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SCHEDULE W=Women M=Men ACRO = Sports Aero

R=Rhythmic GG =Group Gymnastics

TR = Trampoline TU =Tumbling

NOTE: Dates ancl events subject to change or cancellation.

SEPTEMBER 23-30 24-25 25-29 27-29 25 - Oct. 3

USA/BRA!UKR Training Camp & Competition (W) World Age Group Games (ACRO) Junior Pan American Championships (M/W/R) World Championships (ACRO) Junior Exchange (Jr.M)

Curitiba, BRA Riesa, GER Santo Domingo, DOM Riesa, GER Beijing, CHN

National TOPs Testing (W) Senior National Team Training Camp (M) Ind. Event World Championships Intra-Squad Compo(M) SuperClinic #1 (TR/TU) Regional JumpStart Testing (TR) SuperClinic #2 (TR!TU) Regional JumpStart Testing (TR) International French Open Tournament (M/W) Fall Executive Committee/ Board of Directors Meeting National Compulsory Team Invitational (W) TOP Gym (W) Glasgow Grand Prix (M/W) SuperClinic #3 (TR!TU) Regional JumpStart Testing (TR) National Team Training Camp (W) Junior National Training Camp (TR!TU)

Indianapolis, IN Colo. Springs, CO Colo. Springs, CO Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati, OH Greensboro, NC Greensboro, NC Paris, FRA Indianapolis, IN Joliet, IL Charleroi, BEL Glasgow, GBR San Diego, CA San Diego, CA Houston, TX TBD

OCTOBER 4-6 9-14 11 11 -13 11 -13 18-20 18-20 18-20 18-20 19-20 19-20 24-27 25-27 25-27 26 - Nov. 3 30 - Nov. 3

NOVEMBER 1-2 9 13-17 20-24 21-25 23 28 - Dec. I

FIG Congress Athens, GRE Regional JumpStart Testing (TR) Pocatello, ID Future Stars Notional Championships/Coaches Workshop (M) Colo. Springs, CO Artistic World Championships (M/W) Debrecen, HUN Jeff Metzger's 4 '/' Day Boot Camp Cincinnati, OH World Cup Final (TR!TU) Hannover, GER Stuttgart, GER International DTB Pokal

DECEMBER 6-8 6-8 7-8 7-11 11-15

SuperClinic #4 (TR!TU) Regional JumpStart Testing (TR) World Cup Final (R) National TOPs Team Training Camp (W) Notional TOPs "B" Training Camp (W)

Dallas, TX Dallas, TX Dusseldorf, GER Houston, TX Houston, TX

National Team Training Camp (W) National Elite Qualifier (W) National Elite Qualifier (W)

Houston, TX Dallas, TX Allentown, PA

Winter Cup Challenge (M) National Elite Qualifier (W) National Podium Meet (W) I-Day Boot Camp/ Business Conference

Las Vegas, NV Covina, CA Fairfax, VA Fairfax, VA

FEBRUARY 7-8 14-16 28 28

Level 9/ 10 Regionals (W) NCAA National Championships (M)

12 12-13 17-19 24-26 25-27

NCAA Regionals (W) Level 10 Regionals (W) Collegiate National Championships (M/W) NCAA National Championships (W) Level 9 East/West Championships (W)

Visa American Cup (M/W) Broadcast - Visa American Cup NBC Sports, 2 Hours TBD American Classic/ Challenge (W) 14-16 28-30 Spring Executive Committee/ Boord of Directors Meeting March or April TB D American Team Cup (M/W)

Fairfax, VA Fairfax, VA TBD TBD TBD


Various Sites Temple University Philadelphia, PA Various Sites Various Sites TBD TBD East-TBD West-Fullerton, CA

MAY 2-4 8-11 29-31

J.O_National Championships (W) J.O. National Championships (M) U.S. Classic/ Challenge (W)

Colorado Springs, CO Savannah, GA TBD

JUNE 18-21 21

U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/R!TR!TU/ACRO) Milwaukee, WI Broadcast - U.S. Gymnastics Championships (W) NBC Sports, I Hour TBD Milwaukee, WI Broadcast - U.S. Gymnastics Championships (W) NBC Sports, I Hour TBD Milwaukee, WI


JULY 20-26

FIG World Gymnaestrada (GG)

lisbon, POR

Pan American Games (M/W/R) Broadcast - U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M) NBC Sports, I '/, Hour TBD Artistic World Championships (M/W) World University Games (M/W/R) National Congress World Business Conference Broadcast - Artistic World Championships (M/W) NBC Sports 8roadcast - Artistic World Championships (M/W) NBC Sports

Santo Domingo, DOM

AUGUST 1-1 7 2 16-24 21-31 TBD August TBD 23 24

Milwaukee, WI Anaheim, CA Daegu, KOR Anaheim, CA Anaheim, CA Anaheim, CA Anaheim, CA


RhythmiC World Championships-Individual & Group (R) Budapest, HUN

OCTOBER 17 -19 17-19 20-26

World Championships (TR!TU) Fall Executive Committee/Board of Directors Meeting World Age Group Games (TR!TU)

Hannover, GER TBD Hannover, GER

NOVEMBER I-Day Boot Camp/ Business Conference Colo. Springs, CO PAGU Jr. Interclub Championships (M/W/ RGroup Jr/Sr) USA PAGU Children's Interclub Championships (M/W/R) GUA Four Continents Championships (R) VEN


I-Day Boot Camp/Business Conference Visa American Cup (M/W)


MARCH March or April TBD American Teom Cup (M/W)



5-6 10-13


JANUARY 9-14 17-19 24-26



APRIL 10 22-24 23-25

TEe H N 10 UE • SEPT /0 CT 2002

NCAA Regianals (W) NCAA National Championships (W) NCAA National Championships (M)

Various Sites TBD University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana

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on official publication of USA Gymnastics PUBLISHER

Robert V. Colarossi EDITOR

FEATURES Early Gymnastics Curriculum Design ................ .. .. . . .. . .. . . . ... . .... 6

Luan Peszek

Basic Grips & Positions for Beginning Sports Acrobatics



Rave Reviews Congress 2002 .......... . ...... .


Matt Rhoton USA GYMNASTICS EXECUTIVE COMMlnEE OWR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Bob Colorossi; VICE CHAIR WOMEN:Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoi(ru Tomilo; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andr.. Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOUN[ Poul Parmo; VICE CHAIR sPOm ACRO: Tonyo COlO PoIIe""n; SECRETARY: Gory Ande""n; TREASURER: Bob Wood; AG EXECUTIVE . COMMITlIE: Joy Ashmore, Ron Froehlich. AG MEN'S TECHNiCAl COMMITlIE: GeoIge Becksteod; AG TRAMPOLINE AND TUMBUNG TECHNICAL COMMITTE[ Pol Henderson; AG WOMEN'STECHNICAL COMMITTE[ Jo(kie Re; AT LARGE MEMBERS: Peler V"tdmor, Poul Spadoro; ATHIfTE DlREGORS: Chari Knighl· Hunler, John Roelhlisberger, Vonessa Vander Pluym, Karl Heger, USOC ATHIfTE DIRECTOR: Dominick Miniruco.



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USA GYMNAS1ICSMessage Dear Members, The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and the city of Cleveland provided a wonderful site for the U.S. Gymnastics Championships and the National Congress. It was a great opportunity to have our entire gymnastics community in one city for a four-day time period. The artistic gymnastics competitions took place at Gund Arena, rhythmic and trampoline and tumbling disciplines took place in Public Hall upstairs in the Convention Center, while sports acrobatics took place in the exhibit hall at the Convention Center. There was definitely something for everyone in our sport. I am proud to report that more than 1,900 people attended Congress throughout the four days. The Exhibit Hall was sold out with over 180 booths. The Hall of Fame luncheon, which featured John Macready and USA Gymnastics John Roethlisberger as masters of ceremonies, was a big success. More than 300 people attended the President luncheon, which also recognized many hard working individuals as recipients of special awards . Hall of Fame inductees included George Beckstead, Dickie Browning, Nard Cazzell, Bil Copp, Trent Dimas, Jair Lynch, Alexandra Nicholson, Betty Okino, and Kerri Strug.

Bob Colarossi

The Business Conference tripled in size and again provided the very latest thoughts and philosophies on building your club's business. It's apparent that our gymnastics community is seeking business knowledge and we will continue to provide opportunities to our members in this area. As part of USA Gymnastics ongoing technology initiative to make communication with our members easier and more efficient, we'd like to announce that now members may register a sanction online and also sign up for Safety Courses online. Check out the Member Service Update on page 18 to learn more about these new benefits. In addition, online registration for other educational courses and seminars is coming soon. Watch for future announcements. August 24 was the fourth annual National Gymnastics Day. The day was a big success with clubs all over the country celebrating our wonderful sport. Hopefully you caught NBC's Today Show on Monday, August 19, where Bela Karolyi and the sports acrobatics pair ofKris Duncan and Megan Vaughan did a great job showing off our sport in front of a national audience. The pair demonstrated what our newest discipline is all about and Bela talked about the positive benefits of gymnastics and the upcoming 2003 World Championships to be held in Anaheim, Calif., August 15-24. I'm proud to announce that Ron Galimore, the USA Gymnastics Men's Senior Program Director, was selected to give testimony at the Secretary of Education's Commission on Opportunity in Athletics. The meeting took place in Atlanta, Ga. , Aug. 27-28 . The purpose of the hearing was to gather input and information about Title IX and equal opportunity in athletics. The hearing featured testimony from a number of prominent educators and sports administrators. The committee is charged with examining ways to strengthen enforcement and expand opportunities to ensure fairness for all high school and college athletics. The Atlanta hearing represents the first of four town hall meetings. By January 31, 2003, the Commission will provide the U.S. Secretary of Education's Rod Paige with findings and recommendations that address the availability of athletic opportunities at the high school and college levels. Finally, the 2003 World Gymnastics Championships in Anaheim are less than a year away! There was an overwhelming response to the exclusive strip ticket offer to our members only, and this offer has just been released to the general public. It's truly the best value available. Seats in the lower bowl are going quickly so order now as you don 't want to miss the looth anniversary of the World Gymnastics Championships.

Bob Colarossi

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r. ························Earl~ G~mnas~ics

L. ........................................ Currlculum··········~



Wm A. Sands, Ph.D., C.S.C.S. Vice Chair - Research - USECA Director - Research & Development - Women 's Program • Chair - Exercise Science & Sports Medicine ....................................................... :


reparation of young gymnasts requires careful thought and fluid execution. Even at the earliest stages, gymnasts bring unique capabilities with them. Although gymnastics skills should be taught in a simple to complex order, there appears to be little agreement on precisely what this idea means for many gymnastics skills. For example, most would probably agree that one should teach/learn a forward roll before learning a back handspring. However, we might find little agreement on whether one should teach/learn a handstand forward roll before a backward roll. The two ugly words, "it depends" summarize this kind of choice. The choice of whether one skill should be taught before another may also be based on individual instructor experience and skill, access to special equipment at the time, whether other gymnasts in the instructional group are ready for a particular skill, and many other factors. Thus, the gymnastics instructor is faced with a teaching/learning situation that is simultaneously strict and free. Instructors should always proceed from the simple to the complex and from the easy to the difficult. However, we often find that some gymnasts have specific talents and progress rapidly within one skill family while progressing only slowly in others. How is an instructor to know the skills that should be taught/learned at any given point in the young gymnast's learning experiences?

Gymnastics skills begin with fitness characteristics. If the gymnast is not fit enough (i .e., strong, flexible, etc.), skill learning will be impossible. Of course, the gymnast cannot just condition and not practice skills. Skill practice should focus newly acquired fitness (e.g., strength and flexibility) in skill learning so that the fitness quality is focused specifically at gymnastics skills. Following fitness, the gymnast should understand and be able to achieve the necessary body positions. After fitness and body shapes, the gymnast usually progresses in the following way (Figure 1): skills are usually taught 1 Rolling early. Rolling skills are used to

prepare the gymnast for movements that are close to the floor, and as a means of recovering from a fall while learning another target skill. The instructor should emphasize methods to clear the head and methods of making the roll smooth. Clearing the head may require considerable upper body strength. Performing a smooth roll (i.e., not bumpy) requires that the gymnast's body moves smoothly from one contact point to the next (i.e., from shoulders to back to hips, to feet). Upright balance and locomotion involves body shapes and simple movements. Upright balance, of course, doesn't involve being inverted. The gymnast learns about body shapes and body control while trying to hold unusual body positions in static and in




SEPT/ OCT 2002

upright locomotion. The gymnast should be instructed in appropriate body positions and postures. When the gymnast is asked to hold a balance position for a period of time or during a movement, the posture and position often deteriorate. Instructors should monitor the gymnast's body positions so that poor postures are identified early and the gymnast becomes able to identify and adopt specific body positions while moving.


Inverted balance skills require

a clear understanding of body positions while upright. Inverted skills place a great deal of stress on body positions and postures due to the disorienting influence of being upsidedown. Because the acquisition of inverted balance skills is more difficult, the gymnast should be exposed to a number of different types of inverted balances. For example, there are many versions of headstands that can be used to help the gymnast learn about body position and postures while inverted. If headstCl.!1ds become too easy, then the gymnast can progress to forearm stands and handstands. Gymnasts are required to move into and from inverted positions, most commonly handstands from all directions. Inverted balance skills allow the gymnast to learn about movements into and out of upside-down positions in relatively slow and controllable ways. Again, instructors should emphasize sound body positions and postures at all points of the movement.

) > - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -



skills take the gymnast's abilities to a higher level. The gymnast must now combine both balance and movement with inversion. Gymnasts should learn these skills from both the right side and the left side, both forward and backward.


Bridging skills come relatively

late in the curriculum design shown in Figure 1. Bridging skills require an understanding of body position, enough flexibility to achieve the positions, and the strength to achieve and maintain the arched or bridged position without jeopardizing the athlete's safety. These skills can be performed slowly while the upper or lower body is supported on mats. The gymnast can also be elevated slightly so that all movements proceed "downhill" and are thus easier to perform.


Flight skills are covered last.

The primary reason for delaying flight skills until late in the learning progression is safety. Often when flight is added to a skill, the impact forces increase dramatically along with danger. Flight skills mayor may not require spotting, and thus the skill of the When instructor also increases. instructing flight skills, thicker and softer mats, are also important. While it might be easier to simply provide a dogmatic approach to the teaching of gymnastics skills (i.e., a recipe), the reality is that instructors must be allowed latitude and discretion in their choice of skills for instruction and the path the gymnast takes from skill to skill. The context or circumstance surrounding any instructional setting is often very dynamic and requires good judgment in the selection of skills and teaching methods. For example, let's say that the gymnasts have just come from a birthday party, they've been "out of control" during the birthday party, and now they must be taught gymnastics skills. The planned skills include some flight skills and some bridging skills. The instructor may look at the whole situation and decide that a nongymnastics-type game is needed to slow the gymnasts down and bring them back under control. The game involves a

contest between two groups to spell some word with their bodies. The first team to make the word wins. The gymnasts are learning about body shapes in a way that may not look like gymnastics at first, but the instructor can manipulate the gymnasts behaviors by asking them to take one of the curved shapes that was needed to make a letter in the word to fit the "hollow" shape that is needed in gymnastics. Then from the hollow body position, the instructor moves the gymnasts into a lesson on using the hollow body position to enhance the push-off phase of a front handspring. Skilled instructors can often manipulate the teaching/learning circumstance so that the gymnasts continue to learn valuable skills while being aware of what the gymnast brings to the specific learning situation . Instructors should attempt to maximize the circumstances that they meet in order to maximize teaching and learning.

The curriculum wheel shown in Figure 1 is a model of gymnastics instruction that establishes a general direction for instruction (clockwise around the wheel - starting at Fitness), while allowing some freedom in actual skill selection (within each movement family "pieslice"). The curriculum wheel is an attempt to be simultaneously tight and loose, to acknowledge an overall of instruction while direction incorporating individual learning paths. Figure 1 shows a curriculum wheel for tumbling. Similar "wheels" can be developed for the other artistic events and other activities. The teaching methods for each family of skills or individual skills will be left to future articles.



(Figure 1)


TEe H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘

SEPT IOcr 2002 )>-----------------=7=--1

..I ~


f @

by Luan Peszek

Mary Sanders just turned 17 on August 26 and is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She won the Canadian National Championships earlier this year and the U.S. National Championships in August. Mary has dual citizenship with the USA and Canada. Thus far in her career she's competed for Canada but is considering switching the country in which she represents to the USA. Her father Fred, who was formerly of Michigan and died 10 years ago, was a U.S. world-class trampolinist and Sanders wants to honor his memory. Her father was the person responsible for enrolling Mary in gymnastics when she was 4. "I wa nt to follow in his footsteps . He's always been a big role model and I want to make him proud," said Sanders. Mary started out in artistic gymnastics, but switched to rhythmic when her coach told her that her body type was better suited for



Mary is a two-time Canadian National Champion (2001 and 2002) and won the all-around title at the 2002 Pacific Alliance Championships in May, narrowly defeating three-time U.S . champion Jessica Howard, who was sidelined at the 2002 Rhythmic Nationals due to injury. She also claimed all four event titles as well as the National AllAround title at the U.S. Championships, held in Cleveland. Mary currently trains at Ritmika Rhythmic Clutl. She looks forward to training for the 2003 World Championships and the 2004 Olympic Games. Mary has two older brothers, Matt and Mike, and her mom is Jaci. Her favorite subject in schoo l is English and she enjoys reading Shakespeare. She's interested in a career in sports therapy, modeling and/ or the media . •

SEPT / 0 CT 2002 ) 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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handling, and innovative risk management services, Markel can vault you back into the championships in no time.

Now, let's try that piked saito backward off.




~~se preSS Planche ~





with at least one finger and thumb on top's belly. The top bends her knees and with her hands on the base's shoulders, jumps. The base straightens her legs while lifting the top over her head and finishing with straight arms. The top lifts her chest and legs to a "superman" position, with arms in a 'T'. The base balances by using fingers and wrists to maintain a horizontal position of top. The spotter for a front bird should stand perpendicular to the base. With one hand on the lower rib cage of the top and one hand on the top's thigh the spotter should help the base lift the top and help maintain balance. The spotter should be aware of the risk of the top falling over the back of the base and spot accordingly.

s the newest discipline to USA Gymnastics, sports acrobatics is on the rise in gyms around the country. This article is designed for coaches who are interested in introducing sports acrobatics into their kindergym and recreational programs as well as coaches who are interested in starting a competitive sports acrobatics program.


The following are basic positions that are used primarily for pairs. Pairs should train first and then introduce groups once the basics have been covered and mastered. The following balance and tempo holds are important for athletes to learn correctly early in their sports acrobatics career. Spotting sports acrobatics skills is much the same as any other gymnastics skills. Coaches need to be aware that the base partner is in many ways an additional spotter. It is important for coaches to help young bases understand how they can help keep their partner safe. The base partner has a responsibility for the safety of their top and they need to be aware of this. For this article both partners will be female, however, these skills can be used for male and female combination of partners as well. FRONr BIRD POsmON

â&#x20AC;˘ The top can lie on floor and lift her chest and legs up so that only hips and stomach are on floor. The legs should be straight and together. This is the basic front bird position and is important for any acrobat to master. â&#x20AC;˘ The top does the same on a narrow block or balance beam.

This skill is used as a basic skill at Level 5. The body position of the top is a precursor to many upper level skills. The base bends her knees and puts her hands on the hips of the top, .--1-=-1-=O----------------{( r EC H N' 0 U E


SEPT / 0 CT 2002


• The top does a bird position on the feet of base laying on back ("superman"). The top and base can start holding hands and work towards letting go. • The top does a bird position on the hands of base with the top starting on a stack of mats to help the base lift her. • The top does a bird position starting from the floor. A spotter should always be used in the beginning stages. REGULAR HAND TO HAND GRIP

A regular handgrip is used for many lower level skills that progress into more difficult skills at the higher levels. This grip is essential to the successful completion of skills! The base lays on her back with her arms up, perpendicular to the floor. The top stands by the base's head. The top reaches for the bases hands. Both partners' first two fingers point down the wrist of their partner. The thumbs and second two fingers wrap around her partner's hand. The hands of the base should be at a 45-degree angle. The grip should be tight. Remind both partners to squeeze their hands. This will make the grip more stable. The top should put pressure on the front of her palm. If the top puts too much pressure on the heel of her hand, the grip is likely to be "flat" and insecure.

resting on her thighs just above her knees. Her top hand holds the top's foot (right or left) of top with two fingers pointing up the heel and with the ball of the top's foot in the palm of the base's hand. The base's bottom hand gives support. A coach needs to consider which hand the base puts on top. If the top steps in with her right foot, the base needs to have the right hand on top. This will enable progressions to higherlevel skills. The top should place her hands on the shoulders of the base. Once the pair progresses to a straight jump, the top should be instructed to push down on the base's shoulders while stepping up onto the base's hands. For a stretch jump a spotter can stand directly behind the top. Once the pair progresses to higher level skills, the spotter will need to be perpendicular to the athletes. PROGRESSIONS OF TOE PITCH STRAIGHT JUMP


• The top steps up onto a block with her arms by her ears and with her body tight. The top should be able to balance standing on her dominant foot. In this drill, the block becomes the base.

• The top does tuck, straddle, and pike on blocks, a balance beam, parallel bars or the floor. • The top does regular handgrip with the base on her back. The top puts pressure on her hands and tries to move base's hands pointed, flat, in and out (wrist wars). The base should also do the same to the top's grip. • The top does tuck, straddle, and pike with the base on her back. • The top does tuck, straddle, and pike with base standing up. A spotter should be ready to help the top land. TOE PITCH POSITION

The base stands with her feet shoulder width apart and bends her knees keeping her back straight and her shoulders back. The base's hands are overlapped with the backs of her hands -------------------{(


• The base sits on the corner of a low block with knees together, and her hands in toe pitch position resting on her knees. Top steps into hands of base. Holding onto base's shoulders, top sets up and does a one-foot balance. • The base stands in a toe pitch position. The top steps into the hands of the base and, holding onto base's shoulders, steps up and balances on one foot. This skill does not include flight. • The base stands in a toe pitch position . The top steps up and pushes off of the base's shoulders while jumping up and slightly back to land on her feet on the floor as close to base as possible. The base gives little or no push and catches the top's arms on the landing . • The base progressively gives a push starting with her legs straightening and then with her arms lifting up and close to her body. Safe, sturdy landing of the top is most important. (COl/IiI/lied all Page 12)

SEPT / OCT 2002

) } - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -'-'- I



The handstand on knee is the most basic of the sports acrobatics handstands. Mastery of this skill is essential for progression in sports acrobatics. The base lunges with her dominant leg in front and as close to parallel to the floor as possible. The top stands by the base's side and places her hands on the bases thigh close to her knee. The top's hands should be one in front of the other. The hand closest to the base should be behind her other hand. The base grips the top's hips and helps as she jumps through a tuck position to a handstand.

• The top releases one and then both hands. The top should stand up straight in a salute position. • The top puts weight on one foot while the base releases one foot. While working towards this, the base may use two hands to support the top's one foot. • The top does arabesque and attitude positions. • The base kneels. For this skill the top will begin standing on the base's shoulders then steps into the base's hands. • The base will begin by keeping her hands directly in front of her shoulders. • The base stands. The above progressions will also work with the base standing. Eventually high-level athletes work with the top on the bases straight arms while standing.


• The top does handstands on the floor and blocks. • The top does a handstand with the base on two knees sitting on her own feet. In this skill the top will have one hand on each of the base's thighs. • The top does a handstand with the base kneeling on one knee. Now the top has both of her hands on one of the base's thighs as described above. • The top does a handstand with the base in a lunge. • The top can work on one arm handstand, arch position, or the base may go to one arm or free.

you get started with sports acrobatics in your gym! The sports acrobatics program also currently has a "10 Basic Skills" video available through USAG Member Services (1.800.345.4719).


A regular foot grip is used for many lower level skills that progress into more difficult skills at the higher levels. This grip is essential to the successful completion of skills! The base lays on her back with her arms next to her ears, on the floor. The top stands by the base's head, and steps into the base's hands. The ball of the top's foot should be resting in the palm of the bases hand. The base should have her first two fingers along the bottom of the top's foot. The other fingers and thumb should wrap around the top's foot. The top needs to keep her weight over the balls of her feet at all times. The base should raise her feet for the top to grab. As the top jumps, the base pushes her arms straight and perpendicular to the floor. The top will need to bend at the waist to keep holding on to the base's feet. '--1-=-'~2----------------((

I hope that these basic skiLLs will help

For more information about starting a sports acrobatics program, please check out the sports acrobatics web page ( or contact the sports acrobatics program at 317.829.5667.

TEe H N10 UE • SEPT/OCT 2002

• )f-----------------

USA GYMNASTICS 1001 KAT AND MELPD WORKSHOP SCHEDULE A KAT workshop consists of seven productive hours of preschooL teacher education. The works hop covers philosophy, understanding the preschooLage child, safety considerations, class management, and much more! A Movement Education and Lesson PLan DeveLopment Workshop (M ELPD) consists of five enLightening hours of preschooL teacher education. This works hop is continuing education of the KAT Program. The overaLL emphasis of this workshop is to provide instructors with the necessary knowLedge to deveLop preschooL gymnastics Lesson pLans, emphasize deveLopmentaLLy appropriate practices, fundamentaL skill deveLopment, and much more. This MONTH



Se tember Se tember Se tember October October October October October October November November

19 27 28 6 12 12 13 13 27 16 17

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works hop is designed to heLp instructors meet the needs of the individua Lstudents and encourage adoption of LifeLong physicaL activity. Attendance at KAT certification course is highLy recommended, but not required to atte nd a MELPD course. If there has never been a KAT or MELPD

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CompLimentary registrations are nontransferabLe and will onLy be vaLid at the workshop you are hosting. The workshop must maintain the minimum attendance of 12 for compLimentary registrations.

If your wo rkshop has 12 paid participants, For more information on the KAT & MELPD courses call 1·800· 345·4719 or visit www.usa' members hip

your club wilLreceive one free registration. Member CLubs receive two free registrations. EVENT/CLUB




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wife, gym owner, and coach. Handing the collections hat to PPS has been a wonderful relief. I can now be assured that all of my


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Jeff Metzger

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2 0 02 Da t e S: November 21- 25, 2002 2003 Dates: June 19-23, November 20-24,2003 For FREE portfolio of infonnation: 513.489.7575 or Visit us at .-1-1-6-------------~(

r EC H H IOU E • SEPr / oCT 2002 ) f - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -


Safety Certification.Sanctions PDP & KAT Certification Meet Director Certification Skill Evaluator Certification Athlete Wellness


~U____ pd_al_e_---;;;')

Renewing an athlete online? .. Did their address change? Please remember to change the address of any athlete who may have recently moved when renewing through Online Member Services. You can change the address of any athlete by going to the link called Change Your Address or Club Affiliation in the Member Services Online Functions box. You want to make any address changes after completing the athlete renewal process. Please remember that you must log out after completing the athlete renewal process. Now you are ready to go to the link called Change Your Address or Club Affiliation. You must log in as the athlete using the athlete user id and password. After changing the address information, hit the submit button and LOG OUT before going to the next athlete address change. Remember, if you neglect to change the address, your athlete will not receive his/her membership card or magazines.

I','J ttj1 k1: @,iii,ijOtlem":tj Jl' t1 t7j tttti ~ You can now request your sanction online. All domestic sanctions may be applied for online. Go to home page. Hit the online registration space in the top right hand column. Go to the "Membership How To .... Page." This will show a chart with the numerous sign up opportunities. Go to the Meet Director section of the chart and look for the sanction online section. Click and that will take you to the page. Log on with your ID and password and you will be on you way. Please remember that you must hold the professional membership in the specific program for the sanction request. That is when sanctioning an event for the women's program, one must be a professional member listed in the women's discipline. Also, the women's program requires that all people requesting sanctions must be meet director certified.

LIi i mt§ it.' I'Z·1 i) '1·\ 0 .'* {·1 i) nil·'



iii: t

Follow the directions as above for sanctioning . When you get into the chart, go to Individual section. Look for safety course registration. Follow the directions after you log in. This is a member benefit. For non-members who wish to sign up for a safety course, they must fax or mail the form with payment to the national office, attention Member Services. Remember, professional members may renew their safety up to one year ahead of their expiration date. Recertification for professional members is free! Another member benefit! If your safety has expired, then the charge for a professional member is $50.00. Instructor members pay $50 for safety courses and non-members pay $100.00.


a - - - - - - -- ---------{(


There is a brand new course and book that you will receive when you take the safety certification/ risk management course after August 15, 2002. We are now into a new cycle for safety education . Online registration for other educational courses and seminars is coming soon. Watch for future announcements.

omen's Levels 4 to 5 Skill Evaluations The Women's Junior Olympic Program Committee determined that a skill evaluator signature is no longer a requirement when submitting a level 4 to 5 upgrade to the national office. While it is still suggested that coaches and clubs follow the program, you no longer need to submit the signature to move women's athletes level 4 to 5. Within the next few weeks, changes will be made to the online member services program to allow the level 4 to 5 adjustment without the skill evaluator information requirement box. Please remember that all 01/ 02 season athlete memberships expired July 31, 2002. When signing up your athlete for the new season, payment is due in full. The only time there is no charge for moving from level 4 to level 5 is during the season after the athlete is already registered and payment in full has been received .

'in:,j rtt (§ '.1 •• dUM' ,\·1 Nll·'i1·ll' 11m Ii ,\11 All membership forms and renewals are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Normal processing time is three to four weeks from the date of receipt in our office. If you need your membership processed in less time, we can offer you our rush service for an additional fee . Rush fee-applies to all membership types-$25 per person-or any group of 5-20 athlete applications submitted at the same time is $100. There is a $25 Rush fee option (per person) when processing is required in less than our normal time. Rush processing guarantees membership number availability in our database and/ or online membership search. If you choose Rush processing, your membership number will be available within three business days from the date of receipt in our office. Same day turnaround on Rush processing requests can not be guaranteed. Membership cards will be issued as quickly as possible. Please allow 6-8 weeks delivery time for your card. As long as a membership number can be verified by our online search, a member is legal to be on the floor at any USA Gymnastics sanctioned event.

SEPT / 0 CT 2002 )}--




- - -- - - - - -- -

USA Gymnastics Photographs Š Steve Lange

an award as the 2002 USA Gymnastics Business Leader for his years of contribution to our sport.

More than 1,900 individuaLs attended Congress and participated in meetings, Lectures and, of course, the exhibit haLL. There were more than 50 sessions per day covering topics ranging from men's, women's, rhythmic, trampoLine and tumbLing, sports acrobatics, preschool, generaL gymnastics, business, sport science and other educationaL topics. A seLLout totaL of 180 booths were set up in the exhibit haLL dispLaying products and services reLated to the gymnastics industry. Congress kicked off Wednesday morning with some add-on sessions including the popuLar Business Conference. The conference was once again a huge success with more than 220 club owners from across the country participating . This year's theme was "Your Business Building BLocks," which was deLivered by the experienced and ente rtaining Gary Anderson. Three industry survey studies were presented by Jeff Metzger, Sean Dever and David HoLcomb. A motivating speech was given by BeLa KaroLyi on NationaL Gymnastics Day and the upcoming 2003 WorLd Championships. HoLcomb aLso received ---------------~(


Other positive additions to this year's Congress were the Women's program siLent and Live auction and the Booster CLub Seminar. These were both weLL received from those in attendance and wiLL hopefully be added to the scheduLe in the future . A highLight of this year's Congress was the HaLL of Fame Luncheon. There were 300 peopLe on hand to witness the induction of the new class into the HaLL of Fame. The inductees included: Geo rge Beckstead, Dickie Browning, Nard CazzeLL (posthumousLy), BiL Copp, Trent Dimas, Jair Lynch, ALexandra NicoLson, Betty Okino and Kerri Strug. A speciaL than k you goes out to the sponsors, TumbL Trak, Sports Graphics Printing, UniversaL CheerLeading Association, InternationaL Gymnast Magazine, Women's Region 6 and City Securities for contributing to this event's success. The Congress concluded with the annuaL Dance Party, where everyone was abLe to unwind and ceLebrate a great event. PLease mark your caLendars now for next year's Congress which wiLL be heLd August 20-23 in Anaheim, CaLif., in conjunction with the 2003 WorLd Championships, August 13-24. (Colltilll/ed on Page 20)

SEPT / OCT 2002


The following awards were presented throughout the four days in Cleveland!

Continued on page 22.

r.-::-. . " . o - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 ( 2

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘

5EPT / OCT 2002 )}--




Coaches/club Owners: Call to receive a free catalog for your team apparel or pro shop needs. Ask about our custom design services, the GK Risk Free Program and how you can receive wholesale prices on all GK apparel.

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Additional Awards Not Pictured Above

Artistic Gymnastics Women's Athlete of the Year - Tasha Schwikert Artistic Gymnastics Men's Sportsperson of the Year - Blaine Wilson National Safety Instructor of the Year -Barry Dubuque Special Recognition Award to Former Educational Services Manager - Tina Sunier Special Recognition to National Safety and KAT Instructor - Jeff Lulla National KAT Instructor of the Year -Doug James

- - - - - - - - --

- - - - --{(

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘

SEPT / 0 CT 2002 ) f - - - - --

- -- - -- -----=2--=3O--'I

"WHAT'S NEW FOR THE WOMEN'S JR. OLYMPIC PROGRAM IN 2002-2003" Connie Maloney USA Gymnastics Women's Jr. Olympic Program Manager Summer 2002


All of the following changes/ clarifications are effective August 1, 2002, unless otherwise indicated. All of the following changes are recorded in Teclmical & Jr. Olympic Conunittee minutes from Aug. 2001 to June 2002.

JO athletes may set the Table at any height, regardless of age division; however, the height must be within a minimwn of 100 em (± 1 em) and a maximum of 125 em (± 1 em). •


Athletes who are limited in the number of events in which they can perform due to physical handicap may petition to qualify to higner level meets by achieving ~ average score equal to the average of the All-Around qualliying score. • If qualification is by number or percentage, such individuals could be added as additional athletes provided they can achieve an average score that meets or exceeds the average score achieved by the lowest qualifier.

B. AGE DIVISIONS FOR LEVEL 9 & 10 Age divisions will be determined earlier (by State Meet date) in the 2003 season based on the birth dates of those athletes who have qualified to the state meet.

C. CALENDAR FOR 2003 First date for Level 9/10 State Last date for Level 9/10 State Meets Level 9/10 Regionals Last date for Level 10 Regionals Level 9 East/West Level 10 J.O. Nationals

March 15-16 March 22-23 April 4-6 April 12-13 May April 25-27 West-Fullerton, CA; East-TBD May 2-4 Colorado Springs, CO

D. COMPETITIVE DRAW FOR STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS The State Administrative Conunittee will set up specific guidelines that determine the order of competition for the age divisions and / or levels (for example, by random draw or youngest to oldest) for State Meets. The Meet Director and State Administrative Conunittee Chairman (or other state administrative conunittee member deSignated by the SACC) will conduct the draw to determine the order in which the age divisions will be conducted.




Runway: tape measure is placed at a point even with the front edge of the table (drop a vertical line from the near edge of the Table closest to the board). Runway must be a minimum of 76 feet and maximum of 80 feet. B. Beam: An adjustable beam must be provided at all Jr. Olympic USAG sanctioned events. C. Matting: Up to 9 inches of additional matting (any combination of skill cushion and / or sting mats) will be allowed to be placed on top of the allowable competition landing mats. D. Floor Exercise - all JO levels: Up to 2 manufactured skill cushions (maximum thickness of 8" /20 em) may be placed separately on the Floor Exercise area. If the skill cushion is 8" Wck, it must be a minimum of 5' x 10'. A sting mat my also be used on the top of the up to 8 inch skill cushion.

III. TECHNICAL UPDATES GENERAL A. GENERAL 1. Incorrect Attire for gymnasts: a. Leotards with spaghetti straps are considered incorrect attire. FIG requires a minimum strap width of 2 em. b. Elastic waistbands traditionally worn as training aids, are incorrect attire (not including medically necessary bandages). 2. Optional Start Values The WTC encourages the flashing of Start Values or writing of Start Values on competitor's cards at all optional competitions. Whenever possible, the Meet Director will advise the judges' assignor that this procedure will take place. It is no longer required to include this information in the pre-meet information or judges' contract.


Timed warm-ups for Vault and Floor is determined by the number of athletes in the largest squad of the session multiplied by the allotted time per gymnast. No block time is allowed by individuals or by club on Vault and Floor Exercise. Bar settings are NOT included in the pre-meet/ timed warm-ups.

F. ONE·TOUCH WARM·UP (30·SEC. TOUCH) PROCEDURES One-touch warm-ups on Vault Bars and Beam are not required to be in competitive order. The first athlete to compete must be given the opportunity to touch first. Athletes will be allowed to take the one-touch in any grouping to expedite the one-touch warm-up, but each athlete must still be individually timed 30 seconds on Bars and Beam. • Vault one-touch: athletes may warm-up in any order, but each athlete is guaranteed a maximum of 2 vaults (Compulsory) or 3 vaults (Optional) If the Beam one-touch is staggered with warm-ups between competitive routines, the one-touch must be in competitive order.

G. SKILL EVALUATOR CERTIFICATION A Skill Evaluator (or PDCP) certification is no longer required to register Level 5 athletes. The Jr. Olympic Conunittee encourages all gyms to continue to follow the progressions that are included in the Level 1-4 exercises and to test their athletes as done previously. Individuals taking the Level 1-4 Coacl1es' Certification Course will continue to receive a Skill Evaluator's certificate.

II. APPARATUS UPDATES A. Vault: 1. Effective January 1, 2003, the official vault apparatus for all levels is the "Vault Table". 2. For the Fall 2002 season, each state administrative conunittee will decide if the Vault Table will be allowed as an option for Level 5/ 6 and 7/ 8 competition. "-12~4-----------------((

AAI Retro-fit using old horse base - 125 m1 = 4 notches New AAI free standing model - 125 em = 5 notches Speith-Anderson and Jantzen-Fritsen models have only one piston and em markings are on the piston.

1. Compulsory Vault A. Level 4 Vault: 1. New deduction of 2.00 for coach assisting gymnast after achieving hand support on mat stack. (Assistance prior to hand contact = void) (was effective Jan. 1,2002) 2. Reworded deduction C, 7 on pages 73/151 of Compulsory book to read: Failure to show an inverted vertical position from hands to hips. 3. Deleted from penalty pages 74 & 121 - #3 under General: Headspring performed 4. Added to penalties pages 73 & 151: Under C #12: Head contacting mat = 2.00

B. LevelS / 6 Handspring: Add the following deductions to the Compulsory book: 1. Under B. Support Phase-add #8: Additional hand placements (taking steps/hops on hands) = up to 0.30 2. Under D. Landing add #11: Failure to land on the feet first = 2.00 3. Under E. General, change #7 to read; Aid of coach in any phase of the vault = 2.00. 4. Under E. General: Delete the .50 deduction for coach between board and vault apparatus at level 6

2. COMPULSORY BAR/BEAM DISMOUNTS Failure to land on the feet first is judged as: "Failure to complete a major element" = deduction of up to the value of the element plus 0.50 for the fall.



)1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gymnasts may choose to use a bent or sh'aight leg entrance/ exit when performing acrobatic elements.

4. COMPULSORY FLOOR EXERCISE - LEVEL 4 One to three steps are allowed into the Round-off, flic-flac.

C. LEVEL 7 1. LEVEL 7 VAULT Squat, stoop and straddle vaults are no longer allowed at Level 7. 2. LEVEL 7 BARS The requirement of S elements has been eliminated. A. A new requirement has been added: a second 360 circling element that finishes or passes through a clear SUppatt, with no minimwn angle required. B. One of the two required circling elements must be listed under Group 3, 6 or 7 in the FIG Code of Points or the JO Element Supplement. C. The two required circling elements may be the same or different. (Example: 2 clear hip circles, one to 60°, one to 150 will fulfill the two requirements. If the only two circling elements performed were back giants , only one requirement has been met, since the back giant is listed under Group 4). 0

D. LEVEL 8 DIFFICULTY RESTRICTIONS LevelS's may now perfonn any "C" elements and will receive "B" Value Part credit. "C" elements may also be used to fulfill Special Requirements.

E. OPTIONAL 1. VAULT - Level 9: Specific vaults from Group 4 and 5 (Round-off entry) are now allowed at Level 9. Vaults that either twist or salta, but not both. New allowable vaults are: Group 4: 4.201 - RO, FF on - Back Tuck 4.304 - RO, FF on - Back Pike 4.305 - RO, FF on - Back layout 4.304 - RO, FF on - 1/ 1 twist off 4.305 - RO, FF on - 11 /2 twist off

4.412 - RO, FF on - 2/ 1 twist off Group 5: 5.201 - RO, FF 1/ 2 on - 1/ 1 twist off 5.202 - RO, FF 1/2 on - 11/2 twist off 5.307 - RO, FF 1/ 1 on -1 / 1 twist off S5.402 - RO, FF 1/ 2 on - 2/1 twist off 2. OPTIONAL BARS: A. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Delete the requirement of an element perfomled on the Low bar for Levels S-10. 1. LevelS - Add: One element from Groups 3/ 6/7, minimum of "A". 2. Level 9 A. Add: One element from Groups 3 / 6 / 7, minimwn of "B". B. SR of two bar manges is now only one SR valued at 0.20, as in Level 10. B. Value Part clarification regarding the glide, stoop (or straddle) over LB to catch HB: #1.104 - "A" - passes through a brief rear support, touclling LB with back of thighs # 1.204 - "B" passes through a clear rear support with grip mange to hang on HB C. VALUE PART CREDIT FOR RELEASE ELEMENTS Value part and Special Requirement credit will be awarded if the gymnast contacts the bar with the hand(s) prior to a fall. D. ELEMENTS WITH HOP-GRIP CHANGE Are still considered flight elements • Elements with a hop-grip mange and a LA twn, the hop grip mange to a different grip must be completed prior to the initiation of the twn in order to be considered flight (exception - back giant with hop 1/ 1 tum) E. NEW COMPOSmONAL DEDUCTION for Level 10: Choice of release elements not up to the competitive level = up to 0.20. F. VALUES OF RELEASE ELEMENTS REMAlN SAME AS IN 2001-02 SEASON. G. Add variation to #52.101 in JO Element Supplement: Cast to 11 0 to 44° (COl/til/lied from Page 39)

Men~ Open


unior> ~ Senior> National Champion~hip Meet

Feb.6-9th, 2003 - Las Vegas, Nev. - The Sports Center ProScore Big Board Scoreboards Award to all Paticipants AAI State-oj-the Art Equipment National FIG Judging Panels Sports Center Attraction Pass USA's Top Athletes & Olympians


re.~.C For Complete Meet Information Entry Details &Schedules

~~ t=eb. 14th - 16th Camp . fr Opt. at The Sporh Center Check Our Website for Full Information on all Meets Including Entry Deadlines,Hotels,Schedules & more




Technique magazine will regularly list Member Club invitationals by state in order to help coaches schedule their teams in competitions. When you apply and pay for a sandion with USA Gymnastics, your invitational will automatically be included in the listing. Remember, only USA Gymnastics Member Clubs are eligible for the invitational listing. ALABAMA 21 st Annual Chalkville Inv'l. Event Site - 940 Cholkville School Rd; Birmingham, Al Start Date - 10/ 25/ 2002 Club - TNT Gym Clips 940 Chalkville School Rd; Birmingham, Al Phone - 205/853-5888 Fax - 205/ 856-6662 levels - W4-6 Fliptanic Invitationol Event Site - 3150 9th CI; Tuscaloosa, Al Start Date - 9/ 27/ 2002 Club -Tuscaloosa Tumbling TIdes 3150 9th Court; Tuscaloosa, Al Phone - 205/ 345-0999 Fax - 205/345-2799 levels - W4-10 North Alobama Classic Event Site - Florence-lauderdale Coliseum; Veterans Dr; Florence, Al Start Date - 1/24/ 2003 Club -Shoals School of Gym. P.O. Box 2404; Florence, Al Phone - 256/ 767-7471 Fax - 256/767-7470 levels - W2-Elite &Preopf. Planet Invite Event Site - P.O. Box 850602; 900 Schillinger Rd. S.; Mobile, Al Start Date - 10/ 25/2002 Club - Planet Gymnastics P.O. Box 850602; 900 Schillinger Rd. S.; Mobile, Al Phone - 251/650-0699 Fax - 251/639-0266 levels - W4·6 Planet Invite Event Site - P.O. Box 850602; 900 Schillinger Rd. S.; Mobile, Al36685 Stort Date - 2/7/ 2003 Club Name - Planet Gymnastics P.O. Box 850602; 900 Schillinger Rd. S.; Mobile, Al36685 Phone - 251/650-0699 Fax - 251/639-0266 levels - W4-10 &Pre opt

ARIZONA PGA Halloween Invitational Event Site - 1926 W.Monona Drive; Phoenix, AZ Start Date - 10/26/2002 aub Name - Phoenix Gymnastics Acad. 1926 W.Monona Drive; Phoenix, AI Phone - 602/ 582-5293 Fax - 602/ 516-0567 levels - W4-6 PGA Invitational


Event Site - Arizona State Univ; PE West Bldg; Phoenix, AI Start Date - 11/22/ 2002 aub Name -Phoenix Gymnastics Acad. 1926 W. Monona Drive; Phoenix, AI Phone - 602/ 582-5293 Fax - 602/ 516·0567 levels - W4-7

CALIFORNIA Classic Event Site - 1450 Great Mall Dr.; Milpitas, CA Start Date - 2/ 28/ 2003 aub Name - Pegasus Gymnastics Acad. 1450 Great Moll Dr.; Milpitas, CA Phone - 408/ 946-6607 Fax -408/ 956-5993 levels - W4-Elite Concord Cup Event Site - 2330-ABates Avenue; Concord, CA Start Date - 2/ 22/ 2003 Club Name -Michael Anthony's Schl of Gym. 2330·A Bates Avenue; Concord, CA Phone - 925/ 671-0262 Fax - 925/ 671 -7589 levels - W4-Elite Fallbrook Fall Classic Event Site - 342 Industrial Way, Ste. 103; Fallbrook, CA Start Date - 9/ 21/2002 Club Name - Fallbrook Gym. Club 342 Industrial Way, Suite 103; Fallbrook, CA Phone - 760/ 728-8582 levels - W4-6 Far West Invitational Event Site -Stanford University; Fremont, CA Start Date - 1/25/ 2003 Club Name - Cal West Gymnastics 4883 Davenport Place; Fremont, CA Phone - 510/ 651 -5870 Fax - 510/ 651 -1264 levels - W7-Elite Far West Invitational Event Site - 4883 Davenport Place; Fremont, CA Start Date - 10/ 12/ 2002 Club Name - Cal West Gymnastics 4883 Davenport Place; Fremont, CA Phone - 510/651 -5870 Fax - 510/ 651-1264 levels - W4-6

Club Name - Elite Gym. Acad of San Diego 450 Fletcher Parkway; EI Cojon, CA Phone - 619/441 -5900 Fax - 619/ 441 -8729 levels - W4-6 Gold Country Classic Event Site - 900 Golden GateTerrace Suite E; Grass Valley, CA Start Date - 9/ 29/ 2002 Club Name - Rising Starz Gymnastics Acad 900 Golden GateTerrace Suite E; Grass Valley, CA Phone - 530/477-9581 Fax - 530/ 477-9583 levels - W4-6 Golden State Friendship Chollenge 2003 Event Site - Hilton-Burbonk Convention Clr; 2500 Hollywood Way; Burbank, CA Start Date - 3/ 7/ 2003 Club Name - Golden State Gymnastics 1828 North Keystone; Burbank, CA Phone - 818/ 558-1177 Fax - 818/ 558-6996 levels - W4-Elite Harvest Cup Event Site -434 Payran Street; Petaluma, CA Start Date - 9/ 15/ 2002 Club Name - Redwood Empire Gymnostics 434 Pay ron Street; Petaluma, CA Phone - 707/ 763-5010 Fax - 707/ 763-5542 levels - W5-7 High-Tech Invitational Event Site - 11345 Folsom Blvd; Rancho Cordova, CA Start Date - 10/ 5/ 2002 Club Name -Technique Gymnastics 11345 FolsomBlvd; Rancho Cordova, CA Phone - 916/ 635-7900 Fax - 916/ 635·4940 levels - W4-6 High-Tech Invite Event Site - 11345 Folsom Blvd; Rancho Cordova, CA Start Date - 1/11/2003 Club Name -Technique Gymnastics 11345 Folsom 81vd; Rancho Cordova, CA Phone - 916/ 635-7900 Fax - 916/ 635-4940 levels - M7-Elite Hula Hoop Invitational Event Site - 110 Springhill Drive#14; Grass Valley, CA Start Date - 2/ 15/ 2003 Club Name - Stellar Gym. Acad.

Galaxy Classic Event Site - 450 Fletcher Parkway; EI Cajon, CA Start Date - 10/ 5/ 2002



110 Springhill Drive#14; Grass Valley, CA Phone - 530/ 273-3680 Fax - 530/ 273-7156 levels - W4-6 Invitational Event Site - 25427 Rye Canyon Rd.; Valencia, CA Start Date - 3/1/2003 Club Name - Gymnastics Unlimited 25427 Rye Canyon Road; Valencia, CA Phone - 661/257-2496 Fax - 661 / 253-2781 levels- W4-6 Invitational Event Event Site - 4 Journey; Aliso Viejo, CA Start Date - 1/18/ 2003 Club Name - National Gymnastics Training 4 Journey; Aliso Viejo, CA Phone - 714/ 831 -7300 Fax - 71 4/831 -6722 levels - W7-Elite Mikail's Navy III Event Site - 1740 leslie St; San Mateo, CA Start Dote - 9/ 28/ 2002 Club Name - Peninsula Gymnastics 1740 leslie St; San Mateo, CA Phone - 650/ 571 -7555 Fax - 650/ 571 -1014 levels - W4-6

Phone - 310/ 450-0012 Fox - 310/ 450-6412 levels - M7-Elite Reach for the Stars Comp Invitational Event Site - 1740 W.Hammer lane; Stockton, CA Start Date - 10/ 13/ 2002 Club Name - GymStars Gymnastics, Inc. 1740 W.Hammer lane; Stockton, CA Phone - 209/ 957-1919 Fox - 209/ 957-0860 levels - W4-6 Reach for the Stars Opt Invitational Event Site - 1740 W.Hammer lane; Stockton, CA Start Date - 3/ 2/ 2003 Club Name - GymStars Gymnastics, Inc. 1740 W. Hammer lane; Stockton, CA Phone - 209/ 957-1919 Fax - 209/ 957·0860 levels - W4-10 River City Classic Event Site - CSU Sacramento/ South Gym; 6000 J Street; Sacramento, CA Start Date - 9/21 / 2002 Club Nome - Byers Gymnastics Center 29 Massie Court; Sacramento, CA Phone - 916/ 423-3040 Fax - 916/ 689·8729 levels - W4-6

Out of This World Event Site - 434 Payran Street; Petaluma, CA Start Dote - 2/ 9/ 2003 Club Nome - Redwood Empire Gym. 434 Payran Street; Petaluma, CA Phone - 707/ 763-5010 Fax - 707/ 763-5542 levels - W7-9

Roseville Invitational Event Site - Woodcreek High School; 2551 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd; Roseville, CA Start Date - 1/3/ 2003 Club Name -Bym Gymnastics Center II 2009 Opportunity Drive; Roseville, CA Phone - 916/ 354·4020 Fax - 916/ 354·3563 levels - W7-Elite

Pacific Classic Event Site - 22982 Avenida Empresa; Rancho Santa Margari, CA Stort Date - 2/ 1/2003 Club Name - California Elite Sports Center 22982 Avenida Empresa; Rancho Santo Margari, CA Phone - 949/ 589-1512 Fax - 949/ 589-1377 levels - W7-10

Sock Hop Invitational Event Site - 2411 -J Old Crow Canyon Rd.; San Ramon, CA Start Date - 10/ 12/ 2002 Club Name - Diablo Gymnastics School 2411-J Old Crow Canyon Rd; San Ramon, CA Phone - 925/ 820·6885 Fax - 925/ 820·9388 levels - W5-6

Peter Vidmar Men's Gymnastics Iny'1. Event Site - Brentwood School; 100 S. Barrington Place; los Angeles, CA Start Date - 3/ 6/ 2003 Club Name - Broadway Gym. School, Inc. 812 Main Street; Venice, CA

Wine Country Classic Event Site - Rohnert Park Sport Clr; 5407 Snyder lane; Rohnert Park, CA Start Date - 2/ 15/ 2003 Club Name - Rohnert Pork Gymnastics 320 Professional Center Drive; Suite

SEPT / OCT 2002 )

150; Rohnert Park, CA Phone - 707/585-9377 Fax - 707/585-0579 levels - M7-Elite

COLORADO Aerials Fall Festival Event Site - 3536 Hartsel Drive; Colorado Springs, CO Start Date - 10/18/2002 Club Nome -Aerials Gym. Center, Inc. 3536 Hartsel Drive; Colorado Springs, CO Phone - 719/ 260-1893 Fox - 719/ 260-6994 levels - W4-Elite Invitational Event Event Site - 609 25 Rood; Grand Junction, CO Start Date - 10/ 26/ 2002 Club Name - Grand Junction Gym/Kidz Plex 609 25 Rood; Grand Junction, CO Phone - 970/ 245-3610 Fax - 970/ 256-7825 levels - W4-6

flORIDA Event Nome -Aloha Invitational Event Site - 14214 N. Nebraska Ave.; Tampa, Fl Start Dote - 9/ 20/ 2002 Club Name - lightning City Gymnastics 14214 N. Nebraska Ave.; Tampa, Fl Phone - 813/ 558-0035 Fax - 813/ 558-0038 levels - W4-6 Gold Coast Invitational Event Site -Santa lures Community HS; 6880 lawrence Rd; lantana, Fl Start Date - 10/ 12/ 2002 Club Nome - Gold Coast Gymnastics Inc. 1420 Rupp lone; lake Worth, Fl Phone - 561-585-2700 Fox - 561-642-4477 levels - W2-6 Great Pumpkin Invitational Event Site - 730 St. Johns Bluff Rd. N; Jacksonville, Fl Start Date - 10/26/2002 Club Nome -All American Gymnastics, Inc. 730 St. Johns Bluff Rd. N.; Jacksonville, Fl Phone - 904/641-9966 Fax - 904/641-9966 levels - W3-6 Magical Classic Event Site - Orange County Conv Center 9800 In!'1. Dr; Orlando, Fl ' Start Dote - 2/21/2003 Club Name - Brown's Gymnastics Central 740 Orange Avenue; Altamonte Springs, Fl Phone - 407/869-8744 Fox -407/869-077 4 levels - W5-10 Sportsworld Challenge 2002 Event Site - 3020 Poma Way; Stuart, Fl Start Date - 9/28/ 2002 Club Nome - Y.M.CA. GYM of Treosure Coast 3020 Porno Way; Stuart, Fl Phone - 561/223-1606 Fax - 561/287-8324

levels - W4-6 Sportsworld Spectacular 2003 Event Site - 3020 Poma Way; Stuart, Fl Start Date - 1/10/2003 Club Name -Y.M.CA. GYM of Treasure Coast 3020 Porno Way; Stuart, Fl Phone - 561/223-1606 Fox - 561/287-8324 levels - W2-10 Summer Sizzler Event Site - 730 St. Johns Bluff Rd N. Jacksonville, Fl ., Start Dote -8/ 24/ 2002 Club Nome -All American Gymnastics, Inc. 730 St. Johns Bluff Rd N.; Jacksonville, Fl Phone - 904/ 641-9966 Fax - 904/ 641-9966 levels - W3-6 TBT Invitational Event Site - Baylront Center; 400 1st Street S; St Petersburg, Fl Start Date - 1/16/2003 Club Nome -Tampa Bay Turners Gym. 3070 44th Avenue N.; St. Petersburg, Fl Phone -727/ 522-2867 Fox - 727/ 522-2694 levels - W7-Elite

GEORGIA Apple Classic Invitational Event Site - North Cobb Christian School; 4500 lakeview Dr; Kennesaw, GA Start Dote - 10/ 12/ 2002 Club Name - Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta 3126 Cobb Parkway; Kennesaw, GA Phone -770/975-8337 Fax - 770/ 975-3820 levels - W4-6 Atlanta Crown Invitational Event Site - Gwinnett Civic Center' 6400 Sugarlaof Parkway; Duluth, GA ' Start Date - 1/17/2003 Club Nome - Gwinnett Gymnastics Center 927 Killion Hill Road; lilburn, GA Phone - 770/921-5630 Fax - 770/921-5111 levels - W4-Elite Autumn Challenge Event Site -7545 Industrial Court; Alpharetta, GA Start Date - 11/2/2002 Club Name - Northwind Gym. Center, Inc. 7545 Industrial Court; Alpharetta, GA Phone -770/475-6103 Fax - 770/ 518-0841 levels - W4-6 Cobb Kick-Off Event Site - 542 Fairground Street; Marietta, GA Start Date - 9/ 21/2002 Club Name - Cobb Challengers 542 Fairground Street; Marietta, GA Phone -770/ 528-8477 Fax - 770/ 528-8479 levels - W4-6

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Dreom Team Disco Invitational Event Site -8877 Bright Star Rd; Douglasville, GA (Continued


Page 28)


TECH H IOU E â&#x20AC;˘

SEPT / 0 CT 2002

)}--- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , - - - . , .


Atlanta 3126 Cobb Parkway; Kennesaw, GA Phone - 770/ 975-8337 Fox -770/ 975-3820 levels - W4-Elite

Start Date - 9/ 28/ 2002 Club Name - Douglasville Gym and Cheer 8877 Bright Star Rd; Douglasville, GA Phone - 770/ 489-2582 Fax - 678/ 838-9960 levels - W4-6

Northwind Classic Event Site - 7545 Industrial Ct; Alpharetta, GA 30004 Start Date - 1/11/2003 Club Nome - Northwind Gym Center, Inc 7545 Industrial C'-; Alpharetta, GA 30004 Phone - 770/475-6103 Fox - 770/ 518-0841 levels - Wpre opt 7-10

Flip Flop Invitational Event Site - 104 Victoria N_Ct; Woodstock, GA Start Dote - 1/10/ 2003 Club Nome -World of Gymnastics, Inc 104 Victoria N_Ct; Woodstock, GA Phone - 770/ 516-6898 Fox - 770/ 516-6608 levels - W7-10

Odyssey Event Site - 7545 Industrial Ct.; Alpharetta, GA Start Date - 9/ 28/ 2002 Club Nome - Northwind GYMCenter, Inc 7545 Industrial Ct.; Alpharetta, GA Phone -770/475-6103 Fox - 770/ 518-0841 levels - W4-6

Georgia Cup Event Site - 7545 Industrial Ct; Alpharetta, GA Start Dote - 2/ 22/ 2003 Club Nome - Northwind GYM Center, Inc 7545 Industrial Ct; Alpharetta, GA Phone - 770/475-6103 Fox - 770/ 518-0841 levels - Wpreop'- 7-10

Sock Hop Invitational Event Site - 79 Northpark Drive; PO Box 397; Chatsworth, GA Start Date - 9/ 14/2002 Club Nome - NWGeorgia Gym. Center 79 Northpark Dr.; PO Box 397; Chatsworth, GA Phone -706/ 695-6664 Fax - 706/ 517-0806 levels - W4-6

Harvest Hoedown Event Site - 927 Killion Hill Rood; lilburn, GA Start Dote - 11/2/ 2002 Club Nome - Gwinnett Gymnastics Ctr. 927 Killian Hill Rood; lilburn, GA Phone - 770/ 921 -5630 Fox - 770/ 921 -5111 levels - W4-6 Mardi Gras Invitational Event Site - KennesawMountain HS; 1898 KennesawDue Wset Rd; Kennesaw, GA Start Dote - 2/ 15/ 2003 Club Nome - Gymnastics Acad. of

HAWAII Invitational Event Event Site - 46-174 C. Kahuhipa S'-; Kaneohe, HI

Start Date - 8/ 25/ 2002 Club Name - Hawaiian Island Twisters, Inc 46-174 C. Kahuhipa St_; Ka neohe, HI Phone - 808/ 235-4487 Fox - 808/ 235-4487 levels - W4-6 Ku uipo Classic Event Site - Neal Blaisdell Arena; Honolulu, HI Start Dote - 2/ 15/ 2003 Club Nome - RainbowGymnastics Acad_ 98-023 Hekaha Street #7; Aiea, HI Phone - 808/488-7030 Fax - 808/ 488-7030 levels - W4-10

Club Name - Gymnastics Junction 1340 SWhittier lane; New Castle, IN Phone - 765/ 521-4240 Fax - 765/ 521-3612 levels - W4-6

IOWA Jump Jivin Invitational Event Site - 2401 SE Tones Dr, Suite 7; Ankeny, IA Start Dote - 10/ 12/ 2002 Club Nome -Triad Gymnastics 2401 SE Tones Dr, Suite 7; Ankeny, IA Phone - 515/ 963-0215 Fax - 515/ 963-0216 Levels - W4-6


ILLINOIS Midwest Open Event Site - Aerial Arena; 2701 Block Rd Ste 203; Joliet, Il Start Date - 2/ 21 / 2003 Club Nome - Aerial Gymnastics Club 1516 Brook Dr.; Downers Grove, Il Phone - 630/495-0150 Fax - 630/495-8710 levels - W5-10

Festival of Flairs Event Site - 1973 Sixth Street; Mandeville, LA Start Dote - 1/10/ 2003 Club Nome - North Shore Gym. 1973 Sixth Street; Mandeville, LA Phone - 985/ 624-8310 Fox - 985/ 624-8346 levels- W4-Elite, preop'-


INDIANA Circle of Stars Event Site - Indiana Convention Center; 100 SCapitol Ave; Indpls" IN Start Date - 2/ 21/2003 Club Nome - DeVeau's School of Gym. 9032 Technology Dr.; Fishers, IN Phone - 317/ 849-7744 Fax - 317/ 846-4535 levels - M7-Elite, W4-Elite Weekend in Paradise Event Site - NewCastle HS Fieldhouse; 801 ParkviewDr; New Castle, IN Start Date - 11/2/ 2002

Harford Holiday Invitational Event Site - 701 Whitaker Mill Rood; Joppa, MD Start Date - 12/ 6/ 2002 Club Name - Harford Gymnastics Club, Inc 701 Whitaker Mill Rood; Joppa, MD Phone - 410/ 879-3718 Fox -410/ 877-7752 levels - W4-10

Westland, MI Start Date - 12/ 13/ 2002 Club Name - Michigan Academy of Gymnastics 5870 North Hix Rood; Westland, MI Phone - 734/ 721-4001 Fax - 734/721 -6445 levels - W5-10

MISSOURI Fall Festival Event Site - P.O_Box 104176; Jefferson City, MO Start Dote - 10/ 18/ 2002 Club Nome -Jefferson City Area YMCA P.O. Box 104176; Jefferson City, MO Phone - 573/ 761-9008 Fax - 573/ 761 -3552 levels - W5-10 St louis Challenge Cup Event Site - Univ of MO at St louis; 8001 Notional Bridge Rd; St louis, MO Start Dote - 1/10/ 2003 Club Nome -Team Central 2675 Metro Blvd.; St. louis, MO Phone - 314/ 291 -5436 Fax - 314/ 291-0859 levels - M6-Elite St louis Classic Event Site - Univ of MO at St louis; 8001 Notional Bridge Rd; S'- louis, MO Start Dote - 1/10/ 2003 Club Nome - Team Centro I 2675 Metro Blvd.; St. louis, MO Phone - 314/ 291 -5436 Fax - 31 4/291-0859 levels - W5-Elite


MICHIGAN MI Academy 24th Annual Christmas Classic Event Site - 5870 North Hix Rood;

Friendship Classic Event Site - 950 S. Cimarron Rood; Clark, NV Start Dote - 11/1 6/ 2002

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TEe H N I QUE â&#x20AC;˘

SE PT/ OCT 2002 ) 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - --


Club Name - Desert Gymcats Gym. 950 S. Cimarron Road; Clark, NV Phone - 702/ 798-3547 Fox - 702/ 341 -5853 Levels - M7-1 Go For It Classic Event Site - Cox Pavillion Univ of NV Los V; 4505 Maryland Pkwy; Los Vegas, NV Start Date - 1/31/2003 Club Nome - Go For It USA 4310 Losee Rood Suite 2; North Las Vegas, NV Phone - 702/ 658-9003 Fax - 702/ 658-0598 Levels - M7-Elite, W4-Elite Gymcats Invitational Event Site - 440 S.Parkson Suite B; Henderson, NV Start Date - 9/28/2002 Club Nome - Gymcats Gymnastics 440 S.Parkson Suite B; Henderson, NV Phone - 702/ 566-1414 Fox -702/ 566-1310 Levels - W4-6

Vegas, NV Phone - 702/ 658-9003 Fox - 702/ 658-0598 Levels - W4-6

355 Eisenhower Parkway; livingston, NJ Phone - 973/ 992-8007 Fox - 973/ 992-4950 Levels - W4-7

Latham, NY Phone - 518/ 785-3481 Fox - 518/ 785-3481 Levels - W4-10

Trick or Treat Meet Event Site - 4544 C. W. Russell Rd.; Los Vegas, NV Start Dote - 10/26/2002 Club Nome - Brown's Gymnastics-Los Vegas 4544 C. W. Russell Rd.; Los Vegas, NV Phone - 702/ 257-9009 Fax - 702/ 257-9039 Levels - W4-6

Flips ond Kisses Classic Event Site - 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, NJ Start Dote - 2/B/2003 Club Nome - Star Bound Gymnastics Acad. 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, NJ Phone - B56/453-7996 Fox - 856/453-7559 Levels - W4-10

Golden Apple Invitational 2002 Event Site - Gym Magic Gymnastics; Rt 22 Brewster Business Pork; Brewster, NY Start Dote - 10/26/2002 Club Nome -Westchester Gym & Dance 5 Skyline Drive; Hawthorne, NY Phone - 914/ 592-2324 Fox - 914/ 592-0204 Levels - W4-10


Harvest Festival Event Site - 2 Change bridge Rd; Montville, NJ Start Date - 9/21/2002 Club Nome - North Stars Gymnastics Acad. 2 Changebridge Rd; Montville, NJ Phone - 973/316-2507 Fax - 973/331-7963 Levels - W4-7

6th Annual Star Struck Invitational Event Site - 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, NJ Start Date - 1/4/2003 Club Name - Star Bound Gymnastics Acad. 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, NJ Phone - 856/453-7996 Fox - 856/ 453-7559 Levels - W4-10

Lady Luck Invito tiona I Event Site -Tropicana Hotel and Cosino; 3801 S Los Vegas Blvd; Los Vegas, NV Start Date - 1/3/2003 Club Name - Brown's Gymnastics-Las Vegas 4544 C. W. Russell Rd.; Las Vegas, NV Phone - 702/ 257-9009 Fax - 702/ 257-9039 Levels - W4-Elite

All-Star Classic Event Site - 1274 Highwoy 77; Bridgeton, NJ Start Date - 9122/2002 Club Name - Star Bound Gymnastics Acad. 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, NJ Phone - 856/453-7996 Fax - 856/453-7559 Levels - W4-7

Perfector Invitational Event Site - 4310 Losee Rd Ste. 2; North Los Vegas, NV Start Dote - 10/19/2002 Club Nome - Go For It USA 4310 Losee Rd Ste. 2; North Las

Autumn Festival Event Site - Gymnastics Unlimited; 2 lilac Dr; Flemington, NJ Start Date - 10/ 27/ 2002 Club Nome - livingston Gymnastics Acad.

Jersey Shore Beoch Classic Event Site - 2351 Hwy. 34; P.O. Box 1335; Wall, NJ Start Date - 9/ 28/ 2002 Club Name - Devlin Gymnastics 2351 Hwy. 34; P.O. Box 1335; Wall, NJ Phone - 732/223-5020 Fax - 732/ 528-6480 Levels - W4-7

NORTH CAROLINA Fall Invitational Event Site - 10420 Southern Loop Blvd.; Pineville, NC Start Dote - 10/ 12/2002 Club Nome - Clemmer School of Gymnastics & Dance 10420 Southern Loop 8Ivd.; Pineville, NC Phone - 704/583-9998 Fox - 704/ 553-7026 Levels - W4-6


Foothills Invite Event Site - 920 29th Ave NE; Hickory, NC 28601 Start Dote - 10/5/2002 Club Name - Foothills Gymnastics 920 29th Ave NE; Hickory, NC 28601 Phone - 828/ 328-3794 Fax -828/328-3828 Levels - W3-7

Autumn Classic Event Site -Shaker High School; 445 Watervliet-Shaker Rd; Latham, NY Start Date - 11/9/2002 Club Name -World Closs Gym. Acad. 630 Columbia Street Extension;

Solem Invitational Event Site - 4870 Country Clud Rd.; Winston Solem, NC Start Dote - 2/15/2003 Club Name - Salem Gymnastics

Center, Ltd. 4870 Country Clud Rd.; Winston Solem, NC Phone - 336/ 765-4668 Fox - 336/ 760-3337 Levels - Wpreopt, 4-Elite Turkey Tumble Event Site - 4B70 Country Clud Rd.; Winston Solem, NC Start Dote - 11/23/ 2002 Club Nome - Solem Gymnastics Center, Ltd. 4870 Country Clud Rd.; Winston Solem, NC Phone - 336/ 765-4668 Fox - 336/760-3337 Levels - W4-6

OHIO Buckeye Classic Event Site - Celeste Center/Ohio Expo Ctr; 717 E17th Ave; Columbus, OH Start Dote - 2/ 14/2003 Club Nome - Buckeye Gym. 7159 Northgate Way; PO Box 2295; Westerville, OH Phone - 614/ 895-1611 Fox - 614/ 895-7644 Levels - W4-6 and 10 Elite Fly Right Invite Event Site - 2900 State Rood; Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 Start Date - 11/2/2002 Club Name - Flill USA Gymnastics, Inc. 2900 State Road; Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 Phone - 330/ 926-2900 Fox - 330-929-6703 Levels - W4-8

(Continued 017 Page 30)


HUGE SELECTION TROPHIES, PLAQUES, PINS RIBBONS &MORE ••• - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - { (


SEPT / 0 CT 2002

) f - - - - - - - - - -- -------=2,..-,9,......

Flytz Classic Event Site - Summit Co Fairgrounds; 229 East Howe Rd; Tallmadge, OH Start Date - 1/24/2003 Club Name - FlYTZ USA Gym., Inc. 2900 State Rd; Cuyahoga Falls, OH Phone - 330/ 926-2900 Fax - 330-929-6703 levels - W4-Elite Ohio NAWGJ Event Site - Kent State Mac Center; Summit Rd; Kent, OH Start Date - 10/4/2002 dub Name -FlYTZ USA Gymnastics, Inc. 2900 State Rd; Cuyahoga Falls, OH Phone - 330/ 926-2900 Fax - 330-929-6703 levels - W4-6 US Coaches Cup Event Site - Cincinnati Convention Ctr; 525 Elm St; Cincinnati, OH Start Date - 1/ 24/ 2003 Club Name - Cincinnati Gym. 3635 Woodridge Blvd; Fairfield, OH Phone - 513/860-3082 Fax - 513/ 870-3831 levels - W4-10

OKLAHOMA Dream Catcher Classic Event Site - Coca Cola Bricktown Event Clr; 429 ECalif.; Oklahoma City, OK Start Date - 2/ 21/2003 Club Name - Mat TroNers Gymnastics 7009 N.W. 63Rd; Oklahoma City, OK Phone - 405/ 722-0808 Fax - 405/722-0821 levels - W4-10 Nadia Comaneci International Invitational Event Site - Myriad Convention Center; 1 Myriad Gardens; Oklahoma City, OK

Start Date - 6/ 20/ 2003 Club Name - Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy P.O. Box 720217; 3206 Bart Conner Dr.; Norman, OK Phone - 405/447-7500 Fax - 405/321-7229 levels- WElite

OREGON Emerald Team Challenge Event Site - lane Community College; 4000 E30th Ave.; Eugene, OR Start Date - 1/1/2003 Club Name - National Academy of Artistic Gym. 869 Shelly; Springfield, OR Phone - 541/744-2002 Fax - 541/485-2322 levels - W4-10 Fall Invitational Event Site - 11632 SW Pacific Hwy.; Tigard, OR 97223 Start Date - 10/ 12/ 2002 Club Name -Westside Dance and Gym Acad. 11632 SW Pacific Hwy.; Tigard, OR 97223 Phone - 503/ 639-5388 Fax - 503/ 639-4348 levels - W5-6 Icicle Invitational Event Site - 11632 SW Pacific Hwy.; Tigard, OR Start Date - 1/ 11/2003 Club Name -Westside Dance and Gym Academy 11632 SW Pacific Hwy.; Tigard, OR Phone - 503/ 639-5388 Fax - 503/ 639-4348 levels - W7-9

PENNSYLVANIA 2002 PiNsburgh Coed Classic Event Site - Island Sports Clr.; 7600

Grand Ave; PiNsburgh, PA Start Date - 11/22/ 2002 Club Name - PiNsburgh Northstars III Oakhaven Dr.; Wexford, PA Phone - 412/487 -5999 Fax - 412/487-7333 levels - W4-10, M7-1 John PancoN Invitational Event Site - Founders Pavillion; 1001 Elincoln Hwy.; Exton, PA Start Date - 3/ 8/2003 dub Name -John Pancotl Gymnastic Clr. 284 lancaster Ave.; Malvern, PA Phone - 610/ 647-9847 Fax - 610/ 644-8244 levels - W4-10 John PancoN Invitational Event Site - Founders Pavilion; 1001 Elincoln Hwy; Exton, PA 19341 Start Date - 2/8/2003 Club Name -John PancoN Gymnastic Center 284 lancaster Avenue; Malvern, PA 19355 Phone - 610/ 647-9847 Fax - 610/ 644-8244 levels - M7-1

Club Name - Columbia Academy 274 E. Fifth Street; Bloomsburg, PA Phone - 570/ 3B7 -0539 Fax - 570/ 387-0195 levels - W4-6

Training 5331 Western Ave.; Knoxville, TN Phone - B65/ 5B8-2105 Fax - 865-588-0861 levels - M7-1 , W4-10 preopl.

Thanksgiving Invitational Event Site - 40 Ferry Rd ; Hanover Township; Wilkes-Barre, PA Start Date - 11/17/2002 Club Name - Northeast Gymnastics Academy 40 Ferry Rd; Hanover Township; Wilkes-Barre, PA Phone - 570/ 826-7090 levels - W4-6

level 6 Invitational Event Site -5331 Western Ave.; Knoxville, TN Start Date -8/30/ 2002 Club Name - Premier Knoxville Gym. Training 5331 Western Avenue; Knoxville, TN Phone - 865/ 588-2105 Fax - 865-588-0861 levels - W6

Tricks and Treats Invite Event Site - lebanon YMCA; 201 N Seventh St.; lebanon, PA Start Date - 10/ 25/ 2002 Club Name - lebanon YMCA Gymnastics lebanon YMCA; 201 NSeventh 51.; lebanon, PA Phone - 717/ 273-2691 Fax - 717/ 273-6752 levels - W4-6

love Meet Event Site - 7995 Stage Hills Blvd; BartleN, TN Start Date - 9/ 7/ 2002 Club Name - River City Gym. Inc. 7995 Stage Hills Blvd; BartleN, TN Phone - 901/388-3737 Fax - 901/377-0403 levels - W4-6

Wintertime in Brandywine Event Site - 991 s. Bolmar 51.; West Chester, PA Start Date - 12/ 6/ 2002 Club Name -AJS PancoN Gym. 991 South Bolmar Street; West Chester, PA Phone - 610/ 431-2477 Fox - 610/431 -2477 levels - W5-Elite

lebanon Classic Event Site - lebanon YMCA; 201 N Seventh St.; lebanon, PA Start Date - 12/ 6/ 2002 Club Name - lebanon YMCA Gymnastics lebanon YMCA; 201 NSeventh 51.; lebanon, PA Phone -717/ 273-2691 Fax - 717/ 273-6752 levels - W4-10


Mardi Gras Invitational Event Site - 274 E. Fifth Street; Bloomsburg, PA Start Date - 3/ 2/ 2003

John Macready's Flip Fest Inv'l. Event Site - Knoxville Civic Center; Knoxville, TN Start Date - 1/ 24/ 2003 Club Name - Premier Knoxville Gym.

TEXAS Rising Stars 2002 Event Site -1937 W. Porker Rd.; Plano, TX Start Dote -8/ 24/ 2002 Club Nome -World Olympic Gym. Acad 1937 W. Parker Road; Plano, TX Phone -972/985-9292 Fax - 972/ 964-8209 levels - W4-6 Valeri liukin Invitational- 2002 Event Site - 1937 W.Parker Rd; Plano, TX 75023 Start Date - 12/ 13/ 2002 Club Name - World Olympic Gym. Acad 1937 W. Parker Rd; Plano, TX 75023 (Colltilllled all Page 33)

T& _....... - -

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$50,000. _. Basic Accident Medical Coverage $25,000 ___ AD&D Coverage

• Easy to Enroll • Flat Rate for Ancillary Activities Including Birthday Parties

(BOO) 955-1991 rl-c=-' C : ' o - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 ( 3 TEe H N 10 UE •

SEPT/OCT 2002 ) l - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




We announced a Men's Program Video Contest in a previous issue of Technique. Several clubs submitted video tapes of their boy's classes in the "How to teach a boy's class" contest. The winner is Greg Schram of Richardson Gymnastics in Richardson, Texas. Congratulations Greg! - Thanks to all who participated. Look for other contests in the futu re.

November 14-17, United States Olympic Training Center


..... NATIONAL COACHES WORKSHOP FOR MEN The 2002 USA Gymnastics National Coaches Workshop for Men will be held November 14-17 at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The National Coaches Workshop is the premier educational event for men and will once again be held in conjunction with the 2002 Future Stars National Championships. The workshop will feature lectures, technical presentations, hands-on coach's sessions with Future Stars participants and viewing of the Future Stars National Championship. Presenters include Junior National Coaching Staff members, National Team coaches, sports science personnel, USOC staff and special guests. Make plans to attend now!



The Sports Acrobatics Program Committee is happy to announce the organization of the new J.O Mentor Club program. As sports acrobatics becomes more visible in the gymnastics community new ' clubs will begin to emerge across the US. In order to help these clubs develop a successful program and become a part of the sports acrobatics community, we would like to put them in contact with strong developing clubs in their area. These Mentor Clubs will offer a connection to sports acrobatics and be a source of information. New clubs with questions about qualifications, . running a competition, competition schedule, coaches education, ! and athlete training will be able to use their connection to an estab lished club to find answers and advice. Check out The registration fee for the 2002 National Coaches find a mentor club near you. Workshop is $50.00. There is no fee for coaches who have ! " ~ " ~~(I......... ~ .. ~ .. an athlete qualified to the Future Stars Championships. ! ~~ . ~~ "~~ . ~~ Limited housing is available at the Olympic Training Center ' USA GYMNASTICS HOLIDAY HOURS Complex. Coaches requesting USOTC housing should do so . THANKSGIVING: Close on Wednesday, November 27 at 12:00pm on the Coaches Workshop Registration Form. All coaches ' Open on Monday, December 2 at 8:30am (including those with and without Future Stars CHRISTMAS: Championships participants) must register by October 25, : Close on Friday, December 20 at 5:30pm 2002 using the form found on or Open on Thursday, January 2 at 8:30am contact the Workshop Director Dennis McIntyre at . " ~ "~~(I......... ~ .. ~ ..


~~~~~ ~




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r EC H N IOU E • SEPT / 0 CT 2002 )f----------------=3-=':--.1



Meeting Minutes June 29, 2002

George Beckstead committed to serving as the men's program candidate for the FIG Men's Technical Committee position for another four years. The election for the next term will take place in Athens in 2004. There was a long discussion on this topic.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 a.m. MDT by Chair, Yoichi Tomita.

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita Steve Butcher George Beckstead Kurt Golder Miles Avery Bill Foster Mihai Bagiu John Roethlisberger Butch Zunich Ron Brant Dennis McIntyre Ron Galimore Bo Morris

Motion: To endorse George Beckstead as the USA candidate for the FIG Men's Technical Committee for the 2005-08 term. MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. FIG Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. Jr. Coaches Rep. Athlete Rep. Athlete Rep. NGJA Rep. (voice, no vote) USAG Men's Sr. National Team Coordinator (voice, no vote) USAG Men's Jr. National Team Coordinator (voice, no vote) USAG Senior Director, Men's Program (voice, no vote) USAG Men's Program Manager (voice, no vote)

Motion: Bill Foster 2nd: Mihai Bagiu PASSED: Unanimously

VII. 2004 SCHEDULE CONFLICT This item will be discussed at the meeting held during the U.S. Championships. The 2004 NCAA Championships is scheduled to take place the same weekend as the Qualifier to the U.S. Championships. The NCAA cannot change the date of their championships and the men's program committee has been asked to move the Qualifier to another weekend. Steve Butcher offered a proposal to merge the Qualifier to the U.S. Championships and the J.O. Nationals in 2004.

VIII. USAG STANDARDIZATION TASK FORCE Program Directors from each diScipline and their respective ViceChairs met to discuss standard izing a number of different areas for all disciplines of USA Gymnastics. Standardizing all of the disciplines will help with everything from communicating to potential sponsors to clearer promo tion and understanding of programs within USA Gymnastics. Yoichi Tomita presented a report regarding the work of the committee to date.

Announcement - Tentatively we have scheduled two meetings at the U.S. Championships on Thursday and Saturday.

II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Motion: To approve the Minutes of the MPC Conference Calls on May 29 and June 10.

IX. PETITIONS Motion: To approve the injury petition of Grant Osborne for the Junior Division of the 2002 U.S. Championships

Motion: Bill Foster 2nd: Mihai Bagiu PASSED: Unanimously

Motion: Steve Butcher 2nd: Miles Avery PASSED: Unanimously

III. SELECTION PROCEDURES Ron Galimore reported on the selection procedures for the 2003 World Championships and 2003 Pan American Games. The 2003 World Championships selection procedures will require more discussion at our next meeting to finish formulating the document.

Motion: To approve the injury petition of Michael Reavis for the Senior Division of the 2002 U.S. Championships


Motion: Steve Butcher 2nd: Kurt Golder FAILED: Unanimously

Ron Brant reported on the scheduling conflicts between the 2003 World University Games, the World Championships and Pan American Games. He questioned whether the large expense for the World University Games would be most beneficial to the overall program. This item will be discussed further on a conference call or at our next meeting.

X. NEW BUSINESS A. Proposal for a collegiate division at the 2003 Winter Cup will be discussed at our next meeting. B. Proposal for locking in judges for 2003-04 national events will be discussed at our next meeting. C. It was requested to have the selection competition for the 2002 Individual World's held on Friday, October 11. Ron Brant will attempt to host the competition on that day. D. Dennis Mcintyre will request that the JOPC immediately adopt the current "Pursuit of Perfection" document used in the senior

V. USAG EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE POSITION OPENING There will be a vacancy on the USAG Executive Committee. Peter Vidmar will be exiting his member at large position. A new member will be selected at the October board meeting. It was recommended that we recognize a men's program candidate by U.S. Championships.

rl-=-3-=2---------------{( r EC H NIOU E


SEPT / 0 CT 2002 ) 1 - - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - -

(Colllil1 l1ed ji'Olll Page 30)

program. E. There will be more discussions regarding athlete funding at our next meeting. F. Ron Brant has gathered input from the senior coaches for the "Philosophical Approach" document. G. Dennis McIntyre discussed the proposed selection process for the junior gymnasts who would travel to China in September. He put forth selecting the top four all-around gymnasts from the U.S. Championships. Three additional gymnasts could be selected by the coaches at the national team meeting following the competition. Coach's selection could also be done at the same meeting. This selection process was discussed by the juruor national team coaches at the June juruor national team camp. H. Due to the competition date of the senior dual competition with China and visa procurement, the selection of gymnasts for this event will need to take place prior to the U.S. Championships using the current Senior National Team.

XI. ADJOURNMENT Motion: To adjourn Motion: Steve Butcher 2nd: Bill Foster PASSED: Unanimously Call adjourned at 9:00a.m. MDT.

Respectfully submitted by Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary

Phone - 972/ 985-9292 Fax - 972/ 964·8209 levels - M7-Elite

Fax - 262/ 634-1011 levels - W4-6

WOGA Classic- 2003 Event Site· Allen High School; Plano, TX Start Date - 1/17/2003 Club Name -World Olympic Gym. Acad. 1937 W. Parker Rd; Plano, TX Phone - 972/985-9292 Fax - 972/ 964-8209 levels -W4-open

VIRGINIA New Year Opener Event Site· 10810 Poulbrook Dr.; Midlothian, VA Start Date - 1/11/2003 Club Name -Virginia In!'1. Gym. School 10810 Paulbrook Dr.; Midlothian, VA Phone - 804/ 276-7039 Fax - 804/ 739-0192 levels - W4-10

Scamps level 4, 5, and 6 Invite Event Site - 5711 77th St.; Kenosha, WI Start Date - 9/ 14/ 2002 Club Name - Scamps Gym. 5711 77th Sf.; Kenosha, WI Phone - 262/ 694·0805 Fax - 262/ 694-2137 levels - W4-6

BAHAMAS Bahama Breeze Event Site - Naussau Marriott; Crystal Palace; Nassau Start Date - 1/8/ 2003 Club - North Stars Gymnastics Academy 2 Changebridge Rd; Montville, NJ 07045 Phone - 973/ 316-2507 Fax - 973/ 331-7963 levels - W4-Elite

WISCONSIN All Star Challenge Event Site - 2501 Golf Ave; Racine, WI 53404 Start Date - 9/ 21/2002 Club Name - Racine Gym. Ctr. 2501 Golf Ave; Racine, WI Phone - 262/ 634-2344



USA GYMNASTICS 2002 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM The Women's LeveL I-IV Skill DeveLopment CurricuLum Course has been introduced as the first in a series of discipLine specific courses under the ProfessionaL DeveLopment Certification program. The goaL of the Women's LeveL I-IV Skill DeveLopment CurricuLum is to estabLish a soLid foundation for coaches on gymnastics fundamentaLs . The focus is to break down the beginning Level skills for Junior Olympic LeveLs I-IV. SoLid basics are vitaL to the physicaL Longevity and to the skill proficiency and progression for the gymnasts. It's much easier to "Learn it right" at the beginning rather than trying to "clean it up" Later.

The program will cover the following topics: • Vault • Beam • TumbLing • Psychology

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Bars Dance Coaching 101 Coaching Philosophy

CompLetion of the two-day, 12-hour course wilL certify you as a SkiLL Eva Luator. The course is taught through the use of two compLimentary texts ; Introduction to Gymnastics Coaching Theory and the LevelIIV Curriculum Guide; coordinating videos, and hands-on driLL and spotting instruction.





9/14/02 9am-5pm 9/ 28/02 2pm-9pm 10/4/02 4:30-8:30pm 10/ 19/ 02 9am-5pm

9/ 15/02 9am-lpm 9/29/02 9am-1pm 10/5/02 8am-2pm 10/ 20/02 10am-2pm


Janet Earl

Michigan Idaho Maryland

GYMNASTICS This is a great course for aLL women's artistic gymnastics coaches from novice to club owner. To set up a course, contact the course instructor nearest you . For a compLete List of instructors or to view more information regarding the course, visit our web site at

907-333-1172; JLEARL@GCLnet 525 W. Potter Dr; Anchorage Claudia Kretschmer 734-429-4419; 1900 S. Cedar; Lansinq Greg Shamens 208-853-8316; 5420 W. State Street; Boise John Perna 410-857-8316; 8001 Sheriff Rd.

HOST CLUB Anchorage Gymnastics Association Great Lakes Gymnastics

Gem State Gymnastics Academv Prince George Sports & Learning Complex

- - - - - - -- - -- - - --.....,( r EC HN IOU E • 5EPT / 0 CT 200 2 )}-------------------,:3:-:3~1



July 13-14, 2002 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Recommendation to the Women's Program Committee that the following statement be added to Article V - Criteria for Nominations: "If resumes are to be submitted as part of the election process, they will be verified by the officer who is receiving the nominations." Motion: R. Sandoz Second: L. Perrott PASSED

National Administrative Committee Chairman Jan Greenhawk called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.

I. ROLL CALL Region I Region II Region III Region IV Region V Region VI Region VII Region VIII Sr. Dir. WP JOPM

Robbie Sumpter Ruth Sandoz Carole Bunge for Cori Rizzo Greg Lafleur for Jim Schlott Bobbie Montanari-Fahrnbach for Kathy Koeth-Shufflin Kathy Ostberg Lynn Perrott Debby Kornegay Kathy Kelly Connie Maloney

Excused absence: NJOCC NECC NTCC

Tom Koll Gary Anderson Cheryl Hamilton

II. CONGRESS ACTIVITIES/SERVICE AWARDS Kathy Kelly confirmed the recipients of the Service and Silver Quill Awards to be presented at the Women's Program Summit. The workshop for the State Administrative Chairmen will be conducted on Wed. Aug. 7th, followed by the Women's Program Summit dinner. All volunteer officers and National Team coaching staff will receive letters of invitation.

III. NAWGJ Jan distributed copies of the NAWGJ's proposal for changes to the Compensation Package. The committee discussed the proposal prior to the presentation made by Carole Ide (NAWGJ President) and Amy Rager (Region 7 JD). Carole Ide presented to the committee the rationale for their proposals to the Compensation Package. Some of the concerns will be discussed at the State Chairman Workshop. USAG encourages the state to provide educational opportunities for Meet Directors, especially in regards to the break times and meals provided to the judges. More communication between either the assignor or Meet Referee with the Meet Director is recommended to avoid circumstances that are in conflict with the compensation package agreement.

IV. PROGRAM TASK FORCE MEETING Kathy Kelly shared with the committee some of the topics discussed at the meeting of the Program Directors of all five disciplines. The President of USA Gymnastics is attempting to coordinate the five disciplines to create more consistency in regards to educational programs, regional representation, names of the different Jr. Olympic levels, etc. All of these issues are in the discussion stage only and final decisions are yet to be determined.


TECH H IOU E â&#x20AC;˘

Recommendation to the Women's Program Committee to add the following procedures for elections, under Article VI, Sections C, B and A respectively: a. If no nominations for State Administrative Committee Chairman have been received by the deadline, the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman will solicit nominations from the respective State Administrative Committee. b. If no nominations for a Regional office have been received by the deadline, the National Administrative Committee Chairman will solicit nominations from the respective Regional Administrative Committee. c. If no nominations for a National office has been received the deadline, the Senior Director of Women's Program will solicit nominations from the respective National Committee. Motion: R. Sandoz Second: D. Kornegay PASSED

VI. JO COMMITTEE REPORT The committee accepted the Jr. Olympic Committee's recommendation regarding the procedures for establishing Level 9 and 10 age divisions earlier in the competitive season. The committee discussed the procedures for the draw of the State Meets. The State Administrative Committee Chairmen will be reminded at the SC workshop in August that the Sectional and State meets are under the jurisdiction of the SAC. The draw for the order of the sessions (by age division) and the draw within the session should be conducted by the Meet Director, with a representative of the State Administrative Committee present. The Skill Evaluator certification will no longer be required to register Level 5 athletes. The Jr. Olympic Committee continues to encourage coaches to evaluate the athletes through the Level 1-4 to insure physical readiness for Level 5 competition.

VI. JR. OLYMPIC TECHNICAL CONCERNS The committee requested that the National office investigate the possibility of producing a separate "Jr. Olympic Code of Points" which would include illustrations of the elements, as well as information presently found in the Jr. Olympic Technical Handbook. (Continued on Page 42)


SEPT /0 CT 2002 )} - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -





Chairman Coaches Representatives

Athlete Representative FIG Technical Committee Pres. National Team Coordinator Consultant/ Guest Vice Chair for Women / Guest Senior Director Women's Program

Roe Kreutzer Kelli Hill Steve Rybacki Donna Strauss Yvegeny Marchenko KimZmeskal Jackie Fie (excused absence) Martha Karolyi Tom Forster TomKoll Kathy Kelly

II. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES Recommendation to approve the minutes from the previous meetings and conference call. Motion: Strauss Second: Marchenko PASSED

III. EQUIPMENT CONCERNS The committee discussed concerns regarding equipment, specifically the matting. Kathy was instructed to setup a meeting with the appropriate personnel at AAI for a meeting at Championships if possible.

IV. JUDGING Recommendation that beginning with the 2003 elite season each judge will set their own Start Value to determine their score. Motion: Marchenko Second: Hill PASSED (unanimous)

V. NATIONAL STAFF The committee discussed the usage of the National Staff and requested that priority be given to the National Team Members with personal visitations and training camps. Kathy was directed to work with Martha to provide an annual plan for each staff member.

VI. NATIONAL TEAM AND SUPPORT MONIES The National Team Size will remain 28 throughout the quad. To address our country's need and mirror the quad age requirements, the junior and senior team sizes will change each year as follows . The Support Programs for the teams will mirror the team size. Recommendation that the senior funding be determined and given to the World or Olympic Team Members and then the remaining slots will be in rank order from USA Championships. Motion: Strauss Second: Hill PASSED

2004 2005 2006

Team Size 18 Seniors 10 Juniors 14 Seniors 14 Juniors 12 Seniors 16 Juniors 12 Seniors 16 Juniors

Support Funds Top 12 Top 4 Top 8 Top 8 Top 7 Top 9 Top 7 Top 9

Amount $8,000.00 $7,500.00 $8,000.00 $7,500.00 $8,000.00 $7,500.00 $8,000.00 $7,500.00

To ensure that support funds are awarded to those athletes who are representing our country at the highest level meets: • The Senior slots will be determined after the final selection of the World or Olympic Team and then the remaining slots be awarded by the rank order at USA Championships. • The Junior funding slots will be determined from the rank order established at USA Championships. Recommendation that, should an athlete who is receiving funding become injured and unable to fulfill their National Team Agreement, the National Team Coordinator and International Elite Committee Chairman and an Athlete Representative, will make the determination if the athlete should continue to receive her complete funding and may require that an injured athlete attend training camp to verify funding worthiness. Motion: Hill Second: Stauss PASSED Recommendation that any athlete who is age eligible for 2005 (but not 2004) and competed at the 2002 US Classics in the international division will be invited to attend a national team training camp at their own expense. Motion: Hill Second: Rybacki PASSED Recommendation that $3.00 per gymnast at the National Qualifiers be put into a "fund" for athletes who were injured and did not compete at Championships. Motion: Strauss Second: Marchenko PASSED

• The funds will be deposited into the USA Foundation and designated as "Athlete Support Fund for Women Artistics Gymnastics." Procedures will be designed for the application and distribution process. (Continued 0 11 Page 36)



SEPT /0 CT 2002 ) } - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - = - : : : - J I


(CollI in lied ji-Olll Page 35)

VII. QUALIFYING SCORES/PROCEDURES Junior and Senior qualifying scores will remain the same for the 2003 season. The numbers of qualifiers to the USA Championships will be 10 from the American Classic and 14 from the US Classic in both divisions providing that they meet the minimum score. Motion: Marchenko Second: Zmeskal PASSED Recommendation that in the event the number quota of athletes from the Classic Meets is not reached by the regional score requirement, open slots in both age division can be filled by athletes who are ranked in the open slot and whose all-around score is one point below the regional qualifying score. Motion: Hill Second: Strauss PASSED Recommendation that the top 4 Senior All-Around athletes at the 2002 USA Championships and any Individual Event Finalist at the 2002 World Championships will be directly qualified to the 2003 USA Championships. Motion: Rybacki Second: Strauss PASSED Martha requested that the Team Meet conducted the 2nd day at both Classics Meets be modeled after World Championships. All-Around Medals will also be awarded in addition to the team trophies. The committee approved her request. Recommendation to add to the last sentence in the Rules and Policies in the Section on Petitioning; IX, A. 3. " unless the athlete has competed in international competition during the previous season." Motion: Hill Second: Rybacki PASSED

VI. FALL TRAINING PLAN Martha presented the fall training plan to the IEC for their approval. Recommendation to accept the Fall Training Plan as amended. Motion: Hill Second: Rybacki PASSED

will be used to purchase equipment for the National Team Training Center. A list of necessary equipment will be presented to the committee for final review before any expenditure is made. Motion: Hill Strauss

IX. ATHLETE REPRESENTATIVE The committee asked Zmeskal-Burdette to make a request to the Athletes' Council regarding assignments for their representatives to the IEC, WPC, and Executive Committee. The committee would like the Athlete' s Council to assign non-competing athletes for representation on the IEC, the WPC and the Executive Committee and to give priority to past World and Olympic Team Members, as their experience is vital to their ability to represent the athletes at the highest level. It was also requested that this information be given to the National Team Members at the time of election.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 pm. Meeting reconvened at 8:00 am.

X. SELECTION PROCEDURES Pan Am Games and 2003 World Championships Selection Procedures The committee worked on the draft of both procedures and made amendments. Kathy will send a copy of the amended procedures to the committee for their final review at Championships before submission of the procedures to the USA Executive Committee.

XI. NATIONAL TEAM COORDINATOR REVIEW The committee discussed the National Team Coordinator's performance. The job description was slightly altered to reflect areas of concern and accuracy. The committee was very supportive of Martha's role and the achievements made throughout the year and expressed their appreciation.

Committee discussed the representation of the USECA to the USAG Board of Directors and will make a recommendation to USECA that to ensure a current elite coach's issues are understood, that a member of the IEC serve in one of the two voting positions. This recommendation will be made in principle at Championships and by name after the election of the lEe.

XIII. FIG CANDIDATE The committee discussed USA's representation at the FIG level.

VII. CLASSIC CLINIC A survey will be designed to evaluate the Classic Clinics and Steve Rybacki will broadcast email it to the coaches and will receive their responses.


Call National Travel

Tom Forster reported to the committee on his efforts regarding the improvements to the Training Center. He will send his proposals to the office. The committee discussed the allotment of funds to improve the training center for all athletes. The committee members were requested to send Tom suggestions for improvements. After Tom's proposal is presented and cost estimates are obtained, the committee will discuss the funding.

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Recommendation that to benefit the national team members, the Medal Monies accrued by the women athletes throughout the year

13-=-=6------------------1( ....

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘

SEPT /0 CT 2002


NATIONAL ELITE PROGRAM COMMITTEE Virginia Beach, Virginia July 14, 2002 The meeting was called to order 5:30 pm by Gary Anderson, National Elite Program Chairman.


I. ROLL CALL Chairman Region I Region II Region III Region IV Region V Region VI Region VII Region VIII NETC EPM

• Gymnast may stand on a board for the bar mount. Motion: Tony Retrossi Second: Mary Lee Tracy PASSED Gary Anderson gave a special thanks to Audrey Schweyer for her work on these recommendations.

Gary Anderson Derick Moellenbeck Brad Loan Michael Harris Greg LaFleur Mary Lee Tracy Tony Retrosi Jen Bundy Ray Gnat Audrey Schweyer Gary Warren

II. REGIONAL REPORTS Gary Anderson asked each Regional Chair to give a regional report. Numbers of athletes in the regional camps and clinics was discussed along with participation in regional elite meets. The regional camps were well attended. TOP numbers were given also. Much discussion took place on the need for the continued used of National Staff to be assigned to regional camps. This need is based upon the fact that the regional camps reach many new elite coaches and athletes. It is also felt that the National Staff will draw more athletes and coaches to their camps. The changing of scheduling camps and/ or competitions was discussed and what can be done to prevent any problems in the future.

III. COMPULSORY JUDGING ISSUES Audrey Schweyer presented a report from questions on problems with judging the compulsory routines. Recommendation: Clarifications to "General Comments/Judging Guidelines" in the Elite Compulsory Program text: Incomplete Element: Up to the value of the element, but not to exceed the value of the element. • Changing an element: -.30 • Adding an element: -.30 • Failure to connect series (hop/step/pause/stop): Dance series -.20, • Acro series -.30 • Spotting any element (assisting through a skill): deduct the value of the element • On Floor Exercise, amplitude/ execution /body posture/ foot faults: may be taken on each element. • Balance Beam Element Values clarifications: • Text must add the "Hold" Element. Value is .50. • Alternating kicks, value are .50 each DIRECTION. • Alternating back kicks .50. delete EACH. • Vault: • Failure to land on feet first - VOID vault • Vault will be judged by FIG deductions with exception of dynamics - which will be worth 1.0 • Spotting DURING the vault - VOID • Body position of the vault must be declared. • Floor Element Values clarifications: • Split Leap .50 • Switch Leap 1.0 • Full turn 1.0 • Add: Failure to perform all elements in the order as listed in the Compulsory Text. -.30 ---------------~(

Recommendation: Clarifications to the Elite Compulsory Program text: • Bars: Hand grip in front giant is optional. • Beam: Add "salto to the feet" dismount. Eliminate the word "timer".

• Floor: All passes must be performed across the floor area (not on the diagonal). • Floor: Optional entrance into the side chassee, cat leap full • Floor: Extra steps taken into any tumbling pass will be a .30 deduction Motion: Ray Gnat Second: Derick Moellenbeck PASSED

V. PHYSICAL ABILITIES CLARIFICATIONS Recommendation: Clarifications to the Physical Abilities in the Elite Compulsory Text text: • Rope Climb: legs may be held above horizontal. • Flexibility: Hips MUST be square. Eliminate the 10 degree angle. • Leg Lifts: Add: arms must remain straight and extended in a straight line passing by the ears through the entire test. Handstand Hold: Eliminate the word "lever". • Lever: Eliminate the word "swing". Motion: Greg LaFleur Second: Jen Bundy PASSED

VI. 2003 NATIONAL ELITE QUALIFICATION Recommendation that a 31.00 AA be the 2003 Challenge optional qualification score for Junior National. Recommendation that a 29.00 AA be the 2003 Challenge optional qualification score for Child National. Motion: Brad Loan Second: Jen Bundy PASSED

VII. CLINICS Recommendation that due to the short competitive season in the summer of 2003, each Region will conduct only one clinic which will be held prior to the first season.

Motion: Michael Harris Second: Tony Retrosi PASSED

VIII. CALENDAR The elite calendar for the 2002-2003 season was reviewed. The committee discussed their options for Elite Regional Competitions and Regional Training Camps.

IX. TOP REPORT Gary Warren presented a report on the TOP season. Because of several issues such as the TOP Website, TOP Newsletter and recent TOP publicity, the TOP numbers will be up this year. Gary Warren gave an update of the TOP Testing and Training Camps for this year. He asked that the committee to be sure that the TOP testing results be sent to the office as soon as possible after the test. Meetillg adjol/rIled 11:00 pm.




1. ROLL CALL Chairman IEC Chairman NEC Coach Reps

Regional Reps

Athlete Rep National Team Coar. EPM SDWP

Roe Kreutzer Gary Anderson Steve Rybacki Kelli Hill Donna Strauss Yevegeny Marchenko Derick Moellenbeck Brad Loan Michael Harris Greg Lafleur Mary Lee Tracy Tony Retrosi Jen Bundy Ray Gnat Kim Zmeskal Martha Karolyi Gary Warren Kathy Kelly

The Elite Committee joined the International Committee at 10:15 am. Gary Anderson presented the work completed by the Elite Committee. Recommendation that there be no limit to the number of qualifying attempts (for either compulsories or optionals) that an athlete has to qualify to the Classic/Challenge. Motion Hill Second Rybacki PASSED Recommendation that Kathy and Gary present an alternative competition schedule for the Classic/Challenge Competitions for next year. Motion Rybacki Second Tracy PASSED Committee discussed the use of the National Staff and reached agreement to their usage. Committees adjourned at 11:00 am

. .-1-=-3-= a---------------1(

TEe H N 10 U E â&#x20AC;˘

5EPI/OCT 2002 ) } - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

(COil/iI/lied from Page 25)

from vertical, legs straddle (hips bent) or together (hips extended, add "also with 1/ 2 turn". (Cast and turn occurs on same side of bar). 3. OPTIONAL BEAM A. Special Requirement of a HOLD ELEMENT for Levels 8, 9 and 10 has been eliminated. There are now only 5 Special Requirements for all levels. B. Tempo (rhythm) deduction of "up to 0.10" for the direct connection of two or more elements in a series (aero or dance) will be maintained for the JO Program (it has been eliminated at FIG/Elite). ·This deduction is applied when the connection is continuous, but slow. • It is considered a rnythm deduction that is not applied to a specific element when considering Additive Value. C. Chen Flic Tucked is added to JO Element Supplement as #57.310. It has been eliminated from FIG Code. Gymnast must show a 90 0 angle in both the hips and knees, then an opening/ stretching of the legs/body prior to swing down in order to receive Value Part credit of "C". D. Flic-flac with 1/4 and Flic-flac with 3/4tum (Omelianchik) to side handstand are now added to the JO Element Supplement as #57.310 (C) and S7.41O (D) respectively. They are not required to show a hold in handstand as is now required in FIG/Elite since they were changed to Group 5 - Holds in 2002. 4. OPTIONAL FLOOR A. Maintain 6 Special Requirements. (JO Program did not eliminate the aero series requirement that was eliminated for FIG/Elite.) B. Salto elements landing in a sitting, prone or split-sit position are not considered saltos. If a salto lands on two feet, or lands on one foot and then lowers with control to one knee, it is considered a salto and will be eligible to fulfill Special Requirements and/ or Connection Value. C. The coach is allowed to go onto the Floor Exercise mat during the exercise (without penalty) to remove an object (such as metal hair clip, eyeglasses) that has fallen onto the mat and which may impede or endanger the athlete. 5. OPTIONAL BEAM & FLOOR A. Change in technical requirement for turns described in the FIG Code as requiring a leg position maintained at "above horizontal throughout the turn": For the JO Program, these turns are now required to maintain a leg position at or above horizontal throughout the turn". B. ARTISTRY - "up to 0.30": new description for "Artistry of presentation throughout the exercise, shOwing qualities of: 1. Elegance and expression of personal style 2. Entertainment value 3. Originality of choreography in elements and combinations. C. WOLF JUMPS and TUCK JUMPS remain as different elements for JO Program and will retain their same values. The new numbers for the Wolf jumps are: • WoIf HopslJumps on Beam: A. S2.111 A WoIf hop (one foot take-off) B. S2.211 B WoIf jump (two foot take-off) C. S2.322 C WoIf hop or jump with 112 or 3/ 4 tum, also landing in front support or to hand support with swing down to cross straddle sit D. S2.511 E Wolf hop with 111 tum or wolf jump with 111- Ph tum • Wolf HopslJumps on Floor: A. SI.116 A Wolf hop (one foot take-off) or Wolf jump (two foot take-off) B. SI.216 B Wolf hop or jump with 112 or 3/4 tum, also landing in front support or to hand support with swing down to cross straddle sit C. SI.316 C Wolf hop with 111 tum or wolf jump with 111 D. SI.416 D Wolf hop with 111 tum or wolf jump with 1112 tum E. SI.516 E Wolf hop with 111 tum or wolf jump with 211 tum F. NEW OPTIONAL ELEMENT VALUES

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The following new elements were performed at the 2002 Jr. Olympic National Championships and have been added to the Jr. Olympic Element Supplement

VAULT Number Name of element 54.607 Round-off, ruc-flac on -


Value for)O

'/2 turn off to saito forward tucked wi th '/2 turn (Beckman)

Front handspring onto board, Front handspring on - Saito forward tucked (llg)

10.0 9.8

BARS 52.406 On HB - Counterswing to front saito stretched with '/2 tum to catch LB in hang (Cox) 54.402 Back giant on HB - hop from regular grip to L-grip in handstand phase (Dochney) 58.506 Dismount: Swing down between the bars, swing forward to saito backward tucked with? twist into saito forward tucked with' /2 hvist (Beckman)

BEAM I 59.409 IDismount; - --

Gainer saito piked with 1/1 twist at the end of the beam -facing out (Rinaldo)1

- - --

- - - - - - - - - - - - j(




NI QUE • SEPT /0 CT 2002 )}----------------:3""'9=--1


Not applicable at Level 7


6 requirements worth 0.80 each

Not eligible for Additive Value


4 A's , 48's, 0 C's

No difficulty restrictions ; however, if a "D" or "E" element is performed , it receives "C" Value Part credit. "D's" and "E's" are considered as "C's" for Connection Value.

Maximum of 0.30 Additive Value for Connections only


3 /\s , 48's, 1 C's

No restrictions

Maximum of 0.50 Additive Value (min. of +0.10 Difficulty Value & min. of +0.10 Connection Value)


3 A's, 38's, 2 C's

(Effective August 1, 2002 - Ju/y31, 2005)


If a "C'" element is performed, deduct 2.00 (see exceptions on 8ars)

"C's" receive "8" Value Part credit. "D/E" 88/FX Acro elem. & U8 mounts, dismounts & releases VOID exercise. All other "D/E's" receive 2.00 penalty & no Value Part credit is given.



"D" and "E" elements are not allowed & would VOID exercise if performed.

A = .10, 8=.30,


All vaults from Groups 1-5

BEAM 1. Acro series - min. of 2 elements, 1 w/ flight (both must start & finish on beam) 2. Dance or dance/acro series of 2 or more elements 3. Minimum of 360 0 turn on one foot or knee 4. Leap, jump or hop requiring 180 0 split 5. Minimum of "A" dismount FLOOR



1. Acro series: min. of 2 flight elements (both must start & finish on beam) 2. Dance or dance/acro series of 2 or more elements 3. Minimum of 360 0 turn on one foot or knee 4. Leap, jump or hop requiring 180 split 5. Minimum of "8" dismount FLOOR

1. Acro series (3 flight elements, 1 a salta) 2. Acro series w/ 2 saltos, same or different 3. 3 different saltos in exercise 4. Dance turn on one foot, min. of "8" 5. Dance series of leaps, jumps, hops: one must be a leap w/ one-foot take-off 6. Min. of "8" salta as last salta or in last connection of saltos


1. Acro series (3 flight elements, 1 a salta) 2. Acro series w/ 2 saltos, same or different 3. 3 different saltos in exercise 4. Dance turn on one foot, min.of "8" 5. Dance series of leaps, jumps, hops: one must be a leap w/ one-foot take-off 6. Min. of "8" salta as last salta or in last connection of saltos


1. Acro series: min. of 2 flight elements (both must start & finish on beam) 2. Dance or dance/acro series of 2 or more elements 3. Min. of 360 turn on one foot or knee 4. Leap, jump or hop requiring 1800 split 5. Minimum of "8" dismount


1. 2 bar changes 2,3. 2 different flight elements, min. "8" 4. Min. of "8" from Groups 3, 6 or 7 5. Minimum of "8" dismount


Group 1 & 3 Vaults on Lev.8 chart (Handsprings & Tsukaharas) All other vaults are not permitted & if perforrned, VOID the event.




1. 1 bar change 2. One "8" element with flight or tum 3. Min. of "A" from Groups 3, 6 or 7 4. Minimum of "A" dismount

Group 1 Handspring/Yamashita vaults that have no more than 360 0 in one flight phase & no more than 540 0 turn in total. BARS


All Group 1, 2 & 3 vaults, plus ' selected vaults from Group 4 & 5 are permitted. (See Level 9/10 vault chart) 'RO entry vaults with twists-no saltos or RO entry vaults with salta & no twist.




1. Minimum of 1 bar change 2. Kip Mount 3. Cast to min. of 60 4. 360 circling element to min. of 60 5. 2nd 360 circling element with no angle requirement 'one req . circling element must be from Grp. 3, 6 or 7 6. Dismount with a salta



1. Acro series (3 flight elements, 1 a salta) 2. Acro series w/ 2 saltos, same or different 3. 3 different saltos in exercise 4. Dance turn on one foot, min. of "8" 5. Dance series of leaps, jumps, hops: one must be a leap w/ one foot take-off 6. Min. of "A" salta as last salta or in last connection of saltos

1. 2 bar changes 2. One flight element, min. "8" 3. Min. of "8" from Groups 3, 6 or 7. 4. One LA turn-excluding mount or dismount 5. Minimum of "8" dismount


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Lev. 8, 9 & 10: Deduct 0.20 for each missing SR Level 7: Deduct 1.80 for missing a requirement (1.00 for omitting + 0.80 for value of requirement)

1. Min. of 360 turn on one foot (isolated) 2. Large leap~ump with 1800 split (isolated) 3. Acro series of 2 or more non-flight elements (1 must pass through inverted vertical in HS) 4. One acro element with flight 5. Dance series - 2 or more elements 6. Salta or aerial dismount


FLOOR 1. Forward Acro series (min. of 2 directly connected folW. aero elements wi flight) 2. RO, FF, 8ack Layout to 2 feet 3. Large leap with 180 split (isolated) 4. 540 tum on 1 foot (isolated) 5. Direct Conn. of 2 or more dance elements 6. Direct connection of Dance/acro elements


= =






...:r:"" ......




8.8 8.8 8.8 9.0 8.9


2.301 2.302 2.303 2.304 52.305

2.402 2.403

Hsp - Front Tuck Hsp - Front Tuck '12 Hsp - '12 off, Bk. Tuck (Cuervo tuck) Hsp - Front Pike Fr. Hndsp onto board, Hsp. - Fr. Tuck (119)

9.7 9.9 9.9 9.9 9.8 9.8

10.0 10.0


2.406 2.407

10.0 10.0

10.0 10.0

Hsp - Front Tuck 1/1 Hsp - '/2 off, Back Tuck wI '12 (Cuervo Tk wI '12) Hsp - Front Pike '12 Hsp - '/2 off, Back pike (Cuervo Pike) Hsp - Front layout Hsp - Fr. layout '12 or Hsp - '12 off, Back layout 1/1 on - Front Tuck 2.404 2.405


10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0

10.0 10.0 10.0

Tsukahara Tuck

Tsuk Tuck 1/1 Tsuk Pike Tsuk layout '12 on - '/2 off, Fr. Tuck '12 on - '12 off, Fr. Pike Tsuk Tuck '/2 Tsuk Pike '/2 Tsuk layout '/2

(Effective August 1, 2002-July31 , 2005) Revised 06120102


9.8 9.5 9.7 9.8 9.9 9.6 9.7 9.9

Tsuk Tuck 1'12 10.0 Tsuk Layout 1/1 10.0 '12 on - '12 off, Fr. layout (Phelps) 10.0

All vaults allowed at Level 10 Vaults indicated by asterisk * are allowed at Level 9

RO,FF on - Back Tuck

9.4 *4.201




10.0 9.7


4.302 4.303 *4.304 *4.305 4.306 4.307 4.308 4.309 *S4.312 *S4.313

RO,FF on - B. layout wI 2'12 twist RO, FF on -1/2 tum off, Fr. Tuck 1/2 (Beckman)

RO,FF on - B. layout with 2/1 twist

RO,FF on - B. Tuck wI 211 twist RO,FF on - B. layout wI 1'12 twist RO,FF on - 211 twist off (Allen)

RO,FF on - B. Tuck 1/1 9.8 RO,FF on - B. Tuck 1'/2 10.0 RO,FF on - B. Pike 9.5 RO,FF on - B. layout 9.7 RO,FF on - B. layout 1/1 10.0 RO,FF on - '12 off, Fr. Tuck 9.8 RO,FF on - '12 off, Fr. Pike 9.9 RO,FF on - '12 off, Fr. LO 10.0 RO,FF on - 1/1 twist off 9.1 9.3 RO,FF on - 1'/2 twist off (Allen) 9.6 RO,FF on - B. Tuck '/2 RO,FF on - B. Pike '12 9.7 9.9 RO,FF on - B. layout '12 S4.320 S4.321 S4.322

4.403 4.406 *S4.412



10.0 Tsuk layout 1'/2 10.0 Tsuk layout 2/1 '/2 on - '/2 off, Fr. layout '/2 10.0 (House) '12 on - '12 off, Fr. Tuck '/2 (Shible) 10.0 '12 on - '12 off, Fr. Tuck 1/1 (Shible) 10.0


Tsuk layout 2'12



Note for the J.O. Program: All Tsukahara vaults may be 1 performed with a 90' to 180' LA turn in the first flight


3.302 3.303 3.304 3.306 3.307 83.310 83.311 83.312

3.402 3.404 3.407

3.504 3.505 83.507 83.509 83.510

3 605

1 .


*5.201 *5.202

RO,FF '12 on - Fr. Tuck RO,FF 1/1 on - 1/1 twist

RO,FF '12 on - 1/1 twist RO,FF '12 on - 1'12 twist

9.9 9.3

9.2 9.4

5.501 5.505

5.401 5.402 5.403 5.404 5.405 5.406 5.408 5.409 5.410 *85.420

RO,FF 1/1 on - Bk. layout 10.0

RO,FF '12 on - Fr. Tuck 1'12 10.0 RO,FF '12 on - '/2 off, Bk LO 10.0 or RO,FF '12 on - Fr. layout '12

RO,FF '12 on - Fr. Tuck '12 RO,FF '12 on - '12, Bk Tuck RO,FF '12 on - Fr. Pike RO,FF '/2 on - Fr. Pike '12 RO,FF '12 on - '12, Bk. Pike RO,FF '12 on - Fr. layout RO,FF 1/1 on - Bk. Tuck RO,FF 1/1 on - Bk. Pike RO,FF 1/1 on - '12, Fr.Tuck RO,FF '12 on - 211 twist

10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 9.8



5.301 *5.307

All vaults allowed at Level 10 Vaults indicated by asterisk * are allowed at Level 9

Bolded numbers indicate a new vault or a change of number from the vault lists previously printed in the JO chapter of FIG Code of Points & the JO Technical Handbook

Yami - '12 '/2 on - '12 off

Handspring Hndsprng - '12 Yamashita

1.101 81.102 1.103 1.104 1.105 9.2 9.4 9.2 9.1 9.3 9.2 9.4


10.0 10.0

9.8 9.7 9.8

Hsp - 1/1 Hsp -1 '12 Yami - 1/1 '/2 - 1/1 '12 -1 '/2 1/1 on - HIY 1/1 on - '12

1/10n - 1'/2

Hsp - 2'12

Hsp - 2/1 '12 - 2/1 1/1 - 1/1

1.201 1.202 1.204 1.205 1.206 1.207 81.210

1.301 1.305 1.307

1.402 81.410


Yami - 2'/2 (Kincaid)

Hsp - Fr. Tuck 1'12 Hsp - Fr. layout 1/1 Hsp - Fr. layout 1'12 1/1 on - Front pike

Hsp - Double Fr. Tuck Hsp - Fr. Layout 2/1 1/1 on - Fr. layout

2.502 2.507 2.508 2.509

2.601 2.607 2.609



I I~





...:z:: ......

(Continlled from Page 34)

The committee reviewed the preliminary version of the 2002-2003 Rules & Policies and made suggestions as to the re-organization. The National Office is proposing that the Rules and Policies be posted online beginning with the 2002-2003 season. All volunteer officers would also receive the Rules and Policies as a bound book. Professional Members would also be able to request a book at no charge from Member Services.

JUDGES •• ~ Competitive season is around the corner and USA Gymnastics offers great competition videos to help you prepare.

VIII. STATE CHAIRMEN'S WORKSHOP The committee set the agenda for the State Administrative Committee Chairmen workshop to be conductedol on Wed. Aug. 7 in Cleveland prior to the start of National Congress.

IX. CALENDAR Connie Maloney reported that a bid for 2003 Westerns was awarded to SCATS of Huntington Beach, CA and that a bid to conduct the 2003 Jr. Olympic Nationals at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs is forthcoming from Colorado Aerials. The national office is soliciting bids from Region 6 or 7 to host the 2003 Level 9 Eastern Championships. Bids for East/West and JO Nationals for 2004 - 2005 are also requested by November 1, 2002. Please contact Connie Maloney for more information. Bids for the 2003 American and US Challenge / Classics are also being solicited; contact Kathy Kelly or Gary Warren for information.

2002 Women's Elite Podium Meet #2162 ........... 540.00

This great video was shot from behind the judges for a juClge's perspective, great for any judges wanting to test up a level.

This video shows wide range of skill level. Excellent qU(Jlity. 2 video set.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM Sunday July 14.


TROPHY Choose the BEST at Factory Direct FHcing




* CALL FOR FREE SAMPLE * CALL FOR FREE 48 PAGE CATALOG --.-c4 " " O " 2 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - { (


SEPT/ OCT 2002 ) f - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


X. Jackie Fie updated the committee on the action and workings of

Cleveland August 8, 2002

the FIG. Committee discussed the position that could be supported by the Women's Program Committee.

The Meeting commenced at 9:30 pm

XI. Larissa Fontaine reported on the activities and future goals of the Athlete's Council. Increase in communication and consistency of the representation are the main goals.


Tom Koll Jan Greenhawk Cheryl Hamilton Roe Kreutzer Larissa Fontaine Kim Zmeskal-Burdette Jackie Fie Kathy Kelly


Martha Karolyi Audrey Schweyer

I. APPROVAL OF MINUTES II. The chairman opened the meeting and gave each member of the committee a token certificate of excellence and thanked them for their continued support and efforts.

III. Audrey Schweyer reported on the activities of the Judges' Selection Committee. The committee will meet at the Championships or next week to complete all the fall assignments.

IV. Martha Karolyi reported that the World Championships Team Training Plan has been approved by the IEC and there is another training and team competition with Mexico in Houston as a preparation for the Brazil/Ukraine Meet schedule for September. The final team selection camp is scheduled for October. V. The committee asked that the Chair request of the President, that a priority be given to approval of our committee meeting minutes. Communication has been the major focus for the program and will continue to be the mainstay of our success.

VI. Roe Kreutzer expressed the concerns of the elite coaches'. These needs/ concerns will be communicated to the Chair for representation to the President.

VII. Cheryl Hamilton reported on the activities of the Te. The majority of the work is of an educational nature for judges' and coaches'.

VIII. Gary Anderson reported on the activities and the initiatives of the Elite Program. The program has grown tremendously and the future looks very bright.

IX. Jan Greenhawk reported on the activities of the Administrative Committee. The very successful State Chairman's Workshop was just completed. We honored all our volunteers. The Rules and Policies were revised and will be available on the USAG Web Site for all our membership. A hard copy is available upon request of any Professional Member with verification of address to avoid duplication of mailing cost. -----------------j(

XII. Tom Koll reported that the JO Committee has begun work on the new compulsory exercises for 2005. The JO and the Technical Committees are functioning well and are on task. XIII. Kathy Kelly thanked all the committee chairs for all their support and great work.

XIV. Tom reported to the committee that the Board of Directors passed new election criteria for the Vice Chair for each program. In the future, the Vice Chairman for each discipline will be elected by their respective committees.

XV. Operating Code Updates Recommendation to revise the terms and election year for the National Chairman of the various committees as follows: IECC 04 NETCC 04 NACC 04 WPCC 04 NJOCC 06 NTCC 06 NECC 06 Motion: Tom Koll Second: Jan Greenhawk PASSED Recommendation that the resumes of the candidates for any elected position in the Women's Program will be verified by the election commission prior to publication. Motion: Jan Greenhawk Second: Larrissa Fontaine PASSED Recommendation to accept the recommendations of the Administrative Board for the changes to the Operating Code as ammended. Motion: Jan Greenhawk Second: Larrissa Fontaine PASSED

XVI. New Business Roe brought the IEC recommendation for the FIG position to the committee. The committee discussed the criteria, and will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee.

TEe HNIOU E â&#x20AC;˘ SEPT / OCT 2002

) } - - - - -- - -- - - - - ---4=-3=--1


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5EPl / OCT 2002 ) 1 - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - :::-:=--1 45

New Program Materials Order an page 44


00INTERNATIONAL ELITE COMMITTEE Conference Call August 13, 2002


I. ROLL CALL Chairman Coaches Representatives


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Physical Preparation for Young and Beginning Boys Video ...... ........... ......... ... ... $25.00


Boy's Basic Presentation/Trampoline development/Vault Round-Off Entry Video ...................................... $25.00


Athlete Representative FIG Technical Committee Pres. National Team Coordinator Senior Director Women's Program

Roe Kreutzer KelliHill Steve Rybacki Donna Strauss Yevegeny Marchenko Larissa Fontaine Jackie Fie (excused absence) Martha Karolyi Kathy Kelly

Call commenced at 8:00 pm. The purpose of the call was to finalize the 2003 World Championships and the 2003 Pan American Games Selection Procedures. Both drafts were discussed thoroughly and amendments were made. Kathy was requested to update both procedures and email them to the committee for final approval. The committee also discussed the funding needs of our athletes who were injured at Championships. Kathy will get information to the committee and discussion will continue.

Call adjourned at 9:30

Boy's Basic Skills Achievement Program (BSAP)* ...... $35.00 *Includes booklet, wall chart & video


2001-2004 FIG Code of Points ................................ $50.00


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•i it!!:' ijl)! 1:1 f:J iii: I:)! 1:lfj Ui1111 it!!:_ #2402

2002-2004 Trampoline JO Code of Points ................ $10.00


2002-2004 Power Tumbling JO Code of Points .......... $10.00


2002-2004 Double Mini JO Code of Points ................$10.00


2001-2004 FIG Code of Points ................................ $50.00


2001-2004 JO Program Guide .................................. $30.00


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for sale" wante' " for sale " wanted " positi II! sale" wanted" position availabi t)uy this" sale'" wanted III posit! . !e " wante(l " Dosition dvai!able buy this" for saie '" wanted" position available" b (








COACHING POSITIONS California Elite Sports Center is hiring for the follOwing positions: ' Girls developmentol/(Ompulsory (Oach; ' Preschool (Oaches; ' Academy caoches; *Tumbling caaches. Looking for relevant gymnastics and/or coaching experience. Large program in outstanding 28,000 sq. h. facility. Musl be a TEAM PLAYER looking for a solid career opportunity in a busy gym. Top pay. PIT or FIT. Medical benefits, 401K, paid vocation. Located in Rancho Santa Margarita, southern California. Contact Brent Gohres (949) 589-1512 or email resume GYMNASTICS TEACHER WANTED! Person needed to teach recreotional classes thru girl's Levell and 80y's Class 4. Ahernoon and evening hours. Candidate must have a neat, clean appearance and enjoy working with children. Salary negotiable. For more information call Billy Bob at (304)925-3004. Fax resume to (304)9253369. Mail resume to: TIC, %Billy Bob, 3510 Venable Ave., Charleston, WV 25304.

COMPETITIVE TEAM COACH NEEDED in an eslablished program. Must work with developmental classes through competitive teams. Musl have an in depth knowledge of USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic compulsories and optional rautine composition rules for both the men's and the women's programs. Travel to all competitions required. Will be expected to set a training system into place to take young athletes from beginning levels to elite in a planned safe manner. Minimum education of Bachelor degree in Exercise and Sport Science, Physical Education or related field with specialty training in gymnastics. Minimum 2 years experience in a high level competitive program. INSTRUCTORS/ COACHES. Paragon Gymnastics of Norwood (Bergen County), NJ is looking for Instructors and Coaches, PIT-FIT Weekdays/weekends/evenings. Requirements: Positive aNitude, responsible, reliable, love of children. Positions available for pre-school through intermediate level instruction. Competitive Team Coach Levels 5-10. Company sponsored certifications (Safety, CPR, Rrsl Air) Full benefits/ paid vacation & sick days, company matched retirement plan. Will train. Salary commensurate with experience. NEW facility, state-of-the-art, approx. 11,000 sq. h. Located in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area, easily accessible from all major highways. Contact Dol: 201 767-6921 or fox resume to 201-767-6693 or 49 Walnut Street, Suite 4, Norwood, NJ 07648.

Compulsory Coach to be in charge of Levels 5 & 6 Girls Team and also assist with Developmental/Preteam. Position will pay $15 hourly plus bonuses based on your success! Excellent opportunity ... Call us today at (603)880-8482 or FAX (603)880-1800. PRESCHOOVREC/TEAM COACHES. One Stop Fun in Wesriord, MA (20 minutes outside of Boston) has IMMEDIATE positions available in all programs. Applicants must be team players with a willingness and desire to learn all aspects of a multi-purpose facility. Will train. Salary commensurate with experience, knowledge and adaptability. Check us out at Call Rich 978-692-9907; fax resume 978-589-9798 or e-mail to LEVEL 5-8 COACH WANTED. 13,000 SQ. h. facility located in SW Chicago suburb. Immediate opening for a coach who can be goal oriented while keeping each child's best interest in mind. PreTeam coaching may also be required. Hourly pay commensurate with experience. We look forward to hearing from you. Phone 708-352-3099. Fax 708-698-1000. COACH NEEDED for team and some classes. Prefer up to Level 10. 30 year old program. Well equipped facility on beautiful Long Island. Salary based on capability but will pay well. Call 516-935-9804 or fax resume to 516-935-1278. Mid Island Gymnastics, 48523 Broadway, Hicksville, N.Y. 11801. Rorida full-time & part-time gymnastics caach and cheer coach needed immediately. Rt Club Academy is located in Orange Gty, between Daytona Beach and Orlando, and is a beautiful 11 ,000 sq. h., state of the art facility. We are looking for quality inslructors who display enthusiasm and who create an atmosphere where learning is fun. Rt Club has on 11 year history filled with success. Dedicated, high energy coaches, seeking employment, call Mr. Ellis at (386)774-4348 or moil resumes to Rt Club, 196 N. Industrial Drive, Orange City, FL 32763, or FAX information to (386)774-8770. DIRECTOR/HEAD COACH. Immediate full time position for fast growing YMCA program in beautiful Maine. Recent addition of 17,000 sq. h. facility drawing large numbers. Must be able to teach preschool through Level 10 team. Applicants should be profeSSional, enthusiastic, and have strong organizational skills. Salary and benefits to cammensurate with experience. Fox resumes to: (207)827-4972 or Call: Gary Baldwin (207)827 -YMCA. otoymca@acadia.nel.

GYM MANAGER/ GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTORS. Great career opportunities! Jodi's Gym, on established gymnastics program (over 20 years) with locations in New York City and Westchester County, NY has positions available for gym managers and inslructors.1f you love kids, love gymnastics and would love to be a part of a fun, safe, and positive environment for children and their family's, please contae! Jodi Levine 01: Jodi's Gym, 25 Hubbels Dr., Mt. Kisco, NY 10549. Phone 914-2448811. Fox 914-244-8833. Email

SEEKING EXPERIENCED COACH to further develop our successful Girl's and Boy's Team Programs. Metro Gymnastics Center in Portland, Oregon, is commiNed to National Level gymnastics with our Girl's and Boy's Teams. Pay is commensurate on experience. Contact Lynn @503-620-8939 or fox resume (503) 9689285. Metro Gymnastics, 18084 SW Lower Boones Ferry Rood, Tigard, OR 97224.

COMPULSORY COACH WANTED. New 12,000 sq. h. facility located in southern New Hampshire has immediate openings for a highly motivated

Scare Moster - NO MORE InpuHing Gymnast Rosier data!! Score Master, the most widely used sohware, just got even beNer! Meet Directors can now download roster information from the USAG website. Features

include: create rotations, assign f s, the most comprehensive reporting and results can go diree!ly to your website. Supports: womens/mens, individual/ team, artistic/rhythmic/trampoline, compulsory/ optional. - FREE demo & user listing. Contact: Mark Mahoney, POB 31421, CharloNe, NC, 28231 , 704-523-1812.

Available for single or multi-gym operation over the internel. Now allows for on-line registration by customers with a web browser. Download free demo, manual & information from our web site 01: Atlantic Asso<iates, 365 Boston Post Road, Suite #222, Sudbury, MA 01776. (978)443-0560.

GK RISK FREE PROGRAM: Get with the program! It's beNer than ever, with a terrific assortment of NEW styles and fabrics and incomparable sales potential. Plus, it's easier than ever to order, sell and return your RISK FREE garments. We offer customized packages for your pro shop, meets and summer camp. You only pay for what you've sold and may return the resl, there is absolutely NO RISK! If you haven't tried us lately, it's time you started earning extra profill with our RISK FREE merchandise. Call 1-800-345-4087 for more information on how you can get slarted today! Email:

Balance 2000 by Akada Sohware. Windows based program. Tracks students, accounts, classes and Coaches. Account and student mail codes, family discount, tuition options, accounts receivable, payment reports, one touch posting, aNendan(e tracking module. Supports 10 locations/sessions, multi coaches. Includes 150 different reports, print aNendance lisls, student lists, mailing labels and more. Network Version available. Works with Win 95/98/ ME/2000/XP. Call for FREE full working demo 800-286-3471.

CLASS CONTROL FOR WINDOWS. Class Management and Accounts Receivable sohware. Pocked with features, easy to use, networkable, and free person to person support. Includes flexible school setup, easy assignments, rosters, aNendance, marketing ana~sis, automatic tuition calculation, multiple discounts, additional/retail charges, sales tax support, late charges, early payment discaunts, invoices/statements, receivables reports, financial summaries, enrollment summaries, instrue!or schedules, waiting and makeup lists, moiling labels, user-defined fields, e-mail, support for bonk drah payments, context sensitive help, and much more. Only $500 ($250 per additional workstation), includes free training and technical support. Serving Gymnastics since 1990. Vaughn Software Services, 800-821-8516. E-Mail: AMEX/MC/VISA GYM SOFTWARE ClassManager Sohware for Windows or Moe. Program recards all vital customer information, student regislrations, closs schedules, closs roslers, instructor dolo and assignments waiting lists, birthday parties, ete. Maintains all tuition accounts, membership fees, pro shop sales, statements. Automatically transfers financial data into QuickBooks. Performs onebuNon transfers of students from class to closs.

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LEOTARDS ON CONSIGNMENT: Rebecco's Mom Leotards popular consignment program, featuring our newest styles and fabrics is currently available to qualifying Gymnastic Club Pro Shops, Parent Booster Groups, and Retail Stores. Rebecco's Mom specializes in workout leotards and team warm-up leotards featuring Holograms, Foils, GliNer, Nailheads and Rhineslanes and our rainbow of soh velvet fabrics. We also make nylon leotards using popular Hawaiian prints and other popular designs. Our leotards are designed with your Team Gymnasts in mind and are available in all sizes, 5/ 6 through adult large. We are accepting applications for new accounts slarting with our Back to School Collection. Please coli our toll free line at 1-888-2892536, for details, forms, and prices. We also supp~ meet packages, so call TODAY!

SERVICES $$$ FAST CASH $$$ $100/500-$100,000. Easy Payments, Credit Problems Ok. FREE Application 1877-417 -CASH.



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Your 30 days will begin on the next regular pOlting date. DEADLINES



January .................... Dec. 10 February ............... .... .Jan. 10 March ............ .... ... ..... Feb.l0 ~ril ..... .. ..... .. ..... .. ..... Mar. 10

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August ... ... ................ July 10 Sept/Oct.. ................. Aug. 10 Nov./Dec ................... Ocf. 10

NOTE: If the 10th falls 6n a weekend or holiday, the preceding work day is considered the deadline.



Mail your ad and payment to: USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fax to 317-237-5069. IF YOU FAX, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE AND SIGNATURE. Please designate if your ad should appear in Technique magazine or USA Gymnastics magazine. ADS SUBMITIEO WITHOUT PAYMENT Will NOT BE PUBLISHED. USA Gymnaslics reserves the right to vary formal. Technique is received by more than 13,000 USA Gymnastics professional members plus thousands of viewers will be exposed 10 your ad online. Advertise your employment opportunity, produd[ serVice, or comp'etilion here for great results. Questions? Call Luan PesUik at 317-237-5050 ext. 246.

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\ 1001 SAF,ETV CERTifiCATI ON SCHE'DULE' The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most current schedule. LATE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT GUARANTEED A BOOK OR ADMISSION TO THE COURSE. Safety certification is non-refundable but may be transferred to another course within six months with prior written notification. Late fee will apply for non-notification. ' Time and dale subject 10 change. See usa-gymnaslics,org for updates.

SEPTEMBER 19 Trumbull, G; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Trumbull Marriott Directions: liz (ornish 860-404-1702 (ourse code: l(09192002G Instructor: Elizabeth (ornish, Phone: 860/ 404-1702 21 lexington, KY 40517; 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Bluegrass Gymnastics Training Center Directions: Debra love 859-361 -3953 (ourse code: DL09212002KY Instructor: Debra love, Phone: 606/ 273路4804 22 Wood Villoge, OR 97060; 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. American Elite Gymnastics, 2233 NE 244th, Al Directions: Kothy DeBellis 503-667-8872 (ourse code: DA092220020R Instructor: Debra Anderson, Phone: 541/496-3692 27 State (ollege, PA 16801; 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Nittany Gymnastics Directions: Mike Rizzuto 814-238-8995

(ourse code: MR09272002PA Instructor: Michael Rizzuto, Phone: 814/ 692-4759 28 Dyer, IN46311 ; 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 1530 Joliet Street Directions: Patti Komara 219-865-2274 (ourse code: EP092820021N Instructor: Edgar Pulido, Phone: 630/ 784-1460 28 Norwood, NJ; 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Paragon Gymnastics, 49Walnut St, registration at 4:15 p.m. Directions: 201 -767-6921 (ourse code: (F09282002NJ Instructor: (athy Finkel, Phone: 973/ 335-1943 29 la Jolla, CA 92037; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 8355 (Iiff Ridge Ave Directions: Kristie Gorney 858-453-3483ex36 (ourse code: NG09292002CA Instructor: Nicki Geigert, Phone: 760/ 943路6986

20 Sf. Joseph, MO 64506; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Arising Stars Gymnastics Directions: Robin L. Weidmaier 816-232-7502 (ourse code: RW10202002MO Instructor: Robin Weidmaier 816/ 232-3839 24 Virginio Becch, VA 23458; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Ramada Plaza Ocean Front Resort Directions: Steve Koss 800-344-1574 (ourse code: JPl 0242002VA Instructor: John Perna Jr, Phone: 410/ 857-8316 26 Wall, NJ; 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Devlin Gymnastics, 2351 Hwy 34, registration at 4:15 p.m. Directions: 732-223-5020 (ourse code: (f1 0262002NJ Instructor: (athy Finkel, 973/ 335-1943


OCTOBER Kent, OH 44243; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Kent State University Directions: Kathleen Edwards 513-423-5999 (ourse code: BFl 00420020H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari-Fahrnbach, Phone: 614/777-9430 Pompano, Fl33069; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. American Twisters Directions: Toni Rond 954-972-4947 (ourse code: Ml1 0052002Fl Instructor: Mard levine-Kaplan, Phone: 305/ 466-0620

17 Indianapolis, IN; 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Wingate Inn, 5797 Rockville Rd Directions: Barry Dubuque 812-482-4800 (ourse code: BDIII72002IN Instructor: Barry Dubuque, Phone: 812/ 482-4800

DECEMBER Indy (Fishers), IN; 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. DeVeau's Directions: Barry Dubuque 812-482-4800 (ourse code: BD120620021N Instructor: Barry Dubuque, Phone: 812/ 482-4800


PRE-REGISTRATION FORM (Minimum age for Salety Certifi(ation is 16 years)

Pro-Member with Current Sofety Certificotion

Nome: Professional or Instructor #: _______ Current Safety Exp. Dote: _ _ _ _ _ __ Soc. Sec. # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Birth Dote _ __ __ _ __ Address: _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ City: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Stote:_ __ _ _ _ Zip: _ _ _ _ __ Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (W) Course Code: Course City/Stote: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Dote: Form of Payment:


o VISA o MasterCard o Discover o Americon Express

Pro~~~~~et~ ~fthe~!~r~d"~'; 'N~~'s~i~~'c~';iiii~~ii~~':: : :::::::: c~~~6~

SO Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 50.00 Non-Member or Associote Member ........................................ $ 100.00 * You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for

on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount.

All registrotions must be received ot USA Gymnostics two(2) weeks prior to the course dote*. lote registrotions, incomplete registrotions, or registrotions without proper poyment will not be processed. lote registrotions are not guoronteed 0 book or odmission to the course. On-site ond lote registrations will be chorged 0 $25 on-site/lote fee. All mote rio Is, including the course book, ore provided ot the course ond ore port of the course fee. Certificotion is volid for four( 4) years. Sofety Certification is non-refundoble ond cannot be tronsferred to onother individuol. Sofety Certification registrotion, however, moy be transferred to onother course within six(6) months with prior written notification. lote fee will opply if notificotion is received ofter course deodline.

Payment Amount: _ _ _ _ __ _ ________________

'Usa Gymnastics reserves the right to o/ter course deadline

Nome on Cord: _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __

Mail registration form and payment to: USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212

Number: _ _ _ __ Exp. Dote: ___ / _ _ Signature:



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Technique Magazine - September/October 2002  

Technique Magazine - September/October 2002