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First Regional Elite

Responsibilities for Class I Coaches 1975-76

Clinic - 1976

To work under the direction of the Regional Head Coach and organize, direct, and facilitate the USGF official Regional Clinic to be held on the day following the USGF Class I Regional Championships. In the future the USGF regional program will grow. We will endeavor to increase the numbers of Class I clinics to parallel the elite program. Meanwhile, some regions may be more active at the Class I level than others. Class I Head Coaches By Region I

Region Region


Region Region

Ill IV

v Region Region VI Region VII Region VIII

George Kreutzer Joe Rooney Mc Clements Jim Lucero Mary Ann Hachette Bill Robertson Steve Whitlock Bob Hanscom Robin Bleamer Netwall Bruce Davis

Class I Regional Clinics - 1976 I.

Dates All eight Class I clinics will be held on the Sunday immediately following the Regional Class I Championships. 11.


Membership and Fees A. All adult participants and observers (coaches, judges, etc.) must be members of the USGF Women's Committee. Membership blanks will be available at the clinics. B. For the first clinic, in order to encourage participation, the following fee structure will be used. 1. Coaches of any gymnast qualified for the Regional Class I Championships - no charge. 2. Nationally and Regionally Rated judges - no charge. 3. Gymnasts, observers, or other coaches - $5.00. Content A. Class I Compulsories Around B. Dance Experience



IV. Additional Class I Clinics may be conducted in some of the regions. Most regions will have only one clinic in the spring of 1976.


1. Regional Head Coach will be 1. Structure responsible for clinic site, staff, etc. Regional Head Coach, chairperson 2. Regions will adhere to the agreed Regional Technical Director calendar. If there is a special problem Three (3) coaches (some regions will RHC will consult with NHC. have four (4) ) 3. The first 1976 clinic will be held on Regional Chairman may sit in - No the day following the January vote Regional Elite Qualification Meet. 2. Coaching Personnel by Region Exceptions already agreed upon are I Region Flansaas, RHC Dale Region IV Jim Gault, coach Regional Elite clinic will Jim Fountaine, coach immediately precede the Regional George Kreutzer, coach Elite Qualification Meet. Region II Region Ill George Lewis, RHC Regional Elite Clinic will be held in (no personnel as yet) conjunction with the Regional Elite Region 111 Fundraising Exhibition. Additional Rod Hill, RHC qualifiets will be helped following Ron Crescentini, coach the Regional Elite Qualification Mary Wei in, coach Meet. Bill Valentine, coach 4. Participants for the first 1976 Tom Heineke, coach Regional Elite clinic are limited to Region IV gymnasts qualified for the National Chic Johnson, RHC Oual ification Meets. Mary Ann Hoschette, coach 5. Basic Schedule (1st '76 c) Les Fischer, coach (1) Regional Elite clinic gymnast Bill Robertson, coach participants will be broken into Region V two basic groups Cap Caudil, RHC Group A - 70.00-72.00 Steve Whitlock, coach Group B - 72.00 and up (score Herb Vogel, coach earned in Regional Elite or any Colleen Eckel, coach National Elite Meet - 1975/76) Region VI (2) Equal time will be given each Ginny Coco, RHC group even if there is only one Bob Hanscomb, coach participant in group B. Don Peters, coach (3) Coaches Workshop - one hour Phil Douvali, coach Each coach is asked to bring one Region VII idea to share with the other Bill Strauss, RHC coaches - coaching, inspiration, Ed Knepper, coach technique, conditioning etc. Rest to be announced shortly Coaching session will be separate Region VIII (private) . Vannie Edwards, RHC (4) RHC will work with the RTD and Bruce Davis, coach of a request scheduling Fred Martinez, coach compulsory session in each event Bill Chase, coach and any extra sessions the 3. Duties RTD/RHC thinks would be ( 1) Special cases for Regional Elite helpful to the participating judges. Clinic gymnast participation (5) Regional Elite Clinics will finish a. To participate in the Regional with a motivational/inspirational Elite Clinic session - even if it is short. We b. To be placed in a certain believe that 15 minutes should be category in the Regional Elite the minimum time for this clinic session . help (2) To recommend and determine funding priorities with regional Elite funds. General priorities -





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USGF News - March 1976  

USGF News - March 1976