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B. FIG rule modifi cation and clarification concerning "coach not allowed on pod ium :" Elite: Coach may remove board and position landing mat, but may not spot or walk the length of the beam . Age Group Program : Coach may remove board and position landing mat, may spot, but not walk the length of the beam. C. FIG Vaulting - Elites only: In vaulting Finals, both vaults are required to have a mi ni mum of 1 / 2 turn and a value of 10.00 points (A complete report of all FIG CODE OF POINTS changes that will appear in the new 1976 CODE OF POINTS will be printed in th e next USGF NEWSLETTER.) D. The new FIG CODE will be implemented into next season's Age Group Program Competition for 1976-77. National Judges Courses








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NOTE: Below are Iisted those agenda items that were not dealt with due to the length of time needed to consid er the above issued and decisions. Many members were also involved in another meeting which had to begin before th e WTC Meeting was ad journ ed. It is evident that more time must be alloted to the Age Group Program and other pertinent issues at th e next WTC Meetings or via mail vote. (J. Fie)

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1. Age Group Program - Rules and Policies a. Projected entries into Jr. and Sr. National Meets - survey is being taken based upon the number of gymnasts earning 68.00 AA score at all State Class I Meets b. Clarification of AGP regulations concerning "dropping back to a lower Class" c. Clarification of residency of gymnast and club rule d. Proposal to raise HB at Jr. (12-14) as is permitted for Sr. (15 & over) e. Re-evaluation and consideration of use of vaults eliminated from the 1976 CODE OF POINTS for use at the Class I and 11 level 2. Judges Training Report - sent by Mrs. Cheryl Wagner

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National Judges Courses A. Tentative date - September 1976 B. Instructors : Fie and Weber for Regions I, 11, 111, IV Darst and Valley for Regions V, VI, VII, VIII. C. These four Brevet Judges will meet at the Olympic Trials to finalize : 1. Cri teria of participation in addition to USGF / DGWS National Rating 2. Number that can be adequately handled at each course with two instructors/c linicians 3. Poss ib ility of using Toronto FIG Course judges to assist in so me aspects or course or besting oral and practical. Respectfully submitted : Delene Darst, Joanne Pasqu ale, Sh aron Vall ey, RTDs J ac ki e Fie , WTC Chairman



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USGF News - April 1976  

USGF News - April 1976