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Competition for the Junior National Team was fierce. Above, from the left, are the members of that team. They are: Robin Garinger, Casey Van Loon (all-around winner), Cindy Mount, Jennifer Lovell, Julia Rowell and KristlAlt.

Rounding out the top 10 was veteraJ?- ~om­ petitor Wendy HIllIard who suffered problems with her rope (8.95) and clubs (8.50) routines but was able to compensate with strong hoop (9.10) and ribbon (9.20) routines. She finished just ahead of Michelle McElroy of Kiro's Rhythmics.

Junior All-Around With the domination of the Los Angeles Lights for so many years, the 1987 Junior National Championships shed some light on what should be the trend of the future. Parody throughout the country has been an area that has been lacking in rhythmic gymnastics up to this point. The results are a testimony of how the sport is growing. In a very closely contested battle, Casey VanLoon of Illinois Rhythmics edged Jennifer Lovell, Miami Twisters, and Kristl Alt of Alt's Gymnastics School for the title. VanLoon, who began the final day in second, used consistent routines in rope and hoop to surpass the .50 lead Alt had after the first round. Lovell used con-


secutive 8.50s to edge into second spot. Cindy Mount of Illinois Rhythmics placed fourth, followed by Robin Garinger, Los Angeles Lights, and Julia Rowell, United Gymnastics Academy, who placed fifth and sixth respectively to round out the Junior National Team.

Senior Event Finals Event finals provided another look at the all-around routines and gave Simpson the chance to avenge her dropped club. With performances of 9.40 and above, she won or tied, for three of the four titles. She tied Kunyavsky in rope and won outright the hoop and ribbon competitions. The clubs event was special as Kunyavsky waltzed away with this title. What made her routine stand above the rest was her choice of accompaniment: she chose drum. It was the first time she had competed this routine. In fact she just started to pra~tice it after regionalso Considering the genuine outpouring of emotion and confidence she portrayed during the routine, she was well deserving of the 9.65. She received a 9.70 for that routine in the all-around competition and those were the highest scores awarded during the whole meet. Tanko also performed her rope routine to a different kind of accompaniment. Her bongo background fit well and only some technical problems during finals kept her from a

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USA Gymnastics - May/June 1987  

USA Gymnastics - May/June 1987