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Winter Cup Challenge (M) Continental Judges Course (R) Coaches Symposium (R) 2005 Rhythmic Invitational (R) National Elite Qualifier (W) Rhythmic Challenge (R) National Team Training Camp (R) National Elite Qualifier (W) Junior National Team Camp (M) American Cup (M/W) Jeff Metzger's l-Day Boot Camp

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Winter Classic (TIl American Challenge

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7-9 29

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World University Games (MWR) Eastern Championships (RT-Future Stars Comp (M) Jeff Metzger's l-Day Boot Comp Jeff Metzger's l-Day Boot Camp World Games (R IT SA) Western Championships (R) U.s Classic Challenege National Championships (TIl

Izmir, TUR TBD Colorado Springs, CO Houston, TX Dallas, TX Duisburg, GER TBD Viginia Beach, VA Houston,TX

National Gymnastics Day U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M,W,R,SA) National Business Conference (B) National Congress

Nationwide Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN

TOPs National Testing Financial Management Seminar with Sean Dever

Houston, TX Indianapolis, IN

NOVEMBER 17-21 21-27 TSD TSD

Jeff Metzger's Boot Camp World Championships (MW) Future Stars National Championships (M) National Coaches Workshop (M)

Cincinnati, OH Melbourne, AUS TSD TSD

DECEMBER 3-7 7 7-11

TOPs National Camp (W) Jeff Metzger's l-Day Soot Camp TOPs S National Camp (W)

Houston, TX Phoenix, AZ Houston, TX

level 9/1 0 Regional (W) level 9 East & West Championships (W) JO National Championships (W)

Various Sites TBD TSD

JO National Championships (M)


GG Nationals GG World Gymnaestrada Training Camp


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Dornbirn, AUI

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JULY TBD 9-10 10-17 13 14 14-24 16-17 22-23 26-Aug 3




Future Stars National Championships (M) National Coaches Workshop (M)


Olympic Games

Seijing, China .


AUGUST 6 10-13 10 11-13


Jeff Metzger's l-Day Soot Camp

W= Women

R= Rhythmic

TR = Trampoline

M= Men GG =Group Gymnastics TU = Tumbling ACRO = Sports Acro B=Business NOTE: Dates ana events subject to change or cancellation.

Chicago, Il


r EC HN10 UE

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CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDHiT: Bob Colorossi; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICECHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tomilo; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: Paul Parillo; VICE CHAIR SPORTS-ACRO: Tanya Case; SECRETARY: Gory Anderson; TREASURER: Bob Wood; FIG REPS: Bob Colorossi (Execulive CommiNeel, Ron Froehlich (Audilorl and Tanya Case (Sports Aero Techni(Ol CommiNeel. AT LARGE MEMBERS: Steve Butcher, Paul Spadaro; ATHLETE OIREGORS: Larissa Fontaine, John Roethlisberger, Vanessa Vander Pluym, Karl Heger; USOC ATHLETE DlREGOR: Dominick

FEATURES A Look at the Sprint Test.


2005 Jr. Olympic National Compulsory Workshops & Technical Symposium ,


Spotlight: Pacific Coast Classic ...

· .12

Member Club Invitational Listing . .

· .22

2005 National Congress and Trade Show.

· .33








CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Bob Colorossi; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Sandy Knapp, Mike Donohue; TREASURER: Bob Wood; SECRETARY: Gory Anderson; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tomita; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: Paul Parillo; VICE CHAIR SPORTS-ACRO: Tanya Case; PUBLIC SEGOR: Bill Hybl, Bob Wood; AMATEUR ATHLETIC UNION: Ron Ferris; AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION: Jerry Milan; AMERICAN TURNERS: BeNy Heppner; COLLEGE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION-MEN: Frands Allen; NATIONAL ASSOCIATIO NOF COLLEGIATE COACHES-WOMEN: Mark Cook; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Marilyn Strawbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS JUDGES: Carole Ide; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-MEN: Lou Burkel; NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Cynthia Doyle Perkins; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUDGES ASSOCIATION-MEN: Butch Zunich; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Todd Vesely; U.s. ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT GYMNASTICS CLUBS: Mike Jorki; U.S. ELITE COACHESASSOCIATION-MEN: Thom Glielmi; U.s. ELITE COACHESASSOCIATION-WOMEN: David Holcomb, Steve Ryborki; U.S. MEN'S GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Tim Klempnauer; U.s. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Suzie DiTullio; YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATIONOF THE USA: Cosey Koe· nig; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-WOMEN: Meg Stephenson; NATIONALMEMBERSHIP DIREGORS MEN: Mike Burns, Abie Grossfeld; RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, Michelle Larson; WOMEN: Kelli Hill, Tom Forster; TRAMPOLINE: Shoun Kempton, Dr. George Drew; SPORTS-ACRO: linda Porter, Jay Binder; ATHLETESCOUNCil Vanessa Vander Pluym, Caroline Hunt, Larissa Fontaine, Shannon Miller, KimZmeskal-Burdette, JamieStrandmork, Karl Heger, JoyThornton, USOC Athlete Rep.; Dominick Minim((i, Execulive Board Member John Roethlisberger. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: JEWISH COMMUrUTY CENTERS, Lori Katz; SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Kate Fober-Hickie; U.S. COMPETITIVE AEROBICS FEDERATION, Howard Schwartz. CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In order to ensure uninterrupted delivery of TE(HNIQUE magazine, notice of change of address shauld be mode eight weeks in advance. For fastest service, please endose your present mailing label. Direct all submiption mail to TE(HNIQUE Submiptions, USA Gymnoslirs, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300, Indianapolis, IN46225. TE(HNIQUE is published month~ except bimonthly in Sept/ Oct and Nov/ Dec by USA Gymnasti", Pan Ameri(On Piaza, Suite 300, 201 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225 (phone: 317-237-50501 or visit online @ ••• . usa-gymnast Submiption prices: U.S.-S25 per year; Canada/ Mexico-S4B per yeor; all other foreign tountries-S60 per year. If available, bork issue single topies S4 plus postage/handling. All reasonable (Ore will be token, but no responsibility (On be assumed for unsolicited material; endose return postage. Copyright 2004 by USA Gymnasti" and TE(HNIQUE. All rights reserved. Printed by Sport Graphi", Indianapolis, IN.

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USA GYMNASTICS Message Happy New Year! Looking back over the past year offers a chance for us all to relish the widespread success we have had inside and outside of the gym. It truly has been a fabulous year for USA Gymnastics.

Steve Penny Vice President

T-J.mCDl( * * * T~~ne * * * GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONS Here's a few FUN FACTS regarding the T.J. Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions. Congratulations to the follo wing cities and clubs for their outsta nding contributions.

Top 5 Clubs for Ticket Sales 1. River City Gymnastics - Memphis, TN 2. WOGA - Plano, TX (Da llas Show) 3. DeVeau's School of Gymnastics - Fishers, IN (Indianapolis Show) 4. California Sports Center - San Jose, CA (San Jose Show) 5. Gymstrada Schools - Virginia Beach , VA (Norfolk Show)

Top 5 Markets for Attendance 1. Da llas, Texas

2. 3. 4. 5.

Boston, Massachusetts Atlanta, Georgia East Rutherford, New Jersey St. Paul, Minnesota

Top 5 Markets for Merchandise Sales 1. Boston, Massachusetts

2. 3. 4. 5.

Dallas, Texas St. Paul, Minnesota Philadelphia, Pen nsylva nia East Rutherford, New Jersey

It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that I extend our sincere appreciation to all of you who supported and attended the 2004 T.J. Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions. It is extraordinary to note that with the support of the gymnastics community nationwide, the lJ. Maxx Tour sold more than 210,000 tickets. The partnership with our USA Gymnastics Member Clubs continues to pay dividends in both directions. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members - athletes, professionals, instructors, Team USA Gymnastics, industry and member clubs - for joining us in the 42-city celebration of our Olympic success. We look forward to future Tours and working directly with you to maximize your enjoyment of the sport of gymnastics. We now look forward to the next quandrennium and the excitement of the 2008 Olympiad in Beijing, China. USA Gymnastics is poised to continue our medal success and growth over the next few years. In doing so, we will activate our partnerships with our Member Clubs at an even higher level. By working together, we can capitalize on our strong brand image and propel gymnastics into the spotlight for years to come. In this next quadrennium, USA Gymnastics will work hard to promote our new programs, including the USA Gymnastics Fitness Program. This program offers a unique way for people of all ages to help in the fight against childhood obesity. It is one example of our goal to increase the level of cooperation with our Member Clubs and a platform by which we believe we can continue to bring national recognition to USA Gymnastics' grass roots efforts. I encourage you to go on-line to the USA Gymnastics website and learn more about USA Gymnastics Fitness. As we head into the New Year, please keep your eyes, ears and minds open about ways in which USA Gymnastics can continue to serve you better. We look forward to working with you and appreciate your continued input and support. Sincerely,

Steve Penny Sr. Vice President



2005 ) 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A Look at the

TALENT OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM Wm A. Sands, Ph .D. Head Sport Biomechanics and Engineering U.S. Olympic Committee Co lorado Springs, CO

Jeni R. McNeal, Ph.D. Associate Professor Eastern Washington University Cheney, WA

ne of the tests included in the TOPs program is the 20-meter Sprint Test. In this test, gymnasts must run as fast as they can, from a standing start, for 20 meters. This article will discuss sprint results from the 2004 National TOPs testing (298 participants) and the technical accuracy of the timing system used . In addition, suggestions will be provided regarding the number of practice and testing trials used by gymnasts performing this task.


At the state and regional leveL the sprint test is hand-timed with stopwatches. However, at the National Testing, the Sprint Test is measured using an infrared timing system (Brower Sports Timing, Midvale, UT). This system utilizes infrared beams placed at the 20 meters "zero point," and again at the 20 meter mark at the end of the sprint runway. The gymnast starts one meter before the 20 meter zero point. As the gymnast's body passes the beam, a digital clock (accurate to the 0.01 sec) is started (at zero meters) or stopped (at 20 meters). Accuracy problems arise when using hand-timing. First, there is error associated with the timer correctly starting the stopwatch at the first forward movement of the gymnast. This is typically a delay in timing, as the timer first must observe the gymnast move, followed later by the initiation of the timing. At the end of the sprint, timing often is stopped prematurely, because the timer anticipates the gymnast crossing the end line. Of course, there is also the contribution of subjective influences that may consciously or unconsciously affect the accuracy of timing. The infrared system also has potential sources of error, primarily involving a body part breaking the light beam before the gymnast's torso, such as a hand reaching forward of the body during the sprint.

Monem Jemni, Ph.D. Leeds Metropo litan University Leeds, United Kingdom

Observing the gymnasts prepare for the sprint test indicated that most gymnasts did from two to as many as eight warm-up runs prior to testing. No gymnast failed to perform at least two warm-up runs. On average, the second test trial tended to be slower than the first. In fact, 165 of the 298 athletes performed their first trial faster than their second. One hundred thirty-three athletes performed better on their second trial. This data suggests that the number of trials needed to obtain the "best" performance should be investigated so as to make objective recommendations to athletes and coaches preparing for this test. For the majority of athletes, it initially can be recommended that the first test trial may result in the best performance. The question then arises as to which trial is the "first." Given that the first trial in this analysis was often the best, it is very important that the gymnast does not "win the warm-ups" and leave her best effort in the warm-ups. Observations of high-level sprinters and other "power" athletes suggest that most athletes rarely perform maximal effort warm-up trials prior to an explosive effort performance. Gymnastics

An analysis was conducted to determine the Technical Error of Measurement (TEM) of the test. The absolute TEM was 0.048 sec. This results in a relative TEM of 1.4%. This indicates that if we assume that the athletes performed exactly the same on the two trials, then the error associated with the timing equipment and the testing protocol is quite low, about 1.4%.

To estimate the degree to which gymnasts performed similarly on two successive trials, a stability/ reliability analysis was conducted. The results showed that the two trials were not statistically different from each other (3 .46 +/ - 0.15 vs 3.47 +/ - 0.16 sec, trial 1 vs trial 2 respectively), and the relationship between the trials was 0.95 (Cronbach's standardized item alpha). A value of 1.00 would indicate a perfect relationship, thus a value of 0.95 demonstrates that the trials are very highly related . .-16-=--------------~C TECHNIQUE â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARV 2005

) >----------------

coaches should consider this information and experiment with the number of warm-up trials they encourage their athletes to perform in preparation for the sprint test. The use of shorter sprints for only a fe w meters, to maxi mize explosive effo rt while minimizing fatigue may be a more effective means of preparing for this test.

Statistical tests showed that sprint times were significantly better with increasing age (Figure 1). Interestingly, several scores we re found to be "outliers" for their age group, meaning that they were unusually high or low scores, given the mean (i.e., average) and variability (standard deviation) of the data. In this case, all of the outlier performances were considerably slower than the overall distribution for the age group. The fact that there were a few relatively "poor" performances in this test at the national level suggests that either the testing at the regional level for these athletes may ha ve been inaccurate, or perhaps the other test resu lts for these athletes were strong enough to compensate for a slow sprint time. Normative information is provided in Table 1. 4.00

Sprint Times by Age Group


.; 3.80

.§" t-. 3.60

."§ 1i en





3.00 ' - - - - - ' 8.0





Age (yr)

Figure 1. Sprint Times by Age Group Table 1. Normative Values. Sprint times are in the three right-most columns. Identify the time of interest in the appropriate age-group column and then look to the left-most column to determine the approximate percentile rank. For example, if t he gymnast's age is 10 years and her sprint time is 3.47 seconds, then the closest time in Table 1 is 3.464, which is at the 45 percentile. This

means that the gymnast's sprint time has her better than 45% of the athletes in her age group on this test.

The results of this investigation showed that the sta bility/re liability of the sprint test trials data was very good. Error measurements also showed that the test is both reliable and has a low error of measurement. While the results are inconclusive regarding the number of test trials for optimum performance, observations of the testing suggest that an objective evaluatio n of the number of trials necessary to reach maximal performance is warranted. Coaches should experiment with their athletes to determine precisely how many warm-up trials are needed to maximize performance.

Table 1 9 Year Olds 10 Year Olds 11 Year Olds Mean 3.5432 3.4447 3.3921 Std Dev 0.1416 0.1458 0.1221 Percentile Rank 99.9 95 90 85 80 75 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0.1

Times 3.118 3.311 3.348 3.396 3.424 3.448 3.470 3.488 3.508 3.525 3.543 3.562 3.579 3.598 3.617 3.638 3.662 3.690 3.739 3.775 3.968

Times 3.007 3.206 3.243 3.293 3.322 3.347 3.369 3.388 3.408 3.426 3.445 3.464 3.481 3.502 3.521 3.542 3.567 3.596 3.646 3.684 3.882

Times 3.026 3.192 3.224 3.265 3.290 3.310 3.329 3.344 3.362 3.376 3.392 3.408 3.423 3.440 3.456 3.474 3.495 3.519 3.561 3.592 3.758

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TEe HN10 UE • JAN UARY 2005

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G!;N!;R~t~~~~~MATION ~ :;.{~{J{1 f DAT~S SIT~S

June 3-5,2005, Louisville, KY, Marriott Louisville Downtown Hotel Ballroom June 10-12, 2005, Reno, NY, Reno Hilton Hotel- Silver State Pavilion PURPOS~


To provide the participants with a clear understanding of the 2005-2013 USA Gymnastics Women's Junior Olympic Program: concepts, compulsory exercises, the interpretation of the text, technical execution of the skills, as well as the optional rules and requirements. To enhance the knowledge of the teachers, coaches, and judges, enabling them to effectively and profeSSionally serve in the development of the young gymnasts engaged in the USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Program. To provide an opportwuty for gymnastics professionals to become Safety-certified . MAST~R


The Women's Jr. Olympic Program Committee members w ill be presenting the new Compul sory exercises. The Women's Technical Committee members will be the clilucians for the Optional Tecruu cal SympOSium.

WORKSI-lOP/SYMPOSIUM COST Online registration and registration forms will be available on the web site in early January of 2005. Members and non-members may register by mail or FAX (1-317-692-5212). On-line registration is available to Professional, Jr. Professional, and Instructor Members ONLY. D~ADLlN~



By March 11th for registrations by FAX or mail By March 18th for Online registrations

Registration per site is limited; First come, first served basis. There is a $30.00 cancellation fee up until May 6th; no refunds after May 6, 2005 (substitution of participants is allowed.) Pro,Jr. Pro $ Instructor Member Price

Choose one of four options: 1. 2. 3. 4.

ReQist. $325.00 $125.00

Compulsory Workshop only - Levels 1-6 (Fri./Sat./Sun.) Compulsory Workshop Levels 1-4 only (Sun.) Technical Symposium - Levels 7-10 (Sat. night/Sun.) Compulsory Workshop (Lev. 5 & 6 only-Fri./Sat.)

$200.00 $445.00

Earlv ReQ.

Non-Member Price

$300.00 $100.00

ReQist. $375.00 $175.00

Earlv ReQ. $350.00

$175.00 $420.00

$250.00 $495.00

$225.00 $470.00


PLUS Technical Symposium (Lev. 7-10 - Sat. night/Sun.) MAT~RIALS INCLUD~D



Compulsory Workshop: USAG Jr. Olympic Compulson} Program book. Tecruucal Symposium: Jr. Olympic Code of Points (a combination of the present JO Technical Handbook and the listing/ illustrations of all elements and their values as in the FIG Code of Poillts). Every person registered will be able to order one additional copy of the Jr. Olympic Compl/lson} Program book ($45) and/ or JO Code ofPoillts ($55).

• • • •

The following additional materials will also be available for purchase at the workshop: Floor Exercise music Compact Disc: .................... ............ ..... ..... ....... ......... .............. ..... ....... ........ ... ............. ... .. ... .. .... .... .......... ..... ... ... ..... .... ... ... .. .. .. ...... ... $15.00 Level 1-6 DVD {videos wi ll be available also) ...... .... .. .......... .............................. ....... ........ .... .................................. .............. ............... .... .. .............. ......... $30.00 Wall charts for compulsory levels (Level 1-4, LevelS, Level 6) ...................... .. .......... .. .................. ......... .......... .. .. ............ ...... .... .. .. ............... ........ $4.00 each Awards Program materials {Lev. 1-4 Wall chart, ski ll report cards, patches, pins & chevrons) ........ .. ... .......... ......... .. .... ........ ............ .... ................ ...$50.00



)>-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -






I .









1. LEVEL 10 JUDGES' RE·CERTIFICATION COURSE Invitations/registration form will be sent directly to those judges who are eligible: • Must be a Level 10 judge who has passed the Level 10 test two times-once in the current 2001-2005 cycle and once in the previous cycle) • Must also be registered for the Technical Symposium

Active Participation:

Lecture Demonstration:

$50.00 Registration by mail or FAX only



Louisville: June 2 & 4, 2005 Reno: June 9 & 11, 2005

Expired Safely

Instructor Member

Safety Course #1 (Thurs. 6-10 PM) No cha Safety Course #2 (Sat. 1-5 PM)

or Associate Member $115.00

"Walk through" par ts of the routines for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Balance Beam and Floor Exercise. In general, the group participation on the floor w ill be limited in time in order to cover all the material. Therefore, please d o not expect to complete the memorization of the routines on si te. There will be additional practice time available each evening. For all levels of Vaulting, Uneven Bars, Flexibili ty and Conditioning and Beam and Floor Exercise for Level l & 2. WORKS~OP SC~~DUL~

Thurs. , June 2 or 9 .... 12:00 noon- 9:00 PM ........... .... ........ ..... ..... ................ .. ............. ..... . Registration-Compulsory Workshop 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM .. .... .... ... ......... .... ..... ....... ...... ... .. .... ........ .... .. ....... ........ .. ........... Safety Course # 1 Fri. , June 3 or 10 .. .... 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM ...... .... .. .. ... ... .... .. .. .. ... ....... .. ....... .... .. ......... . Late registration -Compulsory Workshop 8: 30 AM - 5:15 PM .. ..... ..... ........ ....... ........... .... .. .. ... .... ..... ... ... .. Compulsory Level 5 & 6- various events 7:15 PM - 9:30 PM .. .... ... .. ...... .. .. .. ................... .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. ........... .... .... .......... ... .... ....... ....... Practice Sat., June 4 or 11 ..... 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM .. .... ... ... ... ..... .... .. ...... .. .. ......... .... ............... .... . Compulsory Lev. 5 & 6 various events 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM ... .... ... .... ........ .. .............. ... .. ....... ......... .. .. .... .... .. Registration-Technical Symposium 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM .. .. .. .. .. ........ ..... ........ ... ...... .. ............ .. .. ...... .... ... ....... ................... Safety Course #2 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM .... .. .................... .... ........ .. ...... .... ... ...... Technical Symposium -General Info & 1 event 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM .................. ....... .. ...... ...... .. ...... ...... ......... ...... .... Practice - compulsory levels 5 & 6 9:30 PM - 10:00 PM .... .. .... .. .. .. .. ... .. .. ..... .... ...... ... ...... ...... ........... ...... ... Lev. 10 Re-certification self-test Sun., June 5 or 12 .. .. 7: 30 AM - 9:00 AM .. .. .. ..... .... .. .... .... ... ....... .. .. ............ .. ............ .. Late registration-Technical Symposium 8:1 5 AM - 8:45 AM ............... .. ....... ... ........... .. .. ........ ...... .... ... Lev. 10 Re-certification - Practice jUdging 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM ..... .... ..... .... ...... .... .. .. ........... .. .... .. ........ Compulsory Levels 1-4 & conditioning/ flexibility 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM .... .... ...... ........ .. .... .. .... ........................... ... ........................... Technical Symposium 5:00 PM - 9:45 PM .... .. .. .. .. ..... ......... ........ ... ................... ... Lev. 10 Re-certification-self-testjpractice judging (6:15-7:45 dinne r brea k) 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM ...... .. .... .... .... .. .. ......................... ... .. .......... ....... ......... Compulsory Q & A & pra ctice ~OUSING

1) LOUISVILLE: Marriott Louisville Downtown Hotel 280 W. Jefferson, Louisville, KY A very large block of rooms h as been reserved. Call (800) 228-9290 by Wed . May 4, 2005 for reservations. Louisville Marriott Workshop Guest Room Rates: Sin gle/Double/Triple/Quad Occupancy $95.00 plus State & Local tax (currently 13.95%) Use Code "USAG Workshop" to receive workshop rates The Maniot is 8 miles from Louisville Airport. Shuttle to hotel available for $9.00. Parking at the hotel is $9.00 per day. 2) RENO: Reno Hilton 2500 E. Second St., Reno, NV 89595 A very large block of rooms h as been reserved. Call (800) 648-5080 by midnight Wed . May 9, 2005 for reservations.

Reno Hilton Workshop Guest Room Rates: Single/Double/Triple/Quad Occupancy $89.00 plus State & Local tax (currently 12%) Use the Code "USA Gymnastics" or "TUSA" to receive workshop rates The Hilton is located only 5 miles from the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. Complimentary airport shuttle from airport to the hotel available every 15 minutes before and after the hour, with the last airport pick-up at 11:45 PM. Complimentary and valet parking is available at the Hilton. Note: For either location, an y reservations after the cut-off d ate will be based strictly on availability. All reservations m ust be accompanied by a first night room deposit, or guaranteed w ith a major credit card . An y reservation cancelled within 48 hours of the arriva l date w ill be charged for one (1) night's room and tax.



For those attendees traveling by air, USA Gymnastics has arranged a special discount with American Airlines. To receive your discounted airfare, please contact Am erican Airlines Group and Meeting Desk d irectly at 1-800-433-1790. You must use the specific authorization code to receive your 5-10% discount. Reno Workshop code: A 3 1 6 5 A N Louisville Workshop code: A 1 5 5 5 A M

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Elite Sportswear, L.P. • 2136 N. 13th Street • P.O. Box 16400 • Reading, PA 19612-6400 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-345-4087 • Toll Free Fax: 1-888-866-9884 • E-mail: • Web: www.gk-elitesportswear.corr

Pacific Coast Classic Changing the Direction of Men's Collegiate Gymnastics In 1969, over 230 NCAA men's gymnastics programs existed in the United States. That number has since been stripped to 19. This decline Karen Owoc represents Event Director an average loss of six collegiate programs per year which seriously shatters the life of men's gymnastics and scholastic opportunities for many promising young men. However, in January 2004, the Pacific Coast Classic made its debut and established a new course in this disheartening trend. The Pacific Coast Classic, a high-profile benefit men's competition, is being used as a platform to draw awareness to the

plight of men's gymnastics. Its goal is to provide direct assistance in preserving men's NCAA gymnastics programs and increase scholarship opportunities in the United States. The National Gymnastics Foundation Men's Scholarship Program and the Men's Intercollegiate Gymnastics Support Program benefit from 100% of the net proceeds. "Due to the involvement of many individuals across the country, the momentum to stabilize our men's programs has increased significantly in the past year with expansive interest and optimism towards its resurgence. We are working passionately to stay on this track as our cohesive efforts are the key to sustaining men's collegiate gymnastics," said Karen Owoc, Event Director of the Pacific Coast Classic and president of USA Sports Management, the host corporation. Along with producing this event, Karen is

also credited with creati ng it. The idea grew out of her desire to build a foundation of awareness and raise money to support the men's collegiate gymnastics programs. As a former competitive athlete and exercise physiologist, she sees the value in the gymnastics discipline. She started her first son in the sport at the age of 4 and found it unsettling that many fellow club parents, although existing in the shadows of a university team, were unaware of the vulnerability that men's collegiate gymnastics programs face. "Without the stability and growth of collegiate gymnastics," Karen added, "their sons' futures in this sport were tenuous at best." She thought that if this level of perception prevails in a university team environment, then it is likely the case in the hundreds of non-university affiliated clubs. Karen teamed up with several USA Gymnastics professionals and set out to create a groundbreaking meet that would draw attention to this dilemma. "When we are aware, we can care", Karen reminds herself. The Pacific Coast Classic became an opportunity to engage both junior and collegiate gymnasts in an endeavor that affects their own continuance in this sport. Yoichi Tomita, USA Gymnastics Men's Program Committee Chairman and Pacific Coast Classic Technical Advisor strongly states, "With awareness and involvement, we gain supporters for our U.S . gymnastics future." The Pacific Coast Classic became a virtual phenomenon in its inaugural year with tremendous exposure across the nation.


(Continued on p.14)


w AllliARJ---LO.OQr---:===--- - - - - - - - - - -

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(Continued from p. 12)

The overwhelming response from the collegiate and club programs attracted several local media agencies which further increased the visibility of the event and its purpose. They were host to over 600 competitors from 50 teams, 8 states and 2 countries (Japan and one World Class gymnast from Mexico) and judges from Arizona, Northern and Southern California, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas. Out-of-state judges' associations sponsored officials to travel to California and contribute to this cause. Volunteers from different clubs, states, and organizations freely donated their time to help support the event. It was truly an orchestration of great generosity and purpose. NCAA men's gymnastics is the lifeblood of the U.S. Olympic teams. In the last thirteen Olympiads (1956 - 2004), 89% of our U.S. Olympic men's gymnastics team members competed in the NCAA. The entire gold-medal winning team of 1984 consisted of NCAA gymnasts, half of whom came from UCLA's renowned but now nonexistent - program. Without collegiate programs, the U.S. seriously diminishes its pool of Olympic talent in this country.

The Pacific Coast Classic website is a vehicle to increase familiarity with the collegiate personalities, follow the careers of former J .O. gymnasts, and acquire a greater understanding of college competition and current events. By doing so, they hope to draw more people into the men's collegiate gymnastics network who will quickly realize the need to support it.

For information , please visit the Pacific Coast Classic website at www.usa-sports. org or call 925.735 .0700.

Karen closed by saying, "It is essential that our generation takes responsibility to change the direction of this sport because ultimately, it is our action or inaction that will affect the longevity of men's collegiate gymnastics programs in the United States. Anything that we do will make a difference." With more clubs from across the country joining the Pacific Coast Classic in 2005, they anticipate that supporting men's collegiate gymnastics will soon become a nationwide effort. The 2nd Annual Pacific Coast Classic will once again converge on the city of Oakland (in the San Francisco Bay Area) at the Oakland Convention Center and its adjoining hotel, the Oakland Marriott City Center - February 18-20, 2005.

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2-Time Olympian 2004 Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist Paul Hamm

1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Amanda Borden


2-Time Olympian 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller

3-Time Olympian 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Blaine Wilson


.!. (








1 r


3-Time Olympian John Roethlisberger



-=-----'-../ 3-Time Olympian 3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Svetlana Boguinskaia

g~~ ~~y@~ @~速o@~~ @[fiJ@



frt=@@ @~[fu(lJ][f速

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A Chain is as Strong as its Weakest Link: How Strong is Your Hiring Process?

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JANUARY 2005 Happy New Year! Best wishes for continued success. By now yo u are in the thick of your business and competitive seasons. You have also been planning and budgeting for many of the events that will take place in 2005 . We will continue to give you important information on this update page. The following information will help with your 2005 scheduling. Always check our website for the most current information.


August 14-17 1st course-for current National-rated officials Indianapolis, IN August 18-21 2nd course-first time invitees ........ .... ........ .Indianapolis, IN




- Judge has held a Level 10 rating since at least Dec. 31, 1997

Men 's and wome n's artistic gymnastics - FIG Code of Points upd ate This information was confirmed at the FIG Congress that took place October 21-23, 2004 in Turkey.

Who has to re-test and when will materials be available to study? All judges will be required to re-certify (at the same or next level up, if they have their active status requirements fulfilled) both Compulsory and Optional ratings by the end of 2005. Compulsory books will be available first at the National (2 Sites) and Regional (3 Sites) Workshops. After the two National works hops have been completed, the Merchandise orders for books, Music CDs, and DVDs will be fulfilled .

2. When and where will the tests be available? The new exams will be offered at the NAWGJ Symposium in Portland, Ore., in mid-July. The next opportunity will be after USA Gymnastics National Congress in Indianapolis on August 14. States and Regions will offer testing opportunities throughout the Fall of 2005 to attempt to re-certify everyone before the end of the year. 3. Criteria - Those individuals who have passed the new compulsory exam wi ll have priority in judging the Fall meets. If there are not enough officials, the next priority is those individuals who have taken the exam, but have not yet passed. Last in priority are those individuals who have a 1997-2005 compulsory rati ng but have not tested on the new routines yet. - By January 1, 2005, everyo ne must have re-certified with the new exams in order to be assigned. All old ratings will be expired at that time. - All JUDGES, REGARDLESS OF RATING, WI LL NEED TO RE-TEST ON THE NEW COMPULSORIES. - All Brevet officials will hold their optional rating until suc h time they will renew their rating at the Brevet course. - Nationaljudges who atte nd and pass the National Course wi ll automatically be certified to judge all JO Optional Levels

- The 2001-2004 Code of Points will co ntinu e to be used through the 2005 World Championships in Melbourne, Australia, Nov. 2005. - A new "Open-Ended A Score" Code will take effect starting January 2006. Due to this unexpected change and the time it wi ll take the FIG to complete the 2006 Code, it may be difficult to have it availab le for purchase prior to January 2006 . - The Men's and Women's Intercontinental Judging Courses have been postponed until December 2005. - The Men's & Women's Continental Judges Courses (Brevet Rating) will be re-scheduled to take place as soon as possible following the Intercontinental Courses.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR COACHES AND JUDGES June 2-5 .. .Women's Master Compulsory Workshop ............ . Louisville, KY June 9-12 .. Women's Master Compulsory Workshop ...... ..... .. Reno, NV August 6 ... National Gymnastics Day .................. .. ........... USA August 10 .. USA Gymnastics Annual Business Conf... .... ..... .Indianapolis, IN Aug. 11-13 USA Gymnastics Nat'l Congress & Trade Show .... Indianapolis, IN


- Judge has held a Leve l 10 rating in 2 cycles 1997-2001 & 2001-2005 - No testing/self-practice exam only Dates:

June 4-5 ...... USA Gymnastics Technical Symposium .... Louisvi lle, KY June 11-12 ... USA Gymnastics Technical Symposium .... Reno, NV July 14-17 .... NAWGJ Symposium ................... .... .. ... Portland, OR August 11-13 USA Gymnastics National Congress ... .... Indianapolis, IN


USA GYMNASTICS Begin f-lere. Go Anywhere.

TEe HN I QUE • ]A NUARY 2005 ) . . . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Jonathan Horton turned 19 on December 31, 2004. He's from Houston , Texas, but currently resides in Norman, Okla ., where he is a freshman at the University of Oklahoma and competes for the Sooners gymnastics team. Jonathan traveled to Maracaibo, Venezuela, Dec. 1-5 for the first Pan American Specialist Championships. He earned three medals including the gold in vault, the silver on rings and the bronze on high bar. "It was a great meet," said Jonathan. "It was my first competition of the year

so to come home with gold, silver and a bronze so early in the season was exciting for me." When asked about his routines while in Venezuela, he said, "I upgraded my high bar routine with a triple twisting double layout dismount. I was supposed to upgrade rings but decided to stick with my old routine for this meet." This international competition was Jonathan's first event since the Olympic Trials, where he placed 13th in the allaround. When asked about Olympic Trials, he said, "Olympic Trials was amazing. It was everything I expected and more. I love crowds so the more people watching the better. It was great getting to compete

with the big guys like Paul, Morgan and Blaine and the others. I enjoyed competing at the senior level last year. I was on the junior team for three years, but last year was my first year as a senior." His next major event is Winter Cup Challenge where he'll unveil a new vault (Tsukahara 2 _ twist), a new skill on parallel bars (pike Belle), a few new skills on floor (Layout Thomas and a tuck double double dismount), and a super E dismount on rings, layout double double. ''I'm going to Winter Cup Challenge to regain my spot on the National Team," said Jonathan. In his first year of college, Jonathan said, "School is going really well. I have all tis and one B going into finals. The workouts are going well, too. Mark Williams is my coach and we have a really good team. I think we're going to be very successful this year." Jonathan's major is business management and he'd like to open his own gymnastics academy. Regarding the holidays, he's planning to head home to Houston on December 19 and return the first of January. "I'll go back and train at Cypress when I get home," said Jonathan. "I miss everyone back home but I love being here in Oklahoma."


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American Athletic

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,v>pJl;ovro SUPf'\.'[R

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Mem er ( u Invitationa Listing Technique magazine will regularly list Member Club invitationals by state in order to help coaches schedule their teams in competitions. When you apply and pay for a sanction with USA Gymnastics, your invitational will automaticolly be included in the listing. Remember, only USA Gymnastics Member Clubs are eligible for the invitational listing. ALABAMA

Planet Mardi Gras Invitational Event Site · P.O. Box B50602; Mobile, Al Start Dote · 2/ 11/2005 Planet Gymnastics Phone· 251/650·0699 levels· W2·10, prepopt. Spirit of Couroge Event Site · NW Shoals Comm. Col; 800 George Wallace; Muscle Shoals, Al Start Dote· 1/21/2005 Shoals School of Gymnastics Phone · 256/381·1441 levels - W2·Elite, prepapt. ARIZONA

AZ Sunrays Hard Rock Invitational Event Site · Phoenix Civic Plazo; III N3rd St; Phoenix, AZ Start Date · 2/4/2005 Arizona Sun rays Phone · 602/ 992·5790 levels - M4·Elite, W4·Elite Desert Devil Classic Event Site· 1927 N. Gilbert Rd Ste 107; Mesa, AZ Start Date· 2/ 1B/ 2005 Desert Devils (Mesa) Phone· 480/ 844·9600 levels - W4·Elite

2005 Surf City Classic Event Site· 5742 McFadden Ave; Huntington Beoch, CA Start Dote · 2/ 10/2005 Club Name· SCATS Gymnastics Phone · 714/ 895·2909 levels - W4·Elite, prepopt. 2005 Top Flight Invitational Event Site · 5127 Mowry Ave; Fremont, CA Start Date · 1/ 29/ 2005 Top Flight Gymnastics Phone· 510/ 796·3547 levels - M4·1 0 Bay Area Classic Event Site · Hoyward State Univ.; 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd; Hayward, CA Start Date · 2/26/ 2005 Michael Anthony's School of Gym. Phone· 925/ 671·0262 levels - M4·Elite, W4·Elite Best in the West Invite Event Site · McCourtney Rd; Grass Valley, CA Start Date · 2/ 11/2005 Club Name · Rising Storz Gymnastics Acad Phone · 530/ 477·95Bl levels · M4·8,W4-Elite

Fiesta 80wllnvite Event lite · ASU; PE West; Tempe, AZ Start Dote· 1/ 28/ 2005 Desert lights Gymnastics Phone·480/940-4041 levels - W4·Elite

BridgeHe Clement Memorial Invitational Event Site · 300 Piedmont Ave., Ste 604; San Bruno, CA Stort Date· 2/ 5/ 2005 Gymtowne Gymnastics Phone · 650/ 589·3733 levels· W4·9

Shamrock Invitational Event Site · 2802 WCactus Road; Phoenix, AZ Start Date · 3/ 18/ 1005 Flames Gymnastics Academy Phone · 602/ 942·7662 levels - W4·Elite

Circus Doys Invitational Event Site · 1441 CFranqueHe Ave; Concord, CA Start Date · 3/ 5/ 2005 Golden Gate Gymnastics Phone · 925/ 674·9683 levels · W4·8

Winter Sun Invitational Event Site· EI Zariboh Shrine Audit.; S22 N40th St; Phoenix, AZ Start Date · 3/ 4/ 2005 Phoenix Gymnastics Academy Phone· 623/ 582·5293 levels - W4·Elite

Clovis Classic Invitational Event Site · 885 GeHysburg; Clovis, CA Start Dote· 2/ 5/ 2005 Clovis Academy of Gymnastics Phone · 559/327·3900 levels-W4·Elite


Dreams of Gold 05 Event Site· 7735 Haskell Ave.; Von Nuys, CA Start Dote· 4/ 9/ 2005 Gymnastics Olympica USA Phone · 818/ 785·1537 levels · W4·7

2005 All Olympians Invitational Event Site · UCLA · John Wooden Or; 405 Hilgard St.; los Angeles, CA Start Date · 2/ 18/ 2005 Club Name · All Olympians Phone · 310/ 301 ·8066 levels - W4·Elite, prepopt. 2005 Novato Classic Event Site · 950 Seventh Street; Novato, CA Start Dote· 3/ 12/ 2005 Novato Gymnastics Phone · (415) 209·9595 levels - W2·1 0

Fallbrook Spring Classic Event Site · 342 Industrial Way, Ste 103; Fallbrook, CA Start Dote· 2/ 26/ 2005 Fallbrook Gymnastic Club Phone · 760/728·8582 levels· W4·6 Fallbrook Team Challenge Event Site · 342 Industrial Way, Ste

103; Fallbrook, CA Start Dote· 4/ 16/ 2005 Fallbrook Gymnastic Club Phone · 760/728·8582 levels· W4·6 Flips Ahoy Event Site· 1740 leslie St; Son Mateo, CA Start Dote · 4/ 24/ 2005 Club Nome· Peninsula Gymnastics Phone · 650/ 571 ·7555 levels· W4·6 Friendship Challenge Event Site· 1828 North Keystone; Burbank, CA Start Date · 3/ 4/ 2005 Golden State Gymnastics Phone · 818/ 558·1177 levels· W4·Elite Golden 8ear Invitational Event Site · 25 Sports lone; Berkeley, CA Start Date · 2/ 5/ 2005 Golden 8ear Gym. Acad. Phone · 510/642·0792 levels · W4·8 Golden 8ear Invitational Event Site· 25 Sports lone; Berkeley, CA Start Date · 5/ 1/ 2005 Golden Bear Gymnastics Academy Phone · 510/ 642·0792 levels· W4·6 Golden Bear Invitational Event Site· 25 Sports lane; Berkeley, CA Start Date · 4/ 30/ 2005 Golden Bear Gymnastics Academy Phone· 510/ 642·0792 levels· W4·6 Golden Bear Invitational Event Site · 25 Sports lane; Berkeley, CA Start Date · 1/22/ 2005 Golden Bear Gymnastics Academy Phone · 510/ 642·0792 levels - W4·1 0 Golden State Classic Event Site · 11345 Folsom Blvd; Rancho Cordova, CA Start Date · 1/29/ 2005 Technique Gymnastics Phone · 916/ 635·7900 levels - W4·Elite Gym Fest at Universal Studios Hollywood Event Site· 342 Industrial Way, Ste. 103; Fallbrook, CA Start Date · 1/22/ 2005 Follbrook Gymnastic Club Phone · 760/728·8582 levels- GA GymFest on the Queen Mary Event Site · 342 Industrial Way, Ste. 103; Fallbrook, CA Start Dote · 7/30/2005 Fallbrook Gymnastic Club Phone · 760/728·8582 levels - GA

Head aver Heels Invite Event Site· 1250 45th St Suite E; Emeryville, CA Start Date· 2/ 12/ 2005 Head Over Heels Phone· 510/ 655·1265 levels - M4·1 0, W4·10

Event Site · Brentwood School; 100 So. Barrington Place; las Angeles, CA Start Date· 3/ 3/ 2005 Broadway Gym School. Inc. Phone· 310/ 450·0012 levels- M4·Elite

Mid·Winter Invitational Event Site· 4626 North Park Dr; Colo. Springs, CO Start Date· 2/ 19/ 2005 Artsports ·Colorado Springers Phone · 719/ 531 ·5B67 levels · 14-10

Invitational Event Site · 4 Journey; Aliso Viejo, CA Stort Dot.· 1/ 22/ 2005 Notional Gym Training Center Phone· 949 831 ·7300 levels· W7·Elite

San Diego Classic Event Site· Balboa Pork Activity Or.; 2145 Park Blvd.; Son Diego, CA Start Dote · 1/24/2005 Poway Gymnastics Phone · 858/748·1716 levels- W4·Elite

Paige Smith Winterfest Classic Event Site - Univ. of Denver; 2201 EAsbury Ave; Denver, CO Start Date· 2/ 4/ 2005 Colorado Gymnastic Institute Phone · 303/ 363·7272 levels - W7·Elite

LA Classic 05 Event Site · 7735 Haskell Ave.; Von Nuys, CA Start Dote · 1/ 22/ 2005 Gymnastics Olympica USA Phone · 818/ 785·1537 levels· W4·10 LA lights Invitational Event Site· Veterans Memorial Audit.; 4117 Overland Ave; Culver City, CA Start Date· 1/ 20/ 2005 Club Nome · los Angeles School of Gym Phone · 310/ 204·1980 levels - R5·Elite, group

Son Diego Team Cup Event Site· Balboa Park Activity Or.; 2145 Pork 8lvd; Son Diego, CA Start Dote· 1/21/ 2005 Poway Gymnastics Phone · 858/ 748·1716 levels - M4·10 Sweetheart Invitational Event Site · 1875 Feather River Blvd.; Oroville, CA Start Dote · 2/ 19/ 2005 Oroville Gym Sports Acod Phone · 530/ 533·1043 levels · W4·6

Pikes Peak Cup Event Site · Broodmoor Resort; 1 lake Ave; Colo. Springs, CO Start Date · 1/ 21 / 2005 Colorado Aerials Gym Center, I Phone · 719/ 260·1893 levels - W7·Elite Winter Invitational Event Site· 4626 North Park Dr; Cola. Springs, CO Start Dote · 1/22/ 2005 Artsports ·Colorodo Springers Phone · 719/ 531 ·5867 levels· T4·10 FLORIDA

MEGA Invite Event Site · MC HS; 675 Sir Francis Droke Blvd; Kentfield, CA Start Date · 2/26/ 2005 Marin Elite Gymnastics Academy Phone· 415/257 ·6342 levels · W4·1 0, T5·10

Team Aerials Tumbles over Breast Cancer Event Site · 26515 Ruether Ave; Santa Clarita, CA Start Dote · 2/ 12/2005 sev Schl Of Gymnastics/Team Ae Phone· 661/251 ·3390 levels - W4·10

American Twister Invitaitonal and Notional Elite Quo lifer Event Site · 6805 lyons Technology Cir.; Cocanut Creek, Fl Start Date· 2/ 17/ 2005 American Twisters Gymnastics Phone· 954/ 725·9199 levels - W4·Elite

Mardi Gras Invitational Event Site· 415 Mississippi St; Vallejo, CA Start Date · 3/ 12/ 2005 North Bay Athletic Association Phone· 707/ 643·9622 levels· W4·10

The Stanford Open Event Site· Burnham Pavilion; Stanford, CA Start Date · 1/21/2005 San Mateo Gymnastics Phone · 650/ 591 ·8734 levels - M4·Elite

BOHle Of Champions Event Site· 701 W. lime St.; lakeland, Fl Start Date · 1/28/ 2005 Halker's Gold Gymnastics Phone · 419/ 523·4988 levels· W4·1 0, prepopt.

Men's Clovis Classic Invitational Event Site · 885 GeHysburg; Clovis, CA Start Date · 2/ 5/ 2005 Clovis Academy of Gymnastics Phone · 559/ 327·3900 levels - M4·Elite

West Valley Spirit of the Flame Challenge Event Site· San Jose Civic Auditorium; Son Jose, CA Start Date · 2/ 25/ 2005 West Volley Gymnastics School Phone · 408/374·8692 levels - W4·Elite

Daytona Beach Open Event Site· Ocean Center; 100 N Atlantic Ave; Daytona Beach, Fl Start Date· 2/11/2005 Ace Gymnastics Phone· 407/ 831·2582 levels - W3·Elite

Nakamari Invitational Event Site · HAAS Pavillion; UC· Berleley; CA Start Dote· 2/ 11/2005 Golden Bear Gymnastics Academy Phone· 510/ 642·0792 levels - M4·Elite New Years Invitationol Event Site · 224 EArrow Hwy.; San Dimas, CA Start Dote · 1/29/2005 Crescenta Valley Gym Club Phone· 909/ 592·1323 levels·W7·10 Pacific (Iossic Event Site · 22982 Avenido Empresa; Rancho SantoMorgori, CA Start Date · 3/ 12/ 2005 California Elite Sports Center Phone · 949/ 589·1512 levels · W7·1 0 Peter Vidmar Men's Gymnastics Invitational


CO National Monument Invitational Event Site · 609 25 Road; Grand Junction, CO Start Date · 2/ 26/ 2005 Grand Junction Gym/ Kidz Plex Phone · 970/ 245·3610 levels· W7·10 Colorado Classic Event Site· 419 East Stuart; Fort Collins, CO Start Date· 2/19/ 2005 Mountain Gymnastics Phone· 970/ 482·3118 levels - W7·1 0 Colorado Invitational Event Site · 4626 North Pork Or; Colo. Springs, CO Start Dote· 3/ 12/ 2005 Artsports·Colorodo Springers Phone · 719/ 531 ·5867 levels· T4·10

Easter Bunny Invite Event Site · 730 St. Johns Bluff Road N.; JacksonVille, Fl Start Date· 4/ 2/ 2005 All American Gymnastics, Inc. Phone· 904/ 641·9966 levels· W4·6 Magical Classic Event Site · Orange County Conv Or Hall F; 9800 Inl'l. Drive; Orlanda, Fl Start Date· 2/ 4/ 2005 Brown's Gymnastics Central Phone · 407/ 869·8744 levels· W2·10 Presidential Invite Event Site· Ft lauderdale Broward Conv. Or; 1950 Eisenhower Blvd; Fort lauderdale, Fl Start Dote · 2/ 4/ 2005 Twisters Gymnastics Academy Phone · 561/750·6001 levels- W2·Elite, prepopt. M4· Elite, M4·10 (Continuedon~gel4)






.I'j~' u..~ ~ ~ Iit'lflnlr:m:1I mJ Ii[,' (Continued flOm page 22)

Princess (lassie Evenl Sile . North Port HS; 6400 W Price Blvd; N. Port, fl Siort Dole · 2/ 12/ 2005 Horizon Gym. & Donee Acod. Phone · 941/627·5342 levels - W2·10, prepopl. Sand Dolioo/Whillow Invilolional Evenl Sile . Disney's Wide World of Sports; PO 80x 10000; lake Bueno Visla, Fl Slort Dole· 1/ 21 / 2005 Orlando Melro Gymnoslics Phone·407/ 246·1200 levels - M4·Elile, W4-Elile Weeki Wachee Under The Spring Invilalional Evenl Sile · 16621 US Hwy 19 North; Hudson, Fl Simi Dole · 2/5/2005 Top (onlenders Gymnaslics Aced Phone· 727/ 862·2940 levels - W2·Elile, prepopl.

GEORGIA 91h Annual Dowg Days (Iossic Evenl Sile · 1720 Epps 8ridge Rd; Sle 108·223; Alhens, GA Slorl Dole · 2/ 3/ 2005 (lassie Cily Gymnoslics Aced Phone· 706/ 549·0160 levels - W7·Elile (hom pions Cup Evenl Sile . 38 Hill Sireel; Suile 100; Roswell, GA Siorl Dole · 2/ 26/ 2005 Roswell Gymnaslics Phone· 770/ 641·3987 levels · W7·10 Mardi Gras Invilalional Evenl Sile . Kennesaw MI High School; 1898 Kennesaw Due Wesl Rd; Kennesaw, GA Slort Dole· 2/ 19/ 2005 Gymnoslics Acedemy of Allanlo Phone· 770/ 975·8337 levels - W7 ·Elile Spring 8reakoul Evenl Sile · 2601 Shollowford Rd; Morie"o, GA Siort Dole · 3/ 5/ 2005 Georgia AII·SIOIs Gymnaslics Phone· 770/ 516·2654 levels· W2·10 Winler Blosllnvilolionol Evenl Sile . 100 londonderry 0.; Sle 100; Woodslock, GA Siort Dole · 1/22/ 2005 Georgia AII·Slars Gymnoslics Phone · 770/ 516·2654 levels · W2·1 0

HAWAII Gymnoslics In Paradise Evenl Sile . Holowo Dislrict Pork; Iwoiwo SI.; Aieo, HI Siort Dole · 1/ 21 / 2005 Hawaiian Island Twislers, Inc. Phone · 808/ 839·4494 levels - W4·Elile Ku uipo (Iassic Evenl Sile . Blaisdell (enler; 777 Word Ave; Honolulu, HI Slart Dole · 2/ 19/ 2005 Rainbow Gymnaslics Acedemy Phone· 808/ 488·7030 levels - W4·1 0

IDAHO Pol of Gold Evenl Sile · 1530 Eosl (ommercial Ave.; Sle 105; Meridian, 10 Siort Dole · 3/ 11 / 2005 Meridian Acodemy of Gymnoslics Phone· 208/ 884·11 66 levels - W4·10,M4·10 Sweelheort Invilolionol Evenl Sile . les Bob Jr High; 4150 EGrand Foresl Dr; Boise, 10 Slart Dole · 2/ 12/ 2005 Wings (enler Phone · 208/ 376·3641 levels - W4·Elile Swinglime Invilalional2005 Evenl Sile . 5420 Wesl Siole SI; Boise, 10 Slart Dole · 3/ 18/2005 Gem Siole Gymnoslics Aced. Phone· 208/ 853·3220 levels· W4·10

ILLINOIS (hicagoland Invilolionol Evenl Sile . 6360 S. Belmonl; Downers Grove, Il Siort Dole · 1/28/ 2005 Elile Sports (omplex, Inc. Phone· 630/ 968·2699 levels - R5·Elile, group IGI (hicogo Slyle Evenl Sile . Navy Pier; 600 Easl Grand Ave; (hicago, Il Slart Dole· 2/ 11/ 2005 Illinois Gymnaslics Inslilule, Inc. Phone· 630/ 325·3333 levels - W4·Elile Midwesl Open Evenl Sile - Uof III. 01 (hicago; 901 WRoosevell Rd; (hicago, Il Siort Dole · 2/ 18/2005 Aerial Gymnoslics (Iub Phone· 630/ 495·0150 levels - M4·Elile, W4·Elile Snowflake Invile Evenl Sile . 541 North Fairbanks; (hicego, Il Siort Dole · 1/30/ 2005 (hicego Pork Disl Phone · 312/ 742·4927 levels - W4·10 Snowflake Invile Evenl Sile . Pelerson Pork Gym Or; 5801 NPulaski Rd; (hicago, Il Siort Dole · 1/29/ 2005 (hicago Pork Disl Phone· 312/ 742·4927 levels - M4·1 0 SI. Volenlines Day (lassie Evenl Sile . 2121 S. Goebbert; Arlinglon Heighls, Il Slart Dole · 2/ 4/ 2005 Gymnoslics Spol Phone · 847/ 949·7768 levels - M4·10, W4·10

INDIANA lSi Annual Hoosier Gym Invilolionol Evenl Sile . 5036 S(ounly Rd. 600 E; Plainfield, IN Slart Dole · 3/ 12/ 2005 Hoosier Gym Training (enler Phone · 317/ 839·9919 levels· W6·9

81h Annual Pol of Gold Invilolionol Evenl Sile . 5036 S(ounly Rd. 600 E; Ploinfield, IN Siort Dole · 2/ 5/ 2005 Hoosier GymTraining (enler Phone · 317/ 839·9919 levels - W4·10

Kansas (ily (oed Invilolionol Evenl Sile . 6800 Wesl1 151h Sireel; Sle 500; Overland POlk, KS Siort Dole · 1/ 28/ 2005 Emerold Cily Gymnoslics, Inc. Phone · 913/ 438-4444 levels - W4·10,M4·Elile

(ircle of Slars Invilolionol Evenl Sile . Indiana (onvenlion Or; 100 S(opilol Ave; Indpls., IN Siort Dole · 1/ 21/2005 OeVeou's School of Gymnoslics Phone · 317/ 849·77 44 levels - M4·1 0, W4·Elile

KENTUCKY (hom pions Derby (lassie Evenl Sile . Kenlucky Inll (onvenlion Or; 221 Fourth SI; lOUisville, KY Siort Dole · 2/ 18/ 2005 (hom pion Gymnaslics Phone · 502/ 809·1386 levels - W4·Elile, M4·Elile

Flower Power Invile Evenl Sile · 1254 Horse Proirie Ave.; Valparaiso, IN Siort Dole · 4/ 30/ 2005 HOlizon Gymnoslics (enler Phone · 219/ 477·6542 levels · W5·8 For love or Money Invilalionol Evenl Sile . Indy Soulhside Sports Acad; 4150 Kildeer Drive; Indpls, IN Slart Dole · 2/ 11/ 2005 Wrighls Americen Gymnaslics Phone· 317/ 888·4805 levels - W4·Elile Indy (lassie Men's Invilolional Evenl Sile . 9850 Mayflower Pork Drive; (armel, IN Slart Dole · 3/ 5/ 2005 Indy School of Gymnoslics Phone· 317/ 872-5948 levels - M4·Elile

IOWA (hows Rising Siors (hollenge Evenl Sile . SpartsPlex Wesl; 890 SE Olson Dr; Waukee, IA Siort Dole · 2/ 4/ 2005 (how's Gym and Donee Insl Phone · 515/ 223·5460 levels- W4·Elile lighls Oullnvilolionol Evenl Sile . Polk (ounly (onvenlion Or; 501 Grand Ave; Des Moines, IA Siort Dale· 3/ 12/ 2005 Triad Gymnoslics Phone· 515/ 963·0215 levels - W4·10 Gem Siole Invilalionol 2005 Evenl Sile · 5420 Wesl Slole SI.; Boise, ID Slort Dole · 1/27/ 2005 Gem Slole Gymnoslics Acad. Phone· 208/ 853·3220 levels-W4·Elile

KANSAS Diamond Invilolionol Evenl Sile . 7270 Wesl 161 sl SI.; Overland Pork, KS Siort Dole · 2/ 25/ 2005 Diamond Gym & Dance Acedemy, I Phone· 913/ 851 ·7500 levels - W4·10 Jewels Invilolionol Evenl Sile . 7270 Wesl161 sl SI.; Overland Pork, KS Slart Dole · 1/21/2005 Diamond Gym & Donee Academy, I Phone· 913/ 851 ·7500 levels - W4·10

Flippin' Inlo Spring Invilolionol Evenl Sile . Mason (ounly HS Fieldhouse; 1320 US 68; Maysville, KY Siort Dole · 4/ 2/ 2005 Sheri's Donee Arts & Gym (enlre Phone· 606/ 759·5056 levels · Tl· l0 US(ooches (up and Nolional Elile Qualifier Evenl Sile . Northern KY (onvenlion (enler; One WRiver (enler Blvd.; (ovinglon, KY Siort Dole · 1/ 21/2005 (incinnoli Gymnoslics Phone · 513/ 860·3082 levels· W4·Elile

LOUISIANA New Orleans Jou Invilolionol Evenl Sile . 4925 GJefferson Hwy; Jefferson, LA Slort Dole · 2/ 25/ 2005 Empire Gymnaslics Phone· 504/ 738·0039 levels· W2·1 0, prepapl.,M4·10 MARYLAND 281h Nolions (opilol (up Evenl Sile . PG Sports & learning Cmplx; 8001 Sheriff Rd; landover, MD Slort Dole · 3/ 4/ 2005 MarVaTeens, Inc. Phone· 301/468·9181 levels - W3·Elile (alch Ihe Wove wilh Twislers Gymnoslics Evenl Sile . Slephen Decoluor Middle School; 8erlin, MD Slart Oale . 4/ 2/ 2005 Two Sislers Twislers Phone· 410/ 208·1851 levels - GA (olumbio (hollenge Evenl Sile . North Gym Uof MD ; (ollege Pork; MD Siort Dole · 2/ 19/ 2005 Top Flighl Gymnoslics (enler Phone · 410/ 992·1600 levels· W4·10 Eosl (oasl (lassie Evenl Sile . Prince Gearges Sports (omplex; 8001 Sheriff Rd; landover, MD Slart Dole · 2/ 11 / 2005 Fairland Gymnaslics Phone · 301/953·0030 levels - W4·Elile Fairland Classic 2005 Evenl Sile · 13950 Old Gunpowder

Rood; lou rei, MD Siort Dole · 3/ 11 / 2005 Fairland Gymnoslics Phone· 301 / 953·0030 levels - Tl ·Elile Silver Sims Invilolionol Evenl Sile . 2707 Pilman 01.; Silver Spring, MD Slart Dole · 2/ 5/ 2005 Silver Siors Gymnoslics Phone· 301/589·0938 levels· W4·6 Winler (lassie Evenl Sile · 9179 Red Branch Rood; (olumbio, MD Slart Dole · 1/ 22/ 2005 Top Flighl Gymnoslics (enlel Phone· 410/ 992·1600 levels - M4·1 0

MASSACHUSETTS 2005 Boyslole (Iossic Evenl Sile . UMoss lowell (oslello Gym; 1 Univ. Ave; lowell, MA Slart Dole · 1/21/2005 Walker's Gym And Donee, Inc. Phone · 978/ 459·4954 levels - W4·1 0 Boslon (lassie Evenl Sile · 345 Universily Ave; Weslwaod, MA Siort Dole · 1/28/ 2005 New England Sports Academy Phone· 781/493-6345 levels - W4·10 Boslon (lassie Evenl Sile· 345 Universily Ave; Weslwood, MA Siort Dole· 1/23/ 2005 New England Sports Acedemy Phone· 781/493·6345 levels - M4·Elile li"le 8igger Invilolionol Evenl Sile . 8 Micro Drive; Woburn, MA Siort Dole· 2/ 24/ 2005 Gymnoslics And More Phone· 781/938·3669 levels - W4·10, prepopl. Moss. NAWGJ Evenl Sile . 8 Micro Drive; Woburn, MA Siort Dole · 4/1/2005 Gymnoslics And More Phone· 781/ 938·3669 levels - W4·1 0, prepopl. TIm Dogge" Nolionallnvilolionol Evenl Sile . 103 Gold Sireel; Agawam, MA Slart Dole · 2/ 19/ 2005 TIm Dogge" Gold Medal Gymnoslics Phone · 413/ 786·4686 levels - M4·Elile

MICHIGAN All American Invilolionol Evenl Sile · 9525 Highland Rd; Howell, MI Siort Dole · 2/ 3/ 2005 Hartland Gymnaslics Acedemy Phone· 810/746·2170 levels - W4·Elile Gym Jesler Invilalional Evenl Sile . 2709 Pine Sireel; Saginaw, MI Slart Dole · 2/26/ 2005 Gym·Jesler Gymnaslics, Inc.

Phone· 989/ 574·7401 levels · W2·6 Ice Age (Iossic Evenl Sile . 1180 Devin Dr; Muskegon, MI Siort Dole · 1/22/ 2005 (ossell Gymnoslics Phone· 231/ 798·8418 levels· W2·9 Jesler Fesl 2005 Evenl Sile . 2709 Pine Sireel; Saginaw, MI Slart Dole· 2/ 12/ 2005 Gym·Jesler Gymnoslics, Inc. Phone· 989/ 574·7401 levels - M4·10 level 4 Hoi shol lnvilolional Evenl Sile . 9525 Highland Rd; Howell, MI Siort Dole· 4/30/2005 Hartland Gymnoslics Acedemy Phone· 810/746·2170 levels· W4 lumbertown Invilolionol Evenl Sile · 1180 Devin Dr; Muskegon, MI Siort Dole · 3/ 5/ 2005 Cassell Gymnoslics Phone· 231/798·8418 levels· W2·9







March Madness Evenl Sile . 2723 Kerslen Court; Kalamazoo, MI Siort Dole· 3/5/ 2005 Greoler Kalamazoo World of Gymnoslics Phone· 269/ 381 ·5749 levels - M4·10 Spring Fling Siole Prep Evenl Sile . 2723 Kerslen Court; Kalamazoo, MI Siort Dole · 4/ 2/ 2005 Greoler Kalamazoo World of Gymnoslics Phone· 269/ 381·5749 levels · W5·8 The Men's Winler (lassie (rowder (up 2005 Evenl Sile . 1813 Northfield Dr.; Rochesler Hills, MI Siort Dole· 1/ 29/ 2005 Gymnoslic Training Cenler Rochesler Phone· 248/ 852·7950 levels - M4·1 0 Tolally Rod 12 Evenl Sile . 2723 Kerslen (ourt; Kalamazoo, MI Siort Dole · 2/ 25/ 2005 Greoler Kalamazoo World of Gymnoslics Phone · 269/ 381·5749 levels - W5·10

MINNESOTA Froslbile Invile 2005 Evenl Sile . Maple Grove Jr HS; 7000 Hemlock In; Maple Grove, MN Slort Dole · 1/28/ 2005 Twislers Gymnoslics Academy Phone· 561/750·6001 levels - W4·10 Jam Hops Spring Jamboree Evenl Sile . Frdley Senior HS; 6000 WMoore lake Dr; Fridley, MN Slart Dole · 4/ 9/ 2005 Jam Hops Gymnaslics Phone · 763/ 413·0647 levels· W4·9 (Conti nued on page 38)





Men's Program Committee Meeting Minutes September 14, 2004

VII. Adiournment

Conference call began at 7:00 a.m. PDT by Chair Yoichi Tomita

Motion: To Adjourn at 7:45 a.m. PDT Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Steve Butcher PASSED: Unanimously

I. Roll Call

Respectfully submitted by Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary

Members Present: Yoichi Tomita, MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. George Beckstead, FIG Rep. - absent Kurt Golder, Sr. Coaches Rep . Miles Avery, Sr. Coaches Rep. Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Rep. Jay Thornton, Athlete Rep . John Roethlisberger, Athlete Rep.

Men's Program Committee Meeting Minutes October 13, 2004 Meeting called to order at 10:04 a.m. CST by Chair, Yoichi Tomita

Yoichi Tomita thanked everyone involved in the success of our 2004 Olympic Team. It was a real team effort from start to finish.

I. Roll Call

Members Present: Yoichi Tomita, MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. II. 2005 Budget The budget was reviewed by the Sr. Men's Program George Beckstead, FIG Rep. - Absent Director, Ron Galimore. He asked for any input to be sent Kurt Golder, Sr. Coaches Rep. to both him and the Men's Program Committee chair, Miles Avery, Sr. Coaches Rep. - Absent Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Rep. Yoichi Tomita, as soon as possible. : Jay Thornton, Athlete Rep. : John Roethlisberger, Athlete Rep. III. New Athletes at U50TC David Durante and Yewki Tomita have been approved to begin training at the USOTC in Colorado Springs. They will begin their 3-month probationary period this month.

IV. 2005·2008 Code of Points The new Code of Points has not been received in the USA Gymnastics office to date. A Code of Points summary sheet that was provided by Hardy Fink at the Region II Congress has been circulated in the USA.

II. International Competitions Sr. National Team CoordinatOl~ Ron Brant, updated the committee concerning his conversations with the coaches of the members of the senior national team and discussed who was available to participate in the international competitions that were taking place from now to the end of the year. The following recommendations were made by Ron:

• PAGU Specialist Competition, November 30 - Dec. 5, Maracaibo, Venezuela: Jonathan Horton and David Sender. The International Court of Arbitration for Sport will be • DTB-Pokal, November 23-28, Stuttgart, Germany: hearing the case filed by the South Korean Federation Alexander Artemev regarding the Olympic all-around gold medal. The case will be heard in Switzerland. The USOC is financing the : • Chunichi Cup, December 3-4, Nagoya, Japan: Todd Thornton legal effort for Paul to retain his Olympic all-around title and gold medal. USA Gymnastics will also give Paul full : • World Cup Finals, December 10-12, Birmingham, Great Britain - Paul Hamm support in every way possible.

V. Paul Hamm

VI. Approval of Minutes Motion: To approve the Men's Program Committee conference call minutes of June 2 and 3, 2004. Motion: Steve Butcher 2nd: Bill Foster PASSED: Unanimously


Motion: To accept the recommendation of the international assignments that take place prior to the end of 2004. Motion: John Roethlisberger 2nd: Yoichi Tomita PASSED: Unanimously

TECHNIQUE· JAN UARV 2005 ) . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OOillTI1BTIJEE11UlillTI~n : I~JnOiJlliIJOIITILlfiilBUnl]jJD0 [:1 i fj

tlUIffi UJ1ll130UlliI: I~:U IlI111li I~ 0J.!r1 tj~j ~ ~ :f3W1illIBTIGJJlIflCffillJlli ;lll3WIlll ll'I:[l IJ]

III. 2005 U.S. Championships Schedule

following dates to be considered for the 2008 Olympic Team Tlials:

The members of the committee discussed at length all of the various scheduling options for both the junior and senior men who will be competing at the 2005 Visa Gynmastics Championships in Indianapolis. There was strong support to maintain an evening time period. A straw vote confirmed that the committee was in favor of keeping the competition time frame of Wednesday and Friday evenings for the seniors. The juniors would maintain their time period of Wednesday afternoon. However, the committee would like to officially request that the men's competitions be held on Friday night and Sunday afternoon beginning in 2006.

IV. World University Games Senior Men's Program Director, Ron Galimore, discussed how far the men's program was behind in developing selection procedures for the 2005 World University Games if indeed we planned on sending a team. The USOC now has a 15 month and a one year deadline concerning initial submissions and any modifications of selection procedures for the WUG, Pan American Games and Olympic Games selection procedures. There was also a lengthy discussion about the importance of this event and the fact that it is going to conflict with the 2005 Visa Gynmastics Championships. Motion: Notto participate in the 2005 World University Games due to the conflict with the 2005 Visa Gynmastics Championships. Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Jay Thornton In favor: 5 Abstain: 1 Motion: Passed

• 1st Choice: May 23 & 24 • 2nd Choice: June 6 & 7 • 3rd Choice: June 13 & 14 It is critical for the men's team that there be at least four weeks in between the Visa Gynmastics Championships and the Olympic Team Trials.

VI. New Business 2005 Winter Cup Challenge Ron Galimore reviewed the qualification procedures that were used for the 2004 Winter Cup Challenge. There was also discussion about the entry deadline being January 4, in order to ensure that petition video tapes can be reviewed in a timely manner. The final announcement of the qualifiers would then take place on January 6, 2005, which is four weeks prior to the event. Motion: To accept the entry deadline of January 4, accept the qualifying procedures that were used in 2004 and to add the top 6 athletes from the 2004 NCAA Championships final allaround ranking would automatically qualify into the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge. Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Kurt Golder PASSED: Unanimously The next conference call is scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 28.

VII. Adjournment Motion: To adjourn

V. 2008 Olympic Team Trials Ron Galimore reviewed the date that was being considered for the 2008 Olympic Team Trials - June 19-22, 2008. He mentioned that this date is one week earlier than when it was held in 2004 due to the fact that the Opening Ceremonies for the 2008 Olympic Games is scheduled to take place August 8, 2008: one week earlier than in 2004. After much discussion about the time needed for the athletes to recover from the Trials and prepare for the Olympic Games, the men's program would prefer the

Motion: John Roethlisberger 2nd: Yoichi Tomita PASSED: Unanimously Call adjourned at 11:13 a.m. CST. Respectfully submitted by Ron Galimore on behalf of Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary

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WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL ELITE COMMITTEE Meeting - September 22, 2004 I. Roll Call: IECC Coach Representatives

National Team Coordinator Athlete Representative Senior Director Women's Prog.

Steve Rybacki Kelli Hill Evgeny Marchenko Al Fong Donna Strauss Martha Karolyi Larissa Fontaine Kathy Kelly

Action taken in meeting prior to Olympic Games: Recommendation that the coaches of the replacement athletes be paid the same Medal Bonus and tour money as the Olympic Team Coaches. Motion: Hill Second: Marchenko ,PASSED

II. Selection Committee Steve Rybacki is not currently coaching elite athletes. He therefore is eligible to serve on the Selection Committee as part of the duties of his position outlined in the Operating Code.

III. Intercontinental Course Participants

Recommendation that there be four judges selected as Apparatus Leaders (one for each event) A list of duties will be decided at the camp. These judges will be used during the competitions in addition to the two judge panel. Motion: Strauss Second: Fong PASSED

V. Financial Issues The committee requested that Kathy provide them with the final accounting for the 2003 Tour and the income and expenses of the monies brought into the budget this year.

VI. Selection Procedure for World Championships The committee will be working on these procedures and hope to have them finalized by February.

VII. Coaches High Performance Seminar The committee will design the format for the High Performance Coaches Seminar. The seminar will be conducted in the spring of 2005 in conjunction with a national team training camp.

VIII. Tour Issues Kathy requested that the IEC approve expenditures from the program allotment of tour profits that will assist our athletes who are on tour. She recommends that we have a trainer and a coach with the athletes at all times if possible. Kelli Hill volunteered her assistant, Jen Bundy. The committee approved of these additions by phone.

The committee discussed the individuals who should attend the Intercontinental Judges' Course. Recommendations must be made to the Women's Program Committee. This decision has been tabled since the FIG has delayed all Judges' Courses. An email was sent to the FIG requesting a special exemption for Kim Zmeskal in view of her outstanding accomplishments.

If one of the personal coaches of the touring athletes wishes to take part on a tour stop (other than in their home town) cost of the airline ticket would need to be approved.

Jackie Fie has confirmed that if our FIG candidate for the WTC is elected, she would be in addition to the four judges allowed per country.


IV. Judging Issues

Conference call - October 26, 2004 I. Roll Call:

Recommendation to begin the use of the new rules at the American Classic. Motion: Hill Second: Strauss PASSED (NOTE: See Oct. 26, 2004 minutes - American Classic has been cancelled. New rules will not be available until FIG has finalized Code.)

Steve Rybacki Kelli Hill Evgeny Marchenko Al Fong Donna Strauss-absent National Team Coordinator Martha Karolyi Athlete Representative Larissa Fontaine Senior Director Women's Program Kathy Kelly

Recommendation to use Audrey Schweyer as the interim person (until after the FIG elections) to serve on the Judges' Selection Committee. Motion: Hill Second: Karolyi PASSED

Martha presented her revised proposal for the 2005 competitive calendar and the training plan for the national team. Discussion on events such as the American Cup, Seattle Event in June and the elimination of the American Classic took place. Martha also requested that there be a National Team list of core conditioning

NIEC Chairman Coach Representatives

II. 2005 Calendar and Training Plan

..-1-=-3-=4--------------~C TECHHIQUE â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 2005 ~}-----------------

exercises to be used at training camps and competitions. After the discussion, the committee made the following recommendations. Recommendation to eliminate the American Classic for the 2005 season. Motion: Kelli Hill Second: Al Fong PASSED The committee will decide other means of qualification and the exact number of qualifiers from the US Classics to the USA Championships. This information will be presented in January at the Women's Program Summit. Recommendation to accept the proposed revised calendar and the training plan for 2005 as amended. Motion: Al Fong Second: Evgeny Marchenko PASSED

III. FIG Technical Committee The recent election results for the WTC of the FIG were completed last week. The US candidate was unsuccessful in obtaining a position on the committee. The IEC made the following recommendation regarding the Brevet Judge to be assigned to serve on the Judges' Selection Committee. Recommendation to appoint Sharon Weber as the Brevet Judge to serve on the Judges' Selection Committee. Motion: Kelli Hill Second: Al Fong PASSED:

IIV. PAGU Individual Event Training Camp Recommendation to allow $12,000 of the proceeds to Women's Program budget from the tour to be used for the PAGU Individual Event Training Camp and Competition. Motion: Kelli Hill Second: Al Fong PASSED

V. Medal Bonus Money Recommendation to award the Coach's Medal Incentive money per athlete on the team beginning in the year 2005. Club support money is not effected by this motion. Motion: Al Fong Second: Kelli Hill PASSED

JR. OLYMPIC & TECHNICAL COMMITTEE JOINT MEETING OCT. 22-24, 2004 ADAM'S MARK HOTEL- INDIANAPOLIS, IN I. ROLL CALL Chairmen Tom Koll and Cheryl Hamilton called the meeting to order at 8:30 am. Region 1

Neela Nelson, for Sue Graff

Dan Witenstein, Fri. only

Region 2

Linda Mulvihill

Laurie Reid

Region 3

Carole Bunge

Cheryl Jarrett

Region 4

Linda Thorberg

Don Houlton

Region 5

Char Christensen

John Geddert

Region 6

Pat Panichas

Larry Goldsmith

Region 7

Myra Elfenbein

Mike Milchanowski

Region 8

Marian Dykes

Paul Padron

TC Asst. Chairman

Audrey Schweyer


Mark Cook


Connie Maloney

- - - -- - -- - - - --



II. FIG UPDATE The committee reviewed possible changes from FIG; however; since the International FIG Judging Courses will not be held until late 2005, the JO and Technical Committees will continue their work on new rules for the JO program, regardless of what will transpire for the Elite program. All judges currently holding a Brevet rating will be invited to re-certify at that level and will be notified of the exact date as soon as FIG has confirmed the date of the Intercontinental Course. The US National Judges' Courses, scheduled for August of 2005, will be held as scheduled. All judges currently holding a National rating will be invited to re-certify at the first National Course August 14-16, 2005.

III. LEVEL 7 Tom Koll reviewed the original philosophy of this level. The committee discussed whether to consider changing the concept of a compulsory / optional level to more of a beginner optional level. It was the unanimous opinion of the committees that Level 7 be considered as the first optional level, effective August 1, 2005. The primary emphaSiS at Level 7 will continue to be on execution and amplitude; therefore, the committees agreed that composition deductions would still not be used at this level.

IV. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE NEW CYCLE Recommendation that, for Bars, Beam and Floor Exercise at all optional levels (7-10), there be only three Special Requirements per event, each worth 0.50, effective August 1, 2005. Motion: M. Dykes Second: P. Padron PASSED,13 in favor, 3 opposed

V. VAULT Recommendation to allow a slight arm bend of the lead (first) arm for all Group 3 vauIts (Tsukahara entry-that is, any vault that involves a 1/4 to 1/2 turn on, regardless of the direction of the saito off) with no penalty, EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2005. Motion: D. Houlton Second: M. Milchanowski PASSED The committees discussed the number of vaults allowed for the 30second touch warm-ups for optional athletes. Presently the gymnasts are allowed to go over the vault table three times, but there was discussion as to limiting it to only two vaults. This item was tabled in order to get feedback at meets this year.

VI. MOUNTS ON BARS AND BEAM for be,eh 718 ~o ltBo" ~he Me of It +-h iil~h ~hkk ~he 3priilgboltid for uileven bltr mid bttlltIl~e beltm m0tt1I~3. The mee~ diredor illU3~ Mpply I:he ply hood boltrd. EFFECTIYE AUGUST 1, 2885. Motion. M. Milcllltnolf"ki Second. T::. Reid PASSED It i" recofttIIlcnded ~hat. a. ~he dirnen"ion of ~he board be 2' x "I', b. a rope line be attached ~o ~he board for eMY, quick lCftloval of ~he boltrd, ltnd ~. a non "lip "urÂŁa~e, "lleh d3 3m ~ape, be plltced on ~op of ~he ply If ood 10 keep ~he "pringboard frollr 3lipping Re~OIldtteIldltLioIl

pieee of ply hood uIlder

USA Gymnastics President Bob Colarossi requested that this item be sent back to the committee for further discussion. The use of any apparatus, mat or other item for competition that is not manufactured by a gymnastics equipment company cannot be approved by USA Gymnastics.

VII. OPTIONAL RULES FOR THE CYCLE BEGINNING AUGUST 1,2005 The committees worked on all aspects of optional rules/ deductions and finalized the changes for the next cycle. The basic changes will be published in the 2005 April Technique and posted on the USA Gymnastics web site after the 2005 optional season is completed, up to and including the State Championships. The Jr. Olympic Code of Points will be first available at the two National compulsory Workshops and Technical Symposiums.


) - - - - - - - -- - ------=-3-=5,.....

VIII. COMPULSORY PROGRAM FOR 2005路2013 The committees fin alized the deductions for all events and continued to ma ke improvem ents on the text and illustrations. A preliminary version of the DVD showing the Levell exercises an d supplementary skills was shown to the committee for approval of the form at. Tom Koll gave the Jr. Olympic committee information regarding their role and responsibilities at the Master Workshops in June. Connie thanked all the committee members for their hard w ork and d edication to this huge project.

IX. NEXT MEETING The next joint meeting of the JI. Olympic and Technica l Committees is scheduled for the Monday and Tuesd ay, May 16-17, 2005 follow ing Jr. Olympic Nationals in Ontario, CA. The Technical Committee will also meet April 29-May 1, 2005 to prepare m aterials for the various upcoming judges' courses. Meeting was adjourned at 4: 00 p .m .

Approved by Presiden t Robert V Colaross i December 1, 2004

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE MEETING OCT. 24, 2004 ADAM'S MARK HOTEL- INDIANAPOLIS, IN I. ROLL CALL Chairman Cheryl Hamilton called the meeting to order at 8:30 am . Region 1

Neela Nelson, for Sue Graff

Region 2

Lind a Mulvihill

Region 3

Carole Bunge

Region 4

Linda Thorberg

Region 5

Char Christensen

Region 6

Pat Panich as

Region 7

Myra Elfenbein

Region 8

Marian Dykes

TC-Asst. Chairman

Audrey Sch w eyer


Carole Ide


Connie Maloney

additional persOim el are needed, the TC will consider recommending individuals. Th ose individuals selected may begin ad ministering the new compulsory and optiona l exams beginning in la te August, 2005. All TAs must pass the new Level S / 6 exam p rior to administering the compulsory exam. In order to give the Optional exams, the TA must have re-certified in 2005. This m ay be d one through a Level 10 Recertifica tion course, a Na tional cou rse, or by passing the new Level 10 test. TAs wh o presen tly hold a Brevet ra ting w ill h ave their Optional ratings ex tend ed until su ch time that the Brevet Courses are offered, and will be eligible to administer the new exam s beginning late August 2005. Recommendation that the authors of the new Jr. Olympic Level S and 6 compulsory text and deductions be exempt from taking the 20052013 Level 5/6 Compulsory certification exam. Motion: P. Panichas Second: L. Thorberg PASSED Recommendation to continue with the same levels of certification: Level 5/6, Level 7/8 (with a practical exam on only Level 8 routines), Level 9 and Level 10. Motion: M. Dykes Second: P. Panichas PASSED The committee discussed the timeframe fo r d eveloping the written exam s. Members of the Technical Committee, as assigned by Cheryl, will be responsible for w riting and proofing the exam s. Connie Maloney w ill send the final version of the d eductions and text to the test w riters / proofrea d ers by December 6, 2004. Optional exams will be written after the rough draft of the new optional rules/ d eductions is completed (by early January 2005).

III. NAWGJ REPORT- Carole Ide, Presid ent Carole distributed a w ritten report to all members of the committee. The 2005 NAWGJ National Judges' Cup w ill be held Jan . 7-9 in New Orleans and the National Symposium will be h eld in Portland, OR July 14-18. Carole also explained the new system for assignment of officials for the NCAA competitions. At the time of her report, 65 out of 85 universities are p articipating, even thou gh the system is not m andatory until 2006. All January meets have been assigned and by November 15th, judges w ill be notified of their assignments.

II. CERTIFICATION OF JUDGES The responsibility of judges' certification h as been brought in-house to the USA Gymnastics office an d will be under the direction of the Technical Committee. Connie explained that the office w ill soon fo rm a Task Force which w ill m ee t with Kathy Kelly and Connie Maloney in late November. The purpose of the Task Force w ill be to provid e information and ideas that will assist the N ational office an d the Technical Committee with the development of policies and procedures for this endeavor. The Technical Committee, in conjunction w ith the National office, will d etermine: a) the policies and procedures for the certifica tion of offici als for the Jr. Olympic Program . b ) the final timelines for implementation of this program to insure tha t the new system will be up and running efficiently by the summer of 2005, when the exams for the new cycle w ill be fi rst offered. Recommendation that any current State, Regional, or National officer for USA Gymnastics or NAWGJ be eligible to apply for the position of Test Administrator. Any individual who has served in this capacity in the past may also apply. The Technical Committee will determine the number of TAs necessary for each state/region and will make selections from the applications submitted. Motion: C. Christensen Second: M . Elfenbein PASSED

...-.-=3- = 6 - - - - - - -- -- - - - - - 芦

N ote: An applica tion form w ill be sent via e-mail as well as posted online. If


Carole also stated that NAWGJ, as the service organiza tion for the judging population, is read y and w illing to d o whatever need s to be d one to assist USA Gymnastics w ith a smooth transition regarding the certification procedures and test administrators.

IV. TECHNICAL COMMITTEE ASSISTANT CHAIRMAN ELECTION Cheryl explained to the com m ittee that there have been changes to the Operating Cod e in rega rds to the National Elite Committee and the Judges' Selection Committee. The position of National Elite Technical Committee Chairman has been removed . References to the NETCC position in the 2004-05 Rules and Policies are no longer valid. Recommendation to nominate Audrey Schweyer as Assistant Chairman of the Technical Committee. Motion: P. Panichas Second: L. Thorberg PASSED Due to no other n ominations, Aud rey Schweyer was e lected to the position of Assistant Chairman by acclamation. Cheryl explained that Audrey w ill continue to function p rimarily as the contact person for Elite technical questions and concerns.

JAN UARY 2005 )>--- -- - - - - - - - -- - -

V. EQUIPMENT It was su ggested that the specifica tions for equipment in the Rules and

Policies be given in both centimeters and inches. COImie will add this to the R & P in th e future.


Judging Exams: Theoretical exam s-Levels 5 / 6, 7 / 8, 9, 10, Level 10 Recertifi ca tion (selftest), and National Co urses Practical exams -Level 8, 9, 10, Level 10 Recertifica tion (self-test), and Na tional Courses

Myra Elfenbein suggested that the Injury Petition Form have the following change in wording: II. Physician's w ritten verification of illness or injury and release to return to "gynmastics h·aining." Connie will m ake the changes to the form posted on the web site.

Film Evaluations: Videos fo r the Technical Symposiums, Level 10 Re-certifica tion Courses, and the National Courses. Judges' Training videos for Level 4-6, and all Optional levels Base Score videos fo r all levels


Power Point Presentations: For lectures at Technical SympOSium, Level 10 Re-certification Courses, and Na tional Courses.

The committee discussed the procedures that should be used in the situation when one judge inadvertently misses the exercise. Recommendation that the following procedures be used in the case when one judge misses the exercise: A. With a 2-judge panel: The gymnast has two options after the coach is advised of the score of the judge who evaluated the whole routine: 1) accept that score, OR 2) repeat the exercise after a reasonable period of rest. If the gymnast elects to repeat, the score of the second routine will count. B. With a 4-judge panel: The final score is determined by entering a score for the judge who missed the routine that is equal to the highest score given by the three other judges and then averaging the two middle scores, as usual. This method gives the gymnast the benefit of having the highest possible score and there is no need for the option to repeat the exercise. In either case, the Chief Judge should consult w ith the Mee t Referee, w ho w ill then notify the coach of the gymnast's options. Motion: M . Dykes Second: N. Nelson PASSED

VIII. LEVEL 7 UNEVEN BARS CLARIFICATION FOR THE 2004· 05 SEASON If a gymnast p erforms a stalder circle backward to clear support (#6.104) in order to fulfill the 60° circling element at Level 7, the angle is determined according to the clarification on page 72 in the JO Technical Handbook. This states that this element does not require an open hip angle at the completion. The judge would consider the line from shoulders to hips when evaluating the amplitude (angle) of the body. If the same elem ent was used to fulfill the 2nd circling element (group 3, 6, or 7), the general rule for amplitude for optional skills would apply; that is, determine the angle from shou lders to hips and if it is 45° above horizontal or better, take no d eduction. If the angle is below 45°, then an "up to 0.20" deduction would be applied .

IX. FLOOR EXERCISE MUSIC Clarification regarding "song or voice" : The Floor Exercise music m ay not include voice/ song, but other sounds, such as whistling or animal sounds are allowable.

Jr. Olympic Code of Poil1ts Revise the text in the present JO Techl1ical Handbook to be included in the

JO Code of Pain ts Proofing of the new JO Code of Points, including illustrations of elements. All members of the Technical Committee w ill be working at the tw o Na tional Technical Symposiums to be h eld in conjw1Ction with the Master Compulsory Workshops: June 4-5 Louisville, KY June 11-12 Reno, N V Connie requested that the members inform the office if tlley have a conflict w ith either weekend so plans can be made fo r the distribution of jobs.

XII. JUDGES' MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT FOR 2005 Effective JANUARY 1, 2005, the standard mileage rate will be increased to 40 cents p er mile for all business miles driven.

XIII. UPCOMING MEETING The next joint m eeting of the JI. Olympic and Technical Committees is scheduled for the Monday and Tuesday, May 16-1 7, 2005 following Jr. Olympic Nationals in Ontario, CA. The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Approved by Pres ident Robert V Colarossi December 1, 2004

ANNOUNCEMENT FOR WOMEN'S COMPETITIONS Judges' Mileage Reimbursement Rate According to the USA Gymnastics Jud ges' Compensation package, mileage w ill be reimbursed at the current IRS rate (no fraction considered). Effective January 1, 2005, the rate for mileage reimbursement will increase to 40 cents / mile for Women's Gymnastics Judges.

X. BREVET COURSES The dates of the FIG-Intercontinental, FIG-Continental, and USAG Brevet Courses h ave yet to be determined, p ending the decision by FIG of the schedule of the Intercontinental Course. All current U.S. Brevet judges will be invited to one of the Brevet courses w hich w ill be held in late 2005 or early 2006.

Call National Travel systems today to book your next trip , whether it ' 5 a gymnastics


competi tion or a vacation

In order to accomplish all of the educational projects necessary for the fi rst year of new compulsories and optional rules, the Technical Committee w ill m eet again from April 29-May 1 in Indianapolis. Members were asked to arrive on Thurs. April 28 and plan on leaving Mon . May 2nd, if possible. The TC will be working on the following projects:


---------------~c TECHNIQUE· JAN UARY 2005


(888) 603-8747

) } - - - - - - - -- - - ------=-3-=7=--1

Member Club Invitational Listing «(onlinUfd nom



Midwesl Ultimole Chollenge Evenl Sile -Irondole HS; 2425 long loke Rd; New Brighlon, MN Siort Dole -3/ 11 / 2005 Midwesl Gymnoslics Cenler Phone -651/4B2-9616 levels -W4-1O Northern lighls Clossic Evenl Sile -Chomplin Pork HS; 6025 1091h Ave N; Chomplin, MN Siort Dole -3/ 4/ 2005 Twin City Twislers Phone -763/ 421-3046 levels - W5-10 Rising Siors Invilotionol Evenl Sile -North SI Poul HS; 2416 E11th Ave; SI. Poul, MN Siort Dole -3/ 19/ 2005 Rising Siors Gymnoslics Acod. Phone - 651/730·4376 levels - W4-10 Siole Tune Up Rev II Up Evenl Sile -255 71h Ave NW Sle A; Foresl loke, MN Siort Dole - 3/12/ 2005 Foreslloke Flyowoys Gymnoslics Cenler Phone -651 / 464-8648 levels- M4-6

MISSOURI 2005 Compulsory Cup Evenl Sile -315 Wesl Pocific; Websler Groves, MO Siorl Dole -1/28/2005 SI. louis Gym Cenlre Phone - 314/968-9494 levels -W4-6 2005 Men'slnvilolionol Evenl Sile - 315 Wesl Pocific; Websler Groves, MO Siort Dole - 1/22/ 2005 SI. louis Gym Cenlre Phone -314/ 968-9494 levels - M4-10 All Americon Spring Invilotionol Evenl Site - 10449 Midwesl Induslriol; S,- louis, MO

Siort Dole - 3/ 4/ 2005 All Americon Gymnoslics Phone -314/ 426-2496 levels - W5-1O

Siort Dole - 1/ 21/ 2005 Brown's Gymnostics-los Vegos Phone -702/ 257-9009 levels - W4-Elile

GymOuorters Gymnoslics Invilolionol Evenl Sile -92 Hubble Drive; SI_ Chorles, MO Siort Dole - 2/ 18/ 2005 GymOuorters Gymnostics Cenler Phone - 636/ 498-6854 levels - W4-Elile

los Vegos Flyers Invilolionol Evenl Sile - 1122 Vislo Drive; los Vegos, NV Siort Dole - 2/ 26/ 2005 los Vegos Flyers GYM Cenler Phone -702/877-2266 levels - M4-Elile

SI_louis Chollenge Cup Evenl Sile - 2675 Melro Blvd.; S,louis, MO Siort Dole- 2/ 18/ 2005 Teom Cenlrol Phone -314/ 291 -S436 levels-M4-10

los Vegos Go For II Clossic Evenl Sile - Cox Poviliion/ UNlV Compus; 4505 Morylond Pkwy; los Vegos, NV Siort Dole - 1/ 28/ 2005 Go For II USA Phone - 702/ 658-9003 levels -W4-Elile, M4-Elile

NEVADA Coctus Cooler Invilotionol Evenl Sile -UNlVMcDermon S Gym; 45055 Morylond Pkwy; los Vegos, NV Siort Dole - 2/ 18/2005 Desert Gymcols Gymnoslics Phone - 702/ 798-3547 levels-1V4-Elile

Springfesl Evenl Sile - 120 Woodlond Ave.,Sle. B; Reno, NV Siort Dole - 3/5/2005 HighSierra Gymnostics Phone - 775/ 747-7748 levels- W4-1 0

Gold Medollnvilolionol Evenl Sile -UNlV McOermon Complex; 4505 Morylond Pkwy; los Vegos, NV Siort Dole -3/ 18/2005 los Vegos Flyers Gym. Cenler Phone -702/877-2266 levels - W4-Elile Hillon Invilolionol Evenl Site - 2500 Eosl 2nd SI; Reno, NV Siort Dole - 2/ 25/ 2005 Gymnoslics Nevodo Phone -775/ 355-7755 levels- M4-10, W4-10 lody luck Invitotionol Evenl Sile -Tropicono Holel ond Cosino; 3801 los Vegos Blvd Soulh; los Vegos, NV

Siorz & Siripesinviiolionol Evenl Sile -895 EPolriol Blvd #103; Reno, NV Siort Dole -2/ 18/ 2005 Siorz Gymnoslics Phone - 775/853-9494 levels - W4-Elile, T3-Elite, M4-1 0 Vegos Cup Evenl Sile - UNlV/McDermon Cir.; 4505 Marylond Pkwy; los Vegos, NV Siort Dole - 2/ 3/ 2005 Gymcols Gymnostics Phone -702/ 566-1414 levels - W4-Elile

NEW JERSEY II's Hip 10 be Me Evenl Sile -1274 Highwoy 77; Bridgelon, NJ Siort Dole -4/3/2005

Sior Bound Gymnoslics Acodemy Phone - B56/ 453-7996 levels -W4 Jonos Gym level 4- 10 Invilolionol Evenl Sile -202 Commerciol Ci; Morgonville, NJ Siorl Oole -2/ 6/ 2005 Jonos Gym Acod Cheer Cenler Phone - 732/536-0030 levels- W4,W8-10 Rebound Scorlel Cup Evenl Sile - Rulgers Univ livingslon Rec Ci; Rd 3; Piscolowoy, NJ Siorl Dole -2/ 25/ 2005 Rebound Gymnoslics, Inc. Phone - 732/ 566-3223 levels- W4-Elile You Are ASior Clossic Evenl Sile -1274 Highwoy 77; 8ridgelon, NJ Siort Dole - 1/22/2005 Sior Bound Gymnoslics Acodemy Phone - 856/ 453-7996 levels- W4-1 0

NEW YORK Big Apple Chollenge Evenl Sile -Jocob Jovits Cir.; 655 Wesl341h SI; NY, NY Siort Dole -1/ 21 / 2005 long Islond Gym Nesl Phone - 631/924-9422 levels -W4-Elile Firebollinviiolionol Evenl Sile - 11 7 New Horlford SI.; New Horlford, NY Siort Dole - 2/ 12/ 2005 Volley Gymnoslics Co. Phone -315/ 736-4400 levels- W4-10 Girls Buffolo Chollenge Evenl Sile - 1641 NFrench Rd; Gelzville, NY Siort Dole - 1/ 29/ 2005 Greoler 8uffolo Gym. Cenler Phone - 716/ 639-0020 levels- W4-1 0

long Islond Clossic Evenl Sile - longwood Alhlelics; 100 longwood Rd; Middle Islond, NY Siort Dole - 3/ 4/ 2005 long Islond Gym Nesl Phone -631 / 924-9422 levels - W2-Elile, prepop'lucky Siors invilotionol Evenl Sile -Jomeslown Community College; 525 Folconer S,-; Jomeslown, NY Siort Dole - 3/ 18/ 2005 Siroup's Gymnoslics Phone - 716/ 665-8081 levels -W4-10 Mond TCoco Colo Invitotionol Evenl Sile - 70 Weiss Ave; W Seneco, NY Slarl Dole - 2/ 11/ 2005 Gym Unlimiled-Orchord Pork Phone -716/677-0338 levels - W4-1 0 Monhonon Clossic Evenl Sile - Poce Univ.; 1 Poce Plozo; NY, NY Siort Dole - 1/ 28/ 2005 NYC Elile Gymnoslics, Inc Phone - 212-334-3628 levels - W4-1 0 Niogoro Cup Invilolionol Evenl Sile - 3305 Niogaro Foils 8lvd; North Tonowondo, NY Siort Dole - 3/ 11/2005 Niogoro/ Gleoson's Gymnoslics Phone - 716/694-6557 levels- W4-Elile

NORTH CAROLINA Corolino Clossic Evenl Sile - Cobonus Areno ond Evenl Cenle; 4751 NC Hwy. 49N; Concord, NC Siort Dole -1/21/ 2005 Soulheoslern Gymnoslics (enler Phone -704/ 847 ·0785 levels - W4-Elile, prepopl.

Foolhills Froslbile Invite Evenl Sile - 920 291h Ave NE; Hickory, NC Siort Dole - 1/29/ 2005 Foolhills Gymnoslics Phone - 828/ 328-3794 levels -W4-1 0, prepop'-, M4-1 0 Jungle Jom Evenl Sile - 210 Tolbert Poinle Blvd; Mooresville, NC Siort Dole - 2/ 25/ 2005 The Gym Compony llC Phone -704/ 663-7510 levels -W4-6 WNC Chompionships Evenl Sile - 26-A Glendole Ave; Asheville, NC Siort Dole - 3/ 13/2005 Weynelh Elile Gymnoslics Acod Phone - 828/252-8746 levels - W3-10, prepopl.

OHIO 2005 810ine Wilson Ohio Clossic Evenl Sile - 717 Eosl 171hSireel; Columbus, OH Siort Dole - 2/ 18/ 2005 Ohio Gymnoslics lnslilule, Inc. Phone - 330/ 793-5200 levels- M4-Elile 2005 8uckeye Ciossic Evenl Sile - Celesle Cenler/ OH Foirgrounds; 717 E. 171h Ave; Columbus, OH Siort Dole - 2/ 17/ 2005 8uckeye Gymnoslics Phone - 614·895-1611 levels - W4-Elile 2005 Winler Classic Evenl Sile - 1462 Hormony Or; locol School; Tipp City, OH Siort Dole - 2/ 25/ 2005 Gem City Gymnoslics Phone - 937/667-4961 levels- W4-10 Minehart Memoriol Evenl Sile - 1850 Monor Hill Rd; Findloy,OH Siort Dole - 2/ 12/ 2005 Gold Medol Gymnoslics

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TEe H N10 UE • JAN UARY 2005



Member Club Invitational Listing Phone · 419/ 425·4653 Levels- W4·1 0 Sunrise 80ys Gymfest Evenl Sile. P.O. Box 69; Sylvania, OH Siorl Date · 2/ 13/ 2005 Sunrise Gymnoslics Academy Phone· 419/ 841 ·2902 Levels - M4·10 Sunrise Gymfesl Academy Evenl Sile · P.O. Box 69; Sylvania, OH Starl Dole · 3/ 12/2005 Sunrise Gymnastics Academy Phone · 419/ 841 ·2902 Levels · W4·10

OKLAHOMA Bart Conner Invilotional Event Site · 3206 Bart Conner Dr.; Norman, OK Siort Dole · 1/ 28/ 2005 Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy Phone · 4D5/ 447·7500 Levels - M4·1 0 Nadia Comaneci Invitolionol Evenl Sile . 3206 Bart Conner Dr.; Norman, OK Slarl Dole · 2/ 11 / 2005 80rt Conner Gymnoslics Academy Phone · 405/ 447·7500 Levels- W4·Elite Tulsa World Invilolional Evenl Sile . 7020 E38th SI; Tulsa, OK Siort Dole · 1/21/ 2005 Tulsa World of Gymnaslics Phone · 918/664·8683 Levels - W4·Elite

Shamrock Invitational Event Site· 1414 SE 18th Ave #100; Hillsboro, OR Start Dote · 2/ 26/ 2005 Gym·Nestlid. Phone· 503/ 640·6378 Levels - W4·10

Dutch Classic Event Site· 325 Morgantown Rd; Reading, PA Start Date· 2/ 5/ 2005 8erks Gymnastic Academy Phone · 610/ 372-8454 Levels - W4·Elite

PENNSYLVANIA Best 0 the Wesl Evenl Site · 310 Firsl SI; Ellwood City, PA Siort Dole· 2/ 26/ 2005 Gold Medal Gymnaslics Academy Phone · 724/ 752·4133 Levels· W4·7

Friendship Classic Evenl Sile . Martz Hall; 161h& Laurel Blvd.; Pottsville, PA Start Dole· 4/ 1/2005 Pottsville Gymnoslic Training Phone· 570/ 628·4966 Levels· W4·Elile

Chinese New Year Event Sile· 1801 BuIIens Lone; Woodlyn, PA Slart Dale · 1/ 29/ 2005 Delco Training Center Phone· 610/ 876·5005 Levels · W4·9 Coca Colo Brion 80bcock Invilationol 2005 Evenl Site · 401 Martin Lulher King Dr; Allenlown, PA Slart Dole· 1/21/2005 Parkettes Nalionol Gym Center Phone · 610/ 433·0011 Levels - M4·Elile Coca Colo Parkelles Invilotional 2005 Evenl Site · Dieruff HS; 815 N Irving St; Allentown, PA Start Dole· 1/28/ 2005 Porkelles Nolionol Gym Cenler Phone · 610/ 433·0011 Levels - W4·Elite

OREGON Emerald Team Challenge Event Site · 869 Shel~; Springfield, OR Start Dole · 3/ 12/ 2005 Notional Academy of Artistic Gymnaslics Phone · 541/744·2002 Levels - W4-Elite

Dalmatian Classic Event Sile· 513 Dickerson Rood; N.Wales, PA Start Dole· 2/ 4/ 2005 Spirit Gym Training Center Phone · 215/ 699·2900 Levels - W4·10

Fun in the Sun Invilolional Evenl Site· 4382·A Gibsonia Rd; Gibsonia, PA Start Dote· 3/ 12/2005 Northland Gym &Cheerleoding Phone· 724/ 444·3010 Levels· W5·8 Funny 8unny Inv Evenl Sile . 500 N. George Sireet; Hanover, PA Start Dote· 4/ 30/ 2005 Hanover Area Family YMCA Phone · 717/ 632·0195 Levels· W5·6 Hanover Classic Evenl Sile . 500 N. George SI; Hanover, PA Start Dote· 1/19/ 2005 Hanover Area Family YMCA Phone · 717/ 632·0195 Levels - W5·10 Hug and Kiss Meet Evenl Sile . Granado Ave Gym &Fitness; 30 EGranado Ave; Hershey, PA Start Dole· 2/ 12/ 2005 Gymnastic Center of Hershey Phone·717/ 534·1881 Levels- W4·1 0 John Pancoll Invitational Evenl Site· The School 01 Church Form; 1001 Elincoln Hwy; Exlon, PA Start Dote· 3/ 5/ 2005

Speei~lt9 G9mtl~8tie8

John Poncoll Gymnastic Center Phone · 610/ 647·9847 Levels - W4·10

SOUTH CAROLINA Hilton Head Island Gym Invitational Event Site · The Marriott Beach and Golf Re; 1 Halal Circle; Hilton Head Island, SC Siort Dote · 1/ 27/ 2005 Rockdale Gymnastics Phone· 770/ 483·0229 Levels - W4·Elile

John Poncott Invitational Evenl Sile . The School 01 Church Farm; 1001 Elincoln Hwy; Exlon, PA Storl Dole · 2/ 5/ 2005 John Poncoll Gymnaslic Cenler Phone · 610/ 647·9847 Levels - M4·10

SOUTH DAKOTA Rushmore Invilotional Evenl Site · Stevens High School; 1200 44th St; Rapid City, SO Slarl Dote · 2/ 25/ 2005 Jusl Jymnaslics Phone · 605/ 341·5914 Levels- W4·10

Nittony Spring Invitolionol Evenl Sile . Penn Siale University; Rec Hall; Univ. Park, PA Start Dote · 3/ 20/ 2005 Nittony Gymnoslics Academy Phone · 814/ 238·8995 Levels· W4·6

Event Site · Henry BGonzales Conv Clr; 200 E. Market St; Son Antonio, TX Start Date· 2/ 25/ 2005 8rown's Gymnoslics Central Phone· 407/ 869·8744 Levels - W2·10 The Kurt Thomas Invitolional Evenl Site· Dr Pepper Star Center; 2601 Ave. of the Siors; Frisco, TX Start Dole· 2/18/2005 Kurt Thomas Gymnaslics Phone· 214/ 387·4707 Levels· W7 ·Elile

TENNESSEE Gatlinburg Classic Evenl Sile . Gollinburg Convenlion Cenler; Airport Rd; Gollinburg, TN Start Dale· 2/ 25/ 2005 Weyneth Elite Gymnoslics Acod Phone· 828/ 252·8746 Levels- M4·10, W2·10, prepopl., Tl ·9

Ricchels Winlerfesl Evenl Sile . 362 S. Warminster Rd; Holboro, PA Slart Date · 2/ 19/ 2005 Ricochels Gymnoslics Club Phone· 215/328·0900 Levels · W4·8, prepopl.

TEXAS 2005 Heart of Texas Invilotional Evenl Site · Pflugerville HS; Hwy. 1825; Pflugerville, TX Siort Dote · 2/ 12/ 2005 Capilal Gym Super Center Phone · 512/ 251·9105 Levels - W4·Elile

Snowman Invilotionol Evenl Sile· 500 N. George SI; Hanover, PA Slart Dote · 2/ 19/ 2005 Hanover Area Family YMCA Phone · 717/ 632·0195 Levels· W5·6

Dallas Cup Evenl Sile . 9858 Chartwell; Dallas, TX Start Dote · 1/21/2005 Metroplex Gymnastics Phone · 214/ 343·8652 Levels· W4·6

Sweelheart Classic Evenl Sile . 98 Vanadium Rood; 81dg C; Bridgeville, PA Slart Date · 2/ 11 / 2005 Gymsport Gymnastics Phone · 412·220·1195 Levels - W4·10

Houston North Presidenls Day Invilotionol Evenl Sile . Lone Slar Convention Clr; 9055 Airport Rd; Conroe, TX Start Dole · 2/ 18/2005 Houslon North Gym &Tumbling Phone · 281 ·894·8400 Levels - M4·Elile

UTAH 2005 Black Diamond Winter Classic Evenl Sile . 6400 N. Business Park Loop; Basin Rec. Field House; Park City, UT Start Dole · 3/ 4/ 2005 Block Diamond Gym &Sports Cen Phone· 435/ 615·1800 Levels - W2·Elite

Metroplex Challenge Event Site· Dallas Convenlion Cenler; 650 SGriffen; Dallas, TX Start Dole · 1/ 21 / 2005 Melroplex Gymnastics Phone · 214/ 343·8652 Levels - W4·Elile River Walk Classic

Crystal Cup Evenl Site · Sherolon City Centre Holel; 150 West 500 S; Salt Lake City, UT Start Dole · 1/ 21 / 2005 Olympus School of Gymnaslics Phone· 801/566·3295 Levels - W4·Elile

Temple Boys' Invitalional Evenl Sile . McGonigle Hall 106; Philadelphia, PA Start Dote · 2/ 25/ 2005 Temple University Men and 80ys Phone· 215/ 204·7452 Levels - M4·10

John Mccready Flip Fest Invilolionol Evenl Sile . Knoxville Convenlion Clr; 525 Henley SI; Knoxville, TN Start Dale· 1/21 / 2005 Premier Gymnastics &Tumbling Phone · 865/ 588·2105 Levels - W4·10, prepopl., M4· Elile, Tl·Elile

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2005 )>----------------=3-:::9--.

Member Club Invitational Listing Rodeo Round·Up Event Site · 9683 South Sandy Porkwoy; Sondy, UT Start Dote · 5/ 14/ 2005 Olympus School of Gymnastics Phone· 801 / 566·3295 levels· W4·6

III always want the best for

all my gyms. AcctSum







April Adventure Invite Event Site· 140BB KSullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA Start Date · 4/ 16/ 2005 ChantillyAcodemy Phone· 703/ 378-4966 levels- W4·1 0

, , , "-


Excalibur Cup Event Site· Ocean lokes HS; 885 Schumon Drive; Virginia Beach, VA Start Dote· 2/11/2005 Excalibur Gymnastics Phone· 757/ 499·8258 levels - WHlite, prepopt.


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That's why I switched ...


February Frolic Invite Event Site· 14088 KSullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA Stort Dote· 2/ 12/ 2005 Chantilly Academy Phone· 703/ 378·4966 levels- W4·1 0


//::'to ProSchool // software."

Flower Power Invite Event Site· 14088 KSullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA Start Date · 4/ 30/ 2005 Chantilly Academy Phone · 703/378-4966 levels- W4·10




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Rita Brown, President Brown's Gymnastics "Training Centers "-


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VIRGINIA 11 th Annual Beach Invitotional Event Site · 912 AProfessional Ploce; Chesapeake, VA Start Dote · 1/22/ 2005 Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone · 757/ 547·0169 levels- W4·Elite


www.aegro up .com

.-1-::4-:::0- - -- -- - - -- - - -----«

Merry March Invite Event Site· 14088 KSullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA Start Dote· 3/ 5/ 2005 Chantilly Academy Phone· 703/ 378-4966 levels - W4·10 Mother May I Invitational Event Site · 709 Middle Ground Blvd.; Ste 117b; Nwprt Nws CIy, VA Start Dote · 4/ 24/ 2005 World Closs Gymnastics llC Phone · 757/ 873·6440 levels· W4·5 Presidents Day Invite Event Site· 14023 Noblewood Plaza Dr; Woodbridge, VA Start Dote · 2/ 19/ 2005 Youth Sports Virginia Training Phone· 703·590·8400 levels- M4·10 Spit and Polish Extravaganza Event Site· 10615 Rhoads Dr.; Fredericksburg, VA Start Dote· 5/8/2005 Paragon Gymnastics of VA Phone · 540/ 548-4966 levels· W2-4 Shamrock Invitational Event Site· 912 AProfessional Place; Chesapeake, VA Start Dote· 3/ 19/ 2005 Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics


Phone· 757/ 547·0169 levels· W4·8 Spring Fling Event Site· 912 AProfessional Ploce; Chesapeoke, VA Start Date· 4/ 16/ 2005 OceanTumblers Gymnastics Phone · 757/ 547·0169 levels· W4·7 Sweetheart invitotional Event Site· 912 AProfessionol Place; Chesapeake, VA Start Date· 2/1 2/ 2005 Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone· 757/ 547·0169 levels - W4·10 Virginia Beach Classic Event Site · 5644 Parliament Drive; Virginia Beach, VA Start Date· 2/ 4/ 2005 Gymstrada Gymnastic School Phone· 757/ 499·B591 levels - W3·1 0

WASHINGTON Bunny·Hop Invitational Event Site· 6B22 S. 190th; Kent, WA Start Date · 3/ 5/ 2005 Metropoliton Gymnastics, Inc. Phone · 206/ 575-413B levels- M4·7, W4·1 0 Coaches Cup Invitotional Event Site· 6822 S. 190th; Kent, WA Stort Date · 1/22/2005 Metropolitan Gymnastics, Inc. Phone · 206/ 575·4138 levels - M4·8, W4·10 Dawg Pound Invite Event Site · Bank of America Arena; Univ. of Wash.; SeaHle, WA Start Dote · 4/ 10/ 2005 Cascade Elite Gymnostics Phone · 425/672·6887 levels· W4·7 Gymnastics Unlimited Invitational Event Site · 30611 16th Ave S; Federal Way, WA Stort Dote · 4/ 9/ 2005 Gymnastics Unlimited, Inc. Phone · 253/ 815·0998 levels· W4·6 Mt Boker Thone Cloy Memorial Event Site · 171 0 Express Drive; Bellingham, WA Start Dote · 1/ 22/2005 leading Edge Gymnastic Academy Phone · 360/ 733-6969 levels - M4·Elite Mystery Classic Event Site,. ~0611 16th Avenue S.; Federol Way, VIA Start Dote ~ '3/4/2005, Gymnastics Unlimited, Inc. Phone· 253/ 815·099B levels· W4·10 Rainier Cup Event Sit~ . 30611 16th Ave S; Federal Way, WA Start Dote · 2/ 6/ 2005 Gymnastics Unlimited, Inc. Phone · 253/ 815·0998 levels· W4·10

Start Date· 3/ 12/ 2005 Black Hills Gymnostics Phone· 360/ 413·9855 levels - W4·1 0

WEST VIRGINIA GForce Boys Invitational Event Site · 226 Vista del Rio Drive; Morgantown, WV Start Date· 2/ 19/ 2005 West Virginia Gym Training Center Phone· 304/ 292·5559 levels- M4·10 Mountaineer Classic Event Site· 226 Vista del Ria Drive; Morgantown, WV Start Date · 2/ 12/ 2005 West Virginia Gym Training Cen Phone · 304/ 292·5559 levels - W4·Elite

WISCONS IN 2005 Scamps Bliuard Invitational Event Site· 5711 77th Street; Kenosha, WI Start Dote· 1/29/ 2005 Scamps Gymnastics Phone· 262/ 694·0805 levels· W7·10

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Spring Fest Event Site · 3939 12th Ave SE Bldg 4; lacey, WA

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SPORTS ACRO PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES NEW ORLEANS, LA, NOVEMBER 5-7, 2004 I. ROLL CALL Jola Jones, Ch air Ivaylo Katsov, Elite Committee Chair Selena Peco, JO Committee Chair Linda Ocm and, Technical Committee Chair Arthur Davis, Athlete Representativel Tonya Case, FIG Representative2 (non-voting) Dr. Jay Binder, USAG Membership Director (non-voting) Caris a Laughon, SAPO (non-voting) 1. Par ticipa ted by conference call for portions of the meeting. Pa rticipa ted in vo ting as ind icated. 2. Participated by conference call for portio ns o f the meeting .

II. PROGRAM COMMITTEE STRUCTURE AND RESPONSIBILITIES Jola and Carisa expressed their sincere gratitude to the Program Committee members who have completed their terms, Jay and Alexa. Their trem endous efforts and tireless work is greatly appreciated. The newly elected committee m embers, Ivaylo, Selena, and Arthur, were warmly welcomed. Jola, Carisa, and Jay provided the new program committee m embers w ith an orientation of the Program Committee's structure and responsibility. Committee responsibilities were officially transferred to the new members.

Additionally level 8-10 athletes m eeting the age requirements for the Fland ers Acro Cup are also invited to participate. No awards will b e presented . iii. National Team Training Camp Na tional Team and elite athletes are invited to participate in a training camp w hich w ill take place the Monday after the Belgium Selection Cam p . National Team Members and elites and their coaches w ill participate in training sessions, judges' critiqu e, and team building activities during this time. All National Team Members are encouraged to attend. iv. Flanders International Aero Cup The Flanders International Acro Cup w ill be held in Puurs, Belgium fro m March 28-April 3, 2005. Athletes w ill be selected from the Belgium Selection Camp to attend this event. Competition will b e conducted at the lAG 11-16 level, lAG 12-19 level, senior level, and World Cup. v. Fast Track Clinics The third part of the first fast tracks coaches' clinic w ill be conducted in the Fall of 2005. The Fast Tracks clinics focus on coach education for a sm all group of developing optional coaches. This clinic session w ill focus on skill technique. Options for internation al clinicians are being explored . vi. World Games World Gam es w ill be held in Duisburg, Germany from July 14-24, 2005, w ith the acro competition scheduled for July 14-17. The USA has qualified one Mixed Pair and one Women's Trio into the event.

: vii. National Championships . National Ch ampionships is targeted to be held immediately following World Games from July 20-28, 2005. Host cities in the The Program Committee gave their recommendation for the approval Midwest are still being explored. of the 2005-08 Acrobatics Gymnastics Strategic Plan and 2005 Acrobati c Gymnastics budget by email in October. : viii.National Team Trials Na tional Team Trials are scheduled for Aug 10-13 in Indiana polis. The completed 2005-08 USA Gymnastics Strategic Plan and 2005 This competition will take place w ith the USA Gymnastics Acrobatic Gymnastics budget were distributed to the committee and Ch ampionships for Women's and Men's Artistic and RhythmiC briefly reviewed again. It was noted that additional funds are being Gynmastics. Na tional Team Trials is the second of two events used directed towards funding of athlete international travel and coach in the selection of the Junior and Senior National Teams. Therefore education. all elite athletes are invited to attend. Additionally, National Team Trials will also be used as the selection competition for the Freedom IV. 2005 EVENTS Cup. Level 8-10 athletes meeting the Freedom Cup age requirements are invited to attend. i. Super Clinic The anJ1ual Super Clinic w ill be held January 15-17, 2005. Carisa is : ix. Freedom Cup exploring options to have the clinic in IndianapoliS. The clinic will The Freedom Cup is targeted to be held November 9-13, 2005 in focus on coach and judge educa tion and w ill not include an athlete the Washington, D.C. area. The USA will send a national team and clinic. There w ill be educational training for experienced and new international countries wi ll be invited to attend with club teams judges and coaches. For judges, educational focus w ill include and / or national teams. It is planned for part of the competition to new international and USA competitive rules, use of the Tables of be a World Cup B event. The selection of USA athletes will be done Difficul ty, judge certification, re-certification and upgrade testing. at National Team Trials. For coaches, educa tional focus w ill include new international and USA rules, athlete conditioning & fl exibili ty, skill technique, d rills, Freedom Cup age categories include: 9-17 years of age, w ith and athlete nutrition. Specific sessions w ill also be conducted for new m aximum difference of 7 yea rs competing with 11-16 lAG rules; 10coaches instructing them on starting a program, partnering athletes, 19 years of age, with m ax imum difference of 8 yea rs competing w ith and training the compulsory routines and skills. 12-19 lAG ru les; 12+ years of age competing w ith senior international ii. Belgium Selection Camp requirements; World Cup - 15+ years of age competing w ith senior A selection camp w ill be held either February 26-27 or February 19international requirements. 20, 2005 to select athletes to attend the 2005 Flanders Acro Cup and V. NATIONAL TEAM SELECTION PROCEDURES World Cu p in Belgium. The selection camp will consist of training Recommendation of selection to the Senior National Team as time includ ing informal judge critiques and scheduled competition environment. All Na tional Team and elite athletes are invited . follows:



- - - --

- - - --

- --


TECHNIQUE路 JAN UA RY 2005 )---------------~4~'--.1

• Only senior elite athletes are eligible. • Athletes must fully participate in the Na tional Championships and National Team Trials competitions. • The first two pair/groups in each discipline, determined by the sum of total scores from Na tional Championships and Na tional Tea m Trials, meeting the minimum difficulty and score requirements are automatically selected. • A third pair / group in each discipline w ill be selected by the progra m committee from among pair / groups m eeting the minimum difficulty and score requirements. The third selection is at the discretion of the program committee and does not necessarily need to be th e third ranked pair / group. • Provisional minimum difficulty is: 100 for tempo and 130 for balance and combined . Minimum di ffic ulty is calculated for each exercise. • Provisional minimum scores are: 54.0 for three exercises and 90.0 for five exercises for a total of 144.0. Minimum scores are calculated as the sum of the execution and artistry score less performance related arbiter deductions. Comparison to minimum requirement is done for the total score from both Na tional Championships and National Team Trials. • Provisional minimum difficulty and score w ill be evaluated throu gh the start of the competition season. Final difficulty and score minimums w ill be published by April 15, 2005. Motion: JJ Second: IK Unanimousl Recommendation of selection to the Junior National Team as follows: • Only junior elite athletes are eligible. • Athletes must fully participate in the National Championships and National Team Trials competitions. • The first two pair /groups in each discipline, determined by the sum of total scores from Na tional Championships and National Team Trials, meeting the minimum difficulty and score requirem ents are automatically selected. • A third pair / group in each discipline will be selected by the program committee from among pair / groups meeting the minimum difficulty and score requirem ents. The third selection is at the discretion of the program committee and d oes not necessarily need to be the third ranked pair / group. • Provisional minimum difficulty is: 80 for tempo and 110 for balance and combined. Minimum difficulty is calculated for each exercise. • Provisional minimum scores are: 54.0 for three exercises and 90.0 for five exercises for a total of 144.0. Minimum scores are calculated as the sum of the execution and artistry score less performance related arbiter dedu ctions. Comparison to minimum requirement is done for the total score from both Na tional Championships and National Team Trials. • Provisional minimum difficulty and score will be evaluated through the start of the competition season. Final difficulty and score minimums will be published by April 15, 2005. Motion: SP Second: Lb Unanimous

VI. JUNIOR OLYMPIC NATIONAL TEAM The Program Committee spent time discu ssing the establishment of a Junior Olympic National Team for level 8-10 athletes. The purpose of the Junior Olympic National Team is to recognize top JO competitors and encourage them to continue in their competitive development towards the elite level. This level of national team would greatly benefit the athletes, coaches, and program in the US. Junior Olympic National Team athletes would be invited to attend special training camps and international competitions and the coaches would receive additional development opportunities. Requirements of and selection procedures to the Junior Olympic Na tional Team are yet to be developed.

VII. GENERAL INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION SELECTIONS Unless a special selection camp or competition is scheduled, the Progra m Committee will review performance at the most recent national-level competition (i.e. Na tional Championships or Nationa l Team Trials), national athlete clinic or training camp,


and / or international com petition in order to select athle tes for internationa l assignm ents. National Team pair / groups have priority for international assignments.

VIII. INTERNATIONAL JUDGES' COURSE The committee discussed the possibili ty of hosting an International Jud ges' Co urse in conj unction with Freedom Cup in November of 2005. Participation in the International Judges' Co urse is by invitation .

IX. SPORTS ACROBATICS PROGRAM NAME CHANGE The Sports Acrobatics program w ill ch ange its name to Acrobatic Gymnastics effective Janu ary 1, 2005. This ch ange is made in an effort to follow the direction of the FIG.



Recommended changes to the petition process: In order to submit a petition for Na tional Championships, pair / must have competed at either a groups state or regional championships w ith the same parhlers, and have earned the respective Na tionals qualification score. For Na tional Championships, all petitions must be submitted within one week (post-marked) following the last regional championships competition. For all States and Regionals, petitions must be submitted to the Regional Administra tive Chair within one week (post-marked) after the last qualification competition. EachRegionalAdministrativeCommitteeChairmustsubmitalistof all peti tionswithin theirregion to the Nationa l Office within one week following Regional Championships (post-marked). For injury or illness petitions, doctors' notes submitted as documentationm ustinclude the da te of injury / illness and diagnOSiS of condition. For injury or illness petitions, coaches must present a doctor's clea rance to the Regional Administrative Ch ari or the Sr. Program Director before the petitioned pair / group can begin competition. Motion: IK Second: JJ Unanimous

XI. PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS Recommendation to amend the Participation Requirements as follows: • Pair / groups must compete at their own State and Regional Cham pionshi ps. • Pair / groupsmaycompeteinotherStateandRegionalChampionships competition as wanted or needed. Motion: JJ Second: La Unanimous

XII. INQUIRY/APPEALS PROCESS Recommendation to permanently use the appeals process used at the 2004 National Championships with the revisions as indicated: • The cost for an appeal is $20. If a coach is not satisfied with the panel's decision to the appeal, for an additional $20 the coach can request for the appeal to go to the Jury of Appeals. • In order for the Jury of Appeals to change the decision of the panel, the video must be conclusive. If the video is inconclusive, the panel's d ecision will be upheld. Motion: SP Second: IK Unanimous

XIII.COMPETITION ATTIRE Recommendation to revise ilie Sports Acrobatics Program's rules regarding competition attire to match the FIG Acrobatic Gymnastics Code of Points. Motion: JJ Second: La Unanimous

TEe HN' au E • JAN UARY 2005

)>-- - - - - -- - - -- - - - -

XIV. TEAM AWARDS Recommendation to amend the awarding of Team Awards at all events, including National Championships, as follows: • Team awards will be given for levels 5-10 and Elite • Minimum of two event entries to qualify as a "Team" for a designated level • Competition placement will be converted into points (see table below). Teams earn points for one entry per event. The team with the highest point total will receive the first place team award. The team with the second highest point total will receive the second place team award. And the team with the third highest point total will receive the third place team award. Team awards are given for first through third place only. 1st place = 5 points 2nd place = 4 points 3rd place = 3 points 4th place = 2 points 5th place and below = 1 point • Ties in competition placement are awarded the saine point conversion. • Ties in team totals are not broken. Motion: SP Second: JJ Unanimous

experience will be considered. Motion: La Second: IK Unanimous The Program Committee would like for the National Technical Committee to discuss ideas and bring forth suggestions for the annual evaluation of judges' performance at National Championships.

XVIII.NATIONAL JO COMMITTEE Recommendation to accept the National JO Committee Minutes from the July 31, 2004 meeting held in Palm Springs, CA. Motion: JJ Second: SP Unanimous The Program Committee would like for the National JO Committee bring forth suggestions for the sanctioning of coaches during competitions for inappropriate behavior. Milllltes npproved by USA GY"l1fflStics President, Rohert Colarossi 011 December 1, 2004.

XV. SKILL EVALUATION REQUESTS Recommendation to amend the skill evaluation process as follows: • April 1st is the post-marked deadline for the submission of all evaluation requests. Requests submitted after this date will not be evaluated. • All evaluation requests must be submitted on the USA Evaluation Form. Incomplete, illegible, or unclear forms will not be evaluated. • A sub-committee of coaches and judges will be established to rate submitted elements for use in the US. The following individuals will be asked to participate on the committee: Tonya Case, Jola Jones, Ivaylo Katsov, Selena Peco, and Nancy Davis. Motion: La Second: IK Unanimous All previous element supplements are no longer valid. Elements previously rated for US use that are not included in the 2005 FIG Tables of Difficulty will be re-evaluated, based on the new Tables of Difficulty, and published in a 2005 Element Supplement.

SPORTS ACROBATICS JUNIOR OLYMPIC COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND, NOVEMBER 15, 2004 I. ROLL CALL Selena Peco, Chair & Region 3 Nancy Davis, Region 1 Lee Hatfield, Region 2 Linda Porter, Region 4 Illya Demyanyuk, Region 5 Resi Buell-Size, Region 7 Linda Ocmand, NTCC Carisa Laughon, SAPD (non-voting) Janet Von Bargen, guest


i. Level 4 Men's Group: T #3 - keep existing skill and add option of "T does _ front pike or layout salto dismount from sit on basket, supported on landing by B1". This tempo option must show flight from basket to floor. ii. Level 6 Women's Group: 2A - Replace existing skill with the following skill: Band M lying on back, T in double supported tuck position on straight arms of bases (3"), transition to double supported pike (3") .

XVI. NATIONAL TEAM AND ELITE TRAINING PROGRAM The Program Committee would like for the National Elite Committee to develop ideas and plans for an annual training schedule, including training camps, competitions and individual training programs that will be beneficial to the National Team and elite athletes.

XVII.NATIONAL TECHNICAL COMMITTEE Recommendation to accept the National Technical Committee minutes from the July 25, 2004 in Palm Springs, CA as amended. • Increase Local rated judge pay by $2 for an hourly rate of $14. • All judges are required to complete a minimum of four hours of gym observation by July 31st of each season. Gym observation can be done at a Super Clinic with athletes, athlete clinic, international competition, or during a training session at a gym. If four hours are not completed by July 31st, the judge will not be permitted to judge the following season until the requirement is complete. Judges will keep track of gym observation time by completing a card including date and location of observation and head instructor's signature. Card will be periodically sent to the Regional Technical Chair fur record keeping. Motion: JJ Second: SP Unanimous Recommendation to assign the panel judges at National Championships by draw. State rated and above judges are eligible to judge at National Championships. If additional judges are needed, Local rated judges with at least one year - - - - - - - --

- --

Recommendation to make the following modifications to Levels 4-7:

Women's Group: 2B - Replace existing skill with the following skill: Band M standing, T in double supported high tuck (3"). Motion: SP Second: LP Passes - unanimous b.

Recommendation to make the following modifications to Level 8: i. A 1800 twist must be performed in at least one dynamic skill w ith minimum 1/ 4 rotation during the dynamic exercise. A compulsory element with a 180 0 or greater twist and a minimum 1/ 4 rotation can fulfill this requirement, or a 180 0 twist may be added to one compulsory element or performed as an optional element. The additional value for the 180 0 twist can be added to the value of the compulsory skill. Additional twists can be added to any compulsory element as long as it does not exceed the maximum skill value. ii. Mixed Pair Balance - the height of the scales were clarified as follows : row 1 #2 - low scale; row 1 # 5 medium scale; row 1 # 6 - low scale.

- - - - - - i ( TEe HN I QUE • JAN UARY 2005

)>-- - --------------=-4-=3--1

iii . Minimum and maximum va lues for elements were adjusted as follows: Pair Balance V1- 6 Pair Dynamic V 1 - 14 Women's Group Balance V 4 - 16 Women's Group Dynamic V 1-14 Men's Group Balance V 4 - 16 Men's Group Dynamic VI - 10 Individual Elements VI - 10 iv. Compulsory elements from SAWAGG that have a rating = 0, wi ll receive value = 1 for Level 8. v. Linda Ocmand will ask for clarification at the Acro Intercontin ental Judges' Course if an aerial cartwheel is considered a Category 2 saito. If so, the requirements for individual elements will remain the same. If not, the requirement for a saIto will be removed from the d ynamic exercise. vi. For men's pair, new values for the skills with the top on head and one hand of base are not found in the FIG Tables of Difficulty. Therefore, the values of these skills will remain the same until clarification is given by the FIG. vii. Maximum and allowance difficulty values for an exercise are adjusted as follows . A difficulty conversion chart w ill be crea ted for Level 8, with maximum difficulty value equal to a 10.0 difficulty score. Level 8 Dynamic

Balance Maximum Allowance Pairs & Groups



Maximum Allowance 30

Level 9 Dynamic


Minimum Pairs & Groups

I Maximum I Allowance





"lD left the meeting

iii. Must follow exercise restrictions as outlined in the FIG Code of Points. iv. Special requirements for Individual Elements at Levels 9 & 10: 1. In Balance, minimum 4 individual elements. Each partner must show balance, agility, flexibility and choreographic characteristics. Missing characteristics result in special requirement penalty of-1.0. 2. In Tempo, minimum 4 individual elements, one may be choreographic. Must have at least one saito in a series. 3. All partners must perform individual elements of the same characteristic simultaneously or in immediate succession. Linked elements in a series must be performed in the same characteristic order by all partners. 4. A special requirement penalty of-1.0 w ill be taken per missing individual element requirement. v. Minimum, maximum and allowance difficulty values for an exercise are adjusted as follows. A difficulty conversion chart will be crea ted for Level 9, with maximum difficulty value equal to a 10.0 difficulty score.







e. Recommendation to make the following modifications to Level 10: i. Revised special requirements: 1. Pairs Tempo - one hand to hand or foot to hand catch, minimum V6. 2. Women's and Men's Group Balance - a minimum of one pyramid ofrninimum V12 (value of the top including transition value + the value of the base without transition value). ii. New special requirements for Women's and Men's Group Balance - Only one pyramid with two tops working (Category 2). iii.Must follow exercise restrictions as outlined in the FIG Code of Points. iv. Level 10 Individual Element special requirements are the same as Level 9. v. Minimum and maximum difficulty values for an exercise are adjusted as follows . The 12-19 difficulty conversion chart in the FIG Tables of Difficulty will be used for Level 10, with maximum difficulty value equal to a 10.0 difficulty score. No difficulty allowance is set. Therefore, pairs and groups may p erform difficulty above the maximum with no penalty, but difficulty will only be scored to the maximum va lue indicated. Level 10 Balance

Motion: LH Second: SP Passed - unanimous

d . Recommendation to make the following modifications to Level 9: i. Revised special requirements: 1. For pairs and groups, the maximum value of a dynamic skill is V14. 2. Women's and Men's Group Balance - three pyramids with minimum V6 (value of the top including transition value + the value of the base without transition value). ii. New special requirements for Women's and Men's Group Balance - Only one pyramid with two tops working (Category 2).


Minimum Maximum

Motion: SP Second: RBS Passed - unanimous


c. Levels 9 and 10 Women's Group: Recommendation that if either or both of the tops in a Category 2 pyramid perform the stated requirements, this pyramid can satisfy the special requirements of: 1) one transition of the top minimum V3; and/or 2) the top must perform a handstand in a minimum of one pyramid. Motion: RBS Second: ID Passed - 6/0/1 (abstention by La)




Minimum Maximum Pairs & Groups





Minimum Maximum 50



Motion: LH Second: ND Passed - unanimous The exercise difficulty minimums and maximums for levels 8,9, & 10 established above are provisional. Theses values will be reviewed by the National J.O. committee through the beginning of the season and adjusted if necessary. Finalized exercise difficulty requirements will be published by April 30, 2005 f.Recommendation to use the SAWAGG forbidden elements for Levels 8-10. Motion: LH Second: ND Passed - unanimous g.Recommendation not to mandate that pair/groups move to a higher level if they finish in first place at National Championships. Motion: SP Second: LH Passed - unanimous h.Past technical clarifications - The JO Committee greatly appreciates the efforts of Jola Jones in combining all previous technical clarifications into a single document and removing items which are no longer relevant. Selena will send this list of clarifications to the JO Committee for review prior to being published. i.Recommendation that the Junior Olympic age groups be restructured as follows: 11 and under 12-14 year old 15-16 years old 17 and over Pairs and groups fit into the age categories above based on the age of the oldest partner. Motion: RBS Second: SP Passed - unanimous j. The JO Committee will delelop a written description of the FIG Individual Elements for inclusion in the specifications book. This document will list the elements according to their category: balance, flexibility, agility, choreographic. The JO Committee thanked Janet Von Bargen for her work to crea te this list.

.....-=-4-=4----- - - -- - - - - - - - j ( TECHNIQUE â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 2005

)r-- - - - - - - - -- - - - --

k. Recommendation to u se the Table of Faults as published in the FIG Code of Points for all levels of our Junior Olympic program. Motion: NO Second: SP Passed - unanimous *LP left the meeting

1. Recommendation to revise qualification scores fo r State, Regional, and National Championships as follows: QUdlifying sco re

Qualifying score

Qualifying score

for S tates

for Regionals

for Nationls

Level 6




Level 7






m. Recommended adjustment for finals qualification: If a competition has 20-24 entri~s i.n one level a?~ age ~roup, the t~p 8 pairs or groups from prelImmary competition Will compete m finals. Motion: RBS Second: LH Passed - unanimous n. The JO Committee discussed issues related to competition attire and the stricter lUles established by the FIG. The commIttee agreed to u se the stricter rules in the FIG Co<;'e of Point for our Junior Olympic program. Howevel; for this first yeal; paIrs and groups can wear leotards from previous seasons that may not meet the new requirements w ithout penalty. ThIS exception IS for US competitions only. Competition attire restrictions and penalties from previous seasons w ill continue to be enforced.

Level B





Level 9




l evel 10








. a. Recommendation to establish minimum age requirements for levels 9 and 10 as follows: Minimum age to compete at Level 9 is age 8 Minimum age to compete at Level 10 is age 9 Motion: NO Second: LO Passed - unanimous

Level 10 pair / groups who wish to exhibit a combined exercise. at National Championships must earn a 19.0 for the combmed exerCise at their qualifying competition. The qualification score are provisional and w ill be evaluated through the early part of the season. Finalized scores w ill be publIshed by April 30, 2005. Motion: NO Second: SP Passed - unanimous

b. Level 6 and 7 Individual Elements will be revised to be the same as Level 8. c. The JO Committee was asked to develop ideas related to a

Jwuor Olympic National Team, coach sanctioning, and warm-up procedures for competitions. These ideas would be discussed at future meetings.

~ Mi1lutes approved by USA Gymna stics Presiden t, Robert Co la ross ; Oil December 1, 2004.


Former Gymnast DAVE STOLDT Receives 2005 NCAA Silver Anniversary Award The NCAA Honors Committee announced the six NCAA Silver Anniversary Award recipients for 2005, which includes former Uni versity of Illinois Gymnast Dave Stoldt. The Silver Anniversary Award recognizes former student-athletes who have distinguished themselves since completing their college athletics careers 25 yea rs ago. In addition to Stoldt, the honorees for 2005 are: Mark Johnson, Unive rsity of Wisconsin, Madison, men's ice hockey Gary Lawrence, Yale Unive rsity, men's ice hockey and men's golf Paul McDonald, Uni versity of Southern California, football • Greg Meredith, University of Notre Dame, men's ice hockey • Joan Benoit Samuelson, Bowdoin College, track and field and field hockey Stoldt walked on to the gymnastics squad at Illinois and became a four-year letter-win ner. He earned a national championship in the pommel horse in 1980 and was the 1979 and 1980 Big Ten champion. The two-time all-American and NCAA postgraduate scholarship recipient captained the team during the 1979-80 seaso n. Stoldt is founder and principal of Commonwealth Pacific Ventures, established in 1999, and has been chief financi al officer for nAscent BioSciences Inc. since 2004. He formerly served as managi ng principal for the Enviro nmental Resource Finance Group from 1997 to 2000 and worked as a vice-president at PaineWebber Inc. for 10 years. From 1982 to 1985, Stoldt was a planner-engineer with Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -----1(

Bill II Meade



Since 2000, Stoldt has been chair, vice-chai r and a member of the Hopkinton (Massachusetts) School Board and is a boardmember of the Unive rsity of Illinois Civi l and Environmental Engi neering Alumni Association. In addition, he is a founding financial contributor to the Fi ghting Illini Men's Gymnastics Endowment Fund.


By A. B. Frederick Bill Meade, the venerable coach of Southern Illinois University, passed away Friday, November 26. He was one of two Penn State athletes making an immense impact on gymnastics in the U.S. Meade's teammate, Harold Frey, is the other one. Both men ca me under the influence of Eugene Wettstone, the "Dean" of American coaches, and were inspired to pursue gymnastics coaching after graduation. Frey was a founde r of USA Gymnastics. Meade is a former administrator for the nationa l governing body. His early leadership helped the new organization, then the United States Gymnastics Federation, to grow. Meade learned gymnastics at Warren High School in Pennsylvania. He wo n state titles in tumbling and parallel bars in 1941. Although enrolled at Penn State in 1942, he entered military service shortly thereafter. He returned to the Nittany Lions after the war competing for Penn State from 1947-49. He was the EIGL tumbling champion in 1948 and 1949. After graduation he coached for seven years at the University of North Carolina and then moved on to Carbondale, Ill. where he coached the SIU team until it was dropped as a varsity sport in the late eighties. His most "seasoned" gymnasts that first yea r were Roger Counsil and Chuck Ehrlich. Counsil later coached Kurt Thomas at Indiana State University and became Executive Director of the USGF after the departure of Frank Bare. Eight years later, in 1964, coach Meade's team won the first of four NCAA team .titles (1964, 1966, 1967 and 1972) having been runner up for three years pnor to 1964. The "Salu kis" were a power to contend with for a decade under the brash but lova ble coach. Meade recruited a number of prominent gymnasts to his program including Olympians Fred Orlofsky and Rusty Mitchell who went on to coach at Eastern Michigan and the University of New Mexico, respectively. Another Meade gymnast, Bruno Klaus, founded one the most successful gymnastics camps in the world known as the International Gymnastics Training Camp near East Stroudsburg, Pa ., and yet another Meade gymnast, Kevin Mazeika, has been one of America's most successful Olympic and World Championships coaches. After "Southern" lost its team, Meade was hired by the NGB to work as an administrator. Later he founded Podium International, a company which sets up podia in accord with FIG specifications for gymnastics meets. Meade was retired living in Carbondale, Ill.

Coach Meade will be missed by all those who knew him!


TECHNIQUE· JAN UA RY 200 5 )}--------------~4~5.....

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January .. ........... ..... Dec. 10 February ................. Jan. 10 March ......... ............ Feb. 10 ApriL ... .... ... ... ..... .. .. Mar.. 10 May ..... ... ...... ..... ... . Apr. 10 June ...... .... .. ... ...... . May 10 July ............ ..... ...... June 10 August ...... ............. July 10 Sept/Oct. ... .... ........ . Aug. 10 Nav./Dec . ..... ..... ... .. Ocf. 10

NOTE: If the 10th falls on a weekenrl or holirlay, the precerling work rlay is consirlererl the rlearlline.



Mail your arl anrl payment to: USA Gymnastics, PanAmerican Plaza 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 Indianapolis, tN 46225 or fox to 317·237·5069. IF YOU FAX, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE AND SIGNATURE. Please designate if your ad should appear in Technique magazine or USA Gymnastics magazine. ADS SUBMtTIED WITHOUT PAYMENT WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. USA GymnastiCS reserves the right to vary format. Technique is received by more than 16,000 USA Gymnastics professional members !Ius thousands of viewers will be expose to your ad online. Advertise your employment opportunity, product, service, or comp'etition here for great resulls. Questions? Call Luan Peszek at 317-829-5646.

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•l .




..... .

,. f


Visa is proud to support early Patterson, U.S. Olympic Team Hopeful. I


USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

PAID Indianapolis, IN Permil No. 7867


1005 SAFETY CERTIFICATION SCHEDULE The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most current schedule.

Alwood, KS 67730: 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sacred Heart School, 101 Logan St Directions; Diane Sis 785-626-0369 Course code: RWOI 092005KS Instructor: Raleigh Wilson 307-745-8302


*Time and date subject to change. See for updates.

Januarl 2005 6




Portland, OR 97207; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Multnomah Athletic Club, 1849 SW Salmon St Directions: Jennifer Bohlen-Anderson 503-223-6251 ext 242 Course code: DAOI0620050R Instructor: Debbie Anderson 541 -496-3692

Sumter, SC 29150; 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sumter YMCA, 50 Willow Drive Directions: Ryan Stewart/Jennifer Rowell 803-773-1404 Course code: KB01142005SC Instructor: Kimberly Boyd 803-348-2693


New Orleans, LA: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Cotton Mill Room, Hampton Inn and Suites Directions: Stacy Herbert 504-885-8225 Course code: JBOI 072005LA Instructor: AJay Binder 504-885-8225

Wichita, KS; 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Heskett Center, Wichita State University Directions: Mark Folger 316-733-7525 Course code: JSOl162005KS Instructor: James SampeI913-764-8282


Erlanger, KY 41018; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Funnastics Directions: Renee Reiter 859-426-7777 Course code: BMOl212005KY Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430


Levelland, TX 79336; I:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Acrospirits, 407 WHwy 114 Directions: Sherry Mulkey 806-897-3120

Fullerton, CA 92831 ; 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. P.E. Bldg. Calif. State Univ, 800 N. State College Blvd. *So. Calif. Mini-Congress Directions: Glen Vaughan 619-286-9437 Course code: GV01082005CA Instructor: Glen Vaughan 619-286-9437

Course code: PCOl232005TX Instructor: Patti Conner 806-771 -2519

Februarl 2005 25

little River (North Myrtle Beach), SC 29566; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Gymnastics and More, 4613 lightkeepers Way, Unit I0-1 *new location please call for directions Directions: Louie liguouri 843-390-5867 Course code: KB02252005SC Instructor: Kimberly Boyd 803-348-2693



(Minimum age for Safety Certification is

r6 years)

Name: _ _ __ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Mole or Female: Professional or Instructor #: _ _ _ _ __ Current Safety Exp. Dote: Soc. Sec. # _ ___________ Birth Dale:_ _ _ __ _ __ Address:_ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ City:




Telephone: (HI Course Code: Course City/ State: Form of Payment:


o VISA o MasterCard o Discaver o American Express



Pro-Member with Current Safety Certification wishing to r~certi~ at live course .............:.: ....:................ Pro-Member with Expired or New Safety Certification ............ Instructor Member ................................................................ Non-Member or Associate Member ........................................

• You must have your USA Gymnastics number or dote applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount.

All registrations must be received at USA Gymnastics lwo(2) weeks prior to the course date'. Late registrations, incomplete registrations, or registrations without proper payment will not be processed. Late registrations are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site and late registrations will be charged a $25 on-site!late fee. All materials, including the course book, are provided at the course and are part of the course fee. Certification is valid for four(4) years. Safety Certification is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be transferred to another course within six( 6) months with prior written notification. Late fee will apply if notification is received after course deadline. 'Usa Gymnastics reserves the right to alter course deadline

Payment Amount:

Mail registration form and payment to:

Name on Card:


USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212


Number: Exp. Date: ___

no charge $ 65.00 $ 65.00 $ 115.00





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Technique Magazine – January 2005  

Technique Magazine – January 2005