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The 5 Rings of Mental Toughness.

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Bob Colarossi President of USA Gymnastics

At each T.J . Maxx Tour city, the audience will enjoy a TWISTER MOVES game demonstration by the TWISTER MOVES dancers. Select fans will also be invited to center stage to show off their TWISTER MOVES dance moves. Cast members of the T.J . Maxx Tour will judge the contestants, awarding the winner a TWISTER MOVES gift pack. The tour is winding down now with just a few stops left in the 41 destinations. The tour has been very well received and we appreciate all of the support each of you has given to the T.J. Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions. As we conclude activities at the end of this quadrennium , we look forward to welcoming our new National Membership Directors to USA Gymnastics for the next quadrennium . Each discipline of USA Gymnastics has two National Membership Directors on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors. Each Director is elected to a four year term with the election taking place in the Olympic year, prior to the fall meeting of the Board of Directors. For the first time, USA Gymnastics ran its National Membership Director election electronically. Professional members were able to go online to www.usa-gymnastics .org , enter their membership number and vote for the candidates of their choice within their discipline. Listed below are the results of the recent election for the National Membership Directors_ Men's Program: Mike Burns and Abie Grossfeld Women's Program: Kelli Hill and Tom Forster Rhythmic Program: Michelle McElroy Larson and Ivanka Kirov TrampoLine and TumbLing: George Drew and Shaun Kempton Sports Acrobatics Program: Jay Binder and Linda Porte r

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Among Competitive Female Gymnasts:

wlud ~ ~ ltnJfc UIa and Iww un 'We ~ ~?

Windee M. Weiss, Ph.D. School of Health, Physical Education, & Leisure Services University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA

a former gymnast, and now as a coach and judge, I have seen great variation in the motivation and commitment of young, talented gymnasts. My interest in sport commitment to gymnastics stems from the desire to help coaches and parents create the most rewarding environment and atmosphere for these young athletes. Therefore, through a series of studies I have examined commitment to gymnastics in hopes of finding what predicts high levels of sport commitment, what are the outcomes associated with commitment, and ultimately, how can we help enhance commitment.


gymnastics, felt they were gaining positive benefits from participation, perceived very few negatives associated with gymnastics, and had few other activities that seemed as attractive as gymnastics. In contrast, a small percentage of gymnasts (n = 14) at this level were continuing competitive gymnastics because they felt they "had to." This group of gymnasts was no longer happy with gymnastics, felt the downsides associated with gymnasts far outweighed the positives, and felt that other activities might be more fun or interesting than gymnastics. Lastly, a third group (n = 44) emerged that was a hybrid of the other two types of commitment, labeled "vulnerable." These gymnasts were similar to the "want to" continue gymnasts in terms of experiencing higher enjoyment and benefits, but were similar to the "have to" continue group in terms of experiencing greater negatives and attractive alternatives.

Here's what we know about gymnasts and sport commitment:




Weiss and Weiss (2003) found that among Level 9, 10, and Elite gymnasts (N = 124), the majority of gymnasts (n = 66) were continuing because they "wanted to." That is, these gymnasts still enjoyed


Weiss and Weiss (2004) did a one year follow-up with the same gymnasts from their first study to see if the gymnasts' sport commitment type changed over time. For about half of the gymnasts, their type of commitment was different one year later, with the gymnasts in the "vulnerable" commitment group being more likely to have changed. This makes sense considering they were experiencing sort of a "tug-

.-1-=-6-------------~C TECHNIQUE • NOV / DEC 2004 ) > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

of-war" between both the positive and negative aspects of high level gymnastics. Additionally, the strongest predictor of change in commitment was a change in gymnastics enjoyment.



In general, Weiss and Weiss (2003, 2004) found that those gymnasts who were competing for more positive reasons also reported experiencing greater social support (unconditional positive regard) from their parents and coaches, than did those gymnasts who felt they "had to" continue participation . In contrast, gymnasts who felt obligated to continue high level competitive gymnastics reported higher perceptions of pressure and obligation to continue from their parents and coaches. Interestingly, the "vulnerable" gymnasts reported they felt more obligated to their teammates to continue gymnastics. These findings point out the important role that parents, coaches, and teammates play in young gymnasts' sport commitment. So, what do all of these findings mean? Results from these studies suggest that high level competitive gymnasts do experience different types of commitment. Gymnasts were continuing participation for different reasons with some experiencing attraction towards gymnastics whereas others experienced obligation and still others were "vulnerable" to both positive and negative influences. These results point to several practical implications.


What can we do to enhance "want to" sport commitment with high level gymnasts?



Those gymnasts who felt the most attracted towards gymnastics or had a "want to" type of commitment also felt they received the most social support from coaches and parents, and they felt very little obligation or pressure from parents and coaches to continue gymnastics. Based on these findings, coaches can implement several strategies that may foster greater social support in and out of the gym, as we ll as decreased perceptions of pressure and obligation to parents, coaches, and teammates. â&#x20AC;˘ Coaches can create a positive social environment by providing positive constructive and contingent feedback to all athletes, treating each gymnast as an individual and valued person, considering each athletes' feelings and thoughts, and providing equal attention, energy, and time to all athletes. â&#x20AC;˘ Coaches can educate parents about how to provide support for their gymnasts (rather than pressure) through coach -parent conferences, monthly parent meetings, and informal discussions following practices and competitions. For example, teaching parents how to encourage improvement rather than winning and placement at competitions, and providing information to parents as to how to discuss potential problems their gymnast may be having in the gym will maximize showing support rather than discouraging the gymnast's progress. ((ontinued on page 8)




(continued from page 1)



There are numerous sources of sport enjoyment and an array of potential benefits that gymnasts can gain from participation . For example, some sources of enjoyment include feelings of success, being with friends and teammates, and overcoming challenges. Coaches can help enhance enjoyment by creating a positive context in which gymnasts feel they are accomplishing their goals and meeting new challenges. Having fun does not mean playing more games and having easier practices, but rather creating a positive environment in which learning is fun, working hard is enjoyable, and sharing experiences with friends is meaningful. For example, rather than merely assigning "stick 10 beam routines" a coach can create a board game where gymnasts advance in the game by sticking one routine or by mastering a particular skill with "no wobbles." In the end, the same amount of work is achieved by the gymnasts but the process may be much more exciting for the gymnasts. Additionally, coaches and parents can enhance the benefits that competitive gymnastics has to offer: • Traveling to competitions could be arranged so that the gymnasts travel and room with their teammates, thus providing a greater opportunity for relationships to build "outside of the gym." Additionally, by leaving for the competition a day earlier or staying a day later as a "play day" may increase enjoyment and the benefits of traveling to various competitions. • Teaching gymnasts how to set goals and develop successful strategies to achieving those goaLs will not only heLp demonstrate each gymnast's improvement, but also give them skills to use in other facets of their lives, such as persistence and the value of hard work. • Providing public recognition for improvement rather than winning will also increase enjoyment and benefits. For example, making a bulletin board that has the picture and name of each gymnast who has "caught her release move 3x in a row on bars." Or rather than having the "9.0 Club", coaches could make posters for the "Stick Beam Club" or "Most Improved All-Around" club.

• Coaches can help facilitate intrinsic motivation by allowing gymnasts to "explore in gymnastics." By allowing the gymnasts to try new challenging skills, teach a teammate a skill or routine, help coach a lower level gymnast, or ask questions about gymnastics or technique of a skill, coaches can help foster the intrinsic desire to know more about the sport, to feel a greater kinesthetic appreciation for performing certain skills, and to gain insight on other aspects of the sport.



The potential downsides that may exist for adolescent gymnasts in relation to their continued involvement could include: missing out on social and school events, inability to participate in other activities, conflicts with coaches and/or teammates, or pressures associated with high level competition. Coaches and parents can work together to help alleviate some these potential negative outcomes: • Training schedules could be modified depending on the time of season. For example, once the competitive season is over coaches could modify practice sessions by shorteni ng those practices that might interfere with school functions (e.g., Friday night basketball games). This would allow gymnasts to not only continue training but also give them some freedom with their time to experience school-related and social activities. • During the competitive season, coaches could offer a "make up" practice one day a week or a few days each month that allow gymnasts to "make up" practices they may have missed because of conflicting activities. Allowing the gymnasts some flexibility in terms of training to participate in other activities they find of interest could help alleviate the feeling that they are "missing out" on something. Potentially, this could prevent some gymnasts from deciding to discontinue because they want to do "other things."




Weiss, W. M., & Weiss, M. R. (2003). Attraction- and entrapment-based commitment among competitive female gymnasts. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 25, 229-247.

Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation will playa role in any athlete's participation. However, the greater the intrinsic motivation the more likely an athlete will "want to" continue. The context of sport is one that tends to emphasize extrinsic factors such as trophies, public recognition, and college scholarships. These "perks" are a given but coaches can emphasize the intrinsic reasons for continuing involvement in gymnastics and thus maximize gymnasts' love for the sport for its own sake.

Weiss, W. M. & Weiss, M. R. (2004). A longitudinal analysis of commitment among competitive female gymnasts. Unpublished doctoral project.

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• Coaches can teach gymnasts how to value the "process" of learning rather than just the outcome of competition . Coaches can lead by example to help gymnasts emphasize improvement, set challenging goals, and enjoy overcoming obstacles .

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Ti-mCDl( * * * T~~~bl= * * * GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONS

The T.J. Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions is winding down, with only a handful of stops left in the 41 city tour that began mid-September and will conclude in late Nove mb er.

Courtney Kupets - Performing on tour is so much fun . I love getting out there in front of the crowd and just having fun with gym nastics. And it's nice to have group dances and get to perform in that aspect as well. The best part of the tour is getting the crowd into it and the excitement yo u get from them .

The reviews from around the country have been good, and many you ng gymnasts have been able to ask the Olympians questio ns, get an autograph, and enjoy the show.

Hopefully you had a chance to see the tour when it was in your town or perhaps you caught the broadcast that aired on NBC in Septem ber. It is definitely a celebration of the accomp lishments ach ieved at the 2004 Olympic Games.

Here's a few of the comments from th e athletes on the tour.

§ iE

'" w






Son ders

~~--------------------~ Jason Gatson said, "It's awesome. The best

part is to be able to perform in fro nt of huge audiences. The pressure is not as intense. It's a time for you to have fun and gi ve back to the audience. The hardest part was comi ng off the Games and going into 12 hour day re hea rsals. Once we had the show down t hough , it's a lot of fun. Mary Sanders - The tou r is incredible. I wish all of us could stay this close forever, it's like one big family. The best part is seeing everyone and dancing in the show.

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E [ [ EN C E

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By Karen M. Goeller


t seems that in recent years many of the younger gymnasts are actually performing a swing to a kip, which is a long hang kip, rather than a glide kip. It is see n at most lower level meets, a coach setting up a spring board so their gymnast can get the best swing possible for their kip. Many of these gymnasts may not be performing the ski ll as required in their routines.

With that thought in mind, let us go back to the glide for a glide kip because it is one of the few skills that requires the gymnast to hold her legs up for a considerable amount of time. Besides asking the gymnast to perform one glide at a time, as in the glide kip, you may want to add a few simple drills involving the glide, such as multiple glides co nsecutively or octagon glides.

The difference is that, with the glide kip the gymnast must hold their legs up in front of them , whether together or straddled, throughout the hang or glide phase of the ski ll. With the long hang kip, the gymnast keeps her legs down and hips open until the leg-lift portion of the kip. One is a swing and the other is a glide. Years ago coaches wo uld exp lain a glide very differently than it has been explained in recent days. Back then, we asked the gymnast to "jump up and immediately pike" before they ca ught the bar with their hands. Many coaches even spotted the jump portion in order to teach their gymnast to lift their hips high enough to get the best momentum at the onset of the glide. We asked our gymnasts to hold the "L" or pike until they comp letely extended their hips at the end of the glide. Coaches really spent a great deal of time teaching the glide portion of the glide kip. Yes, we can all agree the low bar was actually low back then and there was not enough room for the gymnast to swing rather than glide. Here are a few thoughts to help gymnasts with this skill.

The muscles involved in lifting the legs in front of the body for the glide portion of the glide kip are the hip flexors. The hip flexors are very small when you look at them on an anatomy chart, but they have a big job. This one little muscle must lift the gymnast's very long limb. As the gymnast's leg grows, gets longer and heavier, there is more stress put on that little muscle, the hip flexor. The coach must condition their gymnasts' hip flexor muscles constantly because many children are growing rapidly. If the hip flexors are not conditioned properly or consistently other areas of the body must then attempt to perform the task of lifting and holding the leg up, which can lead to injury.


To teach the Glide and Toes to Bar Dri ll, instruct the gymnast to stand slig htly further than arm's distance from the low bar. Once in place, instruct the gymnast to jump, immediately lifting her toes forward and tucking her buttocks under whi le in the air. She must immediately grasp the bar, holding a hollow and slightly piked position. Once her hands are on the bar, she must glide forward, keeping her feet off the mat and reaching in an extended position. It might be easier for the gymnast if you remind her she must see her feet throughout the glide. Once extended, instruct the gymnast to bring her feet\ankles to the bar and hold them there, even when her body swings\fa lls (due to gravity) to the hanging position. Holding the feet up is not easy; gymnasts may need help with this drill. Once mastered, the gymnast can perform multiple glides before the leg lift portion of the glide kip.

TECH NIOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / 0 E( 2004

) >---- -- - -- - - - - - - -

Another very useful glide drill is the Octagon Glide, Extend, and Lift Drill. It involves the use of an octagon to teach the gymnasts how to glide with their legs in front of their body rather than below their body. This drill should also help teach the gymnast to extend her hips completely at the end of the glide and perform the leg lift from that extended position.

Here is how you would use an octagon fo r the glide, extend, and leg lift drill. The gymnast should grasp the bar securely. Place an octagon approximately one foot from the bar, so that your gymnast can see it. Once your gymnast is holding the bar securely, ask her to place her heels \feet on an octagon. Next, instruct your gymnast to hold a hollow and\or slightly piked position keeping her buttocks under. Once the gymnast is in the beginning position of the drill, a relaxed hang with their heels on the octagon , have them glide forward, literally rolling

the octagon forward with their calves and then return to the starting position. Once they have mastered rolling the octagon with the back of their legs, ask the gymnast to perform three glides consecutively. The gymnast must reach an extended position during each complete glide. When the gymnast is completely extended for the third time, instruct them to quickly bring their toes \ ankles to bar and hold them on the bar even when their body swings\falls (due to gravity) to the hanging position (as if they just did a leg-lift) The octagon often rolls away when the leg lift occurs. (Be sure to remind the gymnast to hold on tight. Be ready to spot, if necessary.) And one more note regarding the glide portion of the kip. If you ask the gymnast to think of throwing the bar back as soon as their shoulders and hips are directly underneath the bar, they may be able to glide more efficiently for their kip. The action of throwing the bar back should increase their momentum and extension of the glide, therefore, making the kip portion easier. The few drills explained here should help gymnasts learn to completely extend their hips and shou lders prior to the leg-lift portion of the glide kip. Once they have mastered the leg-lift from the completely extended position, they may be on their way to performi ng a beautiful and efficient Glide Kip! Remember, it is imperative that the gymnast perform these drills with the correct form and technique in order to learn the skills correctly, condition their muscles correctly, and prevent bad habits of form breaks or incorrect technique.

Karen M. Goeller is the author of Gymnastics Drills books and is a former club owner and coach in gymnastics. Goeller can be reached at www.




o ---------------c


NOV / 0 EC 2004 ) - - -- - - - - -- - - ----=-'-=3--.

Gymnastics Builds Self-Esteem The purpose of this article is to heLp Link seLf esteem with gymnastics. When first writing this article, I tried to make the points about seLf-esteem without pulling in my personaL experiences as a child or my Gym Club, Kids . First Sports Center. However, this topic is so deepLy personaL to me that: attempts to depersonaLize it feLL short so I decided to go ahead with the : first version. PLease feeL free to borrow the concepts and Language for use : in your club. : There is LittLe doubt in my mind, Kids First exists today because of my own personaL experience with sports, in particuLar, gymnastics. As an eLementary student, I was sociaLLy sheLtered, as my mom did not drive : or get out much and my dad was busy running his business. We virtuaLLy: never traveLed and a trip to a restaurant was a once a year occurrence. : I Lacked confidence in myseLf and was awkward in new situations and, : therefore, avoided them as weLL as other risks. : Gymnastics aLtered my perception of myseLf and absoLuteLy changed the course of my Life. I grew comfortabLe with the chaLLenge of trying to teach my body to Learn various skills. I graduaLLy Learned to weLcome other chaLLenges that became synonymous with achievement, causing perseverance to become a simpLe fact of Life: aLL because of gymnastics. I remember weLL my first teaching job as a junior at The University of Cincinnati, instructing tumbLing at Mary Ann Pearman's SchooL of Dance in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. I feLL in Love with heLping kids receive the same benefits from gymnastics that I did. To this day, professionaLLy, I define myseLf first and foremost as a teacher, even though I now spend . . . .. my tl~e teachlng adu.Lts .I n a Leadersh~p capacl~y as weLL as at B?ot Camp. (I bel1eve that the pnnclpLes underLyolng teachlng and Leadershlp are one and the same.)

: : : : : : : : :

Why is skilLfuL gymnastics instruction so beneficiaL for young children? I have thought about this fo r decades and have come to so me firm conclusions. Young human beings Live in a LargeLy physicaL worLd and pLay is mostLy physicaL as is Learning . It is a huge event in the Life of a child when s/he Learns to waLk, run , jump or skip-fa~ more important to a person's psychoLogicaL makeup than Learning to conjugate a verb or soLve for X. To this day, I remember the feeLings of frustration and inadequacy while trying to Learn to skip-gymnastics certainLy cured that! Good, bad, right or wrong, children form perceptions of their overaLL capabilities based on how weLL they stack up physicaLLy with their peers. To a 3 year oLd, it is far more important to be abLe to keep up on the pLayground than it is to count to 25. Feeling competent physicaLLy Leads to a generaL beLief, "I am capabLe," which is a foundationaL component of a heaLthy seLf-esteem. Other components of seLf-esteem are: "I am LovabLe, " "I beLong," "I can contribute," "I am in controL of myseLf," aLL of which are enhanced through skilLfuL gymnastics instruction. Few wouLd argue that a heaLthy seLf-esteem is a requisite for inner peace and happiness and a worthy goaL for us aLL, which brings us fuLL circle to the title and centraL focus of this article, "gymnastics builds seLf-esteem." HopefuLLy you can heLp build seLf-esteem in your students and the gymnastics business wilL continue to grow! Make it a great month! JueSfAf MGetzger. B¡ DIP ymnasllcs usmess eve opment ortner President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp President, Kids First Sports Center

.. Iifetime so [utions for !four business so[utions for !four [ifetime.

Hosted in Cincinnati, BOOT CAMP is a life-changing, 41/2 day total immersion leadership, marketing and organizational workshop for GymClub Owners.

2004 Dates:

Nov 18-22, 2004

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TECHNIQUE â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / 0E( 2004

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By Alison Arnold Ph.D.

The Olympic rings are symbols of strength, dedication, and commitment. In the beginning of 2004, I wanted to create a mental training program that would not only help gymnasts reach their goals, but would also tie in to the excitement of the Olympic year. The result is the 5 Rings of Mental Toughness. These five rings work together to build an athlete that is eager, disciplined, and committed to be the best they can be. Whether they are striving toward Olympic dreams or Level 6 state meet, these principles will not only help you build better athletes, but better people.

Ring Number

1: Awareness "ll ~ou"are nof aware 01 ~our mind, H's eas~ to loose H. The first ring of mental toughness is awareness. An athlete must be aware of what they are thinking if there is any hope of training the mind. Think of yourself in a pitch-black room. You are instructed to move across the room and find a chair on the other side. You begin to move, bumping into everything along the way. You finally find your way to the other side, but not without some bruises on your shins as you reacted to obstacles. That's what life is like without awareness. You go through life blind, without a plan , reacting to what happens to you . When an athlete is aware of thoughts, they can change ways of thinking that are not working for them. Just as you make athletes aware of body positions every day in the gym, the first ring of mental toughness requires you make your athletes become aware of their thoughts. Just as you point out "loose body" to your athletes, begin now to point out "loose mind." Loose mind is any thought that is


- --

- - -- - - - - - - ÂŤ

negative, fear-based, or doubtful. Over-thinking, complaining, and procrastination, is also loose mind. Can you see loose mind in your gym? Of course, you see it all the time in your athletes face, body language, and behavior. Make your athletes aware of loose mind by pointing it out to them so they can change it.

Ring Number

2: Vision "ll ~ou can imagine H, ~ou can become H." Many of you have seen me demonstrate the exercise with the string and the weight. When you hold the string with the weight in your hand and visualize the weight swinging from side to side or forward and back, the weight "miraculously" follows your intention. That is the power of Vision. One of the most important exercises to do in any mental training program is helping your athletes create their vision of who they want to be in the gym. How do they want to act? What are their goals for the season? What are their attitude goals? What characteristics do they want to embody every day? Before very much of your season goes by, have your athletes write a li st of words describing the gymnast they want to be. Some examples of words are: motivated, confident, focused, happy, proud, aggressive, no holding back, a team leader and positive. Once they set their vision and goals, hold them accountable. Put their sheets up where they can be seen. On a bad day, have them read their vision. Hopefully this will motivate them, call attention to negative behaviors, and strengthen their resolve to be the best they can be.

Ring Number

3: Discipline "A sHU mind has untimHed potenHal" The mind is a thought factory. It creates thought, after thought, after

TECHHIQUE â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / 0E( 200 4

0)- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -

thought. Sometimes I call it the monkey mind, because it spends most of it's time running around in circles getting into trouble. The monkey mind runs into fear, doubt, and negativity whenever it has a chance. As a coach, you want to help your athletes discipline their minds in order to compete their best. Gymnastics inherently has a lot of down time. During this down time, be it in workout or competition, the monkey can go crazy. The mind only thinks about one thing at a time. The key is "locking down" the mind so that it is focused on positive helpful thoughts. Corrections and positive self-talk are all strong anchors for the mind. Teach your athletes to talk to themselves during all their routines and skills. Be sure they are saying short, sharp, words or corrections. Not too much, not too little. Good, strong cue words anchor the mind, keep the monkey out of fear and doubt, and stop an athlete from over-thinking. Be sure they do these words all the time until they become habit. Doing "arm sets" and "walk-throughs" of routines on each event, are helpful ways to get their cue words automatic. Cue words discipline the mind. Fear, frustration, and negativity are sure signs of loose mind. As a coach, help your athletes discipline their minds by giving them cue words all the time. Cue words can become your greatest ally. As soon as you see loose mind behaviors, have your athletes "lock it down" by focusing on their words.

Ring Number

4: Perseverance

that they are strong, talented, a good competitor and so on, if it is to be true. Have your gymnasts talk about how they stand, walk, perform , when they have confidence and belief. Be sure they "act it" in the gym, even if they don't feel it. In addition to how they feel about themselves, you too are extremely influential in the minds of your athletes. What you say and what you do communicates messages of belief and disbelief all the time. Think of your athletes as a blank screen. With everything you say and everything you do, you make an imprint on them. Are you teaching them that they are smart, or that they are stupid? That you care about them as people, or only as gymnasts? Do your actions build character, or break character? Here are some things coaches do that negatively effect the self-esteem of athletes: Use sarcasm to make them feel stupid Tell them they are fat, lazy, or not talented Foster negative competition and comparison Undue yelling Criticism of the person and not the behavior Rhetorical questions that do not have an answer Not taking the time to listen to the athlete's response after a question is asked Negative talk about an athlete who has quit or is not present in the gym Remember: you are one of the most influential people in these kids lives. Let them know you believe in them by what you say and do.

to use the 5 Rings "jrue champic,"s see e"er~ obsfade as "PporfuttH~." How This season, practice each of the Rings for one week. Gymnastics is a sport built upon failures. How many mistakes must a gymnast experience before he or she finally learns a skill? Perseverance is essential if an athlete wants to succeed in this sport. When an athlete gives up, what is the first thing that changes? The first thing that changes is always the mind. Their thoughts move from positive to negative, from motivation to defeat. It's important that coaches teach athletes to bring their mind back to "tight" as soo n as they notice that it's loose. Just as you correct loose body, correct loose mind as soon as you see it. Tightening the mind is just li ke strengthening any other muscle. If you allow your athletes to exhibit loose mind behavior, their mental muscle atrophies. Loose mind behavior includes, sta lling rituals, balking, negative body language, and negative talk among others. Teach your athletes to have anchor phrases that help bring the mind back to tight. Anchor phrases include phrases like, "breathe, I can do this, don't freak out", or "Don't let it get to me, focus on the correction." Whenever you see loose mind, break the cycle by having your athletes stop, take a deep breath, get a drink, focus on their cue words by doing an arm set or the skill on the floor, and concentrate on their anchor phrases. Breaking the loose mind cycle helps build mental strength and shows other gymnasts that loose mind is not tolerated in your gym.

Ring Number

Here is an

outline you can follow.

Week One: Awareness . Teach your athletes Tight Mind vs. Loose Mind

Week Two: Vision Have your athletes set goals for the next eight weeks. Have them create the vision of the gymnast they want to be by

writing down characteristics.

Week Three: Discipline Do key words for all their routines. Be sure they include walk throughs as part of their assignments to make them automatic.

Week Four: Perseverance Have your athletes create anchor phrases and be sure to remind them to "tig hten their minds" when necessary.

Week Five: Belief Have your athletes write what they look like in the gym when they believe. What are their routines like? How do they stand, walk, take correction. Be sure they "act it" all this week.

By doing a little bit of mental training each week, you will save tons of time during the workout. Take the time to train the "Five Rings" and see them come together for you this meet seasOn.

5: Belief "lhere is tt"fhittg greufer fhutt fhe p"wer "I be tier Ring number five is the ring that holds all the other rings together: belief. Henry Ford's famous quote is fitting here, "W hether you believe you can, or believe you can't, you're right." A gymnast must believe

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ÂŤ(

Bio: Alison Arnold Ph.D. is a peak performance consultant to USA Gymnastics. For more information on her Five Rings of Mental Toughness DVD and other products see

rEe H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV /0 EC 2004

)>---- - - - - - - - - - - - - - = - ,=7"'.

The Industry of

[}{]®w. ~[ill@ ill®~D\YlDUW [])DW@~ ~[f®rruo ~[ill@ ~[R)®[J[t By Jeff LuLla, Founder and President of Fun & Fit Gymnastics remember hearing 'You can't make a living teaching gymnastics," and when I heard it, it was true. A lot has changed since then. An industry born of entrepreneurs opening small businesses serving millions of children in every city across the USA now exists where once it was rare.


What was once a sport for the talented few has evolved into an activity in which all children can participate and benefit. But I believe, as an industry, we are still struggling due to old beliefs, unclear values, inaccurate perceptions, and a few gym clubs still living in the past. It's no secret that many gym club owners are former coaches who opened their gyms so they could better coach their champions. Most of them did so with little business education, background or experience. But they knew how to coach so they were sustained by their success at competitions. Needless to say, winning at meets was very important to these club owners - it could mean the success or failure of their business and their livelihood. These early gym clubs quickly learned that they couldn't exist without recreational classes to help pay the bills. So, they offered recreational classes but focused on providing the best equipment and teachers to the few on the team. They marketed their classes, but often (because what mattered most to the owner was winning medals) the competitive team and coaching accomplishments highlighted their advertising . Successful gymnastics clubs today are run differently. They are in the business of recreational gymnastics for the masses, focusing on the benefits gymnastics education provides children, creating fun and success for all children , and making lots of money in the process. Because their students are happy and learning, they stay enrolled for years. Many clubs today offer competitive teams while a growing number do not. Those clubs with competitive teams and profitable recreational programs are usually more --.--,-1--,"S----------------«

successful at competitions because they have the resources to provide for the needs of the team members. As our industry has emerged, it has distinguished itself from the sport. Parents used to think enrolling their chi ld in a gymnastics program necessitated a desire to eventually compete in the sport of gymnastics (if the child was talented and/ or lucky enough). It was that kind of thinking that kept our industry small. After years of educating parents on the many benefits gymnastics education provides to children, we are only now beginning to experience the fruits of that effort. Think about it! Why do parents teach their children to swim? To eventually join a swim team and participate in the competitive sport of swimming? Clearly, most parents teach their children to swim to be safe in the water and enjoy the activity. While there are MILLIONS of children that learn to swim , there are far fewer in the sport. As parents learn that gymnastics is an activity that they need to participate in to have fun and be safe with movement, and that gymnastics education results in better performance in all sports (as we ll as improved cognitive ability and better grades in school) , enrollment in gymnastics schoo ls increases. Howeve r, because the media often portrays gymnastics as a competitive sport for the very talented few, many parents still perceive gymnastics as inappropriate for their child. Changing this perception and educating parents to understand and appreciate the many benefits of recreational gymnastics, I believe, is our first and most important duty if we are to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number and grow our industry. If we do it well, bringing millions of children into our gyms, the sport wi ll benefit as a result.


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Gymnostics 2140 Range Rood, Unit G; Clearwoter, Fl Phone · 727/ 447·2108 levels - M4·Elite

Mid·Winter Invitotional Event Site · 4626 North Park Or; Colorado Springs, CO Start Dote· 02/ 19/ 2005 Club Nome · ARTSPORTS·Colorado Springers Phone· 719/ 531 ·5867 levels · 14-10

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Paige Smith Winterfest Classic Event Site· University of Denver; 2201 EAsbury Ave; Denver, CO Start Dote · 02/ 04/ 2005 Club Nome · Colorado Gymnastic Institute 360 South Potomoc Street; Aurora, CO Phone · 303/363·7272 levels - W7 ·Elite

American Twister Invitaitonal and Notional Elite Qualifer Event Site · 6805 lyons Technology Circle; Coconut Creek, Fl Start Dote· 02/ 17/ 2005 Club Nome· American Twisters Gymnastics Phone · 954/725·9199 levels - W4·Elite

Winter Invitational 4626 North Pork Dr; Colorado Springs, CO Start Dote · 01/22/ 2005 Club Nome · ARTSPORTS·Colorado Springers Phone· 719/ 531·5867 levels · T4·1 0

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Weeki Wochee Under The Spring Invitotionol Event Site· 16621 US Hwy 19 North; Hudson, Fl Start Dote · 02/ 05/ 2005 Club Nome · Top Contenders Gym. Acad. Phone · 727/ 862·2940 levels - W2·Elite, prepopl.

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Wheel of Fortune Event Site· 8550 126th Ave.; largo, Fl Start Dote · 11/20/ 2004 dub Nome · laAeur's Gymn. largo Phone · 727/ 539·8181 levels· W4·6

Presidential Invite Event Site · Ftlauderdale Broward Conv. Clr; 1950 Eisenhower Blvd; Fort lauderdale, Fl Start Dote · 02/ 04/ 2005 Club Nome· Twisters Gymnastics Academy 3100 NW Boca Raton Blvd #308; Boca Raton, Fl33431 Phone · 561 / 750·6001 levels- W2·Elite ELITE, prepopt, M4·Elite


Sand Dollar/Whitlow Invitational Event Site· Disney's Wide World of Sports; PO BOX 10000; lake Bueno Vista, Fl Start Dote · 01 /21/2005 Club Nome · Orlando Metro Gymnastics 4658 LB. Mcleod Rood Orlando, Fl Phone·407/ 246·1200 levels - Wand M4·Elite UGC CHAMPIONSHIPS Event Site· 12239 SW 53rd Street; Cooper City, Fl

9th Annual Dawg Days Clossic Event Site· 1720 Epps Bridge Rood; Suite 108 . 223; Athens, GA Start Dote· 02/ 03/ 2005 Club Nome· Classic City Gymnastics Acad. Phone·706/ 549·0160 levels - W7 ·Elite Atlanta Crown Invitational Event Site· Gwinnen Civic Center; 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway NW; Duluth, GA Start Dote· 01/13/ 2005 Club Nome · Gwinnen Gymnostics Center 927 Killion Hill Rood; lilburn, GA Phone · 770/ 921 ·5630 levels- W4·Elite Champions Cup Event Site · 38 Hill Street; Suite 100; Roswell, GA Stort Dote· 02/ 26/ 2005 Club Nome· Roswell Gymnastics Phone · 770/ 641·3987 levels· W7·10

Flip Flop Invitational Event Site· 104 Victoria North Court; Woodstock, GA Start Dote· 01 / 08/ 2005 dub Nome· Wond of Gymnastics, Inc. Phone· 770/ 516·6898 levels· W7·10 Mordi Gras Invitotional Event Site· Kennesaw Mt High School; 1898 Kennesaw Due West Rd; Kennesaw, GA Start Dote· 02/ 19/ 2005 Club Nome· Gymnostics Academy of Atlanta 3126 Cobb Parkway Kennesaw, GA Phone·770/ 97S·8337 levels - W7 ·Elite Optional Christmas Outersquad Event Site· 100 londonderry CI.; Suite 100; Woodstock, GA Start Dote · 12/ 18/2004 Club Nome · Georgia AII·Stars Gymnastics Phone·770/ 516·2654 levels - W7·10 Spring Breakout Event Site· 2601 Shallowford rood; Mariena, GA Start Dote · 03/ 05/ 2005 Club Nome · Georgia AII·Stars Gymnastics 100 londonderry CI.; Suite 100; Woodstock, GA Phone·770/ 516·2654 levels· W2·1 0 Winter Blast Invitational Event Site· 100 londonderry CI.; Suite 100; Woodstock, GA 30188 Start Dote · 01/22/ 2005 Club Nome· Georgia AII·Stars Gymnastics Phone· 770/ 516·2654 levels · W2·10 Winter Carnival 2004 Event Site· P.O. Box 200625; Cartersville, GA (continued on page 28)

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Start Dote· 12/ 04/ 2004 Club Nome · Cartersville Twisters P.O. Box 1390; Cartersville, GA Phone· 770/ 3B7·5629 levels - M4·10

HAWAII Aloho Gymfest Event Site· 45·55B#(21 Komehameha Hwy.; Koneohe, HI Start Dote · 01 /14/2005 Club Nome · Kokokohi Gymnastics Teom Phone · 808/ 235·6866 levels - M& W4·Elite Gymnatics In Porodise Event Site· Holawa District Pork; Iwoiwa St.; Aiea, HI Start Dote · 01/ 21/ 2005 Club Nome · Hawaiian Island Twisters, Inc. 46·174 C Kahuhipa St. Koneahe, HI Phone· 808/235·4487 levels - W4·Elite Ku uipo Classic Event Site· Bloisdell Center; 777 Word Ave; Honolulu, HI Stort Dote· 02/ 19/ 2005 Club Nome· Rainbow Gymnastics Academy 98·023 Hekoho Street Ifl; Aieo, HI Phone · 808/488-7030 levels - W4·1 0

IDAHO Gem State Invitational 2005 Event Site· 5420 West State Street; Boise, 10 Start Dote · 01/ 27/ 2005 Club Nome · Gem State Gymnastics Academy Phone· 208/ 853·3220 levels - W4·Elite Holidoy Classic Event Site · 1875 CenturyWay; Boise, ID Start Dote · 12/03/2004 Club Nome · Wings Center Phone· 20B/376·3641 levels- W4·Elite Holiday Classic Event Site · 1B7SCentury Way; Boise, ID B3709 Start Dote· 12/ 03/ 2004 Club Nome· Wings Center Phone · 20B/ 376·3641 levels - M4·Elite Pot of Gold Event Site· 1530 East Commercial Ave.; Suite 105; Meridian, 10 Start Dote· 03/ 11/ 200S Club Nome· Meridian Academy of Gymnastics Phone· 208/ 8B4·11 66 levels - W4·10, M4·1 0 Sweetheart Invitational Event Site· les Bob Jr High; 4150 EGrand Forest Dr; Boise, ID Slart Dote· 02/ 12/ 2005 Club Nome · Wings Center 1875 Century Way; Boise, 10 Phone· 208/376·3641 levels- W4·Elite

Swingtime Invitotionol 2005 Event Sit~· 5420 West State Street; Boise, 10 Start Dote · 03/ 1B/2005 Club Nome · Gem State Gymnastics Academy Phone· 20B/ B53·3220 levels· W4·10

ILLI NOIS Event Nome· Annual St Jude Benefit Event Site· Peoria Civic Center; 201 SW Jefferson; Peoria, Il Slart Dote · 01 / 15/ 2005 Club Nome · The Clubs at River City B603 N. University Street; Peoria, ll Phone· 309/ 693·5715 levels - W4·10 Bravo Classic Event Site· 5700 College Rood; lisle, ll Start Dote · 01/07/ 200S Club Nome· Midwest Academy of Gymnastics 30 W315 Calumet Ave.; Warrenville, Il Phone · 630/ 393·6693 levels - W4·Elite Horton Invitational Event Site · Illinois State University; Horton Fieldhouse; Normal, ll Start Dote· 11/19/2004 Club Nome· Gymnastics Etc. 402 Olympia; Bloomington, Il Phone· 309/ 663·8413 levels - W4·10 IGI Chicago Style Event Site · Navy Pier; 600 East Grand Ave; Chicago, Il Start Dote· 02/ 11/2005 Club Nome· Illinois Gymnastics Institute, Inc. 145 Plaza Dr; Westmont, Il 60559 Phone· 630/325·3333 levels - W4·Elite Mayflower Madness Event Site · 1516 Brook Dr.; Downers Grove, Il Start Dote · 11 / 19/ 2004 Club Nome · Aerial Gymnastics Club Phone· 630/495·0150 levels - W4·Elite Midwest Open Event Site· University of Il at Chicago; 901WRoosevelt Rd; Chicago,ll Start Dote· 02/1 B/2005 Club Nome· Aerial Gymnastics Club 151 6 Brook Dr.; Downers Grove, ll Phone· 630/ 495·0150 levels - W4·Elite, M4·Elite St. Valentines Day Classic Event Site· 2121S. Goebbert; Arlington Heights, Il Start Dote · 02/ 04/ 2005 Club Nome· Gymnastics Spot 200 South Shaddle Avenue; Mundelein, ll

Phone · 847/ 949·776B levels - M4·10, W4·10

Start Dote · 02/ 25/ 2005 Club Nome · Diamond GYM & Dance Academy Phone · 913/ B51 ·7500 levels - W4·1 0

Windy City Event Site· University of Il Chicago; 901 WRoosevelt Rd; Chicago, ll Start Dole· 01/ 07/ 2005 ClubNome · Midwest Academy of Gymnastics 3D W315 Calumet Ave.; Warrenville, Il Phone· 630/ 393·6693 levels - M4·Elite

Jewels Invitational Event Site · 7270 West 161 st St.; Overland Pork, KS Start Dole · 01 / 21/2005 Club Nome · Diamond GYM & Dance Academy Phone· 913/ 851·7500 levels - W4·1O

INDIANA 1st Annual Hoosier Gym Invitational Event Site· P.O. Box 384; 5036 S County Rd. 600 E; Plainfield, IN Start Dote· 03/ 12/ 2005 Club Nome· Hoosier Gym. Training Center Phone· 317/839·9919 Levels· W6·9

Kansas City Coed Invitational Event Site · 6800 West 115th Street; Suite 500; Overland Pork, KS Start Dote · 01/28/ 2005 Club Nome · Emerald City Gymnastics, Inc. 9063 Bond; Overland Pork, KS Phone · 913/ 438·4444 levels· W4·10, M4·Elite

8thAnnual Pot of Gold Invitational Event Site· P.O. Box 384; 5036 S County Rd. 600 E; Plainfield, IN Start Dote· 02/ 05/ 2005 Club Nome· Hoosier Gym Training Center Phone· 31 7/ 839·9919 Levels- W4·10

KENTUCKY Champions Derby Classic Event Site· Kentucky Inti Convention Or; 221 Fourth St; louisville, KY Start Dote · 02/ 18/2005 Club Nome · Champion Gymnastics 2531 Blankenbaker Pkwy; louisville, KY Phone · 502/ 809·1386 levels - W4·Elite, M4·Elite

Circle of Stars Invitational Event Site· Indiana Convention Ctr; 100 SCapitol Ave; Indianapolis, IN Start Dote· 01/21/ 2005 Club Nome· DeVeau's School of Gymnoslics 9032 Technology Dr. Fishers, IN Phone· 317/ 849·7744 Fox· 317/ 843·0257 levels -W 4·Elite, M4·10 Flower Power Invite Event Site· 1254 Horse Prairie Avenue; Valparaiso, IN Start Dote· 04/30/2005 Club Nome· Horizon Gymnastics Center Phone· 219/ 477·6542 levels· W5·8 For love or Money Invitational Event Site . IndySouthside Sports Acad; 4150 Kildeer Drive; Indianapolis, IN Start Oate . 02/ 11/2005 Club Nome· Wrights American Gymnastics 332 North Bluff Rood Greenwood, IN Phone · 317/888·4805 levels - W4·Elite Tumble AroundThe World Event Site· 1175 Industrial Parkway; Richmond, IN Start Dote· 11/20/ 2004 Club Nome · Richmond Gymnastic Training Ce Phone · 765/ 935·5255 levels· W4·9

KANSAS Diamond Invitational Event Site· 7270 West 161 st St.; Overland Pork, KS

Flippin' Into Spring Invitational Event Site · Mason County HS Fieldhouse; 1320 US68; Maysville, KY Start Dote · 04/ 02/ 200S Club Nome· Sheri's Dance Arts & GYM Centre POBox 58; Maysville, KY Phone · 606/ 759·5056 levels · Tl ·l 0 U.S. Coaches Cup and Notional Elite Qualifier Event Site· Northern KY Convention Center; One West River Center Blvd.; Covington, KY Start Oate· 01/21/ 2005 Club Nome · Cincinnati Gymnastics 3635 Woodridge Blvd Fairfield, OH Phone · 513/ 860·3082 levels· W4·Elite

LOUISIANA Festival of Flairs Event Site · 1973 Sixth St.; Mandeville, LA Start Dote· 01/14/2005 Club Nome · NorthShore Gymnastics Phone· 985/ 624·8310 levels - W4·Elite New Orleans Jazz Invitational Event Site · 4925 GJefferson Hwy; Jefferson, LA Start Dote · 02/ 25/ 2005 Club Nome · Empire Gymnastics Phone · 504/ 738·0039 levels· W2·10, preop!. , M4·10 Pelican State Invitational Event Site · 1973 Sixth Street;

Mandeville, LA Start Dote· 12/ 04/ 2004 Club Nome · North Shore Gymnastics 1973 Sixth St.; Mandeville, LA Phone· 985/ 624·B310 levels - M4·Elile

MARYLAND Thompsons Holiday Invitational Event Site · Holyoke Community College; 303 Homeslead Ave; Holyoke, MA Start Dote · 12/ 04/ 2004 Club Nome· Thompsons Gymnastics 200 Old lyman Rood; South Hadley, MA Phone · 413/ 532·0374 levels - W4·Elite 2005 Hills Maryland Classic Event Site · Prince George Sports learning; 8003 Sheriff Rd; landover, MD Start Dote· 01/15/ 2005 Club Nome· Hill's Gymnastics 7557 lindbergh Drive; Gaithersburg, MD Phone· 301/ 840·5900 levels- W4·Elite 28th Notions Capitol Cup Event Site· PG Sports and learning Complex; 8001 Sheriff Rd; landover, MD Start Dote · 03/ 04/ 2005 Club Nome· MarVaTeens, Inc. 5636 Randolph Rood Rockville, MD Phone· 301/ 468·9181 levels - W4·Elite Baltimore · Washington Invitational Event Site · 13950 Old Gunpowder Rood; laurel, MD Start Dote· 12/ 11/2004 Club Nome · Fairland Gymnastics Phone · 301/ 953·0030 Levels - M4·1 0 Black·Eyed Susan Event Site· Prince Georges Sports Cmplx; 8001 Sheriff Rd; landover, MO Start Dote · 11 / 20/ 2004 Club Nome· Rebounders Gymnastic Center 7 AWest Aylesbury Rood; Timonium, MO Phone· 410/ 252·3374 levels - W4·Elile Catch the Wove withTwisters Gymnastics Event Site· Stephen Oecatuar Middle School; Berlin, MO Start Dote · 04/ 02/ 2005 Club Nome · Two Sisters Twisters 11022 Nicholas lone Suite 9; Berlin, MO Phone · 410/ 208·1851 levels· GA Columbia Challenge Event Site· North Gym Uof MD; College Pork; College Park, MO Start Dote · 02/ 19/ 2005 Club Nome · Top Flight Gymnastics Cenler 9179 Red Branch Rood

Clllumbia, MD Phone· 410/992·1600 levels· W4·1 0 East Coast Classic Event Site· Prince Georges Sports Complex; 8001Sheriff Rd; landover, MD Start Dote· 02/ 11/2005 Club Nome· FairlandGymnastics 13950 OldGunpowder Rd; laurel, MD Phone· 301/953·0030 levels - W4·Elite Evergreen Event Site· 7 AWest Aylesbury Rood; Timonium, MD Start Dote · 01/08/ 2005 Club Nome· Rebounders Gymnastic Center Phone· 410/ 252·3374 levels· W4·6 Fairland Classic 200S Event Site· 13950 Old Gunpowder Rood; laurel, MD Start Dote · 03/ 11/2005 Club Nome· Fairland Gymnastics Phone· 301/953·0030 levels- Tl·Elite Harford Holiday Inv Event Site· 701 Whitaker Mill Rood; Joppa, MD Start Dote · 12/ 03/ 2004 Club Nome· Harford Gymnastics Club, Inc. Phone· 410/879·3718 levels· W4·9 Silver Stars Invitationol Event Site· 2707 Pitman Dr.; Silver Spring, MD Start Dote· 02/ 05/ 2005 Club Nome · Silver Stars Gymnastics Phone· 301/ 589·0938 levels· W4·6 Winter Classic Event Site· 9179 Red Bronch Rood; Columbia, MO Start Oate· 01/22/ 2005 Club Nome -Top Flight Gymnostics Center 9179 Red Branch Rood Columbia, MO Phone· 410/ 992·1600 levels - M4·1O

MASSACHUSETTS Boston Classic Event Site· 345 University Ave; Westwood, MA Start Dote· 01/28/ 2005 dubNome· New EnglandSports Acad. Phone· 781/ 493·6345 levels - W4·10 Brestyan's American Gymnastics Invitational Event Site· Tufts University; Medford, MA Start Dote · 01/14/ 2005 Club Nome· Brestyan's American Gymnastics 260 Eliot St.; Ashland, MA Phone· 508/ 881·7770 levels - W5·Elite (continued on page 33)



NOV / DEC 2004 ~

USA GYMNASTICS 1004 & 100S KAT AND MELPD WORKSHOP SCHEDULE A KAT workshop consists of seven productive : hours of preschool teacher education . The: workshop covers philosophy, understanding: the preschool-age child, safety considerations, : class management, and much more! : : A Movement Education and Lesson Plan: Development Workshop (MELPD) consists of: five enlightening hours of preschool teacher : education. This workshop is continuing: education of the KAT Pronram. The overall: emphasis of this workshop is to provide : instructors win the necessary knowledge to : develop preschool gymnastics lesson plans, : emphasize developmentally appropriate: practices, fundamental skill development, : and much more. This workshop is designed: MONTH

November November December December


to help instructors meet the needs of the individual students and encourage adoption of lifelong physical activity. Attendance at KAT certification course is highly recommended, but not required to attend a MELPD course. If there has never been a KAT or MELPD workshop in your area, 2004 is a great time to host a workshop. Any club can host a workshop and it's free. The only things you'll need a 路e an empty room and a TV & VCR. . . . If your wor~shop ~as 12 pald part:lClpa~ts, your club wlll rece.lVe one free re~lstra~lOn. M~mber Club.s recel~e . two free reglstratlOns, wlth 12 pald partlClpants. Compllmentary


registrations are non-transferable and will only be valid at tile workshop you are hosting. The workshop must maintain the minimum attendance of 12 for complimentary registrations. For more information on the KAT & MELPD courses (aiil路800路 345-4719 or visit www.usa-gymnasti( membership




14 24 03 11-12

Newton, PA Santa Clarita, CA La ke Forest, MN Brentwood,TN

Super Natural Gymnastics Fun and Fit Gymnastics Flyaways Gymnastics Olympia International Gymnastics

610/353-6833 661/255-7244 651/464-8648 615/226-8162



Palm Beach Grdens, FL

Gina's Gym



2005 JanuaIY

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NOW AVAILABLE - New Educational and Instructional Videos #4004

Physical Preparation DVD & Booklet


This Physical Preparation DVD has over 300 exercises and variations for strength, power, flexibility, body positions, etc. Also single rail drills, floor exercise team activities and more. The DVD comes accompanied by a booklet offering up to date info and tips for gymnastics physical preparation, suggestions for Yearly Training Plans and other areas of interest for Men's or Women's gymnastics coaches alike. Instruction is by Roberto Pumplido . ................................... .. ...... ... ..... ... ..... $25.00

2005-2008 Men's Program Junior Olympic Competition Program Materials This set includes a DVD of t he compulsory routines, a CD Rom of th e J . ~. Program rules and a CD Rom of the Junior National Coaching Staff f!1aterials on strength planning as well as training plans and core strength exercises from the United States Olympic Training Center's Sports Science .Department. .......................................... .. .. .. ........... $65.00

USA GYMNASTICS New EducatiDnal! Technical Materials

~mm~~±:~z~::l!!:l:I:clh:!1=ill::::~~£bi~:mb Order BelDw DR


NAME ........................................................................................................................................ PHONE .............................................................................. .


ADDRESS ........ CiTY .................................................................................................................................................................................................... STATE ...................... ZiP .................. ...................

.. ...... .

GVMNASTICS MEMBERSHIP #................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. . CHARGE:




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SIGNATURE ....................................................................................................................................... .



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ADD 5 6 ADD 5 7 ADD 5 8 ADD 5 9 ADD 514 ADO 520




Member Club Invitational Listing

(continued from page 28) Holiday Invitalional Event Site - PO Box496; 4 B lookout In.; Middleton, MA Start Date - 12/ 03/ 2004 Club Name -Yellow Jacket Gymnastics Club Phone - 978/774-7840 levels- W7-10 Holiday Invitational Event Site - POBox 496; 4 B lookoutln; Middleton, MA Start Dote - 11 /21/2004 Club Name -Yellow Jacket Gymnastics Club Phone - 978/774-7840 levels -W5-6


Storlight lnvitational Event Site -108 Clematis Avenue #10; Woltham, MA Start Dote -03/ 04/ 2005 Club Nome -MossachuseNs GYM Center Phone - 781/893-2009 levels -W4-9

MICHIGAN 26 Annual X-Mas in the Motor City Classic Event Site -5870 North Hix Rood; Westlond, MI Start Dote - 12/ 10/ 2004 Club Name -Michigan Academy of Gymnastics Phone - 734/721 -4001 levels -W4-8, M4-Elite All Americon Invitational Event Site -9525 Highland Rd;

Howell, MI Start Date - 02/ 03/ 2005 Club Name - Hartland Gymnaslics Academy Phone - Bl0/ 746-2170 levels - W4-Elite

Kalamazoo, MI Start Dote -04/ 02/ 2005 Club Nome -Greater Kalamazoo World of Gymnastics Phone -269/381 -5749 levels -W5-8

Jingle Bell Rock Event Site -St Ediths; 15089 newburgh Rd; livonia, MI Start Dote -12/ 03/2004 Club Name - Euro Stars Gymnastics, Inc. 9229 Generol Drive Plymouth, MI Phone -734/ 737-9500 levels -W5-10

The Men's Winter ClassicCrowder Cup 2005 Event Site - 1813 Northfield Drive; Rochester Hills, MI Start Dote -01 / 29/ 2005 Club Name - Gymnastic Training Center Rochester Phone - 248/ 852-7950 levels - M4-10

Judges Invitational 2005 Event Site -2709 Pine St.; Soginaw, MI Start Dote - 12/ 05/ 2004 Club Nome -Gymnastic Training Center Rochester 1813 Northfield Drive; Rochester Hills, MI Phone - 248/ 852-7950 levels - M4-1 0 level 4 Hotshot Invitational Event Site - 9525 Highland Rd; Howell, MI Start Dote -04/30/ 2005 Club Nome - Hartland Gymnastics Academy Phone -810/ 746-2170 levels -W4 Spring Fling State Prep Event Site - 2723 Kersten Court;

Totolly Rod 12 Event Site - 2723 Kersten Court; Kalamazoo, MI Start Date - 02/ 25/ 2005 Club Nome -Greater Kalamazoo World of Gymnostics Phone - 269/ 381-5749 levels- W5路1 0

MINNESOTA HGC Invitational Event Site - 2628 Millard Avenue; Hostings, MN Stort Date -01/ 15/2005 Club Name - Hastings Gymnastics Center, Inc. Phone -651/437-8883 levels- M4-Elite Midwest Ultimate Challenge Event Site - Irondale High School; 2425 long lake Road; New Brighton, MN

Start Dote - 03/ 11/2005 Club Nome -Midwest Gymnaslics Center 1160 Red Fox Road; Arden Hills, MN Phone -651 /482-9616 levels -W4-1 0 Raise The Roof Invite Event Site - Mounds View High School; 1900 loke Volentine Rood; Arden Hills, MN Start Dote -01/08/ 2005 Club Nome -Midwest Gymnastics Center 1160 Red Fox Rood Arden Hills, MN Phone -651/482-9616 levels - M4-1 0 Rising Stars Invitational Event Site - North St Paul High School; 2416 E11th Ave St. Paul, MN Start Date - 03/ 19/ 2005 Club Name - RiSing Stars Gymnastics Acod. 520 Hayward Ave. N Oakdale, MN Phone - 651 / 730-4376 levels- W4-1 0

MISSOURI Event Name -All American Spring Inv Event Site - 10449 Midwest Industrial; St. louis, MO Start Date -03/04/ 2005 Club Name -All American Gymnastics

Phone -314/426路2496 levels - W5-10 Barron Invitational Event Site -5411 Jedmed Court; St louis, MO Start Dote - 12/ 02/2004 Club Name - Barron Gymnastics Phone - 314/ 892-6909 levels- W5-10 Eogles Winter Invitotional 2004 Event Site - 209 West 135th Street; Kansas City, MO Start Date - 12/ 03/ 2004 Club Nome - Eagles Gym And Dance Ctr. Phone -816/ 941-9529 levels -W4-1 0 Stlouis Challenge Cup Event Site - 2675 Metro Blvd.; St. louis, MO Start Date - 02/ 18/ 2005 Club Name -Team Central Phone - 314/ 291-5436 levels - M4-10 Stlouis Classic Event Site -America's Center; 701 Convention Plaza; Stlouis, MO Start Date -01/ 07/ 2005 Club Name -Team Central 2675 Metra Blvd.; St.louis, MO Phone -314/ 291 -5436 levels- W4-Elite

NEVADA Cactus Cooler Invitational Event Site - UNlV McOermoN 5

Gymnasium; 45055 Maryland Pkwy; los Vegas, NV Start Dote - 02/ 18/2005 Club Nome - Desert Gymcats Gymnastics 950 S. Cimarron Rood; los Vegas, NV Phone - 702/ 798-3547 levels - W4-Elite Flips USA Invitational 2005 Event Site - Reno Hiltion; 2500 E. 2nd Street; Reno, NV Start Dote -01/14/2005 Club Nome - Flips U.S.A. 500 EGlendale; Sparks, NV Phone - 775/359-2232 levels - W4-Elite Gold Medal Invitational Event Site - UNlVMcDermoN Complex; 4505 Maryland Pkwy; las Vegas, NV Start Date - 03/ 18/2005 Club Nome - las Vegos Flyers Gym. Center 1122 Visto Drive; lasVegas, NV Phone - 702/ 877-2266 levels- W4-Elite Hilton Invitotionol Event Site - 2500 East 2nd St; Reno, NV Start Date - 02/25/ 2005 Club Name - Gymnastics Nevada 225 lillard Drive; Sparks, NV Phone -775/ 355-7755 levels- M4-10, W4-10 lady luck Invitational

(continued an page 34)

CI-II;:I;:RLI;:ADI NG ~ducational Materials DVD's Tumble Tips 1 and 2 Item


Tumble Tips 1 cosl $19.95

Round off, back handspring and back tucks are just some of the examples on this DVD. A tumbling video series for cheerleaders and coaches that contains: Prerequisites, progressions, drills, spotting techniques, common mistakes and solutions, cond itioning and flexibility. Instruction by Roberto Pumpido 1968 Olympian



Tumble Tips 2 cosl $19.95

Tuck kick out, the X out, whip back, twists, Arabia ns and more are included on this DVD. A tumbling video series for cheerleaders and coaches that contains: Prerequisites, progressions, drills, spotting techniques, common mistakes and solutions, conditioning and flexibility. Instruction by Roberto Pumpido 1968 Olympian

Ilem #4002 CI-l!;:!;:RL!;:AD ING CLiPART Create your own unique flyers, newsletters, ads, webpages and more with these royalty free clipart images. Thi s CD co ntains 50 original cheerleading, clipart images. All images are royalty free and can be used over and ove r again! Only $29.95 . Compatible with MAC or Pc.

VHS Video Ilem #4003 USA Gymnaslics Cheer lumbling and jump video "Drills for Skills" USA Gymnastics has now produced its first ever educational cheerleading video to help those of you who are looking to improve or learn new cheerleading drills and skills. Th is forty-five minute video includes demonstrations and explanations of the most popular tumbling skills and jumps seen in the cheerleading community. "Drills and Skills" can be purchased through USA Gymnastics for the great price of $15.00.

TO ORDER LOG ON TO www. OR CALL 1-800-345-4719

Member Club Invitational Listing (continued from page 33)

Event Site · Tropicana Hotel and Casino; 3801 los Vegas Blvd South; los Vegas, NV Start Dote · 01/21 / 2005 Club Nome · Brown's Gymnastics· los Vegas 4544 C. W.Russell Rd.; los Vegas, NV Phone · 702/ 257 ·9009 levels - W4·Elite

Gold Cup New Mexico Classic Event Site · University of New Mexico; Johnson Or UNM Campus; Albuquerque, NM Start Date· 01/14/ 2005 Club Name· Gold Cup Gymnastics 6009 Carmel Ave NE Albuquerque, NM Phone· 505/B21 ·B417 levels - M4·Elite

Manhattan Classic Event Site· Pace University; 1 Pace Plaza; New York, NY Start Dote· 01/28/ 2005 Club Nome· NYC Elite Gymnastics, Inc 100 Avenue of the Americas; New York, NY Phone· 212·334·362B levels - W4·10

los Vegas Flyers Invitational Event Site · 1122 Vista Drive; las Vegas, NV Start Date · 02/ 26/ 2005 Club Nome . las Vegas Flyers Gym. Center Phone · 702/ B77·2266 levels - M4·Elite

NEW YORK Autumn Classic Event Site· Shoker High School; 445 Watervleit·Shaker Rd; latham, NY Start Date· 11/20/ 2004 Club Name · World Class Gymnastics Academy 630 Columbia Street Extension; latham, NY Phone· 518/ 7B5·3481 levels· W4·10

Niagara Cup Invitational Event Site· 3305 Niagara Foils Blvd; North Tonawando, NY Start Dote· 03/ 11/2005 Club Nome· Niagaro/ Gleason's Gymnastics Phone· 716/ 694·6557 levels - W4·Elite

las Vegas Go For It Classic Event Site· Cox Pavillion/ UNlV Campus; 4505 Moryland Pkwy; los Vegas, NV Stort Date· 01/28/2005 Club Name· Go For It USA 4310 losee Rd Ste 2; N. las Vegas, NV Phone · 702/ 658·9003 levels - M& W4·Elite Starz & Stripes Invitational Event Site· 895 EPatriot Blvd #103; Reno, NV Start Date · 02/ 18/ 2005 Club Nome · Storz Gymnastics Phone· 775/853·9494 levels - M4·10, T3·Elite, W4·Elite Vegas Cup Event Site · UN lV/MCDermott Center; 4505 Maryland Parkway; los Vegas, NV Start Dote · 02/ 03/ 2005 Club Nome · Gymcats Gymnastics 440 S.Parkson Suite B Henderson, NV Phone · 702/ 566·1414 levels - W4·Elite Vegas lights Mens Invitational Event Site · 950 S. Cimarron Rd; los Vegas, NV Start Dote· 01/15/2005 Club Nome· Desert Gymcats Gym. Phone · 702/ 798·3547 levels - M4·Elite NEW JERSEY Rebound Scarlet Cup Event Site· Rutgers Univ. livingston Rec 0; Rood 3; Piscataway, NJ Start Dote · 02/ 25/ 2005 Oub Nome· Rebound Gymnastics, Inc. III Hwy #35 Commerce Plaza; Cliffwood, NJ Phone · 732/ 566·3223 levels - W4·Elite NEW MEXICO Gold Cup New Mexico Classic Event Site· University of New Mexico; Johnson Or/ UNM Campus; Albuquerque, NM Stort Dote· 01/14/ 2005 Club Nome· Gold Cup Gymnastics 6009 Carmel Ave NE Albuquerque, NM Phone· 505/821·8417 levels - W7 ·Elite


Balloon ClossicJudges Cup Event Site · 17AGreenbush Rd; Orangeburg, NY Start Dote· 11/ 19/ 2004 Club Name· Galaxy Gymnostics Phone· 845/ 398·1000 levels - W4·10 Candy Cane Classic Event Site · PO Box 24695; Rochester, NY Start Date· 12/04/ 2004 Club Nome· Bright Raven Gym., Inc. Phone · 71 6/247·0800 levels· W4·10 Graffiti Invitational Event Site· Starpoint High School; 4363 Mapleton Rd; lockport, NY Stort Dote· 01/07/ 2005 Club Nome· Flips Gymnastics and Sport 6017 STransit Rood; lockport, NY Phone·716/ 433·BBII levels · W4·10 Hudson Volley Winter Classic Event Site· Ulster County Comm. College; 419 Cottekill Rd; Stone Ridge, NY Stort Dote· 01/07/2005 Club Nome· Gym Stars 977 Kings Highway Saugerties, NY Phone · 845/ 246·3890 levels - W2·10, prepopt. lucky Stars Invitational Event Site · Jomestown Community College; 525 Falconer Street; Jomestown, NY Start Dote· 03/18/2005 Club Nome· Stroup's Gymnastics 1385 Kiantone Rd.; P.O. Box 2081; Jamestown, NY Phone · 716/ 665·8081 levels· W4·1 0 Mand TCoca Colo Invito tiona I Event Site· 70 Weiss Ave; W Seneco, NY Start Dote· 02/ 11/2005 Club Nome - Gym. Unlimited· Orchard Park Phone· 71 6/677·033B levels - W4·10

The Greater NY Invitationol Event Site· Rockland Community College; 145 College Rd Suffern, NY Start Dote· 12/04/2004 Club Nome - U.S. Gym. Develop Center II 6 leighton Place; Mahwah, NJ Phone· 201/891·2496 Fox· 201/ 891·7881 levels - W4·1 0 NORTH CAROLINA Invitational Event Site· 4870 Country Clud Rd.; Winston Solem, NC Start Dote· 11/ 19/2004 Club Nome· Solem Gymnastics Center, ltd. Phone · 336/765-4668 levels· W4·6 Jungle Jam Event Site· 210 Tolbert Pointe Blvd; Mooresville, NC Start Dote· 02/ 25/ 2005 Club Nome· The Gym Company llC Phone · 704/ 663·7510 levels · W4·6 Weyandt's Boy's Invintotional Event Site· 8617 Monroe Rood; Chorlotte, NC Stort Dote· 12/1 1/2004 Club Nome· Weyandt Gymnastics Phone· 704/ 568·1277 levels - M4·1 0 WNC Championships Event Site· 26·A Glendale Ave; Asheville, NC Stort Dote· 03/ 13/ 2005 Club Nome · Weyneth Elite Gymnastics Acad. Phone· B28/252·8746 levels - W3·10, prepopl. OHIO TURKEY "MEAT" Event Site· 6630 Harris Rood; Broadview Heights, OH Start Dote· 11/20/ 2004 Club Nome· Gymnastics World, Inc. Phone · 440/ 526·2970 levels· W4·6 2005 Buckeye Classic Event Site· Celeste Center/OH


Fairgrounds; 717 E. 17th Avenue; Columbus, OH Start Dote · 02/ 17/ 2005 Club Nome · Buckeye Gymnastics 7159 Northgate Way; PO Box 2295; Westerville, OH Phone · 614·895·1611 levels - W4·Elite 2005 Winter Classic Event Site· 1462 Hormony Drive; Tipp City, OH Stort Dote · 02/ 25/ 2005 Club Nome · Gem Gty Gymnastics Phone · 937/ 667·4961 levels · W4·1 0 Candy Cone Classic Event Site· 11013 Cleveland Ave. NW; Uniontown, OH Stort Dote · 12/ 17/ 2004 Club Nome · Gymnastics of Ohio, Inc. Phone · 330/499·5572 levels· W4·10 Creek Winter Blost Event Site · 3820 Kemp Rood; Beovercreek, OH Start Dote· 12/ 11/ 2004 Club Nome · Creek Flipsters Phone · 937/ 426·3547 levels· W4·6 Dominique Moceanu Invitationol Event Site - Brecksville High School; Mill Rd.; Broadview Heights,OH Start Dote· 01/08/2005 Club Nome· Gymnastics World, Inc. 6630 Harris Rood; Broadview Heights,OH Phone · 440/ 526·2970 levels - W4·Elite Flytz Classic Event Site· Summit County Fairgrounds; 229 EHowe Rd; Tallmadge, OH Start Dote· 01/14/2005 Club Nome· FlYTZ USA Gymnostics, Inc. 2900 State Rood; Cuyahoga Falls,OH Phone· 330/926·2900 levels - W4·Elite Holiday Classic Event Site · 11 013 Cleveland Ave. NW; Uniontown, OH Start Dote· 11 / 19/ 2004 Club Nome· Gymnastics of Ohio, Inc. Phone · 330/499·5572 levels · W4·6 Minehart Memorial Event Site· 1B50 Manor Hill Rood; Findlay, OH Start Dote· 02/ 12/ 2005 Club Nome · Gold Medal Gymnastics Phone · 419/ 425·4653 levels - W4·10 Sunrise Boys Gymfest Event Site · P.O. Box 69 Sylvania, OH Start Dote· 02/ 13/2005 Club Nome · Sunrise Gymnostics Academy

NOV / DEC 2004


Phone · 419/ 841 ·2902 levels- M4·10 Sunrise Boys Open Event Site · P.O. Box 69 Sylvania, OH Start Dote · 11/ 21 / 2004 Club Nome · Sunrise Gymnastics Academy Phone· 419/841 ·2902 levels - M4·10 Sunrise Gymfest Academy Event Site · P.O. Box 69 Sylvonio, OH Start Dote · 03/ 12/ 2005 Club Nome· Sunrise Gymnostics Acodemy Phone · 419/ 841 ·2902 levels· W4·10 Sunrise Open Event Site · P.O. Box 69 Sylvonia, OH Start Dote· 12/11/2004 Club Nome · Sunrise Gymnostics Academy Phone · 419/ 841 ·2902 levels · W4·10 Turkey Cup Event Site · 1850 Manor Hill Rood; Findlay, OH 45840 Start Dote· 11/ 20/ 2004 Club Nome· Gold Medal Gymnastics Phone· 419/ 425·4653 levels· W4·6 Winter Cup Event Site· Bl0 Slocum Rd; lancaster, OH Start Dote · 12/ 11 / 2004 Club Nome · Hocking Volley Gym. Center Phone· 740/ 653·3547 levels M4·10 OKLAHOMA Bart Conner Invitational Event Site · P.O. Box 720217; 3206 Bart Conner Dr.; Norman, OK Start Dote · 01/28/2005 Club Nome· Bart Conner Gym. Acad. Phone· 405/ 447·7500 levels - M4·1 0 Nadia Comaneci Invitational Event Site · P.O. Box 720217; 3206 Bort Conner Dr. Norman, OK Start Dote· 02/ 11 / 2005 Club Nome· Bart Conner Gym. Acad. Phone· 405/447·7500 levels - W4·Elite Tulsa World Invitational Event Site· 7020 E38Th Street; Tulsa, OK Start Dote· 01/21 / 2005 Club Nome · Tulso World of Gymnastics Phone · 918/ 664·86B3 levels - W4·Elite OREGON Emerald Team Challenge Event Site · 869 Shelly Springfield, OR

Start Dote · 03/ 12/ 2005 Club Nome · Notional Academy of Artistic Gymnastics Phone· 541/744·2002 levels - W4·Elite Shomrock Invitationol Event Site · 1414 SE 18Th Ave #100; Hillsboro, OR Start Dote· 02/26/ 2005 Club Nome · Gym·Nestltd. Phone· 503/ 640·6378 levels - W4·10 Winter Invitational Event Site · 1414 SE 18Th Ave #100; Hillsboro, OR Start Dote· 01/15/ 2005 Club Nome· Gym·Nestltd. 1414 SE 18Th Ave #100; Hillsboro, OR 97123 Phone·503/640·637B levels - W4·1 0 PENNSYLVANIA Apple Harvest Invitational Event Site· 21 landings Dr.; Annville, PA Stort Dote· 11 / 20/ 2004 Club Nome· Poromount Sports Complex Phone· 717/ 83B·0330 levels · W4·8, prepopl. Christmas City Classic Event Site· 57 S. Commerce Way; Suite 240; Bethlehem, PA Stort Dote· 12/11/2004 Club Nome· Girls & Boys In Co·Operation G Phone· 610/861·9151 levels· W3·9, prepopt. Event Nome· Christmas Invitational Event Site· P.O. Box 631 ; Pottsville, PA Start Dote· 12/1 B/ 2004 Club Nome· Pottsville Gymnastic Training Phone· 570/62B·4966 levels· W4·9 Dalmotion Classic Event Site· 513 Dickerson Rood; NorthWales, PA Start Dote· 02/ 04/2005 Club Nome· Spirit GYM Training Center Phone · 215/ 699·2900 levels· W4·1 0 Dutch Classic Event Site· 325 Morgantown Rood; Reading, PA Start Dote· 02/05/2005 Club Nome· Berks Gymnastic Academy Phone· 610/372-8454 levels - W4·Elite, prepopl. Fun in the Sun Invitational Event Site· 4382·A Gibsonia Rd; Gibsonio, PA Start Dote· 03/ 12/ 2005 Club Nome · Northland GYM & Cheerleading Phone· 724/ 444·3010 levels· W5·8 John Pancatt Invitational Event Site · The School at Church

Member Club Invitational Listing Form; 1001 Elincoln Hwy; Exton, PA Start Dote· 02/ 05/ 2005 Club Nome · John Poncott Gymnastic Center 2B4 Lancaster Avenue Malvern, PA Phone· 610/ 647 ·9847 Levels - M4·1 0 John Poncott Invitational Event Site· The School at Church Form; IDOl Elincoln Hwy; Exton, PA Start Dote· 03/ 05/ 2005 Club Nome· John Poncott Gymnastic Center . 284 lancaster Avenue Malvern, PA Phone· 610/ 647 ·9B47 Levels - W4·1 0 KMCBoys Classic Invitotionol Event Site · 912 W. Cypress Street; Kennett Squore, PA Start Dote· 01 / 15/2005 Club Nome · KMC Dance and Gym. Center Phone· 610/ 444·4464 Levels - M4·10 lVSA Notional Invito tiona I Event Site· 1665 East Roce Street; Allentown, PA Start Dote· 12/ 10/ 2004 Club Nome· Lehigh Volley Sports Academy Phone· 610/264·2208 Levels - M4·1 0 NiHony Invitational Event Site · Penn State Univ Rec Hall; University Pork, PA Start Dote· 01/14/ 2005 Club Nome · NiHany Gymnastics Academy 2300 Commerciol Boulevard; Stote College, PA Phone· BI4/ 23B·B995 Levels · W5·10 NiHony Spring Invitational Event Site· Penn State University; Rec Hall; University Pork, PA Start Dote· 03/ 20/2005 Club Nome · Nittony Gymnastics Academy 2300 Commercial Blvd.; State College, PA Phone · BI4/ 238·8995 Levels · W4·6 Pittsburgh Northstar CO·ED Classic Event Site· III Oak haven Drive; Wexford, PA Start Dote· 12/ 10/2004 Club Nome· Pittsburgh Northstars Phone·412/4B7·5999 levels· W4·1 0, M4·1 0 Sweetheart Classic Event Site · 98 Vanodium Rood; Bldg C; Bridgeville, PA Start Date · 02/ 11/2005 dub Nome· GYMSPORT GYMNASTICS Phone · 412·220·1195 Levels - W4·10 Wintertime in Brandywine Event Site· 991 South Bolmar Street; W.Chester, PA Start Date· 12/ 03/ 2004

Club Nome · AJS Poncott Gymnastics Phone·610/ 431·2477 levels - W4·10 Yurchenko Invitational Event Site · 1665 East Race St; Allentown, PA Start Dote· 12/ 03/2004 Club Nome · lehigh Volley Sports Academy Phone· 610/ 264·2208 Levels - W4·10

RHODE ISLAND Rllnvitotionol Event Site · University of RI; 3 Keaney Rd; Kingston, RI Start Dote· 12/ 03/ 2004 Club Nome · Aim High Academy Inc 3355 South County Trail; East Greenwich, RI Phone·401 /886·7B27 Levels - W4·Elite SOUTH CAROLINA Gymscomps Clossic Event Site· P.O. Box 1263B; Freedom Boulevard Florence, SC Start Dote· 12/ 18/ 2004 Club Nome · FreedomFlorence Gymscamps Phone·843/ 667·5090 Levels· W4·9 Hilton Heod Island Gym Invitational Event Site· The Morriott Beach and Golf Re; I Hotol Circle; Hilton Head Island, SC Start Dote· 01/27/ 2005 Club Nome · Rockdale Gymnastics 1774 Old Covington Rood Conyers, GA Phone · 770/ 483·0229 Levels - W4·Elite Pilgrims Classic Event Site · P.O. Box 1263B; Freedom Boulevord Florence, SC Start Dote· 11/20/2004 Club Nome· Freedom Florence Gymscomps Phone· 843/ 667·5090 Levels - W2·10, prepop!.

TENNESSEE Gatlinburg Classic Event Site · Gatlinburg Convention Center; Airport Rd; Gatlinburg, TN Start Date· 02/ 25/ 2005 Club Name· Weyneth Elite Gymnastics Acad. 26·A Glendale Ave Asheville, NC Phone· 828/252·8746 Levels -W2·10, pre pop!. T1·10, M4·10 John Mocreody Flip Festlnv. Event Site · Knoxville Convention Center; 525 Henley St; Knoxville, TN Start Dote · 01/21/2005 Club Name · Premier Gymnastics &Tumbling 5331 Western Avenue; Knoxville, TN 37921 Phone· 865/ 588·2105 Levels - W4·10, prepop!., TI·Elite, M4·Elite

Music City Inv Event Site· BOllie Ground; Ernest Rice In; Franklin, TN Start Dote· 11/ 19/ 2004 Club Nome· let It Shine Gymnastics, Inc. 1892 General George Patton Dr.; Franklin, TN Phone· 615/ 369·3547 levels - W4·1 0, pre pop!.

TEXAS 2005 Heart of Texas Invitational Event Site· Pflugerville High School; HWY IB25 Pflugerville, TX Start Dote· 02/ 12/ 2005 Club Nome· Capitol Gym. Super Center 13900 North IH·35 Suite A·I; Austin, TX Phone· 512/ 251·9105 levels - W4·Elite

Join the


Corol Hillenburg level 4 and 5 Event Site · 1438 S1·35 E; Lancaster, TX Start Dote · 12/ 10/ 2004 Club Nome· Trevino's Gymnastics Phone· 972/223·0167 levels· W4·5 Corol Hillenburg Level 4 and 5 Stote Invitational Event Site· 1438 S1·35 E; Lancaster, TX Start Dote· 12/03/2004 Club Nome· Trevino's Gymnastics Phone· 972/223·0167 Levels· W4·5 Dallas Cup Event Site· 9858 Chortwell; Dallas, TX Start Dote· 01 / 21/2005 Club Nome· Metroplex Gymnostics 9B58 Chortwell Dallas, TX Phone· 214/ 343·8652 Levels · W4·6 Houston North Presidents Day Invitational Event Site· lone Stor Convention Center; 9055 Airport Rood; Conroe, TX Start Dote· 02/ 1B/2005 Club Name· Houston North Gym & Tumbling 11 037 FM 1960 West,Ste 0·1; Houston, TX Phone · 281·894·8400 levels - M4·Elite

Last year

over 100 gyms in thirty-three states,

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level 7 AIiStar Texas Challenge Event Site· 200 Fitness Court; Coppell, TX Start Date · 12/ 04/ 2004 Club Nome· Texas Dreoms Gym. Phone· 972/ 471·2345 levels· W7 Level 7 Mock Meet Event Site· 200 Fitness Court; Coppell, TX Start Dote · 11/ 22/ 2004 Club Name· Texas Dreams Gym. Phone · 972/ 471 ·2345 Levels - W7 Lone Star Boys Invitational Event Site· FEW Education Center; 1100 Roider Dr; Euless, TX

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Replace those clumsy flip displays and runners! Automatically builds a database while you use it.

Contact us at: Auburn Electronics Group Post Office Box 395 Rancho Cordova CA 95741-0395 (916) 852-2900 Fox: (916) 852-2920 email: sales@aegroup com

Did you know that more than 70'0 of girls and 40'0 of boys don't have enough muscle strength to do just one pull up? Turn on the TV listen to the radio or read the newspaper and you'll hear about the alarming statistics of America's sedentary and overweight children. I

SA Gymnastics has developed the USA Gymnastics Fitness program to fight against childhood obesity. The program was especially designed to teach all kids about the importance of nutrition and to show them just how fun exercise can be. The lessons can be modified to adapt to the skill level of each individual child, rewarding children for their efforts while guiding them on the path to healthy habits.


USA Gymnastics Fitness is a program that you can design in yourfacilityto promote health and fitness. Log on . to and use it as a resource for your gym. This webpage is filled with great articles on nutrition and exercise, handouts, and the program information to get your club started. You can read testimonials, view' sample exercises, print out fun pages for your students, and lots more. There are numerous ways you can incorporate the USA Gymnastics Fitness program into your gym such as: encourage families to work out together in this unique program, invite school groups and scouting troops to do field trips, offer a fitness class for the home school groups in your community, consider working with a hospital or doctor in the area to prescribe your fitness program, conduct a class for kids in other

sports who just want to become more fit. These are just a sample of ideas and we hope clubs are creative in designing what works for their community. Anyone can participate! Participants can be children, teenagers, and even adults. Fitness classes can be a great way to get an entire family moving and on their way to a healthy lifestyle. If you'd like to purchase a

USA Gymnastics Fitness Kit which includes two posters for recording class information, a black and white ad slick to customize with your club information and a VHS video filled with sample warm ups, conditioning and stretching as well as a sample commercial and GG routines for your group to perform, call 1-800-345-4719. The USA Gymnastics Fitness Kit sells for $29.95 if you are a Member Club, while non-member clubs and schools can purchase the kit for $59 .95.

WWW. usa-gym na sti cs. 0 . . - . - = - 3 - = 6 - - - - - - - - - - - - ----«


rg/fitn ess

2004 ) . . - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -

Member Club Invitational Listing

(continued from page 35) Start Date - 12/ 04/ 2004 Club Name - Lone Star Gymnastics 3736 Alta Mesa Blvd; Ft. Worth, TX Phone - BI7/294-1114 Levels - M4-7

Gymnastics Acad. Phone -972/ 9B5-9292 Levels - W4-Elite

Lone Star Men's Invitational Event Site - FEW EducationCenter; 1100 Raider Dr; Euless, TX Start Dote - 12/ 06/2004 Club Name - Lone Star Gymnastics 3736 Alta Mesa Blvd; Ft. Worth, TX Phone - BI7/ 294-1114 Levels - M4-10

UTAH Crystal Cup Event Site -Sheraton City Centre Hotel; 150 West 500 South; Salt Lake City, UT Start Date -01/ 21 /2005 Club Name - Olympus School Of Gymnastics 96B3 South Sandy Parkway; Sandy, UT Phone -B01/566-3295 Levels - W4-Elite

Metroplex Challenge Event Site - Dallas Convention Center; 650 SGriffen; Oallas, TX Start Date - 01/21/2005 Club Name -Metroplex Gymnastics 9B5BChartwell Dallas, TX Phone - 214/ 343-B652 Levels - W4-Elite

Rodeo Round-Up Event Site - 96B3 South Sandy Parkway; Sandy, UT Start Date - 05/ 14/ 2005 Club Name -Olympus School Of Gymnastics 96B3 South Sandy Parkway; Sandy, UT B4070 Phone -BOI / 566-3295 Levels -W4-6

The Kurt Thomas Invitational Event Site - Dr Pepper Star Center; 2601Avenue of the Stars; Frisco, TX Stort Date - 02/ 1B/2005 Club Name - Kurt Thomas Gymnastics Phone - 214/ 3B7-4707 Levels -W7 -Elite

VIRGINIA 11th Annual Beach Invitational Event Site - 912 AProfessional Place; Chesapeake, VA Start Date -01 / 22/ 2005 Club Name - Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone -757/ 547 -0169 Levels - W4-Elite

Voleri Liukin Invitotionol Event Site - 1937 W. Parker Rd; Plano, TX Start Date - 12/ 10/ 2004 Club Name -World Olympic Gymnastics Acad. Phone - 972/9B5-9292 Levels -M4-Elite

15th Annual New Year Opener Event Site - lOBI 0 Paulbrook Drive; Midlothian, VA Start Date -01/ 08/ 2005 Club Name -Virginia International Gym_School Phone -804/276-7039 Levels - W4-10

WOGA Classic 2005 Event Site - 1937 W. Parker Road; Plano, TX Start Date - 01/14/2005 Club Name -World Olympic

April Adventure Invite Event Site - 14088 KSullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA Start Date -04/16/2005 Club Name -Chantilly Academy

Phone -703/ 37B-4966 Levels - W4-1 0 Excalibur Cup Event Site -Ocean Lokes High School; BB5 Schuman Drive; Virginia Beach, VA Start Date -02/ 11 /2005 Club Name - Excalibur Gymnastics 5B1 6 Arrowhead Drive; Virginia Beach, VA Phone -757/ 499-825B Levels - W4-Elite, prepapt. February Frolic Invite Event Site - 140BBKSullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA Start Date -02/ 12/ 2005 Club Name - Chantilly Academy Phone - 703/ 37B-4966 Levels - W4-1 0 Flower Power Invite Event Site - 140BBKSullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA Start Date -04/30/ 2005 Club Name -Chantilly Academy Phone -703/ 37B-4966 Levels- W4-10 Merry March Invite Event Site - 140BB KSullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA Start Date - 03/ 05/ 2005 Club Name -Chantilly Academy Phone - 703/ 378-4966 Levels- W4-10 Mother May I Invitational Event Site - 709 Middle Ground Blvd.; Ste 117b; Nwprt Nws Cty, VA Start Date -04/24/ 2005 Club Name -World Class Gymnastics LLC 709 Middle Ground Blvd.; Ste 117b; Nwprt. Nws. Cty, VA Phone 路 757/ 873-6440 Levels -W4-5 November Season Opener Event Site - 140B8 KSullyfield

Circle; Chantilly, VA Start Date -11/20/ 2004 Club Name -ChantillyAcademy Phone -703/ 37B-4966 Levels - W4-10 Shamrock Invitational Event Site - 912 AProfessional Place; Chesapeake, VA Start Date -03/19/2005 dub Name -Ocean Tumblers Gymn. Phone -757/ 547-0169 Levels -W4-B Spring Fling Event Site -91 2AProfessional Place; Chesapeake, VA Start Date -04/ 16/ 2005 Club Name -Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone -757/ 547-0169 Levels -W4-7 Sweetheart invitational Event Site -912 AProfessional Place; Chesapeake, VA Start Date -02/ 12/ 2005 Club Name - Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone -757/547-01 69 . Levels - W4-10 Winter Island Getaway Invitational Event Site - 140B8 KSullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA 20151 Start Date -12/ 11/2004 Club Name -Chantilly Academy Phone -703/37B-4966 Levels -W4-9

Event Site - 912 AProf. PI.; Chesapeake, VA Start Date - 12/ 04/ 2004 Club Name -Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone - 757/ 547-0169 Levels- W4-10

WASHINGTON Event Name - Bunny-Hop Invitational Event Site -6B22 S. 190th; Kent, WA Start Oate - 03/ 04/ 2005 Club Name -Metropolitan Gymnastics, Inc Phone - 206/ 575-413B Levels -W4-10 Bunny-Hop Invitational Event Site -6B22 S_ 190th; Kent, WA Start Date -03/05/2005 Club Name - Metropolitan Gymnastics, Inc Phone - 206/ 575-413B Levels - M4-7 Coaches Cup Invitational Event Site - 6B22 S. 190th; Kent, WA Start Date -01/21/2005 Club Name -Metropolitan Gymnastics, Inc Phone -206/ 575-413B Levels -W4-1 0

World Class Invitationol Event Site - 1 University Place; Nwprt Nws Cty, VA Start Date -12/ 18/ 2004 Club Name -World Class

Coaches Cup Invitational Event Site - 6822 S. 190th; Kent, WA Start Date -01/22/ 2005 Club Name -Metropolitan Gymnastics, Inc Phone - 206/575-4138 Levels- M4-8

Gymnastics LLC 709 Middle Ground Blvd.; Ste 117b; Nwprt Nws Cty, VA Phone -757/ 873-6440 Levels -W4-1 0 Yuletide Invitational

Go for the Gold Event Site -3939 12th Ave SE 81dg 4; Lacey, WA Start Oate - 01/05/ 2005 Club Name路 Black Hills Gymnastics

Summit America Insurance Services

7961A 29th Ave NE; Lacey, WA Phone - 360/ 413-9B55 Levels - W4-1 0 Spring Fest Event Site -3939 12th Ave SE Bldg 4; Lacey, WA Start Date - 03/ 12/ 2005 Club Name - Black Hills Gymnastics 7961A 29th Ave NE; Lacey, WA Phone - 360/4 1 3-~B55 Levels - W4-1 0

WISCONSIN 2005 Scamps Blizzard Invitational Event Site - 5711 77thStreet; Kenosha, WI Start Date -01/29/2005 Club Name -Scamps Gymnastics Phone -262/ 694-0B05 Levels -W7-10 Midwest Challenge Event Site - POBox 51 0474; 16760WVictorRd New Berlin, WI Start Date -01/15/ 2005 Club Nome -MAnd MGymnastics Phone - 262/789-6BB5 Levels - W4-Elite

The most upto-date list of Member Club Invitationals can be found at

Click on the Events button on the left. Then scroll down to Invitationals

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* * * T~~~6~ * * *

GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONS Remaining Schedule for November and December

Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov.

4 5 6 7 10 ' 12 13 19 20 21 23 26 27 28

Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. Wed. Fri. Sat. Fri. Sat. Sun. Tue. Thur. Fri. Wed.

7:00 7.30 7:30 4:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:30 7:00 6:00 7:00 7:30 7:30 7:30

~.m. ~.m. ~.m ~.m ~.m

~.m ~.m ~.m

~.m ~.m ~.m ~.m ~.m ~.m


{Boise}, ID S~okane, WA Seattle, WA Portland, OR Colorado S~rings, CO Salt Lake Cit:t, UT Las Vegas, NV San Antonio, TX Houston, TX Dallas, TX Birmingham, AL Miami, FL Tam~a, FL Tallahassee, FL

Idaho Center S~okane Arena Ke:tArena Rose Garden World Arena Delta Center Thomas & Mack Center SBC Center TO:tota Center American Airlines Center BJCC Arena American Airlines Arena St. Pete Times Forum Tallahassee Civic Center .. --~-'-""



ERRA T AIADDITIONS/CLARIFICA TIONS to the September 2003 Edition (White cover with purple print)


II. D. Add bullet: J.Add a bullet:


M. Add #4




Add #9

59 .

C.1.a./b .


IV. Add F.


9. Add bullet


Add 12.

81 .

E. Add bullet


E. 1.


V. A. Add #3.





120 121 122

CORRECTION/ADDITION Add s. The performance of a one-arm vault ; if at least half of the vault panel saw that only one hand touched the vault table . - 1.00 After a fall, judging resumes from the point of interruption . Elements must be performed in the order as written. If a JO athlete omits a major element in a compulsory exercise and then performs it later (out of order) or at the completion of the routine, the deduction for deliberate om ission will be applied. The element is not evaluated, except in the case of a fall, for which a 0.50 deduction will be applied. Bars & Beam Mounts: JO gymnasts may STAND on one or two competition landing mats (12 cm) or one 20 cm competition landing mat. In addition, compulsory gymnasts (Level 1-6) may use any manufactured mat, spotting block or board for mounting purposes. When mounting from a board, the board may NOT be placed on an 8" skill cushion. Change 2na bullet to read: The Chief Judge takes the 1.00 deduction from the average for the performance of a onearm vault, if at least half of the vault panel saw that only one hand touched the vault table. 9. Group 3 Vault clarification: a. V, on - V, off, front saito vaults may also be performed with a V. on - % off using the same number and start value . No deduction for incomplete V, turn will be applied. b. If a gymnast announces lattempts a 'I. on - % off (or V, on - V, off) front saito vault, but performs a V. on - V. off (twisting in opposite directions) to a front saito vault, it will be considered the same as a Handspring front saito vault and appropriate deductions w ill be taken . Delete b. and change a. to read : The gymnast may also stand on an " up to 8-inch skill cushion"(sting , throw mat or skill cushion) that is placed on the competition landing matts) for dismount purposes. After a fall from the bars, judging resumes with the performance of an element that is listed in the FIG Code of Points or the JO Element Supplement. Note: Level10's are allowed only one cast to squat-on without penalty. Therefore, after a fall, the gymnast should not use a glide kip-cast squat-on to remount unless there are no other squat·ons in the exercise. Clarification : #6.204 Stalder circle backward to clear support is a " B" element and should show an opening of the shoulder angle on the upward part of the circle. #6.104 Clear straddle circle backward to clear support is an " A" element and appears as a straddle seat circle to a straddle "L" position , with no opening of the shoulder angle. #3.304 - Back Uprise immediate Clear Hip Circle: For Levels 8.10, one C" value part will be awarded if an uprise backward to immediate clear hip circle to handstand finishes within 10· of vertical. - If the clear hip does not attain the handstand phase, the skill will be evaluated as two " B" elements (back uprise and clear hip circle.) Reminder that after a fall , the Level10 gymnast should not use a glide kip·cast squat-on to remount unless there are no other squat-ons in the exercise. Change 1" bullet to read : The gymnast may also stand on an "up to a-inch skill cushion " (sting, throw mat or skill cushion) that is placed on the competition landing matts) for dismount purposes. nd Delete 2 bullet. Simple mounts such as jump to front support (or anything comparable) will be valued at " A" for the counting of value parts. Clarification regarding completion of turns: Once the heel drops onto the beam (or floor) during a turn , it is considered complete. Appropriate value part credit is awarded for the degree of turn completed prior to the heel drop. 10.4.1 Connections of two acrobatic flight elements (excluding the dismount), C + C, change connection value from +0.10 to +0.20 C + C + C delete from this page and add to page 122 B+C+C+C delete from this page and add to page 122 Connections of 3 or more elements: nd 2 bullet - Under symbols, change to read: Award B + B + C (+0.10) and C+C (+0.20) for a total of +0.30 Add examples deleted from pages 120 and 121 : nd C + C + C: +0.20 for connections of first two C elements and +0.20 for connection for 2 and third C elements, for a total of +0.40 nd B + C + C + C: B + C + C +0.20 and the connection of 2 and 3'd Cs +0.20, for a total of +0.40. It is permissible to place small pieces of tape (of the same color as the floor area carpet) at the inside • corners of the boundary to assist the gymnast's awareness of the actual boundary. Cl arification regarding completion of turns : Once the heel drops onto the beam (or floor) during a turn , it is considered complete. AJlPropriate value part credit is awarded for the degree of turn completed prior to the heel drop.

· ·



126. 132

IV. A. 1. Add bullet

- - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - «


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Group Gymnastics Committee Minutes Houston, Texas August 6-8, 2004 These meetings were held in conjunction with the FIG /GG Course Join the Gymnaestrada.

I. Roll Call USAG /GG Committee members: • Steve Whitlock, Director of GG • Lori Laznovsky, Committee Member • Dean Capelotti, Committee Member Guests: • Beau Biron, Biron's Gymnastics, Houston, Texas • Cheryl Cupples, Biron's Gymnastics, Houston, Texas • Brian Jones, DeVeau's Gymnastics, Fishers, Ind. • Paula Lord, DeVeau's Gymnastics, Fishers, Ind. • Jackie Maynard, Westbend Dance and Tumbling Troupe, Westbend, Wis. • Smaranda Moisescu, Rhythmic Dreams, Newton, Mass. • Jodie Trnack, Biron's Gymnastics, Houston, Texas

I. 2007 World Gymna~strada A. Organization

Organization was discussed. Steve Whitlock explained how important it is to get everyone's help. We need to recruit as many participants as possible. General information is available. We have just received the invitation for the first Information Meeting which will be held in April, 2005. B. Site Visit Steve Whitlock and Gretchen & Allan Judah from National Travel Systems (NTS) will meet with the WG 2007 Organizing Committee August 10-13. Topics include: visiting potential accommodations for the USA Gymnastics delegation, preview of the WB 2007 performance facilities, travel details, logistics, finances, etc. C. Marketing the we 2007 It is important to get information out early and start recruiting

now. Everyone in attendance at the meeting is responsible for collecting 25 names of potential participants and / or clubs. These names are to be submitted Lori Laznovsky by September 1st. Paula Lord will begin to work on an invitation that will be ready for the first mailing. The goal is to utilize direct marketing to increase participation numbers. It was the general consensus that 600 participants is a realistic possibility.


D. Commitment In order to recruit and better plan, it is important to get individuals and clubs to make an early commitment. • An Early Bird Subscription Form is posted on the USAG/ GG website. Clubs completing and returning this Subscription Form to the USA Gymnastics office postmarked by November 15, 2004 will receive $100 off their club participation fee when submitting the first club payment for this event - one discount per club. • Savings plans were also discussed . NTS is interested in this and will do some further investigation. We hope that we can get this system set-up as soon as possible to aid clubs in fund-raising . E. New groups and individuals We would like to provide more assistance for new groups. • Amentoring program was discussed as well as an evaluation meeting. It is possible to assign experts to assist groups with chorography, organization, etc. • To help with this process, it was suggested that evaluation sessions be conducted at events that are already on the schedule. There will be an evaluation for groups participating in the 2005 GG Nationals. • Additionally, it was suggested that if entire groups are unable to attend the GG Nationals that the Group Leaders attend with video tapes. • Finally, it was recommended to include a Join the Gymnaestrada mini-course for new Group Leaders. Small groups will be encouraged to attend. Information regarding organization and choreography will be presented.

F. Meeting with members of the WG 2007 Organizing Committee Attending the FIG / WG Course Join the Gymnaestrada were Eva Ritsch (Office Management and Communications) and Oliver Stocker (Director of Communications). They participated in a portion of the USAG / GG committee meetings. • Organization questions regarding housing, logistics, travel, etc. were posed to the WG 2007 Oc. Most questions were answered in general • More detailed information will be forth coming during the September site visit and this fall in the Bulletin No. 1. • The WG 2007 OC has made special arrangements with airlines and airports to help reduce the stress of travel. • The OC also believes that it is possible to help with the production of items we would like to s~ll in the USA Gymnastics National Stand. The OC will send us contact information regarding this. • The OC discussed the concept of the "sister" villages where members of specific delegation participants will be housed during the we. Gymnastics clubs from the villages will be assigned to each delegation to act as liaisons and hosts. It


)1-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

will be important to build a relationship with the village early on as they will be able to assist with many special needs. G. Budget Steve Whitlock reported that the budget for the 2007 World Gymnaestrada is a work in progress. The budget goes through several reviews before final approval.

H. Key Dates 2004 August

Course Join the Gymnaestrada USAG / GG Committee meeting (Houston) September Publication of the WG 2007 Bulletin No.1 9-13th - USA site visit - meetings with the WG 2007 OC December 31st- deadline for Early Bird Subscription Form submission 2005 February Publication of the WG 2007 Bulletin No. 2 25-28th - Trinidad and Tobago GymFest March April 8-1Oth -1st InfOlmation Meeting in Dornbirn 2006 February Publication of the WG 2007 Bulletin No.3 April Confirmation of participating groups to the WG 2007 OC June/Aug. 2nd Information Meeting August PAGU Camp (site & specific dates TBD) 2007 Jan.-March Final registration and final payment due to WG 20070C 8-14th - World Gymnaestrada (USA July delegation arrives earlier)

II. 2005 GG Nationals Host City: Fort Worth, Texas Local Host: Sokol Ft. Worth Dates: June 9-12 - There was discussion regarding conflicting dates with the Artistic Compulsory clinics and variances in school dates. In the end, the June 9-12 dates were selected. Schedule: Pending enrollment numbers, the schedule will be Thursday evening through Sunday evening and will include training, TeamGymn Championships, GymFest, GymFest Gala, evaluation for group leaders, etc. NTS will assist with hotel and travel arrangements.

III. 2005 TeamGymn Regulations Review Steve Whitlock reported that the process for revision of the TeamGymn Regulations will be similar to that which was used prior to the 2004 season. 2004 Sept. 10th Publication of the TeamGymn Suggested Regulations Revision Form on the USAG / GG website. Deadline for return of Regulations Revision Oct. 1st Form. The USAG / GG Committee will then review and update the TeamGymn regulations. Draft Version #1 of the revised regulations Oct. 20th sent to selected reviewers. Oct. 29th Deadline for return of reviewers comments and suggestions. Publish the Draft Verson #2 TeamGymn Nov.3rd Regulations for the 2005 season on the USAG/GG website.

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~,,:,,, fHflUl3l'f ... BU/LDINS § ClJNnDfNC£ '


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) > - - - - - - - - - -- -----=4""'1.....

Nov. 15th Nov. 17th 2005 Jan. 1st

Last chance for submitting comments / suggestions by the GG community. Publication of the 2005 Official TeamGymn Regulations on the USAG/GG website The 2005 Official TeamGymn Regulations go into effect for all sanctioned 2005 TeamGymn competitions.


NOTE: Prior to the January 1, 2005 start date, all sanctioned TeamGymn competitions will follow the 2004 TeamGymn Regulations as published on the USAG / GG website.

IV. Group Gymnastics Structure It was discussed and proposed that due to the significant growth of Group Gymnastics and every increasing interest in TeamGymn, that it is time to formali ze the structure of the USA Gymnastics GG program to be more in line with that of the other programs.

Steve Whitlock is charged to develop an outline of the criteria, qualifications, responsibilities, and selection procedures for such a structure. Some ideas that were discussed included: • Must be a Professional Member of the GG Program at least 21 years old and in good standing. • Follow the general 8-Region structure like the USA Gymnastics Women's Program. Based upon participation numbers, responsibility for more than one region might be assigned to one chairperson. • Be prepared to represent the views of the region at annual meetings by the use of surveys and observations. • Be responsible for the overall organization of all regional events • Represent the region to the USAG / GG Committee and attend any subcommittee meetings for the Region, as needed. • Establish a Regional GG Committee • Organize a judge'S clinic a minimum of one per year • Organize a training clinic for TeamGymn a minimum of one per year • Organize a training Clinic for GymFest a minimum of one per year • Maintain a calendar of GG events in region and forward the calendar to gyms in the region and to USA Gymnastics GG Director • Promote GG in the region • Help clubs that need assistance/guidance in starting a program • Develop and maintain and information distribution system for the region (email.mail. phone ... whatever works best)



REGION 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

3 13 50 31 12 27 209 23 365


REGION 5 5 32 5 68 5 38 5 91 5 66 295

REGION 7 7 7 7 7 7 7



0 1 108 63 121 46 9 348

REGION 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

4 61 35 13 3 17 5 29 163

REGION 6 121 6 104 6 49 6 14 6 62 6 6 40 0 6 390 REGION 8 79 8 113 8 73 8 8 9 8 15 62 8 8 53 8 54 458 TOTAL 2,921

Minutes submitted by Lori Laznovsky August 10, 2004

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V. Membership Report USA Gymnastics Member Services reported the following statistics for the 2003-2004 season: ST AZ CA NV UT

REG # REGIONl 1 40 1 546 76 1 1 31 693


REG # REGION 2 2 9 2 41 37 2 2 15 2 12 2 95 209


TECHNIQUE • NOV / 0 EC 2004 )}-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

........... ..... ..... .. .

.. . . ........ ..


The following Membership Statement has been adopted by the Board of Directors of USA Gymnastics: Steven L. Infante Dana Koppendrayer Ronnie Lewis Membership in USA Gymnastics is a privilege granted by USA Robert Mollock Gymnastics. That privilege can be withdrawn by USA Gymnastics at any time where a member's conduct is determined to be inconsistent John S. Moore with the best interest of the sport of gymnastics and of the athletes William Munsinger Paul O'Neill we are servicing. William M. Permenter The following former professional members have been terminated or Jeffrey Richards have a lifetime ban with USA Gymnastics and/or will not be allowed John H. Row Steve Shirley to renew their membership: " - - - - - - -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---' Steven Todd Siegel Charles Theodore Bates Roy Larry Gallagher MN PA Blake Steven Starr Vince Brown SC Robert Allen Garner (Bob) TN Mark Swift Larry Dutch ME Ricardo "Chico" Goddard NY Freddie Eugene Tafoya, Jr. Steven Elliott TX Paul Hagan MI Jon Oliver Kenneth Thomas Matthew H. Erichsen WA Robert Dean Head KY Brent Trottier William Alexander Etheridge TN Michael Hinton TN Joel Velasquez Rick Feuerstein Frank Hohman, Jr. CA PA David Paul Waage Joseph Fountain MD Milos Hroch CA Steve Waples


Lyf Christian Wildenberg


British Columbia Gymnastics Association Suspensions USA Gymnastics has been notified that the British Columbia Gymnastics Association has permanently suspended membership in the BCGA for the following individuals: John Henderson, Kamloops, BC Canada Donald Ray Mathey, Langley, BC Canada Wayne Andrews, Courtenay, BC Canada


2004 USA Gymnastics Office Congratulations to the winning club Gymnastics World of Broadview Heights, Ohio, for raising $16,000 to benefit the Children's Miracle Network on behalf of National Gymnastics Day. For the second year in a row this club wins the top honor. Gymnastics World is owned by Ron and Joan Ganim. Meghan Sweeney a Level 8 also from Gymnastics World is the single largest fundraiser, having collected $3,097.47 for the Children's Miracle Network. Both Gymnastics World and Meghan Sweeney will be featured on the National Gym nastics Day poster 2005! USA Gymnastics Clubs raised more than $129,000, this year alone, for the Children's Miracle Network. USA Gymnastics is celebrating its fourth year of partnership with the Children's Miracle Network and, in that short time, has raised more than $350,000 to benefit local children's hospitals.

Holiday Schedule Thanksgiving Office will close at 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 24th and will reopen for business on Monday, November 29th.

ChristmaslNew Years Office will close at 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 23rd and will reopen for business on Monday, January 3rd, 2005




Men's Juniol' OIVIDPic Pl'ogl'alll Acadelllic AII路lbnel'ican Recognition Awal'd The application deadline for the Men's Junior Olympic Academic AllAmerican Recognition Award is April 1. Applicants must be a high school student and have a Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher. Submit completed application with $20.00 fee, along with a minimum of two recommendation letters - one from school and one from coach, and a

Biographical Sketch-description of athlete's life and interests to: Bo Morris, Men's Program Manager, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300, Indpls., IN 46225. To obtain an application go to www.usa路 and click on men's program.

---------------~c TECHNIQUE路 NOV /0 E( 2004

(continued on page 44)

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(continued from page 43)

Men's & Women's Intercontinental/ Continental Judging Courses CANCELLED Due to recent FIG announcements regarding upcoming revisions to the Code of Points, the Men's and Women's Intercontinental Judging Courses scheduled for December 2004 and January 2005, respectively, have been cancelled. Subsequently, FIG Continental Courses (Men's January 8-11, 2005 in Tampa and Women's Feb ruary 2-6 in Indianapolis) have also been cancelled. These courses will be rescheduled once the FIG plans for the Code revisions are finalized. Dates will be posted on and in Technique magazines.

Sporlis Hero HwarDs The 2004 Sports Acrobatics National Championships were held in Palm Springs, Calif., July 24-31. Following the National Championships, the Sports Acrobatics program announced its annual award winners and awards were presented by Carisa Laughon, USA Gymnastics Sr. Program Director for Sports Aero. Congratulations are extended to all of the award recipients on a job well done this year!

•• , ~

'. ....

-. .






. ..

Star Service Award: Jola Jones (for over 20 years of judging, volunteer, and administrative work provided to the sports acrobatics program)






I J~'~'!I Athletes of the Year: Arthur Davis & Shenea Booth (Empire - Riverside, CAl

Sportsperson of the Year: Samantha Schabow (Empire - Riverside, CAl

JO Coach of the Year: Selena Peco (Fliptastics - Belle Chasse, LA)

Coach ofthe Year: Youri Vorobyev (Empire - Riverside, CA)

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TECNNIQUE • NOV / 0 E( 2004 ) ) - --

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USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

PAID Indianapolis, IN Permit No. 7867


1004 SAFETY CERTIFICATION SCHEDULE The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most rurrent schedule.

Directions: Colleen Eckel 330-498-4082 Course code: BM121220040H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430

' Time ami date subject to change_See for updates.


November 27

West Babylon, NY 11704; 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. BK Gymnastics Center Directions: Ed Konopa 631-4 no 116 Course code: EK 11272004NY Instructor: Ed Konopa 631-422-0116


Stroudsburg, PA 18360-8137; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. International Gymnaslics Camp, 9020 Bartonsville Woods Rd Directions: Bruno Klaus 570-629-0244 Course code: PFII272004PA Instructor: Phil Fronk 856-786-3977



Fullerton, CA 92831; 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. P.E. Bldg. Calif. State Univ, 800 N. State College Blvd. *So. Calif. Mini-Congress Directions: Glen Vaughan 619-286-9437 Course code: GVOI 082005CA Inslructor: Glen Vaughan 619-286-9437


Wichila, KS; 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Heskett Center-Wichita State University Directions: Mark Folger 316-733-7525 Course code: JS01162005KS Instructor: James SampeI913-764-8282

December 12

North Canton, OH 44720; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. North Canton YMCA


PRE路REGISTRATION FORM (Minimum "ge lor S,,'ely Cer'ili,,,'ion is J6 ye"rs) Name: _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _~Mole or Femole:,_ _ __ _ _ Professionol or Inslruclor #: _ _ _ _ _ _ Currenl Sofety Exp. Dole: _ _ _ _ __ Soc. Sec. # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ Birth Dole:_ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address: _ _ _ __ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ City: _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ Slale: _ _ _ _ _ Zip: Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ __ _ __ (W) _ _ __ _ _ __ _ Course Code: _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ Course City/Stote: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Dote: _ _ _ _ __ _ Form of Poymenl:


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Pro-Member wilh Current Safety Certification wishing to r~certi~ at live course .............:.:....:................ no charge Pro-Member wllh Expired or New Safety Certification ............ $ 65.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 65.00 Non-Member or Associale Member ........................................ $ 115.00 * You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount. All registrations must be received at USA Gymnaslics two(2) weeks prior to the course date*. late regislralions, incomplete registralions, or regislrations without proper payment will not be processed. late registralions are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site and late registrations will be charged a $25 on-site/late fee. All materials, including the course book, are provided at the course and are port of the course lee. Certificalion is valid lor lour(4) yeors. Sofely Certificolion is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be transferred to another course within six( 6) months with prior written notification. late fee will apply if notification is received aher course deadline. 'Usa Gymnastics reserves the right to alter course deadline

~-x USA Gymnastics Member Services GYM~~~TlCS Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212 Mail regislration form and payment to:

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Technique Magazine – November/December 2004  

Technique Magazine – November/December 2004