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GYMNASTICS IN 1974 Dr. Joseph Gohler GYMNAST International Editor

Japan gets competition The gymnastic yea r of 1974 stood under the sign of the world co mpetitions and th ese again stood co mpletely und er the sign of the japanese, who dominated an unlucky competitive Russ ian team. Anyone who looked close ly in Varna had to observe, that th e Ru ssians entered a few younger talents, from whom one ca n expect a great dea l in th e near future . Th ese yo ung gymnasts , Shamugj an , Martschenko, Mikaeljan, to these o ne has to add also Safronov, Nedbalski, Malejew and Bojko, ha ve the courage to show th e ri sk and th e o rigin alit y that will be paying off one day. The question is, if the rising generation of japan, led by Horid e, Fujimoto, Yoshido, Nishikii and Kum e are ab le to provide the co nnection to the ma ste r quartet Kajiyama, Kasa matsu, Kenmotsu , Tsukahara. Fumio Honm a is the crit erium; w ho surpasses him, c lea rly has it made. In East Germany one always teaches after a scientifi c method and from fund amental basics up, that means, one promotes good talent in time. Of course Klaus Koeste will have to be replaced . The young team from Hungary will also be talked about, in 1975. But the USA and West Germany probably have the greatest reserves . This is shown when on e takes the worlds 100 best under examination. This Yields th e following ranking:


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Japan - 28 USSR - 19 W. Germany - 9 E. Germany - 7 Peoples Republic of China - 6 Switzerland - 6 USA - 5 Hungary - 4 Romania - 3 N. Korea - 3 11. Czechoslovakia , Polend - 2 13. S. Korea - 1 France - 1 Italy - 1 Cuba - 1 Finland - 1 Israel - 1

The picture would probablY look better with North Korea and the Peoples Republic of China, if one had better information from these countries. japans great foundation of the pyramid of achievement is eq uivil ent to th e women gymnasts of th e USSR. East Germany comes off bad by this cons ideratiQf) , yet,that is c hangin g when one tak es the 200 best list as a foundation . It proves,' that in East German y the you ng comi ng generation is prepared, to ente r the success ion of Koeste and Brehme. At th e Germ an Gymnastic club (Turner Bund) one is not ve ry satisfied with the coming generation. Th ose have ranking and are known, train exclusively at the Frankfurt Bundesleistungszentrum (Federal achievement center). Astonishingly the young Swiss, gratifying the great number

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Gymnast Magazine - April 1975  

Gymnast Magazine - April 1975