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UNITED STATES GYMNASTICS FEDERATION NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM FOR PRIVATE CLUBS, SCHOOLS AND GYMNASTICS TRAINING PROGRAMS Effective June 1, 1979, the U.S.G.F. will initiate a National Membership Program . This program will serve the gymnastics community with numerous benefits for coaches, athletes and gymnastics students. MEMBERSHIP FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL: $8.50 (This membership includes owners, coaches, and all staff members.) BENEFITS FOR PARTICIPATING MEMBERS: *$1,000,000.00 Comprehensive Legal Libil ity Policy for your private school , club or gymnastics training center, this policy also includes Trampoline coverage. *$10,000.00 Non-deductible Accident Insurance Policy which covers all gymnastics related injuries 24 hours day in any and all gymnastics training situations. The policy is transferable to other clubs, trainings programs or summer camps.


*Certificate of Insurance for all U.S.G .F. Events hosted by your club. *U.S.G.F. Membership Card and decal for all participating members.

If your program is to receive all Insurance benefits (including participants legallibility of $1,000,000.00) 100% participation is required by all athletes and students.


Beginning now for the 1979-1980 gymnastics season: The United States Gymnastics Federation will have a MANDATORY National Registration Program. All gymnasts, men and women, desiring to compete in U.S.G .F. events must be registered with the U.S.G .F. national office. ATHLETES REGISTRATION FEE : $10.00 per year (Sept. - August) INCLUDES: $10,000.00 Non-deductable Accident Insurance Policy for those participating in any U.S.G.F. Event; U.S.G.F. Registration Card ; U.S.G.F. Decal.

For additional information , school or club membership forms, and/or athlete registration forms please contact the National office.


G ymnas tics News/ May-June, 1979

Profile for USA Gymnastics

USGF News - May/June 1979  

USGF News - May/June 1979