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"Pound for Pound, You're as Good as

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wometSt>orts. is about joy, activity, Olga Korbut, equal prize money, motorcycling, Virginia Slims, photography, jogging, leotards, the Olympics, surfing, pushups, menstruation, Babe Didrikson, eight-

ball, softball, Roller Derby, isometrics, backgammon, back trouble, backpacking, the basic woo position, nutrition, sports during pregnancy, sports and ageing, drag racing, sky diving, poker, bingo, competition, machismo, "femininity," feminism, day care, skin care, circulation, aikido, clubs, gyms, gymkhanas, hang gliding, Olga Connolly, pro-ams, The Atoms, Esther Williams, racquet ball, hand ball, pin ball, water polo, discus throwers.

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Dear Editors: Sounds fantastic! Especially tha t part about "couple sports" and "Olga Korbut." Also "machismo," "rolfing," and your backhand grip.* How about getting into things like women coaches and referees? And girls competing with boys in high school? I And _______________

Please put me down for ____ year(s) at $7.95 per year.

color, Gertrude Ederle, Donna de Varona, Australia, suntans, health, lady wrestling, wrist wrestling, laughing, wet suits, sports groupies, gam bling, drugs, scores,

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I enclose check or cash. Bill me.

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I *Incidentally, what is the I "basic woo position?" MA 483 I


ROUND OUT YOUR PROGRAM WITH EQUIPMENT FROM AMF AMERICANYour gymnastic program needs top quality equipment you can depend on . AMF American has a line of equipment for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced that will meet all of your program requirements. Write today for our free catalog of gymnastic equipment, mats , and trampolines ... all designed to bring out the best in you.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Volum e XV II I Number 2 1 February 1975

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FROM THE PUBLI SHER, G lenn Sundb Y RUBY WHAT'S H APPEN ING COACHING BY ADAPT IVE TKHN IQUES - GYMNASTICS, Pau l Fin a BO YS HS GYMNASTICS RU LES BOOK, John Hind s, Jr. ILLI NOIS OUTlOOK, Skip Ra y USA SOUTH AFR ICA TOUR, Don Robin so n OBSERVAT I ONS OF WORLD C H AMPIONSHIPS, Abi e G rossi e ld 1974 CHRISTMAS CLIN IC REPORTS ZOOM ING IN ON UClA GYMNASTS, Jack Bieste rfp ldt 26. UCLA Gym nasts in Seque nce, G lenn Su ndb Y 26. CENTER -POSTER : Shawn Mi ya ke, G lenn Sun dby NAT I ONAL GYMNA STIC JUDGES ASSOCIA TlON , Les Sasva ry CO-ED CAMPUS COLUMN, Gretchen Dowsi ng NEWS 'N NOTES, Ren ee H e nd e rshott .31 . Cast ing Techniq ue H ELEN 'S CORNERÂŁ Hel e n Sjursen A PARENT'S GUI D E TO GYMNASTICS, Patri cia A. Gau se ClUB CORN ER Anne li s RH YT HM IC GYMNASTICS, Strange Hoyman INSTKUCTlON : Th e Long H orse : A N ew Approach, Sho Fuku shima RESEARCH: Dy namica l Ana lys isol Ordin ary G ri p Giant Swin gs, A n d rew Dai n is TH E GYMNAST AND THE DOCTOR, Dr. John D. Webber IN D EX " GYM N AST" 1974, A .B. Frederick RESU LTS LETTERS CALENDAR

Cove r : Hol iday Clinic scens Irom the USGF Weste rn C lini c at A ri zo na State Univ., Tempe, Az . (co lorf u l sox), The USGF EasternC linicat Ft. Lauderdal e, Florida (" 1"' sh irt s & act ion photos) and t he Nat io nal C li nic at Sa raso ta , flo ri da (winners all and Staff and stud e nts) . Publish er: Glenn Sundby Associate Editors: Dick Cril ey . Ren ee Hendershot! Interna tional Editor: Dr. Jose ph Gohler Research Edit or: H.J. Hi esterfelut . Jf". Edu ca tion Editor: A.Il. h eueri ck Junior Gymnast Editor: Joe ~wee n ey M odern Rhythmic Gymnas tics Editor: Anneli s Strang e Hayman M en's Instructi onal Coordinator: H.J. Hi esterfeldt Instru ctional Editors: AA : I.lill Hall es ter. FX: Pa ul Lien PH: James Hesso n. R: Mik e Ja cki , lH: Jim Turpin . PB ' Bill Roetzh eim, HJJ: I.lill Holm es. l ayout Design: Gl enn Sunuby GY M NAST maga zin (> is p ubli shed by Su n d by Pu b licat io ns, 410 8roadwdY. Sa nt a M o ni c.t, Ca. ~ U 4 U I. Seco nel Class Pos tage pol id At Sa nl a Mo ni c.l, Ca. Pu bli sh ed mo nthl y. Price $1. 00 a si n gle co p y. Sub scr ip ti o n co rresp o nd e n ce, GYMNAST - P.O. Box 110, San ta M on ic.t, Ca 90406. Co pyrig h t 1975 C a ll ri ghts reserved by

SUNDBY PUBLICATl ONS, 410 Broadw.,y, S.mla Monica, Ca. All

Ph o tos ,111<1 m a nu scr ipts su b m ill e d b e co m e th e pro p e rt y o f GY M NASl u n less re lurn re qu es t a nd su ff icien t pos tage Me incl ud e d .

Pictured- at l eft: GYM NAST 1972 Olympic photo memorabilia of Japanese champion Kato and USA gymnast Kim Chace. Photos by Mitchell M osh.

NOTE: AT PR ESS TIM E - We just received word that some bags of mail had been returned to ou r Sa nta Monica post office as undeliverab le, because th e mai ling labels had come oif. We are now aware th at this has happened more than once recent ly, (Nov., Dec. , Jan. issues). We have checked with our mailing service to mak e sure this will not happen in Ihe future. In the meantime however, if you have not received one of the last3 issues please notify us, so we can attempt 10 rep lace or cred it our subsc ribers who may have missed any of those recent edit ions du e to our mailing se rvice. FROM TH E PUBLISHER : GIi'/l /l , U/ldby CO LO R FOLDOUT POSTERS: Now t hat Gymnast is usin g co lo r in every issue, it is ve ry di ff icu lt to ge t o ut to all of th e p laces th at we wou ld li ke to go to ge t top q u ali ty co lo r sho ts. I n additi o n, eve n whe n w e cove r the b ig m eets, t he gymnasiu m ba ckgrou nd does not always lend itsel f to top qua lity co lor poster photography. YOU ma y want to H ELP US to get th e p ho tos we n eed. We are in te res ted in obta ini ng top qua lit Y p ho tograp hs of top GYMNASTI CS, but tha t d oes no t mean t hat th e perform e rs pho tograp hed m ust be in te rnat iona l sta rs. It is the qua lity of th e p hoto and t he p ictor ial b ea u ty of t he gym nast ics in th e photo t hat are o ur standa rd s. Let yo ur ima gination go to work . Use co lo r fu l ba ckg rou nds (a lake or go lf cou rse are idea l as is a fie ld of f lowers), colorf u l and in te res tin g leo tards and u ni for m s, spec ial effects (s uch as o ur Zoom p ho to t h is ed ition) , even pa i nt ing s (fine and abstract), and see if YO U ca n b e th e p hotog rapher or artist of a Gymnast cente rfo ld. W e will extend the subscription of any Gymn as t su bscr iber (individua l or club) by three yea rs (36 mo re issue s) who se nds u s a photo or pa inti ng that is used for a Gym n ast ce n te rfo ld poster. Co lo r p ho to s su bm itt ed for ce nt e rfo ld bu t used elsewhere in Gymn ast w ill receive a two year exte nsio n for a cover a nd a o ne yea r extension if a f ull page photo is used inside t he magazi ne. About submitting photos: As a r u le, 35mm sli d es do no t make good poste rs, th o ug h t h ey d o OK for t he sma ll er size poste rs. To make a large po ster we need 2v.. x 2 v.. color sli des. We ca nn o t ret u rn any sli d e submi tted un less a self-addressed postpaid enve lop is e nclosed wi th th e ph o to . Since we mu st build a sma ll f il e of sli d es for possib le poster use, we ma y hold you r sli de fo r so m e time before u se - when we keep a fi le of suit able slides we ca n be sure r of ge ttin g th e magaz in e o ut on ti m e. BACK ED ITIONS OF M G, MillE G, & GYMNAST STill NEEDED We app reciate the reader react ion we rece ived co ncern i ng t h e few co mm ents (" Fro m the Pub li sher", GYMNAS T Ju ne-Ju ly ' 74) re lat ing o ur need fo r b ack edi t io ns. Thi s reacti o n cl ea rl y de m o nstrates t o us th at we are ca ter in g to readers w ho show enthu sias u m, pat ie n ce, and are w illi ng to su pport the ir spo rt in any way t hey ca n ; wh ich m ain t ian s o ur cl aim, " th at it is o ur reade rs, peo pl e l ik e yo urse lves w h o cont ribute so mu ch to G YM NAST and gymn asti cs . Many of our readers had fowarded th eir own pe rso nal co pi es to t h is office and th at we d id n ot expect; but i n any case, they arri ved. As t he res u lt o u r o n ce empt y f il es have no tab ly ex pande d . We are sti ll i n t he process o f acc u m ul at i ng cop ies to co mpl e te vo lum es to fu lfill th e many requests we receive from va rious cl u bs, sc hoo ls and resea rc h li braries fo r th ese bo u nd ed iti o ns. We are sti ll sho rt a nu mbe r of sp ec ific ed it ions an d we have pl aced certain cred it va lu es o n eac h o ne. if yo u or anyo n e you k now are w illin g to part w ith any o f th o se edi tions that are listed p lease W RIT E and let us know w h ich ones th ey are and t h eir co nditi o n . If at th at tim e we are st il l in need o f th e pa rt icul ar editi o n (s) yo u have, w e will imm ed iate ly forwa rd in stru ct io ns o n t he w hat ' s, whe re's and how' s o f p ostin g th e m to this office (Pl ease do not send any issues w ith ou t o ur w ritten req u est). We have supp lied a tab le ill ust rat ing exact ly w hat editio ns we need and t he ap p ropri ate credit. It shou ld be made clear t hat al l cred it is su bject to ch ange dependi ng o n th e cond it ion of each ed it ion up on its ar riva l. We wo ul d app rec iat e t h em i n a ve ry go o d to exce ll ent co nd it io n .. . Write to: Vo l. X GYMNAST 1%8 MODERN 1959 Vol. II Tom Wakeling .) Marc h ;;1 Jan. 1% 3 Vol. V GYMNAST Aug. & Sept. .8/ 9 Oct. Vol. II 1%0-6 1 #7 June =1 Vo l. XIV 1972 Vol. VI 1%4 Box 110 ;4 M a rc h .1 . 4 Jan. April Santa Moni ca, Ca. April ;;6 Feb. #2 July & Aug . -s 90406 ;;) May & Jun. #6 Marc h Vol. VII I %S "7 Jui. & Aug. Nov. . 11 Jan. "fh e following is a list of '1 ;;7 Vol. IV 1962 MADEMOISELLE Sept. th ose ed i tion s fo r which #7 GYMNAST Se pt. & Oct. Vo l. IX 1967 we will cred i t yo ur #9 Vo l. I Dec. 1966 Jan. #1 subscr ipti on lor fi ve (S) Fall #1 Vol. XI Vol. V 1%3 1% 9 extra editions. (or pa y ;;) ;; 4 Vol. III 1968-69 May & Jun. March three (3.00) do llar ~ if you Sept. & Oct. . 1 GYMNAST Jui. & Aug . #5 not w is h do th e :) Jan. & f eb. 1971 Sept. Vol. XIII =6 su bsc ription credit.) Vol. IV 1%9-70 lune-July .6/ 7 Vol. VI 1% 4 MODERN Sept. & Oct. .1 .Vol. XIV 1972 Jan. =1 GYMNAST (MG) ;'2 Vol. V 1070-71 Oct. feb. =10 ;;) ;;5 Dec. Comple me nta ry Ed iti o n #12 May & Jun. March (December 1956) May & Jun. #S Th e following is a list of MADEMOISellE Vol. I 1957-58 No\, . #8 tho se ed it ion s for whi ch GYMNAST Jan. - Feb. 1%7 -68 =5 Dec. .9 we wil l cred it you r Vo l. II Mar. & Apr. #6 Vo l. VII 1965 subsc ription 10 th e exten t Jan. & Feb. 3 ;;2 Jui. & Aug. .7 Feb. 1970-71 of three (3) ex tra edi tion s Vol. V Sept. & Oct. #8 March Sept. & Oct. 1 .3 or pa y up 10 $2.00 eac h i f in ) Nov. & Dec. #9 Apr. #4 good co nditio n. Jan. & Feb.


A panoramic view of Calalina Island Gymnaslic Camp showing living quarlers, workoul areas and waler fronl.

(9atalina Gfsland gymnastics (9amp CATALINA ISLAND... Surrounded by rugged hills and pounding surf, the new Catalina Gymnastics Ca mp provides an exciting summer adventure. Twenty-six rn iles off the coast of los Angeles, the camp is located in one of Santa Cata li na's many beau tiful valleys, and enjoys excell ent wo rkout weat her all summer long. Staffed with top gymnasts and expe ri enced coaches from all parts of the nation , the camp offers expert instruction in correct techniques and sk ill iearning for all the men 's and wo men's Ol ympic events.

ACTIVITIES ... The Island's bea utiful natural se tting and ideal weather co ndition s provide opportunity for many additional activities. Besides swimming, ski n di vi ng , and hiking during th e da y, eve ning activities w ill inclu de campfi res, coo kout s. and specia lly se lec ted films. Special features at Cata lina include glass bott om boat trips, flyi ng fi sh boat trips and .interior trips to the Island 's points of interest.

fACILITIES & GENERAL PROGRAM ... . A ll workputs w ill be conducted in spac ious outdoor

areas, e quipped wit h more than tw o comp lete sets of men's and women 's O lympic apparatus. Other facilities include an indoor dance studio, num erou s trampolines, crash pad s, and spo tting belts. A large sce nic beach, canteen, and camp store stocked with gymnastic clothing, posters, sk in diving gea r, and personal grooming accesso ri es compliment th e camp 's program. In addition to a complete gymnastics program, campers may elect in structi on in ski n diving, gymna st ic spotti ng techniques, and in Red Cross certified life savi ng programs. Swimming, tenni s, and volleyba ll act ivities are also provided. GYMNASTICS PROGRAM ... The camp's teach ing philosophy invo lves an eq ual balance between basics and more adva nced sk ills. Th e struc tur ed morning classes are devoted to basic movem en ts and progression s, whi le the open afternoon sessions include problem so lving and advancement of skill level. Regularl y sc hed uled clinics, conducted by the mas ter tea ching sta ff and visitin g in structors, cover suc h impo rt an t topics as : care and preve ntion of inj uri es, ro utine construc tion , (aping pr~:)(edures, new techniqu es. and an anal ysis of judging and performing gymnastics. To further aid the camper's know ledge and safety, a uniq ue course in spo tting tec hniqu es is offered with certification.


CAMPER'S LODGING ... Span ish sty le dormitories w ill house all ca mpers. Thes e dorms are complete w ith electricity, showers, and bat h facilities. Staff cou nselors wi ll li ve in th e same quarte rs as the campers for supervisio nal purposes. Camp meals wi ll be served family sty le, three per da y. in a congenia l atmosphere. Th e emphasis w ill be on wholeso me, quality mea ls keeping in mind th e health consciou s diets req uired for gymnastic activi ty.

Catalina Island For camp brochure or further registration information on any of our 10 weeks of camp sessions write:

CATALINA ISLAND GYMNASTICS CAMP P.O. Box 1464 Covina, Ca. 91722 (213) 339-1010


DEAR READERS, Apparently, a lot of you hope to be gymnastics teachers someday, because you have been asking what qualifications [!re necessary for the job, an d how to go about preparing yourselves. The best place to start is by being a good gymnast. Follow that by attending a college or university which has a good physical education program, including gymnastics, and secure a degree in physical education. Try to work in summer camps and/or private clubs during vacation to obtain as much practice and practice teaching as possible with 'good coaches while you are working for your teaching credentials. Some private clubs will hire you for teaching without your having a degree, because there are more jobs for teachers than there are tecwhers to fill them. Same goes for gymnastic coaches, apparently, because we get many letters from students askin g for lists of coaches in their areas, or a sking us to recommend a good coach for them. We are in the process of compiling a directory of gymnastic schools, coaches, and camps, but we can 't build it for you until they come out of the woodwork and let us know where they are. As to recommending a coach for you, we wouldn 't dare without knowing both you and the coach. The relationship between coach and student is an intensely personal one which involves more than just the ability of one to teach, and the other to learn . It i nvolves mutual trust, confidence, and just plain " liking." The fact you may not progress as you would like with one coach does not make him a bad coach , or yo u a poor student. Maybe your "gears" just don 't mesh with his ... or hers. You will probably know who is right for you when you find him.' We will publish names and addr esses whenever we get them, but exc use us, please, from m aking recommendations. Interesting Question Dept.: A boy in Indi an a who is working out with a girls' gymnastic team, beca use his school has no gymnastic program for boys asks if h e can , legally, vault in their meets . Th at probably depends on local rules . All we know is that in Lakewood, California a girl competed as part of a boys' team in a meet, and her floor exercises helped the team win honors, so what 's good for the goose should be good for the gander. Any opinions to the contrary out there? If yo ur U .S.S.R. Programs and posters a re slow in reaching yo u, they got delayed by the Christmas m ail. They 're coming, hon est. If you want to know when your subscription to " G YMNAST" expires, we repeat: At the top of the m ailin g l abel on your magazine you will find some gibberish that makes you think our girls can't type: TCA 95959CONOE121 X3 0715747505 That gibberish is computer talk, and the l ast four digits 7505, tells you that subscription expires in 1975 in the fifth month , which is May. Until next month, then, I remain your everlovin' Ruby

GYMNAST Feb. '75


JUDGES ClINIC ...CALIFORNIA FLAVOR Thi s was a FIRST in Cali fo rn ia Gymn astics! Li z H o ley, South ern CN s ju dge' s A ssociati o n Pres ident arrange d a ve ry co lo rful Sympo sium fo r jud ges. Th e Sym posiu m was he ld at Gym nasti cs Ol ympc ia o n Dee. 1, 1974. Wh at' s so different abo ut th is? H o ld o n t o you r w igs ... jim Fo untain e, Head coac h of th e Kips; Sco tt Cr o use, Hea d coac h o f th e SCATS; and Frit z Reiter, Head coac h o f Gy mn asti cs Ol ym p ica have bee n in v ite d to lect ure, rebuttl e and present o p posin g view po ints to th e jud ges, as w ell as answe r a va ri ety o f question s from th e audie nce. If yo u 're f ro m CA, yo u have to kno w th at th is is a FIR ST in a new coo perati ve sp irit. Thi s was not in te nded t o be a Coach es Cli ni e. .. . it was prim aril y fo r jud ges. (Reneeb ell ) NEWS AND NAMES Th e 1975 Y.M .CA. Na tio nals Th e Kettering YMCA o f Day to n, Ohi o w ill b e host fo r th e 1975 M en 's and W ome n' s YMCA Gymna sti cs C ham p io nships. Th e m eet wi ll b e held at Wright State University A p ril 18-1 9, 1975. EnquirY fro m interest ed co mpetitors should be se nt to Mr. Woody Eggleston, Ph ys. Dir ., Kett erin g Bra nch YMCA 4545 Ma rshall . Road , Kett erin g, Ohi o 45429 . Mr. James Livingstone, Lec turer, j o rdon H all Sch oo l of Ph ys ica l Ed uca tion , Gl assgo w, Scotland, wo ul d like to co rr esp o nd with in stru ctor s i n USA o n gy mn asti cs, and to exchange data w ith o th er s in vo lved with t eachin g and pr eparati o n of ph Ysica l edu ca ti o n instru ctors w ith gymna sti c preparatio n. With th e D ecember 1974 iss ue, The Gymnastic Technician is now a q uart erly pu b lica ti o n in stea d o f a bi-m o nthI Y. Pu b li sh er is Hardy Fink, 11419 - 93 St. , Ed monto n, Albert a, Can ad a, ($2.00/ yr.).

Coa c h Hutch Dvorak' s HOUSTO N BA PTI ST tea m is in it s first yea r of co m petition , an d doin g we ll. Th ey recent ly h osted t he " Hu sky Classic" , wo n by LSU, H B 4th . John Mail, fo rm er gy mn asti c coac h at University of Pennsylvania, Phil ad elphi a, and m ember o f t he 1920 an d 1924 US Ol ym p ic tea m s, di ed in A ugust. The Cove r o f th e D ecemb er 197 4 iss ue o f The Christian Athlete was tak e n fro m th e GYMNAST Magaz in e, an d o n p. 16 th ere is an interestin g arti c le on athl e tics, injur y, and liv in g: 4.0 o ut of 10 - - It's A ll H ow Yo u Loo k A t It. Earnie Weaver se nd s u s th e ph o tog raph o f Karen Brezak, prom isi ng n ew m ember o f t he Clarion State College Gymnastics Team. Ka ren was fo rm erl y a m ember o f t he Allentown Parkettes, w here she was coa ched b y Donna and Bill Strauss.

CHALK BOX (c hb k bok s), n. 1. A recept acl e contai nin g a soft w hite m ag nesium ca rbo n ate bar o r p owder. Gym. - 2. A ga th erin g pl ace fo r gymn asts tQ di sc uss id eas and to d ep osi t grips , bandages, shoes, and o th er small pi eces of equi p ment.

Th e spo ttin g tabl e pi ctured is obvio usly a sturd y o ne, but fo r use with a hi gh bar or rin gs, a no tch has b ee n cut in o n e sid e. Th e tabl e is less likely to give o r move w h en the uprigh t is po sitio ned in th e no tch. Note th e bra ces o n th e sid e of th e tabl e t o strength en the suppo rt. Th e above gy m id ea w as ph otograp h ed at Penn Sta te. If yo u have an id ea to exch ange wi th o th er gy mn as ts o r coac hes, se nd a ph o to and descript ion to CHALK BOX, c/ o the GYMNAST magazin e, P.O. Box 110, Santa M o nica, Calif. 90406.


Karen Brezak

Gretchen Dowing r ep o rt s th at she and o th ers have bee n ve ry pl eased with th e co nsid erate and skillful hlep of Dr. Donald Bordon, Torren ce, Ca. , in trea tm ent o f gy mnasti c inju ries.

e o -.

: .." • °





Georgia College, M illed gevi lle, Ga. 31061 , Wo men ' s Gymn asti cs Tea m now has a sc hedul e of 12 meet da tes, and 18 gy m nasts. Tea m ca p tain Su sa n jones was 1974 A IA W State allaro und C hamp io n, and th e first and o nl y qualifier fo r A IA W Nat ional s fro m Ge orgia. Coach Geza Martiny ca me to Geo rgia after success ful wo rk in Ca li fo rni a, Ca nada , an d Racin e, Wi se.


JULY 6 · 12 JULY 13 · 19

JULY 20 - 26 JULY 27 - AUG. 2

GYMNASTICS· Gretchen Dowsing, Cornell Un ivers ity

Th e Bemidji State College 1974 men 's gymn as ti cs tea m is built aro und fo ur r eturnin g lette rm en (Pat Schoeller, Bill Grundy, Brian Thompson, and Jim Kjorsvig) and eight n ew fres hmen pros pects fro m Minn eso ta High School s. W e h ear fro m Dick Aronson th at th e N E Clinic was a bi g success aga in t h is Yea r, b ut unfo rtunately have no t r ece ived a de tail ed writeup in tim e for thi s iss ue.

Joe Percival

GYMNAST Feb. '75

Co ac h Bill Ballester' s ~L YI NG D UC KS, University of Oregon, have r etu rn ed from Ho liday f un and trainin g in H awa ii , to go o n a swin g of meets in th e Mi dw es t. He rep o rt s th at Curt Rodgers sho uld have an o utstanding yea r on horse, alo ng wit h Joe Percival.

Abie Grossfeld, So. Conn ec t ic ut Univers it y

SWIMMING· Jim Montrella, La kew ood

~A cq uati cs

DIVING· Pat McCormick,

4 Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Doug Ward, Uni v er sity of Illino i s

- and oth er Ol ym pic and Nat ionall y known coaches


FO R FURTH E R IN FO R MA T ION, W RIT E : Pat M cCormic k 36 4 2 R oss moor W ay L os Al a m itos, C a lif . 9 0 72 0 or Ph o n e : (2 1 31 4 3 1 ·9 4 6 4




FolI.ow-up, to Bill Ballester's article " So you want to he an Olympian", GYMNAST Nov.

1974. The article enclosed is an important one to me. It continues with Bill's comment " - you are not Japanese". It answers some of the problems being encountered in the field in which a coach finds he cannot exactly copy the Japanese. PF Coac hin g method s differ in th e gymn asti cs world, Much depe nd s o n th e experien ces, the training and sc hooling a gymnastics coach may have had, On e coac h wi ll empha size technique ; anothe r will con sider form as mo st important; yet anoth er w ill t hink in term s of teac hing tric ks, Some coac hes are o riented as a judge and will e mph as ize routin es w ith th e leas t amount o f d educti ons rega rdl ess of technique since ther e are few d eduction s for techl1i~. Some coaches will have combinations of the above in mind, But th ere is one m ajor factor that should never be disregarded. Thi s facto r is th e young gymna st himse lf. Idea ls fall by th e wayside when th e in ex perien ce d coac h find s th at hi s yo ung gymna st ju st ca nnot perform the skill or do th e sk ill as ha s been ex pl aine d wit h a ce rtain and o nl y tech nique in mind, Most currently th e gym na sti cs coach is hearing and reading about su p eri o r techn iques. He is given new ways of holdin g hand stand s, different ways to perfo rm a back giant sw in g, ea rl y drops vs , late drops, sto op in afte r co mpl etin g a fo rwa rd giant swing, etc. Th e new er are bein g advised to simul ate th e brilli ant japa nese and the ir rem arka bl e performances. Unfortunately, th e bea utiful sy mm etry, th e uniform size and pro po rti o n and the small stature of th e j apan ese gymn ast i sn ot typical of the Am eri ca n gymnast. American gymnas ts are diffic ult to cl assify. Th ey ca n be short, tall , lon g -limbed , short-limbed, lon g torso, short to rs o--primaril y because the Amer ica ns are representative of many e thni c backgrmmds. Intermarriage ha s not typifi ed the American athl ete as ye t. Wh ereas it h as been shown that ce rtain body structures are better fit for gymnast ics th ese tYpes may n o t co me out for the sport. Reg ardl ess, th e Americ,an phys iqu es w ill never co mpare with the t,,~p~ys'ique . In fact th e Ame rican gymnast is atYpica l. Wh ereas th e j apa nese marry japanese and co nseq uentl y are mo re uniform in body structure, thi s cannot be tru e of Am eri ca ns who co m e from many e thn ic background s, What does this mea n to th e coac h working with a t ee n age gymnast? Whereas th e co ll ege coac h ha s at least a full y grow n person to work with , th e high schoo l and junior high school coac h ha s a boy w ho se size is and shape is changin g and some tim es dra sti ca ll y, A high sc hoo l fr es hman wi ll grow from two to t en in ches b y th e time he graduates. This co mpound s the probl em and the teac hin g tec hniqu e. A j apan ese gymnast ics in st ru ctor has f ew er prob lems. H e can advi se hi s g rowin g or grown gy mna st th at th ere is a superior way (for th e j apan ese gymnast) to perform o r execute a ce rtain mov e. But can , under th e prevailin g circum stances, an American high school coac h recommend one superior way to all gymnasti c aspirant s? Ca n th e grow n gy mnast be told th e re is only on e way? Will not th e reproporti o nin g



o f the grow in g at hl ete be a fa ctor: Will not th e body stru cture d iffere nces affect t he techniqu e that w ill have to be used? Do not th e proponents of gy mn astics claim that gy mn as ti cs is a spo rt that ca n be ad apted to all sizes? Should we e liminate Bart Conn o r o r should we have elimi nated Fra nk Cumiske y? Th eir size and stru ct ures are different. It ca n be co ntended that th ere is a superior way for each gymnast which m ayo r may not b e superior for o th er gy mn asts, Thi s sa me superio r way may have to c hange as the gy mn ast grows. Adaptive Gymna sti cs May Be Th e Key, A well expe rie nce d coac h w ill never fo rce a young gy mnas t to perform a move in "one" way , H e wi ll trY to ada pt th e executio n or technique to fi t th e gymnast. An experi enced coac h knows how a trick is to be perform ed; he knows how to tea c h; he knows how to spo t it. Most important h e knows how to adapt and arti stica ll y p erfect the m ove to fit th e gymnast. Late r as the gym ll3st changes in body stru ct ure, th e coac h wi ll re-eva lu ate th e needs and reada pt th e techn ique to fit th e changed gymnast. The yo ung gymnas t loses a tri ck but th e knowl edgea bl e coac h knows why. Rath er than forcing o ne technique, it is be tter to teac h fo rm w ith th e tri ck , Th at w ill never c hange, Kee pi ng th e legs toge th er with good toe point is good habit ar,d easier to learn wh il e yo un g. Too o ften the jud ge is deduct ing and d e ducting for bad form , tou ching apparatu s, hesitat io ns, bad stand s, e tc. to th e point that 4 point s ass igned to execution becomes ze ro, Remember th at bent kn ees has a deduction up to 0.3 each move, Too, a move performed with fo rm is repea table, more co nsis tant, and actuall y easier to do, Conclu sion: The advice to a coac h w ho wo rk s w ith age groups, teenagers, and th e more awkward yo un gs te rs is not to co nce ntrate on p erformin g a move o ne way, or an unc hangeab le way, but to be an adapti ve coac h. A coac h who recogni zes d iffere nces in ph Ys ical proportion s and the psycho logica l problems th at ca n occ u r w hen a gy mn ast ca nn ot lea rn a m ove a ce rt ain way is a matur e and sophi sti ca ted coach. Instead, stress th e perfection o f form, arti stry on an indiv idual bas is much as with the artisti c musician or painter. Adapt th e gymnast to hi s own p o tential style, H e w ill wo rk better and look b etter, After all, if we copy th e techniqu es of th e excellent j apanese gymnast, th e Americans can on ly be seco nd best. Tec hniques and d ec isio n s: Forward giant, stoop thro ugh : Decis ion-ea rl y, late , or in-between as shown in the 1975-76 compu lso ries. Bas ket (under bar so me rsa ult) o n p arallel bars: Dec isio n -ea rl y dro p, late drop. Front flip on mat: Dec ision-Ru ssia n, upwa rd cast of arm s and draw legs to bod y, or arm s high and thru st d ownwa rd into a tu c k. Back giant swin g: Decision-sli ght pik e, straight body, or sli ght arch as bod y is going ove r. Cast t o suppo rt on parall el bars: Decision-as an und er swing or fro m a deep pike kip (as kip on the ground), H and stand : Decisio n-slig ht pik e, st rai ght body, o r sli ght arch. Th e answe r my friend is use th e technique that bes t fits th e boys progress. If there is no deduction for doing it th e way it fits th e you ng gy mn as t th en do n ot fo rce him into the "superi or" w ay, It wi ll disco urage th e boy, work w ith him and love yo ur work,

John W. Hinds, Jr. In an attem pt to maintain equitabl e and re spon sive rules for boy's gymna sti c's at the seco nd ary schools, th e national Federation Bo ys ' Gymn3stic Rul es Committee mee ts annuall y, Du rin g this m eetin g all rules are reviewed by knowl edgab le me n in volved w ith hi gh school gy mn ast ics from ea ch section of our country, This yea r th e co mmittee felt it wou ld b e w ise to inclu de a stateme nt of it s phi losophY re lative to th e all-around gymn ast and th e specialisl gymnast in o ur seco nd ary sc hoo ls. Th e sta tem ent is: " Th e spe ciali st gy mn ast is as much an integral partofth espo rta s ist hea ll-aro und gymn ast. To leg islate aga in st or di sco urage eith er wo uld be det rim ental to intersc holas ti c gymna sti cs and inco nsistent w ith th e phil osoph Y of the co mmittee ," Changes and point s of clarifi ca tion relat ive to th e 1974-75 rul es th at may be o f interes t to th e reader are : 1, A ph ys ica ll y handicapped co mp etitor who uses a mechanica l aid on hi s pe rso n, which promotes form shall ha ve 2,00 points deducted fro m hi s score, 2, Th e hea d judge shall assume co ntrol of the m ee t at th e sc h ed uled starting tim e and shall be respo nsi bl e for all decis ions thro ugh o ut th e m ee t. 3. U p to fo ur al l-aro und gymnasts ma y co mpete with th e sco re of th e highest allaro und pe rfor mer averaged (d ivided by 6) to co unt fo r team sco re, No lon ger d oes a tea m have to des ignate o ne as a counter, 4. Th e hos t team mu st provide 45 minutes of wa rm-up t im e prior to the sc heduled meet start ing t ime, 5. A 2,0 deduct ion from executi on is to be accessed for any ro utine o f five or less pa rts, 6, A gy mn as t w ho is to u ch ed on any move, where it lends impet us to subsequ ent moves shall lo se th e va lu e of th at part and be penali zed 0, 3 to 1,0 poi nt. 7. Any questions th at m ay deve lop during th e mee t th at are related to the m eet but are no t cove red by a rul e m ay be presented to the hea d judge for a decision. Ex: musi c, ex h i biti o ns, 8, At no time are gym n as ts expected to approach a jud ge to di sc uss sco res. 9, All floor exercise rout in es mu st begin and end with in th e pre sc rib ed area. 10, Prov ision ha s been made for eq uipme nt co mpani es to use substitut e material s in th e constru ct ion o f eq uipm ent if it is NFSHSA app roved , I ncluded w ithin th e 1974-75 rul e book is a quick reference c hart of the va riou s apparat us sp ecificat ions as we ll as the popula r section " Coniments:'o n th e Rul es," ~ GYMNAST Feb. '75

Hershey High School - 1974 Illinois State Gymnastic Champions

ILLlriOIS OUTLOOK By Skip Ray GYMNAST Illinois area editor Coach, Arlington H.S., Arlington, Illinois

1975 ILLINOIS HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS Th e to p tea m s in Illin o is thi s yea r are, aga in , H ersey and Hin sda le Ce ntral. Th ese two tea m s hea d a l ist o f ten top teams w ho have all sco red at o r very nea r 130 point s in d u al m ee t acti o n so far. Th ese to p tea m s are: A rlingto n, Elk Grove, H ersey, Hinsdale Ce ntral, Lag range, Niles W est , O ak Pa rk, Ro llin g M eadows, Th ro nwood and York . In acti o n am o ng th e to p t ea m s, He rsey has de fea ted Yo rk and A rlin gto n w hil e Hi nsd ale has d efea ted Oa k Park, Lagran ge and Th o rn wood. Oth e r ac ti o n has Oak Park o utl astin g Arlin g to n, Yo rk bestin g Thron woo d and all th e to p tea m s pi ling up vic tori es ove r th e oth e r tea m s in th e State. Th ese to p tea m s b egi n th ei r p rogressio n to th e St ate Meet o n Fe b r uary 20 at the va rio us d ist rict sit es . Th ey m eet fo r th e sho wd o wn o n M arc h 7 & 8 at Pros p ect Hi gh Schoo l M o un t Prosp ect , Illin o is. We h e re in Illin o is in vit e yo u all to come and see som e. of th e b est hi gh sc hool gy mn as ti cs in th e co un t ry. PERSONAL GLIMPSE - BART CONNER Bart Co nn e r of N il es W est Hi gh Sch oo l is ac kn ow ledged as th e b est gy mn as t ever fo r coac hes Jo hn A rm o ur and Jo hn Bu rk el. Mid way in hi s juni o r yea r, Bart has m ad e impress ive ga in s as an all -aro und pe rform e r in Illino is. A s a fres hm an in 1973, Ba rt was th e Illin o is State Para ll e l Bar champi o n and p laced a clo se seco nd i n t he all-aro und to Mi k e Godawa, n o w GYMNAST Feb. '75

of Loui sia na State Unive rsit y. In hi s so phom o re season , Bart se t a ne w all-aro und reco rd o f 8.78 fo r fi ve events to ca pture th e all- aro und titl e whil e pos tin g a 9.5 o n th e Parall e l Bars to take th at eve nt fo r th e second co nsec uti ve yea r. A mon g Ba rt 's m ost recent acco mplishm ents are th e se lection to th e U ni ted St ates Ol Ympi c D eve lo pme nt Camp he ld at th e U ni ve rsity o f N eb ras ka t hi s past summ er and to set a n ew hi gh sc hoo l all-aro und reco rd of 8.92 in a d ual meet ea rl y this seaso n.Bart Conner

Bart has m aintain ed an A ave rage in high sc ho ol and is w id e lY respected by co aches and gy mn asts fo r hi s humility and sp o rtsman ship. Bart is look ing forward to int ernati o nal competiti o n and has high hopes fo r Montrea l in 1976. Winnin g Para llel Bar Routin e 1974 Cas t suppo rt - c ut and ca tch to " L" - straddl e p ress to hand stand - back toss to handstand stutz ke hre to ha nd stand - layaway to front upri se - swin g pirou ett e to hand stand - dro p peachbask et t o hand stand bac k to ss di smount. 1974 ILLINOIS HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS - NOTES This past Illin o is High School G ymnasti cs C h ampi o n ships produ ce d t ea m s and路 individuals o f a ca liber never equall ed in our hi story . Th e foll owing no t es should h elp peopl e to unde rstand t he progress th at Illino is has m ade in the sport of gymnasti cs. Th e Illinois State Meet is based on points aw ard ed fo r th e indiv idu al pl acement o f gymn asts. He rsey High School of Arlingto n H e ight s, Illinoi s ed ge d a thrillin g victory o ve r Hin sdal e Central Hig h School 180.5 to 167.0. Th e int erest com es wh en we fi gure scores base d on o ur dua l m ee t sco ring m ethod , th e 1974 NCAA sco ring, and the new NCAA met h o d o f scorin g. U nde r o ur dual m ee t m ethod o f co untin g th e bes t three sco res and adding th e best allaro und m an 's ave rage, th e raw tea m score for H ersey w o uld have b een 154. 75! Th e NCA A m eth o d w ould have b een 147.40! For Illin o is' b es t gymn as ts makin g up on e tea m, we co m e up w ith so me excepti o nal sco res. Th e hi gh sc hoo l m ethod w o uld m ea n a sco re of 171.94! The' o ld NCAA method pr o duces 163.25! And th e new NCAA m eth o d is a tr em e nd o us 211 .70! (All th ese sco res have tramp o li ne repl ac in g vaultin g) Durin g o ur championships, all gymnast s are sco red by nation all y o r int ern at ion all y ce rtifi ed j ud ges.


Coach - Don Robinson, Judge - Don Allen, Ted Marti, Dusty Ritter, Gary Alexander, Steve Hug, Doug Fitzjarrell, Jim Mikus

USA SOUTH AFRICA TOUR Report By Don Robinson Gymnastics Coach Arizona State University

It took about seventeen hours to arrive at Jan Sm uts A irport in Johanne sbu rg, South Africa. We arrive d at 1 :00 p .m . ve ry tired because we did not have too mu ch sleep on the plan e. We had a pr ess co nference an d then enjo yed a leisure ly eve ning. W e dnesday, No ve mber 20th, w e had an early breakfas t and a tour of a ga me rese rve. The ga m e reserv e was great and we had an ex peri ence that we wi II never forget the first exciting d ay . W e drove into the reserve and pulled up under a tree w hich happened to be the hom e of man y baboon s. Lynn Govan was sitting in the back seat and didn ' t see the warning post ed to close all windows. In a split seco nd a baboon had rea ch ed through the


window and grabbed her by the hea d. All of us turn ed lon g enough to see it s whole mouth aro und Lynn 's head. It didn 't bit e her and we 'll neve r know why. It might ha ve been as scared as we were and ju st jumped out. After th at we quickl y closed all windows. Then they too k us to have lun ch w ith the li ons. Th ere was a truck wa itin g in th e li o n park and as we got th ere so me of the rese rve people pull ed an ox carcass from the tru ck and dropped it in th e ope n area. So, now we are sitt in g and watch in g this ca rcass and th e lion s start to co m e out of the trees and bush es. We were w ithin fifty feet of 25 lions hav in g lun ch. As yo u can guess, their table manner s had much to be desired. Th ey were g rowli ng and shov in g each other and h av ing a great time w ith th e poo r o ld ox. After w at chin g th e li ons having lunch , they took u s to a barbe cue. Thi s was a trem endous exp eri ence in the fact that ther e were three to fou r different kinds to meat and many of th eir nati ve dishes. H ere we met the ma yo r of Krug ersdorp. The y made u s feel ve ry we lcome w it h too much food and too much drink. That eve nin g we went to a fantastic stage pla y showing the African s doin g their native dances an d so ngs. It was t rul y a great show. Th e next da y brou g ht u s back down to ea rth in the fac t th at we had train i ng sessi on in th e aftern oo n w here man y sc hoo l c hildren watched. Our even in g was free. Friday, Nove mb er 22nd, was o ur first test m atch aga in st th e South African m en. We wo n th e match: 263 .55 R.5.A. and 266.05 U.S.A. The next d ay, Saturday, November 23rd, we had the morning free and an ea rl y lunch. W e then went to th e test match wi th the South A fri ca n girl s and our girl s. I don 't have th e sco res of thi s m eet, but th e girl s won by ten po int s. After th at we had a party in our hotel. It was an abso lute feast. We had a fantastic buffe t and we re all treated like kings . To fini sh th e eve nin g we we re presented w ith gi ft s and all th e gym nasts were o ffi ciall y we lco med to th e co untry w ith a gift of a sprin gbok skin. A springbok is an antel ope and Africa 's nati o nalanimal, so th eir at hl etic tea m s

are ca lled sp rin gbo ks. Ol ie Areborn sa id we were now official sp rin gboks. That party lasted very late and th en so m e of the officials went to Oli e's house for breakfast. W e go t back to the hotel around 4 :00 in the morning. So as yo u can see, our first week was an indication of how the South Africans were laying out the red ca rpet for th e U.S. team . Sunday, November 24th , we were enterta in ed in the pri vate home o f th e manager of th e Carlton H ote l in Joha nnes burg. We did an impromptu for the American Society, went swi mming, pla yed tenni s and had anoth er barb ec ue. This barbecue was a little different be ca use th e man who was to barbecue th e lamb did n o t show up and mu c h to our de li ght, they had to go ge t Colonel Sander's ch icken. That co nc lu ded o ur fir st week. Monday, November 25 th , we left for East London. There we sta yed in th e Holid ay I n.n. W e were sc hedul ed for two exhibitions but our fli ght was late th ey had to cance l one. We did one ex hibition and th en had a delightfu l m ea l at th e H o li day Inn . This was for an all w hite aud ience. The n ex t day we went to M-Dantlana wh ic h is a bl ack state. We h ad to ha ve pa sses to ge t into th e bl ack co mmunity. As we arrived in an open air stad ium, kids we r e creep in g under fences and ove r th e hill s. Th ey we re so dense it look ed like an ant hill. We drove into the stad ium fo r a wa rm-up and did an ex hibiti o n for 10,000 black yo un g peop le. When th e ex hibition co nclud ed, it took them about two seconds to co me down on the fi eld to see if we were rea ll y r ea l. Th ere were on ly about 20 w hites in our o ffi cial party w ho were completelY surrounde d by 10,000 b lacks. None of th e b lack, that I kn ow of, co uld sp eak African or English w hic h happened to be the two national languages. Wh en th ey started to descend upon u s we didn 't know w het he r it was a friendly d esce nt o r not. They ju st wanted to shake hand s and p inc h us to see if we were rea l, but it took u s a few minutes to realize thi s. W e were quite nervous, to say th e least, until we found ou t they wa nted to shake our h and s. Thi s experie nce was a very excitin g o ne yo ung GYMNAST Feb. '75

Jim Mikus, being very small, they were picking him up and throwing him in the air and catching him. finally, we got in the cars and started back to East London . That evening we also had a delightful meal. On November 27th we flew to Port Elizabeth. Port Elizabeth is located right on the coast and they had a full program for us starting out w ith lunch at the Holiday I nn, then we went to an oceanarium. At the oceanarium we saw a dolphin show and then we saw a snake show. Being very famous for their poisonous snakes, we were very consc iou s of where we walked after that. One of the men handling the puff adder was bitten during the show. The puff adder 's poison deter iorates your cell structure and leaves you paralized. It is a very dangerous snake . The man was treated soon after he was bitten and we were told there would be no after effects. That evening we had an exhibition. In each exhibition we had to improvise because some of the equipment was very poor. I was really happy that Gary Alexander was along for more than one reason. That we have hand balanced together for many years proved to be a big asset. It was one of the most exc iting and accepted things in the exhibition. Jim Mikus being a very talented young gYmnast, was quite easy to hand balance with . So, along with tumbling and ba lancing, we managed to do TYi -2 hours for each exhibition . The next da y we departed for Cape Town. We a rrived at Cape Town Ai rport 11 :00 a.m. and departed for Stel lenbosch . Stellenbosch is a beauti ful old dutch town surrounded b y vineyards and lush farm land. They took us to the Devon Va lley Hotel. It was a very beautiful hotel with swimming pool and tennis courts. After lunch we had a work out and a training display for school children. That evening we had dinner it was Th an ksgiving . Our Thanksgiving ce lebration was to refle ct for a few minutes on the tremendous opportunities that we had been given by the United States Gymna stics federation to be on a tour such as this and to give thanks for all the wonderfu l things that had taken place. Since this holiday is ours, naturall y they didn't have turk ey, so we drew a cartoon of a turkey and passed it around the table ... mad e us al l think of home. On November 29th we visited an o ld farm house built in 1620. It was really great with high beam ceilings and the hou se was just full of antiques that all of us would like to have in our hom e. That evening was th e second test match for the U.S. men. This time we decided that we had been ambassadors of good will long enough so we put on a li tt le more pressure and beat the South African men with a score of 268.30 U.S. and 254.70 R.S .A. This competit ion took place at the university in a very beautifu l indoor fa cilit y. Afterthe match they took u s out for steak dinners in a resta urant ca ll ed the Arizona Spur which made us all think of home, especially people from Phoenix. Th e nex t day the women repea ted their outstanding p erformance by beating South Africa by about ten points. Sunday, Dec ember 1, we departed for Cape Town by bus. We arrived at the Ambassador Hotel around 1 :00 p.m. and took the afternoon to wa lk down the beach. Th e beach was reall y great especiall y si nce the hotel was on cl iffs above it. Down the beach about a one mile walk , was th e Clifton Beach famous for the string bikinis. Needless to say, th e movie cameras were buzzing. Th e next day, Monday, December 2, was truly the highlight of th e trip as far as I' m co ncerned. W e took a cable ca r from th e edge GYMNAST Feb. '75

of Cape Town to th e top of Table Mountain. again. So both the men and women had three Table Mountain is very tall and very steep and match es and won them all. I was ve ry proud of the cable car held about 25 peopl e. One side of them all. Each team member worked to be an the mountain was completely surrounded by ambassador of good will for our country . After clouds and the Africans referred to it as a table . the fin al test match in Durban, we had a party. c loth . As the clouds lifted you could see what is Again the buffet was beautiful and the drinking considered the most beautifu l harbor in the was delightful. Like all our ex hibitions, we were world . Cape Town with mountains and fantasti c all given beautiful gifts. About this time scenery in eve ry direction . I can ' t expla in how everyone cou ld feel the wear and tear of the we felt but we were overwhelmed by the trip. beautiful view. Sunda y, December 8th, we had a few hours December 3rd we went to Cape Point which to rela x before lea ving Durban at 4:30 p.m. We is the tip of Africa. As we looked out in the flew from Durban to Johannesburg to pick up water knowing the next land we would see was our additional luggage which happened to be the South Pole, we were amazed we were souv enirs. When we got on the plane in standing there. As we looked over right Johannesburg, our baggage was 600 pounds shoulder and down from the point, we saw a overw eig ht, but Air Atalia didn 't charge us for natural harbor and sandy beach with a jetty of the additional weight. We got on the plane at rock. We saw the land that we all have studied 7:30 to depart for Rome. We arrived Monda-y, about in history-Cape of Good H ope. The eleven hours later and had six hours in Rome. scenery was beautiful and seventeen people We proved to be very good tourists and took were very excited . On the way back from the ta xi cabs to St. Peter 's Square. We saw St. Peter's and the Sis't ine Chapel : We were 'overwhelmed point we had lunch at one of the very o ld farms by the beauty and by the abil it y of man to and got to see how the peop le lived in the earlY 1600' s. It looked quite co mfortable because the 'so many beautiful things as a tribute to God. I think the only way I co uld explain our r eact ion farm was gorgeous. We had a trainin g session for school children that evening and we really is by saying our emotions were going wild. needed it for we had been pla Ying the role of a Many had lumps in their throats and a tea r in their eyes. Thi s ce rtainly topped off a tour that tourist. The next night, Wednesday, we did an can never be forgotten by seven teen happy exhibition at Goodwood which is probab lY and very tired gymnasts and officials from the thirty mil es from Cape Town. Thi s was held at good old United States of America . th e fair ground in an indoor facility which was RESUL IS USA - RSA very much li ke a barn. They set up bleach ers Johannesburg and it looked as if th ey co uld have used a few Women: lody Yocum , USA 36.95; Nancy Thies, USA more seats because it was crowded for a 36.70; Kyle Gayner, USA 36.65; Barbie Myslak , USA 36.25; Kathy Howa rd, USA 36.25; Lynn Govin , USA fantastic performance. Everyon e wa, excited 35.80; Debbie Bingham, RSA 35.70. about our show. Men: Ste ve Hug, USA 54.75; A. Gerber, RSA 54.30; Thursda y, much to our disma y, we had to Doug Fitzjarre ll , USA 53.95; Dusty Ritter, USA 53.25; F. leave Cape Town. We fl ew to Durban which Stander, RSA 53.00; K. Stander. RSA 52.95. was the last ~lOp on our tour . We stayed at th e Durban Edenroc Hotel right across the street from a Women : Nancy Thies, USA 37.40; lody Yocum , USA great beac h. The wate r was very warm and th e 36.65; Kyle Gayner, USA 36.60; Kathy Howard , USA 36.50; Lynn Govin , USA 36.25; L. Stander, RSA 35.80. kids reall y enjoyed the sunburn s and Men: Steve Hug, USA 55.95; Doug Fitzjarrell , USA attemptin g to surf. Th e next day we had a 55.40; A. Gerber, RSA 53.70; A. Neville, RSA 52.10; F. leisurel y morning. Th e men had th eir final test Stander, RSA 52.05; Gary Alexander, USA 52.00. match w ith South Africa that night. Aga in we Stellenbosch won; the South Africans seemed to feel th e Women: Kathy Howa rd, USA 37.55; NancY Thi es, USA 36.90; lody Yocum , USA 36.60; Lynn Gavin , USA 36.05; pressure and we were even more succesful Kyle Gayne r USA 35.85; Barbie Myslak, USA 35.70. than other previous te st matches. Men: Steve Hug, USA 55.05; Doug Fitzjarre ll , USA The night of December 7th, Saturday, the 54.05; Dusty Ritter, USA 53.85; Ted Marti, USA 52.95; girls had th eir chance to beat South Africans Gary Alexa nder, USA 52.40; F. STander, RSA 52.60.


Thune, RDA PholO b}' Sven

Observations Of World


by Abie Grossfeld It see ms that mo st of us th at we re in Varn a ca m e away w ith simil ar impression s. M os t notabl y, th e raise d gy mn as ti cs leve l ove r that o f Mun ic h ju st two year s ago . Now after v iewin g my film s, so me o f th e hi ghli ghts and uni q ue performances th at o cc urred are as fo llo ws : Women FLOOR EXE RCISE: Am o ng a number o f double tw ist ing b ac k so m ersa ults, th ree Ru ss ians (Dro nova, Saadi and Kim ) and th ree East Ge rm ans p erform ed th em . (No o ne att empted a d o ubl e ba ck. ) Bo th Turi sheva and Saa di used two d iffe rent ro utines (d an ce , style and mu sic) . On e in co mpeti ti o n #1 and #3 and th e oth er in co mpetit io n #2. Saa di , Dron ova and Sik arulid ze all e nhanced th eir feminin e qu aliti es w ith th e ir eyes and attrac ti ve move ments. Amon g o th er exception al performances in te rm s o f sp ecial effec t we re Cea mpelea's (Ro mania) drama ti c disp lay, Di ane Dun bar's (U SA) cut e and un iqu e pa rt s and Turi sheva's m o d ern ro utin e. VA U LT : M os t notabl e was Ko rbut 's we ll execut ed full tw ist o n and w ith a fullt w ist o ff in th e fin als. A number of w ell executed roundo ff on pik ed bac ks off we re pe rfo rm ed b y M edvetsky and Bell ak of Hunga ry, Goreac o f GYMNAST Feb. '75

Ro mani a, Pe rdY kulova o f Czec hos lova kia and Carr o f USA . Tu risheva di d a good ro tu cke d back. Oth er uniqu e va ults w er e Kim ' s (USSR ) l V2 twi stin g hand spring, Gri go ras (Rom ) V2 o n full off, and a hos t o f full t w istin g ya ma shitas. (N o o ne att empted a hand sp rin g front somi .) UN EVE N PAR A LLEL BARS : As ide from th e mo re unusual fro nt somi es b etwee n the bars, under sw i ng 1 V, tw ist ca tches and h echt full o ffs, a few gy mn asts did unusu al thin gs like a runnin g front so mi ove r th e low bar (without pu shin g off th e low bar ) to a hang o n th e hi gh bar (use d b y two Hunga ri ans and o th ers), j an z's bac k upri se fro nt so mi ca tch (Zinke of E. Germany), a hands tand snap down back so mi di smo unt (Go reac o f ro mani a), a fr ee hip shoot to bac k somi dismount (H ellmann , M ed ve tsk y and oth ers), a support cas t to front somi off and a so le circ le sho ot V1 turn to ba ck hip circle (A nde rso n of USA). It seem ed th at if th ere was eve r an unusual co mbin ati o n it was p erform ed here. BAL ANCE BEAM: j oan Ri ce, Kim and Ko rbut perfo rm ed tu c ked ba ck s o n and a ho st o f perform ers use d ae rial wa lk ove rs. Among th e mo re unusual thin gs, D obre o f Ro mani a perform ed a bac k w alk ove r to w hip o ve r b ac k

soml (layout), a l ew gymn as ts used a full tw isting ba c k di sm o unt perfo rm ed in sequen ce from a cartwh ee l, backwalk o ver o r flip flop. Al so, Saadi use d a 1 V2 twist front off and Goreac used a cartwh ee l t o double twistin g back off. A s i n floor exercise, th e styles o f th e gymna sts from different countri es beca m e mo re evid ent o nce th ey w ere directl y compared. Men FLOOR EXERC ISE : The USSR tea m showed th e most diffic ult tumbling. Two performed full twi sting doubl e bac ks (fullin s) - Andri ano v and Marc henko. Shamu gia start ed with a tripl e twi stin g back, did a h and sprin g pik ed front , th en a d o ubl e back in hi s third pass and f ini shed w ith a d o ubl e tw ist. Sa frano v st art ed w ith a front step o ut ro ff doubl e twist and fini shed with a ro ff doubl e back and a good o ne. A mo ng th e j apan ese, Kaji ya ma showe d th e mos t spec tac ul ar tumblin g. H e o p ened w ith a d o u b le bac k and fini shed w ith a ro ff tripl e tw ist w hich h e stu ck in co mp etition #2 . Kasa matsu start ed w ith a d o u b le back, had a fo rwa rd ro ll to a 1 V, Fro nt so mi to a pro ne p os iti o n and ended w ith a d o ubl e tw ist. Tabak (Czec h ) start ed w ith a fro nt st ep o ut ro d o u b le back, had a hands p rin g pik ed fr o nt hea d sprin g


Zinke, RDA

ba sket). Gieng er (W. Germ) u se d a cast to support front somi ca tch . Kasam atsu perform ed a front uprise stutz above the 45 degree angle, and Kenmotsu dismounted with a stut z pik e front Yi twi st off. A S. Korean and Mikaelan (U SSR ) dismounted with a front 1 V, twist off. HORIZONTAL BAR: The outstanding routine was Spi es of W. Germany (did not m ake finals). he perfo rmed a seat circle shoot di slocate to handstand and immedi ately straddl ed back into Ehdo shoot (front Stalder) with a dislocate grip ,... an Ono turn to a straddl ed ke hre to sta lder shoot... hecht vau lt, stoop in to straddle cut to support and immedi ate straddl e back in to Stalder shoot... (You've go t to see it. ) Oth er uniqu e parts were Ja eger' s (E. Germ) backuprise stradd le front so mi ca tc h and Czech giants to back (b lind ) turn; Mikae lan ' s forward giant hop turn to undergrip immediate stoop through (also perform ed by Jay Wh elan without a stoop throu gh); Gienger's Ono turn to a handstand ; Kenmot su 's End o shoot imm ediate hop to ea gle grip and in ve rteds ; Honma 's back Stalder immed iate ba ck piroue tte ; Cuervo 's and Malaev' s German giant back seat c ircl e pullout immediate Stalder shoot ; Thun e's e ndo shoot pirou ett e immed iate Stald er shoot; and one gymn ast performed a St alder shoo t immedi ate turn to an eagle. Among th e outstanding dismounts w ere Andrianov 's tripl e back, Lehto (F in ) free hip hecht fu ll , G rosze (E. Germ) doub le front , Kasamatsu ' s pik e open do uble t\Vi st, full in s by G ienger, Jaeger and Kajiyama. in V, outs by Tsukahara, and Shamugia , Youn g (U SA), and a full out by Kajiyama.


Ph oto

by Jean W aldi s

Kenmolsu, J Honma, JPN Tsukahara, JPN

Ph o to by Jean Waldi,

Phot o b y Jean Wa h

Arizona State Univ. Tempe, Ariz. Close to 500 gymnasts and instructors turned out (and on) for the annual USGF Western Clinic at it's new site at Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona). An excellent ratio of instructors and students for the training sessions, a large spectator turn out for the "Night of Stars" and spirited competition in all the age group meets helped make it a clinic to remember for all who attended. Photos by Glenn Sund bY


GYMNAST Feb. '75

197~ ~hristmas

e inic

EASTERN GYMNASTICS CLINIC Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - Dec. 1974 By Dr. H.I . Biesterfeldt, Ir. Southern Illinois University This year 's announcement promised a return to the pattterns of past Years, an th e inclusion of two nights of qualifying compet iti on for the night of stars, as well as the night of stars performances themselves, the competitor had lots of opportunity to compete . The top performers were outstanding - jim Ivicek and Brent Simmons were both in good shape for the ci'ini c, p lacing 1,2 in AA competition and quite close in total score. But a clinic is not a meet. The competitive aspect is ju st a sidelight to the corrective and instructional program. And Sandy Phi ll ips (University of Florida) d id a superb job of structuring the womans program. Each morning the en itre group join ed in co mmon warmup and related exe rcises. A different coach served as leader each day, so that th e girl s had a taste of each leader's approach during th e clini c. Aiter Yi hour of genera l work and so me time on individual training, the workout groups formed up to work on every event every day, in a planned rotation. (groups of similar ab ility) Some of the men ' s coac hes joined in spotting, so that the more advanced girl s were able to work on qu ite advanced skill s. This wr iter was especia ll y pleased to see th e "Hech t-Ga iner " done on bars - I have been unable for so me 10 yea rs to find a male gymnast with the required courage and coord ination, though obviously we are going to see it both on ho rizontal bar and va ulting in the near future. From what I could see, virtu ally all of the woman ' s staff and all of the woman gymnasts were present for all sessions. The program was well orgdn ized, so that the girls worked hard , but not so hard th at they were tota ll y burned o ut. I he philosophy behind the men's program was sp lit between " clinics are for fun " and GYMNAST Feb. '75

" c linics are for lea rning " . Since learning was to to be forced on a part ici pant, the program was much less structured than was the woman ' s program. Sess ions started at 9:30 AM with a group warmup on basi c f loor exercise . Most of the coac hes were present to help cr iti cise the execut ion, and the h igh schoo l participants were present and working consc ienciously with the staff. It is a pity that many of the participants from the major co ll ege teams did not fee l th-e need to arrive before 11 :)) AM. In fact, many men from the major co ll eges did most of their training during noon break so that th eir in spiration was not availab le to the younger men. There were a few notable (and very helpful) exceptions. There were two forms of instruction: lecture / demonst rati on and coached trainin g. Clearly, the younger performe rs responded much better to the coached training sess ion. Perhaps the lecture / d emonstrations cou ld be done in a lot smaller and more homogeneous groups so the m en would get more of what they individually need. About the Competitions. Th e woman 's all-around 3rd place went to H eidi Croeber from jacksonville, Florida , where Sam Bail ie assists Topsie Bai lie in Coac hin g. Second was Barb Milo from Ft. Lauderdale where jack Mi les and Pam are doing a rea lly fine job. The winner: Kathy Rafa losk i from McKeesport, Penna , coahced by Barbara Knothe. Both Heide and Kath y were in the top 3 on 3 events and each of th em won one event. Barb placed in 2 events, winn ing one. Women's FX: 1) Heid e Croeber, 2) Lori Kunka, 3) Kathy Rafaloski. Vault: 1) Lori Kunka , 2) Connie Sissons, 3) Barb Milo. Bars: 1) Kathy Rafaloski, 2) Heide Croeber, 3) Celia Green. Beam: 1) Barb Milo, 2) Kathy Rafaloski, 3) Heide Croeber. Cel ia Green is also with Topsie Baili e's group, Connie Sissons is from Ft. Lauderda le, and LOri Kunka is from the McKeesport group.

Re orts

There were two gi rl s who appea red in one event ex hibitions. Karen Rodalski , from Bill Chase' s group in Fl orida, performed on beam, and performed very well. Lou Anne Giorgiane perfornled on floor exercise. She is ju st 9 years o ld , and she is Elite National Tumbling Champion in the 9 and under age group. As yet, she is clearly more a tumbler than floor exercise performer. We look forward to her growt h into a complete gy mna st. Congratulations to her coach, janette l ay from Pittsburgh. Jim Ivicek, Clinic AA Winner


Above: Sequence photos of hi flying Ron Gillimore winner of the clinic vaulting and FX competition (see hi double back photo lower left) ...

Phot o b y Jac k Bi es terfeld t

Below and at right ... other competition photos and happy clinic scenes. PholO' by Gl e nn Sundby

MEN All-around went to Jim Ivicek of Southern Illin ois University, coached by one of the directors of th e clin ic, Bill Meade. Close behind in second was Brent Simmons, formerly of Iowa State, now tea c hing in Moline, Illinois. Men's FX: 1) Ron Gallimore, Talahassee, 2) Steve Shephard , SIU, 3) Brent Simmons, 4) Jim Ivicek, SI U. Rings: 1) Pete Studenski, Nebraska, 2) Brent Simmon s, 3) Jim Ivicek , SIU. PB: 1) Jim Ivicek, SIU, 2) Bre nt Simmons, 3) Morri s Lev in , SIU. PH : Bob Semandowsk i, Iowa, 2) Bob Puse y Iowa, 3) Jim Ivicek, 4) Brent Simmons. Vault: 1) Ron Gal limore, 2) Brent Simmons, 3) Mike Rutkin , Memphis St. HB: 1) Jim Ivi ce k, 2) Bre nt Simmons, 3) Carl Lubbe n, Iowa. M any of th e above names are famil iar; so me are not. Morris Lev in is a Freshman and one of the top al l-around gymnasts from South Africa, now at South ern Illin ois University. Mike Rutkin is from the Mi ami area, stud ying at Memphi s State, and shows promise of co nsidera ble improve ment. The sta r performer on Floor and Vau ltin g is ce rtainl y the winner, Ron Gal lim ore from Tallaha ssee, Florida. Ro n does the highest double back we ha ve seen. Notice the ex pressio ns on the fac eso fthespectators in the picture of hi s d o uble. Hi s va ulting is also quite good, as sho wn in th e sequen ce of hi s doub le front. He ha s a ce rtain dignity about him on and off th e floor th at make s him something specia l. He is a junior in high sc hool , and should beg in to mak e quite a mark for himself in th e next year or two. Som e men co me to the clinic hungry for help, and Ton y Hampton is one of these . His hom e town of Ashvi lle, North Carolina, is not

exactly th e center of high school gymnastics . He learn s well, is quite good now, and coaches wil l want to look at him in a yea r when he is finishing high school. I was particularly impresse d w ith the attitude and effort of the team from Long Island University. Coa ch Tom Franqui has done a fine job of fundamenta l training and his men were present and working all of the time. I believe they gained more than any oth er group from the clinic. Certainl y the to high school are represented was Southern Florida , and the host group, Holiday Park Recrea tion Center, is one of the bes t. And for an old-timer it was a plea sure to vis it a gym with rea l competi ti ve swinging rings and performers who can swing. No wonder. Their coac h, Jack Miles, was th e man who introduced the wh ipi t in to sw in gin g ring work over 20 yea rs ago. We ca nnot th ank Jack too much for his help to both the writer, and to Editor Glenn Sundby, on our visit.

HOLIDA Y TRAGEDY There is a tragi c sid e to this year's clinic storY. It is in no small way associated, with th e wi ld spirit of th e cit y of Ft. Laud erdal e. Two girls from Ft. Lauderdale, driving according to the po li ce " in excess of 70 miles per-hour " struck a ca r driven by Donald Ranck from Northern Illinois University. The Ran ck car split in two , th e part s land in g some 50 years ap art. Rear sea t pa sse nger D enis Reiter, freshman gym nast from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, suffered leg injuri es. Don Ranck, f res hman gymnast from Itaska, Illin ois, and t ea mmate Gary


Sorensen, freshman from Addison , Illinois, were kill ed instantly. A cc ide nts such as this m ake us wonder if a more residential location would not be w ise r. Sure ly ther e is a seacoast co mmunity not too much further north th at cou ld prov ide better access to the beac he s, close r accomodat ions at a more reasonab le price , an d comparab le gy mna sti c faciliti es. We sugges t that th e 路 entire lea rnin g at mosphe re of th e clini c co uld be improved by such a move, though perhaps the less co nve ni en t air transportation might make a move impra ctical.

GYMNAST Feb. '75

GYMNAST Feb. '75


100MI"GI" 0" OCLA GYM"flST$

By Jack Biesterfeldt This month the poster and most of the rest of the center section was obtained at UCLA. A few days ago when some photographs that we had planned to use for the center spread were not satisfactory, we decided to trY some experiments in photographY, and chose a location convenient to Santa Monica. FortunatelY, the very next day was a press photo day for gymnastics at UCLA, and Coach Art Shurlock kindly agreed to have three of his men come in a few hours early so that we could do our photography outdoors on the beautiful UCLA campus. Even the weather was with us; temperatures were in the 80' s in mid-January so we worked under ideal conditions. With the return of warm weather in the rest of the country, we

hope to do other outdoor gymnastics photography at other locations. The photo we have chosen for the poster was done by zooming the lens of the camera while the shutter was open. We hope you like the effect as much as we do. The performer on the poster is Shawn Miyake, a Junior at UCLA . In Coach Shurlock's words, " Shawn is UCLA's outstanding pommel horse man of all time " . He was a Pac 8 Finalist during his Freshman and Sophomore Years, and placed 5th in the National AAU 1974 Championships. His high score of 9.40 in the USA All-Stars vs. Swiss National Team, last season, earned him first place in the meet. Shawn came to UCLA directly from Venice California High School , where he was coached by George Rose.

Below: A non-zoom photo of Tim Deeds and Shawn, Donn & Tim hita static pose on the PB's for GYMNAST

GYMNAST Feb. '75

I n addition to the poster shots, we (ook a few "standard " shots. The following single bar sequence is the mount of Tim Deeds' routine on parallel bars. Tim graduated from Wilson High in Long Beach, Ca., where he was coached by Jack Elder, and went on to Long Beach City College where he competed for two years on John Draghi ' s team . There, he won the California Junior College All-Around and Floor Exercise Championships. This is Tim 's first season at UCLA . The second sequence is of the finish of Donn Leavenworth's parallel bar set, Donn is also from John Draghi ' s LBCC team, and was 1974 California State Junior College Champ on Parallel Bars, His top score: 9.55. He graduated from Lakewood High , where he was coached by Richard Flood. Photos by Jac k Bies terfeJdt



UCLA GYMNASTS IN SEQUENCE Above: UCLA gymnast Donn Leavenworth swings. Diamidov, back to handstand, back 011 with full twist. At right: Tim Deeds mo unt sequence. Glide, stoop through, cut catch, glide, stoop through and circle to V-hold, then press to handstand on one bar. Zoom and sequence photos by Glenn Sundby


"ft:... J..:~ .« ~'.k"




General Meeting - Open for public Nov. 8, 1974 Chicago

925 W. Foothill Blvd. Monrovia, Calif. 91016

Submitted by Les Sasvary Secretary, NGJA


i' ~


* * * **

BALANCE BEAMS ~ A. $175 ~ i' B. $150 Low adj. i' C. $100' i' D. Non adj. legs to 42" $40 ~ For information write: ~ i' GYM STICKS U.S.A. i' 925 W. Foothill Blvd. i' Monrovia, Calif. 91016 ~ (213) 358-5883 ~ .. . (all orders F.O.B., plus tax) . ... . .It ';l!l~.""".-\OIC..짜 \I 짜 ............ .



WE NEED A DIRECTOR Gymnastic, Incorporated in beautiful Monterey, California is seeking a director for a multi-faceted program . QUALIFICA TIONS Competent gymnastics technician Ability to administer program including: class instruction movement education adult fitness competitive team Experience in hiring and training staff

Th e meeting was called to order by Executive Director Ted Muzyczko at 8PM. Present were: Ted Muzyczko, Jon Culbertson, Les Sasva ry, Jerry Todd, Bob Stout, Ken Allen , Bob Fisher, Fred Orlofsk y, Don Nelson, Bill Roetzh eim. Eve ryone present. Ted Muzyczko gave a co mprehen sive report on his participation as an instructor at the FIG Course in Mexico City in September, 1974. Asked for nominations from each regions as soon as possible for the Pan-American Games. Judges appointed from USA must make every effort to learn language of host countries. Me xican gymnastic authorities were impressed with NGJA structure and will adopt our sYstem. This will help hemispheric unity. Ted brought to the attention of the membership the following : a. There is a possibilit y of an FIG course in Montreal in July 1975. b. An FIG course will be offered in France in Fall, 1975. c. All present FIG card will expire in September, 1975 according to Mr. Fernandez. d . He will explore the possibilitY of an FIG course in USA. e. 1974-75 Rules Interpretation are now available for $1 .50 no reproduction please. NGJA Patches are also available now from Bob Stout. Jon Culbertson spoke ne xt on technical matters : Next year NGJA Rules Interpretation will come out earlier, perhaps in August. The new national Judges Exam is made up and available for Technical Directors to conduct new courses . Vacancy occurred on the national Technical Committee since Martin Hucabee resigned. NGJA is looking for a replacement. He emphasized the following: a. Nominations for National Meets must go through the National Technical Directors.

b . No fre e rides available in the NGJA. Everyone must go through our certification procedures in order to ea rn National or Regional judging cards. c. No National or Regional card holder should accept any judging assignment without the knowledge of his own organization. Finally Jon made an appeal to all to supply him with more feedback on techni ca l matters. He gets very little amount at present. Bob Stout gave his financial report. At present NGJA has $588.47 in the bank. Patches and Rules Interpretations are available now. Les Sasvary reported on the following: a. The Constitutional Amendments were approved by the membership. Appro ximatelY 150 people did not care to vote. b. The Manual of Nationally and Regionally Certified Judges will be published again at NCAA -1975. Send address changes and results of new National CertifYing Courses to Sasvary first. c. Everyone pa ys $2.00 upon taking a new course or refresher course. Money and list go to Sasvary first. Ken Allen presented his Code of Ethics. Send your comments to Ken at your earliest convenience . New Business: NGJA approved the memberhsip of the Metropolitan Gymnastic Judges Association There was considerable discussion on the judging situation to Varna Bulgaria . Jerry Wright brought up the fact that only one judge was sent. Judges should be selected for international competition at the earliest possible date. Richard Aronson brought up the fact that a new region is necessary for the Eastern Gymnastic Judges Association. It is too big at present. Rich felt that honorariums for NCAA Championship judges should be raised up to $100.00.

Jerry Todd (President of NGJA) presenting Les Sasvary top NGJA honor award at USGF Congress

Gymnastics, Inc. alreadY features : Dance coach with 20 years ballet backgrou 'n d Good Financi al backing An existing girls program Completel Y equipped gym in new building inc luding wall-to-wall carpet over ethafoam. INTERESTED? Send complete resume including gymnastics background , education, work experience, and references to: Gordon Maddux 3610 Madill Avenue Covina, California 91724 213 /96 6-2127


GYMNAST Feb. '75


by Noreen Connell Focus 01 thi s artic le wil l be on th e "judged" qua lity of the participant in women' ~ gymna sic co mpetition , however, the inherent f luid ity of dance appli ed to execution of gymnast ics makes it meaningful to any performer. The benefit of thi s ear ly art form makes dan ce training a mo st important fa ctor in the developm ent of th e competit ive gymnast. The gymnast must demonstrate control, isolat ion , techniqu e, strength , and differences in dynamics . Wh ere else but in th e atmosphere of dance trainin g are th ese attributes to be learned and perfec ted? Despite th e bes t of intenti ons, the " average" gy mn as ti cs coach is most often und erqualifi ed to teach or demonstrate the difference between a correct or incorrect rond e de jambe . Th e effect on performance sco re can be the d etermining factor in compet iti on and yet both th e gymnas t and the judge must be aware of th e sub sta nces of dan ce techniqu e. Ballet is basi c; va riation s from th e regim en can be modified to the "cu te" style of an Olga Korbut , to the " c la ss ic" qualit y of a Joa n Moore Ri ce . Styl e must be adapted to th e phYsi ca l conf iguration and comfort of th e gy mn as t but good techniqu e must always be ev ident in execution. Adapt ions can b e developed in th e major forms of dance arts be it ethnic, modern , folk , character, jazz , ball et or creative movem ent. Ea ch technique ha s its own bib liograph Y of development and its own perfection and its own application . Performan'ce ca n be, sho uld be, and must eve ntually be judged o n the qualit y and m erit of the form se lect ed b y th e gymnast. Origin alit y can ben e fit or p enali ze the performer if the judge recog ni zes co nsi stency in style. Semanti cs in gy mna sti c co mpul so ry routine descriptions needs unifo rmity , a piqu e turn

GYMNAST Apr. '75

endehor is eith er that ". o r it 's th e p erform ance described in Adva nced Compul so ry Fl oo r Exe rcise, paragraph II. Th e r eve rse app ea rs in the sam e routin e, where " omi ss ion of jump w ith rond e de jambe " is li sted as a pena lty d'eduction but n o such term i s id entifi ed in th e description of the routin e. Dance and sports world s are m erged in wome n' s gy mn as ti cs, knowl edge, term in o logy and mutu al recognit ion are in ev itab le. It mu st be the function of the coac h to produce th e stellar gymn as t and of th e judge to recogni ze, apprai se and cla ss ify th eir e ffort s. Noreen E. Connel is a D ance m ajor gradua te of th e Boston Conservatory of Mu sic, State Competit ion Cha irman of U.S .G .F., a m ember of the D ance Teac hers Club of Bo ston , and Dance Chairman of M assac hu se tt s Girls Gymnasti cs Associatio n. She is a member of the executive committ ee of the New En gland Gymnastics Clini c, Inc. , Dance and Gymnast ics Director for th e Ha yden Recrea ti o n Center, Lex ingt on , Ma ss .; own e r of th e Noree n Conne ll Floor Exercise and Dan ce Studi o ; a Nationa l rated USGF jud ge and form er coach of the championship Merr imack Val ley Leagu e gymnastics team , North Rea ding High Schoo l.



___________ _ TID BITS By Pat Fro m sunn y South ern Ca lifo rni a, Mr .. & Mrs. Lloyd Hand owners of Leslie's Academy of Dance and Gymna stics w rote to tell us th ey held their ann ual Gym M eet in Feb. More th an 1,000 peopl e watc hed 200 entrant s compete in va ri o us eve nt s. Canoga Park sco red 88.50 point s to defea t th e Simi Valley Team w ith a to tal of 80. 77 po int s. During intermi ss ion th e Tin y To t classes, boys and girls 3 through 5 yea rs, staged an ex hibiti o n of tumblin g and va ultin g. We 've got news from Ohio thi s month . Two new privat e c lubs have ope ned up there, they are: Queen City Gymnastics Center in Cin cinnati, in structors are Delene Darst and Jeff Metzger . A lso the Youngstown Gymnastic Center, in Youngstown, run by Barbara and Brian Gallagher. W e want to w ish both of these clubs the best of luck l

Thi s m o nth we heard from Chic Johnson of Springfield, Missouri, w ho sen t us a cO p y of the Ozark Gymnastics Empire pr ogra m (it ' s sort of a tea m year book). Chick along with his wife Gloria run the Ozark Gymnastics Empire Club and coach th e Southwest Missouri State University women's tea ms (the program is about both tea m s). Chi c was eve n ni ce enough to put an ad for GYMNAST in the program.

THE GYM / NEW YORK The gymnasti cs team from THE GYM in NEW YORK participat ed in their first competition on February 22nd . They had been working very hard since th e beginning of Febru ary ge tting their routines toge ther for the met. Th ey competed against th e AERIAL GYM CLUB in Allendale, New Jersey.

Mini-Hops Gymnastic ' Club of Minnetonka- Hopkins, Minnesota. ST. PAUL WINTER CARNIVAL Th e Mini-Hops Gymn as tic club of Minnetonka - Hopkins, Minnesota won the 1975 SI. Pa ul Winter Carn iva l Team Trophey. On Feb. 1st, the eight team members co mp eted with 125 gy mn asts from fi ve sta tes and Canada . The meet was optional ro utines only. 3()

The Mini-H o ps are coac hed b y Gabor and Katica Deli who are form er Hun ga ri an Ol ympi c tea m members . They have b ee nin this co untry less th an thre e years. Mrs. D eli also coaches the Univers ity of Minnesota wome n s tea m .

We recei ved thi s p icture of Lisa Mattson of the "Pink Panther" Gymnastic Clu b fro m Pioneer Central School i n Yorkshire, New York, from her coac h Robert Baker. H e tell s us th e club ha s b een competi ng for two yea rs now without a defeat and Li sa h as bee n Al l-Around Champion in eve ry mee t she h as competed in for th e Pink Panth ers .

GYMNAST Apr. '75

--------l;othvin Sequence________ _ Here Cathy demonstrates a simple free-ex dance move turn, drops to a pose on one knee continuing the pivot to the other knee 'a nd a graceful pose .


Cathy ~i9by Gymnastics Camp • • • • • •

Beginner & Advanced 'Horseback Riding Water Skiing 5 - One week sessions Near Kings Canyon Personally Supervised by Cathy & many outstanding Coaches

Dates beginning: June 22nd June 29th July 6th July 13th July 20th

Write: CATHY RIGBY GYMNASTIC CAMP Box 71 Star Rt. Sanger,CA 93657 CYMNAST Apr. '75





(It's harder in a


by Jon Aitken Special thanks for our performers: Dianne Grayson - SIU; Beth Sheppard - SIU; Lisa IrwinTumble Town. It's ano th er day o f workout and Bertha But z is going through her bars routin e. Halfway throu gh is her hands tand pirouette. Here comes th e hard part, front hip circle, (coac hes eyes are gla rin g!) cast to handstand (coac h clinch es fi sts) she's alm ost there, - - she 's wavering, - - alm ost - - th en barely sho rt Berth a plops d o wn to suppo rt. Get Up There and Don 't Come Dow n Til l Yo u Make It O ver Butz! The sa m e story happ ens every da y in every gym around th e co untrY, and I've seen 28,816 routin es bl ow n on th e sa me trick . So with summer co min g lets look at the o ld routine wrecker and teach th e gy mn as ts a very important basi c that will all ow our best girl s a whole new co ncept o n top bar comb in ati o ns. It is generall y agreed th at any p art perfo rm ed co rrectl y f ini shes in such a way that o th er parts ca n b e perform ed immediately co nn ecting . Try to ima gin e all th e part s that ca n b e d o ne f ro m a good glide kip! The Great Banana Switch A fe w yea rs back the Japane se men bega n to perform with straigh t b od ies and opened the eyes of th e gymn ast ic wo rld w ith new and impre ss ive parts. Most eve ryo ne jumped on th e bandwagon and for yea rs now I've been seeing some prett y straight ha nd stand s. The girl gymn ast will say th at it 's ea sier to hold w h en you 're straight o n top of it. (U nl ess yo u want a build like a male ring perfo rm er) A straight handstand not o nl y lo o ks good, but it is the easiest and mo st e ffi cient po sition to swin g and turn in . (Eve r try to ro ll a banana down th e table?) So we are back to Bertha But z, class 1 gymna st, w ho does a strai ght handstand o n beam, on the f loor an d h as fairl y straight position on her h and spring va ult. Bertha's Bar Break Berth a can n o t ho ld a hand stand on th e low bar. Sh e ca n 't even ge t up to th e h and stand most of th e tim e, and w hen she does she is banan a b acked and feels in d anger o f crumpling d ow n and smun ch in g her nose flat. The coach says: 1. You ' re 5 pounds too fat. 2. Berth a is not str o ng enough to cas t up th ere. 3. Sh e hasn ' t learned h ow Yet or 4. Girlies can ' t do th ose thin gs. Wh il e I do worry w h en I see a blimp o n bars (new rails are ex pensive) I usuall y tend to think that th e girl hasn ' t sp en t proper training tim e o n thi s "Adva nce d Skill. " Let 's loo k at 2 "easy" skill s and see how much tim e and how many attempt s are mad e before th e skill is p erform ed consistently technically correct. Both skills require so me strength and good coo rdination o f timing and direction. A comp lete beginner tries 15 glid e kips a day for 6 months usually and about th e sa m e number of flip flops. A m o re difficu lt sk ill shou ld req uire more attempts, but Bertha on ly does hand stand s twice a week fo r the last 3 months.






.i B1

â&#x20AC;˘l t\








From the Side (Sequence A & BJ Comparin g sequel'Le A and B we ca n see what happen s during thewhole pirou ett e from th e side view. Our demo nstrator was as ked to perform an arched pirou ette fi ni shing lat e in a fa ll. W e w ill note simil ar positions of th e , seq uences . #1 & 14 Th e initial handstand - Both are reasonably straight , at this point either o ne co uld finish square o n top . #2 & 15 Shiftin g the we ight. #2 app ea rs unturn ed beca use th e we ight is shifted to th e side and remain s direc tl y over th e bar . #15 is the reason most pirouettes don ' t fini sh co rrec tl y. Turning before shifting th e we ight sideways w ill ca use th e pIrouette to fini Sh crook ed. Allowing th e ba ck to arch at this point ca uses th e weight to start falling into th e downswing. #4 & 18 In #4 th e feet still rema in in the same position directly o n to p o f th e bar. #18 is the result, no t th e ca use . On ce the feet bow into an arch (#15) it is extremely hard to straighten out the bod y, and imposs ible to finish anywhere but in th e downsw in g.




From the Front (Sequences C & OJ #6 Shows th e initial starting p osition , the hand stand is straight and as tall as possibl e. #7 Subtl e, but the weight is shifted co mpletelY o n to the pirouett e hand . M y persona l thoughts at this moment are - pu sh hard direct ly to the side without turning , a definite piked fe elin g. (A fee lin g of straight here usuall y results in an arch! ) This m.ust be don e while in the hand stand, no t whi le falling. #8 St aying w ell over th e pirou ett e hand , kee p th e bod y straig ht and tight. At this point I st ill try to pike and push down with m y pirouette hand. #9 & 20 The weight in both cas es had been shifted well , but #20 is falling because there is littl e or no pu sh with the pirouette arm. Constant press ure now is c riti ca l to keep the bod y as tall above th e bar as possible. Do not change th at hand Ye t, kee p pushing yo urself ove r to the finish hand as in #10. #11 & 22 Both pirouett es fini sh squa rely, but #22 has o nly o ne possibl e co nn ecti ve fro m this position! GYMNAST Apr. '75

swing her all the way to a hand stand. Doesn ' t a good pirouette rea lly start with a good cas t ? Now co m es th e good part. Afterworking a few years with girl s, I began to expe rim ent with tri cks that are perform ed in both men and wo mens gymnastics . The most o bvious difference is the mu sc le st rength men can u se. Ne xt thing to do then is determine the minimum amoun t of strengt h necessarY, and whi c h muscle gro ups are important. A cast to hand sta nd invo lves a good d ea l o f exp losive st rength w h en performed just by itself. What mu scle groups are most important? Coaches please exa mine #41 and #42 where All of t he initial power is created. The act ion o f exp loding from ti ght p ike to an ex ten sio n is co mm on ly ca lled Kip . Th e muscl e gro ups used are the back o f the thighs , g lutea ls and lower back . Th is action is identical to every kip on back as we ll as hechts, eag les, fal se eag les, fu ll twi st catc h. Development of thi s exp losi ve opening power is about the best thing you teach a gi rl on bars. Ju st as a flip flo p is much easier from a roundoff than f rom a stand, likew ise a k ip cast is easie r than a support cast. If I want to make girls strong on flip flop s I make t hem work rows of sta nding flip flops. Casting fro m a support wil l also make a girl wo rk hard eno ught 0 show signifi cant results in just a few weeks. Sequence E shows a drill that is fun for g irls, and develops the fo ll owin g areas. 1. Casting power and d irection . 2. Tim e in a handstand position. 3. Control li ng a downswi ng ( a very usefu l adva nced sk ill ). W e omi tt ed o ne photo just after #44. The hand stand sho ul d ba lance momen t aril y then fall aga inst th e top bar. Bring down one foot to stabi li ze and th en try to hold th e second han dsta nd 5 seconds befo re dropp in g. When assisti ng with thi s drill, control th e sho uld ers with one hand and add to the exp los ive opening with the ot her hand . H elp yo ur girl down th e first few tim es until she becomes fa mil ia r w it h th e sho ulder position o n the drop.



In The Middle



Starting Position Th e re' s not a lot to be sa id h ere, eve ryo ne ag rees that straight and tall is a good way to start. The main p rob lem is ev idenced by #301 . We had thi s subj ect come up from a minimum cas t to crea te t he effect of a " muscled handstand " . Any girl can find her se lf in ex actly this bad starting position if her cast d oes not

E 41

GYMNAST Apr. '75



#303 is obvio usly a con tinuati on of 301 . We co mm o n ly see a hop perform ed here whe n th e gy mna st has fa llen co mplete ly over without an y weight shift. H alfway thro u gh th-e pirouette it is importa nt to push very hard with the pirouette arm . Sagging at this point is co mmon , and if the piro uett e started wi th reg ular overg rip it req uire s effort to stay stret ched tall. Keeping th e body straight during th e turn will be fe lt b y most people as a sli ght lY pik ed turn . Sequ ence F is a fun way to spen d so m et im e practi cing the middle of the p ir o uette. Bo uncing from the mini tramp puts th e gymnast in a fas t







handstand, then slow motion pirouettes stressin g th e weight sh ift and body position are co ntro lled by the spotter. The re is a mat on top the trampo line to finis h thi s dril l with a straight bo dy swi ng down , the hea d remains in a neutral position. Most girl s have a fun tim e with this drill , and soon can practi ce alone. Continued on next page





F 23







Finally, G, a drill which req uires a good piroue tte a nd com es out of a support cast. Back in the USA While our top 10 girls advance in their world a ll around scores, USA bars are typically a weak









o ur coac hes shou ld spend more time in these weak sports. 1 . Better low to high bar connectives. 2. Higher imp ressive dismounts. 3. Better balance between tricks on low and hi g h bar. Most USA girls bore judges w ith imp ressiv e event. Though ou r g irl s are super performers,


top bar sequences such as hip c ircle handst a nd pi rou ette, wrap. Now is a good time to wo rk all the mini-bar stars on the one tri c k that will a llo w more spectacular top bar comb in ations, when mastered. It's the same part eve ryone is fa llin g on now, just stra ig ht ened out a bit.

looking for

Gymnastics & Academics? Walnut Hill School of Natick, Mass . is introducing a gymnastics program taught by the staff of Woodland Gymnastics. Opportunities unmatched in other schools; solid college prepuratory program, a strong arts program including expert ballet and modern dance training, combined with gymnastics. Students who want quality instruction, academically or gymnastically, write for brochure .

Headmaster: Earle C. Batchelder, B.A. McGill, M.Ed . Harvard Instructors: Will St. Cyr, Co-Di rector, Woodland Gymnastics Former N .E.A.A.U. Tumbling Champion Former Coach, Wellesley H.S. 路 Gymnastics Team

George Wheeler, Co-Director, Woodland Gymn.a stics High School Coach of four college All-Americans Ken Henderson, Floor Exercise and Vaulting Champion Former Nationally Ranked Gymnast. Experienced, Successful Instructor.

WALNUT HILL SCHOOL 61 Hi g hland St., Natick, Mass. 01760 34

GYMNAST Apr. '75


By David Martin, Coach Town North YMCA Twisters Dallas, Texas

All you need is a deep pool, a vau lt and a hard-wo rkin g gym nast who can swim . Many gymnasts are afraid of landing on a crash pad for fear of landin g o n th e ir head. Let t hem land o n their head - into a pool of water. Think about it. Wouldn't you try a double back off a set of rings suspended ov e r a poo l of wate r? If yo u missed badly you'd just splash. If you mi ssed onto a crash pad you co uld possibly get hurt. The same goes for vaulting. If you blew the va ult a ll yo u cou ld do is splas h into the wate r - not sp lat on a c rash pad. I'm one of those coac hes who can teac h ce rta in moves but has never tried them. Mark Spitz's swimming coach cou ldn ' t swim! What we did was p ut a va ult and a set of uneven parallel bars by the edge of the deep end of a friend 's pool. " Tuff-Sk in " on the vault and on the hands (eve n wet) is a necessity. I also make my gymnasts diagram exact ly w hat va ult they are doing with stick figures so I know that they understand w hat they are doing. We had a splash. After five tries at a Tsukahara , I had it well enough to try onto a c rash pad . My oldest gymnast, Billy Booth, and I had a blast trying handspring 1Y2' s, hecht fronts a nd even came close to a hecht back. We did Rigby's off the high bar of the un evens. The reason we did it better in to a pool was the fact that we knew we wou ldn 't get hurt. We gave it a ll we had and didn ' t worry about our land ing. GYMNAST Apr. ' 75

Su re, we hit wrong and splashed a lot of water, but we wouldn't have gotten up if we had landed li ke that onto a crash pad. We learned more in one after noon than we had in weeks. The reason was no fear of our la路n ding. The wonderful thing about th is method is that t he gymnast does ALL the work and the coach just coaches. When the gymnast gets the move down wel l enough into the water, he can go to the equipment with little or no need of a spotte r. Just think of the possibilities of worki ng doub le backs off of a high bar placed into a pool or learning hechts from the top bar of the unevens in to a pool - unspotted! This procedure is not all fun and games. It 's hard but very rewarding work. I have designed layo uts and am building eq u ipment for working hi gh bar, uneven bars, va ulting and rin gs over or int o a poo l and would be glad to send them to you or answer any questions you may have. There are two drawbacks to this kind of techn iq ue . Fi rst, the gymnast must dry off after every move and second, the gymnast must be ab le to swim. Good luck to you and if you need any help just write me. David Martin Coach, Town North YMCA Twisters 6529 Lafayette Way Dallas, Texas 75230

Pl a ns a re in th e ma kin g fo r a gy mn asti cs pool at the North Town " Y", to se t in bar supports. 35


ii=lI Ir-II ................................................................................................... ~





.................. ~



Athletics Department- SIU Arena Carbondale. Illinois 62901 USA •.....................................

A Cinematographic Analysis of a Back Uprise to a Handstand on the Parallel Bars Comments on the ABSTRA CT by Larry Svihlik: The study does not purport to give a thorough .analysis of the movement, in how small part due to unavailability of adeq uate computer analysis facilities. It is the view of this editor that as a rule, studies that do not include total linear and angular momentum calcu l ations as a rule give too little information to do us much good. Without these, we do not discover the ACTUAL effects of various body actions, but instead the apparent effects on body position .


larrv W. Svihlik M.A. in Physical Education, 1973. 36 p.

Mankato State College, Mankato, Minnesota This study was undertaken to analyze a back uprise to a handstand on the parallel bars. Motion pictures were taken of the skill. Measurements were made from enlargements of the exposed film from which the data were gathered. The subject showed partial but rapid hip extension prior to the hip-flick action that started nine degrees past the vertical on the downswing. Following the hip-flick action, the body was. moved into a slight arch. The ankles of the subject were raised upward in a rotary manner during the backswing of the skill. The elbows and shoulders generated high angular velocities by extension and flexion as the body swung to a handstand position.

The abov e study was completed in order to illustrate bod Y " act ions " to the neophyte gymnast o r gymnast ic coach . Comparison of execution techniques were not attempted in this st ud y. A lso no attempt was made by the author to mea sure kineti c energy, potential energy stored in the parallel bars or u pward or horizontal momentum . Only angular ve locities of bodY segments and center of gravity ca lculations were record e d for this study. Below is the table of ·angu lar velocities of th e performer's body seg ments during the execution of thi s skill. Positive angu lar Jb




5-6 9-10 13-14 17-18

-379.74 -253 . 16 +316.45 +189.87 +316 . 45


+ 63.29

25 - 26 33-34

00 . 00 +253.16 -12 6.58

37-38 41-42 45-46 ·t9-50

00.00 +506.32 -319. 74 -506 .32

53 - 5 4 +189.87 -189 . 87

00.00 -189.87 -25 3.16 +126 .58



57-58 61-62 65-66

+379 . 74 -253 . 16

69-70 73 -74 77-78 81-82

+ 63. i9 +379.74 +316.45 00.00


+189.87 +126 .58 63 . 29 00 . 00

+126.58 +126.58 +189.87 + 63.29


00.00 -443 .03 +632.91

-189 .87 +632 .91 -506.32

00.00 - 63.29 - 63.29

+379.74 +253.16 +506 . 32

+506.32 +253.16 +506.32

+253.16 +l89.87 - 63.29


+632.91 -126.58 +379.74

+253.16 00.00 + 63.29

89-90 93-94 97-98 101-102 105-106 109-110 113-114 116-117

+ 63.29 +379.74





17 1

-632.91 +253.16 + 63.29 - 63 . 29 +506 . 29

velocities in dicate tha t subject was in the process of extending the body segments about that joint. A negative an gular ve locity indicate a flexing action about that joint. . During the execut ion of thi s ski ll , it was observed that the performer' s bodY segments exhibited unpatterned ang ular veloc iti es. The performer was co nstantly compensating for rapid extension of one body segment by a slower extension o r flexion of another joint. Thi s was done to maintain balance throughout the performance of the skill. In the illustration, frame 33-34, the hip joint exhibited flexion. This flex ion of the hip joint shortened the radius of rotation thereby increasing angu lar ve locity. (The bodY moved faster in a rotary manner.) Eight frames later, frames 41-42, the hip explosive ly extended at a high angular velocity. This " hip-flick " aCtion, frames 33-42, helped to initi ate addit ional momentum of the body which enabled it to swing to a handstand. The mom entum ·o f this " hip-flick" action caused the body to assume a slightly arched pos iti on . also flexion of the knee joint occurred- for .2686 of a second. The knee joint flex ion and slight arch of the body shortened th e rad iu s of rotat ion and added to the body' s upward swing.




Recommendations 1. A blurring of b ody segments in certain portions of the sk ill was ob se rved. A ca mera speed of 128 frames per second (instead of 64) could help alleviate this problem. 2. More subjects o f different body types could be used for a study of thi s type. 3. A co mparat ive study of execution techniques of this skill cou ld b e undertaken . 4. Computor program analysis cou ld be used in o rd er to gather more data on this skill. 5. Cinematographic studies on parallel bars involving a ba ck uprise as a main component of the sk ill co uld be resea rched. By doing so, a back uprise may be resea rched more thoroughlY.

CORRECTION I n setting the type for a recent research article, we accidentally failed to include the second author. Article appeared on p . 44 of the October 1974 issue, and correct title and authors are as follows: COMPARISON OF THE BODY DIMENSIONS OF JAPANESE, HUNGARIAN AND AMERICAN GYMNASTS by Richard C. Nelson and Brian W. Bergemann Biomechanics Laboratory, Penn State University, University Park, Penna.

.••••..•.•........•••••.....•.••••.....•......... GYMNAST Apr. '75

1• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • _


ABSTRACT: A Comparative Analysis of a Back Overbar Somersault

Comments on the ABSTRACT by Daniel E. Connelly, Jr.: As with the other paper, the study is not very complete. Here is what is studied is the the recatch position as it relates to holding the handstand after a back salto on bars. Please note that the author speaks of backward lean, but his photo illustrations show what most of us would probably call a forward lean . Apparently, no effort was made to determine how thrust before release could be us~d to reduce angular momentum. As a consequence, what we have is a photographic illustration of the fact that in order to stop rotation after the release, one must land in a position for which one can apply a torque through a considerable range of movement on the way to the final position . Clearly, mechanical changes that allow release with less angular momentum will also allow recatch in more vertical position. Since analyses were done of essentially just one execution, the study really reveals about' what must be. Rather, it tells us about what this particular performer put together and how in his execution the various actions interrelated. H.J.B.

Note: The abstract is of a Master's Thesis done in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Physical Education Dept. at Calif. St. University at L.A. under the direction of Dr. AI Marino.

1571 Golden Gate Plaza Cleveland, Ohio 44124

by Daniel E. Connelly Jr.


The author was filmed while performing both a back overbar somersau It catch to suppo rt and back overbar somersault catch to handstand. The purpose of the study was to compare the two skills and determine the factors which contribute to completion of the back overbar somersau lt in a handstand position as opposed to a support. It was hYpothesized that in order to regrasp the back overbar somersault in a handstand position the shou lder joint must lean fifteen degrees backwards of a perpendicular drawn through the base of support. It was also hypothesized that the foot ang le at the point of release for execution of the back overbar somersau lt catch to handstand is greater than that for regrasp in the support position. All angles measured in degrees were recorded in two tables for compar ison. The hypothesis regarding the backward shoulder lean for regrasp in a handstand ,was accepted and that for the foot angle was rejected. The most important factors found to influ ence regrasp in a handstand included minimal shoulder lean and forward head position at the release point in order to create slow rotation and sufficient height to allo w time for regrasp in the handstand position.

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··• . ........................................•..........................••... ............••.••••. _.. A

.... "t---9'\"':'~·'''' B



GYMNAST Apr. '75

' 37



<II 00


;; c::

~ o o u

.'"c:: <II


~ Mrs. Renee P. Hendershott 17605 Fries Avenue lakewood, Ohio 44107

news 'n notes NEW APPROVAL PROCEDURES FOR MEETS AND CLINICS Judy H all, Vice Chairman, USGF- WC ALL approva l requ ests should go to the perso ns indi ca ted fo r th e res pec ti ve program s. This mu st be don e a month in advance of th e event. Form s may be ob tai ned from Re gio nal Chairm en, Judgin g Chairma n, Teacher Edu catio n Chairma n, and Mode rn Rh yt hmi c Gymn as tic Cha irman. Meet Approval Request: c/ o Respective Reg ional Ch airman judgesTraining Approval Request: Delene Darst, 7678 Cath edral Hill D'ive, Cincinn ati , Ohio 45244 Send Copy to RC Teacher Education Approval Request to : Sa nd y Thi elz, 304 Pri ce St., West chester, Pa. 45244 Send copy to RC Modern Gymnastics (meets and clinics) Approval Request to: Norma Za bka , 6600 Blvd . E. West Blvd. E, West New York , New Jersey 07093. Send copy to RC Upo n receipt of fee and appropriate fo rm, a Certifica te of Approval and report in g forms wi ll be se nt by th e above, to perso n requ esting approva l. Reports f o r eve nt s listed shall go to t h e follo wi ng: Gymn as ti c mee ts - Kespec tive Reg ion al Chairm an Ju dges Training - Delene Darst and respect ive Regiona l Chairman Teacher Train ing - Sandy The il z an d respecti ve Reg ional Chairman Modern Gymnastics - Norma Zabka and respecti ve Reg ional Chairma n NOTE FROM ED: If yo u are ho ldin g a clini c o r eve nt such as a meet , I think it wo ul d also be a good id ea to not ify you r State Chairman imm ediately upon se ndin g yo ur request. By th e tim e yo ur Regio nal Chairman has a chan ce to info rm yo ur SC it cou ld be too late for her to inc lud e it in her USGF State Newslett er.

* USGF, AAU, . YMCA PROGRAMS - 1975 USGF Junior Olympics Chairman: Audrey Schweyer, 1850 S.W. 17th St., All entwo n, PA 18103 The USGF Jr. O lympics w il l pro vid e outstanding o pp o rtuni t ies, at th e regiona l and nati o nal leve l, for th e developme nt and recogniti o n of ta lented and p ro mi sing yo un g gymnasts, our future Olympians.


I. ELIGIBIL ITY and po ten tial future Ol ympi ans. A. C lass I (ad va nced Compulsory) Jr. and Sr. a. This highl Y speciali zed training ca mp wil l Divi sions 12-14 and 15 and over. be staffed by so m e o f th eve ry best coaches and B. The USG F Class I State meet w ill se rve as technicians in the co untry. th e first ph ase o f th e Jr. Ol ympics. Entry into th e b. Note - Gymnasts from other programs USGF Jr. Olympics program mu st be initi ated at throug hout the co untry will be invited to the C lass I state m ee t. attend thi s d evelo pm ental training camp. II. QUALI FYING PROIFDURES FOR These addi tional gymnasts wil l b e cho se n by RE G IONAL JR . OLYMPIC COMPETITORS the Foreign Relations Committe e. . A. Th e first, seco nd , third , and fourth place _ . c. Onl y th e USGF Jr. Olymptc champions AA (co mp. and opt.) winners in each age group wrl l be assured. an In~ ltatlon to thiS highly div ision of th e state meet wi ll b e al lowed to speCia li zed training facrl lty . advance into th e Regio nal Jr. Ol ympi c Champion ship me et. 1. Thi s wi ll crea te a r egiona l championship with 8 gy mn asts rep resenting eac h stat e. 2. In th e event that a gymnast is unabl e to co mpete in the Reg io nal meet du e to illness or

REGIONAL JR . OL YMPIC CHAIRMEN I. Patty 'Heckart~ '2311 E. Artesia Blvd ., Long Beach, CA 90805. II. Pat Hatmaker, 7049-223 S.E. Issa quak, Wash . 90827. III. Nancy Bagby, 314 College, Norman, OK 73069. IV. Sonia McCunniff, c/ o Black Hawk GYm Club, 950 Sheerer, Waterlou , Iowa 50701 . V. Mrs. Rita Nugent, RD #3 Box 296, Highwa y 57, Evan sv ille, Ind. injurY, the gym nast wi th the next high est AA 47711. VI. Dorothy Niechwadewicz, 137 Oak St. Apt. sco re (ex. fifth p lace) from th e state meet wil l 14, Ashland, Ma ss. 01721. VII. Pat Pyle, 5431 Heron, be gi ve n th e opportunit y to enter th e Region al Centerville, VA 22020. VIII. Dennis Davis, 1011 Ci ta del Championsh ips. Dr., Altamonte Sprin gs, Fl orida 32701. B. A gymnast w ho has qualified~ for the , . Reg iona l m ee t w ill -· compe't e_ :in ..'-'ct hatc.:. •. __ PJJT IES OF- REGIONAL CHA IRMEN championship in the age group division ' 1: Be responSible for the direction of. and determined by h er age in th e state meet. enco ura ge participation In the program within III. REG IO NAL USGF JR . OLYMPIC the region. ' CHAMPIONSHIPS 2. Appoint the director for the regional Jr. A. Regional meet may b e h eld anytime OlYmpic compet ition. following the Class I Jr. and Sr. n ationals. 3. Distribute info concerning the program thnJ B. It w ill be th e responsibility of the Regional all available channels of commun ications (SCs, Jr . Ol ympic Chairman to organize the region al newsletters, etc.) co mpetit io n. 1. Th e SC will arran ge to se nd the names of the states entri es int o the Regional Jr. Olympic meet, to her Jr. Olymp ic chairman immediately following the state meet. 2. The ·Jr. Ol ympi c chairm an for each regi o n w ill fo rwa rd all p ertinent info concerning the regio na l champ ion ship to the coaches of qualified gy mn as ts. If po ss ible, thi s information sho urd b e avai labl e for distribution at th e state meet. C. Entry fees are i n o rd er since the meet must be finan c ial ly se lf-suffici ent. D . Appropriate awa rd s wi ll be provided for the AA win ners by the USG F AAU JUNIOR OLYMPICS An AAU Junior Olympic Supp lement has been pub li shed and is effective as of January 1, 1975. This supplement to t he AAU Junior Olympic Gymnastic program supersedes the present Juni or OlYmpi c gymnastic program as li sted in the AAU Official handbook Jr. Olympics, 1974, and in the AAU Offi cial Gymnastic Handbook, 1973-74. Mr. Jerry Duhamell , AA U Junior Ol ympic Adm ini strator is now preparing th e new supplement which in addition to th e n ew regulat ions will also carry the new 1975 Boys compu lsories with sti ckI V. USGF IR.OLYMPIC NAT IONAL figures. Th ese may be obtained b y writing to CHAMPIONSH IP A . Th e 1st pla ce AA gy mn ast from each ag e him at AAU House, 3400 W . 86th St., Indi anapo li s, Indiana 46268 . divis io n in th e reg ion al m ee t, wi ll be invited to Th e m ai n c han ge fo r girls is that the age enter the national m ee t and co mp ete for th e grouping now co incid e with those of th e USGF Na tional USGF Jr. Ol ympi c champion ship . Age Group Prog ram with th e exception that 1. There wi ll be 16 gymnas ts (2 from each the AAU sti ll does not ha ve competition for the reg ion ) in th e nation al compe tition. nine and und er age group. The other groups B. D ate of th e 1975 meet wi ll be Jun e 28 - site are 10-11 , 12-14, and 15-18. The girls will do the undetermin ed. same co mpulsories as in 1974. Th ere sti ll is no V. AWARDS AND HO NORS FO R NAT IONAL provi sion for the va rious abi lity groupings JR. OL YMP IC CHAMPIONS within th e different age groups. Girls 11 and A . The 1st and 2nd pla ce AA gymn as ts from und er will continue to do th e USGF / DGWS each division wi ll be offered th e followin g Beginner Level Compulsories with the 9 an,d oppor tuniti es. 1. The 4 Jr . Olympic champi o ns w ill be sent und er group doing compu lsories only. The girl s 12 and over still do the USGF/ DGWS as honored g ues ts of the USGF to th e final trial for th e Pan-American games. Intermediate Lev el co mpulsories and both age 2. The 4 Jr. Olympic champ ion s will th en gro ups will d o o pti ona ls. In addition, the AAU has set sco re levels that parti cipate in a speci al USGF Jr. Ol Ympi c on e week tra inin g ca mp for exceptional gymnasts the gymnasts must m eet in order to be able to GYMNAST Apr. '75

compete in th eir Di stri ct A ssociation Championship me ets. In order to qualify for a District Assoc iation meet , a gi rl must post th e following all -around sco res in (a) preliminarY assoc iation meet, o r (b) a recogni ze d gymnasti c organization meet: 9 and under - None ; 10-11 , 20 points AA ; 12-14,24 points AA; 15-18, 24 points AA. Th e required All-Around sco res ma y b e obtain ed by using optiona l scores or compulsory scores from beginning , intermediate, or advanced AAU-DGWS Jr. Olympic compulsory exercises. The age determin i ng date is the age of the participant on th e first day of th e A ssoc iat ion Championship meet of that year. She will compete in this age division the entire year. She may not jump up or down an ag e division. Th ere are many things yo u shou ld know about if you compete in AAU Jr. Ol y mpi cs. For examp le, if you are an Elite gymnast, you are automatically disqualified from compet iti o n in these meets. order your Supplement today .

Wom en 's compulsories for YMCA National s will be th e USGF / DGWS Advan ced Level exercises. The Sept ember issu e o f th e YMCA ex pl ains th e new YMCA Ag e Group Compet iti ve Program. The groupings presc rib ed co in cid e with tho se recommend ed by th e USGF and also adopted by the USGF. . Th e YMCA ha s go ne a g iant step farther th an AAU , beca use, in addition, ab ili ty levels begi nner, interm ediate, and adva n ced ... are tak en into account within each age group. Currently used compu lsory exercises are recomm en ded fo r use in th ese co mpetitive leve ls. H owever, it will be up to YMCA's at the loca l level to implement t h ese program s. This yea r yo ung wome n who wish to compete in YMCA Nationals must qualify through area , state, and / o r regional YMCA meets which should h o ld a National qualifying event using th e Adva nced Leve l USGF / DGWS compulsories plu s optional s. A gymnast must score 48 al l- around to qualify for YMCA Nationals. Specialists who earn 15.00 or high er in th e events for w hich they wish to qualifY, will also qualify for entrY.


CONTACTS Anyone wish in g to b ecom e in vo lved w ith gymnastics in hi s o r her own state, or who has qu est ion s co ncerning th e USGF, AAU o r YMCA Programs should contact one of these people in the area in vo lve d: -

YMCA PROGRAM For those of you who are competing within the YMCA sYstem , refer to the September YMCA News for changes in yo ur program. Since yo u all get this free, there is no point in going deeply into explanation s. for interest's sake, we will cover this program briefly for compar isons .

USGF WOMEN' COMMITTEE Li st of the USGF State chairmen ca n be found in last months GYMNAST Mar. 1975, page 47. NATIONAL AND REGIONAL AAU OFFICIALS AAU Gymnastics Administrator: Mr. Thomas Maloney, 2626 Cardinal Place, Saraso ta, Florida 33579. PH 813-958-4910.

Chairman of Women's Gymnastics: Don Wild e ro te r, 1933 Ever itt St., Va ll ey Stream, LI , NY 11580. PH 516285-6180. lunior Olympic Administrator: Je rr y Duh ame ll , 3400 W. 86th St. , AAU Hou se, Indianapolis, Indi ana 46268 .. Technical Chairlady: Erna Wachtel, 2258 N. Kimball Ave. , Chicago, Illin o is 60647. PH 312-SU7-7494 National Ir. Olympic chairlady: Jeanette Hawkins, 1500 Fe rn , McAllen, Texas 78501 . PH 512-686-8265 Regional Gymnastic Coordinators: Region I Sandy Sheedy, 2 W. M o ntgom e ry t., Johstown , NY 12095; II Ed Knepper, 235 Pin e hurst Rd. , Fia rfa x. Wilmington , Del. 19803; IIIChariesDuBois, Rt. #3, Box 64, Kingston , Tenn. 37763; IV Bruce Davis, 1075 N.W. 151 st St. , Miami , Fla. 33169; V no nominations (Hawaii); VI Erna Wachtel, 2258 N. Kimball Ave. , Chicago, III. 60647 ; VII lack Bond, 529 Bre ntwood , Wate rloo, Iowa 50701 ; VIII Clara Hopkins, 3751 West 44th, Tulsa, Okla . 74107 ; IX Gerald Bartosch, 2029 Gaylord , GAS, Houston, Tex. 77024; X Bill Parise, 202 S. Sunset, Roswell , NM 88201; XI No nominations; XII Carolyn Holmes, 13050 S. 10th, Seatt le , Was h. 98168 ; XIII Florence Palas, 7823 Stewart & Gra y, Downey, Ca lifornia 96241 ; XIV Ron Hilderbrand, 2227 E. 88th , Anchorage, Alaska 99502. YMCA Steve Speth, Phys. Dir. , 709 1st Ave. SW, Roch ester,

Minnesota 55901 ; Bill Stein, Davenport YMCA,606 W. 2nd St., Dave nport, Iowa 52801 ; Robert I. Budnick, Gymnast ic coach, N. Suburban YMCA , 2705 Techny Rd ., Northbrook, III . 60062 ; Ron Ashworth, Rumbord Community Cntr. , 50 CONGRESS St. , Rumbo rd , Maine 04276; lim Bower, North sid e Family YMCA, 5210 M a nhattan Rd. , Jac kson , Miss. 39206; Linda Bowker, ontclair YMCA, 25 Pa rk St. , Montclair, NI 07042; Bob Martin, Jersey City YMCA, 654 Bergen Ave. , lersey City , NI 07304 ; Mrs. M. Nelson, Centra l Queens YMCA, 89-25 Pa rsons Blvd , lamaica , NY 11432; Mrs. Linda Chencinski, N.E. Region YMCA, 377 Randa ll Ave., Elm o nt , NY 11003 ; Mr. Steve Yancovich, Charlotte YMCA , (N.&S. Car. YMCA Gym Coor.) Charlotte , NC 28202; Doug Lewis, Cambridge YMCA, 703 N. 77th St. , Cambridge , OH 43725; Bob Fortune, Elyria YMCA, 256 Washington Ave., Elyria , OH 44035; Lloyd Capwell, YMCA of Great e r Scranton , 706 N. Ela kely St., Dunmore, PA 18512; Mr. W. Wortman, Lee Circle Br. YMCA, (Abiline YMCA, 3250 State St ., Abilene , Texas 79604) .




:) fit'"

corner Helen Sjursen

lETS bE diffERENT Most girl s are p e rforming the " hecht" dismount with hip contact to the bar. Wh y not co mbin e a " free hip circl e" right into the hecht dismount, th e seq uence of which is shown by the figu res. If thi s " free hip hecht di smount " is perform ed off the low bar, I person all y wou ld

GYMNAST Apr. '75

not question that it w ould be ca ll ed a superioJ . dismount , since th e free hip circl e is involved and also because o f th e free hip and hecht co mbin ation . If this " free hip hecht dismount" is p er formed off th e high bar, th ere would be no qu estion that it would b e cal led a " superior " sin ce the pl ain hec ht off th e high bar is alre ady rated a superior di smount.





Last fall we formed a club, which is called Team Two. Our coach is Mrs. Sandi Miller. Our club is located in Prospect heights. We work out at MacArther Jr. High school. Last month she wrote this following poem about the girls in our club. We were really pleased with what she said and I would like to share it with you and your readers. Karen Kurp Arlington , heights , Illinois Oh, here 's a newsletter To tell you what 's new About your daughters gymnastic clubThe club name - Team Two. We've got 8 real cu te girls Not too many, not too few Just about the right number To devote enough time to. Starting with our youngest, we 've got MARY JOBURKE. At n ew and difficult skills she doesn 't shirt. She 's only 9 - but watch this one zoom. Move over Olga, You 'd better make room. Next is our red head with freckles a nd such. LORI BERMAN's her name - she 's already learned much. She 's so enthused and responsive - what a treat Don't miss this kid when she's old enough to compete. LA URIE BIRCH is another new gymnast, it's true, But she 's got many skills that she can show you . She's working on beam and vaulting right now Given a bit more time - one word: Wow. DEBBIE CHASE is also a member of the team. This girl can do tumbling, vaulting, bars and

beam. She's got lots of potential - an a ll around for sure Her future in competition holds a very high score. KELSEY WILLIAMS is practicing hard and doing quite well. She 's only a 6th grader but time will tell. She 's bright, cheerful and smiling and works very hard For this kid, I have a high regard. LISA GERHARDT is a freshman at Wheeling For gymnastics this girl has a natural feeling. She's working on optionals - mostly on beam. She's a great addition to anyone's team. LORI KA UNZINGER 's a student at Hersey, as a matter of fact, a frosh. A better girl to work with, you couldn't ask for by gosh. She's got the right attitude, and that's half of it This girl keeps on working and she'll never quit. KAREN KURP attends Prospect, this is her first year. She 's an all around gymnast, her name in the future you'll hear. She 's working on beam and really likes floor ex She 's always willing to do more than what one expects. So there they are - THE FABULOUS EIGHT. I hope that in time they 'll all be just great. Gymnastics takes time - years and years to be good. I hope they stick with it - with your help they should. So goodbye for now, I'm sure that you're tired Of reading these poems on which I worked(?) so hard. I love all the girls and must complement you parents too On what an outstanding job you've cared enough to do. Sandi Miller




We really enjoy your magazine , but please put in more write ups on our Americans. I think I we should be just as proud of the our gymnasts and have them get the same publicity as the Russians and European countries. maybe more American people would become aware and support their own gymnasts! Lori Schneider Cypress, California

P.S. Please tell Glenn Sundby and his staff that we think the GYMNAST magazine is great and to keep up the good work. Hap & Glynn Howle Euclid , OH ED: Thanks for the encouraging words!


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Dear Sir: I would like your opinion on something. Who do you think is the best girls gymnast so far? Also a ll your books show just USSR gymnasts. What happened to Cathy Rigby? Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely Rachel Leon Brawley, California ED: See Cathy in l ast months Centerfold featul e and also this month's " In Sequence With Cathy". WISHING YOU SUCCESS

Our 14 yr. old daughter is our gymnast in the family and requested your magazine, but we would like to tell you how much we have all enjoyed it. You have come a long way just this past year as far as quality and promptness are concerned, and we wish you nothing less than gigantic success in the coming years. Keep up the good work and send the next copy. Thank You Mrs. J. Greene Minnetonka, Minnesota ED: Thank you much Mrs. Greene, we keep


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GYMNAST Apr. '75



DATES : June 15 - June 21 Jun e 22 - June 28 Jun e 29 - July 5


It's 1975 Program Of Gymnastics Development . For Girls Camp Echo Lake, Warrensburg, New York, Five miles North o f Lake George Village.

MASTER COACHING STAFF Herb Vogel Coach SIU Womens Gy mnast ics Team Numerous Nat iona l Team Champ ionships Coach of many Natio nal and Internationall y know n G ymnasts Member H all of Fame of Gymnastics

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Mike Merritt Ass!. Coach SI U Wo ,nens Team Head Coach Tumb le Town Team Fo rmer Coac h Fa rgo Ac ro Team Rated Ju dge

Fo r mo re informat ion complete the form below and ma il today! Naml!p_


Ag""-_ __ Cit y _ _ _ _ _ __

Addr es s State..e_ _ __ Tel e phon e _ _ _ __ Zip _ __ __



Sch o ol

Phone _ _ __ __

My inte rest is as a: Camper ( ) Coach ( ) Staff Me mbe r ( ) Pleas forward to me: Individual camper rates ( ) Tea m rates (

Mail to: Progressive Gymnastics Camp Box 233 Deer Park, New York 11729 Phone: (516) 586-6542 ask for Jason or Linda


SOKOL TSUKARA c/o FRANK MICHALEK 4342 S. WISCONSIN AVE. STICKNEY, ILL. 60402 Remember . . . We have restricted the number of campers that can attend. Do not delay your application.

Jo n Aitk e n Fo rme r Gymnast New Mex ico State Un ivers ity Member o f Internationa l Teams Rated Ju dge GYMNAST Magazine's Consul tant on Uneven Ba rs (see article Ap ril Iss u e) Located in the rustic co u nt ry setting of Hayes Fair Ac res, of Du Quoin, III. , t hi s t he thi rd Tumb le Town Summer Camp w ill be t he best yet.. . Offering el ite instruction in all fo u r O lymp ic events, pl u s t u mb li ng, trampo line and dance, as we ll as some of t he finest rec reat ional fac il ities in Ill inois fo r swimmi ng, hiki ng, ca noe i ng, p ut- p ut go lf, and ma ny ma n mo re.

Write for application to: TUMBLE TOWN 611 Skyline Dr.

Carbondale, III. 62901

by SOKOL. wi t h ove r 1(J(J YI!OfS oj gymllos/ic /c(Jchill ,~ l ! x r)(!fil ~ ncl ! .

S p () n so f( ~d



FiLm Stillwater, Oklahoma JUNE 22-27

COLLEGE OF SANM FE Santa Fe, New Mexico JUNE 29-JUL Y 4

SANTA FE ELITE College of Santa Fe Santo

For Further Information Write or Call. . .

Fe, New


Russian Women Cleveland Exhibition $105.00

635 ft., Color, 16 mm

Rental Available: $20.00 for 5 days

Our 17th Season





P. O. BOX 103


STOCK! ""(;

Co-ed 12 to 17 yrs. Sessions July 23 - August 20

Contact: Don Clegg 501 S. Highland Champaign, III. 61820

A pro fess ionall y directe d prog ramm e of inten sive tra inin g in a n outd o or setting. Small g roup in stru ction e mph as iz ing skill d eve lo pm e nt . Exp e rt co aching tec hniqu e s - ne w e quipm e nt F.I.G. spe cs. Tumblin g, Va ulting, Ba lan ce Be am s, Unev e n Bars a nd Da nce by pros in Balle t, Mod e rn , Jazz. 4 to 6 hrs. daily plu s a ll wate rsports and o th e r Arts o ptions.

Sh irts $5.0~;~:

For literature phone collect: New York (212) 582-4783 Boston (617) 469-0902 Montreal (514) 487-5808 Toronto (416) 783-6168

OLGA! JUNGLE, WALKOVER, HAPPY HANDSTAND & FROG Please state size (Adults S, M, L) and color

410 Broadway preference (yellow, tan, blue). Enclose $5.00 ·for Santa Monica each shirt ordered (includes postage). (California residents add 6'Y" sales tax.) CA 90406





or write 821 Eglinton Ave., West, Toronto M5N1E6, Onto


Staffed by some of the finest National and International experts like:

-.-: ..


Katsu Kanzaki - Best Wo rld Gymnast, Japan Dick Swetman - Nation a l C hampion , All-Am e rican former m e mbe r o f th e u.s. Nation a l Team Ms. Susan Whipp - Dan ce Instru ctor, Gradu a te Sc ho ol o f Dan c in g, Uni v. 01 Wisconsin Mr. Bill Bevil - Illinois All-Stat e Champion , Ass'1. Coach , Uni v. of III. - Circ le 1975 CAMP




. :



JULY 6 · 12 JULY 13 · 19

JU LY 20 · 26 JULY 27 · AUG. 2

GYMNASTICS - Gretchen Dowsing, Cornell Un iversity

Abie Grossfeld .. S o . Connecticut

Geza Martiny

PLUS many other outstand'ing staff members. 1975 CAMP SESSIONS

North Central College NAPERVILLE, ILL

June 15-21

Georgia College MILLEDGEVILLE, GA.

July 27-Aug. 2

Marquette University MILWAUKEE, WIS.

June 22-28

St. Leo College ST. LEO, FLA.

Aug. 3-9 Aug. 10-16

Adrian College ADRIAN, MICH.

July 6-12

Kent School* KENT, CONN.

Aug. 17-23

Walsh College CANTON, OHIO

July 13-19

*Th e Co nn ecti c ut Ca mp will b e dire ct e d b y: PROF. MARC RABINOFF , Gy mn as tics Coach 51. Leo Coll ege, 51. Leo, Fl a.

Univer si ty

SWIMMING - Jim Montrella, Lake w ood .Ac quatics

DIVING - Pat McCormick,

4 Olympi c Gold Medal Winner

Doug Ward, Univer si ty o f Ill i nois

- and other Ol ym pic and Nationall y known coach es ATTENTION : Courses available in coaching methods with possibility of colle e credit.

Free T-Shirt to all Girls attending one of our Gymnastics Camps. For information or applications to any of the above camps please write or phone:


P at McCo r mic k 36 4 2 R oss mo o r W ay L os Alam i to s. Cal if . 90720 0< Ph o n e : 12 1 31 4 3 1 ·9 464

MEDALIST SPORTS EDUCATION P.O. Box 50213 Milwaukee, Wis. 53201

(414) 276-2571 or 276-0989

Summer Camp Directory Following is a list of summ e r camps a nd clinics (listed is a lphabe tica l order). Individuals are re quested to write for details to the following addresses. Alts Gymnas tics Camps, 1128 Sycamore Avenue, New Sh rewsbury , New Jersey 07724 (boys & girls - 2 locations: Monmouth College, 3wks. June-July;' Peddie Schoo l, 2wks. Aug.) Be lle Terre GymnasticCam p for Girls, South Kortright, New York 13842. Brimmer and Ma y Sc hool of Gymnastics, 69 Midd lesex Road , Chestnut Hill , Mass. 02167 (gi rl s, 4 w ks ., Jun e Aug.) Burlingame Gymnastic Club Summer Clinics, c/ o Peninsul a Spo rts Center, 1730 Rollins Rd. , Burlingame, CA 94010 (June-Aug.) Cata lina Island G ymnastics Camp (National Gymnastics Centers), P.O. Box 1464, Covina, CA 91722 (boys & girls, 10wks. June-Aug .). Leonard Cle mmer School 01 Gymnastics & Ballet, 4712 Park Road, Charlotte , N.C. 28209 (me n & women, Clinic brought to your a rea). Colonial SportsCampGymnasticsCamp, R.D . Box 108, Pipersvi ll e, Pennsylvania 18947 (G irl s, 2 wks ., JuneJuly) . Cu ya maca Gymnastics Camp, City of C laremont Recreation Dept. , C la remont,CA 91711 (Aug. 11-15). Empire Sta te Summer Gym Camp, Camp Hill Road, Po mona , N.Y. 10970 (lwk. Jun e). Flathead GymnasticsCa mp, c / o Hal Ha lvo rso n , He isey Memorial Gym, 313-7th Street No rth , Great Falls, Montana 59401 (boys & girl s, lwk. Aug.) . International Gymnastics Camp, Brun o Klaus, R.D. 3, Box 518, Stroudsburg, Pa. 18360 (boys & g irl s, 10 sessions June-Aug.) . Manitou - Wading, Sports & Arts Cente r, Tennis & Gymnastics Camp, 821 Eglinton Ave. W. , Toronto, CANADA M5N 1E6. Pat McCormic ks Sports Camp, 3642 Rossmoor Way, Los A lam il os,CA 90720 (boys & gi rl s, 4wks., July-Au g.). Medalist Ha ll of Fame Gymnas tic Camps, P.O. Box 50213 , Milwaukee , Wi s. 53201 (girls, 7 wks, Jun e-Aug. locations - III. , Wis., Mich. , Ohio, Ga ., Fla.). Northern Colorado Gymnastics Camp (NORCO), Co lorado State Un iv., c/ o Pingree Park , Student Services 106, Ft. Collins, Colo. 80521 (June 8-15). North Jersey Gymnastic School, Inc. R.D., Airport Road, Pittstown, New Je rsey 08867 (gi rl s, 2wks., Aug.). Prarie Girls Gymnastics Camp, North Dakota State University, 1518 - 5th Ave. So." Fargo, North Dakota 58102 (2wks ., Jul Y-A ug.). Rhode Isla nd Gymnastic Camp, Uni vers it y of Rhode Island , Tootell Center, Kingston, R.t. 02881 (girls, 2wks., Jul y). Cathy Rigby gym nastics Camp, Box 71, Star Rt., Sanger, CA 93657 (girls, 5wks. , june-july) . SIU Summer Gymnastics Camp, Dr. H.J. Biesterfeldt, Jr. , SIU Are na , Carbondale, III. 62901 (boys only , 4 wk s., Jun e -J u ly). Sokol Tsukara, C/ o Frank Michalek, 4342 S. Wisconsin Ave. , Stickney, III. 60402 (3-2wk. sessions). Sokol W ood la nds, 276 Prospect St., P.O. box 189, East Orange, New Jersey 07019. Stony Brook Gymnastics Ca mp (National Gymnastics Ce nters), P.O. Box 593, Stony Brook , Long Island , New York 11 790 (boys & g irl s 9 wks. Jun e thru Aug.) Camp Tsukara, 400 Glenview Road , G lenview, III 60025 (boys & g irl s, Jun e -Aug.). Ca mp Tsuka ra Coac h es Symposium, Camp Tsuka ra, Cable, Wisconsin 54821 (A u g . 20-24). Tumble Town, Alyce Vogel , 611 Skyline Drive, Carbonda le, III. 62901 (g irl s 3wks., June-Ju ly). United ' States Gymnastic Train'ing Centers, Starting Jun e 29th , the USGTC wil l b e hosting three summer camps: 1) Boys & Girls; 2) Girls coaches; 3) Mod e rn Rhythmic G ymnastics. For further information con tact: M ik e Jacobson , at THE VILL A, Tu xedo Park, NY 10987. Vermont Gymnastics Center, Essex Jct. Hi g h ~chool , Essex Jct., Vermont 05452 (g irl s, 2wks., Jun e-Jul y) . W est Point Sports Ca mp, U.S. Mi litary Acade my, West Point , New York (boys, grad es 9-12, 2wks., Jun e & Aug.). Woodward Gymnastics Camp (National Gymnastics Centers), P.O. box 93, Woodward , Pa. 16882 (boys & girls 10 wks. June - Aug.J

GYMNAST Apr. '75

BECOME A CHARTER MEMBER JOIN THE USSAF NOW! Just $10.00 a year for Individual Associate Membership in the United States Sports Acrobatics Federation (USSAF) includes: • Membership C~rd • USSAF ' Lapel Pin • Decal • Bumper Sticker • ACROBA T Official USSAF News Publication* USSAF Sports Acrobatics Books - published or imported by USSAF Information and Public Relations Service. 'Frequency of ACROBAT will be determined by number of members, the more members the more often ACROBAT will be published - with at least a quarterly schedule as a minimum.

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i, , •'


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send me a free sample copy of ACROBAT.

I Name

I Address Ic~ I State

(Enclose 50<1: for postage & handling)


I Print












'- ~




t" OtAMETE~ .MA.!Ull, FEMALE :

2 wepks - over night - Girls only - 8 yrs. & up At Camp Tecumseh Aug. 17-22 Pittstown, New Jersey Aug. 24-29

Sen k o r Money O ider $2.50 Ppd. No. C.O.D. Orde" To: Vicky's , P. O. Box 3007 Providence, R. 1.- 02908


Camp Directors: Linda Fritsche Castner, Coac h Bryn Maw r Co ll ege 'and Connie Maloney, Asst. Coach Ve rd ugo Gy m C lub, G le nda le , Ca li fo rni a . Staff Patti McGarry Panichas, Elite Gym - Me mbe r 1970 Wo rl d Uni v. Ga me s Team Candi Normile, 1970 Co ll ege All Ame rican Team Mike lapp, Steve Randall, and tom Kuhlman, So uthe rn Co nn ect Sta te Colle ge Gym Tea m In Attendance John Crosby, 1972 Olympi c Tea m


\I:m~~~IT5 ill~rn~ 1 \

ORDER ~ORM BASIC GYM NASTIC TEACHING SYSTEM Girl ,' (6 chrl ' wi th teac he r , ma nu al) 10.00 Bo ys (tl c ha rts wi th teache r , ma n ua l) 12.00 Tea c he r ' Ma nu a l o nly 2.00 (' p ecif y boys or gill s ) GYMNASTIC tHARTS M e n 's Inl. Pa ralle l Har (5) 7.00 Inl. Ring ' (3 ) 5.00 Ba, ic to Inl. Sid e Hors e (2) 4.00 Ba, ic to Ad v. Tum b )in g (4) 6.00 Ad va nced Pa ra ll e l !Jdr (4) 6.00 5. 00 Ad vanc ed King' ( 3) Ba, ic to Ad v. Ho rizo ntal Bdr (6) 8.00 Girl's Inl. to Ad v. Bal ance He am (6) 8. 00 6.00 Ba, ic to Ad v. Tumblin g (4) (sam e as Me n ', ab ove ) Co mpet itive Va ultin g (3) 5.00 In l. Unev e n Pa ra lle l !Jars (5 ) 7. 00 BOOKS Gy mn as tic, I ll u s t r ~ t e d 9.50 3.50 The Sid e Ho r", FILMS 1972 O ly mpic G ymn astics Ind . Fina ls Su pe r 8 Kod acolor 40 .00 400 fl. M e ns 40 .00 400 fl. Wo me n 's FLOOR EXERCISE MUSIC M usic Ad a pt e d from th e M uni c h Ol ymp ics tl .oo Vol. I 12" st e re o re co rd cassett e tap e 5.00 New Vo l. II 12" ste re o reco rd 8.00' New cassse tt e tape 5. 00 AIDS 1.00 Mee t Ad ve rti sin g Post e rs (ea c h) girl s boys Sco ri ng Kits 1.50 gi rl s boys Ha ndg uard s 2.25 sm me d Ige .7 5 Gym nasti c Emb le ms Add postage a nd hand li ng 50q fo r u rd " " und e r $10.00 $1.00 for o rd ers o ve r $10.00 TO TAL $ _ __


(jrd~f~m-:Cim~tic Ai(le~ - Bo x 475. NO rlhbrid ge . Ma ss 01534

Nome Street 路 City _ __ _ __ _ State _ _ Sch o ol _ __ _ _ _ _ Zip _



Features 3V, acre Lake; Cabins lor 8-10 girls; Large Indoor Gymnasium lacilities, Tennis Courts 10-1 student/ teacher ratio For lurther inlormation write or call: North Jersey Gym School, Inc. Linda Fritsche Castner - Director R.D., Airport road Pittstown, N.J. 08867 Phone (201) 735-5866 - hom E. coast (213) 242-3951 - hom W. coast

Apr. 3-5 NCAA Championships Indi ana Sta te Uni vers ity Apr. 3-5 AIAW Nationals, Ca lifo rni a State Un iversit y, Haywa rd , Cali fornia Apr. 5 or 6 Eastern States Team Championships hoste d by New Yo rk Sta te Apr. 11-12 USGF Regional Meets _ April 12, Pasadena National tnvitational (PNI), Pasad e na C ity Co ll ege, 8 p .m . Apr. 18-19 YMCA Nationals at Wright State U., Day ton , O hi o. W rite : M r. Woody Egg lesto n, Ph ys. Dir. , Ke tte ring YMCA. 4545 Mars ha ll Rd. , Kette ring, Ohi o 45429 Apr. 25-26 Second USGF National Elite Qualilication Meet at t he Universi ty of Neva da in Ren o . May 1-3 AAU Jr. Nationals, at Eugene oregon. Me et Directo r : linda Meth e ny a nd Dic k Mulvihill , 12th a nd O live , Euge ne , O rego n 97401 . Ph 5031747-1963. Wome n 's USGF / DGWS Ad v. l ev . Co mpul so ri es; Me n, NEW 1975 AAU-YMCA-US GF Co mpo May 3-4 Women' s European Championships, Ski e n, No rwa y May 8-10 USGF Jr. Nationals at Geo rge Maso n U. Fa irfa x, VA hoste d by Ma rva Teens. MD : Ruth Ann Mc Brid e, 5636 Rando lph Rd. , Rockv ill e , M aryla na 20852 May 10 Third National Modern Rhythmic Gymnastic Competition, Sa n Franc isco State U. , Co m pul so ri es ava ila bl e at USG F May 15-17 AAU Sr. Nationals at Ke nn e d y Sr. H.S. , Ced ar Ra pi ds Iowa. Hosts: Iowa Assoc. AAU a nd Nisse n Co rp . M D : G. N issen , 930 27th Ave ., SW, Ced ar Ra pid s, Iowa 52406. 3191365-7561. Me n a nd Wo men 1976 Ol ympi c Compul sor ies re quire d . May 22-24 USGF Sr. Nationals at South Eugen e HS in Euge ne , O rego n hosted by Nati o nal Acad e my of Artisti c Gymn ast ics M D : Dic k M ul vih ill , 148 W. 12th , Euge ne, Orego n 97401 May 31-June1 Men' s European Championships, Be rne Switzerl and June 7 Sr. Olympics, l os Ange les City Coll ege June 12-14 or 19-21 USGF Elite National Championships June 28-29 Czechoslovak Spartakiade Prag ue, Czecho slova kia , Spo rts Cele bra ti on 0 1 30th A nni versary o f N ati o nal Libe r ati o n

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of All Sports of the World

400 sports! 25QO illustrations

Every illustration is full color, designed to capture the thrills, excitement and beauty each sport generates. Rules of the Game provides the reader with clear, concise rules for each $14.95 and every sport.

July 1-5 Berlin - 6th Gymnaestrada Mid. Aug. National AAU Jr. Olympics, U 01 Cornell, It h ica, New Yo rk. MD : Gy mnastic Coach, U. 01 Co rn e ll. Age Gro ups 12-14 , 15-18 lo r bo ys and girls. Girls d o IntI. l eve l USGF I DGWS Co mpulsori es. BoYs, NEW 1975 AA U- USGF Jr. Ol ympic co mpul sori es. Writ e to Jerry Duna me ll , AA U Jr. Ol ympic Admini st ra tor , 3400 W. 86t h SI. , Indi anap o li s, Ind . 46268 PH 317路 297-2900 (mu st qualify thru distri ct a nd Reg io na l co mpe ti tion) Aug. Pan-Am Trials Oct. 12-26 Pan American Games, M ex ico City Oct. World Cup, Madrid, Spa in MIDWEST CALENDAR April 26 Elite National Age Group Tumbling Championships ... no sit e ... no MD ye t. June 14-15 Turner Camp Invitational Ro ll Helmk e PH : 264-9493 at Turn e r Ca mp .

PNI April 12th, 1975 Acco rdin g to Coac h Host Je rry Todd th e annu a l Pasadena National Invitational to b e h e ld on April 12th , 8 PM at Pasa d e na Cit y Co ll e ge, w ill ha ve it s usua l qu o ta of New Stars and d e fendin g cha mpion s. Thi s years comp e titi o n will fe ature USA to p w o rld c hampi o n Wa yn e Yo un g al o ng w ith Joc hi To mita (top HS gymn ast from Ja pa n no w att e nding Lon g Beac h Sta te) plu s To m W ee d e n , To m Beac h , Gary Al exa nd e r, Ri cha rd Pasqu a le , Tim Shaw a nd SH w iza rd Te d M a rcey.

Available now through Sundby Publications, P.O . Box 110, ' Santa Monica, Ca. 90401. Enclose check or money order for $14.95 per copy.

Nam e _____________________________ Address_________________ City

State _ _ Zip _ __

We haven't forgotten to mail your OLGA and TOURISHCHEVA posters. We will mail b-u-n-d-I-e-s as time permits us 10 put them together. GYMNAST Apr. '75


Previous experience is not necessary. You can start your gymnastic training at the AGC. Your progress will be amazingly rapid and most self rewarding . Short lines and small' groups are the rule for practice and instruction. There 'are no long lines or waiting periods for using apparatus. Eight to ten sets of apparatus will be available for continuous use atAGC. Recreational facilities include swimming and boating at the clear, beautiful, spring-fed Oquaga Lake - tennis - tetherball - softball - water skiing shuffleboard - canoeing - golf .. .Smorgasbord every Wednesday night ... Six hours of gymnastics is scheduled every day .. . Our staff is always willing and ready to help anyone with specific problems or requests ... Showboat rides around the Lake on Tuesday or Thursday evenings . Parents may spend a wonderful vacation right along with their daughter at beautiful Scott's Oquaga Lake House. As a mountain vacation resort, Scott's is unmatchable. Enjoy a vacation of your own and watch your daughter progress in gymnastic ability. Gymnastic apparel and equipment will be available for purchase . Included are leotards , warm-up suits, sweat shirts, hand-grips, gymnastic shoes , etc . Our leotards and warm-ups are fashioned by GYMIS, the finest quality 100% stretch nylon gymnastic-wear made any place in the world. Participation in the voluntary all-camp Olympic style gymnastic competition.

AMERICAN TEACHER-PUPIL RA TIO , A teacher to camper ratio of between 1:5 and 1:6 is maintained for most effective teaching and learning. FACILITIES Our new building (60' x 125') completed for the 1974 season gives us a great inside working area . This new building is fully equipped with apparatus and a 40' x 40' free exercise mat. Two additional large indoor areas (40' x 80') and (35' x 90') are also fully equipped to provide outstanding indoor working conditions . Outside areas are spacious. EQUIPMENT Eight to ten sets of apparatus will be available for continuous use atAGC . Each girl will receive individual and small group instruction corresponding to her ability.


For the seventh successive year, Dr. Frederic M. Pierce will head the staff of the American Gymnastic Camp in 1975. Dr. Pierce brings an outstanding background in education and women's gymnastics. As an educator, Dr. Pierce has taught physical education for 18 years from elementary school students to college seniors. He also served as the Director of Athletics at Johnson City Senior High School for 3 years. In 1966, Dr. Pierce was selected as one of four Outstanding Young Educators in the United States. In Women's Gymnastics, Dr . Pierce was formerly the Vice-Chairman of Women's Gymnastics in Northeastern Region of the AAU, Director of the Triple Cities and Scranton "Stars" girls gymnastic centers , whose membership numbers over 500.



Includes: Marilyn Schnaars. Schnaars Gymnastic Center. Farmingdale, Long Island ... Minnie Daub. Triple Cities 'Stars' Girls :Gymnastic Club ... Kitty O路Brien. Ohio State University .. ,Jeri Julian . Island Trees High School, Long Island, New York ... James Pedro . Triple Cities 'Stars' .. Jo Anne Michael. UnionEndicott Girls Gymnastic Team .. .Linda Berry. Dance instructor, graduate of Harpur College School of Dance ... Dave Black. Southern Illinois University .. . Terry Heath. Scranton 'Stars' School of Gymnastics .. . Gretchen Dowsing. Cornell University ... Dave Ashmann. United States Naval Academy ... Steve Shephard and Kevin Tolliver. Southern Illinois University ... Vern Detrich. Geneva, Ohio ... Chrystal Chollet. Somerville, New Jersey .. .Carol Pietruszewski. Lombard, Illinois ... Barbara Overtoom. Towson State University .. .Karen Weinaug . St. Bonaventure University.


Beginning our seventh year as the finest ALL-GIRL gymnastic camp in Eastern United States.


$150 weekly session (6 days) $295 two week session (13 days) $440 three week session (20 days) $585 four week session (27 days) FEE INCLUDES : Lodging (complete linen and bedding provided), excellent meals . a small group instruction program, use of all resort recreational facilities . full insurance coverage . Leotard for girls attending two weeks, leotard and warm-up for girls attending four weeks. DEPOSIT $30.00 deposit to accompany registration with balance due on registration day. Deposits refundable up to June 1,1975 . SpeclallP'oup ralel eveDable upon requell.

r--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Name ........ ........ ............ . .... .... ..... .......... ........ .. .. . ..... Age ...... . Address ............ ..... ... .... ...................... City .. ........... .. .......... . State .. .... ........... ... .. ........ .. .Zip ......... Phone # .. .... .. .. . . .. ......... . School Attending ..................... Gymnastic Club ....... ............ ..... . I shall attend: . Dates . ...... ...... .. .... ........ . . ( ) 1st Week-June 22 to June 28 ( ) 6th Week-July 27 to Aug. 2 ( ) 2nd Week-June 29 to July 5 ( ) 7th Week-Aug. 3 to Aug. 9 ( ) 3rd Week-July 6 to July 12 ( ) 8th Week-Aug . 10 to Aug. 16 ( ) 4th Week-July 13 to July 19 ( ) More than one week: ( ) 5th Week-July 20 to July 26 No postponement . cancallation. or refund of deposit unless camp is notified by June 1. 1975. No deposil ls ever losl but credit will be made for future sessions for applicant or girl she designates wllh approval of managemenl within one year. Sessions begin on a GYMNASTIC CAMP Sunday and end on a Salurday of every wBek


Make Checks payable to

Box 6, Johnson City, N. Y. 13790 Telephone: (607) 797-1226



Dates: June 22-26, 1975

One of the most inexpensive camps anywhere. $ 4 0.00 for one week. We feature an outstanding staff of Olympians, Canadian and American gymnastic Coaches. Group ratio guaranteed 8 -I. Don't get lo st in those large

~tl ~""

", 1/ ,


, 1/ ",

gymnastic camps, we GUARANTEE RESULTS'

FOUR ant»ijS Attend one r all sessions.


June 29 July 5 July 6 - J Iy 12 july 13 - Ju ly 19 July 20 - Ju ly 26


to 0 appliciltion

' Write: Dr. H.j. Bieste~feldt, Jr. SIU Arena Carbondale, lIIin9is 62901


The best of facilities and staff at a reasonable cost


1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) STAFF-Our staff Includes Olympic and National gymnasts . . . Director Rick Tucker, Assistant Director Lee Roberts, Grace Ann Tucker, Toby Towson, Karen Schuchman, Rich Tobin, Debbie Tobin, plus many other nationally ranked gymnasts, coaches and guest lecturers.

dance classes at all levels tumbling classes at all levels training in the Olympic events for women training in the Olympic events for men lecture-demonstrations small student-instructor ratio instructors who are carefuliy chosen for their teaching experiences and ability in order to provide the highest quality of instruction 8) upon request-evaluation of gymnasts attending two or more sessions



22 to JULY




R.turn to: LEE j\OBERTS, International Gymnaatlc. Camp, Inc., 257 Eaot Broad Str.. t. Ea.t Stroud.burg. Pa. 18301 (telephon. 717-421·8557) ACCIDENT INSURANCE IS INCLUDED Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Ag.. . . . .. Sex .. . ... . • .. . on.....Ion ... .... .. : .. . .. .. $110.00 Addre.. .... .. . ... ..... ...................... .... ..... ............ . City ..... .- .. .. .. . .. ...... .. '.. • .. ...

Stat... .. .. ...

Zip ........ .' .

T.I.phon • . . ' ........ ..•. .. • .. School Attending . .... ... ... , .......... .. .. .. ...... . . ... ......... .. . In.tructor/ Coach . ... .... ... . . . . . .. ... . . . .... . ........... . ... .. .... . Roommat. Requ .. t .... . .... ... . .. .... ... .... . . .. .... ......... . . . . . .

two. three or lou: ....10....... 5105.00 per .... five ....Ion • . .... . ... . .. .... 5100.00 per ... . ... ....... ..... ...... 5 25.00 pero .. .

SPECIAL TEAM RATES (6 or mar. m.mbeu) UPON ,REQUEST (Team appUcatian. mlt.t arrive together)

'mill' occompany oppl1ulllon) CI,d. ,t.. •• ulon or '.lIiO"1 Ihot yOIl whl'! 10 CI".nd . AI en,ollllllni will. IImlt.d, tho •• alle"dll1l on ..... 10" ,Ieaa. Indica I. a •• c.,,4 choice .

Jun. 22·Jun. 27 Plna. occompo", Ihia opplieollo" wllh

June 29·July "

° $25 ,00

July 13·July 18

July 20·July 25

p.r .eliion depoall ,o,ollie 10 '"Ie,,,olionol O,"'''Glllc Co",p, A"lieolion will II. oCCI'.4." 0 11,tl com. lotil D.,oll' ,.I",,,dolll. 30 40,. ,rio, 10 .. 1110" , W. ",III atce,' child,,,, w"d., I wllh ,0'''''0(04,11.,,,,,,,, Co""I.,. 4Irecllo"., '"o",,,,,,,d.d c!olhlnt lit', 0,,1 ..1 II"", COIIIP (.,,,,Iotlona will In .. "I w,on ,,,.1,, 0' o"lieolio",

ot w. can occ.,1 II IImll~d "",,,,II., 0' alwd.nll, N~TI.

July ·6.July 11


il rn


1) dance classes at all levels tumbling classes at all levels training in the Olympic events for women 4) training in the Olympic events for men 5) lecture-demonstrations 6) small student-instructor ratio 7) instructors who are carefully chosen for their teaching experiences and ability in order to provide the highest quality of instruction B) upon request-evaluation of gymnasts attending two or more sessions


2) 3)



Our rotating Staff includes Olympic and National gymnasts Director Bruno Klaus- gymnast and coach for the past twenty·ftve years, NCAA champion-high bar and vaulting, member 1962 U.s. World Championship squad, assistant professor and gymnastic coach, East Strouds-

burg State College. lob Rice, Ab. Gronfeld . Joon Rice , Bruno Klaus , Fred Ro el hli sberger

Joan Moore Rice-u.S. Olympian 1972, world games team member 1970 and 1974.

The International Gymnastics Camp has indoor and outdoor facilities, One of these is a newly constructed 50' x 120' gymnasium for the ultimate in European-style training, A licensed pqysician is on call at all times,


Abe Grossfeld- u .s. Olympic coach, 'Member of U.S. Olympic, World and Pan American teams.

Barbara Galleher Tonry-Gymnastic coach at Yale University, nIne times National Tumbling champIon, World Tumbling champion,

Don TonrY-1958, 1962, 1966 USA World Championship team member, 1960 Olympic team member, author arad international gymnastic judge.

Fred OriofskY - Former u .s . Olympian and NCAA champion, international judge, coach Western Michigan.

Noreen Connell-Dance and Competition Chairman for the U.S.G.F., U.S.G.F. gymnastics Judge. John Crosby- u .s . Olympian, Gold Medal winner In Riga, U.S.S.R. Fred Roethlisberger- u.s. Olympian, member USA World and Pan Am er ican teams.

Bob RiCe-National and All-American gymnast. Outstanding staff members also Incl ude : Ken and Missy Allen, Judy Alperin, Richard Aronson, Chris Brooks, Sandy Caldwell, Bob Cargill. LInda Castner, Jim Culhane (Olympian ), Len DePue, Dr. Jerry George, Tom GIbbs, Pam Gustavson, P eter Langnickel (Unive rsity Coach, West Ge nnany ), Tom Lindner (NCAA champion-winner of Nissen Award), ConnIe Maloney, Rich· ard l\Iurahata, l\lary Jane O~le rl e, P egIY Petera, Jean Bathfon, Debbie Roe. Dennis Spencer, Steve Whitlock.

Joon Moore Rice



22 to JUNE 29 to JULY 6toJULY

13 to JULY 20 to JULY 27 to AUGUST 3 to AUGUST 10 to AUGUST 17 to AUGUST 24 to AUGUST

27 4 11 18 25 1 8 15 22 29



Return to: BRUNO KLAUS, Director, International Gymnastics Camp, Inc. R.D. 3, Box 518, Stroudsburg, Pa. 18360 (telephone 717-629-02(4) Circle the Jen ion or sellion s thol you whh to allend . As enrollment will be limited. those attend ing one se ni on pleo n indicotl a second choicl. JUnl 22 -Junl 21 J Unl 29- July 4 July 6 - July 11 J",\y 21-Aug . 1 Aug. l-A"'g . • • A"'g . lo-A"'g . IS·

Jllly IJ-Jllly " A"'g . l1-A"'g . 22

J",ly 2o-July 2S Aug. 24-A"'g . 29

Coache s: ·During thele sUl ionl a spec ial on. wllk couru fo r credit will b. a va ilable to coach es and teochen . Pleo , e wrile for additional information.

Name .. . . Address .. . . .........• . . . . • ..

Age City ..

School Attending ...... , .... , ......... . .. , . . ........ .. . . ..


Telephone ... .. .. ...... ...... , . ... .....

State ......

Zip .... . . : .

Inslructor/ Coach ... . , . . . .... . . ...... ..... .. . . . , . .. .... .

Roommate Requests ................... . ...... . . ... . .. . . . ....... .. ....... .. .... . .... . ..... .. .... . . , . . ........... ... '.. (mUll a ccom pany application) P1.0JI accompan y 'hit applica tion with a $ 25 .00 per sUlion deposit payable 10 Inle rnot ionol Gymnastic Camp. Applicolion will be a ccep ted on a lint coml bo ,is OJ we can accep t a limited numb er of I tudenh. Depollt refundo bll 30 dO YI p rio r to, JI" lon . We will occe pl children under 8 wi th parental odvi lemenl. NOTE : COlQplele directionl , recommende d clothing lilt, orr iva i time, co," p reg u·

lot ionl will be lent upon recli pt of opplico lion.

ACCIDENT INSURANCE IS INCLUDED loll ratel a re q uoted on 0 per un ion bOlh )

one session .............................. $115 te n sessions . ........ $100 t wo, three or {our sess ions $110 Commuters .................... $ 70 five sessions.. . ..................... $105 Deposit . . ...... '$ 25 SPECIAL TEAM· RATES (6 or more members) UPON REQUEST TEAM APPLICATIONS MUST ARRIVE TOG€THfR

GYMNASTICS CAMP BRUNO KLAUS , director R.D. 3, Box 518 Stroudsburg , Pa . 18360

2. In I th e initial drive for ward w ith th e legs started ju st before th e bottom, whi le in II it is started by th e act ion of gravity at th e bottom and mu sc ular action does not reach it s p eak until 60° after th e bottom . This demonstrates th e late action cha racter isti c of poor execution. 3. Swing I shows coordinated act ion betwee n the shoulder and hip forces while in II they do not act in uni so n and do not producea smooth mo ve ment. 4. The stron ge r forces requ ired in II are probabl Y partially the res ult of less efficient execut ion, howeve r so me of the difference mu st be respon sible for the larger gain in ve loci ty at the co mple tion of sw ing II. Any other technique of doing the giant swi ng co uld also be anal yzed and co mpared usin g th e sa me "gy mna st " work in g under identi ca l cond iti ons. This prov id es a met hod fo r optimizing tec hniqu es of performing ski ll s, someth ing coac hes have been trying to do intuitively for Yea rs. It is hoped to investigate other mo ve me nts in th e nea r future and perhaps ex tend th e appli ca bility of th e comp uter program to inclu de a rel ease from th e bar and support flex i bi lit y. Th e more tec hnica l aspects of th e method used and a brief d escription of the co mput er program s and proced ures wi ll appear in Biomechanics IV (Pro ceed ings of th e Fourth International Semin ar on Biomechanics); University Park Press, Baltimore, Md.

decrease ju st before the bottom, and si nce th e torque is still negativ e, thi s mu st be ca used by grav it y tend in g to pull the body into a straight li ne co nfigu ration. it is not until 30 ° past th e bottom of the sw ing that muscular forces start to acce le rat e the legs and trunk forward , and th e pea k of muscular action is not reached until th e bod y is almost hor izontal in th e upswin g. Thi s is in co ntra st to I where ma ximum musc ular forces occurred 10° past the bottom. It is also of interest that th e m ax imum torqu es reac h approximately 350 ft.lbs. and are cons iderab ly greater than those in giant swin g I. Th e torqu e at the hip joint ha s a mu ch narrower p ea k than th e torque at the should er joint and thi s results in an increase of th e angular velocity of the trunk relative to th e arms causing the legs to be left behind in the succeeding motion. Both torqu es reach a minimum at about 30° above the horizontal. Th e minimum torques are again of greater magnitud e than in I by a factor of three , and occu r earlier by about 30 ° Gia llt swing II requires a time of 1.75 second s for co mpl e tion and fin ishes with an angu lar ve locity of 151 °/seco nd s, represent in g a doubling of the initial speed. In summarizing the d ifferences betwee n giant sw in gs I and II , it ca n be sta ted that : 1. The relaxed bod y on th e way down causes th e bod y to hyperex tend in II. TII';[(I) 0.2 0 . 4


0 .8



,.'" I

Sil .




Sh .





1 .8





Hip II

1 .6




1. 4



_~ OR QU3



(ft - lb s) 1 00

-:p~.;"'- ...-..: . .~.:-- .-.

a F-------'-'-"'-·







I ./

""'~\"""I . - 100 CENTE R OF !.'ASS ANGLE 80·

Fig. 2 Torques occurrl~g at the hip and shoulder joints for giant swings I and II. 40·

- 40·


- 160·




- 200·

- 240·


1974 WORLD GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS - VARNA BULGARIA A must for any gymnast, coach or judge who is interested in studYing th e latest in routine construction, style or technique. Rath er than limit the film [0 just six finalists, the other outstanding or unique optional performances were added [0 give just about a complete collection and overa ll view of th e various st unt s, combinations and techniques. In addi tion, the film conta ins numerous highlights (for exa mple, Korbuts full on and full off in vaulting and Andrianov's and Marchenko's full twisting double back in tumblin g) in slow motion and fro,m different angles. . Since a number of gymnasts in the finals broke, their best performances from the previous days' competition were used in stead . All films are Super 8mm color and will be accompa nies by a comp lete list of performers. ORDER NOW WHILE THE SUPPLY LASTS. Please enclose payment. GYMNAST Feb. '75

Men: 800 feet (2 reels of 400 ft.) Cost: $100.00 One rell contains: 15 Floor Exer. routin es plus parts. 14 Pommel Horse routines plus parts. 12 Ring routines plus parts. Other reel co ntails: 15 Vaulters, plus extra vaults. 23 Parallel bar routines, plus parts. 21 Horizonta I bar routines plus parts. Women: 1,200 feet (3 reels of 400 feet) Cost: $150.00 V, UPB reel co ntains: 23 Vaulters, plus extra va ults.

31 Uneven P. Bar routines, plus extra performers & parts. Floor exercise reel contains 25 routines (includ ing both of Turisheva's and Saadi's routines). Balance Beam reel co ntains 19 routines. Order lams Irom: Abie Grossfeld, Gymnastics coach Southern Connecticut State College New Haven, Connecticut 06515


AND THE DOCTOR By Dr. John D. Webber This issue introduces our Sports Medicine editor, John D. Webber, M.D., and the first of a series of columns relating to the medical aspects of gymnastics. Doctor Webber, a surgeon in private practice in Portland, Oregon, is also the team physician . for the Portland Gymnastic Center. Dear Doctor John, " What is Sports Medicine, and how does it relate to Gymnastics? " Sports M edicine is a relatively new, and little known bran ch of organized health care devoted to the ca re and prevention of athletic injuri es . At first practiced by sma ll numbers of vo lunteer phYsi cians, se lf-train ed in the special needs of athletes, Sports Medicine has since grown to be a recognized medical specia lty. Schools of medicine now provide specia l training in this field, and advanced degrees are ava ilable at a few American and European uni versit ies. Nat ional organizations of phYsicians and surgeons, athletic trainers and educators, and private and public in stitutions have prov ided financial support in directing medical research efforts into this previously neglecte d field. The management of a major sports injury, which occurs more frequently and with greater severity in contact sports, is usually rather st rai ght fo rward . A fractured tibia or collar bon e will require a physician examination , possible specialist consu ltati on, appropriate therapy, and rehabilitation . Yet this form of injury is th e least problematical for the team phYsician , trainer , and coach. The injuries which are the most difficult to properly diagnose and treat with skill and efficiencY are the " lesser" at hl etic injuries of bruises, strains, sprain s, abrasions, and ot her minor disabilities. Gymnastics, a non co ntact sport, ha s very few " major" injuri es and a relati ve ly high incident of " lesser" injuries, eve n when compared with other noncontact sports. Therefore, the athletic injuries found in non-contact sports like gym nastics will tend to be of the more diffi cult type. When one conside rs the specia l needs of the gymnast, such a minor injury can produce a large hand icap, especiall y at the peak of the competitive season. With the increasing act ivit y of the U5GF, AAU , and similar organizations, the unprece nd ented growt h of gymnastics in s'econdary sc hools and co lleges, and the stimulating impact of the mass media o n the sport, there is an increasing need for phYsicians to supervise and provide medical ca re to competit ive gymnasts. With the initiation of this co lumn , it is hoped that many readers with both special knowledge and sk ills, as well as questions , w ill sha re those id eas with all of us here at The Gymnast. Doctor Webber encourages readers to send their inquiri es regarding sports medicine to: Dr. John D. Webber ' Portland Gymnastic Center 11632 S.W. Pacific Highway Tigard, Oregon 97223 Phone: 503-639-5388 As many as possible will be answered in future issues of GYMNAST 39


Spon so red by SOKOL. with over 1()(} y(~(lrs of gyml1Clstir: tC(Jr:iling I ~ X l)(!rir ~ nr:l : . . .

SOKOL TSUKARA c/o FRANK MICHALEK 4342 S. WISCONSIN AVE. STICKNEY, ILL. 60402 Remember .. . We have restricted the number ot campers that can attend. Do not delay your application.



- -

SOKOL WOODLANDS SOKOL WOODLANDS, located in the scenic Catskill Mountains of southern New York State, is a facility acquired and developed specifically to provide the finest gymnastic program available anywhere. The SOKOL WOODLANDS GYMNASTIC SCHOOL has been serving the gymnastic community with an eight-week summer program for twelve consecutive Years. Its leadership and direction since its inception have remained constant, insuring and continuously improving and refined program of gymnastic instruction for students at all levels. If you are looking for a first-rate , professional , timetested gymnastic program in a beautiful physical environment - THIS IS THE PLACE!


The huge, well-illuminated Field House, pictured above, provides more than 14,000 sq. ft. of gymnasium space. This all-weather gym enables workouts to be conducted regardless of weather conditions. The expansive area of the Field House eliminates crowding of apparatus, insuring a safe working area for each piece of equipment. There is a separate ballet and dance area. For Brochure and furth er information concerning the eig ht w eek summe r program write to :

Sokol Woodlands 276 Prospect Street, P.O. Box 189 East Orange, N.J. 07019 Phone (201) 676-0280

r 40

GYMNAST Feb. '75

INDEX "GYMNAST" '74 I cannot recall a more optimi stic yea r for the GYMNAST than th e o ne just completed . It is an especially good feeling to read the nethusiastic wo rd s of Editor - publisher Glenn Sundby, whose efforts in gymnastics seem to have provided him , perhaps for the first time, wi th a glimmer of hope for the future of hi s publication pursuits. During 1974, we can't help but notice the tremendous contr ibuti ons o f Dr. H.J . Biesterfe ldt in a number of directions. His efforts at the Coaches' Congress i n Chicago to better o rganize co ngributions to the GYMNAST shou ld resu lt in a full agenda of activ iti es for contr ibutors at the DenverCongress this Fall. Those o f you who desire some association wit ht his particular meeting are urged to co ntact Dr. Biesterfeldt (c/o SIU Arena, Ath let ics Dept., Carbondale, III. 62901). Another hopeful sign was the emerge nce of another, nat iona ll y circulated, gymnast ic periodical. This is a healthy sign and shou ld do much to improve the quality of the GYMNAST. A.B. Fred erick Ed ucation Editor INDEX FOR THE "GYMNAST" (19741 - VOLUME XVI Entries found in the index below are cross indexed by subject matter and contr ib utor. An example fo ll ows: RESEARCH (Subject matte r) Twist ing mechanics - I (B iesterfeldt) (Title) (A uthor)

4:28-30 (Vo l. No. & pag es)

Biesterfeldt, H.J. Twisting mechanics - I 4:28-30 Note: There was a mistake in the May ed ition in that it was incorrectly iden tified as vo lume number 4. The vo lum e number in all references ide ntifies the month , therefore a " five" (5) found in the ind ex refers to the May editio n of the GYMNAST. ABF SUBJECT MAnER ACROBATICS World acrobatic cham pi ons hips Moscow 8-9:10-11 ART Cross hatch art (Cragg) 3 :Centerfold Gym atmosphere - Use of opaque projector (Mayer) 4:10 Med art 4:Centerfold Gymnast ics - Competition or art form (Hug) 8-9:44 On sport and meaning (M itche ll ) 89:45 The mind of a gymnastic rout in e 10:25 Thirty seconds (Jendrejck) 10 :47 The aes th et ics of gymna st i cs (He nn ecke) 10: 58 BOOKS Olga by Justin Beecham (Simons) 3:32 A Parent's Guide to Gymnastics by Pat ri cia Gause 4:48 The American All-Around - Fi lm by Marvin Johnson (Cril ey) 10:59 Gymnastics A Programme of Development for Schools and Colleges by John Atk in son (Borms) 10:60 Rules of the Game by Diagram Group (Cr il ey) 12:42 BOYS' GYMNASTICS Boy 's gymnastics - Competition rules (Swee neY) 4 :32-33 So yo u want to be an O lympian? (Ba ll ester) 11 :37 Dealing wit h behavior problems (Sweeney) 11 :37 CAMPS Cata li na Island 10:17-18 New England area (Aronson & Conne ll ) 10:19 Lak e Bistineau 10 :20-21 S. I. U . Camp (Needleman) 10:21 Tumble 'I own Clinics (Voge l) 10 :22 O lympic ca mp 10: 22 Camp Sea rs 10 :23 Woodward 10: 23-24 Stony Brook (Isabe lle) 10: 24 CANADA 38th Canadian Champi ons hips - 1974 (Wa lI er) 6-7 :30 CLINICS 1973 New England clinic (Card in ali ) 2:16 Tucso n 2:17 Sarasota 2:18 Ft. Lauderdale 2:9 Gett in g the most o ut of a clinic (Ste rn ) 4:34 GYMNAST Feb. '75

8th Ann ual Summer Institut e of Women's Gymnastics (C himielen ski) 8-9:58+ Annual Nat ional Summer 17t h Gymna sti c Clinic 11:11 CLUBS Gym- I-N iks (Thatche r) 1 :22-23 Establish i ng a commi tt ee for co mpeti tive gymnastics (G lover) 2:2728 Olympiad Club - Newardk, Del. 3:30 Mannettes (Friedman) 3:31 Gymna stics is fun (Johnson) 4:22-23 Wic hita Gymnastic Clu b (S trand & Hodges) 4:24 Hill's angels 6-7:40-41 Gymnast ic ex travaganza (Ca rter) 67:41 Denver club European tour (Hill ) 89:56-57+ Gymnast ics Olym pi ca (Wake lin g) 11 :47 Desert Devils 12: 34 -35 Owego Scamps 12:35 Philade lphia Gymnastic Center 12:35 COACHING How to get the most o ut of yo ur coach in g (A nderso n) 10:41 COMPETITIVE RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS (Formerly Modern Rhythmic Gymnastics) 1973 Modern RhYthmic Gymnastic Champions hips (Spilthoorn ) 3: 16-1 7 Modern Rhythmic Gymnastics (Hoy man) 3:18 1974 Nat ion al Champio nships - C.R .G. (Hoyma n) 6-7:34 COMPETITIONS Los Ange les Holiday Classid 1 :14-1 5 Western States Jr. Elite Inv itation al (Thatcher) 1 :16-1 7 Spartan Invitational (Jennett) 2:13 Mid West Open (Co leman) 2: 13 1973 Windy City Invitational (A ll en) 2:22 Women's Elite Qua li fication Meet (Thatche r) 3: 12-15 Hawaii Beach Meet 10:11 Santa Monica Gymfest (Wa keli ng) 10:12-15 Big Surf Gymna stic Meet (Dowden) 11 :10 Minnesota Gymfest 11 :10 EDITORIALS The all -around gymnas t - Five go allaround (Webs ter) 1 :32 Our mouths (Speraw) 1 :32 Is th e wo rld champ ion a world champion? (Hoffma n ) 2:29

Simplitication Not. further compl ication p lease (Welse r) 3:19 Some of my best fri ends are speciali sts (SweeneY) 4: 33 Where have we been - Where are we going? (Mi ll man) 6-7:10 End of ser ious gy mna stics at th e U niversity of Mass. (Bi esterfeldt) 67:56 Title IX viewpoints (Cr iley) 8-9 :6 Amateur Athletic Act of 1974 (Cri ley) 10:7 Off season practice for high sc hool st udents (Cr il ey) 11 :7 Is gymnast ics an equa l opportun ity sport? 11 :46 Rebuttal by Joann e Pasqua le 12:41 EQUIPMENT Low leve l r ing set- up 4:6 Computer ass isted scor in g for gymnast ics (Walton) 5:38 Anchoring bars in sand 6-7:60 Platform spotting the paralle l bars (Sc hott ) 11 :45 The snap-flip and comments o n uneven bar rail s (Re iter) 11 :49 EXHIBITION University of Mary land Gymkana (Friedman) 1 :29 -30 Expo '74 - Spokane, Washington (Simons II ) 8-9:27-35 FLOOR EXERCISE View points on floor exerc ise (C ril ey) 2:7 Let 's tak e a spin I - f loor turns (H en dershott) 2:24-26 Part II 3:28-29 Full twisting d ive ro ll (Bozick) 3:20 Full twi st in g back somersault progression - " Let 's twist aga in like we did last summe r ' (Eaton) 3:21 Tec hnique for a sw i tch leg ba c kw~lkover (DuBois) 4:35 Forward aeria l wa lkovers - anot her look (Riddell) 6-7:36 Back handspr ings Two sty les compared (Johnson) 10: 52 HIGH SCHOOL REPORT '74 High School Report 8-9:12-25 Contributors: Fontecchio, Mass.; Ha yden, Me.; Livengood, Pa.; Kono pa , N.Y.; Woodworth, N .Y.; Traetta , N.Y.C.; Speide l, N. J.; Summitt, N.Y. ; Kuhn , A la. ; shaw, Va.; Gutz ler, Miami, Fla. ; Wr ight, Fla. ; Kan. , Neb., N .M., Ore., No.Cal., Los Ange les,Cal.; Darwick, Fla.; Cragg, Minn.; Wentworth , Wise. ; Se llm an , Ohio ; Anderson , Tex.; Snyder, Color.; G ross i, Mont.; Wen net. Ariz .; Ostrander, Idaho; Whitney, Wash.; McCurley, N. Ca.; Price, S. Cal.; CrileY, Hawaii and Arthur, Hawaii. Off seaso n practice viewpoin t (Cri ley) 11 :7 HISTORY Hi story of the NCAA Gymnastic Championships (Gu ra ) 5:9-17 NACGC Awards - Lists of recipients 5 :40-41 A b it of hi story revisi ted (C ril ey) 6-7:67 GYMNAST Look ing back (Wa keling) 6-7:52 Friend shi p first - Competition seco nd (Wa keling ) 8-9:54-55 The World Gymnastic Champio nships - 1930-1970 (Wakeling) 10 :54-56 HORIZONTAL BAR H ec ht dismount (Roe tzhe im) 8-9:41 Free hip circl e (Aitken & Black) 12:3637 INDEX GYMNAST Index 1973 (Frederick) 3:41-44 IN MEMORIAM Jack Bonham 3:8 Victor Zini ewicz 3:8 Gary Morava - " Tell my friends I was hap py" (Bi este rfeldt) 3:9 Janos Proha ska (S undby) 4:6 INTERNATIONAL Canada Al l-Stars vs. North ern Ca lifornia A ll-Stars (Ga ult) 1 :15 Swiss vs USA (C umiskeY) 2:8-10 South African Cup (Stephen son) 2:1011 Notes from Japanese tour (Gau lt) 2:1 1+

Poland vs USA (Cumiskey) 4:14-15 Czec hos lovak ian report (C himie lenski ) 4:15-16 Czechoslovakia va USA (T hatc her) 4: 17-19 Gymnast ics in the USSR (Riorda n) 4:20-21 Go ld en Sands In ternational- Bulgar ia (Grossfe ld ) 6-7:26-27 Moscow and Riga '74 6-7 :28-29 Two new Sov iet gir ls on the scene (Si mmons II ) 8-9:36-37 China gains most medal s in gy mnasti c mee t 11:8 USA Jr. team tours japan (T reiber and Hill) 11:12-13 1974 USA World Games team (Simons II) 11 :1 4-20 18th World Championships (Endo) 12:14-15 Wo rl d Championsh ips - Appraisal of gi rl 's performances (Simo ns II ) 12:1620 JUDGING NGJA ce rtifi cat ion req uire me nt s (A llen) 1 :24 The questionab le va ult - La yout squat (H ende rshott) 1 :24-25 Open letter to rated women 's ju dges (Kjeldsen) 2:23 NGJA Ex ecu ti ve Board mee ting 2:3031 Simpl i f i cat ion Not furt h er comp licati o n pl ease! (We lse r) 3: 19+ Pass the DGWS tes t 3:27 W hy are the re so many national and region al rat ed judges from New York? (Chencinski) 6-7 :38 Shorthand fo r uneven bars (H endershott) 6-7 :39 FIG Code of Points - Women (F ie) 12:29-31 MEET ORGANIZATION Runn in g a me et (Stern) 1 :27 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Viewpoints on th e 1974 NCAA Championships (Cri ley) 5:8 NCAA University Divis ion Championships (C ril ey) 5: 18-37 NCAA Co ll ege Divi si on Champ ionships 5:44-49 NAIA Nationa l Championships (Keating) 5:50 NJCAA Nat iona l Champ ionsh ips (Hess) 5:51 AIAW nationa ls (Thatcher) 5:52-55 Un iversity of Massachusetts sweeps tripl e crown (Ray) 5:55 USGF Elit es (Hendersho tt ) 5:56 USGF 2nd Eli te Qua lifying Meet (K ne pper) 5:57-58 USGF Jr. Nat ionals (Ga ul t) 5:59 USGF Elit e Championships - Berkeley (Cr il ey) 6-7: 11 -17 USGF Sr. Nationals (Henders hott) 67: 18 USGF Elite champion sh ips - Wo_m~ n 67: 19-21 --AAU Sr. Nationals (Shaw) 6-7:22-25 Sr. OlYmp ics 1974 8-9:8 OLYMPICS . The O lYmpic sym bol 11 :38 PARENTS (Pat Gause - "A Parent's Guide to Gymn astics") Camps 6-7:42 Tumbling 11:44 PERSONALITIES Iowa State - Off to a good start (Thatcher) 1 :18 Andrianov - USSR. 1 :Ce nt erfold Gordon Maddux 1 :34 Kitt y Kjeldsen (Hend ers hott) 2:23 She flew away to Never Never Land Cathy Ri gby (H endershott ) 3 :26 GYmnastic Hall of Fame 1974 5:7 Congratulations James Roza na s 6-7:8 Diane Dunbar interview (Thatcher) 67:31 Also 6-?:Centerfold Olga Korbut 8-9:Centerfo ld Go ld en Dozen - Ame ri can women gymnasts (S imons II ) 10:26-39 Dunbar 27 , Rice, 28, Fike, 29, Carr 30, Pierce 31, Howard 32 , Gayne r 33, Thies 34, Yocum 35, Hi1136, Mys lak 37, Govin 38 and anderson 39 The World's Best (Gohler) 10 :53 USA 1974 World Games Team


Air-conditioned double rooms , '" Air-conditioned gymnasium ". " .". \ Swimming Pool, lighted for "night 'O,s); ~ Lighted Tennis Courts ' \ I,!\~~" Registered Physical Thera pist supervises):o,rrective ~.,nn."" ..... Programs for Specialists as well as fQr; AII~around men. Filtered Campus Lake Swimming, \' ... Canoeing on Campus Lake , "~ AsJro...... Turf Field for_outdoor - FX: Huge Porta-pits for outdoor vault Cuplidte or tripli~at(equ ipme nt at all stations. .'


Director: Bi ll Meade, SrU H ead Coad; Program Direc tor: H ,J Bi esterfeld t, Jr, Plu s Coaches: Pa uJ l iert , O k laho ma, Pete H emm erlin g, Bre nt Simm o ns, Ed H em bd , and o t hers, Group Leaders: c hose n)r()m th l\ top ~Ij~'ge co mpe tito rs, all w ltli ex p e r r~ h c,e as camp~ co unse lo rs .. - KlCA"K ry les p rev¢n t m en.ti.!;>nin g_ th eir names,

FOUR SESSIONS . "~' A ttend o ne o r all seSSio ns, ,il Jun e 29 - Ju ly 5 July 6 - Ju ly 12 Ju ly 13 - Ju ly 19 Jul y 20 - July 26

Cost: $45, 00 ::., instructio nal fees + 52,50 Room and Boa rd per week, '($97, 50 to tal) Prog rams tailored to indiv id ual n,eed s

to obtain ca mp broc hu re 'and app li ca t io n Write : BOYS ONLY Dr. H.J. Hiesterieldt, Jr. The bes t o f fa cili t ies an d staff SIU Arena at a r easo nab le cost Carbondale, Illinois 62901


o <..9 +...c u



«>. ,.a


o ...c CL

The O . K. Fan Club Box 75072 Los Angeles, CA 90075 The fan club of Olga and other women gymna s ts . Ask about it. It might be just what you ' ve been waiting fo r.

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11 :Ce nterf o ld Kondo - FIG VP (E nd o) 12: 16 Art A ldri tt - NACGC Awa rd (Peavy) 12:37 POETRY Side ho rse (Sha piro) 4:43 POMMEL HORSE Is the wo rl d cha m pion a wo rl d champ io n ? (H o ffma n) 2:29 Side horse is simple - Part II (H esso n) 4:36-37 Co mpul so ry break int o back scissors (Bi esterfeld t) 11 :40 Co mm o n e rro rs in ho rse circles (Biesterfe ldt ) 11 :41-43 PSYCHOLOGY D efe nse mec hani sms and gy m nasti cs (M ass im o) 6-7:55 RESEARCH Wh y r esearc h in gy m nas t ics? (Kjeldse n ) 1 :25-26 Tw istin g mec hani cs( Bieste rf eldt) Part I 4:28 -30, Part II 6-7: 46-47 and Part III 10:42-43 1st Ca nad ian Sy mpos ium fo r th e adva nced stu dy of gy mn asti cs (M o ntpetit) 8-9 :8 Co mparison of th e bo dy d ime nsio ns o f Japanese, Hunga ri an and A meri ca n gymnasts (Nelso n) 10:44-46 Running forwa rd so mersa ul ts (Brow n) 12:32-33 RINGS Fro nt up ri se (Roe t hl isberger) 1 :28 Front so mey above rings (Do nova n) 67:44 Back u pri se han ds tand (Roe tzheim) 67:51 D ou b le sa ito dismo u nt (Bl esterfeld t) 12:38-39 RULES New girl s' h igh sc ho o l ru le book 89:26 New regu lations gove rn e li tes (Fie) 12: 40 SPECIAL LEARNING DISABILITIES I ca'n' t do a sea tdrop ! (Bee rs) 6-7:37 THEORETICAL Sw in ~ - The esse nce of gy mn astics (Fred eri ck) Part I 3: 9+, Part II 6-7:50, Part II I 10 :48-49 The basics b ehind the basics (M ill man) 8-9: 42-43 TRAINING St re ngth w ork o ut for gy m nasts (Roe thli sbe rger) 1 :26-27 Flex ibil ity p rog rams (Biesterf eld t) 3:22-23 The gym nast - H er weight an d h er diet (Shirley) 6-7:36 Train ing for 'strength (Fink f ro m FIG Bulletin) 8-9 :39 Diet and gy mn asti cs (Biesterf eld t) 89: 46-48 Sick lefoot (He nde rshott ) 8-9:39 Co m m itm ent and the gy mnast (H inds) 10:41 UNEVEN PARALLEL BARS Sh o rth and fo r u n eve n b ar s (H end ersho tt ) 6-7:39 Fu ll p irouett e (Sj u rsen ) 6-7: 43 Recog ni zi ng superi o r diffi culty o n t he uneve ns (Hendershott ) 8-9: 40 Layo ut catc h (Sj u rse n ) 10:40 Cast from the low ba r (Sju rse n) 11 :39 The Ches hi re "S nap-f lip " (Reit er) 11 :49 Free h ip ci rcl e (A itk e n and Black) 12:36-37 USGF Report 52nd FI G Co ngress (C umiskeY) 1 :8 -11 W om en 's Tec hni ca l Asse m b ly - FIG (Fi e) 1:11 -13 USGF Jr. O lympi c Prog ram 2:7 Age gro up p rog r am de t ail s (H end ersho tt ) 2:22-23 FIG Ge ne ral Asse m b ly minut es (C umi ske u) 3:7+ 1974 Jr , Ol Ympi C Pr og r am Q uali fica tio n 4 :33 Changes i n t he FIG Code o f Poi nts Wo men (Fie) 4:34+ FIG ratin g procedure (Fie) 8-9 :38 Viewpo in ts - Coac hes Co ngress 1974 (C r il ey) 12:7 1974 USGF Coaches Congress (Cr iley)

12: 10-13 New regu lat io ns gove rn e li tes (Fie) 12:40 USIAGC Co mm ent o n USIAGC edit ori al (M ass im o) 3:20+ Raising funds (Ga ll oway) 4:34 VAULTING H echt - Me n (Naka j ima - Translated by Yosh i H ayasak i) 4:38-40 WOMEN So me i nt erestin g data o n o ur top 20 wo men (Henders ho tt) 6-7:38 CONTRIBUTORS Aitkin, Jon The f ree h ip ci rcle 12:36-3i ,Alle n, Ken NGJA Cert if ica ti o n req uireme nts 1 :24 1973 W indy C ity I nv itat io nal 2:22 Anderson, Gary H ow to get the most o ut o f your coac hing 10:41 Aronson, Richard New England Area (Ca mpin g) 10:19 Ballester, Bill So you w ant to be an O lym p ian? 11 :37 Beers, N atalie I ca n 't do a sea tdrop! 6-7:37 Biesterf eldt, Dr. H.I . " Tell my fri ends I was hap py " (Ga ry Morava) 3:8 Flex ibi li ty p rog rams 3:22 -23 Tw isting mec han ics Part I 4:28 -30; Part 11 6-7: 46-47; Pa rt 11 110 :42-43 The e nd of se ri o us gymnastics atthe U, of M ass, 6-7 :56 D iet and gy mnast ics 8-9:46-48 Co mpul sory brea k into back scissors 11 :40 Co mmon errors in h orse ci rcles 11 :41 -43 D oub le sa it o d ismo unt (ri ngs) '-1:38:-3ij' Black, D avid The f ree h ip ci rcl e 12: 36-37 Bozick, Bria n Ful l tw isting dive ro ll 3:20 Bro wn, James Runni ng fo rwa rd som e rsa ult s 12:32-33 Cardinali, l eff 1973 New En gland Cl i nic 2: 16 Carter, M arialice Gymnastic ex travaganza 6-7: 41 Chencinski, Linda Wh y are the re so many natio nal and reg io nal rated j udges f ro m New Yo rk ? 6-7:38 Chimielenski, Gail Czechoslovaia n report 4 :15-16 8th A n nu al Summe r Institut e o f W omen 's Gy m nastics 8-9:58+ Coleman, Ken Midw est Ope n 2: 13 Connell, N o reen New England A rea (Cam ping) 10 :19 Cragg, D an Cross hatc h art 3:Ce n terfo ld Criley, Dick View poin ts o n fl oor exe rcise 2:7 Viewpo ints o n t he 1974 NCAA Champion shi ps 3:8 NC AA U ni ve r sit y D i v i si o n Champ io nships 5: 18-37 A bit of histo ry revisited 6-7: 6-7 USGF Elit e Champion shi ps 6-7: 11-1 7 Viewpoint s o n Title IX 8-9:6 Th e A mateur A th let ic Ac t o f 197410 :7 Viewpo in ts o n h igh school o ff-seaso n p racti ce 11 :7 View po ints o n the 1974 USGF Coac hes Cong ress 12:7 Cumisk ey, Fra nk Repo rt o n 52nd FIG Co ngress 1 :8-1 1 Sw iss vs USA 2:8-10 Po land vs USA 4:14-1 5

Donovan, To m Fro nt so mi e above rin gs 6-7: 44 D owden, Brad Big Surf gy mnastic mee t 11 :10 DuBoise, Charli e Tech n iq ue of swi tch leg back wa l kove r 4:35 Eaton, Sto rmy Fu ll tw istin g back so me rsau lt p rogressio n (Let' s twi st aga in lik e we d id last su mmer" ) 3:21

GYMNAST Feb. '7 5

Endo, Frank 18th World Championships 12 :14-15 Kondo interview 12:1 6 Fie, Jackie Womens' Tec hnical Assemb ly - FIG 1:11 -13 Changes in the FIG Code of Points 4 :34+ FI G Rating proced ure 8-9:38 FIG Code of Points - '74 -'75 12 :29-31 New regulations govern e lites 12:40 Fink, Hardy Tra ining for st rength 8-9:39 Frederick, A.B. Swing - Th e esse nce of Ily mn astir, Pa rt 13:9+; Part II 6-7 :50 and Part 1111U :48- 49 Ind ex for 1973 3: 41-44 Friedman, Ken Unive rsity of Maryland Gymkana 1 :29 - 30 Mannettes 3:31 Galloway, Dale Raising funds (o r the USIAGC 4:34 Gault, Jim Canada All-Stars vs Northern Ca lifo n ia All-Stars 1 :15 Notes from Japanese tour 2: 11+ USGF Jr . nationals 5:59 Gause, Patricia (A Parent's Guide to Gymnastics) A Parent's Guide to Gymnastics (Review) 4:48 Camps 6-7 :42 Tumbl ing 11 :44 Glover, Bill Establishin g a co mmitt ee for compe titi ve gy mn astics 2:27-28 Gohler, Josef The world 's best 10: 53 Grossfeld, Abie Golden Sands Internat io nal 6-7:26-27 Gura, Ray Hi story of the NCAA gymnastic cha mpi o nships 5:9-17 Hayasaki, Yoshi (Translator) Hecht va u lt - Naka jima 4 :38-40 Hendershott, Renee '1he questiona ble va ult 1 :24-25 Le t's investigat e th e USGF age group prog ram 2:22-23 "K itty Korner " 2:23 Le t's take a spin Part I 2:24-26; Part II 3:28-29 She flew away to never never land (Rig by) 3:26 USGF Elites 5:56 USG F Sr. Na ti o nals 6-7:18 Some interest ing data on our top 20 women 6-7:38 Sho rtha nd for un even bar s 6-7:39 . Sickle foot 8-9:39 Recog nizing supe ri or diff iculty on the unevens 8-9:40 Hennecke, Bob The aest he tics of gymnas ti cs 10: 58 Hess, Bob NJCAA Championsh ips 5:51 Hesson, James Side horse is simpl e - Part 114 :36-37 Hill, Rod De nver club European tou r 8-9:56-57+ USA Jr. Tea m tours Japa n 11 :12-13 Hinds, John Commi tm ent and th e gymnast 10:41 Hodges, Be verly Wich ita Gymnast ic C lub 4:24 Hoffman, Rusty Is the wor.ld champion a wo rl d c ham pi on? 2:29 Hoyman, Annelis Modern rh ythmi c gym nas ti cs 3: 18 1974 Nationa l Championships Co mpetiti ve Rhythmi c Gymna stics 67:34 Hug, Steve Gymnast ics - Compe titi o n or a rt form? 8-9 :44 Isabe lle, Ed Stony Brook (Ca m p) 10 :24 Jendrzejek, David Thirt y seconds 10:47 Je nnett, Clair Spa rtan Invitational 2:13 Johnson, Mrs. James K. GYmnastics is fun! 4:22-23

GYMNAST Feb. '75

Johnson, Marvin Back handspr in gs (Co mpariso n) 10 :52 Keating, Bob NA IA Nat ional Championsh ips 5:50 Kjeldsen, Kityy Why research in gymnastics? 1 :25-26 Open le tter to women 's judges 2:23 Knepper, Ed USGF Second Elite Qualifyi ng Meet 5 :57-58 Massimo, Joe Comment of US IAGC editor ia l 3:20+ Defe nse mech a ni sms and gymnastics 6-7 :55 Mayer, Paul Gym atmos phere 4: 10 Millman, Dan Where have we been - Where are we going? 6-7:10 The basics behind th e basi cs 8-9 :42-43 Mitchell, Bob On sport and meaning 8-9:45 Montepetit, Richard 1st Canad ian Symposium for the StudY of Ad va nced GYm nastics 8-9:8 Needleman, Mike SIU Camp 10:21 Nelson, Richard Co mparison fo th e bod Y dime nsions of Japanese , Hunga rian and Arperican gYmnasts 10:44-46 Pasquale, Joanne Rebuttal (To anony mou s e ditorial in Nov. GYMNAST) 12:41 Peavy, Bob Art Aldr itt - Special serv ice award w inne r - NACGC 12:37 Ray, Margaret U. of Ma ss. sweeps Triple Crow n 5:55 Reiter, Fritz Th e C hes hire " Snap-f lip" 11 :49 Riddell, Peter Forwa rd aer ial walkovers - Another look 6-7:36 Riordan, Ja mes Gy mnastics in th e USSR 4: 20-21 Roethlisberger, Fred Strength wor kout for th e gymnast 1 :26-27 Front upri se o n th e rings 1 :28 Roetzhe im, Bill Back upri se handstand 6-7:51 H echtd~mount~9:~

Schott, Neil Platform spotting t he para ll el bars 11 :45 Shapiro, Ala n Side horse (Poem) 4:43 Shirley, Dale The gymnast - He r weight and her diet 6-7:36 Simons II, Minot Oilla (Book rev iew) 3 :32 E:. po '74 (Spokane, Washington) 89:27-35 Two new Soviet gir ls on the sce ne 89:36-37 1974 USA World GamesTeam 11 :14-20 World Cha m pionships - App raisal of the girl 's perfo rmance 12:16-20 Sjursen, Helen Full pirouette (Uneve ns) 6-7:43 Layout ca tch (Uneve ns) 10:40 Cast from the low ba r 11 :39 Speraw Dan Our mo uths 1 :32 Splithoorn, Diane 1973 Modern Rhythmic GYm na stics Cha m pio nships 3 :16-17 Stephenson, Jim So uth African Cup 2:1 0-11 Stern, William H. Ru nnin g a meet 1 :27 Getting th e most out of a clinic 4:34 Strand, Muriel W ichita Gymna sti c C lub 4:24 Sundby, Glenn Janos 'Prohaska Memorial 4:6 Swee ney, Joe BoY's gym nasti cs 4:32-33 Some of my be st friends'are special ists 4:33 Dealing with the be ha vior p roblems of yo u ng boys 11 :37 Thatcher, Barbara (Editor " On the Beam") Western States Jr. Elite Invitational

1 :16-17 Iowa State - Off to a good start 1:8 GYm- l- iks 1 :22-23 Gordon Maddux interview 1 :34 Women's Elite Qual ification Meet 3 :1 2-15 Czechoslo va kia vs USA 4: 17-19 AIAW Na tiona ls 5:52-55 Dian e Dunbar interview 6-7:31 Treiber, Margit USA Jr. Team tours Japan Vogel, Alyce Tumble Tow n Clin ics Wakeling, Tom GYMNAST - Looki ng bac k 6-7:52 Frie ndship fi rst - Competit ion secon d

8-9:54-55 Santa Mon ica Gumfest 10 :12-15 The World Gymnast ic Championsh ips - 1930-1970 10:54-56 Gymnastics Olympica 11 :47 Waller, Lewis 38th Canadian Champion ships (1974) 6-7:30 Wa lton, Jim Computer assisted scoring for gymnast ics 5 :38 Webster, David The All-Aro und Gymnast 1 :32 Welser, Lyle Simplification No t Further Comp li cat ion Please! 3:19+

3RD ANNUAL 1975 SENIOR OLYMPICS FOR GYMNASTICS Will Be Held At Los Angeles City College Saturday June 7th, 1975 at 1:00 P.M. For Men and Women .•• competition in age groups so you only compete against your peers (25-29,30-34,35-39,4044, 45-49, 50-???? etc.) For further information and entry form Write: SR. OLYMPICS (Gymnastics) 5225 Wilshire Blvd., Suite #302 los Angeles, California 90036 RESULTS SKTION PEACH STATE INVITATIONAL by Homer Johnso n

The anpua l Peach State Invitation al which was held in conjunctionw ith a alional Judges Certi fy ing course , all under (he sponsorship fo the Georgia Gymnasti c

Ju dg es Association Inc., at the Deka lb Communit y College in Metro A tl anta, GA. The invitatio nal. unde r the direc ti on of Stan McCa ll e r, GGJA Pre,ident and Bill Crews. Meet-Director. brought togeth er the Un ive rsit y of Illinois Chicago Circle, Memphis State University, Da vid lipscomb Coll ege of Nashville, Tennessee, Georgia Southern College, Georgia Tech, and the University of Georgia for compe tition. U .I.C.c. easily wa lked away w ith the first pla ce troph y with a total of 200 point s, whi le the University of Geogia too k second place with. 176.45 points, and Georgi a Tech taking third with 170 points. Georgia Sou th ern Co ll ege which ,co red a total of 180.05 team point s was di squali fied from tea m compet ition due to an infraction of lCAA rul es concerning the all-around. U. I.c.c. al ,o placed th e ir thr ee all-around men in the finals w ith each one taking an individual all-a ro und plaqu e for their efforts. Chu ck W anner took first with 51.05 pOints, Jacques Farny third , and Javier Diaz fourth. Second place honors went to Steve Norman of Georgia Southern who scored 49.95 point s. Event medal s were rather evenl y di vided b etween th e var ious schools compet ing. Scott Goldm an of U ICC and Richard Hancock of Ga . Southern tied for th e top spot in FX compet it ion with 6.95 points, w hile U ICC took all three top p lace, in PH. No rth and South m et aga in on R to take th e medals. Jacques Farney of U ICC tak ing first wi th a total of 9.15 and St eve N ormas of Southern taking seco nd with B.65 . The southern schools dominated LH V as all six winne rs were from th e sou th. Brad Becker of the Unive rsit y of Ga. took first with a 9.30 followed close lY b y Steve Norm an of Ga. Souther with a 9.15. Ge orgia's ~ i ke Gilreath took PB over Georgia Tech 's j e ff Morrison by on ly .10 of a poi nt. In H o rizonta l Bar it was anoth er North-Sou th split with first p lace going to Chuck Wanner of U ICC and Steve Norman of Ga. So uthern taking secon J. Durin g thi s wee kend o f competiti o fl Ihe GGJA also spo nsored a N ationa l Judges Course whi ch was di rec ted and taught by M r. Bill Roetzheim, k IH\\vr. b y all in the gyml].! " tic rank s. A record nu mber of 42 men to ot.. th is co urse, trying to become better qualified coaches and judge s, hop ing to im prove the interest and leve l of compe tition throughout the so uthea st area of the U.S.A. , especiall y in Geogia. With continued interest of thi s nature , su rely th e " South can ri se again " especi all y in the 'POrt of GYMNASTICS .

1,IINVITA TlONAl Sonoma State College in Rohnert Park , Cal ifornia held it's fi rst Gymnastic Invitational \vith tea m s competing from; fu ll e rton , Cal. Berk eley, C.S.U . Chico, San Francisco, Sacramento, U.C Da vis and Diablo Va ll ey College. C lub, repre,ented were; Santa Clara Youth Village and Sacramento Boy 's YMCA. 1500 people turned out for the mee t and were al so trea tf~rl \vith exh ibition s from the So noma Stale College Girl' s team as we ll as ex hibitions from Ma ry Polak (DGWS Va ulting Champion 1974 ), and Heidi Miller from CSU-Sacramento. Gary Bu c kmann from Ch ico WOI1 the A IIA round.

fIESTA BOWL-ARIZONA TWISTERS INV ITATIO NA L GYMNASTIC MEET December 14, 1974 Team Scores : long Beacl, KIP) 177.90; LOll g SCATS 168.70; Arizo na TW ISTERS 166.90; FRES a GYmna ' ti c Club 160.10. All-A ro und : Sus. ;, Archer (KIPS) 36.55; Kell y Muncey (KIPS) 35.80; Do nna Turnbow (KIPS ) 35.40; Tamm y Man vill e (TW ISTER S), & Patli Minich (KIPS) 34. 95; Lesl ie Wa lfberger {SCA TSI 34.65. Floor Ex e rc ise: Tammy Md lw illc- q.J O; ~ U ' !\rc her 9.00; 1\ 1111 Gud w<lI d (lY\ I~ ' K..... '-: ,jr !· w r ~ (T\<\' I ~IE KS J. P,1l 1l M II II Ch, 6V.o llsber ger 8.95. Ba l,l nce Be.lm:· SU5.a r' '\ rch er '3.15; "elly !\.\UIllPV 9.20; Pa m ,Iward i!'~;5; P.HII Mirllch 8,85; Donn,l I ~ I mbow 8. 7; j edn Te iss. re (SCATS) 8.6S. Uneven Parallel Bars: Susan Ar cher 9.15; Ga yle W yc off (SCA TS ) 9.0; Lesl ie vVo lfsberge r . Tarnnw M anvill e, Lo ri Schneider (KIPS), & Donna Tumbaw 8.85. Vaulting: Ga yle W yc off 9.20; Susa n Arc. h er & r ani Minich 9,1 5; D on na r umbow 9.00; Kell y Muncey & Lori Schneider 8.90.


Yo u mea n yo u have n't h eard of


Al e Gymnastics Etc., Inc. ? " Wh at d oes th e AIC sta nd for?"


is: Mr. Ric hard M. Aronson is: Mrs . Noreen E. Co nne ll

Represenling o ver 45 years o f comb ined Profess ional Experienc e Now you can w alk in off Ihe slreet and get "II those hard to obtain gymna sti c suppli es:

l e ota rd s (Da nskin, Ca p ezi o, Gym-Kin, Art Teen ) Wa rm-up Suits (Tap e re d & Fla red) Slippe rs Tube ~O C K S !'e o s & Arev les M e n's C o mpe titi o n Uni for m s - Zw ick le & Sporto pi a We also carry ..

!'osters, Gymnastic Literat u re , Jewelry, Gym Bags, Home Balance Beams, Novelty ' T ' Sh irts . Mats & Much Mor e . " A/C Swin gs w ith Gymna stics" Our profeSSional service Includes se rving as your information center for School s, Competit ions, Rule s, and co mpetiti o n regulation s. Visit us soon.

Ale Gymnastics Etc., Inc. Suite 110 2 Mack Road Woburn, Ma. 01801 Tel. 617 - 933-6250




Dear Sir: I have read with interest Mr. Riddell's letter on the subject of aerial walk-overs and I would like to add a few more thoughts on this , the most beautiful of all aerial skills. How seldom do we see it done really ',"ell. On the one hand we see the execution of Kyle Gay ner which is a thing of beauty , and at the other extreme so many that barely get off the floor. Should there not be some penalty for lack of height as exist in the case of the backward skills? I would like to e laborate on the aids to height and rotation and to quote from some of the wonderful coaches it has been my privilege to listen to and observe over the y ears. First there is the hurdle. a gathering of strength for th e upward punch. ~' or the punch Bub Marquette recommends jumping rope which exercises and coordinates all th ose elements which make for a good spring. Second there is the swift upward thrust of the leg to 180° which Mr. Riddell so aptly describes in his letter . However he does not elaborate on a most important aid which is the action of the arnlS . Here Tom Heineike who is a master at getting them off the ground h a s hi s gy mn a sts stand on their heels with the toes off the g round . arms stretched ilpwards with legs straight. Then lift off the ground with the arms alone swinging them down and backwards giving the body a powerfu l thrust upwards as well as a rotating impulse. so now we have two great aids for height, the upward thrust of the leading leg and the upward lift of the arms. Last summer Fritz Reiter pointed to what he called the creation of an "Energy zone" generated by the extension sideways of the arms around which the body rotates. He was referring specifically to the tuck-back but this is also relevant to the forward aerial. How much better to have the arms coming outwards from the thrust instead of drooping towards the floor I{ke Dornakova's and others in the last olympics. Outstretched arms not only

emphasize h e ight off the ground but offer a pleasing line whi c h compliments the continued 180° split of the legs at the summit of the movem e nt. And wh a t about the head ? The inimita ble Charlie Pond who trained so many champion tumblers a lway s stressed the importance of the head as a controlling factor. Where the head goes . the body goes. This leads me to question the validity of the hair pin or bobby pin approach , unless of course you are faced with a poor split and a very stiff back. Given a good split and a limber back why dive into the floor? On our studio wall we have a picture of Cathy Rigby holding a beautiful 18) ° at the end of a beam. Her head is high - way up. On page 19 of the November Gymnast we see Kyle Gaynor in another 180° split pose only here she is not holding onto her leg, her arms a re right back ready for the thrust, her head is neutral and there is a lot of space between her rib cage and the leg she is standing on. No wonder she has the best aerial walk-over in the world. Both these girls have two th i ngs in common , beautiful limber backs w h ich they can straighten when necessary and I am sure overspl its on the ground , by w hich I mean they can sit in a split on the ground with , back, or both legs elevated. As an exercise to obtain the upward thrust of the leg I would suggest holding on to the lower ballet bar and kicking up backwards until you make the 180°. When you can do that, hold itfor five seconds like Kyle Gayner, and you will be on the way to executing a proper a eria l w a lk-over. Reginald Webber Yates Center, Kansas Dear Mr. Sundby; I started gymnastics four years ago, and wou ldn't give it up for the worl d. I work out five hours a day at "McGran es School of Gymnastics ... Our coach Harry McGran e is fantastic ! I wou ld like to compliment you on the October edition of GYMNAST. I can 't believe how well you explained the mind of a gymnast. When reading this article I actually thought of myself as writing it. Also your interviews on the top twelve gymnasts was great. Keep up the good work. Thank you Very Sincerely Kellie Brannan St. Lou is, MO.

Located beh lna nUWd l d Jo h nson Lodge at Mon tva le Ave and Rou te 93, Boston area

FILMS 1974 USA FINAL WORLD GAM ES TRI ALS Super 8 film - in color America's top women gymnasts are featured in thi s fi lm. Includ es all four Olympic events. Comp lete optional routines only. Held at th e An aheim Convention Center Sept. 27-28. These are our women gymnasts that competed in Varna , Bulgaria on Oct. 21-

26. #28

350 ft. $35.00 Ppd. 1974 WORLD GAM ES IN VARN A, BULG ARIA Super 8 fi lm - in co lo r

Once again film s of the world 's best gymnasts are featur ed at thi s spectacula r Games. More new moves and superb techniqu es ha ve been filmed at thi s Game than at any previou s Games. No. 31 film features those wom en gymna sts that did not make it to the Final s. #29 M en's Finals' 400 ft. $40.00 Ppd . #30 Women 's Final s 375 ft. $38.00 Ppd. #31 Wom e n's non-fina list 260 ft. $26.00 Ppd. Orde r fr om:

FRANKENDO 12200 South Bere nd o Ave. Los Ang eles , Ca l if. 90044




~f~ ~



Ro n Cheatham start ed pla ying th e p iano at age eleven , composing at age twel ve, and perform ing Gymnastics at age fourt een . Ron is currentl y stud ying mu sic at Ya le U ni versit y and is an all aro und flf'rform er on the Yal e Gymna sti cs Tea m. Barbara Galleher (Yal e U ni ve rsity - Women 's Gymnasti cs Coa ch and form e r nine time Nation al Tumblilig Champion ) and Don To nry (Yal e U ni versit y - G y mn a~ ti cs Co ach and form er Ol ympi a n ) prov id ed th e motivation and guidan ce fo r thi s produ ction. Mr. Cheat ham ha s recreat ed eight new (Vol. I cont ains fir st se ri es) O lympic compositions on sid e on e and eight new ex trem ely exciting pi ece s on side two. W e are sure you will find thi s album d ynami c and uplifting. Gym nastics Aid es Co. P.O. Box 475 Northb r idge, Ma ss . 01534

GYMNAST Fe b. '75

GYM-KIN DISTRIBUTORS AlC Gymn,slics EIC., Inc. (617) 933-62.50 Suite 110 1 Mack Road Woburn. Mass 01801 Richard Aronson Noreen Connell Acodemy of Artisllc Gymn.slics (805) 872-3533 3533 Mount Vernon Bakersfield, CA 93306 Dale Vance Azlec Gymnasllc. Club, Inc. (714) 2877970 &420 Federal Blvd. San Diego, CA 92114 Ed & Darla Franz Bucks Gymnaslic Cenler (215) 322-2486 4432 BriSlol Road Oakford, PA 19047 Dave Kehler Cenlury School of Gymnastics (914) 3572382 Camp Hill Day Camp Camp Hill Road Pomona, New York 10970 Pel Mead Up Shop (312) 398-7329 932 South Arthur Ave. Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005 Up Shop (201) 381-6644 211 Elmer Slreet WeSlfield. New Jersey 07090 Ch.Jk Up Shop (201) 265-8818 310 Kinderkamack Road Oradel , New Jersey 07&49 Chalk Up' Shop (201) 566-5777 Route 34 Matawan, New Jersey 07747 Up Shop (606) 428-1705 8 Tampa Plaza Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034 COSS Gymnaslic Cenler (717)737-5555 4600 Old Gettysburg Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Barb Cutillo Formlnslon V.lley Gymn.slic. .nd Recre.lion Cenler, Inc. (203)677-4462 155 Brickyard Road Farmington, Conn. 06032 Linda W. Deabler F .. M Enlerprises (703)591-5269 3719 Acosta Road Mantua Hills Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Marlie Tardy Inse Fronk (301)734-7169 1312 Monlreal Drive Aberdeen, Maryland 21001 Girt. Gymn,slic-Alhletic Club, Inc. (607)687-5060 P.O. Box 153 Owego, New York 13827 John Numetko The Gym Shop (213) 451-4288 P.O. Box 110 410 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90406 H.mpshire Gymnaslic School (413)2566990 460 WeSl Slreet Amherst, Mass 01002



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J & F GymNstics World (516)427-8275 173 EaSl Second 51. Huntington Station, New York 11746 Frank Cassara & Jerry WalSkin Gymn.stics School (717)3947380 555 North Prince Street Lancaster, PA 17603 Linda Zook & Jack 8runner Leisure Time Design (805)968-0521 300 B Pine Street Goleta, CA 93017 Linda Jopson H.we. (4041872-6969 P.O. Box 77195 Atlanta, Georgia 30309 Dary( Hawes & Jim lyons McKeesporl Girls Gymnastic Te.m (412)466-5007 2653 Glenny lane West Mufflin, PA 15122 Gerry Micklo M.ssie McNeely (703)532-9039 6624 Gordon Ave. falls Church, Virginia 22046

GYMNAST Feb. '75

Professional Services, and Promotion 555 North Prince Street Lancaster, Pa. 17603 Telephone: (717) 394-7380 Mr. Gary Seibert. Nillany Gymnastic School (814)238-8995 412 WeSl College State College, PA 16801 Linda Villa Parkelle Gymn•• lic Club (215)435-5929 69 North 6th Street Allentown, PA 18102 Mrs. Jean Gackenback Siriggows Gymn.slic We.r (31 )856-2558 9496 Secor Road Temperance, Michigan 48182 Alvin Slriggow Suzanne's Dance Siudio (717)838-1718 212 East Main Slreet Palmyra, PA 17078 Ken Hendricks

Gainsville Gymnastics Supply (904)3723032 2024 N.E. 15th lerrace Gainsville, Florida 32601 Mr. Jo!teph Regina Wroni ' s Gymn.stic Appuel & Equipmenl (4121846-7078 R.D .• 1 Elmbrook Rd. Beaver ~alls, PA 15010 Mr. Brownie Wrona

V.lley Academy-School of Gymn.stics (606)785-4966 P.O. Box 244 Campville road Endicott, New York 13760 Mr. Daile Van Patten

Ozark Gymn.slics Empire (417)869-2472 1332 South Rogers Springfield , MO 65804 Mr. Chic Johnson The TiShl Spol (412)344-7722 1848 Greenlree Road Pinsburgh, PA 15220 SuYn Shiplnt;. Koinoni. School of Sport. (203)928-&420 P.O. 80x 321 Route 21 Thompson. Conn. 06277 Mr. Ron Brown



Tell the world whot (t~AI..I~II.AI~ J YOII think of YOII,self. .. ... weor 0 ~I Ilb~ ~~~~~ \T' sh,rt.' $5.00 ea. ppd.


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JUNGLE Fin es t qu a lity 100% co mbed co tto n fed turin g hi g h c rew n ec k;s p o rt s hirt le n gt h sl eeves, a nd c h o ice o f s ilk scrre n ed pa tt e rn s. Colors: w hite, ye llow, t a n , b lu e. S IZ ES :S (32-34), M (36-38), L (40-42) $5.00 each (p p d.). Not a ll sizes ava ilbl e in a ll co lors. Pl ease in d ica t e firs t, seco nd, a nd t h ird c ol or p refe re n ce. irst c h o ice w ill b e se n t w h e n eve r p oss ible ; h oweve r, we rese rve t h e rig h t t o s ubstitute co lo r w h e n necessa ry .

- - -------Order Blank-------JUNGLE Q u a nti ty Size(s) Co lor

FROG Q u anti t y Size(s) Color

Qua nt ity Size(s) Co lo r

1. 2. 3.

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1. 2. 3.

410 Broadway Santa Monica , 'CA 90406



Pl ease se nd m e th e Gymnast ''1'' s hi rts I h ave c h ec ked above at $5.00 ea . pp d . I a m enclosi n g c h ec k Ja r th e (Ca li fo rn ia res id e n ts add t o t a l a m o un t: $ 6% sa les t ax.)

State' ________ Zip, _ __


CI ASSIFIED WANTED: fEMALE l..YM NA, IIL INSTRUCTORS, experien ced to leach in private pr ogra m , Island of Maui , P.O. Box 1529, l a hain a, Maui 96761.

NEEDED: USED GYMNASTIC EQU IPME NT. reaso nably priced. Ha vasu Tumbl e bug s. Se nd all informatio n 10: Susa nn e Pat c h , 11 00 lake Ha vasu Ave. , Lak e Ha vas u C it y, Arizo na 86403. Phone: 602-85 5-4871. C YMNASTIC NOT E CA RDS: Altracli ve stJlionM }' and postcards for gymnasts. G reat boosl e r it e ms w hich G ill be sold at mee ts, clin ics, wo rk shops , ca mps, ex hibiti o ns, shO\vs to he lp pa y for tea m ex pe nses. For m o re information w rite : Gymna sti c note ca rds, 6030 lind worth Rd ., \No rth ingt o n, OH 43085. BOO K: " A Pa re ntis Hi p Poc ke t Guid e 10 Gymn asti cs" by Pa tri cia a. Gau se, is a we ll-illu strated , hand y gu id e fo r hom e. club, o r sc hoo l. Se nd $3.75 (includes tax & postage to a nyw he re in USA) to Pa tric ia A. Ga us e, 3 Kin gsga te l a n e, Owego, N. Y. 13827 and rece ive promp t delivery.



Feb. 9 Cle.eland Sokols Gymnastic Exhibition Cleve la nd State Uni ve rsit y, 3:00 p. m . Feb. 14-15 EI Paso KENOS Ope n Gymnast ic Meet ... open , boys and gi rls, comp le te age g roups. Pat Ham ilt on , 701 E. Monta na, EI Paso . Feb. 14-15 1st Elite qualification meet (East of M iss issip pi ) Top 20 to Pa n- Am Tria l on Ma rch 21-22. Feb. 28-Mar. 1 Northride In.itational to be he ld in No rt hridge , California using 1975 compulso ri es (so und s li ke thi s mi ght m ean th e Pa n Am com p u lsor ies) and opt io nals. Team type competit ion w it h finals for the top six in each eve n t. En try fee $45.00 pe r team, Contact Da n Conne ll y. Office 213885-2051 o r home 213 -344-0435. Mar. 1-2 Elite Regional Clinics Mar. 21-22 Final Trials for Pan-Am Games Mar. 21-22 (Pref.) USGF State Meets or Mar. 28-29 Mar. 27-29 NCAA College Di â&#x20AC;˘. Men, Ma n kato, M inn. Mar. 28 ~29 USGF State Meet for Mississippi in Jackso n, M eet di rec to r Va nn ie Ed wa rds Apr. 3-5 NCAA University Div. Men , IS U Apr. 3-5 AIAW Nationals, Ca liforn ia State Univers ity, Hayward , Ca lifornia Apr. 5-6 Eastern States In.itational Championships in New Yo rk this year. Apr. 11-12 USGF Regional Meets Regio na l C ham pi ons hips. Unive rsity of Uta h. Meet Director: Charli e Po nd , 8418 Supe rn a l Way, SI Lake Cit y, Utah 84121 . Apr. 18-1 9 YMCA Nationals ill W right State Uni ve rsity in Day ton, O hi o. W ri te M r. Do ug las Lew is, Camb ri dge, Oh io 43725 (Co m pet iti o n will in cl u de all gy mn as tic events a nd tra m po li ne). Apr. 25-26 2nd USGF National Elite Qualification Meet, Un iversity of Nevada in Reno. May 8-10 USGF Jr. Nationals to be he ld East of M iss iss ipp i. May 10 Modern Rhythmic Gymnastic Championships Sa n Francisco State Un iv. May 15-17 AAU Sr. Nationa ls at Kennedy Sr. H.S., Ceda r Rapid s, Iowa . May 22-24 USGF Sr. Nationals to be he ld West of the M ississ ippi. June 12-14 USGF Elite Nationals or June 19-21 July 1-5 Be rlin - 6th Gymna estrada Oct. World Cup, Madrid, Spa in MIDWEST CALENDAR Feb. 22 Midwe st Ope n Specia lists Meet for Jr. and Sr. Girl s... O pe iona ls o nl y Ame ri ca n Academy o f Gym nast ics, Des Plai nes, III . Mar. 16 St. Patrick's Day Open for Boys.. Opt iona ls o nl y (age 13 a nd over) Barry Keeley PH : 832-9430 or 834-5773. Gy mnas ti cs Unli mi te d, Scha um berg , III. Mar. 2 Intercollegiate Regionals for Women ... Illinois State U. Mar. 22'lllinois USGF Ope n for Boys u p to 18 a nd 18 and ove r Pau l Fina PH: 447-0607 Co ll ege of DuPage 25100 La m be rt Rd. , G le n Ell Yn , III . Mar. 22 Eiche In.itational for Girls AA o nl y O pt io nals Ro lf He lm ke PH : 264-9493 Eic he Tu rne rs, 165 E. 11 5th St. , C hi cago, III . 60628. Mar. 23 Eiche In.itational for Boys AA on ly Opt io na ls (See above). April 26 Elite National Age Group Tumbling Championships.. no site .. no M D yet. June 14-15 Turner Camp In.itational Ro lf He lmke PH : 264-9493 at Turne r Cam p . Mar. 29 Class I State Meet, Nevada. Meet Directo r AI Lansdon , 1301 Va lley Road Re no, Nevad a 89502 . Meet site sa me. May 2 Class II State Meet, Ne.ada Meet Directo rs M ike and Dale Fl ansaas 2284 Opp io St. Spa rka , Nevada. Meet site 1593 G reg St. Spa rks, Nevada.

wooden pomm e ls - 5250.00. Official Ame rican Para ll e l Bars wi th c ut -o ut ma l. $325.00. Bo th mu st be pi c ke d up . G }'111 Ce nt er. 6362 Indu stry \"'a }', W es tmin ste r, Ca. 92683. Phone (213)598 -4031 or (714 )894-3 170. INSTRUC IO R to r ph)'sica l fitn ess slUuiu (e xp. in gy mn Js lics) pari or full tim e - New York Cil YCa ll (212) 265-7270.

WRONA'S Gymnastic Apparel

NEW T-SHIRTS ' " USA GYMNASTICS TEAM" "GYMNASTICS DEVELOPS CONFIDENCE" Child S M L- Ad ults S M LAssorted Co lors. Indicate 3 Choices $3.75 each 2/$7.00 p.pd . GYMNAST IC CENTRE 551 1 PHANTOM HAXELWOOD, MO

RD #1 Elm b roo k Road Beaver Fa ll s, PA 15010

63042. " GYMNAST CLASS IFIED", Rates a re 201l p e r word for th e first 2S words ($5.00 min imum ) and 10(1" fo r each addi tional wo rd. (A d s a re accepted a t the di sc retion o f th e pub lishe r). Check or money o rd e r mu st acco mpany CO Py and be rece ived b y th e 5th of the month precedin g iss ue dat e. '; GYM AST" C, P.O. Bo x 110, Sa nJa Monica , CA 90406.

and Equipment 412 846-7078

ALL GYMNASTIC NEEDS Serving Pittsburgh and Tri-State Area s e nd for fre e brochure GYMNAST Feb. '75

1) dance classes at all levels tumbling classes at all levels training in the Olympic events for women training in the Olympic events for men lecture-demonstrations small student-instructor ratio instructors who are carefully chosen for their teaching experiences and ability in order to provide the highest quality of instruction 8) upon request-evaluation of gymnasts attending two or more sessions

2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

Our rotating Staff includes Olympic and National gymnasts Director Bruno Klaus-gymnast and coach for the past t wenty-fi ve years, NCAA champion-high bar and vaulting, membe r 1962 U.S. World Championship squad , assistant professor and gymnastic coach, East Stroudsburg State College. lob Rice , Abe Groufeld . Joan Rke , Bruno Klaus , Fred RoethHsberger

The International Gymnastics Camp has indoor and outdoor facilities. One of these is a newly constructed 50' x 120' gymnasium for the ultimate in European-style training. A licensed physician is on call at all times.


Joan Moore Rice- u .s . Olympian 1972, world games team member 1970 and 1974. Abe Gross/eld- U.s. Olympic coach, Member of U.S. Olympic, W orld and Pan American t eams.

Barbara Galleher Tonry-Gymnastic coach at Yale UnIversity. nine times National Tumbling champion, World

Tumbling champion.

Don ToniY- 1958, 1962, 1966 USA World Championship

22 to JUNE 29 to JULY

27 4


6 to JULY 13 to JULY


team member, 1960 Olympic t eam m ember, author and international gymnastic judge.


Fred OrlofskY-Former U.S. Olympian and NCAA cham-


pion, international judge, coach W estern Michigan.

Noreen Connell -Dance and Competition Chairman for the U.S.G.F., U.S.G.F. gymnastics judge. John Crosby-u.s . Olympian, Gold Medal winner In Riga, U.S.S.R. Fred Roethlisberger-u.s . Olympian, member USA World and Pan American teams.

Bob Rice -National and All~Am erican gymnast. Outstanding staff mt!mbers also include: K en and Missy Allen, Judy Alperin, Richard Aronson, Chris Brooks, Sandy Caldwell, Bob Cargill, Linda Castner, Jim Culhane (Olympian), Len DePue, Dr. Jerry George, Tom Gibbs, Pam Gustavson, P ete r Langnickel (University Coach, West Germany), Tom Lindner (NCAA champion-winner of N issen Award) , Connie Maloney, Richard l\Iurahata. Mary Jane O'l\Ierle, Peggy Peters, Jean Rathlon, Debbie Roe, Dennla Spencer, Steve Whitlock.

Joan Moore Rice




20 to JULY




Return to: BRUNO KLAUS, Director, International Gymnastic. Camp, Inc. R.D. 3, Box 518, Stroudsburg, Po. 18360 (telephone 717-629.0244) Circle the seuion or sessionl thot you wish to ollend . AI enrollment wil l be limited, Ihose ollending one uS1ion ple o se in d ico te g second choice . JIoIne 22-JIoIne 27 July 27-Aug. 1

JIoIne 29-JIoI\y 4 Aug . 3-AulJ . 8'

JIoIly 6 -JIoIly 11

July 13-JIoIly 18

July 2Q-July 2S

Aug. lO-AIoISI . IS'

Aug. 17-Aug. 22

AloiSI . 24-Aug. 29

Coothel ' lO urin g Ihlle sess ions a specia l one week cou rse for cred it will be a'l'oiloble 10 cooches and leachers. Please write for additia ng l infor mation.

Age .....

NaIDa . . .... .• •. ..• • •.. .

Sex .. .

City ....................... ..

Address ...... .

School Attending ..

Telephone . . ........ .. . . ... . . . State .... . .

Zip ..... .. .

Instructor/ Gooch

Roommate Requests .. ... .. . .... .


(mlol.1 a ccompany applicotion) Please accompany th is gpplication with a $25 .00 per sell ion de posit pO'lable to Int ernoliongl Gymnastic Camp.

Application will be gcce pled on g first came

bas i. a. we can gCtepl g limited n",mber of studenls . Oepolit refundable 30 days prior to session . We will a cce pt children u nd e r 8 with parental gdyisem enl. NOTE, Call1plele directions , recommended clothing lisl, arr iYa l time, camp reg"'-

Ig lion! will be l enl upon receipl of opplicolion .


ACCIDENT INSURANCE IS INCLUDED (all ralel are quoled on a per senian basis,

one session .. ....... .. ........... $115 ten sessions ............................ $100 two. three or (our sessions $110 Commute rs ....................... $ 70 five sessions .... . $105 Deposit . .. ........................... $ 25 SPECIAL TEAM RATES (6 or more members) UPON REQUEST TEAM APPLICATIONS MUST ARI!IVE TOGETHER

BRUNO KLAUS, director R.D. 3, Box 518

Stroudsburg , Pa. 18360

New FIG padded beam now available! It's designed with a combination of wood and cushioning material and covered with new synthetic Nlsshyde.

Please send me your new 1975 catalog . I'm also interested in the other Nissen catalogs checked below. o Electric Scoreboards 0 Basketball Backstops o Dividing Curtains

You'll need this colorful new 52-page Nissen catalog for the spring requisition season. In addition to our full line of System Nissen gymnastic apparatus, it includes 10 pages devoted to tumbling mats and the portable wrestling and floor exercise mats, trampoline equipment, physical fitness equipment, game standards and table tennis tables.


Fill out and send the coupon today for your 1975 Nissen catalog!

Position School/Organization Address City State _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Zip



The Reliable Ones

930 27th Avenue Southwest Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 Phone 319/365-7561

Profile for USA Gymnastics

Gymnast Magazine - February 1975  

Gymnast Magazine - February 1975