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You've Got To Have Good Hands!

Why? Because it takes skilled, strong hands to be a successful gymnast, and the same is true about the hands that make American gymnastic equipment. Like a top gymnast, American is always striving to get better, so send today for our free catalog and let us bring out the best in you.




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A panoramic view of Catalina Island Gymnastic Camp showing living quarters, workout areas and wate r front.

(9atalina GIsland gymnastics (9amp CATALINA ISLAND .•• Surround ed b y ru gged hills and pounding surf, the new Catalina Gymnastics Camp pro vides an exciti n g summer adventure. Twenty-six mil es off th e coas t of Lo s Angeles, th e ca mp is located in o n e of Santa Catalina 's man y b ea utiful va ll eys, and enjo ys excell ent wo rk o ut weath e r all summer lo n g. Staffed w ith top gym n as ts and ex p erienced coaches from all parts of th e n ation, th e ca mp o ff ers expe rt i nstru ct io n in co rrec t technique s and sk ill iea rning for all th e m en's and wome n 's Olympic

eve nt s. FACILITIES & GENERAL PROGRAM ... All wo rk ou ts w ill b e cond ucted in spaciou s o utdoo r areas, eq uipped w ith mo re th an two comple te se ts of men's and women 's Olympic apparatus. Oth er fac iliti es include an in door d ance studi o, numero us tr ampolines, crash pad s, and sp o ttin g belts. A large sce nic beach,

canteen, a nd ca mp sto re stocked wit h gy mn astic clot hin g. post e rs , skin di ving gea r , and p erso n al grooming acce sso ri es co mpliment the ca mp 's program. In add i ti on to a complete gymn as ti cs program, ca mpers ma y elect in stru ction in skin diving , gymn asti c spottin g t echniques, and in Red Cross ce rtified li fe savi ng

program s. Swimm in g, te nnis, and vo ll eyba ll activities are also provided .

STAFF .. . MICHAEL KASAVANA, Camp Uirecto r Ass i stant Wo m en 's Coach, U ni v. of Massachusetts 1973 A IAW Na ti o nal Int erco ll eg iate Team Champion s Former EC AC and NCAA Comp etit o r 1971 Na ti ona l YMCA Trampoline Champ MARGIE COMBS, Progra m Co -Or d inator Un iversit y of Massachu se tt s Gym nast 1973 Coll egia te A ll- Ame ri ca n G ymnas t 1972 Eas tern Reg ional A ll- A round Champ JON HARDY, Aq uati cs Con sult ant U nd erwa ter I nstructor- Tr ain er U.S. Coast Guard Li ce n se H o ld e r W.S. I. an d Fi rst -Aid In stru ctor ROBERT KOENIG, Gymnastics Program . Dir. Forme r Penn State Gymnast Asst. Me n 's Coach, Un iv. of Massachusetts Teac h er and Coach at man y cam p s. TERRY SPENCER, In st ru cto r 1973 Wo rld U niv ersit y Games Team Former SIU G ymna st 1973 Coll eg iate A ll- A m eri ca n Gymn as t STEVE LERNER, In stru ctor Fo rmer UC LA Gy mnas t Member of th e Tripl e Fl y-Away Clu b Trampolin e Specialist DIANE CANTWELL, Instru c tor Former USG F Na tional Bea m C h ampion U ni versity of Ma ssachu se tt s Gymnast RUTH DOHNER, In structor

GYMNASTICS PROGRAM ... Th e ca mp 's teachi n g ph i losop h y invo lves an equ al balance between basics and more ad va n ced sk ills. The

st ructur ed

mornin g cla sses are

de vo ted



movemen ts anu prog ress ions, wh il e th e open after noo n session s include prob lem so lvi n g and advancemen t of skill level. Regularl y sc heduled clini cs, co nd u cted b y t h e master teaching staff and vis iting in structors, cove r ~ Jeh important topics as: ca re and p reve ntion of injl ... s, routine co nstruClion, taping proced ures , new tec hniqu es, and an ana lys is of jud gin g and performing gymnastics. To furth er aid th e ca mper's knowledge and sa f ety, a uniqu e course in spo tting techn iqu es is offered with ce rtifi cation. ACTIVITIES ... The Islan d's bea utiful n at ural se tting and ideal weat her co nditi o n s pro vide opp o rtuni ty fo r man y addi t ional activi ti es . Besid es swimmin g, sk in divin g, and hiking during th e day . eveni n g ac ti v ities wil l in clu de ca m pfi res, cooko ut s, and special ly se lec ted film s. Special features at Ca talina inclu de glass b o tt o m boat trip s, flyi n g fish boat trip s and interior trip s to the Island 's points of int e rest.

ELIGIBILITY AND SESSIONS ... A n y boya r girl w ho has reached th e age of eight years by t he tim e o f regist rati on is elig ibl e to att end Ca talin a Island Gymn as ti cs Camp. No ex peri ence in gymnastics is req uired, o nly interest. Ca mpers wi ll b e placed w ith oth er; of th e sa m e abi lit y leve l. There w ill be progressive programs 10 wee ks and 5 weeks in len gth. In add ition , 10 one week sessions are offered . For b es t p ossib le lea rning situ ation, camper s are en co uraged to enro ll for not less than two week s. One week tri al en rol lm ents for beg innin g ca mpers w ill b e accepted. Camp ers w ish in g to att end sh o uld fill out t h e enclosed application blank and forward it w ith the twe nt y dol lar reg istrati on fee and a deposit of 15';(, of the to tal fee for th e amo un t of time desi red. Bo th of th ese fees shou ld accompany the appli cat ion to secure a d ef init e reserva ti on. FEE SCHEDULE: 10 Week Peri od-

June 23 rd


Sepl. l SI

...... $950.00

5 Week 'Peri odA n y 5 weeks b el wee n June 23 and Sepl. l sI. .. ..... $500.00 Any 2, 3, or 4 We ek Period (Per Wee k ) .... .. $105.00 1 Week Peri o d ........ $11 0.00 These fee ~ do not include the rllandl10 ry twen ty dollar ($20) r('gl':) tf.ltioll / insllrdnce fee. In cluded III I ill' ">l's,,>iu ll fees <He: f{u om d lHJ lv lt'db Com pl ete J mCdb/ t!d Y 7 d.lys/ wec k The reg istration fee includes: 1. Cost of proce ssing appl icJ ti on 2. Acc ident InsurJn ce for th e du rat ion of camper 3. Ch~Hlered Irafl sportdtion 1.

SUSAN CANTWELL, In stru c to r GLENN SUNDBY, Ca mpe r Coo rdinato r A n d m any, m an y o th er nationally ranked gymnasts, coaches , and guest sp ec ialists.


-P 0


!:lo x 1577 Ava lo n, Ca lI fo rnI a 90704

Ap pli ca nt 's N am e:


--I --:-:---.---1,I I I I I I I =_-:--:-_ _ __ _ -1

Age - - -


M. I.

Sex - - - -

Add ress: _----,,.,--_:-_ _ _ _ _----rc-:-_ _ _ _ _ _---r.c::-:-_=:-rc:-:;-:-__ Telephon e: _ __ Str ee t Cit y State Zip Code Code Fees for Summer of 1974 (Pl ease C h eck A ppropri ate Box): Full Ten Wee ks; $950.00 0 Fi ve Week s; $500.00


June 23


Jun e 30


June 30 Ju ly 7 Jul y 7 10 Ju ly 14 July 14 10 Jull 21 July 21 10 July 28

0 0 0 0 0

N umber

o Two, Thre e, or FourWeeks, $105.00 per wee k

DOll e Week Session Onl y; $110.00 Individual Weeks or Combinations (Please Check Ap propriate Bo xes):

o o o o


Telep hon e (213) Cat altna Op erator 48051

Ju ly 28 10 Aug uSl 4 August 4 !O August 11 AuguSl 11 10 AuguSl 18 Aug usl 18 10 AuguSl 2S AuguSl 2S 10 Sepl. 1

CAMPER'S LODGING ... Span ish sty le dormitories wi ll house all campers. The se do rm s are compl ete w ith electricity, showers, and bath Enrollment in any sin gle sess io n wi ll b e limited. Pl ease indicate below any alt ernate session faci liti es. Staff counse lors w ill li ve in th e sa m e quart ers as in th e eve nt yo ur fi rst cho ice is filled at th e date of receipt of yo ur application. Thank you . th e ca mpers for superv isional purposes. Camp m ea ls w ill b e se rve d famil y style , three per day, in a congenia l My twen ty dollar reg istration fee and m y 15'70 deposit (both n o n-ref undable) are enclosed. _ _ atmosph ere. Th e emp h as is w ill be o n wholesome, N OTE: Make checks Pa yab le to Catalina ' , land Gymnast i-cs Ca mp Si gnature qua li ty m ea ls keeping in mind th e h ealth conscious diets for_ gym ic ac vity. requi : -_ _red __ _nast __ _ti_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Jl _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



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FROM THE PUBLISHER, Gle nn Sundb y ON THE BEAM, Barbara Th atche r VIEWPOINTS, Di ck Cril ey NCAA HISTORY, Ra y Gura Teams 01 the Past All-Around Past Champions Event Data Champions 1938-1974 1974 NCAA REPORT, Di ck Cri ley Team Competition Team Finals Individual Events ALL-AROUND FLOOR EXERCISE POMMEL HORSE RING S RINGS VAULTING PARALLEL BARS HORIZONTAL BAR COMPUTQR SCORING, Ji m Walton NACGC SPKIAL AWARDS NCAA REGIONAL QUALIFICATION NCAA COLLEGE DIVISION All-Around Team FX - PH R- V PB - HB NAIA NATIONALS, Bob Keat in g NJCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS, Bob Hess AIAW NATIONALS, Barbara Thatche r EAIAW REPORT,Marga ret Ray USGF ELITES, Re nee He nd ersho tt and Ed Knepper USGF JR NATIONALS, JKI M Gau lt

COVER : Photo sce nes irom th e co mp e tition s re port e d in thi s e dition of Gymnas t

Publish er: G le n n Sun dby Associate Editors: Di c k Cr il ey Re nee Hend ersholl Research Editor: H.J. Bi este rfe ldt , Jr . Education Editor: A.B. Frederick Junior Gymnast Editor: Joe Sweeney Modern Rh ythmic Gymnastics Editor: Ann elis Strange Hoyman Instructional Editors: AA: Bill Ball es te r, FX : Paul Zie n , PH: Ja mes Hesson, R: Ed Isa bell e, LH: Jim Turpin , PR: Bill Roe tzheimm HR: Bill Holm es. Staff Writer: Ba rba ra Thatcher Contributors: Ray Gura , Jim Wa lton , Bo b Keat in g, 130b Hess, Marga re t Ra y, Ed Knepp e r and Jim Ga ult. Next Edition: USGF Men 's a nd Wome n 's El it e Cha mp ionsh ips and tri als.. Moscow a nd Riga In vita tio na l, plus o th e r m eet res ults ... Guest Ed it or ial uy Da nn y M ill ma.l... Interv iew w ith Dian e Dunbar.. C lu b Corner.. Research, Instru c ti on , Sequ e n ce ph otos b y Schu lz and much , mu c h mo re ... Have A Happy Ha nd stand. C YMNA 5 1 Ilhl g.llinc is publish ed b y Su ndb y Public.l lions. -110 Uro,Hlw.1Y. S.lIlt.l Mun ic.I. C.I. 90路401. Seco nd Postage JMid .11 ~.u 1l .1 Monied, C.l. Pub li sh ed month ly e xc epl bi-m o n thl y Jun e, Jul )', Augu st .lIltl !:IL路p lc mbcr. I'ri ct.' S I.OO.I singll' cop y. Subscrip tion co rrcspo ndc nn:. GYMNA~T - 1'.0. UOl{ 11 0, S.IIlI,1 Mu ni c.l. c.1. Y0 40b. Co p yrig ht 1'J7'" .l lr righ ts rese rv e d b y SUN DY PU BLI CA li ONS, 410 Hro.l d w.1Y, Mon ic.l, c.1. All-Phot os .md m.musn iph ~ lI bllli tt l'd Ij('co m ~ Ih~ pro perly 01 GYMNASl unl ~ h r('turn r ~{lu es l


~ tl ff ili (' nl

pllslolgl' Me includ ed.

From The PUBLISHER CRISIS OVERCOME AT GYMNAST: It wou ld see m that alm os t half of t h e not es from th e Editor/ Pub li she r to th e rea d e rs of MG & GYMNAST durin g the 17 yea r history of th e m agaz ine have b ee n apo li g ies for being late (see j uly 1957 Vo l. I No.2 MG repor t below). It has bee n eve rythin g from trips away to gather information , to printing, ma ilin g, lack of he lp problems o r ju st p la in not enough t im e to do th e job .. . But this lates t de lay part iall y brought o n by a three week trip eas t to cover the Girl s tr ial in D e leware, the Co ll ege D ivision Champion ship in Sprin gfield and th e NCAA U ni ve rsity Championsh ip s at Penn State (not to m ention a side trip to Berke ley to cove r the USGF Men 's Elite Champ ionships ) was a bit mor e drast ic. Yours trul y had to go to th e hosp it al for an op erat ion that incapas i ta ted m e for alm Qs t a month ... A ll is w ell now, fee li ng fit and b ac k f ightin g to overcome th e sc hed u le setb ack. CHANGES: It b eca m e more than obviou s dur in g m y reco up e ration from surgery th at so m e way o r ot her we had to hir e m o re he lp at th e office to see that th e GYMNAST gets to press w ith or w ith o ut me. We have start ed things off by bringing in Terr y j o hn son a UCLA g rap hi c art se nior to ass ist in magazin e produ ctio n and hope to have so m e addit io n al ed ito rial , sec retarial (we co ul d sure use a we ll organ ized executive sec retary aro und here ... any offers) or mana ge m e nt help by mid-September . THIS EDITION: Co n tai ns o ur an nual NCAA and o th e r c hampion sh ip reports. Although we have ad ded ext ra pa ges to get all t hese reports in we st ill ran o ut of room .... Th e refor e some of ou r reg ul ar fea tur es and planned in struc ti o n al art icl es w ill b e resc h ed ul ed fo r th e jun e/ jul y ed iti o n w hi c h we ex p ect to have o ut short ly, fea turin g the Men ' s and Wom en 's USGF Natio nal Elite Championsh ips . PS: Don ' t forg et th e upco min g A nnu al HS ed iti o n ... Make sure your State Champion ships r epo rt s are in so we ca n in clude them in th is special High Schoo l edition.

TH~' . N

~ymnast V olume 1 - N o.2 Jul y 1957 GLE NN SU NDBY,


M.G. PROGRESS REPORT Thanks to th e enthu s iasti c reaction of th e subscribers th e future of T h e Modern Gymnast loo k s ve ry brig ht. Howeve r , as w ith all n ew v entur es problems arise and th e M.G. is n o exc eption. W e hav e material, pictures, articl es, r esufts, instructions and eve n cartoons for future editions of th e M.G. Also n ew subsc rip ti ons come in th e mail every day. But, w e still have a prob lem that h as been g etting th e b es t of us , TIME, yes tim e, just a little word that's all around us but we can't seem to g et en ou g h of it, for wi th a small staff and a limited budget it takes more tim e to a ccom plis h our wo rk than we had plann ed on. F or example we gather ed a wealth of wond erful n ew material, pictures and ideas during our thre e-week trip t o cover th e National AAU Gymnasti c Finals in Chi cago. This six-thousand mile t our in our Vo lkswagon gave u s an opportunity to m ee t many coac h es and gymnasts throug h out t h e country and

ge t a first-hand r eport of th eir progress, but!, it sure put a dent in our deadline . Tim e ! W e n eed more time to do a good job on producing th e M.G. So, a lthough we full y intend ed to come ou t every month w ith a n ew ed it ion, it is not, howeve r , at th e moment practical; th er efor e th e M.G. w ill b e p u b lished bi-monthly (ever y other month) until we can in crease our facilities and staff to th e point where monthly publica tion is poss ible. The material and enthusiasm ar e h er e, it is just taking us a little longer t h en we had anticipated t o ge t it a ll organized and running smoothly . Below: Editor alld Volkswago1l hallie /rollt the Nali01la ls.


Florida newslet te r th e item "Tiger Taylor wo n first place al l a round in th e AAU Jr. Nationals. That mean s he won th e Jr. Olympics one yea r a nd now th e Jr. Nationals." According to Jack Miles, th e ed it o r, this is simi la r to the way John Crosby sta rt ed, And s peak in g of John Crosby, he wo n fir st a ll a round at th e AAU Senior Nationals in Billings, Montana.

~l( ~he


GBEAM by Barbara Thatcher

Sin ce th e "Pennies For Penn State Fund" didn 't get m e to Pe nn State for th e NCAA's it s on ly se nsibl e th a t I should c ha nge th e na me of th e fund to fit eac h appropr iate goa l. So no w it's "Cash Fo r Carbondale" for th e Wo me n 's Elit e Na ti o nal s a nd th in ki ng even farther a hea d "Mo ney For Munich" fo r th e World Games"" Hop e fu ll y, Didn ' t get to Pe nn State but d id ge t to th e Wo me n's Collegiate Nationals (AIAW) he ld th e sa me weeke nd in Sa c rame nto , Ca, Hi g hli g hts o f the AIAW Nationals were so me fin e fl oo r routin es and exciting bar routin es , Ka re n Schuc kman 's floor rout in e was th e o nl y o ne don e to guitar mu sic and she had a uniqu e ti e dyed trimm ed leotard, Hi ghl ig ht s of th e NCAA ' s I hea r we re also some int e res tin g floor rou tin es, part ic ularl y one by a form e r Pe nn State gy mna st, w ho se routin e a lthough a littl e sh ort (on ly round-off fli p flop back ) n eve r-th e less ca ught the c rowd ' s a tt ention, * Well th e Pasadena Invitational had its sil ve r an ni ve rsa ry complete w ith g igantic tro phi es and M iss Ca li fornia on hand to prese nt th e m to the w inn e rs, Paul Tickenoff, now w ith Athletes In Action, won the all a round closely fol lowed by Ga ry Alexander of Ar izo na State Univers~ty. Other notabl e p e rformers were Ron ReZnick on floor , Doug Boger in vau ltin g, Ma rk Sherwood on rings (Olymp ic cross both ways), th e UCLA tea m on high bar, And of co urse the PNI ju st wou ldn ' t be t he same without Mark Davis a nd hi s comedy rin g routin e ,



My g irl " On The Beam" fo r May is 10 yea r old Joni Mill e r from Nard's Gymnastic School in Amarillo, Texas. Last year Joni took fir st all around in fi ve of the nine meet s she entered, Th is year she ha s taken fou r firsts in al l aro und and two seconds out of eight me e ts, On beam sh e ha s a hand stand mount , va ld ez, flip flop, round-off back flip off, On bars she mounts w ith a reve rse kip and d ismo unt s wit h a hec ht w ith a Yl twi st. Vau lting she does a Yamashit a and a v.. on JII off. On floor her diffic ult y in c lud es ro undoff, flip flop , full , fli p flop , w hip b ac k, Accord in g to he r coaches, Sis and Nard Cazze ll she is a very ser io u s a nd dedicated gymnast. Decided sin ce we a lways ha ve a g irl "O n The Bea m" it might be nice to ha ve a g uy "On The Bars" so thi s month 's cand idat e is Doug Fitzjarre ll from Iowa State Univ ersity c urr e ntl y on e of th e top a ll a round men in th e country and one of th e ve ry best in floor exercise, Doug is orig in a ll y from Colorad o. His coac h a t prese nt is Ed Gagnier. From th e Florida newslette r" " Kim Chace Boyle has a ne w bab y" , a bo y, Also from th e


"WHEN YOU SA Y CARNEY YOU ' VE SAID IT ALl!!" Th ese wo rd s a lo ng w ith "KING OF SPOTTERS" we re print e d o n a " t" shirt w hi c h gym nas ts fro m Gymnastics Forum in Downers Grove, Illinois prese nt ed to th e ir favo rit e coac h, Don Carney. Don has bee n coach in g ma ny of th e g irl s at GF fo r fou r yea rs and acco rding to o ne of th e gy mn as ts w ho w ro te to us he is we ll known for hi s exce ll e nt spo ttin g techniques a nd has n ever mi sse d a da y of practice sin ce coach in g th e m,

* Int e rest in gy mn as ti cs has sp re ad to the Chicago Park District w he re Nancy Locke, th e Park District's gy mn astics s pec ia li st ha s he lped orga ni ze gy mna stic c lasses throu g ho ut th e e ntire c it y of Ch icago. Sh e teac h es at Portage Park a nd th e tea m th e re ha s a lrea d y p e rform e d t hrou g hout th e sta te and ha s performed a t va riou s ga th e ring a t suc h pl aces as th e Chicago Civic Center, Adler Planetarium, State Street (Do w ntown ) Buckingham Fountain and the Audito rium Theater. A tea m still very act ive in Louisiana is th e Gymnastics Unlim it ed tea m of Shreveport. Dur in g the las t yea r th e tea m has ra ise d over $1,500 by wash in g ca rs, se llin g ca rd s and putt in g on a gy mn as ti c show, Th e mon ey was used for a new bea m , rh e uth e r boa rd a nd mat s, Coach Phyllis Hawthorne is particu la rl y proud of one 7 yea r old o n th e team"" Sand ra New ton who d oes wa lkove rs on th e beam, aerials and a layo ut back on floor a nd eag les on bars, Sin ce thi s is the co ll ege iss ue mi g ht m e ntion a college th a t ma ny peop le in Texas keep writ in g us a bout. It 's Houston BaptistCollege, coached by Hutch Dvorak, formerly of Southern Illinois University a nd th e University of New Mexico. Anoth e r not a bl e tea m in Texas is th e Unive rsity of Texas at Austi n. Coach e d b y William Stern, the team after one yea r o f co mpetition has sco red a top sco re of 142,8 , Also Nort h Texas State College has a va rsit y tea m thi s yea r under the direction of William Corne liu s.

Mo re Canadian news .... Diana Gre n c, a 14 year old wro te to int rod u ce he r club, th e Hamilton German ia Gymnastic Club of Hamilton/ Ontario near Toronto. Seven g irl s are o n th e ted m ami th ey ha ve b ee n a co mp e tin g group fo r a bo ut 3 \, yea rs w ith th e Ontario Gymnastic Federation. Coach is Kathy Mullen. Addr ess fo r inform a tion is 270 Homewood Ave., Hamilton 12, O nt ario. Th o ug ht I'd co nc lud e thi s month's co lumn w ith a poem e ntitl e d "W hat Is ACoac h ?" It was written by Dendrie Tay lor of th e Beve rl y Hill s YMCA Tinsicettes fo r th e tea m 's n ews le tt e r a n p e rh a ps will ins pire coaches and a lso o th e r po et ic gy mn as ts to ex pr ess ho w th ey fee l about gy mn asti cs, W hat Is A Coach? What is a coac h ? Well let me see A coach is love At least to me A coa c h is so m eone That you know That h e lps yo u lea rn That helps you grow A coach is someo n e W illin g to g iv e A lot of spare tim e To help you live A coach must be devoted By so m e thing deep inside A love for gymnastics A lov e for pride A coac h is full of Helping hand s To teac h you tricks From far o ff land s I could go on But it's plain to see A coach is love At least to me. That about does it for this month, Hope your summer wi ll be a happ y one w ith lots of sun, fun and of course gymnastics,




As for women's co llegiate tea m s, a lot of tim e and e ne rg y has been put int o the one at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. Last seaso n coac h Nancy O'Hanlon led th e tea m to their fir st und efea ted dual meet seaso n and created hi sto ry b y h ost in g the scho o l's fi rst ho m e wo me n's gy mn as ti c m eet. Thi s yea r Nancy and he r husband Ch ri s dec id e d to ex pand the pro g ra m at UN D a nd pro vide gy mna sti cs for yo un ge r c hi ld re n a nd so the UND Gymnicks tea m was formed, Before mo vin g to North Dakota th e O 'Ha nl on's li ve d in California w he re Chris e nli sted in th e Air Force a nd was soo n sta ti o ned in Grand Forks. New Gymnastic Publications... Th e Gymnastics Technician is a new bi-monthly technical bu ll e tin wr itt e n by Hardy Fink of th e Alberta Gymnastic Federation. Th e bu ll et in co nt a in s researc h a rti c le s o n coac hin g, judging an d o th e r as pects of gym nas ti cs , Six iss u es a re publ ishe d a year a nd t h e cos t is $1 ,00 p e r yea r, If int e res ted ord e r fr o m HMdy Fink, 11419-93 St., Edmonton, Albe rta, T5G 165 Canada. GYMNAST M ay '74

GYMNASTIC AlDIS w[ffiJ[UJ~~~rn ill~rn~ -',

FOUR WOMEN, SIX MEN NAMED TO CITIZENS SAVINGS HAll GYMNASTICS HALL OF FAME, 1974 Fou r wome n - Meta Ne umann El ste, Clara Schroth Lomady, H elen Sc hifano Sjursen , Erna W actel- and six men - Wa lter J. Lienert, Bill Meade, Ton y Ross i, H enry Sc h lgert, Paul Uram, H erb ert Voge l - were cit ed in th e Citize ns Sav ings Hall Gy mnasti cs Hall of Fame, as t he re su lt of 1974 electi o ns. Meade, Ro ssi and Uram we re named in recognit ion of th eir noteworth y co ntribution s to men 's gymnast ics; w hil e Li ene rt , Elste, Lo mady, Sju rsen , Wactel, Sc hi get and Voge l we re ho nored eith e r for th eir achi evements in , o r co ntribution s to wo men 's gy mnastics. All w il l b ecome rec ipi ents of Citizens Savings H al l Gymnastics Hall o f Fam e awa rd s, and all wil l be regi stered in appropriate mann er in the Gym nastics Hall of Fame, Ci ti ze ns Sav ings H all , Los Ange les. Th e Citi ze ns Savings Hall Nom ination s Comm itt ee fo r the Men 's Gym nastics di vision is chairmaned by Geo rge Szypula , Mich igan State Unive rsity. The Nominat ions Commi tt ee for the Gym nasti cs Women 's di visio n is chairmaned by Jackie Fi e, chair man of th e U.S.G. F. Tec hni ca l Co mmittee, Jefferson, Iowa.

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Last year in m enti o ning so me of th e we ll-ru n championships I've attended, I compared th em to Penn State - with reason! Thanks to adjustm ents by the Rul es Comm ittee and th e organizat iona l talents of Mr. Gymna stics, Gene Wettstone, th e co mpe titions ran like clockwork . Of course he had a lot of help : Jim Walton , head scorekeeper; Ed Kidwell, his announ ce r; Marshall Avener, floor marshall; memb ers of his Penn State gymnastics tea m and managers crew; and the support and reso urces of hi s Athleti c Director, Ed 'Czekai. Ed Isa b ell e helped handl e th e co mpetition efforts of the Penn State team, but things were running so smoothly th at G en e was ab le to be with his team most of the time. Thank s especia ll y to John Roberts of th e Sports Info rmation Office who kept Glenn Sundby, m yse lf , and many ot h e r representatives of th e press well informed a"n d supplied throu ghout w ith all th e latest information. Th e press room was equipped wit h a terminal which permitted us the lu xury or direct commu nicat ion s from the computer which Jim W alton had programmed to handl e, check, and rank all the scores. Jim had the bu siest job throughout and dese rves great credit for all hi s efforts. A brief account o f the comp uter ass isted scoring (CAS) appears elsewhere in thi s iss u e. About the only co mplaint I had was the speed with whi ch th e sco re flashers rot ated the scores to the audience - up, arou nd, and down. With three events going at once, yo u were hard put to keep tabs. Th e N issen sco reboard s with provision for names, introduced at Iowa State, were used and sho uld have had th e nam e up and showing while the perform er was on th e apparatus as well as afte rwards. Thi s wou ld have aid ed notetaking and photograph ers as there was no preprinted order of compet itors. We did catch an error in the computer printout, but it w as one of failure to feed so m e scores in . It was so rt of com forting to feel that humans w ere still in vo lved. Speaking of human invol ve ment, th e judging was pretty mu ch on target this yea r. Sco res might have elevated a little in the evenings, but co nsistency was good, and there wer e few flights of fanta sy. It d id seem, however, th at th e handspring 1 Y2 sa ito is sometimes oversco red ,


with the awarding of virtu osit y and ri sk for th e hi gh-fl yin g o nes wh ich run o ff the landing mat. The theme of th e Championsh ips was all th e grea t ch ampion ships which preceded thi s, the 32nd one. Ra y G u ra (M ichi gan '73) is doing a Master's thesis on th e subj ec t and prepared much o f th e ve ry interest in g program th'lt served as a gu id e to th e compe tition s. Photographs encased in antiqu e frames graced th e entrance to the gy m, ca lli ng to mind the " old-timers " and long- forgo tt en eve nt s such as th e rope climb, swinging rings, and trampo lin e. M any prominent gymnasts fro m the past were sp ec ial guests and photo gr aph s we r e taker of all of those who could be prevai led upon to assemble. (The Penn State Library will se rve as a so rt of gymnasti cs archi ves to co ll ec t and o rganize as much releva nt gy mn as ti cs histo ry as possible. This w ill include th e photos taken at th ese co mpeti tions.) It was great to ha ve the chance to vis it with th ese people. With the ballyhoo about showman ship, I was afra id th at th e hi sto ry bit would be overdo ne, but it wa sn' t. The primary purpose of th e assemb ly th e 1974 Championships - sti ll commanded ce nter stage . During the final s, the Penn State Blu e Band presented selections of music, ca refull y chosen, I' m sure, by Mr. W ettston e and director Jim Dunlop. Ju st before th e event finals and while th e band p layed on, a streaker executed a tumbling pass across th e FX m at and ran down the gym floor and o ut th e door alm ost int9 the arm s of a ca mpu s securit y officer. Thi s streake r, who evide ntl y kn ew the layout of the gym , shall remain anony mo us. I have learned from reli ab le so urces, howeve r, that he ha s had previous practice, lo n g before the acti vity was populari ze d thi s spring. (No te , Penn State stud ents staged a co upl e o f ma ss st reaks - in and out - on Beave r St. in downtown State Coll ege as warm weather hit th e ca mpus to co in cide with the NCA A ' s.) Announcer Kidwell (w ho got mu ch app lause for hi s ma ster of th e door chimes u sed to signal eve nt changes) had requ ested th at st rea king be res tri cted to warm -up p eri o d s o nly . Iowa State PR man, Harry Borrell , aga in pro vided us w ith accounts o f the Cyclone 's seaso n and Ari zo na State provided us a summary of their seaso n and background o n


"Gymnast" Assoc. ed itor, Dick Criley covering competition from the press box at the NCAA University Championships

m embers of the Sun Devil teqm. It wo ul d be nice if every team com p et in g in Natio nals co uld d o likewise. How else, for examp le, wou ld we lea rn th e L.J. Larso n ' s rea l name is Ll oyd John? Several gy mn as ts app ea red in th e NCAA 's for severa l years runn in g, especial ly memb ers of Iowa State, Penn State, Iowa, Ca li fornia, and Michigan teams . Then, almost b y himself, was . Benn y Fern and ez, a four-time final ist o n th e ring s from Indiana Un ivers ity, and Ed Slezak, also a four-t i me finalist o n PH from Indiana State. Congrat ul ai ions to Steve Hu g as the second gy mn as t to w in three co n secuti ve AA titles and for th e qual ities wh ich lead to his being named N isse n Awar d w inn er for 1974. Some gymnas ts to keep an eye on includ e BYU 's Wayne Yo un g and Gary A lexa nd er of ASU who has developed into a pr ett y fair AA gymnast. I' ve not ed m any ot h er s in th e text of th e write -u p o n the Cham pion ship s w hich follo ws . One las t thought - is gym nast ic s reachin g a plateau w here o ri gin ality (c ombination) and the more difficult Cs'(risk) are b eing by-passed in favo r of an easy-t o- hit performance? It see med to me that w hil e techniqu e has improved (greater virtuosity), it still has a way to go, but we are ge ttin g into a rut on mo unts and dismount s o n so me events and th e combinations with in . In dications are th at th e FIG wil l m ove towa rd eliminating this so rt of thing in m en's gy mn astics as it has with women's, but th ere is no reas on why the NCAA ca n ' t ant icipate thi s amj se t up th e ir own mon o to ny-reg ul at i ng rul es . Special co ngratu lat io ns to Iowa State and coach of th e Year, Ed Gagnier, o n th eir third NCAA title . What a lot of work has gone into bu i lding co nsistency and top qu alit y perform ances !




The first National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Gymnastics Championships were held at Bartlett Gymnasium at the University of Chicago on April 16 , 1938. Nine schools participated in the competition - Chicago, Illinois, Minnesota , Temple, Army, U .C .L.A ., Gustavus Adolphus , Southern California , and Washington. The University of Chicago, coached by Dan Hoffer , emerged as the team champion. The individual competition was dominated by Joe Giallombardo representing the University of Illinois, and Erwin Beyer from the host school, the University of Chicago. Giallombardo captured three individual titles : flying rings, tumbling, and allaround. Beyer claimed the individual titles on the parallel bars, long horse, and side horse . Tumbling in the early days was one of the allaround events but soon after 1940 was conducted as a special individual event; in 1964 it was replaced by floor exercise . Another individual event winner in 1938 was Bob Sears of Army on the rope and horizontal bar. Giallombardd 's seven individual titles still remains the record for the most career titles won by any NCAA gymnast. Beyer was considered by some to be a gymnast ahead of his time, who, with better apparatus and present methods of coaching , could have reached top international status. Because of its central location, the University of Chicago continued to host the competition in its formative years . In 1939 the University of Illinois was crowned the new team champion. In its four-year reign as team champion, the University of Illinois , under the able GYMNAST M ay '74

coaching of Hartley Price , was aided by a number of outstanding athletes including Joe Giallombardo, Paul Fina, Lou Fina , and Cayton Cobb. However , Illinois did not lay claim to all of the top gymnasts of this era. Other championship performances were turned in by Courtney and Earl Shanken of Chicago , Minnesota's Newt Loken , Bob Sears of Army, and Ed Danser and George Szypula of Temple. The 1942 championships were held at the U .S . Nav al Academy, making them the first championships held o ut side of Chicago. The prime leaders in the NCAA movement were Dan Hoffer of Chic ago, Hartley Price of Illinois , Tom Maloney of the U .S . Military Academy, and Ralph Piper of Minnesota. Four coaches served on the first Rules Committee: Dan Hoffer, William Ackerman , John A . Davis , and Charles Graydon. During the years 1943-1947 no NCAA gymnastics championships were held due to World War II. 1948 marked the renewal of the annual competition. The University of Chicago hosted the meet , which saw the inclusion of the trampoline event for the first time . Penn State , coached by Gene Wettstone and led by allaround champ Ray Sorensen , captured the team title. In 1949 the championships moved west to the University of California, where Max Younger's Temple University gymnastics team captured the team trophy . Robert Stout was the Temple team leader. However , a relatively unknown gymnast, joe Kotys from Kent State University, captured the first of his two all around titles. The events at that

time were side horse , parallel bars , horizontal bar , rope climbin g, flying rings, trampoline, tumbling, and allarountl. 1950 marked the beginning of a policy of rotating the location of the championship s between East, Mideast, South , and West. Army hosted the meet, which saw the University of Illinois win its fifth national title . This one, however , was under a new coach - Charlie Pond. The University of Michigan hosted the 1951 meet , which saw Hartley Price winning another team trophy, this time for Florida State University, led by the 1951 allaround champion, Bill Roetzheim . Coach Price continued in his winning ways by coaching Florida State to a second consecutive title in 1952 . Jack Beckner of USC was all around winner. Penn State returned to the championship ranks with back-to-back team titles in 1953 and 1954. During these years Penn State was aided by the br'illiant efforts of Jean Cronstedt, who won six individual championships, including two allaround titles. Illinois returned to the victory platform with victories at UCLA in 1955 and at North Carolina in 1956 . The duel between Penn State and Iliinois continued in 19:'7, with Gene Wettstone and his Nittany Lions coming out on top . In 19~8 the NCAA saw its first and only tie for the team championships. Illinois and host Michigan State, coached by George Szypula, shared the team title. Penn State captured the first of three consecutive titles in 1959. Just as Penn State and Illinois dominated the team competitions from 1953 to 1961, they also dominated the all around competition during this period . Jean Cronstedt, Karl Schwenzfeier, Armando Vega, Jay Werner, and Greg Weiss were all NCAA allaround champions coached by Gene Wettstone at Penn State . Charlie Pond countered with Abie Grossfeld and Don Tonry from Illinois. Other outstanding individuals from this period included







trampolinist Ed Buchanen of Michigan, Southern California ' s Jack Beckner, Carlton Rintz of Michigan State, and Ed Gagnier of Michigan. A new team champion was crowned in 1962 when Jack Beckner' s University of Southern California team captured the title. Bob Lynn , also of USC, captured the allaround title along with the horizontal bar, parallel bar, and free exercise events. In 1963 another new team joined the list of NCAA gymnastics team champions. The University of Michigan, coached by Newt Loken and led by its two allaround men Gil Larose and Arno Lascari, captured its first team title . The following year, still another new team was added to the exclusive group of team champions. Southern Illinois University, coached by Bill Meade, grabbed the crown. Things returned to normal in 1965, with Penn State winning its eighth team title . Penn State addeJ still another allaround title in 1965 when Mike Jacobson was crowned as champion. Southern Illinois came back strong to grab the next two titles in 1966 and 1967. However, Penn State maintained its grip on the allaround title as Steve Cohen won back-toback titles in 1966 and 1967. The University of California , coached by Hal Frey , nipped Southern [1Iinois University by' .05 of a point to cap10


of Chicago, 1938 ----------------------~

ture the crown in 1968 . The University of Iowa, under first-year coach Mike Jacobson, won the team trophy in 1969. Temple University was the host of the 1970 championships, which were highlighted by an exciting victory by the University of Michigan, under the direction of coach Newt Loken . Michigan hosted the 1971 championships , which saw the Cyclones ofIowa State, coached by Ed Gagnier , win the team trophy. In 1972 it was Iowa State's turn to host the competition. Southern Illinois grabbed its fourth team title with Bill Meade as coach . Iowa State returned in force to capture its second championship in 1973 at the University of Oregon. 1973 marked the first time since 1940 th at there was a tie for the allaround crown. Marshall Avener of Penn State tied defending champ Steve Hug of Stanford for the allaround title. Other outstanding stars of the late 1960s and early 1970s were Mauno Nissenen and Yoshi Hayasaki of Washington, Makato Sakamoto of USC , Russ Hoffman of Iowa State , and Frank Schmitz of Southern Illinois Uni versity. Throughout the thirtytwo-year history of the NCAA Gymnastics Ch ampionships there have been many great team effort s and individual performances. All reg ion s of the U .S . have been represented on the victory stand.

Illinois, 1941

Penn Siale, 1948 Temple, 1949 ~~



TEAM SCORING , Florida State 1951

Pe nn State, 1959

Illin ois, 1955

Penn State 1965

Michigan, 1970 Iowa State, 1971 ~ .


Michigan State, 1958

Sout h ern III., 1966

Southern III. 1972

Througho ut th e hi story of the NCAA Gymnastic s Championships a number of methods have been used to determine the team champ ion. In the early yea rs (1938 -1942) team points were awarded for the first four places in eac h event. A performer who placed first would ga in 5 poin ts for hi s team, second place merited 3 points , third place 2 points , and fo urth place 1 point. In 1948 a change was made to award team points for the first six places on eac h event. The major fault of this type of scoring system was that it allowed a team composed of one or two outstanding individuals to become the national team champion. In fact , in 1950 Joe Kotys, representing Kent State University, earned 24 team points and pl aced third as a team all by himself! In 1952, in an attempt to require greater team depth , the Rules Committee voted to award team points for the top ten pl aces in each event. Team points awarded were 11 ,9,8,7, 6,5,4,3, 2, 1. In 1965 a regiona l playoff system was initi ated in an attempt to bring th e best tea m from th e East against the bes t team from th e We st In head -to- head co mpetiti on. Penn State beat Washin gton for th e team titl e in th at first compet ition . The present system of adding up th e top three indi vidual scores for a team on each event was initi ated in 1966. Thi s method of team sco rin g puts greater emphasis on the overall strength of the team . It now takes three high sco res on each eve nt to win th e team champion ship crown ..1968 marked th e beginn in g of the excitin g tearn fina ls, where th e top three teams from the preliminary co mpetition adv ance to th e finals to determ in e the national champ ion . In a trend toward the intern ati onal system of gy mnastics, it was dec ided in 197 1 to include th e compulsory exe rcise co mpetiti on in the tea m score . As a result , the teams th at have qualified for thi s year's meet wi ll be required to perfornl both compul sory aI1d opt iona l routines in the prelimin ary tea m competition on Thursday and Friday. The top three co mpul so ry scores on eac h eve nt wi II be added to the top three opt ional sco res to deternline a team's preliminary total. The three tea ms with th e hi ghest preiiminary tota l will advance to th e Saturday tea m fin als . 11

.,. ';0

,; .' 1\ I

I I) l' !\11 'I路J (\



1973 NCAA Tea m Champions: Iowa State, Penn State, Indiana Stale Univ.

Earl Sha nk e n, Chicago, 1946 Bill Roetzh eim, Florida State, 1948




ALLAROUND The all aro und event has bee n contested sin ce the first NCAA Gymnastics Champion ship s in 1938. From 1938 to 1940 the a ll around competition consisted of horizonta l bar, side horse, parallel bars, fl y in g rings , and tumblin g . In 194 1 tumbling was replaced by floor exercise as an all around event. The fo llowing. year tumblin g was reinstated alon g with long horse va ultin g . It was also dec ided th at floor exerc ise would be contested only during the Olympic years (every fourth year) . In 1948 , fo llo win g a five-year lapse due to World War II , the championship s we re continued with the allaround competition consist ing of horizontal bar , side horse, parallel bars, long horse vaulting , and floo r exercise . (Long horse vaultin g and floor exercise were included only in Ol ympi c yea rs.) A new method of deciding the allaround event was introduced in 1950 . Each co mpetitor could choose to enter four of the following six events: horizonta l bar , side horse , parallel bars, fl ying rings, tumbling , or trampoline. A competitor co uld choose either tumbling or tram pol in e but not both. This method lasted on ly one year , and in 1951 tumbling a nd trampoline were replaced by floor exercise and lon g horse vaulting, with each competitor e nterin g all six events. 1954 marked a major step . It was resolved to accept th e s ta nd ard s ix international Ol ymp ic events: floor exercise, side horse, still rin gs, long horse va ultin g, parallel bars, and horizontal bar. This remai ns the policy. Since 1968 the allaround competito r has been required to perform a comp ul sory exercise as we ll as hi s optional exerc ise on each of th e six Ol ympi c events. GYMNAST May '74


, A



1940 - Fina, P. - III

1941 - shanken, C. - Chic

1942 - Loke n - Minn

1948 - Sorenson - Ps

1949, 1950 - Koyls - KsU

1951 - Koelzheim - Fs





1952 - Beckner - USC


1960 - Werner - Ps


1953, 1954 - Cronsledl - PS

19b1 - Weiss - Ps

1956 - Tonry - III

1955 - schwenzfeier - Ps


1962 - Lynn - USC

1969 - Nissinen - Wash

, -


L .. _1963-: Larose - Mich 1970, 1971 - Hayasaki - Was h -------

1957, 1959 - Vega - Ps

1958 - Grossfeld - III

1964 - Barak - USC

1965 - Jacobson - PS

1973 - Avener - Ps


1972, 1973 - Hug - SIan

~ -- ~




.. -...r--...: .:Y


The floor exercise even t made Its debut in 1941. At that time, however, it was contested onl y as part of the a llaround event. It wasn't until 1953 that floorexercise became a regular event of its own. In the earl y yea rs the floor exercise area was only one fourth as large as it is today. Thi s small size limited the tumblin g in the routine and, as a result, most routines were composed of s tren g th and balance positions. The size of the floor exercise area grew over the yea rs until in 1954 it reached its present size of approximately 40 x 40 feet. This larger area allowed for a greater degree of movement and more tumbling . However, it wasn't until 1963 that a mat was used ; prior to that time competitors had to compete on the bare floor. In the early yea rs of the championships, a time limit of l Ih to 2 minutes was placed on each routine : In 1965 it was changed to 50 to 70 seconds. In 1970 the rules committee decided that th e time limit was an insignificant aspect of this event and vot ed to drop the tim e limit altogether. However , it is still used in international competition. The floor exercise must form a harmonious and rhythmical entity with originality in the combinati ons of gymnastics movements. The composition should include elements of balance , hold , a nd strength, as well as jumps, kip s, handsprings, and somersaults. All available floor space in all direc tions should be used , and many different movements and parts should have a personal touc h of express ion and execution. All elementary arm, trunk , leg , hand , foot, and head move ments mu st be performed in a technically correct manner and in marked gymnastic foml.

POMMEL HORSE The side horse event has been contested since the first NCAA championships and has always been included in the allaround competition . Today 's performers include movements of greater precision and difficulty than did gymnasts in the early years of the championships. The horse itself h as undergo ne a few minor changes in size and shape over the yea rs. The most sig nificant change was a rule, 14

passed in 1960, that required the pommels to be made of wood. Prior to 1960 the pommels co uld be made of wood ormetal , with leather or rubber cove rin g . The NCAA has recently adopted the international terminology for the name of this event. Thus, this event is now officially called pommel horse rather than side horse. The terminology used to describe the movements on the pommel horse has also taken on an internati onal flavor in recent years. For example , a moore is now call ed a czechkehre, and the dismount known as a loop-off is no w called a schwabenwende. As in the other events , the competitors' compul sory and optional scores will be added to determine the performers in Saturday night 's individual finals. Exercises mu st be composed of clean swings without stops . Movements should be undercuts of one leg, circles of one and both legs, and forward and reverse scissors, of which at least one must be executed twice in succession. Double leg circles mu st be predominant, and all three parts of the horse must be used .

STILL RINGS The still rings event was preceded by thc flying rings beginning with the 1938 championships. It wasn't until 1953 that the still rings replaced the fl ying rin gs in the all around competition. In 1959 still rings became an official individual event. In the earl y years of still rings competition, routines were primarily co mpo sed of strength elements . However , a perfornler on this event today must show a combination of well-controlled swinging movement s as well as strength and s ta tic position s . As in the other gymnastic events, it is important that the performer fini s h his exercise with a dismount that is commensurate in difficulty with the rest of hi s routine. Only those competitors who have placed in the top three positions in th eir respective qualifyin g meets are eligible for the individual finals. The exercise on the rings mu st involve movements alternating between swing, s tren g th , a nd hold elements. The rin gs should 110t swing. The exercise should have at least two hand sta nd s, one of which must be executed with strength and the other attained by swing from a hang, inverted hang , or support. Furthermore, the exerc ise must contain an additi onal strength element

wherei n th e difficulty mu st conform to the total difficulty of the exe rcise. Hold positions such as crosses mu st be held at least two second s for full va lue .

LONG HORSE VAULTING Long horse vaulting was an individual event from 1938 to 1948 , and again from 1962 to the present. Vaulting has been included in the all around competition in all but five of the thirty-two national championships. In the first NCAA Gymnastics Championships in 1938 , the horse was 48 inches high. Over the years, the height of the horse rose gradually until 1960, when it was set at its present Olympic height of 53 Vs-짜s inches. The take-off board has also seen some changes over the years . The present board , called a Reuther Board, is more elastic than the original stiff boards . In fact , in 1950 competitors 'had the choice of using either the ordinary stiff ' wooden board or a springboard 16 inches high. However, if they chose to use the springboard, the horse was rai sed to 72 inches. Another change in the vaulting event has been the elimindtion of the hand zones. Prior to the 1972 championships, the vaulter was penalized if his hands contacted the wrong zone. In an effort to encourage the use of more difficult vaults, the rules committee decided to eliminate the hand zo nes. Zones are still used in international competition , but there is serious consideration of reducing the number of zones to two or of eliminating all zones. In the compulsory competition each vaulter may perform either one or two vaults. If he chooses to do a second vault , the first one is not scored and the second one must count. In the optional competition, if the performer decides to do another vault , it must be a different type of vault and it must count. In both the team and individual fin als, the gym nast mu st perform two different vaults and the scores will be averaged . At no time maya gymnast perform the compulsory vault in the optional competition. Each type of vault has a specific value, with bonus points awarded for the more difficult va ults. Some of the criteria used in evaluating a vault are: height and distance of preflight , heig ht and distance of afterflight, landing , and general foml and technique throughout the vault. GYMNAST May '74

PARALLEL BARS The parallel bars has been an event in each of the thirty- two NCAA Gymnastics Championships and has always been included as part of the allaround event. In recent years the trend has been to include more and more swinging movements in the routine and to minimize stops and hold positions. This trend toward more flowing and rh ythmic exercises is due, in part, to improvements in the apparatus itself. In the early years , the bars were much more rigid than the more flexible, springy bars used in competition today. As in the other events, the specifications for size , shape, and materials of the apparatus used by the NCAA are identical to the international Olympic specifications. To determine who will advance to the individual finals on Saturday ni ght , the competitors ' compulsory and optional scores will be averaged. The top six indi viduals qualify for the final competition. The exercise must consist of swinging , flight , and hold elements which can exhibit a certain measure of strength; however, the swinging and flight parts should predominate. The exercise mu st include at least one element of medium or superior difficulty executed under or over the bars with a simultaneous releasing of both hands and regrasping of both hands . There must be no more than three pronounced stops in the exercise. A pronounced stop is one of at least one second.

HORIZONTAL BAR The horizontal bar has been an NCAA event since the first championship and has always been included as part of the allaround competition. Strength movements and static positions have been eliminated from the horizontal bar routines of today. The NCAA has adopted the international specifications for the size and dimensions of the bar. The length of the bar today is 7 feet 10 inches compared to only 7 feet in previous years. In addition to specifications concerning the size of the bar, there are rules governing the flexibility of the bar. For example , a bar used in this year's championships must produce a dip of 3 15/16 inches pI us or minut 3/8 GYMNAST May '74

inch when a weight of 485 pounds is hung from the middle of the bar. And after the weight is removed , the bar must return to its original straight position. In earlier days the horizontal bar was the first event on the program , but today it is the last event of every gy mnastic s meet. Many spectators find the horizontal bar to be the most spectacular and exciting of all gymnastics events. The horizontal bar routine must consist exclusvely of swinging parts without stops. The gymnast must execute a skill in the dorsal hang or the " elgrip. " The exercise must include at least one combination leaving the grips simultaneously and regrasping the bar with both hands simultaneously. The dismount must be comparable in difficulty to the rest of the exercise.


NCAA PROGRAM FLYING RINGS 1938-1961 The flying rings hung from d height of 23 to 25 feet above the floor. In the early days , the performer received his swing from a whip-like thrust from his team-mate . After this initial thrust the performer was on his own and performed a routine that maintained his swing or actually built his swing up further until the climax of his exercise, which was usually a high flying dismount. In accordance with the trend to adopt an international program of gymnastics, the NCAA dropped the flying rings event and replaced it with the still rings.

ROPE CLIMB 1938-1962 A competitor's performance in the rope climb event was not " judged " as in the other gymnastic events. He was timed , as in a track event. The man who could climb the 20-foot distance in the fastest time became the champion. The climber would start from a sitting position on the floor with both hands on the rope. At the sound of the starter's gun he would begin his climb. A tambourine was placed at the 20-foot mark on the rope, and when

the climber touched this tambourine his climb would be finished. The "judges" used stop-watches to time the climb. The underside of the tambourine was coated with lampblack, and the competitor had to show the judge some sign of black on his hand to prove an official touch . The method of starting the competitors saw a few variations in the course of the championships. For example, at one point the starting gun was done away with and the timers simply started their watches when the climber lifted his seat off the floor. At some of the championships , the climbers started from a sitting position on as -inch starting stool. Each competitor was allowed two attempts, with his best time counting.

TRAMPOLINE 1948-1968 The trampoline event was originally added because it was the only truly American event in the sport of gymnastics. The trampoline competition changed a great deal during its twenty-one-year history as an NCAA event. In 1948 a time limit of 1'12 minutes was used for each competitor. This time limit was gradually lowered until in 1952 it became 45 seconds. In 1953, each performer was required to perform three routines of eight bounces each, with a IO-second rest between routines. The number of routines was lowered to two in 1958; and, finally, one routine of eleven bounces was required in 1965. The trampoline itself saw an evolution from the old stiff canvas bed to a much more elastic surface of nylon webbing. The size of the trampoline grew from 8 x 5 feet in 1948, to 12 x 5'/2 feet in 1951, and finally to 17 x 10 feet in 1961. After its elimination as a gymnastic event in 1969 , the trampoline continued as a separate NCAA sport with its own national championships for two more years.

TUMBLl:'IJG 1938-1964 The tumbling event was conducted on a mat 5 feet wide and 60 feet long. In the 1940 championships each competitor was required to perform two routines of three passes down the mat. In 1942 it was changed to one routine of four passes. A new rule was passed in 1952, when the rules committee required that each competitor finish his rour passes within a time limit of 2 minutes. When the floor exercise event evolved to include a great number of tumbling movements, it was decided to drop the tumbling event from the competitive program.





III Army

III Mino




Gia ll o mb'.lfd o III Beyer Ch ic Robe rt s USC



Giall ombardo II I eVell 1

was not introduce d ur1lil 1941

Floo r exercise


Beyer Whalen Ro nning

Hew lct!

John son

Beye r




Minn Temp



sh ips until 1954

Gymnastic s Champi on-

come part o f th e NCAA

Still rings did not be -


Form:m III Foge l Temp Gia ll om bardo II I

Robert s USC Gia ll ombardo III



Wal ters

Walt ers Sca rs Da ly

Scars Lynu11l


Ch ic

Te mp Amly Mi nn

Ann y Minn Te mp



Sears Amly Hafey Minn Gi<lllombard o III

Hewleu Sea rs



the champion first , the runner-up second , etc . Brackets indicate a tie.

Gia ll o mbardo III Wei ss 111 Gold stein III

Gia lJ o mbard o III Go ld stei n III We iss III


Be lardi Parrish Hall



Sears Arm y Gia Jl omba rd o II I Tunasb Wash


Hall Danser Roben s




Gia ll omb'.lfdo III Nelson GA Lynum Minn


was imrodu ccd in 1948

Th e 1r:lIllpoli nc eve nl


Temp Minn III


Dav is Mu zycz ko




Ashmore Brown [ Vega

Marks Vega Grossfe ld


Becke~ Cici o

III Mic h PS




To nr)' Gagnier Vega

Vega Grossfeld Ba ili e

Grossfeld Muzyczko Girard











Faber Draghi Rosenberg

R oy

Cronstedt Faber


Rintz Bare Barka l








B uck


III Iowa PS Nav y

Davi s Bail ie Vega [ Sheppard


- ..._--_ ._-_..--_......._. ._. ... .. _---- --.

Army O'Quinn


Grossfcld T arsh is

MSU Muzyczko


G ross fdd Am:;;ter Vega PS III Mich

Am ster Bl air To nry

Rimz Ba ili e Wei ssend

Cronstcd l Gooda le Jengo

Lewi s Cro nstcdt Rintz

Simms Beckner Re gna

Roetzhcirn Le wi s S im ms

Vega Grossfe ld Gagni er


PS Mi ch


Rintz Schwenzfcicr [ Ho lder Vega Gagnier Londe


PS An ny Minn

PS Navy





Mic h Temp


KOIys Dolan Willard [ Brunson

Stou t. R. Hodes Stout. M .


Cronstedt Wick [ Sc hwenzfcier

Cronsled l Colvin Bartlett

Bec kn er Rosenblatt CrOnsled t [ Quanararo

Bec kner Kotys Roctzheim

Kot ys Barthell Koessiean [ StoUI. M .

Kotys [ StoUI. M . Dolan

Calvetti Peterson Bon sall

Bo ardm;ln Tryba la Eberle

Loken Fi na. L. Shanke n, C.

Boardm;m Loken Ronni ng

PS I PS Temp



G rossfcl d

Sti ll ri ngs was incl uded o nl y as pan of the allaround ev en! from 1954 to 1958

195 1 to 1961

V'lulting. was purt of th e ,dl arou nd eve nt from


V;lulti ng was not part of th e program in 1949 and


Sorensen Greene

Minn III Chic

Peterson Zin7.i [ Vrettos

Z i mrnerman Cobb Loken

Chic III Minn

Shanke n. E. Fin a. L. Loken

Cobb Fina. P . Hanning

Hanning Mino Giallombardo lit Da nser Temp

Ch ic It l Chic

III Temp


S hankcn. E. Baley Shanke n. C.

Shanken E. Fi na. L. Ho uston

Iowa III














III Arm y



Temp Temp



Te mp


Bro wn Baili e Allee

UCLA [ Sc hwenZfeier




PS I Lawre nce UCLA Rintz CSLA Wic k


Schwe nz feier Rintz Holdcr







Su lliv;m Faber Toli ver

Bare Whee ler Sibley

Kmys Rabbitt Roe tz heilll

Rabbitt Bercnalo [ Mile:-.

Bere nato Shuler Ko tys

Greene Zi nzi Bere n.110

III Navy Chic

Cobb Blattmann Shanken. C.

Cronstedt Ho lder Gardner







FS I Floor exen.: i ~e was part I KSU of the allaround compe MSU ti tia n in 1951 and 1952


III 111 Tem p

III Temp M in n

Cobb Kochnem;mn Danser


Beckner Sullivan [ Simm s

Roetz.heim Kotys Stout. M.



Stout Larle lere Sorenson

194 1 ,md 1942

Floor exercise was o nly an a tl around even l in








K oty~

Stou!. M . Hayes





Minn III Chic

Chic Min n III

Koehnemann Danser Ro nning

Cronstedt Rintz Bar1lett


195 1



Ko tys



III Te mp

Sorenson Bonsall Peterson


StOUI. M . StOUI. R.

Loke n Cobb Shank en. C.



Sh;mken . C . Loken Fin,•. L.

III Minn Chic


Giallombardo III [ Fi na. P. III Fi na. L. II I

III Navy Minn







III III WI WI Hai land Harvey Wi lson Hicks [ Dul aney









III Navy


Syr GT







Cal PS

Pial [ Mu llen

Farl ough


Smi th





CSLA Army S mith Dea n





Army UCLA Army

Navy III Navy


Navy Ca l


Ca l



Darli ng Werner Gia ll oura ki s

Darling Clark Hirs t

Hoern er Darling Cheney


Pill PS Army

Harper W ilson Cole




Arm y

Harper Albe rsh ard t Hailand

Albcrshardt Au stin Patterson

Norman Austin Haz le t!

Hazlen Norma n Ev;.ns

Gu tting L:lDuc Erle y

Buchanan H;lrri s Sid linger

Buc Harris Lueett

Buc hanan Hu ghes Lucc hesi

Hu ghcs Lucchesi Tillman



Navy Pit!

Wick ler USC I Robin UCLA Schwcnz feier PS

Procopio Schwenzfcier Wickler

Minn FS PS

Bart lett Regna Haz.en [ Robi n


FS AnllY Minn

Te mp Anny




Arm y Temp

Sharp K leberg Banlcu

Stout. M . Galtamc Kleberg


Sc hneider Stout. M .




Hayes Te mp P$ Bonsall Winnerbc rger Tem p



Navy Army Parker Hughes Rudman

Navy Navy Army


Navy Temp Minn Da ly Fina. L. Fina. P.

Butler Foge l Loken Chic III Minn

Navy Navy N;.vy

Mulle n Dean [ Waddill

Hamm ond Pa ley Wenzel

Perry !'Iam mond Smit h

Perry Hammond Pend leto n

C laybrook Paley [ Ball:lnl yne

Minotti Na il Houser [ Burk e

Mi notti Schenk er M'ldsen

ForellUin Pearce Ho we ll

e .l Mino

Fore man Linn Hoffman

Cox Da vis Leave y

Shankc n , C. Brown [ Grossman

Ell ison Da vis Stefan

Ca l PS Temp

Te mp Minn PS

III Minn Temp

Hai land Harvey

Liro l Hai land Seed

Coahra n Perry Au stin


Bro wn ing Coahran Hazletl

Scbbo Su ll ivan Graf

Sul liv,m Sebbo Mitak is


Su ll ivan Bedard

Bedard Fina Banh ell

PS I Cal Tem p


Navy PS




FS Navy

III Temp Army



Temp Navy

Thompson Peterson Lucchesi

Thompson Meade Mc Ki nney

II I Minn PS


Szypul a Loke n Zi mmerman

Adkin:;; Loken Szypu la

Giallombardo 111 Minn Loken [ Robert son Chic

Tem p PS

Minn III Chic

Minn Minn


WI Mich


III Iowa Mich




Ind III Iowa

Iowa III low:l

Iowa Iowa Mi nn

Mi ch



Mich Iowa III

Mich Iowa Cal

Mic h III Ca l






Note: A ll men appear in the order in whic h th ey fini shed -




Bantk Isabe ll e Cur!. i



Schmitz Millman [ Cohen


Sakamoto Hay" s,lki Thor

Nissi nen

Emery Amerine

Ca l SIU Iowa







Sian SI U

Hayasaki Si mmo ns


Hu g Mora va Avcncr

Avener [ Hu g








Mi ch


Ea ton


Wash ISU

Ha yasaki DiFuri o Umcsh ita

I SU Temp

Sta n SI U



Shell y



C rosby Mora va

Proul x Eaton Jauch

Wash Temp Wash




Towson [ Freud enstein Millma n

Towson j acobs [ Proul x









I SU Navy IS


Mahorncy Fernandez

Sea l Morgan Fernandez



Ropiequ el

Sea l Ropiequet Haya saki

Vex ler [ Mayth aler Dic kson

Arnold De nnis Shirk

Robison Cohen Jacki

Mayer Shaw



IS I nd Mass



IS SIU Wa sh

ISU Iowa



Crosb y

Morava Ho pkin s Hill [ Gaylor

Grigsby Sc hrn in


Sian Iowa


ISU Stan



Mi ch Wash ISU

Hu g Lew is


Hu g A itke n


Sim mo ns A itkin Lindnl.;r

Ha y:\sak i Scorza Ai lken

N i s~ in e n







Wash Iowa UNM










Mic h SI U Mich










FS Navy Mieh






Ca l Syr UCL A






C 51


Arm y




Flying rings were drop ped in 1962

Snay Yohn Donahue

Werner [ Aaronson Ho Hman [ Morgenegg

Werner Vega Hirsl

Mich tv1i ch !(lW;1

Mieh Mich Mi (' h

Mich Mi ch ISU



Mi c h




T rampol ine was elimi nat ed frolllth c Gymn as路 ti cs C h;lI11piuns hip :. i ll

Hu nll.ic kc r Miller [ Jacobs

J'lcohs Mi ller Sardin;1

Mill er Mill man Hardt

Sau nd ers


Schm it z


[ Her),


Erwin H,ltttilton


Mich M ich Iowa


MSU Mi ch

OSU Mi ch Mkh








John:.on O:.h:rland Wcav(:r

Gompr Juh n:.o n O.')tcrland

Snyder O:.tcrla nd

Snyder Gomp f


Spr - Springfield Co ll ege SS - Sacra mcnlo State Co ll ege Sta n - Stanford Univers ilY Sy r - Syrac use Uni vc rsil y Temp - Temp le Uni vcrs il Y UCLA - Uni vers ity of Ca lifornia al Los Ange les UNM - Unive rsity of New Mexico USC - Uni vers ity of Sout hern California Wash - Uni versi ty of Washin glon WI - Wes tern Illin ois Universil y Wise - Universily of Wi sconsin Yale - Ya le Uni vers ity

Rope climb ped in 1963

]);J vis Nelson Str.lssel" [ Barasc h

Davi s Wintcr Goldri ng

Hulme Goldring [ B:lrasch

Delara Furlough



S IU Mi ch

Tumbling. was dropped in 1965

Milche!! Rey nold [ David

Holmes Mi tchel l VOas

M ilchel l Holmes Johnson

Ryder Marshall Brown

Barasc h Kalkian Wiley






Ca l

- MSu

Sakamo to Grigsby Sex ton

Nei mand

[ Fontana


Rock Curl.i Luber

Jacobson [ Cur!.i Isabel le

Barak Buck ner Curl i

L;t rosc Wol f [ Lm:cari

Lynn Barak Klaus

Klau s Lynn Ha h:



Tarshi s


Mi ch


USC Wash Mi ch




Tarshi s ShUriOCk [ Ton ry

MSU - Mi ch iga n Stale Uni versity Navy - Navy NC - Uni ve rsilY of North Carolin a Neb - University of Nebm ska Okla - Uni ve rsity of Ok lahoma OSli - Ohi o Stat e Uni vers ity Pitt - Un iversi ty of Pillsburgh PS - Pennsy lva nia State Uni versity SCSC - Southern Connect icut State Coll ege SFVS - San Fernando Valley State Co ll ege SIU - Sout hern Illin ois Uni vers it y SJS - San Jose Slate Co ll ege

Luna Avcncr




Mazur H ug

Dunn [ Simmons BUlzman


UNM Temp Wash



Ha yasaki Mawr




Hayasaki Rapper [ Jense n

Saka molo

Sakamoto Crowder Cohen

Cur.d C rowder Higgens


MS U Ca l Ca l

Cu.!. i New\l1;Jn Fi eld [ Jacobson

Mi eh


M ich











Barak Milchell Lascari

Lascari Seward Larose

Rapper Swetman Dunn





S IU C al C al

C;ll SI U Spr

Syr Den Neb





L ynn

T ijerin a [ Card in:!lli We iss

We iss Ca rdinali



Av ell er Maho ney T urpin Si mmons

Vega Buck Toory




Bo wles [ MeC:mhy Bass ist


Ari z SIU


Sclunilz Millma n Frc ud cnsle in


Mi ll m;tn Schmitz

Oglesby Quintana Albe rs

Larose Og lesby Hlad ik

Kl aus Hadl ey Orlofsky

Ma yer Vexler Sakamo to



low:l SIU Ca l

A St SIU Iowa





FS - Florida Sta te University GA - Gu stav us Ad olphu s Coll ege GT - Georg ia In stitul e of Techn ology III - University of Illi noi s Ind - Indi ana Uni versity Iowa - Uni ve rsil j of Iowa IS - In diana Sta te Uni ve rsit y ISU - Iowa State Unive rsity KSU - Kent State Uni ve rsity Mass - Uni vers ity of Massac hu setts Mich - Uni versity of Mi chi ga n Minn - Uni versity of Minnesota




Ho ffman Swanson S lezak



Ho ffman Slezak B:lrr


Ru sso [ Ho ffman Yearwood






Gord on

Iow a



McCa nless

Gunny Denn is [ Jackson

CS LA CS LB Iowa Spr

Hoskins Se ibum S IO((en [ Auchterl on ie

Eva ns Ehrlich Ga ili s

Cooper Hopper Z ahm


Cooper Geocraia

Orlorsky Lynn We iss

Sh urlock

[ Bird





Gai li s Wolf [ Field

McCan less Ramsey [ Li ehr




Spr Iowa Wash


Y:lle SI U

Yal e Ariz UCLA


Ca l III Spr

Cal Iowa Cal


PS Ca l

Vega Shurlock Wern er [ Fosler

Eisinger Gordon Hall

Mi ll s Pasle rnak Porter

Mi ll s DOly Hascgaw:1

Aurreclll Orlo rsky Ha rt

Fairchild Lawh; r C;trdinal li

Shu rl ock

F;lirchild Buck

Ca l




M SlJ Cd Ca l

Mich C al UCL A


SI U Ca l





Mich SI U



M ich









AF - Air Force Ariz - Univers il y of Ari zo na Army - Army A SI - Arizona State Univers ity BY U - Bringham Young University Cal - Un iversilY of Ca liforni a at Berkeley Chic - Un iversity of Ch icago CP - Ca liforn ia Polytechnic Institute CSLA - Californi a State Coll ege at Los An ge les CSLB - California State Coll ege at Long Beac h C SI - Colorado Siale University Den - Uni versity of Denver



197 1




Cohen Sak amolo Alle n

SIU Mic h Io wa




Cohen Cohn Thor

Jacobs Freudenstein A llen

Schmi tz Jacobson Dav id






J;lcobson Ga ili s Cohen

Bauti sla


,Seward [ Henderson Mi lc hell

Lynn Browsh McConnell

Lynn Seward Daniel s

[ Daniels

Hadley L ynn



T onry








Larose O rl ofsky

Mi ch


Lynn O rlo rsky Bara k [ Hadley

Mich SIU Syr


Weiss O rlo rsky Lynn



Wci s~


Ca l




Ca l III

W erner Shurl oc k

Gross fcld

VC拢:l Shurlock






I II Ca l






UI DIYISIO With nostalgia the theme these gymnasts of the 30's and 40's NCAA competition line up for a historic photo ... L. to R: Lyle Welser(retired coach, Georgia Tech U.), Joe Giallombardo(retired coach, Illinois High School system), Bill Meade(coach, So. III. Uni â&#x20AC;˘. ), George Szypula(coach, Michigan State Univ.), Dr. Newt Loken(coach, Univ. of Michigan), Paul Fina(business exec utive), Gene Wettstone(coach, Penn State Univ.), Carl Shanken(business executive), and Tom Maloney(AAU gym nastics admininistrator).

More nostalgia as gymnasts of the 60's line up â&#x20AC;˘. (for gymnasts of the 50's see Dick Crileys Viewpoints , page 8 this edition). The Judges for the 1974 NCAA Championships line up tor a " Gymnast" photo.



by Dick Criley

Like a tornado from th e Mid-West, th e Iowa State Cyclones swept int o St ate Co ll ege, Pa., to ' depart w ith the 1974 NCAA Un ivers it y Di vision Team Tit le, two indi vidu al titl es, and seco nrl places in the all aro u nd and vau lting eve nts. For coac h Ed Ga gnier it was the third team titl e in 4 yea rs . Stanford gymnast, St eve Hu g, b ecam e th e seco nd gymnast in NCAA hi sto ry to ea rn thr ee co nsecuti ve all aro und titles. Th e prev iou s triple crow n ho ld er was Joe Giallombardo, w ho was present at th ese 32nd championships. The them e of th e championship s might well have been nostalgia w ith 16 previous AIIAmer ica ns returning as we ll as 13 returne es amon g the 23 all aro un d qu alifi ers. As it was, howeve r, th e walls of Penn State's Recreation Buildin g gymnasium re fle cted a histor y of NCAA Championship gymn ast ics. Veteran showman, organizer, and host coach, Gene Wettstone, aid ed by Ray Gura (M ich igan '73), trotted out th e pa st with photos of champions of the past and a program rev iewin g highli ghts of the NCAA Championships. The atmosphere may have been p lann ed for hi sto ry buffs, but th e performances, o rgani za ti on, and above allth e computerized scor e keep in g - we re st rictl y up-to-date . ALL-AROUND Steve Hu g's optional all-around ro utin es are presented elsewhere in thi s iss ue and should b e stud ied for th e co mbin at ions he presented . Ea ch p erfo rm ance was care full y worked o ut so that even a mi ss such as he d escrib ed for PH was not noti ceab le. Steve was ve ry modest about it but hi s techniqu e spoke for itself. Another hi gh light b eyond hi s 108. 95 AA p erform ance was b eing named th e N isse n Award winner. His co mpul so ry total of 54.45 was first and his optional tot al of 54.50 third hi ghest. H e qualifi ed for finals o n PB and HB, winning the para ll el bars w ith an 19.925 and taki ng seco nd on HB with 19.05. Iowa State's D o ug Fitzjarrel, a for mer Colorado hi gh school gymn as t was second in th e all-aro und w ith 108.05 (C=53.30, 0=54.75). He qu alifi ed into th e finals in FX, V, and PB, taking first , seco nd and fourth respect ive ly, despite havin g faced six exe rcises in the team fin als ju st six ho urs ea rli er. I n th e tea m fina ls, hi s optional total was 54.875 . A surpris e in the AA ranking was W ayne Young o f Brigham Young Un ive rsit y who totalled 107.30 (C=53.00, 0 =54. 30) . W ayn e showed so me good se ts in R, PB, and HB (us in g as dismounts a pik e doub le, d o ubl e, an d h alf-in half-out re spectiv ely) for scores of 9.2, 9.3, and 9.45, in addition to quali fying for the va ulting fin als with a 9.2 Tsukah ara va ult. GYMNAST May '74

Another n ewco mer to th e A ll -Ame ri ca n rank s wi th hi s fourth p lace AA fini sh was Gene Wh elan of th e Un ive rsit y of Massachu setts. Working clea nl y wi th good co nt rol except fo r hi s compul sory va ult , G en e ea rn ed a 106.25. He had the third hi gh es t qu alify in g sco re for PB and took second in th e final s. Iowa Stat e's Bob Roth , a sixth pl ace f ini sher in 1972 took fifth w ith 105.40 and ea rned an optional tot al of 53.40 during th e preliminar y ro und s compared with 53.075 durin g the team final s. Hi s perfo rman ces were o n th e sa fe and so l id sid e w ith no major brea ks. For Mi ke Cart er, Loui sia na Sta te, thi s year w as to be hi s chance to move up in th e AA standin gs from fou rth in '73. A successfu l tour of Europe and a season of mid-50 AA p erfo rmances had prepared him for the step. Howeve r, breaks on com pul sory PH and just before the com pul sor y d ismount o n HB netted h im sco res in th e low 7's and he st ood at 14th after the co mpul sories . Hi s power and co nfiden ce showe d in hi s optiona l work as he logged 54.65, th e second highest optiona l total. Were it not for PH , Iowa State' s Mark Graham would ha ve h ad a crack at th e top six but he fini shed seve nth w ith 104. 25. During the team fin als, hi s opt io nal tota l wa s 52 .675 as co mpared wit h 53.70 in th e pr elimin ary co mpetition. Se vellleen gym na sts scored 100 po in ts or




bell er w ith 12 gymnasts scoring 50+ in the co mpul sori es. For w hat it is wo rth , 11 of th e returnin g AA gymnasts moved up an average of abo ut 3 pla ces from the ir '73 standin gs . TEAM COMPETITION If the AA co mpetition saw man y famili ar fa ces, th e team co mpetition was clo se to bein g a carbon copy of 1973 . A few ch ange s - Air Force mi ss in g th e qua li fi ca ti o n sc ore by less than three points at the W es tern Independent meet and Arizona State pow ering pa st New Mexico in th e W es tern Ath leti c Conference (WAC) - but th e o th er six tea ms had been there before. Iowa State was fa vor ed d es p ite ri va l Iowa ' s record qual ifyin g score of 329. 00. Eve ry team handil y mad e th e 150 m ar k on comp ul so ri es w ith Io wa Sta te logg in g 160.45. Ca lifornia , competi ng in a differ ent sess ion , ea rned a compulso ry total of 159.20 followed clo se ly by Arizona State w ith 158.45. Six team s bettered th e 160 mark in opt io nals rangin g from Iowa ' s 161.8 to Iowa Sta te' s 165.65. Louisiana Stat e had the second high es t optional total wit h 164.90 and Arizona State w as third with 163.60. A few not es on eac h team: Iowa State University Coach: Ed Gagnier We ll balan ced - expe rienced - " grind in g out " tho se 8.8 ' s and 8.95 's as one observer put it flashes of bri lli ance from Doug Fitzjarre ll, Mark

Graham , and specialists A lex Pepe (FX), Keith H eave r (RJ, and Don Young (PH ) - Depth! Best eve nt, FX: C=26.30 , 0 =27 .90; nex t HB, C=27.40, 0 =27.7 5. Low event, PH: C=25.25, 0 =26.95. Placed Fit zjarrell into fin als o n FX, V, and PB ; Pep e on FX, Heave r on R. Moves of note: Fit zjarrell (FX) mount s w ith double back , in clud es fu ll tw isting div e roll , d ismount with double twist. Grah am (FX) doubl e twi st mount , full twi sting di ve roll , full twist di smount. Double fl y-away o n R from Fit zjarrell and Heaver (pik ed ). Three as ter isk va ults: Tsukahara and full twi sting hand springs. Fit zjarr el l' s front somie ca tc h on PB. Graham 's HB di smount , a fu ll tw ist to back o ut. Arizona State University Coach: Don Robinson Played th e ga me dangerously - four men per event w ith on ly three men on HB. A tough and in-shape tea m. Standout performances from Gary Alexander (100.3 AA) Kent Brown (FX), L.J. Lar so n (PH), Ri ck Curtis (R), Greg Bi an (PB ), Ma rk D edrick (H B) . Best events: PH: C=27.20, 0 =27.05 ; V: C=26.5, 0=27.7. Lo w eve nt, HB: C=25. 60, 0=27.50. In dividu als in fin als: Alexand er (FX), Larso n (PH ), Curti s (R), Bi an (PB). Moves of note: Jim Nelson's hi gh and so lid hand spring 1 Vl saito vau lt. L.J. Larson 's PH routin e (c hec k exe rcise on PH page). Brown (FX ) used A rabian 1- 3/4 , inc luded controll e d sta lder press, dismounted

A Iowa Slale: 1974 NCAA University Division Team Champions

GYMNAST May ' 74


Arizona State: 2nd place team

w ith fu ll twi st. Check out Al exa nd er 's 9.4 FX routin e on FX page. D edrick 's Vo ronin o n HB and fu ll twi stin g hecht. Full tw istin g hand sprin g va ults for Dedrick, A lexa nd er, Nelson. University of California at Berkeley Coach: Hal Frey Fin all y go t a " good draw" for co mpul so ri es but had to lead off in th e optional exe rcises. A yo ung tea m rea ll y ju st gel.ting it alt oget her. All around power: To m Weeden, Da ve Eby, St eve Posner, Tom Beach w ith 103.95, 102.80, 104.35 and 72.80 (for e ight exercises; did not compete PH, R) respecti ve ly. Technique generally meritoriou s although a few exe rci ses were shakey. In ad dition to fine jobs by AA m en, specialists Mark Lund y (R), M ark Adams and Glenn Sey mour (PH ) turn ed in significant exe rc ises. Cal's stron g eve nt was HB : C=27.55, 0=27.90; n ex t was R: C=26.85, 0 =27.20. Low eve nt PH: C=25.55, 0=26.75, but seventh ranked team on V: C=26.30, 0=26.35. Indiv idu al moves of note : Weeden (FX): straddl e l to straddle planche to handstand. Eb y (FX) : mount with double twi st, includes ni ce pik ed A rab ian front , clean transition: stra ight leg roll to straddle stand and turn to sp lit s. Beach and Posner also used doub le twi st mo unts. A ll th e ring men use d doubl e fl y-a w ay except Eb y (f~ 1I twist ). Beach (HB) dismounted w ith pik e-openfull twisting fly-away . Seymour was o ne of few hor se men to show sc isso r va ri ati o n - a sc issor with 112 turn. Vau lts: mos tl y one, two as te ri sk, although both Beach and Clark John so n u se lull twisting handsprin gs and hand sprin g with 1112 sa ito. Posn er's hi gh V support on FX and PB. W ee d en's sid e mount on PB, hi s D iam id ov followed by Stutz. Pl aced Ma rk Lund y into indi vidual fina ls o n R and Steve Pos ner on FX. Indiana State University Coach: Roger Counsil Not quite as stron g as in the last champion sh ips w ith their to p rin gmen graduat ed, but still m any ve rt erans: Paul Blask o (AA), Rick Danl ey, Bill Carney, d efending PH Ch amp Ed Sl eza k, Kev in Murph y, and Wayne Lew is. H ere aga in , stea d y co n sistent performances. HB top eve nt: C=27.45, 0 =28.20. Low: FX : C=25.35, 0 =26.95, but las t ranked on V: C=25.70, 0 =26.65. Competed in middl e se t with Iowa State and Arizona State . No repla ce ments for Bo b Mahorney and Tom Morga n on R. Notewort hy performan ces : Bob


M ellin (FX ) mo unted w ith doub le tw ist, used full tw isting di ve ro ll , piked arabi an front and sprin g to sea t drop, doub le tw ist d ismount. Chri s Li cht (HB) dismo unted wi th a rudolph . Danl ey (PB ) back toss to hand, and imm ediate back off w ith fu ll tw ist. Into th e event fina ls we re Ed Sleza k (PH ) w ith hi s back moo re uphill to bailie to hop moore; Way ne Lewis and Ri ck Danl ey on HB, Bi ll Carney on PB. Ch eck o ut th eir routines o n th e eve nt pa ges. Uniyersity of Iowa Coaches: Dick Holzaptel, Neil Schmidt Top qualify in g score in th e co untry, but fifth at Nationa ls. Hit cleanly in co mpul sories w ith qu it e a few so li d se ts, but we re out -c la ssed by fi ve other tea m s in optional s. Veterans Ca rl Walin (A A) Bob Salstone, and Dave May w er e jo in ed by AA 'ers Bill Mason and Bru ce Waldman , each co ntributin g scores in th e 9' s fo r th e team effort. PH tea m o f Bob Siemianowski and Dal e

Robb in s cont ribut ed 1B.2 and 18.5 respec ti ve ly to th e seco nd ra nk ed PH team sco re as we ll as qualifyin g for fin als. Hi gh event, HB : C=26.80, 0=27.10. Low eve nt , R: C=25.30, 0=26.70. Notab le performan ces : Wa ldman 's HB comp ul so ry - good amp lit ude - and hi s pike double in HB opt iona ls; Dave May (FX) st ro n g fro nt tumbling pa ss fo r mount, also Arab ian 1J/ 4 ro ll o ut, smoot h hand sta nd snap thro ugh to bac k to back extensio n ro ll , di smou nt w ith full twi st; Bob Sa lsto ne (FX) 1Y2 tw istin g dive roll ; Ca rl Wa lin (HB) stald ers, double fly-away ; Gary Quigg 's full tw ist in g hand spring va ult. Ma ny repea ted va ult s in opt iona ls. Int o the eve nt final s: Bob Siemi anowsk i and Da le Rob b in s (PH ) an d Gary Qui gg (V). Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Coach: Armando Vega 11-1 season reco rd. Very stron g opt io nal perform ances but some tough brea ks in the co mpul so ri es (PH , R, HB). Paced by A ll- A m erican Mi~e Ca rt er w ith AA support from Herm W alte rs and Ri ck Ru sse ll w ith t hree event man Steve Stein and to'; spec iali sts, Gene Ja eger (FX), Franz Go ldbeck (P H ), Todd Kuoni (R), Ch uck Dav id (V, PB ) and Don Clifford (PB ). Top eve nt s: V: C=26.45, 0 =27. 95 and FX: C=26.20, 0 =27.95. Low event s, PH: C=24 .1 5, 0 =26.65 and R: C=23.70, 0=27.35. No tabl e opt io nal performanc es: Goldbeck (PH ), R strength wo rk o f Carter - plan che, c ro ss, ho ll owb ack pr ess and doubl e fly-away and Kuoni wit h L cross press o ut to L support and pike double. FX tea m to tal was secon d ranked wi th four out of five scores in th e 9's: Ru sse ll wi th layo ut to sp lit s; Jaeger m o unting wit h full twi st to ff to kn ees, ff to spl it s th en press and di smounting w ith ff, w hipba ck, ff, fu ll ; Ca rter mounting w ith doub le twi st, ff to j ack knife, usin g piked Arabian front to boun ce front hand spring and hand spring, hi gh front , hand spring mid- seq u ence. V and PB also w ith fo ur o ut of fi ve sco r es in the 9' s. On HB, Stein ', bara ni-out-fliffi s d ismou nt, Walt er's rudolph dismo unt, Cart er's f lank ove r w ith reg ra sp behind the ba ck . Qu alifi ed into th e fin als were Carter (FX ), Stein (V), Don Clifford (PB) . The Pennsylvania State University Coach: Gene Wettstone H appy, as h os t in stituti on, to have qua li fied to take part but w it hout much optimi sm about reachin g th e tea m finals .

Univ. California, Berke ley: Jrd place team

GYMNAST May ' 74

Thin gs ju st never fell i nto p lace fo r th e Nitta ny Li ons w hose AA standout , Jim Kru es t fin ish ed a disappo intin g 12th ju st behind Templ e rival, Bob Rice . (Note: Penn State d id ha ve an AA w inn er in Karen Sch u ckman at the A IAW Gym nast icC hamp io nships th e sa m e week end.) Top eve nt was HB : C=26. 10, 0=28.00 w it h lowest team pl acings on PB and PH : C=24.00, 0=25 .25. Best p erforman ces we re those of Bill Murphy (P H), Krues t (R -o pt), Bra ndt Atkin s (V): a good hand spring w ith 1 V1 sa ito , bett er th an Kruest 's but scored 0.05 lower. Jerr y Young (FX) mounted w ith do ubl e twi st, d ismount wit h a fu ll ; opt iona l HB performances of Wa yn e Chand ler, Steve Bi za l, and Kruest w ho u se d a fu ll twisting hecht dismount. Atk in s was PSU 's so le en try in the indi v idual fin als. University of Mic higan Coach: Newt Loken Ga ined thei r pl ace in th e champ ions hips whe n W IC berth we nt unfill ed. M ichi ga n 's second p lace fin ish in th e Big 10 was th e h igh es t seco nd place qualifying sco re around the co untr y, but they learned th ey we re to go to Penn Sta te just abou t three days before th ey we re due th ere . Somewhat sh orthanded in FX and PH and m issing A ll- Am eri ca n Monty Falb on R, but sti ll pull ed together so me stro n g team effor ts, parti cul arl y V and HB . Paced by Canad ians Bru ce Medd, Pi erre LeC lerc, and Jea n Gagnon. Best tea m total s: V: C=26.80, 0=27 .1 5 and HB: C=26.55, 0=27.20. Low even t, PH: C=23.10, 0=26.35. Perfo rmance not es: Charl ie Sti ll erman 's compu lsory FX dismo un t right to th e co rn er; Joe Neuenswander (R) invert ed and ou t to d o u b le; Jerry Poy nton (H ) one pomm el doubl es, and Bob D arden (HB ) wit h both sta lders and a doub le fly-away in pike positi on.

TEAM FINALS It was back to Competiti on I for the fina ls this yea r as th e Rul esCo mmittee had decided it was sense less to ha ve a rul e w hereby th e scores in th e fina ls wo uld be lower than in the preliminary round s. Qua l ifying from the prelimi nary rounds were Iowa State w ith 163. 05, Ar izona Stat e with 161.025, and University of Ca liforni a w ith 160.875 . Iowa State's lead of 1.725 was a safe one, but th e battle for seco nd gave A ri zo n a St ate only a 0.1 5 edge. A sl ip by ISU cou ld give eith er of 路 th e ot hers a crack at the champ io nshi p. IS U started on their stro n g event, FX, in which they scored 27 .9 in the pre limin ary ro un d . W ith stro ng perfo rmances from eve ry man, th ey totall ed 28.25. Doug Fitzjarrell hit for 9.65 with Mark Graham at 9.35 - usin g a doub le twi st mount, handspring to full twisting d ive, and fu ll tw ist dismount - and A lex Pepe at9.25 wit h a fu ll twi st mount, Di amidov spin , back w ith Y2 to step out into Men ic helli inloca tedi slocate. A ri zo na State had the h igh PH team

score in th e pre li ms but w ith o nl y four men o n th e eve nt were co unting o n no br ea ks. Gary Alexander co mpl eted but hOld form prob lems; Don Steiger hit for an 8.8 ; but Steve Isham broke on sc iss ors for an 8.05 wh il e L.J. Larso n had on ly a sli ght break for a 9.3. ASU's team tota l was 26 .15, down .9 from th eir ca pabi li ty. Ca l started on R, a 27.20 eve nt for th em , w ith five good exercises (four of which end ed w ith doub le flyaways). To m Weed en showed co ntroll ed sw ing , so l id ho l d s, and comme nsurate strength for 9.2 w hil e M ark Lundy's routin e might best be character ized as deliberate - for a 9.3 . Ca l moved into a 1.051ead over ASU by scori ng 27.35 . ISU increased their chances to pu ll away on PH w ith 27.35 from scores contributed by Ralph H ernandez (9.25), Don You ng (9.3) and Bob Rot h (8 .8). Young sho wed so m e ni ce sty le and is a horse man to wa tch in the future. Ca l was on FX w here they had sco re d 26.75 ea rli er and we re to h it for a 27.30 now. Thr ee men mounted w ith doubl e twi sters and all u sed fu ll tw ist dismounts, alth ough Clark Johnson broke o n hi s. Steve Posner turned in a 9.25 for an exerc ise th at had som e thing of a Menichelli pace and lightn ess to it wh il e Tom Weeden scored 9. 15. Arizo na Stat e o n R improved their preliminary sco re by.6 in logg in g 27.65 but st ill trai led Cal at the end of th e second round by .55. Greg Bian (9.35) use d a ki p rise to planch e (s hort on ho ld time), O ly mp ic cross, Hi ckman ro ll to front leve r and a doub le di sm o unt w hil e Ri ck Curtis (9.5) was sol id w ith li ttle sw in g u sin g st raight arm giant, fall out to back uprise to L cross and a double di smount. In the third round , ISU on R turn ed in 27.50 w ith all fi ve ro utin es so li d (fo ur di smo unts were doub les). Mark Gra ham (9.05 ) used an O lympic cro ss (s hort on hold tim e) and a doubl e twisting di smount; Doug Wood (9.00) had a sli ght break on a giant, held an L cross and dismounted w it h a do ubl e; Keith H eave r (9.45) worked w ith straight arrns -t hrou ghout, lowered to cross from hand stand , and use d a pike doub le dismount. Ca l needed to ma intain their 26.75 pa ce from prelims on PH to ho ld the ir lead but had break s from two men , low sc isso rs for a third, and loose form on a fourth w ith on ly Mark Adams (9.0) improving on hi s p relim score. A ri zo na State came on with power on FX as Ga ry A lexander hi t w ith 9.5, Kent Brown for 9.65, and Cra ig Kirby for 8.9 and a tea m tota l of 28.05. Coach Don Robin so n was disappointed with the pr elim inary optiona ls when Brown, w ho prece ded A lexander, was awa rded o nl y 9.25 and switched thei r o rd e r in the finals. It pa id off w ith Brown hitting hi s Arabian 1-3/4 mount, and using a contro ll ed Arabian dive roll out stalder press to hand stand. ASU 's FX'ers all used full twi st dismounts. At the halfway point, ISU was we ll out in front w ith 246.15 wi th ASU recovering seco nd pla ce

from Ca l 242.875 to 240.975. In th e fourth round ISU ' s vau lt ers hit both vaults fairl y we ll , usuall y using Yamashita as o n e va ult and a thr ee ast erisk va ult for th e o th er. Mark Cumm ings (9. 125) use d a full twistin g hand spring w it h sec ure landing for a 9.1 w hi ch was averaged wi th a 9.15 Yamashi ta. Fit zjarre ll (9.125 ) hit a Tsukah ara w ith a step for 9.2 and a Yama shita w ith half tw ist for 9.05. ASU started to give it back to Ca l w it h so m e ru shed rout in es but still scor ed 26.70 o n PB . Gary Alexander (9.3) held up th e total - d ismounting w ith a doub le sa lta-whi le both Ma rk D edri ck and G reg Bian broke an d Herb H anse n wobb le d a li tt le in hi s hand stand s. Ca l, o n HB, was ready to accept the gift and climbed back to o ve rtake ASU by 0.05 by sco ring 28.10 . As a team, th ey showed great cons istency: 8.90, 8.90, 9.15, 9.35, 9.50. Four dism ount s we re doubles whi le Tom Beach use d a pik e-op en-fu ll twi st. Round fi ve. Iowa State did not let up th e p ace at all in sc oring 27.60 o n PB w ith 8.95 from Roth , 9.30 from Graham , and 9.35 from Fit zjarr ell. Graham 's big C was hi s Diamidov and Fit zjarre ll 's a front overba r swi ng to hand stan d. Cal wa s vaulting and it was here that the y gave it back to ASU fo r kee ps, sco ri ng but 26.425, th eir low event for the day alth ough an improve ment o ve r 26.35 th e d ay before. Th ey had too man y breaks on land in gs and postflight an d no one ha s two really good va ults although Weeden was most consist ent: 8.9 's for Yamashita and Yam as hita with half twist. ASU had but three men on H B and each needed to hit. Check th is out: Gary A lexande r 9.25, H er b Han se n 9.40, Mark Dedr ick 9.35 , for a 28.00 total . Th eir dismount s were doub le fly-away , doub le twist , and full tw istin g hecht, respectiv ely. AS U now led by 1.05. Into the last eve nt, Iowa State at 300.925 led by 3.35 and clinch ed th e 1974 titl e with a 27.55 effort on H B. Ri c h Larson (9. 15) used doub le german s, inloca t e giant , and a p ike-full dismount. Ken Gysews ki (9.20) hit we ll as did Mark Graham (9.40) whose di smou nt was a fu ll twi st -b ack out. Ca l maintained a stiff pac eo n PB with four ou t of fi ve scores in the 9's: Ive r Eicken (9 .15), Tom Beach (9.3), Dave Eb y (9.3) , and Tom Weed en (9.2) for 27.8. ASU 's va ulte rs hit both va ults fai rl y well: Jim Ne lso n hi gh hand spring l Y1 sa lt a for 9.4 and hand sprin g with full tw ist (good postflight) for 9.2; Mark Dedrick a hand spring w ith a fu ll tw ist for 9. 1 and pik ed Tsukahara (with poor push-off and landin g) for 8.6; and Ga ry A lexa nd er Yamash ita fo r 9.1 and handspri ng w i th full twist for 9.25. ASU sco red 27.325 . At th e wire it was Iowa State 328. 675, Arizona Sta te 324.90 and Universit y of Ca liforn ia 324.325. In th e co urse of the afternoon , fSU sco red 165.625 , ASU 163.875, and Ca l 163.425.






27.30 0 27 .90 F 28.25

25.25 26.95 27.35

26.65 27.50 27.50

27.050 27.600 27.175

26.80 27 .95 27. 60


26. 10 27. 50 28.05

27.20 27.05 26.15

26.10 27.05 27.65

26.500 27.700 27.325

26.95 25.60 158.450 26.80 27.50 163.600 26.70 28.00 163.875 California

26.45 0 27.20 F 27.30

25.55 26.75 26.45

26.85 27.20 27.35

26.300 26.350 26.425

26.50 27. 15 27.80


tota ls

Prefim. tota l

Pre lim & Fina ls Ave. TOTAL

Iowa State C

27.40 27.75 27.75

160.450 165.650 165.625

Indiana Stale C 326.10 163.050 165.625

0 328.675


Arizona Slate



GYMNAST Ma y '74

27.55 27.90 28.10



159.200 162. 550 163.425


160.875 163.425




324.300 Penn State


0 321.75

161.025 163.875

Michiga n 324.900










25.35 26.95

25.85 26.60

26.65 26.25

25.700 26.650

25.50 27.55

27 .45 28.20

156.500 162.100


25.90 27.00

26.25 26.90

25.30 26.70

26.600 27.050

25.80 27. 05

26.80 27.10

156.650 161.800


26.20 27.95

24. 15 26.65

23.70 27 :35

26.450 27.950

26.55 27.65

24.25 27.35

151.300 164.900


25.25 27.20

24.00 25.25

24.90 26.65

26.400 27.550

25.60 24.95

26.20 28.00

152.250 159.600


24.70 25. 15

23. 10 26.35

24.70 25.05

26.800 27. 150

26.30 25.70

26.55 27.20

152.150 156.600




INDIVIDUAL EVENTS COMPULSORIES, OPTIONALS, FINALS Practice makes perf ec t, it is sa id , and thi s year 's NCAA gy mn astics champ ion sh ips again support th e adage as th e p erforman ces wer e th e b es t eve r. Th ere we re br ea ks yes, but far fewer it seemed . Forty four different co llege s and uni ve rsiti es w ere repr ese nted by 225 gymna sts as m embers of teams and qualifi ers for the all around and indi vid ual event s. Last yea r we co unt ed the sco res of 9.00 and up for the com pul so ry exe rci ses. Thi s yea r was th e thi rd year th ey th ey were used by everyone, but , un expec t ed l y, th e re was a decrease in 9+ scores (TABLE ). Comparison of total number of comp ul sory scores (AA, team, indi vid ual s) in the 9's in 1972, 1973, and 1974. 1972 1973 1974 12 6 V FX 路1 23 路ii 3 PB PH 9 13 9 11 11 7 HB 4 15 9 R 18 20 3 Floor Exercise The usual spots for er rors in th e compulsory were the piked front to hand spri ng dismount, the jump-ff-back somie, stiff-stiff press, and a crooked arabian dive roll. Floor exerci se patterns in th e optionals tended to be X-shaped with one side pass and a repetition of a diagonal - four passes altogether. Mount sequences usual ly started with a full or double twist and occasionally a doub le back (piked doubl e back by Pete Kormann) . Strong va ri ations includ ed Arabian V;'; (Tim Shaw, Kent Brown), front V;.; somie (Mike Ke ll ey), p ik e front step out to hand spri ng to fu ll twisting dive (A le xa nder), and RO, Arabian front step out to front handspring - severa l gymnasts. In between there were full twisting dive ro ll s, 1% twisting dive rolls, RO to pik ed somie with v.. turn , some good front passes (Chr is Wright, Cliff Williamson , Car l Wa l in, Dave May, Steve Stein , Ron Reznick) and good strength work ranging from straddle L and stalder presses to press from L's and forward splits, and a coup le of p lanches (Tom Weeden, Tim Shaw). Other moves displa yed included double leg circles (Hug) , inlocate-dislocate wa l kover and back, ff to split (Kruest) and high V supports. Dismounts tended to be stock except when spiced up a bit with whipovers - mainly pike back or full twist with a few of the top routines finishing w ith double twists. Individuals qualifying into the finals were Doug Fitzjarrell (ISU), Bob Rikli (Oregon), Mike Cart er (LSU), Ron Reznick (Ca l State Northridge), Gary Alexander (ASU), Steve Po sne r (Ca l), and Alex Pepe (ISU). 3/ 10 separated the high and low qualifiers. Routines and re s ult ~ appea r elsewhere. Pommel Horse There were a number of good horsemen th is year who did not mak e the fina ls: A ll arounders Steve Hug and Bob Roth were right up there and Dave Repp needed a better compulsory, but none had qualif ied anywa y. Similarly some good performers for their teams were not eligib le: Glenn Seymour (Cal), Jerry Poynton (Michigan), Don Young and Ralph Hernandez (IS U) , wh il e low optiona ls kept out individuals such as Kevin Murphy (Ind. State), Randy Sabey (Arizona), and Greg Krippel (Okla .). Low compulsory sco res prevented 9+ optional performances by John Gracik (Ga. Southern), Greg Anderson (U of 111- Chicago Circl e), Chris Klingerman (Cal State LA ), Greg Collis (Syracuse), and Franz Goldbeck (LSU) from making the grade. With both compulsory and optional sco res right up th ere, Hal Tra ver (Nebraska), Roger Wojtkiewica (U of III. Chicago Circle), and Howard Beck (U of


Illin ois) were probabl y mo st di sa ppoint ed as they mi ssed being on e of th e top six by 0.25 or less . Difficult as PH is to judges and th e moves to recognize, one thin g was ce rtain: th e travel down, walkaround, lo o p with V2 off is th e most popular di smount. Few routin es incorporated the new dismo unts publi shed by th e FIG in its 1972 comp lement. Th e back moore al so seems to be popul ar with th e upper echelon of hor se m en. Littl e variation in scissors was shown and Cal 's G len n Seymou r mu st be sin gled out for hi s sc issor hop v, turn. In the rarefied atmosphere of finalists were Ted Marcy (S tanford) , Ed Slezak (defending champ from In diana State), L.J. Larson (Arizo na State), Ed Hembd (S IU ), Dale Robbins and Bob Siemianowski (Iowa) and Jim Allen (Colorado State) . I n the fina ls, Marcy, the leader with a brilliant 9.625 ave rag e, apparent ly slipped on his final loop off with half to score a 9.3. Ed Slezak, who n ee ded ju st a 9.5 to clin Lh hi s second title had just a slig ht wobb le n ea r the end and scored 9.45 to take second byO.025. L.J. Larson hit for the fin es t se t and a 9.6 but took third. Routin es and results appea r elsewhere. Rings Th e front lever, reve rse felge to handstand , and dismount were the problem areas in the compulsory. Two sty les were shown on the dismount: ear ly straddl e and late after the legs passed the rings - surely th e former more closely meets the requir ement as written. Some outstand in g ringmen fai led to make it be ca use of low compulsory scores: Todd Kuoni (LSU), Bob Rice (Temple) , Glenn Miller (Minnesota) and Jim Harvey (Springfield) whi le a top compulsory score of 9.2 from Jerry Odell (Ar izona) went for naught when he scored but 8.6 on his opt ional. Brigham Young University' s Wayne Young had an 18.45 prelim total and was not eli gib le. Cal's Tom Weeden was not an individual qualifier but would have matched some of the qualifying scores had he not nearly put a foot through a ring on the compulsory dismount. Similarly Penn State' s Jim Kruest hit a good optional but had problems with the reverse felge to handstand in the compulsory. Fifteen of 25 optional routines of event qua li fiers were scored at 9.0 or above. Jud ges must get tired , however, of double dislocate shoot to handstand as a mount. Straddle L's were very "in" this year and more Olympic and L crosses were shown, many with pull out to L support. Double fly-aways and full twists were the usual dismounts - on some teams , for instance, everyone used the same dismount. The rings are an impressive event, but somehow in need of more var iety . The straight arm technique is sti ll regarded as show in g virtuosity and a great many top ring men work almost every move that way . Moves of interest: Joe Neuenswander (M ichl in ve rted cross and out to a double; Steve Hug' s whippit, though with bent legs; Howard Bessen (Sta nford ) back lever ro ll to cross; p iked double from Wayne Young (BYU), Todd Kuoni (LSU) Bob Rice (Temple), and Keith H eave r (ISU); a front off with ha lf twist from Bill Jaeger of Illinois State; and a host of strength parts. Among the notable strength parts we re Mike Carter 's planche and Greg Bian ' s kip to pl anche. Only 0.1 separated the six fina li sts as there had been a five way ti e for the top compu lsory score (9 .2) and most of the ringmen made it through. Returning for his fourth year was Benny Fernandez (Indiana), and in addition , were Mark Lundy (Cal) Pet e Botthof (No . Illinois), Ri ck Curtis (Ar izona State), Howard Bessen (Stanford) and Keith Heaver (lSU). Their routin es and results appear elsewhere. GYMNAST May '74

Vault The h echt vau lt was performed w ith seve ral tec hniqu es - st rai ght bod y (fewest) , pik e-arch (p robabl y most preferred because of less body action) , arch-pike (somet im es difficult to tell from a stoop), arch-pike-arch, and pike-pikearch. It was difficult to tell w hi ch method brought the best scores w h en land in gs we r e in secure. Th e pre-flight angle was often low, but m any h echt s had good h eight and distance in the post- f li ght (Jim Nelso n of ASU and Jim Paqu ett e of Air Force to name a co upl e). Th e lowest score for event qualifi ers on the hecht was 8.5 w ith 16 scores of 8.8 to 8.95. Three asterisk va ults suc h as handspring 1V, saito, Tsuk ahara (tucked , pik ed), and handsprin g wit h full tw ist gene rall y scored well unle ss the landin g was bad. Comparatively few vaults with V, turn were used, perhaps because judges ha ve become more awa re of poor technique in the push-off. Hi gh hand sp ring l V, va ults were done by Greg Goodhue (Okla.), Jim Nelson (ASU), Jim Kruest and Brandt Atkins (PSU), Mike Carter (LS U) who was so hi gh he had no control on his landing , and John Tomich (Air Force). Most vau lters u sed th e middl e of the horse, as there is no zo n e req uiremen t, but thi s led to some rather mediocre Yamashita and hand spring va ult s. There were 23 out of 30 optional va ults from eve nt qualifiers that were sco red at 9.0 or higher. Se ve n va ulters qualified into the finals: Greg Goodhue (Okla.), Doug Fitzjarrell (IS U), Brandt Atkins (PS U), Gary Quigg (Iowa), Wayne Yo ung (BYU), Jeff LaFl eur (M inn .) and Steve Stein (LSU). Onl y 0.2 sepa rat ed the high and low finalists. In the finals, Young, Stein , and LaFl eur misse d va ults while Quigg and Atkins each hit one we ll and the other for a lo w 9. Goodhue's two va ults were high and co ntroll ed land ings and he d eserved the vau lt c hampion ship. Fitzjarrell ' s pike Tsukahara - with one recovery step - was good for a 9.4 and he played sa fe on hi s second va ult, using a handspring w ith v, twist. Brandt Atk in s introduced the ca rt w heel to front sa ito but it was a bit sloppy form-wise and recei ved but 9.0. Parallel Bars Much better execution was sho w n on th e compulsory thi s yea r w ith high er reverse stutz's and fewer br ea ks on the peach to glide kip. The dismount often resembled a we nde off from vertical in stead of a doubl e rear-flank action. Optional exe rcises tend ed to be less stock with some side mounts (Lufi , Weeden , Juliano), double leg circles, reverse st raddl e cu t (Young), combinations like peach to hand stan d pirouette (Hug), peach to h andstand and stutz to handstand (G . Whelan) and stutz to hand sta nd pirou ett e (Lufi, Repp), back toss to handstand to back off w ith full (Danley), a number of Diamidov's (D iamidov followed by stutz - Weeden , Zamora) , and double saito dismounts (Alexander, Bill Carney, W. Young, Mike Henry). Not too many back tosses to handstand (Hug), but Fit zjarrell ' s iront to support to swing to hand stand and hi s cast with V, twist to support should be noted. Many front off' s with V, twist and reg ular front off-piked and back off were sho wn . Parallel bars must have been difficult to judge as this event seemed to req uire more jud ge's co nfere nces than the others. Into the finals we nt Bill Carney (Ind . St.), Doug Fit zj arreli (ISU), Don Clifford (LSU ), Dubi Lufi (Wash. State), St eve Hu g (Sta nford ), Gene Whelan (U. Mass.) , and Greg Bian (ASU). Hug's routine (see AA section ) was superbl y designed and 路.ve ll-e xec uted for a repeat of hi s 1973 title. Ir. fact , the routine was the same one and it was sco red 0.2 high er than a yea r ago. (Check that


o ne out , those of yo u w ith film s from both years.) Horizontal Bar As noted in last year 's report , th e flex ibilit y requ irements of th e stradd le c ut and the stoo pin to eag le contin ue to plagu e a few gy mn as ts. Generall y, however, th e comp ul sory routine was mu ch better exec u ted, and the dismount was usually at least bar height thi s yea r. In th e optionals th ere was a lot to be no ted w ith 22 out of 28 indi vidual qualifiers and 18 out of 23 AA men sco rin g in the 9' s. One co uldn ' t help but feel Cal ' s and I ndiana State' s whole H B team should have been in th e runnin g fo r medals. (Actu all y Indiana State had three m en qualifi ed and two in t he finals). (From general ly high performances lik e these must have come the recommendation to the Rul es Committee that any member of a team th at goes to the NCAA's be eli gibl e for an event award.) As .Jsual, doubl e fly-aways predominated in the dismou nt s just as high starts (jam or stemme) characterized th e mounts. Good va riet y was shown in the dismounts: Pike-open-full from Tom Beach and Rich Larsen , half-in-half-out from Tim Shaw, Wayne Yo ung, a double twi ster from Gary A lexa nd er, seve ral full twists (Hu g, Wayne Lewis, Bob Ri ce, Bob Roth), barani s from Paul Blasko, Kim Wall , and pik ed double fly-aways from Bill Carpenter, Rick Danle y, Robert Harde n, Bob Darden, and Bruce Waldman. Th en there we re rud o lph s from Paul Li cht and Herm Walters full twisting hech ts from Mark D edr ick and Jim Kruest, a baraniout-fliffis from Steve Stein, and a full-in-back out-fliffis from Mark Gra ham. Th ere were man y good exe rc ises but one that bears recounting is that of Theo Digerness of Colorado State. H is optio nal average was 9.7 but, unfortunatel y, he had a break in th e co mpul sory fo r 8.15. Acco rdin g to Steve Johnso n, hi s coac h, the ro utin e co ntai ns 11 C's, 3 B' s and 1 A: Back uprise, free hip w ith V, twist, to California hop, to immediate Weiler kip (a straight bod y kip), ea rl y pirouette, imm ed iate free hip, immediate California hop, blind pirou ette, co me arou nd (?), Hi gg in s into eagles, immed iate hop pirouette, to b lind pirou ette, half of an Ono ou t, to imm ediate double back. Th e finalists were Wayne Lewis (Indian a State), Rich Bova (Ok la), Robert H ard en (Ca l State Chico - amazing should er flexibility) , Rick Danley (Indi ana State), St eve Zamora (Co lorado State), and Steve Hug. Only 0.175 sepa rate d the se six gymnasts. Th eir routines and results appear elsewh ere. WRAP-UP



Twenty different shcoo l were represented in the 40 finalists w ith five slo ts to Iowa State, fo ur each to Arizona State, Stanford, and Indian a State, and three each to LS U and Io wa. A breakdown of the A ll- Amer ica n awa rd s showed 10 for Pac 8 schoo ls, nin e fo r the Big eight, seven for the WAC, six for th e easte rn independents, fi ve for the Big 10, four for the SIGL, three for the EIGL, and two for the co ll ege division. As near as co uld be determined , o nl y 13 of th e 40 finalist slots were fill ed with all around gymnasts, the rema ind er being speciali sts of multiple eve nt men. Scores of 9.7 were awa rded Doug Fitzjarreli (FX), Ted Marcy (PH), Theo Digerness (HB) at one time or anoth er during th e 3 days o f competition w ith 9.65 's to Ri ck Danley (HB ) Steve Hug (HB), Fitzjarrell (FX), Kent Brown (FX ), and Greg Goodhue (V) and 9.6' s to Keith Heaver (R), Goodhue (V) , Steve Zamora (HB), Pet e Botthof (R), L.J. Larson (P H), and Tom Beach (HB ).



1. SIe ve Hug (Stanford) 2. Dou g Fitzjarrell (Iowa St. ) 3. Wayne Young (B.Y.U.) 4. l. e n e Whelan (U. Ma ss.) 5. Bob Rolh (Iowa St.) 6. Mike Carter (l. S.U.)






9.00 9.00 8.55 9.20 9.30 9.00 8.80 8.65 9.20 9.45 C 9.30 8.50 8.60 9. 10 8.80 0 9.55 8.70 8.70 9.25 9.50 C 8.50 8.50 9.25 9.15 8.80 0 8.90 8.25 9.20 9.20 9.30 C B.75 8.45 8.70 7.75 9.20 0 9.10 B.65 9.10 9.10 9.20 C 8.50 8.70 8.60 8.65 8.75 0 8.80 8.70 8.90 8.95 8.95 C 9.00 7.45 8.45 8.65 8.95 0 9.40 8.65 9.15 8.95 9.30 C



9.40 9.40 9.00 9.05 8.80 9.45 9.00 9.25 8.90 9.00 7.25 9. 20

lotal s

54.45 54.50 53.30 54 .75 53.00 54.30 51.B5 54.40 52.10 53.30 49.75 54.65


108.95 108.05 107.30 106.25 105.40

7. M a rk Gra ham (Iowa St.) 8. Dave Re pp (New Mexico) 9. Tom Weeden (Califor ni a) 10. Paul Blasko (Indiana St. ) 11. Bob Ric e (Temple) 12. Jim Kruesl (Pe nn State) 13. Jay Whe lan (So. Conn .) 14. Carl Walin (Iowa) 15. Pa ul Werst (A ri zona) 16. Mike Kelle y (Cal St. Full.) 17. Bill M aso n (Iowa) 18. Gle nn Tidwell (5. Illinoi s) 19. Chuck Wanner (U . of I. c.C) 20. Rick Russe ll jl.S.U. ) 21. Bill Ke rc hner (Minnesota ) 22. Kim Wall (5. Illin o is)


0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C

0 C


FX 8.95 9.10 8.30 8.80 8.70 9.00 8.50 9.00 8.35 9.10 8.70 8路95 8.80 9.20 8.55 8.70 7.45 8.40 8.00 8.60 8.30 8.70 7.75 8.40 7.40 8.65 7.95 9.00 8.15 8.95 5.90 8.70

PH 6.10 7.70 6.95 8.85 8.55 7.70 7.50 8.60 6.95 8.35 7.35 7.90 7.25 8.00 7.95 8.40 7.40 8.80 8.35 7.35 8.00 8.15 7.15 8.45 6.60 8.25 8.45 8.80 7.50 7.75 3.80 7.95

R 8.35 8.80 8.75 9.10 8.65 9.05 8.65 8.85 8.50 9.35 8.10 9.30 8.8Q 8.95 8.50 8.80 7.95 8.55 7.90 7.70 7.40 8. 15 7.95 8.60 7.55 8.10 7.10 8.55 6.50 8.40 7.90 7.75


8.85 9.15 8.40 9.00 9.05 8.70 8.45 8.65 8.80 9.20 8.65 9.4Q 8.95 7.85 8.65 8.65 9.00 8.90 8.80 9.20 8.55 8.95 8.60 8.45 8.40 8.75 8.35 9.00 7.90 8.75 7.95 8.70

PB 9.05 9.50 8.75 9.25 8.75 7.70 8.75 9.00 8.05 9.35 8.70 7.70 8.95 8.75 8.50 7.95 8.40 8.60 9.15 7.65 8.00 8.65 8.45 8.70 8.75 9.10 8.35 7.55 7.40 8.95 7.30 7.70

HB 9.25 9.45 8.65 9.20 9.15 8.95 8.85 9.10 8.90 9.00 9.15 9.40 8.15 9.10 8.60 9.00 8.05 9.05 8.85 9.00 8.30 8.90 8.50 8.90 8.70 9.25 7.95 7.05 8.95 7.65 8.55 9.00

totals 50.55 53.70 4Y .80 54.20 52.85 51.10 50.70 53.20 49.55 54.35 50.65 52.65 50.90 51.85 50.75 51.50 48 .25 52.30 51.05 49.50 48.55 51.50 48.40 51.50 47.40 52.10 48 .15 49.95 46.40 50.45 41 .40 49.80

Tota l

104.25 104.00 103.95 103.90 103.90 103.30 102.75 102.25 100.55 100.55 100.05 99.90 99.50 98.1 0 96.85 91.20

104.40 GYMNAST May '74

Doug Fitzjarrell

Wayne Young


Gene Whe lan

All-AROUND ROUTINES OF STEVE HUG Floor Exercise: RO, a rab ian front step o ut, handspring, fro n t, hand spring, fall , stradd le cut, stradd le legs around through sid e, splits, front su pport , p ike press, ha nd stand , stepdow n, v, turn , front ste p out , RO, If, Ara bi a n di ve, If, front ,split s, leg circles, half turn , squat to stand ; RO , If, pike sid e , swed ish fa ll , half turn , back roll with y, turn to hand stand ; split legs, step down to Ysca le, RO , ff, fu ll. Pomm e l horse : Two circles o n pommel , to middl e, to half doubl e leg circle, back moore, trave l, front in, stockli o ut , stoc kli in , circl e, break to 2 front sc isso rs, 2 und ercuts, 2 back scissors, p ic k up circles, rea r out front in , stoc kli di smount (as a cove r up for pl an ne d front in , baili e, wa lkarou nd di smount ) Rings: Pull to front lever, inl oca te, upri se to hand stand , back giant , fo rward ba ilout , inlocat e, w hippet to l , hollowba ck, bailout , d isloca te, do ubl e. Vault: Yam as hita wit h fu ll twi st. Pa ra llel Bars: Jump from beat boa rd , cast ca tch, back pirou e tt e, peach hand pirouette, ea rl y drop cast to uppe r arms, ba ck upri se, ba ck upri se, bac k stut z, ho p pirou e tte, stut z haml, ba c k ca tch, p each, front upri se, front off wit h ha lf twist. Horizontal b ar: Jam hanl , stoop in , in ve rt ed g ia nt , hop fu ll tw ist, Ono, va ult, kip c ha n ge, kr iskeh re, stald e r, wh ip c hange, front sta lder, c hange , 2 giant s, fu ll twist.



Doug FitzjarreTI


Doug Fitzjarrell Bob Rik li Mike Carter Ron Reznick Gary Alexander Steve Posner A lex Pepe

Iowa St. Oregon LSU Cal St. N.R. Arizona St. California Iowa St.

Ave . Finals



9.30 9.15 9.00 8.95 8.90 9.40 9.05

9.55 9.35 9.40 9.30 9.40 9.20 9.25

9.425 9.250 9.200 9.125 9.150 9.125 9.150

9.70 9.45 9.45 9.45 9.35 9.35 9. 15

Total 19.125 18.700 18.650 18.575 18.500 18.475 18.300

Additiona l FX qualifiers: Kent Brown (Ariz. St.) 18.10; Dave May (Iowa) 18.10; Steve Stein (LS U) 18.10; Ken Linn ey (San Jose) 18.05; Ja y Whelan (S. Conn.) 18.00; Chris Wright (San Jose) 17.95 ; Gene Whelan (U. Mass.) 17.85; Pete Kormann (S. Conn.) 17.70; Barry Petersen (M inn .) 17.70; Gene Jaeger (LSU) 17.65; Jim Kruest (Penn. St.) 17.65; Dave Chandler (New Nexico) 17.65; Bob Mel lin (Ind . St.) 17.60; Cu rt Adams (Minn .) 17.50; Bob Rice (Temple) 17.45; Greg Goodhue (Okla.) 17.30; Craig Combs (Ind. St. ) 17.20; Gabe Hernandes (CS LA) 17.15; K. Hendershot (II I. St. ) 17.00.



Ron Reznick

FLOOR EXERCI SE ROUTINES Note correspo ndi ng diagram s.) D oug Fitzjar"rell, Iowa State: RO, ff, double back, ba ck roll to kn ees , back handspring off knees, to sp lit; lift o ut of splits, fing er-tip press to hand stand, step do w n ; 2 steps along sid e o f full tw isting dive roll , jump o ut w ith v, turn, to 1 it, tw isting di ve rol l, to re ve rse lift ches t roll out , hal f turn to reve rse support, back ex tension , pirouette ; RO , ff, Arab ian front to heads prin g, to pi ked sea t drop; illusion , val dez, step down ; RO, ff, dou b le tw ist. Bob Rikli, Un iv. O regon: RO, ff, d oubl e back, back ex tens ion ro ll , v.. turn ; RO , A rabia n front step o ut, ca rt w hee l, fu ll turn to prone fall ; stradd le press; RO, ff, piked A rabi an 1- '1., strad dl e jump, ba ck ex tensio n, snap down to sp lit s; stanu , RO, ff, doubl e tw ister. Mike Ca rt er, Loui siana State Un iv.: RO, ff, doubl e tw ister, ff, jackknife; pr ess, lower down , RO , ff, arabia n front , bo un din g hand sprin g, fall , straddle , ki ck up; fro nl hanusprin g, piked fro nt, hand sprin g, fall ; Oiamidov (in co rn er) ; RO, w hipover, ff, full. Ron Reznick, Ca l State No rthridg e: RO, ff, doub le tw ist, turn ; sp lits, press to hand stand ; pike dow n ; handspring, pike fro nt, boun ce hand spring, turn ;

handstand ; pike down , lun ge, sca le, turn , RO, ff , double twist. Gary A lexa nd er: Ar izo na Sta te Uni v.: Pik e fr ont step out, hand spr ing, to full tw isting dive roll , jump to pro ne posit ion , coc kroach (a du ck und er w ith a half turn and kip act io n); stiff-stiff press, RO , ff, layout stepout; handstand , st rad dl e dow n ; back ro ll ex tension ; RO, ff, l- V, twis tin g bac k dive ro ll , jump wit h v, turn , ff to front support; RO , ff, full. Steve Pos ner, Un iv. Ca lifornia , Berk eley: Front somie, RO, ff, doubl e tw ister, back ex ten sio n roll , hop piro uette; hand sp ring, front , hand sprin g, inlocate and di slocate wa lkove r, split s, ba ck _exte nsio n roll , bac k wa lko ve r; RO , side, front roll , dive to handstand, stoop through , V seat , stradd le up - p irouett e to th e corner , lunge: RO , ff, ff, fu ll. A lex I'epe, Iowa ~t a t e: RO , ff, ful l twis t, ff to split s, bring front leg arounu and stoop thr ough to V seat , straddl e L and press to hand stand ; RO , ff, Arabian di ve rol l, jump to hand sp rin g wa lko ut, in ward pirouette , ro ll to valdez posili o n th en Oi amidov (fu ll spin ); RO , ba ck w ith ill, hanu spring wa lkout, to Menichelli (inl oca te-di slocate), to co ll apse ro ll , jump, RO, ff, ff,

A":i<j '01,;;'P~~ Fitzjarr ell




~s~; ~s A lexan der


. Pep e

Steve Pos ner

. Mike Carter

GYMNAST M ay '74

Gary A lexaniler


Ted Marcy


Ted M arcy Ed Sleza k L.J . Larson Ed H embd Dave Robbins Jim A ll en Bo b siem ianows ki

Stanford Indi ana st. Ar izo na st. S. Illinois Iowa Co lo rado St. Iowa

Ave. Finals Total



9.55 9.40 9.40 8.75 9.20 8.95 9.00

9.70 9.50 9. 15 9.40 9.30 9.20 9.20

9.625 9.450 9.275 9.075 9.250 9.075 9. 100

9.30 9.45 9.60 9.40 9.05 9.20 8.75

18.925 18.900 18.875 18.475 18.300 18.275 17.850

Addilional PH qualifiers: Ha l Trave r (Ne b.) 18. 10; Roger W ojtki ew icz (U of I.C) 17.90; H owa rd Beck (11 1.) 17.90; Jo hn G racik (Geo rgia 5.) 17.90; Greg A nde rson (U of IC) 17.85 ; Curt Rod ge rs (O re.) 17.70; Chri s Kli nge r man (Cs LA) 17.70; Chu ck Richards (CsNR) 17.60; Fu lton Loebel (O kla.) 17.60; Greg Co lli s (Syracuse) 17.60; Bill y Mu rp hy (Pe nn . St.) 17.55; Franz Gol b eck (LsU) 17.45; Kevin Mu rphy (Ind. St. ) 17.45; Ga ry Kuli ck (Tem p le) 17.35; Ra ndy Sa bey (Ariz.) 17. 10; Steve Ma tsuo (Cs LA) 16.80; Ji m Lester (Ore.) 16.50; Roy Stahl (Penn . St. ) 16.20; G reg Kripp el (O kla.) 16. 15; M i ke Ca rt e r (LsU) 16. 10; Larr y Ga rr ett (A ir Fo rce) 15.90.


GYMNAST May ' 74

Ed Hembd

Jim Allen

Dave Robbins

POMMEL HORSE ROUTINES Ted Marcy, Stanford: Ba ck moore uphill , baili e, bac k moore dow nhill, ru ssian stoc kli in , pomm e l ru ss ian ,

brea k into reverse scissor, 3 regular sc isso rs, pi c k up circl e, trave l dow n, front in, stock li out, hop, loop , loop , hal f. Ed Slezak, Indi ana State U ni v.: Back moo re uphill , pomm e l loop, stockli o ut hop, loop around , uphill moore, half circl e, bac k moor e uphill , ba ili e, hop

moore, brea k into reverse scisso r, 3 for wa rd scisso rs, travel dow n, wa lk around , loop w ith a half. L.l. Larso n,A ri zo na State U ni v.: Ba ck moore, trave l to immediat e front end moor e, back moore trave l to th e end , front in stockli , uphill stock li , baili e, und ercut brea k to bac k sc isso r off o ne pommel, 3 front scissors, pi ck up in f ront , stoc kli out , to wa lkaround , loop, loop w ith ha lf. Ed Hembd, So uth ern Illinois Uni v.: Back moo re uphill , pommel circl e, do w nhill, bac k trave l up, back trave l down , hop, circl e, kehre-in , circl e, break to reve rse sc isso r, J front sc issors, pi ck up ill frollt ,circl e, J/, baili e, 2 bac k loops, loop wi th a half. Dale Robbins, U ni v. Iowa: Back moore, Ji, down , hop, loop aro und , reverse stock li in , 2 circl es, moo re, illlm ediJt e sto c kli out, imm ediate uphill m oo re ,

kehre- in , sc isso r break , 1 reve rse scisso r, leg cut, 3 front sc isso rs, pi ck up ba ck circl es, tra ve l d ow n, loop aro und , wa lkaround , loop with a half. Jim Allen, Co lorado State: Pomm el loo ps, half circl e, baili e, half c ircl e, tramlot down , wa lk around , kehre -

in ! und er

CUl ,

2 front sc issors, reve rse sc isso r, pi ck up

circl es , moore, half, moore , tramlot down, wa lk aro un d, loop off w ith full twi st (brea k). Bob Siemianowski, Uni v. Iowa: H alf circle , moo re, ru ss ian, back moo re uphill , ru ss ian stockli in , scisso r wo rk , moo re, stock li out , w al karound.

GYMNAST May ' 74


Keith Heaver RINGS Keith H eave r Pete Botth o f Ri ck Curti s Ben Fernandez Howa rd Bessen Mark Lund y

Iowa St. N. Ill inois A ri zo na St. Indiana Stanford Cal iforn ia



9.20 9.20 9.20 9. 10 9. 15 9.20

9.45 9.35 9.35 9.40 9.30 9.30

Ave. Finals 9.325 9.275 9.275 9.250 9.225 9.250

9.60 9.60 9.50 9.45 9.40 9.25

Total 18.925 18.875 18.775 18.700 18.625 18.500

Additional Rings qualifi ers: Doug Wood (Iowa St. ) 18.00; Ed Be ll man (Co lorado St.) 18.00; Bi ll Jaege r (II I. St.) 17.95; Bob Rice (Tem pl e) 17.85; Gene W helan (U. Mass.) 17.80; Je rr y Odell (A ri z.) 17.80; Mike M ih alco (Ok la.) 17.80; G lenn M ill er (M i nn.) 17.75; Jay Whelan (S. Co nn .) 17.75; M ike Ca rt er (LS U) 17.60; Jim Harvey (Spri ng.) 17.55; Rich Onysko (S. Conn.) 17.50; John Hen ise (CSLB) 17.00; Todd Kuoni (LS U) 16.80; Chris Wr ight (San Jose) 16.80; Gen e Johnson (Wash. St.) 16.75; Dan O 'Connor (Syracuse) 16.55; Pete Langdon (W. Virginia) 16.45; Cliff Will iamson (San Jose) 16.45.


GYMNAST M ,\y '7 4

Mark Lundy

RING ROUTINES Ke ith Heaver, Iowa State: Di slocate, dislocate, straig ht arm shoot , straight arm gia nt , lower to cross, pu ll thro ugh , kip to L, ho ll owback, bailout g iant di slocate, p ik e d doubl e fl y-away. Pe te Bo tthof, Nort h e rn Illino is Univ.: Di slocate, straight a nn shoot to handstand , straight arm g iant, hand , stra ig ht arm '14 gia nt to L cross (hold ), pull o ut from L c ross to L support , hollow ba ck press to handstand , reve rse fa ll out with straight arms to back uprise, iron cross, arc h back to doub le di slocate, doubl e back. Rick Curtis, Arizona Sta te: Pu ll to in ve rte d hang, dis locate, high dislocate, straight arm shoot , stra ight arm g iant, back upri se, L cross, lower, pu ll to inve rt ed hang, kip to L, holl owback press, g iant , doubl e back. Rick Curtis, Ar izona State: Pull to in ve rt e d h ang, dislocste, hi gh di sloca te, strai g ht a rm shoot, str a ig ht a nn gia nt, bac k upr ise, L cross, lower, pull to in ve rt ed hang, kip to L, hol lowback pr ess, gia nt , doub le back. Ben ny Fernande z, Ind ia na Univ. : Dislocate, straight arm shoo t, whippet to planche, bird up to L, hollow back, stra ight arm g iant , back ro ll to front leve r, pull to di sloca te, u i, locate, double fl y-away. Howa rd Bessen, Sta nford: Di slocate, straight arm shoot , lowe r do w n through suppo rt , straight a nn ba ck roll to c ross, la yaway, straight arm back kip to L, hollowback press, lower through support to german rise, snap to front leve r, "2 di slocates, p ik e do ubl e. M ark Lundy, Uni v. Cal iforni a, Berk e ley: Dead hang, pull to invert ed hang , in locate, back up rise , hand stand . f o r w~1rd, ~ lraig ht arm g idillo fo rward str aig ht

drmlO dll

illve rted, lower , pull to iro n cro ss, to

L, hollowbd c k preÂť to hdlllJstd nd , lower to c ross, doubl e di sloc<lIe. doubl e flyaway.




Greg Goodhu e Doug Fitzj arrel l Brandt Atkins Gary Quigg Wa yne Young Jeff Laf le ur Steve Stein

Okl ahoma Iowa St. Penn State Iowa B.Y.U. M inn esota L.S .U.

C 8.95 9. 10 9.20 8.95 9.15 9.20 8.95

0 9.65 9.25 9.35 9.25 9.20 9.00 9.30

Ave. Finals Total 9.300 9.60 18.900 9. 175 9. 38 18.550 9. 275 9.13 18.400 9.100 9.28 18.375 9.175 9.03 18.200 9.100 8.63 17.725 9.125 8.40 17.525

Additional V qualifiers: Be usc h (E. Ill. ) 18. 15; Charlie Dav id (LSU) 18.1 5; G reg Casian (UC LA ) 18.10; Shawn Skerrett (Sta n. ) 18.05; Jim Kruest (Penn St.) 18.05; Mark D edrick (A ri z. St.) 18.05 ; Jim McFaul (S. Ill. ) 18.05; Rand y Lary (Ore .) 18.05; S. Shaw (CSF) 18.05; Mark Graham (Iowa St.) 18.00; Bob Rice (Temple) 18.00; Mike Kell ey (CSF ) 18.00; Ga ry Alexander(Ariz. St.) 17.95; Rich Bigras (M ich.) 17.95; Bob Dick meye r (Wash. St.) 17.80; Wayne Lewis (Ind. St.) 17.75; Geo rge Rochat (Port. St. ) 17.70; Mik e Ca rt er (LSU) 17.60; Kevin A utenreib (5. Ill. ) 17.60; Ji m Paqu ett e (A ir Force) 17.45; John To mi ch (A ir Force) 17.40; Red Minaker (Was h. ) 17.35; Jay Whela n (5. Con n. ) 16.80; Tim Sha w (USC) 8.50.



Doug Fitzjarrell

Brandt Atkins VAULTING Greg Goodhue, Okl a h o m a: Ha nd sprin g l- Y, sa lta, pik e d Tsu ka h a ra . Doug Fitzjarrell, Iowa State: Pike d Tsuk a h a ra, han d sprin g w ith y, tw ist. Brandt Atkins, Pe nn Sta te: Ha nds prin g w ith full tw ist, Ha ndsprin g fro m fa r e nd . Wayne . Young, Bri g ha m Yo un g Uni v.: Pike d Ts uk a ha ra, ha nds prin g w ith fulr tw ist. Jeff LaFleur, Uni v. M inn eso ta : Ha nd sp r in g w ith full tw ist, Ya mas hit a. Steve Stein, Lo ui sia na Stat e U ni v. : Ha nd sp rin g l- Y, sa lta, Ts u ka ha ra.

Gary Quigg


Wayne Young

Jeff Lafleur



Steve H ug Ge n e W helan Dub i Lufi D on Cli ffo rd Doug Fit zjarre ll G reg Bian Bil l Ca rn ey

Stanfo rd U. Mass. Was h ington St. L. S.U. Iowa St. Arizona St.

Indiana St.

C 9.30 9.20 9. 10 9. 15 8.80 9.30 9.00

0 9.45 9.20 9.30 9. 15 9.50 9.1 5 9.35

Ave. Fi na ls 9.375 9.55 9.200 9.35 9.200 9.35 9.150 9.30 9.1 50 9.30 9.225 9. 10 9. 175 8.60

Total 18.925 18.550 18.550 18.450 18.450 18.325 17.775

Additional PB qualifiers: Steve Za m o ra (Co lo . St. ) 18.20; Ga ry A lexander (A ri z. St. ) 18.1 5; Rudy Gin ez (Iowa) 18.10; Chuck Wa n ner (U of ICC) 17.85; Bob Ro th (Iowa St.) 17.70; Jay Whe lan (S. Co nn .) 17.70; Ke r ry Ruh l (Iowa) 17.60; Iverson Eicken (Ca lifornia) 17.55 ; Cha rli e David (LSU) 17.40; Bob Rice (Temp le) 17.40; Rich Bigras (Mi,ch.) 17.35 ; Bob Graf (Penn St.) 17.20; Glenn Tidwell (5. III .) 17.15; Joh n Camero n (San Jose) 17.10; H erb Massi nger (CSF) 16.40; M i ke Henry (Ok la.) 16.25; Rick Russe ll (LSU) 15.90; Phil Na rdecchia (Ai r Force) 15.75; Jo h n To mi ch (A ir Fo rce) 15.35; Joe Farre ll (III . St. ) 14.90.




SIeve Hug, Sianford Uni v.: See all -arpund roulines. Gene Wh. Ian, Uni v. Massachusetts: Peach 10 h a ndsla nd , stul Z 10 ha ndsland , ea rl y drop caS I, ba c k upri se, reverse SIUIL, swi ng 10 forwa rd ro ll. ba c k upri se, sl raddl e c ui 10 L, sliff-sliff press, SlulZ , layaway, fro nl uprise, sw ing reve rse pirou elle, back off. Dubi Lufi, Wa shin g lon Siale U ni v.: Sle rnll1 e rise o n fa r bar, hop 10 grasp ol h er bar a nd g lid e kip slraddl e d , sle rnrn e 10 hdndsland, h op pirouelle, cas l 10 upper arm , back upri se , sl radd le c u i 10 L, sliff-s li ff press 10 ha nd sland , >l uI Z, layaway , fronl upri se , fro nl off w ilh Vl twi sl. Don Clifford, Lou isid'''' Siale Un iv.: Pea c h h a nd, Slul L hand , caSI, back u pr ise, reverse SIUI Z, CUI cd lch L, sli ffSliff, 1,lI e drop pedc h , fronl upri se , sw in g in g ba ck

GYMNAST May ' 74

p,ro ue ll e , hdno , la .,d , bac k 0 11 . Doug Filzjarrell, Iowa Siale: Casl wilh y, Iw isl 10 support, casl 10 su pport , siraddl e c ui , L, press handsla nd , Slul Z, fron l upri se, fro nl lOSS, sw in g 10 ha ndsla nd , Slu lZ , layaway, fronl u p ri se, fronl off w ilh Vl tw ist. Greg

Rian, Ari zo na

State U ni v.: Cast, sw in gin g

piro ue lle , ha nd sla nd , Slul Z, ha nd sland , drop caSI, reve rse SIUI Z, forward ro ll , back upri se, CUi ca lc h, L, h o ll owba ck press, Slul l, layaway, fro nl uprise, fro nl off. Bill Carney, Ind ia na Sial e U ni v.: CaS ll O suppo rt , sw in g 10 reve rse pirouelle, slul z ha ndsla nd , pirouelle, drop caSI, back upri se, siradd le Cui , sw in g ha nd sland , one arm, SlulZ , layaway, fronl u p ri se, swing p irouelle, do ubl e saito.

Greg Bian


Rick Danley


Rick Danl ey Steve Hug Steve Zamora Robert Harden Wayne Lewis Rich Bova

I nd iana st. Stanfo rd Co lorado St. Ca l st. Chi co In d iana St. Ok lahoma

C 9.40 9.40 9.25 9.20 9.20 9.30

0 9.55 9.40 9.40 9.40 9.40 9.30

Ave. 9.475 9.400 9.325 9.300 9.300 9.300

Fin als Total 9.65 19.125 9.65 19.050 9.60 18.925 9.50 18.800 9.25 18.550 9.10 18.400

Additional HB qualifi ers: Ji m Kruest (Penn St.) 18.55; Tim Shaw (USC) 18.45 ; Mark Dedrick (A riz. St.) 18.40; Bob Darden (M ich.) 18.40; Gene Wh elan (U. Mass) 18.25; Bill Carpenter (Was h .) 18.15; Rich Larsen (Iowa St. ) 18. 10; Doug Fit zjarrell (Io wa St.) 18.05; Chris Lic ht (Indiana St.) 17.95; Cary Cu lbertso n (M ich .) 17.95; Ch uck Wanner (U ICC) 17.95; Larry Cast le (CsF) 17.95; Rich On ysko (5 . Conn.) 17.85; Thea D ige rness (Co lo. St.) 17.85 ; Bill Slove r (Cs LA) 17.75; Steve Bizal (Pen n St.) 17.45; Ph il Nardecc hi a (Ai r Force) 17.25; Jim Paquett e (A ir Force) 16.95 ; Steve Stein (LsU) 16.75; Bil l Ke rch ner (M inn.) 16.60; M i ke Ca rter (LsU) 16.45 ; Steve Ha r ris (LsU ) 13.85.


G YMNAST Ma y '74

Robert Harden pirouette , giant , stall , reach und er , va ult, kip change, front giant , pi ro uett e, 2 czec h g iants, giant , pi ked doubl e fl y-awa y. Wayne Lewis, Indiana Stat e Un iv.: Hi gh start , 'I, giant , stoop in , di slocate, eag le, eag le, ho p piro uette, blind chan ge , immedia te stalder, Ono va ult, kip cha nge, pirou ett e, immediate fr ee hip , i mmediate doubl e flyaway. Rich Bova, Okl ahoma : Stem m e ri se, imm ed iate Voro nin , hop , ope n body kip, 'I, giant, pirou ett e, immed iate back stalde r, ';" g iant, b lin d change, ,/, giant , stoop, 2 invert ed gi ant s, hop pirou ette, blind change, immedi ate stradd le hec ht.

HORIZONTAL BAR Rick Danl ey, Ind iana Sta te U ni v. : Hi gh start , immed iate stald er, piro uett e, Cal ifo rni a hop , immedi ate stoop, jam, 2 inve rt ed giant s, imm ediate full tWistin g ho p piroue tt e, to reach und er , kip , piro uett e, pik ed doub le fly-away. Steve Hug, Stanfo rd Un iv.: see all-a ro und rout in es. Steve Zamora, Co lo rado Stat e U ni v.: Hi gh start , jam, in ve rt ed, hop o ut , full tw ist, pirou ett e, half twist o ut , toe -on toe-o ff, b lin d change, hecht va ult , kip, blin d ch an ge, 2 giant s, hecht. Robert Harden, Cal State Chi co : Strai ght arm ste mm e, 'I, g iant , stoop in , di slocat e, 2 in ve rt ed s, hop, full

Steve Zamora



COMPUTER ASSISTED SCORING (CAS) OR COMPUTERS COME TO GYMNASTICS by Jim Walton We believe that this, the 32nd N.CA.A. National GymnasticsChamp ionships, is the first to be scored complete ly by computer. What can the computer tell yo u? - Well you name it and we think we can answer it. We can give you the standings in any given event, team totals at any time during the meet, we can find a given performer and know everything he has competed in - how he stands in each event and the All-Around competition if he is an eli gib le All -Around competitor. We can li st al l performers, li st special groups of performers, such as those eligible for medals in a specific event. We can even analyze the judges scores at the end of the meet. Just a note on those judging analyses. In all fairness to the judges, we must state that an ana lysis of the judging is only as good and as accurate as the technique used to analyze . Remember that a computer on ly does what a man has told it to do - on ly a heck of a lot faster. We have a coup le of ana lyses avai lab le at the moment - the result of suggestions from both judges and coaches alike. One analysis compares what was actually scored with what an individual judge wo ul d have scored for each event and for each team. Th e other reports the individual scores given by a judge which, within the F.I.G. definition, are "o ut of range " . We look at not only the middle two scores, but all scores given and record scores outside the defined limits in a table for examination by coaches, performers and others interested in the judging. In genera l, based on our experiences at Penn State, we fee l that the judging of meet s is ve ry good. Just how is all this done? At the Penn State Computation Center is an I.B.M . 370/168 computer to which each of the terminals at Recreation Building is attached by telephone lin e. In simp le terms, we use the computer as a storage device to " save" all the scores given during the meet in the computer memory. This in itself is a relatively simple task , the difficulties arise in the programming necessary to manipulate the scores in such a manner as to produce the kinds of output mentioned above. The operator at anyone of the terminals with access to the scores, can fetch the scores that are current ly recorded in the computer memory and then cause one of a number of programs to be executed to produce the required output. The system descri bed ha s been successfu Il y used for two of the Penn State dual meets and more recentl y was field-tested at the Eastern Championships held at Cornell University in Ith aca, New York. Howe ve r it is this meet, the Na ti onals, which is the real cha ll enge . We expect some 200 performers competing in eight different competit ions, (FX, SH, R, V, PB, HB, A II- Around and Team ), and one can imagine the glorious headache the shift in g and sorting of scores would produce ' if done by hand, especia lfy when one realizes that certain competitors are eli gible for only team m edals, some only eli gib le for indi vidual event med als, others for only an all-around medal and th en there are the " stars " , who may be eligib le for any combination of th ese . What about cos t? A dual m ee t cos ts u s about $8.00 to score in term s of computer time, and we feel conf ident th at th e Nat ional m eet w ill cost us less than $100. Ho we ver if we go off campus to score meet s w e ha ve anot b er


proulem - the te lep ho ne bi ll. Now no thin g has been said of man hours that have go ne int o th e development of the programs th at are ava il abl e here for yo u toda y. It wo uld not be unfair to es timate that so m ew here in the re gion of 1500 actual working man hours ha ve gone into their de ve lopment. Ho weve r we hope that this w ill ne ve r ha ve to be repeated. The programs are written - all that is needed is a fairly large computer w ith access to the A.P.L. computer language. Most large uni ve rsities can meet these requirements and we hope that the programs we ha ve developed wi ll be used in the future at other N ational meets. Now how did al l this come about? Prev ious experience has shown that dual meets are relativel y simple to score, but that in large scale meets, everyone wan ts to know how he is doing, the coaches ha ve questions, the performers want to know how much the y need to catch " so and so " , the press has deadlines to meet and so w ith this in mind, we began our project to si mplify matters. It has taken us several months to come up with what we feel are adequate programs. Finally I must make mention of the man responsible for our programs. Dr. Dan Bernitt of the Penn State Computation Center has spent many long hours pondering over m y scr ibbl ed notes and erroneous programs, until he has produced what you have avai lab le to yo u toda y. Without him this project would never have gotten off the ground. What of the future? This depends on a lot of things. First and foremost we must convince people of the va lu e of such systems. We be li eve we convinced man y at the Eastern Championships and are hoping to pick up more di scipl es at thi s meet. The N .C.A .A. and the Penn State Ath letic Department ha ve gotten us this far and we feel that they are wa'iting for us to prove ourse lves before committing themsel ves to further expense. So far as gy mna sti cs is concerned , we know we have left our mark. We wonder if our opponents reali ze that two of our dual meets were incorrectl y scored, not se riousl y, but the computer caught the errors. However there is promise for the future , even in gymnastics . Some possibilitie s wou ld include the use of the computer to analyze the current dual meet situation - enter the sco res of all pertinent dual meets and see if previo us results sugges t that a team throw all its difficult stunts and take a chance or whether pre vious performances indi ca te that a " safe and sure " att itu de to a meet would be better. We ha ve alread y begun to deve lop a library of Penn. State dual meets and can refer to these as required , but an expanded ve rsion of thi s would all ow much hi stor y of Penn State gymnastics to be ava il ab le at the touch of a button. In short the possibilities are endless.

We ha ve used just a portion of the 1974 NCAA program in thi s edit ion .


You can obtain your own souve nir NCAA Program by se nding $1.00 to: Gene Wettstone, Gymnastics Coach Pennsylvania SI. University 176 Recreation Building University Park, Pa. 16802

NACGC SPKIAL SERVICE AWARD TO LT. COLONEL KARL K. SCHWENlFEIER PENN STATE - 1974 Lyle Welser - Chairman The President 's award this year goes to a ve ry unusual person, Unusua l in a li ght sense, in that he carries a ve ry unusual name , " Schwenzfeier", which cannot be mistaken as Jewish, Iri sh or anything other than good old Pennsyl va nia Dutch. If you want to know the German interpretation of his name - we ll I' ll leave that up to Karl to tell yo u - ask him some time. In t~e more serious sense, Karl K. Schwenzfeier represents the third Presiden{ who stems from the armed forces. Chet Phillips, the NACGC Found~r was first, from the Navy and Tom Maloney of the Army was second . Karl car ri es th e unique distinction of being a Commissioned Officer, namely Lieutenant Co lonel and in highlight fashion, his career in brief is as follows: Lt. Co l. Karl K. Schwenzfeier is beginning hi s ninth year as the coach of the Air Force Academy Gym nas tics Team. Each yea r ha s proved to be one of improve ment in the qualit y and depth of the team. Last yea r hi s team qualifi ed to com pete in th e NCAA Championship s for the fourth straight season. The team won the Western Independent Champion ship s and placed 7th at the NCAA Championships. A graduate of Penn State University, he had the unusual distinction of w innin g the Eastern , National Co ll eg iate and Nationa l AAU All-Around titles, all in the same year . During his competitive career, he amassed man y indi vidual event titles and wa, ve ry instrumental in Penn State capturing two National team championships . Later, as an Air Force officer, he was an alternate on the 1956 and 1960 Olympic Teams. After Pilot Training, Lt. Col. Schwenzfeier spent six yea rs fl yi ng KC-135 's. He arrived at the Air Force Academy in 1964 and coached th e team until sp ring of 1968, w hen he vo lun teered for a Vietnam tour. During thi s, he totaled 622 combat fl yin g hour s in a U-l0. Some of hi s decoration s are the Air Medal w ith six Oak Leaf Clusters, the Bron ze Star, and the Di stinguished Fl ying Cross. Lt. Col. Schwenzfeier is cu rr entl y the Chairman of th e NCAA All -American Committee, a m ember of the USGF Govern ing Council , a m ember of the Ol ympi c Gymnastic Committee, and no w retiring Pr es id en t of the Nationa l A ssociation of Co ll ege Gymnastic Coaches. Karl, as we fondl y know yo u, we th e members of th e ACGC wa nt yo u to know th at yo u ha ve ear ned th e hi ghe st respec t and honor that your fellow coach es ca n bestow upon you. GYMNAST May '74

Above: Steve Hug receives the NISSEN AWARD from George Nissen. Afleft: The new NACGC r. Tom Dunn, member at large; Art Aldrit, Vice-Pres.; Don Robinson- Pres. and Robert Peavey- Sec. Tres. At right: Ed Gagnier receives the NA TlONAL COACH OF THE YEAR Award from Karl Schwenzfeier. Karl also presents regional COACH OF THE YEAR awards to Don Robinson, Abie Grossfeld, Roger Councel, Dick WolH(Coliege division) and AI Marino. AI lower left: George Zzypula citizens Savings Hall of Fame awards to - Coaches, Bill Meade, Paul Uram and Tony Rossie.



1974 NACGC HONOR COACH' S AWARD 1974 N(\CGC HONOR COACH' S CERTlFIC4.TES 1974 NACGC CERTIFICATES OF HONOR submitted by . Hartley Price . Chairman, NACGC Awards Committee The winner of the 1974 NACGC HonorC~ach's Award is Tom Maloney of New York and now retired in Sarasota, Florida. TOM MALONEY Gymnastic Coach .at the U.S. Military Academy from 1931 -' 1965 ... President Nationa l AssoCiation of College Coaches 1956 ~ 57 ... Recipie'nt Helms Hall of Fame,.Award - Gymnastics .. : Coach of,1952, 1960 U.S. Olympic Teams ... Coach of 1958, 1962 .U.S. team to World Gymnastic Championships ... Manager of 1964 U.S. Olympic Team ... Received hig~est Internationa l rating of any U.S. Judge at I nternational Jud ges Course Rome 1968 finishing iri seventh place o,ut of 76 Judges from all Nations in the World ... Selected by Art hur Gander, President of F.I.G.; to conduct tWo International Jud ges courses as a member of F.I.G: tedinical committee members . conduct ing these courses in Mexico and Canada. Conducted refresher Judges course for Judg es at Cup of America 's in Mexico. . International Judging: U.S. Judge at 1956' and 196.4 Olympic Games... U.S. Judge at World Championships 1966... U.S. Judge at Three ' Pan American Gaines : U.S. Judge ' at Two Cup of America's Games ... In addition has judged 10 International matches.. Narrator for television at Olympic Games and 1970 World 1968 Championships ... Narrator for ABC, NBC, and CBS for numerous Int ernat ional dual matches. Presently Administrator for GymnastiCS for Amateur At hletic Union. THE COACH'S HONOR AWARD OF THE NACGC has been awarded to date as follows: 1954 - Max Younger (Deceased) 1955 - Dr. Hartley Price (Ret ir ed) 1956 - Ray Moore (Deceased) 1957 - Leslie Judd (Retired) 1958 - Dr. Leopo ld Zwarg (R-et ired) 1959 - Gustav Heineman (Deceased) 1960 - Charles Graves (Reti red ) 1961 - Louis Mang (Deceased) 1962 - Dr.. Ralph Piper (Retired) 1963 - Erwin Volze (Deceased) 1964 - Henrv S-midl (Retired) 1965 - Gustav Kern (~et ir.ed)路 1966 - Cedi Hollingswort h (Ret ired ) 1967 - Alfred E. Bergman (Ret ired) . 1968 - Lyle Welser (Retiied)' . 1969 - William Matihei (Retired) 1970 - Charles A. 'Pease (Deceased) 1971 - Rene J..Kern (Retired) 1972 - Chet Phillips (Ret ired ) 1973 - Eugene Wettstone 1974 - Tom Malon,ey (Ret ired) HONOR COACH'S AWARD COMMITTEE .Chairrran - Dr. Hartl ey. Pri ce, Honor Award 1m (p\of. Emeritus F.S.U.) Art Aldritt Sam Bailie Bill Beavers Alfred E. Bergman, Honor Award 1976 Ed Gagnier Charles W. Graves Honor .Award 1960 Abie Grossfeld Cecil B. Hollingsworth, Honor Award 1966 Sei Ito Dr. Clai r' Jenn ett Leslie Judd, Honor Award 1957 Gustav Kern , Hon o r Award 1965 Ren", Kern, Honor Award 197 1 William Matthei, Honor Award 1969 George 'Nissen (Nissen)

Jack MileS Rus.ty Mitchell Dr. Ralph Piper, Honor Award 1962 Chet Phillips', Honor Award 1972 Dim Robinson William Rbetzheim Karl Schwenzfeier Art Shlir~ock Henry Smidl , Honor Award 1~64 Bill Sorenson (American) Jerry Todd Don Tbmy Armando Vega Lyle Welser, Honor AWard 1968 Frank Wolcott Robert 0, Fisher (Gym) Dr. Leopold Zwarg, Honor Award 1958

Former Members of Committee (Deceased) : Gusta.v Hei neman, Hon or Award 1959; Max Younger, HO'1or Award ,1954; Roy E. Moore, Honor Awa rd 1956; Erwin Volze, Honor Award '1963; Loui s Mang, Honor Award 196,.; Charles A. Pease, Honor Award 1970. (Active): Dr. Hu bert Dunn , Dr. H aro ld Frey, Jake Beier, Joe Giallombardo, Chet Phillips, Dr. Otto Kyser, George Szypula, Eugene Wettstone.


You w ill note that outstanding younger coaches have been selected to replace t he older laya l members whose names have been added to the ballot. I have also added equipment manufacturers to the committee. NACGC HONOR COACH'S CERTIFICATES In 1965 a new pplicy was adopted to recognize fo r posterit y sO,me of the great names now deceased. A cert ifi cate.. was designed and printed and awarded to theidamilies. Th is policy also seemed wise in order to preserve the p laque for the li ving members. _ Posthumou sly the NACGC Honor COAC H 'S Certificates w.e re awarded in 1965 to the following: Marsha ll Brown (Dallas) Emil Prei ss (Philadelp h ia) Daniel Hoffer (ChiCago) Marti n Trieb (Los Ange les) In 1966 no H onor Coach's Cert i ficates were awa rded. In '1967 an award was made to Ralph Barrelli of Los Ange les for NACGC H onor Coach 's Certificate. In 1968 no Honor Coach 's Certificates were awarded . In 1969 two Honor Coach 's Cert ifi cates we re awa rd ed: A. Carl Pattecso n of Philadelphia Dr: Vincent DeGiova nna of Sout hern Illin o is Univ. & Washington St. Univ. In 1970 no H onor Coach 's Certifica tes were awarded. In 1971 three Honor Coach 's Certificates were awarded : Marshall Robert Claus 1936-1970 - Marsha ll Cla us was killed on November 22, 1970, when the blade came off his Gyro-copter whi le he was about 75 feet in the air at EI Mirage Dry Lake in Ca lif. A.J. Spa,ulding - A. J. Spaulding was a top gymnast, official and contribut or from the late 1890's to ihe early 1900' s. H e belongs to th e 路 famous sports manufacturing family. Emil Rath - Emi l Rath , from Normal College, AGU, Indianapo li s, indiana - 1910 to th e 1930's. In 1972, 1973, ilnd 1974 no Honor Coach ' s Certif icates were awarded. Please make recomme ndati ons for NACGC Honor Coach 's Coach 's .Certificates of outstandi~g coaches (now deceased). NACGC CERTIFICATE OF HONOR In .1911.6 two certificates were awarded to two o.utsta ndlng yo un g co.aches: Ronald L. Amster and Frank Hai land. In 1967 and 1968 no NACGC Certificates of Ho nor were awarded. In 1969 a Certificate of H onor was awa rd ed to Budd Watson of West Palm Beach , Florida (1899-1969). In 1970, '1971 ,. 1972, 1973, and 1974 no Cert ifi cates of H onor were aw.arded. Lik ewise make recommendations for NACGC Certificates of Honor. PRESENTATION Karl Schwenzfeier, President of th e NACGC, w ill present the NACGC Award to Tom Maloney. The runn er-up aga in was Chuck Keeney of the Un iv. of Ca lif. at Berkeley. Recommendations: 1. Since ' younger men have been added to the bal.lo t it wi ll become in creasingly difficult for the oldtiniers to win the Honor Coac h 's Plaque .' Perhaps some way shou ld be provid ed to recognize such outstanding sta lwarts as Don 'Al}derson, Glen Berry, Frank Doig, .Lester Griffin , Harry Nelson, Charles Vav ra , Joe Rehor, Frederick Steeves, and Carl Trieb. 2; I st ill hope that the . NACGC Honor ' Coach 's Award w inn ers w ill ev.entuallv be reco.gnized as the truly select H~ II oJ Fame for Gymnast ics. Th eir names co'uld be featured in ',ne or more of the prestigious location's for gymnastics inthe U.S. Penn State would be a desirable loeotion. . . /.,3. I recom .nend t,hat an extra HonorCoach's,Award b垄. made this year 10 Chuck Kenney. The Executive Committee co uld a.t Penn. Stare and arrange to present it to Chuck Kenney ' (o r rep resentative) at th e Coaches' Cong ress in the fall. He has been in th e running for five years and runnerup for the past two years. Chuck ~as an outstand in g performer (Nat iona l Tumbling Cha mpion ) and coach at the Univ. of Ca lifornia, Berkeley and U.S. Navy. H e retired last year. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The Chairman wishes to express deep appreciation to the new NACGC H onor Coach 's Comm ittee for their full cooperat ion and to the Nissen Corporat ion for the secretaria l work for the reports for the HonorCoach's Award and the Honor Resea rch Award Comm itt ee.

HONOR RESEARCH AWARDS Chairman's Report, April 1974 Research and Professional Liaison Committee Nationa l Association of College Gymnastics Coaches . (NACGC) (Eastern) Gymnastic Clini cs-Fort Lauderdale and Sarasota , Florida (Western) Gymnastic Clini cs-Tucson, Arizona and Berkeley, CA CHA IRM AN: Dr. Hartl ey, Price, F.S.U. COMMITTEE MtMBERS: Dr. Louis A ll ey Dr. Paul Junsicker Dr. C.W. Jennett Dr. Jim Baley Kenneth Bartlett Prof. Leslie Judd Dr. Pete Karpovich Dr. Fred Browning Dr. James Bosco Dr. Fred Kasch Dr. Ronald Byrd Dr. Leonard Larson Dr. Newt Loken Dr. Harry Campney Dr. Harrison Clarke Dr. Kenneth Miller Dr. Jon Culbe rt son Dr. Arnie Olsen Dr. Tom Cureton Dr. Frederick Pierce Dr. Hubert Dunn Dr. Ralph Piper Dr. David Clarke Dr. Fred Roby Dr. Pe'ter Everett Dr. Wesley Ruff Dr. Robert Singer Dr. David Field Dr. Josep h To th Dr. Harold Frey Dr. W. F. Gustafson Dr. Marilyn Vince nt Dr. William Vincent Dr. Ge(ald George Jack Geier Dr. Janet Wells Dr. frances Hall Dr. Ray Weiss Dr. George Hearn Prof. Lyle Welser Dr. Cedil Hollingsworth Dr. John Williams Dr. Eric .Hughes路 HONOR RESEARCH AWARDS (1959-1970) The C.H. McCloy Honor Research Award of the National Gymnastic Clinic at Sarasota , Florida, $100 .00 - Since 1959 II NACGC Research Awards - (Sarasota 1960-1970) (Tucson 1965-1970) Fort Laude rda le (1965-1970) $100.00 each III Gym Master Research Award (Tucson 1961-1 970) $200.00 IV Nissen Research Award - Sa rasot a 1960 - $100.00 V NACGC Research Awar ds (with equipment companies cooperat in g) - Sin ce 1971 . . 1. The C.H. McCloy Honor Research Award of the Nationa l Gymnastic Clinic and NACGC - Sarasota, Florida - $lUO .OO (Coope rating George Szypula). Decided at Sarasota, Chairman - Dr. Newt Lok en (Sponsored by N isse n). All ca ndid ates residing in the NCAA Mid-East District should sub mit their prospectus to Dr. Newt Loken , Un iversity of Michigan, A nn A rbor, MI , 48104 by November 30. It will facilitate matters i( severa l copi es are sent. 2. The Lyle Welser .Honor Research Award of the NACGC-Fort L a~derda l e, Florida - $100.00 - Chairman , Dick Hol zaepfel (Cooperating Bill Meade). Decided at Fort Lauderdale (Sponsored by a selected eq uipm ent company o r NACGC). All cand idates residing in the NCAA Eastern District shou ld su bmit their prospectus to Dick Hol zaepfel , A thl et ic Department, Un ivers ity of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, 52240 by November 30. lt wi ll facilitate matters if severa l copies are sent. 3. The Hartley Price Honor Research Award of the NACGC-Tucson, Arizona - $100.00 - Cha irm an, Dr. Clair Jen nett (Coope ratin g Coach Jeff Bennon). Decided at. Tucson (Sponsored by Gym Master Company). All cand idates residing in the NCAA Mid\<Vestern District sho uld subm it their prospectus to Dr. Clair Jennett, Professor of PhYSical Edu cation, San Jose State College, San Jose, CA, 95114 by November 30 . It w ill facilitate matters if several copies are sent. 4. The Leopold Zwarg H.o nor Research Award of the NACGC-Berkeley, Ca - $100.00 - Chairman, Dr. H al Frey . Decided at Berkeley, (Spo nsored by American Equipment Company) (Cooperat ing Dr. Eric Hugh es). All cand idates residing in the NCAA Western District should submit their prospectus to Dr. H al Frey, Gymnastic Coach, University of California , Berkele y, CA, 94726 by November 30. It w ill fac ilit ate matters ii severa l copies are sent. PREVIOUS HONOR RESEARCH AWARD WINNERS 1959-60 1. C.H. McCloy - James S. Bosco (PhD. Candidate, Univ. of 111.) "PhYS ica l Fitness & Psychological Character istics of Ma le & Female Gymnasts" 1960-61 1. C.H. McC loy - Ad Gilbert (PhD Ca ndid ate Fla. St. Un iv.) "A Cin ematograp hi c A nalys is of Prin cipl e Fluids and Mechanics as Appl ied to Physical Education. " 2. NACGC (Sarasota) - David A. Kaufman (PhD Candidate Un iv. of Iowa) " A Mechanical A nalysis of Superior Difficulty of Free Exercise Sk ill s. "



3. N isse n - Robert Bollinger "An Anal ysis of Rebound-Tumbling Stunt Combinations and the . Establishment of Master Difficulty Ratings. " 1961-62 1. CH. McC loy - Patrick Bird (Master's Candidate Univ. of 111.) " To Determine the Ph ys ica l Fitn ess Characteristics of One Specific Top Va rsit y Gymn ast ics Tea m and to Compare th e Fipdings to the Data Collected on Superior Olympic - Leve l Gymnasts. " 2. NACGC (Sa rasota) - Robert J: Schwarzkoff (Mas ter's Candidate Univ, of Washington) " To Determine if the Iowa - Brace Test Might Serve as an Effective Measuring Inst rument for the Purposes of Pred icting Pot ential Gymnastic Ab ility of' P.E. Majors at th e U nive rsity of Washington. " 3. Gym Master - Patrick Bird (Mas ter' s Candidate U niv. of 111.) Th e sa me siu dy' to which theCH. Mcl::loy award was given, resulting in the rul e that a candidate cannot submit hi s the sis outline to both clinics. 1962-63 1. CH . McCloy - F.M. Pierce (PhD Candidate New York Univ.) " A Study of Girls Gymnastics Programs 'in the Public High Schools of New York State with Implications for the Deve lopm ent of such Programs. " 2. NACGC (Sarasota) - Miss Belty Myer (Maste r's Northwestern Univ.) " Progression of Stunts for Teaching Gymnasti'cs. " . 3. Gym Master - Not Awarded 19634;4 1. CH. McC loy - Miss Marilyn Ford Vincent (PhD Candidate Fla. St. Univ.) " Th e influ ence of Selected Ca li sthenics Exercise Upon Effi C:ien cy. " 2. NACGC - Not Awarded - Stuaies' submitted did not meet requirem ents. , 3. Gym Master - Yvan Girardin (Master's Univ. of Maryland) " The Relationship Betwee n the Ability to Diagnose Learning Difficulties in Tumbling. " 1964-65 1. CH. McC loy - Robert F. Bollinger (Master's North III. Univ.) " Evaluating the Com'petftive Trampoline Routine in American Gymnastics. " , 2. Gym Master - Glenn Wilson (Doc. Candidate Univ. of Colorado) " The Effec ts of Va riou s Di st ribution s and Practice in the Learning of Gross Motor Skills of Varying Le ve ls of Diffi culty." 3. NACGC - a. (Sarasota) - Robert L. Harris (Master' s Mich St. Univ.1 " Th e Effectiveness of"lsotonic and Isom etric Exercises for Developing Strength for the Iron Cross. " b. (Sarasota) - .' Doyice J. Colton (PhD Candidate Fla. St. Univ.) "A n Evaluation of the Use of Sustained Isometric Contraction as a Measure of Endurance. " 1965-66 1. CH . McC loy - George John Vanis (U niv : of 111.) "A Cinematographic Analysis of the Yamashita Vault Over the Long Horse." 2. Gym Master - Dorell J. Harrison (Univ. of Arizona) " The Objecti vity, Reliability , and Validity of the International Gymnastic Federation Code of Points and an Expe rimental Method of Judgin g Parallel Bar Performan ces. " . 3. NACGC - a. (Tucson) - Arno Lasc~ri (Sacramento .State College) " A Cinematographica! Analysis of Side Horse Circles ." B. (Ft. Lauderdale) - Daniel M. Landers " A Comparison of Two Methods (Bauer'Varation and the F.I.G. System) of Judging Gymnastics. ;' . 1966-67 1. CH. McCloy - Jeff Hennessey "Methodology of Teac hing Trampoline Skil ls." .. 2. Gym Ma ster - Robert .c. Haywood "A nalysi s of Se lected Trampoline Fliffi s. " 3. NACGC - A. (Tucson) - Sidney iI. Sward " The Metabo li c Cost of Se lected Gymnastics Routines .'" b. (Ft. Luderdale) - Gail Evelyn Sontgerath " The Relationship Between' Body Temperatures a nd Scores on the Illin ois Progressive Balanc e Beam Tes't. " 1967-68 1. CH. McCloy - Donald Tonry " A ' Study of the Nomenclature used to De sc rib e Skills in th e USA on the Si x Olympic Gy'mnastic Eve nts. " . 2. Gym Master - James Kline (M.S., Univ. of Washington) "A Comparison of Videotape Rep lay and Conventional Methods in Judging Compe\itive Gymnastics. " 3. NACGC - a. (Tucson) (Not Awarded) b. (Ft. Luderdale) - Arthur Bourgeois " A Mechanical Ana lysis of the Early and late drops to a Cast Catch and Underbar Somersault ori the Parallel Bars. " 1968-69 1. CH. McCloy - Dr. K. Nelson Butler "The Effect of In stant Replay Videotape Tele vision on Imp roving Performance of Se lected Trampoline Ski ll s. " 2. Gym Master - Mrs. Delene Darst (Geo rgia Co ll ege) " Persona lity Variables in Girl Gymnastics on Selected Success Levels. " .


3. NACGC - a. (Tu cso n) - Art White (U ni v. of Colorado) " Improvi ng the Reliabilit y and Va lidit y of Gymnastic Jud ges. " (Compu ter stud y) 2. J.S. Walton (M ich. State) "A Ph o tog raphi c A nal ys is of Se lec ted Fliffu s and th e Creation of th e ' Ideal Fliffus '." b. (Ft. Laud erd ale) - Thomas C. Dunkley (U ni v. of Ver mont ) " Th e Va lu e of In sta nt Rep lay T-V in Lea rnin g th e Hori zon tal Bar Kip. " 1969-70 1. CH. McCloy - Dr. Joseph Toth (Colorado St. & Univ. of Bridgeport) " The Effect of Knowledge of Mechilflical Principles on Transfer of Lea rnin g Selected Gymnastic Movements." i. Gym Master - William F. Munarf Jr. " A Comparison of In tersc!lOlastic Gymnast ics on the High School Level. " , 3. NACGC a. (Tucso n) - Frederick H atfield (U ni v. of 111.) "A Comparison of the Open and C l o~ed Systems of Judging Gymnastics. " b. (Ft. Lauderdal e) - Bill Beavers (Fla . St. Univ.) " The Effect of Concurrent Visual Feedba ck on th e Rate of Lea rning the Iron Cross on the Still Rings. " " 1970-71 No awards were mad e because st udies did not m eet crit eria. 1971-72 1. CH. McCloy Honor Resea rch Award (Nissen) Gerald S. George (LSU) :,'A Cinematographic and Comparative Analysis -of Nationa l Class Gymnasts Performing Select'ed Skills on the Horizontal Bar. " 2. Lyle Welser Honor Resea rch Award (At las) Donald R. Mcintyre (Iowa) "T he Effects of Altering of the Springboard on th e Flight-Path of a Gymnast Performing a Handspring Vau lt oyer a Long Horse. " 3. Hartley Price ' Honor Researc h Award (Gym Master) - Gerald S. George (S pringfield, Mass.) "A Cinematographic and Mechanical Analysis of the Arched Kip on th e Horizohtal Bar. " . 4. Leopold Zwarg Honor Resea rch Award (A meri can) - Lazlo Sasvary " Transfer Effect Between Gymnastic Kips. " 1972-73 1. The CH . McCloy Honor Resea rth Award Nissen) Tie - a. Marianne D. Wakelin, (Nor. III. Univ.) "A Comparison of Two Methods of Teach ing Gymnastics to College Women. " b. A.B. Fred ~ric k (Univ. of Wisconsin) " Programmed Movement In struction and Its Effect on Lea rning a Complex, Cross Motor Skill. " 2. The Hartley Price Honor Research Award (Gym Master) Tie - a. Kay Flatten " A Study of Judging Amplitude in Women s 1972 Olympi,c Compu lsory Uneven Parall el Bar Routines. " b . R.H. Dvorak, "A Kinematic Comparison Between the Bent-Arm and Straight-Arm Giant Swings on the Sti ll Rings Using Cinematographical Analysis. " 3. The Lyle Welser Hono'r Research Award (Atlas) AgnesChrietzberg (Marsfiall Un iv.) " The Effect of PrePractice Training on the Learning 'of Gymnastic Ski ll. " " 4. The Leo pold Zwarg Honor Research Award (American) Sho Fykushiina wor king on his Master's Degree at th e University of WasHington. 1973-74 No awards were made. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Chairman , Dr. Hartley Price (Asst. Chairmen - Art A ldritt', Dr. Clair Jennett), Dr. Newt Loken , George Szypula, Di ck I-jolzaepfel, Jlill Meade, Dr. Ha r.old Frey, Dr. Eric Hughes, Jeff Bennon, Fra'n k Cumiskey. These are th\" District Chairmen and th eir assis'!ants路. TECH N ICAL RESEARCH SUB -COMMITTEE Chairman , Dr :, Gerald George; Dr. James Bosco , Mr. "Ed Gagni er, Dr. Jose ph Toth , Dr. Wi liia ll)J. V.incent. All recipient s of awards are supposed to report their findings to thi s committee for future distributi00路 (Also to the Gymnast magaZi)le (Glenn Sundby) or Resea rch Quart er ly Qf AAHPER. ' RECOMMENDATIONS FOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF NACGC (1974) 1.1 am turn ing this Chairmanship ove r to Dr. Gerald George (Old Dominion U"iv., Norfo rlk , Va.) with Art Aldritt (Univ. of Cafif. Santa Barbara, Calif. ) as Asst. Chairman . A. The Di st rict Chairmen and 'their Assistants will remain "th e same. Eastern Reg ion -- Di ck Hol zae pfel and Bill Meade; Mid Ea st,e rn Region" Dr. Newt Loken and George Szyp'ula ; Mid Western 'Region - Dr ..Clair Jennett and Jeff Bennon; Western Reg ion - Dr. Hal Frey and Dr. Eri c Hughes: These Crairmen shou lcj provide more publicit y in their regions. b. Dr. .~era ld George should revlse the General Committee as wel l. , 2. The sa me four Honor Resea rch Awards should be offered and fin anced by th e Equipment Companies or NACGC '


a. If an eq uipm ent company has not been se lected to finance th e Lyle We lser Research Awa rd it w ill be financed by NACGC b. The NACGC Sec'/Tres. sho uld set up in advance the spec ific fund ($400 ) from the eq uipm ent co mpani es or th e NACGC c. I nexpen sive ce rtifi ca tes should be given w inn e rs. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Chairman w ishes to th ank th e Nissen Corpora ti o n for the generous offer to type , duplicate, and distri'bute thi\ material for me as we ll as th e mat er ial for the Ho nor Coaches Awa rd. H e also wishes to express hi s deep appreciation to th e NACGC, th e Gymnastic Clini cs at Sarasota, Ft. Lau d erd ale, Tucson, and Berk eley; the ' Gymnastic Equiptment Manufacturers; th e USGF; th e Gymnast and ather magazin es.


An invitation ... To U nited States gymnasts, caaches, and all thos e inte rested in the preservation of historica l docume nt>, records, phot os, old programs, exta nt equipme nt and Signifi ca nt material s dea lin g w ith the spo rt of gymnastics ... Th e Pennsy lva nia State Un ivers it y, officia l repo sitory for U nited State s Gymna sti c Federation and NCAA gy mna sti c coaches' historica.l reco rd s, wo uld b e ho nored ta rece ive from yo u' anything of signifi ca nce in the area of Ame ri ca n gymnastic hi story. Th e professional sport hi story staf f in coo pe ration w ith the Patt ee Library archi ves spec iali sts are pr~pared to receive and preserve you r mat erial s, to scien tifi ca ll y cata log ue th em , give yo u appropriate recogniti o n and credit, as well as remind yo u that if at any time yo u wish yo ur gift re't urn ed , it w ill be don e w ithout hesitation : As must und e rsta nd, this project is not a " Hall of Fame" ve nture. A meri ca n gymnas'ti c hist o ry is presently being w ritt en. Severa l significant phD. and Master's papers ha ve been done on EIGL , NCAA, USGF and Olympi c invo lve me nt. Much mor e ne eds ta be don e. Your co ntribution s will make it possibl e for future sport hi storian s, sc holars, coaches and athletes to fr ee ly use these collated materials .. for th e adva nce ment of intersc hola sti c, interco llegi ate, and club gymnastics in the UI1ited States of America. Check yo ur files and attic for o ld mat erial s. Don 'J worry abo ut 'so rting th em. Ju st box it and mail it on to anyone of th e follo w ing:


Prof. Ron Filipp elli Archives - Pattee library Pennsy lva nia State Un ive rsit y Univ'ersi't y Park, Pa. 16802 Mr. Gene WettsJone, Gymnastic Coach Penn sy lva nia State University 176' 'Recreation Building University Park , Pa. 16B04 Dr. John A. Lu cas, Sport s Hi sto ry Pennsylvania State University 265 Rec rea tion Buil,ding, , University Park ,' Pa. 16802

We have used just a pOrtiO!, of the 1974 NCAA program in this edition. You can obtain yo ur own souvenir NCAA Program by sending $1.00 to: Gene Wellsto~e, Gymnastics Coach Pennsylvania St. University 176 Recreation Building University P~rk, Pa. 16802


Results of Regional NCAA Qualification Meets EASTERN INTERCOLLEGIATE GYMNASTIC LEAGUE Tea m: Penn State 312.00. All-Around: Gene Whe la n, Mass. 107.75; Jim Kruest, Penn 51. 104.05; Bob Ri ce, Temple 101.00. Flo"r Exercise: Ge ne Whelan , Mass. 17.950; Jim Kruest , Penn 51. 17.775; Bob Rice, Temple 17.775. Pomme l Horse: Greg Co lli s, Sy ra 18.225; Ga ry Kuli ck , Temple 18.000; Roy Stah l, Penn 51. 17.725. Still Rings: Bob Rice 18.450; Gene Whelan 18.075; Dan O 'Connor, Syra 17.445. Vaulting: Brandt Atk ins, PS 18.825; Jim Kruest 18.675; Bob Rice 18.375. Parallel Bars: Gene Whelan 18.575; Bob Graff, Pe nn 51. 18.425; Bob Ri ce 18.300. Horizontal Bar: Ji m Kru es t 18.950; Gene W hela n 18.600; Steve Bizal, PS 18.400. EASTERN INDEPENDENT GYMNASTIC LEAGUE Team: Indidna State U. 319.55. All-Around : Paul Blasko, Ind. SI. 103.35; Glenn Tidwell, SIU 98.40; Kim Wal l, SIU 97.40. Fl oor Exercise: Bob Mellin , In d. 51. U. 18.475; Cra ig Combs Ind. SI. U. 17.575; K. He nde rsh o tt , III SI. 17.400. Pommel Horse : Ed Slezak , In d 51. U. 19.100; Kevin Murphy, Ind. SI. 18.575; Ed He mbd , SIU 18.425. Still Rings: Pete Botthof . II. 18.900; Jack Laurie, SIU 18.475; Bill Jaeger, II. 51. U. 18.450. Vaulting: Way ne Lewis , Ind. 51. U. 18.500; Ji m McFaul , SIU 18.175 ; Kevin Auten reib, SIU 17.925. Parall!!1 Bars: G le nn Tidwe ll , SIU 18.200; Bill Ca rn ey, Ind . 51. U. 18.150; Joe Farre ll , III 51. U. 18.025. Horizontal Bar: Rick Danley, In d. 51. 19.1 50; Wayne Lewi s, Ind. SI. lB.650; Chris Licht , Ind. SI. lB.650. SOUTHERN INTERCOLLEGIATE LEAGUE Team : Lo ui sia na Sta te U. 320.45. All-Around: Mike Ca rter, LSU 107.65; Rick Russell, LSU 102.20; Co llin s, Ga. So . 91.85. Floor Exercise: Mik e Carter, lB.550; Steve Ste in, LSU 18.100; Tony Ja eger, LSU 17.750. Pommel Horse: John Gracik, Ga. So. 18.325; Franz Goldbeck , LSU 18.075; Mike Carter 17.325. Still Rings: Todd Kuo ni , LSU lB.OOO ; Mike Carter 17.975; Pete Langdon, W. Virgo 17.275. Vaulting: Chuck David , LSU lB.175 ; M ike Carter 18.1 75; Steve Stein lB.150. Para llel Bars: Don Clifford, LSU lB.525 ; Rick Russell 17.725; Chuck David 17.700. Horizontal Bar: M ik e Carter 18.1 50; Steve Stei n 17.950; Steve Harris, LSU 17.950. BIG 10 CONFERENCE Tea m: U niv. of Iowa 329.00. All-Around: Carl Walin , Iowa 104.B5; Bill Kerchner, M inn. 104.20; Bill Mason, Iowa 102.75. Floor Exercise: Dave Ma y, Iowa lB .825; Barry Peterson, Minn . lB.325; Curt Adams, Minn. 18.225. Pommel Horse: Dale Robbins, Iowa 18.B75; Howa rd Beck , III lB .675; Bob Sie mia nowski Iowa 18.600. Still Rings : Ben Fernandez, Ind. 19.300; Monty Fa lb, Mich lB.775 ; Glenn Miller, M inn . lB.750. Vaulting: Ri c hard Bigras, Mic h lB.650; Ga ry Quigg, Iowa 18.550; Jeff LaFleur, Mi nn . lB.450. Parall e l Ba rs: Rudy Ginez , Iowa 19.025; Kerry Ruhl, Iowa 18.575; Rich Bigras, Mich 18.375. Horizontal Bar: Bob Darden, M ich lB.525 ; Ca ry Culbertson , Mi 18.525; Bill Kerchner, Minn lB.450. BIG B CONFERENCE Tea m Iowa State Un iv. 325.05 All-Around: Do ug Fit zja rre ll , ISU 10B.30; Bob Roth, IS U 102.80; Mark Graha m, ISU 101.1 5.5. Jose 17.6B; Gabe Hernandez, LA 17.25. Floor Exercise: Doug Fitzjarrell lB.950; Alex Pepe, IS U 14l.350; Greg Goodhue , Okla 18.275. Pomm e l Hor se Ha l Trever, Neb lB.350; Fulton Loe be l, Ok la 18.150; Greg Krippe l, Okla lB.125. Still Rings: Keith Heave r, IS U 18.B50; M ike M iha lco, Okla lB.550; Doug Wood, ISU lB.300. Vaulting: Doug Fitzjarrell lB.350; Ma rk Graham, ISU lB .175; G reg Goodhu e, Okla lB.150. Paralle l Bars: Doug Fitzjarre ll lB.700; Mike Henry, Ok la lB.075; Bob Roth 17.775. Horizontal Bar: Ri ch Bova, Ok la lB.550; Doug Fit zjarre ll 18.500; Rich Larsen, ISU 18.375.


WESTERN INDEPENDENT LEAGUE Tea m: Air Force Academy 297.00. All-Around: John Tomi c h, AR 93.60. Floor Exercise: Ken Linn ey S. Jose 17.730; Cris Wright S. Jose 17.68; Gabe He rn andez , 路ba 17.25. Pommel Horse: Cris Klingerman , LA 17.300; Steve Matsuo, LA 17.100; La rry Ga rre tt , AFA 17.100. Still Rings: Jo hn He nise, L. B l B.275; C liff Williamson SJ 17.800; Cris Wrig ht 17.250. Vaulting: Jim Paquette AFA lB.200; Geo rge Roc hat, PS lB.025; John Tomi ch17.275; phil Nardecch ia, AFA 17.225; John Cameron, SJ 17.075. Horizontal Bar: Phil Nardecchia, AF 17.950; Jim Paquette 17.725; Bill Slove r, LA St 17.500. WESTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE Team: Arizona State U. 319.20. All -Around: Dave Repp, N. Mex ico 104.80; Wayne Young, BYU 104.80; Paul Werst, Ar iz. 100.95. Floor Exercise: Gary Alexa nder, ASU lB.625; Kent Brown ASU lB.550; Dave Cha nd le r, NM 17.950. Pommel Horse: L.J . La rso n, ASU 18.B25; Jim All e n, CSU 18.250; Rand y Sabey, Ariz. 18.050. Still Rings: Rick Curt is, ASU 18.475; Ed Be ll man, Co l. S 18.200; Je rry O ' De ll , Ariz. 18.025. Vaulting : Wayne Young 18.1 00; Mark Dedrick, ASU lB.025; Gary Alexander, ASU lB.025. Parallel Bars: Greg Bia n, ASU 18.600; Gary Alexande r 18.250; Steve Zamora , Col. 51. 18.150. Horizontal Bar: Th ea Digerness, CSU 19.00; Mark Dedric k ASU lB.675; Steve Zamora 18.450.

PACIFIC COAST ATHLETIC ASSOCIA nON LEAGUE Team: Ca l. SI. Uni v. LA 292.BO. All-Around: John Cameron, SJ 90.60; George Had res, SJ 77.30; Larry Thompso n, LB 62.55. Floor Exercise: Ken Linn ey, SJ 17.73; Ch ri s Wrig ht , SJ 17.6B; Gabe He rnandez , LA 17.25. Pommel Horse: Cr is Kl ingerman , LA 17-48; Sieve Ma tsuo , LA 16.95; Dan Sm ith, SJ 15.28. Still Rings: C li ff Wi lli amso n, SJ 17.53; Jo hn He ni se, LB 17.40; Chri s Wright , SJ 17.40. Vaulting: Joe Vargas, LA 17.425; Kurt Hart e ll , LB 17.1B; Leona rd Peete, LB 17.10. Parallel Bars: Gordon Everett, SJ 17.08; John Came ro n, SJ 16.95; Dan O ' Neil , LB 16.70. Horizontal Bar: Bill Slover, LA 17.6B; Tom Dietr ick, LA 16.98; John Cameron, SJ 16.78. PACIFIC 8 CONFERENCE Team: Univ. Cal if ornia 320.50 All-Around : Steve Hu g, Stan. 108.10; Tom Weeden, Ca lif. 106.15; Tim Shaw, USC 104.70. Floor Exercise: Bob Rikli , are. 18.900; Bob And erso n, Stan. 18.275; Steve Posner , Cal 18.075. Pommel Horse: Ted Marcy, Stan . 19.250; Cu rt Rodgers, are. lB.375; Jim Leste r, are . 18.225. Still Rings : Mark Lundy, Ca l lB.650; Howa rd Besse n, Stan lB .575; Ge ne Johnson , WSU 18.450. Va ulting: Bob Di ckmeyer, WSU 18.225; Shawn Skerrett, Stan. 17.975 ; Randy Lary, are a nd Rod Minaker, Wash 17.950. Parallel Bars: Steve Hug, 18.700; Dubi Lufi , WSU lB.425; Ive rso n Ei c ke n, Ca l lB.375. Horizontal Bar: Bill Ca rpe nt er, W lB.200; Steve Hug lB.125; Tim Shaw lB.075.




ACTION NATIONAL COLLEG IATE GYM ASTS SPEAK OUT! IOWA STATE UN IVERS ITY " I have see n how trans ient life is without Chri s t. As a sophom ore, I was a n All Ameri ca n a nd made the Ol ympi c tri a ls. As a Junior . gy mnas ti cs was take n away from m e beca use 01 a se ri ous back injury. l trul y cam e to know Chri st whe n I ha d to place my trus t in Him . Through Chri st's spirit in m e, I have been a bl e to pa rti c ipate once aga in in gy mn as ti cs a nd have a better outlook on m y life beca use of Him.' Bob Roth All -A m e ri ca n 1972 All Around IOWA STATE UN IVERSITY " Beli evi ng in J es us Chris t a nd God as one has a lw ays been m y be li ef. But, in the las t few years , I have lea rned that in s tead of as king help from God , I no w t ha nk Him for m y fa ith in Him a nd m y ab ility to beller m yse lf in every way. Out there on the competition fl oor I a m for ever grateful to Him for just be in g the r e a nd in th is way I a lways co m e out a winn e r ." R a lph He rnand ez Team Capta in 1974 Side Horse UN IV ERS ITY OF M INNESOTA " I look at gymnastics from a different perspective. I fee l the Lord has g ive n me this a bility and I'm out to perform for Him . I feel th at winning is giving everything I ha ve a nd trusting Him. I have found that what He wa nts for m y life is best for m e. I feel the Lord is with me - I know I am not alone out th ere on the fl oor competing. I know He ca r es for m e. He has never let m e down ." Barry Peterson Free Exercise UN IVERS ITY OF MI CHIGAN "Sometimes it' s ha rd to put Christ before gymnastics. Usua lly I ask the Lord to he lp me in workouts to do my best. I rea lize that if I were left to myself I would not have the m oti va tion I need - Chri st gives me the moti vation I need ." Robert Da rden High Bar UN IVERS ITY OF M ICHIGAN " Christ is the moti vating force in m y life . Som etimes I get frustr a ted - es pecia ll y with m y compul sor y dismount. When I turn to Chri st, I have more direction , purpose, a nd peace. Thu s, I ca n concentrate be tte r. I don ' t expect Chris t to " lift m e up " on m y di smount with a n in visib le hand but He does moti va te m e to wo rk ha rder ." Ca rey Cu lbe r tson Hi gh Bar UN IV ERSITY OF OREGON " All th e s uccess I'v e ha d in gy mnastics I be lieve is due to the fact th a t I have tried to look to th e Lord a nd put Him first. Gymn astics is one of th e mos t importa nt aspects of m y life but it is tempo r a ry. It is good to know t ha t I have something more so lid to base m y life upon - J esus Chri st.·· Steve Ros ka m All Around



ATHLETES IN ACTION " J es us Chris t is my whole life. I had thought th at gy mna stics mi g ht fulfill m y li fe. but I soo n rea li zed th at it was on ly a s m a ll pa rt. It wa s n't until I turned m y gymnastic ca reer over to God that I fou nd co mpl ete ful fi ll ment. He s howed m e t ha t He could use gy mnas ti cs as a m ea ns of pointing peo ple to Him se lf. ' Pa ul Ti c ke nofl Membe r of 5 Interna ti ona l Tcams Represe ntin g th e USA ATHLETES IN ACTION .. After allending a Chri stia n g r a d e schoo l, I decid ed religion was for old peo pl e and I se t m y ow n goa ls. While at Iowa Sta te, I reached m a ny of th ese goa ls a nd found no lasting sa ti s facti on from a ny of the m. I rea li zed two things. First, wha t I t hought was Chris ti a nity was only a s ubs titute counterfeit a nd second ly, that complete peace, ha ppin ess, a nd fulfillm e nt ca n com e onl y from knowing God pe rsona ll y through J esll s Chri s t. The qu a lity of life He wants to giv e us ri ght no w is beyond our drea m s." Russ HolTma n Three Time NCAA Cha mpion Sid e Horse

WOULD YOU LIKE TO COMMUNICA IE WITH THE READERS OF "GYMNAST"? Our readership is an ent hu siasti c, respo nsive gro up. " GYMNAST CLASS IFIED " , a monthl y feature, is yo u r opportun it y. Rates are 20~ pe r word for th e first 25 words ($5.00 minimum ) and 10~ for each addition al wo rd. (Ads are accepted at th e discretion of th e pub li sher). Check o r money o rd e r mu st acco mpan y copy and be received prior to the closing date, which is th e 10th of th e month p recedin g issue date. Se nd o rd e rs to Classif ied Dept. , " GYMNAST" Magazine, P.O . Box 110, Santa Monica, CA 90406. Enclosed is my ad. POSITION NEEDED Co ll ege Coaches - hu sband and wife seeking new.oppo nunil ies ill gy mna sti cs . Coni act : Ge rr y Calcr , 120 Meyer Road =605 , Amherst , NY 14226. 1716) 834 -8740. POSITION AVA ILABLE N ee ded: ex p e ri e n ced coac h to tak e over es ta blished g irl s pri vate gymna sti cs club. Sma ll investment. A lso po ssibili ty of pa n-lim e college teaching and coaching. ror uc tai ls writ e A ndrew Oaini s, CI O l a kewood YMCA , 2119 Chape l Hill Rd. , Durham, NC 27707 or ca ll (919) 732-4249. PRIVATE GYMNASTIC SCHOOL is looking for an ambitiou s graduating co llege gy mna st o r experien ced coac h 10 ....vo rk as a girls g}' nlna sli c coach, gym nastic in stru c tor, and assis tanl program UireClor. Good sa lar y a nd apa rtment includ e d .

Sta rlin g dale wou ld be Sept. 1974. Con tact: Pel Mead , C/ O Th e

GYMNASTS SPEAK OUT Today's meet is one of the bigg est t his yea r. But whe n it is over, we will aga in have to face t he rea lity of our world . We wi ll be r emi nd ed of the probl e m s of hate, gr eed , r acis m , m a terialism , a nd wa rproblems that a r e humanly unsolvab le. But there is a n a nswer . God has r evoluti onized our liv es through a personal relationship with J esus Chri st. We believe th at as peopl e' s li ves a re transformed by Christ, our world ' s problems can be solved. We came to this conclusion by understa nding that: 1. God loves us and wa nts to know us pe rson a ll y. 2. The Bible says t ha t we a re separated from God 's love by our sin . 3. God , in Hi s g r ace, has bridged this sepa ration by sending His Son , J es us Chri s t, to die for our sins . 4. We mus t indi vidu a lly ask Jes us Christ to be our Sav ior and Lord. You can have this same r ela tionship with christ that we have if you will acknowledge to Him that you have s inned a nd need Hi s forgiveness . Ask J esus to come into you r life as you r Savior a nd Lord today. If you place your fa ith in Chri st, He promises tha t He wi ll forgi ve you r sins a nd that He wi ll neve r leave you or forsa ke yo u. If y ou a r e interested in knowing more about Chri s t or if you have received Him today , we wou ld like to se nd you some he lpful information, fr ee of cha rge.

.-=-.......................................... COMMENT I would lik e more inform ation a bout how I too can have a pe r sona l re lations hip with Christ. I a lready know J es us Chri st in a pe rsonal way but would lik e some inform a tion on how I can li ve a belle r Chris tian life . NAME ADDRESS ZIP CITY STATE Send to: Ca mpu s Crusa de for Chri s t 32 1 Fraternity Row Sta te Coll ege , PA. 1680 1 Phone: 238 -6491


Centu r)' School of Gym nastics, Camp Hill Road, Pomona, NY 10970. CAMPS Far go Aero Team an d No rth DakOla Stat e U ni versit y wi ll co-spon so r a girl's summer gymn as ti c cl inic. Head coach Jul y 28 - A ugust 3 will be Dan Sperawof th e SCATS. He<3d coac h Aug ust 4 - Aug ust 10 wil l be H erb Voge l of Sou thern Illi nois Un ive rsit y. Clini c site is DSU field hou se and dormitori es DSU. Class size: 10 girls per coach ~nd ass istant . Cost: $125 per session - parti cipating. $100 per session - non-par ti cipating graduate and undergraduat e credit. 2 quarter hours - DS U. In cl udes room and board. For information contact: Mrs. Gordon H eg re, 1401 - 3rd Ave nu e South Fargo, N D 58102. GIRLS GYMNASTIC CAMP- lun e 29 - lul y 13, Id yll wild, Ca li fo rni a. Ages 8-18, $1 10.00 p er week . Co ntac t Vin ce Pietrok , 1008 E. South 51. , Ana hei m, CA 92805. Phone (714) 774 -4055. GYMNASTICS ON TE SHORES of beaut ifu l Lake Champlain , Jun e through August , free use of canoes , sa ilboa ts. Permanen t staff includes coac h es f{uth Dunkl ey McGowan and Debbi e Dunkl ey, Moscow games candidate. Former Ol ympic co~pe tit o rs and coac hes. Comple te Reuthe r Ol ympic EqU ipment. Camper- co un se lo r ratio 5 to 1. Dunkle y G ymnastic Camp, 49 Ea st Terrace, S. Burlington, Ve rmont 05401 or phone (802 ) 862-3173. 372-8898 afte r lun e 15th . THE EMPIRE STATE GYMNASTIC CAMP CAM P fo r boys & gi rl gym nasts. Session 1 - June 22-26; Sessio n II - A ug. 26-30. Enrollment is limited to 100 g ymnast s for ma ximum learning. Guaran teed 10-1 ra ti o of gymna sts to inst ru ctor. Outstandin g staff of Canadian "lind A m erican coac h es. We guaran tee results fo r all gymnast s. Also, a special training program for advanced all -around girls, and training sessions fo r the national girls c~ mpul so ri es. Contact: Cemu ry School of G ymnastiCS, Camp Hil l Road, Pomona, NY 10970. SHORE GYMNASTICS CAMP. Whe re: Sho re Country Da y School, 545 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA 01915. Whe n : lul y 1-lul y 26; lul y 29 - Aug. 23. Who: Boys and Girls, fro m Grades 3 to 12. Program. Each student receives persona li zed ins tr uction in all areas of gymna stics. Write to: M r. Denni s Sherman , Shore Gymna sti cs Camp, Shore Count ry Da >' School. BACK ISSUE WANTED lul y - A ugu st 1963 iss ue of "Modern Gymnas t" W ill p ay . Co n tact: Larry Spiegel, 6501 Esplan ade, Pla ya De l Rey, CA 90291 (213) 822-2660. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. WANTED : Who lesa le d istri bu tors of gymnastic apparel and accessor ies. Also re lated items for gym shop. Send de tails and term s 10 J. Pimental , S.R. :;60, Ne wbu ry, MA 01950 NEW PRODUCTS: GYMNASTIC BUMPER STICKERS A) " Conserve Energy - Warm up w ith a gymnas t·· B) " Gymna sts ... sco re more· ' C ) " Gymnastics - yo ur pad or mine?'· 3 fo r $2.50 or $1.00 each plu s 3s¢ fo r handlin g. Keen a Enterprises, Dept. C, 4211 Ke sl er A ve., Sherman Oak s. C A 91403

POSITION AVAILABLE. GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR at Physical Fitness Studio, full or part-time but permanent. A ll ages, but not compe titive gymna stics". Be ve rl y Hill s. Phone 65.-. 4040

....................................... LEONARD CLEMMER SUMMER GYMNASTICS CLINIC CHARLO TIE, NORTH CAROLINA Su mm er Classes For more information w ri te:

Leonard Clemmer Summe r Gymnastics Clinic 4710 Park Road Charlotte. North Carolina 28209 Phone 523-5940

•••...••••••...•...........•..........•• 43




to b Y J .~

> -

ALL-AMERICAN, 1974 ALL-AROU ND FINALS SC H COMP FX PH SR V 1'8 Jay W helan (5. Co nn .) 52.60 9.45 8.70 9.05 9.40 9.05 Ch arl es Wa nn er (Circl e) 48.45 9.10 8.70 8.50 B.BO 8.75 M ike Kell ey (Fu ll erton) 48.60 8.90 7.1 5 8.60 9.45 9.55 Ri ch O nysko (5. Co n n) 48.65 8.65 7.30 9.25 B.70 8.85 Rick Rud e (F u lle rt o n) 47.85 8.50 8.75 8.20 9.00 B.B5 Jack A vona (Spifld. ) 47. 15 8.80 8.50 8.30 9.00 8.35 NAME

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


Jay Whelan

HB TOTAL 9.55 107.80 9.35 101.65 9.25 101 .50 9.25 100.65 8.35 99.50 8.50 98.60




Team Results Prelim. Schoo l 1. Full e rton 148.60 2. So uth ern Connecticut 148.10 3. U. II I. Chicago Circle 144.70 4. Spr in gfie ld 143.15 5. Chico 129.60 6. E. Illin ois 124.50 7. Wheaton 11 8.20 8. E. Stro udsburg 108.80 9. No rth e rn Iowa 73.00 10. W. Illinoi s 30.00

Opt. TOTAL 161. 20 309.80 161.30 309.40 159.15 303.85 153.45 296.60 147.95 277.55 148.05 272 .55 143.10 261.30 135.15 243.95 11 5.60 188.60 40.20 70.20

1974 College Div. Judges 1st row - Llo R: Robert Stout Todd Di Nicola Bob Ostrander Flit Pieo Richard Aronson 2nd row : Stephen Ross Len DePue Rick Wells Dwight Church Frank We lls 3rd row:Harry Bjerke Tom Gibbs

Floor Exercise

1. Jay Whelan (So. Conn.) 2. Peter Kormann (So. Conn .) 3. Ron Reznick (Northridge) 4. AI Hell er (Sprin gfield) 5. Jack Avona (Spr in gfie ld ) Bruce Spikerman (E. 111. )

Pommel Horse Greg Anderson

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Greg Anderson (Ci rcl e) Roger Wojtkipw icz (C ircle) Charles Richards (Nort hrid ge) Marv Paster (E. III.) Charles Wanner (C ircle) Jay Whe lan

18.750 18.325 18.275 17.950 17.425 17.425

Jim Ha rvey

Mike Ke ll ey



Ro n Rezn ick

Parallel Bars

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Charles Wanner Ja y Whelan Herb Massinger (Full erton) Ri ck Rud e (F ull erto n) Ri ch Onys ko Mi ke Kelle y


Horizontal Bar


. ~-,

1 :" '2. 3. 3. 5. 6.

Bob Harden (Chico) Rich On ys ko Larr y Castle (Full erto n) Charle"s Wann er Paul Kahovec (C ircl e) Jay Whelan

18.700 18.675 18.325 18.325 18.200 18.175



All Sizes, Colors, Styles Sequence taken at College Division Championships (Springfield) of gymnast, Tom Clifford, executing a hecht-front somie vault {near end):Technique: Fast run (very fast), low pre-flight, short blocking of hands, quick uplift of chest from board takeoff and head up, stall out and extension until over far end, quick tuck. Tom has done several hecht-front pike somies. His coach is Nelson Ng, Oneonta State, N.Y.



Write or Call: AIC GYMNASTICS, ETC, INC Suite 110 2 Mack Road Woburn, Ma. 01801 Tel. 617 - 933-6250

Box lSS-A, Lake Crystal, Mn. 56055 Phone (507) 726-2534

Write for Complete Accessory Catalog.



NAIA NATIONAL GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIP fORT IiAYS, kANSAS Bob Keatin g M o nt hs of hard p ractice ended t hi s weeke nd wh en t he Fo rt Hays State gymnast ic team claimed third p lace in the NA IA Nat iona l Gymn ast ics Championsh i ps in G ross M emo ri al Co li se um w ith 132.55 poin ts. Taki ng in d ivid ual honors for the Tigers were Ri ck Pappas, w ho p laced fo urth i n floo r exe rcise w ith 8.30 p o i nts and va ul t in g w it h an


8.72 average, and Dave Buch heim , fift h in fl oo r exercise w it h 8.28 po ints . H ecto r A p o nte, clos in g o ut hi s ca ree r at FHS, q ualifi ed fo r th e finals in va ul ting and fini shed sixt h w ith 8.50 po in ts. I n th e batt le for top tea m ho no rs, it was a rep lay o f last year 's meet as th e U ni ve rsit y of W isco nsin-Oshkos h too k th e titl e fo r the seco nd year in a row w it h 148.10 points, w hile th e U ni ve rsit y of W isco nsin - LaCrosse was again th e runn er-up w ith 144.40. " The m eet we nt as smooth as any nation al meet we 've ever been to," sa id h ead coa ch Ed McNei l. " I was p leased w it h o ur ove rall pe rfo rm ance . O u r team tied fo r first in vaultin g and fini sh ed seco nd in fl oo r exer cise . Our score in th e pom m el hor se hurt us, butl was pl eased w ith eve ryt hi ng else . Fo ur peopl e we re th e m os t we 've ever had q ualify fo r t h e fi nal s." Dave Farin a o f LaC rosse was nam ed th e o utstandin g co mp etit o r o f th e mee t for hi s v icto ry on rin gs. Hi s tea mm ate, Brad Ruh land , swept th e all around tro ph y and in th e final s, pl aced seco nd on parall el bars, third on po mm el ho rse and sixth o n rin gs. Oth er indi v idu al w inners we re Ro n Hanson o f O shkos h on fl oor exe rcise, To dd D ownin g of W isco nsin-Stou t o n po mm el ho rse, Mo rri s Ma riwa ki of W isco nsin-Pl attev ill e in va ulting, M ike Kava nag h o f O shkos h o n parall el b ars and Stu art Stull er o f LaC rosse o n ho ri zo ntal bar. Fift een NA IA sc hoo ls, inclu d in g seve n from W iscon sin , we re represe nted at th e 11 th annu al meet. Th e o nl y o th er Ka nsas sc ho ol in th e co mp etiti o n was St erlin g Co ll ege. Thi s was th e w rap- up o f o n e o f th e mo st success ful gy mnasti cs seaso ns at FHS. Th e Tige rs we nt thro ugh the regul ar season w ith 10 w in s and o nl y two losses . Seve ral o f th e w in s we re ove r NCAA sc h oo ls w hil e bo th narr ow losses ca m e at th e hands of p owerf u l No rth ern Co lo rad o. FH S set a new tea m scorin g record in its last reg ular seaso n m ee t by ro ll i ng u p 149 poin ts aga in st Easte rn New Mex ico. " Thi s was t he f i nest seaso n we've ever had here," sa id McNeil. " W e had a to u gh sc hedul e b ut thi s w as th e best gro up o f athl etes we've had . W e had good lea d ership and th e dedi cati o n to w in . Th e o utl oo k fo r n ex t year is real goo d ."



Final Team ~tandings 1. Uni v. of W isco nsin - O shkosh 2. Un iv. of W isconsin-LaC rosse 3. Fo rt Hays State

148.10 144.40 132.55

INDIVIDUAL EVENT FINALS Floor Exercise 1. Hanso n (W. Oshkos h ) 2. H u ngunin (W . LaC rosse) 3. Ld fl eur (W . Os hkos h) 4. Pap pas (Fort Hays) 5. Buchh eim (Fo rt Hays) 6. Szy mansk i (W. Os h kos h) Pommel Horse 1. Down i ng (W. Stout) 2. Me ntz (W. Oshkos h) 3. Ruh la nd (W. LaC rosse) 4. Bebea u (W. Ea u Cla ire) 5. Weiss (E. Mo ntana) 6. Mart i n (W. Osh kos h) Rings 1. Fari na (W . LaCrosse) 2. Bell as (W. Os hkos h) 3. Kes ter (S lippery Roc k) 4. Stange l (W . LaCrosse) 4. O ' Ne il (W . Park sid e) 6. Ruhl and (W . LaCrosse) Vaulting 1. Ma ri wa ki (W. Pla tt ev ill e) 2. Szy mansk i (W. Osh kos h) 3. Ko lin ek (W. LaCrosse) 4. Hanson (W. Os h kos h) 4. Pa ppas (Fo rt Hays) 6. Apo nte (Fort HaysI Parallel Bars 1. Kava nagh (W. Os h kosh) 2. Ruhl and (W. LaCrosse) 3. W ri ght (~I i ppe r y I{ ock) 4. Sa nds (W. Os h kos h ) 5. Smi th (W. LaC rosse) 6. Craw ley (E. Mo ntana) Horizontal Bar 1. "Stull er (LaC rosse) 2. NcNe ili (W. Os h kos h) 3. W il kerson (Sli ppery R()c k) 4. Larse n (W. LaCrosse) 5. Ma tz (S li ppery I{ock) 5. Ko:inek (W. LaCrosse) A ll Around 1. Ruh land (W. LaCrosse) 2. Sa nds (W. Oshkos h) 3. Ma tz (S lippery Rock) 4. Bell as (W. Os hk os h) 5. Craw ley (E. Mo ntana) 6. LaFl eur (W . Os hk os h)

9.08 8.95 8.33 8.30 8.28 8.15 8.63 7.93 7.58 7.48 7.35 7.33 9.05 8.83 8.80 8.68 8.68 8.53 9.07 9.00 8.77 8.72 8.72 8.50 8.85 8.45 8.30 8.18 8.08 8.05 9.00 8.70 8.43 8.30 8.20 8.20 48.80 45.70 44.80 44.05 43.80 39.70 GYMNAST May ' 74


NJCAA CHAMpioNSHip State University, Farmingdale, NY Bob Hess Th e 1974 NJCAA G y mnastics Champ ionships were aga in h os ted b y the State Un i ve rsit y at Farmingdale, N.Y. i n th eir beautifu l new gym na sium o n Ma rc h 8 and 9. Odessa Co l lege of Texas aga in wo n the team tit le for the fifth co n sec uti ve yea r . In tribute, the coac hes vo ted Odessa's head coac h as th e ir " Coa c h of th e Year ." There were on ly seve n team s entered t hi s yea r but th e qualit y of the t eam s seems to b e improv in g eac h yea r . The host schoo l, Farmingdal e took seco nd place for th e firs t time mo ving up two spots from th e pre vio u s year. The College of DuPage from Illin ois took third p lace aga in , the sa m e as last seaso n. Th ere were so m e outstanding performanc es in th e m eet and some ve ry clo se compet iti o n in mo st of th e eve nts. Odessa sta rt ed off w ith a stron g 26 .90 in floor exercise as compared to 22.55 for Farmingdale and Que en sbo roug h was in third with 22.15 points. At the co mpletion of pomm el horse, Odessa had widened th eir lea d wi th a tot al of 50.85 . In sec ond now was Miami D ade No rth w ith a 40.85 total and in third DuPage with a 39.90 sco re. Upon complet ion of the rings event, Odessa had 77.15 po ints. DuPag e w ith an impressiv e total of 25 .25 had m oved int o seco nd place w ith 65.15 points and Farmin gda le w ith a total of 23 .85 point s had third w ith 63.10 points. Th e va u l ting even t proved to b e a h e lp to both Farm in gda le and Od essa and h elp ed th e hos t sc h oo l mo ve into second pla ce . Od essa had scored 104.51 b y th e n, Framin gdal e 88.96, DuPag e 88.38 and in fourt h pla ce was Miami-North w ith 83. 15. Th e team s staye d in their res p ecti ve order throughout parall e l bars and into th e last eve nt. Th e competi ti o n was ve ry goo d in th e fin als and it was telev ise d b y a lo ca l c h ann e l; numb e r 67 of Ce ntral Islip, N .Y. Th e specia l eve nt, trampolin e, was we ll rece ive d b y th e audi en ce . RESU l TS Team: Od essa 154.46; Farmin gda le 131.36; DuPage 128.83; Miami Dade-No rth 119.70; Qu ee nsborough n0.43; Cuya hoga 108.01. All -Around: Don Spdrha wk (Od essa 48.45; Bri an Mackey (Odessa) 44.03; Bob M ill er (Odessa) 41.63; Howie l oun sb ury (Qu ee nsboroughj 38.50; Steve Co nl on (DuPage) 37.70; joe Gura (C uya hoga) 37.33. Floor Exercise: Do n Poll ard (Od essa) 18.70; Len Henderson (Odessa) 18.15; Don Sparh awk (Odessa) 17.75; Ilob ova (Qu eens) 16.15; '' 'tike Pund a (F"cla le) 15.60; joe Gura (C uy.) 15.35 Pommel Horse: Don Steinbach (Od essa) 18.05; Ke n Heinri cks (DuP,lge) 17.10; M ik e Co lva rd (Odessa) 16.35; Joe Child, (M iami-N) 16.20; Llob Ko lvit z (DuPage) 15.15; Chu ck Dak in (hlale) 15.10. Rings: ji m Lllu sh (Od essa) 18.10; S't eve Co nl on (DuPa ge) 18.05; TOIll Nelson (F' dale) 18.00; Pat Stauf fer (Dul'a ge) 17.15; Mike Lofla nd (Od essa) 16.85; Ilrian Ma ckey (Odessa) 16.65. Va ult : Bob M ill er (Otlessa) 18.31; Brian Mackey 18.18; Don Spa rh awk 17.50; How ie Loun sb ury 17.40; Jei! Sin dli nge r (F"dale) 17.28; Frank Gal asso (F'da le) 17.18. Para ll el Bars: DOli Sparhdwk 17.30; Scott Dello l1 (F 'd ale) 16.60; Larry Cox (Od essa) 16.55; Bob M ill er 16.15; Mike lartens (DuPage) 15.00; Angel Adames (F'dale) 14.65. Horizontal Bar: Brian Mackey 18.10; l am Hart (Od essa) 17.70; Steve Co nl on 16.55; Bob M ill er 16.25; John Hake (F"d,r1 e) 15.80; Jim Blu sh 15.10. Trampo line: Dodge (DuPd ge) 8.85; Jerry I'olt a (Dul'agc) 8.25; Mike Pinn s (DuPa ge) 8.05; Len Henderso n 7.45; Llob Fagan (DuPage) 6.70; How ie Lounsbury (Quce nsuOfough) 4.40. GYMNAST May '74

College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, III., 3rd place


AIAW NAIiONALS___________________ _ AIAW NATIONALS By Barbara Thatcher Carb ondal e, Illin o is is approx imately 2,000 mil es from Sacra m ento, Californi a, o r in Herb Vo gel ' s w ord s " A lo ng way to com e fo r a mee t if you onl y ex pec t to tak e secon d. " But Voge l's out standin g w om en 's t ea m from So uth e rn Illinoi s U ni ve rsit y trave led th e distan ce to take th e top tea m h o no rs at th e 1974 A IA W (A ssoci ation o f Int erco ll eg iate A thl eti cs fo r Wom en) Na tion als, h eld A pril 5-6 at Ca li fo rni a St at e U ni ve rsity, Sa cram ento. Th e tea m from SI U, w hi ch in clud es two former SCATS and seve ral o th er equ all y talent ed comp etitors, to talled 108.6 to fini sh sli ghtl y ahea d o f a fairl y stro ng team from South west Mi ss iss ippi junior Co ll ege coac hed by Vanni e Ed wa rd s. A lthou gh SI U had bee n scoring con sistentl y around 108 th e last p art of th e sea son , th ey did not compl etely d o minate th e comp etition. Karen Schu ckm an, a freshman at Penn St ate U ni ve rsit y was th e all around w inn er and three of th e fo ur indi vidu al w inn ers att end ed school s oth er th an South ern . Team Competition Tea m competition was split into six sess io ns w ith four tea ms o r gro ups co mpetin g in each session and th e last sess io n reserve d m os tl y for qu alifi ers to th e Na ti o nals in indi vidu al eve nt s. In th e first sess ion th e tea ms we re Lo n g Beach State, coa c hed b y Gretc h en Dows in g, Sea ttl e Pacifi c Coll ege, coa ch ed by Virgini a Husted , Iowa St ate Uni ve rsity, coac hed b y Ch ar Chri st e n se n , and th e U ni ve r sit y of Ma ssac hu se tt s, coa ch ed b y Virgini a Eva ns and Mike Ka sava na. A surprise was th e stro ng show in g o f Spc. Led by Elite gy mna st, D ebbi e Hall e, (w h o in cid entl y ti ed for seco nd in th e all aro und ) SPC had ju st tw o o th er girl s co mp etin g and cons equentl y all sco res co unted. H ad th e tea m mi ssed o ne routin e it co uld have mea nt a qui ck drop in th e tea m standin gs. As it w as th e Sea ttl e girl s, Laurel A nd erson , j enn y Foos hee and M iss Hall e fini shed in fourth pl ace bu t end ed in fifth becau se of a ti e for third. Th e Uni ve rsit y o f M assachu se tt s was o ne of th e teams th at ti ed fo r third. Floo r ex er cise was th e best event fo r UMass w hile bars was a hi gh scorin g area for spc. On Floor UMass displ aye d som e interes tin g moves , un co mm o n mu sic and ni ce tumblin g. Ma rgie Co mbs, in parti c ular, had a ve ry smo o th , po li shed routin e, w hi ch was don e to th e th em e fro m " Th e Odd Coupl e" . She executes a ro u nd - o ff full tw ist (look ed like an att empted doubl e tw ist in th e fin als) th at is impress ive and no t oft en seen. Ann e Vex ler had a fin e ro utin e o n bea m includin g a hi gh, bea utiful tour jete and an un ex p ected handsprin g step-out. j ea nnin e Burger also sh owe d mu ch va ri ety o f combinati o ns and e lega nce in da n ce and qualifi ed into bea m fin als alon g w ith A nn e. Lo ng Beac h Sta te was sli ghtl y handi ca pp ed b eca use of th e injur y o f Vanessa jo e, a to p


Lon g Beach gy mn as t. She was injured sho rtl y befo re th e m ee t. Out o f n ecess it y tw o fairl y in ex p erience d fr es hlllen we re put into th e co mp eti tio n but r ea ll y helped Lo n g Beach pull it all toge th er to f ini sh in sixth pl ace. Dag mar Hintn aus, also a fo rlll er SCAT qu alifi ed into th e fin als in va lJl tin g w hil e Lee A nn Lo bdill' s effo rls we nt virtu all y unn o ti ced . It ' s natural, sin ce Iowa St ate h as such a grea t men ' s tea m to ex p ec t an eq uall y fantas ti c wo men 's tea lll . Such wa s no t th e case . In fac t

Io wa was j u st no t rea ll y up to th e N ati o nal leve l as far as diffi cu lt y in routi nes and executio n. A parti c ul ar ly wea k area wa s flo o r. No t o n e o f Iowa 's scores wa s above 8.4 and t hat sco re was in vaultin g. Th e n ex t ro und fea tur ed seve ral good indi vidu al p erfo rm ers bu t n o co ntend ers as far as tea m award s we re co nce rn ed. Th e tea lll s we re th e U ni ve rsit y o f No rth ern Co lo rad o , coac hed b y Ca ro ly n Co d y, Towson Sta te Co llege, coac hed b y Geo rge McG in ty , GYMNAST May '74

Southern Illinois University - 1974 AIAW Te am Champions; Pat Hanlon, Diane Grayson, Ginger Temple, Stephanie Strome r, and Sandi Gross

Ca li fo rni a State U ni vers it y, Sacramento , coac hed by m ee t d irec to r Ka th y Shell y an d M ichi ga n State U ni ve rsity coac h ed by Ba rb McKenzie. Sharo n Ak iyama , a fres h ma n at UNC q uali fied fo r fin als o n bo th ba rs and floo r. H er ro ut ine o n ba rs was ve ry smoo th an d w it h a littl e m o re expe ri ence o n th e Na ti o nal leve l she co uld be an excep tiona l co mpetit or. Eve n th o ugh her f loo r ro utin e was not u p to o the rs as fa r as tum b lin g di ff ic ult y (n o ro un d-of f, flip flop f ull and she end s w ith a ro un d -off and two fli p fl o ps) she had so m e love ly turn s an d seq uences o n th e fl oor and aga in th e m os t not iceab le qu alit y was her sm oo thn ess, no ru sh, no ri p pl es. Ma ry Po lak, f ro m Sac ram en to State was th e o th er m emo rab le co m pe ti to r. A favorite w it h th e loca l crowd sh e was a fin ali st o n va ultin g, bars and floor. She ha d o n e of th e hi ghest, and most co ntro ll ed Yamas hitas of th e m ee t and th e crowd w ildl y appl auded h er va ultin g and fl oo r ro utin es. On fl oo r she wo rk ed to mu sic and i n a style so m ewhat simil ar to fo rm er Sac State star Barbara Parch er. Th en Ro un d 3 and So uth ern Illi no is... ca lm, classy, con fi dent, seemin gly w ith o ut a mo ment ' s wo rr y o n anyt hin g. Sco rin g above 27 in each event exce pt fl oo r and clea rl y dete rmin ed to w in. So u t h ern 's thr ee all aro und stars Steph ani e St ro m er, Sand i Gross and Di an ne Grayson , showed a great d ea l of so phi sti ca ti o n in ro utin es and co ul d have wo n th e m ee t fo r SI U o n th eir sco res alo ne. Steph ani e q uali fie d fo r fin als in va ultin g, ba rs, and free ex, Sa n d i in ba rs and bea m, and Di ane o n ba rs, floo r, and beam . Th e m aj o rit y of th eir ro utin es were ve ry or igin al and d iffi cult. Eve n_ w ith 12 co m pe tit o rs A ri zo na State U ni vers it y did no t co m e close to pl acing, and co mpe ted aga in st So uth ern in t hi s ro und. GYMNAST May '74

Aga in lik e Iowa, A ri zo na was no t a co nsiste nil y hi gh sco rin g team , th e hi ghes t sco re bein g 8.6 and A ri zo na did no t qua li fy a sin gle girl in fina ls. But th e girl s fro m ASU did loo k lik e th ey enj oyed th e co m pe titi o n. Clari o n Sta te Co ll ege was also in thi s ro un d an d mi gh t have h ad a good chance of be in g amo n g th e to p tea m s bu t was w ith o ut o ne o f last yea r's top pe rfo rm ers, Cheryl Perozz i (1973 A IAW Bea m Cham p io n) w ho lef t th e tea m ea rli er in th e seaso n. Pl us Clar io n is a relati ve ly yo un g tea m. A lso co m pe tin g i n th e gro up was th e U ni ve rsit y of Oregon, coac hed by Ma ril yn Fit ch. O rego n fini sh ed j us t a few tenth s ah ea d o f Clari o n and had n o in d ividu als qu alify fo r fin als. Lo ng t ime UMass ri va l, Sprin gfield Coll ege, coac hed by M imi M urray, co mpeted Itl th e nex t ro un d along w ith So uth wes t M issouri State Un ivers it y, coac hed by Chic j o hn so n, th e U ni ve rsit y of Was hingto n, coach ed by Ca ro l El sner and th e U ni vers ity o f Nevad a, Re no coac hed by Dale Fl ansass. It was appro pri at e th at Sprin gfi eld and UMass sh o uld tie fo r third sin ce eac h yea r th e two ba ttl e it o ut fo r to p ho n o rs in th e Eas tern Regio nals. Lik e UMass, Sprin gfi eld 's stro ng po int was floo r an d weak area bea m. So uth wes t M isso u ri had o ne ve ry imp ress ive gym nas t in C hery l Di amo nd. Ch ery l's powerful and fas t m ov in g ba r ro utin e is a p leas ure to wa tch and her fl oo r ro utin e is eq uall y fas t m ov in g and li ve ly. She qu ali f ied fo r fin als in bo th eve nt s. As for th e o th er two tea m s i n thi s ro tat ion neither ca m e nea r pl acin g no r qu alifi ed anyone into fin als. Th e class of th e nex t sess io n was easil y So uth wes t M iss iss ipp i juni o r Co ll ege . Th ro ugho ut t he day 's compet iti o n o ne name was m enti o ned ma ny t im es by peop le in t he

aud ience, SM je's prem ier gy m nas t Claudi a Fize ll , a gy mn ast we ll wo rth wa itin g to see p erfo rm. Powe rful and ye t elega nt w ith to m boy ish style and co nfi de nt mann er sh e threw so m e o f th e m os t diffi cult co mbin ati o ns o f th e m ee t. So uth wes t M iss iss ippi had depth and m ost of t h e girl s we re sco rin g co n sistentl y in th e hi gh 8's howeve r So uth wes t M iss iss ippi ju st co uld n ' t quite ca tc h So uth ern. Suppos in g th at Claudi a Fize ll had hit her fl oo r ro utin e t hin gs mi ght have been different in bo th th e all aro und and team standin gs. As it was a fall to th e floor cost h er a p o int and so she fini sh ed flo o r w it h a sco re o f 8.45 . But th en to o if Sandi Gross had no t fa ll en on f loo r th ere might ha ve been a change in res uit sJ o o. In add itio n to A marill o Co ll ege and Ke nt State, th e first g ro u p of indi vidu al qualifi e rs we re in thi s sess io n. A ll th e gy mn as ts in Group I had qu ali fied in th e all aro und and th e eve ntual all aro un d champi on Ka ren Sc hu ckm an was o ne of th e co ntes tant s in thi s gro up. She w ork s we ll in eve ry eve nt and qu ali fied fo r all th e in d ividual fin als. She add s so me uni q u e hand move m en ts and has a ce rt ain fi nesse to h er ro ut in es. W hat mi ght look ri d icul o us in so meo ne else 's ro utin e she m anages to p ull o ff w ith an effo rtl ess sty le and grace. Fo r in stan ce o n bo th fl oo r and bea m sh e has a p art in h er ro utin e w h ere she c laps her h and s, it 's startlin g at fi rst bu t t hen fo r her it see ms fl atural , ifl th e co n tex t of th e rest of h er ro utin es . A d ele Gl eaves, th e 1973 all aro und champi o n, was in Gro up I o f th e indi vidu als too. She fi ni shed in fifth p lace sin ce th ere was a three way ti e fo r seco ild pl ace. So m ehow h er ro utin es see med to lac k so m ethin g, mayb e it was flair, m aybe d iffi cul ty, or m ay be th ere we re j us t m ore talen ted n ewco m ers thi s yea r th an las t.



1974 AIAW All-Around wi nn ers - Debb ie Hall e, Ka re n Sch uck ma n, Step han ie Stro mer, and Claudia Fizze l

By th e tim e of th e las t round very few spectators we re still around to watch. There were a co upl e of well executed routin es part icu larly one b y Kim Cosner, of th e Uni vers ity of Florida, on fl oo r exe rci se. Kim, w ho se coach is Sandy Philips, qualifi ed for fina ls in floor exe rcise and va ult ing. IND IVID UA L FINALS Th ere was no compulsory co mpetition and th e scores from the option al exercises performed in preliminari es were co mbined w ith th e scores from final s and th en the ave rage taken to determ in e th e indi v idu al w inn ers. At leas t twe lve girls in each event ad vanced to th e fina ls. Go ing into vau ltin g finals Mary Polak had th e high est qualifying sco re of 9.35 and she also scored the highest in final s... 9.4. She executed a Yam as hita and a Yamashita with a ha lf. Both va ults we re hi gh and ve ry ni ce. Th ere was a three way ti e fo r seco nd betwee n Dagmar Hintnau s, Claudia Fi ze ll and Sand i Gross. Claudia and Sandi had the higher sco re s in th e prel iminarie s, both at 9.2, but Da gmar exec uted a decent Yam i and th en a Yami w ith a half to finish .5 ahead of th em in fina ls. Claudia did a powerfu l V. on V. off and Sandi did a v. on V. off and a super hi gh Yami. Some ve ry interes t i ng an d eye ca tchi ng moves we re presented on bars. Going into th e final s, Claudia Fi ze ll and Di anne Grayson were th e lea ders with 9.25. But with excep tion al swing and form D eb bi e Hall e swept in to take the first p lace hon o rs. Of course a fall b y Claudia might ha ve helped Debb ie take first but in add ition sh e exec uted a routine with ni ce fre e hip wo rk , and a bea utifu l hecht from th e hi gh bar. C laudi a fe ll o n a se nsa tional Ko rbut back flip over the low wh ic h she does to a ca tch the hi gh b ar stom ach whip; Di anne managed to fini sh second w ith a routin e co ntainin g an impressive hecht w ith a half twist ove r th e low bar to ca tc h hi gh bar . She also uses


a hecht with a half tw ist over th e low bar towards th e high bar as her di smo unt. Sandi Gr oss finished in third. Her routi ne in clud ed a hecht over lo w, ca tch in eag le grip hi gh (reverse eag le), a sto mach w hip full and a h ec ht off the hi gh bar over th e low. Karen Schuckman also had an impress ive hecht move on ba rs. She does a hecht off th e hi gh bar wit h a h alf turn to stom ach wh ip on the low bar. Steadiness, sureness and elega nce. typ li fi ed Dianne Grayson 's w innin g beam routine. H er difficu lty is more than adequ ate (side and front aerial, back hand sprin g, va ld ez, back wa lkove r to sca le) and she has a di smount that essenti all y looks to be a aeria l ca rt w h eel w ith a full tw ist off th e sid e. Claudi a Fizell does an un expected ba ck flip following a back wa lk over in th e fir st run of her routin e but looked mu ch shaki er on her finals ro utin e than sh e did in prelimin aries. Sh e dismounts with a back fu ll. Ade le G le aves earned third pl ace and h er fin al ro utin e look ed a d efinite improvement ove r her prelimin ary effort. She does a va ld ez, back han d sprin g, and one arm back wa lkover. At 9.30 there was a three way ti e for first go in g int o floor exe rcise fina ls. Dian e Sepk e, of the University of Ill in o is, Chicago Circl e eve ntu all y took it w ith d ifficu lt tumblin g, q ui ck rhythm and dance . Stephanie Stromer w ithdrew fro m the final s and was a co ntend er for first going int o th e final rou nd . Th e th ird po ten t ial w inn e r was Cheryl Di am o nd but her routine the seco nd tim e around lacke d the same flair and effervescence sh ow n ear li er. Karen Schu ckm an an d Adele Gleaves ti ed for seco nd . Karen 's routine is done to guitar music w hi ch is soft and p leasant. She ha s a ni ce front hand spri ng front and ro und-off layout stepo ut. Adele 路does a round-off flip flop full and round-off layo ut stepo ut. Mary Pol ak finished in fourth w ith a rea l crowd pleasing perfor mance. A rou nd -off flip flop ara bian fr o nt stepo ut and a hi gh round-off flip flop fu l l

are am ong the more difficult parts of her routine . O vera ll th ere we re many excitin g, high 路 quality performances. On beam it was ni ce to see more front acroba ti c work such as fro nt handspring walko uts and on bars o ri gina l type hecht co mbin ati ons. Several of the co mp eti to rs in thi s meet qualified fo r the Women 's Elite Nat ion als at previous meets and so the leve l of abilit y of co lleg iate gym na sts see m s to increase each year. It 's int eresti ng to note th at all the memb ers of the USA team for th e World U ni ve rsit y Games were present at this meet. Stephanie Strome r, Ade le Gleaves an d An n e Vex ler we re present as p arti cipants, Sandy Philips, is now th e coac h at the U ni vers it y of Fl orida. Terry Spe nce r, is now wo rk in g for Na tional Gymnastic Ce nter s, and was in "the audi ence. Mim i Murray, WUG coach was pr esent w ith her team from Springfield College as was Kathy She ll y, coac h for Sacramento State and meet director who served as U ni ve rsit y

Diane Grayson GYMNAST May '74

AIAW CHAMPIONSHIPS Sacramento, California Res ults

Tea m Finals 1. Southern Illinois Uni ve rsit y 2. South wes t Mississippi Jr. Coll ege 3. Sprin gfield Co ll ege J . Universit.y of Ma ssac hu se ll s 5. Sea lli e Pacific Co ll ege 6. CSU, l ong Beach 7. Ke nt State Uni versi ty

TOTAL 108.60 107.20 104.80 104.80 103.90 100.00 99.70

AIAW INDIVIDUAL RESULTS All Around 1. Karen Sch uckman (PSU) 2. Debbi e Halle (S PC) 2. Stephani e Strom er (S IU) 2. Claudia Fi zze ll (SM JC) 5. Adele Gleaves (WK U) 6. Sa ndi Gross (SI U) 7. Cheryl Di amond (SM SU) 8. M ary Polak (CSU,S) 9. Di ane Sepke (U ICC) 10. Dian ne Gra yso n (SIU)

Vau lting 1. Ma ry Polak (CSCU) 2. Da gmar Hintnaus (CSU JB) 2. Sa ndi Gross (S IU) 2. Claudia Fi ze ll (SMJC) 5. Karen Schuckman (PSU) 6. l aurel Anderson (S PC)

TOTAL 36.40 36.15 36.15 36.15 35.90 35.70 35.60 35.55 35.45 35.40

Prelim Fin. 1 Avg. Avg. Total 9.35 9.15 9.20 9. 20 9.20 9.10

9.40 9.375 9.20 9.175 9. 15 9.175 9.15 9.175 9. 05 9.125 9. 05 9.075

9.15 9.25 9.15 9.00 9.05 8. 95

9.30 ).15 9.15 9.20 9. 05 9. 00

9.225 9.200 9.150 9.100 9.050 8.975

Sa ndi Gross (S IU) Debbie Halle (SPC) Karen Schuckm an (PSU)

9.30 9. 25 9. 15 9.05 8.90 8. 90

9.40 9.35 9.25 9.25 9.25 9.20

9.350 9.300 9.200 9.1 50 9.075 9.050

Floor Diana Sepk e (UI,CC) Karen Schuck man (PSU) Adele Gl eaves NKU) 4. M ary Polak (CS USI 4. Cheryl Di amond (SMSC) 6. Barbara Bat es (U l )

9.30 9.25 9. 15 9.1 5 9. 30 9.10

9.25 9.25 9.35 9. 30 9.15 9.20

9.275 9.250 9.250 9.225 9.225 9.150

Uneven Pa rallel Bars Debbi e Hall e (S PC) Di ane Grayso n (SIU) San di Gross (SIU) 4. Jea nn in e Burger (UM) 5. Ka ren Schuckman (PSU) 6. l aurel Anderso n (S PC) 1. 2. 3.

Balance Beam 1. Diane Grayso n (S IU) 2. Claudia Fi ze ll (SM JC) 3. Ade le Gelaves (WK U) 4.

5. 6.

1. 2. 2.




â&#x20AC;˘ ni s count ry' s growi ng excitem ent for wom en 's gymna stics ex p lod ed at th e U n ive rsit y of Massachu sett s, site of th e ' 74 W o men ' s E.A. I. A.W. Gymna st ics C hamp ions h ip, on March 15th and 16th. Th e two-d ay co mpet it ion , end ed in a triple- crown victory for th e U ni ve rsit y of Ma ssa c hu sett s women 's team , capt u rin g th e team champi o nship w ith a record score o f 106.2 points, grabbing fir st pla ces in all four indi vidual event s, and also cl aiming the allaround champion t itl e b y team m emb er, j eann in e Burge r. Friday night's team competitio n in Cu rry Hi ck s Cage chall eng ed th e fo ur top-sco rin g Ea stern tea ms for th e '74 titl e. Sprin gfield Co ll ege, las t ye ar 's defending Eas tern Champio ns, and U Mass, th e defendin g GYMNAST M ay '74

Na ti o nal Ch amp ion s, we re j o in ed by mu chimproved So uth ern Co nn ec ti cut Stat e Co ll ege and Towso n State Co ll ege . Sa turd ay 'S co mpetiti o n fo r ind ividu al fin als in c l ud e d gy mn as t s from Souther n Conn ecti cut, Towso n Stat e, Penn. State, Sprin gfield and U M ass . Th e fin al indiv idu al standing s were determ in ed by to talin g th e top ten g ymnasts scores f ro m bo th d ays o n ea ch event. The top six p laces in each eve nt qualified fo r th e nati o nal com pe titi o n in Californi a. Ma rgie Co m bs fr o m U Ma ss captured fir st pla ce in vaultin g; h er 9. 2 hand spring earnin g her th e h igh es t sco re o f t he Easte rn s. Penn State's Karen Sc huckman , the '7 2 U.S. O lympi c altern ate , p laced se co nd w ith a Yamashita va u lt , and Sp ringfield 's Kim And res pl aced third. Th e rem ainin g pla ces were fo urt h go in g to Si ssy Ciepl y (Cl arion ), fifth to Ma ry Fed yn (So. Co nn. ) and a t ie for sixth b etween Lind a Nelli ga n (U M ass) and No ree n Mu ldoon (So . Conn. ). j ea nnin e Bu rge r o f U Mass and Ka ren Schu ckman o f Pe fln . State batt led for top hon o r s o n un eve n ba rs. Both captured 9.0 scores in Frid ay 's co mp etition , but j eann ine's clean ro uti ne on Satu rd ay gave her th e w inn i ng 9.1 sco re. Kare n follo wed in seco nd , and Debbie Dunkl ey (Springfield) edged out Betsy East (U Ma ss) fo r th i rd plac e by .05. Betsy' s difficult and solid ro utin e moved her from sixth place on Frid a)' to fo urth in finals. Springfie ld 's Steph anie j on es and U Mass' A nn e Vex ler ti ed th eir scores both da ys t o secure fifth pl ace. Th e bal ance b ea m ou tcome proved unpredi ctabl e as m any gymnas ts changed p laces after Satu rd ay's fi nals. A nn e Vex ler, ' 73 Un iversity Gam es team altern ate, nabbed first place, jump ing up from Frida y's third p lace positi o n. Refus in g to repeat Frid ay ' s fal l o n a front h andspring, Anne 's flair and amplitud e earn ed her the w in ning 9. 1 score. Seco nd pl ace res ult ed in a three-way ti e betwee n j o di Hitt and Marg ie Combs both from U Mass, and Springf ield ' s Kim A ndres. Debbi e Dunkle y (Springfie ld) too k fifth p lace, and j ea nnin e Burger, w ho was origi nall y lea din g th e eve nt, too k sixth . " Ou r in con sistency on beam cost us th e Ea stern s last yea r, and the Nat io nals in '72," sa id A ss istant Coac h Mik e Ka savana , " but now it's w ell o n th e w ay to b ec om in g o ne of o ur bes t eve nt s,J1 Th e flo o r exe rcise co mpet iti on excelled in creativit y and skil l. j eann ine Burger maintained Frida y' s fi rst p lace standing , win ning th e eve nt with an i mpr ess ive fr o nt layo ut and a backhand sprin g, bac k twisting som i, backhand sprin g alt ernat e pa ss. Seco nd pl ace we nt to tea mm ate, Anne Vex ler, w ho fres h style and powerfu l leaps thr ill ed and pl eas ed th e audi ence. Ann e's 9.0 score was ed ged out by j ea nnin e's 9.1. Karen Shu ckman (Penn. State) took third p lace w ith an el ega nt st yle that easi ly comp li ment ed her unique guitar mu sic. Sprin gfield gy mn as ts Kim A ndres and D eb bie Dunkl ey cl ai med fourth and fifth p lace resp ec ti ve ly, and M argi e Combs from U Mass took sixth. Fo r th e third co nsecuti ve year, the U ni ve rsity o f Massachusett s has cl aimed the all-around t itl e, thi s yea r's go ing to j eann in e Burger, a junior at U M ass. j ea nnin e suffered a spra in ed ankl e in this meet but it was not ex pected to hamper II er p erfo rm ance in th e national compet it ion.

Of w innin g th e al l-a ro und titl e, j ea nnin e sa id , " I fee l rea ll y good abo ut w in n in g. Ever y all -aro un d co mp etit or wa nt s tha t ho nor at leas t once. " Ind ee d j ea nnin e's fell ow tea mm ate all around ers have eac h cap tu red t ha t ho no r " at leas t o nce "; Ma rgie Combs in '72, and A nn e Vexler in a tie w ith Spr in g field 's Ca th y Kol emain en in '73. " It 's ni cr ::> keep it in t he fam il y' ¡, said U Mass Coa ch Virg in ia Evan s. j ea nnin e's all -a ro und sco re was 35.75, fo ll o wed by A nn e Vex ler's 35 .1. Ka ren Schu ckm an claim ed third pla ce w ith a 34. 8, and a fourt h p lace ti e we nt to M argie Co mb s (U Ma ss) and Debbi e Dun k ley (S pri ng fi eld ) bo th with a 34.3 sco re. Kim A ndres o f Sprin gfi eld cla imed sixth pla ce . Six eastern team s qualifi ed fo r th e '7 4 Na ti ona l Intercoll eg iates in Sacramento Ca li for n ia by sco rin g 94 point s o r above; U Mass, 106.2; Spr in gfield , 103.05; Sout hern Conn ec ti cut, 96.1 ; Pe nn . St ate, 94.9; Clarion Stat e, 94.7, and Towso n St ate , 94.6. Jeannine Burger



by Renee Hendershott Held at th e U ni ve rsit y of Delaware in Newark, and d irected by Ed ga r and Pat Knepper, thi s meet qua li f ied 20 more wo m en for the USGF Elit e Championships o n Ma y 30Jun e 1 at Southern Illin o is Univers it y in Carbondale, Illin ois. With the f irst trials having ju st been report ed in March 's magazine yo u are famil iar w ith the gymnas ts invo lve d, so thi s tim e we w ill go behind the sce ne s and look at the me et running mechanism itse lf. Thi s meet ran so smoot hl y that it dese rves a w rit e u p in itse lf. We asked a member of the Boo ster's Club of th e Olympiad Gym Club to wr ite for us her impress ion s w hi ch you w ill see below. First, however, we must tell yo u so me of th e deta il s we noted . The group of 48 yo un g wo m en was d iv id ed into three gro upin gs of 16 each. G ro up A we nt into the wa rm-up gy m a littl e over an h o ur . before th e meet be ga n. The gy m w hi ch was imm edi at ely adjacent to the compet iti ve gym had fou r beam s, two se ts of uneve ns, a va ult, and a compl ete floor exe rci se mat plu s man y sq u are feet of breathing room. The wo m en wa rm ed up only on vau lting and bea m durin g thi s period. There was no panic. Eve ryon e had plenty of room and equipment. Coaches exc hanged v iewpo ints. Maybe even a few improveme nts were made right t here. At 2:00 p.m. th e first group marched in and imm ediate ly di vided into two groups w ith eight wome n each . Introdu ctio ns were made and th e two group s we nt to eith er va ulting or beam w here they had a f ive minut e wa rm-up o n identical appara tu s. N o one hogged th e equipment. Ea c h gi rl tri ed a d ifficu lt mount or dism o unt and ma ybe one diffic ult sk ill and iumped do w n to all ow th e nex t compet itor to try the apparatus . Wh en t he event was fini sh ed th e two groups exchanged eve nts to co mplete th e co mpetit ion . Durin g thi s tim e, Group B wa rmed up in th e sa m e way, and whe n th e first co mpetitors we re finished , Group B rotated in. Group A was then free to rest until th e eve ning wa rm-up sess ion on bars and floor w hich was to start at about 5:45 p.m. Group C rotated into the wa rm-up gym as Group B ca rri ed on the co mp et iti on, and so the afternoo n sessio n we nt. Th e even in g


sess ion ran th e sa me way w ith th e floor and bar eve nts. One thin g we not ice d about the judges was t hat o n the da y th at th ey were jud gi n g co mpul sories, each o f th e eight jud ges had a tape reco rder in to w hi c h she dictated her co mm ents abou t each com petitor afte r she fini shed scoring her. La ter o n, th ese n o tes and dictat ion s we re used, alon g w ith videotapes of ma ny of the routines, in an ana lys is sess ion w hich includ ed all the Elite coac hes and all of the judges . Th ese discu ss io ns we nt on for two da ys after th e mee t and proved hi ghl y va lu ab le for both coac h and jud ge. Th e seco nd d ay of compet iti on ran like the fir st and i ncl uded the opt iona l eve nts. Plann in g ahead w ith th e idea in mind that th e big c ro wd wo uld come in to see the opt io nal s, th ere was much more formality and co lo r t he secon d day. A fu ll band and a beau tiful marc hin g co lo r guard add ed mu ch to th e excitement of the meet. Th e sco rin g was ve ry efficient w ith t h e res ults of each event read y to h and out quite soo n after each eve nt. Th e fi nal res ults were dittoed and hand ed out wi thin a half h o ur after the co nclu sion of th e meet. To fini sh w ith an exciting note, yo ungsters from t he Ol ympiad put o n a showy ex hibiti o n for a half hour w hil e scores we re bein g tallied and th en award s we re given. In case yo u, judges, have slipped back into wear in g pant suits at mee ts. You might look to th e wo men judgin g th is m ee t. Every singl e o ne look ed her ve ry b es t. .. hair nicely done .. .. fem in in e d r esses ... sty li sh m edium heeled shoes ... pleasa nt att itud e ... elega nt judges to j udge and elega nt compet iti on! It was ea rl y Sunday mornin g, March 24, 1974 and seve ral members of th e Ol ympi ad Gymn as tics Clu b Pa rents Orga nization were sta ndin g in the fieldhouse at th e U ni ve r sity of D elaware remini sc in g as to how jus t three lon g month s ago th ey agreed to give th eir all to makin g th e seco nd USG F Elit e qualification me et one of th e most rewa rding and successfu l champion ships ever hosted in th e U nited States. Th ey had li ved throug h man y late night m ee tin gs, long ran ge and last minute p lans and wo rst of all a gasolin e cri sis of major pro portion s, t hat threa tened the poss ibilit y of an econom ic disaste r at th e bo x office. Howeve r, now that it was all over, the entire group felt as though th ey had entered onto the nati o nal sce ne w ith an emin e nce that co uld prove to b e long lastin g. By now th ey we re we ll awa re t hat th e trial s we re fi na nciall y su ccessful. Ed Knepper, th e Ol ymp iad Clu b 's fo und er and Exec uti ve Director, and hi s w ife Pat sy had but one more laboriou s task and that was to host th e Second Elit e Coach es Sem in ar on March 24 & 25. Throughout th e duration of th e trial s th e qu es tion contin uall y arose as to how the Ol ympi ad parents an d t ea m members co uld perform so we ll w ith w hat appea red to be an untiring r esourcefu ln ess, o rga nization and ad ministration and neve r end ing abundance of enthu siasm. We ll , thi s goes back to a basic p hil osophy of the club w hi ch p laces as much emphasis o n the par ent 's att itu de as it does the child ' s thu s they are all psychologica ill y set to perform to th eir full es t and Ed and Pat are wo rking ri gh t bes id e t hem . Parent al sa ti sfact ion is derive d w hen their chi ldren achieve either co mpet iti ve ly or as a part of th e ex hibition tour, and as an ext ra the parent 's ga in a se nse of ca marade ri e w ith th eir p eers that all ows for an over all ami ca bl e relati ons hip.

Th e Ol ym pi ad Club prid es itse lf on produ cin g girls w ho are stro ng of mind and bod y, fu nction we ll alo n e, und er pre ss ure, and w ith tea m spirit. In order to obta in th ese lofty goals, parents mu st be full y in vo lved, suppo rti ve, and understa ndin g. To mak e an Ol ympi ad it takes a coo rdin ated , co n sistent effo rt by t h e gi rl , h er parent s, coac h es, and h er tea m.

Di ane Dunbar




Joanne Rice Ann Carr


USGF SECOND ELITE QUALIFICATION MEET, DELAWARE March 22-23, 1974 by Ed Knepper Compliments for a truly successful champi o nships we re in abundance as many of the compet it ors arid coaches we re taking ju st a few mom ent s at th e co nclusion of th e 1974 Second World Games Trial s to exp ress th emse lves and await the final res ults sheets th at we re being efficientl y pounded out by the com put ers. The tria ls proved to be a precision of exce ll ence from o utset to finality, not on ly fo r the host Olympiad GymnasticsClub but also for the compet itors. On Thursday, March 21, the doors of the Un ive rsi ty of D ela wa re Fi eldhou se were opened to the regis trant s for five ho urs of workout , interviews with news medi a, pictures for loca l and national press re leases and lo ca l television newscas ts. Probabl y, th e most strikin g features of the afternoon and eve nin g were th e aweso me beaut y of the field house it se lf and th e presence of a wa rm-up area so vast that it co uld easil y hou se fi ve id entica l balance beams, three se ts of weighted un even para ll el bars, th at we re identical in settin gs and immovable by any of the compe titors, two com pl et e and identical va ulting areas, and last.. but far from least two identical 42' free exercise mat s. There were also six carpeted reuther board s and two of the new carpeted boards available. Without a doubt this was the best equipped national champion sh ip meet ever and a mecca for th e performing gymnasts. Frid ay, March 22,1974, th e compu lso ri es got und erway at 2:00 PM w ith a march in of th e first two of six co mp et ing squad s and at the same time the second two squads entered into the warm-up area. This system of rotation all owed each squ ad of eig ht girl s a free and easy wa rmup and assurance that they wou ld on ly be in the field house for a two hour st int. It is th e m eet director' s fee ling that the above stated proced ures were th e reaso ns for th e high qualit y of performance . The afternoon sess ion was devoted to beam and va ult while th e evening 7:00 PM sess ion had the bars and freeexercise eve nt s. On Saturday March 23, 1974, th e optiona l events were conducted in the sa me time slot, and sequence as Friday's compu lsories. Th e Saturday evening session began w ith a simil ar marc h-in howeve r, the Di ck in so n Hi gh School band and honor guard were resp lend ent w ith their presentatio n of the co lors and the National Anthem , which tended to set the sce ne for what pro ved to be an overall produ ction. At the conc lu sion of the evening ' s events and whi le awaiting th e awards ce remoni es th ere was a trul y magnificen t display of exhibition gymnastics by th e Olympiad Gymnastics team and Mr. j ack Pancott and hi s exciting vaulting team. Th e awards were presented by Mayor Redd of Newark, Delaware, Sherman Webb , executi ve ass istant to Governor Tribitt and the all-around k ey Un ited States Represe ntati ve Pete duPont. Diane Dunbar successfully co mpl emen ted the tria ls with a sterling 9.65 optional bar routine th at allowed her to complete her allaround dominance with a total sco re o f 74.55. A close seco nd all -around was awarded to j anett e Anderson and th e remaining top 10 m ade th e compet iti on ex tr emely tantali zing w ith outstand in g p erformances from j oan Moore GYMNAST May '74

Rice, Kath y Ho wa rd and Ann Ca rr. The on ly negati ve note of the Tll eet was the fact that Roxanne Pi erce had to obse rve from the bleachers due to a brok en foot and thu s could not defend her titl e of 1973.

Janne t And e rsen

Kathy Howard



All-Around 1. O. Dun bar (OGC) 2. J An de rso n (GI ) 3. K Howa rd (HL T) 4. A Ca rr (M) 5. J Moo re Ri ce (M) 6. B M yslak (SCGC) 7. o Hi ll (OSG) 8. L Gavin (SCA TS) 9. J Yoc um (P) 10. o Ch es hire (MVY) 11. C Oowalib y (SCGC) 12. o Pa yto n (LGC) 13. o Wa lk e r (SCGC) 14. S A rc he r (KI PS) 15. S Ca nt we ll (M) 16. C Israe l 17. L And e rso n (GI ) 18. S Phillips 18. C Shot well 20. C ~i a m o n d (SMSlJ) 21. o En g lan d 22. o Hall e (G I) 22. P Spira 24. R. Bl ea m e r (P) 25. S Gross (S IU) 26. L Ca in (SCGC) 26. P Lit owsky 28. C Fi zell (SM JC)

B 18.25 18.90 18 .25 17.55 18 .10 17.95 17.45 18. 20 17.70 16.90 17.40 17.25 16.75 18. 20 17.85 16.65 16.95 17.20 17. 30 17.20 17.20 16 .00 17.60 17.70 17.00 17.10 17.50 17.45

UPB 19.05 18.75 18.30 18.40 17.35 17.70 18.55 17.70 18.30 18.35 17.60 17. 95 17.95 16.55 17.90 18.50 17. 85 17.85 17.55 18.55 17.45 18.45 17.40 16.85 17.20 17.80 17.75 17.25

FX V TOTAL 18.75 18.50 74.55 18.40 18. 15 74.20 18.40 18.65 73.60 18.65 18.50 73.10 19.10 18.50 73.05 18.55 18.60 72.80 18.20 18.15 72.35 18.05 18.35 72.30 18.30 17.60 71.90 18.15 18.10 71.50 18.25 18.15 71.40 17.55 18.40 71.15 18.25 18. 15 71.10 17.95 18.30 71.00 17.70 17.50 70.95 18.00 17.75 70.90 17.75 18.25 70.80 17.75 17.75 70.55 17.55 18.15 70.55 17.45 17.30 70.50 17.95 17.85 70.45 17.90 18.05 70.40 17.95 17.45 70.40 17.90 17.80 70.25 17.90 18.05 70.15 18.35 16.85 70.10 17.35 17.50 70.10 17.50 17.85 70.05

Girls with scores be low 70.00 did not qualify for the Elite Nationals J. A nt h on y 69.75; J Bea d le 69.70 ; S Bie r 69.50; J M idd leton 69.45; K Sand e rs 68.90; K Ki n ce r 68.45; K Casey 68.40; G Wyckoff 68.25; M Pe rkin s 67.90; P M irtic h 67 .75; 0 Grayson 67.60; 0 Me nc ie 67.55; C Wa c ke r 67.55; A Tubi s 67.35; L Fi sch e r 67.00; B She ppard 67.00; 0 Griffin 66.50; 0 Brui a n 65.85; J Bu sher 64.50; J Heggie 57.70.

Dia ne Dunbar

pholos by lim Hy go

Individual Events Bea m 1. J A nd e rson (G I) 2. o Dunba r (OGC) 2. K Howa rd HLT) 4. S A rc h e r (KIPS) 4. L G avin (SCATS) 6. J Mo o re Ri ce (M)

Comp 9.40 8.80 8.95 9.00 8.95 9.10

Opt Total 9.50 18.90 9.45 18.25 9.30 18.25 9.20 18.20 9.25 18.20 9.00 18.10

Uneven Bars 1. o Dunbar (OGC) 2. J And e rson (G I) 3. C ~i a m o n d (SM SU) 3. o Hill (OSG) 5. C Israe l 6. o Halle (G I)

9.40 9.25 9. 05 9. 10 9.05 9. 15

9.65 9.50 9.50 9.45 9.45 9.30

n 05 13.75 18.55 18.55 18.50 18.45

Free Ex e rcise 1. J Moo re Ri ce (M) 2. o Dunba r (OGC ) 3. A Carr (M ) 4. B M ys lak (SCGC) 5. J A nd e rson (G I) 5. K Ho ward (HLT)

9.50 9.20 9.15 9.05 8.90 9.15

9.60 9.55 9.50 9.50 9.50 9.25

19.10 18.75 18.65 18.55 18.40 18.40

Vault 1. J A n th o ny (P) 1. K Howa rd (HL T) 3. B M ys la k (SCGC) 4. A Ca rr (M ) 4. o Dunba r (DGC) 4. J M o o re Ri ce (M)

9.15 9.35 9.10 9.10 9.30 9.25

9.50 9.30 9.50 9.40 9.20 9.25

18.65 18.65 18.60 18.50 18.50 18.50

Susan Cantwell

Lege nd DGC - ~i ablo G ym C lu b ; GI - G ym In c.; M Mann e tt es; SCGC - So. Co nn ec ti c ut G ym C lub ; DSGDenve r Sc hool o f Gy mna sti cs; P - Pa rke tt es; SMSU South wes t M isso uri 5t. Uni v.; SMJC - South wes t Missouri Jr. Coll ege; SIU - So uth e rn Illi no is Uni v.; LGC - Lo ui svill e G ym C lub ; MVY - Mid Va ll ey YMC A; HLT - Hi-La Tw iste rs.


All-Around winners



R lJ







N A l




by Jim Gau lt Meet Director Th e Jr. Nat ional meet was organized and run very simil ar to the second Elite Tri als he ld in 路Delaware. The Delaware experience was so good that , as meet director for the Jr .'s, I felt th e gymnasts, coaches and spectat ors wou ld most benefit and app recia te th e sa m e type of operat ion. Basicall y it worked li ke this: there were six groups of 9 or 10 gymnasts per group. Two groups (A & B) would compete whi le two groups (C & D) wou ld be utilizing thewarm- up area i n an adjacent facility. C & 0 would then compe te after A& B had finished and then E & F wou ld use the wa rm-up area (whic h had dupli cate eq ui pmen t as the compe tition floo r). E & F would then compete afte r C & D. Thi s system was in effect on Thursday morning for va ult and beam compu lsories and that evening for bars and floor exer cise. The same for Frid ay's optional compe titi on. Th e gro up rotation was changed for th e m o rning and eve ning's co mp et iti o n so that th e same girl s did not have to start the competition . Group rotatio n was as follows: 11 :a .m. - A 9 B; C & 0 ; E & F. 7: 00 p.m. - E & F; A & B; C & D. In the in terest of fairness to all gymnasts a separate dra w was m ade fo r compu lsories and optio nals. The level of compet iti ve abil ity was ve ry hi gh this year (qua li fying standards we re higher this yea r. Each gi rl was required to earn at least an 8.3 average in both comp ulsor ies and opt ion als at h er respective regiona l meet.) The top 16 girl s averaged 8.75 or hi gher and thea ll-around avera ge for th e enti re compet iti on was 68'.90 o r an 8.60 average. Trish Reed of the Den ve r School of Gymnast ics won the AA title w ith 72.70 and wil l no doubt be a st rong en try into the Elite ranks nex t year. Kelly M un cey of the Lo ng Beach Kips was second w ith 72.30. She has made gr ea t im proveme nt thi s yea r and w ill also be work in g toward the Eli te program next ye ar. GYMNAST Ma y '74

One of the hi gh li ghts of the meet y;;, d Ie performance of Debbie Willcox of t he Hyers, Littleton, Colo. She turned some heads with her except iona l hecht va u lt, rarely seen in wo m en' s com petition. H er bar routi ne was also excit in g w ith somersa ults in bot h direction s and a very high so le circle u nderswing front so m ersa ult dismount. Debbie was third AA scor ing 72.05. Fourth place was taken by tiny Donna Turnbow of the Kips (71.875). Donna , a very matu re performer for bei ng o nl y 12 yea rs o ld , was ve ry strong in va ult, bars, and beam. A t ie fo r fifth p lace rounded o ut t h e top six AA p laces . Stro ng performances by Ba rbara Ca ntwe ll and Kelli Stephenso n of the Mannettes of Phi ladel phi a earned them both AA scores of 71.20 and a sha re of fifth place. Four girls w ho scored 70.00 or better in the AA co mpetition also qua li fied on Satu rd ay morning fo r the Elit e Na tionals by perform in g the Elite compu lsories and that tota l added to their optional total was high enough for thei r entry into th e premier me et of the yea r. Th ese girl s we re Barbara Ca ntwe ll , Kolleen Casey, Kim Sanders, and Ci nd y Ma li nchak. W ith no doubt one of t he hi ghest team scores ever recorded for a Jr. Nat ion al compet ition, 216.275, the Long Beach Kips, coac hed by Jim Fou ntai ne, wa lked away w ith the team champ ionshi p. (That 'S a 9.0 average for eight eve nts w ith top three sco re s count in g.) The Denver School of Gymnastics coac hed by Rod Hill was seco nd w ith 213.55 and thi rd place was tak en by the Fre sno Gymnastics Club, 210.45, coached by Bob Levesq ue. Judges for th e meet were Ma ry Ann Mahoney from Co lo rado, Marne Ha yte r from Wash in gton, Wi lm a Fizell fro m Fl o rida , Lind a Be ran from Ne br as ka, Joan Kidder fr o m Ca li fornia , Sandy Thiel z and Jack ie Bier from Pennsylvania , Shirl ey Ruhlman from Ca lifornia, and, meet referee, Joa nn e Pasqua le. The meet was held at Ca liforn ia State Unive rsity, Haywa rd. Th e U ni ve rsity was ve ry cooperative w it h th e use of th e fac iliti es and we we re ve ry grat eful fo r th e help and assista nce give n by Dorie Krepto n and members of her

Ca l/ State gym nasti cs team. A number 01 gym nastics cl ubs, all m embers of the Northern Cal if orn ia Wom en ' s Gy mn as ti cs Committ ee, were also instrum en tal in makin g thi s meet an operat io nal, if not fina ncial, success. Those c lubs are, th e Burl i ngame Gymnasti csC lub, the Santa Clara Va ll ey Gym n astics Club, West Va ll ey Gymna sti cs Schoo l, Los A lt os Gymnast ics Club, and th e D iablo Gymna sti cs Clu b. A lso ass istin g w ith th e m anage ment o f th e meet was Bil l G love r Pr es. o f the No r.lCa l. Women's Gymnastics Committ ee. We left th is mee t fee lin g that it was the best at iona l m ee t eve r. Th e app reciative Jr. co mments by gymnasts and coaches made it all worthw hile. I mu st also exp ress my th anks and app reciat ion to Ed Knepp er, th e O lympi ad Gymnastics Clu b, and th e o rga ni zi ng comm ittee of th e second Elite Tria ls in Delaware. Th at great meet was ce rta inl y an in sp irat io n to us in orga ni zing and planning th e '74 Jr. Natio nals (USGF). Res ults USGF Jr. Nationals Team Scores: 1. Kips 216.275; 2. Denve r 213.55; 3. Fresno 210.45; 4. Tumbl e-Bees 210.25; 5. Parkettes 209.90; 6. SCATS 209.75. Individua l Finals Vau lt: Debbie Will cox 18.50; Donna Turnbow 18.3875; Seen Lipp e rt 18.20; Kath y Gacke nbach 18.175; Ma rcy Lev in e 18.125; Cindy Mal inc hak 18.3875. Beam: Tri sh Reed 18.45; Sharon Liv ie ri 18.40; Kelli Stephenson 18.15; Donna Turnbow 17.825; Kell y Muncey 17.55; Ma ry Schu mache r 17.45. Bars: Kelly Muncey 18.90; Debbie W ill cox 18.65; Donna Turnbow 18.55; Lor i Schneider 18.15; Shari Smi th 17.625; Jill Ornstein 17.15. Floor : Tri sh Reed lH.475; Ke lly M u ncey 18.275; Jan ice Baker 17.95; Mary Schumache r 17.925; Debbie Iston and Barbara Ca nt we ll 17.90. All-Around 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Reed Mu ncey Willcox Turnbow Step henson

72.70 5. Cantwell 72.30 7. Jones 72.05 B. Ahten 71 .875 9. S. Smith 71.20 10. Lipp ert

71.20 71.00 70.90 70.85 70.80






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Gymnast Magazine - May 1974  

Gymnast Magazine - May 1974