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JANUARY 2006 • VOLUME 26 • #1



Super Clinic(AG) International Meet (W) JPN/ USA/NZl Continental Brevet Judges Course (W)

las Vegas, NV Houston, TX Indianapolis, IN

Winter Cup (M) Winter Classic (TT) Rhythmic Symposium (R) Rhythmic Invitational (R) Rhythmic Challenge (R)

las Vegas, NV Birmingham, Al Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO

1-Day Business Builder Workshop with Jeff Metzger American Cup (M,W) World Cup (W) World Cup (W)

Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA lyon, FRA Coltbus, GER

TBD TBD TBD 4-5 23-26

Future Stars National Championships (M) National Coaches Workshop (M) World Cup Final (M,W) World Cup Final (R) World Cup Final (TT)


T.J. Maxx TOPs National Camp (W)


American Cup (M,W)


level 9/ 10 Regionals (W)

Various Sites

JO National Championships (W) level 9 East &West Championships (W) JO National Championships (M)


World Gymnaestrada (GG) Pan American Games (M, W)

Dornbirn, AUI Rio de Janerio, BRA

National Business Conference Visa Championships (W) National Congress and Trade show

San Jose, CA San Jose, CA San Jose, CA

World Championships (M,W)

Stuttgart, GER

Future Stars National Championships (M) National Coaches Workshop (M) World Championships (TI) International Age-Group Competition (TI)

TBD TBD Quebec City, CAN Quebec City, CAN

Olympic Games (M,W,R,TR)

Beijing, China

FEBRUARY 3-4 3-5 16-17 16-18 19


MARCH 2 4 1B-19 25-26


APRIL 1-2 13-15 18 21-23

level 9/ 10 Regional (W) Pacific Alliance Championships (M,W,R,TR) 1-Day Business Builder Workshop with Jeff Metzger level 9 East &West Championships (W)


JO National Championships (W)

Various Sites Honolulu, HI Honolulu, HI Nashville, TN/ Colorado Springs, CO Oklahoma City, OK

JO National Championships (M) World Team Trials (AG) World Cup (W)

Battle Creek, MI Crosby, TX Ghent, BEL

MAY 4-7 4-8 13-14


T.J. Maxx TOPs State Testing Begins (W) JO National Championships (R) Elite National Qualifier (W) Aero World Championships (AG) US. Elite Challenge (TI) Aero International Age Group Competition (AG) GG Nationals GG World Gymnaestrada Training Camp

Various Sites TBD Houston, TX Coimbra, POR las Vegas, NV Coimbra, POR Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN

JULY TBD 6-13 7-9 8·9 15 22-23 27-30 31

Natianal Championships (AG) U.S. &JO T&T National Championships (TI) Elite National Qualifier (W) Western Championships (R) Men's Qualifier (M) Eastern Championships (R) U.S. Classic (W) T.J. Maxx TOPs State Testing Ends (W)

TBD Schamburg, Il Houston, TX Deerfield, Il TBD College Park, MD TBD Various Sites

15 16-18 16-18



T.J. Maxx TOPs National Testing (W)

Houston, TX

W=Women M= Men AG = Acrobatic Gymnastics

World Championships (M,W)

Aarhus, DEN

NOTE: Dates and events subject to change or cancellation.

= 2 - - - - - - - - - - - - -----{(


JULY TBD 16-19

National Event St. Paul, MN St. Paul, MN St. Paul, MN


11-13 18-20 TBD

8-24 National Gymnastics Day National Business Conference Visa Championships (M,W,R,AG) National Congress and Trade Show




AUGUST 5 16 16-19 17-19



JUNE 2-4 2-4 12-18 16-18 19-25 21-24 25


R= Rhythmic GG =Group Gymnastics B=Business

TR =Trampoline TU = Tumbling IT = Trompoline/ Tumbling

TECH N10 UE • JAN UARY 200 6 )~--------------

on official publication of USA Gymnastics PUBLISHER

Steve Penny EDITOR

Luan Peszek

FEATURES Contracting the Use of the Facility ...... . . ................. . .... . .. ...... .


Roll Away the Tension . . .. ..... . . .. ............... .. ...... .... .. . ........ 8


Jay Bilunas

Miller & 1984 Men rs Olympic Team Inducted into U.S . Hall of Fame .. . .. . .. . ... . ... 12

2005 Women' s Compulsory Exercises Q & A . .......... . ........ . .... ... .. . . 18 USA GYMNASTICS EXECUTIVE COMMlnEE CHAIR: Ron froehlich; PRESIDENT: Steve Penny; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tomito; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andreo Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: Poul Porillo; VICE CHAIR ACRO·GYMNASTICS: Tonyo Cose; SECRETARY: Gory Anderson; TREASURER: Bob Wood; fiG REPS: Bob Color",si (Executive Committee), Ron Froehlich (Auditor), Tonyo Cose (Sports Aero Technicol Committee) ond John Roethlisberger (Athlete Rep.). AT lARGE MEMBERS: Steve Butcher, Dovid Holcomb; ATHLETE DIREGORS: Shonnon Miller, John Roethlisberger, Vonessa Vonder Piuym, Korl Heger, USOC ATHLETE DIREGOR: Lorissa fontoine. USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR: Ron froehlich; PRESIDENT: Steve Penny; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Sondy Knopp, Mike Donohue; TREASURER: Bob Wood; SECRETARY: Gory Anderson; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VicE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tomilo; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andreo Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLIIIE: Poul Porillo; VICE CHAIR ACRD·GYMNASTICS: Tonyo Cose; PUBLIC SEGOR: Bill Hybl, Bob Wood; AMATEUR ATHLETIC UNION: Ron ferris; AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION: Jerry Milon; AMERICAN TURNERS: Betty Heppner; COLLEGE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATlON·MEN: foncis Allen; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION Of COLLEGIATE COACHES·WDMEN: Mork Cook; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION fOR GIRLS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Morilyn Strowbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION Of WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS JUDGES: Corole Ide; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Mork Willioms; NATIONAL fEDERATION Of STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Becky Ookes; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUDGES ASSOCIATlON·MEN: But(h Zuni(h; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Morgie Confield; U.S. ASSOCIATION Of INDEPENDENT GYMNASTICS CLUBS: Poul Spodoro; U.s. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATION·MEN: Thom Glielmi; U.S. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATION· WOMEN: Steve Rybocki; U.S. MEN'S GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: TIm Klempnouer; US. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Suzie DiTullio; YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATIO N Of THE USA: Cosey Koenig; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATlON·WOMEN: Meg Stephenson; NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP DIREGORS MEN: Mike Burns, Abie Grossfeld; RHYTHMIC: Ivonko Kirov, Michelle Lorson; WOMEN: Kelli Hill, Tom forster; TRAMPOLINE: Shoun Kempton, Dr. George Drew; ACRO· GYMNASTICS: Undo Porter, Joy Binder; ATHLETES COUNCIl: Vonesso Vonder Pluym, Coroline Hunt, Lorisso fontoine, Shonnon Miller, Kim Zmeskol· Burdette, Jomie Morshik, Korl Heger, Joy Thornton, Steve M(Coin, Arthur Dovis, USOC Athlete Rep.; Lorisso fontoine, Executive Boord Member John Roethlisberger. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS, Lori Kotz; SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Kote fober·Hickie; U.S. COMPETITIVE AEROBICS fEDERATION, Howord S(hwortz

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DEPARTMENTS Event Schedule ...................................... . 2 USA Gymnastics Message ........ .. ....... ..... 4 Athlete Focus ................ .... .................. 1 4 Business Tips .......... ...... .......... .... .... ..... 16 Member Service Update .... .. ................ 24 KAT/MELPD ...... ... .................... ..... ...... 32 COVER PHOTOGRAPHY OF N ASTIA lIU~N • PHOTO

© Steve




What's New .... .. ........ .. ...................... . 43 Classifieds .............. .... ............ .. .. .... .... 45 Safety Certification Schedule ................ 48

PROGRAM UPDATE Men's Program Update .............. ... .... .. 37 Rhythmic Program Update .... ...... ..... .... 43

USA GYMNASTICS Message Happy New Year! As we look ahead to a new year, I wo uld like to briefly reflect upon so me of USA Gymnastics' shining moments from 2005, as well as highlight some of our goals and projects for 2006. Coming off our highly successful Olympic year, a new generation of ath letes demonstrated their mettle and kept USA Gymnastics on the podium . The year began with a debut of talent at the American Cup and continued throughout the spring at various World Cup events. The Visa Championships crowned new national champions, and the focus shifted to the fall. Four medals, including an historic, first-ever team medal in women's Tea m trampoline, were won at the Trampoline & Tumbling World Championships. Three disciplines captured team gold medals at the Pan American Championships.

Steve Penny USA Gymnastics President

And the women's unprecedented, nine-medal performance at the Worlds in Melbourne included crowning Chellsie Memmel as the world all-around champion. These results will motivate us to strive for even greater heights as we move into 2006 and beyond. Other 2005 highlights included the successful rollout of the women's compulsory exercises. We were also proud to reunite the 2004 Olympic Team and celebrate their accomplishments at the 2005 Visa Championships. The National Congress and Annual Business Conference attracted nearly record attendance as did other coaching and educational works hops. In its seventh year, National Gymnastics Day was once again a success, and we surpassed the $500,000 plateau in our partnership with the Children's Miracle Network. USA Gymnastics membership continues to grow on all levels, and the industry appears to be thriving. USA Gymnastics looks forward to a bright 2006. NBC will televise our three premier events, beginning with live coverage of the American Cup from Philadelphia on March 4. This year's American Cup promises to feature one of the strongest international fields in years and marks U.S. athletes' first international event using the new FIG Code of Points. USA Gymnastics is pleased to again host the Pacific Alliance Championships in Honolulu, Hawaii, with more than a dozen Pacific Rim countries contending for medals in artistic, trampoline and rhythmic events. St. Paul, Minn., is the site for the Visa Championships, where our top athletes will compete for the right to represent their country, and the USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show. World Championships wi ll be conducted for acrobatic gymnastics (Portugal), artistic gymnastics (Denmark) and trampoline and tumbling (Canada). August 5, 2006, marks the 8th annual National Gymnastics Day, which will emphasize fitness for to day's youth. Internationally, the FIG is celebrating its 125th anniversary and debuts its new open-ended scoring system for artistic gymnastics. USA Gymnastics plans to unveil new membership initiatives, including enhanced on-line education for coaches and instructors. We anticipate other benefits for Member Clubs, including the ability to sanction cheerleading activities through USA Gymnastics. We are excited for all that 2006 has to offer. Best wishes to all for a productive and joyous New Year!

GIVI US YOUI 'IIDBACI USA Gymnastics is evaluating both its Web site and publications, and your input will help us in our plans to make both the Web site and our publications more fun and informative! Please visit in late January 2006 to give us your ideas. Survey participants may enter into a drawing to win several different prizes.

r . - = 4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - { ( TECHNIQUE' JAN UARY 2006 ) > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

tlte choice of champ-ions

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THE FACILITY â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

K & KInsurance as submitted by Patrick J. O'Connor, Executive Vice President, City Securities Corporation, for USA Gymnastics

ow many club owners, coaches or booster club parents have rented a large facility to host a gymnastics or cheer competition?


Perhaps the greatest challenge to club owners, coaches or booster club parents is contracting the use of a facility so that the only issue is the outcome of the competition not a lawsuit. Resolution of this mutual concern is best resolved by a formal agreement that honors the intentions of contractual reciprocity, i.g., "I'll take care of my responsibilities if you take care of yours." The best plan of action is to have your attorney review the contract prior to signing and renting the venue. Acknowledging that any given facility can present differing circumstances of ownership and use by other lessees/co ntractors, the intended reciprocity is best accomplished by a contract that addresses at least the following considerations. 1. Acknowledging the presence of a formal event schedule as the

basis for a contractual agreement, the times (not merely dates) of which the agreement will be in effect needs contractual understanding, whether expressed in clock hours or by function (e.g., upon arrival and departure). It is then important to make any cause for cancellation a known possibility with a known understanding of expectation and consequence.


---_ ....---- --.--_ ....

-------_ ...







., -.",el1( f , II

2. Contractual agreements should start with and clearly indicate the respective duties of each party and the areas of their operation, e.g., premises maintenance (before, during, and after use), concurrent usages if any of other lessees, spectator services (e.g., seating, concessions and parking), disaster control, emergency medical services and security... and then clearly stipu late who will be responsible for the claims arising from those duties and areas. 3. Contract language can then allow each party to release the other from liability for injuries and loss of property arising from incidents that are unrelated to the responsibilities of the other party, i.e., to the effect that " ... (1st party) shall defend, indemnify, and party) harmless for (injuries and loss of property) proportion to and to the extent such '" are caused from the activities and alleged negligence of (1st

hold (2nd but only in by or result party) ... "

to be written once on behalf of the facility and then again on behalf of the Team . 4. Each party should then contractually require the other to maintain liability insurance of a stated minimum level, provided by a carrier of a stated minimum quality rating, with participant legal liability coverage included, and be named as an additional insured on that policy for those exposures accepted by contract. r . - - = 6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 ( TECH N10 UE â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 2006 ) > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

and Facility do not change. Consequently, the sub-contracting to others for such should honor the above principles to ensure mutual understanding of responsibility between these parties as well.

LOSS CONTROL CONSIDERATIONS 5. Following contractual agreement, each party needs to address loss control measures that minimize opportunities for injury associated with this agreement. It is especially important to return to and honor the areas of operation in which the duties accepted by contract apply. For example, •

Premi ses maintenance, on one hand, can mean the entire complex or the locker room. On the other hand, it can mean continuous maintenance or a return to its prior state after use. Understandings and loss control attentions (e.g. , walk-through inspections prior to and after use) must be true to the agreement of intentions. It would be most prudent, for example, to make automatic a loss control walk-through of the locker room and adjoining ramp to the field before use to note (and address) atypical conditions as well as after use. On site duties for emergency medica l services must distinguish that for stricken players from that for stricken patrons (and the exception for major catastrophes). However, the presence of ambulances and their release for a hospital run must be coordinated in a mutually understood manner for management of both parties' needs.


~ontra.ctual understanding of responsibility for disaster control, lncludlng the procedures for receiving and responding to bomb threats and adverse weather advisories, must be followed by mutual understanding of, and compliance with, those procedures.

• "Security" covers "whatever." However responsibility is determined, advance planning and training for those ideal judgments for handling the various problems within "crowd control" is not the only goal. Facility management has the opportunity to loss control various problems by policy and practice, e.g., how alcohol sales are to be made, including their termination at a given time of the game. The e qui vale n t opportunity for Team management to loss control player behavior while on premises is less obvious but should at least be examined. •

The preference and ability of the Team or Facility to transfer selected operations (e.g.,security, concessions, transportation) to other parties is not affected unless explicitly understood to be otherwise by contract language. However, should it be permitted, the agreed respective duties of Team

LEASING PREMISES Many sports and entertainment organizations must rent or lease the needed. for the conduct of their programs. Many communitylnterest enterpnses obtain and maintain facilities for this purpose. This marriage of common interests works advantageously for both most of the time, but only if their contractual agreement balances appropriately their respective responsibilities and liability for whatever may go wrong during the period of their relationship. ~acilities

To do so, it is necessary to clarify the responsibilities each is to assume and then understand the functions of Certificate of Insurance, indemnification and hold harmless sections within a contractual leasing/ renting agreement. All three should be reciprocal, i.e. , "I'll do this for you if you do this for me." A Certificate of Insurance documents to one party that the other has adequate liability insurance should a suit be ~led. Typically, "adequate" is at least $1 million, and the other party 1S. to be named as additional insured, which means Party Ks insurance Wlll cover Party B as well as A if sued. This being reciprocal brings the resources of both insurance policies into play if either is sued ... unless:

It also is customary for Party A to ask Party B to indemnify

and hold harmless Party A from any an all liability arising out of injuries to others and their property during the relationship. Es~entially, to "hold harmless" is for Party B to agree not to ?nng Party A into a suit against Party B. To "indemnify" 1s for Pa.rty B to ~gree to ~ay the costs to Party A if Party A is brought lnto a SU1t by a thlrd party. At stake: For what is one indemnifying and holding the other harmless?

Unfortunately for Party B, they may sign such an agreement that is not reciprocal (i.e., the basketball program that leases the stadium may find itself paying for the injuries to spectators if the roof fell in ... or the gymnasium may find itself paying for the catastrophic injury to one athlete who collided with another).

Balanced reciprocity therefore simply provides for Party A to indemnify and hold harmless Party B for problems caused by Party A, and for Party B to do likewise for Party A for problems caused by Party B, based on agreed upon responsibilities. Those who are asked to sign a contractual relationship for their organization should ask their counsel to be sure that such reciprocity exists.

USA Gymnastics rented Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Ind. , for the 2005 Visa Championships .

---------------~C TEe HN10 UE • JAN UARY 200 6 )~----------------.


t would be great to offer all of your gymnasts a massage before and after practice, but that would be impractical and costly. The biofoam roller is a great way to provide your athletes with self massage/ tissue tension relief. This article will discuss the use and benefits of the biofoam roller for that purpose.


Using the foam roller prior to exercise or practice is a great way to warm up and prepare the muscles for the work that lies ahead. Often times, due to stress and physical activity, muscles "hold" tension and develop "knots" within the muscle fibers . These "knots" and the build


up of tension can interfere with t he muscles ability to fire properly. Ultimately, this can contribute to decreased performa nce and increased risk of injury. A good analogy to think of in using the foam roller is a wrinkled shirt. If you pull or stretch the shirt the wrinkles may disappear but return as soon as you release the stretch. On t he other hand, if you apply pressure and heat (ironing) the wrinkles are eliminated. So, think of it as "ironing" the muscles. There are basically two ways to apply their use. Simply roll back and forth over The biofoam roller is a lightweight cyli ndrica l foam "tube" designed to help with decreasing tissue tension and improving flexibility. It can also be used for balance and strength training exercises. The benefits of using the roller are: easy to use, self directed, inexpensive, decreases tissue tension , increases blood flow, prepares muscles for activity and enhances recovery afterwards. (The biofoam roller can be purchased at the following web sites: or Power-systems .com. )


a muscle for a desired number of reps or time, or you can slowly roll over the muscle and when you hit a tender spot ho ld the press ure on that spot until it dissipates working your way along the muscle. Initially some of the muscles wi ll be noticeably "uncomfortable," but as you continue to use the biofoam roller and release the tension and knots it will become more comfortable. You will notice that certain muscles will always seem to be more tender. Tho se mu scles


TECHNIQUE' JAN UARY 2006 ) > - - - - - - -- --

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may be subjected to more stress due to muscle imbalances and/ or compensations. After the workout, the biofoam roller will he l p to dissipate tissue tension from the workout and enhance blood flow to promote recovery. Proper hydration and nutrition further enhance the training and recovery effect. Pictured are a few examples of the major areas to target.

\ J

That's why I switched ...



// ::'to ProSchool 1/ software." /








Post Shoulderf lats



\ / \ / ,/

\ \





"" , "-


\ \

/ /







Position self on roller for specific muscle. Slowly roll up and down muscle without going over the knee joint for given number of reps or time. A good number is 1-2 sets of 15 reps; this number works well and should be completed in just a few minutes. Use the foam roll first, followed by an active warm-up, and then proceed into practice. It's preferable to static stretch after practice, based on results from several research studies showing that static stretching is detrimental to strength and power. Here is another tip-buy the 3-foot rollers and cut them in half to double your supply. This length is more than enough and actually works well with the smaller athlete. Enjoy and "just roll with it."



Rita Brown, President Brown's Gymnastics ""Training Centers

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By Chris Kolbo, MHS, PT, CSCS, CWT Sports medicine physical therapist and certified strength/ conditioning specialist and strength and conditioning consultant for Buckeye Gymnastics in Columbus, Ohio

--1-=-'-: : -0- -- - - - - - - - - -----«


- - -- --



- -- - - -



ERMlbJA ll ObJ

.â&#x20AC;˘ '!

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-=-~, -



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~ ~i(rer&' ~ 84 1Aen's ofymyic gymnastics r:,

19 ~


inducted into V.S. O(ymyic f}-(a(( Tame




Lto R: Scott Johnson, Tim Daggett, Jim Mikus, Jim Hartung, Shannon Miller, Bart Conner, Mitch Gaylord, and Peter Vidmar.


hannon Miller, who has won more Olympic and world medals than any other U.S. gymnast, and the 1984 Men's Gymnastics Team that earned the USA's first Olympic team gold medal were inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame Presented by Allstate Dec. 9, in Chicago, Ill.

Other members of the 2006 Class were: Olympians Evelyn Ashford (track and field), Rowdy Gaines (swimming), Bob Hayes (track and field) and Kristi Yamaguchi (figure skating); Paralympian Diana Golden-Brosnihan (skiing); Coach Herb Brooks (ice hockey); Jack Shea (speedskating) in the Veterans category; and Special Contributor Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC Universal Sports and Olympics. "We are thrilled for both Shannon and the men's team for this well-deserved recognition," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "Their accomplishments have inspired millions around the world, and they have continued to be positive role models for many young people. We congratulate them and the other members of the 2006 Class for such a distinguished honor."


"Prom a se[fish standjoint, what a wondeifu{ reunion for U~::rvft{mar Olympic champion John Nabor introduced the 1984 U.S. Olympic Men's Team, which was the first U.S. squad to win an Olympic team gold medal. All of the team members were on hand for the induction: Bart Conner, Tim Daggett, Mitch Gaylord, Jim Hartung, Jim Mikus, Scott Johnson and Peter Vidmar.

TEe HN IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ ]A NUARY 2006 )}-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The team gold medal was not the only time these gymnasts stepped up on the podium in 1984. Other Olympic medals earned were: Vidmar, gold in the pommel horse and silver in the individual allaround; Daggett, bronze in pommel horse; Conner, gold on parallel bars; and Gaylord, silver in the vault and bronze in both the parallel bars and still rings. Miller, who earned seven Olympic and nine WorLd Championship medals, was the last member of the 2006 to be inducted. She was introduced by fellow gymnasts Conner and Vidmar, who were inducted into the Hall of Fame as individual athletes in 1991. "She has set the standard for what a female gymnast can accomplish in this sport," said Vidmar. The 1984 Men's Team was honored at the ceremony.

'C4-_" "tThiswas an incredi6Ce exyerience. t]t was 8reat for our team to 6e reco8nized a8ain. We are just a 8 reat 6i8fami{y, andforus to 8et t08ether a8ain and 6e reco8nized in this way is awesome." Scott JOhltson "From a selfish standpoint, what a wonderful reunion for us," said Vidmar. "To sit around and reminisce, I felt like a 20 year old. The same humor, the same jokes, the same banter, the same camaraderie and, more importantly, the same love we shared in 1984 was there. It was here tonight at this event. This was just a wonderful occasion for us to get together." Jo hnson said, "This was an incredible experience. It was great for our team to be recognized again . We are just a great big family, and for us to get together again and be recognized in this way is awesome. I want to thank all of USA Gymnastics for its continued support for us, and we are all very involved with growing the sport of gym in the United States."

Miller said, "I don't know if these guys know how much (impact) they had in my being up here. They were a great inspiration to me when I was growing up." In her comments, Miller thanked her sister, Tessa, her mother and father, as well as her coaches Steve Nunno and Peggy Liddick. Miller earned seven Olympic and nine World Championship medals following her debut at the elite level in 1990. At the 1992 Olympic Games, her five medals (two silver and three bronze) represented the most medals won by a U.S. athlete. Four years later, she won two gold medals at the 1996 Olympic Games. In addition to the team gold medal as part of the "Magnificent Seven," Miller became the first American gymnast to win the balance beam go ld meda l. She also is the only U.S. gymnast to win back-to-back world all-around titles (1993-94). During her competitive gymnastics career, she won an astounding 58 international and 49 national competition medals, more than half of which were gold. Mary Lou Retton, who was inducted in 1985, is the only other gymnast in the U.s. Olympic Hall of Fame.

Daggett said, "It's been over 20 years since we went to Los Angeles, and we were just a group of kids who just dreamed a whole lot about going to the Olympics. We truly were a team. We haven't seen all of us together in a long time." Conner said, "Today, 21 years later, people still ask me if I stay in touch with my teammates. People forever look at us as brothers. I think we felt that way too. Nothing is as powerful as success you can share with others. That is what we did. It was incredible. We shared a life changing moment together and we needed each other to do it. We still have that bond from what was a life-defining moment for all of us."

Shannon Miller recieves her commemorative award .

--------------~c TECHN I QUE â&#x20AC;˘ JANUARY 2006


Nastia Li ukin balanced her way fro m Junior to Senio r National Champion to World Champion on bars and beam at the 2005 World Championships in Australia this past November. She also grabbed the silver medal in the all-around and on floor exercise in her first World Championships competition . Chellsie Memmel and Liukin had a one-two fini sh in the all-around, which turned out to be the closest World Championships fini sh since 1985 when there was a tie for first! Memmel scored 37.824 t o Liukin's 37.823 - just .001 points sepa rated the two gymnasts. Winning four World Championships medals at age 16 is certainly an accompli shment to shout about. Liukin commented on winni ng the all-around silver medal, saying, "It feels great. I've been working really hard for this so it's great to get the silver medal. To get a reward for all the training I have done, that's really good. "

Liu kin trains Gymnastics Academy and is coached by her Olympic gold medalist and to international gymnastics. on her win saying , "It's great It's the pinnacle. I'm very, very it's my baby."

at World Olympi c in Plano , Texas, dad Valeri who is an certainly no stranger In fact, he commented to be a World Champion . proud, especially when

Nastia Liukin summed it up best saying, "Four medals at a World Ch ampionships, t here is nothing else I can ask for." This high school junior may receive even more accolades in the days to come since she is a nominee for the USA Today's and the United States Sports Academy's 2005 Athlete of the Year award. Loo k for more great news to come on Nastia Liu kin!

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TEe H HI QUE â&#x20AC;˘ JANUARY 2006

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2005 womEn's compULSORY EXERCISES








When is an element considered a "variation" (i .e. change = up to the value of the element) vs . a totally different element (i.e. substitute = double the value of the element.)? Changing is a modification of the same core element. Example: a forward roll instead of a dive forward roll, a dive cartwheel instead of a cartwheel or a front limber instead of a front handspring to two feet. Exa mples of Substituting: Performing a front limber instead of a handstand forward roll, a cartwheel instead of a round-off, a tuck jump instead of a split jump.

0: What

is the difference between the following deductions: too long in support and angle of repulsion? Isn't this double-deducting?


gymnasts actually mounts the apparatus and begins 0: Ifhertheexercise without the signal from the Chief Judge, what is

Usually it is necessary to use a combination of both; however, it is possible to have one without the other. For example, the gymnast may come onto the table very high so that by the time the hands contact the table, the legs/ body have already passed vertical. The repulsion may happen very quickly, but the angle of repulsion is deficient. Likewise, the gymnast may come onto the table very low, ride the table and leave the table by vertical. In this case, the angle of repulsion is very good, but the gymnast was in support too long.

the procedure?


A: The Chief Judge must ask the gymnast to get off the apparatus BARS - LEUEL 2 and repeat the exercise immediately. A 0.50 deduction will be taken from the average by the CJ.



0: What deductions would

be taken for the following situations resulting in a change in the dismount?


Level 2 Vault: Are the gymnasts allowed to step onto the board 0: with the front leg?

A: Yes. Level 2 Vault: The approach is described as 1-3 steps. Is it 0: acceptable for the gymnast to run 1-3 steps and hurdle?

A: Yes, either approach is acceptable. Vault: Do the hands have to remain touching the mat 0: atLevelthe 4finish of the vault, or can the arms and legs be raised to finish in a hollow position?


The gymnast must land in a straight-lying position; NOT a hollow position; however, the hands do not have to remain in contact with the mat.

1. Gymnast casts and pushes away to jump to the mat (performs Levell dismount) and does not repeat. Deduct 1.6 (0.8 x 2) for substitution. 2. Gymnast casts, straddles her legs, but never makes contact with her feet on the bar; but then continues with the underswing to land the dismount. Deduct 0.40 (out of the 0.8 value of the element) for incomplete element. 3. Gymnast casts back and jumps to the mat with no attempt to straddle on. The coach then lifts the gymnast to the bar, assisting her in arriving in a straddle stand on the LB. The gymnast then performs the straddle sole circle dismount. Deduct 0.5 for the fall plus 0.4 for incomplete element (failed to perform cast straddle on). Do not deduct 0.50 for the coach lifting the gymnast to the straddle stand position.


When considering the 0.50 deduction for failure 0: toLevelplace4 Vault: hands within the prescribed landing zone (beyond the 0: Please clarify the allowable matting under the bars and the tape line) , how do you handle the hands being partially over the mounting surface for the jump to glide. tape line?


Do not deduct 0.5 unless both hands land entirely beyond the tape line.

I UAULT - LEUEL 5/6 I 0: What is the deduction for no arm circle in the hurdle phase? A:

No deduction.


In order to reduce the changing of low bar heights to accommodate different heights of gymnasts, it is permissible to use additional skill cushions on top of one or two competition landing mats under the bar. The mats should be at a height that will allow the gymnast to place her feet on the mat near the LB without having to let go of the bar after the glide swing. In addition to the matting, the gymnast may also use a mounting apparatus to jump into the glide. This may be a board, folded panel mat, or some type of spotting block; a wedge/incline mat is not allowed. If the gymnast jumps from many apparatus other than the level matting under the bar, the mounting apparatus MUST be removed immediately after the jump to glide.


conffnued on page 20



) >----------------


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continued from poge /8

Mount: On the backward swing of the glide, may the legs straddle?

A: No, if t he glide is performed with

legs straddled, they must close by the co mpletion of the forward glide swing and remain closed for the rest of t he swing.

10= both Leg cut backward: What is the deduction if the gymnast places hands to the inside of the leg and lifts/swings the leg backward over the bar (no cutting action)?


What is the deduction if the gymnast does not contact 0: tMount: he mat with t he feet following the backswing of the glide, prior

This would be considered substitution: value of element (0.4) x 2 = 0.8

IIBARS 路 LEUEL 5/6 A: 0.20 0: What is the deduction for performing a so le circle after the 0: Mount: What is t he end position of the glide swing? squat/pike on in Level 5 or additional sole circle(s) in Level 6? A: Level 4 Bars: Page 59, 1A Glide & return. At the co mpletion of A: 0.30 for adding an element. See general fau lts and penalties, to t he pu llover and just swings into the pu llover?

the backward swing, the feet may contact the floor to finish in a straight stand or the body can continue to swing forward, placing the feet on the mat closer to the apparatus. The gymnast may come to. a momentary stand or use a "punching" action to initiate the pullover.

page 161. kips, the hips shou ld be extended in the forward swing, 0: Onbutglide should the feet rise upward also? Is there a deduction if the feet extend dow nward, but hips are fully extended?

Front hip circle, sma ll cast: If a gymnast performs a FH(, and 0: stops .with out performi ng an immediate cast; then co ntin ues by


performi ng a small cast, return to front support, then another cast to the single leg squat through, what are the appropriate deductions?


A: Deduct 0.3 for failure to perform a small cast directly connected


to the FHC and then take any appropriate execution deductions on the other casts. Do NOT deduct for rhythm, adding an extra element, or an extra cast/swing. If the gymnast is unable to directly connect the front hip circle to the small cast, the gymnast shou ld be advised to OMIT the sma ll cast since she has already received a 0.30 deduction. She should just proceed with the cast to sing le leg squat throug h.

Consider t he external amp litude of t he element (up to 0.20) . Showing a rise of the body/feet will be more "swingful". What is t he deduction if a gymnast performs a straddle on instead of a squat or pike on? 0.20 for leg separation.

attempt to perform the Long Hang Kip, the gymnast does 0: Innotthecomplete the kip and ends in a long hang. Is this considered a fallon the apparatus? What options does the gymnast have at this point?


Note: this is different in Level 5, in which the cost following the FHe is a separate major element. If that cast is omitted, it will receive the omission deduction of double the value of the element. Front Hip Circle (Lev. 4/ 5): What is the pena lty if the gymnast 0: grabs her legs to perform a circle around t he bar? A: Major change in the element up to the value. Suggest 0.60 0: Front Hip Circle (Lev. 4/5): When is a deduction taken for bent arms? A: The arms must be st raight at the completion of the circle. If the arms are at t he end of the circle, apply up to 0.30 for arm =


bend, just as in any other skill. is the deduction if the gymnast does not simultaneously 0: What change both hands to another grip when required, for example before the stride circle?

A: 0.20 for alternate hand grasp . is the deduction when the gymnast releases the bar and 0: What re-grasps instead of shifting the hand grip?

Yes, it is considered a fallon the apparatus, so deduct 0.50. Depending upon whether the gym nast repeats (and is successfu l in completi ng) the Long hang kip, or co ntinues from a support on the HB, there may be a deduction of "up to 0.8" for incomplete element plus 0.5 for the fall on the apparatus. Options: 1. From the hang position, the gymnast may try to repeat the Long Hang Kip. - Gymnast takes up to 2 pump swings to continue with the long hang kip successfully. In this case, only 0.50 for the fall is taken. - If after taki ng several pump swings, the gymnast jumps down fro m t he bars, it is still only 0.5 for the fa ll. She may then start t he routi ne by standing on t he LB and jump to HB, repeati ng t he Long hang kip, or the coach may lift her to t he HB and give her a swing to try the Long hang kip again. In t hese cases, the gymnast would then only receive the penalty for the fall. 2. From the hang position, the gymnast does not try to repeat the Long Hang Kip. - The gymnast may get to the support position on the HB by performing a pullover without receiving a penalty for adding an extra element. She is just trying to get to a position to resume her exercise - The coach may lift the gymnast up to a front support on the HB. - In both of these cases, the gymnast receives the "up to 0.8" for incomplete eleme nt plus 0.50 for the' fall.

A: 0.30, just t he sa me as with t he long hang pullover. Circle: If a gymnast falls backward during the stride IIBALAnCE BEAm 0: Stride circle, failing to complete the circle, and then hooks her knee and swings back up to a support, what is the deduction?

A: .50 for a fall on the apparatus.

Any time a gymnast falls backward (or forward) from a support position to end .in a hang, either from the hands or the hands and knee, it is considered a fall. Do not deduct for any extra pumps swings taken to enable the gymnast to return to a stride support. The coach may, without penalty for a spot, assist the gymnast from this hang position to return to the required support position in order to continue the exercise.



0: What is the deduction if a Level 6 gymnast performs the Level 5 Beam mount (i.e., no scissor of the legs)


0.20 change of element

continued on page 22

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Mary Lou Relton

Top U.S. and World Gymnasts Are Coming To Philly! 1993

2000 Eric Lopez

Shannon Miller


Saturday, March 4, 2006 â&#x20AC;˘ 11 :30 a.m.

conffnued (rom page 20




During the stand after the V-sit, what is the deduction for the leg dropping below t he level of t he beam prior to the t uck stand?

What is the deduction for reversing the order of the two 0: elements in any of the directly connected dance series in Beam

A: A possible

rhythm deduction may be applied if the leg drop causes a delay in arriving in the tuck stand.

0: A:

0: A:


or Floor? Example: Level 6 Beam has Tuck jump; Split Jump. Gymnast performs Split jump; tuck jump.

How is the 0.30 deduction applied for pushing off the beam with the hands to arrive in a tuck stand after the V-sit?

A: 0.30 for reversing the elements in a direct connection .

This deduction is to be applied only when the gymnast, in the attempt to lean forward to stand up, gets stuck and must push off the beam in order to continue the movement.


Heel-snap turns: What is the deduction if the gym nast uses a weight transfer technique instead of the heel-snap technique?

Backward rolls: Is there sti ll a deduction 0: buttocks backward into the backward rolls?

0.20 for changing the element. There is a 0.30 deduction for performing a heel-snap technique instead of the weight transfer technique, listed on page 162, #15 under Beam/Floor. The reason the penalty is more severe in this case is that the heel-snap turn is an easier technique. Replacing the heel-snap with the more difficult technique of weight transfer receives a lesser penalty.

A: No,

Level 4: Backward roll to push-up position: What is the 0: deduction if the gymnast does a backward roll to handstand?

A: 0.60 (changing the element) Level 5/ 6 - 1/2 turn outward prior to backward roll to handstand: 0: What is the deduction if the gymnast performs an inward turn.

3/4 handstand - Level 4 & Backward roll to 3/4 handstand - Level 6: When the 3/4 handstand is referenced, what is the

A: 0.10 changing a small part Level 6 Side Leap: Is a straddle pike position acceptable in the 0: side leap?

22.5" from vertical

Are the gymnasts still required to show a toe-heel finish coming out of the inverted acrobatic elements, such as the handstands, back walkover or cartwheel?

A: Yes. Level 5/ 6 - Swing 1/2 turn prior to Back Walkover: What is the 0: chest position on the arabesque? Straight or drop slightly in

releve" position.


Weight transfer turn preparation: When the gymnast is required to kick in releve, can she drop the heel for the turn preparation?

0: A:




order to raise the back leg?


BEAm ~ fLOOR What is t he deduction for lowering the heel prior to stepping forward out of the weight transfer turns? 0.05, same deduction if the gymnast fails to lower the heel at

the completion of a heel-snap turn. When evaluating the connections/non-major elements, what are the guidelines for applying the genera l deductions for the entire exercise, such as: Text errors, Incorrect foot form, Incorrect body alignment/ posture, lack of artistry, failure to perform steps f locks and pivots in high releve? When judging the elements that are not designated as "major elements" and the connections, us ually you will NOT write down a "number" in tenths for the error, but rather a "letter" that designates what type of error it was. 'T' for severe text error, "t" for slight text error, "f' for sickled foot or flat-footed , "Q" for quality of movement, "A" for quality of artistic expression, "P" for posture. Then at the end of the exercise, determine if there are many or few of each type of error and deduct accordingly. If, for example, there are only 2 sma ll t's on your paper, it would not be necessary to deduct. There is no magic formula for the application; use your common sense and also consider if the errors are severe or very small.

for pushing the

this deduction has been eliminated; however, if the movement looks awkward or results in a bouncing action , a 0.10 rhythm deduction could be considered.

A: Yes; however, there should be no pausing or holding the "toe/




expected angle?


show good form and amplitude, maintain good posture/ body position, and present the exercise with artistry.


A: A SLIG HT lean is acceptab le. 0: Level 5/ 6 End pose: Is the torso position optional on the ending pose? A: No, only the arms and focus. Announcement for all Women's Judges and Meet Directors

Judges Mileage Reimbursement Effective January 1, 2006, the rate for mileage reimbursement is $.44/ mile to reflect the upcoming change in the IRS standard mileage rate fur 2006.

Always remember that the main emphasis at the compulsory leve ls is to master the proper technique of the major elements,

~1-2-2---------------1C TECHNIQUE路 JA NUA RY 2006 ) >-----


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TECHNIQUE· JA NUARY 2006 ) . . - - - - --




By Patti Komara

ym owners spend thousands of dollars to attract new customers. But, it is just as important to keep the customers we have-shutting the back door, if you will. When we create a relationship with a customer, we create a loyal customer. Loyalty turns into positive J/word of mouth." This loyalty equation is necessary to create lasting relationships as well as gain new students.


the classes she missed. You now have to choose whether to "stick to your guns" or use this scenario as an opportunity to create an honest, human relationship with Mrs. Smith. The office staff at my gym is empowered to make decisions like this every day. Anyone of my 12 secretaries would tell Mrs. Smith, "I understand. As you know, our policy is to allow only one makeup class per 8-week session. But, you are such a good customer--let's see what we can do. Three makeups seem to be a lot, but I'll set Rachel up for two make-up classes." Now, Mrs. Smith is clearly aware of the policy but will most likely value your flexibility. The secretary has developed a relationship with Mrs. Smith while "sticking to her guns."

Here are five reasons customers will choose your gym and surprisingly price is last:


Need- Customers should feel they need what your gym

@ @ @ @

Confidence- Do you have a great reputation for

offers. Do your marketing materials convey the BENEFITS of gymnastics such as fitness, self-confidence building, and athletic development for all sports? Or, do you just mention that you have a 44' x 44' super-duper spring floor and a 35' long Tumbl-Trak? In reality, do those two thing s matter to the average consumer? fairness and cleanliness? Do your marketing materials convey the pride you have in your gym?

Ouality- Is your gym known for the highest quality in the three main areas - staff, facility, and curriculum?

Selection- Are you offering preschool classes in the evening or on weekends? Do you offer a unique combination class of gymnastics and dance? Pl'ice- If you offer the lowest tuition in the area, your

gym will not thrive. You need adequate capital to maintain the quality needed for long-term success. People will pay a premium price if they are getting a premium product or service. This is the very reason that stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stay in business. Problems or obstacles can be turned into opportunities to build customer loyalty. For example, all gyms struggle with "make-up classes" when a customer misses a class. At our gym, we allow the students to make up as many classes as they wish in the summer. We service about 400 make up classes in July alone. During the school year, our policy is to allow a student one make up class per 8-week session. This rule is on the registration form. It is written in the parent handbook. Additionally, parents are reminded of the policy when they call to schedule a make up class. We even have the rule on signs posted in the gym lobby. However, Mrs. Smith never knew about this policy. Her daughter Rachel was sick last week. The week before last, Rachel had a band concert. Oh, there was also that soccer practice that she could not miss. Now, Mrs. Smith wants to know if Rachel can make up all of


Let's look at four customer needs that help create relationships:

To Feel Welcolned- A customer needs to feel


welcomed in your gym from their initial telephone call. Every day, the office staff at my gym looks over our "new students list" to ensure that they warmly welcome the new students and their parents. Welcoming new students by name is very powerful!

To Feellmpol'tant- Everyone has a sign under his or


her shirt that shouts, "Make me feel important!" Everyone listens to the same radio station-WIIFM, What's In It For Me?

To Feel COlnfodable- Supplying customers with a safe and child-friendly facility can make parents and students feel comfortable in your gym. At my gym, we offer a television in the lobby for parents and children to watch their favorite movies. We also give every new student a free "intro class." This is a free 20-minute class with a teacher who goes through the names of the main skills they will learn and the different gymnastics positions such as straddle, pike, tuck, etc.




To Feel Vndel'stood- If a problem arises, gym owners and customer service representatives need to feel and express empathy. If a customer has a problem , bring him or her into your office or to a quiet location in your gym and listen to the customer's concern. Repeat back what


)r-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(continued from page 24J

they said. Ask the customer what you can do it to fix the problem. Then, try to do it.

member• serVlces

Stu Leonard's Dairy Store is famous for their customer seNice. His customer service slogan consists of two rules:

1. The customer is always right.

2. If you are not sure what to do, refer to rule number 1. We have customer service slogans at our gym . This is the first thing asked at every office staff celebration. Two of my favorites are: "Please the customer" and "Give the customer what they expect and more." What does a customer expect in a gymnastics school?


• Correct information on the phone or website. A clean colorful facility, to be greeted warmly and treated with respect, a workable schedule, small class size, kindness towards their children, excellent curriculum, pre- and post-class association with the parents, and remembering their names.


Don't sanction your meet online with less than 10 days prior to the event

• Preschool students expect to have fun and to be treated kindly.

Sanctions Online Procedures The best advice is to sanction all meets a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event. You must have a sanction number and be at least 30 days out to request a certificate of insurance from the insurance company. You must allow time for the sanction forms to be mailed in advance of the meet. For online sanction registration a minimum of 10 days is recommended in order for the transaction to be completed and forms mailed. Only an emergency should dictate a sanction being entered online 10 or fewer days prior to the event. In this case a late processing fee may be charged. Please remember posting from the online registration process takes place 24 hours after entry and on business days only. Friday online entries are not posted until business on Monday. Please keep in mind you may always contact the Member Services office for assistance when a very late emergency sanction is needed. There are policies, procedures and fees in place that will allow facilitation of the process as long as you contact Member Services during normal business hours.

• School-age students expect to learn skills and for the staff to take an interest in them. • Team members and their families expect to win! • Success is directly related to how often we meet and exceed these expectations. Customer service has to become second nature at your gym. It has to be a feeling that permeates throughout the staff. The customer is our boss and we have been hired to please them. Remember students do not quit for one reason. They quit when their expectations are not met time and time again. When you chip away at customer satisfaction time after time, the customers will leave. Your success is entirely related to how often you meet the expectations of your customers. Remember the customer is your boss.

Patti Komara has produced more than 50 training DVDs and tapes in the area of business and teaching gymnastics for all ages. She also has lesson plan books for preschool, dance, school-age gymnastics, and nursery schools. View her online catalog at www.lumb/ or call (219) 865-2274 for a catalog.

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goals fo Students • BUILD Enrollment Retention • MEASURE Teacher Efficiency • RECORD Student Accomplishments Licensed to Gym Clubs Nationally Since 1991

Instructor Training Videos - 30+ skills per level explained step by step. Curriculum Cards - Track skills taught as required in USAG Safety manual. Star Posters - Kids take home - Helps them experience success.

JEFF LULLA is Founder and President of the FUN & FIT GYMNASTICS CENTERS. Jeff is a National Safety Instructor and a member of the National Preschool Advisory Board for USA Gymnastics (the goveming body for gymnastics in America). and has co-authored their "Kinder Accreditation for Teachers" course. Jeff speaks intemationally on the Fun and Fit PERSONAL BEST philosophy and teaching concepts to club owners and coaches.

ForDetails~FREE VIDEO~Information andSamples~ call (800)


--------------~c TEe HN' 0 UE • JAN UARY 2006 ) > - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - 2 = 7.....

Member Club Invitational Listing

Start Date - 2/ 12/ 2006 Head Over Heels Phone· 510/655-1265 Levels - W4-1O

Long Beach Open 2006 Event Site - Long Beach Conv. Ctr; 3100 EAirport Way Long Beach, CA Start Dote - 2/ 17/ 2006 American Gymnastics Academy Phone - 562/490-0087 Levels - W4-Elite

Dreams of Gold 2006 Event Site - 7735 Haskell Ave Van Nuys, CA Start Date - 5/6/2006 Gymnastics Olympica USA Phone - 818/ 785-1537 Levels - W4-6

Los Angeles Classics XII Event Site -7735 Haskell Ave Van Nuys, CA Start Date - 1/21/2006 Gymnastics Olympica USA Phone -818/ 785-1537 Levels - W4-1 0

Friendship Challenge Event Site - 8urbank Airport Hilton; 2500 Hollywood Way Burbank, CA Start Date - 3/ 3/ 2006 Golden State Gymnastics Phone -818/ 558-1177 Levels - W4-Elite, prepopt.

Mardi Gras Invitational Event Site - 415 Mississippi St Vallejo, CA Start Date - 3/4/2006 North Bay Athletic Association Phone -707/ 643-9622 Levels - W4-1 0

Technique magazine will regularly list Member Club in vita tiona Is by state in order to help coaches schedule their teams in competitions. When you apply and pay for a sanction with USA Gymnastics, your invitational will automatically be included in the listing. Remember, only USA Gymnastics Member Clubs are eligible for the invitational listing. ALABAMA


Planet Mardi Gras Invitational Event Site - P.O. Box 850602 Mobile, AL Start Date · 2/ 10/ 2006 Planet Gymnastics Phone - 251/650-0699 Levels - W2-1 0, prepopt.

2006 All Olympia Invitational Lights, Camera, Action Event Site - UCLA - John Wooden Center; 405 Hilgard Los Angeles, CA Start Date - 2/10/ 2006 All Olympia, AOGC Phone - 310/301 -8066 Levels - W4-Elite, prepopt.

Spirit of Courage Event Site - NWSCC George Wallace 8lvd Tuscumbia, AL Start Date - 1/27/ 2006 Shoals School of Gymnastics Phone - 256/381 -1441 Levels - W2-Elite, prepopt.

2006 AOGC Spring Invitational Event Site - 12500 Beatrice St Los Angeles, CA Start Dote - 5/20/ 2006 All Olympia, AOGC Phone -310/ 301-8066 Levels -W4-6


Invitational Meet EventSite-5310 South Shackleford Little Rock, AR Start Date -2/ 3/2006 River City Gymnastics Phone -501/407-8000 Levels - W4-10

2006 Novato Classic Event Site - 950 Seventh St Novato, CA Start Date - 3/4/2006 Novato Gymnastics Phone -(415) 209-9595 Levels - W4-1 0


2006 Surf City Classic Event Site - OC Fairgrounds 88 Fair Dr; Costa Mesa, CA Start Date - 2/ 10/ 2006 SCATS Gymnastics Phone -714/ 895-2909 Levels - W5-Elite

Arizona Sunrays Hardrock Invitational Event Site - Phoenix Civic Plaza 111 N3rd St Phoenix, AZ Start Date -2/ 10/ 2006 Arizona Sunrays Phone -602/ 992-5790 Levels - M4-Elite

oesert Devil Classic Event Site - 1927 N. Gilbert

Rd Ste 107; Meso, AZ Stort Date -2/18/2006 oesert Devils (Mesa) Phone -480/844-9600 Levels - W4-Elite Fiesta Bowl Invite Event Site - Rawhide Western Wild Horse

5700 WNorth Loop Rd Chandler, AZ Stort Dote - 2/3/2006 oesert Lights Gymnastics Phone -480/940-4041 Levels - W4·Elite Winter Sun Invitational Event Site - Arizona State University; PE West Te mpe, AZ St art Date - 1/20/2006 Ph oenix Gymnastics Academy Ph one -623/582-5293 Le vels - W4-Elite

Bay Area Classic Event Site - 3901 C Walnut Blvd Brentwood, CA Start Date - 3/ 4/2006 Black Diamond Gymnastics Phone - 925/516-6619 Levels - W4·10 Best in the West Inv Event Site - Nevada Union High School; 11761 Ridge Rd Grass Valley, CA Start Dote - 2/ 11/2006 Rising Storz Gymnastics Acad Phone - 530/477-9581 Levels - W4-1O, M4-10 8ridgetle Clement Memorial Invitational Event Site - Pen Crest Main Gym 300 Piedmont Ave Ste 408 Son Bruno, CA Start Date - 2/4/2006 Gymtowne Gymnastics Phone - 650/ 589-3733 Levels - W4-10 Cupids Cup Event Site - 1250 45th St Suite EEmeryville, CA

Friendship Invitational Event Site - Carondelet High 1133 Winton Dr; Concord, CA Start Dote - 1/28/2006 Community Youth Center 2241 Galaxy Ct. Concord, CA 94520 Phone -925/ 671-7070 Levels - R3-1 0, group Gold Country Classic Event Site - Herbst Pav Ft Mason Ctr; Landmark Bldg ASan Francisco, CA Start Date - 2/ 17/2006 San Mateo Gymnastics Phone -650/ 591-8734 Levels - W4-1 0, M4-Elite Golden State Classic Event Site - 11345 Folsom 8lvd Rancho Cordova, CA Start Date - 1/28/2006 Technique Gymnastics Phone -916/ 635-7900 Levels - W4-Elite LA Lights Invitational Event Site - Veterans Memorial Aud. 4117 Overland Ave Culver City, CA Start Dote - 1/20/2006 Los Angeles School of Gym Phone -310/204-1980 Levels - R4-Elite, group Level 4-6 State Event Site - Carondelet High 1133 Winton Dr; Concord, CA Start Dote - 3/ 12/ 2006 Community Youth Center Phone -925/ 671-7070 Levels - R4-6

MEGA Invite Event Site - Redwood H.S. 395 Doherty Dr; Larkspur, CA Start Date - 2/ 11/2006 Morin 8ije Gymnastics Academy Phone - 415/257-6342 Levels - W4-1 0 Olympic Dream Classic Event Site - 5433 Beethoven St; Los Angeles, CA Start Date - 4/22/2006 Broadway Gym School, Inc. Phone - 310/450-0012 Levels -W4-6

Actvity Ctr; 2145 Park 81vd San Diego, CA Start Date - 1/21/2006 Poway Gymnastics Phone - 858/ 748-1716 Levels -Tl -Elite San Diego Team Cup Event Site - Balboa Park Activity Ctr.; 2145 Pork Blvd San Diego, CA Start Date - 1/20/2006 Poway Gymnastics Phone - 858/ 748-1716 Levels - M4-1 0 Spirals Compulsory Invitational Event Site - P.O. Box 1198 Goleta, CA Start Dote - 5/13/ 2006 Spirals Gymnastics Team Phone - 805/ 968-2453 Levels -W4-6 Spirals Invitational Event Site - P.O. 80x 1198 Goleta, CA Start Dote - 1/28/2006 Spirals Gymnastics Team Phone - 805/ 968-2453 Levels - W4-Elite West Volley Spirit of the Flame Challenge Event Site - Parkside Hall 180 Park Ave; Son Jose, CA Start Date - 2/ 24/ 2006 West Valley Gymnastics School Phone - 408/ 374-8692 Levels - W4-Elite

Palm Tree Classic Event Site -Soka University 1 Univ. Dr; Aliso Viejo, CA Stort Dote - 2/ 17/ 2006 Azarian U.S. GYM Training Cent Phone - 949/ 455-1020 Levels - M4-Elite

Wine Country Classic Event Site - Callinan Sports Ctr. 5405 Snyder Ln Rohnert Park, CA Start Date - 2/ 18/ 2006 Rohnert Park Gymnastics Phone - 707/ 585-9377 Levels - W4-1 0

Peter Vidmar Men's Gymnastics Invitational Event Site - Brentwood School 100 S. Barrington PI Los Angeles, CA Start Dote -3/ 2/ 2006 Broadway Gym School, Inc. Phone - 310/450-0012 Levels - M4-Elite

Winter Challenge Event Site - Pen Crest Gym 300 Piedmont Ave San Bruno, CA Start Dote - 2/ 5/2006 Gymtowne Gymnastics Phone - 650/ 589-3733 Levels - M4-10

Son Diego Classic Event Site - Activity Ctr. 2145 Pork Blvd San Diego, CA St art Date - 1/23/2006 Poway Gymnastics Phone - 858/ 748-1716 Le vels - W4-Elite So n Diego Tand TOpen Ev ent Site - Balboa Park


5280 Mile High Invitational Event Site -10601 W44th Ave Wheatridge, CO Start Date - 2/ 24/ 2006 5280 Gymnastics Phone - 303/431 -8838 Levels - W4-Elite

Pikes Peak Cup Event Site - Broadmoor Hotel One Lake Ave Colo. Springs, CO Start Date - 1/27/2006 Colorado Aerials Gym Center Phone - 719/ 260-1893 Levels - W7 -Elite CONNECTICUT

Aquafina Team Challenge Event Site - Oneill Recreation Ctr. Univ. Blvd.; Bethel, IT Start Date - 2/ 17/ 2006 Gymnastics Revolution Phone - 203/ 798-8651 Levels - W4-1 0 IT Cup Team Meet Event Site - 811 Straits Turnpike Watertown, CT Start Date - 3/ 12/ 2006 USA Gymnastics Phone - 860/ 945-6970 Levels - M4-6 FLORIDA

Daytona Beach Open Event Site - Embry Riddle ICI Ctr. 600 Clyde Morris 8lvd Daytona Beach, FL Start Dote - 2/ 9/ 2006 ACE Gymnastics Phone - 407/831 -2582 Levels - M4-Elite Easter Bunny Invitational Event Site - 730 St. Johns Bluff Rd N.; Jacksonville, FL Start Date -3/ 25/ 2006 All American Gymnastics, Inc. Phone - 904/641-9966 Levels - W4·6 Edgewater Classic Event Site - Edgewater Beach Resort; 11212 Front Beach Rd Panama City Beach, FL Start Date -2/ 17/ 2006 Edgewater Gymnastics Academy Phone - 850/ 814-3468 Levels - W2-1 0, prepopt. Gasparilla Classic Event Site -One Tropicana Dr St Petersburg, FL Start Date - 2/ 24/ 2006 Lightning City Gymnastics Phone - 813/558-0035 Levels -W2-Elite Jacksonville Winter Classic Event Site - 730 St. Johns Bluff Rd N; Jacksonville, FL Start Date - 1/28/2006 All American Gymnastics, Inc. Phone - 904/ 641-9966 Levels - W4-8 (continued on page 30)

.-1-:;;;2-:;;;8:--------------~C TECHNIQUE' JAN UARY 2006 ) - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - -

Member Club Invitational Listing (continued from page 28)

Jr Orange Bowl Invitational Event Site -Coral Springs City Gym.; 2501 Coral Springs Dr Coral Springs, Fl Start Dote - 2/ 16/ 2006 Boca Twisters Phone -561/750-6001 levels - W2-1 0, prepopt. Magical Classic Event Site - Orange County Conv. Cente; 9BOO In!'1. Drive Orlando, Fl Start Dote - 2/3/2006 Brown's Gymnostics Central Phone - 407/B69-87 44 levels -W3-Elite Reg 5 vs Reg 8 Bottle of Chomps Event Site -The lakeland Ctr. 701 Wlime St; lakeland, Fl Start Dote - 1/27/2006 Holker's Gold Gymnastics Phone - 419/ 659-57B9 levels - W2-Elite, prepopt. Sand Dollar Whitlow Invitational Event Site - PO Box 10000 lake Bueno Vista, Fl Start Dote - 1/20/ 2006 Orlando Metro Gymnastics Phone - 407/ 246-1200 levels - M4-Elite, Open; W4-Elite, prepopt. Spooktoculor Invitational Event Site -Emerald Coast Conf Or 1250 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE Ft Walton Beach, Fl Start Dote - 10/ 27/2006 Emerald City Gymnastics Phone -850/ 863-3991 levels - W2-6 GEORGIA April in Paris Event Site - 130 Andrew Dr Stockbridge, GA Stort Dote - 4/8/ 2006 Poris Schl of Performing Arts Phone -770/474-6184 levels -W2-9

Gold Cup Invitational Event Site - 124 Cedar lone Martinez, GA Start Dote -2/ 25/ 2006 Gymnastics Gold Phone -706/ 650-2111 levels - M4-10 Rose City Invitational Event Site - Butler Mason YMCA; 1304 Remington Ave Thomasville, GA Start Dote - 2/ 4/ 2006 Thomasville Twisters Phone - 229/ 226-0133 levels - W4-1 0

Sweet Onion Invitational Event Site - 2606 Matthews Industrial Cr; Vidalia, GA Start Dote - 3/ 4/ 2006 Vidalia Springers Phone -912/ 538-1000 levels -W2-8

Oswego Winter Invitotionol Event Site -Oswego High School Rt 71 ; Oswego, Il Start Dote - 1/22/2006 Oswegoland P.O. Flipsters Gym Phone - 630/554-4456 levels - W4-10

HAWAII Ku uipo Classic Event Site - Neal 5 Blaisdell Ctr.; 777 Word Ave Honolulu, HI Start Dote - 2/ 18/ 2006 Rainbow Gymnastics Academy Phone - B08/488-7030 levels - W4-1 0

Snowflake Invite Event Site - Peterson Pork Gym. 5801 NPulaski Chicago, Il Start Dote - 1/22/2006 Chicago Park Dist Phone - 312/ 742-4927 levels - W4-9; M4-1 0

luko Nokoo Event Site - 45-558 #C21 Komehomeho Hwy. Kaneohe, HI Start Dote - 3/ 5/ 2006 Kokokohi Gymnastics Team Phone - 808/ 235-6866 levels - W4-1 0

INDIANA Circle of Stars Event Site -Indiana Convention Or; 100 5 Capitol Ave Indianapolis, IN Start Dote - 1/20/2006 DeVeau's School of Gymnastics Phone -317/ 849-7744 levels - M4-Elite; W3-Elite

ILLINOIS Arena Classic Event Site - 2701 Block Rood Joliet, ll Start Dote - 2/ 3/ 2006 Arena Gymnastics Phone - 815/ 730-7453 levels - W4-1 0

For love or Money Event Site - Indy Southside Sports Acad; 4150 Killdeer Dr Indianapolis, IN Start Dote -2/ 10/ 2006 Wrights American Gymnastics Phone -317/ 8B8-4B05 levels - W4-Elite

Chicagolond Invitational Event Site - 6360 S. Belmont Downers Grove, Il Start Dote - 2/ 3/ 2006 Elite Sports Complex, Inc. Phone -630/ 968-2699 levels - R4-Elite, Group

Indy Classic Event Site - 9850 Mayflower Pork Dr; Carmel, IN Start Dote -3/ 4/ 2006 Indy School of Gymnastics Phone - 317/ 872-5948 levels - M4-1 0

Excel Invitational Event Site - 2301 Main St Batavia, Il Start Dote - 2/ 11/2006 Excel Gymnastics Academy Phone -630-482-3738 levels - M4-1 0

Spring Wishes Event Site - 117 5 Indus trail Pkwy; Richmond, IN Start Dote - 2/ 25/ 2006 Richmond Gymnastic Training Ce Phone -765/ 935-5255 levels - W4-1 0

IGI Chicago Style Invitational Event Site - Navy Pier 600 East Grand Ave. Chicago, Il Start Dote - 2/ 10/ 2006 Illinois Gymnastics Institute, Inc. Phone -630/325-3333 levels -W4-Elite

KANSAS Diamond Jewels Invite Event Stle -7270 West 161s! 51. Overland Park, KS Start Dote - 1/20/ 2006 Diamond GYM & Dance Acad. Phone - 913/B51-7500 levels - W4-1 0

King Arthur Invitational Event Site -Cool City HS 655 WDivision; Cool City, Il Start Dote - 1/28/2006 Gymnastics X-Colibur Phone - BI5/ 634-869B levels - W4-10

KENTUCKY Champions Derby Classic Event Site - KY Fair and Expo Cntr louisville, KY Start Dote - 2/ 24/ 2006 Champion Gymnastics Phone - 502/ 809-1386 levels - W3-Elite, prepopt.


US Coaches Cup Event Site - Northern KY Convention Center One West Rivercenter Blvd. Covington, KY Start Dote - 1/20/2006 Cincinnati Gymnastics Phone - 513/860-30B2 levels - W4-Elite LOUISIANA Bottle of New Orleans Invite Event Site - 700 Elmwood Pork Blvd; Ste. C Harahan, LA Start Dote - 2/ 3/ 2006 Elmwood Gymnastics Academy Phone - 504/ 733-4496 levels - W2-Elite, prepopt.

North Shore Gymnastics Classic Event Site - 1973 Sixth St Mandeville, LA Start Dote - 1/ 20/ 2006 North Shore Gymnastics Phone - 985/624-8310 levels - W4-Elite MAINE American Flyers Cup Event Site - 20 Terminal St Westbrook, ME Start Dote - 1/27/2006 Moine Academy Of Gymnastics Phone - 207/ 856-0232 levels - W4-1 0 MARYLAND 2006 Frederick Classic Event Site - 4604 Wedgewood Blvd; Frederick, MD Start Dote - 3/ 24/2006 Frederick Gymnastics Club Phone - 301/695-0205 levels - W4-1 0

29th Capitol Cup Event Site - PG Sports learning Complex; 8001 Sheriff Rd landover, MD Start Dote - 3/ 3/ 2006 MarVaTeens, Inc. Phone - 301/468-9181 levels - W4-Elite Columbia Challenge Event Site - Univ of MD College Park ; North Gym College Pork, MD Start Dote - 2/ 25/2006 Top Flight Gymnastics Center Phone - 410/992-1600 levels - W4-10 East Coast Classic Event Site - Prince Georges Sports Cmplx; 8001 Sheriff Rd landover, MD Start Dote -2/ 10/2006


Fairland Gymnastics Phone - 301/953-0030 levels - W4-10 Fairland Classic 2006 Event Site - 13950 Old Gunpowder Rd; laurel. MD Start Dote - 3/ 10/ 2006 Fairland Gymnastics Phone -301/953-0030 levels -Tl -Elite Spring Extravaganza Event Site - 2707 Pitman Dr. Silver Spring, MD Start Dote - 4/8/2006 Silver Stars Gymnastics Phone - 301/589-0938 levels -W4-6 MASSACHUSEns Boston Classic Event Site -345 University Ave Westwood, MA Start Dote - 1/27/2006 New England Sports Academy Phone -781/493-6345 levels - W4-1 0

Boston Cup 2006 Event Site - Newlon S. H.S. Brandeis Rd; Newlon, MA Start Dote - 2/ 24/ 2006 Rhythmic Dreams Phone - 617/ 233-4493 levels - R3-10 Starlight Invitational Event Site -MIT; 106 Vassar St Cambridge, MA Start Dote - 3/ 3/ 2006 Mossochusetts Gym Center -Wol Phone -781/893-2009 levels - W4-10 Walkers Boy State Classic Event Site - Univ of MA lowell Costello Gym; Univ. Ave lowell, MA Start Dote - 2/ 10/ 2006 Walker's Gym And Dance, Inc. Phone - 978/459-4954 levels - W4-1 0, prep opt MICHIGAN All American Event Site -9525 Highland Rd Howell, MI Start Dote - 1/ 27/ 2006 Hartland Gymnastics Academy Phone - 810/ 746-2170 levels - W4-1 0

Cereal City Classic Event Site - Kellogg Areon 1 McComly Sq Bottle Creek, MI Start Dote - 2/ 16/ 2006 Branch Gymnastics

Phone - 269/ 963-4770 levels - W5-Elite Hawaiian luau Inv Event Site - 1180 Devin Dr Muskegon, MI Start Dote - 1/28/ 2006 Cassell Gymnastics Phone - 231/798-8418 levels - W2-8 Joson Whitfield Invitational Event Site - Uof MKeen Arena 1000 5 State St Ann Arbor, MI Start Dote - 1/20/2006 Branch Gymnastics Phone - 269/ 963-4770 levels - M4-Elite Karaoke Classic Event Site -393 N. Helmer Rd Bottle Creek, MI Start Dote - 4/ 7/2006 Branch Gymnastics Phone - 269/ 963-4770 levels - W5-7, prepopt. Sand Cassell Classic Event Site - 1180 Devin Dr Muskegon, MI Start Dote -3/ 25/ 2006 Cassell Gymnastics Phone - 231/798-8418 levels - W2-8 Totally Rod 13 Event Site - 2723 Kersten CI Kalamazoo, MI Start Dote - 2/ 24/ 2006 Greater Kalamazoo World of Gymnastics Phone - 269/381-5749 levels - W5-1O, prepopt. Tulip City Invitational Event Site - Moe Boy School 136th and Riley; Holland, MI Start Dote - 1/20/2006 Champion Gymnastics USA Phone - 616/ 399-5608 levels - W4-10 US Airborne Invitational Event Site - Byron Center HS 8500 Burlingame SW Byron Clr., MI Start Dote - 2/24/ 2006 ANA Sports U.S. Airborne Phone - 616/975-2992 levels - W4-10; M4-10 Wolverine Classic Event Site -Saline HS 7190 N Maple Rd; Saline, MI Start Dote -2/ 25/ 2006 Gym America Phone -734/ 971 -1667 levels - W4-Elite, prepopt. (continued on page 33)

2006 )>-- - - - -- - -- - -- - - -

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800 .. 648·6406

Member Club Invitational Listing (continued from page 30)

Year End level 4 Hot Shot Inv Event Site - 9525 Highlond Rd Howell, MI Start Date - 4/ 22/ 2006 Hartland Gymnastics Academy Phone - 810/ 746-2170 levels - W4-6

2006 Kansas City Coed Event Site - BTC Exhibit Hall 1775 Universal Ave Kansas City, MO Start Date - 1/26/ 2006 Emerald City Gymnastics, Inc. Phone - 913/ 43B-4444 Levels - W4-10; M4-Elite



Northern lights Classic Event Site -Champlin Park HS 6025 109th Ave N Champlin, MN Start Date - 3/ 3/ 2006 Twin City Twisters Phone - 763/ 421 -3046 Levels - W7-10

Lady Luck Invitational Event Site -Tarkanian Basketball Acad 2730 Rancho Rd Las Vegas, NV Start Date - 1/20/ 2006 Brown's Gymnastics-Las Vegas Phone - 702/ 257-9009 Levels - W4-Elite

Rev it Up Event Site - 255 7th Ave NW Ste AForest lake, MN Start Date - 2/ 4/ 2006 Forest Lake Flyaways Gymnastics Center Phone - 651/464-8648 levels - M4-6 Rising Stars Invitational Event Site - North St Paul HS 2416 E11th Ave N. St Paul, MN Start Date - 2/ 18/ 2006 Rising Stars Gymnastics Acod Phone - 651/730-4376 levels - W4-1 0 WinterIest Event Site - Cottage Grove Jr High; 9775 Indian Blvd 5 Cottage Grove, MN Stort Date -1/ 21 / 2006 Perpetual Motion GYM Center Phone - 651/459-5837 levels - W4-10

Spring Fest Event Site - 120 Woodland AveSte. B; Reno, NV Start Date -3/ 4/ 2006 High Sierra Gymnastics Phone -775/ 747-7748 levels - W4-1 0 Vegas Cup Event Site - UNLV; 4505 Maryland Pkwy las Vegas, NV Start Date - 2/ 3/ 2006 Gymcats Gymnastics Phone -702/ 566-1414 levels - W4-Elite Vegas Va cot ion Event Site - Home Courts Commercial Way Henderson, NV Start Date - 2/ 10/ 2006 Academy 01 Gym-Salcianu GYM Phone -702/ 795-3332 levels - W4-Elite


Spring Inv Event Site - 10449 Midwest Industrial; 51. louis, MO Stort Date -3/ 3/ 2006 All American Gymnastics Phone - 314/426-2496 levels - W5-6 St louis Challenge Cup Event Site - 2675 Metro Blvd. 51. Louis, MO Start Date - 2/ 18/ 2006 Teom Central Phone - 314/ 291 -5436 Levels - M4-Elite St louis Open Event Site - Double Tree Hotel 16625 Swingley Ridge Rd Chesterlield, MO Start Date - 1/20/ 2006 51. Louis Gym Centre Phone - 314/ 968-9494 Levels - W4-7, M4·Elite


9th Annual Star Struck Invitational Event Site - Atlantic Cape Comm College Mays Landing, NJ Start Date - 2/ 18/ 2006 Star Bound Gymnastics Academy Phone - 856/ 453-7996 Levels - W4-1 0

NEW YORK 2006 Hompton Gymnastics dossic Event Site - Riverhead Middle School; 600 Harrison Ave Riverhead, NY Start Date - 1/21/2006 Riverside Gymnastics Academy Phone -631/722-3080 levels - M4-1 0; W4-Elite

Buffalo Challenge Event Site - 1641 NFrench Rd Getzville, NY Start Date - 1/21/2006 Greater Buffalo GYM Center Phone - 716/ 639-0020 levels - W4-10 Cirque de Galaxy Event Site - 17A Greenbush Rd Orangeburg, NY Start Date - 1/21/2006 Galaxy Gymnastics Phone - 845/ 398-1000 levels - W4-8 Mand TInvitational Event Site - 70 Weiss Ave WSeneca, NY Start Date - 2/ 10/ 2006 Gym Unlimited-Orchard Park Phone -716/ 677-0338 Levels - W3-10 Manhattan Clalsic Event Site - Civic Center Pace Univ; 1 Pace Ploza New York, NY Start Date - 1/27/ 2006 NYC Elite Gymnastics, Inc Phone - 212-334-3628 Levels - W4-Elite Winter Wonderland Event Site -Stony Brook Univ Indoor Sorts Complex Stony Brook, NY Start Date - 2/ 4/ 2006 Exper-TIess Gymnastics Phone - 631/584-8116 Levels - Wl 0,W04,WOPEN NORTH CARO LINA

KPAC Cup Event Site - 304 Leitz PI. Statesville, NC Start Date - 2/ 25/ 2006 KPAC Phone -704/ 872-2888 Levels - W3-1 0, prepopt.

Broadview Hts HS 6380 Mill Rd Broadview Heights, OH Start Date - 1/21/2006 Gymnastics World, Inc. Phone - 440/ 526-2970 levels - W4-1 0

NRG Invitational Event Site - 5400 Atlantic Springs Rd; Raleigh, NC Start Date - 2/ 25/ 2006 North Raleigh Gymnastics Phone - 919/ 790-9400 levels - W4-1 0, prepopl.

DSW Buckeye Classic Event Site - Celeste Center-OH Expo Ctr; 717 E. 17th Ave Columbus, OH Start Date - 2/ 16/ 2006 Buckeye Gymnastics Phone - 614-B95-1611 levels - W4-Elite, prepopl.

Salem Invitational Eveot Site -4870 Country dud Rd. Winston Salem, NC 271 04 Start Date - 2/ 18/ 2006 Salem Gymnastics Center, Ltd. Phone - 336/ 765-4668 levels - W2-Elite, prepopt. The Gym Co 500 Event Site -210 Talbert Pointe Blvd; Mooresville, NC Start Date - 2/ 4/ 2006 The Gym Company LLC Phone -704/ 663-7510 levels - W2-Elite, prepopt. Winter Invitational Event Site - 330 McArthur Rd Fayetteville, NC Start Date - 1/28/ 2006 CountrySide Gymnastics Phone - 910/ 488-9380 levels - W4-1 0, prepopl. NORTH DAKOTA

Fargo Classic Event Site - 2001 17th Ave 5 Fargo, NO Start Date - 1/28/ 2006 American Gold Gymnastics Phone -701/280-0400 levels - W4-1 0 OH IO

Capitol City Spring Classic Event Site - Franklin Park 1747 EBroad St Columbus, OH Start Date - 2/ 26/ 2006 Capitol City Gymnastics Phone - 614/ 409-7655 Levels - W4-1 0

Carolina Classic Event Site - Cabarrus Arena Events Ctr; 4751 NC Hwy 49 N Scarlet Cup Concord, NC Cincinnati Zoolest Event Site Rutgers U Start Date - 1/20/ 2006 Event Site - Fairlield HS livingston Rec Ctr; Rd 3 Southeastern Gymnastics Center B800 Holden Blvd Piscataway, NJ Phone - 704/ 847-0785 Fairfield, OH Levels W4-Elite, prepopt. Start Date - 2/ 24/ 2006 Start Date - 4/ 2/ 2006 Rebound Gymnastics, Inc. Cincinnati Gymnastics Future Stars Invitational Phone -732/ 566-3223 Phone - 513/ 860-3082 Event Site - 160-B West Levels - W4-Elite Levels -W4-5 Smithlield St; Angier, NC Start Date - 3/ 4/ 2006 Dominique Moceanu Langley Gymnastics Invitational Phone - 919/ 639-8288 Event Site Brecksville Levels - W3-1 0, prepopl.

Follow Your Dreoms Inv Event Site - Hilliard Darby HS 4200 Leppert Rd Hiliiard, OH Start Date - 4/ 8/ 2006 Fliptastic Gymnastics Inc Phone -614/ 529-8B28 levels -W4-7 Fourth Annual Shooting Stars Invitational Event Site - 1232 Falke Dr. Dayton, OH Start Date - 2/ 4/ 2006 Stars GYM And Dance, Inc. Phone - 937/ 252-8787 Levels - W4-9 Girl Power Invitationol Event Site - Lakota East HS 6840 Lakota ln West Chester, OH Start Date - 4/ 8/ 2006 Flip nTwist GYM & Cheer, lLC Phone - 513/ 942-4435 Levels - W4-6 Sunrise Boys Gymlest Event Site - P.O. Box 69 Sylvania, OH Start Date - 2/ 12/ 2006 Sunrise Gymnastics Academy Phone - 419/ 841 -2902 Levels - M5-1 0 Sunrise Gymlest Event Site - P.O. Box 69 Sylvanio, OH Start Date - 2/ 25/2006 Sunrise Gymnastics Academy Phone - 419/ 841 -2902 Levels - W4-10 The Kangaroo Classic Event Site - 810 Slocum Rd Lancaster, OH Start Date - 4/ 2/ 2006 Hocking Valley GYM Center Phone -740/ 653-3547 Levels -W4-5 Winter Blost Event Site - Sharonville Conv Ctr 11355 Chester Rd

Sharonville, OH Start Date -2/ 3/ 2006 Hyde Park Gymnastics Phone - 513/ 527-4343 Levels - W4-10, M4-10 Winter Inv. Event Site - 2876 Hording Highway East; Marion, OH 43302-8532 Start Date -2/ 11/2006 Mid Ohio Gymnastics Phone -740/ 387-1975 Levels - W4-1 0 O KLAHOMA

4th Annual Dreamcatcher Clossic Event Site - Midwest City HS 7217 SE 15th St Midwest City, OK 73110 Start Date -2/ 17/ 2006 Mat Trollers Gymnastics Phone - 405/722-0808 levels - W4-Elite Bart Conner Invitational Event Site - 3206 Bart Conner Dr. Norman, OK Start Date - 1/27/ 2006 Bart Conner Gymnastics Acad. Phone - 405/ 447-7500 Levels - M4-Elite Nadia Comaneci Invitational Event Site - 3206 Bart Conner Dr. Norman, OK Start Date -2/ 10/ 2006 Bart Conner Gymnastics Acad Phone - 405/ 447-7500 levels - W4-Elite Tulsa World Invitational Event Site - 7020 E 38th Street Tulsa, OK Start Date - 1/20/ 2006 Tulsa World 01 Gymnastics Phone - 918/ 664-8683 levels - W4-1 0 OREGON

Challenge at the Nest Event Site - 1414 SE 18th Ave #100; Hillsboro, OR Start Date -2/ 18/ 2006 Gym-Nest Ltd. Phone - 503/ 640·6378 Levels - M4-7 Co Ed MAC Meet Event Site - P.O. Box 390 Portland, OR Start Date - 2/ 17/ 2006 Multnomah Athletic Club Phone-503/ 223-6251 ext 242 Levels - W4-Elite; M4-Elite Daisy Cup Event Site - 1414 SE 18th Ave #100; Hillsboro, OR Start Date - 4/8/ 2006 (continued on page 35)


- - - - --

- - - - - - --


TEe H N'

au E •


)>--- - - - - - - - - - - - - --:;;3::;;3:-111

New CDmpetitiDn DVDs NOW AVAILABLE! #21402005 Visa Championships Junior Women's Preliminary Competition DVD

video volunteers. It is a technical video to be used for educational purposes. It is not the television broadcast of the competition . $25.00

This OVO contains the Jr. Women's Preliminary Competition from the 2005 Visa Championships held in Indianapolis, IN on Aug. 11, 2005. Please note that this disc is OVO-R format . It ca n only be viewed on a OVO-R compatible player. The footage was shot by amateur video volunteers. It is a technica l video to be used for educational purposes. It is not the television broadcast of the co mpetition . $25.00

#2141 2005 Visa Championships Senior Women's Preliminary Competition DVD This OVO contains the Sr. Women's Preliminary Competition from the 2005 Visa Championships held in Indianapolis, IN on Aug. 11, 2005. Please note that this disc is OVO-R fo rmat. It ca n only be viewed on a OVO-R com patible player. The footage was shot by amateur video volunteers. It is a technical video to be used for educational purposes. It is not the television broadcast of the competition. $25.00

#2241 2005 Visa Championships Junior Men's Event & All-Around Finals Competition DVD This OVD contai ns the Jr. Men's Event and All-Around Competition from the 2005 Visa Championships held in Indianapolis, IN on Aug . 10, 2005. Please note that this disc is OVO-R format. It can only be viewed on a OVO-R compatible player. The footage was shot by amateu r video volunteers. It is a technical video to be used for educationa l purposes. It is not the television broadcast of the competition. $40.00

#2242 2005 Visa Championships Senior Men's Event & All-Around Finals Competition DVD This OVO contains the Sr. Men's Event and All-Around Competition fro m the 2005 Visa Championships held in Indianapolis, IN on Aug. 12, 2005. Please note that this disc is OVO-R fo rmat. It can only be viewed on a OVO-R compatible player. The footage was shot by amateur video volunteers. It is a technical video to be used for educational purposes. It is not the television broadcast of the competition . $40.00

#21422005 Visa Championships Junior Women's Event & All-Around Finals Competition DVD This OVD contai ns the Jr. Women's Event and All-Around Finals Competition from the 2005 Visa Championships held in Indianapolis, IN on Aug. 13, 2005. Please note that this disc is OVO-R format. It can only be viewed on a OVO-R compatible player. The footage was shot by amateur video volunteers. It is a technical video to be used for educational purposes. It is not the television broadcast of the co mpetition. $40.00

#4005 2004 T.J. Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions DVD Indianapolis, IN Bold. Dynamic. Completely Unrestrained. The 2004 T.J . Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champio ns features the stars of Athens in a creative and entertaini ng atmosphere with lights, music & drama ! Thi s OVO is from the Indianapolis, IN stop on Oct. 15, 2004. It was filmed by video volunteers and is not the television broadcast. $30.00

#21432005 Visa Championships Senior Women's Event & AII·Around Finals Competition DVD This OVD contains t he Sr. Women's Event and All-Around Finals Competition from the 2005 Visa Championships held in Indianapolis, IN on Aug . 13, 2005. Please note that this di sc is DVD-R format . It ca n only be viewed on a DVD-R compatible player. The footage was shot by amateur video volunteers. It is a technical video to be used for educational purposes. It is not the television broadcast of the co mpetition. $40.00

#4100 New USA Gymnastics OHicial's Patch

Y ' ~S~

#2240 2005 Visa Championships Senior Men's Preliminary Competition DVD

Description: Thi s embroidered patch was designed for all gym nastics officials to add a professional look to thei r official attire. The patch can be attached to any garment by two pins that are included. The size of the patch is 2 'I"~ by 3 'I,"~·




This DVD contains the Sr. Men's Prelimi nary Competition from the 2005 Visa Championships held in Indianapolis, IN on Aug. 10, 2005. Please note that this disc is DVD-R fo rmat. It ca n only be viewed on a DVD-R compatib le player. The footage was shot by amateur

NAME ..••..•.•.•.•••••••••••••••••.••• ••••.•..........•.•• ••••.•• •••..••••••• ..•...•••• ••• •••. •• •••...•••.•••....•..•..•...........•..•...... PHONE .............................................................................. . ADDRESS ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ .. CITY .................................................................................................................................................................................................... STATE ...................... ZiP ................................................... . GYMNASTICS MEMBERSHIP #................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. . CHARGE:




CARD # ................................................................................................................................



Pro Members receive a S%



SIGNATURE ....................................................................................................................................... .



......................................................................................................................... .

' DOMESTIC SHIPPING & HANDLING 510 ANDUNDER ADD S 5 SI0.01-S40 ADD S 6 S40.01-S60 ADD S 7 S60.01 -S80 ADD S 8 SBO.Ol -Sl00 ADD S 9 SI00.01 -SI50 ADD S14 OVER 5150.01 ADD S20 - - INTERNATIONAL--






Member Club Invitational Listing

(continued from page 33)

Gym-Nest Ltd _ Phone - 503/ 640-6378 Levels - W4-10

Delco Training Center Phone - 610/ B76-5005 Levels - W4-6

Emerald Team Challenge Event Site - Cottage Grove HS 1375 SRiver Rd Cottage Grove, OR Start Date - 3/ 3/ 2006 National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics Phone - 541/744-2002 Levels - W4-1 0

Oalmation Classic Event Site - 513 Dickerson Rd North Wales, PA Start Date -2/ 3/ 2006 Spirit GYM Training Center Phone - 215/ 699-2900 Levels - W4-1 0

High Desert Gym Invitational Event Site - Deschutes County Fairgrounds; 3800 SW Airport Way; Redmond, OR Start Date -2/ 3/ 2006 Acrovision Sports Center Phone - 541/388-5555 Levels - W4-1 0; M4-10 Shamrock Inv_ Event Site - 1414 SE 18th Ave #100; Hillsboro, OR Start Date - 2/25/ 2006 Gym-Nest Ltd_ Phone - 503/ 640-6378 Levels - W4-10 Winter Inv_ Event Site - 1414 SE 18th Ave #1 00; Hillsboro, OR Start Date - 1/21/2006 Gym-Nest Ltd_ Phone - 503/ 640-6378 Levels - W4-1 0 PENNSYLVANIA

2006 LEGS Storm Invitational Event Sffe -6813 West Ridge Rd Fairview, PA Start Date -3/ 26/ 2006 Lake Effect Gym_School, Inc Phone -814/ 474-1835 Levels - W4-7 Best 0 the West Event Site - 310 First Street Ellwood City, PA Start Date -2/ 25/2006 Gold Medal Gymnastics Acad_ Phone -724/ 752-4133 Levels -W4-6 Brian Babcock Memorial Invitational Event Site - 401 Martin Luther King Or; Allentown, PA Start Date - 1/20/2006 Parkettes National GYM Center Phone - 610/ 433-0011 Levels - M4-Elite Chinese New Year Event Site - 1BO 1 BullensLn Woodlyn, PA Start Date - 1/21/2006

Dave Moskovitz Group Gym Celebration Event Site - Ursinus College 601 Main St; Collegeville, PA Start Date -3/ 12/ 2006 Berks East Gymnastics Phone - 610/495-2214 Levels- GA Dave Moskovitz Invitational Event Site - 2490 Schuylkill Road; Box 312; Porkerford, PA Start Date - 3/ 25/ 2006 Berks East Gymnastics Phone - 610/ 495-2214 Levels -W4-7, prepopt. Dutch Classic Event Site - 325 Morgantown Rd Reading, PA Start Date -2/ 11/2006 Berks Gymnastic Academy Phone - 610/ 372-8454 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt. Funny Bunny Inv Event Site - 500 N. George St Hanover, PA Start Date - 4/29/2006 Hanover Area Family YMCA Phone -717/ 632-0195 Levels - W4-6 Hanover Classic Event Site - 500 N. George St Hanover, PA Start Date - 1/20/2006 Hanover Area Family YMCA Phone -717/ 632-0195 Levels -W4-9 Hug and Kiss Meet Event Site - Granda Ave Gym & Fitness; 30 E Granda Ave Hershey, PA Start Date -2/ 11/2006 Gymnastic Center of Hershey Phone - 717/ 534-1 B81 Levels - W4-10, prepopt. Invitationol Event Site - Lebanon YMCA 201 N7th St; Lebanon, PA Start Date -3/ 24/2006 Lebanon YMCA Gymnastics Phone - 717/ 273-2691 Levels - W3-10

John Pancott Invitational Event Site - Founders Pavillion Church Farm; 1001 ELincoln Hwy; Exton, PA Start Date - 2/ 11/2006 John Pancott Gymnastic Center Phone - 610/ 647-9847 Levels - M4-1 0 John Pancott Invitational Event Site - Founders Pavilion Church Farm; 1001 ELincoln Highway; Exton, PA Start Date - 3/ 4/ 2006 John Pancott Gymnastic Center Phone - 610/647-9847 Levels - W4-1 0 Parketteslnvitational Event Site -401 Martin Luther King Or; Allentown, PA Start Date - 1/28/ 2006 Parkettes National GYM Center Phone - 610/433-0011 Levels - W8-0pen Parkettes Invitational Event Site - Louis E Dieruff High School; 815 NIrving St Allentown, PA 18109 Start Date - 1/28/2006 Parkettes National GYM Center Phone - 610/433-0011 Levels- W4-7, prepopt. Ricochets Winterfest Event Site -362 S. Warminster Rd; Hatboro, PA Start Date - 2/ 17/ 2006 Ricochets Gymnastics Club Phone - 215/ 328-0900 Levels - W4-10, prepopt. Snowman Inv Event Site - 500 N_ George St Hanover, PA Start Date - 2/ 18/ 2006 Hanover Area Family YMCA Phone -717/632-0195 Levels -W4-6 Stars and Stripes Onv Event Site - Fomily First Sports Park; 8155 Oliver Rd Erie, PA Start Date - 2/3/ 2006 Erie Gymnastic Inc. Phone - 814/ 898-2936 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt. SOUTH CAROLINA

Hilton Head Island Invitational Event Site - Marriott Beach & Golf Resort; One Hotel Circle Hilton Head Island, SC

- - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - - { ( TECHNIQUE路

Start Date - 1/26/2006 Rockdale Gymnastics Phone -770/483-0229 Levels - W3-10, prepopt.


Winter Invitational Event Site - 1760 Calhoun Rd Greenwood, SC Start Date - 1/20/ 2006 Greenwood YMCA Phone-864/ 223-9622, ext.31 Levels - W2-10, prepopt.

2006 Excalibur Cup Event Site - Ocean Lakes HS 885 Schumann Or Virginia Beach, VA Start Date - 2/ 11/2006 Excalibur Gymnastics Phone -757/ 499-8258 Levels - W4-Elite


Gatlinburg Classic Event Site Gatlinburg Convention Ctr; Airport Rd Gatlinburg, TN Start Date -2/ 24/ 2006 WEGA Gymnastics Phone - 865/696-8930 Levels - W3-Elite John and John Flip Fest Event Site Knoxville Convention Or; 525 Henley St Knoxville, TN Start Date - 1/20/2006 Premier Gymnastics & Tumbling Phone -865/ 588-2105 Levels - Tl-Elite; M4-Elite; W2-Elite, prepopt. TEXAS

8th Annual Alamo Mens Challenge Event Site - 16665 Huebner Rd San Antonio, TX Start Date - 2/ 11/ 2006 Alamo Gymnastics Center Phone - 210/479-8282 Levels - M4-Elite Kurt Thomas Invitational Event Site -Or Pepper Star Ctr. Arena; 2601 Ave. of the Stars Frisco, TX Start Date - 2/ 17/ 2006 Kurt Thomas Gymnastics Phone - 214/ 387-4707 Levels - W5-Elite Event Site - Dallas Convention Or.; 650 S. Griffin St OoIIas, TX Start Date - 1/21/2006 Metroplex Gymnastics Phone - 972/ 231 -5752 Levels - W4-Elite UTAH

Black Diamond Winter Classic Event Site - New Park Field House; New Main St Park City, UT Start Date -2/ 24/ 2006 81ack Diamond GYM & Sports Center

Phone - 435/615-1800 Levels - W2-1 0

Apollo Invitational 2006 Event Site - 12700 Apollo Or Woodbridge, VA Start Date - 4/8/2006 Apollo Gymnastics Phone -703-580-9144 Levels -W3-7 Emerald City Classic Event Site - 741 Miller Or. SE Ste 1-1; Leesburg, VA Start Date -3/ 4/ 2006 APEX Phone - 703/ 777-5344 Levels - W4-10 GMS Invitational Event Site -7226 New Market Ct Manassas, VA Start Date - 2/ 18/ 2006 GMS Gymnastics Institute Phone - 703/ 369-7800 levels - W3-9 GMS Invitational Event Site -7226 New Market oManassas, VA Start Date - 4/22/2006 GMS Gymnastics Institute Phone -703/ 369-7800 Levels - W3-9 Judges Cup Event Site -912 AProfessional PI. Chesapeake, VA Start Date - 2/ 24/ 2006 Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone -757/547-0169 Levels - W4-1 0 Leprechaun Leap Event Site - 7000 College Or Prtsmuth City, VA Start Date - 3/ 5/ 2006 All Star Gymnastics Phone -757/ 966-5626 Levels -W3-6 VA Beach Classic Event Site - 5644 Parliament Or. Virginia Beach, VA Start Date - 2/ 3/ 2006 Gymstrada Gymnastic Schoal Phone -757/499-8591 Levels - W4-1 0


Level 4 and 5 Sectionals Event Site -1217 13th Street SE Puyallup, WA Start Date - 4/29/2006 Puget Sound Gymnastics Phone - 253/ 845-0910 Levels - W4-6 PNOI Event Site -1217 13th Street SE Puyallup, WA Start Date - 2/ 3/ 2006 Puget Sound Gymnastics Phone - 253/ 845-0910 Levels - W4-Elite Teddy Bear Classic Event Site - 1217 13th St. SE Puyallup, WA Start Date - 4/ 14/ 2006 Puget Sound Gymnastics Phone - 253/ 845-0910 Levels - W4-6 WISCONSIN

2006 Saito International Event Site -State Fair Park 8100 WGreenfield Ave West Allis, WI Start Date - 2/ 17/ 2006 Saito Gymnastics Phone - 262/ 782-3430 Levels - M4-1 0; W4-Elite Midwest Twisters Harley Davidson Inv Event Site -Pilgrim Community Ctr.; 815 Northview Rd Waukesha, WI Start Date - 2/ 24/2006 Midwest Twisters Gymnastics Phone - 414/764-6540 Levels - W2-1 0 Wisconsin Dells Vocation Classic Event Site - Kalahari Resort Or. Kalahari Or Wisconsin Dells, WI Start Date - 2/4/2006 CSA Kids Sports Arts Campus Phone - 608/ 756-0444 Levels - W3-10



JAN UARY 2006 )~---------------:::-3-=5:--.1




''Gymnastics Excellence Through Education"

St. Paul, Minnesota • August 16-19, 2006

42nd ANNUAL USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL CONGRESS and TRADE SHOW Held in conjunction with 2006 Visa Championships August 16-19, 2006 St. Paul, Minnesota

Who should aHend?

All USA Gymnastics Professional and Instructor members. Coaches, judges and instructors of all levels. Recreational and preschool teachers, business managers, administrators, club owners, high school and college coaches.

What is oHered?

Three days of education with over 135 sessions offered. Lectures given by recognized top people in the field. Sessions on coaching, judging, business, preschool, recreational, sports science, fitness, Group Gymnastics and cheerleading. The leading experts in the areas of Women's, Men's, Rhythmic, Acrobatics and Trampoline and Tumbling programs will present. The Trade Show exhibit hall will feature 200 booths of products and information from over 85 different Industry Member vendors. Special events taking place in the exhibit hall daily.


Saint Paul RiverCentre - Congress & Trade Show Xcel Energy Center - Visa Championships-Artistic Roy Wilkins Auditorium- Visa Championships-Rhythmic and Acrobatics Gymnastics

All under one Roof Hotels

Radisson Riverfront Hotel St. Paul Radisson City Centre Hotel All within walking distance

Travel Reservations:

National Travel Service 888-603-8747 Email


August 16-19 - Visa Championships

Schedule August 16, 2006

• Congress Registration opens at 12:30-6:00 p.m. • Annual Business Conference, Safety/Risk Management course, KAT and MELPD courses

August 17-19, 2006

• Registra tion opens at 7:30 a.m. - Saint Paul RiverCentre • Sessions 8:30 a.m.-4:15 p.m. • Trade Show Exhibit Hall Open

August 19, 2006

• Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon - TBD • Congress Dance Party at 9:00 p.m. at Radisson Riverfront Hotel

Event Tickets

Special rate for Strip tickets at $99.00 for Congress attendees. Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics events included in Congress registration fee. Special "Champions Club" for Congress attendees. Details coming soon.

Registration form:

In February 2006 Technique and on the USA Gymnastics website

St. Paul This European-style city, nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, exudes old world charm but delivers everything you expect in a big city - modern attractions, grand shopping, abundant nightlife and quality hotels. The Saint Paul RiverCentre complex is a modern, state-of-theart convention center with incredible river views and upscale cuisine provided by award-winning Wildside Caterers.

--1-=3-=6:-------------- --«

TECHNIQUE' JA NUA RY 200 6 )~---------------

MEN'S PROGRAM COMMlnEE INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA AUGUST 1 1, 2005 The meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m. CDT by Chairman Yoichi Tomita.

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita Kurt Golder Miles Avery Steve Butcher Bill Foster Jay Thornton John Roethlisberger

MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Sr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep . MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. Jr. Coaches Rep. Athlete Rep . Athlete Rep.

VII. NEW BUSINESS Motion: To approve guest competitor Abhinav Ramani to compete in the Finals of the 2005 Visa Championships. Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Kurt Golder PASSED: Unanimously Motion: To approve Kyson Bunthuwong and Seung Tai Lee to represent the United States at the 2005 International Junior Competition in Yokohama, Japan. Motion: Bill Foster Second: John Roethlisberger PASSED: Unanimously

VIII. ADJOURNMENT Motion: To Adjourn at 1:00 pm CDT

II. QUADRENNIUM CALENDAR Dennis McIntyre presented a quadrennium calendar of events featuring the major events of this quad to help enable the MPC to develop selection procedures and to plan far enough ahead to avoid rushing or missing deadlines.

III. PETITIONS Petitions were presented by the following athletes for: • Alexander Artemev - National Team Member • Raj Bhavsar - National Team Member and World Championships Team • Jason Gatson - National Team Member and World Championships Team • Brett McClure - National Team Member and World Championships Team • Nyika White - World Championships Selection Competition Consideration of the petitions was tabled until after the final competition session of the 2005 Visa Championships. Nyika White's petition was returned as participation in the World Championships Selection Competition is by MPC invitation and not by petition.

IV. 2005 VISA CHAMPIONSHIPS The MPC reviewed and discussed the first day of competition at the 2005 Vi sa Championships.

Motion: Yoichi Tomita Second: Steve Butcher PASSED: Unanimously

MEN'S PROGRAM COMMlnEE INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA AUGUST 12, 2005 The meeting was called to order at 10:30 p.m. CDT by Chairman Yoichi Tomita.

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita Kurt Golder Miles Avery Steve Butcher Bill Foster Jay Thornton John Roethlisberger


MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Sr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. Jr. Coaches Rep. Athlete Rep. Athlete Rep. (Absent - Jay Thornton holds his proxy)

It was agreed that the MPC must wait until the Code of Points is

done before developing se lectio n procedures for the 2006 World Championships Team.



Di scussion proceeded regarding the needs of the World Championships and Sr. Pan American Championships Teams.

The MPC discussed the procedures for the Friday, August 12 meeting, the selection of the National Team and invitations to the World Championships Selection Competition.

Motion: To approve gymnasts to be invited to the World Championships Selection Competition. (continued on page 38)

- - - - --

- - - - -- - - -(


)>-- ----------------;;:3-;;7;--.1

(continued from page 37)

Motion: Jay Thornton Second: Yoichi Tomita PASSED: Unanimously

V. NEW BUSINESS A petition to the National Team was presented for Sean Townsend. It was discussed and no action was taken.



There was extensive discussion concerning th e selection of gymnasts to fill the 6 selected positions on the Senior National Team.

Motion: To Adjourn at 1:00 a.m. CDT

Motion: To place OJ Bucher and Jonathan Horton onto the Senior National Team

Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Yoichi Tomita PASSED: Unanimously

Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Bill Foster PASSED: Unanimously

Respectfully submitted by Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Representative

Motion: To approve the petitions of Alexander Artemev, Raj Bhavsar, Jason Gatson, and Brett McClure for placement in the final four Senior National Team positions Motion: Bill Foster Second: Steve Butcher PASSED: 6 in favor, 0 against, 1 abstention

IV. SENIOR PAN AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS TEAM Motion: To offer the positions onto the Senior Pan American Championships Team to the all-around gymnasts based upon the 2005 Visa Championships results. Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Bill Foster PASSED: Unanimously


I CALIF. 714 .847.8868

Men's Program Committee Conference Call August 24, 2005 The meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. COT by Chairman Yoichi Tomita.

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita Kurt Golder Miles Avery Steve Butcher Bill Foster Jay Thornton John Roethlisberger

MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Sr. Coaches Rep. (off call from 11:05-11:15am) Sr. Coaches Rep. (off call 11:45 am) MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. Jr. Coaches Rep. Athlete Rep. Athlete Rep.





II. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS SELECTION COMPETITION Kurt Golder left the call. 1.There was discussion regarding a letter to the MPC from Daniel Diaz-Luong requesting that the MPC consider him for participation in the World Championships Selection Competition; no action taken. 2. Sho Nakamori was inadvertently not invited to palticipate on pommel horse at the World Championships Selection Competition despite meeting the criteria required. Motion: To issue an invitation to Sho Nakamori to participate on pommel horse at the World Championships Selection Competition. Motion: Yoichi Tomita Second: Miles Avery PASSED: 6 in favor, 0 against, 1 abstention Kurt Golder rejoined the call.

Motion: To add Jamie Henderson to the USA Gymnastics Senior National Team in an unranked, unfunded position, pending acceptance of the Sr. Pan American Championships Team alternate position. Motion: Kurt Golder Second: Yoichi Tomita PASSED: Unanimously Motion: To approve two coaches to be selected for the Sr. Pan American Championships team based upon the gymnasts' rank order. Motion: Yoichi Tomita Second: Kurt Golder PASSED: Unanimously

V. ADJOURNMENT Motion: To Adjourn at 12:05 p.m. CDT

3. Athletes invited to the World Championships Selection Competition were allowed to request to compete on events other than what they were invited to compete on subject to MPC approval.

Motion: Bill Foster Second: Yoichi Tomita PASSED: Unanimously

Motion: To approve requested events: Bhavsar Sender Durante Spring Gatson Strother Hagerty Tomita Horton Townsend Monahan

Respectfully submitted by Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Representative

the following gymnasts on their PH, SR, V, PB SR PB




Meeting called to order at 8:10 a.m. by Chair, Gil Elsass




Motion: Kurt Golder Second: Jay Thornton PASSED: Unanimous After discussion on the format for the World Championships Selection Competition, it was decided that the event will run 2 events at a time, flip-flopping events, 4 judges per event, with warm-ups at 11:00 a.m. and competition at 1:00 p.m. both days. Neither the special bonus no r the Points System will be used.

111.2006 WINTER CUP CHALLENGE FORMAT Ron Brant has devised a Skills Challenge Competition that will be part of the 2006 Winter Cup Challenge Finals Competition. Gymnasts will submit a skill description and video to Dennis McIntyre for participation approval. Remaining Winter Cup Challenge procedures will be settled by the MPC in an early September Conference Call.

Members Present: Reg 1 Reg 2 Reg 3 Reg 4 Reg 5 Reg 6 Reg 7 Reg 8 Reg 9 Ath. Rep. NGJA Rep. Jr. Rep. MPC Jr. Rep. MPC Jr. Coaches Rep Men's Program Mgr. Men's Program Dir V.P. USAG Events Dir. Chairman

Roger Baldwin David Klein Gilbert Elsass Dan Coon Bob Witmer Tom Fontecchio Rick Tucker - absent Kevin White Dean Schott Jay Thornton- absent Jon Culbertson Bill Foster Steve Butcher Kelly Crumley Bo Morris- absent Dennis McIntyre Ron Galimore Gilbert Elsass

IV. 2005 SENIOR PAN AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS Miles Avery left the call. Motion: To approve the following athletes to represent the United States at the 2005 Senior Pan Am Championships: David Durante, Jonathan Horton, Joseph Hagerty, and Guillermo Alvarez, with Jamie Henderson (next ranking all-around competitor from the 2005 Visa Championships) as the alternate.

II. APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES Motion to Approve: Kevin White 2nd: Dean Schott Passed

III. 2005 JO NATIONALS BUDGET REPORT Motion: Bill Foster Second: Kurt Golder PASSED: Unanimously

Tim Erwin submitted a report to USA Gymnastics. (continued on page 40)

- - - - - -- -- - -- - - - - - ÂŤ

TECHNIQUE' JAN UARY 200 6 )r----------------~3-;;;:9'1

(continued from page 39)

IV. USA GYMNASTICS REPORT· RON GALIMORE Changes at USA Gymnastics New President of USA Gymnastics - Steve Penny Vice Presidents: Member Services - Kathy Feldman Programs - Kathy Kelly Events, Olympic Relations, Men's Program - Ron Galimore New Positions available: Assistant Coach at OTC Jr. Olympic Program Manager Events Coordinator Events 2006 Visa Championships, St. Paul, Minnesota Congress - Aug . 16-19 American Cup - Will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2006 Pacific Alliance Championships - Hawaii 2006 Qualifier to Championships - July 15, location to be determined 2007 Visa Championships Women - San Jose, California Men - to be determined Congress will be in San Jose, California


2006 Academic All-American Recognition Award is on the USA Gymnastics web site. It can be filled out and printed as is. Battle Creek is on track Meet Format Update Addressing FIG rule changes New Code: USA Gymnastics does not have it yet but should have it by September. • Plan for setting meet qualification There will be qualifying scores Rules clarification will be made and published by Dec. 1, 2005 AGCC will/will not make changes by Nov. 1 Final draft will be presented to JOPC by Nov. 15 Any changes will be published by Dec. 1

will make changes. They will present changes to Jope by November 15, and will be published by December 1, 2005. QuaLifying scores to JO NationaLs will be set by February 28, 2006. Motion: Gil Elsass 2nd: Bill Foster PASSED MOTION - To adopt the new Pursuit of Perfection Program at the Junior LeveL. Motion: Bill Foster 2nd: Dan Coon PASSED MOTION - The JOpe recommends that the AGee finalize and adopt the 2nd VauLt ProposaL and, hopefuLLy, pubLished by October 1, 2005. Motion: Bill Foster 2nd: Kevin White PASSED MOTION - To accept Dennis McIntyre's proposaL of having muLtipLe event LeveL 10 AthLetes quaLify to the 2006 JO NationaLs as such: 5 Event AthLetes needing 86% of JO NationaL Score 4 Event AthLetes needing 70% of JO NationaL Score 3 Event AthLetes needing 55% of JO NationaL Score AthLetes who do not qualify in the aLL-around are not eLigibLe for RegionaL Teams. Motion: Bob Witmer 2nd: Kevin White PASSED

VI. 2007 JO NATIONALS UPDATE - RON GALIMORE Phoenix, Arizona - Spoke to the Organizing Committee and Scott Barclay about areas of concern.

MOTION - AGee Report will decide by November 1, whether they

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DGS 9.9'5 Affiliate Program TECHNIQUE • JAN UARY 2006 ) r - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -

VII. 2007 AND 2008 JO NATIONALS· DENNIS MCINTYRE Competition Format - bring Level 9's to U.S. Championships Team Selection will be at U.S. Championships for Level 10's and 9's. MOTION - Dennis will establish a 7-member Format Committee that would include one member of the JOPC and himself. The committee will report back to the JOPC in Battle Creek. The parameters being that it cannot affect the 2007 JO Nationals by adding more days to the competition or change the budget. Motion: Roger Baldwin 2nd: Kevin White PASSED

SR: Mike Plourde VT: Larry Byerly PB: Robert Bourdreaux HB: Greg Kester Regional Championships Meet Reports Have been inconsistent Possible repayment Trying to come up with some sort of template for judges to follow Men's Coaching Association - Roger Baldwin Clubs can get on the web site and sign up. The Elite Men's Program and Club Program are now the same association

VIII. NGJA REPORT· JON CULBERTSON MOTION - To develop a committee chaired by Dean Schott and include Steve Butcher, Jon Culbertson, the president of the NGJA, and one member of the gymnastics community along with a member of the USA Gymnastics Office (total of 6 members) to look at the judging fee structure.

Judging Issues - Steve Butcher With regards to competitions that are not fully funded, the NGJA will pay the way for some judges. Ken Achiron is making practice DVD's for judging.


Motion: Dean Schott 2nd: Steve Butcher PASSED

MOTION - To raise the fee for Regional Future Stars Evaluation up to a MAXIMUM of $50.

IX. WEST VIRGINIA MOVE TO REGION V MOTION - To allow West Virginia, pending a written formal request from the West Virginia State Chairman, to move from Region 7 to Region 5

Motion: Kelly Crumley 2nd: Kevin White PASSED Kevin White: Encourage fellow gyms to support the Katrina Hurricane Relief Fund. USA Gymnastics wi ll post a web site for that purpose.

Motion: Bill Foster 2nd: Bob Witmer PASSED: 8 For; 4 Abstained

There were considerations on the JO Nationals format with all different Ideas. Good brainstorming.

X. REGIONAL TEAM COLORS MOTION - To set or change regional colors at the beginning of the quadrennium

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Dan Coon 2nd: Kelly Cru mley PASSED Meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Motion: Dean Schott 2nd: Roger Baldwin PASSED: 11 For; 1 Against


XI. 2006 FRANK CUMISKEY AWARD NOMINATION - To nominate Gil Elsass to be the recipient of the 2006 Frank Cumiskey Award Nomination: Tom Fontecchio 2nd: Kelly Crumley PASSED


The meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. COT by Chairman Yoichi Tomita.

I. ROLL CALL Yoichi Tomita Bill Foster Steve Butcher Kurt Golder Miles Avery Jay Thornton John Roethlisberger Butch Zunich

AGCC - Gil Elsass No report at this time MPC - Steve Butcher and Bill Foster MPC supports JO Nationals format NGJA - Jon Culbertson New JO National Apparatus Leaders Finalized FX: Lenny Lucarello PH: Num Kutz

Ron Brant Dennis McIntyre Ron Galimore

MPC Chair-Vice Chair for Men (off call from 12:05-12:15) MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. Jr. Coaches Rep. (off call at 12:15) Sr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. Athlete Rep. Athlete's Rep. National Gymnastics Judges Assn.-no vote (off ca ll at 12:15) Senior Program Coordinator-no vote Men's' Program Director-no vote Vice President, USA Gymnastics-no vote (continued on page 42)



au E •

JAN UARY 2006 )>-- - - - - - - - - - - - - -4-::--=--.'I

(continued from page 41)



Sean Townsend was added to an unranked-unfunded position by e-mail vote September 22, 2005 , so that he can represent USA Gymnastics in an event in Denmark October 29. USA Gymnastics received the invitation that specifically requested Sean Townsend attend with all expenses paid. Since the event is being held at the site of the 2006 World Championships and being conducted by the 2006 World Championships organizing committee, the MPC felt it was advantageous to our program to have a presence at this event.

Motion: To select Voichi Tomita for a second term as USA Gymnastics Vice Chair for Men's Gymnastics

III. 2005 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS TEAM MEMBER KEVIN TAN Motion: To add Kevin Tan to an unranked-unfunded position to the National Team

Motion: Bill Foster Second: Kurt Golder PASSED: Unanimously

VIII.SELECTION OF PARTICIPANTS TO ATTEND THE 2005 FIG INTERCONTINENTAL JUDGES COURSE (Steve Butcher and Butch Zunich left the call; Yoichi Tomita rejoined the call) Discussion was held concerning the number of judges the FIG wi ll allow us to send to the 2005 Intercontinental Course. Any action was tabled until the number is finalized.

Motion: Jay Thornton Second: Miles Avery PASSED: Unanimously



Motion: To adjourn at 12:25 p.m. COT

1. Gymnasts will qualify to the 2006 Winter Cup Challenge one of 5 ways: a. Members of the USA Gymnastics Senior National Team b. Participants at the Senior Division 2005 Visa Championships c. Members of the USA Gymnastics Junior Elite National Team from the 2005 Visa Championships d. The top 6 All-Around finishers from the 2005 NCAA Championships e. By video petition 2. Competition will consist of two All-Around Preliminary Sessions, to be held on Thursday afternoon (Feb. 2, 2006), qualifying to an All-Around Finals on Saturday evening (Feb. 4, 2006). 3.All competitors will be included in an open draw for competition positions in one of the two sessions. Gymnasts in a session who are from the same program will be blocked together. 4. Extensive discussion was held about using a point system and allowing the MPC to select additional competitors to qualify to the All-Around finals. The issue was tabled for further thought and discussion. 5. The National Team will be selected as follows : a. The top 6 All-Around finishers after finals b. The top 6 gymnasts, not included in the top 6 all-around finishers, based upon the points system c. 2 gymnasts selected by the MPC

Motion: To adopt the format changes for the 2006 Winter Cup Challenge Motion: Yoichi Tomita Second: Kurt Golder PASSED: Unanimously

Motion: Bill Foster Second: Yoichi Tomita PASSED: Unanimously

MEN'S PROGRAM COMMITTEE CONFERENCE CALL MINUTES OCTOBER 31, 2005 The meeting was called to order at 11:03 a.m . CST by Chai rman Yoichi Tomita.

I. ROLL CAll Members Present: Yoichi Tomita Bill Foster Steve Butcher Kurt Golder Miles Avery Jay Thornton John Roethlisberger

MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. Jr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. Athlete Rep . Athlete's Rep.

Present, Not Voting: Butch Zunich Ron Brant Dennis McIntyre Ron Galimore

National Gymnastics Judges Assn. (absent) Senior Program Coordinator Men's' Prog ram Director USA Gymnastics V.P.

V. BUDGET DISCUSSION Preliminary discussion was held to prepare to review the budget on a future conference call.

VI. SELECTION PROCEDURES Discussion was held concerning selection procedures for the 2007 Pan American Games and the 2007 World Championships. The process is complicated by: 1. The Pan Am Games are July 13-18, 2007. 2. Visa Championships are August 2-5, 2007 3. World Championships are September 3-10, 2007

.-1-;;4-:;;:2------ - - -- - - - - - - «

II. DISCUSSION OF WINTER CUP FORMAT AND PROCEDURES Dennis McIntyre presented the Winter Cup Challenge Format and Procedures (approved on the 10/ 24/2005 Conference Call) in a final form for immediate posting on the USA Gymnastics Web site. The documents were reviewed by the MPC and no changes in content were needed.

III. ANNUAL BUDGET Dennis McIntyre presented an overview of the Annual Budget. MPC Members have the complete documents and will review them and contact Dennis individually in the next 2 weeks concerning any questions or concerns .


)>-- - - -- - - - -- - -- - -

.... ...

....... -.


IV. OTC RESIDENT PROGRAM Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, Geoff Corrigan will begin a gO-day t rial period for participation in the USOTC Resident Athlete Program .

V. REQUEST FOR EMERGENCY FUNDING Sean Townsend sent a letter requesting emergency funding during downtime for recovery from surgery. No action taken at this time.



.... .. ... .. .'



ScholARship FUND!

VIII. ADJOURNMENT Motion: To Adjourn at 12:00 pm COT Motion: Bill Foster Second: Yoichi Tomita PASSED: Unanimously Respectfully submitted by Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Representative

The T& T Scholarship Fund and the athletes attending the 2005 Scholarship Camp were both big winners at the annual camp this year. The athletes had a great week of fun and instruction at Camp Wakeshma on Lake Corey, Three Ri vers, Mich. At the end of that great week, Scholarship Committee Chair, Dr. George Drew, was able to report a net of $17,000 to add to the T&T Scholarship Fund. For a full report on the camp go to http :// tt/

Rhythmic Program Committee Meeting November 29, 2005 Conference Call I. Roll Call Lucy Kerznerman Vanessa Vanderpluym Suzi DiTullio Nadine Davies Andrea Schmid Ivanka Kirov Efrossina Anguelova Jan Exner Absent: Michelle Larson

Coach Representative Athlete Representative JO Chair Judge Rep resentative Vice Chair Membership Director (non-voting) National Team Coordinator (non-voting) Program Director (non-voting) Membership Director (non-voting)

II. Level 9 Championships Recommendation: The Level 9 Championships will be eliminated from the 2006 calendar. Level 9 athletes may qualify to the Eastern/Western competitions from Regional Championships. The qualifying score will be 34.00 all-around. An athlete must attend her own Regional Championships, but may qualify from any Regional Championships. The minimum total number of athletes to Eastern/Western will be 45 juniors and 40 seniors. If this number is not met by athletes achi eving the qualifying score, we will go down by rank order to achieve the minimum number of qualified athletes. Motion: Vanessa Vanderpluym 2nd: Andrea Schmid Passed - - - - - -- - - - -- - - -----1(


) > - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -;;4-;;:3'1

British Columbia Gymnastics Association Suspensions USA Gymnastics has been notified that the British Columbia Gymnastics Association has permanently suspended membership in the BCGA for the following individuals:

John Henderson Donald Ray Mathey Wayne Andrews

Charles Theodore Bates Vince Brown Larry Dutch Steven Elliott Matthew H. Erichsen William Alexander Etheridge Rick Feuerstein Joseph Fountain Roy Larry Gallagher Robert Allen Garner (Bob) Ricardo "Chico" Goddard Paul Hagan Robert Dean Head


Ted Hicks Michael Hinton Frank Hohman, Jr. Milos Hroch Steven L. Infante Dana Koppendrayer Ronnie Lewis Robert Mollock John S. Moore William Munsinger Paul O'Neill William M. Permenter Jeffrey Richards



Kamloops, BC Canada Langley, BC Canada Courtenay, Be Canada

John H. Row Steve Shirley Steven Todd Siegel Blake Steven Starr Mark Swift Freddie Eugene Tafoya, Jr. Jon Oliver Kenneth Thomas Brent Trottier Joel Velasquez David Paul Waage Steve Waples Lyf Christian Wilden berg


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USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225


PAID Indianapolis, IN Permit No. 7867




The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see th e website for the most current 'rme mrI date •

to darge. See for I.flcIatIlS-

January 21


Portsmouth, NH 03801 ; 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Atlantic Gymnastics Directions: Tony Retrosi 603-433-0404 (ourse code: TR01212006NH Instructor: Anthony Retrosi 603-433-0404

East Greenwich, RI 02818; 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Aim High Directions: Amy Nelson 401-886-7827 (ourse code: MF03052006RI Instructor: Michael Franco 401-789-8096




Norman, OK 73072; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 8art (onnor Gymnastics Directions: Ben Fox 405-447-7500 (ourse code: JE021 020060K Instructor: Janice Eyman 254-694-2065



Longs, S( 29568; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Gymnastics and More, 550 Hwy 9 Ste E Directions: Louie ligouri 843-249-5868 (ourse code: KB02172006S( Instructor: Kim Boyd 803-348-2693


Monroe, WI 53566; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monroe Y,1307 2nd Street Directions: Dawn Lederman 608-325-2003 (ourse code: J004292006WI Instructor: Joson Orkowski 608-848-3547

Cincinnati, OH 45014; 11 :00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (incinnati Gymnastics Academy Directions: Mary Lee Tracy 513-860-3082 (ourse code: BM050720060H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430


PRE·REGISTRATION FORM (Minimum age for Safety Certification is r6 years) Nome: ________________Male or Female:_ _ _ _ __ Professional or Instructor #: _______ Current Safety Exp. Date: _ _ _ _ _ __ Soc. Sec. # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Birth Date:_ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ City: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State: ______ Zip: Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ (W) _ _ _ _ _ _ __ E·mail Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Course Code:


Course City/State: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _ _ _ _ _ __ Form of Payment: Name on Cord:


o Other

_ _ _ _ _ Payment Amount: _ _ _ __

Number: _ _ _ __ Exp. Date: _ __


Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


Pro-Member with Current Safety Certification wishing to r~cerli~ at live course .. __ ..........__:....:______ .____ .__ .. no charge Pro-Member With Expired or New Safety Certification ____________ $ 65.00 Instructor Member ____ __ __________________ ________ ________________________________ $ 65.00 Non-Member or Associale Member ________ ________________________________ $ 115.00 • You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount. All registrations must be received at USA Gymnastics two (2) weeks prior to the course dote' . late registrations, incomplete registrotions, or registrations without proper payment will not be processed. late registrations are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site and late registrations will be charged a $25 on-site/late fee. All materials, including the course book, are provided at the course and are part of the course fee. Certification is valid for four (4) years. Safety Certification is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be transferred to another course within six (6) months with prior written notification. late fee will apply if notification is received alter course deadline. 'USA Gymnastics reserves the righl 10 oller (ourse deadline

Mail registration form and payment to: VISA USA Gymnastics Member Services ',o,d Spo",o, Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212



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Technique Magazine – January 2006  

Technique Magazine – January 2006