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USGF Junior Olympic National Championship A.

The first place AA gymnast from each age division in the regional meet will be invited to enter the national meet and compete for the National USGF Junior Olympic Championship . 1.

B. V.

There will be sixteen gymnasts (two from each region) in the National Junior Olympic competition.

Date of the 1975 meet will be June 28 - site undetermined.

Awards and Honors for National Junior Olympic Champions A.

The first and second place AA gymnasts from each division will be offered the following opportunities.


The four Jr. Olympic champions will be sent as honored guests of the USGF to the Final Trial for Pan-American games .


The four Jr. Olympic champions will then participate in a special USGF Junior Olympic one-week training camp for exceptiorial gymnasts and potential future Olympians . a.

This highly specialized training. camp will be staffed by some of tne very best coaches and technicians in the country.


NOTE: ¡ Gymnasts from other programs throughout the country will be invited to attend this developmental training camp. These additional gymnasts will be chosen by the Foreign Relations Committee .


Only the USGF Junior Olympic champions will be assured an invitation to this highly specialized training facility.


Patty Heckart 2311 E. Artesia Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90805

Region II

Pat Hatmaker 7049-223 South East lssaquak, Wash. 90827


Nancy Bagby 314 College Norman, Okla . 73069


Sonia McCunniff c/o Black Hawk Gym Club 950 Sheerer Waterlou, Iowa 50701


Mrs . Rita Nugent RD No. 3 Box 296 Highway 57 Evansville, Ind. 47711


Dorothy Niechwadowicz 137 Oak St. Apt. 14 Ashland, Mass. 01721


Pat Pyle 5431 Heron Centriville, VA 22020


Dennis Davis 1011 Citadel Drive Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701

Duties of Regional Junior Olympic Chairman 1.

Be responsible for the direction of and encourage participation in the program within the region.


Appoint the director for the regional Junior Olympic meet and supervise the organization of that competition .


Distribute information concerning the program through all avai lable channels of communications (STD's, newsletters, etc.)

ESTRANGED RELATIONS What relation to you is your:

J. 2. ¡ 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8. 9. I0 . 11 . I 2. 13. 14. J 5.

uncle ' s father? nephew's sister's son? aunt's mother's only grandchild? brother-in-law 's sister's son? aunt 's daughter's adopted child? mother's aunt's daughter' s daughter? father's mother' s son by .a second marriage?


brother's wife's mother's son? grandmother's sister's daughter's son? cousin 's father's father? husband's sister's daughter's son? grandnephew's mother's father? sister's husband 's sister? grandnephew 's sister's grandmother? sister's mother' s father?

Profile for USA Gymnastics

USGF News - February 1975  

USGF News - February 1975