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As part of the official kick-off of the 2007 T)lso Fitness Challenge, legendary coach Bela Karo yi announced USA Gynmastics' goal of raising $1 million total for the C:h'ildren~ Miracle Network through the Tyson Fitness Challenge by the end of 2008. The announcement was m ade in Jacksonville, Fla., the site of the Tyson American Cup. The Tyson Fitness Challenge, a joint initiative of USA Gynmastics and Tyson Foods, has two goals: helping today's kids get more phYSically fit and raising money to help kids who are fighting illnesses through the Children's Miracle Network.

"There can be no greater cause than helping kids," said Karolyi, who led the 1996 U.s. Women's Olympic Team to its first-ever team Olympic gold medal. "Through the Tyson Fitness Challenge, we are helping today's kids get off the couch and into the gym and those very kids are also helping kids in need by raising funds for the Children's Miracle Network. To achieve our goal of $1 million by the end of 2008, we need everybody to get behind the Tyson Fitness Challenge." The Tyson Fitness Challenge is a fitness initiative that encourages physical fitness throu gh fun activities that emphasize four

fundamentals of fitness: cardiovascular exercise, strength training, flexibility and nutrition. Geared toward youngsters, ages 4-16, the program is not about teaching gynmastics skills, but using gynmastics to help kids become more physically fit, as well as learn about a well-balanced diet. The Tyson Fitness Challenge will be held between March 3 and Aug. 4, 2007. To learn more about the program log on to Many of our former gynmastics superstars are getting involved with this worthy cause. Read what they have to say.

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"Gymnastics is <:Jrguably the toughest sport in the world. It is incredibly demanding. As an athlete, if you're not balancing that hard work in the gym with good nutrition and a smart diet, you're not going to get the most out of yourself. We are proud to be working with Tyson and to be a part of the Tyson Fitness Challenge.The nutritional part of fitness is something we all can continually improve upon/' -Olympians John Roethlisberger and John Macready


As an athlete I knew the importance. of eating healthily to keep my body in peak physical condition.Today as a coach at Daggett Gymnastics, I strive to challenge all of our students to be the best they can be.The Tyson Fitness Challenge is great fun, and helps us educate our youth on the importance of exercise combined with a nutritionally sound diet. I hope you join our club and take advantage of this wonderful program that benefits our most precious resource ... our children!"

-Olympic Gold Medalist Tim Daggett with children Peter, 9, and Carlie, 8.



"As an Olympian I have always been a firm believer in the importance of teaching young children to have a "strong work ethic" coupled with a exercise and nutritional plan. We at Charter Oak Gymnastics are very proud to be part 0 the Tyson Fitness Challenge. This will help us promote a happier, healthier environment for the future of our children. I would urge all other gymnastics clubs to join us so you too can be part of this national movement for children's fitness."


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-Olympian Beth Rybacki

gymnastics since the age of 6 has made fitness a 'must' in my life. articipatiorlin the Tyson Fitness Challenge will help today's youth see how fun it is to be fit!" -World Champion and Olympic Medalist Kim Zmeskal Burdette

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"Childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles are more common in our society now t~ever before. I founded the Shannon Miller Foundation in an effort to address these very issues, as does the Tyson Fitness Challenge. There are many great ways to motivate and excite our nation's youth to become more active. The Tyson Fitness Challenge does just this. I applaud Tyson for their efforts and appreciate their leadership in helping to make our children more healthy and happy." -Olympic and World Gold Medalist Shannon Miller

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