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Publisher Steve Penny

March· April 2007

Editor Luan Peszek Designer Zemetria Barnes-Perry

FEATURES Tyson American Cup

Design Associate Adam Braden


Shawn Johnson and Jonathan Horton won the 2007 Tyson American Cup in Jacksonville, Fla., March 3, beating an impressive field tha t included athletes from 14 countries and eight medalists from the 2006 World Championships.


USA GYMNASTICS USA GYMNASTICS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CHIJIt Ron Ftoeiill PRESIDENT: Steve Penny; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom !oI;I'£E mAIRMEN: Yot<hi Tomita; ~CE CHAIR RHYTlIMK: And", S<hmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOUNE: Paul P.nIO; V([ CII\JiKRO-GYMNASTlCS: Tony. use; SECRETARY: Gary And<IlO~ mA\URffi: Bob \\\lad; RG REPS: Boll Co~rossi (Ex""ti'" ConmlifJ. Ron Froehlich (AuditOl), Tonya use (AG Te<hnical Comnil/fl .ntI John Roethlisbefger (Athlete Rep.). AT LlRG! MEMBiII: St.... 8utChff, David Holromb; ATHLETE DIRECTORS: Kim /l!lla1-8urdene, John Roethlilbet1J'f, Carol", Hurt\ KarlHege; t/lXATlftm ~RECTO~IDrissa Foo~ine. USA. GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHIJIt Ron frtllkit; PRESIDENT: ~eve Penny; PRESIDENT EM£RITUS: ~!naPA Mike Donahue; TREASURER Bob Wool; SECREIAi't wry Antier>o~ VICE mAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; via CHAIR 1111: Yoichi Tomita; VICE CII~R RHYTHMIC: Andrea khtTJd, 1lI CHAIR TAAMPOUNE: Paul Panll.; VICE CH~ IlRO-G'/lIIIIfICS: Tonya Use; PUBUC IECT~ Bill Hybl, Bob Wool; AWf<P. ATHLETIC UNION: Ron Fems; AMEruCAN SOYlil MGAHI_ Jetty Mi la~ AMEruCAN TURNERS: Betty Heppn"COllE(!9MNASTlCS ASs()(IATiON-MEN: F.nds All",; NATIONAl ASIOO'lOO (J COLLEGIATE COACHES-WOMEN: Mark Cool; NAlIONAL~IAllmj fORGIRlSANDWOMEN IN IPORT: M.rlyn St",wlJl1; NATIONAL ASSOCIATIOII OF WOMEN'S GYMNASTICSll.lllS:Carrne ide; NAlIONALCOLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIAlION·Ml ..shi Hayasaki; NATIONAL fEDERATION OF STAlE IIGH SOIll ASI()(IATiDIlS: Becky o.kes; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS Jl1I5 ASSOCIAflOII-MEN: Butd! Zunid!; NATIONAL H~HiiOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASs()(IATION: M"lJie Canfitld;UiASSOCIATION Of INDEPENDENT GYMNASTICS ClIJIS: Paul 'elllS. EUTE COACHES ASSOCIATION-MEII: Thorn GliJmt U.s. Bli COIlHES ASI()(lAnOll-II\)MEN: Iteve Rybac~ .nd f",fd1man; US. MEN~ GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOC~TlON illiempnauer. [S. RHYTHMK GYMNASTICS Ctw:H5 ASI(XI1I/: Suzie DITullio; YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOC~TION (/1 USA Usey Koen~; NATIONAL COlLEGIATE ATII.Ef( ASSIlllJlN-WOMEN: Meg Stephenson; NATIONAL MEMBERSHII tIOORS MEN: Mite Burns, Able Grossfcld; RHYTHMIC: ~Di Iiov, MKhe11e ID1lOIl; WOMEN: Kelli Hill, Tom Faster.ll.If!llllE: Shaun Kempton, Dr Gernge Drew; AOIIl-GYMtlAlliilinda Porter, ~y ~nder. A1lIlETES COONCll MOOini Bhad'lfm /me>ial-Butdene, IDrissa Fontaine, Kan H«jer, les"a Jooad, Caroline Hunt Jamie Ma'hik, Steve Mt(ai~ Shaullller, Michael Rodrigues, lay Thornton, Us()( AthIeteRep.;t.folllane, USOC At~ete Rep.; IDn'" Fontaine, A5S()(\\TE MJIIS: JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS, Lori 100; 'i'ECIALIifICS, Kate Faber-Hickle; U.I. COMPETITIVE A!ROB(S F£oo:iJI, IIlward Sthwartz CHANrI Of i6f, AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In Older

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16 Winter Cup Challenge Luck ran high for Sean Townsend at the 2007 Winter Cup Challenge. Townsend won the meet over national team members David Sender and Guillermo Alvarez in Las Vegas, Nev., Feb. 8-11. 22

Rhythmic Challenge

Lisa Wang won the senior division at the 2007 Rhythmic Challenge in Colorado Springs, Colo., Feb, 18" while Marlee Shape won the junior division, 28

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nside USA gymnastics SA Gymnastics started March off with a bang when ille, Fla., hosted a very successful Tyson American Cup on Mar(lh 3. Competing before an enthusiastic crowd and a na 'on ide audience on NBC Sports, the USA's Shawn Johnson and Jonathan Horton captured the prestigious titles ahead of an impressive field that included eight medalists from the 2006 World Championships. We congratulate all of the participants on an exciting event, especially all of the USA Gymnastics athletes who represented the country at the highest level. We would also like to thank all of the volunteers and our partners in Jacksonville for an exceptional event, especially the local gymnastics clubs that attended in force. Legendary coach Bela Karolyi also joined us in Jacksonville to kick off the second annual Tyson Fitness Challenge and the drive to raise $1 million for the Children's Miracle Network by 2008. The Tyson Fitness Challenge has two goals: helping today's kids get more physically fit and helping kids who need help by raising money for the Children's Miracle Network. Geared toward young people ages 4-16, the program is about increasing their fitness activities through the professional environments of the gymnastics clubs, as well as teaching them about a well-balanced diet. The announcement was made at Wolfson Children's Hospital, one of two Children's Miracle Network hospitals in Jacksonville, and we had the opportunity to meet two of the local Miracle children, Whitney Pinson and Saylor Kirkpatrick. Both girls have ties to gymnastics and have been helped by a hospital that is a part of the Children's Miracle Network. Whihley was a competitive gymnast prior to her illness, and Saylor is enrolled in gymnastics classes. Saylor entertained a crowd of media and gym club owners when she performed a forward roll for Karolyi. Spending time with Saylor and Whitney underscored why the fundraising part of the Tyson Fitness Challenge is important and why we hope that the entire gymnastics community will become a part of the initiative this year. These two, and many kids like them, have persevered through some tough times and the assistance they received through their Children's Miracle Network hospitals is making a difference in their lives. USA Gymnastics first began raising funds for the Children's Miracle Network in 2001 as part of National Gymnastics Day, and in that time, we have raised more than $645,000. The Tyson Fitness Challenge became the platform to raise funds in 2006, and the great thing about the Children's Miracle Network is that the funds raised by our gymnasts and gym clubs benefit children right in their own community. The gymnastics community has proven time and again what can be accomplished when we work together for a common goal. Please join me in helping us achieve our goal of $1 million by the summer of 2008. Through this common effort, we will be impacting the lives of many young people. See you in the gym.

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TOP: Bela Karolyi announdng USA Gymnastics goal of raising $1 million totalfor the Children's Miracle Network BOTTOM: Coach Karolyi with Whitney Pinson (L) and Saylor Kirkpatrick (R) PHOTO · WESLEYLESTER


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By Luan Peszek Photography by Max Morse and John Cheng

• •


Johnson and Jonathan Horton won the 2007

son American Cup all-around titles in Jacksonville, Fla., March 3. Fifteen-year-old Jo~ m s n was competing for the first time as a senior and Horton, 21, won his second co secutive title at this event. "This was an experience I'll never forget," said Johnson, the 2006 U.S. junior all-around champion. "I loved hearing the crowd and I love the pressure because it makes me want to do better." "I was more relaxed today and I tried to stay calm," Horton said. "I knew that if I was on, I could win. This win is different from last year because I knew I had the abili ty to win." 2006 team world silver-medalist Natasha Kelley of Katy, Texas,


finished second in the all-around with a score of 61.450 to Johnson's 62.050. Mexico's Elsa Garcia was third with a 60.200. Kelley, 17, said, "It was a really good experience and helped my confidence level." Horton won with a 92 .750 and Takuya Nakase of Japan placed second with a score of 92.150. Russia's Maxim Devyatovs ky was third, fo llowed by 2006 pommel horse ~



world bron ze-medali st Alexander Artemev, 21, who finished fourth . Devyatovsky and akase finished fifth and sixth all-around at the 2006 World Championships, respectively. The U.S. Women's Team began the competition with two strong vaults from Johnson and Kelley. Johnson earned the highest vault score of the day for her Yurchenko double full with a 15.325 and Kelley posted a 14.950 for her Yurchenko one-and-a-half, placing third after the first rotation. Johnson's 15.750 on bars kept her in the lead with a score of 31.075. \,(/ith strong execution on vault and bars, Garcia was second after two events widl a score of 30.300. Kelley missed a Hindorf release on bars to score 14.975, putting her in third. Kelley came back strong in round three to turn in dle top performance on beam, earning the highest women's score of the competition with a 16.250. Johnson fell on a layout, pike back series to earn a 15.450, and was able to maintain her lead in dle all-around. Kelley'S score moved her into second place, just .350 behind Johnson.



On floor, Johnson hit a beautiful routine to score a 15.525 and Kelley finished her competition strong as well, earning a 15.275. Harron got a much better start on his first event, pommel horse, than during dle prelims competition. After earning a 15.550 on rings, Horton jumped from third to lead dle men's field after Wee events. His 15.900 was dle highest score on floor exercise for me men. A powerful, 16.200 vault from D evyatovsky moved him into me lead widl a 61.800. Horton was close behind wim 61.650. Artemev held on to his fourdl-place all-around standing after earning a score of 15.550 on vault. The last gynulast to perform on parallel bars, Horton scored a 15.750 to build a .1 50-point lead over Devyatovsky heading into high bar, me last event of dle competition. Horton's high-flying horizontal bar routine earned a score of 15.350 to clinch his second straight Tyson American Cup tide.

Women's Qualification The international field at this year's event was quite impressive, wim six of the gymnasts finishing in dle top 24 all-around at me 2006 \'(10rld Championships. Despite me inlpressive lineup, dle U.S. women dominated dle qualification competition, sweeping first waugh fifdl in dle all-around. Ukraine's Dariya Zgoba grabbed an early lead after the first roration scoring a 15.800 on bars, dle highest score on this event. Also on bars, Bianca Flohr, 16, was second after round one widl her 15.650 which included a stuck double layout dismount. China's Zhou Zhuoru was third with a 15.50. Fifteen-year-old Samanma Peszek, who started on vault, was fourm after round one scoring dle high mark on this event for her double twisting Yurchenko, 15.250. Mexico's E lsa Garcia grabbed me lead after two rounds of competition wim consistent scores on vault and bars, 15.000 and 15.550, respectively. Kelley moved up to second after an impressive bar routine dlat scored a 15.650. Johnson, who started out slow on vault, scoring a 14.85, moved up to dlird after hitting a nice bar routine, complete widl a double twisting, double layout dismount. Johnson and Flohr tied for dllid all-around, while 16-yearold Shayla Worley and Peszek were tied for fifdl all-around. Worley showed great difficulty on bars wim a start value of 6.70, however, she sat down her double front dismount and scored a 15.350. (note: Worley was called in to replace 2006 World Championships silver medalist Jana Bieger, who injured her ankle on a tumbling pass on dle first day of podium training.) Johnson moved into me lead after mree rounds of competition showing an impressive floor routine wim a double twisting double back mount to score a 15.650, me highest score on this event. Peszek moved into secor1cl after round wee, also showing a floor routine, including a double twisting, double back mount to earn dle second-highest score on this event, 15.500. Kelley and Worley were dlird and fourdl after d1tee tounds of competition while Flohr was fifm. During me last rotation, Johnson hit a solid beam routine, highlighted by a new standing tuck full and a full twisting double back di smount. She scored a 16.100 to clinch the preliminary competition with a score of 62.100. Kelley moved up to second, also hitting a nice beam routine including a sta nding full and a sta nding Arabian to score a 15.550 and an all-around total of 61.200. Worley finished up strong on beam to score a 15.350 and place third all-around. Flohr's last event was floor and she hit a nice routine, scoring 15.300 and finishing fourdl all-around. Peszek dropped from second all-around to fifth due to a few wobhles on beam and an overtime deduction of .30. However, she showed a new double Arabian dismount, which was a highlight of her routine. ~

Men's Qualification

Top: Guillermo Alvarez Below: Raj Bhavsar

China's Lu Bo took the early lead in the all-around after one round of competition, scoring a 15.45 on rings, followed by Ho rton and Canada's Adam Wong, who both showed strong performances with scores of 15.40 and 15.35 on rings. After round two of competition, Belarus' D zmitry Savitski grabbed d1e lead with his scores of 14.00 on pommel horse and 15.70 on rings. USi\'s Guillermo Alvarez and !\rtemev were second and third, respectively. Alvarez had the high score of the competition on pommel horse, 14.550. At the midway point of the competition, Savitski was o n top with a score of 44.950 followed closel y by Bo, Germany's Fabian Hambuechen and Alvarez in a three-way tie for second with 44.500. Horton began his climb back to the top o n vault, following a rough pommel ho rse routi ne. After three rounds o f competiti on, H o rto n had moved up to eighth place. After four rounds of competition, Savitski held on to d1e lead with a nice vault, scoring 15.400. Alvarez grabbed second place with a Yurchenko double twist scoring 15.700. Lu Bo was dllid. Jonad1an H orton continued his climb with a strong performance on d1e parallel bars (15.600) tying Lu Bo with the high score on dus event. 2006 \Xforld Championslups allaround bronze-medalist Hambuechen's big scores on floor and high bar of Women's Qualification Round (Top 8 wilh a limit of two per couniTy advance 10 finals) 15.150 and 15.700 pushed him to the top, \\riruung d1e prelinlinary round of v••1t III" INm Floor 6.200 competition \\~ th a 90.750 A 5.800 6.200 6.900 B· 9.410 8.850 9.500 9100 Horton fini shed second overall with NO: a score of 90.150. His lughest scores final: 14.650 .. 15100 15.650 16.100 of d1e day were vault and parallel 2. tlalasha Kelley A: 5500 6.600 6.800 6.000 9.150 9.350 9.050 USA B: 8.750 bars, where he earned a NO: 15.600 o n each. 15.150 Final 14.850 15.650 15.550 He also showed J. \haylaWoney A6100 6.600 6.000 5500 B: 8.650 B.750 9.200 USA 9.400 an oLltstand -0.100 tID Ing high bar 15.100 final: 14.900 15.350 15.350 rou tine with 4. B~n(a Roh, A: 6.200 5.900 5500 6.300 B: 9.450 9.400 USA 9100 8600 6.10 difficulty, NO: complete with Final 14.700 15.610 14.900 15300 three release moves A: 5.800 5.BOO 6.300 6.000 5. Samantha Peszek B: 9.450 9.200 9.500 UIA 8.550 -a layout Kovacs, Kolman and NO: -0.300 Kovacs - to score a 15.350 and Final: 15150 15.000 14550 15.500 he had the highest floor score of A: 6. Elsa Garcia 5.sOO 6.300 6.300 6.000 B: 9.500 9.150 8.150 8.350 MEX the day with a 15.500. NO: Artemev, who had rlifficulty 11550 14.350 Rnal: 15.000 14550 o n pommel horse and parallel 7. Elyse Hopfuer-Hlbbs A: 6.100 6.400 6.000 5000 9.100 8.200 CAN B 9350 8.800 bars, fini shed stro ng on floor, NO: 15.200, and high bar, 15.300, 15.200 Rnal: 14.350 15.200 1.4.200 to pm him d1ird with a score 8. lhou lhuoru A 5.000 6.300 6.600 5500 B· 9.100 9.000 9.200 7350 of 90.100. H e also did a nice CHH NO Yurchenko two and half twist Final: 14.000 15.500 14.600 13.950 o n va ult to sco re a 16.1 50. A· 6200 6.000 5.700 9. Dana lou .. 5.800 Takuya fini shed fourd1 with a B· 7.BOO 8.700 AU\ 8.650 7.900 NO: score of 89.800. Final 14450 14.000 14.400 13900 Alvarez had a strong showing k 5.000 7.000 6.700 5.400 10. Oanya 19oba and an extremely consistent day UKR 8: 7.750 8.900 8.000 8.350 In competition un til his last NO· -0.100 -0.300 Final· 12.750 15BOO 14.700 13450 event, floor exercise, where an 5.BOO 11. Knuina Pravdina A 5.000 6.400 6.800 unexpected nus take and a score RUS B: 8.950 7.BOO 7.100 8.550 of 14.500 cost him one of d1e NO: ·0.100 -0.500 final: 13.950 14.100 Il900 13.850 U.S. qualifying positio ns and A: 5.000 5100 6.100 12. Kyoko Oshima 5.400 dropped him into fifth place in B: 8.100 7.150 JPN 8.450 8.250 d1e all-around rankings with a NO· -0.100 score of 89.400. final: 11100 12750 14550 13.650 Raj Bhavsar, performed 1i. Andieea GngDIe A: 5.000 5.300 6.300 5.1XXl B 8.800 7.600 7.000 8.BOO ROM a t1.Ice handspring front saito NO stretched with o ne-a nd-half Final 13.800 12.900 llJOO 13.800 twist vault to score a 15.600, A: 5.000 5.400 5100 5.000 14. Kalla Abel B: 9 400 8.950 6.150 8.150 GER hi s highest score of the day. NO -0.300 -0.500 Bhavsa r, who unfortunatel y Final 14«10 14010 11.950 12650 came down with the flu d1e day A 0.000 6.100 0.000 15. Daniel'" Englert 0.000 prior to competition, put in a 8: 0.000 8.300 0000 0.000 lUi deternuned effort to fini sh d1e NO: Final. 0.000 14.400 0.000 0.000 meet in spite of Ius illness. ~ 16.Nathal~Sanchez





A B: NO: final

0.000 0.000 0.000

5.300 7.900 -0.100 1J.100

0000 0.000

0.000 0.000
















A: B: NO: Fin.J1: A: B. NO: Rnal A: B: NO: Rn.JI: It

B: tlO: Rna1: " B NO: Final: A B: 110: Final: " B· NO: Final: It

B: NO:

Vault 5.800 9525

Ba .. 6.2110 9.550 6.800 8.650

Flo.r 6.000 9.525

15J25 5.500 9.450

15]50 6.3110 8.675

15.450 6.800 9.450

15.525 6.1110 9.175

14.950 5.500 9.475

14975 65110 8.825

16.250 6.200 8.775

15.275 5.800 9.125

14.975 5.000 9.400

15.325 6.1110 9.2110

14.975 6.400 8.425

14925 ... 5.900 9.125

14.400 5.000 8.875

15.3110 6.2110 8.850

15.025 5.5110 9.025

ll.8]5 5.800 8.300

15.050 6JOO 9.025

14.825 6.700 8.325 -0.100 14.925 6.000 7.650

14.100 5.000 9.125

15.325 6.4110 9.025 -0.100 15J25 6.5110 8.0]5 -0.1110

14.125 5.000 B525

ll.650 6.;00 7.625 ll.725 6.5110 8.675 -0.200

Ham.ICounlry l.Fab~n Hambuedlffi A: GER B· NO· Rna.!: 2. Jonathan HOrlon A USA B: NO: Rnal: 1. Alexand€f Arremev A: USA B· NO· Rnal· 4. Takuya tlakase A: JPtl B: flO: Rnal: 5. Guillermo Alvatez " USA B· NO: Rnal: 6. Ozmitry Savi~ki A: BLR B· NO: FlOal: ]. Maxim Oevyatovsky A. RUS B· !lO: Final: A:


12. Raj8havsar USA

15.050 5.700 8.400 -0.3110 13.800

ll. Oan~1 Conal ROM

A: B: NO: Rn.JI· A: B NO· Rnal: A: B: NO: Final: A:

B: tlO: Rnal: A:

B: NO: Final. A B: flD:

Final: ]. Fabian Hambuechen A: GER B· NO: Final A: 8: NO: Rnal:

Pommel Ring. 4.900 6.100 8400 8.950

15.150 6.200 9.300

13.3110 4.900 7.800

15.500 5.900 9.300

P Ba.. 6.000 9400

HBar 6.200 9.500

15.050 5.900 9.500

Vault 6.600 9650 -0.100 16.150 6.600 9.000

15.400 6.200 9.400

15.700 6.100 9.2S0


12.700 5.700 8100

15400 5.400 9.250

15.600 6.600 9.550

16.600 5.800 8600

16.350 6.300 9.000


15.200 6.000 8550

14.400 5.500 7.900

14.650 6.100 8.800

16.150 6.600 9550

14.400 6.200 9.300

lS.300 6.100 9.200



13.400 5.600 8.950

14900 5.800 9.250

16.150 6.200 9500

15.500 5.600 9.300

lBOO 5.300 9.200


14100 6.200 9.050 -0.100 15.150 5.800 9.400

14.550 6.000 8.000

15.050 6.300 9.400

15.700 6.600 8.800

14.900 6.200 9.050

14.500 5.400 8.450


14.000 4.800 8.750

15.700 5.900 9500

15.250 6.200 9.100

13.850 5.100 8.8S0


15.200 5.900 9.100 -0.300 14.700 S.300 8.850

13.5S0 4.800 8.050

15.400 6.500 8.950

150400 6.600 9.300 -0.100 15.800 6.600 9.600

15100 6.400 9.200

13.950 5.600 8.050


15.450 5.500 8.850

16.200 6.200 9.200

15.600 6.300 8.700

13.650 5.400 9.350


14.350 5.1110 9.200

15.400 6.600 9.450

15000. 5.700 8.450

14JSO 5.400 8.9S0

14.300 6.100 9.250

16.050 6.200 9.500

14.150 5.700 9.150

14.350 5.600 8.200

15.350 6.100 8.700

15.700 6.200 9.400

14.850 5.500 8.650

ll.800 4.900 8.200

14.800 5.JOO 8.600

15.600 6.200 9.550

14.150 5.100 8.900

13.100 0.000 0.000

6.100 8.600

B· NO: Final: 12.8S0 A. 5.700 B: 8.250 lID: .Rnal: 14.15013.950 A: 6.000 5.200 B· 9100 7.750 NO: . Final: . 12.200 12.950 A: 6000 4.800 B: 9.050 7.150 NO: Rnal: 15.050 11.950 A. 4.700 5.400 B: 8.950 8.500 NO: 13.900 Rnal: 13.650 A. 5.600 4.600 7.850 B: 8.650 NO: -0.100

11. AtI.lmWong

14525 5.800 9.250

Floor 6.100 9.050

Floor 6.300 9.600

Pommel Ring. 5.100 5.900 9.250 9.650

Vault 6600 9.250

P Ba.. 6100 9550

HBar 6.100 9.250

15.900 6.200 9.350

14.350 5500 8600

15.550 6JOO 9.450

15.850 6.600 9.300

15.750 6.200 9.100

15.350 6.600 8.950

15.550 5.800 9J50

14.100 6.000 9.150

15.750 5.900 9.400

15.900 6.600 9.600

15Joo 6.200 9.250

15.550 5.400 9.300

15.150 5.900 9.200

15.150 6.000 904110

15.300 5.400 9.450

14.700 6.000 9.050

15.100 6.100 9.050 -0.300_ 14850 6.200 8.650 -0.100 14.750 6.500 9.250

15.400 5000 80450

14.850 6.500 8.950

16.200 ... 15.450 6.600 6.200 9.250 8500 -0.300 15.550 14100 6.600 6400 9500 9150

15.050 S.700 9.150

llA50 5.600 7.450

15.450 6.300 9.250

16.100 6.600 9.400

15.650 6100 9.200

14.8S0 5.700 9.150

llOSO 5.200 8.150

15.550 6.100 8.450

15.400 5.500 7850

14850 6.600 9.200

15.750 5.500 9.050

mso 5.600 9.200

14.S50 4.800 8.450

m50 6.100 8.550

15.800 5.400 9.300




16.000... 6.600 9.350 -0100 15.850 6.200 8.850 -0.100 14.9S0



• I





Ryan Lieberman

CLUB David Sender

Sean Townsend HGAlGymMasrers staiiitird"· .. ·...... · iiavidSender ....Teaiii Ciievitin/Miiiri'" Guiliermo Aivarez . Ryan Lieberman Biiii3i~Gj~ve ·····Okiahoiiia···· .. ···· . Taqiy Abdullah .... siiifuitiGrove· ...... · "'6'" ThomasKelley .............. "i '" Wesley Haagensen ''' Iii(no'ii' .... TeaiiiOievron/HGA " 8T" Raj Bhavsar " TeamiiievioiiiotC " . "'sT Todd Thornton "io' Jamie Henderson Oklahoma .. itiiifoiii . i i . Bryant Hadden .. ··CN'( "12 Paul Ruggeri III WiiG" .. ·.. 13 Tim Gentry Fiii~diFiipi" 14" Chris Cameron 1S" Danell Leyva Universal '''iii'' Kristopher Kline ' iiiiioSiate TeamChevroiiis28O' . Ii" Alexander Artimev ''' WOGA ... ::18·.::Sreveri\egeniiji · ..................... - .. 19 Michael Reavis HGA/GymMasters .20 "'jiiiiph j.jiger~ "TeamChevroiiibTC

end with Sender," Townsend said. "(But) I didn't pay much attention to the rankings. I wanted to make a good impression on the committee and show that I am a contender for the world team. It was a good start for the competitive season." Sender, who led in the standings after day one, came in second all-around and topped the vault rankings, scoring a 32.80 on the event over Jimmy Wickham of Ohio State, who earned a 32.55. Alvarez was the only gymnast to place in the top three on more than one event, earning third on vault with a 31.90 and second on pommel horse with a 29.55. Yewki Tomita of Team Chevron claimed the win on pommel horse with 30.55, and David Durante of Team Chevron rounded out the top 3 with a 29.30. HGA/GymMasters' Michael Reavis won the individual event title on floor exercise, scoring a 30.50. Jonathon Horton of the University of Oklahoma and Paul Ruggeri III of Central New York Gymnastics Center were close behind, both scoring a 29.80. For horizontal bar, Joseph Hagerty of Team Chevron posted the top score with a combined total of 30.20. Dylan Carney of Stanford and Willie Ito of Ohio State closed out the top three with a 29.80 and 29.60, respectively. Kevin Tan showed his supreme sh'ength on rings by earning the highest scores on the event for both days, 16.30 and 16.00, for a two-day total of 32.30. Close behind were Sean Golden of HGA / GymMasters with a 31.20 and Raj Bhavsar of Team Chevron with a 30.95. Following the meet, six spots on the U.S. Senior National Team were named based on the National Team Points System used at the meet. Townsend, Hagerty and Tomita won automatic berths on the team for being the top tlu'ee point-getters. After consideration by the Men's Program Committee, McNeill, Bhavsar and Golden were added to the national team. Later, the Men's Program Committee added ~ PHOTOS · (TOP LEFT) MINKUS IMAGES(TOP RIGHT) CASEY GIBSON (BOTTOM) STEVE LANGE

MEET 1 88.100 89.450 88.050 84.100 83.800 84.350 84.850 84.950 85.000 83.550 83.100 84.800 83600 83.650 82.650 81.410 88.750

MEET 2 89.050 87S00'


177.110 176.950 .88.65ii 176.700 87.150 171.210 87.350 171.110 ''' 85:95ii ' 170.300 '8s:3iO' 170.200 · 8s.ioo 170.050 85.050 170.010 86.000 169.550 84:900 ' . 168.000 .... 83000 ' 167.800 '829iO' '' 166.550 " 82.450 166.100 165.750 ·· s.i:osij .... 161.500 " ]3350 ·· .. 162.100 'i6O:800 ' 80:000 ..... SO.800 71.200 144.500 73.300 .. i'43110 '70.800 "' 72:3iO'


Guillermo Alvarez



more items 2007 WINTER CUP

University of Oklahoma's Jamie Henderson and University of Illinois' Justin Spring to the national team. The competition took place Feb. 8 and 10 at the Las Vegas Sports Center in Las Vegas and and was broadcast live at the time of the meet via an online webcast at 13


__~-A~}. Welcome to Karolyi 's World Camps, home of several Olympic and World Champions. For beginner, advanced and competitive gymnasts . Girls-minimum age: old.

Phone: 936-291-0007 Fax: 936-291-8637 Email: For 26 years we have been proud to offer the MOST AFFORDABLE TUITION in the USA, along with the most expert and quality gymnastics instruction at Karolyi's beautiful camp, the official training center of the USA National Team. Please compare our tuition

to any of the other camps that you may be considering!

SESSIONS: June 5-10,

Where every participant feels and is treated like astar!



26 years of unforgettable times with our summer campers and coaches.

Bela and Martha Karolyi, coaches of the 1984,1988,1992,1996 USA Olympic Teams , invite you to be part of an action-packed and fun-filled summer. They will help you to have the most unique gymnastics experience of your lifetime.

Come and be with us at the Karolyi 's 2,000 acre ranch as we celebrate the 26 year anniversary of the Karolyi Camps- Home of the National Teams. Camps will be personally directed by Bela, who will share his 40 years of coaching experience as he developed some of the most famous Olympic champions in the world, such as Nadia Comaneci, Mary Lou Retton, Kim Zmeskal , Dominique Moceanu and Kerri Strug.

One quarter of a century igniting dreams and spiriting students toward excellence in sport!

12-17, 19-24, 26-J uly 1, July 10-15, 17-22, 24-29 (All dates are Tuesday- Sunday)

SPECIAL OFFER • Coaches, or group organizers, with 10 students enrolled are invited free of charge ... • Coaches, or group organizers, with 10 students enrolled to attend camp will benefit from housing, meals, recreational facilities , and optional participation in dai ly technical meetings and instructions.

• Tuition/session: $415 • Additional session: $395 • Enrollment is Limited: Call or write for your camp brochure or check out NOTE: Only money order or cashier's check will be accepted. • Deposit $75/session(non-refundable) • High-quality intensive gymnastics

instruction in the 45,000 square-foot gymnasium complex,(training site of the USA National Team). • Exciting additional outdoor activities include: horseback riding, swimming (Olympic-size pool), tennis, ball games, campfire activities, hay ride, dancing and boating. • Optional Airport pick-up available.

APPLICATION NAME _______________________________________________________ ADDRESS ___________________________________________________ CITY _________________________ STATE ________ ZIP _______________ CAMPDATE ____________________ PHONE _________________________ TUITION/SESSION: $41 5


Housing, meals, instruction, additional activities . Additional sessions: $395 Coaches : See special offer with 10 students enrolled.

Karolyi's Gymnastics Camps 454 FS 200 Huntsville, TX 77340 Phone: 936-291-0007 Fax: 936-291-8637 Email:

Karolyi's Gymnastics Legends Back row, left to right. BeHy Okino, Mary Lou Retton, Martha Karolyi, Bela Karolyi, Nadia Comaneei. Front row, left to right. Jennie Thompson, Kim Zmeskal, Dominique Moceanu.

Who wants to see another first?

• The people of Chevron know about being first. Chevron was the first to be designated

TOPTIER gasoline by BMW, GM, Honda and Toyota. So it makes sense that Chevron has been, and will continue to be, a proud sponsor of U.s.A. Gymnastics, a team that tirelessly strives for top tier performance. Their success is inspirational and we wish them all the best.



© 2005 Chevron Produ t· Com an San Ramon CA. All ri hts reserved.

Eighteen-year-old Lisa Wang of Buffalo Grove, III. , won the senior division at the 2007 Rhythmic Challenge, Feb. 18, in Colorado Springs, Colo., earning a score of 58 .350. She said, "Jr felt great! I was really confident going into the competition because I have been working so hard to prepare for this season. I'm happy that I was able to perform consistently and show almost all of the new things I have been working on. " When asked if this was the first time she'd won the Rhythmic Challenge all-around tirle, Wang said, "Yes. Jr is my first win at the Rhythmic Challenge. Winning the Visa Championships last August really gave me a big boost of confidence, and just made me want to train even harder. That's exactly what I did, and I'm thrilled that it paid off at this competition." Behind Wang with 56.400 points was Julie Zerlin of LISA WANG Bethesda, Md., in second place. Zetlin, 16, trains at Rhythmflex and is coached by Olga Kutuzonva. Fifteenyear-old Rachel Marmer of Los Angeles, who was competing as a senior for the first time, placed third all-around with a score of 54.525. Marmer trains at Hollywood Academy with her coach Yelena Chshukareva. Ava Gehringer, 17, of Evanston, III. , placed fourth with a score of 54.025. Gehringer trains at North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center and is coached by Natasha K1imouk and Dani Takova. In the junior division, 13-year-old Marlee Shape of Buffalo Grove, III. , led the junior field with 52.950 points. Shape trains at North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center. Anastasia Torba of Orinda, Calif., placed second with her score of 47.775, while Savannah Reynolds of Van Nuys, Calif. , finished third with a score of 44.250. Tyler Rosemond of Fresh Meadows, N.Y. , placed fourth with 43.700 points. Fifteen gymnasts from six states participated in the event, with the seniors competing in rope, hoop, ribbon and clubs, while the juniors competed in rope, hoop, ribbon and ball.


L!pdate with Lisa Q-

Did you tn) anything new during the competition? ~: I didn't attempt anything new for this competition, I got three completely new routings for this season and, for the last few months, I've just been trying to peliect every step. Q - What was yoU!- best event and why? (4. : My best event was hoop. I absolutely love my music and my routine and I think that shil1ed through in my pelfonnance. I nailed fill of my tosses and most of my elements as well. Q,. Is it helpful to just concentrate on training vs_school and training? I just graduated early from high school alld It is much eflilier to concentrate without school, When I travel, I don't have to worry about homework or tests anymore; I can now focu s all of my attention on my gtjll1nastics.




USA National Group Team from North Shore Academy. Seniors









1. Marlee Shape

North Shore RG





Alie;jio RG Cal~omia RG

ii'iii ' iI42S Ti.iis ;'o:6'iii" "'; i;joo"" '9a2i '

12.625 12.050 12375

' 'iAnastasi,ioiiia "J.~vann.a~Reyn.old.s

....4 .lJ.ler.R.Il5~rn~n~.. .::::::)i~App'I~:::. io800 · . 5 .~.ella.Oani~ls.. ..... "..........~I!yvlOfXl.A.~.d ... Jhj~ 6. Sarah Ku d ~hevich Inti. Gym of MN. 11.000

ii925 10:5'i5' ip9,iL jQ)H : 10.925


.. " jO.4oo · 11]75 9.825

NAME I. lisa Wang


;;jiso ' ;i:9iS

i·4.iOO 'iiioo '

:::(;:::: ...

5. Rebecca Wal !en.~ein 6. Rachel Ginna

12350 13.925

. Tii.iCYAgyem,n




···'jjuii'·Z'ilin··· '4777S 442io "" "iRa,ii,i'M,iffi,i 43]00 ji)~ " 41.775



'fii,ianelloiie~aii "



14.625 14.850 13:650 14.175 ..1.3,lX1!J.""" 12.550 11.200


" 'iTiiS'"

' i'0:8ib



"·S6.400 ·

sui<; 54.025

' ~~:?:of :: 48.925

.. ;jiiii\, '4i6iii .. ""4;:/00

Q,. What's next?

/t: On February 25th, 1 will be traveling to Russia for the Moscow Grand


Prix competition as well as a training camp. From there, I will compete in Kiev, Ukraine for the Oeruigina World Cup. Q. Do you have any good lllck charms or rituals that you do during or before a competition? /1.: If my family is there, we usually go out to a Chinese restaurant the night before and eat. At the end of the meal, we open fort une cookies for good luck.

Q,. How do you select your music, apparel and equipment for each routine?

/t: It is collaboration between my coaches and me. Often times, my coach finds music and lets me listen to it, if 1 like it and it fits, then we use it. The apparel and equipment is based off of the music




~tUjV {fI':jrJitr {ffUv .t:.'i J




StalIn~ l_ During e a •• " Facilitating the

"feati" " Pr cess

Chris-Garr, Ph.D., HSPP - - Sport



Performance Neuroscience

Indianap o lis ,

Psychologist Institute

Ind i ana


~ StVincenf

~ Sports Performance Center


e process of reha bi litation from injury and surgery is often fraught not only physical pain/discomfort, but also emotional and mental discomfort. Frustration, and anxiety are often common (and normal) responses to physical injury and pain. It is I _nr\r1'::.nt to recognize that you have control over some, not all, of your body's response and . This brief article will help you keep the mental focus and positive emotional response IneleaE~a to facilitate healing. ~




SY reinforcing

positive aspects of rehabilitation and recovery, you create more confidence and

belief in your care., ,

• Keep a Journal -

Writing down your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about your recovery and care is important. Often, just the process of writing will alleviate the amount of emotional distress you may experience; sometimes just "getting it out" will help to heal. By acknowledging the normal and adaptive nature of feelings such as frustration and fear, we can "see"that our response is normal, and not continue to exacerbate the feelings. Also, the journal is a vehicle to describe your goals for recovery, and to discuss the positive aspects of recovery (e.g. increased range of motion or pain-free movement). By reinforcing positive aspects of rehabilitation and recovery, you create more confidence and belief in your care.

Set Daily Goals - Every day, write down your goals for rehabilitation. Even if the goal is 2-5 degrees increased range of motion, write it down. It may seem small, but the accomplishment of the goal will create a positive sense of control and confidence. As your rehab progresses, get clarity from your physician and physical therapist/trainer regarding REALISTIC daily goals. Even if your daily goal is to do 3-5 ice treatments for 20 minutes each time, write it down, then when you have accomplished the goal, you will feel positive progress toward your final goal of mobility and movement.

these cards daily, usually in the morning (to create a positive mindset), right before rehab exercises/appointments (to facilitate belief in ability and focus), and in the nighttime before bed (to reaffirm belief and refocus for the next day). By simple review (looking at each card and reading it to yourself), you can rehearse and create a belief and focus that will keep you positive during the day, even during difficult (e.g. pain) days. When you are getting closer to coming back to practice, start to visualize yourself doing your specific sport skills (e.g. a dismount off beam or rings).

Humor Helps! - Whatever you need to create a laugh or smile can be used to facilitate relaxation and focus. By watching a video or listening to a comedian on a CD, you can generate a "refocusing" tool that relaxes your body and allows for positive reflection. I have found that often patients find "accidentally" how humor can help relieve stress and tension.

• •

The key of mental "recovery" is to maintain an optimistic and positive approach to your injury rehabilitation so that you can come back to your sport as strong and as confident as you can! 13

Create "Cue" Cards for Exercises/Daily Review Take index cards and write down positive quotes, inspirational statements, or simple words that best represent a positive attitude and belief in your ability to do rehab exercises and recover. Review

51. Villcenl Hospita/ alld SI. VillceJ/1 Sporls 1'eifol1ll""C" ill illditlllflpo/is. [ lIfl, {/I~ offiri,,/ ser"ire pror'idm 10 USA Gj'lllllasfics. ell// 3 17415·5747 or visil bttp:/ I SPOitspeifol'll/rll/ce.slvill(

• 26


-~, -




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-=-~ -~ NO-r/ONHEAR

1315 Sunday Drive Indianapolis, IN 46217 Order Desk: (888) 576-0609

Call for a free catalog



• •

• •


Below is a list of camps scheduled for 2007 in the United States. ALABAMA Auburn Gymnastics Camp • City: Auburn Website: Camp Fliptastic At Head Over Heels • City: Birmingham Website: Headstart Compulsory Camp • City: Mobile Website: Planet Day Camps • City: Mobile Website: Planet Olympic Summer Camp • City: Mobile Website:

ALASKA Summer Camp Of Champions • City: Anchorage Website: arcticgym .com

ARIZONA Camp Xtreme At Mingus Springs • City: Scottsdale Website: FunToFlip Summer Camp • City: Tempe Website: funtoflip.comlhtmVspeciaLevents.html#Camp Lady Razorback Gym Camp • City: Fayetteville Website: UttIe Rippers Summer Camp • City: Tempe Website: Pommel Horse Ranch Camp • City: Prescott Valley Website: Xtreme Gymnastics & Cheer • City: Scottsdale Website:

CALIFORNIA 2007 Cal Gymnastics Camp . City: Berkeley Website:



AcroSports • City: San Francisco Website: Bay Island Gymnastics Camps • City: Oakland Website: Byers Kinder Camp • City: Roseville Website: Cal Elite Summer Camp • City: Rancho Santa Margarita Website: California Sports Center Summer Camps - Great Oaks • City: San Jose Website: California Sports Center Summer Camps - Malone • City: San Jose Website: California Sports Center Summer Camps - Race Sl • City: San Jose Website: California Sports Center Summer Camps - Ross • City: San Jose Website: California Sports Center Summer Camps - Santa Clara • City: Santa Clara Website: CCGI Super Clinid • City: Visalia Website: Camp Flips • City: EI Cajon Website: Champions Academy Summer Camp • City: Morgan Hill Website: CAUSA. US Club Champion's Champ Camp 2007 • City: Pasaedena Website: Diamond Elite Gymnastics Summer Fun • City: Chino Website: Golden Bear Gymnastics Camp • City: Berkeley Website: calbears. Gold Coast Gymnastics • City: Ventura Website: Golden State Gymnastics' Fantastically Fun Summer Camp • City: Burbank Website

Gymnastics Beat • City: Fresno Website: Gymnastics North • City: Lompoc Website: Los Angeles School Of Gymnastics Day Camp • City: Culver City Website: Le Club Gymnastics • City: Chatsworth Website: Payke Summer Day Camp • City: South Pasadena Website: Peninsula Gymnastics • City: San Mateo Website: Performance Athletics Summer Camp • City: San Luis Obispo Website: Santa Cruz Future Stars Camp • City: Santa Cruz Website: SCATS Gymnastics • City: Huntington Beach Website: Stanford Gymnastics Camp For Boys • City: Stanford Website: jdrgymnastics.coml Stanford Gymnastics Camp For Girts • City: Stanford Website: Stars Athletic Foundation Tramp Camp • City: San Gabriel Website: Woodward West • City: Tehachapi Website:

• •

.. •

.. • •


5280 Gymnastics • CitY: Wheat Ridge Website: CATS SuperCamps • City: Boulder Website: catsgym .com

Gym Plus Rocky Mountain Team Challenge Camp • City: Granby Website: Peak Ten Gymnastics Camp • City: Breckenridge Phone: 602-703-3299 Rocky Mountain Training Camp . City: Colorado Springs Website: Snow Shadow Gymnastics High Altitude CrossTraining • City: Montrose Phone: 970-252-1191

CONNECTICUT Camp JCC • City: Bridgeport Website: Lady Razorback Gym Camp • City: Fayetteville Website: New England School Of Gymnastics • City: South Windsor Website: The Little Gym Of Norwalk . City: Norwalk Website:


Sun Country • City: Gainesville Website: Tampa Bay Turners Team Camp • City: St. Petersburg Website: Tropical Twisters Summer Camp • City: Cape Coral Phone: 239-540-9800

University Of Iowa Hawkeye Boys' Gymnastics Camp • City: Iowa City Website:

KENTUCKY Champion Team Summer Camp • City: Louisville Phone: 502-266-7447

GEORGIA Canton Gymnastics Academy . City: Canton Phone: 770-720-2653 City Of Kennesaw Parks & Recreation • City: Kennesaw Website: Decatur - DeKalb YMCA • City: Decatur Website: Gym South Gymnastics And Cheerleading • City: Fayetteville Website: The Little Gym Of N. Atlanta . City: Roswell Website: Vidalia Gymnastics • City: Vidalia Website:

Diamond Gymnastics Summer Camp • City: New Castle Phone: 302-324-8001



Hawaiian Holiday • City: Honolulu Website:

College Recruitment Camp • City: Orlando Website: IDAHO Flairs Gymnastics Camp • City: Davie High Performance Training Camp (HPTC) • City: Website: Coeur D' Alene Website: Flip Coty Gymnastics Inc. • City: Lantana Website: PEG Summer Training Camp • City: Moscow , Website: Ft. Lauderdale Stars • City: Fort Lauderdale Website: ILLINOIS Future Flipz • City: Clearwater Chicago Park District Gymnastics . City: Chicago Website: Website: Future Flipz Of Tarpon • City: Tarpon Springs , Chicago Style Gymnastics Camp • City: Westmont Website: Website: Gym Kidz CGYC • City: Coral Gables International Gymnastics • City: Mt. Prospect Website: Website: South Suburban Cheer & Tumbling • City: Crete Gym Kidz • City: N Miami Beach Website: Website: University Of Illinois Boys Gymnastics Camp Gym Like This! • City: West Palm Beach Website: • City: Champaign Website: University Of Illinois Girls Gymnastics Camp Gymnastics Plus • City: Boca Raton • City: Champaign Website: Website: Gymnastics University • City: Orlando Website: INDIANA Gymnastics Unlimited Day Camp • City: Attack Camp 2007 • City: Indianapolis Website: Jacksonville Website: Dana Mannix Gymnastics • City: Indianapolis Gymnastic World Naples • City: Naples Website: Website: DeVeau's School Of Gymnastics • City: Fishers International Gymnastics • City: Miami Website: Phone: (305)259-0677 Geist Sports Academy • City: Indianapolis Orlando Metro Gymnastics Compulsory Camp . City: Website: Orlando Website: Indy Gym Summer Camp • City: Carmel Website: Orlando Metro Gymnastics Optional Camp • City: Orlando Website: Interactive Academy Sixth Annual Summer Boys Palm Beach Gymnastics, Cheer And Dance • City: Camp · City: Zionsville West Palm Beach Website: Website: Park Avenue Gymnastics Summer Camp Olympia Gymnastics Camp • City: Batesville • City: Cooper City Website: Website: Super Summer Gymnastics Camp • City: Marion Park Avenue Gymnastics SUmmer camp • City: Weston Phone: 765-651-1135 Website: parkavenuegymnastics.comlcamp07.cfm SFGC Summer Camp . City: Bradenton IOWA Website: Cyclone Gymnastics Camp • City: Ames Star Gym, Gymnastics • City: Boca Raton Website: Website:

LOUISIANA Camp Of Champions • City: Baton Rouge Website: elitegymnastics1 .com Crescent City Gymnastics • City: New Orleans Phone: 504-452-0557 Perfect Balance Gymnastics • City: Greenwell Springs Website:

MAINE Decal Gymnastics • City: Skowhegan Website: decal Maine Academy Summer Fun Camp • City: Westbrook Website:

MARYLAND ACRO Gymnastics Summer Clinic • City: Westminster Website: Gerstung Summer Spectrum • City: Baltimore Website: Harford Gymnastics • City: Joppa Phone: 410-879-3718 Maryland State Gym • City: Upper Marlboro Website: Skyview Gymnastics • City: Mount Airy Website: Twisters Gymnastics Level Camps • City: Berlin Phone: 410-629-0878

MASSACHUSETTS Aim High Gymnastics • City: Lowell Website: Camp West Woods • City: Stoughton Website: Exxcel Summer Camp • City: Newton Website: Five Star Gymnastics Camp • City: Springfield Website: GymKids Gymnastics • City: N. Eastham Website: Gymnastics Express Summer Program • City: Natick Website: Island Gymnastics • City: West Tisbury Phone: 508-693-8358 New England Sports Academy Sports Camp • City: Westwood Website: Over The Top Gymnastics carJp • City: Worcester Website: overthetopgym .com Palaestra Gymnastic Academy • City: North Andover Website: pgagym .com Rhythmic Dreams • City: Newton Website: Sola's Gymnastics Academy Inc. • City: Mendon Phone: 508-634-0012 Sudbury Gymnastics Center • City: Marlborough Website: Tumble Time Gymnastics • City: Bourne Website: U.S. Gymnastics Training Centers • City: S. Hadley Website: ~ USA GYMNASTICS MARCH · APRIL 2007


• Westfield YMCA Gymnastics Summer Camp • City: Westfield Website:

MICHIGAN Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy • City: Farmington Hills Phone: 248-474-7778 Twistars USA Gymnastics Summer Camp • City: Dimondale Website: University Of Michigan Girl's Gymnastics Camp • City: Ann Arbor Website: USAG T&T Scholarship Camp • City: Three Rivers Website:



AVA Vaulting Camp At Fort Robinson State Park • City: Crawford Website:

Bull City Gymnastics • City: Durham Website: Camp Flip Flop • City: Concord Website: Foothills Gymnastics • City: Hickory Website: Olympia Gymnastics Camp • City: Matthews Website: Summer Adventures At Hahn's Gymnastics • City: Asheville Phone: 828-684-8832

NEVADA Sasso's Dance & Gymnastics • City: Las Vegas Website: sassodanceandgym .com

NEW HAMPSHIRE GBC Summer Camp • City: Brentwood Website: Keene Family YMCA • City: Keene Website:

MINNESOTA Classic Gymnastics Skill Camps • City: Chanhassen Website: Gynastics Camp Xtreme • City: Caledonia Phone: 480-313-0198 Hamline University Gymnastics Camp • City: St. Paul Phone: 651-523-2383 HGC Rivertown Summer Camp • City: Hastings Website: Mini-Hops Gymnastics • City: Minnetonka Website: Minnesota Gymnastic Training Center Boys Gymnastics Camp • City: Minneapolis Phone: 763-537-9004 Minnesota Flyers • City: Detroit Lakes Website: North Crest • City: Sauk Rapids Website: Rhythmic World • City: Spring Lake Park Phone: 612-423-6617 Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy • City: Oakdale Website: TAGS Cheer/Gym Camp • City: Apple Valley Website: tagsgym .com TAGS Cheer/Gymnastics Camp • City: Eden Prairie Website: TAGS Gold Camp • City: Apple Valley Website: TAGS Gold Camp . City: Eden Prairie Website: tagsgym .com TAGS Gymnastics And Multi Sport Camp • City: Eden Prairie Website: TAGS Multi Sport Camp • City: Apple Valley Website: Twin City Twisters Summer Camp • City: Champlin Website:

MISSISSIPPI The Studio Up Side Down • City: Ocean Springs Website:

MISSOURI AI Fong's Dragon Camp • City: Blue Springs Website: Eagles Gymnastics Team Camp • City: Kansas City Website: GymQuarters Gymnastics Team Summer Camp • City: O'Fallon Website:



NEW JERSEY All American Gymnastics • City: Ocean Phone: 732-493-9455 Connections Gymnastics • City: Robbinsville Website: DC Gymnastics • City: Hillsborough Website: Fun In The Sun • City: Rio Grande Website: Gymnastics Unlimited • City: Flemington Website: Kangaroo Kidz Youth Gymnastics Inc. • City: Far Hills Website: Karade Gymnastics School • City: Orange Website: Super Star Summer Camp • City: Cherry Hill Website:

NEW MEXICO Summer-Sault Day Camp • City: Albuquerque Phone: 505-884-6949

NEW YORK Aviator Sports And Recreation • City: Brooklyn Website: Big Apple Summer Intensive Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Academy • City: Rego Park Website: Kennett SummerGym • City: Goshen Website: National Gymnastics Training Camp • City: Huguenot Phone: 845-858-2200 NYC Elite • City: New York Website: The Gymnastics Training Center Of Rochester • City: Penfield Website: Rochester Gymnastics Academy • City: East Rochester Website: Rye YMCA • City: Rye Website: Spendwood School Of Dance And Gymnastics • City: Cohoes Website: SPENDWOOD.COM World Cup Gymnastics • City: Chappaqua Website:

NORTH DAKOTA Creating Champions Gymnastics Camp • City: Jamestown Website:

• •



OHIO Buckeye Sports Camp • City: Columbus Website: Capitol City's Survivor Camp At Oak Creek • City: Sunbury Website: Firecracker Camp • City: Fairfield Website: Kent State Gymnastics Camp • City: Kent Website: Mini Camps • City: Fairfield Phone: 513-860-3082 Oak Creek • City: Sunbury Website: Turle's American Gymnastics And Trampoline Academy • City: Twinsburg Website:


.. •

OKLAHOMA Sooner Gymnastics Camp At The University Of Oklahoma • City: Norman Website: T3: Tulsa\'s Tumbling & Trampoline • City: Broken Arrow Website:

OREGON Oregon Gymnastics Academy • City: Beaverton Website: Oregon SI. University • City: Corvallis Website:

PENNSYLVANIA Aerials Gymnastics Camp • City: Phoenixville Website: B.G. Gymnastics • City: Monessen Phone: 724-684-5779 Double 'D'Gymnastics • City: Media Website: Gymolympic Summer Camps • City: Exton Website: Gymsport • City: Bridgeville Website: Harrisburg Gymnastics • City: Harrisburg Phone: 717-561-0959 International Gymnastics Camp . City: Stroudsburg Website:

• •

. • • •

• •



official fitness center of the USA Gymnastics Team and all those who support them

over 360 clubs nationwide



800.224.0240 24h o u rf itn ess .c om


proud sponsor of USA Gymnastics

.....\ l, \ \


~. SUMMER ~'~~~==~=====-------------------------------------------------------------------------CAMP DIRECTORY KIDS CO-OP Develomental Center • City: Bethlehem Website: Parkettes • City: Allentown Website: Pee-Wee Gymnastics • City: Pottstown Website: Pittsburgh Panther Gymnastics Camp • City: Pittsburgh Website: United Sports Academy • City: Dunmore Phone: 570-963-5477 Upper Merion Dance & Gymnastics Center, LLC. • City: King Of Prussia Website: Woodward Camp • City: Woodward Website:

SOUTH CAROLINA Champions Fun Camp . City: Rock Hill Website: champions-gymnastics. com Flying High Academy • City: West Columbia Phone: 803-794-2555 Gymcredible SummerCamp • City: Summerville Website: Olympia Gymnastics Camp • City: Spartanburg Website: The Great Adventure Gymnastics Camp • City: Easley Website: Wateree Gymnastics Center Summer Camp • City: Camden Website:



Zenith Fun & Fit Summer Camp • City: McKinney Website:

SOUTH DAKOTA Power & Grace Gymnastics Summer Camp • City: Sioux Falls Website:

Dunkleys Gymnastics Camp . City: South Hero Website:

TENNESSEE Dynamics Camp • City: Gallatin Website:

Summer Sizzle Fitness Camp • City: Brentwood Website:

TEXAS Auburn Gymnastics Camp • City: Houston Website: http'/ Biron Gymnastics Day Camp • City: Houston Website: Boys And Girls Club Of Nacogdoches-Nibco Sports Center • City: Nacogdoches Phone: 936-560-6844 Eagle Gymnastics Academy Camp • City: Frisco Website: Empire Gymnastics Academy • City: Euless Website: Gymnastics Of San Antonio • City: San Antonio Website: Kim Zmeskal's Summer Camp • City: Coppell Website: Legacy Gymnastics Summer Camp • City: Pearland Website: Lobo Gymnastics • City: Houston Website: OIympi'l_Gymnastics Summer Day Camp • City: San Antonio Website: Olympic Hills Gymnastics • City: Buda Website: Star Center Gymnastics, Dance & Cheer • City: Austin Website: Texas Sports Ranch • City: Crosby Website: Victoria Gymagic, Inc. • City: Victoria Phone: 361-578-4272 WOGA Gymnastics • City: Plano Website:



ETC Gymnastics Summer Team Camp • City: Murfreesboro Website: Gymstars • City: Collierville Website: John Macready And John Roethlisberger's Flip Fest At Lake Frances . City: Knoxville Website:

Universal Gymnastics • City: Mt. Juliet Website:




Chantilly Academy Summer Blast Gymnastics Camp • City: Chantilly Website: Mini Monkey Half Day & Swinging Monkey Full Day Gymnastics Camp • City: Sterling Website: Paragon Training Center • City: Fredericksburg Website: WISC Gymnastics And Cheer • City: Williamsburg Website: Youth Sports Summer Camp . City: Woodbridge Website:

. •

WASHINGTON Flip Factory Summer Gymnastics Camp • City: Airway Hieghts Phone: 509-217-1017 Leading Edge Gymnastics Level 4-6 Camp • City: Everett Website: Leading Edge Gymnastics - Optional Level 7-10 Camp • City: Everett Website: Mountain View Gymnastics • City: Airway Heights Website: VEGA Kids Camp • City: Camas Website:

WEST VIRGINIA WVU Gymnastics Camp • City: Morgantown Website: 1301 WV Gymnastics Training Center Summer Camp • City: Morgantown Website: WVGTG.COM

WISCONSIN Lake Owen Camp • City: Cable Website: The Little Gym Summer Camp • City: Green Bay Website: 13

• •


.. • iII!'

For more details about a particular camp including phone, fax, dates, type of activities, etc., go to and look for summer camps for a full listing!

• f







a Tyson Fitness C allenge


Sets goal to raise $1 million for Children's Miracle Network by 2008 Chilf n,s Miracle iii Network' theallionceofpremierhospiloisfordlildren

As part of the official kick-off of the 2007 T)lso Fitness Challenge, legendary coach Bela Karo yi announced USA Gynmastics' goal of raising $1 million total for the C:h'ildren~ Miracle Network through the Tyson Fitness Challenge by the end of 2008. The announcement was m ade in Jacksonville, Fla., the site of the Tyson American Cup. The Tyson Fitness Challenge, a joint initiative of USA Gynmastics and Tyson Foods, has two goals: helping today's kids get more phYSically fit and raising money to help kids who are fighting illnesses through the Children's Miracle Network.

"There can be no greater cause than helping kids," said Karolyi, who led the 1996 U.s. Women's Olympic Team to its first-ever team Olympic gold medal. "Through the Tyson Fitness Challenge, we are helping today's kids get off the couch and into the gym and those very kids are also helping kids in need by raising funds for the Children's Miracle Network. To achieve our goal of $1 million by the end of 2008, we need everybody to get behind the Tyson Fitness Challenge." The Tyson Fitness Challenge is a fitness initiative that encourages physical fitness throu gh fun activities that emphasize four

fundamentals of fitness: cardiovascular exercise, strength training, flexibility and nutrition. Geared toward youngsters, ages 4-16, the program is not about teaching gynmastics skills, but using gynmastics to help kids become more physically fit, as well as learn about a well-balanced diet. The Tyson Fitness Challenge will be held between March 3 and Aug. 4, 2007. To learn more about the program log on to Many of our former gynmastics superstars are getting involved with this worthy cause. Read what they have to say.

• '"


"Gymnastics is <:Jrguably the toughest sport in the world. It is incredibly demanding. As an athlete, if you're not balancing that hard work in the gym with good nutrition and a smart diet, you're not going to get the most out of yourself. We are proud to be working with Tyson and to be a part of the Tyson Fitness Challenge.The nutritional part of fitness is something we all can continually improve upon/' -Olympians John Roethlisberger and John Macready


As an athlete I knew the importance. of eating healthily to keep my body in peak physical condition.Today as a coach at Daggett Gymnastics, I strive to challenge all of our students to be the best they can be.The Tyson Fitness Challenge is great fun, and helps us educate our youth on the importance of exercise combined with a nutritionally sound diet. I hope you join our club and take advantage of this wonderful program that benefits our most precious resource ... our children!"

-Olympic Gold Medalist Tim Daggett with children Peter, 9, and Carlie, 8.



"As an Olympian I have always been a firm believer in the importance of teaching young children to have a "strong work ethic" coupled with a exercise and nutritional plan. We at Charter Oak Gymnastics are very proud to be part 0 the Tyson Fitness Challenge. This will help us promote a happier, healthier environment for the future of our children. I would urge all other gymnastics clubs to join us so you too can be part of this national movement for children's fitness."


• " My ,InVO Ivement Wit .h

-Olympian Beth Rybacki

gymnastics since the age of 6 has made fitness a 'must' in my life. articipatiorlin the Tyson Fitness Challenge will help today's youth see how fun it is to be fit!" -World Champion and Olympic Medalist Kim Zmeskal Burdette

• •

"Childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles are more common in our society now t~ever before. I founded the Shannon Miller Foundation in an effort to address these very issues, as does the Tyson Fitness Challenge. There are many great ways to motivate and excite our nation's youth to become more active. The Tyson Fitness Challenge does just this. I applaud Tyson for their efforts and appreciate their leadership in helping to make our children more healthy and happy." -Olympic and World Gold Medalist Shannon Miller

*WHAT'S THE CATCH? u have to pi k one from 0 cat

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ifJt Also available in pullover hood $34.95 tank top 514.95

ent results SIZES: YS (6-8), YM (10-12) YL (14-16), Adult Sm., Adult Med.


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More Info or Free Catalog: Shipping Status:

nna Zhukova of Belarus defended her all-around title in the senior division at the L.A. Lights International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament, Jan. 19-21, in Culver City, Calif. She also won all four individual event titles. 2006 U.S. all-around champion Lisa Wang placed fourth among the seniors, and 2006 U.S. junior all-around silver-medalist Marlee Shape won the junior rope title and earned medals in each of the individual events. Both U.s. national team gymnasts are from Buffalo Grove, Ill., and North Shore Rhy thmic Gymnastic Center. Belarus' Lyubov Charkashina placed second in the allaround, followed by Israel' s Irina Risenzon . In the individual events, Charkashina and Risen zon finished second and third, respectively, in the rope, hoop and clubs. In the ribbon competition, Risenzon was second, with Charkashina third. Wang was fourth in both the rope and ribbon and fifth in hoop . The USA's Julie Zetlin of Bethesda, Md. and Rhythmflex, finished fifth in ribbon, eighth in rope and 10th in clubs and the all-around. Rachel Girma of LA School of Gymnastics was seventh in the all-around, ribbon and clubs; eighth in hoop; and 10th in rope. Delaney Lonergan, also of LA School of Gymnastics, was ninth in rope. In the junior division, Ukraine's Daria Kuslmerova won gold medals in the all-around, ribbon, ball and hoop. In addition to her rope title and all-around bronze medal, Shape also earned a silver medal in ribbon and bronze medals in hoop and ball. The tournament featured more than 400 participants, competing in levels four to elite, from Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and USA. For complete results, go to http: // / results.html. ~














1-. I


py love



Can you match the dog to his or her owner? Below are photos of USA National Team members and one coach on the left and photos of their pets on the right.

1 many pets resemble their


IE-_ _

REX AND LEXI; Labrador Retriever; 5 yrs. old









c TEDDY Hungarian Vizsla; 6 yrs. old



L--_ _ _



SOPHIE Yorkie Shitzu; 18 months old


.. ..


TASHA Bichofi Friese; 4 yrs, old 51nl9'l ls'j Ijr:q If :pIPll -mMSNV


Visa is proud to support U.S. Olympic Team hopeful Nastia Liukin and USA Gymnastics. 36USC220S06 1ÂŁ'2007 Visa USA Inc.


oym update THE RETURN OF THE HAMMS AND WILSON In an article in USA Today in early February, two-time Olympians Paul and Morgan Hamm announced their intention to return to competitive gymnastics with the goal of making the 2008 U.s. Olympic Team . Along with threetime Olympian Blaine Wilson, who announced his return late last year, the three will train at Ohio State University with Miles Avery. "Pau l, Morgan and Blaine bring a lot to the table," Steve Penny, president Left to Right: Paul Hamm, Miles Avery, Morgan Hamm of USA Gymnastics, told USA Today." We Front: Blaine Wilson have seen that veteran leadership, talent and the ability to perform under pressure are all factors among the top teams in the world. Each of these athletes is a proven winner and could have a sig nificant impact on the men's program." Morgan will graduate in March with a degree in exercise science; he plans on attending chiropractic school after the 2008 Olympic Games. Paul will graduate with an accounting degree in June. Wilson just returned to Columbus after living and coaching in Southern California. 13



TO MEMBERSHIP The following Membership Statement has been adopted by the Board of Directors of USA Gymnastics: Membership in USA Gymnastics is a privilege granted by USA Gymnastics. That privilege can be withdrawn by USA Gymnastics at any time where a member's conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the best interest of th e sport of gymnastics and of the athletes we are servicing . The following former professional members are permanen~y ineligible for membership within USA Gymnastics:



Charles Theodore Bates .... ....... .... .. ...... .. ... MN James Bel l. . . .. .. ...... ...... .... ....... WA Vince Brown .. .. .. . .. .... .. ..... .. ..... .... .... SC Edward Trey Coniff .. ........ .. .. .. ... ... .. ........... TX Larry Dutch ... ........ .. .. .. . ME Steven Elliott ........... .... .... .. .. .......... .. ......... TX Anthony Engelke .... ........... ... ............ ...... PA Matthew H . Erichsen ........... .. ....... WA William A lexander Etheridge ................... TN Rick Feuerstein ... .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. CA William Foster ....... .. .. .. .. .......... .. ............. AL Joseph Fountain ............ .. . .......... .. ...... MD Roy Larry Ga llagher .. ................. .. ............. PA Robert A llen Garner (Bob) ... ....... ........... TN Timothy Glas . NE Ricardo "Chico" Goddard ..... .................... NY Paul Hagan ............. .. . .. .. . .... MI Robert Dean Head ........... .. ..................... KY Ted Hicks ..... ............. . ............ TN Michael Hinton .. . .... .. ....... .. .. .. .. ....... .. .. ... TN Robert Hoefer.. .. ... .................... .. .. FL Frank Hohman, Jr. ........... .. ....... .. .............. PA Milos Hroch .............. .. .. ... .. ............ .... .. .. CA Steven L. Infante .... .. . ... ...... ...... ...... .. .. . .... CT Dana Koppendrayer .... .. .. ............. ..... .. ...... FL Ronnie Lewis .. .. ..... .... .... ....... ... ......... AR William McCabe ....... .. . .... .. .. .... ...... .. .. .. .. .. . GA Robert Mollock ... .. ........ .. ........... .... ....... OR John S. Moore .. ......... .. .. .. .. .. . . WV William Munsinger . .. .......... .... .. .. . MN Jeena Nilson . UT Paul O'Neill ..... .. ............ .. .... .. .......... ...... .. CA Marian Penev ....... .. .. ...... .... ............. NY William M . Permenter.. .. .. .... .................... .. FL David Pyles ...... .. .......... AZ Jeffrey Richards ..... .. .................. . ...... FL Rudy Rodriguez .. .. .... .. .... .. .... .. ........ " .. .. . .. .. CA John H. Row . ....... .... ............ .. .. DE Robert Shawler..... ... ... .... ............ ...... ....... ... CA Steve Shirley ......................... .. .. .... ... ... .. ...... MO Steven Todd SiegeL ...... .. ........ .... .. ... ... CO Blake Steven Starr.. ............... .... . . ..... UT Mark Swift ........ .. ...... ........ ... FL Freddie Eugene Tafoya , Jr.... ... CA Jon Oliver Kenneth Thomas ...... .. .. . .. .. VA Brent Trottier .................... .. ..... .. ............... WA Anthony Van Kirk ... .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. ............... CA Joel Velasquez ....... .. .... .. .. ... .. .. .. ................ OR David Paul Waage .. ... .. ...... ... ......... .. ... ...... OR Steve Waples . .. TX Lyf Christian Wildenberg ....... ... ...... .. .. ...... MN Joel Woodruff.............................. ... ... ... ...... TX




The.. Wortc{ Qcc.o rcli.n~ W (l.ofJt(

arst.( 6"mily

-tihen L c...ompde.J o.e~t n1jse.H') :c JO m~ best-. rJo one., e{se, ma; T ~~

- -rows o() Wt-wd-rm CA{JQ.l::te.,.~. kJhen r

- Coro~0/e, C.\.9~ tn~setf, I Q.lw~~ w路!..A.... . 'Tho.t, Ct..{)t1. it keeps me.~


CO(()peti.~ weth ~ (/s-/er So


m update


• •

• 9, is a Level 6 gymnast inia Gymnastics Training Center.



1JreamfiJht is committel to creafiYlj trenlseffiYlJ rlesiJns which have cframafic st:Jfe, rlazzfiYlJ ekJance, ani sU(1erior comfort ~ fit.


• •

• 42


amerIcan gymnast Competition Equipment and Mats: American Gymnast can fully service gymnastics clubs with a full line of equipment and mats.

Training Equipment and Mats: Perfect for home or gym use!

Motor Development: Skill shapes for all Motor D evelopment needs.

American Gymnast is owned and operated by Olympian Steve McCain and ' ''Todd Team Member J ay Thornton. Get your gymnastics supplies from the company who knows gymnastics. Dealer for the following Brands:

AYA I ~ Grips and Wrist Supports: Huge selection of high quality grips and supports.



Spieth Anderson



m update

DGSJL perfecti~

Striving for

The quality you expect, the safety you require.


The Beam + Mat Combo, exclusively from DGS 9.9! The Beam - Our original home use suede padded balance beam, 8' long 4" wide with 1/2" of foam padding, Lightweight and easy to move and store, The Mat- 1-3/8" thick with a 140z vinyl cover. Folds in two places for easy storage, Choose either a 5'xl 0' or 4'x'8' and either blue or rainbow, In stock and ready to ship UPS!

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T unlbleWear.,com tha finBlt and fun nest leotards for gymnastics and dance



j ....


i •

• • Huntingt::m Beach. CA 71 4.847..8868 T~~ln.

CJsiD n ·.·.·'1~E£al e- II G:lI' Sigf, ellL [nQJlr:::s lir::: ','rK' <"(Ole! r l::ui"t!f.rtJrll:l.",,~ r. 'Xll n

Item 111073 Ange I Gymnast Tank Brown with glitter Price $21.95 Sizes: Child Sm, Med or Lg Adult Sm, Med or Lg

Item #601 2 Ladies Uneven ri ce $39.95 Size OO(up to 5- 1/2") Size 0 (5 -1 /2" to 6") Size I (6" to 6 1/2" ) Size 2 (6 -1 /2" to 7-1 14") Size 3 (7- 1/4" up)

Item #4011

100% Gymnast SO/SO Hooded Sweat Navy, Black,White & Red Price 529.95 (524.95 w/o Hood) Sizes Child Md, 19 Adult Sm, Md, 19

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ent schedule

• .1.~: 1? .. . .. .~ .<;<?rlW~s~! ?I~.rl0! TX ... ........... .


.1.~: 17, . . .. . .Re~i().rl .~ .<;<?I1W~s~! ?-~I~.rlta,. ~~.. ... . . .. . .. . . . ...........C~.aTY\P!<?rl.ship~.(TT),.

USA Gymnastics Collegiate ....ChaTY\pi°rlsh~ps.(M).'.V'{i.lliarllsbu.rQ'Y~ ... . World Cup (MIW), Cottbus, GER


Trampoline & Tumbling National


MARCH 22-25


f':I!~.TY\P~is! T~ ...... .. .


.~~ :?~.......R~$l.i().n .4 .Col1 wess! ~oralville,. IA.. 30-July 4

Pan Am Games Selection Camp (W), Houston, TX

APRIL .1 .-.~ . .... . .. 'N.0rl~ .CuP ~ .~~~. (TT)~ ~Cl~e.PI~cid,. f'l'!' .. ...


?-.~ .........w.<?rI~ ~~p ~ 9.rla9.~ !TT~,.9.~~~~c.qt~ ... .

· .. . . . .. . ....Ho.ust<?n! .TX.... . .. .. ..... . ..... . . .. . . . ... .. .


Pan Am Games Training Camp (W),

8-9 12-15

NCAA Championships (M)

......... . . . .St~t.~ ~<?!I.~ge! .~A . . ... .. . .. . . . .......... . . . . 14-18

National Team Training Camp (W)

· ..... . . . . . ..f-!0.u~t<?rl! .T~. . .. . . .. . . ............ . . . . 19-21

USA Gymnastics Collegiate . . . .<;~a.TY\P!<?rlships.(W.~, .S~~.~!~,. V'{~ ....

Eastern Championships Rhythmic (R),


· .. . . .... . .!~! !~: . . .. . ........ . . .... . ........... .

.~ -.1.~ ........W.<?~I~ ~yrlrlrl~~~~~~~~. ~G.~!,.o.<?~n~.i~rl! ~~ . . Pan American Games (M,W,R,TR), Rio BRA ... . .......... . . .de .. .Janeiro, . ... . ..... . . .. ... ... ............ . .. . . .

.2QP ... ...~~v~! .9/~~. ~e9i.<?rl.als. (W.!,y~lri<?~.s. ?i~e~ .. . . 26-28

NCAA Championships(W) Salt Lake City, UT


Western Championships Rhythmic (R), . .... . ... .. ..N~~~.r.~,.C~ .. .. .... . . ... ..... . .. . ... . ...... . Junior Olympic National Championships

.. (~q)! .PallT! .Spring.s, .<;~ . .. ..... .. ,

MAY 3-6

U.s. Classic/Challenge (W), TBD

1st Acrobatic Gymnastics Intemational .... !<?urn.alT!erlt, .~~.b~<?y.<?,. B~I~.ari~.. . ... . .... .


. , . .National . . . . . . . . .Elite . . . . .Qualifier . . . . . . . . . .(W), . . . . .Houston, . . . . . . . . .TX .. .. .

4-6 9-13

JO National Championships (M) . . . .. . .o~.I?~<?rlrl~. qty,. 0~

...... ...... ....... .. ... .


U.s. Elite Chalienge/ IAGCTeam Trial (TI) . ~<?lora~o.Spr!nQs,.CC? . . .. . . .. ... . ........ .


Level 9 East & West Championships (W)

· .. . ..... . .. .Ki.ssirlrlrlrl~e,. F~. &. Spok.~ne!

'N.A ... ......... .

.1.~ : 1? . .....W.<?~I~ ~~p !f':I!('(Y)., ~~e.rl~,. B~.~ ..... .. •. .. . . 18-20

JO National Championships (W) . .M.~son! .o.f-! ............ ......... ........... .


International H. Chmielewski Tournament

. . . . ... . . ... .(~~)'. ?~!d.rli~.a, . ~o.larl~ . . . ...... .. . . . . ..... . 27-31 888-875-3822

3. ~ :Jurl.e .1.. ?-rlrl~.r!~arl q~.ssi~. (V'{L H.oust()n,.T)( ..

~ . ....... . ..N?ti<? ~~lT!rl.~s~ic~. D.a~ . .. . . . ... .. . . . .... .


Machuga Cup (AG), Krasnodar, RUS


! ....... !


JUNE American Challenge (W), Houston, .1-3 . . . .. . . . . . . .................... . ........... . .. . ..TX . ... '" (TR), .5-12 . .... . . . . . ..National .. ...... .Team ..... . Training . . .... . . . .Camp . . ... . ... ...TBD .......

~-.l.q ....... ~C?S~.~IT!p.i().rls~.ips. (~!,.T~.f? ............ . . . 7-9


AUGUST .~-.~ . . . .. , .. .6 .<;<?rlgres~! I'!e~o.rl'. f':I!~ ..... ... ."



American Classic (Pan Am Verification)

· .. ... ... ... .('!'I)!.f-!~)~S~°rl! .~~... .. .. .... ........ .

Men's Qualifier (M), Colorado Springs, CO

~!p .<;~ITlP. (TT).,~r~. ~ivers! .~! ..

JO Nationals Team Training Camp (W),

· .... . . .. . . ..<;<?!~'!l~~ ?p.r!n~.s! ~O ... . . ........... . .. . .... . National San .15 ..... . .. ..... . . . ......Business . .. ... .. Conference, . ......... . ... . ...Jose, . . . . CA .....

.1.~ ... . .. . . . .~t~.t~. ~ ~~ ..<;!r:'!n~.r~T1,.~arl.~<?~~! 0 15-18


Visa Championships (MIW/ R/AG), San Jose, CA PHOTO · JOHN CHENG

Fund Raising 16-18

National Congress and Trade Show,

. .. .. . .. . . . . .~~~. ~?~~! .S~ 20-26

....... .. ." ... .. .. .... ...... .. .

World Championships Training Camp

..... ....... ,c''!!\ .~?~~~?~! .~~... . . ..... . . . . . .... . .... . . . . 25-26

World Cup - Russia (TI), St. Petersburg, RUS


International Age-Group Competition

... ..... ....(T.J:):.9.~e~.~~ .Si.ty: .S~~... ... ......... ..... .


Jr. Pan American Championships (MIW), Guatemala

.1.-.2 . . . . . . .. ~~~I~ ~~p. : .~?!~~.d '(~)" ~.~I~~~.-~~ra. .. .. .

.1.-? ....... ~~~ld. S~~r;)p!?~.s.~ip'~ ~f.(I!'!'!)" ?~~!l9?~'.~.~~ .. ~~~I?~~? . qIXr;)p.i~ .~~~~ .E.,,:~~~! ~~i)!~\l: .S~~... ..... ... 13-16

Stars & Stripes Cup/lAGCTeam Trial (TI),

. .. ....... . . .~ir~!n.Q~~.~,.I\.~ .. ......... . ...... .. ..... . . .

!I?~ ..... ..!.~.~r~. ?!~~. ~.~t!? .C~?~p'i?~~~ip'~ ~~)! ~.f? National Coaches Workshop (M), TBD

.1 .~~~~ . . . .. . ~~~I~ .~~~.~p!?~.s.~!p~ .(~): .~~~~~~'. ~~~.. ... . ~.q~~~ .......~~\l.i?~ .~ .~?~9~~~~~ !~~i~.~~p'?!i~! .I~ ..... . . . 23-26

Jr. Japan Competition (W),

. .. . ........ X~~~~~~.a,.~~!,! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .... . . . 27-30

.. .. ...... ..:r:C?~.'~ :'\S?~p. .(~)! .~?~~~?~! !~..... ...... . . . . . . .. .... . .'f9~:s. ~. c,a.~P.(~)! .H.~~st?~,.'f~... .. . .. . . . .

Region 7 Congress, Ki ng of Prussia, PA

JumpStart National Testing (TI), TBD

OCTOBER World Championships Team Training

... .. ..... .. ~~~p. !T.J:!,.~~~.~ P'1~.~i?!.~X .. .. . ... .. .. . .. .. TBD

National Team Training Camp (AG), Houston, TX

. ... . ..... . . ~~,,:~I.?~~~~~~e~!~~~~p'i?~~~ip'~ !Y'!)'.~~ . JO National Championships (W), . . . .... .. ... ~i~~!r;)r;)~.~,.~~ . .... .. ... . .. . . . ... . .... . .. . . .


u.s. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics, Philadelphia, PA ia

World Championships (TI), Quebec City, CAN




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• t.

aces In the gym


.... SAVANNAI-I SI-IIELDS & t-1ALLORY I-IENTI-IORN Blue Springs, Missouri

Savannah, 11, and Mallory, 19, compete as aLevel 10 women's pair in Acrobatic Gymnastics. The pair, who aremembersof the J.~. National Team, were invited to participate in the junior competition at the British Open Tournament in Stoke-an-Trent, Great Britain, December 2006. They placed second, bringing horne asilver medal from this international competition l They train at Aero Explosion and are coached by Ronda FranCis.

[Level 41






Middletown/Sayreville, New Jersey


The Head Over Heels Gymnastics team won the Level 4 and Level 7gymnastics team titles at the 2007 New Jersey State Championships. They also had three state champs on vault, six state champs on bars, two state champs on beam, two state champs on floor and three all-around state champions.




Wichita, Kansas

Kara, 16, is aLevel 9gymnast at Wichita GymnastiC'i Oub whereshe's coached by Dan Bruring. She was the Level 8State Champion in 2004 and 2005. She made Regionals three consecutive years. She hopes to receive agymnastics scholarship!

York, Pennsylvania

Braelen, 10, and Logan, 11, represented their statein the Level 7National Judges Cup in Indianapolis in January. They were two of eight girls to qualify for the state of Pennsylvania. Braelen and Logan train at Skyline Gymnastics Center and are coached by Gabby Ganescu, Kevin Goodwin and Heather Ide.


Pewaukee, Wisconsin

This is aphotoof Lauren and 2005 WorldChampion Chellsie Memmel at the Chellsie Memmel invitational hosted by M&M Gymnastics. Lauren is aLevel 7gymnast and an extreme fan of Chellsie.

.... DANIELLE JURITSCI-I Pottsville, Pennsylvania

... t-1ACKENZIE WEAVER Cheyenne, Wyoming

Mackenzie, 8, won the Level 5State Championships with an all-around score of 36.575. She trains at Wyoming School of Gymnastics. Cheyenne and is coached by Chel}'l, Mal}' and April. Her individual scores included: Bars 9.50, Floor 9.325, Vault 9.10 and Beam 8.65.

Danielle, 11, won her second straight state all-around title in the prep-optional division. Danielle won the novice all-around title in 2005 and the advanced title in 2006. She has won seven state gold medals and has advanced to Level 8. Danielle trains at Pottsville Gymnastics Training Center and is coached by Sandy KostSterner and Barbara Kost-Lonergan.

• • ... KYRIEL BUTLER Sunriver, Oregon

Kyriel, 10, placed first all-around at the 2006 Level 5 sectionals with ascoreof 36.45. She also won vault at the StateMeet. She trains at Cascade All Stars Gymnastics in Bend, Ore., and is coached by Lexy Archer and Janelle Solberg. She's now training Level 6.

• 48


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USA Gymnastics - March/April 2007  

USA Gymnastics - March/April 2007