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landing dismounts, and severa l falls by both teams . We had over 1.0 in deductions for th e di smounts and landings, one fall at 0.5, and many small deductions for lack of complete amplitude, fluency, and dynamic presentation. Rumania suffered two fa ll s, one incomplete dismount, and the same type of deductions as stated above . Com aneci, however, worked well to earn 9.75; Wilcox and Ungureanu followed with 9.6 5. Each USA Gymnast is capable of scoring 0 .2 to 0.4 higher than what occurred. In spite of fatigue the USA gir ls worked beam wel l with one fall and one major break to score 46.80, 0.8 better than our previous score in Toronto. Most of th e faults were for minor balance errors of not more than 0.1 and smal l hes itations. In ge neral the routines needed to show a slightly faster pace and greater air of confidence. Risk, good technical value of composition, styl e, and elegance is definit ely there. Debbie Wilcox performed a fantastic front somersau lt with superior height and stab ility in landing . Th e USA is superior in styling and connections. Rumania sco red only 47.40 due to a fa ll by Coman eci, who still managed to earn 9.30. ¡ The Rumanians w ere superior in performan ce of medium and superior difficulties ¡ in series, such as continuous fli c- flacs, an aerial cartwheel into an immedi ate flic-flac, and series dismounts preceded by cartwheels and roundoffs. Ungureanu placed first with 9.80, and Manv ill e tied w ith Grigoras for 9.55. In floor exercise the USA girls equal led their compulsory . score of 48.35 and performed with more brilliance than in the first Qualifying Match. Art Maddox played for the entire team and must be recognized for his dedicated work, in particular, in learn ing two of the selections after arr iving in Tu cson . Th e team composition, general amplitude of tumbling, acrobatics, and dance was exce ptional. Both Howard and Manv ille displayed mature, elegant, and expressive routines charact er istic of wor ld class winners, scoring 9.8 and 9.75 respectively . Rumania edged the USA by .15 to score 48.50, led by Nadia Comaneci with a 9.95. Her double back somersault showed full amplitude during the rotations and a full opening before landing. Th e technical value and execution of her routine was as near perfect as possible. The musical arrangements for all the Rumanian gymnasts tastefully incorporated jazz, modern rhythm gymnastics, and acrobatic and tumbling elements. Th e

artistry of th eir pianist and th e se lect ions augumented the routines grea tl y . Our overal l tota l ca me to 379.20, which was 1.9 less than t he Ruma nian total of 381.10. A s it now stands, the average t eam score fr om the t wo USA Qualification Matches is 377 .20. It is most unfortunate that we do not have another chance to improve thi s mark, since it is most obvio us t hat we are capable of performing even better and receiv ing the appropriate m ar ks. We have considerable depth of f ield in th e USA and have exce ll ent gymna st s th at have not even had the opportunity t o com pet e in one of these match es. Fo r tho se who their coaches, we competed and commend t hem highly fo r the ir excel lent dedication and work . Th ese m at ches have been very good for our gymnasts in thi s Olympic Yea r. It is not oft en t hat o ur gir ls have the opportunity to compet e as a team unless it be an Olymp ic, Worl d Games, or Pam -Am Gam es year . Through these team experiences, th e girl s get to know one another as a t eammat e, not a riva l and additiona lly get exposure to th e Olympic Coaching Staff, intern ation al team regulations, and discipli ne. A specia l thanks to th e USG F office staff, Mrs. Marlene Ben e, and espec ia l ly Mr. Frank Bare for thei r long hou rs of wQrk . on this internat iona l Olympic Qualification Competition.

Mrs. Jackie Fie USGF WTC Chairman


2nd Match vs . Ru mania

Ru mani a

47 . 10 47.05 47.10 47 .80 189.05

(9.42) (9.41) (9.42) (9.56)

47.65 47 .35 47 .20 48.35 190.55

(9.53) (9.47) (9.44) (9.67)

47 .85 47.10 47.80 48.25 191.00

(9.57) (9.42) (9.56) (9 .65)

V au It Bars Beam Floor T otal

46.70 46.30 45 .60 47.55 186.15

(9.34) (9.26) (9 .12) (9.51)

46.90 46.60 46.80 48.35 188.65

(9.38) (9.32) (9.36) (9.67)

47.45 46 .7 5 47.40 48.50 190.10

(9.49) (9.35) (9.48) (9. 70)


375.20 (9.38)

COMPULSORY Vault Bars Beam Floo r Total OPTIONAL

379.20 (9.48) 377.20 (9.43)



381.10 (9.5275)

Profile for USA Gymnastics

USGF News - April 1976  

USGF News - April 1976