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GYMNAST LIBRARIAN REPORTS Gymnast Photos & Statistics File GYMNAST f il es co nt ai n arti c les and ph o tos w hi ch ca nn ot be re tu rned to co nt ri but o rs beca use t hey are no t id entifiab le. A ll m ate ri als se n t to us a se lf -add ressed, sho u ld i nc lu de stamp ed e nve lo p e if yo u w ant th em return ed . Pe rtin e nt d ata sho uld be taped to th e bac ks of phot os : eve nt, d ate, su bjec t , ph o tog raph er, o r we m ay n o t cons id e r th em for pu b li ca ti o n. U nso li cit ed m ate ri als w ill be rev iewed for co nsi de rati o n by o ne of o ur ed ito rs if tim e p ermit s. We are es tabl is hin g a fil e o f th e to p 25 U.S. m e n and w om en gymn as ts. I n o rde r to be co nsid ered , yo u mu st se nd us th e publi shed m ee t res ult s o f h ig h ca li be r regio nal and nati o nal co m petiti o ns (jud ge d b y a C erti fied Reg io nal o r Na ti o nal lud ge) . A lso in c lud e in yo ur d ata , th e d ate and th e loca ti o n . Se nd ph o to s and b io gra phi ca l d ata. Regard t he i nstr uctio ns to con tr ib utors in suppl y in g p e rtin e nt d ata . I nc lud e yo ur ad dress. A fil e o f to p fo re ign m e n and wome n gymnas ts w ill also be com p il ed fro m o ur ow n resou rces.

If you have any questions please write: GYMNAST Librarian Terri Kan P.O. Box 110 Santa Monica, CA 90406

NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL COACH OF THE YEAR AWARD 1975 The Na ti o nal Hi gh Schoo l GYmn asti c Coac hes Association hono rs its coac hes-o fthe-yea r for the first tim e in 1975. The re are many o utsta ndin g coac hes in th e nat io n w ho reco gniti on for th ei r effo rt s d ese rve co ntribut ing to th e growth of hi gh schoo l gy m nasti cs. Th e m eth od s o f qualify in g fo r thi s ho nor are as fo llows : 1. Th e nomi na ti o n mu st be ma d e by a state coa ches associati o n or its equiva le nt. 2. Th e indiv idual mu st be a cu rr ent member o f th e NHSGCA. 3. The no mi nee mu st be a curren t gymnastic coach of an acc redit ed hi gh school. Th e fo ll ow in g infor mati o n mu st be subm itted w it h th e nomi nati o n. 1. A bri ef resum e of th e n omin ee' s back gro un d i n high sc ho ol gymn asti c co ac hin g. 2. A statement ex plainin g the m ethod o f se lectio n by t he no minat ing associati o n. 3. A pi cture o f the n ominee. Please sub mit this info rm ati on pri or to th e dead line of Ju ne 1. 1975 to :

Mike Milidonis Pres. NHSGCA 1476 Kirtland Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103


S'O KOL WOODLANDS SOKOL WOODLANDS, located in the sceni c Catskill Mountains of southern New York State, is a facility acquired and developed specifi cally to provide the finest gymnastic program available anywhere. The SOKOL WOODLANDS GYMNASTIC SCHOOL has been serving the gymnastic community with an eight-week summer program for twelve consecutive Years. Its leadership and dicection si,nce its inception have remained constant, insurill_g a. continuously improving and refined program of gymnastic instruction for students at all levels. If you are looking for a first-rate , professional , timetested gymnastic program in a beautiful physical environment - THIS IS THE PLACE!


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13639 Vi c tory Boul eva rd (Eas t of Woodman Ave .) Van Nu ys, Calif. 91401 Phone (213) 785-8984




The huge, well-illuminated Field House, pictured above, provides more than 14,000 sq. ft. of gymnasium space . This all-weather gym enables workouts to be conducted regardless of weather conditions. The expansive area of the Field House eliminates crowding of apparatus, insuring a safe working area for each piece of equipment. There is a separate ballet and dance area . For Broc hure and furth e r info rmation con ce rning th e e ight w ee k summer program write to : Sokol Woodlands 276 Prospect Street, P.O. Box 189 East Orange, N.J. 07019 Phone (201) 676-0280

GYMNAST Apr. '75

Profile for USA Gymnastics

Gymnast Magazine - April 1975  

Gymnast Magazine - April 1975