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BASIC SKILLS ACHIEVEMENT PROGRAM (BSAP) Designed for boys programs with classes which meet one hour per week. The BSAP forms the foundation of the USGF Men's Program. The four levels of the BSAP prepare the gymnast to participate in the Olympic Development Program (ODP) and the Junior Olympic Competitive Program (JOCP). BSAP is a list of skills which instructors check off and date to record the progress of each gymnast. Records of each student's progress in the program are kept on skill cards and wall charts with the date the skill is successfully performed. A n awards system is designed to recognize the successful accomplishment of skills of each level with patches, chevrons and certificates. Item No. 51 52 53

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Description Basic Skills Achievement Booklet - complete description of program and skills BSAP Video - Demonstration of all of the skills BSAP Patch - This is the 1st identification award given when entering the program Chevrons - See below BSAP Wall Chart - Use this to keep track of the students' progress BSAP Report Card - Maintain an individual record of each student's progress BSAP Achievement Certificate -


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OLYMPIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (ODP) Formerly called the Skills Testing Program, the philosophy has always been to identify the most talented and promising gymnasts in the United States. The most important goal, however, is the education and training of both the gymnast and the coach while they are involved in the program and in any camps to which they might qualify. Finally the program is designed to place gymnasts on the various national teams for the purpose of international development and competition. 60 61 62 63

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Booklet - Skill descriptions and skill testing materials Video - Complete demonstration Award's Patch - This is the 1st award given when entering the program Certificate (Gold) - Awarded for 90% skill attainment score or higher Certificate (Silver) - Awarded for 80-89% skill attainment score Certificate (Bronze) - Awarded for 70-79% skill attainment score


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The objectives of this program are to establish a shorter time period of competition and better evaluation of the lower level athletes. Additionally to make transition from one class to abother easier, to de-emphasize winning and stress individual achievement at the lower classes, YET allow the top athletes to rise to their highest level of achievement, to reduce the required number of skills and streamline the evaluation process. Modified optionals, required basic skills and other aspects are included in competition at local, state, regional and national levels. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

1993-'96 Compulsory Book - all of the routines with illustrations and deductions 1993-'96 Compulsory Video - demonstration of all of the exercises Age Group Award's Patch Chevron (Green) - Recognition award for Class VII Chevron (White) - Recognition award for Class VI Chevron (Red) - Recognition award for Class V Chevron (Blue) - Recognition award for Class IV Chevron (Bronze) - Recognition award for Class III Chevron (Silver) - Recognition award for Class II Chevron (Gold) - Recognition award for Class I Artistic Gymnastics (Turoff) -Supplemental Coach's Reading

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