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Each level of certification requires a certain number of credits obtained from three requirement areas: core courses, practical experience, and elective courses. • Core courses are courses and content developed specifically for the college and certification level. These courses provide a knowledge base for the given level. At Levell, the core requirements are the same for all of the colleges. Three core courses are required for Levell certification, and they include Safety Certification, First Aid Basics, and Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction. At Level 2 and above, the requirements are specific to the college. • Practical experience is a requirement derived from experience-based learning versus course work or book study. Practical experience is defined per college and certification level. Examples of practical experience may include: • Coaching at a variety of program competitions, including Level 5, 6 and/ or 7 State Championship, Level 8,

9, and/ or 10 Regional Championships, National Qualifier and/ or U.S. Championships • Minimum three years work experience as a preschool gymnastics teacher • Instructor or presenter at a live course or Congress • Elective courses provide individuals with choices of course topics to supplement core education. Individuals may choose courses based on area of interest or their desire to broaden their knowledge base. Examples of elective courses may include: • National and regional Congresses • American Red Cross CPR certification and/ or First Aid certification • CORE Workshops • Business seminars • Other courses offered through USA Gymnastics, including courses in nutrition, biomechanics, sports medicine, and psychology • Core courses from other USA Gymnastics University colleges • Attendance at Visa Championships, Tyson




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American Cup, world-level international competitions or Olympic Games • Designated courses from accredited colleges and universities (i .e. Michigan State University, Boston College, etc.) Most of the existing USA Gymnastics education programs, courses, camps, and workshops are being incorporated into the University. Certification is valid for four years. Each level has specific renewal requi rements for individuals to maintain their certification . Continuing education through renewal provides a means for professionals to stay current with new rules, ever-changing techniques, new research and studies, updated medical information , and trends as well as refresh their existing knowledge. The renewal requirements can be completed at any time throughout the four-year period. Testing is incorporated into the course work and therefore, no comprehensive testing is required to complete a level. Generally, one hour of education will equal one University credit. Individuals will

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Technique Magazine – May 2007  

Technique Magazine – May 2007