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Now-the dazzling new book by America's#l gymnast! Don Perdue

His own amazing story... a fascinating view of the sport ...over 200 spectacular photographs.

KURT THOMAS ON GYMNASTICS by Kurt Thomas and Kent Hannon

Kurt Thomas needs no introduction to gymnastics enthusiasts. The New York Times called him the Baryshnikov and the Balanchine of the sport. He has almost single-handedly raised men's gymnastics from an obscure college sport into not only one of the most popular spectator sports in America, but one of the fastest-growing participant sports in the country. The most decorated athlete in gymnastics history, he became the first gymnast to win the coveted Sullivan Award as the top amateur 'f\thlete of the Year~ ' Now, with former Sports Illus trated writer Kent Hannon, Kurt Thomas has written this extraordinary book that is both an inspiring personal drama as well as a true behind-thescenes analysis of what really goes on in the sport.

From Obscurity to International Fame ... From Training Tips to Judging Scandals You'll read all about how Kurt got started at Miami Central High School, his incredible progress as a college gymnast and his own impressions of life as a media figure. You'll share the rigors and strains of Kurt's training program-the weight exercises, the warm -ups, and the endless perfecting of the routines from the floor routines to the rings, high bar, pommel horse, and parallel bars. Kurt shares his views about Russian and Japanese training, and provides an exciting diary of his triumphant victory as the first American to win a gold medal in international competition in almost half a century. With their insiders' perspective, Kurt Thomas and Kent Hannon trace the evolution of gymnastics from a curiosity to its huge international popularity today. They discuss the common traits

and personalities of gymnasts and what it takes to succeed in the sport. They define the jargon of gymnastics, expose the scandals of international judging, and tell you how to watch competitions with a more discerning eye. Throughout the book, the more than 200 photos illustrate the highlights in Kurt's career, and at the sam e tim e provide a brilliant pictorial record of his techniques, including a series of schematic diagrams detailing his world-famous floor exercise. Many photographs show other international stars in action , as well as apparatus, officials, coaches, and special gymnastic routines.

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USGF News - May/June 1980  

USGF News - May/June 1980