORES AT JO NATIONAL Recommendation that the Regional Team scores for each age division at J.O. Nationals be determined by adding the top four (4) scores on each event. Motion: L. Goldsmith Second: B. Harris PASSED XII. CODE OF ETHICS JO Committee seeks information on our authority over coach behavior at sanctioned competitions. The office will seek advisement from our attorney to determine if the use of alcohol, tobacco products, carrying guns, etc. at USAG-sanctioned events can be banned. XIII. CALENDAR Sites listed are pending final contracts. 9/10 State Meets 9/10 RegionaLs leveL 10 onLy RegionaLs leveL 9 East/West

30 NationaLs

2009 March 28-29 ApriL 17·19 ApriL 25·26 May 7·10

2010 March 20-21 ApriL 9·11 ApriL 17·18 ApriL 29·May 2

2011 2012 March 26-27 March 24·25 April 9-10 l ....lf o-Iy ApriL 20·22 April 15-17 lout'/ IG April 28-29 May 5·8 May 10·13

hst: Tupelo, MS

Eut: Region 7

Eut: Region 6

We§t: Bartlesville, OK

West: Ou Moi ne$, II.

West: TBD

Wut: T8D

East: TID

May 14·17

May 6·9

May 12·15

May 17·20

Auburn (Seattle) . WI.

Long hach , CA


l an doYe r, MO

Meeting Adjourned at 1:00 pm on May 20th.

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES MAY 19-20, 2008 I. Roll Call: Chairman Cheryl Hamilton ca lled the meeting to. order at 8:00 p.m. on May 19. Neela Nelson Region 1 Linda Mulvihill Region 2 Carole Bunge Region 3 Linda Thorberg Region 4 Char Christensen Region 5 Pat Panichas Regio n 6 Myra Elfenbein Region 7 Marian Dykes Region 8 Audrey Schweyer Asst. Tech . Comm. Chair Connie Maloney JO Program Director Carole Ide NAWGJ-President II. 2009 JUDGES' COURSES In response to the letters of concern regarding the format/ testing at the various judges courses, the committee decided on the following format/ testing procedures: The format for all courses will be written and practical exams to directly follow the lectures on each event. A. USA GYMNASTICS BREVET Evaluation for current FIG or USAG-Brevet rated officials: • Timed 50·question multiple choice open-book exam • Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event) Course passing grade is 80% Evaluation for those taking the USAG·Brevet for the first time : • Timed 50-question multiple choice CLOSED-book exam

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Technique Magazine - July 2008  

Technique Magazine - July 2008