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Sieve Hug


SOUTH GAINS PROMINENCE By Armando Vega Coach louisiana State University Th e bi ggest m ee t to b e held in th e So uth , th e 2nd annual M ardi Gras In vitati o n al, wa s att ended by n ea rl y 10,000, th e largest audi en ce eve r fo r a purely Am eri ca n m eet. Th e to p six ma le co mpetito rs we re D o ug Fit zjarre l, Gene Wh e lan, Brent Simm ons, Mi ke Cart er, Marshal Ave ner and St eve Hu g (1 st AA ). Th e six elite w o men were Gay le W ycko ff, Leslie W o lfsbe rge r, Barb ie M ys lak, Roxa nn e Pi erce, Jan ett e And erso n and Kyle Gayn o r (1st AA). Thi s was th e first appearance fo r w o m en in thi s mee t. Mi ke Cart er was sufferi ng from an ankl e injury and did no t co mpete in FX but he to taled 9.00 o r b ett er in three eve nt s. In va ulting, Barbi e M ys lak w as probabl Y th e 1st A m eri can w o man to d o a d o ubl e fro nt somi e.

Photos by Iva n Packe r



Hug Ave ne r Whe la n Simm o ns Fit zja rre l Carte r

-56.00 54.80 53.95 52.90 52.20 44.50

FX: Fi tz ja rre l 9.35; Hu g 9.25; Simmons 9.15; Avener 9.1 ; Wh e la n 8.95. PH: Hug 9.4; Ave ne r 8.95; Ca rt e r 8.3; Simm ons 8.15 ; Whe la n 8.15; Fit zjarre l 5.85. SR: Hu g 9.45; Whe lan 9.2 ; Ave ne r 9.15; Ca rt er 9.0; Fitzja rre l 9.0; Simm on s 8.4. V: Ave ner 9.45; Fi tzjarre I9.25; Hu g 9.2 ; Ca rte r 9.05; Sim mo ns 8.9; Whe la n 8.9. PB: Whe la n 9.5; Fit zja rre l 9.35; Carter 9.3; Hu g 9.3; Ave ne r 8.8; Si mmo ns 8.8. HB : Simm ons 9.5; Hu g 9.4; Fit zjarre I9.4; Ave ne r 9.3; Whe la n 9.25; Ca rt er 8.85. Women AA:

Gay no r 37.10 Mys la k 36.60 Ande rso n 36.45 Pie rce 36.30 Wo lfsbe rge r 35.10 Wyc koff 34.95 V: Anderson 9.3; Mys lak 9.25; Pi e rce 9.25; Gayno r 9.15; Wyckoff 9.15; Wolfsberge r 9.1. UPB : Mys lak 9.3; Ga ynor 9.2 ; Pierce 9.2 ; Ande rson 9.0; Wo lfs berge r 9.0; Wyckoff 8.9. BB: Gay nor 9.45; Anderson 9.1; My slak 9.05; Pierce 8.85; Wyckoff 8.15; Wo lfsbe rge r 8.0. FX: Gay nor 9.3; Ande rson 9.05 ; Mysla k 9.05; Pie rce 9.0 ; Wolfsberger 9.0; Wyckoff 8.75.

GYMNAST Apr. '75

Profile for USA Gymnastics

Gymnast Magazine - April 1975  

Gymnast Magazine - April 1975