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compete in th eir Di stri ct A ssociation Championship me ets. In order to qualify for a District Assoc iation meet , a gi rl must post th e following all -around sco res in (a) preliminarY assoc iation meet, o r (b) a recogni ze d gymnasti c organization meet: 9 and under - None ; 10-11 , 20 points AA ; 12-14,24 points AA; 15-18, 24 points AA. Th e required All-Around sco res ma y b e obtain ed by using optiona l scores or compulsory scores from beginning , intermediate, or advanced AAU-DGWS Jr. Olympic compulsory exercises. The age determin i ng date is the age of the participant on th e first day of th e A ssoc iat ion Championship meet of that year. She will compete in this age division the entire year. She may not jump up or down an ag e division. Th ere are many things yo u shou ld know about if you compete in AAU Jr. Ol y mpi cs. For examp le, if you are an Elite gymnast, you are automatically disqualified from compet iti o n in these meets. order your Supplement today .

Wom en 's compulsories for YMCA National s will be th e USGF / DGWS Advan ced Level exercises. The Sept ember issu e o f th e YMCA ex pl ains th e new YMCA Ag e Group Compet iti ve Program. The groupings presc rib ed co in cid e with tho se recommend ed by th e USGF and also adopted by the USGF. . Th e YMCA ha s go ne a g iant step farther th an AAU , beca use, in addition, ab ili ty levels begi nner, interm ediate, and adva n ced ... are tak en into account within each age group. Currently used compu lsory exercises are recomm en ded fo r use in th ese co mpetitive leve ls. H owever, it will be up to YMCA's at the loca l level to implement t h ese program s. This yea r yo ung wome n who wish to compete in YMCA Nationals must qualify through area , state, and / o r regional YMCA meets which should h o ld a National qualifying event using th e Adva nced Leve l USGF / DGWS compulsories plu s optional s. A gymnast must score 48 al l- around to qualify for YMCA Nationals. Specialists who earn 15.00 or high er in th e events for w hich they wish to qualifY, will also qualify for entrY.


CONTACTS Anyone wish in g to b ecom e in vo lved w ith gymnastics in hi s o r her own state, or who has qu est ion s co ncerning th e USGF, AAU o r YMCA Programs should contact one of these people in the area in vo lve d: -

YMCA PROGRAM For those of you who are competing within the YMCA sYstem , refer to the September YMCA News for changes in yo ur program. Since yo u all get this free, there is no point in going deeply into explanation s. for interest's sake, we will cover this program briefly for compar isons .

USGF WOMEN' COMMITTEE Li st of the USGF State chairmen ca n be found in last months GYMNAST Mar. 1975, page 47. NATIONAL AND REGIONAL AAU OFFICIALS AAU Gymnastics Administrator: Mr. Thomas Maloney, 2626 Cardinal Place, Saraso ta, Florida 33579. PH 813-958-4910.

Chairman of Women's Gymnastics: Don Wild e ro te r, 1933 Ever itt St., Va ll ey Stream, LI , NY 11580. PH 516285-6180. lunior Olympic Administrator: Je rr y Duh ame ll , 3400 W. 86th St. , AAU Hou se, Indianapolis, Indi ana 46268 .. Technical Chairlady: Erna Wachtel, 2258 N. Kimball Ave. , Chicago, Illin o is 60647. PH 312-SU7-7494 National Ir. Olympic chairlady: Jeanette Hawkins, 1500 Fe rn , McAllen, Texas 78501 . PH 512-686-8265 Regional Gymnastic Coordinators: Region I Sandy Sheedy, 2 W. M o ntgom e ry t., Johstown , NY 12095; II Ed Knepper, 235 Pin e hurst Rd. , Fia rfa x. Wilmington , Del. 19803; IIIChariesDuBois, Rt. #3, Box 64, Kingston , Tenn. 37763; IV Bruce Davis, 1075 N.W. 151 st St. , Miami , Fla. 33169; V no nominations (Hawaii); VI Erna Wachtel, 2258 N. Kimball Ave. , Chicago, III. 60647 ; VII lack Bond, 529 Bre ntwood , Wate rloo, Iowa 50701 ; VIII Clara Hopkins, 3751 West 44th, Tulsa, Okla . 74107 ; IX Gerald Bartosch, 2029 Gaylord , GAS, Houston, Tex. 77024; X Bill Parise, 202 S. Sunset, Roswell , NM 88201; XI No nominations; XII Carolyn Holmes, 13050 S. 10th, Seatt le , Was h. 98168 ; XIII Florence Palas, 7823 Stewart & Gra y, Downey, Ca lifornia 96241 ; XIV Ron Hilderbrand, 2227 E. 88th , Anchorage, Alaska 99502. YMCA Steve Speth, Phys. Dir. , 709 1st Ave. SW, Roch ester,

Minnesota 55901 ; Bill Stein, Davenport YMCA,606 W. 2nd St., Dave nport, Iowa 52801 ; Robert I. Budnick, Gymnast ic coach, N. Suburban YMCA , 2705 Techny Rd ., Northbrook, III . 60062 ; Ron Ashworth, Rumbord Community Cntr. , 50 CONGRESS St. , Rumbo rd , Maine 04276; lim Bower, North sid e Family YMCA, 5210 M a nhattan Rd. , Jac kson , Miss. 39206; Linda Bowker, ontclair YMCA, 25 Pa rk St. , Montclair, NI 07042; Bob Martin, Jersey City YMCA, 654 Bergen Ave. , lersey City , NI 07304 ; Mrs. M. Nelson, Centra l Queens YMCA, 89-25 Pa rsons Blvd , lamaica , NY 11432; Mrs. Linda Chencinski, N.E. Region YMCA, 377 Randa ll Ave., Elm o nt , NY 11003 ; Mr. Steve Yancovich, Charlotte YMCA , (N.&S. Car. YMCA Gym Coor.) Charlotte , NC 28202; Doug Lewis, Cambridge YMCA, 703 N. 77th St. , Cambridge , OH 43725; Bob Fortune, Elyria YMCA, 256 Washington Ave., Elyria , OH 44035; Lloyd Capwell, YMCA of Great e r Scranton , 706 N. Ela kely St., Dunmore, PA 18512; Mr. W. Wortman, Lee Circle Br. YMCA, (Abiline YMCA, 3250 State St ., Abilene , Texas 79604) .




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corner Helen Sjursen

lETS bE diffERENT Most girl s are p e rforming the " hecht" dismount with hip contact to the bar. Wh y not co mbin e a " free hip circl e" right into the hecht dismount, th e seq uence of which is shown by the figu res. If thi s " free hip hecht di smount " is perform ed off the low bar, I person all y wou ld

GYMNAST Apr. '75

not question that it w ould be ca ll ed a superioJ . dismount , since th e free hip circl e is involved and also because o f th e free hip and hecht co mbin ation . If this " free hip hecht dismount" is p er formed off th e high bar, th ere would be no qu estion that it would b e cal led a " superior " sin ce the pl ain hec ht off th e high bar is alre ady rated a superior di smount.


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Gymnast Magazine - April 1975  

Gymnast Magazine - April 1975