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Summer Camp Directory Following is a list of summ e r camps a nd clinics (listed is a lphabe tica l order). Individuals are re quested to write for details to the following addresses. Alts Gymnas tics Camps, 1128 Sycamore Avenue, New Sh rewsbury , New Jersey 07724 (boys & girls - 2 locations: Monmouth College, 3wks. June-July;' Peddie Schoo l, 2wks. Aug.) Be lle Terre GymnasticCam p for Girls, South Kortright, New York 13842. Brimmer and Ma y Sc hool of Gymnastics, 69 Midd lesex Road , Chestnut Hill , Mass. 02167 (gi rl s, 4 w ks ., Jun e Aug.) Burlingame Gymnastic Club Summer Clinics, c/ o Peninsul a Spo rts Center, 1730 Rollins Rd. , Burlingame, CA 94010 (June-Aug.) Cata lina Island G ymnastics Camp (National Gymnastics Centers), P.O. Box 1464, Covina, CA 91722 (boys & girls, 10wks. June-Aug .). Leonard Cle mmer School 01 Gymnastics & Ballet, 4712 Park Road, Charlotte , N.C. 28209 (me n & women, Clinic brought to your a rea). Colonial SportsCampGymnasticsCamp, R.D . Box 108, Pipersvi ll e, Pennsylvania 18947 (G irl s, 2 wks ., JuneJuly) . Cu ya maca Gymnastics Camp, City of C laremont Recreation Dept. , C la remont,CA 91711 (Aug. 11-15). Empire Sta te Summer Gym Camp, Camp Hill Road, Po mona , N.Y. 10970 (lwk. Jun e). Flathead GymnasticsCa mp, c / o Hal Ha lvo rso n , He isey Memorial Gym, 313-7th Street No rth , Great Falls, Montana 59401 (boys & girl s, lwk. Aug.) . International Gymnastics Camp, Brun o Klaus, R.D. 3, Box 518, Stroudsburg, Pa. 18360 (boys & g irl s, 10 sessions June-Aug.) . Manitou - Wading, Sports & Arts Cente r, Tennis & Gymnastics Camp, 821 Eglinton Ave. W. , Toronto, CANADA M5N 1E6. Pat McCormic ks Sports Camp, 3642 Rossmoor Way, Los A lam il os,CA 90720 (boys & gi rl s, 4wks., July-Au g.). Medalist Ha ll of Fame Gymnas tic Camps, P.O. Box 50213 , Milwaukee , Wi s. 53201 (girls, 7 wks, Jun e-Aug. locations - III. , Wis., Mich. , Ohio, Ga ., Fla.). Northern Colorado Gymnastics Camp (NORCO), Co lorado State Un iv., c/ o Pingree Park , Student Services 106, Ft. Collins, Colo. 80521 (June 8-15). North Jersey Gymnastic School, Inc. R.D., Airport Road, Pittstown, New Je rsey 08867 (gi rl s, 2wks., Aug.). Prarie Girls Gymnastics Camp, North Dakota State University, 1518 - 5th Ave. So." Fargo, North Dakota 58102 (2wks ., Jul Y-A ug.). Rhode Isla nd Gymnastic Camp, Uni vers it y of Rhode Island , Tootell Center, Kingston, R.t. 02881 (girls, 2wks., Jul y). Cathy Rigby gym nastics Camp, Box 71, Star Rt., Sanger, CA 93657 (girls, 5wks. , june-july) . SIU Summer Gymnastics Camp, Dr. H.J. Biesterfeldt, Jr. , SIU Are na , Carbondale, III. 62901 (boys only , 4 wk s., Jun e -J u ly). Sokol Tsukara, C/ o Frank Michalek, 4342 S. Wisconsin Ave. , Stickney, III. 60402 (3-2wk. sessions). Sokol W ood la nds, 276 Prospect St., P.O. box 189, East Orange, New Jersey 07019. Stony Brook Gymnastics Ca mp (National Gymnastics Ce nters), P.O. Box 593, Stony Brook , Long Island , New York 11 790 (boys & g irl s 9 wks. Jun e thru Aug.) Camp Tsukara, 400 Glenview Road , G lenview, III 60025 (boys & g irl s, Jun e -Aug.). Ca mp Tsuka ra Coac h es Symposium, Camp Tsuka ra, Cable, Wisconsin 54821 (A u g . 20-24). Tumble Town, Alyce Vogel , 611 Skyline Drive, Carbonda le, III. 62901 (g irl s 3wks., June-Ju ly). United ' States Gymnastic Train'ing Centers, Starting Jun e 29th , the USGTC wil l b e hosting three summer camps: 1) Boys & Girls; 2) Girls coaches; 3) Mod e rn Rhythmic G ymnastics. For further information con tact: M ik e Jacobson , at THE VILL A, Tu xedo Park, NY 10987. Vermont Gymnastics Center, Essex Jct. Hi g h ~chool , Essex Jct., Vermont 05452 (g irl s, 2wks., Jun e-Jul y) . W est Point Sports Ca mp, U.S. Mi litary Acade my, West Point , New York (boys, grad es 9-12, 2wks., Jun e & Aug.). Woodward Gymnastics Camp (National Gymnastics Centers), P.O. box 93, Woodward , Pa. 16882 (boys & girls 10 wks. June - Aug.J

GYMNAST Apr. '75

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Gymnast Magazine - April 1975  

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