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Eligibility Questions & Answers This section provides answers to commonly asked eligibility questions. These questions are answered only as they apply to USGF eligibility rules. The NCAA, high schools and other athletic associations may have different, more restrictive, rules. Questions regarding the eligibility standards of those organizations should be addressed directly to them. 1. QUESTION: What are the USaF rules regarding sponsorships for athletes? ANSWER: Gymnasts may be paid to act as spokespersons, perform in television commercials or print advertisements, model gymnastics apparel in catalogs, and take part in other commercial acti vi ties on behalf of a company, provided, 1) that the gymnast receives advance approval from the USGF, 2) that the company is a sponsor of the United States Gymnastics Federation, and 3) that all funds are deposited in USGFTRUST. For information regarding USGF Sponsors, call (317) 638-8743. 2. QUESTION: May gymnasts accept contributions? ANSWER: Yes, gymnasts may receive contributions through USGF TRUST to defray the cost of training and competition. Contributions deposited in USGF TRUST may not be treated by the donor as tax deductible ~ontributions to a charity. 3. QUESTION: What is the difference between a sponsorship and a contribution? ANSWER: A sponsor receives advertising or other recognizable ben-

efits through its association with the gymnast or the sport of gymnastics; and the company is required to pay a sponsorship fee to the USGF for this association. A contribution is considered a gift in which the donor receives no advertising or other comparable benefits. 4. QUESTION: May a booster organization or gymnastics club establish trust funds for gymnasts, perform fund-raising activities for individual gymnasts, or receive contributions for specific gymnasts? ANSWER: No, because the rules of the international gymnastics federation require that such funds come through the USGF Any funds raised or designated for a specific gymnast must be deposited in USGF TRUST. Clubs do, however, have complete discretion with regard to funds dedicated to the general benefit of the club and its members.

is not out of proportion to the payment normally received for like work in that area of the country. 7. QUESTION: What should I do if I am not certain whether an activity will jeopardize my eligibility to compete in gymnastics? ANSWER: The USGF has a fulltime employee to help you. Write or call the USGF Eligibility Administrator at (317) 638-8743.

USGF Grievance Procedures

5. QUESTION: What are the I. Filing The Complaint Any member of the United guidelines for determining when a modeling or acting job States Gymnastics Federation must comply with USaF eligi- ("USGF"), whether an organization or individual, may file a Combility rules? ANSWER: A gymnast must com- plaint with USGF relating to the ply with the rules of the USGF if selection of the National Team or he/she represents a gymnast in the opportunity to participate in dress, skill, gymnastics setting or the Olympic Games, the Pan American Games, the World billing. Following are examples: Championships, international • Modeling a leotard competition or any gymnastics • Performing a back flip injeans • Discussing the merits of good competition organized or sanctioned nutrition while leaning against by USGF To be considered the Complaint must: a balance beam • Being billed as an Olympic A. be submitted in writing to the Executive Director of USGF; medalist in a television show B. be signed by the Complainant; and A gymnast who appears in a television commercial in which there C. include a concise statement of the conduct complained of is no association with gymnastics and the relief sought. may receive direct payment. II. Processing The Complaint 6. QUESTION: Maya competIf the Complaint relates to a ing gymnast be paid as a gym- gymnast's eligibility to compete nastics teacher, coach or clini- under the rules ofthe USGF Eligician? bility Code, the Complaint will be ANSWER: Yes, provided the gym- referred to the Chairman of the nast is not being paid for hislher USGF Eligibility Committee for athletic performance and the fee consideration in a manner consis36




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USA Gymnastics - January/February 1987  

USA Gymnastics - January/February 1987