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OO~rnffiu~ Marsden .Assumes Top U.S. Women's Gymnastics Post


has produced six straight national team championships, nine individual national champions, and 62 NCAA All Americans-all since starting the Utah program from scratch 12 years ago. The Soviet Union has won every women's world team title since 1952-except for 1979, when a Romanian squad headed by Nadia Comaneci dethroned the Russian women. Marsden will be working with all of the personal coaches of gymnasts on the U.S. Gymnastics Team. These personal coaches will become the equivalent of a national coaching staff. Marsden's administrative duties include heading up national team training camps, evaluating athlete progress, and getting -the latest research in the sports sciences into the hands of the personal coaches. Marsden will also serve as

the u.s. Team Coach for the Pan American Games, the 1987 World Championships, and the 1988 Olympics. The personal coaches of individual athletes on the teams will form the u.s. coaching staff at these competitions. Jacki also announced that Marsden will have two assistant national program administrators. Delene Darst, of Atlanta, Georgia, and Bill Sands, Marsden's assistant coach at Utah, will be lending judging, technical, and scientific expertise to the U.S. team effort. Darst is an internationally certified Brevet judge and has been a leading force in judging and technical advances in the U.S. program for more than 20 years. Sands, a member of the U.S. coaching staff since 1978, also serves as research coordinator for the USGF and the Elite Coaches Association.

reg Marsden, winner of six straight national gymnastics team titles as head coach of the University of Utah's women's team, has been named to the top post of the U.S. national program by the United States Gymnastics Federation (USGF). Marsden, while retaining his coaching duties at Utah, will assume the new role of National Women's Program Administrator and National Women's Team Coach. The appointment was made I - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i by Mike Jacki, executive director of the USGF. The USGF, based in Indianapolis, selects and trains the U.S. national gymnastics team, including the athletes who compete in the Olympics, Pan American Games and World Championships. Marsden's new post was created in a restructuring move, aimed at preparing the U.S. Gymnastics Team for the 1988 and 1992 Olympics. "We went after a winner," Jacki said, "a coach who had a qyM 'T1?JXTN, Inc. invites you to t:aK.!. aavanIilf/e of tIie ':SPJlC'E proven record of excellence-both SJl'VE!lt', an ancfwring system lesignd to motfify ifze tiaaitioTlllf caEfing in the gym and as a top-flight set '!P for 'Uneven 'Bars anaJ{;9fi 'Bar. It permits an e;dstinggym to cfumge its lmJout to permit new stations, more space, without newgym construcadministrator. Greg Marsden tion. brings to the U.S. program an uncanny ability to produce teams that win, and win consistently." • compatible with all Uneven Bar and High Bar In making the appointment, systems. Jacki stressed that the operative • tested to meet and exword in Marsden's new job will be ceed conventional cable teamwork. "We've got the most systems in strength talented group of elite coaches in • will give you oack as much as 150 feet of floor the world," Jacki said. "It will be plan. Greg's job to organize and focus their talents, to get them working " You'[ Wonder Wflat You together toward the ultimate goal Ever DU{ Without TFtem!" of the U .S. program: winning a world team championship." GYM-TRIX, Inc. 68 Knox Marsh Rd .,. Dover, N .H . For Marsden, that will not be Bart Wyman, Sales 603-749-2827 an easy task, even for a coach who 45

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USA Gymnastics - May/June 1987  

USA Gymnastics - May/June 1987