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(not like a million other gymnasts) When you look like a million, you feel like a million. And when you feel like a million, you can do anything. Every member of Team Alpha Factor is trained to help you find that one look - that perfect combination of team colors and spectacular extras that will set you apart from everyone else at the meet. Call or write to us today on your school letterhead to receive a complimentary catalog.


Alpha Factor

The # 1 team in gymnastics

333 East Seventh Avenue • P.O. Box 709 • York , PA 17405-0709 Toll-free 1-800-8ALPHA8 • Phone: 717-852-6920 • Fax: 717-852-6995 Toll-free fax: 800-839- 1039 • E-mail: Copyright © 2000 Tighe Industries, Inc. Member: United States Gymnastics Suppliers Association

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FEATURES Gymnastics to be Centerpiece on NBC's Olympic Coverage ..... , .......... .. .. ..... .. .. ..... .... .. .... 6

Luan Peszek

National Congress ... .. ... ................... .... ... ...... ....... ... ... ...... ........ ..... ...... ........................ 1 0


Halloween Week ...... ..... ........................................ .. .... .. ...... .. .. .. ...... ... ...... .. ... ... .. ..... ... 1 4

Adam Braden Christa Engle

Making the Best Use of Time and Space ............................. .. .......... ............... .... .. .. .. .... .. 20

USA GYMNASTICS EXECUTIVE COMMlnEE CHAIR: Sandy Knopp; PRESIDENT: Bob CalarOlsi; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Joon Moore Gnal; VICE CHAIR MEN: TIm Dagge"; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Wendy Hilliard; VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: Paul Parillo; SECRETARY: Mark Graham; FIG EXECunVE COMMITTEE: Joy Ashmare, Ron Froehlich. FIG WOMEN'S TECHtuCAL COMMITTEE: Jo<kie Re; FIG MEN'S TECHNICAL COMMITTEE: George Beckslead; FIG RHYTHMIC TECHNICAL COMMITTEE: Andrea Schmid; AT LARGE MEMBERS: Peler Vidmar, Susan True; ATHLETE DIRECTORS: Chari Knighl·Hunler, Chris Woller, Vanessa Vander Pluym, Karl Heger; USOC ATHLETE DIRECTOR: Michelle Dusserre·Faneli.




CHAIR: Sandy Knopp; PRESIDENT: Bob Colarossi; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Mike Donohue; AMATEUR ATHLETlC UNION: Mike Slanner; AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION: Jerry Milan; AMERICAN TURNERS: Belty Hepner; COUEGE GYMNASTICS ASSDClATlDN·MEN: Doug Von Everen; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGIATE COACHES·WOMEN: Gail Davis; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR GIRlS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Marilyn Slrawbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIATIO N OF WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS JUDGES: Yvonne Hodge; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Roy Johnson; NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Susan True; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUDGES ASSOCIATION·MEN: Bulch Zunich; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: John Brinkwarth; U.S. ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT GYMNASTICS CLUBS: Lance Crowley; U.S. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATION·MEN: Fred TuroH; US. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATlON·WOMEN: Gory Ande""n, Roe Kreutzer; US. MEN'S GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: More Yancey; U.S. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Suzie DiTullio; YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA: Jeanine Milinozzo; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATlON·WOMEN: Marie Robbins; NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORS MEN: Roy Gura, Jim Holt; RHYTHMIC: Tamara Gerlo<k, Alia SVirsky; WOMEN: Lindo Chendnski, David Holcomb; TRAMPOLINE: Marsha Weiss, TIm Schlosser; ATHLETE DIRECTORS: Chris Woller, choir, Vonesso Vander Pluym, vice choir and secrelary; Michelle Dussene·Forrell, USOC Alhlele Rep.; Jair Lynch, Mihoi Bogiu, Brooke Bushnell, Chari Knighl Hunler, Amanda Borden, Larissa Fonlaine, Karl Heger, Chrislie Hayes; ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS: JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS, Lori Katz; SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Kale Faber·Hickie; U.S. COMPETITIVE AEROBICS FEDERATION, Howard Schwartz; U.S. SPORTS ACROBATICS FEDERATION, Bonnie Davidson. CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In order 10 ensure uninlerrupled delivery of TECHNIQUE magazine, nolice of change of address should be mode eighl weeks in advance. For faslest service, please endose your presenl moiling label. Direct all subscriplion moil 10 TECHNIQUE Subscriplions, USA Gymnastics, 201 S. Copilol Ave., Sle. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. POSTMASTER; Send address changes 10 TECHNIQUE c/o USA Gymnastics, S. Capilol Avenue., Suile 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225.



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Safety Certification Schedule ................ 48

KAT Workshop Schedule .. .. ........... .. ..... 1 7


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Men's Program Com mittee Meeting ........ .. .... .. ... ........ ... 34

Unless expressly identified 10 Ibe conlrary, all arlicles, slalemenls and views prinled berein are alln11U1ed solely 10 Ibe a.lbor and USA Gymnaslics expresses no opinion and assumes no responsibilily Ibereof.

Spotlight .. ........... .. .. ... .... ...... ... .... ......... 25


Classified ................... ..... ... ...... ... ..... .. .45

Cong ress Exhibitors ........................ ... ... 36

Broadcast Schedule ................... .. ......... 46

Women's Program Update ....... , ............ 42




1nJ (JifJ


RRTNERSHIP AND PERFORMANCE As we prepare for the Olympic Games and the impact that our sport will receive, two concepts come to mind: Partnership and Performance The world of gymnastics is all about partnerships ranging from the coach I athlete partnership to the club ownerI coach partnership to the USA Gymnasticsl club owner partnership and beyond. When we partner to work together towards a similar goal we can achieve our mutual objectives.

MEDALS The winning of medals is perhaps the ultimate expression of the value of partnership . When a team works together for a common goal their chances for success are infinitely higher than if they work as individuals. For USA Gymnastics the past 12 months have been about setting a higher standard of performance and working to achieve that standard. We need to continue to push the performance envelope and demand the best our coaches and athletes can possibly achieve. Greatness never comes from being average. And it is USA Gymnastics mission to achieve the greatest success we possibly can achieve.

GROWTH The clubs represent the heart and soul of this organization and everything we do at USA Gymnastics should positively effect and improve the delivery of services and product to our membership. Last year I promised a new health insurance program. And I am pleased to report that well over 1000 coaches have applied for coverage under this program. During Congress, USA Gymnastics published 4001 individual one-page web sites to the Internet, one for every gymnastics club, state and regional committee. In the coming weeks you w ill be able to upgrade to an even greater level of service. From e-commerce to public relations to online registration, there will be few limits to what this powerful business tool can accomplish. The Internet will be the single greatest vehicle to help drive the relationships between Member Clubs and USA Gymnastics. The increased functionality, the increased ability to communicate clearly and directly, and the cost efficiency involved all add value to the partners at USA Gymnastics.


One thing we all need to bear in mind is that this partnership is not simply intended as a one-way street. There is much we can do together to help both sides succeed. And, one of the best ways we can work together is for our Member Clubs to help co-promote our national events. Our post-Olympic Tour presents the next great opportunity to work together in partnership to add value for both member clubs and USA Gymnastics. We are asking you to help promote and sell tickets to the show when it reaches your city. In return you have the ability not just to offer discounted priority seats to your members, but also to earn substantial revenue for your club.


VISIBILITY From exciting new events to great stories about preparations for Sydney, this has been a terrific year of exposure for USA Gymnastics. We have come a long way from the typical stories, which take a stereotyped view of our sport. The key in this regard, like much of what we have discussed above, is partnership. Without building a true partnership between USA Gymnastics and the media who cover us, we are never going to receive the type of accurate and balanced coverage desired. I have one last request for all of you and that is to ask for your help in carrying the flame of gymnastics. Everyone of you helps shape the impression of our sport. Every time one of your employees answers the phone, they send a message about gymnastics. Every time one of your coaches teaches a child a new skill, they send a message about gymnastics. So work with us to send a consistent message--that gymnastics is about having fun, that gymnastics is about growing healthy bodies and healthy minds, and that gymnastics is about reaching your potential in everything you do. Good Luck to all of you in this Olympic Year!

.....- 4 - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - 1 ( r EC H N IOU E • SEPT / 0CT 2000


USA Gymnastics and Edge Marketing are pleased to announce the TJ Maxx 2000 Tour of World Gymnastics Champions, the only postOlympic gymnastics tour featuring members of the 2000 Olympic ~eam. l The 40-city tour begins in iReno,' Nev. October • I 12, 2000 and r.uns through December 1 18, 2?00. "The T~ Maxi: 2000 Tour of " orld GY~':1astics '" ~hampions ~ ....~.:t arks the slfifJle lar~est rassroots pr~motion, in the history of USA Gymnastics, greatly incre sing our yisibility across the na ion," sai~Bob Colarossi, President of SA . \ Gymnastlcs. ". I As title sp;hsor TilMaxx will be conducting reta d and on-line prom9tions andl providing national advertising support to th1e tour. ,I Tramp - olinists- and ~hythmic I gymnasts along with \ internatiol"l91 gym nasts arid coaches a re scHeduled to travel with the t~ur. Each show will., run two hburs in length an d feature evepts with theatricqll _ ~Iighting, well as aroup dnd <. ihdivid"ual perform dnce~ . I


TJ Maxx 2000 Tour of World Gymnastics Champions Schedule I

October 12 October 13 October 14 tOctober 15 October 16 October 18 October 21 October 22 October 23 October 26 October 27 October 28 October 29 November 1 November 3 November 4 November 5 November 9 November 10 November 11 November 13 Novem ber 14 November 16 November 17 November 19 November 21 November 24 f-November 25 November 26 November 28 November 29 November 30 December 2 December 5 December - -7- - December 9 December 12 December 13 December 14


Morgan White

Thursday Friday ~tur~a)' Sunday Monday Wednesday Saturday Sunday Monday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Wednesday Friday Saturday Sunday Thursday Friday Saturday Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Sunday Tuesday

Reno, NV Lawlor Events Center Las Vegas, NV Thomas & Mack Cente r Los Angele~ _ r------1'ayl~ Pavilion San Jose, CA San Jose Arena , Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena Salt Lake City, UT Delta Center Seattle, WA Key Arena Portland, OR Rose Garden §Eokane, WA §Eokane Arena ~ Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center Chicag~ ! _UnitedJ;enter St. Paul, MN I MN wild Arena Moline,lL Mark of the Quad Cities Cincinnati, OH Fi rstar Center Cleveland, OH Gund Arena Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena Philadelphia, PA First Union Center U of I Assembly Hall Champaign, IL I Indianaeolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse I Schottenstein Center Columbus, OH Boston, MA Fleet Center State College, PA Bryce Jordan Center I Albany, NY Pepsi Arena I I Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena E. Rutherford, NJ Continental Airli nes Arena Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum ___Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum ~id<:JY _ Saturday Washington, DC MCI Center Sunday Bi-Lo Center Greenville, SC L Tuesday Atlanta, GA Philies Arena i Gaylord Entertainment Center Wednesday Nashville, TN Thursday - Tallahassee, FL Lean County Civic Center Saturday Miami, FL American Airl ines Arena Tuesdax Tam....e.a, FL Ice Palace Reunion Arena lhur~ay ___ - Dalli:!s, TX -Sunday Denver, CO Magness Arena Tuesday Bakersfield, CA TBD Wednesday San Diego, CA Cox Arena Thursday Anaheim, CA The Pond



'Schedule Tentative

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 ( TE CH N IOU E • SEPT / 0 CT 2000 ) } - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----=s:-wl

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••

Gymnastics to be of

...... . •


NBC's Olympic (overage •

Elfi Schlegel

The Complete Olympics on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and promises to provide more coverage of more Olympic sports than ever! The 441.5 total hours of coverage nearly triples the 171.5 hours of coverage from Atlanta. Olympic gymnastics continues to be one of the mainstays of NBC s Olympic coverage. Beginning on Saturday, Sept. 16, with the men s team competition and continuing through the Champions Gala Exhibition - - 1 6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1(

on Tuesday, September, 26, gymnastics will be seen every night on NBC. Coverage will be hosted by NBC's veteran broadcast team of play-by-play announcer Al Trautwig, analysts Tim Daggett and Elfi Schlegel and reporter Beth Ruyak.

TEe H N 10 U E • 5EPT / OCT 2000


........................................................................... Although official broadcast times are subject to change, there are several key dates that gymnastics fans will want to keep in mind. * On Monday, Sept. 18, the men s team final will be broadcast on NBC. The following night, on Tuesday, Sept. 19, NBC will air the women s team final. The men s individual all-around will be shown on Wednesday, Sept. 20, on NBC. The women s individual all-around will air on Thursday, Sept. 21. On Sunday, Sept. 24, NBC will broadcast the first night of men sand women s individual finals. On Monday, Sept. 25, NBC will air coverage of the second night of the men sand women s individual finals.

difference to the East Coast, gymnastics fans can log onto for instantaneous results. will have a number of features including in-depth biographies, interactive sessions and analysis by Tim Daggett and Elfi Schlegel.

One feature, which has been particularly popular in the months leading up to the Olympics, is s Forums section. Here gymnastics fans can post their own opinions and predictions in addition to surveying other fans thoughts on gymnastics.

• • • • • •


Throughout the U.S. Gymnastics Trials, for . Bela Karolyi and Beth Ruyak example, heated and NBC will also air : often articulate debate raged between coverage of the debut of fans over which female gymnasts Olympic trampoline. The women s should be selected to the team. If you trampoline coverage will air on Friday, want your voice to be heard during the Sept. 22. The men s trampoline Olympics, s competition will be shown on Saturday, Forums is the place to go. Sept. 23 between noon-6 p.m. F or the fun more interested in hearing For the fan who is looking to go beyond the opinion of the athletes themselves , NBC s extensive television coverage, why not visit the Athlete s Voice there is I look at section of In this primarily as being area of the site, athletes such as Blaine for the fanatic, the person who we can Wilson give their own commentary and never give enough to, the person who insight about the Games. Of course, really wants to know the whys and will also hows of everything, said Dick Ebersol, Chairman NBC Sports and : keep you up-to-date on gymnastics at the Olympics. There will be plenty of Olympics. ways to keep up with all the gymnastics action in Sydney. • While all televised events from Sydney will be aired on tape delay due to the 18hour time difference between the West Coast and Sydney and the IS-hour time


i\;sc • • • •

· ·••• • • • •


- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - i ( TECH N IOU E • SEPT / 0 CT 2000 )I----------------~




~~~~ ~~~~ ~OW Hae bs i t

: ...



• •


. Check it out!

• • • • • ••••••••••••••••••• •• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • •• • • • ••••••••••••• • • • •


During the President's Address at Congress 2000 in Boston, Bob Colarossi announced that USA Gymnastics launched over 4,000 web sites for u.s. Gymnastics Clubs and State & Regional Committees on August 16.

The program, dubbed the Network, is initially aimed at clubs and USA Gymnastics Committees, but eventually industry members, constituent member organizations, and USA Gymnastics members may also take advantage of joining the network.

Welcome to the Middletown GymnastiCS Center

Home Page

"This new program takes great strides in our continuing effort to stay at the forefront of technology," said Colarossi. "We want to enable our clubs to take advantage of the Internet during the height of our sport, the Olympic Games. This solution provides each of them with an easy, cost-effective online presence that enables them to partner with USA Gymnastics while marketing themselves at the local level." The Basic web sites (I -page) are provided free of charge to clubs and include club information, such as location, phone number and hours of operation. Clubs have the option of upgrading their web site, adding additional pages and even e-commerce capabilities. The upgrades include the Business Package, which provides the club with additional pages to promote its club, while a Professional Package expands the web site to 75 pages and enables e-commerce through a 20-item store loca ted where visi tors can purchase USA Gymn asti cs and the club's own logo wear and accessories. For the launch, USA Gymnastics provided sites for all clubs listed in its database. Early in 2001, the free sites will only be available to USA Gymnastics Member Clubs .

M ddleto~-.n

GymNldo. C.nt.ri. II USA Gymnsalica

~ mber


Location I Contact Infonnatian

A 1On • . 333-201-1022

Fax : 333·201·1023 Emllil - middlttowninfo@Uugoro >Webait&. WAW_uUg orplrmimiddletol'llogym

Club Infannalian

FTogram.: RIlCli.lllion ClolSi"lIS: (l.ursteam: 80>/1 T<1am: Rhy1hmie Tum: Trolmpolint and T umbling

Turn; GeMrdl GymnlStics: Turn, Churleadl ng: Doloce : PrHchool . .lind mOle!

Kinzan, provider of a leading suite of brand able applications for con tent mana gement, commerce and communication, has been chosen by USA Gymnastics to create the network. Kinzan will then build the sites that will link from clubs.

The best part of this new program is it's EASY! You don' t have to be a computer wizard to figure it out. Simple go to the edit buttons and design your page, it' s that easy. Plus, there are gymnastics graphics available to make your page look great.

"We're proud to be supporting USA Gymnastics' pursuit of excellence on the Internet," sa id Gari Cheever, President and CEO of Kinzan. "This is a key example of how an organization can add valu e for its members by providing a simple, cost-effective online presence that enables the local club to take advantage of the national entity's name brand ."

Here's some questions and answers that may help you.

.....-=-a------------------i( r EC H H I QUE·

How do I find my Club, State and/or Region web site? AFirst, ALL of the new club web sites G a r e already "live" online!

see websites, page 26 SE PT / 0 CT 2000 )} - - - - - - - -- - - -- - --




I Y4' .....

• FREE ENGRAVING • GIFT BOXESI • BAmRY INCLUDED J -24_$J3.95 25 - 49_$ J2.95 50 & UP_$J J.95


T/!cll /!CilJ/!cllst



tlHd lJyHtHtisties p,od~ets HtOHIlY etiH O".yI

Good L ck Team USA


r..,...o ; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - «

TE CH N 10 U E • 5EPT / OCT 2000



'" ~







Gymnastics Excellence Through Education" I

by Kathy Feldmann and Jerry Nelson The USA Gymnastics Congress team, Congress attendees, sponsors and exhibitors all agree that this year s Congress has set a new standard for professional development and education. The 2000 National Congress has proven to be the most successful to date.

¥ 157 exciting lectures covering all disciplines and levels.


¥ 17 hands-on sessions in the Exhibit Hall activity center. ¥ A sold out Exhibit Hall with 90 different exhibitors and 167 booths. ¥ A record 2,400 plus Congress attendees. ¥More than 1,500 additional Exhibit Hall attendees. ¥ An inaugural Business Conference sold out for months . The Hall of Fame Dinner and Ceremony of Honors was also a sell out event, proving to be a truly wonderful way to celebrate our terrific contributors to our great sport. The dance party was a huge success as well with more than 2000 people in attendance. The USA Gymnastics Congress

team made a commitment to provide gymnastics exce llence through education. Increasing the number of grassroots lectures for coaches and business managers greatly enhanced the quality of lectures and proved that there is a place for coaches, judges and administrators of all levels.

Mark your calendar now for Congress 2001, scheduled for August 8-11 in Philadelphia to be held with the U.S. Championships. Thank you to the USA Gymnastics membership for all of your support. We wou ld like to hear from you on suggestions for next years Congress, evaluations of this years Congress, and any other ideas

--1-=-1""""2------- - - - - - - - - - - 1 ( r EC H N' QUE

• 5EPT / 0 CT 2000

and comments you may have. We are committed to raising the level of professionalism and excellence throughout the United States and we value your opinions.


2000 Award Ceremony and Hall of Fame Induction Service/Star Awards Men Art Shurlock Women Kathy Ostberg Rhythmic Tamara Gerlack Trampoline and Tumbling John Reeves Events Raleigh Wilson

Spirit 01 the Flame Tracy Callahan Molnar Sandy Knapp receives award from Bob Colarossi

Presidential Award Sandy Knapp liletime Achievement Award Don Robinson

Master of Ceremonies Peter Vidmar

Carolyn Bowers presents awards to Hall of Fame members Phoebe Mills (left), Audrey Schweyer (below) and Avis TIeber Jamieson (bottom left)

Hall 01 Fame Inductees Brandy Johnson Scharpf Phoebe Mills Audrey Schweyer Avis Tieber Jamieson Bela and Martha Karolyi


Brant Lutska is a National KAT instructor and has coached and judged for the past 15 years. He has degrees in elementary education, early childhood education, special education, and information

We ek

Brant Lutska sent us this Halloween lesson plan which works well at BC's Cymnastics in Monessen, pennsylvania, where Brant is the Program Director. Perhaps you can take some of these ideas or come up with your own to make this year's Halloween week of gymnastics' classes an exciting and fun time for your students! This hour lesson plan may be used for preschool or adapted to school age students!

Color ... .. ... ......... ... ....... ................ ... .. Orange Position .... ... .... ..... ..... .. ..... ..... ...... .. ... Straddle

Hello and Roll Taking Place many different colored felt squares on the floor. Tell each student to find an orange square upon which to sit. Give each student a pumpkin sticker to place upon his/her attendance chart.


(5 minutes)

warm-up Routine "Monster Mash" • • • •

Jogging in place Straddle jumps Hop on one foot Jumpingjacks

(5 minutes)

stretching "Emphasize Straddle" • • • • • •

Straddle stretching standing (leaning side to side) Straddle stretches (placing their nose on each knee) Bridges with legs apart, then move them together* Straddle splits Straddle presses (try to elevate legs) Straddle push-ups

(5 minutes)

: *NOTE: The KAT program recommends that a child wait until he or she is 5 years old 10 start : bridges. At this lime. the student should start bridges with the body on the mat at least eight inches high with the hands on the floo r to put weight on the shoulder and arms and not the lower back.

: ~----------------------------~


Vault "squash the spiders" • Run • Run, hit the board, straddle jump • Run, hit the board, straddle on vault (onto 4 panel mat) * CIII aliI orallge alld black/elt spiders and place all the sprillg board! (10 minutes)


Beam "Haunted Beam" • • • • *

Kick like a scarecrow Jump over the spiders Witch walks (forward, backward, sideways) Black cat sca les 0011 t filii into the witches brew ( 10 minutes)

Obstacle Course "Trick or Treating " • Have six stations set up with treats at each station. Tty to have an instructor present at each station. As the students arrive at each station, they must say trick-or-treat. They will then complete a skill and are given a treat. Prior to the start of the course, give each student a bag with his/her name on it. ( 15 minutes)


Skills for the Obstacle Course (Remember it's straddle week)

• • • • • •


Straddle jumps on orange felt squares Straddle walks across the floor parallel bars Backward straddle rolls down the incline Hop-scotch Cartwheels Straddle forward rolls on orange felt squares

creating a...

---·-unteb ~OU5e ~

nother great idea for Halloween week would be to build a "Haunted House." Stand large and small panel mats on end. Make a long maze of mats attached together with velcro that is on the end of each panel mat. At the end of the tunnel put a strobe light. Make the end a little bigger than the rest of the maze as this will give everyone an opportunity to be around the strobe light. Also you can put a lid on the top by using a parachute or 4 inch landing mats. Placing mats on top makes it dark inside so you can use a flashlight to lead the children in and out. There is

only one entrance and exit!

Have fun!

Closing Activities "pumpkin Carving" • Give each student an orange balloon all ready blownup and a black marker. Have each student draw a pumpkin face on the balloon. (5 minutes)


Halloween Safety • Have the parents come out on the floor and sit with their child. Discuss some safety rules with the children and their parents. While one teacher is discussing these rules have the other give the students their stamps for doing such a great job! Say something positive to each student as they receive their stamp! Have fun with this lesson plan. The kids really enjoy the day.• (5 minutes)

- - - - - -- - - - - - - -- ---{( r EC H N' 0 U E • SEPT / 0 CT 2000 )1-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , 1 - - 5 , . -












. . -~



National Gymnastics Day 2000 took place August 12. We are eagerly waiting on all the great photos and clips telling us how your gym celebrated National Gymnastics Day. Please send your photos to: USA Gymnastics, National Gymnastics Day, Pan American Plaza, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225


Scamps Gymnastics in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was involved in a parade prior to National Gymnastics Day and sent us photos of their float and demonstration. Thanks to Scamps for getting involved and sending us photos - it looks like they had a great time and raised awareness of the sport of gymnastics all at the same time!

• Pottsville Gymnastic Training Center in Pottsville, Pennsylvania celebrated National Gymnastic Day by holding an Open House with games, gymnastics trivia, contests and even an Ice Cream Party! Every participant went home with a prize ranging from a gymnastics pin to a gymnastics Olympic T-shirt. In addition, Pottsville GTC gave out Aussie Hair Care samples and is continuing its participation in the free gymnastics class giveaway. Check us out at: http://gymnastica.comlpottsville/

.....-1-6- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - { (


I 0 CT

2000 ) f - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -


(Pre-registration guarantees a KAT workbook and place at the workshop)

USA Gymnastics has recently published a new KAT Workbook! The new 1999 KAT workbook ha s updates relative to bridges, headstand s, stretching, Atlanto-axial instability, new lesson plans and much more! This workbook wil.1 be utilized in the upcom ing KAT workshops. The new KAT workbook is avai lable for $16.00 (includes shipping and hand ling) to everyone wh o ha s received their KAT certification .



Please call Pat Warren at 317-237-5050 ext. 337 or emai l pwarren@ usa-gymn if you are interested in attending a KAT workshop, hosting a KAT workshop or ordering the NEW KAT Workbook.

_#emll"MI· Se





Latrobe, PA

Willow Tree Gymnastics




Portland. OR

Reg ion II Co ngress/Multnomah Ath letic Club




Mountlake Terrace. WA

Cascade Elite Gymnastics



Crescent S ri ngs, KY

Fun Nast ics



Greenwood, IN

Gymnastics Etc .• Inc.



Virginia Beach, VA

Reg ion VII Congress



Flemington. NJ

Tumble Time Childrens Gymnastic Center

908-806-6437 254-776-6248



Waco. TX

Waco Gymnastix Unlimited



Hamden, CT

New Era Gymnastics

203-281-1 826



Jonesville. NC

Tuts i Ro ll s Tri -County Gymnastics




Pittsburgh, PA

Jewart's Gymnastics




5 ringboro, OH

Hand 2 Hand Acrobatic Training Ce nter

513-743-1 466



Asheboro, NC

Gymnastics Time




Murfeesboro. TN

Tumble Kid s Gymnastics




Livingston. TX

Moseley Gymnastics







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Making the Best use of Time and Space in the Gym

The P.D.P. Principal by Betsy Sprague Betsy is a National Safety Instructor who has helped numerous gymnastics organizations in the area of organizing their programs and training their staff. Betsy can be reached at

tated very simply, one of the most important principles of teaching that I know is what I call the P.O.P. Principle (Plan Our Path). This principle is valuable for every level of gymnast: It is urgent for the preschool class, but also of great importance to the highest level gymnast. For the sake of discipline, time efficiency and traffic flow, I strongly encourage all teachers and program directors to carefully examine the path planning procedures in your gym.


The gym that has standard general paths at every station tends to function very smoothly.

ISpace Organization


If there are specific paths at each event, squads can function in close proximity without interference. In particularly busy gyms there may even be a need to establish "right of way" at an intersection, but I personally would steer away from paths that cross, because many a first grader can find himself in the wrong squad after taking a wrong turn at the intersection.

I Discipline


Doing something is better than doing nothing, and besides, there are very few gymnasts who will stand in line doing nothing. From the busiest class kid to the most serious team gymnast, a path that you have given them decides, in advance, how they will focus their attention. --1-2-o------------------1(

If a six year old boy is following arrows that lead him from the pommels to the mushroom, to a push up position and then back to the "on deck" position, he will not have as much time to "pommel" the guy in front of him. If a level six gymnast is coached at cable bar "A", repeats the skill at cable bar "B", does a drill on the rebounder, takes a drink of water, does ten dips on the single bar, and then gets back "on deck" she does not have time to be getting into a conversation about the fight she had with her boyfriend. For the first gymnast, the path helped the coach keep the body where it needed to be. For the second gymnast the path helped keep the mind on track.


IEffective Use of Time I No matter what the level of the gymnasts, there is almost always something that they could be "practicing" while they wait for their next turn. I am often amazed when I visit a gym and watch upper level gymnasts sitting in a cluster waiting their turn. When the coach says, "who's next?" half the time everyone looks around at each other for a few minutes. Some gyms take a step in the right direction by putting a few girls at the single bar to take turns doing something, but the problem still exists that everyone is waiting too long. A path that they are accustomed to following gives them a system by which they can get effective practices in while they wait for their next turn with the coach or instructor. It even can make it possible for a fairly beginner group to go to the event and" get started" if the teacher needs to go get something or answer a question. Learning "the path" at each event should be a requirement for completing the first level of the curriculum. Skills practiced along the path can progress as the gymnast progresses.

IGetting Started


Because "the path" will make everything function more efficiently, it is my recommendation that an instructor should teach gymnasts what the path is before even

TEe H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ 5EPT / OCT 2000





starting to warm up the event. For a preschool class this might mean every new lesson plan. For the level 8 squad, this may simply mean a quick explanation of the day's plan while everyone is putting on their grips.

I For Preschool


I incorporate a lesson plan that is designed to help little ones learn how to follow a path as a very important part of the curriculum. An example of this is to make a large circle of hoops on the floor exercise area. Outside the hoops (ready to be "inserted" into the circuit) are two floor beams and two wedges. First, each child stands in a hoop and if the hoop next to them is empty they may jump to it. After the children seem comfortable with the idea, insert the two balance beams. The gymnast walks or crawls across the balance beam to the next hoop. Finally, insert the wedges. It may be that you help children with a forward roll on one and the walk down the other until you feel they should try the forward roll by themselves.

IFor Developmental Classes I personally recommend that each gym have standard paths at each event. Learning the standard path should be built into the beginner class curriculum.

I For Team

Levels I

I suggest that coaches use different "systems" to keep the action going. For example, if the beam practice is devoted to drilling, and the beams are parallel, four lines (one at each beam) and lines rotating away from the coach can be an effective system. On another day or when the practice switches to skills, the same parallel beams arranged lowest to highest can be uses with the gymnasts following a zig zag pattern from beam to beam, doing the skill first in front of the instructor, and gradually moving away. If the systems have become standard, the coach simply has to say...

lliine Up at beam for parallel drills."

Each new lesson plan should include a path that children can move around without skills. If the teacher's first priority is to get the children moving around the path, then she or he can teach more effectively because the children have something to do. It is of very little value to have a wonderful circuit, and make six children sit and wait each turn while one child does the whole circuit. The best circuit will include spaces where children wait until the child ahead of them finishes what he is doing. Hoops, carpet rectangles or even letters written on the floor with chalk all make great "be ready" positions. Here is an example of a circuit that can be done IIwithout skill":

At the uneven bars arrows are drawn for the children to stand on one side of the bar. The children go under the bar, then follow more arrows to a floor beam. After walking across the floor beam they jump from carpet rectangle to carpet rectangle using four rectangles. Next they walk down a wedge and jump from hoop to hoop in three hoops. Finally they crawl under a jr. swing bar which leads them back to the arrows they first stood on. A teacher can easily lead the whole class around the circuit two or three times without stopping to do a skill. Then he or she can introduce skills in different places while the children continue following the path around. - --


- - - - -- --




---j( TECH NIOU f â&#x20AC;˘

5EPT / 0CT 2000 )1-------------------,2-1,--






USA Gymnastics is seeking a Men's Program Manager. This position will report to the Senior Director, Men's Program and be responsible for overall management and supervision of the Men's Junior Olympic Program for USA Gymnastics, and for assistance with other aspects of the Men's program as requested. This person will serve as on ex officio member of the Men's Junior Olympic Program Committee and will administer the Men's Junior Program under the auspices of the Junior Olympic Program Committee, including: coordination and implementation of the age group competitive program; distribution of minutes and committee meetings; facilitating the design and production of Junior Olympic compulsory routines; revisions to the Junior Olympic Compulsory Book and the Men's Rules and Policies; scheduling, staffing and administration of the Junior Olympic Team training camps; creation of gUidelines for and providing direction to the Junior Notional Coaching stoff; and provision of coaching education for the Junior Notional Coaching stoff. The person will aid in the development of educational materials for the Men's program and revise as necessary the Basic Achievement Skills Program for pre·Junior Olympic men's gymnastics. The individual should be a dedi(()ted gymnastics professional with a college degree and proficient in all aspects of men's gymnastics. Travel required. Must be on effective administrator and able to utilize all communication mediums. USA Gymnastics is on equal opportunity employer.


Send resumes by September 29 to Ron Galimore, USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. Phone:317-237-5050 ext. 231. Fox: 317-237-5069. --.-2-2----------------«


I 0 CT 2000 ) } - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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- -- - ((

TEe H N I OU E â&#x20AC;˘ SEPT / OCT 2000

) } - - - - - - - -----------=2:-::S=-

WEBSITES, continued from page 8

I don't know my Username and I've forgotten my Password. How do I get them?

You can find your club website if you know your club number... Simply type-in: http:// clubs. / O+yourclubnumber

USA Gymnastics has already sent a letter _ _.. with Username and Password information to all clubs and state / regional committee chairs receiving a free website in the initial launch.

Example: http: // / 026784 - This takes them to the web site for club #26784. The easiest way to find a club is to visit the USA Gymnastics web site <>, and click on Club Search. This will take you to the "Club Locator" page. After entering the state where you are searching for a club, you will see a list of links to all gymnastics club web sites in that state (listed alphabetically by city).

If you didn't receive this information or misplaced it, you can email or call USA Gymnastics Member Services at 1-800-345-4719.

My dub joined the Club Membership program after the Network launch on August 20th. How do I get added to the Network?

Similarly, there will be a link to the State and Regional Committee web site locator on the USA Gymnastics home page as well as on all of the program home pages.

Loree Galimore, USA Gymnastics Club _ _..Services Manager and Steve Whitlock, Web master, will be responsible for both adding new USA Gymnastics Member Clubs to the Network and deleting those clubs with expired memberships.

My dub already has a website. • Why should I adopt the USA Gymnastics • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • version? As the Club Owner, how do I make :. You will immediately be tied to the USA changes and updates to my new web site? : ~ . Gymnastics Club Network and receive : : ~ http: // / login.html : : This will take you to a login screen where you enter : your Username (USAG number) and Password. :

A. Use any browser (like MSIE) and type in:

This will take you to the USA Gymnastics SiteBuilder tool where you can make changes and edits to your site. This is a powerful web editing/design tool provided by and it's easy to use. Go in and play around and you'll see how easy it is to build your site. Simply follow the directions!


What if I don't want my internet address to have all those numbers in it, because it's too hard for my dients to remember?

: : : : : :

: : : : : :•

all of the benefits. First, the cost is probably much less than you're currently paying. Also, the right side of the homepage will be maintained by USA Gymnastics and contains gymnastics information. For example, the right side of your homepage may include photos of the Women's and Men's Olympic Team. This is content you are not able to have with your own site. The right side may contain a short article about the benefits of gymnastics training or a healthy eating plan, something that will interest your clients. The content will change regularly so you will have the luxury of new content on your site without having to do a thing! In addition, the site is very easy to maintain with key prompts that say "edit" and all you have to do is type in your information. You will also hear about events, ' news promotions an d oth er USA Gymnashcs instantly. Being a part of the network will d elruey f' 't I bea b enel f't youwon 't wan t to pass up .

About ••••••• Kinzan f Kinzan provides a leading platform for central organizations to extend and manage their network of business relationships on the Internel. The company's brand able suite of applications for content management, commerce and communirotions, coDed Core3, enable the central organization to extend its business model online with uniform control, while offering affiliates the flexibility to tailor content to meet local market needs. The resu~: a stronger tie with the distribution channel and increased revenuegenerating opportunities throughout the network. The Kinzon platform includes Core3, configurable hardware, scalable hosting services, open development and deployment copabilities, and customer core programs. Aut0tradmom, Avon, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Chose Merchant Services, Knight Ridder Reol Cities, Maytog, USA Gymnastics, Wild Birds UnlimHed, YMCA and others have chosen the Kinzan platform to extend and manage their existing business relationship networks online. The company, founded in 199B as a spin off from iXl Ventures, a leading strategic Internet services company, is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with addHional offices in Europe. More information about the company's products and services can be found at

• Club own.ers can register their site using a. unique :• .. . domam, such as www.ABCgymnastics. The : • cost is $70 for two years. : • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ••


--1-:c- = 6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 ( r EC H N IOU E 2

SEPT I 0CT 2000 ) } - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

INVITATIONAL LISTING ALABAMA Event Nome· 19th Annual Chalkville Invitationol Event Site · 940 Cholkville S[hool Rood Birmingham, AL 35215 Event Start Dote · 10/27/2000 Club Nome · TNT Gym Clips 940 Chalkville S[hool Rood Birmingham, AL 35215 Phone· 205/ 853·5888 Fox· 205/ 856·6662 Levels· Women's 4·6 Event Nome· Barno Ramo 2000 Event Site· University of Alabama Paul Bryant Dr Women's Athl Tuscoloosa, AL 35401 Event Start Dote· 10/6/2000 Club Nome· Barno Bounders P.O. Box 860253 Tuscoloosa, AL 35486·0003 Phone · 205/ 348·4578 Fox· 205/ 348·5388 Levels· Women's 4·6 Event Nome· TIger Invitaionai Event Site · 923·B Stage Rood Auburn, AL 36830 Event Start Dote · 11/3/ 2000 Club Nome · Gymtiger Gymnastics 923·BStage Rood Auburn, AL 36830 Phone· 334/ 821 ·7300 Fox· 334/ 821 ·7308 Levels · Women's 4·6

CALIFORNIA Event Nome· 8th Annual Spookfest Invitational Event Site· 3800 Blockford Ave., Ste. C Son Jose, CA 95117 Event Start Dote · 10/ 29/ 2000 Club Nome· California Sports Center 3800 Bla[kford Ave., Ste. C Son Jose, CA 95117 Phone · 408/246·7795 Fox· 408/246·7797 Levels · Women's 5·6


Event Nome· Ba[k To S[hoollnvitational Event Site· 3800 Bla[kford Ave., Ste. C Son Jose, CA 95117 Event Start Dote· 9/ 23/ 2000 Club Nome · California Sports Center 3800 Blockford Ave., Ste. C Son Jose, CA 95117 Phone · 408/246·7795 Fox· 408/ 246·7797 Levels · Women's 6 Event Nome· Big Trees Invitational Event Site · 434 Payran Street Petaluma, CA 94952 Event Start Dote· 2/ 4/ 2001 Club Nome · Redwood Empire Gymnasti[s 434 Payron 5treet Petaluma, CA 94952 Phone · 707/ 763·5010 Fox· 707/ 763·5542 Levels· Women's 5·1 0 Event Nome · Big Trees Invitational Event Site · 434 Payron Street Petaluma, CA 94952 Event Start Dote · 2/ 4/ 2001 Club Nome · Redwood Empire Gymnasti[s 434 Payron Street Petalumo, CA 94952 Phone· 707/ 763·5010 Fox· 707/763·5542 Levels· Women's 5·10

Event Nome · Compulsory Zone Event Site · 11345 Folsom Blvd Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Event Start Dote· 11/4/2000 Club Nome · Te[hnique Gymnastics 11345 FolsomBlvd Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Phone · 916/ 635·7900 Fox· 916/ 635·4940 Levels · Women's 4·Elite

Event Start Dote· 10/ 21/2000 Club Nome· Pozsar's Gymnastics 2709 EI Camino Ave. No. 101 Sacramento, CA 95821 Phone· 916/4B6·9880 Levels· Women's 4·6


Event Nome · Flipping Out Invitational Event Site · 1354 ·ADayton Ave Salinas, CA 93901 Event Start Dote · 9/ 30/ 2000 Club Nome · Cypress Gymnasti[s Club Inc. 1354 ·ADayton Ave Salinas, CA 93901 Phone · 831 /751 ·9077 Fox · 831 / 751·9512 Levels· Women's 4·6

Event Nome · Spook Invitational Event Site· 609 25 Rood Grand Jun[tion, CO 81505 Event Dote · 10/ 28/ 2000 Club Nome· Grand Jun[tion GYM / Kidz Plex 609 25 Rood Grand Jun[tion, CO 81505 Phone · 970/ 245·3610 Fox · 970/ 246·7824 Levels · Women's 4·6


Event Nome · High·Te[h Invitational Event Site · 11345 Folsom Blvd Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Event Start Dote · 2/ 3/ 2001 Club Nome · Te[hnique Gymnastics 11345 Folsom Blvd Ran[ho Cordova, CA 95742 Phone · 916/ 635·7900 Fox· 916/ 635·4940 Levels· Women's 4·Elite

Event Nome · Blue Angel Classi[ Event Site· 1000 College Boulevard Pensa[ola, FL 32504 Event Start Dote · 10/ 7/ 2000 Club Nome· PJC Gymnasti[s Club 1000 College Boulevard Pensa[ola, FL 32504 Phone · 850/ 484·1319 Fox· 850/ 484·1876 Levels· Women's 4·6

Event Nome· High·Te[h Invitational Event Site · 11345 Folsom Blvd Ran[ho Cordova, CA 95742 Event Start Dote · 9/ 30/ 2000 Club Nome · Te[hnique Gymnasti[s 11345 Folsom Blvd Ran[ho Cordova, CA 95742 Phone · 916/ 635·7900 Fox· 916/ 635·4940 Levels· Women's 4·9 and Elite

Event Nome · Hurricone Inv Event Site · 13211 93rd Street North Largo, FL 33773 Event Start Dote· 9/ 22/ 2000 Club Nome · LaFleur's Gymnasti[s Largo 13211 93rd Street North Largo, FL 33773 Phone · 727/ 586·4420 Fox· 727/ 586·4401 Levels · Women's 4·6

Event Nome · Invitational Event Site· 11345 Folsom Blvd Ran[ho Cordova, CA 95742 Event Start Dote · 4/7/2001 Club Nome · Te[hnique Gymnastics 11345 Folsom Blvd Ran[ho Cordova, CA 95742 Phone · 916/ 635·7900 Fox· 916/ 635·4940 Levels · Women's 4·Elite

GEORGIA Event Nome · Atlanta Crown Invitational Event Site · Gwinnett Civi[ Center 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway Duluth, GA 30097 Event Start Dote · 1/11/2001 Club Nome· Gwinnett Gymnasti[s Center 927 Killion Hill Rood lilburn, GA 30047 Phone · 770/ 921 ·5630 Fox· 770/ 921·5111 Levels · Women's 4·Elite

Event Nome · N.A.W.GJ. Invitationol Event Site · 11345 Folsom Blvd Ran[ho Cordova, CA 95742 Event Start Dote · 12/9/ 2000 Club Nome · Te[hnique Gymnasti[s 11345 FolsomBlvd Ran[ho Cordova, CA 95742 Phone · 916/ 635·7900 Fox · 916/ 635·4940 Levels· Women's 4·Elite Event Nome · River City Classi[ Invitational Event Site · CSU Sacramento 6000 J St Sacramento, CA 95823 Event Start Dote · 9/ 23/ 2000 Club Nome · Byers Gymnastics Center 29 Massie Court Sacramento, CA 95823 Phone · 916/423·3040 Fox· 916/ 689·8729 Levels· Women's 5·6 Event Nome · TIger PowInvitational Event Site · 2709 EI Camino Suite 101 Sacramento, CA 95821 (

Event Nome · Cobb Kickoff Event Site· 542 Fairground Street Marietta, GA 30060 Event Start Dote · 9/ 23/ 2000 Club Nome· Cobb Challengers 542 Fairground Street Marietta, GA 30060 Phone · 770/ 528·8477 Fox · 770/ 528·8479 Levels· Women's 4·6 Event Nome · Golden Isles Invitationol Event Site· Glynn A[ademy Gymnasium 1001 Mansfield Street Brunswick, GA 31520 Event Start Dote · 2/ 17/ 2001 Club Nome· YWCA Golden Isles Rhythmi[s 135 Cardinal Rood Apt 102 Brunswi[k, GA 31525 Phone· 912/ 262·6014 Fox· 912/ 265·8059 Levels· Rhythmi[ 5·9 and Elite

Event Nome· Harvest Hoedown Event Site · 927 Killion Hill Rood lilburn, GA 30047 Event Start Dote · 10/ 20/ 2000 Club Nome · Gwinnett Gymnasti[s Center 927 Killion Hill Rood lilburn, GA 30047 Phone · 770/ 921 ·5630 Fox· 770/ 921 ·5111 Levels · Women's 4·7 Event Nome· Northwind Classic Event Site · 7545 Industrial Court Alpharella, GA 30004 Event Start Dote · 1/13/ 2001 Club Nome· Northwind Gymnasti[s Center Inc. 7545 Industrial Court Alpharetta, GA 30004 Phone· 770/ 475·6103 Fox· 770/ 518·0841 Levels· Women's 7-10 Event Nome· October Odyssey Event Site· 7545 Industrial Court Alpharetta, GA 30004 Event Start Dote· 10/1/2000 Club Nome· Northwind Gymnasti[s Center Inc. 7545 Industrial Court Alpharetta, GA 30004 Phone · 770/ 475·6103 Fox· 770/ 518·0841 Levels · Women's 4·6 Event Nome· Ro[k·N·Roll Event Site · 124 Cedar Lone Martinez, GA 30907 Event Start Dote · 1/20/ 2001 Club Nome · Gymnasti[s Gold 124 Cedar Lone Mortinez, GA 30907 Phone· 706/ 650·2111 Fox· 706/ 650·2171 Levels· Women's 7·10

INDIANA Event Nome· Spring Fling Event Site· 519 Herriman Court Noblesville, IN 46060·4300 Event Start Dote · 3/ 10/ 2001 Club Nome· APlus Gymnastics Center Inc. 519 Herriman Court Noblesville, IN 46060·4300 Phone · 317/773·7266 Fox· 317/773·8966 Levels· Women's 4·10

KENTUCKY Event Nome· Leticia Smith Memorial Invitational Event Site· 1320 Belmor Or. Louisville, KY 40213 Event Start Dote· 12/1/2000 Club Nome· Flip City Gymnasti[s A[ademy Inc. 1320 Belmar Or. Louisville, KY 40213 Phone· 502/458·7240 Levels· Women's 4·10

MICHIGAN Event Nome · 22nd Annual Christmas Classi[ Event Site · 5870 North Hix Rood Westland, MI 48185 Event Stort Dote · 12/ 8/ 2000 Club Nome · Mi[higan Acodemy of Gymnasti[s 5870 North Hix Rood Westland, MI 48185


Phone · 734/721 ·4001 Fox· 734/721 ·6445 Levels · Women's 5·10 Event Nome · Extreme Gymnasti[s Challenge Event Site · 35075 Forton Court Clinton Township, MI 48035 Event Start Dote· 2/ 2/ 2001 Club Nome · Extreme Gymnastics U.S.A. Inc. 35075 Forton Court Clinton Township, MI 48035 Phone· 801/791 ·9097 Fox· 801 / 791 ·9164 Levels · Women's 5·Elite Event Nome · Motor City Boys Invitational Event Site· 5870 North Hix Rood Westland, MI 48185 Event Start Dote · 2/ 3/ 2001 Club Nome· Mi[higan Acodemy of Gymnasti[s 5870 North Hix Rood Westland, MI 481 85 Phone · 734/ 721 ·4001 Fax· 734/ 721 ·6445 Levels· Men's Closs VI·I

NORTH CAROLINA Event Nome · 2000 Flip and Twist Invitational Event Site · 125 East Bodenhamer Street Kernersville, NC 27284 Event Start Dote · 9/ 30/ 2000 Club Nome · Carolina Twisters Gymnasti[s 125 East Bodenhamer Street Kernersville, NC 27284 Phone · 336/ 996·2012 Fox· 336/ 996·1839 Levels· Women's 4·6 Event Nome· Reoch for the Stars Event Site · 3370 SChurch Street Burlington, NC 27215 Event Start Dote · 3/ 3/ 2001 Club Nome· Kidsport Gymnastic Acodemy 3370 5 Church Street Burlington, NC 27215 Phone· 336/ 538·0073 Fox· 336/ 586·0755 Levels· Women's 7·10

NEW JERSEY Event Nome · The Scorlet Cup 2001 Event Site· 2248 Route 9 South Howell, NJ 07731 Event Start Dote · 2/ 23/ 2001 Club Nome · Wilton Acodemy of Gymnasti[s 2248 Route 9 South Howell, NJ 07731 Phone · 732/ 462·2079 Fox· 732/ 462·3877 Levels · Women's 5·10

NEW MEXICO Event Nome · Americon Dream Invitational Event Site · 4487 Irving Blvd NW, #110 Albuquerque, NM 87114 Event Start Dote· 1/26/ 2001 Club Nome· Dono's Westside Gymnasti[s, In 4487 Irving Blvd NW, #11 0 Albuquerque, NM 87114 Phone · 505/ 898·7334 Fox· 505/ 792·1318 Levels · Women's 4·6




Event Nome - Moon Fiesto Invite Event Site - 10280 Comonche N.E. Albuquerque, NM 87111 Event Start Dote - 10/ 14/2000 Club Nome -Albuquerque Gymnastics S(hool 10280 Comon(he N.E. Albuquerque, NM 87111 Phone - 505/293-9570 Fox - 505/293-9570 Levels - Women's 4-6

Event Nome - Mardi Gras Invitational Event Site - 274 E. Fifth Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Event Start Dote - 2/ 17/ 2001 Club Nome - Columbia Acodemy 274 E. Fihh Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Phone - 570/ 387-0359 Fox - 570/ 387-0195 Levels -Women's 4-8

Event Nome - Chile Fiesta Event Site -4487 Irving 81vd NW, #110 Albuquerque, NM 8711 4 Event Start Dote - 9/ 22/ 2000 Club Nome - Dono's Westside Gymnosti(s, In 4487 Irving 81vd NW, #110 Albuquerque, NM 87114 Phone - 505/ 898-7334 Fox - 505/ 792-1318 Levels -Women's 4-6

TENNESSEE Event Nome - Follinvitotionol Event Site - 10612 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37922 Event Start Dote - 11/4/ 2000 Club Nome -Academy of Gymnosti(s 1061 2 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone - 865/ 531 -1701 Fox - 423/690-4487 Levels -Women's 4-6

OREGON Event Nome -Shomro(k Invitational Event Site - 1414 SE 18Th Ave #100 Hillsboro, OR 97123 Event Start Dote - 3/ 16/ 2001 Club Nome - Gym-Nest Ltd. 1414 SE 18Th Ave #100 Hillsboro, OR 97123 Phone - 503/ 640-6378 Fox - 503/ 640-1029 Levels -Women's 4-10

Event Nome -AII-Ameri(on Girls Invitational Event Site - 10612 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37922 Event Start Dote - 1/20/ 2001 Club Nome -Acodemy of Gymnastics 10612 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone - 865/ 531-1701 Fox - 423/690-4487 Levels -Women's 4-10

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Motion to approve Chris Young's petition. Motion - Marc Yancey Second - Mark Williams PASSED 6 - O.

St. Louis, MO - U.S. Championships July 27, 2000 Meeting called to order at 12:30 p.m. CST by Chair Marc Yancey.

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Marc Yancey


Chair MPC & Jr. Coaches Rep .

The revised document for the National Team agreement was discussed. Minor wording changes would be made before distributing a final version. One addition would be the clause stating that Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete's would not receive Basic Living support, as in the previous funding program.

George Beckstead FIG Rep. - absent Greg Corsiglia

Jr. Coaches Rep.

Tim Daggett

Vice-Chair for Men - absent

Mark Williams

Sr. Coaches Rep.

Barry Weiner

Sr. Coaches Rep.

Chris Waller

Athlete's Rep.

Motion to approve Yewki Tomita's petition. Motion - Marc Yancey Second - Mark Williams. PASSED 6 - O.

Mihai Bagiu

Athlete's Rep.

Ron Galimore

Men's Program Director (voice, no vote)

Dennis McIntyre

Men's Program Manager (voice, no vote)

Peter Kormann

National Team Coordinator, 2000 Olympic Coach


Motion to approve the 2000 - 2004 National Team Program. Motion - Chris Waller Second - Mihai Bagiu. PASSED 5-1.

IV. CALENDAR OF EVENTS Ron Galimore reviewed the tentative calendar of upcoming events through 2001. An abbreviated summary follows:

Nov. 16 - 21 ....... . . .. ...... . 2000 Sr. National Team Camp

Bob Colarossi read from the selection procedures the section about petitions to the Olympic Trials. The committee was presented with two injury petitions, one from Chris Young and the other from Yewki Tomita. Discussion to make sure the petitions qualified under the procedures followed.

Jan. 4 - 7, 2001 ...... . . . .......... Continental Judges Course

Jan. 4 - 9, 2001 . . . . .. '. ... , .... , .... Sr. National Team Camp continued on page 35

Curriculum Poster Reward System • Proven Effective in Building Enrollment Retention • Provides a SAFE and Progressive Teaching System • Sets ACHIEVABLE Goals • Motivates Parents and Students RECOGNIZING OUR liCENSEES ... • Keeps Records of when Skills are Passed $U1cef996 • Valuable for Measuring Teacher Salem Gymnastics CenterEfficiency Winston-Salem, NC Tumbling with SpiritHOW IT WORKS... Rio Grandes, NJ (jWJ, .New .1!icemood. .. Upon enrollment every student receives St. Mary's County Dept. of a Poster TO TAKE HOME. The whole Recreation & Parks family can monitor the shldent's progress Jeff Lulla is a member of the USAG Preschoot Ad visory Board and co-author of the Kinder Accreditation for Teachers (KAT) course. He is also a USAG National Safety Instructor. an industry consultant. and is a seminar presenter for the USAIGC, and USA Gymnastics. He owns two successful gyms in Southern California.

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Gary Reed

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- -- - -- - - - - - - - -


camps. Chris Waller would check his schedule for his availabili ty from August 25 - September 27, 2000.

continued from page 34 Feb. 2 - 10, 2001 . .............. American Cup Qualifier 1 & 2 Feb. 9 - 10, 2001 ... . .. . .. . ... . . . . .. . . ....... Winter Cup Feb. 24, 2001 ............ . .. ...... Visa American Cup Finals Mar. 15 - 20, 2001 . . . ... .. .......... Sr. National Team Camp Mar. 16 - 17, 2001 ...... Pontiac International Team Championships Apr. 17 - 22, 2001 .. . . .... . . . ... .. .. Sr. National Team Camp Aug. 8 - 11 , 2001 ........ . . . ... _. ... . .. U.S. Championships Aug . 28 - Sept. 3, 2001 . . ...... .. ...... .... Goodwill Games Aug. 21 - Sept. 1, 2001 . .... . . . .. . . ... World University Games Oct. 28 - Nov. 4,200 1 . .. .. .. . ... . .... World Championships Of note, during the discussion about the schedule, Ron Galimore pointed out that two events take place simultaneously - Goodwill Games and the World University Games. He also mentioned his meeting with the NCAA Rules Committee and that he could support the NCAA collegiate gymnasts attending the World University Games (WUG) based on what the NCAA decided to do concerning the new Code of Points. The MPC decided to give an opportunity to the college coaches to develop selection procedures for the WUG contingent on the NCAA men's program going straight FIG rules during the next cycle of the Code of Points. The MPC appointed Fred Turoff to form a subcommittee to organize selection procedures, to be approved by the MPC, prior to going to the USOC for final approval. The selection procedures are due to the MPC from Fred Turoff by October 15. The committee also decided against having a 2001 World Championships Trial and that the World team would be selected based on results from the 2001 U.s. Championships and Senior National Team camps held prior to Worlds.

VII. APPRECIATION TO MPC MEMBERS LEAVING Marc Yancey expressed his thanks to Greg Corsiglia and Mark Willi ams for their work on the MPC.

VIII. NEW SR. AND JR. REP. TO THE MPC The new Junior Representati ve to the Men's Program Committee will begin his term after the Olympic Trials. After the Senior National Team is selected, a conference call to select the new Senior Representative will be held no later than October 15, with the Senior National Team coaches.

IX. ADDITIONAL SElECTIONS TO THE SENIOR NATIONAL TEAM An MPC conference call to confirm the final members of the Senior National Team will take place no later than September 1.

X. NGJA Butch Zunich informed the committee that the NGJA would like more control over the judges that are selected to various events. He also proposed that additional judges be brought to the u.s. Championships to judge the meet from the stands for ed ucational purposes. He encouraged the creation of an exchange program between judges in other countries and U.s. officials for future events, regardless of whether or not we are sending athletes. Meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m. CST.

Submitted by Mark Williams, Secretary, USA Gymnastics Men 's Program Committee.

V. ATHLETE'S REP. ATTENDING EVENTS Peter Kormann suggested that it would be worthwhile to have an athlete's rep. at World and Olympic events as well as the training


VI. 2000 OLYMPIC TEAM CAMP The training camp for the Olympic team will be in San Diego from August 25 - September 3, just before the team's departure.

Approved Ron Galimore, Senior Director, Men's Program. Approved Bob Colarossi, USAG President.

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TECH N I QUE â&#x20AC;˘

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Thanks To All the Congress Exhibitors!


Shaded areas denote USA Gymnastics Industry Members


2000 USA Gymnastics Congress Exhibitors A-l Awards

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International Gymnast / Grips Etc. 3214 Bart Connor Dr. Nonnan, OK 73072 Phone # 405-364-5344 Fax # 405-321-7229 Magazines, posters, books, video tapes, t-shirts, gymnastics grips, shoes accessories and equipment.

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All of the following changes/clarifications are effective August 1, 2000, unless otherwise indicated. All of the following changes are recorded in WTC and JOPC minutes from Aug. 1999 to August 2000.




A. TIMED WARM·UPS FOR MODIFIED CAPITAL CUP FORMAT When using this format (one gym with one set of apparatus in which the timed warm-ups directly precede competition on each event), the timed warm-ups are to be based on 1 1 h minutes per gymnast.

Clarification: In this modified Capital Cup format, the warm-up is considered the "timed warm-up" and therefore, teams and/or individual gJJmnasts may block their time.

B. AGE DIVISIONS FOR LEVEl 10 1. Age divisions for the Level 10 State Meet are to be determined by the State Board. For Level 10 competitions below state meet, the age divisions are to be determined by the Meet Director. 2. State Chairmen will report the birth dates of all Regional qualifiers to the Na tional Office within 24 hours of the completion of the State Meet in order for the eight age divisions for the Regional and National Championships to be determined.

C. LEVEL 10 NATIONALS 1. Procedures for adding All-Star individuals: If a region is unable to fill all 7 slots for their Regional team, replacements for that age division will be chosen based upon the team results for that age division from the previous year. If there is one individual to be added, an athlete from the region whose regional team placed 1st in that age division from the previous year will fill the spot. If more than one spot needs to be filled in an age division, the next individual added will be from the region whose regional team placed 2nd the previous year. Only athletes from the regions that placed first through third in the specific age division the previous year may fill the incomplete squads. 2. An overall Regional Team Champion will be awarded. Points will accumulate based upon the following regional team placement per age division: 8 points for 1", 7 for 2"d, 6 for 3,d, 5 for 4th, 4 for 5th, 3 for 6th, 2 for 7th, 1 for 8th •

D. CALENDAR CHANGES FOR 2001 First date for Level 9/ 10 State

March 31/ April 1

Last date for Level 9/ 10 State Meets

April 7-8

Level 9/ 10 Regionals

April 21-22

Last date for Level 9 Regionals

April 28-29

Level 10 J.o. Nationals

May 12-13

Eugene, Oregon

Level 9 East / West

May 19-20


E. WEARING OF PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP CARDS All Professional members (as well as all 16-17 yr. Old safety-certified Instructor members) must visibly display their USA Gymnastics Membership card on their person at all sanctioned events. continued on page 43




SEP T / OCT 2000 )

WOMEN'S UPDATE (continued from page 42)



The regional boards have agreed to outfit all Level 9 ath letes who ha ve qualified to the East / West Championships, even if they are unable to attend du e to an injury / illness or due to the fact th at they are non-citizens. The Regions will not outfit the ath letes who decline the opportunity to compete.

G. LEVEL 10 NATIONAL APPAREL The alternates for J.O. Na tionals will not receive Na tional apparel wuess they are officially added to the competition due to an injury / illness of a qualifier. The surplus apparel will be given to the Regional Chairs to be used at th eir board's discretion .

II. TECHNICAL UPDATES A. GENERAL 1. At the Level 9 East / West and Level 10 Na tional Championships, athletes w ill be required to wear their competitor number for training and competition days. The numbers will be on a stretch fabric in order to prevent dama ge to the leotard. 2. Neutral Deductions, such as over or under time or out of bounds (line) violations, must be indicated to the coach either verbally or by visual means. 3. OPTIONAL START VALUES

a. Start Values MUST be flashed at Level S, 9 and 10 State and Regional meets. The State Board may determine if the flashing of start values is required (or allowed) for Pre-Sectional or Sectional meets. b. If the Meet Director for an Invi tational or local meet elects to flash Start Values, this requirement must be included in the pre-meet information for coaches and indicated on the judges' contract.

4. Shortage of Properly rated Judges: If there are not enough properly rated officials available to judge at any level of competition, the use of a lower rated judge must be approved by the Regiona l Technical Committee Chair. 5. EQUIPMENT FAILURE: Whenever there is a failure of the equipment during a competitive routine, the gymnast has the option of repeating her routine in total, or repeating the routine from the point of interruption (after a reasonable amount of rest, if necessary). The decision to repeat must be made prior to the flashing of the score.


Be a Part of the fastest Growing Gymnastics Inuitational in the USn! Featuring: Two Time Olympian and World Champion-Kim Zmeskal &1988 Olympian-Kelly Garrison

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Hmateur Sports Capital of the World

B. COMPULSORY VAULT 1. Level 4 Squat Vault: a. Clarification: If the gymnast never lands on her feet (falls forward onto hands first), score the va ult as a 0 (void vault). b. The deduction for "Lack of extension (open before landing) is increased from 0.50 to 1.00.

C. COMPULSORY BARS 1. Was effective January 1, 2000: For all levels that perform a Glide Kip mount: if the gymnast performs a "run-out" glide instead of jumping from two feet into the glide, deduct 0.30. 2. New deduction for Level S and 6 Counterswings: "Incorrect technique of counterswi ng"

up to 0.20

The intended technique in the counterswing element is to show a hollow chest position with a rounded hip angle. If the hip angle opens to a stretched or arched position with the feet flared out over the low bar, deduct up to 0.20. The main emphasis should be

February 2-4 2001 Hllieueis [Compulsories and Optionals) Girls and Boys S1500 Grand Prize Equipment Certificate to top team! leueI9/l0/Elite Preliminaries and finals For more information see or call Ed Wetzel toll free at 877-842-5133

can tinued on page 44 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - { ( r EC H N I QUE

â&#x20AC;˘ SEPT / 0 CT 2000

) f - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --=4=-=3=--1

C. However, in order to receive the 0.10 bonus, the two "C" elements must be different if they do not have turn or flight.

WOMEN'S UPDATE continued from page 43 on proper body shaping and not on external amplitude of the skill in relation to the apparatus.

Note: A front gian t with legs together and afro nt giant with legs apart are considered the same element.



1. Clarification on Falls on Handstand Dismounts:

Three SpeCial Requirements worth 0.20 each:

If the gymnast falls on the Handstand prior to the dismount, the timing of the routine commences as usual; that is, when the gymnast resumes a position to begin her exercise again, not when she has attained the handstand position again. 2. Clarification on evaluating elements that are to be performed in series: If a gymnastics or acro series is not connected due to a fall after the first element, only the first attempt at the first element is judged. If, after the fall, the gymnast repeats the entire series in order to avoid the penalty for the stop, judging begins with the connection and the second element.

a. Either a "B": flight (not to include the dismount) OR a "B" element with direction change (not as the mount or dismount). b. One bar change

c. "A" dismount



Clarification on Wolf Jumps: There is no specific angle of closure required. The criteria used to determine if value-part credit will be awarded is that the extended leg must be at horizontal or above, and the knees should be together.

Note: This principle also applies to Level 7 when evaluating the requirements that designate a direct connection.

Wolf jumps must take off from two feet, but may land on either two feet or one foot.

The following new elements were performed at the 2000 Jr. Olympic National Championships and ha ve been added to the Jr. OlympiC Element Supplement

1. Music: Effective January 1, 2000: If a Level 3, 4, 5,or 6 Compulsory Floor routine is performed without music, a deduction of 1.00 will be taken by the Chief Judge. 2. Clarification of extra running steps into tumbling passes: If the gymnast takes more than the specified number of steps / runs into a tumbling pass, a deduction of 0.10 for each extra step is taken.




Jump from LB, long swing forwa rd , counterswing backward to uprise, release with 1h turn and straddle flight backward over HB (similar to Wilson S2.408 ) (Franzella)



Pike sale circle backward through handstand on LB with fligh t and 1h turn to catch HB (performed in either direction) (Bykhovsky)

= D

If a Round-off, Back Layout, Flic-flac is performed instead of a Round-off, Flic-flac, Back Layout, deduct 0.80 for the value of the requirement.


2. A separate vault table has been developed for Level 8. A newly revised Level 9/10 Vault chart has also been developed.

BEAM S8 .404

Salta backward in tuck position with a 1/4 turn in the air to land sideways on the beam (similar to a side salta) (Rosette)



Pike jump (take-off from two feet) with 1/1 turn (Cox)


OPTIONAL UNEVEN BARS 1. For LEVEL 9 only: The requirement of turn or flight has been eliminated for the Special Connection bonus of C +



1. The 0.20 deduction for performing the wrong vault has been eliminated. The judges will use the Start Value of the vaul t performed; however, it is still necessary for the gymnast to announce or flash the intended vault number.

Value for JO

1h turn on - 1h turn off to Front Salta tucked with 1/1 twist (Shible)

S3 .510 Was effective January 1, 2000: If the gymnast fails to use correct weight transfer technique (i.e. rise immediately onto the ball of the foot in the preparation), a 0.30 deduction is applied.

Name of element



--1-4-4-- - - - - - - - -- ----«






0 CT 2000

)r - - - - - - -- -- - - -- - --



)osition wail able ::'~---+--':::'~VnrH"'PJ-=---::;~ ) !y this· t~ )osition POSITION AVAILABLE COACHES NEEDED. Eastern National Academy is looking for coaches Pompton Plains and Paramus NJ. We are looking for directors for Preschool and General program, Team coaches qualified in choreography and dance at a high level and knowledgeable in the compulsory division and instructors for all programs. ENA is in a perfect location for any lifestyle, we are located centrally between the Metropolitan New York area and the Pennsylvania Poconno Mountains. First Aid/Safety certification a plus or must be obtained within 6 months of hiring. Salary commensurate upon qualifications and experience. Contact Rich at 973-835-1665 or fox resume to 973-835-6225 or e-mail us at Eastern National Academy, 210 West Parkway, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444. Http:// COACHES NEEDED - Will-Moor School of Gymnastics is looking for coaches for boys and girls teams. We are located in Mt. laurel, New Jersey 30 minutes from Philadelphia and 1hour from the jersey shore. Our company offers competitive salaries, health, dental, 401 K, vacations and opportunities to earn extra money. Contact Kevin at 609-714-3356 or 856-234-5292. RECREATIONAL PROGRAM DIRECTOR/ INSTRUCTOR. Taos Gymnastics Academy, located in the beautiful mountains of Northern New Mexico is seeking a full or part-time experienced and enthusiastic Recreational Program Director/Instructor. Candidate must love teaching, be highly motivated and demonstrate a fun, positive approach to teaching all ages. Must also be interested in helping to implement group programs involving social economical, culturally diverse and at-risk students. Salary commensurate with experience. Submit a cover letter, resume and 3 letters of recommendation to: Taos Gymnastics Academy, Attn: Teresa Bertoncin, 5627 NDCBU, Taos, NM 87571. For further information or FAX, 505-758-3200. POSTIONS AVAILABLE: Fairfax Gymnastics Academy, close to Washington D.C. in Northern Virginia, is looking for an experienced optional/compulsory girls coach/ choreographer, who is a strong technician and spotter. We also need recreational coaches with good basics who spot, for preschool classes through teens. All coaches must be career minded, dedicated and friendly. Safety certification a plus. Full and parttime positions available. Send references and resume to: Fairfax Gymnastics Academy, 3729 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA 22031 or either fax or call 703-323-8050. NORTH ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS. TEAM COACHES/ RECREATIONAL INSTRUCTORS: Palaestra Gymnastic Academy a state-of-the-art facility located 25 minutes north

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tJV;;'IUUI! C\\lcwault:


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available '" buy this .. sell '" this • sell that • for ;~8ie


" wantE3d • pO'Sition available" buv

of Boston needs qualified, dedicated and responsible team players. We are seeking preschool, recreational girls/boys and team Levels 2-10 coaches. Salary commensurate with experience. If you are highly motivated, enthusiastic and love kids send your resume with salary requirements to Kathy at 25 Orchard Hill Rd., North Andover, MA 01845 or call 978-687-7777 or e-mail us at GYMNASTICS' INSTRUCTOR & COMPULSORY jOPTIONAL COACHES. All-Star Gymnastics is seeking a dedicated teacher, who likes working withchildren, teaching beginner to intermediate level gymnastics skills. Experienced coaches needed for Levels 4-10. Salary commensurate with experience. Send resume or call: Tom Bonacci @ All-Star Gymnastics Center, 5 Kidder Rd., Chelmsford, MA 01824 - fax: (978)256-7779, phone: (978)256-7766. GYMNASTICS COACH. North Carolina gym seeks experienced coach capable of directing Trampoline and Power Tumbling team and coaching pre-school through competitive level boys' and girls' gymnastics programs. Requires Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and two years experience in coaching trampoline and power tumbling. Send resume to Pyramids Tumblebees, 6904 Downwind Road, Greensboro, NC 27409. Attn: Dan.

FOR SALE SCORE MASTER, the most widely used Competition Management software, just got better! Announcing the WINDOWS version. This score keeping system is very easy-ta-use and has an extensive on-line help. Supports: womens/ mens, individual/team, artistic/rhythmic, comp/ opfional compefifions. The most comprehensive reporting available. Comes with a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee. For more info contact: Mark Mahoney, POB 31421, Charlotte, NC, 282311421, (704) 523-1812 or web SITe: www.scoremaster. com (software demo, info guide and user listing on web site). GYMSTAR - SOFTWARE FOR YOUR GYM! Vela Technologies proudly introduces GymSTAR, a feature-rich management system combining all of the class scheduling and student management features your gym needs with solid accounting and administration features that all small businesses require in one powerful, yet easy to use package. GymSTAR was designed and built by software profeSSionals working in close cooperation with one of the largest gymnastics schools in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to GymSTAR, we offer a host of other hardware, software, and Internet services. Find out more about GymSTAR and Vela Technologies online at

GymNerd2000 - GYMNASTIC SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. Maintains database of student accounts, classes, tuition, and payments. Features sophisticated tuition engine, automatic multiclass discounts, automatic reenrollment with memorized invoices. Keeps track of payments, automatic late fees, waitlists, tuition prorating, class switching and dropping, trial classes, makeups, Pro· Shop and events scheduling. At your fingertips are class rosters and attendance sheets, class openings, instructor schedules/ attendance, invoices/statements, mailing labels. Password protected managerial revenues reports sorted by revenue types. Easy to learn, intuitive, user friendly. Contact: MassData Database Systems. Phone: (617)923·9977. URL: Email: CLASS CONTROL for windows 95/98. Class Management and Accounts Receivable software. Packed with features, easy to use, and networkable. Includes easy class assignments, automatic tuition calculation, family and special discounts, rosters, additional charges, sales tax support, late payment charges, early payment discounts, invoices, payment due reports, financial summaries, instructor schedules, mailing labels, waiting lists, makeup lists, context sensitive help, and much more. Also includes support for direct debit payments. Only $500 ($250 per additional workstation) and includes free training and unlimited technical support at no charge. Call Vaughn Software Services at 800· 821·8516, PO Box 1086, Apex, NC 27502. v s AMEX/MC/VISA EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: ALL SPIETH ANDERSON. Ultra spacesaver uneven bars; entire cube foam Hoor with velcro, cover, foam perimeter, and corner safety mats; landing mats for beam and bars (7.5 x 12 x 12); chalk buckets; reinforced folding mat (7.5 x 15 x 12); beam leg mats; vinyl tunnel; 1 chim 2 incline; foam steps; european toadstool with pommel; pommel horse mats; exercise equipment· Pro Form-elliptical trainers & excercycles. Contact Spring S. Allen at 716·627 ·1461.

AWESOME GYM FOR SALE in Southwest Louisiano. 12,000 square feet, full staff, 500 students, 200 on waiting list, great porents, 20 years in business. Asking $500,000. Owner financing available for right person. New owner con expect first year solory of 560,000 to 580,000 or more. Own your own gym and take odvantage of O~mpic surge. Phone 337-625-3547. SUCCESSFUL GYMNASTICS BUSINESS FOR SALE. Owners retiring. Good lease greot loeotion. Reasonably priced. Write for details: P.O. Box 451044, Wesllake, Ohio 44145.

SEMINARS GET CONTROL OF YOUR BUSINESS: Find out why, since 1991, 15%+ (and growing) of all USA GymClub owners have made the decision to invesi 4·1/2days of iheir mreer ai ihe GymGub Owners' BOOT CAMP. The basic premise behind BOOT CAMP is that there are replicable and documentable reasons why some Gym Clubs perpetually grow while others perpetually Hounder. Following BOOT CAMP strategies, my single club, Queen City Gymnastics, has grown for 25 years straight (Olympic cycle be darned), starting with zero enrollment in 1975 and growing to 4,000+ and $3M this year. Understand, this unparalleled growth record is not an accident: it is because we have followed the exact strategies we teach at BOOT CAMP. BOOT CAMP attacks mediocrity beeouse it focuses on cures not symptoms. Anybody can offer a great seminar with great ideas:so does BOOT CAMP. But only BOOT CAMP also immerses you in an integrated collection of strategies proven to alter mindsets, grow businesses and change lives. I GUARANTEE BOOT CAMP will be the best investment you ever moke. Contact me today for your FREE PORTFOLIO, complete with testimonials and agenda. 2000 camps: Nov. 16-20 and Mar. 15·19, 2001.; JEFF METZGER: (513) 489-7575. email. (leave U.S. address).

HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD 1-100 words = $100 101-200 words =$200 Your ad in Tedmique will automatically be placed online for 30 days of no add~ional marge. The address ~: www.usa· Your 30 days will begin on the next regular posting date. DEADLINES ISSUE DEADLINE fOR AD AND PAYMENT RATES

~~~i~~:::::: :::· : ::::::: : ·:: :ri: ~g :;I:::::::::::::::: : ::::::::::: ::t::.· llg June ...

............ May 10


Sept/Oct. ........................ Aug. 10 Nov./Dec ......................... Oct. 10 NOTE: If 'he 'O,h faU. an a w..hnd or ""//day, 'he preceding wark day I. con.ldered ,h. dHdIine.


Mail your ad and payment to: USA GymnastiG, Pan American Plaza 20 I S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fax to 317·237·5069. IF YOU FAX, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER, EXPIRAnON DATE AND SIGNATURE. Please designate if your ad should appear in Technique magazine or USA Gymnastics magazine. ADS SUBMmED WITHOUT PAYMENT Will NOT BE PUBLISHED. USA Gymnastics reserves the right to vary fonnot. Technique is received br more than 13,000 USA Gymnastics professiono members plus thousands of viewers will be exposed to your ad online. Advertise your employment opportunity, product, service, or competition here for great results. Questions? Call luon Pemk at 317-237·5050 ext. 246.

- - - - - - - - - - - { ( TEe H H IOU E • SEPT / OCT 2000 )1---------------:.;;4;-;;5~1

SCHEDULE W= Women M= Men

TR =Trampoline TU = Tumbling

R= Rhythmic GG = General Gymnastics

NOTE: Dates and events sub;ect to change or cancellation.



DATE CITY EVENT 1.J. Maxx Tour of World Gymnastics Oct. 12Champions Dec. 14 40 U.S. cities Reese's Gymnastics Cup




NBC Sports 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

• Oct. 20

New Orleans, laoNov. 1B

Pontiac International Team Nov. 11 -12 Richmond, Va. Championships

NBC Sports 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Dec. 16 (M) 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Dec. 17(W) NBC Sports 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.


Call for a free ---, video and brochure : (coaches and gym : owners onty) :


1-800-331-~362 rI=-=6---------------{( 4

TEe H N IQ U E •

SEPT / 0 CT 2000 ) f - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SCHEDULE W= Women M= Men

R= Rhythmic GG = General Gymnastics

TR = Trampoline TU = Tumbling

NOTE: Dates and events subject to change or cancel/ation.




0 Sydney, AUS Portland, OR Virginia Beach, VA

Pan Am Jr. Championships (R - Ind. & Group) Post-Olympic Tour (M/W/ R/TR/TU) Notional TOPs Testing - East (W) Notional TOPs Testing - West (W) Reese's Gymnastics Cup (M/W) PAGU Children's Interdub Championships FIG Intercontinental Judges Course (R)

Son Felipe, VEN Various Sites Indianapolis, IN 20Phoenix, AZ New Orleans, LA 22Merida, Yucotan, MEX Rome, ITA

Pontiac International Team Championships (M/WSrs.) FIG Congress Future Stars Notional Championships (M) Coaches Workshop (M) Fall TeamGymn Classic (GG)

Richmond, VA Marrakech, MAR Colo. Springs, CO Colo. Springs, CO TBD TBD

Notional TOPs Training Camp (W) USA Gymnastics Executive Committee/ Boord Meetings FIG Intercontinental Judges Course (Ml Classic Gym Fest and Instructor School (GG) Trampoline World Cup Finals (TR)

Tulsa, OK Indianapolis, IN Prague, CZE Sea World, Orlando, Fl Dessau, GER

NOVEMBER 11 -12 13-15 16-18 19


J.O. Notional Championships (M) level 10 J.O. Notional Championships (W) level 9 East/West Championships (W)

Minneapolis, MN Eugene, OR TBD

J.O. Notional Championships, Individual & Group (R) level 9 Championships (R) Notional GymFest &PAGU Invitational Gym Fest (GG) Elite Regianals (W) Notional Gym Fest (GG) American Sokol Notional Slet (GG)

TBD TBD Sea World, Orlando, Fl TBD Nashville, TN (tentative) Detroit, MI

Rhythmic Eastern/Western I (R) U.s. Classic/ Notional Gymnastics Festival (W) Rhythmic Eastern/Western II (R) World Championships &Age Group Gomes (TR/TU) U.S. Challenge (W) Elite Regionals (international Only) (W)


U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/ R) USA Gymnastics Notional Cong ress World Gomes (R/TR/TU) World University Gomes CongressFest (GG)

Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA Akita, JPN Beijing, CH N TBD


Olympic Gomes (M/W/R/TR) Region 2 Congress (W) Region 7 Congress (W)

OCTOBER 9-15 12-Dec. 14 13-15 22 20 2B 30 - Nov. 5

USA Gymnastics Notional Invitationa l Tournament (W)

MAY 3-6 12-13 19-20

SEPTEMBER 16 - Ocl. 1 22-24 29-0cl. 1


1-3 16-17 22-24 TBD TBD TBD

JULY 8-9 20-22 22-23 26-Aug.4 TBD TBD

AUGUST 8-11 8-11 16-26 22-Sept. 1 August TBD

DECEMBER 6-10 8-10 13-20 15-17 16





JANUARY 13-19 TBD 22-26 25-31

FIG Intercontinental Judges Course (W) Visa Gymnastics Series Qualifier I (M/W) Continental Judges Course ( R) FIG Intercontinental Judges Course (TR/TU)

Arnhem, NED TBD los Angeles, CA Bratislava, SVK

FEBRUARY TBD Visa Gymnastics Series Qualifier II (M/W) 6-10 FIG Continental Brevet Course (W) 9-10 USA Gymnastics Winter Cup Challenge (M) 11-15- - -USA-Gymnastics Continental Brevet Course (W) TBD American Classic & Americon Challenge (W) 24 Visa American Cup (M/W)

TBD Indianapolis, IN TBD Indianapolis, IN TBD Orlando, Fl

MARCH 2-3 Rhylhmic Challenge ( R) TBD 16-17 Pontiac International Team Championships (M/W Srs/ Jrs) TBD 31 - Apr. 1 F irst dote for level 9/ 10 State Meets (W) Various Sites

APRIL 5-8 7 12-15 19-21 21 -22 28-29 TBD -

NCAA Notional Championships (M) NCAA Regionals (W) Various Sites April 7-8 lost dote for level 9/ 10 State Meets (W) USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (M/W) NCAA Notional Championships (W) level 9/ 10 Regional Championships (W) lost dote for level 9 Regional Championships (W) NCAA Regionals (M)

- - - - -- --

- --

Columbus, OH Various Sites TBD Athens, GA TBD TBD TBD

- -- -(

TEe H N 10 U E â&#x20AC;˘


World Team Trials (M/W)


Rhylhmic World Championships- Individuals (R) Artistic World Championships (M/W) TOPs Notional Testing -West (W) TOPs Notional Testing - East (W) Reese's Gymnastics Cup (M/W)

Vienna. AUT Ghent, BEL TBD TBD TBD

OCTOBER 20-29 28- Nov. 4 TBD TBD TBD


Future Stars Notional Championships (M)



Classic Gym Fest & Instructor School (GG) TOPs Notional Training Camp (W)




Sea World, Orlando, Fl TBD


FEBRUARY TBD USA Gymnastics Winter Cup Challenge (M) TBD Americon Classic & Challenge (W) Feb. 28 - Mar. 2 Visa American Cup (M/W)

T8D TBD Orlando, Fl

MARCH 16-17 23-24 22-23 TBD

(#1 of 2) level 10 State Meets (W) (#2 of 2) level 10 State Meets (W) Pontiac International Team Championships (M/W Srs/Jrs) Rhylhmic Challenge (R)

Various Sites Various Sites TBD TBD

NCAA Regianals (W) level 9/ 10 Regional Championships (W) level 10 Regional Championships (W) NCAA Notional Championships (W)

Various Sites TBD TBD Tuscoloosa, Al

APRIL 6 6-7 13-14 18-20

SEPT / 0 CT 2000 )}-----------------,4::-:7~1

The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website LATE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT GUARANTEED A BOOK OR ADMISSION TO THE COURSE. Monday, (by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard TIme) is the last day registrations will be accepted for courses being conducted the following weekend. Registrations received alter that time or on site will be charged an additional $25. Minimum age for Safely CerlUilalion is 16 years. 18 is minimum age for Professional Membership.

SEPTEMBER 2000 15 Waynesboro, PA; course Ir09152000pa; Rainbow Gymnastics, Inc.; Instructor: R. Lynn Ross 717-762-0448 17 Bethlehem, PA; 9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.; course pf09172000pa; Girls &Boys COOp, 635 East Broad St.; Local contacl: Sandy Greiner 610-861-9151; Instructor: Phil Frank 856-786-3977 17 Mukilteo, WA; 7:30-11:30 a.m.; course kd09172000wa; GYMagine Gymnastics; Instr: Kelly Donyes 425-513-8700 17 Woodland Hills, CA; 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.; course n909172000ca; Nikki's Gymnastics, 20855 Ventura Blvd Ste #5, Local contacl: Nikki Watkinson 818-888-7604; Instructor: Nicki Geigert 760-943-6986 17 Auburn, MA; 1-5 p.m.; course sd09172000ma; Ramada Inn; Instructor: SteveDiTullio 978-897 -8184 17 Omaha, NE; 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.; course dc09172000ne; Premier Gymnastics; Local contacl:

Linda Books 402-895-4937; Instructor: David Contreras 402-331-4701 , 402-895-2721 17 Boise, ID; 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.; course jt09172000id; 5420 W. State; Instructor: Jim TIghe 208-853-3220 17 Springfield, IL; 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.; course ep09172000i1; Midstate Gymnastics Academy; Local contacl: Randy Peebles 217 -787 -7004; Instructor: Edgar Pulido 630-784-9867 22 Portland, OR; 1-5 p.m.; course rs092220000r; Multnomah Athletic Club; Instructor: Ruth Sandoz 503-246-0818 22 Powell, OH; 5:30-9:30 p.m.; course bf092220000h; Buckeye Gymnastics; Local contacl: Dave Holcomb 614-793-1936; Instructor: Bobbi MontanariFahrnbach 614-777-9430 23 Edison, NJ; 4-9 p.m.; course el09232000nj; Henderson's Gymnastics, 216 Tingley La; Instructor: Cathy Finkel 973-335-1943, 908-769-8746 23 West Babylon, NY; 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.; use ek09232000ny; BK Gymnastic Center; Instr: Ed Konopa 631-422-0116 23 Grand Forks, ND; 1-5 p.m.; course nd09232000nd; Red River Valley Gymn; Instr: Nadine Davies 701 -772-2818 28 Virginia Beach, VA; 6-10 p.m.; course jp09282000va; Local contacl: Steve Kass 215-345-6094; Instructor: John Perna 410-857-8316 23 Park City, UT; 3-7 p.m.; course kh09232000ut; Black Diamond Gymnastics; Instructor: Katy Heddens 435-615-1800

OCTOBER 2000 6 Penfield, NY; 4-8 p.m.; course sc 10062000ny; The Gymnastics Training Center; Instructor: Sarah Jane Clifford 716-388-8686, 716-381-8840 21 Hilliard, OH; 4-8 p.m.; course bfl 02120000h; Universal Gymnasts, Inc.; 2881 Scioto Darby Executive Court; Instructor: Bobbi Farhnbach 614-457-1279; 614-876-2930 21 RobbinSVille, NJ; 4-9 p.m.; course el10212000nj; Connections Gymnastics, 1100 Rt 130; Instructor: Cathy Finkel 973-335-1943, 609-259-8822 21 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA; 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.; California Elite Sports Center; Local contact: Georgette Cutler or Ida Howard 949-589-1512; Instructor: Nicki Geigert760-943-7146

NOVEMBER 2000 3 Minot, ND; 6 - 10 p.m.; course ndlll 032000nd; Minot Gymnastics; Local contacl: Pam Tweeten 701 -852-4585; Instructor: Nadine Davies 701-772-2818

DECEMBER 2000 2 Palmdale, CA; 1:30-5:30 p.m.; course ng 12022000ca; Antelope Valey (AV) Twisters; Local contact: Eric Iversen 661-273-4961 ; Instructor: Nicki Geigert 760-943-6986

JANUARY 200 1 7 Denver, CO; 1-5 p.m. course bsOl012001co; Location to be announced; Instructor: Betsy Sprague 303-341-4778

r--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 I I


Name: Soc. Sec. # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Birlh Date _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address:


City: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State: _ _ _ ___ Zip: _ _ _ _ __ Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ __ _ (W) Course Code: : Course City/ State: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ Date:

COST: Pro-Member with Current Safety Certification wishing to recertify .......................................................... no charge Pro-Member with Expired or New Safety Certification ............ S 50.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ S 50.00 Non-Member or Associate Member ........................................ S 100.00 * You must have your USA Gymnastics number or dote applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount.

Monday, (by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) is the last day registrations will be accepted lor courses being conducted the lollowing weekend. Registrations received alter that time or on site will be charged an additional 525.











: Professional or Inslructor #: : I Form of Payment: 0 VISA

Current Safety Exp. Date:

0 MasterCard 0 Discover 0 American Express


I Payment Amount: i Name on Card: : I Number: : I Exp. Date: ___


• All materials (including the Safety Handbook) for 4th Cycle courses are provided ot the course and ore port of the course fee. • Certification is valid for four years.

Please make checks payable, in full, to USA Gymnastics Safety Certification Mail registration form and payment to:


/ _ _ Signature:

USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212







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Technique Magazine - September/October 2000  

Technique Magazine - September/October 2000