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POSITION AVAILABLE FULL TIME HEAD COACH WANTED. For Cope Cod Gymnoslics' Prep·Optionol Girls Team. Coaching responsibilities would indude complele control of all aspects of Ihe 30 girl leom with room 10 grow. One of Ihe best prefHlpt. leoms in Massochusetts. Add~ionol hourl available leaching recreolionol and pre-school dasses. PI 10 fT hourl with benefits and exceplionol hourly poy based on experience. Hiring for Summer 2007 - immediole start for lraining if inlerested. For more info, or 10 send your resume email Jen 01:; fox: 508·385·7682 or call: 508·385·8216. Head Girls' Coach. Well esloblished 1000+ sludenl Soulhern New Hampshire gymnoslics school is searching for a superior, well qualified, organized head girls' coach 10 conlinue our successful compelitive program and lake Ihe responsibility of coordinoling and running bOlh optional and compulsory gymnosls. DUlies involve supervising <ooching sloll, selting Ihe competitive schedule, coordinoling learn practice and recreational doss schedule, and coaching levels 8·10. 8enefils indude denial and medical insurance, sick days, paid vocolions, and a 401 Koplion. Compony/ Club Nome: Gymnoslics Village. Web Address: www. Conlocl: Judy Shenk. Email: Phone: (6031889·8092. Fox: (6031598-4616 FT/PT coaches needed in Sioux Falls, SO. Sioux Falls is a growing city ranked as Ihe besl small city 10 live in. Work wilh girls levels 4 . 10 and some rec dosses. Sirenglhs on Floor and 8eom a plus. Compelitive pay and benefils. Come work in a slole of Ihe art facility wilh on energetic sloll. Visil our websile 10 see oilihol we oller our olhleles. We are focused on moinloining a notional level program. All are welcome 10 apply we are looking for personality and energy! www. GymCooch8en@yohoo. com Phone: 605.334.4311 Fox: 605.338.0306

TEAM COACHES/INSTRUCTORS - Full or port· lime.lmmediole openings. lobo Gymnastics in Houslon, Texas 77062 is looking for girls & boys compelilive leom coaching sloff and pre·school/recreotion inslructors. Posilive onilude, be responsible, safety orienled leom player and musl love working with children. Salary commensurole wilh experience. We wililroin. please <oil Tommy Ingersoll 281·480·5626 or email: or slop by 2500 Falcon Pass Houslon, TX 77062 FULl·TIME HEAD COACH POSITION. Jody's Gymnastic Zone is currenlly inlerviewing persons inleresled in a Head Coach posilion. This full·lime posilion oilers good pay wilh bene fils, induding paid vocation and insurance. Enlhusiosm, motivolionol skills, and experience coaching levels 6·10 are required. This person will be responsible for coaching Oplionol gymnosls, TOPS, and supervision of oilleom coaches. Jody's is locoled in a new Iroining facility built in 2004 and recenlly expanded in 2006. Call Jody Tompkins 01 812·378·2650 for more information oboul Ihis greol iob opportunily! You may also email or moil 10: 3880 N. long Rd. Columbus, IN 47201. If you are on Oplional Gymnaslics Coach end looking for a greol place 10 work, The Gymnoslics Academy 01 Elmwood Filness Cenler, a service of Ochsner Health Syslems is Ihe place 10 apply. Full·lime coaching posilion, requires level 9& 10 experience and expertise on bars, vault, and lumbling 10 complimenl our winning leom. Elile experience a plus. Offers excellenl benefils induding health, denial, and 401 K. Please log on 10 and apply online. Elmwood Filness Cenler is on Equal Employmenl Opportunity Employer. Move 10 beouliful Park City, Ulah! We're growing end need 10 fill Ihe following posllions


MAY 2007

Head Trampoline & Tumbling Coach; Preschool Director; Recreational Progrom Director; and level 4 & 5 Assislonl Head Coach. Energelic, organized and knowledgeable leom players are key ingredienls 10 our posl, presenl and fulure success. Our slole of Ihe art Iroining cenler is localed wilhin five miles of Ihree ski resorts and a reservoir where we ploy year round. Full and port lime posilions are available. Salary is commensurole wilh experience. Email resume 10 STAFF WANTED. Firsl Closs Gymnastics & All Sior Cheer Academy has immediole posilions available for highly motivoled, energelic individuals 10 ioin our learn orienled sloll. Full and port lime positions available, salary based upon experience. We are looking for recreational doss inslructors, preschool doss inslruclors, & bOlh boys and girls leom coaches inleresled in helping expand our rapidly growing brand new program and slole of Ihe art facility in Northeosl, PA. Conloct us by email: or call: 570·840·6790 & ask for Joe. Come ioin Ihe mosl exciling &foslesl growing gym in PAl INSTRUCTORS/COACHES. Paragon Gymnoslics of Norwood (8ergen County), NJ is looking for Inslructors and Coaches, PITH! Weekdays/weekends/ evenings. Requiremenls: Positive altitude, responsible, reliable, love of children. Positions available for pre·school Ihrough inlermediole level inslruction. Compelilive Team Coach levels 5·10. Company sponsored certificalions (Solety, CPR, Firsl Aid) Full benefils/ poid vocation & sick days, company mOlched reliremenl plan. Wililroin. Salary commensurole wilh experience. NEW focilily, slole·ol·lhe·orl, opprox. 11,000 sq. h. locoled in Ihe NY/ NJ Melropolilon area, easily accessible from all moior highways. Conloct Dol: 201· 767·6921 or lox resume 10 201·767-6693 or e·moil: 49 Wolnul Sireel, Suile 4, Norwood, NJ 07648. TEAM COACH. Texas Tumblers Gymnoslics, locoled in Harker Heighls, TX (45 min. north of Austin, TX) has on opening for highly molivoled, enlhusioslic, and experienced PT/FT Team coach elleclive 6/ 07. This is on ossislonl coaching posilion. You will have Ihe opportunity 10 work in a brand new 20,000 sq. Iroining cenler. Applicanls should be dedicaled and possionole oboul Ihe sport of gymnoslics and exhibil on obilily 10 molivole young olhleles 10 achieve Iheir personal best. Sirong all around obililies for level 4·6 and slrong beam and floor obililies for level 7·10. Please sub mil resume 10 or call 254·690·6800/ 254·258·4662.

FOR SALE GK RISK FREE PROGRAM: Gel wilh Ihe program! It's belter Ihon ever, wilh a lerrilic ossorlmenl of NEW styles and fabrics and incomparable sales polenliol. Plus, ii's easier Ihon ever 10 order, sell and relurn your RISK FREE gormenls. We oller cuslomized packages for your pro shop, meels and summer camp. You only pay for whol you've sold and may relurn Ihe resl, Ihere is obsolulely NO RISK! If you hoven'llried us lolely, ii's lime you slorled earning exira profits with our RISK FREE merchandise. Call 1·800·345·4087 for more informolion on how you can gel slorted lodoy! Email: Score Masler - NO MORE Inputting Gymnosl Rosier dolo!! Score Mosler, Ihe mosl widely used software, iusl gal even belter! Meel Directors can now download rosier informolion from Ihe USAG websile. Feolures indude: creole rololions, assign #'s, Ihe mosl comprehensive reporting and results can go directly 10 your websile. Supports: womens/ mens, individuol/leom, ortislic/ rhythmic/ lrompoline, compulsory/ oplionol. www.Score· . FREE demo & user lisling. Conloct: Mark Mahoney, P08 31421 , Chorlolte, NC, 28231.

Gymnaslics Drills and Condilioning Books. Gymnoslics Drills and Conditioning for Ihe Hondslond· lS8N # 1·4116·5000·X \ Gymnoslics Drills and Condilioning Exercises· IS8N # 1·4116·0579·9 \ Gymnoslics Conditioning for Ihe legs and Ankles· IS8N # 1·4116·2033·X\ Gymnoslics Drills and Conditioning for Ihe Walkover, Umber, and 80ck Handspring · IS8N # 1·4116·1160·8 \ Order all 4 drills books logelher ·566.96 + s\h. Also available, Gymnoslics Competilion Journal: My Scores, My Goals, My Dreams . IS8N # 1·4116·4145·0 \ Visil lodoy for Ihese and olher gymnoslics producls including Gymnoslics Equipmenl, Apparel, 800ks, Supplies, and Gihs. \ 888·496·8749 BOYS GYMNASTICS VIDEOS & CD!! 2005·2008 Quadrennium!! Boys Recreolionol Classes and Teams! On Ihe Videos ... Wolch, learn, and/or review: skills, lerms, drills, slotions, progressions (on every boys evenl), equipmenl, mOiling, safety, spotting, worm ups, Ironsitions, doss monogemenl, gomes, slrenglh conditioning, and cool down!! The CD conloins: sloff checklisl, rules, calendar, ollendonce sheel, worm ups, rololions, lesson plans, developmenlol roulines, documenlotionol progressions, slrenglh exercises, lesling cords, move up slondords, ribbon challenges, learn porenl pockel, conference/ goals sheel, and a Iroining schedule! See websile: for deloiled info plus secure ordering. (214) 415· 7614. See online a 10% off coupon code!!

CONSIGNMENT LEOTARDS ON CONSIGNMENT: Would you like 10 expand your leolord sales? This is a good lime of Ihe year 10 introduce a new ossortmenl of leolords. Rebecca's Mom popular leolord consignmenl program is Ihe solulion. Our consignmenl selection feolures our newesl slyles and fabriCS, induding Ihe Framed Hologram style. Rebecca's Mom specializes in workoulleolords and leom worm·up leolords feoluring Holograms, Foils, Gliller, Rhineslones and Nail Heads and our rainbow 01 soh Velvel fabrics. We also include a sensolionol selection of nylon Iycro designs feoluring Hawaiian prinls. Our leolords are designed wilh your Team Gymnosls in mind and are available in all sizes, 5/6 Ihrough odull large. We are currenlly accepting new opplicolions from Club Pro Shops, Porenl 800sler Groups, Reloil Siores and Summer Camps. please call our loll free lelephone number, 1·888·289·2536 or fox Rebecca's Mom 01 1· 818·980·0119 for credil opplicalion, lerms, and prices. We also supply Siole and Regional Meel Packages as well as leolords for special evenls, so please call TODAY.

EDUCATION Available now! The NEW GYMCERT Gymnastics Iroining manuals (levels 1, 2, 3, & Ihe NEW Skills & Drills for Ihe Compulsory Coach level's 4, 5 & 6) a musl lor Iroining your sloff; cui your lesson planning time significonlly; use 10 coordinole doss progressions and skill training mel hods; and, besl of all have a quick reference Ihol is easy 10 use which includes lesson Planning Forms and Closs Evoluolion Forms by level. The GYMCERT manuals provide concise inslruction, clear illuslrotions, and several coaching, spoiling, and safety lips. Will your sloff be ready for your fall sludenls? Order direci by colling loll free: 1·866·591·8500 or online: www. GYMCERlcom. Go 10 and sign up for a FREE monlhly e·newsletter chocked full of helpful hinls on how 10 run a gym, cuslomer service ideas, managing sloff, lesson plan ideas, and much more. Also, look for Polli's newesl ilems: Yog08eors lesson Plans, her Complele Swim lessons Package, and forms for every aspect of running a gym school. For more information call 219·865·2274.

Jeannie McCarlhy's Gym Jam is backl Preschool Teachers mark your calendar lor Augusl 2nd & 3rd. Build your gym's Profil (enler by invesling in Preschool Sioff Development. This workshop is iom pocked wilh inleroctive lectures and a iomboree of audience porticipolion. Highlighls include Teaching TIps, win· win discipline philosophy, PS music/ worm· ups/ skills, Iheme weeks, curriculum planning, and more! Toke· away moleriols supplied for fulure reference. Held 01 oir·condilioned Double '0' Gymnoslics (Philadelphia suburbs). Email gymloslics@comcost.nel or call 610· 325·3291 for a brochure. 5250 firsl person, 5200 oddilionol porticiponls. lunch, snacks, beverages, and raffles induded! Top·nolch, nolionolly certified dinicion! limiled enrollment! 1\ Call Nat ional Travel systems today t o book your next trip. whether it' 5 a gymnastiCS

compe.t ition or a vacation ge.tC':,'ay!






(888) 603-8747

HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD RATES 1-100 words = $100 101-200 words = $200 YOIlr od in Tedmiqu. wil lMlfomali<oIIy be pl<xed on~ne for 30 days 01 no odditionol charge. The address iI: www.uso·gymnos' YOIlr 30 days "" begin on !he next regu~r polling date. DEADLINES ISSUE


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Horc: /I 'he /O,h 'a/Is an a weekend ar holiday, 'he preceding work day is ransid"ed ,h. SUBMIT Email your ad and credif card inform'fion fo: Ipeszek@usa·

Or mail fo: USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza 201 S. Copifol Ave., Sfe. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fox fa 317·237·5069. *Kyo. fox, pitas. indude your aedit card number, exp.o'lon dO'e and signa'ure. Please designol' if your ad should appear in Techniqu. magalin, or USA Gymnastics mogolin•. ADS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PAYMENT Will HOT BE PUBUSHED. USA GymnastilS reserves Ih, righllo vory farmal. ie<hniqoo is received by mare lhan 17,000 USA Gymnosnes prolessional membe~ plus Ihousonds of vi'we~ wiD be exposed 10YOIJr ad onr,ne. Advertise your employmenl opportunily, pwducl, ~~r o~ 31~r1n~~~~re forgreol resul~. iluesliOll,? (all Loon

FOR INFORMATION on how fo publish a dassified ad in Technique, go fo Or call Luan Peszek af



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Technique Magazine – May 2007  

Technique Magazine – May 2007