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Women's vaulting has reached a new dimension with the AVB-361 carpeted vaulting board from AMF American . The special tension release system gives vaulters a higher take-off lift than ever before. (Also available in men's model AVB-360.) The BBC-356 carpeted balance beam is designed to conform to the newest international competitive specifications. The entire beam is covered with a synthetic material , smooth to the touch , yet skid-resistant. The unit also features polished chrome-plated steel cylinders, adjustable in height from 39 3/8 in. to 47% in . . AMF American gymnastics equipment .. . designed to bring out the best in you .



American Athletic Equipment P.o. Box 111

• Jefferson, Iowa 50129



OFFICIAL RHYTHMIC GYMNASTIC APPARATUS STREAMER A sw ivel between the ribbon and stick to avoid fouling. Satin ribbon 6m long, in choice of red , yellow , green or blue with official double fold on end. Priced per half dozen. $54.00

BALL The original Tretorn ball imported from Sweden with air valve for correcting ai r pressure. Official size, weight and balance . Beautiful shiny finish in red or blue. Priced per half dozen . $36.00

JUMP ROPE Without handles to conform to official specifications. Center section enlarged to give proper weight distribution. Available in 250cm and 280cm lengths. Priced pe r half dozen. $15.00

CLUB New slimline shape facilitates correct and graceful movements. Made of unbreakable plastic, 18" long. Meets F .I.G. specifications. Priced per pair. $12.00

HOOP Made of laminated Beech wood, imported from Germany . Flat surfaces for "sure" grip and better performance, 86cm in diameter. Priced per half dozen. $44.00



600 North Pacific Avenue, San Pedro , Ca li fornia 90733


Gym Shop Jewelry '

. OLGA! along with your favorite . . FROG JUNGLE . LUNGE WALKOVER & HAPPY HANDSTAND $5.00 ea. ppd.

Available in Goldtone and Siltone unless noted otherwise. In all events plus all-around. Charms Sweater Pins Charm Pendant Delux Charm Pendant Charm Bracelet (one charm included) Key Chain with Delux Charm Key Chain with Girl Gymnast (Goldtone only) Stag Handstand Necklace (Goldtone only)

Fin est q ua lity 100'X. co mb ed co tt o n fea turin g hi g h c rew neck, sport shirt le n gth sleeves, a nd c ho ice of sil k sc reened p att e rn s. Colors: w hi te, ye ll ow, ta n blu e , SIZES : S (32-34 ), M (36-3!l), L (40-42) $5.00 each (ppd .). Not a ll sizes ava ilabl e in al l co lo rs. Pl e ase indica te fi rs t, second, a nd th ird co lo r pre fe re n ce. First c ho ice will b e sent wh e nev er poss ib le; h oweve r, we rese rve th e ri gh t to substitute co lo r wh e n necessa ry.

Gym Shop custom Mini Parallettes Back by popular demand Portable Parairettes $7.95 Plul $1.00 postage and handling


$1.00-$5.00 - 15¢ $5.00-$10.00 - 50¢ Over $10.00 - $1.00

----------------------California add 6'}" sales tax

THE GYM SHOP Dear Sirs: ORDER FORM 410 Broadway Please find $_ _ (plus postage) for GYM SHOP items listed on Santa Monica separate sheet enclosed with this order form. CA. 90406 Name _______________________ ___ ~~~----------

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Gymnastic Trophies Gold - Silver - Bronze Male or Female Figure $2.95 Each Figure with Walnut Pedestal Base 3 sizes $3.95, $4.95 & $5.95 Larger trophies available on special order: Inquire through The Gym Shop Engraved plates available $1.50 Order well in advance of your event, allow 3 to 4 weeks for

$1.25 $1.50 $2.25 $2.75 $2.75 $2.00 $1.00 $3.95

FROM THE EDITOR/PUBLISHER TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume XVII / Number 5/ May 1975 5. 7. 10. 12. 14. 16. 17. 18. 29. 36. 48.

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Coyer: 1975 Collegiate Champions : Wayne Young (GYMNAST photo by Glenn Sundby) and Cole Dowaliby (photo by John M. Green).

* *

THIS EDITION: We had so much material we wanted to include in this May edition of Gymnast that we added extra pages to try and get it all in. Even though it is the largest edition ever published in the 18 year history of the magazine we still couldn ' t get all the material in this issue ... and will have to have a follow up report on the NCAA Championships Special Awards, reports, sequence photos etc. in the june Gymnast. * * * SPECIAL EVENTS: If you have the time and $$$ we would highly recommend teachers and coaches to try and attend the GYMNAESTRADA in Berlin , West Germany july 1st thru 6th . It will be a rewarding experience giving You a totally new concept of the exciting possibilities and variety of GYmnastic ideas that can be worked into your PhYsical Education program . And while your in Europe you might be interested in going to the NORDISK TURN FESTIVAL in Norway june 21 to 25th or the big SPARTAKIADE in Prague, Czechoslovakia june 27th & 28th where there will be mass Gymnastic demonstrations by the thousands as all the Eastern countries get together for this festival. But if You really can 't make it, don 't be sad as You can always get the feeling you were there when you read all about it in a soon after edition of Gymnast... Besides with all the Gymnastic Camps, Workshops, Clinics etc. you have noted in the Gymnast ads and Calendar there is a lot going on in the good 01 ' US of A this summer.



GYMNASTIC CAMPER PHOTO & ESSAY CONTEST: We are planning a contest (with prizes) for the best photos and essay we receive from a registered camper (not a staff member) that we receive by the end of the summer (deadline September 5th , 1975) . The photos and essays will be judged seperately, but a.combination photo/ essay will also be considered for a special award .




DATE TO REMEMBER: Annual Senior Olympics for Gymnastics - june 7th , 1975, Los Angeles City College, 12 noon . Sign up on the spot or ... (just be there).




GYMNAST STATE REPRESENTATIVES: We have had a good interest response from all across the USA from readers who would like to be a Gymnaststate Representative or assistant. There are still several states not heard from and other readers just thinking about it. If You are considering please let us know soon as we want to evaluate each applicant before assigning the position to make sure YOUR state will have the best qualified representative available .

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Editor/Publisher: Glenn Sundby Associllte Editon: Dick Criley Rob Fields Resellrch Editor: H.J. Biesterfeldt Interl1lltlonlll Editor: Dr. Joseph Gohler . Me n's Instructional Coordinator: H.J. Hie sterfe lat Inst~uctional Ed,tors: AA: Bil l Ballester, FX: Paul Zi e r!, PH: James Hesson, R: Mi ke Jacki, LH: Jim Turpin, PB: Bill Roe tzhe im, HB : Bill Holmes. ~roduction


GYMNASTIC CAMP OWNERS & DIRECTORS: Plan now to send Gymnast magazine a brief report on Your summer camp session for one of our post camp editions .. . also, if you would like more information on how You can build advertising credits for your camp in Gymnast next Year, drop us a line and we will forward you the interesting details.

The world's largest selling magazine devoted exclusively to Gymnastics. Featuring news, photos, and instruction of national and international happenings.. . Now 12 BIG Colorful issues per year ... with Full Color Giant Poster fold-out or color Center Spread in every issue ... o 1-Year $10.00. (12 issues) o 2-Years $18.00 (24 issues) GYMNAST Foreign Rates, Prepaid P.O. BOX 110 SANTA MONICA, CA 90406 o l-Year $12.00 (12 issues) o 2-Years $22.00 (24 issues)

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Name GYMNAST maguin" is publish"d by Sundby Publications, 410 Broadway, Santa Monica, Ca. 90401. Second Class Postage paid AI Santa Monica, Ca. Published monthly. Price S1.00 a single copy. Subscriplion correspondence, GYMNAST - P.O. Box 110, SonIa Monica, Ca 9040&. Copyrighl 1975<' all rights reserved by SUNDBY PUBLICA TleNS, 410 Broadway, SonIa Monica, Ca. All Pholos and manuscripls submilled become Ihe property of GYMNAST unless relurn requesl and sufficienl poslage ~re included â&#x20AC;˘ .

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All-American Gymnastics Camps are pro ud to announce t hat many of our 1974 staff w ill be ret urning alo ng with addit ional h ighl y qu ali f ied coaches and pe rforme rs. This shou ld provide an outstandin g expe ri e nce fo r an Yo ne attendin g these camps as ca mpers, stud ent s, or coa ch es . Remember we provid ed the staff and lea d ership fo r th e United States Gymnasti c Fed erat io n national Chr istma s Cli nic in sponso rship w ith A r izona State Un ive rsity. Our 1974 staff incl ud ed : Rusty Mitchell (O lympi an, Uni ted States Team coach), Fred Roethlisb erger (O lymp ian , coach U o f M inn .), Cathy Gleason Tibbitts (O lymp ian), Joan Moore Rice (O lymp ian), Marie Wolther Bilski (Ol ympian), W endy Cluff (Ol Ymp ian ), D o ri s Fuch s Brouse (O lympi an), Steve Hug (O lympian), D elene D arst (FIG Intern ation a Judge), Greta Treiber (FI G Int ern ati o nal Ju dge, coa ch Indiana State U.), Ken Allen (NA IA Coach o f th e year, Jud ge of th e Yea r, coach U o f W isco nsi n O sh ko sh ), D o n Robinson (Mid west coac h o f the yea r, Pres . Na ti o nal Coaches Assoc., coac h A ri zo na State U.), Jim H o ward (A sst. coach Wo rld Un ive rsi ty Ga mes, Coach U. o f W isconsin - LaC rosse), Francis All en (Coach U of Neb ras ka), Jerry Todd (Coach Pasade na Cit y Co ll ege), Jay Shaw (Coach Eastern M ont an a Un iversity), Art Shurl ock (Coach UC LA), George H ery (Fo rmer wo rl d pro fe ss io nal Trampoline champ io n), Alexand ra Nicholso n' (Wo rl d Se nio r Ladi es Trampo lin e champi o n), Storm y Eato n (Form er Unit ed States Trampol ine and Tumb lin g champion ), Judy Schalk (F o rm e r N ati o na l Tu rn e r A ll -A ro u nd champion ), Bobby Sargent (W o rld Hi gh Di vin g Ch ampi on), Gary And erson (Fo rm er U.s. Tea m Ass t. coach, United States Nava l Aca dem y), Tom H ein eke (Coa ch Wi chi ta State), Len Kravitz (Coach Ho usto n Bapti st Coll ege) , p lus th e fo llo wi ng coac hes o r gymna sts: Les Fischer, Te x Womack, Rich Pasqual, W ay ne Young, Jim Stephanson, Nick Spann, Glenn Vaughn, D an Smith, Dick Schillin g, D ave Repp, H al H alverson, Rick Fair, Mike Calabro, Jon Aitken, Gerry To dd and many mo re. (Important: Compet in g athl etes he lpin g w ith A ll -Ame ri can Camps receive ex p enses o n ly to in sure th eir amateu r standin g.)

COACHES CLINIC Th ese course s w il l be o ffered at all ca mps. Ea ch p erson can take 2 se m es ter hours of 3 qua rter hours of co ll ege credit eith er gradu ate or u nd ergrad uat e. Several co u rses wil l b e offered . Th e N ew 1975 USGF Women's Compul sories will be off er ed each week. Delen e Darst w ill be co-ord i nat in g th is co u rse, and new books wi ll be ava il ab le. Intermed iat e and adva nced teac hi n g techniqu es w ill be offered plu s ca re and preve nt ion o f athl eti c inj uries - gymnasti cs . If yo u want to reall y learn what gy mn as t ics is all abo ut, challen ge yo urse lf by takin g o ne of th ese co u rses. Instru ct ional cos t wi ll be $75.00. No cre dit att endance $40.00. Ii" yo ur wi sh to ha ve roo m and board, it usuall y cost s $12.00 per d ay. Mo re information ca n b e se nt co nce rn in g specific ca m ps.

Check In times and Departures - Local time 'A ll camps w ill start o n S'undays aft er lun ch 1 :00 - 200 P.M . regist ration and end o n Fri d ays before lunch 11 :00 A. M . 'Ogd en, Utah w il l acce pt o ve rn ight ca mp ers check ing in o n Sun day bu t act iviti es wi ll no t start unti l M o nd ay M o rn in g. Th e Sacram ento ca mp w il l en d Thur sday ni ght Ju ly 3rd. Summer 1975 1. June 8-13 SI. Lo ui s, M isso uri 2. Ju ne 15-20 Oma ha, Nebras ka 3. Jun e 22-27 O gden, Utah 4. Ju ne 29-Ju ly 3 Sacramento, Cal ifo rn ia 5. Ju ly 6-1 1 D enve r, Colorado 6. Ju ly 13-1 8 Cin cinnati 7. Ju ly 27-Aug. 1 Nia gara Fall s, N ew York 8. Au g. 3-8 SI. Paul Minn esota 9. A ug 10-15 Bil li ngs, Mo n tana Indiv idual info rma t io n co nce rn in g the co ll ege or uni versit y locati ons, m aps, sp ec ial information , etc. w i ll b e se nt upon rece ipt of registration fo rm sign ifyi ng th e ca mp o f your cho ice.

l q75 SUM MER FEES Day Ca mpers: Sundays 2: 00 P.M. - 5: 00 P.M.; D aily 8:30 A.M. - 5: 00 P.M .; Fri days 8:30 A .M .12: 00 noo n. $85.00 O ve rni ght Cam pers: (5 days an d ni ghts) $145. 00 per week Coac hes Courses: $75. 00 for 2 semes ter h o u r~ o r J q uart er ho urs c redit. $40.00 no credit att endance Full Fee M ay Be Paid In Adva nce REGISTRATION FORM


NAMEp,"' R "NT '"""U"ll""N"' AM "'e,---------------------- T ElEPHONE,_ __

ADDRESS - - STATE _ _ __ A GE _








- - - - - - - - - - - - -- REPRESENTI N ~""hCC _71.â&#x20AC;˘ G'' ''m,-."Clo"b". ' e"' .e~'--~ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ ZIP


MAlE _ _ lOCATl ON,_ _




FEMAlE _ _ _ _ __ _ __







I Want In s uranc9 _ _~ _. I DO NO T WANT INSUR A NCE _ _ _


ALL-AMERICAN CAMPS, BOX 30124, BHlings, M on l ana 591 02

Pare nl's Signatu re


GYMNAST Ma y '75

--1JSGF Report---B __ _ by Frank L. Bare hecutive Director

INTERNATIONAL REPORT The Internation al Gymn ast ics Federation and a number of constitu ent m embers are discussing major chang es in program for the gymna sti cs world. Man y are bold an d i nnovati ve and in m y persona l opinion in the best int erest of th e sport. I hope you will accept this report for what it is, and fo r give me for moving rather quick ly and in so me cases inco nclusi ve ly from o ne subject to th e next. This; is an informal, unofficial report designed to brin g you up to date on d isc ussio n item s and subj ects that are of mutual interes t to all invol ved in gymnilstics. . The Ol ympi c Games wi ll open on july 17, 1976, and the gy mna sti cs competition begin s the 18th. I n order to keep within the restri ct io ns impose d b y 10C Articl e 26 concern ing prepa ration time for team s, the F.I.G . discussed at length th e approved tim e for training O lYmpi c team m embers. The res ults were th at such tea ms could prepa re 'o ffi ciall y' for 10 days each month, for a period of fi ve months in a row beginning seve n months before th e Gam es. The las t two months befo re the Games the y may prepare (train ) for twenty da ys each month. Accord ing to, th e 10C Article a gymnast ma y b e reimbursed for lost wages du rin g thi s ' offi cial' pr eparation tim e. The y m ay also have training expenses such as trave l, m eals, an d lodging covered. Gymnasts, or any other amateur ath letes according to the 1.0.c., m ay NOT all ow thf'ir

photos to be used in com m ercial cata logs adve rti sing equipm ent, c lot hin g o r oth er items ... UN LESS th ere ex ists a co ntract between that Company and th e National Federation , National Ol ymp ic com m itt ee or th e International Federa tion. Thi s will be an interestin g item to chall e nge sin ce it w ill be co ntested I am su re if a company ow ns th eir own ph otos and decides to use them in th eir own catalog ... can so me nation al federation or Olympi c co mmitt ee force th e m to stop? Candidates for future eve nt s: European Championships for men (1977) USSR Germany Spa in Europ ean Championships for Women (1977) Czec h Spa in World Championsh ips (1978) USA Spain The 54th Congress of the F.I.G. will b e held in Montreal , Ca nada before th e Ol ympi c Gam es open. Director' s Committee w ill meet jul y 10-13 Men ' s Tech. Assemb ly w ill m eet jul y 13-14 Wom en's Tech Assemb ly w ill m eet jul y 13-14 Genera l A ssemb ly wi ll meet jul y 15-16. Games open on t he 17t h. Qualifi ca tion sys tem for the 1976 Ol ympic Games. Period O ctober 17, 1975 to April 17, 1976. Host nation fo r a qualification tri al must submit application for th e eve nt thr ee months in adva nce. On e n eu tral judge mu st be present from the F.I. G. , and the names of o th er jud ges must be submitt ed to Pres ident of F.I.G . Tec hni ca l Comm ittee for approva l. Two o r thr ee nations should part icipate and a minimum score o f 8.65 . A more d efin ed report on this system will be sent yo u by th e F.I.G . very soon.

MEN may now be de lega tes to th e Women 's Techn ical Assemb ly, with Voice and Vot e. For the time bein g th ey may not adva nce to pos iti on o n th e Technica l Committee for Women. Th e two Technical Pr esidents (men and women) wil l no lo nger ha ve th e ri ght to vote on th e directing Committee, b ut w ill att end su ch mee tin gs and ha ve vo ice. (Th is w il l be voted on in Bern at th e com in g Congress.) It was vo ted to reco mme nd to the F.I.G . Congress in Bern th at the F.I.G. co ndu ct a World Championships every yea r beginnin g in 1977, and that a W o rld Cup also be held each Yea r, with th e World Cup eac h Spring and the W o rld Championships each Fa ll. Th e Co ngress 1975 w ill be as ked to approve thi s in princip le. The World C hampion ships in Modern Rhythmic Gy mn as ti cs are set for Madrid, November 20-23, 1975. The M ed iterranea n Gam es will be in Algi ers, Sept. 1-7, 1975 and wil l, for th e first tim e, include women 's gym nast ics. There w ill b e a pr e-O lympi c event in Montrea l thi s coming jul y (1975) fr o m jul y 29 31. Gymnaestrada wi ll be in Berlin, july 1-5, 1975, and the USSR wi ll not participate due to a co nflict o f sc hed ulin g, and ten other nati ons have al ready ente red more than 5,000 athletes. THE F.I.G . CONGRESS, BERN , Swit ze rl and for 1975 is set as foll ows: Technica l Assemb ly: 28 May Genera l Assemb ly: 29-30 May Agenda items wil l appear in th e No.1. , F.I.G. Bull etin for 1975. My best wishes to each of yo u and I look forward to see ing yo u in Bern for th e 1975 F.I.G. Cong ress. Frank L. Bare Executive Director U.S. Gymnastics Federation

Looking for

Gymnastics & Academics? Walnut Hill School of Natick, Mass. is introducing a gymnastics program taught by the staff of Woodland Gymnastics . Opportunities unmatched in other schools; solid college prepul'Otory program, a strong arts program including expert ballet and modern dance training, combined with gymnastics . Students who want quality instruction, academically or gymna stically , write for brochure .

George Wheeler, Co-Director, Woodland Gymnastics High School Coach of four college Instructors: All-Americans Will SI. Cyr, Ken Henderson, Floor Co- Director, Woodland Gymnastics Exercise and Vaulting Champion Former N .E.A.A .U. Former Notionally Tumbling Champion Ranked Gymnast. Former Coach, Wellesley H.S . 路 Expe~ienced, Gymnastics Team Successful Instructor. Headmaster: Earle C. Batchelder, B.A . McGill, M.Ed . Harvard

WALNUT HILL SCHOOL 62 Highland St., Natick, M ass. 01760 GYMNAST May '75



YlHl'f~8• • £ ~lHP

MEET OUR STAFF Ed Isabelle, Camp Director Preside nt, National GYmnastic Centers Assistant Coach , Penn State University Coach USA National Team vs. West GermanY




Office Telephone: 814-349-8343

NAME ______~--------------------------------------------AGE last




ADDRESS ________________________________________________________________ street





FEES for 1975: 10 weeks $950.00 5 weeks $500.00 2,3,4 weeks $105.00 per week 1 week $110.00 My 25% non-refundable deposit and $10 registration fee is enclosed in the amount of $, _______ Make checks payable to: Woodward Gymnastic Camp. o full ten weeks 0 1st five week session 0 2nd five week session Individual Weeks : One or Any Combination of 0 August 3rd to August 10th o June 22nd to June 29th 0 July 13th to July 20th 0 August 10th to August 17th o June 29th to July 6th 0 July 20th to July 27th 0 August 17th to August 24th o July 6th to July 13th 0 July 27th to August 3rd 0 August 24th to August 3rst Enrollment in any single session will be limited . Please indicate below any alternative session in the event your first choice session is filled at the time of receipt of your application. Balance due upon arrival (non-refundable) NOTE: Any photos taken by or of campers may be used for future publicity purposes.

Tom Dunn, Assistant Camp Directo r H ead Gymnastic Coach, University of Mass. NCAA Nationa l Champion 1971 Brent Simmons World Ga mes Team 1974 Anne Vexler World Student Games Team 1973 Toby Towson Professional Dancer New York City Heidi Armstrong Member of the University of Massachusetts National Championship Team 1973 Coach at Nittany Gymnastic School Anne Weaver University of Michigan Cheryl Diamond Southwest Missouri State niversity Dubi Lui University of Washington Gene Whelan Penn State University Barb Knoth Coach McKeesport Turners AAU Junior Olympic Chairman 1972-1974 publisher of " GYm News" Chic Johnson Southwest Missouri State University Coach


SAG pRoduCTioNS, iNC.



a :JOUR to the



1- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW!


r• To : S.A.G. Jim Direnfeld - Pres. 18945 Adrian Rd. Southfield, Michigan 48075



Name ______________________________________ I

Address _____________________________________ 1

-I.I '

CitY _____________________.5tate _______ Zip _ _

In co mpli an ce w ith COJO & USOC ru les, this t o ur cannot include eve nt t ic ket s. Ho weve r, S.A .G. ca n ACT as YOUR AGENT for the PUR POSE OF SECURING EVENT TICKETS, in c luding OPENNING & CLOSING CEREMON IES & OTHER EVENT TICKETS afte r GYMNASTICS FI N ISH !! ! TOUR INC LU DES: 1(S tateroo m acco mmod at io ns for 2, 3, o r 4 persons p er stateroo m - according to nor m al arrangements aboa rd the Leo ni d Sobinov; 2) Continental breakfast dai ly; 3) D in ner aboa rd ship - by paid reserva tion da il y. Walking and driving tour s of Montreal by D aya nd / or Nig ht conducted by loca l co ll eg iates w ill be arranged for Tour m embers.


















Phone: Res. _______________ Bus. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ •









ENCLOSED IS OUR RESERVATION DEPOSIT OF $100 .00 PER PERSON IN OUR PARTY. WE W ILL PURCHASE OUR TICKETS TO THE XX I OL YMPIAD OURSELVES . Signed __________________________________ ENCLOSED IS OUR RESERVATION DEPOSIT OF $275.00 PER PERSON IN OUR PARTY. WE HEREBY AUTHOR IZE S.A.G. TO ACT AS OUR AGENT FOR THE PURPOSE OF PURCHASING TICKETS TO THE XX I OLYMPIAD Signed _________________________________ On a sepa rat e sheet w ith yo ur nam e at the top, list the names, addresses & phon e numbers of each member of • Yo ur party - even if th ey are m embers of yo ur imm ediate • family. If we are to sec ure tickets for yo ur party, please li st I thre e (3) eve nts during 2nd week of th e XX I Olympiad to • which eac h wo uld like ti c ket s. I Mak e chec ks payab le to SOUTHF IELD ASSOCIAT ION for I GYMNASTICS and mail to S.A.G., JIM DIRENFELD, pres., I 18945 ADRIAN RD ., SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN 48075 . 1 ______ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mark Benzie, Grand Rapids; allli Dick Braden, Austin. Don Paptreck's Beaver squad co mpet ed th eir seaso n with a 2-;; reco rd.

OVER CROWDED ClUBS On Marc h 19th th e L.A. Tim~s sport s sec ti o n ran an article on " O ve r-crowd ed, Underfinanced Gymnas ti cs Clubs." Th ey interviewed such peopl e as Audrey Updike, of Woodl and Hills; Scott Crouse, coac h of th e SCATS; Connie Rix, whose daughter Lisa is a cit y champion ; Fay Hall, a P.E. Teacher in an L.A. city school; and Ed Isabelle, a Penn State Coach and director of a chain of gymnastics clubs and Summer ca mps ca lled the National GYm na sti cs Ce nt ers. The article told of the fin ancial probl em s of keep in g a club toge ther, and th e probl ems caused by a recent ruling t hat g irl s cannot part icipate for their school and a private c lub in th e same season (this rule ha s been in e ffec t for boys in the L.A . City school di strict for Yea rs, and was ju st put in to effect for girls.) Th ey all agreed that this n ew ruling was unfair and not in th e bes t interest of the gymrl as t. HANDICAPPED? Steve Kinnett, 19 yea r old fre shman, pre-m ed major from Houston Baptist University, is ranked number 1 on st ill rings in the NCAA Independent We stern Region wit h an 8.7 2 average. Thi s is quite an accomp li shment because h e has onl y one leg, a handica p since age 14. Sieve Kinnett

St eve, who is from Denver, found gYmnast ics to be the best form of athl e ti cs to co mpensa te for hi s lo ss and build hi s upper body. Excep t for vau lting and free exercise h e can p erform in all gymnast ic event s. H e is becoming strong er and more co nsistent on the ring s and is impro vin g rapidly on th e pommel horse althou gh he lo ses points becau se portion s o f th e routin e ca ll for the u se o f two legs. St eve is a ca ndidate for an aca demi c sc holarship beca use of his 1st quart er averag e of 3.0. He views hi s handi ca p as an asset rather than a liabilit y. He says, "Th ere are a lot of people who, beca u se o f th ei r attitude s, are more handica pp ed than I am. I know what my infirmity isand how to overcome it. " Names and News Thi s yea r Georgia College wom en team entered for the first time as a team in theAIAW Region III Championship, and placed 3rd o ut of 9 teams. Th e Georg ia Coll ege Coloni al ladi es ~re proud to be aga in th e only team to qualif y individuals Irom the St ate of Geogia to the AIAW National Champ'io nship. Fo ur Bemidji State College gymnasts quali f i e d for th e NA IA GYmnastics Championships thi syea r. The were Jim Kjorsiv, Plymouth; Brian Thompson, Coon Rapids;



Now ava il abl e for th e fir st tim e a film of th e AIAW Gymn as tics Champio nship s for women . All-around champi o ns like MissCo le Dowali by of So. Conn. Stat e College and Miss Karen Sc hu ckman o i Perfn State U. as we ll as othe r champion s ca n be observed performi n g full routines. In cludes all fo ur Ol ympi c events. H eld in Hayward, Calif. Apri l 5, 1975, Contact: Frank Endo, 12200 South Berendo, Los Angeles, Calif. 90044. Alia Svirsky, M as ter o f Sports from Russ ia and an ex pert in Modern RhYthmi c gymna sti cs, is now tea ching rh ythmi c gy mna sti cs and ball et for Fritz Reiter of Gymnastics Olympica, in Van Nuys, Ca. Pi ctured below are her two top stud ent s,Kim Rose (p ictur ed with Ms. Sv ir sk y), and Sue Sofie, who are both aspirin g to national and internati o nal leve l co mretition.

A~!1 JU~.!.OR OLY~PICS F~L~ _

A full co lor, 16 mm film call ed "Winners All". The film shows th e highlights of the 1974 National AAUChev rol et Junior Ol ympic Multi sport Champion ship at th e University of Nebraska. More th an 15 hundred yo ung athlet es took part in th e m ee t. The film shows sce nes from track and fi eld, swimming, wrestling , diving , trampoline, judo, synchroniz e d sw imming, and gymnasti cs. "Wi nn ers路 All " was produced by th e Amateur Athlet ic Union and Chevrolet. The film is avai lable at no cost from Chevrolet Zo ne Offices and from the film librari es of Modern Talking Pi cture Service. for more information on how to obtain "Winn ers All ," co ntact your AAU Association or the Publicity Departm ent at the AAU Hou se.


PAN AM GAMES TOUR Go ld en California Tours of Beve rl y Hill s o il ers o ne week tours or lon ge r to the ParI A m eri ca n Garnes depa rtin g Irom 1 exas, Cer lil or ni a, allli Chi cago from O ctob er '1'1 thro ugh O ctober 26 , startin g at $149.00, land costs o nl y. fo r informati o n , w rit e to GYMNAST.

Alia Svirsky and Kim Rose

Sue Sof.!.e .


GYMNAST Covers the National AAHPER Convention in Atlantic City Close to 8,000 P.E. Teachers, Administrators, and P.E. Majors, attended the Annual American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (AAHPER) held in Atlantic City, N.j., the weekend of March 18th. Although most of the time is 'spent attending seminars and other meetings the attenders also get a chance to examine the displays of over 400 companies of as many assorted products in the convention Exhibition Hall. GYMNAST was on hand with booth and camera, as the page illustrates: Starting at top left - wheeling and dealing action at the Broderick Booth, jayfro's President, john Kroll, climbs up their rope set to watch Ron Munn from the Nissen Company demonstrate the Double-Mini Tramp ... The American salesman confarb at the AMF booth ... Norbert Dill and Bill Clark hold down the G.S.c. display .. . Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fenner with top salesman Bob Fisher at the Gym Master exhibit .. . Spieth Anderson display shows off their new Ruether System padded beam .. . Louisville Gym & Swim display ... Arteen's Jimmy Artz and his wife display their latest Gym-A-Tard creations ... for Gymnastic shoes Capezio was on hand as was Leo's Theatrical Co ... The GYMNAST booth was very busy as we gave away over 5,000 posters and spread the joy of Gymnastics (our booth was empty as I was busy taking the photo.) G.S.

fifittPER Convention

20.000 GYMfifiSTS To PartiCipate in the 6th Gymnaestrada in Berlin by Dr. Jos e ph Gohler Even though th e final entri es are not in as this is written , we alr ea d Y kn ow that the 6th GYmna es trada to b e h eld in W es t Her lin , Germa n Y jul y 'Ist thru 6th , 1975 w ill be th e greatest World CYmna stic r es t iva i of all tim es, as 20,000 GYmll as ts ( mo stl y girls) from 30 nation s ha ve prom ise d to b e pre se nt, mo st of th em ac ti ve participant s. Ac ti ve particip ant s m eallS to tak e pMt in th e style of th e Gymna es trada , as part of a group from th eir club and associatio n. A t th e las t G Ymnaestrada in Ba se l, ~witz e rlJnd in 1%9, th e re w e re 12,000 active part ic ipJnt s from 27 nation s. 1 hi s increa se i, th erelo re quit e grea t, but Be rlin with it s ideal room y buildings Oil th e fairground s n ea r th e Funkurn (TV Tower) w ill be large enou gh fo r eve n 25,000 p arti cipa nt s without ,Ill Y orgdnizational diffi culti es: Most 0 1 the participant s will co m e from We st G erman Y. 01 hei r ' D e ut sc hcr Turn e r Hund " (German C Ymna stic Club) numbe rs ove r two and a hall milli o n (2,700,000 to be more exact) fe mal e alld mal e gym nasts from 230 di stri c ts and 9,700 1 urll Ve reill es (Gy mna sti c Clubs). Hy th e 1st 01 l' e bruarY o ve r 4,500 had alrea d Y li sted th eir e nt ries, so w e ca ll ex pec t th eir to tal to be ov e r 5,000. 1 hi s is a goo d tUrllout when you rea li ze th,lt He rlin is eve ll far for the W es t GermJII S, Si IKt' Eel , t C e rman y wi th it s un co mfort abl e bord e r situatio n aild control li es betw ee n , and not eve ryo n e'ca n affo rd a trip by pl ane Irom th eir r eg io nal Cap ital to He rlin. 1 he Neth e rland s are proving th e ir enthu sias m lor gYmna sti cs wi th the anno un cemen t t hey wi ll be se nding 2,4!l7 gym lla sts to thi s eve nt and of co urse )candina v ia once again as in previous World Gymllilstics eve nt s, fir st ill Stuttgart in 1961 , ag ain in Vienn,1 in '65 and Ha se l in '69 will be rep rese nt ed with thou sand s of Young female


beauties, we ll built yo un g Ill e n and th e th e brut,li poli ti cs that ex cluded ~outh Al ri ca move m e nt <.' nJ oy ill g hou sew ives, w ho MC all Irom Ihe Wudd lOll1pe litioll durill g th e 1974 ll1 ee lill gs III MO lltre usx , Sw it Le rldlld . One has masters 0 1 the large g rou p p erfo rm ances. On e to look at it politi call Y, as perhaps it is less th e ju st ha s to " ,'e it , th ese JO Yf ul , frec gymna sti cs, part icipali o ll 01 Ih e 50uth Afr ica ll , than th e wher e Ih ere M e not victors o r co nqu erors but lact . thai l3('riill dlld th e lJ eut sc he lUril er BUild on lY wi nn ers. ror the chance to t,lke pMt and (C ermall C Ynl/ la , tic Club ) w hose Ill elllb e r is th e expe ri e ll c,,' 01 th e act iviti es of thi s Wor ld th e Be rlIlH.' r 1LJrIl Ve rballd (CY mna sti c G ath e rin g 0 1 C Yllllla sti c fri end s is rcwa rd lormalioll 0 1 1l,,'r1 ill ) M e putting 0 11 thi s World enough. 1 he 6th C ymlld estrd da w ill be intro du ced b y Festi va l 01 G ymlla sti cs . Be rlill is to Mo scowand it s ~a tt e lile , a ~ tdt e for it se lf. l3ut for the W es t iI sc ie nlili c co ng ress, w ith th e th e me: "Th e Be rlill e rs alld tht' W es t Cennall s, l3e rlill is a part Human Mo ve ment " o n Monda y jun e30th and 01 the 11t'(, d"'nlO('I'atic, Ilo t th e unfr ee sociali st c los in g o n jul y '151. '1he ofli cial ex hibition o pen s G erm,IIl Y. that eve nin g dt 7 :30 pm at th e large Ol Ympi c 011 thi , sallle , ubject it is illt eres tin g to not e ~tadium (1936 Ol Ympics) thdt ca n hold !l0 ,000 that ~o uth A lricd h,l s alllloullc ed th ,lI th ey wi ll sp ec tator s. Ihi s l es ti ve OPC llill g w ill ta ke pla ce undcr t he protector,lI e 01 th e Hund es prcs ident be se lldill g more thdll400 gY llllla sts to tdke part 0 1 th e Hund" srepubli c of W es t G e rmall Y. From ill Ihi s G Ylll lld ('s trddd, i ro lli ca ll y, hall of th em W edlH 's dd Y a ll w ill be all th e perfo rill ance bl ack s. Cou Id o ll e dsk for m o re, thall beca use 0 1 program s at tlw id yli c Sommc rg.nten by th e . gym lld sti cs d bdrri e r has bee ll overco m e, at lea st ill Ih ... world of th e ga m es ,1Ild all Funkurn. at th e 12 Fair Huildings and al so not too lar away dt th e Momlllse n Stadium, w he re gy mll as ti cs. th e lar ge g ro up perlorm,lIl ces will tak e place. Bea ut y lov ill'g p eo pl e sho uld not mi ss th e Neve r ha s th e co ncc ntrati o n 0 1 th e oppo rtullit y to spe th e 6th GYmna es trada . perlormanc!! Hdll s b ee n be tt er , o r th e Th ere is 110 place ill th e who le wo rld, w h e re all possibili ty lor co mlortabl c wa tchi ng bee n equ al Ilumbe r 01 we ll shdp ed p eopl e, mo st ly g irl s, d'o'mO ll st rdt e the b eauty ill lull sp lendor o f mor e lavorab le than h ere in l3 erlin , w her e th e lorm e r lapit,ll 01 G erman y ha s don e g ral elul 1l10Vp m e llt s. eve rything to creat e ,1 brilli ant fes ti va l. It wo uld be ext re m e lY prol it ab le lor coach es Up ulltil now o nl y Yugosl,lvia w ith 76 alld ph ys ical edu c,lIi o ll teach ers to att end th e parti( ipanl s is the on ly co mllluni st co untr y 6th G ymlla e, tradd ill Bp rlill. H er e th ey ca ll see and eV(, 1l lilm th e performallces o f the lin e a wonde r , as ju st a l ew da ys taking pMI. gy nllla sti( school s. U lli ve rsit Y gro ups alld clubs earlier th" ~partakidde , " Th c Fcs ti val 0 1 th e Peop l e ' wi ll be h e ld in Pra g u e, alld stud Y th e dill t'rell t ex hibitiollS represe nt ed b y mall Y dille/,(.~ Ilt CO Ulltri es w ith th e lat es t Czecho slo vak ia as th e co mmuni st go ve rn ed techlliqu es ill th e li e ld of Ph ys ical Edu catioll peo pl e and th e Moscow fo ll owing ga th e r dlld th e drt o lll1 ove m e llt w ith o ut appMJtu S. A togeth er,. a Ide! n eve r m e nti o ned by th e ol li cials 01 th e Int e rlldti o nal CYlllnds ti c Ciub 0 1 ch ali ce to take ho me a tr em e lldou s wea lth of the comm uni st td st blo c k. Pr es id ent Tit ov 0 1 va ludbl e mdl " ri ,li lor years to co m e . " Hed ill is worth a trip " is a sloga ll ill W es t th e U~~R had lir st vo ted lor ll erlin, but th en becam e a d ec lared di sse nt e r of th e 6th G e rmall Y. l o be ,Ible to go to Be rlin I rom jun e G ymlld es trada alld th e cit y of Berlill sit e aft e r 30th to jul y 6th is wo rth tw ice as mu c h.


Past Gymnaestrada Scenes Pictured above, at right and at left: Action at the 1965 Gymnaestrada in Vienna. Pictured below: scenes from 1969 Gymnaestrada in Switzerland.



By Rob Fields The Pa sa den a Nat io nal In vi tation al Gymna sti cs meet was sta rt ed by Dave McBrid e in 1949 as the Pa sa dena In vitation al. Th e competi ti on was origina llY for th e o utsta ndin g gymna sts in Southern Ca li fornia but soon expanded to inc lud e top gymn as ts from around th e co untry. Unde r th e guid ance now of Jerry Todd th e PNI h as reached in tern ational scope. In 1967 and 1969 Katsutoshi Kan za k i of Japan wa s in vited to participat e in th e PNI and both times e merg ed as all -around champion . In1 969 Sadao Hamada and Masay uki Wat anab e agai n of Japan were i nvited to compete aga in st top U.S. all -aro und perfo rm ers Steve Hu g and Dave Thor . 1975 aga in fo ll owed th e great PN ltrad it ion of prese nting top nat io nal and intern atio nal class gymnasts. Fea turin g two of th e co untri es fin est all-around m en Wa y ne Young of Brigham Young U nive rsity and Yo ichi Tomita of Lon g Beach State, thi s yea r 's co mp etiti o n sho uld rank as one of th e b es t in th e 25 yea r h is tory o f th e In vitat io nal.


The co mp etition began on floor exerc ise and sa w a prolif erat io n of multip le tw istin g and m ul tip le som ersaulting tumblin g pa sses. Hi ll Sea rl es of Go lden We st Jr. Co ll ege in clud ed a fro nt stepout front hand sprin g full tw istin g d ive ro ll and a RO, ff VII A rabian in a w ell ba lanced ro utin e to score 9.4. Rich ard Pa sca le th e "age less on e" exec uted p erh aps th e wo rl d 's h ighe st pik ed Arab ian, an im pressive 1 Yl twi stin g Arab ian di ve roll and an rath er uniqu e full twi sting back somi step o ut to also scor e 9.4. Th e o nl y double back so m i of th e mee t was done by Craig KirbY o f Ari zo na State w ho precee d ed it w ith a V / 路\ arabian , a mo st impress ive first two pa sses. Th e w inn er of fl oor turn ed out to be Ke nt Brown also of Ari zona State sco rin g Y.5. Ken is th e NCAA floor exercise champ io n and looked it mounting w ith a b eau tiful 1'1.\ pik ed A rab ian. Po mm el ho rse as usual took it s to ll bu ckin g off many good p erform ers. Neve rth eless sp ec tato rs we re trea ted to so m e in credib le p erformances. Sh awn Miyake o f UCLA sco rin g a we ll d ese rve d 9.45 to ti e for seco nd p lace

worked ve ry sm oothly and high executing a ve ry d iff icult rout in e th at in clud ed'a Ru ssian on a pomm el to direct back moore trave l up (that 's all on one pomm el folks!) . Unfortun ately Shawn 's p erl o rman ce was ove rsh adowed b y Stanford 's " Monster Ma n " Ted Marcy. Marcy w ho is twice NCAA PH champi o n (wo uld yo u believe hi s low sco re at the NCAA thi s yea r during th e three days of co mpet iti on was 9.8!) and d efe nding PNI c hampion did it aga in with an incredibl e 9.75 performance th at fini shed w ith a fu ll twistin g (?) Ol Ymp ic d ismount (correct m e if I' m wrong but didn ' t Gary H osk in s do that first som e yea rs ago?) The rin gs co mpe titi o n was a bit uniqu e th is year wi th co mi c relief p rovided by Sa nta M o nica " beach rat " (a n d former UCLA great) Mark She rwood w ho included 6 crosses in hi s ro utin e (you ca n ca tc h Mark's act at Muscle Beach w here he ca n b e see n ch ew ing apart stee l rin g supports) an d by Mark Davis of SIU w hose hysterica l rou tin e in clud ed a di slocate shoo t to "pretzel", and " elbow cross" swin ging piroue tt e (Yo u figure it o ut !), a d ynam ic giant GYMNAST May '75

SWilig to ", 1rap ro ll up ", dism ou ntin g w ith a beautilul J/ l Iro nt th at h e stu ck to hi s back. Hi ghli ghtin g Ih e more se ri ou s end of th e co mpel ili o n wa, Larry Bil ow of CSU N w ho se sol id straight ann sw in g work in both direc tion s and b eaut ilul doubl e pik e di smount ea rll ed a 9.45 and a seco illi p lace. Mosl im pressive of th e co mpetition howeve r was Wayne Youn g whose ro ulin e includ ed J straight arm ba ck ri se to h,\ll dstand dnl! a beauliful stra ighl arm back gianl do ne Iro m a Japanese drop (no arm spread al th e beg innin g 0 1 Ih e drop ). Fini shin g w ith a ve ry nice ~, in I, o ul Yo ung too k th e event w ilh a 9.b5 ave rage. Vau ltill g saw ju st abo ut eve ry co mp elitor perf o rmin g eith er a roundoff back so mi or a double I ra nI. otab le exceplion s we re Sa m Sha w who d id hi s doubl e fro nt in pik ed po siti o n and W<lyne Yo un g w ho wo n th e eve n t w ith a y, in y, o ul ami o ne of th e co mp etition s few goo d land in gs. Yo ichi r o n~t a did a remark able high dou bl e front (baran i out anyo ne!) bUI had ditticult Y lanclin g fo r ':).4 and third pl ace. Parall el bJrs as p o mm el horse "a te·· man y good perl o rill ers but th e w innin g rou tin es we re o Ul stalll! in g in deed. Wa yn e You ng w ho mount ed w ilh a slrai ghl arm p each gl id e, reverse stradd le cut , includ ed J drop p each halll!;land and caSI suppo rt i n th e middl e, and cl ismo unt ed w ilh a doubl e ba ck ea rn ed a ':l.5 but was o nl y 3rd. Yoichi To mita , thou gh rath er stock was ve ry smoolh , flowed we ll w ith exce ll elll (-'xec utio n notabl y on hi s stut z and front v, di smo unl took seco nd pl ace w ith a 9. 55 (Tomil a in cid eiliall y is th e current NCAA para ll el bar champi o n ). Winning th e eve nt o n sheer difficult y was Don Leave nwo rth of UCLA . Leav em vorth ·s routin e score d a we ll d ese rve d ':l.b as il em! ed wil h a stut l hand stand , Diamado v (hali dsta nd), la yaway front ri se hop p irou (-' lI e, ba c k l OSS, to full-twi stin g ba ck ofr. Th e hi gh bdr eve nt proved 10 b e the hi ghli ght of th e eve nin g·s co mpe tition w ith ':l of 13 co mp etitors scor in g 9.2 or bett er. Mark Da vis of SIU electrifi ed the crowd w ilh hi s full-t w istin g double ba ck di smo unl (Ma rk is also th e o nl y man in th e u.s. to exe cul e a Iripl e back off hi gh bar at th e end 01 a routin e. Of further note, Mark Da v is is also a m ember o f th e " Quad Club··, a gro up o f psy cho ti c sui cida l typ es w ho ha ve don e a quad bac k off M uscle Beach ·s


All-Around 1. Yo ichi To mila (LBS) 2. Wa y ne Young (BYU ) 3. Gar y A lex and e r (Ar i z. St. ) 4. Tim Shaw (USC) Floor Exercise 1. Kent 8 ro';"!l (Ariz. SI.) 2. Bob Ro bbins (Co lo. 51.) 3. Bill Searles (Gold e n W eSl)

Ric hard Padca le (Pas.


55.60 54.40 54.30 45.40 9.50 9.45 9.40

9.4; Gary Alexand e r (Ar z.

51. ) 1; Yoichi Tomila (LB S) 9.1; Craig KirbY (Ar iz. St. ) 9.0 ; Tim ~ ha w (USC) 8.9 5. Pommel Horse 9.75 1. Ted Ma rcy (SIan ) 2. Harold Maghe (LBCC) 9.45 2. ShawII Miyake (UC LA) 9.45 Charles Ri chard s (CSN ) 9.20; Sieve Isham (A r iz. St. ) 9.05; \,Va yne Young (BYU ) 9.05; Yo ich i Tom i ta (LB S) 8.85; Ken Bail y (U na ) 8.5; Joh n Greene (USC) 8.4; Gary Alexa n der (Ariz. 51. ) 8.10; )oe l U ll oa (CSF ) 7.6S; Tim Shaw (USCI 6.45 .

Ring s 1. Wa y ne Yo un g I BYU ) 9.65 2. Larry Bilow (CSN ) 9.45 3. Ma r k Lund y (Cal ) 9.40 Ed Bellma n 9.35; Ell io ll Sch nee (LBCC ) 9.35; Mark Sh erwood (UCLA ) 9.3; Cliff Loga n (A r iz. 51.) 9.2; Yo ichi

To mit a (lBS ) 9.2; Rick C urti s (A ri z. SI.) 9.0; Gary Alexa nder (A ri z. 51.) 8.85; Tim Shaw (USC) 8.4; To m Morgan (Ind. 51.) 8.4.


Ted Marcy

1. Wa y n e Young (BYU) 9.55 2. Bill Searles (Golden WeSl) 9.50 3. Yoich i Tomila (LB S) 9.40 Bob Rob bins (Co lo. 51. ) 9.35; G reg Cas ian (UC LA) 9.3; Sam Shaw (CSF ) 9.3; Gary Alexander (A riz. 51. ) 9.25; Craig KirbY (ASU) 9.2; Rich ard Pascale (Pas CC) 9.2; Tim Shaw (USC) 6.8.

Parallel Bars

swi ngin g rings), e nding a nice set that includ ed a Hi ggi ns chan ge an d full piro uette o n top of the bar. Steve Sa rgea nt of UCLA, 2nd in th e NCAA·s performed a double Germ an stradd Ie o ve r recat ch and ended with o ne of 2 V, in V2 out s performed . Endin g o n a ve ry hi gh note the last performer of th e compet ition , Theo Dig enless, executin g ju st about eve ry c hange th ai Ed Gunn y eve r th o ught o f includin g an On o to mi xed eagle gro up to another Ono, and a hec ht va ult fini shed w ilh a 9.75 to w in th e event and li e Marcy lor th e evenin g·s high es t sco re and mo st impress ive routin e. " Pipe ·· for som (-' re,l so n (per haps Pasa dena·s ve ry flex ibl e bar ) proved W ay n e Yo un g·s und o in g. Miss in g a jam to in ve rt s Wayne cou ld o nl y man age a 7.65 dropping hi s all- around tota l to 54.4. Havin g led in th e all-aro und fo r mo st of th e mee t Young gave way to Yoic hi Tomita, w ho upo n sco rin g 9.5 o n hi gh bar l oo k th e all- around titl e w ilh a 55 .0. A ll in al l Ihi s yea r ·s In vitati o nal mu st rank amo ng th e best, if IWIlh e best PN I ever put on. Con gratulatiollS Jerry To dd!

1. Don Leave nwo nh (UC LA) 9.60 2. Yoich i Tomila (LBS) 9.55 3. Wa y ne Youn g (BYU ) 9.50 Gary Alexan · ler (A ri z. St. ) 9.5; Herb Ha nso n (Ariz. St.) 9.3; Si eve ~v ri ega (U na) 8.75; John Kolb (USC) 8.1;

Joh n li vingston (USC) 7.75; RI c ha rd Pascale (Pasa


7.75; H erb Ma ss in ger (CS F) 7.b ; Tim Shaw (USC) 7.25.

Horizontal Bar 1. Th ea D igerness (Colo 51. )


2. Tom Watso n (A ri z. St.)


3. Yoichi To mil a (LBS) 9.50 Herb H anso n tA ri z. 51. ) 9.45; Mark Da vis (SI U) 9.4; John Harl (LBCC) 9.35; SI " ve Sa r gea nl (UC LA ) 9.30; Gary Alexa nd e r (A ri z. 51.) 9.25; Ken EaSiman (UC LA ) 9.20; Jer ry MonlOoth (UC LA) 8.45; \lVay n e Young t BYU) 7.65; ~llm Shaw tUSC) 7.55.


On e of the eli gibility requ irements was that each gymnast atta in a minimum of 4.0 in each of her eve nt s. As th e leve l of co mpetition is co nstan tl y improv in g this minimum sco re requirement co ul d be rai sed co mm ensurate wit h th e skill leve l of th e meet. Th e NYSA IAW Gymnastics Committee urg es all N.Y.S. Col leges with Women 's Vars it y tea m s to join NYSA IAW by October 15 each yea r and to dec lare th e team as a vars it y to be elig ib le for th e N.Y.S. Champio nship s. by Gretchen Sundlerland Dowsing Cornell University

First of all , correcti ons sent to me fol lowin g my li st of co ll eges with women ' s gymna st ics teams: Region 1 Univ. of Maine Oroni , Me., Bobbie Stoyell . Region 2 Rutg ers U ni v. New Brunswick, New Jersey, Arlene Norris Region 7 Colo. State U. Fort Co lli ns, CO. Tom Proulx Region 8 Humbolt State U. Circada, Ca., Sara Tirado Any ot hers? Apparently th e list was helpful , as ev idenced by the following reply from Bobb ie Stoye ll: "I wou ld like yo u to know that yo ur li st in the GYMNAST has been most helpfu l to me as a coac h as well it might b e to students. We are in the process of expand in g our schedule to include schoo ls out side of Maine for next season . The li st appeared ju st in time to save me a lot of unnecessary work! " The following report on the New York State Meet may be a good gu ide for ot her states w ithout such a championship . It was my first experience w ith a State Meet and I was quite impressed. My team enjoyed the meet and did we ll ; I was p roud of th em (9th in th e state - ou r first year !). Th e meet was especiall y enjo ya ble for me, as I was fortunat e enough to be asked to do the television commentarY; thi s enabled me to interact with the other coaches and gym n asts on a d ifferent leve l, and it was very enl ighten in g. Since many tea ms do not go o n to Regionals, this wa s a nice way to end th e season.

Meets Results: A s anticipated , in d iv idua l and tea m honors we re dominated by a strong trio from Canis iu s Co ll ege coached by A I Stumpf. De ni se Ten n ey ca ptured top honors in three events: va ulting, beam and bars, and placed second on floor exe rci se, wh il e teammat e Kathy A levras took 1st on floor exe rc ise, ti ed for 2nd in va ulting and beam and pla ced 4th on bars. Th e third member of thi s triumvirat e, Carol Reynold s, was th e reason for th e ti e for 2nd on beam and is also cred ited wi th two third p laces on bars and floor exercise. The only team to break into th e top three plac es was Co rtland wi th 2 seco nds, Traci Dalton who ti ed an va ultin g and Jan H erringer on bars.

RESULTS Team Scores: 1. Canis iu s Co llege (CC) 97.80 2. SUNY Cortland (C) 86.00 3. Ithaca Co ll ege (I) 79.90 4. SUC Broc kport (B) 75.30 S. Queen s Co ll ege (Q) 74. 05 6. Hofstra University (H) 66.50 All Around: 1. Denise Te nney (CC) 34.20 2. Kat h y A lev ra s (CC) 32.20 3. Caro l Rey nolds (CC) 31.10 4. De bra Jones (C) 28.50 S. Ga le Dunlop (B) 25.95 6. Su sa n Falcaro (Q) 26.65 Individual Events: Vault: Deni se Tenney 8.50; Traci Da lton (C) a nd Kathy A lev ras (CC) 8.30. Uneven Bars: Denise Te nney 8.90; . Jan Harrin ger (C) 7.55; Caro l Reynolds 7.35. Balan ce Beam : Denise Te nn ey 8.00; Ca rol Reyno ld s and Kath y A levras 7.80. Floor Exercise: Kathy Alev ra s 8.85; Deni se Te nn ey 8.80; Carol Reynolds 8.40.

Perhaps nex t yed r we w ill add fin als, and a designation of "A ll -State Gymnast " to th e top 6 women in each even t. If yo u have State and Regional repo rt s yo u wou ld like cove red in thi s column, se nd th em to me at: Gretchen Dowsing Helen Newman Hall Cornell University Ithaca, N.Y. 14850

NYSAIAW GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS Ithaca College, Ithaca, N.Y. by Harriett Carnes, Coach Friday, February 28th 130 gymnasts, managers and coaches represent in g 12 schoo ls arrived in Ithaca for the 7th Annual Champion ships. Each team had an assigned practice time during th e afternoon after w hi ch everyo ne met at the Ramada Inn for a plea san t buffet dinner. At 8:00 a. m . Saturday, warmups began as the WICB T.V. crew set up their cameras and equ ipment. Thi s was an hi sto ri c occas ion as it was the fir st tim e the N. Y. State meet was taped for televi sio n. The morning started wit h each tea m rotating . from Vaulting to Bars. Teams were seeded into three gro up s . ba sed on m ee t scores during season and the resu lt s of last yea r 's state mee t. Within eac h of the three groups, there was a draw to det ermin e the order of tea m performance. For the afternoon sess ions, Beam and Floor exercise, th e sa me draw procedure was used. Thi s typ e of sq u ad rotation worked much better th an th e in d ividua l random draw select ion used in previous years.



p :ront Row (L to R): 1st place tea m - C a nisi us : Denise Te nney, Carol Reynolds, Kathy Alevras. Back Row (L to R): (Captains re prese nting 2nd-6th place teams); 6th Hofstra Univ. Claudia Stein; 4th Sue-Brockport, Rita Gryniewicki; 2nd Suny-<:ortland, Julie Kane; 3rd Ithaca Coll ege, Leslie Berman; 5th Queens College, Susan Falcaro.


CAMPUS COLUMN UP-DATE Th e las t few weeks ha ve been busy and excit ing for women's co ll eg iate gymnastics. Not only have Regional Championsh ips been held in eve ry dist ri ct, but th e p rest ig io u s A IAW Nat iona ls we re h eld at Cal ifor ni a St ate Un ive rs ity at Ha ywar d on Apr il 4 and 5. I att ended th e Eas tern Reg iona ls held at Prin ceto n U ni ve rsit y, d i rected by Ma ril ee D ea n Baker. Th e fi nals co mpet ition reall y showed the high ca li be r of th e meet. There were many sco res in th e 9's, mo st not ab ly Karen Breszack s (C lar ion) 9.3 vault (I felt thi s was even a littl e low); Deni se Tenn y's (Canis ius) 9.25 uneve n routine ; all d Cole I)owa li by's (So. Conn.) 9.4 o n bo th free exercise and bea m . Karen Schuckman' s (Penn State) 9.35 gave her a close 2nd on f ree exe rcise. The f irst pla ce U ni ve rsit y of Massachuse tt s team looked good in their p urpl e and blue ti edyed leota rds - th ey were al l slim and in shape. So m e o ut stand in g features of the com p et iti o n we re: Kare n Sch uckman performed a bea utiful free ex rout i ne accompanied by ce ll o; Deni se Te nn yexecuted a hi gh , pe rf ec t back fli p o n th e beam; Co le Dowa liby's free ex was a p layfu l, int eresting comb in ation o f unusua l trick s and uniqu e dance e lemen ts; almo st ever y woma n in ba r finals exec ut ed clea n, cas t hand stand s and th e re were a tew t ree back hip circl es to h andsta lld; th c va ult s were m ost l y hand sprin gs. but th c re were a lew good Yami \" twi , ts; the beam routine s we re charact eriLcd by fa, te r dance mo ve m e nt s, more back hilildspr in gs, all d sp ec tac ul M d ismounts - one was a double tw isti llg acrial. The m ee t resu lt s are below : Tea m Championship U. of Ma ss 105.55 Springfield 104.70 Penn. Sta te 101.40 Sou th em Co nn. 99.30 Clar ion 98.45 Cani 5 iu~ 97.65 Vault Dowa lib}' IS. Conn ) Brezac k IClarion) Sch uckman (I'enn ) Bars DowalibY Tenny ICanisus) Burger IU. Ma ss.)

18.60 路t8.55 18.40 18.10 18.10 17.90

Bea m

Dowal ibY Bizal (pe llil St.) Ko lemainen I~pringl i eld)

18.60 18.05 17.90

Free Ex Dowal iby Schuckman Cantwell IU. M",s)

18.80 18.45 18.25

I recei ved a ni ce flYe r from Geza Ma rtin y, coach of th e Georgia Co l! ege women s gymna sti cs team. 1 his yea r h is team won thc state championship, plac in g Indi Vidu als III th e top three all arou nd spot s, and f ini shed th e season with a respec tabl e 12-2-0 reco rd. One unu sual and int e res ting addit io n to th e Georgia Co ll ege flyer is, alo ng w it h th e usual li sting of th e gYm nas t 's hom e town, year In schoo l ami major, Mr. Martiny also Includes a li sting 01 each gi rl 's fo rm er coac h . Mim i M urray (o n sab bati ca l fro m Sprin gfield college) wa, also at Eastern Regional s and I pumped he r for a few comme nts o n the co lleg e gym nas ti cs sce ne. The fol low in g are so m e iso lated observations t hat I t hin k you wou ld find int e res ting: " We mu st not 'p ut down' wo m en's co l legiate gym nast ics as second best. This att itude o ft e n originates in the upper eche lon s of o ur sport. Why are thc scores at the USG F Eli tes much higher than t hose sco res fo r th e sa m e gy mn as ts and comparable r o utin es at Co ll eg iate Nationals!" On national team se lection (M imi was t he coac h of th e last U ni ve rsit y Gam es Team ): "Once a dec ision such as a team select ion ha s been mad e, w hy ca n't we accept it as fait accompli and th en go about making th e bes t of it? 'Sunday m o rning quarterback in g or 'seco nd g uess in g' help s no one, except po ss i b ly the ego of th e com prainer. Th ese sit uation s co ntinue to occur in our spo rt . Is It not about time we lorget out pett y jealousies for the sake of our in ternational teams and our gym nasts? . A s coaches of illdi vidua ls on our elite teams we ha ve the responsibilit y of prepari ng th e gym nast ph ys iGt ll y, me nt ally and e m o tio nall y fo r co mp etition. Once th e gy mna st arrr ves at training ca mp the "umbilical co rd sho uld be seve red and the gymnast mu st be prepa red to subjugat e her indi vidua li ty to that of th e tea m. CertainlY, the performance of the gym nast In int ern atio nal competi ti on is greatly ind icat ive of the p reparat io n o f he r perso nal coac h. Th erefo re, th e coach sho uld be ab le to stand back and take pride in th e gy mna st 's p e rfo rm allce w heth e r or not she or he is th e re on th e Iloor at th e tim e." Two other regiona l d ist ricts se nt th eir sco res to me in tim e for pr in ting and th ey are li sted below: Reg ion 5 Team Champions So. Illinois Michigan State Kent State Wes t. Illinois Central Mi chigan All-Around

106.70 101.60 99.05 92.65 91.00

SandY Gross 150. 111. ) 35.60 Stephani e Stromer 150. III. 35.20 Ginger Templ e (SO. 111. ) 35.05 Cat hy Kincer IMich. ~t.) 34.25 Pall Y Hanlo n (So. 111. ) 33.00 Diane Chapela (!'vtich. ~t.1 32.50 Region 2 Team Champions Western Kentuck Y 83.80 Memphis Sta te 82.50 Wes tern Ca rol in a 79.90 Duk e Un ive rsit y 75.25 Apala chian State 70.80 All-Around

Adele Gleaves IWKU) Susa n Bulloch (WC) Sue Lund ah l IDuk e) Sa ll y Krakov iak IMTSU) GYMNAST May '75

35.25 32.75 31.40 30.25


With Cole Dowaliby By Rob Field s Co le DowalibY 11:l, of New H ave n , Co nnecti cut began gym nasti cs 7 yea rs ago w ith M u riel Grossfeld an d has trai ned under Ms. G rmsfe ld eve r since. He r int ern ati o nal expe riell ce in c lu d es compe titi o n agai n st Ru ssia in 1971, j apa n 1972. In 1974 she compe ted aga in st CLec hos lovak ia and mo st rece ntl y aga il lst W es t Ge rm any in Jan uarY of thi s yea r. In ovember of 1974 Ms. Dowa ll bY toured We st Germa ny as pa rt o f an AAU spO llso red state d epartment tour . Co le now attends Southern Con nec ti cut Stat e College and is coached there by Gail Davi s w ho is also an FIG Br eve t j udg e. As;] 1st se m ester freshma n majorin g i ll libe ral arts, Ms . Dowa li bY cap tured th e all-around titl e and the ba lance beam co mpet ition ill thi s A IAW gym na stics natio nals.

Q: This is your fir st Collegiate nationals, how did yo u lik e it? Cole: I d id ll 't lik e ind iv idu als go ing firs t. Th e re have bee n a see d co ming o ut of th e regionals . Usuall y th e sco rin g in the morning is lowe r tha n i n th e evenin g. Fortunate lY in thi s com p etiti o n judgi ng ill all ses, iollS was ve ry co nsis te nt and not a problem. Q : You compete for Southern Connecticut, are you on scho larship there? Col e: o. Sou th e rn ha s no ath let ic sc ho larship s Q: Do yo u feel sc holarshi'ps should be given in equal number and amount to women as are giv en to men? Cole: Yes. Though b eca use of fin ancial problem s you ma y ha ve to co mp ete fo r a sc hool who offers th e mO l l ey . Q: What 's yo ur favo rit e event? Cole: Floor exe rcise. I have more free dom to pe rl o rm and I ca n ge t in vo lved w ith the aud ie nce. On the other event s yo u ' re worr ied abo ut tallil l g. Q: Why are n' t th e co llegiates on as high a level as the clubs? Cole : Seriou, gym lld sts co mpete at the cl ub leve l in Elite s (U.S.G .F.) fo r nat ion al tea m s and to urs. III co ll ege yo u train for 2-3 ho urs a day as opposed to club leve l trainin g whic h is 5-6 hours a day. Q: What do th e Collegiates offer? Cole: More team co mp etiti o n and more m eets in generil l. There' s less p ress ure - 3 sco res coun t o ut 01 6. Q: There's much controversy over the fact that girls h e re (AIAW Na tion als) are offer~d the ch ance to qualify for U.S.G.F. Elite by competing in an optional co mpulsory session. Why the divided ca mp? Cole: It of le rs co ll egia ns a 3r~1 chance to qua li fy that others do n 't ha ve . Ed . Note: Qua li fication to USGF El it e require s all g i rl,> (exce pt tho se sco rin g 72.00 in El it es las t yea r or all Y m ember of the 1974 Wo rl d Champioll ,> h ips Tea m ) to pa rti cipa te in regional ami national qualifyin g m ee ts he ld twice a yea r. A ll 1:l.75 average IS need ed to advJ nce to the U:,GF Elit e Nat io nals in jun e. Q : What is yo ur favorite aspect of gymnastics? Cole: I like it .III - but I es p ecial ly li k e to trave l and compete int e rn ati o nall y. The W es t Germ an tour I part icipat ed in was probably the highlight 0 1 my career . Icon 't. on pg. 51)


1975 AIAW CHAMPIOriSttlP AIAW REPORT By Rob Fields Califo rni a State U niversity , H aywa rd , a beautiful ca mpu s facility n estl ed in th e hill s o f pi ctures qu e northern Ca lifornia, played host to th e seventh A ssociati o n o f Inte rco ll egiate Wom en ' s Gy mn as ti cs Ch ampionship s held ApriI4-s . 18s gy mnas ts re pr ese nting 50 co lleges and universiti es from 25 states prov ided so m e

9,000 spectato rs w ith th e hi ghes t ca liber o f co mp e tition ye t w itn esse d at th e interco llegiate leve l of wo men ' s gy mna sti cs . South ern Illino is U ni v'e rsity, last yea rs' A IAW tea m c ham p ion surprise d n o o ne by rep ea tin g as thi s yea r' s tea m champion, w inn ing handil Y o ve r a fin e tea m fro m th e U niversit y o f M assachu se tts 107.35 to His .s5. Th ere w ere a few surprises in th e all-aro und

comp etition h oweve r. Las t yea r 's A IAW AA Ch ampi o n, Karen Schuck man of Pe nn State Universit Y fell victim to the " plank " (I think th e wo men ca ll it balance bea m ) falli ng o n a back handspring step o ut, and had to settl e for second pl ace be hind a ve ry st ro ng and arti sti c perform ance by Co le [) owa liby, a fres hman at Southern Conn ecti cut State Co ll ege. All in all a most exc it i ng 2 d ays o f gymn as tics competiti o n.

These are just a few of the teams that participated in the AIAW Nationals. Our roving photographer arrived late and was unable to get a picture of each team. Pictured are the teams he was able to get, below (LloR): Cal. State Hayward, Coach Dorie Krepton "and San Diego State Univ., Coach Edward Franz. To the right starting top left (clockwise): Univ. of Washington, Coach Dale Shirley; Cal State Long Beach, Coach Marion Duncan; Clarion State College, Coach Ernestine Weaver; Iowa State Univ., Coach Char Christensen; Arizona State Univ., Coach Monika Sublette; Kent State Univ., Coach Janet Bachna; Michigan State Univ., Coach Barbara Un less ot he rwi se id e nti fi ed , all AIAW ph otos by Gle nn Sun d bY McKenzie Peacock; and Southwest Missouri State Univ., Coach Chic Johnson".


GYMNAST May ' 75


AIAW GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS April 4 & 5, 1975 University of California, Hayward RESULTS Team 1. Soulh ern Illin o is Unive rsilY 2. Uni ve rsil Y of M assachu se ll s 3. So ulhwesl M iss issippi Jf. Coll ege 4. Sprin g fi e ld Co ll ege 5. Pennsy lva nia ~ I a l e

107.35 105.50 104.85 103.70 102.75

Coach Herb Vogel gets a victory IHt from his SIU girls te~m.



::i 20


Team Competition As usual, pe reni al favorit e Southern Illi nois University, coac hed by Mr. Herb Vogel was the tea m to beat in this yea rs AIAW final. Two years ago th e Un ivers ity of Massach usetts directed by Mike 路 Kasavana rose to the c hall enge and dethroned SIU emerg in g as nationa l champion . Southern rea sse rt ed it se lf in 1974 so once again the stage was se t for Dav id to slay Gol ia th. Competing in Sess ion V. Massachusetts put up a ve ry impress ive fight. Mike Ka sava na, as a Iways, fie lded a ve ry st ro n g team that featu red Susy Cantwe ll (who lik e her six othe r sisters is a ve ry pretty gi rI and a ve ry fi ne gymnast). Al l the girl s loo ked we ll peaked fo r th is meet, as all counti ng sco res fe ll between the 8.5 to 9.2 range w ith Susie Cantwe ll go in g 35.20. Floo r exercise was es peci all y strong, featu rin g a 9.15 perfo rm ance by j ean nin e Burger followed by a 9.05 by Ms. Cantwel l U. Ma ss finished the co mp eti ti on with a 105.5 tota l, high fo r that po int in th e eve ning. Compet in g in Sess ion V alo ng w ith U. Mass. wa s Springfie ld College a u sua ll y st ro ng co ntend er. This year was no excep ti on as Stephanie j ones, 35.3 AA total , led Springfield to a 103.70 f inish and eventual 4th p lace in th e tea m sta ndings. We re it not for so me mi sfortun e on uneve n bars w here Spri ngfield co uld on ly manage 23.80 po in ts, they may have bee n in th e runnin g for th e top 2 p laces. With U. Mass go in g 105.50, SI U knew they had to hi t their routin es to pu ll th e meet out. Th e crowd was in th e m ood for an upse t, and th e hour was approachi ng 9 P.M. as SI U bega n th e sixth and final sess ion of co mpetition. 1975 was not to be a repeat of 1973. W ith lead in g AI\ co ntend ers Ly nn Govin , Stephanie Strom er and Deni se Didi er SI U proved too stro ng to be denied. SIU began on va ulting and promptly sco red 27 .35 w ith Den ise Did ier executing the o nl y cartw hee l back so mi of th e meet sco rin g 9.25. As th e meet pro gressed, SIU began to suffer from a litt le inco nsistency from th eir top perform ers, but always there wa s so meo ne to pi ck u p the slack . With f ive all-aro und perform ers at or near th e 35 .00 mark (with Ms. Didier scoring 36 .00) SIU 's depth was too grea t. Scorin g 107.35 SIU repea ted as A IAW gYmnastics tea m champi o ns beating U. Mass by nea rly 2 points. Roundin g out th e top 5 teams was th e surpri se of th e tea m co mpet ition. Southwest Miss iss ipp i j r. College (so uth where?). S.W.M. j .C. led by ju dy Putm an' s 35.40 AA effort pla ce d third amassin g 104.85 point s. Southwest Miss iss ipp i should co ntin ue to fie ld fine teams as head coac h Vannie Edwa rd s is a man of proven abili ty as an o utstandin g women 's gym nas ti cs instructo r.


Vannie Edwa rds

Charlotte West, National AIAW Commissioner, presents award to host coach Dorey Krepton.


All-Around 1. Co le Dowa Ii by, So. Conn. St. C. 2. Karen Schuckman , Penn. St. U. 3. Diane Sepke, U. of III. CC 3. Debbie Hall e, Seatt le Pac. Co l. 5. Su e Paul , San Francisco St. U. 6. Lau re l An de rso n, Seattle Pacifi c Col. 6. Deni se Didier, So . III. U. 8. Cindy Walker, Pacifi c U. 9. Maribet h Steinle n, U. of So. Florid a 10. Diane She rm an, Ca. St. U. Fresno 10. Janet Wr ight, Florida St. 12. Jan Model, U. of Oregon 13. Sharon Smi th, U. of O rego n 13. Sharon Ak iyama, U. of No. Colo r. 15. Caro lyn Wold, Pacific U. 16. Marga ret Hammond, U. of Utah 17. Marga ret Sartin , Louisiana St. U. 18. Judy Sands, U. of Colo. 20. Rob in Mell s, West. III. U. 21. Donna K ~ rlin g , Linn Benton CC








'9. 10 9.20 9.15 8.90 9.10 9.15 9.25 8.80 8.30 8.70 8.45 8.30 8.45 8.10 8.10 8.65 7.25 7.75 8.25 8.15

8.90 8.60 9.25 9.00 9. 10 9.00 9.05 8.15 7.60 7:10 7.25 8.10 7.25 6.80 8.15 7.15 7.65 5.45 6.25 3.60

9.20 9.10 8.90 9.20 8.75 8.85 8.90 8.50 8.85 8.20 8.35 7.65 7. 60 8.45 7.40 6.70 7.00 7.10 6.00 7.20

9.30 9.40 8.85 9.05 9.15 9.00 8.80 9.05 8.30 8.65 8.60 8.40 8.60 8.55 8.10 8.70 7.70 8.60 7.65 8.45

TOTAL 36.50 36.30 36.15 36.15 36.10 36.00 36.00 34.50 33.05 32.65 32.65 32.45 31.90 31.90 31.75 31.20 29.20 28.90 28.15 27.40

Ph oto by John M: Green

Photo by Jo hn M. Green




It was clear from th e outset th at this yea r's AA competition would fea tur e the high est leve l ever in women 's co ll egiate gymna st ics, & the race for the title started ea rl y. Session I for spec iali sts and indi v idu al allaro und performers (those not in vo lved in team com petition) began at the irritati ngly ea rl y hour of 9 A.M. Thi s session featured many pleasa nt surprises howeve r, that more th an offset th e great inco nven ie nce of having to arise at 8 A.M. to view th e co mpetition . Cole DowalibY made it obvio us to everyone that she had co me to the meet to win. In a field that included no less than four gy mn as ts sco ring 36.00 or above, Cole was still th e class of th e co mpetition. A ve ry competent bar and compet i'tor, Cole ' s finest va ulting performances ca me on th e balance beam and floor exercise. Though always in co ntrol and co nfident, borne out by her remarkabl e consistency thi s year (including first place in every event in the eastern region als) it was Cole ' s see ming abandon , and her aggressiveness that gave her th e margin for victorY & made her the crowd favo rite as well. Combining near recklessness with sheer artistry Cole garnered a 36.50 that was to be the standard for the rest of th e day' s AA competition. Also of note in the Session I Competition were the very fine performances by Debbie Halle and Diane Sepke of Seatt le Pacific College and the U ni ve rsity of Illinois, Chicago Circle respectively. Ms. H alle, a very pretty and vivacious performer was th e hi gh light of th e beam competition , mov in g easily through a very difficu lt and exciting routin e to garner th e high es t score of the beam competi ti o n at 9.2. H er bars as well showed exce ll ent tec hniqu e and rh yt hm for a we ll deserved 9.0. Ms. Hall e end ed the competit ion in a tie with Dian e Sepke at a ve ry respec tibl e 36 .15 which was good enough for third place in the AA Competition. Rounding out Session I's fine allaround field were Sue Paul , a local favorite from nearby San Francisco State College who turned in a stro ng 36.10 p erfo rmance and eve ntual 5th place and Laurel Anderson, a tea mmate of Deb bi e Halle' s at Seattle Pacifi c who tied with Denise Didi er of SIU for 6th place at 36.00. With 36.50 the sco re to beat, se t so ea rl y in the competition , we had to wait nearly 8 hours for th e top seeded teams to begin th eir competition and perhaps cha ll enge Ms. Dowaliby ' s lead in the AA. The challenge finall y did come as everyone expected from M s. Karen Schuckman , who returning as th e defending AIAW AA Champion, was not go ing to go d.ow n easi ly. Once a teammate of Ms. Dowaliby under Muriel Grossfeld, Karen now trains under th e very capable eye of Jud y Avener at Pe nn State. Though Karen lost th e AA due to an unfortunate fall on the balance beam, she is truly a champion. To eac h routine Karen added an intellectual depth and a se nse of the sublim e that left none in doubt of her artisti c genius. Her techni ca l exec ution was c lear lY superior to anyone else in th e meet. H er understanding of basic swing is ve ry thorough and she blend s with it a fin e ability as dancer and c horeographer. Perh aps what is most impressi ve abo ut Karen Schuckman is that she doesn ' t appear to be merely a well train ed athlete. Thou gh her phYsical abiliti es are considerable , it is the impress io n one gets th at GYMNAST May '75



i" ". /I)

Photo by John M. Green

Photo by John M. Green



'" GlhlNAS\\IM

Denise Didier

M s. Schuc kman' s understan din g, h er arti stic interpreta tion and her se nse of ident ity wit h gymn as t ics move me nt ex tends eve n beyo nd her p hys ica l capa biliti es th at se ts h er apart as o ne of th e fin es t gy mn as ts anyw her e. I n sum, th e AA compe tit ion left not hi ng to be d esired as th e comp et iti o n was of th e h igh es t o rd er wi th seve ral gy mn as ts lettin g it be known th at they are to b e reckoned with in nex t year's O lymp ic Tea m se lect ion .

c ..c:





0.. <II

Th e to p 12 fini shers in eac h eve nt from Frida y's co m petit ion qua li fi ed fo r t he indi vidu al event finals h eld th e foll o w ing Sa turd ay evening, th e m ee t b ega n prompt ly at 7:30 P.M. w ith the award s prese n tation fo r the to p fi ve tea ms and top 6 A A fi 'li sil ers.


L~ urel Anderson




..c: 0-




With the award s presentation co mpl eted attention then shift ed to th e va u lting event s and th e co mpetition co mm enced . This vaulting w as p erhaps th e on ly disappointment of th e evening. Vau lti ng in this country seems to give the women jud ges in thi s count ry a great deal of difficulty perhaps due to th e con fusion and diverg ence of opinion ove r w hat co nstitut es a good va ult. Th e probl em in th e A IAW competition ce ntered around the afterf light phase of the va ult. Of all va ults executed in th e two da ys of compet iti o n, there were only two va ul ts (Ms. Schuckman and Ms . Dowaliby) th at fulfill ed th e requirements for proper aft erflight and de se rved a mark of 9.0 or better. I n all o th er cases we saw va ults that were awa rded 9.0 or above th at lacked a critical phase of afterfli ght i.e. repul sio n from the horse 011 move ment in an upward (vert ica l) directio n. Beca use a va ult lands far from th e horse does not mean necessar il y that th e afterfl ight was faultl ess . If the vau lt lacked upward move ment (as in the great majority of va u lts executed in this co mpetition ) a sub stantia l d eduction (up to 1.00 pts.) should ha ve been tak en, Yet was not as evidenced by th e scorin g. 15 gymnasts qua lified for th e f inals with sco res of 9.0 or high er. Vau lti ng jud gin g mu st beco me more stri ct and consis tent if we are to see significant improvement in technical execution of wom en' s vault in g. Most va ulters in th e co mpe tition used a plain ya ma shita or ya ma shita w ith V2 tw ist. Karen Schu ckman did a very nice ya ma shita with excellent afterf li ght for a we ll deserved路 9.15 and a ti e for 1st place. Lynn Govin did p erhaps the best va ult of th e two days. A ve ry we ll executed ya mas hita w ith prop er pre-fli ght angle and exce lle nt trajectory on the afterfli ght. It was well und ersco red at 9.05. Co le Dowa li bY executed th e b est . V2 twi sting ya mas hita with good repulsion off t he horse for a we ll ea rn ed 9.2 and ti e for fourth place. Deni se Didier gets th e award as the evening's mo st co urageous va ulter in attemptin g th e o nl y ca rtwh ee l back so mi of th e mee t. Sh e had a little diffic ulty 011 th e landin g hav in g to put her hand s down for support - otherwise a va li ant effort. A ll in all th e va ulting co mpetition was very exciting as on ly .1 0 se parated th e top six finish ers, with Karen Schu c kman of Penn State, Laurel Anderso n of Seatt le Pacifi c and Karen Breza c k of Clarion State ending in a ti e for first pla ce at 18.35. Di ane Sepke of UICC and Co le DowalibY tied for fou rth at 18.30 with Sue Paul of San Franci sco State fini shing in sixth at 18.25.

GY":!NAST May '75

Vault Fri, Sat 1. Karen Breza ck, Clar io n 9.20 9."15 1. laurel A nderso n 9. 15 9.20 1. Karen Sc hu ckman 9. 20 9. 15 4. D iane Sepk e 9.15 9. 15 4. Co le DowalibY 9. 10 9.20 6. Sue Paul 9.10 9. 15 Additional qualifiers: l ynn Govin (S I U) 18.15; Deni se Didi er Ch e ryl Sm ith 18.10; Karen A tk ins 18.10; Sa ndi G ro ss (S I U) Van essa Joe (CSlB ) 18.05; Kat herin e Kol emanien (Spr in gf ield ) Robbi Brown (SWM JC) 17.85; Patti Kural (Sp rin gfield ) 17.75.

Total 18.35 18.35 18.35 18.30 18.30 18.25 18.10; 18.05; 18.00;


/ ,/

Sa ndi Gross


.., o i> .,3



Uneve n Pa ralle l Bars 1. Di a ne Sepke (U ICC) 9.25 9.20 2. Col e Dowa libY 8.90 9.30 3. Sue Paul 9.10 9.05 4. Kare n Sc huckman 9.10 9.00 5. La urel Anderson 9.00 9.05 6. Sl e phanie Jon es 9.00 9.00 Additiona l qualifi e rs: De bb ie Hall e 17.95; Kare n Aikins 17.75; Pall i Fogle ma n 17.75; Susan Ca nlwe ll (UM) 17.70; Deni se Didi e r 17.60; Lynn Govin 17.50; Kalhi Kin cer (MS) 17.40. with a score of 9.1 . Th e ni cest routin e of th e eve ning was ea sil y Cole Dowa li by ' s. H er Bars Alternating with vau ltin g was the uneven rout in e includ ed a cred ib le free -hi p circle, a parallel bar competi tio n. Thi s newes t of ve ry nice Zuc ho ld circle and 'e nded w ith an wo men 's gy mna sti cs events is by far th e m ost inc red ible stradd le-cut bounce back som i w ith excitin g an d Saturd ay night's com petition was a full twist. H er rh ythm was exce ll ent and fo rm no except ion. Lynn Gov in began th e impeccable. A we ll deserved 9.3 th at moved co mpetiti on wi th a very nice routin e that her from Bth pl ace to 2nd place in th e fi nal included a pirou ette catc h on hi gh bar and a sco rin g. Certainl y th e m ost impressive ro utin e stomac h wh ip full twist o n low bar to ga rn er B.7. from t he sta nd p o int of techn ica l execut ion was Susy Cantwell followed and was very Karen Sch uc km ans. Her co ncep t of basic bar impressive w ith a reverse hecht V2 twi st (legs sw in g is excellent w hich she demonstrated b y executin g the most bea utiful cast, sin gle ba r together! ), sto mac h w hip f ull tw ist and endin g hecht fu ll twi st see n in a lo ng tim e. A lso, h er with a ve ry w ell d o ne f ull tw istin g hecht from hecht 1), twi st to stom ach w hip wa s most the high bar, scor in g 9.05. Kare n Atk in s impress ive as wel l. Sco ri ng 9.0 Ms. Schuckman althou gh no t placing in the top 6 executed a fi ni sh ed w ith 1B.10 and fourth p lace. 1st place in routine we ll wo rth noting. Sh e m o unted w ith a this eve nt however went to Diane Sep ke of the 路 stradd le over low bar to catc h the hi gh bar in an eagle grip, included a b ea utiful so mi fro nt, Unive rsi ty of Ill ino is at Ch icago Circle at 1B.45. eag le fu ll twist an d the m ee t' s o nl y toe -on 1V2 M s. Sepke turn ed in a ve ry st ro ng performa nce th at inc lud ed no mi stakes and deserved to win. twi st catch in the middle of the se t and fini shed






Beam Balance Bea m o n Sarurd ay ni ght was a w ho lesa le reversa l o f th e previo us d ay's co mpetiti o n that saw th e g rea t m ajo rity o f gymn as ts fall to o bli v ion on thi s eve nt. All but two gy mn as ts co mpl eted th e ir ro utin es w ith o ut mi shhap in th e fi nals. Th e cl ass o f thi s comp etiti o n was cl ea rl y Debbi e Hall e of Seattl e Pacific and event w inner Co le D owa liby o f Sou t h e rn Co nn ec ti c ut. Ent e r i n g th e competition ti ed at 9.2 th ese tw o rea ll y ba ttl ed it o ut w ith a .05 se parating th e tw o at th e end, as opp ose d to nea rl y .4 se para tin g 2nd and 3rd pl ace. M os t impressive abo ut M s. Hall e is her vivac iou s attackin g style. Debbi e co m pe tes as if de fYing th e bea m to cast he r of f. Her wo rk was ve ry ex tended o n h er toes and showe d grea t rh ythm for 9. 3. M s. Do walib y, lik e Debbi e H all e sho w s grea t rh ythm and an agg ress ive sty le. H er hea d sprin g mount was ve ry exciting as was her Ba lance Be am bac k ro ll handstand. Co mp os iti o l\a ll y th e 1. Cole Dowa li bY 9.20 9.35 18.55 ro utin e wa s beautiful and Co le sold it we ll. H er 2. Debb ie Halle 9.20 9.30 18.50 sco re was 9.35 fo r a to tal o f 18.55 and 1st pl ace. 3. Dea ne Jo h nso n (SWM JC) 9.05 9.10 18.15 Exce pt fo r M s. Halle and M s. Dowa lib y most o f 4. Ju dy Put ma n (SWM JC) 9.00 9. 00 18.00 th e routin es were rath e r stock and ve ry 5. Debb ie Dun kley (Sprin gf ie ld) 8.90 9. 05 17.95 5. De nise Did ier 9.05 8.90 17.95 con se rva tively executed. Onl Y o n e aeria l Additional qualifiers : Chery l Sm ith (UM) 17.75; Ka ren Atk ins 17.60; m ove ment was attempted (a nd mi ssed ) w it h Step ha n ie Stro me r (S IU) 17.60; Vick i Seve re ns (UW) 17.25; Pa tti th e grea t m ajority o f girl s fulfillin g difficulty Fo tgetma n (Gra ndview) 17.25 ; Co le tte Biza l (PS) 17.05. r e quirem e nt s with b ac k h an ds prin g move ments. Judy Putman

Vicki Severens


.,'"'" 3

<: ;:;.






Floor Exercise 1. Kare n Sch uckma n 9.40 9.45 18.85 2. Co le Dowaliby 9.30 9.40 18.70 3. St e pha ni e Stro me r 9. 15 9.20 18.35 4. Je annin e Burge r (U M ) 9.15 9.05 18.20 5. Susa n Ca nt we ll (UM ) 9.05 9.10 18.15 5. Patti Fogte mqn 9.05 9. 10 18.15 Additional qualifiers: Laure l And e rson 18.10; Sue Paul 18.10; Che ryl Diamond (SWMSU ) 18.10; Kath e rine Kole main e n18.05; De bbi e Halle 18.00; Ste phani e Jo nes (S p ringfie ld ) 18.00; Cind y Walk e r (PU ) 17.80; Ka re n Atk in s 17.70.

Floor Exercise A lternating with b ea m was th e floor exercise competition. If beam were to be chara cter ized as conservat ive and stoc k, f loo r exercise was flambo yan t and outrageou s. Karen Atkin 's " bump and grind" to th e mu sic of the " Stripper" coup led with nice tumbling that included a high ara bi an stepout left a ve ry good


E ~




'c ..c:



.;; ~-----------------------.----------~


Karen Schuckman impression on an appreciative audience. Perhaps th e most out rageous and inn ova ti ve ro utin e ca me from seco nd place finisher Co le DowalibY. Do ne to Carlos Santana tYpe rhythm and choreogra ph ed brilliantlY by Muriel Grossfeld th e so me tim es sta rk often co mi ca l eleme nt s of the routine left the audience so m ewhat stunned. Performed near ly fl awl ess ly with m any intrica te dance step s and fin e tumblin g that inc luded a ni ce full tiwst sa ito and piked back somi to crad le Ms. Dowaliby finished with a 9.4. St eph ani e Strom er fini sh in g stron g with a 9.2 and a third place to tal of 18.35 performed in style of 1940's Holl ywood va mp trad ition . A hi ghl y st yli zed rout ine that we nt over very well, many in th e audience felt the 9.2 to be too low. Thou gh not placin g in th e top 6, th e crowd favorite in t hi s eve nt was probab lY Su san Cantwell of the Un ive rsity of Massachusetts. She capt iva ted the audien ce with dynamic tumblin g that included a very we ll d o ne Arabian front som i, vivac io us d ancin g and a go rgeo us smil e. We should see much from thi s member o f the Cantwell family in yea rs to co me .

Jean nin e Burger

If an awa rd we re to b e given for th e co mpet ition's finest routin e, it would certainl y ha ve been given to Karen Sch uc km an 's floo r exe rc ise ro utine. Us ing an origina l pi ece written for her by David Darling of the Paul Wint er Consort and p erfo rm ed o n ce llo, Ms. Schuckman choreog raph ed one of th e mo st beautifullY ar ti stic floor exercise I think any o f us have ever see n. I ntrica te ye t simplistic, unique yet classic, Ms . Schuckman , w ho se interpretatio n was flaw less, and w hose tec hnica l dance and tumblin g executi o n was near faultless more than deserved th e 9.45 awa rd ed her exercise. She ca ptur ed th e flo o r exercise event with a m ee t hi gh total of 18.85. Karen Schuckman is ce rtainl y a girl to b e reckoned with for se lec tion of our 1976 Ol Ympi c Tea m . .


I L ~ I"V1J







1975 ttcA A CHAMPIOttSHIPS Terre Haute, Indiana, April 5, 6, 7, 1975 H.J. Biesterfeldt About scoring of the Meet Thi s year, th e sco rekee p er was too bu sy to leave hi s ca ge in Penn sy lva nia , to score th e meet. So in stead, he li stened to th e ju dges via long di stan ce teleph o ne, and gave hi s repli es al so via tel eph o ne. Two of th e speciali sts in ca re and fee ding o~ co mputers, from Penn State Un iversit y, tra vel e d to Indiana to h elp w ith feeding. IHM loaned th e terminal s. Thu s we had access to th e sam e e ffi cient comput er program that mad e th e 1974 m ee t run so smoothl y. W e appr eciate Penn State 's continued effo rt s to make g ymn as ti cs m ee ts run smo othl y. Thi s year, th e 27 page summar y of th e com fJe titioll was co mp le tely tYped o n stencil s and print ed , and in th e hand s o f th e coa ches, withill 30 minutes after th e las t perform ance . Compulsory Competition Th e tea m s co mp eted in three gro ups at 1 :00, 4:00 and 7 :00. And as usual, fati gu e clearl y began to tro uble th e judges by evenin g. W e es tim ate th at th e p erfo rm ances of In di ana State in th e first sess ion w ould ha ve earned th em 5 point s more had th ey b ee n d o ne in th e third sess io n. Sin ce o rd er is reve rsed o n th e second day , it may all ave rage out. Hut thi s does not at all ju stify sho dd Y judgin g. A qui ck check of nonco mpetin g fo rm er h o rse m en matches m y fe eling that fo r ex amp le, th e b es t executed pomm el ho rse co mpul so ry ea rn ed third . Two mor e famou s p erfo rm ers pl aced above him, t hough both showed relati ve ly p oo r opp os ites, and th e champi o n o f champi ons showe d (fo r him ) major fo rm ureak aft er th e. singl e leg group. N ebra ska s entire tea m was strand ed in Ch icag o by a snows torm , and arri ved about 10:00 P.M. ; th ey w ere all owed to co mp ete th at even ing. D espit e co nsid erabl e fati gu e, they perform ed fairl y we ll. Th ey receive d 206.UO, for 5th pl ace in compul sori es, a score th at was certainl Y no t ove rl y seve re. Southern Illinoi s comp eted w ith o ut Jim



Ivice k, w ho hJd bee n hurt a wee k ea rli er. Th eir 205.95, 3rd , spea ks we ll fo r th e repl acem ent s. Lo ui siana Stat e p e rfo rm ed w ell for 211 .75, and has a ve ry fill e team. But ce rtainl y, jud ges ' fati gu e ad ded seve ral p o int s to th e sco re. Ca li for ll ia, 21 3. 60, cl ea rl y dese rve d it s w in in co m p ul sories. H oweve r, save for p erh aps Beech 's 9.55 on h o ri zo lltal bar, w e saw onl y fairl Y sec ur e, t ec hni ca ll Y ad equ a te p erfo rm ances . Th ey ce rtainl Y did not sho w an y trend -se ttin g Oil hi ghl Y attra cti ve techni ca l or styli sti c inn ova ti o n s. W e w ish th e o th er tea ms loo ke d as we ll coac hed . Optional Competition In th e o pti o nal co mp etiti o n, scores w ere fairl Y c lo se : Cali fo l'lli a 220.70, In di an a St ate 220.60 , Iowa Stat e 220.1 5, Ari zo na St ate 219.60, So uth ern Illin o is 219. 25 , LSU 219.05 , Nebra SKa 217.60 alld Mi chi ga n 215.25. Howeve r, th e margin built up ill the co mpul so ri es preve nt ed LS U's 6th pl ace o pti o nal fini sh fro m co stin g mu ch: LSU was second in co mpul sori es and remai lI ed se colld aft er o ption als we re add ed in . By th e sa me to ken, In di ana Stat e's 6th p lace fini sh in co mpul so ri es far o ut we igh ed th eir seco nd pl ace fini sh in op tion als, so th at th ey did no t mak e it to team fina ls. In fa ct eve n w ith a seco nd p lace in o pti o nals Indi ana Stat e did no t d o ve ry we ll fo r th em. Th ere is 110 doubt th at w ith th e ve ry ge nero us sco res gi ve n at thi s mee t, had Indi ana Stat e don e it s seaso n best, th eir opti o nal score wo uld h ave bee n abo ut 225 . Oil th e Jud gin g: as usual, sco res w ere unbeli eva bl Y hi gh, allli ve rye rati c. Fortunat ely, th ere was littl e ev id ence of anyon e ge tting sp ec ial tr ea tm ent. Rath er, ever yo ne sufferr ed with judges w ho co uld not , o r w ould not , see and d edu ct fo r fault s. Our ph o to cove rage inclu des a few sho ts o f hi gh 5 p erform ances th e errors show n are no t sin gle in stances, but sa mpl es of erro rs occ urill g 4 o r mo re tim es in on e se t, w ith no visibl e eff ec t on sco res . THI S WR ITER HAS A TTE N DED N ATIO N ALS

FOR TWENTY YEA RS AND IS CO N VIN CED THAT OFF ICI A TI N G WAS WORSE THIS YEAR THAN EVER HEFORE . WE SUGGEST THAT A MORE A DEQ UATE M EAN S OF SELECTION BE EVOL VEO HY 1 HE NCAA RU LES COMM ITTEE , SO TH AT SELECTION IS HAS ED ON PROVEN A BILI TY, JUST A S IS DONE W ITH THE COMPETITOR S. IT IS INE XC USABLE TO USE LES S THAN THE HEST OFF IC IALS TO RATE THE BEST GYMN A STS IN THE COUNTRY . Thi s competition al so led to chOOSing th e top 8 as finali sts in eac h eve nt, and to th e selec tion o f th e A ll-Aro und Champi o n. Team Finals With a con ve ni ent lea d, Ca lifornia went into fin als fee li ng co mfort able. LSU mi ght ju st ha ve a chance to cat ch up , but breij ks 0 11 Hori zonta l Bar mak e th em co unt a 7.30, on va ult an 5.55, and th at is too mu ch for th em, so Califor ni a won th e Tea m Fi Ila Is, 22 0.1 75 to 215. 300 for LSU , whi le SIU ea rll ed onl y 21 7.40. In th e SIU score th e onl y d isaster is all 5.05 count ed on horse by a 9.2 pe rform er. Hut minor erro rs cro pped up in many of th e ro utin es . SI U could not ex p ect mu ch b ett er, and should b e proud to ha ve done so w ell without th eir lil scorer of th e season . Th e cali b er o f th e p erformances in th e team fin als fo r all three tea ms was below wh at we w ould wi sh. Hy compari son, this performance would have sc ored p erhap s 214 in regular season , and the o th er tea ms we re co mparab ly ove rscored. W e w ere ver y sorry that In d iana ' St ate w as so far down from it s season 's b est wo rk , w e mu st admit th at Indi ana St ate , depending as it does on a Freshman and a Transfer both co mpeting fo r th e first tim e for th em , co uld no t ex p ect to do be tter. LSU injured ai l e of th e AA m en on W edn esd ay, Mike Foster, and hi s abse nce fro m seve ral event s did not help LSU. And Calif o rnia had its share of injuries as well. So all of th e top tea ms, fo r on e reaso n or anoth er, w ere som ewhat d o wn fo r th e m ee t. I wi sh th e scores were down with th e perfo rman ces . 29

TEfiM TEAM California


0 Louisiana State


0 Southern I llinois


0 Indiana State


0 Nebraska


0 Michigan


0 Iowa State


0 Arizona State










35.30 36.65

33.25 35.30

36.35 37.80

36.25 37.25

36.50 36.15

35.95 37.55

213.60 220.70


34.80 35.35

35.10 36.55

36.10 37.35

36.05 36.90

35.65 36.BO

34.05 36.10

211 .75 219.05


34.95 36.85

35.55 36.10

33.40 36.75

35.45 36.50

35.70 36.80

33.90 36.25

208.95 219.25


34.75 36.70

33.55 36.60

33.05 36.90

35.75 37.30

34.90 36.45

33.25 36.65

205 .25 220.60


35.35 36.50

32.90 34.10

35.40 37.15

35.20 36.95

34.30 36.05

33.65 36.85

206.80 217.60


34.30 36.35

34.60 34.75

35.05 36.90

36.20 36.85

33.55 33.95

34.90 36.45

208.60 215.25


34.80 36.60

31.90 35.70

33.40 37.45

34.90 37.25

33.50 35.35

34.85 37.80

203.35 220.15


34.25 37.75

34.80 36.30

29.60 36.55

35.05 37.35

32.00 35.60

32.85 36.05

198.55 219.60




Team victory stan-d


1. Wayne Young (BYU) 2. To m Weeden (CAL) 3. Mike Cart er (LSU) 4. Ge ne Mackie (NE B) 5. Yo ichi Tomita (L.B .) 6. Mike Gouawa (LSU) 7. Dubi Luli (Was h. St. ) 8. Mark Gra ham (lsU ) 9. Thoma s (Ind. St.) 10. Tim Shaw (USC) 11. Pete Kormann (5. Conn. ) 12. Jeff LaF leur (M in n. ) 13. Chuck Wanner (U ICC) 14. Gary A lexa nder (AsU) 15. Kovic (Te mp le) 16. Bill Mason (Iowa) 17. Tom Lind e r (H. Bapt. ) 18. D anner (M ich.) 19. Dougla s (Co l. St. ) 20. Evans (ISU ) 21. Griff it h (Ind . St.) Wayne Young


0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C





8.65 9.25 9.25 9.40 8.95 9.15 8.90 9.05 8.90 9.10 B.45 8.30 8.BO 8.60 8.50 9.05 7.90 9.10 8.25 9.15 9.05 9.55 8.45 9.20 8.40 8.20 8.80 9.55 B.25 8.75 9.10 8.85 7.7 5 9.15 8.25 9.00 6.20 B.75 8.40 9.05 8.70 8.95

8.40 9.35 7.20 9.00 8.75 B.60 8.40 8.70 7.35 8.95 8.60 B.35 8.80 8.95 7.40 8.90 B.55 8.50 7.40 8.85 7. 35 8. 10 8.15 8.80 8.65 8.60 5.65 8.00 6.85 8.60 6.BO B.15 8.10 8.90 7.25 7.35 5.15 B.95 5.80 B.50 6.40 9.20

9.15 9.60 9.20 9.40 9.30 9.45 8.BO 9.20 8.60 8.75 8.95 9.25 8.40 8.35 7.90 9.20 7.35 8.95 8.05 9.00 8.40 9.30 7. 10 8.60 7.80 8.65 7.40 9.10 7.15 8.80 7.60 8.75 6.05 8.45 7.95 8.90 8.15 9.10 7.55 8.85

8.80 9.60 9.15 9.10 8.95 9.30 9.10 9.00 9.35 9.60 8.70 8.95 9.05 9.05 8.95 9.35 9. 15 9.55 9. 10 9.20 8.75 9.20 9.15 8.90 8.50 9.00 8.70 9.25 8.90 9.25 8.45 9.10 9.05 9.20 8.80 9.10 8.65 9.20 8.50 9.10 .8.95 9.15 9.60



9.15 9.50 9.10 9.30 8.45 9.30 8.60 9.20 9.35 9.50 9.25 9.35 9.40 9.45 9.00 9.05 9.00 9.50 B.45 9.45 8.80 B.35 8. 10 9.05 8.95 9.00 8.55 9.65 8.70 9.25 8.20 8.65 7.95 8.85 8.80 9. 15 8.65 9.10 7.45 7.40 9.25 B. 15

8.85 9.35 9.25 9.20 8.65 9.10 8.45 9.30 7.70 9.45 B.65 9.30 7.85 9.25 9.00 9.60 B.60 9.20 8.90 8.90 8.25 9.30 8.60 9.00 8.45 8.60 8.30 8.15 7.50 9.00 8.55 8.65 7.90 8.65 8.35 7.05 B.05 9.05 8.45 8.95 8.25 8.85

53.00 56 .65 53 .15 55.40 53.05 54.90 52.25 54.45 5 .25 55.35 52.60 53.50 52.30 53 .65 50.75 55.15 50 .55 54.80 50.15 54 .55 50.60 53.80 49.55 53.55 50.75 52.05 47.40 53.70 47.35 53.65 48.70 52.15 46.80 53.20 49.40 50.55 44.85 54.15 46.15 51.85 41.55 53.90

109.65 108.55 107.95 106.70 106.60 106.10 105.95 105.90 105.35 104.70 104.40 103.10 102.80 101.10 101.00 100.85 100.00 99.95 99.00 98.00 95.45



Th ere was Il eve r all Y rea l d o ub t as to w ho w'o uld w ill th e all-aro ulld cham p io ll shi p. WaY ll e Yo ullg start ed o ut w it h a so li d AA to tal of 53. 00, secoll d to Torn Weede ll , who had 53. 15. Now WaY lle is Il Ot a ve ry attracti ve wo rk er a ll Fl oo r, pl ac ill g 10th amo n g AA m en on fl oo r, all d h e is ro ugh a ll horse , w here he pl aced 7th amo ll g th e AA me n. Weede n o n t he o th er halld , was #1 a ll floor, bu t #16 a ll horse. Th at di sas te r a ll com p ul so ry ho rse en sured th at W ee d en Ilot buil d up all Y lea d a ll co mpul sories. Yo ung'scom p ul sory pl aces: FX: 10, PH : 7, R: 3, V: 13, PI:!: 5, HI:! : 4. So far, it loo ked li ke eve ryo n e had a chall ce. But we r em emb er W ay n e's abiliti es, alld k ll ow o th erw ise. Yo ung's op ti o llal pl aces : FX: 4, PH: 1, R: 1, V: 1, PB: 2 HI:!: J. How co uld an yo ll e bea t hi m? Clea rl Y, 11 0 a il e had a chance wh e'n th e co mpul sory results we re so close. Th ere is all o th er all -a round man who dese rves sp ecia l m elltion: To mita fro m Lo ng Beach St ate. He was a ll th e awa rd p latfo rm fo r two eve nt s: 3rd a ll Va ultin g, and 1st a ll parallel bars. W ere it Il Ot fo r so m e land ing pro bl ems in fin als, he co ul d easil y have wo n va ultin g as we ll . A nd he is a freshman - we 'll watc h him for three mo re Years.

Tom Weeden


M ike Carter Yoichi Tomita

WAYNE YOUNG Floor Exercise : 1st pa ss - Front flip pik ed, frt. handsprin g, full twist dive ro ll , jump half turn , back ro ll strai ght arm ho p V, turn to hand stand , step d own & turn aro un d. 2nd pass - RO , f lip f lop, Arabian pi ke , Japanese f to hand spri ng, Fall to pro ne positi on, strad dl e p ress to hand sta nd , p irou ette stepd own. 3rd pass - RO, sid e flip pik ed fo rwa rd roll , singl e leg circl e, be nt leg p iro uette, scale. 4t h pass - RO, fl ip flop, 2 full backs. Side Horse: Back moore trave l up moo re; back moore trave l d own, Sc hwa bin Fl anke, stockl y up, Ru ss ian, breac k bac k sc isso rs, fro nt scissors, moo re, stockly d ow n immed iate Ru ss ian di smo unt. Rings: Di slocate shoo t, gian t, fa ll f ro m hand ba ck ri se handstand , giant fro nt u p-rise, ho llow back press, lowe r cross, inve rt ed hand, di slocate, di sloca te, V, in V, o ut di smo unt. Vault: V. in V, o ut (New Tsu ka hara) Parallel Bars: Peac h fro m end , glid e ki p , strad d le ou t, peach hand, layaway fro nt upri se, sw in g reve rse p irouett e, stut ze hand cas t support, strad d le cut L, press hand , do uble bac k dismo unt. Horizontal Bar: Cast hand half turn imm ediate fr ee h ip, bl i nd change, stoop di sl oca te, eag le, ho p p iro uette, Ca li fo rni a ho p, hecht va ult, ho p change kip, p irouette, V, i n V, o ut dismo un t. TOM WEEDEN Floor Exercise: RO, flip fl o p to d oubl e tw istin g so me rsa ult - t urn Swedi sh fa ll - ki ck to hand stand , leg scisso rs, turn , ru n an d rou ndoff and pi ked Arabi an fro nt to fo rwa rd ro ll - sidward lea p and aeri al ca rt w heel, forwa rd ro ll to straddl e L, raise bo d y to straddl e planche (hold), raise bod y fro m Pl anche posit io n to handstand -l ower and run an d ro undo ff to ca rt w hee l to stand - step back and backwa rd walkove r - stoop th ru to side spl it and imm ediatelY, ba ck ro ll (s hou lde r) to sto mach-turn to sit and back roll w ith V, turn to step dow n, to seri es o f rh ythm mo ves and culmi na ti ng in Y sca le, ru n and ro undoff back somersa ult w ith full tw ist. Pommel Horse: circle i n cen ter o f ho rse to immed ia te moore - Moo re, circl e and Moo re to front o ut (Shurlock) and ci rcl e to loo p around end to ba ck stoc kli to ce nte r o f horse, Kehre out and Kehre in (Stockli ) and brea k into bac k sc isso rs - three fro nt scisso rs and circles and sid e travel to end of horse loop, ho p, and loo p di smo un t. Still Rings: Hi gh cas t and fl ying re verse swi ng inloca te - back upri se to handstand - back giant sw ing to handstand - reve rse giant sw in g, cast and back upri se


w ith so mersa ult t o su ppo rt (w hippet) straddle piked press to handstand - lower to iro n cross, raise legs and dou bl e dis loca te to do u b le fl yawaY. Vaulting: Tsuka hara and f ro nt handsp ri ng (s light p ike) w ith a full twis t. Parallel Bars: sid e mo unt positi on - jump to ba rs and gl id e ki p to straddl e L pos iti on , hold , pr ess to handstand, y, turn to handsta nd in ce nte r o f ba rs, Di amodov to hand sta nd - fo rwa rd swing Y't u rn,g ian t glid e to kip to sw i ng in g p irou ette, dro p to cast an d ba ck u p rise to straddl e to L pos iti o n, straddl e press to handstand - forwa rd sw ing y, turn , and for ward upri se and fr ont some rsa ul t w ith V, tw ist d ismo unt. Horizontal Bars: H ig h reve rse grip cas t and imm ediate stalder to immediate p i ro uette, bac k gia nt swin g and back sta lder - y, turn and reve rse giant s - stoop in and di sloca te to inve rt ed giant sw in g - hop out and immediate Hec ht va ult to immed ia te hop und er th e ba r to kip and reve rse giant sw ing and hec ht w i th full twist dismo unt. MIKE CARTER Floor Exercise: RO , flip fl op , d o ubl e full tw ist, flip fl op , jac k-knife, ho ll owback press, RO , flip fl o p, A rabi an pik e, handsp ri ng, f ro nt fli p, f ro nt hand sprin g, p ike fro nt, front hea dsp ring, Diamid ov, RO, w hipover, slip flo p, full twist. Pommel Horse: Bac k moo re , immedi ate tra ve l in im mediate bailey, m oo re, imm edi ate tra ve l d ow n', ci rcl e loo p back stoc kl i in , circl e break into sc isso rs, d o ubl e leg circles moore i mm ed ate back stoc kli o ut ci rcl e moo re, circle loop d ismo unt. Rings: G iant inloca te back uprise hand , strai ght arm giant lowe r to malt ese lay away birdi e up to cro ss inloca te kip L-sea t h o ll ow ba c k p ress hand bai l o ut doub le. Vaulting: D o ub le fr o nt, o r hand sprin g full Parallel Bars: Cast uppe r bar reve rse stut z sw in ging pirouette, stut z hand stand cast un de r bar back upri se reve rse st utz stra ddl e cut, catch sti ff - straddl e press stut z, peach layaway fro nt uprise f ron t o ff with a half. Horizontal Bar: Straig ht arm stem, im media te st ald e r, anoth er sta lder im media te stoo p in Ru ss ian di sloca te hop o ut fl ank vault ki p w ith di sloca te hop o ut fl ank va ult kip w ith a half stalder blind change flank reg ras p f ull tw ist o ut reverse grip ki p up JIi giant h op free hip cast p i ke fro n t. GENE MACKIE Floor Exercise: RO, ff, full tw ist turn, Front sa ito step out RO, backdi ve jum p to pro ne pos ition turn over slid e t hrough pan ca ke sp lits, press hand stand . Step down to RO , side sa ul t spin to sidescal e. RO, ff, full tw ist. Pommel Horse: y, circle, loo p, uphill tro ml et to moore immediate moore, troml et to loop (back) stockli i n fro nt brea k to 3 front scisso rs. 1 reverse to circle, tro ml et loop, wa lkaro und loop spin . Rings: D islocate st . ar m shoot, hand , giant han d (st arms) lower to cross, bac k leve r pull to kip, L- seat , hollow ba ck press, hand giant d o ubl e. Vault: Ca rt w hee l bac k tuc ked . Parallel Bars : Jump to gli de kip to bac k straddle o ut to High suppo rt cas t to cut ca tch L-seat, press hand , Diamad ov, Front upri se swin g reverse pirouette, to stut z, hand , toss o ff. Horizontal Bar: Stem , stalder (imm ediate ), y, g iant, jam di sloca te to eag les, hop to piro uette y, giant stalde r, b lind change to 1 giant hecht. YOICHI TOMITA Free Exercise: RO, flip' flop, 1/ 1 tw ist layout corner move. Fro nt somi step o ut ro un d o ff pik e A rabia n co rn er m ove straddl e L (ho ld ) press to 'hand stand (stiff) ro ll o ut to stand , round off di ve ro ll Y sca le. RO , fli p flop, 1/ 1 twis tin g layout. Side Horse: Loo p aro und uphill trave l imm ediate dow n hill travel imm ediat e loo p around reverse stockli in m oo re fr ont scissors back scissor. Reverse stoc kli out Ru ss ian d ismo unt. Still rings: Pull u p to inve rt ed hang, giant inl ocate Honm a (whip pet) layo ut front uprise to L sti ff, press (strad dle leg) lowe r to cross in ve rt ed hang d islocate full twi st layo ut. Vault: Hand sprin g fro nt. Parallel Bars: Cas t suppo rt - hand sta nd pivot (natu ral) stut z han d - Di ami dov - laya way fro nt upri se - ho p piro uette - cast - straddle cut L - stiff stiff - stutz layaway fro nt upri se fr o nt off w ith y, tw ist. Horizontal Bar: Hi gh start im mediate stald er immediate pirou ette - back sta ld er y, twist - rear upri se w ith y, tw ist - rea r upri se w ith y, tw ist - rea rward swing Vo ronin vault - hop to Russian kip - im ediate jam to inverted gi ant hop piro uette c ro ssover immediat e hecht.


Floor Exercise victory stand

FLOOit EXEitCISE Floor Exercise Kent Brown (AsU) H enderso n (Oreg.) Peter Kormann (5. Conn .) Bob M ellin (Ind. St.) Unger (Neb.) Gary A lexa nder (ASU) Tom Weede n (CAL) Ge ne Jaeger (LSU) Bob Rik li (Oreg .)

C 9.15 9.00 9.05 8.9U 9.10 8.80 9.25 9.00 9.25

0 9.70 9.65 'l.55 9.55 9.25 9.55 9.40 9.35 9.60

Avg. Finals TOTAL 9.425 9.45 18.875 9.325 9.30 18.625 9.300 9.25 18.550 9.225 9.30 18.525 9.175 9.25 18.425 9.1 75 9. 10 18.275 9.325 8.90 18.225 9.175 8.90 18.075 9.425 7.55 16.975

Additional FX qualifiers: Kurt Austin (ISU) 18.30; Jay Whelan (s.Conn.) 18.30; Greg Buwick (Ok la) 18.25; Rand y Sakamoto (M ich.) 18.20; Mike Cart er (LSU) 18.10; Yost (N. Col.) 18.00 ; Linn ey (5. Jose) 17.95 ; Rand y Ne lson (ISU) 17.85; Chuck Still e rm an (M ich.) 17.80; W . H all (NavY) 17.60; Kirb Y (ASU) 17.55; Sil ve rstein (Temple) 17.45; Kei th Porra zzo (LB ) 17.40; Harley Danner (Mich.) 17.25 ; Ran ck (N IU ) 17.10; D ana Crosley (LSU) 16.95 ; Nasvechuck 15.95.

Floor Ex e r c ise


Gene Jaeger

Bob Rikli

Notab les from ~X: Konnan n from So uth ern Connec ti cut moul l ts w ith a pike to doub le back (had a littl e troub le w ith landin g) and fin ishes wit h a doubl e back . Th e double ba ck seems to be in th is yea r w ith severa l perform ers mountillg with double s alld a coup le d ismoullting wit h double back also. Eve n some who d idll 路t q ual ify for finals did doubles. Free Exerci se pot elltial w illller, Bob Rikli , holding a tie for first go ill g illto the路 finals landed hea vily on a dive ro il , hitting his head and becoming diso ri entated . Hi s coac h rushed onto th e floor and -stopped hi s exercise (a quick think in g, wise move by coac h Baliester to ensure aga in st any further or more se riou s inju ry) . U nfort unate ly th is necessa ry term ination of hi s routin e end ed any hope of a meda l fo r this potential first place w in ner. FREE EXERCISE WINNING ROUTINES Kent Brown ASU (1st): RO FF arabian l'A piked, jump with VI tu rn , FF to splits, Stiff-stiff legs together, step down, front handspring, pike front flip , step out, switch -kick handspring, jump to Swedish fall , turn to va ldez , pike down RO arabian dive roll to immediate sta lder stiff-st iff, lis pirouette, stoop legs between hands to back extension roll, RO, FF , double twist. Peter Kormann S. Con. (3rd): Round-off ba ckh andspring double back piked , back roll shoot to handstand , pik e down. Front step out to round-off ba ck wi th a full, y, turn to fall , y, turn to sp lit , lift to straddl e " L" stiff-stiff press Y. turn , p ike down. Roundoff side to cartwheel , back pirouett e to p ike down. Round-off doub le back.

GYMNAST M ay '75


Ted Marcer.

Joe Percival

Pomm el Horse victory stand

POMMEL HOitSE Pommel Horse Ted Ma rcey (Stan) L.J . Larson (ASU) Don Young (ISU) Joe Perciva l (O re) Joe U ll oa (Ca l. St. Ful. ) Steve Isham (ASU) To ny Han so n (S IU) Jerom e PoYnto n (M ich .)

C 9.80 9.65 9.40 9.45 9.25 9.30 9.40 9.20

0 9.85 9.20 9.70 9.50 9.45 9.45 9.45 9.40

Avg. Finals TOTAL 9.825 9.80 19.625 9.425 9.65 19.075 9.550 9.45 19.000 9.475 9.35 18.825 9.350 9.20 18.660 9.375 9.10 18.475 9.425 9.00 18.425 9.300 8.80 18.100

Additional PH qualifiers: Steve D ickey (N EB ) 18.55; Ed Hembd (SIU) 18.40; Greg Anderso n (C h i. Cir. ) 18.35 ; Rupert Han sen (Mich ) 18.30; Chu ck Wa lter (N. M ex.) 18.25; Stephens (A.F.) 18.10; De nero (Co rn e ll ) 18.00; Shawn Mi ya ke (UC LA) 17.95 ; Howa rd Bec k (III ) 17.85 ; Blai ne Dahl (LSU) 17.60; O 'Co nn ell (AF) 17.55 ; Mik e Foster (LSU) 17.50; M ike Cart e r (LSU) 17.35; Co lli s (SY R) 17.25 ; Kurt Tho mas (In d. St.) 17. 05 ; Bl ac k (Co l) 16.15. Ed H embd

L.J . Larson

Pommel Horse Th ere wa s ll eve r all Y doubt that Ted Ma rcy wou ld re tai ll hi s tit le, wi nnin g for th e seco nd Yea r. He WO ll co m p ul so ry, and both op ti o nal ro und s. Th ere is no r easo nab le qu es tio n as to th e rightness o f th e d ec ision , thoug h we wo uld like to have Seell a mo re p erfect co mpu lso ry. Th e co m pe titi o ll was 1l 0t abse nt tho ugh . Yo ung, of Iowa Sta te, looked ve ry good, and esp ec ia ll y ill opti o llal, L.J. Larso n of Ar izo n a St ate was o ut standin g; he had so m e troubl es in o pti o nal in prelimillaries th o u gh. If Marcy were no t in th e m ee t, all Y of Perciva l (Orego n), Yo ung (ISU), LarSOIl (ASU), Isham (ASU), Poynton (M ichi ga n), Di ck ey (Ne b raska) and H embd (5 1U) co uld h ave - w ith o ut brea ks - wo n th ~ m ee t. With Marcy, th e bes t to be ho ped fo r is seco nd , and brea ks se rve d to d ecid e who fini shed at th e to p. Th ere w as no all -a round man in th e to p 17 pla ces 0 11 horse!! ! POMMEL HORSE WINNING ROUTINES Ted M arcy Stanford (1st): Bach moo re uphill pomme l Ru ss ian bac k moore dow n imm ed iate kherein stock Ii o ut immedi ate back loop Ru ssian sto ckli in p o mme l Ru ss ian 1 reverse 3 fo rward sci sso rs travel dow n front in stockli out imm ed iate ho p loo p loop with a hal t. Don Young Iowa State (3rd): Backmoore down, k here in, circl e, pomm el Ru ssia nd o wn,Ru ss ian stock li in, un dercut brea k to re verse scisso r, 3 forward sdsso rs, circl e, Ru ss ian stock li o ut, hop, loop w it h a half. Joe Pe rcival Oregon (4th) : Back moore, pomm e l circle, trave l, loop aro und , hop, ci rcl e, back moore路 uphill , Bail ey, scissors, moore t ravel down , loop, hop, loop y, dismo unt.



REGULATION SIZE GYMNASTIC While in storage, the BELLI regulation size gymnastic floor exercise mat system occupies a space 7 feet high, 4 feet wide and 9 feet long. Storage is never a problem with the unit's 15 piece Ethafoam base and 1 piece competition working area tarp, as portions of the mat can be stored individually or as a complete unit.

Each of the Ethafoam base sections contain 7, 11/4 inch thick Ethafoam planks. For easy handling, a" 7 planks are hinged together with the BELLI six sided hinging mechanism. Four permanently plyable hinges are placed along each joint. A" 15 foam base sections can be accordion folded for convenient storage.



Once set up, the hinged Ethafoam base measures 43 feet 8 inches square, consisting of a 40 foot square regulation size gymnastic floor exercise area and a 22 inch wide out-of-bounds border. Also incorporated in the foam base are 68 tie-down straps to secure the tarp to the base. They occur at equally spaced intervals, 17 per side.


FLOOR EXERCISE MAT SYSTEM Our one piece vinyl tarp serves as a foan base covering as well as a regulation sill gymnastic floor exercise performance area The tarp is composed of 18 ounce viny laminated nylon reinforced fabric. Its 40 foo' square center is clearly designated by the 2L inch wide out-of-bounds border. A variety 01 colors is available.

Located on the perimeter of the floor exercise mat are 68 equally spaced tie-down straps and double dee ring buckles. These extremely important parts prevent shifting of the Ethafoam base while maintaining a tight, wrinkle free, performance area tarp.

The BELLI regulation size gymnastic floor exercise mat system is made from onehundred percent synthetic materials and is resistent to most oils, solvents and grease, water, mildew and rot. Carpet covered mats which include out-of-bounds borders are also available. Set up time with four persons is approximately 20 minutes. Vinyl and carpet mats are available in a variety of colors.




""c: ,.."o <II




RIHGS Still Rings Keith Heave r (ISU) Joe Ne ue nswa nd er (M ich) Jack Lauri e (S IU) Wayne Yo un g (BYU) Peter Studen ski (NE B) Mark Lun dy (CA L) Todd Ku on i (LSU) Mike Carte r (LSU) To m W are (N IU) Rick Curti s (ASU)

0 C 9.10 9.60 9.05 9.55 9.20 9.60 9.15 9.60 9.10 9.50 9.30 9.70 9.00 9.55 9.30 9.45 9.05 9.50 9.10 9.45

Avg 9.350 9.300 9.400 9.375 9.300 9.500 9.27 5 9.375 9.275 9.275

Finals 9.55 9.50 9.40 9.35 9.40 9. 15 9.30 9.10 9.20 8.95

TOTA L 18.900 18.800 18.800 18.725 18.700 18.650 18.575 18.475 18.475 18.225

Additional SR qualifiers: Landy Fern and ez (IND) 18.50; Ga rcia (CA L) 18.40; Pi erre Lecl e rc (M ich) 18.35; Wood (ISU) 18.30; L. Brow n (Ind . St.) 18.25; Hl e bec huk (Port . St. ) 18. 20; Bjorn Her manse ns (Wa sh ) 18. 10; Larr y Bil ow (Ca l. St. N R) 18.00; Bellman (COl. St.) 18.00; Steve Kin nett (H. Baptist ) 18. 00; Ri ch On ys ko (S. Con. ) 17.40; Yoi chi Tomit a (LB )17.35; Dave Ras ni ck (UCLA) 17.35; Bo gusky (A rmy) 17.35; Edstro m (AF) 16.50; Peter Lu sk (Mass) 16.10; Kovic (Templ e) 15.95; Morrison (Ga. Tech ) 14.40.

Rings H eave r does it aga in , w innin g his second year in a row.l he lea d er after two sess io ns, Lund y of Ca liforni a, los t th e m ee t o n hi s di sm o unt. Th e seco nd p lace m an after two sess ions , j ack Laurie , le t h is position slid e w ith a step 0 11 hi s pik e doubl e. M ea nw hil e H eave r turn ed in anot her excep li o nJ ll y, cl ea n, solid se t w ith di smo unt nail ed and th e b es t form in th e eve nt. Keith is n o t as dY nami c as jack Lauri e; j ack 's . G erman Rise is surely th e best in th e wor ld. Keith d oes n o t sw in g quite as ni ce ly as Lund y, but he does have g rea t bod y line. Keith does not do th e hi ghes t doubl e in th e mee t, but he has a ti g hl clea n p ik e, and un li ke th e ot hers he nail s Ihe landing as th o ug h h e has don e it a th o usa n d limes. H eave r chose wi se ly to p erf ect execut io n ill hi s ow n sl yle, and ju st wa ited fo r th e less di sciplin e d m en to fall by Ih e ways ide. A nd fa ll Ihey did . RINGS WINN ING ROUTINES Keith H eaver D o ubl e di sloca te, st raig ht -a rm shoot straight-arm giant. Powe r-d own to L-Cross pu ll thru ba ck leve r to kip-L hollowb ack press, bail , di sloca te pik ed p i ked double back . Jack Neuenswander Michigan Ki p to Pl anche, layaway to strai ght arm shoot to handstand , Straig ht arm giant swing, Forwa rd bailout (straig ht arm s) to . ba ck upri se to Cross, Pull up to L, Stra ight bod Y bent arm s press to handstand. Lower to in ve rt ed 路 cross, layaway to do ubl e f lyaway (tu ck).



'.c. \ ..\.




VAULT Vault Tom Beac h (CAL) Yoichi Tomita (LB) Bob Rikli (are) Doug Griffith (Ind. St.) Cha rli e Dav id (LSU) Ric hard Big ras (M ich) Pierre Lecle rc (M ich) Brian Dawso n (Cornell )

C 9.15 9.35 9.10 8.95 9.30 9.40 9.20 9.35


9.45 9.60 9.35 9.60 9.35 9.15 9.25 9.25

Avg Fina ls 9.300 9.33 9.475 9.00 9.225 9.15 9.275 8.90 9.352 8.85 9.275 8.9.0 9.225 8.80 9.300 8.65

TOTAL 18.625 18.475 18.375 18.175 18.1 75 18.175 18.025 17.950

, Additional Vault qualilie rs: Wayne Yo u ng (BYU) 18.40; Mark Dedrick (ASU) 18.35; Sam Shaw (Cal. St. Fu ll ) 18.35 ; Tim Shaw (USC) 18.30; M ikeCa rt e r (LSU) 18.25 ; Unger (NEB) 18.25 ; Ko vic (Te mple) 18.15; Hol sin ge r (Ca l St. Full ) 18.15; Don Pollard (Ok la) 18.15 ; Jeff LaF le ur (M inn .) 18.05; Kurt Pfli ege r (PS U) 18.00; M ic hael Rutkin (Me mph . St. ) 18.00; Gary Alexander (ASU) 17.95; Marks (Ma ss) 17.95; Bec ke r (Ga.) 17.70; Cummings (ISU) 17.50; Szymanski (Wis. a sh .) 17.35; T. Ha ll (Sp rg lld. ) 16.10.

Va ultin g . Thou gh first pl ace in co mpu lso ry went to Bi gra s of Mic hi ga n, Tom ita was seco nd and on ly .05 be hin d . In opliona ls, th ere wasa 4-wa y tie for first among Tom ita (Long Beach ), Griffith (Indiana State), Young (BYU ) and Unger (Nebra ska ). However, addi n g in compulsory scores, afte r tw o sessio ns To rri ita led by .30, and look ed u nbea tab le. He d id b y far th e h ighest doub le fro n t in the m ee t, and did an outstand ing hand spring with fu ll twi st as well. But he did not land w el l in fi nals, and slid into 3rd. But even i n J rd p lace, he showed more good tech n ique t han any o th er fi nali st. Unfortunately, Wayne Youn g' s 18th p lace on horse va ultin g co mpulso ry among vau lting q uali fiers d id not leave him mu ch of a c hance he p lace d 9th so he d id not co mpete in fina ls. Hi s Vl in, 1;1 out was th e outstanding vau lt of t he mee t, and I w ish he had a better compulsory . VAULTING WINNING ROUTINES To m Beach CAL (1st) Handspring Iront; ca rt w heel ba c k. Yoichi To mita LB (3 rd) Hand sp ring lu ll ; Handspring front. Chuck Dav id handspring full.


(4th tie)

Round-off pike; N I S SE N




co ~

:r "

Do ug Griffith Ind. (4th ti e) Handspring fu ll tw ist; roundoff p ike d bac k.



_ .t 43

PARALLEL BARS Pa rallel Bars Yoi chi Tomita (LB) Don Clifford (LSU) Dubi Lufi (Wash. St.) W ay ne Young (BYU) Kurt Th omas (Ind. St.) Glenn Ti dwe ll (SIU) Ri chard Bigras (Mich) Iverso n Ricken (CA L)

C 9.35 9.40 9.40 9.15 9.00 9.20 9.40 9.25

0 9.50 9.20 9.45 9.50 9.50 9.30 9.50 9.20

Avg. Fi nals 9.4 25 9.55 9.300 9.40 9.425 9.25 9.325 9.30 9.250 9.30 9.250 9.25 9.275 8.75 9.225 8.75

TOTAL 18.975 18.700 18.675 18.625 19.550 18.500 18.025 17.975

Add itio nal PB Q uali fie rs: Tom Weeden (CA L) 18.40; Ga ry A lexa nde r (ASU) 18.20; Du ff (NEB) 18.15; Ma rk Graham (ISU) 18.05; Chuck Wa nn er (C hi . Cir.) 17.95; Kovic (Te mpl e) 17.95; Brou ill et (Mass.) 17.95; Mike Carter (LSU) 17.75; Mi ckel son (ISU) 17.40 ; John Ko lb (USC) 17.30; Steve Bonh am (LSU) 17.05; Pierre Leclerc (M ich .) 16.85; Ilill Mason (Iowa) 16.85; Dedrick (ASU) 16.80; Tom Lin der (H. Bapt.) 16.80 ; Ka va naugh (Wis. OS H .) 16.35 ; Her b Mass in ger (Cal. St. Full.) 16.35; CuYje t (Tem pl e) 15. 10.

u--_. '" ~ c



Pa ra lle l Ba rs Again , due to th eir co mpul sory exercises, seve ral o f th e fill es t parallel bar m ell o f the co untry did no t make fi nals: Optional First Place Win ner Ca ry A lexa nd er did no t make it. Optional Seco nd Place Winn er Kava naug h (W iscon sirl-O shkosh ) did not m ake it. Opt io nal 3rd pl ace was Kurt Thoma s, from M iami, Florida and Ilidiana State. H e is a freshman, and did ve ry we ll , ti ein g Tomita. But Tomita had no int ention of lettir rg anyo ne bea t him in fin als. Using a hard er se t, in cluding a " w hipit " - upper arm front flip to support, he eas il y moved up to fi rst in th e finals. A nd Dubi Lufi , by w innin g comp ul so ry, alld giv in g two so lid opt io nal se ts, p laced 3rd. Seco nd w ent to LS U's Do nn ie C li fford , w ho tied for f irst in co mpul so ry, was way ba ck o n the fi rs t op ti o nal (14th ) and pulled up w ith hi s fina l performa nce. PARALLEL BARS WINNING ROUTINES D onnie Clifford LSU (2nd ) Peach hand stand , stutz handstand , late d rop under arm support back uprise reverse stut z sw ing ing pirouette, peach hand from upper bar, layaway front u p ri se reverse sw in gin g pi ro uette stut z handstand , back off.

Wayne You ng

Dubi Lufi Wash . St. (3 rd) St em ri se to handstand o n one bar, hop to ot her, glid e kip to strad dl e o n one bar, swin g to handstand, pirouette in , stut z handstand to immediate piroue tte, cast to upper arm s, back uprise to straddl e " L" st iff- stiff to handstand, laYaway, front upri se, front off w ith y, tw ist.

G YMNAST M ay '75







HOitlZOHTAL BAit High Bar Ri ch Larse n (ISU) Steve Sargeant (UC LA) Mark Dedrick (ASU) Wayne You ng (BYU) Tom Weeden (CA L) Bob Creek (M ic h.) Bru ce Keeshin (M ich.) Ri ch Bova (Okl a.) Cousen s (Sp rgfld.)

C 9.10 9.10 9. 20 8.85 9.25 9.1 0 8.80 9.30 8.90

0 9.60 9.70 9.50 9.35 9.20 9.35 9.40 9.55 9.40

Avg. Finals TOTAL 9.350 9.70 19.050 9.400 9.60 19.000 9.350 9.55 18.900 9.100 9.45 18.550 9.225 9.10 18.325 9.225 9. 10 18.325 9.100 9.20 18.300 9.4 25 8.8S 18.275 9.150 9.00 18.150

Additional HB qualifiers: Nobo ru M iyag i (Ca l St. NR) 17.95; M i ke Godawa (LSU) 17.95; Bob D arden (M ich) 17.95 ; Cribbs (Ind . St. ) 17.80; Kurt Thomas (Ind . St. ) 17.80; Tim Shaw (USC) 17.80; CYsewski-( ISU) 17.75 ; Mike Carter (LSU) 17.75; Nasvesc huck (Temple ) 17.70; Th eo Di ge rn ess (Co l. St.) 17.55; Steve Bonham (LSU) 17.40; YQiQii Tomit a (LB) 17. 15 ; Doug G ri ff ith (Ind . St. ) 17.1 0; To m Lin der (H. Bap t. ) 16.55; Kovic (Temp le) 16.50 ; Yoc key (Navy) 15.85; He rb Massinger (Ca l. St. FulL ) 14.50.

Horizontal Bar We apolo gize fo r not hav in g action pi ctures of the w inner - part of our fi lm was mi sloaded in the d eve loping tank , and th e last few shots of horizontal bar d id not develo p. The victory in thi s event, li ke th e victory in rin gs, went to th e m an w ith th e clea ne st wo rk: R. Larse n o f Iowa State. Aga in , we wi ll m ention spectacular things that the loose rs did. But Larso n did a. th o ro ughl Y res p ectabl e set, and did it too well to let anyone pass him. Mark D edri ck does perhaps more difficult .


imm ediate tri cks, but hi s bod Y lin e and contro l are inad equa te, and h e slips ju st a littl e behind. Ri ch Bo va - whe n h e does not miss - wo rk s as well as Larse n, with quite co mparab le fo rm , but in a slower and more dreamy style. But in finals, he d id mi ss, and bad lY, to fall way bac k. Steve Sergeant is tied wi th Larse n after compulsory, and charges towa rd tirst pla ce w ith a 9.7 to Larse n 路s9 .6 in th e first opt io nal. Hi sspecta cu'lar double German to reve rse straddle cut is, along w ith hi s d ismou nt, th e bas is for hi s score. But

w hen yo u see thi s p erformance a seco nd tim e, yo u (th e judge) fi nd a lo t mo re fa ult s o f execu ti o n and form than yo u do fi rst time aro und. So Sergea nt sli p s beh in d. A nd Larse n de se rve dl y WillS th e eve nt. It Illay be we ll to POi llt Gutthat officiatin g was mu ch bet ter in fin als, in no small part because Compet iti o n 3 is more appropri ate to this leve l o f co mp etiti o ll. A nd it may we ll be that th e off icia tin g p rob lem s in the ea rli er sess io ns wou ld be red uce d by using Co mp etiti on 3 . Rul es th roug hout. HIGH BAR WINNING ROUTINES Rich Larsen ISU (1st) Stem J;'; giant stoop in ve rt in ve rt hop-piro uett e gia nt b lin d hecht-va ult kipchan ge pirouette giant pike-open full. Steve Sargeant UCLA (2nd) Stem stoop in ve rt Ono va ult reverse kip do ubl e C!e rm an re ve rse straddl e kip chan ge p ivot half in half o ut. Mark Dedrick ASU (3rd) Cast with Y, tw ist c hange grip, stoop in Takamoto to straddle ove r. Full turn und er bar, w iler kip up Kris ke r stalte r o ut,Ca li fornia hop stoop in inve rt pirouette hop o ut bl ind immediate hecht w ith full twist.

NOTE: Time and space did not permit any further coverage. Next month we will have an NCAA follow-up; with Special Awards, more photos, data and seq uence pictures. GYMNAST May '75

GYMN AST May '75


Big ras





Indiana State U (ISU) 429.45 So. Ill inois U. (S IU ) 428.50 Penn State Univ. (PSU) 403.15 No. Illinois U. (NIU) 394.90 362.80 Illinois 51. U (III ) Ball Stat e U (BS U) 360.45 All-Around: Ivicek (S IU) 109.30; Griffith (ISUI 107.05; Thomas (IS U) 107.05; Hallberg (SIU) 103.05; Chandler (PSU ) 102.25; Smith (ISU ) 101.10. Floor Exercise: Ranck ( IU) 18.20; Me llin (ISU) 18.00; Nel son (ISU ) 17.80 ; Ivice k (S IU) 17.775; McFaul (S IU) 17.675; Shepa rd (S IU) 17.35; Pfli ege r (PSU ) 17.35. Pommel Horse: Hanso n (S IU) 18.125; H embd

(S IU) 17.95; Thomas (ISU) 17.85; Paul (ISU ) 17.75; Hu ns in ger (PSU) 17.675; Vastola (PSU ) 17.35. Still Rings: La uri e (S IU) 18.775; Brown (ISU) 18.65; Ware (N IU) 18.60; Dedrich (III ) 18.325; Ivicek (S IU) 18.25; Fisc her (ISU) 18.175. Vaulting : Ivicek (S IU) 18.30; Griffith (ISU ) 18.2; Pflieger (PS U) 17.850; Smi th (ISU) 17.80; c: McFaul (S IU) 17.750; Shepard (S IU ) 17.55. ~ Pa ralle Bars: Thoma s (ISU) .18.875; Tid we ll :;; --~ (S IU ) 18.65; Ivice k (S IU ) 18.475; Gr iffith (ISU) :r: 18.25; Ra nck ( IU) 17.60; Beiersdo rf (III ) HOllYWOOD VISITS BIG 10 CHAMPIONSHIPS 16.95. RICHARD BIGRAS, Jim Direnfield Michigan, Horizontal Bar: Ivicek ' (S IU) 18.60; Cribbs performed the m eet 's only Tsukahara (ISU) 18.50; Th omas (ISU) 18.225; Griffith A Ho ll ywood script writer could not (lSU) 18.225; Tidwe ll (SIU) 18.20; Chand le r vault , landing it p erfectl Y, to repeat as have aut hored th e 1975 B(G 10 (PSU) 17.975. champ ion with a 17.95.


EASTERN INTERCOLLEGIATE CONFERENCE Team So. Conn. (SC) 414.70 Springfield (5) 378.10 U. Mass (UM) 369.30 Tem pl e (T) 376.25 Navy (N) 339.20 Arm y (A) 339.20 Syra c use (SY r) 126.95 Cornell (C) 157.05

(places not based so le ly on scores dual meets also CO Ul1t ) All-Around: Kormann (SC) 104.35; Onysko (SC) 99.00; Kovic (T) 97.10; Whe lan (SC) 94.95; Hall (5) 94.05; Brou ill e t (M ) 94.15. Floor Exercise: Kormann (SC ) 18.75; Rand all (SC) 17.10; Silve rst e in (T) 16.875; Onysko (SC) 16.55; Kujawaki (5) 16.225; Sc huh (SC) 16.075. Pommel Horse: Kuli c k (T) 18.225; Co lli s (SY r) 17.725; Me sa g no (SC) 17.225; Williams (SC) 17.925; He rric k (5) 17.00; DeNero (C) 17.00. Still Rings: OnYsko (SC) 18.425; Harvey (5) 18.050; Kormann (SC) 18.050; Francis (5) 17.95 ; Lu sk (M) 17.875; Kovic (T) 17.150. Vaulting: Kov ic (T) 17.900; Dawson (C) 17.850; Hall (5) 17.700; Anderson (SC) 17.550; Mark s (M) 17.475; Mcfadden (A) 17.450. Parallel Bars: Brouill e t (M) 17.65; Kovic (T) 17.575; Hall (5) 17.00; Sa nd ers (N) 16.175; France (5) 15.925; O rlYsko (SC) 14.975. Horizonlal Bar: Onysko (SCI 18.35; Couse n s (5) 17.55; Kovic (T) 17.175; Yockey (N) 17.05; Kormann (SC) 16.70; McK e nn ey (SC) 16.60. SOUTHERN INTERCOLLEGIA TE CONFERENCE Team

Lo ui siana State (LSU) U. Georg ia (UG) W. Virginia (WV)

431.45 337.70 331.91

All-Around : Carter (LSU) 108.45; Godawa (LSU) 102.95; Fost e r (LSU) 98.30. Floor Exercise: Jaege r (l SU) 18.50; Carter (LSU) 18.22; CrosleY (LS U) 16.70. Pommel Horse: Dahl (LSU) 18.35; Foster (LSU) 17.20; Carter (LSU) 17.75. Still Rings: Ca rt er (LSU) 18.875; Kuoni (LSU) 18.575; Morrison (GT) 17.975. Vaulting: David (LSU) 18.375; Ca rt e r (LSU) 17.95; Becke r (UG) 17.85. Parallel 8ars: Clifford (LSU) 18.65; Carte r (LSU) 18.625; Bonha m (LSU) 18.45. HorizonlalBar: Bo nh am (l SU) 19.025; Carter (LSU) 18.50; Godawa (LSU) 18.075.

champions lri ps hosted by the University of Michigan. None wou ld have believed it. Ima gin e, if yo u would , a script which begin s w ith the SUN SHINING on a late March day in Mic hi gan (unheard o f) and nearlY 17,000 total attend ance for the four sess ions. Then , follow with the host tea m so dominating th e competition that it win s the championship by ove r 20 pts; qua lifi es all 12 of it s gymnasts for the finals with 11 of th em making it to the N.C.A.A. 's; wins 5 of the seve n individua l go ld m eda ls; 6 sil ver & 4 bronze medal s plu s 5 assorted 4th - 6th place medal s: a total of 20 indi vidual honors. To that add a loca l hi gh school graduate who beco mes the first freshman , ever, to w in the A ll Around; a broth er succeeding a graduated brothe r as a champion ; & a gymnast suffering a sever, bl eeding ripper ye t go in g on to quali fy for th e N.C.A.A.'s. Would yo u have be li eved such a ~cr ipt? You ha d better ha ve, beca use Ihat is just what did happen Ma rch 29, 1975 at the 67th Big 10 Gymnastics Championsh ips he ld at Crisler Fieldh ouse, Ann Arbor, M ich igan. Mic higan scored 419.80 pt s to Minn eso ta's 397.90 pts. w ith defending champ ion Iowa a distant Ihird with 388.80 .. Nort hwestern and Purdu e do not compete in gy mn astics. Thi s wa s U. of M .'s 12th co nference litle in the last 15 years. Coup led wit h their 200th dual meet victory this seaso n, Newt Lok e n is now the BIG 10's w innin ges t coach. Michigan gymnasts fini shed 1-2-3 in Floor Exe rci se & High Ba r; 1-2 on Paral lel Bars & Va ulting; & 2-3 on Rings & Pommel H orse. - BOB DARDEN- repea ted as High Bar 路champi on w ith th e meet's hi ghest sco re, 18.625.

On the Paral le l Bars, LeC lerc& Bigra s reversed their Vau lt order, and BILL MASON of Iowa, w ith a display of raw courage finished third after suffering a ve ry bad rip onlY moments before in the High Bar fina ls. Th e Sti ll Rings provided still another bit of human interes t-as we ll as the tight est finish of the m eet with on ly .7 pIS. se parating 1st from 6th . LANDY FERNANDEZ of Indi ana succeeded hi s brothe r Be n, who graduated last Year, as Big Ten champion. His routine contained so me exceptio nal moves. NEWT LOKE N summ e d up Michigan 's performance as " a super team effort." It had to be!! Th e ca libre of th e routines and th eir execution at thi s Yea r s co mpet iti o n ref lected the co ntinuing improve ment throughout the Conference. BIG 10 CHAMPIONSHIPS Team Mi c higan (Mi ) 419.80 Minn eso ta (Mn 397.90 Iowa (I) 388.30 375.30 Illin ois (III ) Indiana (In d ) 359.95 Wisconsin (W I 351.95 Michigan 51. (MS ) 344.30 Ohi o Sta te (OS ) 335.15 All-Around: Danner (Mi ) 101.25; Mason (I) 100.80 ; LaFl e ur (Mn ) 98.90; LeClerc (Mi) 98.65; Keeshin (M i) 97.35; Sp urne y (III ) 93.20. Floor Exercise: Sti ll e rman (Mi) 18.10; Dann er (Mi ) 18.025; Sakanioto (Mi ) 17.925; May II) 17.90; Adam s (M n ) 17.30; Wright (W) 17.20. Pommel Horse: Bec k (III) 18.475j PaYnlon

(Mi ) 18.05; Ha nsen (M i) 17.80; Sie mianowski (I) 17.325; Carl in (Mn ) 17.10; )arosch IM n ) 17.075. Still Rings: Fernandez li nd ) 18.60 ; Neuen swander (Mi)


LeCl erc (M i)

18.40; Ha ege r (I) 18.10; Golder IM i) 18.025 ; Ma lm edahl (Ind ) 17.90. Vaulting: Bigra s IM i) 17.95; LeC le rc IM i) 17.925; LaFl e ur (Mn ) 17.925; Da nner (Mi) 17.7 ; Sp urn ey (III ) 17.475; Adams (Mn ) 17.425. Parallel Bars : LeClerc (Mi ) 17.85; Bigras (Mi) 17.50; Mason (I) 17.475; LaF le ur (Mn ) 17.275; Danner IMi) 16.85; Zande r (II ) 16.50.


Horizontal Bar: lJarden (M i) 18.625; Cr eek

(M i) 18.35; Kee , hin (M i) 18.15; Hi me (MS) 17.90; Karpe n (III ) 17.60; Eric k,o n (M n) 17.15. BIG 8 CONFERENCE Team

Iowa Slale (IS) 422.85 e braska (Ne b) 413.60 Co lorado (Col) 390.10 Ok lahoma (O k) 387.35 Kan, a, (Ka n) 338.90 Kansa ' Slale (KS) 157.90 All-Around: G raham (IS) 105.00; Macki e (Neb) 100.90; Eva n, (IS) 98.25; Ge rard (Ne b) 97.05; Buwick (Ok) 96.95; Arend, (IS) 93.45. Floor Exercise: Buwic k (Ok) 18.650; Un ger

(Ne b) 18.475; Austin (IS) 18.325; Pepe (IS) 18.225; Polla rd (Ok) 18.00; Evans IS) 17.675. Pommel Horse: Yo un g (IS) 18.975; Dicke y (Ne b) 17.925; Blac k (Co l) 17.125; Sle inbeck (O k) .16.875; Bea, leY (O k) 16.725; Co' g rove (Neb) 16.450. Still Rings: Slu de n, ki ( eb) 19.175; Wood (IS) 18.975; Hea ve r (IS) 18.875; Mack ie (Ne b) 18.625; _ _18.175; Wil e , (Co l) 17.725. Vaulting: Cum min g,( IS) 18.400; Unge r (Neb) 18.325; Poll a rd (O k) 18.250; Larse n (IS) 18.200; M e ie r (Col) 18.150; Gra ha m (IS) 18.025. Parallel Bars: Du ff (Neb ) 18.250; G ra ham (IS) 17.750; M ic hk elson (IS) 17.350; Heave r (IS) 17.100; Rupe n (Ok) 16.975 ; Ca n er (Col) 16.650. Horizo nlal Bar: Lars en (15) 18.825; Bo va (O k) 18.775; ey,ew, ki (IS) 18.450; Gra ha m (IS) 18.350; Mc Dowe ll (Col) 18.150; Unge r (Ne b) 17.900. WESTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE Team

Ari zo na Slale U. (AS U) 408.70 New M ex ico ( M) 398.20 Colora do 51. U. (CSU) 383.20 BY U 322.35 U. Arizona (UA) 243.55 All-Around: Yo un g (BYU ) 105.75; Ale xa nd e r (ASU) 97.75; Do ugla, (CSU ) 97.85; Chandl e r ( M ) 96.35; Chico (N M) 93.95; Ba rdey (ASU ) 91 .20. Floor





Alexande r (ASU) 18.300; Ki rbY (AS U) 18.150; Yo un g (BYU) 17.775; Messe rvey (NM ) 17.625; She ldon (UA) 17.475; Gu nnin g (NM ) 17.225; Child ers (UA) 16.925.

Pommel Horse: la rse n (ASU) 18.775; I, ham (AS U) 17.850; Wa her (NM ) 17.675; Freedman (UA ) 17.650; Ebe rl e (NM) 17.525; Sa be y (UA ) 17.425; She ed e r (CSU ) 17.175; Sle iger (ASU ) 16.750. Still Rings: Yo un g (BUY) 18.475; Cuni , (ASU ) 18.350; Bell ma n (CSU) 18.300; Loga n (ASU ) 17.875; O 'Dell (UA ) 17.825; Dou gla, (CSU ) 17.575; Fuch, (UA ) 17.475; Be rn e l (NM) 17.375. Vaulting: Yo un g (BYU) 18.225; Alexa nde r (ASU) 17.975; Ded ri ck (ASU ) 17.950; Smilh (BYU) 17.925; ." e rveY ( M ) 17.57S; Kirby (ASU ) 17.575; l a rsen (ASU ) 17.500; Do ugla, (CSU) 17.350. Parallel Bars: Yo u ng (BUY ) 18.075; Ale xa nd e r (ASU) 17.875; De dri ck (AS U) 17.575; C ha nd ler (NM ) 17.425; Chico (N M ) 15.625; Jime ,o n (UA) 15.525 ; Blea k (BY U) 15.425; Gunning (NM ) 14.425. Horizon tal Bar: Ded ri c k (ASU ) 18.875; Dige rn ess (CSU) 18.825; Yo ung (BYU ) 18.775; Messe rvey (NM) 18.150; Watso n (ASU) 17.950; Alexa nder (ASU) 17.725; Gib, on (UA ) 17.625; Do uglas (CSU ) 17.600.

Parallel 8ars:


l uf i (WSU) 18.350; Ei cke n (Cal) 18.150; Ko lb (USC) 17.925; Weede n (Ca l) 17.925; Ale xande r (WSU) 17.900; Rikli (Or) 17.800. Horizontal Bar: Sargea nt (UC LA) 18.950; Shaw (USC) 18.600; Weed e n (Cal) 18.050; Beach (Cal ) 17.900; Jo hn so n (WSU) 17.850; Na ka ni shi (Was h) 17.850.


Lo ng Beach Stat e (lB ) 378.95 Fulle n o n (F) 377.95 Ho usto n Bapt ist (HB) 366.95 Ponland Stat e (PS) 364.90 Sa n Jose State (SJS) 363.20 Air Fo rce Academy (AF) 341.15 All-Around: To mita (lB) 105.70; Lind e r (HS) 96.55; Nissen (PS) 95.15; M ass in ger (F ) 94.90; Sc hatz (LB ) 94.05; Baine, (PS) 91.40. Floor Exercise: Linn ey (5J5) 18.20; Porranz zo

(lS ) 17.825; Yost (NC) 17.30; Tomita (lS) 17. 25; Aust in (HB) 17.175; Sahle in (SJS) 16.75. Pommel Horse: Ull oa (F) 17.775; O 'Co nn e ll (AF ) 17.25; Step hens (AF) 16.45; Kinn e tt (HB) 16.075; Mass inger '( F) 16.05; Seelos (SJS) 15.625. Still Rings: Kin nett (HB ) 18.025; Hl e b ec huk (PS) 17.525; Edstro m (AF ) 17.375; Tomita (lB) 17.375; Wh ee l (F) 17.325; Wolfe (F) 17.30. Vaulting: To mita (lB) 18.425; Shaw (F) 18.15; Hol ' in ge r (F) 17.975; Po rra zzo (lB) 17.70; Nisse n (PS) 17.65; li nd e r (HB ) 17.40. Paralle l Bars: To mita (lB ) 18.70; Mass inger (F) 17.25; Lind e r (HB ) 16.975; Eve rett (SJS) 16.575; Sc hatz (LB) 1G.575; Bay less (F) 16.175 Horizontal Bar: Tomita (LB ) 18.50; Massinger


Ca li fornia (Cal ) Orego n (Or) Was h. 51. Uni v. (WSU) U.S.c. Sla nford (SIa n) UCL A

425.20 409.75 403.40 397.35 392.95 386.05 386.05 All-Around: We ede n (Ca l) 107.30; Lu fi (WSU ) 106.20; Shaw (USC) 104.25; Beach (Ca l) 103.65; Farb (Stan) 102.85; Anderso n (SIan) 102.25. Floor Exercise: Rickli (Or) 18.650; H end erso n

(O r) 18.575; Wee d en (Cal) 18.075; Po, ne r (Ca l) 17.550; Be ac h (Ca l) 17.475; And e rso n (SIa n) 17.375. Pommel H o rse: Ma rcy (Stan) 19.275; Perci val

(O r) 18.475; M iyake (UCL A) 18.350; M a, o ng (Was h) 17.685; Ada m, (Ca l) 17.500; Tru ed, o n (O r) 17.025. Still Rings: Ga rcia (Ca l) 18.675; Lu nd y (Cal ) 18.575; Herma nsso n (Was h) 18.450; Res nic k (UC LA) 18.450; Jo hn son (WSU) 18.375; We ede n (Cal ) 18.375. Vaulting: Shaw (USC) 18.300; Beac h (Ca l) 18.250; Ri kli (O r) 18.1 75; Bason (WSU) 18.100; Nash if (O r) 17.975; Deeds (UCLA) 17.800.


(F) 17.95; lind er (HB) 17.625; Gilmore (A F) 17.30; Ha,ca ll (PS) 16.65; Ni sse n (PS) 15.30.

Report by Dick Criley Ten co ll eges se nt representatives to th e W IC competition which qua lifies western gymnasts to th e NCAA. Durin g the pre li minary rounds, on e coach w as hea rd to remark, " Th e re does n 't seem to be a 400+ team out there to me ! " Paced by th eir freshman st ar, Yoi chi To mita , Cal State at Long Beach, coac hed by Yoshi Takei, logged the hi gh team total o f 378.95. They ju st edged out Cal State Full erton , coach ed by Dick Wolfe. Tomita w o n th e A A title and with Gary Lina er o f Hou ston Bapti st (2nd ) and Ro n Nisse n of Port land State will represent th e wes te rn ind ependant s at th e NCAA Di vision I champ ionships at Indiana State Unive rsity. To mita also qualifi ed first in V, PB, and HB.






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Two-week coachin g clini c for men . Beg ins June 16th. Ol ympi c development program for se riou s young a ll-arounders for six weeks. Starts June 30th.

Wa ta nabe is ass istant coach a t Uni v. of Californi a, Berkeley, 1975 NCAA champion . He is cons idered one 01 th e country's foremos t gymnas ti cs technicians . For Information: Write to 1441-C Fra nquetle Ave ., Concord , Ca . 94520 or Call (415) 689-5580.

NCAA JUDGING VIEWPOINT By Jerry Wright Judging Coordinator Each year at the NCAA Gymnastics Championships, or at any mee t for th at matter, one of th e most popular act iv iti es is to seco nd guess the judges and not on ly were th e 1975 NATIONALS not an excepti o n, th e acti vity at thi s m ee t beca me an art. The most popular criticism th is yea r (in jest b y most, se riou sly b y some) was th e scores were generall y too high beca use there were a " bun ch of green judges that were throwing up hi gh sco res b eca use the y had neve r seen good gymn astics b efore " . This view of th e judging has pro mpted me to write thi s arti cle ,because it is m y co nsid ered opinion that thi s group of judges was probabl Y th e mo st " Coura gous" group of judges I have ever se en work the NA TlONALS. Th e reaso n I use th e wo rd " couragous" is beca use of the fac t th at in spite of the constant criti cism and in sp ite of the fact that exact ly Y2 of the judges were juding the NAT IO NALS for th e first time , th e judg es maintained th eir " cool " and did a ':SUPER" job, quite in k eeping w ith the sup er performances th ey we re witnessing. It became instantly o bviou s to me, as coordinator of th e judges and of the jud ges mee tin gs, that thi s group of judges not on ly kn ew the co mpulsory exercises (memorized th e parts and va lu es and h ad judged th em severa l tim es in most cases) but th ey understood the exercises in th e strictes t technical sense (ma ny comm enting on the superior technical execution b y th e gy mna sts, especially th e Californ ia team coached by Hal Frey and Masay uki Watanab e) . In the ve ry first co mpul sory sess io n t he tempo w as es tablished that was to prevail thro ughout the rest of th e meet , as poo r performan ces (of whic h there were few) were scored appropriately lo w and outst anding performances (of which th ere were severa l) were richl y and d ese rve dl y rewarded much to th e su rpri se of coach es and spectato~s alike. For example in the ve ry first sessio n of compiJ lsories th e sco res ran as follo ws: Ariz. St. Ind. st. Iowa St.

FX PH 7.9 t o 9.1 5 5.65 to 9.65 7. 9 to 8.9 6.40 to 9.40 8.2 to 9.05 5.80 to 9.40

SR 4.90 to 9.1 7.35 to 8.9 7.50 to 9.1

In m y opinion a ve ry health Y use of the full ran ge of sco res. And for comparison , in the final sess ion , befo re a larger audi ence, th e 3 teams were LSU , Mi c higan, and So . Illinois and the range s were almost identical:

FX PH LSU 8.20 to 9.05 8.10 to 9.2 Michigan 7.60 to 9.05 7.25 to 9.2 So. liliriois 8.05 to 9.15 6.35 to 9.4

SR 8.00 to 9.3 1. .05 to 9.2 6.80 to 9.2

In' m y opinion the jud ges did an outstanding job of utili zin g th e entire ran ge of scores (eve n more so th an th e abov e exa mpl e show) in stea d of the sometimes re luctance to award scores o f ove r 9.2 eve n when justified . The immediate rea ction to th is wi llin gness to give high sco res to outstanding routin es, th at deserved high sco res , was that " thos e gree n jud ges are out of the goards " . (It always ama zes me how a coa ch ca n watch his gymn as ts, plu s 2 oth er ev ents and critical ly analyze al13 routin es at the sa me time and claim to do it b etter than 4 .trained judges concentrating on o ne sin gle routin e. ) 50

Thi s outstanding group o f judges cont inu ed, sess io n after sess ion to sti ck to th eir guns in spite of thi s co nstant naggin g criti cism b y coac hes and sp ectato rs (cri tici sms, I might add th at were n o t n ew but w hich are pr esan t at eve ry m ee t and especiall y p resent annuall y at th e NATIONALS because so much is at stake , and probabl Y ha ve b ee n hea rd sin ce th e Rom ans first va ulted onto a wooden ho rse) and refu se d to cond escend to giving mediocre scores for "SU PER " r o utin es. I have judged w ith th e bes t judges in th e US and I ha ve always found th e judges at the NCAA NA TIO NALS to be th e c ream of th e crop and to be unfailing in th e face of the annual criti csm th at thi s yea rs group also fa ced but it is for th e reason th at Y2 of thi s years judges we re judging thi s mee t for th e fir st time that I was proud to have been a member of th e gr o up. A lso, f rom a judging v iewpoint, I wou ld lik e to ad vise th e rest of th e wor ld to look out for the U.S. Gymnasts in th e future. Th e Am e ri ca n gy mna sts can not o nl y " handl e" th e curre nt co mpulso ry exe rcises, they are alrea d Y on th e ve rge o f " mast erin g" them and ca n exh ibit so m e super op ti o nal routin es at th e sa me time. Inte res tingl y enough thi s sa m e view was ex presse d repea tedl y by spectators, coaches and gy mnas ts them se lves (th e sa me pe o ple who thought th e judges sco res were too hi gh ). I would like to close by co mm ending t he Nationa l Gymn as ti cs judges Assoc iation for their part in pr eparing th ese judges for this co mpetition es peciall y jon Culbertson, Th e Nat ional Te chni ca l Director of th e NG jA who so generously parti c ipated in al l of th e jud ges meetin gs at the NATIONALS and who worked in partn ers hip with me to co nduct the variou s meetings.

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proJects. v" rII e for Fre e info rm ation : T.E. W illi ams, 3231

Hall aday SHeet, Sant a Ana , Ca. 92705. NEED: Teac hing position in p ublic school, Sept. 1975. P.E. maj o r, Bi o. Sci. min or, Calif. Sec. Cred ential . grad es 7-12; or Coachi ng position in priva te club begi n Sept. o r b efo re, tea c h b oy 's A A o r girls A A thru ad va nced leve l. Send info to : Rod Ryu go, 702 Flint Wa y, Sac ram ento, Ca lif. 95818. T SHIRTS CUSTOM ART : W e draw it ; Yo u wear it. 1 sh irt to 1,000 . Send 35<1 for cata log u e to Kooki e Karlun es, P.O. Box

1597, Studi o Cit y, California 91604 (213) 785-8984. COACHES: Need a change of scenery ? Th ere's a gym near Po nland , Ore. th at needs yo u. At pr esen1 175 female st udents. N o b oys in vo lve d but ha ve boys equip. and a waiting list. Large gym , excellent equipment. Cou ld also in vol ve coa ching a nearby co llege team. Prefer to se ll be fo re Ma y 30th . Call ar ea

cod e (503) 357-9313. GYMNASTICS POSITION : Man or woma n o ve r 21 Yrs. B.A. in ph ys ica l Edu cation, dance o r recreation pr eferred but no t required . D uties: assistant coac h to int erm ediate and ad va nced girl s; h ead coa ch b eginne r girls etc. App ly to: Ro Y Davis, GYM NASTICS WEST, 120 Haw th orne Avenue, Palo A lto, Califo rnia 94301. WANTED : Coa c hing and/ o r teaching position in Gymna stics, p referabl Y at th e co llege leve l or at a pri vate cl ub. Have a B.S. from N ippo n College of H.P.E .R. Tok yo , Japan. Have been ass istant gym coach at Kent Stat e U ni ve rsit y for 4 yea rs and hav e a M.A. in P.E. from KSU. Co n tac t : Yu saku Hijioka, 944 A llerton

S!. Ke nt , Oh io 44 240, (216) 678-4024. NOW INTERVIEWING : Exp erien ced Girl s Gymna sti cs Coach w ith advan ced tech ni que for independeJ1l club in suburban

Po rtland. Sa lary o pe n. Ca ll : (503 ) 639-5388 or contact Carla W ebber, Po rtland Gymn asti c Cen ter, 11632 S.W . Pacific

USGF SENIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR WOMEN May 22, 23, 24 South Eugene High School Eugene, Oregon

Highwa y, Ti gard , Oregon 97223. TEACHER AND COACH OF WOMEN 'S GYMNASTtCS: Requirement s: Master "s d egree and two ye ars experien ce teaching and coach ing wo men 's g ymn astics at the co llege leve l. Lec tu rer rank ; base sa lary $13,550. Dead line fo r resumes earl y Ma y. Send to Dr. Samolla Sheppard , Ch airper so n, H ea lth ~:~;~~;.I Educa ti on Departm ent, Queens Colleg e, Flu shing, WANTED TO BUY: In good co ndi ti on, Issue No . 1 of 1973

Sponsored by : National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics. Meet Director: Linda Metheny Entries and meet information write to: Linda Metheny 148 W . 12th Eugene, Or. 97401 or call (503) 747-1963

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Dick Crile y, CI O GYM NAST

3RD ANNUAL 1975 SENIOR OLYMPICS FOR GYMNASTICS Will Be Held At Los Angeles City College Saturday June 7th, 1975 at l:UU P.M. For Men and Women ..• competition in age groups so you only compete against your peers ( 25-29, 30-34, 35-39,40- 44, 45-49, 50-???? etc.) For further information and entry form Write: SR. OLYMPICS (Gymnastics) 5225 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1/302 Los Angeles, California 90036

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(con 't. from pg. 17)

Q: What are your plans after you retire from competition? Cole: I'll coac h for aw hil e. I'll alwa ys keep ac ti ve in gYmn as ti cs b ut I' ll probab lY no t start m y own tea m. Q: Why? Cole: Too man y hasse ls and responsibilitie s. Q: How do you assess our chances international e.g. Montrea l? Cole: The Ru ss ian s are still the tea lll to b eat. Our team w ill probab lY be yo ung and la ck int ern ation al ex p eri ence but it sho ul d be enormo usly ta lent ed. Our tea lll should have a good chance for a bronze Illedal behi n d Ru ssia and Ea st G er lllan y . Q: What are strengths and weaknesses of our International teams? Col e: 1 he girl s ill th e U.S. reti re too yo ung in gen eral. 1 he ave rage age of our tea lll is probab ly 3-5 yea rs Yo unger th an Ru ss ias and Ea st Gennall Ys tea lll s. al so th ere 's a lack of fin an cial aid to es tablish tra inin g fa ciliti es for national tea ms. Trainin g calllp for Varna was onl y o ne wee k 1011 g and th e men had no ca lllp at all becau se of n o Illon ey. Th e str ength of our tealll lies in our orig illalit y, diffic ult y alld good dance compo sition. A lso Illany new fa ces are co rnin g up all th e tilll e. Q: Do you think the U.S. should subsidize amateur athletics? Cole: Som ew ha t. It 's to o hard to staY in th e sport and tra ve l pa st a ce rt ain age wh en yo u ha ve to wor ry abou t supporting you rse lf. In Ru ss ia, athl etes are p rov ided for in order to train to th eir m ax illlum pot enti al. Man y athl etes ill thi s country ret ire before th eir peak beca u se th ey silllpl y can 't affo rd (finan ciall y) to continue trainin g.

in quiri es received hom some of you c on cernin g the care of gymnastic equipment sent me on a resea rch mission to see just what i could find out abo ut the subject. Nothing h as been written beca u se it 's too s impl e to w a rrant a l ot of prose. Each m a nufac turer of gymn astics equipment i ss u es it s own simpl e instruction s for basic maintenance of its equipment, so when you purchase gymnastic equipmen t ju st ask the manufacturer for care a nd m a int enan ce in strt uction s . They will be minim a l , and you wil l be gettin g the information hom the best sO Ul路路ce. Nissen , ju st to mention one, includes necessary instruction s on a stick-on l a bel which is a11'ixed to each piece of equipment. Sometimes this includes in stru ct ion s for refini shin g , a nd you can order r erinishing kits from the company . Neat , eh ? For you who h ave inquired a bout gymnastic magazines printed in foreign countries, there a r e numerous sports m agazine s pri nted outsi de the Un i tes States-whi ch in clude news of gymnastics, but l ew publications a r e devoted solel y to gymnastics, and most of them (unlike GYMNAST) a r e oaicial organs of various gymnasti c s fe der ation s. GYMNAST r emain s the world 's l a rge st gymnastics publication. i t is sol d in 52 countries a round the world, and more .


AtAW Champion in Action Cole Dowaliby pe a front hip circle, straddle bounce back full twisti ng dismount (being spotted by Vannie Edwa rds) .



- - ,-

Photos b y John M. Green , Hayward , Cal if orn ia

countries are b eing a dded a ll the time as interest in the sport increases. Jt yo u 've ever w a tched in fascin a tion as the mol asses sprea d over yo ur breakfa st hot cake s until it covered nearly every portion and r a n in rivul ets to the very edge of your pla te, you can a ppreciate the m anner in which "gymn astics [ever " i s spreading throughout the modern world. More a nd more r eaders are asking permission to translate GYMNAST into their countr y's l a n g u a ge. M ean time, a tip orth e editori al h a t to the followin g gymnast i c publications:

U.S, G.F . Ne ws, Box 4li9!J. Tucsoll. A rizolla . H57 17

Ca nadian GYlllnastics Federation Bulletin , 11th Floor. 333 Hi ve I' Hoad. Va lli e r . Onlclrio KIL HBU The GYllInaslic Tl'chnici a n , Harely F in k 1141U - 93 S tree t. Edmon ton. A lb e rta T5G IC)

GYllInas tikk Ug Turn, Org an ror Gorges Gyt1lllaSlikk-og Turnlorbunel. l\.irkegt H. Os lo. Norway . GYllIn<lSlikledal'l'll , Bux :1207li. IO":! :! Stuckhullll. :!:!. Swed e n . Sporluvni -iVlodl'rni GYlllnastika , Heelakce Pr,rlw I Klimenlska I Czec hos lol'kak i,1. UIYllIpi sl' he Turnkunst , Olto Pu h!. P .O. Bux 103. D-3 1 Celie . Gernlan.l路 Sl'hl\'l'izerturnl'1l Ll'ichtathletik , Li s ilscilr e it e ll l'er ia g Aarga ll e r Ta gbld ll AG. 5001 Aa l'all . SI\'it zel' la nei Direct Sundby.

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The III Nationa l Modern Rhnhmi c GYmna stic Champ iol l ship s spon so red b y the United States GYmn as ti c Federation w ill be hel d accord in g to th e 1975 World Champion ship ru les. The meet w ill be held Saturda y, Ma y 10, 1975 - 2: 00 p.m. - at Sa n Franci sco Stat e Un ive rsit y, 1600 Ho lloway Avenue , :,a n I' rancisco, Ca liforrlia. The compet itio n w il l includ e group exe rc ises for six gy mn asts wi th J ba lls and 3 rop es as we ll as ind ividu al routin es wit h ball , hoop, ribbon and c lubs - w ith eight comp ul so ry elem ent s included. Requirements for the group exercise are as fo llows: Durat io n: 2:30-3:00 m in utes . Ent rY: The tea m ha s 30 seconds to enter the flo o r ar ea to tak e it s p lace before startin g th e exe rci se. Th e entrall ce ca n be made w ith or w it ho ut mu sic. It mu st co ntain: 2 superior and 6 medium difl ic ulties from w hi ch 4 mu st be performed b y exchanging the apparatus between m embers of th e group . ai l e of th ese four exc hanges mu st be 0 1 superior dif ficult y (exc hange ove r a large di stan ce - 4 m e ters minimum ). Each exerc ise mu st be composed of at leas t six d ifferent form ations. Apparatus: Must be according to the reg ul ati o ns. 1 he colo r of each appa ratu s ca n vary w ith each gym nas t. A ny co lor ma y be use d except go ld , si lve r, and b ro ll ze. Musical Accompan iement: On e in strum ent - pi ano . Requirements for the Individual exercises are as follow s: Duration : 1 :00-1 :30 minutes. Mu sica l Accompa nim ent : O ne in strum ent piano. Di l ficulti es: "2 superior and 6 medium d iflicul ti es from w hi ch at leas t 3 mu st be perlo rm ed wi th th e left h anel. In addition , th e indiv idual clu b exe rcise mu st be perlonned w ith the fo ll ow in g U compu lso ry eleme nt s:

Sw in g the right arm forwardlrom right to left w hil e shift ing th e we ight of the bod )' toa se mi-bent pos iti o n on the lef t loo t, ri ght foo t point ed behilld th e left foo t, trunk sli ghtl Y bent to the right alltl twisted to the left in th e pose. arm s parallel and to the left. ~tep w ith the right foot forward whi le swinging th e right arm from left to ri ght , ide. Lower the leit arm later,lI l), downward and bend th e arm behind the bodY to· throw th e club fro m ri g ht to left ove r the ex tend ed ri gh t arm (d urin g th e throw th e club rotates 360° ). Simult alleo uslY ma ke a sm all vert icle circle upward with the right cl u b , in fr ollt of and then behi nd th e right forea rm . Step forward with the left leg and ca tch th e cl ub w ith the leit halld at th e left sid e. Step forward w ith th e ri ght foo t, lowe rin g th e arm s backwa rd and raise th ern for wa rd up to forwa rd hi gh oblique. Without stopp ing . cross th e left foot in fron t 01 the right foot, lowe rin g th e anllS lat erall Y to ward th e left. End in a IUllge position wi th th e le ft leg semi-be nt , right leg straight and cro ssed be hin d th e left leg, ar mS parall el 10 the left, trunk sligh tl Y tilt ed and tw isted to t he lef t, eYes looking at the club s. 2nd Elem ent (11th meas ure and seco nd half of th e 12th m ea sure ) Stand with arm s ex te nd e d o ve rh ea d. Two steps with impetus iorward (left -ri ght) wit h alte rn ate fo rwa rd and b,l ckward circle (left arm circles ba ckwa rd , simultaneou slY right ar m forward ). Step w ith the left foot lo rwa rd and split leap w ith anoth er alt ern ate forward and back wa rd circle , land on ri ght foot. Ste p forward w ith the le ft foo t and spl it leap w ith a third alternate forwMd alld backward circl e of th e arms. land on ri ght foot. 3rd Element (14th m eas ure) Step left and mak e eig ht rapid steps backward o n curved path (ce llt er to leit ), truilk sli ghtl y tilt ed to th e left. Simultan eo usly th e arms make 12 small downward verti ca l ci rcles (mill circles) w ith the club in front of the body (6 w ith each hand). Note: Th e small mill circl es are execut ed w ith a stagger. Do a ha lf ci rcl e down ward in sid e of th e arm w ith lef t hand th en start to circl e the ri ght cl ub in the sa m e

direction. Continu e circli ng the cl ubs lBO degrees apart. Eac h club makes altern ati ng litt le circles in sid e th en o u tside of the arms. In additi o n the arrns are alt ern at elY crossed all d uncrossed - lef t arrn crossed un de r the right during th e in sid e circles, arm s parall el (uncrossed) d urin g the o u ts id e circles. 4th El em ent (26th and 27 th m easu res) Stand w ith th e arms extellded overhead. Two steps fo rwa rd (left-r ight) whi le lowe rill g bo th arrns, parallf'1 towa rd the r igh t. Without stop ping make two small ve rtical c ircl es w it h th e club s. In the fi rst circle th e clubs are in front of th e body, ill the second circle the leit club ci rcle s b eh ind the bod y w hile the right club circles ill f rollt of th e body. Step fo rwa rd w ith the leit foo t alld w ith o ut sto ppin g do a beat jurnp (ca br io le) ba ck war d s w hil e the ar m s sw in g parallel to th e lef t sid e. Land on the lef t leg. Two steps fo rward (r igh t-l eft) w hile lower in g the arm s laterall Y all d exec uting two sma ll para ll el ve rti cal circl es w ith the clubs in th e o pposit e d irectioll. Th e first circle is in front of th e body , in the seco n d circle th e right club circles behilld th e body and th e left club ci rcles in fro nt oi th e body. Step forward wi th the right foot and do a beat jump (ca bri ole) backwa rd wh il e th e arm s sw in g para ll el to the ri ght. Land on th e ri g ht leg. Th e element s 5, b, 7 and Il are new. 5th Element Arms parallel to the left. Step w ith right alld make a tu rni ng jump (to ur jete) to th e right. ~ imultan eo u s l y m ake a 'I, parall el circle wi th th e arrn, ill the fronta l p lane. Tap th e bod yo i th e cl ub, aga in" each o th er above th e head d urin g th e turn . Thi s exercise ca ll be tota ll\' reversed. 6th El em e nt Ar m s in sid e ex te ll sion. Perfo rm a balance to th e righ t (place the right foot to the ri ght , ri ght leg sli ghtlY bent; th en place th e left foo t crossed behind th e ri g ht foo t, left leg sli ght lY bent; bring th e fee t togeth er , the right foot to th e left foot, legs in ex tensio n Oil hali-toe). Simultalleou sly do a large circle downward w ith th e stra ight left arm in fr o nt of the bod y as th e right arm be nt behind th e head and the ri ght cl ub c ircl es down wa rd be hin d th e forearm and head. Repea t thi s elem ent to th e lef t and reverse th e ann move m e nlS. 7th Eleme nt Turn 360° to the right a ll a straight right leg , left leg raised backward . ~ imult a n eo u s l y do a lar ge o ut ward horizontal circle w ith th e ri g ht arm over th e head (fo rwa rd - right - backward - lef t - fo rwa rd ). Th e lef t arm sta ys ex telld ed to th e sid e durin g th e turn as th e left club makes two small ho ri zo nt al circles illward. The first circle is ove r the forea rm , th e seco nd is und er the forearm. Thi s exerc ise ca n be totall y reve rsed. 8th Element A rm s exte nd ed overh ead . With a progressive bod Y wave of th e trullk forwa rd: Step fo rward w ith th e right foot. leg slightl Y bent , whi le lowerin g the right arm forward (tw ist th e trunk to th e lel t). H elen Martin ez - San Francisco State Univ.

FIG Compulso ry Elements for the Two Clubs World Championships 1975 Th e elemen ts 1, 2,3, and 4 are th e same as th e co mpul sorY exe rcises ill Rotterdam. 1st Elements (J rd and 4th measures): Stand w ith th e arm s extend ed to th e sid e o r over hea d. Step with the left fo o t forward w hil e lowering th e right arm laterally. Step w ith the ri ght foo t forward bending th e ri gh t ar m behin d th e bodY and throw the ri ght club from left to righ t ove r the ex tend ed left arm (during the throw the cl ub ro tat es 360° .) Step wi th th e left foot forwJrd and ca tch th e club w ith th e ri ght hand , right ar m in a front hi gh o bliqu e posit io n .



Wh en th e ri ght arm is low, step with th e left foot fo rwMd , leg sli gh tl Y be nt , and lowe r th e left arm forward (s li ght twist of th e trunk to th e ri ght). With a progress ive body wave of the trunk : Swing the right arm backwMd, step with the ri ght foot fo rward as the ri ght ann swin gs forwa rd (d uring th is lime th e left arm co ntin ues to sw in g ba c kwa rd with a sli ght twi st of th e tru nk to the left ). Close th e left l oot to the right foo t w hil e the right ar m co ntillu es to s\ovill g, upwa rd overh ead and th e le ft ar m sw in gs io rwa ru.

Th e lel t arm joi ns th e ri gh t ann overhead (legs and bod Y in ex tension). In ti m in g with th e sprin g of th e legs (bendin g th en straighte nin g up), simult aneou sly bend th e elbows and ·· drop ·· the cl ubs behind th e back, th en ret urn th e arlns to th e ove rh ead posit ion. This exerc ise ca n be to tal ly reve rsed. Penalties for Compulsory Clubs Elements 1st Element - Value 2. 0 po ints (1.0 point each thro w) 1. Throw no t co mpleted 2. Impulse too large - over rot ation of club during throw 3. Poor direc tio n of throw 4. Catch in g ill("orrect

5. O mi ssion 01 th e two small circles with th e ri ght hand 2nd Element 1. Poo r coo rdinat ion of arm circles - circles are un sy mme lr ic

3rd Element 1. Lac k 01 co ntinuit y in small ve rti ca l circles 4th Element 1. Incorrect hold on the club - pal m doesn·t fa ce backwa rd during th e cl u b ci rcles behin d th e bod Y 2. Small circle is not di rectl Y behin d th e bodY 3. Small fault in pla ne 4. Leg bea t missin g 5th Element 1. Beat with out Ilex ibilit Y 2. Touch in stea d of beat 3. Bea t miss ing

6th Element 1. Poor coo rdillJtioll of arm circle s

7th Element - Valu e 1.0 poin t 1. Tu rn uncerlaill

2. Pl acin g of th e hee l o r hoppi ng 3. Poo r coord ill dt io ll of J rlll circles

4. Small lau lt in p la ne and direc ti on of circl es 8th Element 1. Sli ght cont act with the bodY or floor 2. Poo r coo rdina ti o l1 o f a rlll sw in gs

Modern Gymnastic Equipment Regulations Color: All the apparatu s may be either a natural co lor or paint ed any co lor des ir ed exce pt gold, sil ve r, and bron ze.



Jump Rope: Hemp w; th out handles; the two ends may termin ate in a knot and th e part held in th e hand can be cove red wit h an anti -s lip ma terial. The length o f th e rope mu st be proportio nate to th e gy mn as" s height. The middl e of th e ro pe ma y be rein forced. Hoop : I he hoop ma y be wood or pl as ti c. We ight : a min imum of 300 grammes irrespective of th e material. The int erior diamt er of the circle is 50-90 cm. (a pproxi mately 31 y, .. - 35\ , ··). Th e sec ti on of the hoop ma y be round or square. Ball: Rubb er or plasti c: minimum400 g. diamte r 10 - 20 cm. (A pprox imat ely U··, Ribbon : Any mat eri al. We ight of ti ss ue (exclud in g th e sti ck) a minirnum of 35 grarnrnes. Width o f th e ribbon: 4 - 6 Cm. (a pprox imately 1-9 / 16' · - l- j; " ' ). Length of ribbon: 6m. (a pprox ima tely 19 ft. ) At the sti ck end, th e ribbon is doubl ed along a length of 1m. (Total length o f ribbon : 7m.) (ap prox imately 22 feet). Stick o f wood , bam boo or plast ic. Length of stick: 50-60 cm. (a pprox imatel y 19- ',, ·· - 2J Y,··). Di amt er of sti ck: m ax imum 1 CIll. (a pprox im ate ly ~H 'l Fixati o n of th e ribbon to th e stick: th e ribbo n is fixed to th e end of th e stick either by a ve ry strong strin g or thread , passin g thro ugh" hol e made in the sti ck, or attached th ereto by any other sYs tem all ow in g a hi gh degree of mobilit y 01 the ribbon. Lengt h of fixa ti on: max imum 7 cm. (2 '/, in ). The part of th e sti ck hel d in th e hand ma y be covered by a thin layer of anti -s li p mat eri al. Clubs: Wood or plasti c, shap ed likea small bo ttl e. Th e neck may term ina te in a littl e ball of a max imu m diamter of 3 crn. (A pproxi rnat elY 1-3 / 16") Thi s ball ma y be replac ed by wid enin g th e end of the club. Length of cl ub: 40-50 crn. (A pproximately 16·· - 18··). Weight: minirnum 150 g.

r -


THE GYMNAST AND THE DOCTOR By Dr. John D. Webber D ear Dr. John, " Could you pl ease give me a diet to follow to lose weight? I was told by a gy mnasti cs coach to lose t en pound s. It would b e much appreciated. Thanks much! " M.F., Golden Valley, Minn esota D ear M.F., Coac h es, lik e uocto rs, o ft en reco mm e n u we ight lo ss, b ut n eg lec t to p rovi d e gu id e lin es tor it ~ acco mp lishm e nt. Yo ur coac h h as your b es t int e res ts i ll millu , far excess fa t ca n on lY b e d ea d -we ig hl alld an an c h o r to an asp i rin g gym nas t. 0 matt e r h ow stro n g yo u ma y b ec om e , excess we ig ht w ill slow yo ur eifo rt to mo ve yo ur bodY thr o u g h a w id e ran ge of m o tion w ith sp eed <l nu ag ilit Y. Beca u se of in creased uema n d on cir cul ation , th e o ve rweig h I gym lla st m ay ex peri e n ce d ecrea~e d enduran ce. Su sce pt ibi lit y to athl e ti c injur y ma y be in creased. Coac h es, also, ri sk back al ld sh o uluer injury w h e n sp o ttin g overwe ig hl athl e tes . In acti v i ty ca n be m o re imp or tant th an ove rea l ing as a cO lltri bu tor to obesit y. No rm al we ig hl hi g h sc h oo l g irl s have b ee n fou n d to b e act ive, ami co n sum e an ave rage-o f 2700 ca lo r ies d ail y; co nt ra st Ih ese ac ti ve g irl s w it h th eir ove rweig h I c lassmat es, w h o co n sum ed o nl y 1965 ca lo ries d ail Y, but we re relative lY in acti ve . It was th e difl e ren ce in aC li vit Y, n ot d ie t, w hi c h m ade th e dil tere n ce i n we i ght. D r . More h o u se at UC LA ha s reco mm end ed th at o ve r we ig ht a t_hl e l es in c rease th eir ac ti v it y o utsid e of reg ul ar t ea m worko uts, m ake do w ith Oll e h o u r less sleep d ail y, an d ste p up ene rgy ex pe nditure b y deal in g w ith da il y co mmitm e nt s 0 11 a t ig ht er sc hedule. Food int ake is n ot n ecessar ily in creased b y increased aC li v it y, so th ose int e res ted in we ig ht lo ss ca n ste p up th ei r ac ti v it y anu sti ll keep tho se ca l o r i e~ do w n. Se ll -co ntrol and di e t are still imp orta nt; he re are some g uid e lin es to u se in yo ur athl et ic w e ight re du cti o ll prog ram; Don ·1 skip bredkfa st ! A n exa mpl e o f a good w e igh t- redu c in g brea kfast fo r th e Gy mn as t: G = G rap e fruit-h alf or jui ce Y = Yo lk (egg) bo il eu o r poa ch ed M = M ilk , tea, o r co ff ee N = Na tural ce rea l A = Ami 5 = Stri p 01 b aco n T = Toa st, o n e butt ered slice

Kee p away trom sw eet s, colas, and o th e r carbo h Ydrat es l No t o nl y hi gh in ca lo ri es, but wi ll m ak e yo u cra ve m o re food in a sh o rt tim e. H ave reg ular m ea l tim es, and tr Y to d istri but e Yo ur d ail y lood illt ake eve ill y, rath er th an in Oll e large m eal. Slee p less, p e rhaps m aki n g d o w ith o n e less ho ur 0 1 slee p p e r da y. In cr ease yo ur ·physica l acti vit y du rin g th e d aY , in additi o n to reg u lar team worko ut s. Beware 0 1 cra sh diet s, starvati o n or fad food prog ram s! Yo ur athl e ti c p e rforman ce d e p e n ds on a CO lllinuin g int ak e of n ecessary nutri ent s and v it amin s. I n c ide nt all Y, th ose int er es te d in ga inin g w e ig ht sh o ulu reve rse so m e o f th e above


guid e lin es; wh il e maint ainin g w e ll -ba lanced di e t 01 hig h -ca l o ri e, high-pro tein foo d s, tr y a large eV (-! llin g m ea l and ni ght-tim e snac k , sleep abo u t an h o ur m o re eac h n i ght , an d try n o t t o ex p e nd Ulill ecessa ry e n e rgy durin g th e d ay . A ll thi s, 0 1 course , in additio n to d aily wo r ko ut s and tea m prac ti ces . Prope r ath le ti c we ig ht co ntrol u tili zes a b alance 0 1 ove rall ph ys ica l acti v it y, ph ys ica l exe rc ise at worko ut s, and ad eq u ate nutri ent s for m ax im al athl e ti c perf o rm an ce. Ask your coac h , li b rari an or sc h oo l nurse to reco mm end a sh o rt , ba sic ch ap ter 0 11 nutriti o n ; rem e mb e r, Yo u do n ·t want to be a d ie titi an , o nl y learn w h at fo o d s are in a b alan ced di e t. There are many weight-red uc i llg d ie ts ava il abl e, all of w hi ch 10 u ecrease ca lo ri c int ake w hil e m ai ntainin g a h ea l th y b alan ce of n utrie·n ts. If yo u have sp ec ial m ed ica l p ro bl em s, Yo u sh o ul d see k th e ad vice of yo u r ph Ys ici an.




Doc to r Webb e r e nco urages rea d ers to se n d th e ir inq uiri es rega ruin x sports medi c in e to ; Dr. John D. Webber Portland Gymnastic Center 11632 S.W. Pacific Highway Tigard, Oregon 97223 Phone: 503-639-5388 As m an y as p ossib le w il l b e answered in future issues of GYMNAST

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Light Gold. Blue. Orange or White

SIZES: Small , Medi um and Large COST: All shins are $4.S0 IP% discount for individual orders of 4 or more shirts any design Enclose check or money order. No C.O .D. or charges. Fla. resident s add 4% sales tax . Add .SOc Mailing & handling for I shirt + .JOe each additional shirt. Ple ase give 1st. 2nd and 3rd color choice. PLEASE SEND OIillERS TO:



Jack/onulllcz, ~Iollda S'UII


HAPPENED TO THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLEHH? by Charles P. Pond, Brevet Judge, F.I.G. Meet Director, U.S.G.F. Region I Girls Class I Regional Competition

I left th e University o f Illin ois a mite over a yea r ago to ret ire and SK I Utah. Th e "bea utiful people " se nt me off with a h eart so full of lo ve for gy mn asti cs by and throu gh those invo lved in its trainin g, coac hi ng, and administrating this most art ist ic of all sports. Th e Illin ois High School Coaches Association prese nted Pamela and I w ith a key to Las Vegas for seve ral da ys at m y testimonial banquet. It shall take seve ral lifetim es for m e to ju stify thi s gift from them. Th ey have been told they are gu es ts in m y hom e to co me SKI UTA H w ith us. I sh all teach th e GLM System to th ose who ha ve not learned to SKI! Daught er Michel le and Paul Hunt refuse d to let me retire, but ret rea d ed m e, and th ank th e fat es it was a stee l- be lted jo b. Form erl y know n as " controversial " when th e U .S.G.F. was ' form ed and spo ken of in the newes t iss ue of THE GYMNAST as the " inimitabl e" Charli e Po nd , it b ehooves m e to enter the " arena " again. As o n e who will die wit h th e wo rd gymnastics on hi s li ps so m e 40 to 80 years from now, I am saddened by the shaping of so me h app enin gs in this d emanding & most elegant of all SPORTS . This time I cannot be purged as I am neith er a coac h, judge, or gymnast. Thi s, tim e I p erso nall y have no thing to lose o r ga in! I am reminded of G len Wil son 's famo us wo rd s w hen th e U.S. Gy mn as ti cs Fede ration was see king it s destiny h e stated, " Let 's have a revo luti on. " It is now tim e fo r another " revo luti on! "!!!!! Th e U nited States Gymna sti cs Federation was form ed to se rve the people o f gymnastics throu gh the vo ice and vote of an d b y the peoples in gymn asti cs. It was formed to elimi nate DICTORIAL AND AUTOCRAT IC POWER OF ANY ONE PERSON OR GROUP. It is an organizatio n of nati o nal organizations with rep rese ntati ve vo ice and vote of d ele ga tes among these national o rga ni zat ions. Som ehow or so m e way a group is att emptin g to usurp th e pri vileges granted under the co nst ituti on of the U.S.G.F. For thi s I take iss ue as one of those foundin g th e United States Gymnastics Federation . I am d ef initely for th e so-ca ll ed " liberation" of women, but I am not for se ttin g up of a DICTATORSHIP group of women with powers to govern th e judging of a sport w ithout th e vo ice or vo te of those coach ing, teaching, or directing th e sp o rt of gymnastics. GYMNASTICS MUST NOT RETURN TO A GOVERNANCE OF THE WHOLE BY THE FEW PERPETUATING THEMSELVES. THE ISSUE HERE IS THE JUDGING OF WOMEN 'S GYMNASTICS AND THOSE ATTEMPTING TO SET UP AUTOCRATIC POWERS FOR THEMSELVES WITHOUT RECOURSE BY THOSE INDEPENDENT OF THE JUDG ING GROUP OR ASSOC IATION. Severa l month s ago, I was asked to serve as M ee t Dir ector of the Reg io n I Class I Meet to be held for th e first tim e in Utah. I agr eed - with so m e prov ision s. As I have had mu ch experience as Meet Dire ctor of Nation al A.A .U., N .C.A.A., Ol Ympi c Tr yo ut s, Internation al M eets and se rve d on seve ral Olympi c Co mmittees, as we ll as a judge in th e Olympic Games, it appe ared I might be

acceptable to direct this Re gion I Girl s Class I co mpetition. Th e provision I stat ed was that th e judges for thi s meet were to b e se lected by m e from a li st submitted by th e proper authorit y, as was decided at th e Congress of Coaches Meeting in Chicago, Nov. 1974. Fro m thi s li st o f reques ted approved judges I would se lec t the proper number after resea rching for mothers judging their daughters, aunts judging their relat ives, coac hes and assista nt coach es judging th eir own , and oth er favor iti sm s indi ca ted by co nferring with va riou s coach es. Those with qu estion abl e e thi cs would b e elimin at ed and those with th e int eres t of all th e gymn as ts would b e se lected. To m y amazement, a loca l Utah womens coach ph o ned and stated she had been issued a co ntract to judge this meet. Natura ll y sh e refused rathe r than be embarrassed when sh e would later be info rm ed th at she would b e disapproved. A judge in Cali fo rni a se nt out thi s and probabl y other co ntracts for judg in g w it hout any co mmuni ca tion w ith th e Utah State Chairman or me in rega rd to jud ging ass ignm ent s. Th e Utah State Chairman then ca ll ed thi s judge in Ca lifo rnia who stated th e ju dges A ssociat ion was making all ass ignm ents without th e recou rse and with autonom y of action in doing so. " Maggies Dra wers '" of red erupted as I talk ed to thi s Regio nal judging Direc tor in a vein th at thi s situation co uld not occ ur in th e Federat ion . Who is thi s woman I have n ever see n on an entrY form o r o bse rved in co mpetition , or even h ea rd from in th e fi eld of gymnastics stating to m e that she in California can att empt to dictate to Uta h who wi ll judge thi s co mp eti tion? It h as been stated that a reaso n forthi s dictatorship among jud ges is to in sure a sharin g o f th e jud gi ng among va ri o us co mpetition s by th e judges o f th e region. On questioning, thi s judge sta t ed th e California Stat e judgin g Dire ctor had assigned herse lf and had ass igned the Regiona l Judging Direc tor (t h is judge from California) w ith the sa nction of th e Re giona l Techni ca l Director (f rom California) to judge th e Reg io nal Meet in Utah. THIS IS SHARING? From th e report s of th e World Games Tryout s held in Cali fornia thi s pa st summer concerning judging and tea m se lecti o n, it is time for . a " re vo lution" in women 's judging. WERE I INVOLVED AS A MAN IN COACH ING WOMEN, I WOULD DEMA N D A VO ICE IN THE SElECTION OF JUDGES AND DEMAND THAT A MAN BE ONE OF THE FOUR JUDGES IN WOMENS GYMNAST ICS COMPETITIO NS. For after all , men - ca n we ass um e that men coach a vas t majority of the girl s makin g nati ona l and OlYmpic t ea m s? Would 95'10 be accurate? ACTION: We in Utah w ill run thi s Region 's Girl s Class I Championship w ith judges se lected by the Meet Dir ec tor to insure th at EVERY competitor receives a sco re directl y commensurate with her abilit y and will be hon es tl y placed in compet iti on where she deserves to be placed. It is m y opin ion that gymnastics is fo r th e gymnast and all e ffort s b y coac hes, judges and officials b e directed to that point and o nl y that poi.nt. Let 's r et urn gymnastics to the performance of th e gymn as t. Person all y, I w,Ould prefer to se lect judges from areas independ ent of this region who had n either knowledge nor informati o n relative to any gymnasts co mpeting in thi s co mpetiti o n.




Dear Gymnast, Coach and Judge: As you probably all kn ow by now, one of th e newes t gy mna sti cs organiza ti o ns in America is th e 18 month old Na ti o nal Associat io n of Women 's Gym nast ic Judges. We were created to fi ll a need among the rapidl y increasing numbers of gymn as tic judges, who , up to thi s po int, had relati ve ly littl e voice in the spo rt . While it is true th at 50')(. of th e Wom en's Tec hni ca l co mmitt ee and alm ost all reg iona l or state officia ls in USG F are rated ju dges, th ey make up a ve ry sma ll percentage of th e 1700 USG F-DGWS rated judges in thi s co untrY, and th eir primarY all eg iance necessa ril y has to be to th e USGF W o men 's Committee. Therefo re , NAWGJ was crea ted and given a proposed constitution to fol low. Exce pt for th e National Director, all th e o ffi c ials we re nominated and elected by th e judges th emse lves. In two reg ion s, on ly o ne of th e nominated judges chose to accept th e position , so th e Regional Judg in g Director was appoin ted by th e national Director for th e fir st tw o yea r term ; after whic h regul ar election s will b e h eld. The Nationa l Gover nin g board, com posed of th e Region al Jud gin g Directors, m et at their own expense in Chi cago last May, where one of our first d ecisions wa s to vote ourse lves comp letely independe nt from the U SGF and entirely revam p the prop osed co nstitution . But路, along w ith th e new independ ence ca m e also financial independence, which meant th at all th e ex pen ses of crea tin g nati o nal Governing board met once more at the Congress of Coaches in Chicago elect ion s. By th at tim e th e nonexistent region al tr easuri es were about $500.00 in th e red , apiece, and the nonex istent nation al tre asu ry had spe nt abo ut $1 ,000.00. Yet , th e dedicated group of wom en went back and start ed their sta te elect ion s plu s membership dri ves, o nce aga in adding ex pen ses to th eir nonexistent trea su ries. No t wanting to spend two yea rs in organ iza tion al pr ocedures, NAWGJ offered its judgin g assigning se rv ices to sev eral gymnastic organizations last fall. It is th e po licy of the Judgin g Associa tion to as k for a set of cri teri a (for th e se lection of judges) from th e organization u si ng o ur services, and then mak e th e ass ignme nts ; seekin g input from th e state and reg ion al officials plus th e m eet director. Thi s policy has so far w ork ed we ll in our dea lin gs with th e AIAW and AAU , but h as created us prob lems in our work with th e USGF Wom en's committee. As yo u may recall , at th e last genera l mee tin g of th e USGF , Shirley Brya n announced that fro m now on all USG F judg i ng ass ignment s up to and including th e Elit e leve l w ill be made b y th e NAWGJ. We agreed to coo perate with th e W o m en 's Technica l Committee and fo ll ow th eir cr it eria ill th e se lecti o n of ju dges. Here is where the first pro bl ems start ed to surface. Th e WTC gave us a fairl y res tri ct ive crit eria and diu no t go along wi th o ur pol icy of seeking input from th e mee t director. Agai nst the b etter jud gement o f so me of us, th e NAWGJ agreed to follow the criteri a for o ne season. We also ag reed, fo r one yea r, to support the crit eria for judge s pay sca les worked out by the USGFWTC. Both o f th ese crit eri a have turned o ut to be le ss than popular and we, as th e enforcing agency, hav e ca ught th e cutt in g edge of th e gene ral di scontent amon g coa ches, meet directors and even judges .


1571 Golden Gate Plaza Cleveland, Ohio 44124 It is for th ese reaso ns th at I feel we have to make ou r prese nt situat ion and future intentions cl ea r to the ent ire gym nasts family. 1. NAWGJ ha s fini shed building a broad ba sed structure .lo r a stron g grass roots or ga ni za tion . With a few exception s, all states have th eir St ate Juding Directors and State Gove rnin g Boa rd s. Severa l stat es have alrea dy start ed b im onthly judges n ewsletters . More than half of the state Jud ging Direct o rs repo rt that th eir hand s are full with loca l judging assignments and m em bersh ip d ri ves in order to build up so m e working capita l for future judges workshops and other re lated projects. 2. Re gional Judging Directors have had th eir hands full w ith publi c relations . Th eir bu dge ts are sti ll i n th e r ed , and in 2 m o nth s o ur se miannual meeting is co min g around aga in . Th e RJD ' s are also the ones w ho have had to take most of the di scont ent ove r th e USGF cr iteria , though th e NAWGj has had no vo ice in its formulati o n so far . At our May m eetin g, severa l strong reco mm end at ion s wi ll be forthcoming fr o m th e Regio nal Judging Directo rs who fee l, w ith ju stification , that th e prese nt situation is no t lai r to th e Judges A ssociat ion. 3. Th e Nationa l Office is at prese nt appl ying for a sea t at th e USG F Governing Counc il and trying to wo rk out mutu all y accept abl e so luti ons to th e pro blem s evo lv in g from the present USGF-WTC crit eria . Th e Na ti o nal budget is st ill in th e red, though we hope to have enough 路money short ly to print membership ca rd s and othe r nec essary official supp li es. 4. At o ur upco ming M ay meeting, the Ju dges Association wi ll be makin g several reco mm endation s to th e USGF in regard to th eir crit eria for judges se lection and the recommended pa y sca le. We are no t satisfied that it IS th e best for the judges or fo r gymna sti cs in its present form . Th e Jud ges Assoc iation w ill al so stron glY recomm end that since it is our respo nsibilit Y (in consultation with USG F national or Regional Techni ca l perso nn el and th e meet director) to assign jud ges to all USG F meets, we would be allowed to procee d wit hout interfer e nce from ANY indi v idu al o r office w ithin the U SGF stru cture. Whil e we are always happy to discu ss our decis ion s and li sten to advice, THE FI N AL DECISION H AS TO BE OURS, or th ere is no re as un fo r th e ex istence of an independent Judges Association. At least th at is th e way I see it. In closing I wou ld like to urge all judges or coac hes w ho have stron g feelings in th ese iss ues to contac t yo ur Reg ional Ju dging Dir ec tors befo re our Ma y m eet ing. We need yo ur support if we are to become and remain a strong, independent organi za tion. We n ee d yo ur membership and you r voi ce behind u s, so th at decisions ca n be made wh ic h wi ll benefit th e total pictur e of Ameri ca n gymnastics.

GREAT STYLES FOR ACTION For the tops-in style and quality for dancers, gymnasts, skaters and sports "pe rso ns" .. . even records and instruction manuals for teachers, write for Taffy's great list of catalogs and brochures and join Taffy's great mailing list.



Fro m Santa Ana,California we h ea rd o f a new c lu b for b oys. Th ey a re ca ll e d Th e Dudes, a nd a re coac he d by Keith Miller an d Rea Anders. Sin ce most (a ll ?) o f o ur re po rts are on g irl s clu bs (we n eve r se e m to rec ei ve mu c h info rm a tion on c lubs fo r b oys onl y) yo u ca n ex p ect to see a fea ture a rti c le o n thi s c lub soon . W e h eard fro m David Bresnah a n , directo r o f a new club in W estboro, Mass. th e Turnfest Gymna stics Club. It seems th ey have th e same pro b le m th a t ma ny c lu bs, new a nd o ld , have. Th ey nee d a p e rm a n e nt faci lit y, but to ge t th a t th ey need th e m o ney . If a nyon e has a ny sugges tio ns p lease se nd th e m to David Bres nahan, Director, Turnfest Gymnastics Club, 2 M ay nard SI., W estboro, Mass. 01581




Candy a nd Pa ul Sindoris se n t us thi s p ic ture o f Lesli e Tranc hini, a nd to ld us a bout the c lub she be lo ngs to th e SPKS. Th e tea m is mov in g to a new gy m in Jun e a t Tysons Corner, Va. See m s th a t no thin g sto ps Leslie from pr acti c in g, no t eve n her bro ke n foo t !

MARVATEEN GYMNASTS QUALIFY FOR REGIONAL COMPETITION At th e M a ryland ~ Virginia States Cha m pi o nship Gy mn as tic Meet he ld a t Montgomery JuniorColiege o n M a rc h 9, 12 out of 26 ad va nce d g irl s qua lifi ed fo r th e reg io na l gym nas ti c compe tit io n . Th e ove ra ll w inn e r o f th e m ee t a nd th e Maryland State Ch a mpion in th e to p age g roup (15 plu s) is Chris Leonard o f th e MarVaTeens Gymnastic Club, she had a hi g h sco re of 69.40. Th e Virginia State Champion (12-14 years o ld ) is Jennifer Huff o f MarVaTeens w h o scored 69.0. A sco re of 64 or mo re was n ee d e d to qu a li fy fo r re gion a ls.

PANTHERS Th e Northwest YMCA in St. Paul, Minnesota has form e d a ne w gy m c lub. Th e int e res t was so gr ea t th a t two tea ms h ad to be ma d e so eac h girl cou ld ge t th e max im um a tte nti o n nee d e d to reac h her hi g hes t po ter lti a l. Th'e reare a lo t o f ta le nt e d , s pirit e d , d evo ted , ha rd wo rk in g g irl s o n th e tea ms. Eac h team co nsists o f 18 g irl s. Th e " PANTHERS" a re coac hed b y Jim Topitzhofer a nd Renee Patlon.

* * *. * GYMNASTICS G ymnas ti cs is my favo rit e sp o rt , You ca n be ta ll , thin , fat , o r s ho rt . You can work : bars, va ult , flo o r, o r b ea m , With a nY, you ca n fullfill your dr ea m. Do a lea p, d o a p ose, But ma ke sure yo ur o n your toes, If you a rrive a t th e Ol ympi cs d oo r, Mak e sure to str e tc h 'o ut on th e floo r. Try your ha rd est, d o Yo ur b es t, Le t t he o the rs d o th e res t. And w he n yo u rece ive that s hin in g go ld , You 'lI k now you r bes t ca use yo u 've b ee n to ld. Th e cro wd sees yo u in yo ur m o m e nt s of g lory, But th ey d o n 't kn o w t h e rea ll y tru e sto rY. All those lon g n ig ht s th a t yo u la y in be d , Whi le visio ns of t ric ks d a nce d in yo ur hea d. All th a t hard work , mome nt s o f stra in , It was to ugh and ru gged , b ut you 'd do it ag ain! ! Writt e n by Libby Ba rge - 14 yrs. Lisa Hull - 14 yrs. Ae rials Gymnastics School Arcadia, California

FREE GYMNASTICS AND ACROBATIC CAMP 20-30 Girls & Boys August 7-14, 1976




-TID BITS By Pat- - - -

Mrs. & Mrs. Greg Weiss fro m MG Gymnastics, Silver Spring, Maryland se n t us th is p ic ture of th e ir tea ms top p erfo rm ers. Tracey Mills, 15 a nd Ste phanie Willim, 10 w ith Ebe rha rd Gi e nger, W est Ge rmany, Wo rld C hamp io n on hi g h bar. Th is was ta ke n a t Pe nn State University w he n th e West German s to ure d th e U.S. We hea rd o f a new cl ub in Fres no, California. Th ey a re ca ll e d th e Clovis Gymn asti cs Club, th e club has 40 g irl s a nd th e ir hea d coac h is Leon Valley. Ot he r coac hes a re Val Darling, Cyndy I-\endric ks a nd Cindy Westmoreland.

If you ca n pay for your trans portation to Germany for this ca mp, the week at ca mp will be fr ee, just bring your slee ping bag and airmaltress.

For informa tion write: Klaus Mull e r 6612 Schmelz-Aussen Kirchenstrabe 42 West Germa ny



Leverkusen and Carolina School of Gymnastics & Trampoline teams joint tour of the Bayer Corp. Plant--..... in Leverkusen, W. Ge rmany. was ve ry severe. We lost the mee t 103.4 pts. to 90.35 , but did take seco nd and third pl aces in CAROLINA SCHOOL OF GYMNASTICS th e "a ll-aro und. " WEST GERMANY TRIP By Paul McAloon A fter a day o f friend ly training and Instructor and Assistant Coach relaxa tion , o n Saturday, january 4, we were

After month s of plannin g, o ur trip to West Germ any had finall y begun . On D ece mb er 26, at 2 p.m. o ur "A" Team from th e Carolina Schoo l o f Gymna sti cs and Trampolin e we re ready to d epart via New York and Rey kja vic, Iceland to Lu xe mbourg. Th ere we bega n our three wee k to ur of fi ve German citi es. As a photo graph er from th e " Durh am Sun " . snapp ed away, we ru shed th e twel ve young gymnasts thr oug h baggag e to e lev iate all tea rs. Thi s was th e fir st intern ation al experi ence for most, and so me had never b ee n on a plane befo re. Th e en tire group co nsis ted of twe lve girl s, two chaperones , and th e two coac hes. After arri v in g in Lu xem bo urg 1 \Ii ho urs late, we had to tak e a bu s to Cologne sin ce we had missed our train . Th ere we we re m et b y Hans Di e ter Becke r and hi s Leve rku se n Tea m and were take n to a Yo uth H os tel ca ll ed " Grosse Ledde r" whe re we would stay for th e n ext fi ve days. Durin g th at time we train ed twi ce, were given tours (inc luding Bayer Corporat io n ) and p lent y of tim e to shop - - w hic h was th e girl ' s main conce rn . The first co mpetition was on Sund ay, Dece mb er 29. It was an ex p ected w in by Leve rku se n w ith 125 pt s., but our girl s, bein g extremel y nervous, did a fin e job scorin g 101 pt s. Our two b est girl s, Ka ren Ka ise r and Col eman Birge l, wo rkin g o ne and two ye ars respectivel y, sco red 30.55 and 28.75 pts. Th e fo ll owing day no o ne wa nted to leave. Th ere were many tears among bo th groups of gymnasts as we departe d for Aachen , the second part of o ur trip. On arri v in g in Aac hen we were tak en to a loca l " pub " w here we learned we wo ul d be spli t up and li ve w ith the famili es of th e Germ an gy mn asts. Th e rem ainder of th e day was spent with th e indi vidu al famili es. Th e n ex t day, Thursday j anuary 2, we comp eted with th e Burt sheid er Turn ve rein at 6 p.m. W e did , howeve r, have a workou t in th e mornin g follow ed b y a to ur of th e " Dam" which is th e fam o us Cathedra l where Ch arl emagn e was buri ed . The co mpetition did not go as we ll as we had hoped as th e judgi ng GYMNAST May ' 75

give n a to u r of th e Ci ty hall whe re we were ho norabl y gree ted by th e Ma yo r o f Aachen. In th e evening there was an exh ibiti o n in th e spo rth all by bo th groups of gymn as ts and their . coac hes . It inc luded all th e event s plu s trampolin e, mini-tramp, and " follow-theleader" tumbling at th e end. After an eight hour train rid e, we arrived in Bredstedt - a we lcome chan ge from th e previous pl aces. Bredstedt is a ve ry small town 15 minut es from the North Se a and half an hour from th e Dani sh bord er. Aga in , th e gi rls stayed w ith famili es and th e coac he s in a ve r y ni ce small hotel. all were within walkin g distance of o ne another, and b ei ng a to uri st town , Bredstedt had ,man Y shops to buy gifts and so uve nirs. Thursday, j anuary 9 was th e d ay of o u r co mpet iti o n with the Bredstedt er Turn ve rein . Th e last two m ee ts and thi s one were judged by Hilla Prahl , an Ol ympi c judge at Munich. Our girl s lea ril ed a lo t from her and her so n, Stephen, who is the yo ungest ce rtifi ed coach in Germany at the age of 18. Th e m ee t was a huge success for th e girl s alth ough we mi ssed va ulting and lost the mee t by 7 pts. The Team did an exce llen t j o b o n the other eve nts especiall y Karen Kaiser an d Coleman Birgel w ho scored " nin es " for the first tim e on fl oo r exe rc ise (Karen - 9.35 and Colema n - 9.15 ), and Susan Hoga n took fourth plac e w ith an 8.50. Th e f in al sco re was 159.4 to 152.15. After th e m ee t we were g iven a p arty at a loca l pub where we arranged a return visit to Chape l Hill from th e Bred stedt Tea m from jul y 2 to jul y 23. All good bYes we re sa id among th e girl s durin g th e party and many gifts w ere exchanged since the German girl s would be in sc hoo l at the tim e we wou ld leave th e nex t day. Hamburg (2 million popu lation) , our nex t stop , was q uite a change from Bredstedt (5000 people). As so on as we arrived we were taken to their spo rth all for dinner, and to be put into families for ou r sta Y th ere. Th e eve ning for the girl s was spent getting to know th e famili es while th e coac hes we re take n to see Hamburg's , famous Reep erBahn in St. Pauli and spent part

of th e night in th e Lowenbrau Bee r Hall whe re we disc u sse d pl ans fo r th e m ee t and for a trip to Ameri ca by Hamburg. On Sund ay, j anuary 12, we h ad the competit ion in th e eve nin g. Hamburg was o ur hard es t mee t si nce th ey h ad three gir ls co mp etin g from th eir na ti o nal Tea m . The y scored o ve r thirty points in th e " all- aro und " and th eir las t pla ce girl averaged a 7.6 for each event. W e lost th e m ee t 169.6 to 112.25, but we were ve ry happ y w ith everyo nes p erfo rm an ces . W e had rece ive d a lot of publicit Y be for e the me et and had four hundred sp ec tators. We learned th at th e m ee t was to b e televis ed the fo ll owing day - w hich made everyo ne, including the coac hes, ext re melY n ervo us. al together, th ere were 6 o r 7 arti c les in different new spapers and th e ne xt d ay part s of th e meet we re shown on a German spo rt s program . Our last day in H amburg was the b est. The m eet wa s ove r and eve ryone was reli eve d and worry free. We were given a tour of the H amburg harb o ur wh ich is one of th e bigg est harbours in th e wo rl d, and we r e shown where th e " Bismark" was bui lt. Th e sa me d ay, we train ed with the Ge rm an tea m for the las t time and th e nex t mornin g left for our last stop Itze hoe. We co uld only stay in Itze hoe for two d ays so we had a trainin g session as soon as we arri ved and were sett led in. Th e girl s stay ed with famili es and had a good tim e. Afte r three weeks of trave ling, everyo n e was tired and ready to leave, but didn 't show it at all in th e meet against Itze hoe. A ll the gir ls knew th ey wou ld ha ve to hit th eir routines b etter than eve r befor e to w in , and ev eryo ne did. W e won 143.95 to 139.95. With 21 co mp eting gymnasts we too k second place (c. Birgel), Third (K. Kai ser) , fourth (5. Hogan) and sixt h (j enny Ow en) in the "a ll-aro und " , won thr ee eve nts, andCo lemanand Kar en were happier than ever to have beaten a Munich Olympic gymnast in two eve nt s each. A lmost all th e t ea m had scores th at co unted towa rd th e win , and as coaches, we we re neve r happier for th e g irl s as they had work ed hard tog eth er to get it. It was a m em o rable tr i p in all ways. It was mu ch more th an ju st a trip for co mpet ition , it was a lea rnin g expe rience that will always be rememb ered. In Leve rku se n all gymnasts and coaches li ved toge ther and lea rned to co mmuni ca te w ith o ne another through a mutual int ere st, gymnastics. In all th e other plac es th e girl s staye d with individual families , and lea rned th e German way of life and how oth er gym nast s li ve and wo rk . In Bred stedt they were taken to sc hool w ith th e German gi rl s to obse rve classes. We also lea rned a lot as coaches. Th e Ca ro lina School of Gymnastics and Trampolin e un de r Fred Sanders started 2\ti years ago, and in that tim e th e girl s ha ve done a wonderful job. Already th ey h av e competed internat ional ly and won one of th e m eets. We learned that all th e German gy mn asts had been work in g 6-10 yea rs o r more and each pla ce we visit ed brou ght gymnasts in fro m other towns to co mpete. Howeve r, nothing ha s en ded. many la sting fri end ships have b ee n m ade as well as many plan s. Within th e nex t two Yea rs. four o f the Germ an Tea m s w'ill b e co min g toC hape l Hill to stay w ith famili es of our gy mna sts and work with and co mpete aga in st o ur tea m. Bre d stedt is th e first, thi s summ'e r, and will co me w ith a group of 16. To lea rn as muc h as we did and form exchanges betwee n th e two co untries made the trip more success ful than we had eve r ex p ec ted and makes u s look forward to our next trip like thi s. 57

TItE MOV WiTIt FRiTI----,/



THE DILEMMA OF COACHING THE NEW VAULTS IN WOMENS GYMNASTICS By Fritz Reiter As wome n 's gymnas ti cs gets m o re d arin g and more exciting th e respo nsibiliti es o f th e coac hes w ho t rain o u r m ost talen ted new breed of gy m nas ts beco m e more haza rd o us to take. Eve ry d ay we are faced w ith po tential injuries o f o ur gy mn as ts d o in g th eir new innovati o ns or o ne o f th ose new and exc itin gly crazy va ult s. Granted, a goo d and resp o nsibl e co ac h w ho is fort unate eno ugh to have bee n ab le to. develo pe such a great athl ete w ill make ce rt ain t hat hi s gymn ast does mast er all th e im po rtant bas ic , move ment s lea din g up to th e d esired grea t tri ck. In fac t, th e bes t way o f coac hing may we ll b e th e o ne th at requires th e leas t amo unt of spot tin g.

Fig. 1

surely n o t th e o nl y o ne accep table) and a techni q ue to spot th eir b eginnin g att empts w ith a h ig h degree o f safe ty. Thi s t echni q ue is parti c ularl y suitabl e fo r wo m en 's va ultin g as th e ho rse is p lace d sidewa rd .

A s is th e case in th e p erfo rm an ce of th e aeri al w alk ove r on th e hi gh balance bea m so it is in the executi o n o f a ve ry di ff ic ult va ult, th e athl et e who has th e courage to attempt th ese arti sti c fo rm s and o utgrow th s of gy mn as ti cs MUST KN OW that she will be ab le to DO th e mo ve m en t. If th e gymnas t has doubts it m ay be better th at she wo uld n o t 'even att empt th e compl ete move m ent , but co ntinu e to wo rk o n th e progress io ns lea din g up to th e co mpl ete skill.

We ass u me th at Ih e girl att empti ng su ch a va ult ca n pe rfo rm a ve ry good handsprin g and hopefull Y has an esp ecia ll y good repul sio n. (D o many h and stand pu sh ups to stren gth en yo ur sho ulder-gi rd le.)

Howeve r, th e youn ge r th e age o f th e athl ete the less th eir psyc ho log ica l co nfid en ce w ill be . Courag e in stea d of confid ence in o neself ca n lead to di sastro us accid ent s. Fo r thi s reason we in vent ed spotting . Sp ottin g d oes two thin gs - it helps to DO a tri ck and it may PRE VENT inju ry. If spo tti ng o nl y helps to d o th e tri ck b ut has no pr ov isio n to control th e move ment in th e case o f a mistake o n th e par t o f th e gymn as t, spottin g a hand spring doubl e fro nt becom es haza rdou s to th e hea lth o f th e gym nast. Th e gymn ast w ill b e ce rt ain to ge t airbo rn (thro u gh th e h elp o f th e coac h) but un ce rt ain abo ut t he land i ng. A nd in th e landing w ill be th e d ange r. The fo llOWin g attempt s to o ffer a techn iqu e to deve lope th e hand sprin g d o ubl e front (but

Fig. 2

Prog ress io n numbe r o ne: W e practi ce . th e pr eflig ht keepin g th e legs st raigh t and tu ck th e legs afte r rep ul sio n o ff th e ho rse. It is ju st lik e a bent-knee-h and spring . Th e coach ca n practi ce hi s g rip co nsistency during thi s pe ri od o f prog ress io n . As th e ill us trati o n shows we try to reach towa rds th e ap p roaching va ulte r to b e abl e to ma ke. con tac t at th e mo me nt o f arriva l on th e ho rse. We th en m erely fo ll ow th e f li ght path of th e va ul te r as she desce nds fo r th e landin g. Pro gress io n number t wo is th e practi ce of th e so m ersa ult. We p lace a re uth erb oa rd in fro nt o f a landin g cushi o n and as k th e gymn as t to d o a fr o nt somersa u lt w ith o nl y a few runnin g steps. Th e seco nd tas k fo r he to att empt to d o th e flip w ith o ut using t he ar ms - ini tiated by co ntrac tin g th e spin e. W e ca n now take her Fig. 3 arm , ru n a few steps w ith her and SPO T h er simil arl y to th e way we w ill be d urin g th e hand sprin g do uble fro nt. A nd t hat 's it , as fa r as SPOTTI NG th e handsprin g d o u b le fro nt is co n ce rn ed . Th e coac h never lets go of th e hand and is also abl e to assist in th e exec uti o n o f th e so m ersa ult as we ll as havin g co ntro l ove r her landin g to preve nt her f rom kn oc ki ng her knees aga in st th e chi n. Sh e now ca n go to th e h o rse and d o th e co mpl ete hand sp rin g do u b le fro n t w ith h er coac h h elpin g her. She ca n p racti ce it man y tim es and thu s ge t a fee ling fo r th e move ment so th at w hen she knows th at sh e ca n do it she has actu all y d o ne t he va ult alrea dy man y hu ndreds of tim es.


GYMNAST M ay '75



eathl] in Sequence Here Cathy is executing a straddle-glide kip cast straddle toe-on. This one will take a little work, but really it's only a combination of two basic moves.

Cathy Rigby Gymnastics Camp • • • • • •

Beginner & Advanced Horseback Riding Water Skiing 5 - One week sessions Near Kings Canyon Personally Supervised by Cathy & many outstanding Coaches Write: CATHY RIGBY Box 71 Star Rt. Sanger, CA 93657



Dates beginning: June 22nd June 29th July 6th July 13th July 20th






by Paul Ziert Gymnastics Coach, University of Oklahoma

Remarks: Demonstrator is Greg Buwick from the University of Oklahoma, who a lso did most of the work on the photographs. The numbers, 3.1, 3.2, etc. are on the photos of those counts in the exercises. The unnumbered photos show intermediate positions. All exercises except one are repeated in exactly the same way in oppostie direction. It is the "coordi n ation exercise that is different, and we have shown both cycles of 8 counts for that exercise. The performer should pay careful attention to the positions shown, copying as closely as possible. And he should recognize that though the counts are fairly uniform through the entire group, the rates of movement vary considerabl y. It is intended that he emphasize the varied tempos. In some exercis es it is tempting to h ave additional stops resulting in basically awkward movements. These should also be avoided. Exercise 1 is not illustrated since it is very simple. All that need be emph asized is the relaxed arms, and the erect posture. It may be done quite slowly, by using very high jumps, or more quickly with much lower jumps. As with all of the remaining exercises, once learned, on various days it should be done with various leaders , at various tempos. In this way the performer learns to ADJUST his rhythms of movement without awkwardness.

During the last severa l Years, I have received numerous requests to publish in str uctiona l materials co ncerning the rhythm exerci"ses which were taught to me by Masayuki Watanabe. Because of the difficulty in accurately describing this set of drills so that the reader can read and comprehe nd them , I have repeatedly declined. Ho wever, during the summer of 1974 I taught these drills to some 300 gymnasts at the SI U GYMNASTICS CAMP, and I was pleased with the effects of such a program on the boys. So I have decided to go ahead with publication. . Th ese descriptions of th e exercises were written by GREG BUWICK, as a handout for the campers so they cou ld remember the exercises when they left. . The sequence photos were taken at University of Oklahoma , the performer is again Greg Buwick , and Greg is responsible for half of the photographic wo rk , th e rest being by Dr. Biesterfeldt. In add ition , Dr. B. has added a few comments on each exercise, based on my side comments during teach in g of the drills. We hope that you wi ll find the arti cle helpful. These exercises shou ld be taught o ne or two a day, with numerous repetitions until the basic combinations are learned . The main objectives, beside some measure of warmup, are the development of sweeping, rhythmic,



movements. There is also a strong second motive: awa~ness of positions. The teacher should be very careful abo ut the positions of the performer, and we find that after quite a long time , there is st ill room for imp rovemen t. Once the exercises have been learned, it is desirable to have seve ral different leaders, each using a different tempo and different rhythmic emp ha sis. The rest of the group shou ld then learn to follow any leader. Exercise 1: Jump in place w ith comp lete body extensio n 8 times. (Count each time th e feet touch the ground) . Stop on the 8t h count w ith arms sli ght ly behind the hips. In this exercise, a slow tempo demands very high jumps, a slower tempo means very tiny jumps so the feet leave the ground on ly momentarily. We occasionally have advanced performers add a back saito on count 5 (landing on count 6). During the drill , posture sho uld be relaxed but upri ght. Exercise 2: Swing arms forwar.{:! to horizontal position - Count 1 - Swing arms back down and then out to th e side (horizo ntal) - Count 2 Swing arms back down and then forwa rd to vert ical position rising on the toes as the arms move upward - Count 3 - Swing arms back down and then out to the side (horizontal) as you step to the left - Count 4 - Lunge to the left as right arm circl es clockwise - Count 5 - Arm circles l Y, revolutions and stops parallel to the left arm - Count 6 - Right arm th en ci rcl es co unter-clockwise; both arms meet over headCount 7 - Continue moving arms forward and down to you r side as left leg closes to the right Count 8 Repeat counts 1-8 stepping to the right. Not ice carefu ll Y the hip position between counts 2.4 and 2.5 . Left leg is turned out to left while hips remain more or less faCing front. Also notice that arms are precisely parallel to floor on co unts 2.1 and 2.2, precisely vertical with stretched shoulders in 2.3 .







Exercise 3: Swing arms forward to horizontal position - Count 1 - Keeping arms ~izo, til.f; bend the elbows moving hands toward chest and elbows out to the side - Count 2 Straig hten arms o ut in front and then swing them out to the side and rise o n toes - Count 3Drop heels while swi nging arms forward (still horizontal) and down stepping to the left as your arms reac h yo ur side -Count 4 - Raise arms forward to vert ica l position and arch backwards - Counts 5, 6, 7 - Lower arms down and close right - Count 8 Repeat 1-8 stepping to the right. H ere, the co unt is not even. Counts 1 and 2 are quite close together - barely any space between. Count 4 is a bit long allowing for the side motion,S, 6, 7, 8 are even. In th e backward bend , be careful that those wit h loose lower back do not ju st bend there. The stretch backward is with shou lders, upperback, hips, and some lower back. Exercise 4: Lift both arm s forward (horizontal) and left leg to th e side - Co unt 1 - Lunge to the left and sw in g the left arm to the side and back keeping th e right arm forward - Count 2 Straighten left leg and bring left arm forward; then repeat lunge and arm sw in g - Count 3 Straighten left leg and bring left arm forward; then lower both arm s to yo ur std e - Count 4 Move left arm sidewa rd to a vertica l position, place right hand o n hip, and lunge to the left to stretc h left side (body line should be st rai ght) Count 5 - Drop arms and st rai ghten le gs to position in co unt 4 - Count 6 - Repeat co unt 5 Count 7 - Move arms back to side and close left leg - Count 8 Repeat 1-8 stepping to the right. Note that the arm s remain precisely parallel and forward in th e side lunge, and that the right arm remains motionless as the left rotates around to th e side for co unt 4.2. At 4.2 th e trunk faces precisely to the side, arm s again precisely leve l. This exercise gives a clear ly masculine, almost military, impression. Yet the motions rema in rhythmic.




3.5 3.6












Exercise 5: Step to th e left and lift ar m s to the side; th en be nd forward dropping the arm s down and cross in g them in front of legs -Count 1 - Swing arms to the side and stand u p in strad dl e stand (c hest sli g htlY in front of hips) Co unt 2 - Drops arms and chest aga in as in cou nt 1 - Co unt 3 - Lift up to st radd le stand aga in - Cou nt 4 - Drop arms down to yo ursi de and th e n li ft forward to a ve rti ca l position Co unt 5 - Bend at wa ist and touch hand s to the floo r (k eep sho ul der ang le at 180째) - Co unt 6Sta nd up st raig ht and th en to uc h hand s to floor again - Cou nt 7 - Close left leg and lower arms to yo ur side - Count 8 Repeat 1-8 stepp ing to th e right. H ere, fro m 5 to 5.1 , th e swee ping motion o f th e ar m s is to be fluid . Stiff arm s w ill preven t flowing forward bendin g, and wi ll make th e movements awkward. Note the so m ew hat stiff position 5.2, for if the head and ar m s do no t sto p fi rm ly, but go o n to an arch, th e movements become over soft and effemin ate. Pa y particular att e nti o n to keep ing the straight shou lde r ang le in 5.6 and 5.7.



Exe rcise 6: Arch in th e chest and swi ng arm s bac kward and up in a circular m o ti o n ; th e n sw ing arms forward and down w hil e squa ttin g Countl - Swing arm s forward to h o ri zo ntal and straighten legs - Co unt 2 - Swing arm s down , back and up in a circul ar m ot io n again archin g in th e back an d chest as the arm s swi n g upward - Count 3 - Lowe r arm s forward and down to. yo ur sid e - Co unt 4 - Swing both arm s to th e ri ght (hori zo ntal) and step to th e left ; th e n rotate uppe r body to the le ft - Counts 5, 6 Cont i nu e ro tating b ody and stop when hand s reach th e right leg; arms at si de - Co unt 7 Close left - Cou nt 8 Repea t 1-8 stepping to th e ri g ht and closing to th e r ight. First i n teaching we co un t ami ex tra count, ca lling "bodywave - 1-2 etc." to get the group to start th e backward circ le at the same tim e. We show it as count O. Again in this motion, disciplined motion wi th firm arm s is essen ti al. And noti ce the co unte r-m ove m ent s of th e arms o n 6.4 - this pla ces th e a rm s in position for a very wide swee p aro und . Finally not ice that in 6.7 th e hips ha ve turn ed to right - th e toe tou ch is largelY a fo rward bend and not a side be nd.

NHSGCA All-American Gymnast Award The Na li onal Hi gh Sc hool Gymnastic Coaches Assoc iati on wou ld lik e to honor All -American Gymnasts for the 1974-1975 school year. A. The Qualify in g Standards are: Lon g Hors e 8.80 Floor Exe rcise 8.60 Pomm el Horse 8.45 Hor izonta l Bar 8.45 Parall el Bars 8.40 Stil l Rings 8.45 Trampoline 8.60 All-Around 47 .00 or a 7.80 average for alilhe eve nl s ""lI ested in th e All- Around. B. M et hod o} Qualify in g: To qualify, a gym nast for thi s award, a coach must submit an average sco re, based on th e five (5) best scores for an optional rout in e. 1. Th e coach mu st be a current member of the NHSGCA. 2. At leas t two of th e sco res must be from a tourn am ent of at least live or more tea m s.








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NOTE: Th is is pa r t one of t he exe rcises, part two w ill be conti n ued next m o n th.




3. An ave rage scorp mu st be used. (A t leas t two judges). 4 . Sco re sheets, or photosta ts of th e sco re sheets with the signature of a jud ge and athlet i. dir ec lor must be submitted with the ave rage sco re. 5. Na tional Federa ti o n Ru les and Interpretati ons w ill be the ba sis for rou tin e sco res. Incl ude with th e Nomin at ion: 1. A picture of the Gymnast-Action shot if possib le. 2. Age of Gymn ast. 3. Grade of Gymnast. 4. Events worked by th e gymn ast. 5. Winn ing routine(s) of the Gymnast. 6. Future goa ls of th e Gym na st. Dead line for nomindt\on s for 1975 is Jun e 1. 1975. Se nd to: Ron Jackson Au rora Centra l High School 1050 Newa rd Street Aurora, Colorado, 80011

WANTED: STATE HIG H SC H OO L C H AMP I ONS HI PS RESU LTS, Men's and Women's for o u r an nual GYM N AST High School Report Don' t Delay, il yo u have th e result s, don 't depend on so m eo n e e lse, we wou ld rath er have tV\IO reports than non e. II Yo u have acce ss to yo ur men 's and l o r wo rn e ll 's Hi g h Sch oo l State m ee ts, se nd us your repo rt by June 1, 1975,. Be sure to get your State Meet re p o rted in this years H igh Sch ool Edition. Mail Repo rts to : G YMNAST H .S. Box 110 Santa Mon ica, Ca. 90406 61

NORTH JERSEY GYMNASTICS SCHOOL INC. 2 weeks - overnight - Girls on ly - 8 yrs. & up Camp Directors: Linda Fritsche Castner, Coach Bryn Mawr Coll ege and Connie Maloney, Asst. Coac h Ve rdu go Gy m Club, Glendale , California. For further information write or call: North Jersey Gym School, I nL Linda Fritsche Castner - Director, R.D., Airport Road, Pittstown, N.J. 08867 phone (201) 735-5866 - from E. Coast or (213) 242-3951 - from W. coast.


V_[TIffi~~rn ill~[]]~ 1 \ ORDER


BASIC GYMNASTIC TEACHING SYSTEM Girl s' (6 ch rts w llh tedc hers mdrlUdl ) 10.00 Bo ys' (tl chdrt s w it h «~d( her s mdnudl ) 12.00 Teachers M,Hludl only 2. 00 (s pecify boys o r grr ls') GYMNASTIC CHARTS Men's Int. Par allel ~dr (5) 7.00 5. UO Int. Ring s (3) ~ asic to Int. Srde Horse (2) 4.00 ~ as i c to Ad\'. Tumblin g (4) 6.00 A d vanced Para llel ~ d r (4) 6.00 Advanced Rin gs (J ) 5.00 ~ asic to Adv. Ho ri LUn tdl ~ar (6J 8.00 Girl's Int. to Ad\'. ~ ,"dllce ~e"m (6) 8.00 ~" s i c to Adv. Tum blin g (4) 6.00 (sa me as Men 's above ) Co mpetitr ve Vd ult i ng (3) 5.00 Int. Uneven Pardll el ~ars (5) 7. 00 BOOKS Gym nastics I llus tr~t ed 9.50 1 he Side H o r'" 3.50 FILMS 1972 OlympiC Gymn dst ics In d. Findl s Su p er B Koda co lor 400 it. Men s' 40 .00 400 it. W omen's 40 .00 flOOR EXERCISE MUSIC M usic Addpteu from th e M u nich Ol ympics Vo l. I 12" stereo record B.OO casse tt e tape 5.00 New Vo l. II 12" stereo reco rd 8.00 New cassse tte tape 5.00 AIDS M ee t Advertising Posters (edch ) 1.00 gi rl s boys Sco ring Kit s 1.50 Handgu ards

2.25 sm m eu Ige Gymn as tic Embl em s .75 A dd postdge dnd handling 50« for o rde rs und er $10.00 $1 .00 lo r o rd ers over $10 .00 TOTAL $ _ __

-~----------Order from , Gymnastic Aides, Box 475, Northbridge , Ma ss 01534

Nome .St reet City _ _ __ _ __

State _ _

School _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Zip _ _

BERKELEY YMCA CAMP GUALALA 1975 Northern Ca lifornia Gymnastic Camp Clinic ov ice: Jul y 2tl - A ug. 2, ages 7 and over Coed Int erm ediat e and A d v,lI lCed: A ug. 2 - A ug. 9, ages 7 and ove r. girl s only . Ipt errn ed iate Adva nced: A ug. 9 - A ug. 16, ages 14 and over, Coed For information write to: Peter Sch leo mp, Camp Director, Berkeley YMCA, 2001 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704.




Deal' Mr. Sundby, Before it occurred, I wanted to report on the Mis souri USGF State Meet for y our magazine. I wanted to do a fine job to let all your readers know th a t Missouri is making its m a rk in the sport of gymnastics, too. That a ll the good gy mnasts are not in California and Pennsylvani a, w e have some too. The Meet was Saturday, March 29 . I think its more importa nt n ow. to do something about the way Meets a re organized. This attached p a per gives m y views .. WHO WILL EVER AGAIN GO TO WATCH A MISSOURI STATE GYMNASTIC MEET? Only the parent s of th e gym nasts - and probablY not all of them, either. And WHY? H ere's o ne reason : You are adva nced (Class I) sched ul ed to start 9: 00 A .M. (wa rm-up s 8:00A.M .) You arrive at 7 :55 A. M . - You actua ll Y start comp eting at 4:10 P,M, No, th at is not a typeog raphica l error. A ll yo ur fri ends and rela tives paid to see Yo u perform - but eve n' good fri e nd s can ' t wa it seven hours o n a Sa turd ay for You to start . WHAT'S WRONG? Thi s is a Sta te Meet. A ll entri es had to be in to th e M eet Director two wee ks before th e dat e of th e M ee t. Why is th ere no co mmuni ca tion before 8:00 A.M. on th e day o f the M eet to let yo u kno w they' ve chan ged the sc hed ul e. W ith an $8.00entry fee , surelYa 10~ stampol' a 20~ phone ca ll wouldn 't break th e bud ge t. H ere 's a second reason : You are Int ermed iate (Cl ass II ) schedul ed to compete at 1 :00 P.M. W arm-ups Noo n. You actually start to compet e at 5:20 P.M. But Yo u 've been there since, noon , kn owin g that yo ur group b eg ins as soo n as beginners fini sh. But th ere are 161 beg inn ers. Sure ly the Mee t Dir ec tor and M eet Referee ca n figure out th at even with good ju dging each eve nt mu st run at leas t a minute. That ' s 2 hours and 40 minut es for o ne event. Wh o is such an idi o t th at beli eves som e m ag ic ge ni e w ill co rn e along and get th e beginn ers to finish before noon . Third reaso n: Now it s 10 :30 P.M. and You , the Adva nced gy mnast are ju st startin g yo ur last eve nt - No t eve n clo se relatives wi ll stay 13 hours wai tin g to see yo u perform. But yo u've been the re sin ce 8:00 t;..M. " Don ·.t eat, you m ay be compet in g soo n . So, you ve had nothin g so lid sin ce breakfast when yo u ate lightl Y because you were go in g to compete at 9:00 remember ? Ca n yo u run hard for a good va ult ? Are Yo u stea d Y on the bea m? How wi ll yo ur full t w isting hecht o n th e bars wo rk , or yo ur full tw isting back o n th e floo r ? Goo d thin g fri ends and re lati ves left - rem e mb er not to in vit e th em nex t yea r. Pl ease no te: Th ese are no t drea m ed up situ ation s - Thi s is th e wa y the 1975 M isso uri State USG F Gymn as ti c Meet was run. Tenni s, anyone???

In spite of the troubles , the St. Louis Gymnastic Centre g y mnasts took three FIRST ALL AROU N D trophies , plus many , many ribbons. Needless to say we a re very proud of our girls Sincerely, LaVe rne Meier Gymnastic C entre Haze lwood , Missouri ED: Gymnastics has come a l ong way but it stilJ has a lon g w ay to go. TlJanks [or your [rank comments, we lJope it will llelp others who lJave gon e tlJrough tlJe " Long Mee t Blues", a nd tlJat next year will be better. DESPERATE

I am in desperate need . I cannot get enough gymnastics. I cannot get enough because Fairfield High School has a girls team but no boys team! I became interested in gymnastics during the last Olympics. I have been

practicing handsta nds. I have trouble with the front and back handspring. I could do all of these things IF I had an instructor. H-E-L-P! I need used equipment, mats , ring assembly, etc. Where can I purchase h a ndgrips, etc.? What can I learn at a dancing school? I need to train before I reach college in '76. Thank you . Robert Andosca, Jr. 2757 Laurel Dr. Fairfield, CA 95433 ED: Please help a gymnast-in-need by responding to Ilis letter. E QUAL TIME

Dear Glenn , I imagine th at you saw the broadcast on Feb. 15th (Sat.) on the Wide World of Sports of the gymnastics competition from Japan. I would like to express m y de epest disappointment in the l opsided coverage of that competition. In a ll gymnas tic s coverage by Wide World of Sports an over-emphasis is placed on the girls ... As very seldom as gymnastics is televised, but all the guys have to look forward to are 2 ring routines and 2 high-bar routines. How disheartening a nd aggrevati ng-. I understand that the USA 's men aren 't consider ed world class (as our girls are) but th a t's no reason to belittle men ' s gymnastics . The television a udience would be tremendously entertain ed by men 's floor ex. I think that anyone would like to see a full-twisting double back on th e fl oor! As things stand now. yo u can only read about some of the very exciting combinations the world cl a ss men are doing. They are impossible to visualize (like the routines in GYMNAST, Feb. 75). ... Th e r e a r e pl e nty of l a rge gymnastics competitions fo r top class men whi c h can be see n on TV. T a k e pride in A merica n ' men gymnasts. Maybe you can persuade Gordon Maddux to give the men a break. I'd like to h ear the opinions of other gymnasts relating to this problem. I a l so suggest an irate letter blitz on ABC Wide World of Sports to get equal time for men gy mn a sts. Thanks Pierce Brown III 860 Hutchins Ave. #3 Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 ED: We will speak witlJ Gordon when we see

lJim , but letters directly to ABC [rom our re a ders will carry more weight. Let tlJe people at ABC who m a ke the decisions know lJow you feel .


':Ot:\CI.lI 'l(;





OfC-Z ...I1:QOO'i> TO .... o ... 1Z



Dear Mr. Sundby: I h ad th e good fo rtune to re a d N'ovember's issue which included many fine articles on women g y mn as ts. I h ave n ev er seen such good coverage of events by women. As I re a d further , I discovered the enclosed (Ed: see car toon , p. 50, Nov. issue) ". I was s h ocked. I do not feel the joke and your edi torial content coincide. I have sent yo ur " joke" to MS Magazine and to NOW Im age of Women Task Force. I hope that this small effort will make you more aware that we are no longer to be taken lightly or to be made fun of. In Peace , Lindsey L a mbert Los Angeles , CA ED: We tlJou g lJt it was funny we weren't m eaning to down g rade women in any way .




Dates: June 22-26, 1975

trained staff programmed by Muriel Grossfeld

One of the most i nexpensive camp s anywhere. $ 4 0.00 for one week. We feature an outstanding staff of Otympians, Canadian and American gym-

1975 SUMMER CLINIC SCHEDULE Jun e 22 -27 - Rocheste r, N. Y. Ju ne 28-Jul y 3 - Miam i U ni ve rsit y, Oxfo rd Ohio July 6-11 - Blu e Mo untain Sports Camp, Pocomo , PA July 13-18 - Blu e Mounta in Spo rt s Camp, Pocomo, PA Ju ly 20-25 - Wilm in gton , Del. July 27-A ugust 1 - W ilmi ngton , Del. A ug. 3-Aug. 8 - U niversi ty of Ri chmond , VA A ugust 10-Augu st 15 - U niversit y o f Ri chmond , VA A ugust 17-Augu st 22 - Fa rib ault , M inn eso ta



, ('




, 1/ ,


• II "


nastic Coaches. G ro up ratio guaran-

t eed 8 -I. Don't get lost in those large gymnast,c camps, we GUARANTEE RESUL TS'

We supply Nissen Equipment


Write for details or clill our General Manager :

MR . EDG AR KN EPP ER 235 Pinehurst Road, Wilm ing tOn , Delaware 19803 TELEPHONE ~302) 656 - 3715 .

T.M .



THE GREAT NEW NAME IN GYMNASTIC APPAREL AND EQUIPMENT Made for action people by action people: Gym-Kin offers a superb line of 100% STRETCH NYLON gymnastic apparel for both children and adults ... plus accessories and equipment. Get with the people who bring you outstanding quality and selection at a surprisingly low cost. Join the Gym-Kin family for just about everything you need for gymnastics, dance and drama.




GYM · KIN DISTRIBUTORSHIP AVAILABLE WRITE or CALL: Gym-Kin, 749 Commerce St./ Sinking Spring, Pa. 19608/ P.O. Box 2007 - Phone : 215-678-3233

,\\eet I~esl.lts YORKTOWN



Res ults




5t h

On Janua ry 18, 1975 the lOp team s in New

York Siale panicipated ill the second a nnual Yorktown H igh School Invit Jtional Gymna sti cs Meet. Each lea rn e nter ed only (wo compe tilOrs p er eve nt , and each competitor wa s limited to ent er onl y Iwo events with the exception of o ne unlimit ed competitor. Team: DeWin Clinton (DC) 97.65; YorklOwll (Y) 85.55; He nnin ge r (H ) 77.05. HB : Mario McCutche on (DC ) 8.90. FX: Mar io McCut c heon 8.80. SH: BarrY Gropper (Y) 8.30. PB : Mario McCutcheon 8.45. SR : Carlos Va lentine (DC) 8.85. V: Mario McCutcheon 8.90.

* * *

CLASS I PRELIM USGF District I Feb. 21-22, 1975

All-Around Result s: 10-11 Age group: S. Am ze (fL ) 60.50; C. West (PR) 58.50j O. Silve rstein (K ) 50.65. 12-14 Age

Group: M. chapman (OGC) 69.95; S. Lippert (fR) 69.30; C. Ha yashida (lAN ) 68.35. 15 a nd Ove r Ag e Gro up : J. Knig ht (fR) 70.90; M. Polak 69.45; K. Chamberla in (fR ) 69.20. Women gYmna sti cs team fina li zed their competi t ive seaso n ..vith a dYnamic victory in the New York Stat e Ju nior College Tournament. Thi s si the third co n secuti ve Year Nassau ha s been the state c hampio n team. The co mpetiti o n held at Suffo lk Communit y College host ed fo ur team s including Na ssau , Suffolk . Que ensborough. and Farmingdale. Results: Team : Nassau 76.70; F.Hlllingdalc 63.95;

Suffolk 63.25; Quee ll sborough 54.30. AA: june Hu Ys man (N) 7.25. 88 : jun e Hu Ys man 7.15. UP8 : june Hu Ys rnan 7.45. V: Wend Y Sc hack (N) 7.7.

Tea m: 1st Oiablo G ymnastics Club (0); 2nd Fremont Flare s (FF ); 3rd los A ltos Twisters (LAT); W est Valley G ymnastics School (WV); Los Gato s-Sa ratoga Gym nast ics Club (LG-S ); Merced Gymn as ti cs club (M); Burlingame Gym na sti cs Club (B); W oodland Gymnastics Club (W ); San Mateo City G ymna sti cs Club (SM); Sacram ento - San Juan Gymna sti cs club (5-5)) ; Peninsula KY S (KYS); Jani ce 's (J) ; Montere y Penin sula (MP). RESULTS 15 a nd over: AA: Les li e Koehl e r (0 ) 33.20; Ch e ryl Thoma s (LAT) 32.30; Madela ine Gu zman (M P) 32.15. FX: MadelaineGuzman. V: Madelaine Guzman. UP8: l ori Kennon 0). 88 : leslie Koehler. 12-14 : AA: Trina Wiggins (0 ) 35.725; Kazumi Norimoto (0 ) 35.30; Kath y Sza lay (0 ) 33.50. FX : Kazum i Norimoto. V: Trina Wiggin s (D ) UPB: Trina W iggi ns. 88 : Kazumi orimoto. 10-11 : AA: Monica Ma yes (D ) 33.70j C risine Stephen s (D ) 33.00; Donna Dom eier (FF ) 32.80. FX: Cri stin e Steph ens. V : Mic helle Heis ter (rF ) and Stephanie Swanson (J). UP8 : Monica Ma yes. 88 : Mon ica Mayes.

* '* * GEO RGIA WOMENS INTERCO LLEG IATE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS Th e GA IAW \!\fomen 's IllI ercoli egiate Gymna sti cs Stat e Champi o nship was h elp at th e University of Georg ia March 1, 1975. Th e State mee t was wo n by th e Georgia Co llege lad y Col o nia ls. Th e U ni ve rsit y of Geo rgia was second and Columbu sC oll ege wa s third . The Georgia College l adies n OI o nl y wo n th e Stat e titl e, but every indi vidual event as we ll. All-Around : Susan Jo nes, Georgia College: Monic<l Manns, Georgia Coll ege; Doroth y MahaffY, Georgia College.



SlipperY Roc k State College do min ate d thi s years meel defea ting th e d efending l eague champion s from WeSlern Mic hi gan University. 196.20 to 177.40, close behind was Nonhern Mi chigan University with 175.45. Resulls AA: Randy Mill s EMU 52.25; Larr y Byerly SRSC 50.15; Bob Gibbo ns KSU 48.55. FX : Mark O 'Malle y WM U 18.00. PH: Bill Ja nkowsk i NMU 17.10; SR: Ric h Heil WMU 18.1 5. V: Chuc k Klenk SRSC 18.32. PB : Bil l Wadd ell WMU 18.50. H8: Kevin Wilkerson SRSC 18.00.

** * USGF IND IANA STATE MEET Repo rted b y N ancy McDowell


In the U nit ed ~tate s G ymn <ls ti cs Federat io n State m eet held in Eva nsv ill e, Ind .. March 7 & 8, ,y l eg Fit zs immo n s. a high sc h ool freshman from Evansville, beca m e Ind iana 's first USGF champion. M eg's all-around tOlal sc ore wa s 69.25, whi le second place Kell y Enright from Indianapolis sc ored 67.75. Both scored enough p o ints to qua lify fo r the USGF Reg ional in Sprin gfield, Mo. , in April and th e USGF Junior Ol ympics Regional tentative ly set fo r June 14 in Evansville. laura Mruin and Ri ckee Farrell of the Hoosierell s, also qualified for Regional JUlli or Ol Ympi cs. Results: . V: Meg f itzs immons (E) 17.90. UPB: Meg fit zs immo ns, 16.90. BB : Kell y Enright (I) 16.65. FX: Kell y Enrig ht 17.90. AA: Meg Fit zs immons, 69.25; Kell y Enright 67.75; laura Murin (M ) 62.10.

TEXAS YM CA GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS Town North YMCA D allas, Texas M arc h 15, 1975 reported b y Mike Osborn

Th e Tow n No rth YMCAof Dalla s ove rcame Slrong c hallenges from the Conro e YMCA and Ab ilene YMCA b oys t ea m s to win th e 1975 boys Team Championship. Conroe was second and the Ab ile ne boys fin ished third . Th e l evel I (a dvanced) co mpetiti o n se rved as a qualifi er for YMCA at io nals Apri l 18th and 19th in Dayton, Ohi o. Two Tex as girl s qualified at the state meet for th e nation al co mpeti ti o n . They were Beth j ohn so n of Dad 's Cl ub YMCA , HouslOn, and Kay Mann o f Town North YMCA in Dalla s. Final tea m standings found Town North YMCA in 1st, while Oad 's Club YMCA fini shed 2nd and th e Au stin YMCA gi rl s took 3rd pla ce.

FOUR ~~~


Specify parall el bars, rings and pommels made o f Perm ali densified wood laminate ., the leading U.S. manufacturers d o. And discover Permali Perfor mance. Permali , Incor porated , Mount Pl easan t, Pa. 15666.

PER~U 64

Attend one June 29 July 5 July 6 - J Iy 12 July 13 - July 19 July 20 - July 26

80'(5 ONLY The best of faci lities and staff at a reasonable cost

to applic~tion

, Write: Dr. H.j. Biesterfeldt, Jr. SIU Arena Carbondale, JIlin9is 62901 CYMNAST May '75


Previous experience is not necessary. You caR start your gymnastic training at the AGC . Your progress will be amazingly rapid and most self rewarding. Short lines and small groups are the rule for practice and instruction. There are no long lines or waiting periods for using apparatus . Eight to ten sets of apparatus will be available for continuous use at AGC . Recreational facilities include swimming and boating at the clear, beautiful, spring-fed Oquaga Lake - tennis - tetherball - softball - water skiing shuffleboard - canoeing - golf ... Smorgasbord every Wednesday night ... Six hours of gymnastics is scheduled every day ... Our staff is always willing and ready to help anyone with specific problems or requests .. . Showboat rides around the Lake on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Parents may spend a wonderful vacation right along with their daughter at beautiful Scott's Oquaga Lake House . As a mountain vacation resort, Scott's is unmatchable. Enjoy a vacation of your own and watch your daughter progress in gymnastic ability. Gymnastic apparel and equipment will be available for purchase. Included are leotards, warm-up suits, sweat shirts, hand-grips, gymnastic shoes, etc. Our leotards and warm-ups are fashioned by GYMIS, the finest quality 100% stretch nylon gymnastic-wear made any place in the world. Participation in the voluntary all-camp Olympic style gymnastic competition.

AMERICAN TEACHER-PUPIL RATIO 路 A teacher to camper ratio of between 1:5 and 1:6 is maintained for most effective teaching and learning. FACILITIES Our new building (60' x 125') completed for the 1974 season gives us a great inside working area. This new building is fully equipped with apparatus and a 40' x 40' free exercise mat . Two additional large indoor areas (40' x 80') and (35' x 90') are also fully equipped to provide outstanding indoor working conditions. Outside areas are spacious. EQUIPMENT Eight to ten sets of apparatus will be available for continuous use atAGC. Each girl will receive individual and small group instruction corresponding to her ability.


For the seventh successive year, Dr. Frederic M. Pierce will head the staff of the American Gymnastic Camp in 1975. Dr . Pierce brings an outstanding background in education and women's gymnastics. As an educator, Dr . Pierce has taught physical education for 18 years from elementary school students to college seniors. He also served as the Director of Athletics at johnson City Senior High School for 3 years . In 1966, Dr . Pierce was selected as one of four Outstanding Young Educators in the United St ates. In Women's Gymnastics, Dr. Pierce was formerly the Vice-Chairman of Women's Gymnastics in Northeastern Region of the AAU, Director of the Triple Cities and Scranton "Stars" girls gymnastic centers, whose membership numbers over 500.



Includes: Marilyn Schnaars, Schnaars Gymnastic Center, Farmingdale, Long Island .. .Minnie Daub , Triple Cities 'Stars' Girls Gymnastic Club ... Kitty O'Brien. Ohio State University ... Jeri Julian, Island Trees High School, Long Island, New York.. ,James Pedro, Triple Cities 路Stars路 .. Jo Anne Michael . UnionEndicott Girls Gymnastic Team ... Linda Berry, Dance instructor. graduate of Harpur College School of bance .. .Dave Block , Southern Illinois University ... Terry Heath, Scranton 'Stars' School of Gymnastics." Gretchen Dowsing. Cornell University ... Dove Ashmann , United States Naval Academy ... Steve Shephard and Kevin Tolliver. Southern Illinois University .. . Vern Detrich , Geneva , Ohio ... Chrystal Chollet, Somerville, New jersey ... Carol Pietruszewski, Lombard, Illinois ... Barbara Overtoom, Towson State University ... Kar en Weinaug , St . Bonaventure University.


Beginning our seventh year as the finest ALL -GIRL gymnastic

camp in Eastern United States.


$150 $295 $440 $585

weekly session (6 days) two week session (13 days) three week session (20 days) four week session (27 days) FEE INCLUDES : Lodging (complete linen and bedding provided), excellent meals. a small group instruction program. use of all resort recreational facilities . full insurance coverage. Leotard for girls attending two weeks, leotard and warm-up for girls attending four weeks. DEPOSIT $30.00 deposit to accompany registration with balance due on registration day . Deposits refundable up to june 1. 1975. Special group rates avallable upon request .

N~me ... .. ........................ ..... ... ................ ................ Age ..... .. Addr~s ... .. ....... ... .. ........ .. ...... ............. City ........................ ..

State ....: ......... .... ............... Zip ......... Phone # .. ..................... . School Attending ........... .... .. .... Gymnastic Club ............. ...... ..... . . Dates ........ .. to ....... ............. .. I shall attend: ( ) 1st Week-June 22 to June 28 ( ) 6th Week-July 27 to Aug. 2 ( ) 2nd Week-June 29 to July 5 ( ) 7th Week-Aug. 3 to Aug. 9 ( ) 8th Week-Aug. 10 to Aug. 16 ( ) 3rd Week-July 6 to July 12 ( ) 4th Week-July 13 to July 19 ( ) More than one week: ( ) 5th Week-July 20 to July 26 No postponement . cancellation. or rafund of daposit unlass camp is notifiad by Juna 1, 1975. No deposit is ever lost but credit will be made for future sessions for applicant or girl she designates with approval of management within one year. Sessions begin on a Sunday and end on a Saturday of every weak GYMNASTIC CAMP


Make Checks payable to

Box 6, Johnson City, N.Y. 13790 Telephone: (607) 797-1226


SOKOL TSUKARA c/o FRANK MICHALEK 4342 S. WISCONSIN AVE. STICKNEY, ILL. 60402 Remember .. . We have restricted the number of campers that can attend. Do not delay your application .

Spo Il sorcd by SOKOL. wi th ()\,I J r 1()() Yf! (Jrs oj gYlllllo st ir: tl ~ (/r:hillg 1 ~.'\rl~ ril ~ n t: I J .








- -

SOKOL WOODLANDS, lo cated in the scenic Catskill Mountains of southern New York State, is a facility ac~i r ed and developed sp ecifically to pwvide the finest gymnastic program avai lable anywhere. The SOKOL WOODLANDS GYMNASTIC SCHOOL has been serving the gymnastic community with an eight-week summer program for twelve consecutive Years. Its leadersh ip and direction since its in ceptio n have remain ed co nstant, insuring a continuously improving and refined program of gYmnastic instruction for st udents at all leve ls. If you are looking for a first-rate, professional, timetested gy mna stic program in a beautiful physical environment - THIS IS THE PLACE!

The hu ge, well-illuminated Field House, pictured above, provides more than 14,000 sq. ft. of gymnasium space. This all-weather gym enab les workouts to be cond ucted regardless of weather co nditions. The expansive area of the Field Hou se eliminates crowd ing of apparat u s, insuring a safe working area for each piece of equipment. There is a separate ballet and dance area . For Broc hure and further information co nce rning the eig ht week summer programwrite to:

Sokol Woodlands 276 Prospect Street, P.O. Box 189 East Orange, N.J. 07019 Phone (201) 676-0280

BECOME A CHARTER MEMBER JOIN THE USSAF NOW! Just $10.00 a year for Individual Associate Membership in the United States Sports Acrobatics Federation (USSAF) includes:



• Membership Card

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USSAF Box 777 Santa Mo n ica, CA 90406


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• ACROBA T Official

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I o

Enclosed please find $10.00 for m y Ch a ri e r Associate Membe rship in th e United States Spo rl s Acroba tics Fede rati on (USSAF) .


send me a free sa mple co py of AC RO BAT.

(En close SO¢ fo r poslage & handl ing)


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--------------~----~---------------Equipment for: TumbID~___ Town Schools, Homes & Gyms CAMP FOR GIRLS

DATES: June 15 - June 21 June 22 - June 28 June 29 - July 5

Beams, Mats, Pads, Trampolines and Gymnastic Accessories

MASTER COACHING STAFF Herb Vogel Coach SIU Wome ns Gym nasti cs Tea m N umerous Nat io n al Coach of many Nat io nal an d Team C hampionships In te rnat io nall y know n Gym nasts Membe r Hall o f Fa me of Gym nast ics

Alyce Vogel Fo rm er Gy mn as t of Na ti o nal Ran k Fea tured in "Sports Ill ust rated " Former O lymp ic Q u ali fier Na ti o nall y Experienced Ju dge

Mike Merritt Ass!. Coac h SIU Wome ns Team H ead Coach Tu mbl e Tow n Former Coach Fargo Acro Team Rated Judge Team

Jon Aitken

~bson tie

Supplies, Ine. For Information - Call or Write 5734 Shasta Circle Littleton, Colo. 80123 - Ph. (303) 893-6969

Fo rmer Gym nast New Mexico State U ni ve rsity Mem ber o f In te rnatio nal Teams Ra ted Judge GYMNAST Magaz in e 's Consultant on Uneven Ba rs (see arti cle A pri l Iss ue) Located in t he rustic cou nt ry settin g of Hayes Fa ir Acr es, o f Du Quoin, 111. , this the third Tumble Town Summer Camp w ill be th e best ye!. .. Offeri ng eli te ins tru ctio n in all fo ur O lymp ic events, p lus tumb li ng, trampo li ne and dance, as we ll as some of th e finest recrea tional faci lit ies i n Illi no is for swi mmi ng, h ik in g, canoe ing, put -put go lf, and many man more.

Write for a pplica tion to : TUMBLE TOWN 611 Skyline Dr.

Carbondale, III. 62901 7

CATALINA ISLAND GYMNASTICS CAMP NEW PROGRAMS••. GlMNASTICS PROGRAM._ The camp's teaching philosophy involves an equal balance between basics and more advanced skills. The structured morning classes are devoted to basic movements and progressions, while the open afternoon sessions include problem solving, recreational activities, and advancement of skill level. Regularly scheduled clinics, conducted by master teaching staff and visiting instructors, cover such important topics as: care and prevention of injuries, routine composition, twisting mechanics, taping procedures, new trends and techniques, and an analyses of judging and performing gymnastics.

This summer the camp will intro(:luce 35mm black and white photography. There will be a minimal lab fee to cover chemicals, paper, and equipment costs. FiI~ will be sold and campers are reminded to bring their cameras if interested in the course. Also, instruction in juggling and hand balancing will be offered. I n order to develop reflexes and balance as well as a sense of rhythmic exercise, both of these programs are presented.

TRANSPORTATION ••• Round trip transportation to Catalina Island from Long Beach is provided at no additional expense via our own charter boat. Campers may select to fly, or ride on a commercial or private boat, but this is at their own expense.

STAFF Michael L. Kasavana Ph.D., Camp director, Asst. Women's Coach, Univ. of Mass., Former Univ. EIGL, and NCAA competitor, 1971 National YM~A Trampol!ne Champion, Member American Campmg Association Margie Combs Program Director, Former Univ. of Mass. gymnast, 1973 Collegiate AII-Ame~ican gymnast, 1972 EAIAW All-Around champion Paul Tickenoff Camp Co-Ordinator and .. Instruc~or , Northwestern State Univ. of LOUISiana ; 5 - time USA National Team Member, 1970 - NCAA College. Division champion in AA, FX, LH: PB, 1969-72 - Collegiate and national Ali-American , 1974 - Pasadena Nat 'l Invit'l AA Champion Ed Franz Women ' s Gym Coach, Sandiego trom 1965 to Present, president of Aztec Gym Club, USGF Men 's Technical Committee, Assoc. prof. of PhYsical Education

Darla Franz Head Coach of Aztec GymClub, Vice President of Aztec Gym Club, Member of South Cal. Women 's Officials Assoc. Robert Koenig Master Instructor, Ass!. men 's coach , Univ. of Mass. Former Penn . State Univ. gYmnast, Past EIGL finalist and NCAA Qualifier Judy Hitt Dance Specialist and Instructor Steve Lerner - Instructor Pam Steckroat - Instructor Roy Johnson - Instructor Susan Cantwell - Instructor Henry Stanley - Instructor Kim Whitelaw - Instructor Bill Murphy - Instructor Glenn Sundby - Promotion Mgr., Editor of GYMNAST

OIK':ยฃTOKยง Michael L. Kasavana Ph. D., Camp Director, Asst. Women's Coach, Univ. of Mass., Former Univ. EIGL, and NCAA competitor, 1971 National YMCA Trampoline Champion, Member American Camping Association Margie Combs Program Director, Former Univ., of Mass. gymnast, 1973 Collegiate All-American gymnast, 1972 EAIAW All-Around Champion

CATALINA ISLAND GYMNASTIC CAMP. P.O. Box 1464, Covina, California Phone 213-339-1010 until June 1. Afte~ June, dial Avalon (Catalina) operator and ask for #805 Applicant's Name: Age Sex _ _ _ _ __ Last



Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Telephone: _ _ _ _ _ _ _--'-_ Street



Zip Code



Fees for Summer of 1975 (Please Check Appropriate Box): o Full Ten Weeks: $950.00 0 Five Weeks: $500.00 0 Two, Three, or Four Weeks, $to5.00 per week o One Week Session Only: $110.00 (Fees do not include registration fee) Individual Weeks or Combinations (Please Check Appropriate Boxes): o June 22 to June 29 0 July 27 to August 3 o June 29 to July 6 0 August 3 to August 10 o July 6 to July 13 0 August 10 to August 17 o Ju.y 13 to July 20 0 August 17 to August 24 o July 20 to July 27 0 August 24 to August 31 Enrollment in any single session will be limited. Please indicate below any alternate session in the event your first choice is filled at the date of receipt of your application. Thank you. My twenty dollar registration fee and my 15% deposit (both non-refundable are enclosed. NOTE: Make checks Payable to: Catalina Island Gymnastic Camp


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Hu go Sartorello

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For mo re information w rit e: Hugo Sartorello ARIZONA TWISTERS 5028 N. Granite Reef Rd. Scottsdale, Arizona 85253 (602) 945-9308

JULY 6 · 12 JULY 13 · 19

JU L Y 20·26 JULY 27 · AUG.2

GYMNASTICS· Gretchen Dowsing, Cornel l University

Abie Grossfeld, So. Connecticut Uni versity

SWIMMING · Jim Montrella,

WRONA'S Gymnastic Apparel

Lak ewood .Acquatics

DIVING · Pat. McCormick,

4 Olympic Go ld Medal Winner

and Equipment

Doug Ward, University of Illino is

RD #1 Elmbrook Road Beave r Fall s, PA 15010 412846-7078

- and other Oly mpic and Nationally known coaches ATTENTION :


Serving Pittsburgh and Tri -State Area se nd for free brochure

Pat M c Cormick 3642 Rossmoor Way Los Alamitos , Calif . 90720 or P hone : 12 1 31 431 ·9464


You Mean You Haven't Heard Of

Ale Gymnastics Etc., Inc. A-Richard Aronson C-Noree n Connell

2 Mack Road Woburn, Ma. 01801 Tel. (617) 933-6250

The First Gymnastics Store And Office In New England featuring: LEOTARDS Danskin - Capezio - Art Teen - Gym Kin All Sizes, Colors, Styles


Tapered and Flared

T ennis wear by Danskin All AcceSSOries I ncludlng


FIG and USGF M a teria ls Fl oo r Ex Reco rds T-Shi rts & Trophies Emblems and Jewelry Chalk a nd Posters Ho m e Balance Beams Tote Bags


M ay 8-10 USGF Jr. Nationals al Geo rge Mason U. Fairfa x, VA hosted b y MarVaTeens . MD: Ruth An n M c Brid e. 5636 Randolph Rd., Rockvill e, M a ryland 20852 M ay 10 Third National Modern Rh yt hmic Gymnastic Competitio n, San Francisco Stal e U., Co mpu lso ri es a va ilab le at USGF M ay 15-17 AAU Sr. Nationals at Ke nned y Sr. H.S .• Ce d a r Ra pids Iowa. Hosts : Iowa Assoc. AAU a nd Nisse n Corp. MD: G. Nissen, 930 27t h Ave. , SW[Cedar Rapid s, Iowa 52406.319/ 365-7561. M e n a nd Women 1976 Ol ympic Compulsories required . May 22-24 USGF Sr. Nationa ls at South Eugen e HS in Eu ge ne , Orego n h os ted b y Nalional Aca d e m y of Arti sti c G ymna sti cs MD: Di c k Mulv.ih ill, 148 W. 12th, Euge n e. Oregon 97401 M ay 31-Jun e 1 M e n's European Championships, Be rne Swit zerland June 7 Sr. Olympics, Los Ange les City Co llege Jun e 12-14 o r 19-21 USGF Elite Na tional Championships June 28-29 Czechoslovak Spartakiade Prague, Czechoslovakia , Spo rts Ce le bration of 30t h Ann ive rsa ry o f National Libe ra li o n Jul y 1-5 Berlin - 6th Gymnaestrada Jul y 4 Waikiki Gymfest Kap io la ni Par k in Waikiki, Hon o lulu , Ha wa ii . Spo nso red b y th e Hawa ii G Ymn as lics Assoc iali o n and City & Co unt y Recreatio n Depa rtme nt. Jul y 18 Norwegian Women's G ym nas tics Team to To ur USA including stops in Brook lyn , Staten Island , a nd New Roc he ll e , New York; Mo rri slown , NJ; Philade lphia; Washi n g lo n. DC ; Chicago; and San Francisco. Mid. Aug. National AAU Jr. Olympics, U of Cornell. Ithi ca , New Yo rk. MD: G Ymnaslic Coach, U. of Corne ll. Age Group s 12-14. 15-18 for boys and g irl s. Girl s d o IntI. Leve l USGF / DGWS Compu lso ries. Bo ys, NEW 1975 AAU-USGF Jf. O lYmpic co mpul so ries. Writ e 10 Je rry Dunamell , AAU Jf. Ol ympic Admin istrat o r, 3400 W. 86th St., In dianapoli s, In d. 46268 PH 317-297-2900 (must qualif y thru di stric i and Regio na l competilion) Aug. Pan-Am Trials O ct. 12-26 Pan American Games, Mexico City O ct. World Cup, M a dr id , Spa in

Summer Camp Directory Note: The following directory a re just camps that were not listed in last months cam p directory. For more camp listings refer back to April issue p age 43. American Sokol G ym nastic Camp 6426 West Cermak Road , Be rwyn . Illino is 60402 (BoYs & Girls, 12 yrs. upAug. 10-16). Berkeley YMCA Cam!, Gualala 2001 All ston Wa y, Be rk e le y. C llil. 94704 (boYs & g irl s, 3 wks. lul y - Aug. ) Birch Knoll Sports Camps a n d Clinics Box 206 N. Beave r Dam , Wi sco nsin 53916 (G irl s on ly. Specify Gymnaslics Camp) Caravan of Camps P.O. Box 103, Sti ll waler, OK 74074 (BoYs & G irls, 5 wks . June-Aug. ) 14th Annual Middle Atlantic Region YMCA G ym nas tics Camp, R.W. Gra s, Camp Director. 28 Field view Drive, Ba sk ing Ridge , N.J . 07920 (Boys & Girls. Aug. 10-1 6) Middle Easte rn G ymnastics Ca mp 11 615 Fulham St., Sil ve r Spring, Maryland 20902 (Boys & G irl s, Au g . 1824) Muriel Grossfelds World of Gym nas tics, 235 Pin e hurst Road. Wilminglon , De laware 19803. (G irl s onl y, 9 wks., Jun e-Aug. ) Pocono Sports Camp C/ O Do n Wied er, 1 Memoria l Drive , Ea sl Brun sw ick , N. J. 08816 (BoYs & Girl s 10-18,4 w ks. June -July) Progressive Gymnastics Camp. Box 233, Dee r Park , New York 11 729 (G irl s on ly. Aug 20-30)


1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

STAFF-Our staff includes Olympic and National gymnasts . . . Director Rick Tucker, Assistant Director Lee Roberts, Grace Ann Tucker, Toby Towson, Karen Schuchman, Rich Tobin, Debbie Tobin, plus many other nationally ranked gymnasts, coaches and guest lecturers.

dance classes at all levels tumbling classes at all levels training in the Olympic events for women training in the Olympic events for men lecture·demonstrations small student·instructor ratio instructors who are carefuliy chosen for their teaching experiences and ability in order to provide the highest quality of instruction 8) upon request-evaluation of gymnasts attending two or more sessions



22 to JULY




R.turn to: LEE !\OBERTS. International Gymnaetic. Camp. Inc .• 257 Eeat Broad Str.. t. Ea.t S!roudaburq. Pa. 18301 (tel.phon. 717·421-8557) ACCIDENT INSURANCE IS tNCLUDED Nam. ... ..... . .. .. ... .. ..... ... .. . . .. Aq. ..... . Su ... .. .... . . on.....Ion . .. . . ... ... ... . . . SlIO.OO Addr ... .. , ... . .. . . . .. . .... , . ..... . .... ... .... . .... .. .......... .. .. two. thr•• or four ••111008 . .. . 5105.00 por .... City ..... .. ... ....... .. . .. .... . .. ..

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f1v ••• lIIon•. . . ............ . 5100.00 por ....


T.I.phon . ... . .... . .. .. .... . ..

Dopollt . .. . ..... ... . . ... .... S 25.00

School Att.ndlnq ... ...... . . ' ...... . .... .. ..... . ..... .. .. .. .. . .... ..

SPECIAL TEAM RATES (6 or more m.mb.ra) UPON REQUEST ( appUcaUana mu.t arrive tOlJoth.r)

Ir..tructor / Coach .......• .. . . . ... . ... . ... . .... . .... . .... . . . • ... •...• Roommat. Roqu ••t .. ........ .... ... .. .... ..... ...... ....... .. . ... . .

(,rllllt ouo",pony appllc.tlon) CI,d. 1M '1IlIlon or uilloni thot YOII wl.h 10 oll.tld. AI anroll "',nt will. 11",11 ... , tho .. ollndt"'l on. '1I .. lon p"o"

Jun. 22·Jun. 27

Jun. 29·July 4

July ·6.July II

lIu8leol. II teean" cholea .

July 13·July 18

July 20.July 25

,110,. Octo,",u)' Ihi. opplicalloft with II $25 ,00 p.r •• uion clapo.U ,oyoll' . 10 Inl.,notional Q),"'"II.lIc Camp. APplicoli.~.1II II, 0".1l1li an II IInl '0"'0 lOlil A••• CU oce.,1 a II",U.II nll",It., of 111I1I,nll. D.,o.11 ,.f"nlloltl. ~O 40y* prlo, 10 lOulon . W• • ltl au.,1 chIl4,.n IIn4., • • ltl'l p.,onlol · .... 11.",,",. N~TlI Co",pl.l. 41,.cllonl, ftcolft""n4.111 clolhln. Ihl, orrl'ol II",., co"'p , •• "Iollon, will ~. unl IIpon , ••• 1,1 of o"lI.ollon,


GYMNAESTRADA TOUR BERLIN 1975 Iln.IITIOIll incl. gymnastics studying program West Germany

JUNE 24 to JULY 8, 1975






TOUR INCLUDES: -Air Transportation New York.Amsterdam-Dusseldorfj Cologne-Berlin-Amsterdam-N.Y. (No Charter Flight) -Arrival TrClIIlsfers airport-to-hotel in Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam -daily hotel accommodations with breakfast -city sightseeing tour in Cologne and West Berlin; boatride in Amsterdam -gymnastics studying and visiting program in and around Cologne (June 26-29), including for example visits at High Schools, Universities, world famous German college of physical education, different types of gym. nastic clubs with the possibility to contact the gymnasts and coaches (arranged by German Univ. coaches) -participation at the "Gymnaestrada 1975 in West Berlin" from July 1-5, the biggest gym festival in the world (more than 20,000 participants from all over the world)-tickets for opening and / closing ceremony and free entry to all of the daily performances.

Information and Reservation:



Profile for USA Gymnastics

Gymnast Magazine - May 1975  

Gymnast Magazine - May 1975