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1973 /7"<5<1:


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¥lllDlllb~ TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume XV / Number 12 / December 1973 5



ON THE BEAM, BarbJrd Th atch er


VIEWPOINTS, Di ck Criley


1973 USGF COACHES CONGRESS, Di ck Cril ey , Renee H end ers hott , Barb ara Thatcher





E. Leemans 20

CENTERFOLD: Ludmill a Tourischeva


WOMEN'S EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, Carl Haberland, Pet e Shilston


INTERVIEW: Debbie Fike, Barb ara That cher


CLUB CORNER: Nard's Gymnastic School


INSTRUCTION: Vaulting, Dr. Gera ld F. Ca lkin


GUEST EDITORIAL: Commitment and

Scats Gym-Capades, Barbara That cher

the Gymnast,

John W . Hind s, Jr. Are You Doing Enough, Caro l Li ed tke 34



CALENDAR Cover: Vikt o r Klim enko , M en 's Europ edn Champi o nship s A ll-Around W inner. Phot o by W .. Duquet. Publisher : Glenn Sundb y; Art Direc tor and Production Manager: Ri chard F. Kenney; Associate Editors: [) ick Crile y and Renee Hendershott ; Re search Editor: H. j.lliesterfeld t ; Staff Writer: Ilurbdrd That c her; Contributor s: Shirley Ilryan', Gera ld F. Ca lkin , Sdndy Cu tl er , jackie Fie, Ca rl Ha be rl and , john W . Hinds, jr., E. Leemall'>, Curo l Liedtke , Pete ~h il s ton ; Photographers: Geof fr ey T. Crd nk shdw dnd W. [)uqu et TICKETS FOR SWISS - USA MEET For all you compet iti on enthusiasts in the South ern California area this Swi ss - USA co mp etition will probabl y be one of th e best In te rnational M eets we have had in the area for so m e tim e and if yo u want to get yo ur tickets early (a nd save) ju st se nd $2.50 p er ticket advance sale price (tickets wi ll be $3.50 at the door) to JERRY TODD (Pa sa d ena Cit y College) 1570 E. Co lorado, Pa sa d ena, Ca. 91106.

C YMNA ST m d~dzi nl' j~ publisht.·d b y Sundby Publicdtions. 4 10 8roold woIY. SoIntd Monica, Ca. 90401. Seco nd Posldgl' p di d .I I S.lOld Monicd, Cd, publishe d month ly ('JlCept bi·mon lhly lune, July. August and Sl'plt·mb l' r. PrietO 75~ d si ngle lUpr. Subscription co rrl's po ndenn', GYMNAST - P.O. Box 110, S.mtd Monica, C.I. 'J040b. Co pyright lY7j . " II rights fl'~erv e d by SUNUUY PUBLICA TI ON ~, 410 Broddwd Y, Sanld Moni ca, Ca, All ph o lm .lnd nldnoloniph 5ubmiUt'd bee"omt' Iht' propt' rl y 0 1 GYMNAST unless re lurn re quest and suflidt'nl pOSldgl' drt' includt·d . C l d S~

GYMNAST Dec. '73


PUBLISHER: WHAT'S AHEAD FOR '74: As we ga in o n our GYMNAST publishing schedu le we also want to get our content prioriti es in order. Therefore, at the recent Coach es Congr ess in St~ Loui s (wr itten up in this edit ion) , we h and e d out a GYMNAST Questionnair e-Survey to all th e attend in g coac hes . This same qu es tionnaire will be sent along with our subscription re new al noti ces for the next few editions . The answers to thi s qu es tionnaire will aid our planning for futur e editions of GYMNAST to b etter se rve th e needs of YOU the reader. CLUB CORNER: With this ed ition of Gymnast we are starting a n ew fea ture section for Gymnastic Club N ews. With th e growth of th e private Gymnastic Clu bs across the USA we w ant to encou rage and h elp promote th e Gymnasti c Club programs as much as po ss ibl e. W e w ill repo rt on the activities of th e different clubs ac ross th e nation and try to includ e as many do 's and don ' ts as co m e to our attention that we feel would help you with yo ur program. With eac h edition we will present a feature photo article o n one or two new or estab li shed clubs with a rund ow n of their program and what has in their opi ni on been the key to their success, their trials and error s. Publicity, competit ion , incentives, exh ibitions, fund raising etc. will all be noted and discussed in future ed iti o ns along with equipme nt ne eds and making th e best use of the eq uipment you hav e ava il ab le. Similar arrangements of eq uipm ent placem ent and group programming by events, time , age and ab ility ... BUT to do all of this and mak e this n ew section of the GYMNAST successf ul we will need your help .. . We would lik e to hear from you abo ut yo ur Club program with photos and ideas yo u feel would be helpful to ot her clubs that may be just starting or looking for ideas that would help them in their program ... We will publish the most interesting reports we rece ive in comi n g editio ns of GYMNAST and will list the Club N ame, Address, and Director of EVERY Gymnasti c Club that sends us in a repo rt ... Let us hear from you soon. SWISS VISIT: Although we were just informed that the East German Gymnastic Team tour of the Eastern USA has been cancelled we are able to announce that the Swiss Men 's Gymna stic team will still be in the USA for the Holidays. They will be in Phoeni x, Arizona on the 22nd of December and at the Western Clinic at Tucson for a Swiss vs Clinic AII-StarsCompetition . .. Then the Official USA vsSWITZERLAND Match will be held in Los Angeles at Cal State LA on January 5th with Marshall Avener, Jim Stephenson, Dave But z man, Brent Simmons, Steve Posner and Ted Marty representi ng the USA. 5

GYMNAST Qui z.. Fo r all yo u rea d e rs w ho have sub scr ib e d to th e maga zine sin ce the ve ry beginning a nd saved eve ry co py ... Wh o was on the cover of th e Modern G ym nast July/ August of 1959 a nd w ho was the AI I- Arou nd c hampion in th e Men's AAU Nationals and t he All-A round cha mpi o n in th e Women's AAU Nationals th at sa me yeM. Na priLl' l a r th e co rrec t a nswe r b ut ju st thin k Jbau t it J nd m ay be th e a nswer w ill be print e d n ex t time .

The GYMNAST staff a rr ived at th e Coaches Congress in St. louis prepared to m ee t, question , li ste n to a nd lea rn from many of th e most kn ow ledgeab le and co ncerned coaches in th e co untry. It would be a difficult ta sk to m e ntion a ll th e coaches a nd o ffici a ls present at thi s yea r's Congress. And as so meo ne commented , " It s surpri sing to see so ma ny former gym nas ts togeth er in one p lace a nd not on e pi ece of apparatus." Anywa y the GYMNAST sta ff enjoyed ta lking with and getting opinions from so m a n y people and he lpfull y many w ho offered to co ntribute ma teri a l won't forget.


On e a rea we ' re particu larly interested in now is the Association of Inde~ndent Clubs. We had the p leas ure of stopp in g in Amarillo, Texas on the way ba c k to Santa Monica, a nd had th e opportu nit y to see Nard's Gymnastic School. In this ed iti o n is a littl e feature stor.y on o ur visit and we ce rta inl y wo uld a ppr ec iat e more club news f-or a probab ly permanent c lu b co rn e r.

There see m to be many peop le int e res te d in keeping tra mpo line ac ti vit y ve ry mu c h a li ve and two of th ese e nthu sias ts appea re d on th e Mike Dou glas te lev ision show recentl y. Stormy Eaton a nd Bruno Klaus put on a sp ace ba ll ex hibiti on d uri ng th e show ,a long w ith two of Bruno's gymnast s Eric Mla mberg and Ken Hau s. Grant ed GYMNAST magazin e ha s had it s sha re of mi sta kes w ith regards to spe ll ing but the gem of the a rti c le I rece ived on the p rogram was th e sp e llin g of Stormy's na m e . . Stoney Eden ? Now rea ll y. Dawn Habe rland, December's gi rl " On The Beam".

Didn ' t rea li ze th a t GYMNAST was develop ing suc h a la rg e int e rn a tion a l rea d e rship . And so this month 's g irl " On th e Beam" is 13 yea r o ld Dawn Haberl and a n Ame ri ca n gy mn as t c urren tl y li ving in Switzerland. Ernie Furblur, th e read e r w ho was kind e no ugh to submit he r picture, writes " Daw n sta rt e d he r gy mna sti cs a t the YMCA in Hawaii a t th e age of 7. In 1972 wh il e li ving in France she h e lpe d th e departmental team to a seco nd pl ace fini sh in the Junior National Championship. That sa me year sh e won fir st pla ce in th e National Individual Championship fo r h e r age gro up. Sin ce the beginning of 1973 th e fami ly has been li vi ng inGeneva, Switzerland. Afte r two months in Switzerland, Dawn was picked from th e loca l club by ludwik Martchini, former Czech coac h w ho is now hea d coac h o f th e Swiss girl s team. Being a n Ameri ca n, Daw n ca n 't co mp e te in in ter nat io nal me e ts but Martchini in vit es he r to a ll training camps and weeke nd workou ts and te am ex hibition s. Dawn is ce rtainl y o ne of the top yo un g gy mn asts in W es te rn Eu rope. " And deserves so m e me nti on.

Hal Halvorso n, dir ector of th e Flathead Gymnastics Camp in Flathead, Montana, h as tremendou s numb e r of admire rs in th e Fla th ead Va ll ey co mmunit y dnd o ne o f th e m wro te to com m e nd Mr. Halvorso n fo r th e o ut standin g job h e has do ne as high sc hoo l coach for both boy 's and g irl 's tea m s a t Fla th ead High School in Kalispell, Montana. In th e pa st five yea rs bo th tea ms ha ve achieved a combi ned 440-47 w in / loss reco rd (boys 224- 24, and girls 216-23). Mr. Halvorson is leav in g Montan a to ass ist Dick Mulvihill at th e Orego n Academy of Artistic Gymnastics in Eugene, Oregon. Sounds lik e he w ill b e gr e atl y mi sse d in Mont a na but tha t hi s future luuk s bright in Oregon. A fi rst for New Jersey is the Athletic Injury Clinic at the Orthope di c Center of th e United Hospitals of Newark. Lo ca ted a t 89 Park Avenue, Newark, N.J. Open the first an d third Wednesday of every mon th , th e clini c pr ov id es va riou s se rvices for injure d a thlet es. Th ere is no charge for eva lu a ti o n of pa ti e nt s, but th ere wi ll be fe es c ha rg e d for spec ia l se rvices suc h as la b work, a nd x-rays. Pe rhap s thi s se rvice ca n be pro vid ed in o th e r reg io ns too.

Southern Illinois University had a ra th e r nove l idea rece ntl y a nd ca me o ut w ith an ann iversa ry ed iti on newspap e r hi gh ligh tin g th e te n yea rs of co m pet iti on of th ei r wome n 's gymnast ic team . Man y outstanding gymnasts ha ve bee n on th e SIU roste r in cl ud ing Terry Spencer, Karen Smith, Dale McClements Flansaas, Judy Wills, phyllis Hardt a nd Joa nne Hashimoto . Thi s yea r 's tea m looks to be exce ption a ll y stro ng w it h Stephanie Stromer (World Gam es tea m 1973), Sandi Gross (Compe tit o r for SCATS a nd Eli te gymn as t), Di a nne Grayso n (FinJ li st in th e 1 ~ 7 2 Olympi c Tri a ls) a nd Margi Pyle. GlanCing through th e ne ws pape r I noti ced a pi ct ure o f last yea r's tea m.a nd co uldn ' t he lp but -wond e r abo ut th e na'me 'of ihe l eam ma sco t, a big whit e do g nam e d "Nex t Year". Int e resting . . . Could be SIU ha s hopes of w innin g thi s yea r's co llegi a te titl e. Negl ected to 1T.c: ntion in November's co lumn th a t mu c h o f Ca rrie Englert's success is due to th e coac hin g o f Beth Anderson, w ho ta ught Carrie pr ivat e ly for two years and he lped Carrie be co me an El it e ca lib e r gymnast.



The SCATS during thei r a nnual gym nastics ex travaganza and Gym Wheel expert, Norbert Dill ,

GYMNAST Dec. '73

On e tea m th at wasn ' t m enti oned in th e co ll ege prev iews in thi s column r ecentl y was Temple University. Th e new coac h th ere is Dave Thor and he is co nvin ceu thdt h is teJ mmi ght t<lke d few p eople by surpri se n ati o nall y thi s year. D ave has seve ral yo ung anu talente d al l- aro und perfo rm ers in cl udin g Rick laocovino from California, and Bobby Rice, hu sban u of we ll kn own Olympian Joan Moore Rice.

An-Around" involing both of th ese co mbined. Th ank you for th e add iti onal info rmati o n. Joan Moore Rice wi ll again b e making th e trip to Japan thi s fall fo r th e Chunichi Cup. This yea r Joan's fell ow co mpetitor w ill be Diane Dunbar, a tal ented 14 yea r o ld gymn as t fro m Northern California. U nfortun ately the mee t won ' t be televise d but hopefull y we ' ll have a repo rt nex t mo nth. Th e on ly American male gymnast in th e co mp etition is Steve Hug who has been in Japan sin ce Septembe r but wil l be returning home aft er th e m ee t ju st in tim e fo r th e start of th e co ll egiate co mp etiti ve seaso n.

. . .

Th ere was o ne ndme dnd dud re" o mitt ed tr o m th e li st (in la st month's co lum n ) of import <lnt names and audresses such .I , th e USC I路 ,lIl d AAU ... l:lut ju st by dccid en t. It Wd5 w ho to w rit e to rega rding any qu es ti o ns dbou t YMCA gymn ast ics. Th e p erso n to lOn tdCi i, William Buffa, YMCA National Coun cil for Gymnastics, 53 Sky Meadow Place, Elmsford, N.Y. Inciuen tl y, Mr. Buffa put s toge th er J ve ry good news lett er too. Anoth er b ig mee t in th e M iu -Wes t besides th e Mid-West Open is the Windy City Invitational. Ent ered in thi s yea r's m ee t are Indi ana State U ni ve rsit y, Io wa State U ni ve rsit y, th e University of Illinois, University of Michigan, University of Nebraska, and Southern Illinois University and m any m o re. H eld on Nove mb er 30th and Dece mber 1st it is suppose ul y the b i gge~! eve nt of th e yea r for memb ers of th e Mid-America Gymnastics Judges Association. (H o pe we get a report ) Jo b Op enings Another opening for a gymnastics in stru ctor in eve r enchantin g Hawaii. Dr. Donnis Thompson, direc to r of women 's ath letics at the University of Hawaii announ ce d th e addition of tenni s and gymn asti cs tea ms to the wome n 's progr am s. Th e two tea ms w ill b eg in parti cipati o n in co mpe titi o n during th (' 1974-75 ,('J'( )l) Jnd Dr. Thompson is lo o kin g for qUdl ifieu codc hes. H e ma y b e co nt ac teu in CMe of the dth let ic u epa rtm ent , University of Hawaii . Tom Heineike of the Wichita GymnasticCiub is also look in g for an assis tant coac h w hose co nce ntrati o n wo ulu main ly be in floor exe rcise and balance beam wo rkin g w ith beg innin g, int erm euidt e dnu du vdnceu gymn as t,. Hi , duure" i, Wichita Gym Club, 540 N. Hydraulic, Wichita, Kansas 67219

Muriel Grossfe ld took tim e to be the featured speaker at a National Gymnastics Symposium in Northern California.

Muriel Grossfeld mad e a rare appearance on the West Coast last mo nth to be the featured guest at a National Gymnastic Symposium given at California State University at Hayward, Ca. A cco rding to Dorie Krepton, who coordinated th e sy mposi um , along with Dale Galloway of the San Juan Gymnastic Club, th e program w as a tremend o us success. Mrs. Grossfeld and Sharon Valley discussed the lat es t techn iqu es in all event s as wel l as nation al and internationa l trend s in judging and styli zation of routin es. Bob Hennecke, form erly of th e University 01 Wisconsin and one-time ca ptain of th at te am is hoping to reloca te from Georgia to Florida. H e is prese ntl y w ith th e YMCA, P.O. Box 118, Columbus, Georgia. H e wrote to inform m e that the Turnfest all-aro und th at was mention ed in th e previo us co lumn is a concept that fit s in we ll w ith t he Turn er id ea of ph ys ica l fitnes s. Accoru in g to Mr. Hennecke " For ove r 150 years th e Turnvereins have held compet ition of thi s nature. Awa ruing "Best All-Around Gymnast" (O lympic eve nts) , "Best In Track" (D eca th alon for m en anu four events for women.) and w hat yo u mi ght ca ll a "Total

Sandy Philips, new women's coach at the Unive rsity 01 Florida.

A little Florida n ews. Florida has a n ew Gymnastics Association. Thi s yea r's office rs are President : L.c. Chace: Vice Presiu ent : Bruce Davis: Secre tary : Jack Miles: and Treasurer : Gene Stowe. Th e association was formed during th e Labor Day Clinic in Ft. Lauderd ale and so unds like a highl y organ ized operation. Best of luck for future success ... Th e University of Florida has a new gymnastics coac h , Sandy Phillips, member of this yea r's W o rld Un iversity Games tea m. Sam Bailie, of Jacksonville, brok e ground fo r a new $80,000 gymnasium. Joe Regna backed by Mr. Bailie has also opened a gymnas ium in Gainsville, on a small er sca le. Th is yea r avoid th e post Chri stm as ru sh and send your clini c report s in ea rl y. Each Chri stma s th ere see ms to be a half d oze n more throughout th e country and we wo uld sure app reciate hearing abo ut them and any other new s you may ha ve. Only w ith our reade rs help can w e make 1974 an outstanding year for GYMNAST maga z in e. Happy Holid ays. Dav e Thor, coach at Templ e University, ponders over the GYMNAST qu e stionaire distributed at this year's Coaches Congress.

GYMNAST Dec. '73

** 7

11~\\'ltttilltS** An ope n letter to participant s of th e 1973 USGF Congress was di stributed by d Mr. Bill Glover from th e No rth ern California Wome n 's Gymnastics Committ ee. In part , it read: November has finall y roll ed aro un d and we once aga in ha ve co m e toget he r as a unifi ed bod y of ac ti ve ly in vo lved , co nce rn ed coaches for th e purpose of advanc in g our sport another step along the path of progress. One wo uld expect that at any national Congress for an y type of o rganizat ion certain objecti ves would be sought and acco mplished. The prime co ncern wou ld of cou rse be participation in the top deci sion making process conce rnin g future activity of the organiza ti on. Ano th er area of co nce rn

would be one of finances: where do we stand now; w hat was spent and taken in 1,I;t ye dr: what w ill our planned budget be for next yea r? A n important objecti ve wou ld li e in th e area of commu ni catio n . (co mmuni catio n not on ly from ad mini strators to co~c h es but also from coach to coach and coach to administrator. ) Other co nce rn s cou ld surel y be cited , but th ese seem to be the most important ones pursuant to the eff icie nt and hea lth y ope rat io n of any o rganizat ion. If yo u have att end ed thi s cong ress befo re, yo u ma y find yo urse lf amo ng a grow in g n umber of coache s w ho are beg innin g to wo nder abo ut the va lu e of thi s co ngress. To be more specific, m any of us are startin g to ask "What am I doing spending m y hard ed/n ed mon ey tra ve lin g half way ac ross this grea t cou ntry in order to sit and li sten to th e dec isio ns that have been mad e fo r me in closed m eet in gs by a small handful of people? " Many coaches are se ri o usly conside rin g fo regoing th e expe nse of such a trip for a $5 subscri pti o n to the USGF newsle tt er wh ich prov id es just abo ut as mu ch opportu nit y fo r input as th e co ngress does and probabl y pro vides as mu ch in th e sense of usa ble kno w ledg e .IS dCtudl atte ndance.

Mr. Glover offers some stimul at in g thoughts, but perhaps misses th e point of th e Co ngr esses . Per hap s some spec ifi c objectives ought to be established fo r each Congress. I thought that th e goal of co mmuni ca ting was pretty we ll car ri ed o ut at thi s yea r 's Congress. I thought, too , that a good att empt was m ade at tryin g to ed uca te th e coaches in attendance. Ho wever, thi s Congress h ad so much going on th at it was difficult to decide w hat was m ost important. Even after a few days of sittin g back to co nsid e r it , I st ill find my mind jumping from ite m to it em. This was a large Congress and th e report s in this iss ue o f th e GYMNAST o ugh t to put so m e coac hes and co ncer ned fri end s of gymnastics on not ice that th ey should plan ahead for n ex t yea r. I' d lik e to not e that five peopl e Irom H awa ii felt the Congress important enough to att end--so th e rest of the "ountry should be ab le to put forth th e effo rt too .


Items FIG happ en in gs. Thi s Co n gress wou ld have been more int eres tin g if it had followed the FIG m ee tin gs, particularly sin ce USG F input s were prett y we ll determined b y the tim e th e Congress was held. Frank Bare is still worki ng hi s way in as a member 01 t.he FIG Executi ve Committee and sho uld be ab le to. m ake o ur voice a stro nger o ne. Mr. Cumiskey noted that --ro posa ls he presented at the Ma drid Jud ging


Sympos ium we r e t ake n f o r se ri o u s co nsid e ration by FIG member s. Undo ubt ed ly the str o nge r sh owi ng of o ur women gymnasts in Munich has give n us a better standing in th e int ernati o nal commun it y.


The USGF Women's Committee is still bett e r o rgani zed th an th e men 's . Perhaps too mu ch so if Mr. Glo ve r 's plea fo r more in vo lve m e nt is ca rried to it s ultim ate goa l of more say so at th e grassroots leve l. The Men 's Techni ca l Comm itt ee heard a stron g plea from H al Fre y for mor e say so by the members of th e MTC in national affa irs. M y on ly co ncern is th at th e USG F does not ret urn to th e type of monopolistic and dictatorial policies that t he AAU used to w ield in making th e ir power plays. Concentration o f power in th e hand s of a few does te nd to do thi s, so m aybe Mr. Glo ve r has a point.


Th e ri se of the Associa tion of Independ e nt Gymnastic Clubs should prove ve ry int eres ting . Th ere are a lot of voca l people in the organization. Questions ari se as to ho w the y w ill int eract w ith the va riou s techni ca l co mmitt ees and w hat rol e th ey w ill play whe n acce pted by th e USG F Governing Co unc il as members of the co uncil. One of th e most important contributions of the A IGC w ill be th e development of an in surance program for the pri vate clubs. A m en 's co mmitt ee also is developing w ithin th e A IGC so th at it d oes no t becom e id e ntifi ed as a girl 's gy mn ast ics organization.


Finall y the USGI' is tak in g it '> first policpteps to deve lop in g as we ll as using gym na sts. I t is too bad we ne ve r heM directl y from th e USGF ' Go ve rning Council , but it m ee ts a mon th dfter th e Congr ess, presumabl y to ui sc u,>s proposa ls from the Congress. Perhap s d leaf sho uld be taken from th e NACGC dnu a so unuin g boaru period held in w hi ch Co ngress pdfticipant s co uld offer id eas for polic y di sc uss io n at th e Council m ee tings. Th e remark; b y M r. 13dfe regarding the need to develop more all-arounu gym nasts, th e ab unu ance of championships , and th e prospec t of USG F uirec tion of the Junior Ol ympi c Gymna stic progra lll di e Cd use for some policy deci sions. The recogniti o n of th e juni o}" gym na st b y th e Ol ympic Deve lopment Committees is also ca u se for cheers. After all , we ca n not alway,> ca ter to th e e lit e 15 gy mna sts; so mewher e th e re is alwa ys so m eo ne e lse o n th e way up. Correspondence regarding Viewpoints should be addressed to: Dick Criley 1111 Hoolai St., Apt. 301 Honolulu, Hawaii 96814



The Biomechanical Task Fo rce presentation s we re ve ry we ll don e. Sufficientl y com pl ex that eve ryone co uld rea li ze th at much effo rt had gone into them ; suffi cie ntl y we ll pre se nted th at the results were und e rstand ab le. Now, to digest. Some thin g lik e thi s shou ld be a feature each yea r w ith it s own unique spo t on th e program and not ha ving to co mp ete w ith o th er committee meetings at th e sa m e time. Hopefull y, we ' ll get m ore specifi c to pi cs now that th e general groundwork o f mechanical prin cipl es has been laid out.

** At th e Congress I had so m e feedback o n m y June-Jul y co lumn w hi ch featured some rema rk s made b y C he ryl Wagner abo ut men in women ' s gymn ast ics. Che ryl noted sh e had rece ived so m e unfavorab le comments and was upse t th at I had repeated part of our co nversa tion in an int e rview format. For th e record I sho uld note that is was n 't an int ev iew, but ju st a part of our co nversa ti on, o ne that I thought had so m e st imul atin g iu ea,>, I hau no int en tion of putting Chery l o n a ho t spot. I in vited Cheryl to se t forth h e r rebuttal if she fe lt one was necessary , so we m ay hea r further on th e subject. In th e meantim e, I rece ived a lett er from Fritz Reiter , a YMCA coach in so uthe rn California , w ho offered so m e interesting id eas on biomechanics in wo m e n 's gy mn as ti cs. Hi s lett e r appears e lsew here in thi s iss u e.


CHALK BOX Wouldn 't it be hand y to h ave yo ur own we ight gy m in the sa m e gym as yo ur gym nasti c ap para tu s? Thi'> UI.i ve f'>dl gylll arrdngement has a crossm ac hin e built o n to it dnd a mirror on a n ea rb y wa ll so that th e gym nas t can det e rmine th e ho ri zo nt al po siti o n. Various other pull ey d, "I resista nce weig ht s m ake up th e rest of th e o utfit. Phot ograp hed at th e Air Fo rc e Acaue lll Y. Se nd in your iu ea,> anu '> hort ue,>cr iption (p refe rab ly w ith photograph ) to GYMNAST, P.O. Box 110 , Sa ntd Mon ica, Cal il. 90406

GYMNAST Dec. '73



COACHII CONal II 1973 USGF COACHES CONGRESS November 2-4, 1973 Marriott Hotel, SI. Louis, Missouri Reports by: Dick Cril ey, Renee H end ershott and Barbara Thatcher The ex tension of th e Cong ress int o thr ee days entai led an ear ly banqu e t dnd co ntinu o us m eet ing s all d ay Satu rd ay anu Sunuay mornin g. Ea rl y arr ivers go t to sit in o n th e M en 's Ol ympi c Gymnasti cs Committee mee tin g anu the n we re turned loose for a cocktai l pMt y hos teu b y th e Nisse n and Am eri ca n equ ipm en t co mpani es . The banqu et itse lf featured prim e rib , but late co mers had to eat stea k. Th e USGF report ed 368 peop le in att enuance, th e larges t group ever. Frank Bare, on lo an to th e NCAA fo r a yea r to guide th e Un it ed States Co ll egiate Spo rt s Council , return eu as full-tim e Exec uti ve Director for th e USG F. Th e Nd ti o n al Gymn as ti c ju dges Assoc iati o n pre se nt eu th eir ju uges of the year : East - j on Cu lbert so n, M id eas t- Ken Allen , Midwes t- Bob Fi sher, anu West- j err y Todd. Th e NG j A also recog ni ze d two judges b y elect ing th em to th e Frank Cum iskey judgin g Hall of Fame: Fred M eyer dnd j erry Todd. Guests of h o nor includ ed o ut- go ing USGF Pr es ident Go rd on Chalm e rs and M rs. Cha lm ers, and M iss ico le MacDuff, rep resenting th e Cdnad ian Gymn as ti c Federation . Guest speaker W,IS Bud Palm er. GENERAL ASSEMBLY Th e Con gress move d int o hi g h geM th e nex t morning with so m e later ri se rs fo rtified o n ly b y Wal t Zwickei" s coffee and pa str y. Th e gen era l assembly was pa cked to heM report s by Frank Bare , th e coac h es anu md na gers of th e Wor lu Un ive rsit y Games tea ms, M en路 s O lympi c Co mmitt ee Chairman Bill M ead e, USG I路 Women 's Commit tee Cha i rman Shi rl ey Br ydn , and Cal Girard and Torn Ki nsman of th e Canadian Gymna sti cs Federdtion. Frank Bare rep o rt ed on th e bu si es t ye dr ye t in th e hi stor y o f th e US GF w ith visiting tea ms o n tour in ex hibiti o ns and co mpetiti on s from 路Hun gar y, Ro man ia, Ru ss ia, j apd n, France , Jnd the Peop les Rep ubli c of Ch in d. He d escrib ed GYMNAST D ec. '73

the comp l ica t ed negot iati o ns wh ich brou ght the Ru ss ians here und er USG F and AAU spon so rship and Faberge und erw riting. He o utlin ed th e stru cture of th e USGF Gove rnin g Cou ncil and not ed th at th e NA IA was add ed las t year and th at the National Assoc iat ion of Ind ep ende nt Clubs wou ld probab ly be add ed thi s yea r. Tota l vo tes on th e co un cil are 19 w ith but four fo r th e NCAA. (Mr. Bare's po i nt wa s th at th e NCAA does not co ntro l th e USG F). Mr. Bare elaborat ed at so me length on th e Ama teur Ath letic Act of 1973 (Senate Bill 2365-See GYM NAST, October, 1973) and report ed th at he had been asked to submit testimon y as an adversary of th e bil l to th e Se nate. H e reported , th at th e USG F is h ighl y regarded in go ve rnment circl es for th e co mpl eteness of its o rga ni zat io n an d is cited as a mode l fo r orga ni za ti on s seeki ng to r ep resent oth er sport s. H e indi ca ted that hi s tes timon y wo uld oppose th e bi ll as report ed out of th e co mmitt ee but wou ld ad voca te th e fo ll ow ing: 1) Each sport should ha ve its own govern in g body, 2) Th e United States Ol ympi c Committ ee shou ld be reo rgani ze d, and 3) If a N ati ona l Ath leti c Sport s Foundation is cr ea ted and funded , th en th ey should adm ini ster th e mon ey, not th e governmen t. H e cit ed as remainin g prob lems for USGF att ention th e areas of commun ica ti o n in thi s larg e co untr y and beha vio ral probl ems of so m e of our gy mn as ts. Wit h resp ec t to th e latt er, h e said that so me o f o ur top gy mn as ts ha ve b ee n embarra ss in g to us and other co untri es have noticed and co mment ed upon it. He also all uded to a petit io n received b y the USGFWC but fe lt thi s wo uld be handled inte rn all y. His rema rk s, however, incluu eu w hat co ulu edsil y be th e USGF motto , " Th e USGF is in bu sin ess for coac h es and gym nas ts." Ano th er prob lem area is th at we have too man y champion ship s. He also brou ght up -- for th e first time as a USGF co nce rn -- that more all-around level co mp etiti o n for m en is n eeu ed , espe ciall y in hi gh schoo ls and co ll eges. Add iti o nal to ur s for 1974 M e b eing pl dnn ed. Mr. Cumi skey w ill b e handlin g arrangem ent s fo r th e foreign tedm s, such as th e Eas t German s.

Fra nk Bare, USGF Executiv e Director

An it em of un ce rt ain statu s is the jun ior Ol ympi c program in gym nasti cs , run at this tim e by th e AAU. U nl ess overt urn ed by co urt action , it is ex pect ed that the USGF wi ll receive exclusive u se of " j u n ior O lympi c Gy mnasti cs " after janu ary 1, 1974. FIG REPORT

Mr. Bare is also a vice-pr es iden t of the FIG and reported a few items on that bod y's agenda. Th e IOC ha s press ured all sports to cut dow n on th e numbers of ath letes, tea m s and m eda ls award eJ at th e O lympi c Games. Qual ifyin g round s ma y be i nitiated. He noted that th e str ucture of th e FIG is W es tern but that the Ea stern bloc does more talking. Th e Wome n's Co mmitt ee of the FIG w ill b e co nsid erin g th e propo se d rulin g to ban ha za rdou s m oves such as tho se used b y Olga Ko rbut. Th e USGF wi ll oppose th e proposa l on the principl e that a move mu st b e prove n dangero us to ju stify it s eliminatio n. The USGF ha s it s first entri es in th e W o rld Rhy th m ic Gymnastics Champ io nships in Rotterdam , Ho ll and . M il dre d Prchal ha s be en n amed coac h. WORLD UNIVERSITY GAMES REPORTS Greta Treiber report ed on th e wo m e n for M imi Murray, coac h. Mrs. Treiber attended th e WUG as an official. M imi 's report described th e training ca mp and it s purposes and prob lem s, th e sta y in Moscow w ith it s ensn arlment in Sov iet burea ucracy and th e fin e perfo rmances of th e USA tea m. Th e report co n clu d ed w ith recomme ndations on se lec ting futur e team s and noted th e improving level of co ll egi ate wom en 's gymnas ti cs . Team mana ger Kath y She ll y added more detail s o n th e tr ip and co mpetition s. She noted that nin e judges were from th e Sov iet Union, four from Ea ster n Blo c co untries, and o ne eac h from Ca nada, j apa n, and th e USA. jim Howard, manager of th e men 路s tea m , gave a ve ry detail ed accou nt of th e co mmuni ca tion s and d om in ati on of oth er


Frank Cumiskey, USGF Me n's Technical Director, addresses coaches during the Congress banquet.

country 's training schedules. He comm ended our USA team for givin g 100'70 of th eir e ffo rt and fo r th eir " p erfec t" conduct and sharp appearan ce . (Details of the WU G were presented in th e O ctober issu e o f th e GYMNAST)

MEN'S OLYMPIC COMMITTEE N ewly elected USOGC Ch airm an, Bill Meade, report ed that sp ectators and visito rs to the WUG w er e treat ed better than co ach es and athl etes. H e m ad e Moscow sound mo re appealin g th an did th e pr evious speakers. Th en he got do wn to th e bu siness of d escribin g th e compo sitio n o f th e USOGC and th e pro posed budget th ey w ere submitting to th e USOC fo r gymn astks d evelopment in 1974. Th e approxim ately $28,500 will be matched by th e USGF for su ch items as a USA-int ern ational match in February, sending representatives to the RIGA Invitational in March, sendin g a team to Varn a, Bulgaria, for a Pre-World Gam es meet in Jun e, a thre e week training camp for the top 15 gymn asts in July, an intern ati o nal team to ur in Augu st, the World Gam es in O ctober, and th e Chunichi Cup in N ovember. In D ecember, a junior national comp etiti o n is being prop osed .

USGF WOMEN'S COMMITTEE REPORT USGFWC Ch airperson Shirley Bryan related the gen eral structur e of the Committe e, noting that 83 of th e 135 positions were filled. Sh e reported th e accomplishments of th e Committ ee in terms of numbers of trainin g programs h eld for judges, compul so r y exercises, and ag e group compulso r y workshops . Sh e described the joint USGF- DGWS judges ce rtification prog ram, noting that associate and apprenti ce leve ls have been add ed for beginning judges. Rea l pride wa s evid enced in the accompli shm ent s of the rhythmi c gymn asti cs program, including the first nation al championships in rh ythmi c gymnasti cs held in May of 1973, two d elega tes sent to an intern ational course, and se nding a team to Rott erdam in November for the W o rld Championships. Judges are bein g train ed ,


co mpul sories develo p ed, and a jo in t USGF-DGWS Committ ee on Rh ythmi c Gy mna stics has been se t up . Mrs. Bryan al so repo rt ed fo r th e USOCWc. A program for .1974 whi ch parall els th at of th e men has b ee n pro p ose d fo r USOC development funding . A three yea r m as ter developmental and tea m preparati o n pl an has be en devised whi ch will b e impl em ented b y regi o nal clinics. Ju n io r girl s as we ll as se ni o r w ill be in vited to take part. Th e co mmittee is al so pro po sing a nation al tea m direc to r to wo rk out th e d evelopmental pl an.

CANADIAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION REPORT CGF Executive Dir ecto r Ca l Girard repo rt ed on th e concerns of Ca nada. Th ese ran ge d fro m try in g to redu ce th e 50'X, d ep end en cy o f th e CGF on gov ernm ent fundin g to th eir sea r ch fo r national coach es (es p eciall y fo r tr ampo lin e and rh ythmi c gymn as ti cs) . CGF Tec hni ca l Dir ec tor Tom Kin sman re lated how they have d eveloped a five level coaches ce rtifi cdti o n program with th e aid o f a grant from a sports foundation fund. Thi s enabl ed th em to se t up an advanced coa ching clin ic fea turin g two Ru ss ian coach es thi s summer. He d esc rib ed " Game Plan '76" whi ch is a governm ent subsidized p rogram to develo p Ca nadian teams for the 1976 Ol ympi c Ga m es. Ca l Girard also call ed for co operati o n fro m th e USGF in setting up internation al to urs.

BIOMECHANICAL TASK FORCE PRESENTA liONS Dr. Gerald F. Calkin, East Kentucky University: Mechanical Analysis of Human Motion--What it can tell us. Using motion pi ctur es proj ec ted a fram e at a ti me and reprodu cin g se lected fram es as sti ck figures, th e angl es and di rec ti o ns o f th e human bod y in motion can b e subj ected to co mputer analy sis to tell us th e co ntributions, both positive and negativ e, o f th e seg ment s of th e body, the stre sses on th e part s o f th e bo d y, and

th e natur e and ex tent o f th e fo rces . The excitin g part co m es w hen t h ese n umb ers are tr an slated fo r u se in th e gy m to tell us w hat moves sho uld be lea rn ed first, w hat is th e best tec hniqu e fo r a specifi c gymn as t (a nd fo r general ca tego ri es of b o d y typ es), and w h at fo rces ar e o r sh o uld be exe rt ed in a m ove. Dr . Calkin no ted th e int ense int eres t o f th e Eas tern blo c co untri es in thi s typ e of stud y and ca ll ed for th e USA to pu sh ahea d wi th its tec hn o logy and analyses to improve it s p erfo rmances.

Mrs. Kitty Kjeldsen , University of Massachusetts: Application of the Elevator Principle to Vaulting and Aerial Tumbling Th e eleva to r prin Cipl e ca n be descr ibed by th e an alogy of th e heavy and li ght fee lin gs o ne gets w hen an eleva tor acce lerates and dece lerates. Studi es o f tumbling and va ultin g skill s have gen erall y n eg lec ted th e acti o ns o f the arm s in ge nerating sp ecifi c effec ts. Th e force generated by th e arm s is tr ansf err ed to th e bo d y as th e arm s dece lera te in th eir sw in g and th e bo d y ri ses. In vaultin g and aeri al movemen ts t he pr o p er timin g o f th e dece leratio n of t he arm m ove m ent s to coo rdi nate w ith th e leg pu sh is m o re im po rtan t than th e specifi c style of arm ac ti o n used . Th e vaultin g o f th e Russ ians and Eas t Ge rm ans in Muni ch was cit ed as an exa mple w ith a windmill o r co mpl ete circ lin g ac ti o n used by seve r al Ru ss ian w o m en an d an und erswing -fo rward acti o n used b y th e Eas t Whil e Mrs. Kj eld se n 's stud y Germ ans. sugg es ted th e underswin g to be less effi cient th an an upwa rd S-shap ed moti o n, she obs erve d th at th e Eas t Germans empl oyed a different timing to ge nerat e th eir lift.

Dr. Gerald S. George, Old Dominion University: Comparative Analyses of Five Selected Vaulting Boards. St artin g w ith th e hypo th eS is that all of the FIG-app roved boa rd s dif fe red i n measurab le wa ys, Dr. George su bj ect ed th e boa rd s to loads sufficient , in so me cases, to d es troy th e boards. He di scove red th at th e res ili ency o f th e boa rds (abilit y to sp rin g back to o rigin al shap e) differed and th at o ne b oa rd with a hi gh er profil e and fiberglass insert s had grea ter

GYMNAST Dec. ' 73

Jim Howard, m anager for th e m e n 's World Unive rsit y Games team.

stiffn ess and to lerat ed th e grea tes t amo unt o f loa d , th ereby " sto rin g" th e grea tes t am o unt of energy. Th e resili ency o f th e b oa rd gr ea tl y aff ec ted th e pr efli ght ph ase of a vau lt. His stu d ies revea led th at gy mn as ts have d ifferent mo mentum char ac t ers du e to differences in th ei r we ight an d spee d and th at so me gy mn as ts imp art ve ry grea t impac t to th e boa rds as th ey strik e th em . As a res ult, boa rd qu alit y disc rim inat ed aga in st different va u It ers; th at is, cert ain bo ard s are n o t right fo r different va ulters. Th e bes t bo ard wo ul d differ fo r li ght and h eavy gy mn as ts and w ith th e sp ee d of th eir run. Dr. George su gges ted th at sp ecifi ca ti o ns be d eve lo p ed to standardi ze th e res ili ency prop erti es o f th e bo ard s o r th at b oa rd s be deve loped w ith rated res ili encies so th e gymn ast ca n c hoose w hi ch b oa rd g ives th e great es t lift. Mr. Tom Ecker, Cedar Rapids School System: Rotational Concepts in Gymnastics. " N eve r befo re," obse rve d o ne gymn as ti cs coach, " Ha ve so m any p h ys ica l prin cipl es b ee n so cl earl y illu st rated in such a sho rt tim e." M r. Ecker und ert oo k to d esc rib e th e p ath taken b y th e ce nt er o f grav it y of an o bj ec t (a ft er first illustratin g th e loca ti o n o f th e ce nt er o f grav it y w ith pi ctures fro m Pl ay boy) in lin ea r and angul ar mo ti o n. He used pro p s and peopl e to demon strate nutati o n (ro tati o n aro und two axes o f th e body at th e sa me tim e), m o m ent of in erti a, and th e co rr ec ti o n of b o d y po siti o n thr o ugh th e use o f a seco nd ary ax is (no t p ass in g through th e ce nt er o f grav it y) . Hi s talk also bro ught up th e initi ati o n o f tw ist by ro tati o n thr o ugh th e m edian ax is and hi s visual pr ese ntati o n of th e sa m e left th e audi ence mo re awa r e o f w hat th ere is left to lea rn abo ut ro tati o nal co nce pt s (a fan cy way o f say in g som e peopl e still di d n ' t und erstand it) . Dr.

James Hay, University of Biomechanics of Vaulting.


Seve n ph ases o f va ultin g we re analyze d w ith th e aim of describin g limitin g fac to rs and th e ph ys ica l prin cipl es empl oye d o r need in g m o re appli ca ti o n. In th e run , th e gy mn as t need s to max imi ze hi s speed to th e limit w hi ch he ca n GYMNAST Dec. '73

Retiring USGF Pre sid e nt Gordon Chalmers.

contro l subsequ entl y. Twe nt y-t w o yard s see ms to p ermit 95'X, att ainm ent of th e max imum sp ee d . Fac to rs to co nsid er in th e run in clud e precise meas urem ent of th e run-up d istance, strid e fr equency, length of strid e, ca rri age o f th e arm s, and effi ciency o f th e run. I n th e hurdl e, th e gy mn ast seek s to ri se w ith a minimum o f lo ss o f h o ri zo ntal ve loc it y. His ve rti ca l ve loc it y at take-o ff is a fun cti o n o f hi s ve rti ca l ve locit y at to uchd ow n o n th e b oa rd and hi s ve rti ca l impul se (th e ve rti ca l fo rce exe rt ed tim es th e tim e o ver w hi ch th e fo rce acts.) Sin ce a di vin g b oa rd -li ke ac ti o n is no t sought , th e d ow nwa rd ve rti ca l fo rce is no t grea t nor is th e tim e sp ent o n th e boa rd. To achi eve th e des ired take-o ff from th e bo ard th e legs sho uld have minim al fl ex w ith an imm ed iate ex tensio n. A sh o rt take -o ff hurdl e gives mo re ve rti ca l ve loc ity to th e pr e fli ght th an a longer on e. In th e suppo rt ph ase of th e va ult, th e pu sh-o ff co m es as soo n as p oss ibl e to max imi ze ve rti ca l ve lOC it y. Th e tou ch co m es at or ju st b efo re th e p ea k o f prefli ght. Th e FI G co n ce pt s o f id ea l po stfli ght are occas io nall y unreali sti c and th e draw in gs in th e Cod e o f Point s sho uld be rega rd ed as repr esentati o nal rather than accurat e. On e vault , th e h echt to for wa rd so mersa ult is p hys ica ll y imposs ib le. Th e landin g ph ase see ks to redu ce angul ar ve lo cit y to ze ro thro ugh abso rpti o n of fo rces in va ri o us fl ex ion s. Dr. Patrick J. Bird, University Virginia: Mechanics of Twisting in Gymnastics. Dr. Bird not ed th at Newton 's Laws o f M o tion are sati sfactory in ex pl ainin g ri gid b o d y m echani cs but a so ft fl ex ibl e bod y requires a c ompli ca t e d ex pl an ation . He m o re ackno w led ged that th e mo d el o f a fallin g ca t tw istin g to it s fee t has received more stud y th an th e tw istin g gy mn ast but we nt o n to ex pl ain ho w th e ca t manipul ates it s mid- air in erti a throu gh th e use o f action-r eac ti o n in differen t part s of it s bod y to turn ove r to land o n it s fee t. The gy mn as t, simil arl y, u ses changes in radiu s length and transference to reac ti o n thr o ugh piking and unpikin g to achi eve tw ist.

Kathy Shelly, ma nager of the women 's World University Games team.

Mr. George Hery, Nissen Corporation : Mechanical Analysis of Somersaulting, Twisting, and Somersaulting while Twisting. Th e mos t illumin atin g part of thi s talk d ealt w ith th e use of tilt to ge nerate twi st about th e lon g ax is. A simil ar effec t is achi ev ed b y sho rt entin g th e radiu s o f o ne bo d y to im pa rt o r pi ck up tw ist. In multipl e tw ists such techniqu es are in suffi cient and som e initi ation mu st be stol en from th e flo o r o r tramp o lin e b ed. Dr. Arno lascari, University British Columbia: The Early vs. late Drop Technique on Parallel Bars. (Ed. note: A summary of Dr. lascari's research appeared in the October 1971 issue of the GYMNAST.) Th e ea rl y drop has mu ch to recomm end it fo r th e ex plosive fo rce it ge ne rates althou gh this sam e force -- mo re th an 300 pound s -- is diffi cult fo r th e gy mn ast to contro l. Sin ce th e timin g o f th e ea rl y dro p is m o re criti ca l as we ll , Dr. Lasca ri sugges ts th e late dro p sho uld b e lea rn ed fir st sin ce th e fo rce is more even and does no t reach th e sa me m agnitud e as in th e ea rl y drop. Th e ea rl y drop mu st move r apidl y fo r it to wo rk.

..................... Th e Biom echani ca l Tas k Fo rce pr esentation s w ere we ll rece ive d by th e Con g ress. Th e pap ers w ill be publi shed in th e GYMNAST or profess ional journals in th e fi eld of ph ysical edu ca ti o n research. As all rea li zed , th e info rmation obt ain ed from th ese studies is use ful onl y if prop erl y interpreted and applied in the gym. Th e chall enge o f th e pres entati o n was to stimul ate such appli ca ti o n as w ell as more analyti cal stu d ies.

'Jay~ Ujt~.~. C路Oj.\C[Jol]~5 b Ol'1~:Ria:s~ Continuing coverage on pages 12-15 and 32-33.


Frank Bare addresses coaches attending the banquet.




Hal Frey, University Calif. Berkeley: Floor Exercise. Dr. Frey 's chief plea was the reduction of monotony in Free Exercise routines through the use of more contrast and different floor patterns (citing overuse of diagonal tumbling passes). He also called for smoother transitions and showed a film of the UCB rhythmic drills instituted by his assistant, Mr. Watanabe. Ed Gagnier, Iowa State University: Pommel Horse. Nin"ety per cent of coaching pommel horse is in the recruiting. (High school coaches have all the work!) Circles are basic. The gymnast 's body angle in circles differs for each gymnast and depends on the speed of the circles . To open circles -- not an open and pike situation-go faster. The more the gymnast keeps his hands on the horse, the more power he can apply. Build circles on the backswing. Key areas: body position, speed, plane of swing, hand placement. Coaching hint: Emphasize immediate work. It keeps the performer aggressive. He has no time to drop his guard and commit an error. Use half-circles but be ready to use a full circle as a cover-up. Bili Meade, Southern Illinois University: Rings. Andrianov 's half-in , half-out dismount from the rings requires a good double. Attempts to learn it have also yielded back-in full-out and full-in back out dismounts. Suggest staying in tuck with one arm across chest as other arm holds on longer. The pull used varies with the

individual. Use dn overhead spotting rig as the move is difficult to handspot. Another move--the bale out. Apparently referring to a giant from handstand. Described as "Throw and go. " Since the majority of time was spent discussing the injuries of his top athlete, this was a wasted 10 minutes. Bill Ballester, University of Oregon: Vaulting. Both hecht and oddball types of vaults inflict less knee injury than handspring type vaults. On hecht vault s: seek a low profile, forget preflight, get the hand to the horse quickly. The body should be piked at contact. A straddle hecht may be practiced for control. On oddball vaults such as the roundoff back and cartwheel front: the first arm is bent, the body low, get the first hand on quickly. Second arm comes in straight, blocking and pushing. Back injuries develop as a result of being too loose and absorbing energy in the spine. Various drills were described to help " tighten up" . Tumbling mats have been used as a runwa y--running is easier. The board does not damage the mats. Gerry George, Old Oominion University: Parallel Bars. Learn the concept of swing to get more time to execute the skill. Beginners learn more than experienced parallel bar performers. Poor performers compensate by bending at more parts of the body. The center of gravity should lead the swing, not the feet. Head position-normal , not forced up or down. Some discussion was generated on the bottoming effect and how to achieve it. Misunderstandings arose as to what part of the body did what. Apparent agreement was

Meeting olthe National High School GymnaslicCoaches Association.


Shirley Bryan, USGF Women's Committee Chairman.

reached that the muscles do the stretch and some power is acquired in their contraction. Another question dealt with the " chest pike " or shoulder girdle abuuction. On a more understandable note, the swing to handstand should have a straight bod y prior to attaining vertical and in pirou etti ng, the hands should be close together. (Ed. Note: Dr. George undertook to comment on the parallel bars when the scheduled speaker was unable to attend.) Abie Grossfeld, Southern Connecticut: Horizontal Bar. By and large the law of conservation of angular momentum applies to the Circling moves. Mr. Grossfeld discussed the forward giant, front inverted giant, and the Endoshoot and Stalder shoot. "New " techniques were compared with the old. USGF MEN'S TKHNICAL COMMITTEE MEETING. Chaired by Technical Director Frank Cumiskey, about 20 State Technical Chairmen and interested coaches discussed the past year of developmental effort and brought up some of the problems facing men 's gy mnastics at the developmental level. Mr. Cumiskey reported on the possibility of a tour by the East Germans in 1974. Compromises have had to be yielded by both sides. At the request of the Ea st Germans , the tour will be primarily in the East. One of the problem areas discussed informally was the limited practice season instituted by high school athletic associations and restrictions against participation in gymnastics under outside sponsorship. Various subterfuges to increase practice ti me were offered ranging from intramural program to open "play " periods to advanced gymnastic classes where physical education is elective. It was noted private clubs also meet some practice needs yet face high school athletic association discrimination as to eligibility of their gymnasts in high school meets. The 1973 Elite Championships yielded about $500 for the USGF , but Penn State made enough to pay for the expenses involved and to contribute four regional flags. The meet was well received as to format , well-run , and characterized by a great deal of in-region comradeship. Bids are still being taken for th e 1974 Elite Champion ships. Mr. Cumiskey reported th at th e FIG Technical Committee is receiving ideas for the next edition of the Code of Point s to he issued in 1975. Submit ideas to him for presentation to the FIG by the USGF. Some which have gone in already include elimination of zones in vaulting and elimination of a time requirement on floor exercise. GYMNAST Dec. '73

Bill M ea de, Chairm an Co mmittee.

th e Ol ympic Gy mn as ti cs

A d isc uss io n i ni tiated by H al Frey sought to clari fy th e ro le of t he M TC. M r. Frey wa nted to know if t h e M TC was to hand le eve ryth in g from grassroo ts to th e USGF Na ti o nal Prog ram. Th e pri va te clubs, th e NA HSGC, th e O lympi c Deve lop m ent Co mmitt ee all have inputs w hi ch need to be co nsid ered. M r. Frey ca ll ed fo r a stru ctu re m o re li ke th e USGF Wo men 's Co mmi ttee w hich exe rts a say so on th e na ti o nal coac h and staff, tours, etc. Mr. Cu m iskey asked th e Sta te Tec h n ica l Cha irma n to p repa re letters to him mak i ng propo sals as to MTC fu ncti o ns. It was no ted tha t so m e State Chairme n wo uld fee l t hei r p ri o riti es are d iffere nt i f th eir stdte i; u nderdeve luped gymn asti ca ll y thd n if it were dlreddy tu rni ng u ut nati o nal pe rfur mers. On e left th e MTC mee tin g w ith th e fee lin g th at no d ecision s we re mad e and th at M r. Cumiskey had it all dumped back o n hi s bu sy des k aga in . H o p efull y hi s summaries to State Tec hni ca l Chairm en w ill pr ov id e a bas is for so m e o rga ni za tional e ffo rt . Th ere we re a number o f STC w ho we re p rese nt at th e Con gress but w ho di d no t make thi s mee ti ng fo r one reason o r ano t her. Nex t yea r, M r. Cumi skey prom ise d , a d iffere nt t im e w ill be se t fo r m eet in gs by thi s com mi ttee . NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGE GYMNASTICS COACHES M ost ly ro utin e bu sin ess was transacted . Th e Coac h o f th e Yea r proce dures sp ecified in th e by- law s w ere revise d as th ey had pro ve d laboriou s to wo rk o ut. To m Dunn , coach at th e Uni ve rsit y o f M assachu se tts, was named as an " At Large" r epr esentativ e o n th e N ACGC Boa rd. USGF represe ntative Fred Orl o fsky p rese nted a rep o rt o n a coach in g cl in ic he att ended in Canad a. It was sp o nso red by th e Ca nad ian Gy mn as ti cs Federatio n and fea tured Ru ss ian Ol ympi c coach C hukarin e and a to p Ru ss ian gy mn as t, V lad i m ir Saf ranov. Fre d o utlin ed so me o f th e phil oso ph y th e Ru ss ians have d eve lo p ed in se lectin g gy mn as ts, and desc rib ed so me of th e co ac hin g p rac ti ces o n different eve nt s w hic h we re d em o nstrated. Th e NACGC vot ed to in stru ct Mr. Orl o fsky to suppo rt th e no min ation of Mr. Ed Czejkai as nex t USG F Pres ident. Ed Gagni er, Chairm an o f th e Rul es Co mmitt ee, reviewed th e n ew NCAA rul es and mad e cla rifica ti o ns. Recogni zin g th e re m arks of USGF Directo r Frank Bare co n ce rn i ng th e all-aro u nd , Ed ca ll ed fo r th e NAC GC to speak o ut o n w hat it fee ls is rig ht (w it h respect to AA and sp ecia lists) and no t sit o n th e fence. H e feels th at o the r co un tr ies are listen i ng to and wa tchin g w hat we say and d o. Gene W ett sto ne of Penn St ate d escr ibed hi s propose d pro gram for th e 1974 U niversit y Divi sio n Champion ship s whi c h Penn State will host. Th e th eme is " Hi sto ry o f NCAA Gymn as ti cs." GYMNAST Dec. '73


FROM USGF WOMEN'S COMMITTEE by Shirley Bryan, Chairman

M rs . Brya n b ri efl y we nt ove r th e stru cture of th e Wom en 's Committ ee as was o utlin ed in las t mo nth '5 GYMNAST Illd !:; JLine. Fru m dll repu rt s, th e yea r o ld sys tem is wurk in !:; ve ry we ll . Th e ma in p rob lem expe ri enced has bee n o n e o f co mmu n ica ti on. Th e USG F News co m es o ut every o th er mo nt h from th e Tu cso n office. As th e official voice of t he USG F, it ca rries in fo rm ati o n f rom bot h the men 's and th e wo me n' s p rog rams on a nati o nal and int ern ati o nal leve l. Th e Wo m en 's Co m mittee recog ni zes tha t th er e are peop le w it h in th e sta tes w ho are co nce rn ed abo ut w here th ey m ay att end jud gin g clini cs, w he re th ey ca n go fo r ce rtificati o n, etc. The co mmittee is goin g to es tabli sh a b i- m o nthl y USGF Wom en ' s Co mmitt ee Data Shee t w hi ch w ill be se nt from t he state leve l. It w ill con tain loca l info rm ati o n o f th e type w hi ch has b een as ked for so fr equ entl y, and w ill altern ate w ith iss ues of th e USGF News. It wi ll take ap p rox im ately three mo n ths to implem en t thi s prog ram , so th ose of yo u w ho are alrea d y membe rs sho uld no t ex pect to receive th e loca l bull etin s fo r app rox im ately a thr ee mo n th p eri od. I n order to receive b ot h th e D ata Sh ee ts and sp ecial W o men 's Co mmittee Bull etin s alon g w ith th e USGF News, o ne mu st b e a m emb er of th e USGF W o men 's Co mmittee. M ember ship is $10 .00 and inclu des m em bershi p ca rd and th e three publi ca ti o ns men ti o ned above. To obt ain yo ur m embers hip, se n d ch eck made pa ya bl e to

USGF Woma n's Co mmittee to: Ju dy Sloan 9045 Meade Morto n Grove, Illi nois 60053 The d evelo pm ent of Class I, II , an d III nati o nal co m p ul so ry ro utin es fo r m o d ern rh ythmi c gy mn as ti cs is co mpl eted. Th e tex t, d raw ings and mu sic w ill be ava il abl e by Janu ary 1st, 1974 at th e Tu cso n o ffi ce : USGF Box 4699 Tucso n, Arizo na 85717 The fi lms of t he co mpul so ri es are ava il ab le for bot h pu rchase and r enta l f ro m : Nora Veyet te George W illi ams Coll ege 555 31st St. Dow ner's G rove, Illino is 60515 A ny sc hools o r or gani za ti o ns interest ed in pl annin g a m o d ern rh ythmi c gy m nas ti c clini c wo rk sho p, o r pr og ram sho uld co ntac t Mrs. Veyett e o r : M ildred Prc hal, Chairman USGF Mode rn Rh ythmi c G ymn asti cs 2419 Scovill e Ave . Be rwy n, Illino is 60402 Durin g th e n ex t year, a p rog ram stru cture simil ar to t hat for arti sti c gym nas ti cs w ill b e im pl em ente d for mo d ern rhyt h m ic gymn astics. Th e mo d e rn rh ythmi c gy mn as ti cs ce rt ificat io n prog ram was ju st es tab li sh ed and th e co mmittee had it s fir st m ee tin g at th e 1973 USG F Co ngress. A pl an for judge's ce rtifi ca ti o n is no w bein g d eveloped and will b e quite simil ar to th at w hich ha s alrea d y bee n establi sh ed fo r arti sti c gy mn as ti cs . Nego ti ati o n s are alrea d y b ein g mad e for pro du cti o n of th e co m pu lso ry film s.

Judges meeting durin g the Congress.


The Joint Art istic Certification Committee May 30-Jun. 1 USGF Elite Championships at (USGF/DGWS) gave a total of 101 certifications Southern Illinois Univers it y. Meet Director: in the 1972-73 year. As of August 31st, 1973, Herb Voge l. there were il totill of 658 rated judges. (100 September Final Tr i al for Wor l d National, 206 Regional, and 346 State officia ls). Championships team. Exact da te is not ye t confirmed and wil l depend on choi ce of site. There are now two lower ratings (Associate and Four b ids now being co nsidered. Apprentice) and the age for obtaining these Mrs. Fie explained th at th e Olympic ratings has been lowered to 16 to accomodate compulsories wi ll b e cha n ged for th e World the many high schoo l and col lege beg inn ing Games; however, th e n ew comp ul sor ies w ill judges. A computer system of grad ing the exams ha s not b e used at all until th e Fin al Trials in September. Thi s means only th ose top twelve been developed and is working beautifully. gymnasts will have to lea rn them. There will be The maximum time now from the time that the a two to three day clinic for th ese girl s right tests are sent to the computer to the time they aft er th e Elites at Southern Illin ois for the get back is 10 day s! purpose of teaching th e new co mpulsories to The new USGF/DGWS compu lsory routines th ese twel ve gi rl s. Thi s wil l all ow four months have already been written. They are being for their perfection. test ed by 24 pilot programs, eva luated and w ill A lthough the new co mpul so ries w ill not be be sent back to the individual authors with used at the Elite s, the y wi ll be avai lable for stud y su ggestio ns for clarification and revision. The right after the March Qual ification Meet. M rs. 1976 compulsories wil l be finalized by Fi e mentioned th at the sa me music will be used September of 1975. During the m ee ting chaired by Mrs. Bryan , for the floor exercise w ith only a few necessa ry many suggestions we re made as to how the changes. When asked about the possibility of rai si ng many meetings cou ld be scheduled for next year's Congress so that there would be no th e 8.75 quali fy in g score for the Elite level, Mrs. cof'f li cts.路 More meetings for the beginner in Fi e sa id it wou ld not be raised. She expressed gymnastics w ill be planned. It was mentioned h er doubts that th ey would be rai sed in th e nea r future especiall y with the new FIG Code of that the nation 's top people are all here in one place and that those less knowledgeabl e Point s com in g into effec t. Nom in ations were accep ted for the World should be given more opportunity to learn from them. It was also suggested that th ere be Games coach and man ager by secret ballot. some coordination between th e men 's and women's programs, so that meetings of interest to both men and women will not conf lict with USGF AGE GROUP PROGRAM FOR 1974 othe r meetings. A comm ittee wi ll begin by Jackie Fie, Chairman WTC immediately to work o ut all of these probl ems and suggestions for a better than ever USGF Class II I ... Compul so ri es on ly for all age Congress next year. The 1974 USGF Congress groups. If a girl w ish es to mov e to Class II , sh e will be held the second week in November at will n eed a minimum of 6.5 average (26 aflthe Denver Hilton, in Denver, Colorado. around). If she achieves an ave rage of 7.5 (3 0 all -around), she is required to move to Class II the nex t yea r. MORE DETAILS ON THE USGF ELITE Class II ... Compul sori es and opt iona ls. If a PROGRAM gi rl wishes to move from Cla ss II to Cla ss I, she by Jackie Fie, Chairman WTC w ill need a minimum of 6.5 average (26 allaro und) in compu lsories, and 5.5 average (22 Mrs. Fie disc ussed the Elite progr am as all -around) in optionals. If she achi eves a 7.5 outlined in the October iss ue of th e GYMNAST average (30 all-around) in comp ul sories, and a Maga zi n e. Most of the dates ilnd sites for the 6.0 average (24 al l-around) in optio nal s, she is USGF Elit e Level meets are now fina li zed. required to move to Class I the nex t yea r. Jan. 18-19 January Qualification m ee t for Elite If the sco re requiring a girl to move up a leve l Champ ionships at California State University occu rs at the state m eet, she is required to Fullerton. Meet Dir ecto r: Dan Sp eraw, 5561 Las move on the next year. At thi s point, thi s Loma s, Lon g Beach , Cal ifornia 90815 . question was put forward , "What if a g irl Mar. 22-23 (NOTE CHANGE) March reach es the mandate score ju st before her state Qualifi ca tion m ee t for Elite Champion ships at meet ; w ill she be required to move up a class University of D elaware . Meet Director: Edgar for th e state meet? " Mrs. Fie answered: "We Knepp er, 235 Pinehurst Rd. , Wilmin g ton , would not require th at she move up th e sa me Delawar e 19803. yea r. She cou ld not be expected to lea rn a new

set of comp ul sori es in such a short time . If she reaches th e mandate score le vel a reasonab le tim e before th e state m ee t, she may go to th e nex t leve l at th e state m ee t, but thi s is not requir ed. Sh e may stay at her or iginal level for the entire co mp etiti ve season. Th e nex t season, however, sh e mu st move up. " Cla ss I .. . Compu lsorie s and optionals. To qualify from the stat e to the region al mee t, th e gymnast mu st do a minimum of 7.5 average (30 all-around ) work o n the compulsories, and 7.5 average (30 all-around ) work on the option als, or 60 tot al. To qualify from her regional me et to USGF Junior or Senior Nationals, she mu st achieve an 8.3 average (33.20 all-around) on compulsories , and 8.3 (33.20 al l-aro und ) on optiona ls. I f she achieves be low th e 33.20 on h er comp ul so ries, but enou gh to co mp ensa te o n her optiona ls, thi s wi ll NOT qualify her. She mu st get th e 33 .20 minimum o n both comp ul so ries and oplionals. Apr. 18-20 USG F Jr. Nationals at Californ ia Stat e University - H aywa rd. Meet Director: Jim Gault, 974 Hawthorn Dr. , Lafa yette, California 94549. May 2-4 USGF Sr. Nationals at Niles West High School Meet Direc tor: Bett y Meyer, Northeastern III. University, Bryn Mawr at St. Loui s, Chicago, Illinoi s 60625. Equipment Specifications' for Juniors and Seniors For Ju nior s and Sen iors, it was decided b y th e Women 's Techni ca l Committee that th e h eight of th e high bar may b e lowered or raised 2 notches (maximum of 7'10,/ '). If th e gym nast is short , she ma y brin g th e high bar down to accomodate h e r hip meas urements, but she may not lower the low bar. Th e girl w ho is tall ma y not only ne ed to raise th e high bar, but she m ay be so co nstru cted th at she also ha s to raise the low bar, or she ma y wa nt to ke ep it th e sa m e. She ma y not lower th e low bar. The low bar w ill remain according to FIG sp ecifi cat ion s (may be raised on e or two notches.) Th e new r ev ise d edition of " USGF Rul es and Po li cies for Wom en 's Competition " w ill be print ed around Janu ary. There are man y o th er addition s and revisions in the new guide. RECOMME DA TIONS OF USGF-WTC FOR IMPLEME NTAT ION OF THE EW FI G RU LES FOR THE 1974 SEASON Aft er a number of m ee tin gs, th e USG F-WTC ha s made th e r eco mm end ation that an y of th e propo se d new rul es w hic h are accept ed at th e FIG Co ngress in Rott erdam be: a. Immed iate ly im p leme nt ed at th e Elit e level, and used for th e first tim e at th e Januar y Elit e GYMNAST Dec. '73

Qu alifi ca ti o n M ee t. (Th ere are no fin als fo r th e two qu alifyin g m ee ts, so th e rul e req uiring tw o different va ult s, o n e w ith a tw ist, w ill not be va lid fo r th ose m ee ts) b. Impl em ent ed fo r Cl ass I co mp etiti o n, but no t b e use d for any o f th e lo ca l, state o r reg io nal mee ts lea din g up to th e nati o nal leve l. Th ey w ill be used fo r th e fir st tim e by Class I gy mn asts at USGF juni o r and Seni o r Na ti o nals. c. Impl em ent ed fo r A IA W ati o n als, but no t befo re. d. Not impl ement ed fo r Cl ass II co m pe titi o n at an y tim e durin g th e 1974 co mpe titi ve seaso n . Curre nt rul es in cluding current va ults and point br ea kd ow n will be use d all yea r. e. In co rp o rat ed into th e USG F/ D GW S, Certifi cation Exam and Program on Sept emb er 1st, 1974, not be fore.


by Jackie Fie Delene Darst has made a d etail ed stu dy o f th e con stituti o n of th e ati o n al judgin g A ssociati o n fo r M en. A lth o u gh th e purpose o f the n ew ly fo rmed wo m en 's associati o n is di ffe rent , it is felt that , sin ce th e men 's or ga ni za ti o n is workin g o ut so we ll , th e wo m en' s o rga ni za tion can b e stru ctured in a simil ar m ann er. W ith th e h elp o f j acki e Fi e, Chairman of th e USGF-WTC, an d Shi r ley Brya n, Ch airm an of th e USGF-WC, M rs. Darst il as draw n u p a ve ry d etai led co nstitu tio n fo r th e NW G j A. W e b rin g you th e m ost pe rt i nent de tail s in th e GYMNAST so th at yo u can ge t so me idea o f how t he o rga ni za ti o n w ill se rve yo u, and how all USGF / DGWS Certi fied jud ges ca n fit into th e pi cture. Thi s orga ni za ti o n w ill g ive each ce rtifi ed o ffi cial an o pp o rtunit y to b e in vo lved , no t o nl y as a jud ge in her area, but in term s o f th e to tal pro gram. Th e N WGjA was co nce ived and fo rm ed fro m a recogni ze d n ee d fo r : 1. A n orga ni ze d ro tation al ass ignm ent of USGF / D GWS ce rti fied jud ges. a. Th e State jud gin g Dir ecto r, i n co njun cti o n w ith th e State Gove rnin g Boa rd , supervise th e ro tati o nal ass ignm ent s of all ce rti fied jud ges in her state fo r th e state leve l co mp etiti o n . b. She may also reco mm end jud ges fro m her state o n a ro tati o nal basis fo r reg io nal co mp etiti o n. c. Th e Reg io nal jud gin g Dir ec to r shall reco mm end jud ges in h er resp ec ti ve regio n fo r nati o n al co mpetition on a rotdti o ndl b as is. 2. To m ee t th e nee d for jud ges at m ee ts of du al, t rian gul ar, loca l, di stri ct, sec ti o nal, state, GYMNAST Dec. '73

re gional and nati o nal nature fo r all gy mn as ti c or gani za tion s wh o requ es t ass istance , and in parti cular, all gy mnas ti cs co mp etiti o n in th e USGF A ge Gr o up lJ evp lo pm ental Program through th e nati o nal leve l. (With th e excepti o n of the USGF Elit e leve l o r int ern ati o nal m ee ts, be cause thi s is a separa te classificati o n o f judges w ith FIG rat in gs.) Th e w ho le N W G j A system is gea red toward the USG F/ DGWSj o int Certifica tion p rog ram. 3. Fi nan cial assis tance for jud ges fo r state, reg io nal and natio nal level co m pe titi o ns. Thi s m ea ns fin ancial assis tance fo r th e ju dges to reach th e sit e o f th e m ee t. It is h o p ed th at th e St ate A ssociati on> will be <Ibl e to help lindll ce judges to th ese co mpe titi o ns to take so m e of the pr ess ure o ff th e m ee t direc to rs and th e exp enses w hi ch are releve nt to th e m ee t it se lf. 4. For di sse min ati o n of FI G and USGF techni ca l rule s and int erpretati o n s. a. Th e Na ti o nal jud gin g Dir ec to r w ill be in close cont ac t w ith th e USG F-W TC C hairm an. Sh e w ill pass in fo rm ati o n to th e Reg ion al judging Dir ecto rs. b. The Reg io nal judgin g Dir ec to rs will cont act th e St ate jud gin g D irec tors. c. Th e St ate jud gin g Dir ec to rs w ill produ ce a St ate A sso ciation newslett er six tim es a yea r to kee p eve ryon e w ho is a m emb er of th e association inform ed o f all new judging technical info rmati on. 6. For continuing edu ca ti o n of judges through spo nsorship o f jud ges trainin g re fr esh er clini cs und er th e directi on of th e USGF jud ges Trainin g Co mmitt ee. 7. Th e maint enance o f hi gh equitabl e standard s in judgin g. I n th ese ways th e N WGj A stand s rea d y to se rve w hen ca ll ed upo n. Th e N WGj A is to b e a unified , but hig hl y decen trali ze d o rga ni za ti o n of relati ve ly auto no mo us state m emb ership. General Organization Th ere w ill b e three nati o nal o ffi cers: Th e National jud ging Dir ecto r (Kitt y Kj e ld son ha s 路been appoint ed as ac tin g Na ti o nal judgin g Director. Sh e w ill ge t th e o rgani zation start ed during th e nex t 12 to 24 m o nth s.), N ation al Secret ary, and Na ti onal Treas u re r. A t th e regio nal level th ere w ill be eight Regi o n al jud g in g Dir ec to r s ( r e gi o n s correspondin g w ith th e eight USG F Reg ion s), each of w ho m w ill chair a Reg io nal jud gin g Board co mp osed of th e State jud gin g Dir ec to rs in her reg io n. At th e state level, th ere w ill be a St ate judg in g Director w ho chairs a fi ve to seve n m emb er board. Each state w ill b e di vided into fi ve to seve n sec ti o n s w ith a boa rd m emb er in charge o f each sec t io n.

A ll o ffi ce rs are elected and are to se r ve no more th an two co nsecuti ve term s. El ec ti o n w ill be held durin g eve n numbered yea rs. So th at yo u m ay determin e ju st w her e you mi ght fit into th e sc en e right no w, we li st th e qu alifi ca ti o ns need ed for all levels in thi s o rga ni za ti o n : A Na ti o n al Offi ce r mu st be 21 o r o ld er, a ce rtifi ed Na ti o nal and Int ern ation al jud ge w ith cu rre nt ac ti ve statu s w ith th e USGF / DGWS and FIG. She mu st have jud ge d at least six m ee ts durin g th e prev io u s year in th e fo ll owin g ca tego ri es: juni o r Na ti o nal and Seni o r Na ti o n al ; AAU juni o r Ol y mp i c Ch ampi o nship s; USG F Elit e Reg io nal; Na ti o nal AAU , YMCA or A IAW, U~ GF Elit e Q Udlil yill g M ee t o r U SGF Fin al Trial. Sh e mu st ha ve pr ev io usly b een a Reg ion al jud ging Dir ec tor and a m emb er in good standing in her ow n state associati o n. A Reg io nal Offi ce r mu st b e L1 o r o ld er, a USG F/ DGWS Certifi ed Na tion al judge w ith current acti ve statu s w ith th e USGF / DGW S. Sh e mu st have jud ge d at least three mee ts durin g th e pr ev io u s yea r in th e cat egori es li si ed fo r th e N ati o nal Offi cc r ~ . She mu st ha ve b een a prev io us State jud ging Direc tor, and a m emb er in goo d standing in her own stat e associati o n. A Stat e judging Dir ector mu st b e 21 o r o ld er, a r e gion all y or nation a ll y ce rtifi e d USGF / DGWS jud ge w ith curr ent ac ti ve statu s with th e USGF / DGWS. Sh e mu st ha ve jud ge d at leas t three m eet s in th e pr ev iou s yea r fr o m th ese ca tego ri es : USGF State or Regio nal m ee t, USGF Class I mee t, A IAW Reg io nals or an y o f th e t yp es o f m ee ts li sted fo r th e Na ti o n al Offi cial. Sh e mu st b e a prev io us governin g boa rd m emb er and m emb er in good standing of her state association. M emb ers of th e St ate Gove rnin g Bo ard mu st b e 21 o r o ld er with a St at e USGF / DGWS (or b ett er) ce rtifi ca ti o n and current ac ti ve statu s with th e USGF / DGWS. Sh e mu st have jud ged at lea st three m ee ts durin g th e prev io u s yea r from : U SGF Cla ss I or II m ee ts, USGF Stat e or Region al mee ts, AIAW Region als. If oth er meets have regional s, th ey will b e incorp o rat ed, but at thi s point th ese are th e o nl y m ee ts th ey had to路 draw from.


U,EL~,P, rOj.\GH~5 r N~!{] ~5


Continued on pages 32-33


All Around winn e rs



Photos by W. Duqu e t

People expected Andrianov but Klimenko won aga in Se ldom has th ere bee n mor e ten sion in a compet iti o n thdn uur in g th e Me rl ', Europ ean Champ ion shi p s, w he re on e hall to atte nu th e very last ex erc ise to k no w the m eu al w inn e rs. Everyon e ex p ecteu th e Ru ss ian N iko lai A n d ri ano v, w ho has maue su ch b ig im pr ess ion I.ltely. However , it was th e i nt elli genr anu tale nt ed Vi k to r Klimenk" 'vh" could b es t control hi , n erves in thi , homeric battl e . To re new hi s Europedn t itl ,' of rwo yeM s ago it inu ee d took d lot ur ,rb ,ght " ,;u capab ilit y. At th e o ccasion o f the 100rd an ni ve rsdrY of th e Fr e n ch G y mn as tic, Fe d e rat i on , Gr enobl e-th e O lympi c Cit y-w as give n th e organi zat ion of the 10th Europ edn M e n' s C hampion ship s. !:lut w h eth e r th e Fre nc h


GYMNAST Dec. '73

Zollan Magyar (HU N)

o rgani ze rs ha ve gained th e confid en ce 0 1 th e FIG is quit e another thin g l U nbeli ev dbl e, but eve n so un warranted w ere ,til the inlprov i,> io l1> mad e by th e organizin g committ ee fro m beginnin g to end. Th e int ern ational press Wd Snegl ec ted alm os t tot all y, A lso an y information publi shed aft er each round w as generall y incorrect and o n e ju st cou ldn 't count on th em. Al so, in th e o ffi cidl program which on e had to p ay $1. 25, th e numbers of th e competitor s we re on e dft er th e oth er un correctl y printed and thu s a non sp eciali st had an imposs ibl e tim e identifying th e gymna sts. Findll y in th e cit y of Grenob le it se lf, a minimum of publi cit y W<l S give n and du e to thi s poor dd ve rti se m ent th e beaut iful " Pa lai s des Sport s" that Cdn ho ld minimum 7,000 peop le w as onl y partiall y fill ed w ith as littl e as 2,000 . All thi s thou gh, did not tak e away fro m susp en se ful , energeti c and hi gh leve l of comp etition given b y Europ e'>' to p gY llln,I '> ts. At th e m o ment o f the Id'> t exe rci'>e th e/ C Wd,> no ce rt aint y abo ut the fir st fi ve cO ll1petit ,n'> ' r,lll k. Th e RU '>5 idn tCdm , ICdd b y th c reignin g champi o n Klim enko <lnd fd vo rit e A ndri dnov took ho me with th em th e Idurels. W e we re ,1 150 int eres ted in seeing th e n ew thi rd Ru ss i,1l1 Vladimir M arch enko at work. GYMNAST Dec. '73

In th e Ea st Germ an Cd mp remarkable thin gs w ere perform ed by Kl aus Ko ste and Wolfgan g Thune. Whi le th e Hungaridn s h eld th eir fin gers cro ss ed for Zoltan Mag ya r dnd Imre Molnar , the Bulgarian Chri stov ca me w ith de finit e intentions to regain hi s Euro pean Fr ee Exe r cise title. Poland s' tri o remdin ed un changed from two years ago. Th erefo re all th e att ention here went to Andr ze Sza jnd , wh o w as to ge th er w ith Andriano v th e big reve lati o n in Madrid , two years ago. Aft er two ro und s, th ere was alr ea d y suspen se. Klim enk o sho we d clea rl y hi s intention s to w in the go ld on ce more. Th e French dai ly p ap ers ri ghtl y w rot e in th eir Saturda y morning editi o n " W atch Klim enko " H e w as aft er two exercises surpd ssed b y Kos te, who w ork ed ni ce ly b ut neve r b y A ndri an ov w ho wa s eve n in fo urth p ldce at J ce rtdin point. Kos te him se lf ddm itt ed he cou ld no t hol d o nt o first as it was b y ch,lIl ce th dt hi s b es t exe rcises were p erform ed first. Andrian ov felt th ere WdSstill pl 'lce fo r him as a sil ve r or b ron ze med al w inn er ,lIld th ere fo re want ed to bring th e " bu sin ess " to a h ead and for ce th e result s. But he didn 't do as we ll as h e wanted to. Klim en ko o n th e oth er hand un de rstood that by o nl y being Cdlm w ou ld h e be saved.

Mauno Nissin e n (FIN)

By ga i ning on b ars a sco re of 9.5 5, as he h ad at th e hori zo ntal bar, he had at th at mom ent " po cketed " th e Europ ean title for a second tim e. A sublim e hori zont al bar exer cise bro ught A ndri anov a scor e of 9.70, thu s ea rnin g for him se lf a sil ve r meda l, and th at left Ko ste in a (for him ) norm al third pl ace fini sh. Th e seco nd East German, Thun e, w as fourth onl y by 0.05 po int s beh ind hi s teamm at e and thi s w as stro ngl y due to hi s con siste nt reg ul arit y. Th e Ru ss ian March enko who sli ghtl y los t conta ct w ith t he to p-group , fini sh ed ni ce ly in 01 fi fth positi on . Szajna ca n from no w 0 11 b e con side red as on e o f Europe's b es t. Hi s sixt h pla ce fini sh does n 't comp let ely refl ect hi s actu al valu e, Howeve r, many small littl e fau lt s we ight ed ve ry h eavil y in th e final out com e. With thr ee m en in th e fir st ten, Po land as a countr y pl ace d second bes t as a tea m . Th e pe rfo rm ance o f th e W es t G erm ,ln Eberh ard Gien ge r was grea t. H e ea rn ed an 8th pl ace and ti ed w ith Wilh elm Kub ica -with an ave rage sco re of 9.1 83. From n ow o n h e m ay also co nsid er him se lf as oll e of Europ e's L es ts. A sho rt loo k at th e nam es of th e fir st 20 co mp etit o rs mdd e c ledr th e lin d!; wo uld be anoth er Eas t Europ ea n occasion.



Nevertheless, w e saw fi ve W es tern Europeans in the final even ts! Two were even successfu l eno ugh to win medal s: Gi enge r got a gold , Mauno Nissinen obtain ed a sil ve r. As expected, the Russians went hom e wit h mo st of the medals. The title for each apparatus was battled out by the famous duo Klimenko-Andrianov. Together th ey totall ed four go ld s, three silvers and on e bron ze. Add this to the previous eve nings first and second place in the overa ll competit ion and yo u have an impressive tota l o f ten medal s for th e Soviet team. The Ru ss ian reputation of being number one again with stood the test once more. In th e fin al events, only judges who didn ' t have athlet es from their own countries competing in th at event were ca ll ed upon . This did not avo id , however, tim e consum ing deliberation s ove r points. The id ea of William Duquet, who did an excell ent job as photographer, of cons idering on one side diffi cult y and comb in at ions and on the oth er execution ~~:lIld s feas ibl e. Thi s would b e esp ecia ll y good for the pommel hor se wh ere it is ve ry difficult to eva lu ate the exact degree of difficulty as the work o n thi s apparatu s goes so fa st. Wh en looking ba ck at th e final s we mu st mention how sublim e Andr ianov went fr o m 9.35 the first day to 9.50 the n ~x t, in fl oor exerc ise. Th e blond Ru ss ian g ave hi s all with an almost perfect doubl e piked back so mersa ult and ended hi s reperto ire with a doubl e twi stin g back so mersa ult that was eq uall y as good.


Klimenko too work ed very stron gly even though hi s doubl e ba ck tu cked so mersa ult wasn ' t quite as perfec t. Koste end ed third. A well performed exe rcise, was give n b y th e W es t German Bernd Effin g, who d efinit ely had superior combinations than th ose of ex champion Chri sto v (Bulgari a).

POMMEL HORSE Thi s event was hand il y taken ca re o f by th e young Magya r. H e also illu strat ed a new t ec hnique , th e r eve l ati o n of these championsh ips. Th is Hun garian " Cerar " brought new life to th e pomm el horse and once se en , eve ryo ne e lse looked o ld fashioned. Th e va ri ation o f hi s mo ve m ent s were simpl y ama zin g. The exe rcise seemed to entirely cons ist of work on o n e pommel and in support between th e two. The Polish , W ilh elm Kubi ca, was surely not pl eased as thi s probably wo uld ha ve be en hi s las t chance ever to win a pommel horse tit le.

RINGS An ex pect ed victo ry by Kl imenko w hose exe rcise filled all th e norms o f modern ring work . A se nsa tion al " Tsukahara di smount " end ed Andri anov's exercise, o ne th at definitely was more elega nt. We wo nd ered how it was poss ible that Grecu (Romani a) fini shed in the sa me pl ace as Andrianov w ith w hat see med to be a rather stati c and unflow in g exercise.

SIan Wild (England)

VAULTING It rea ll y is unbeli eva bl e how man y ri sks th e gymna sts took in thi s di scipline. For th e finals the competitors were all owed two va ults each having to be o f a different typ e. For th e fir st tim e in th e day we saw two Western Europea ns compet in g in a final. Th e Fr en chman, l ean-Pierre Miens, was highl y enco ura ged by hi s count rymen but was chanceless with point s of 8.35 and 8.95 for th e resp ective va ult s. Gien ger co uldn ' t asse rt him se lf eno ugh to co me up with a m ed al eve n thou gh h e is one of th e top European class. Th e attention draw in g aspect of thi s eve nt was th at th e six fin ali sts we re only 0.1 point s apart at th e start . Andrianov ri g htl y won th e laurels, Szajna wo n th e sil ve r and Mo ln ar too k the bron ze hom e, th e seco nd m ed al for Hungary.

PARALLEL BARS Gienge r (W.G.) and Nissi nen {Fin land j were in good positions at th e beginning of the co mpet iti on , each having 9.40 point < fro m the ni ght before. A t thi s appara tu s the third Ru ss idn Marchenko, m ade hi s fir st appearar r p of th e day but fai led to ea rn a med al after making a costl y mi stak e o n a ve ry simpl e m ove. Gieng er didn 't have an y b ett er lu ck. H e rec eived a mere 9.0. Ni ss inen, ve ry toug h, shared th e sil ve r w ith Andri anov. Th e unt o uchab le Klim enk o took hi s third go ld home.

GYMNAST Dec. '73

Nikolai Andrianov

HORIZONTAL BAR Fin ally, the " queen of apparatus " brought a thrillin g end to the compet it ion. Th e first day, G ienger got 9.60, th e seco nd best sco re, also shared by Koste and Thune. And rian ov wa s favored to w in this eve nt d S h e had received 9.70 previously. G ien ger in hi s final exercise, merited hi s 9.65 , wh ich exempl ifies hi s wo rld class ca libre i n this eve nl. Koste then did th e sa me and th at left Thun e in the unique po siti o n to pu sh th ese two out of seco nd p lace. All who re main ed was A ndriano v, w ho couldn ' t lose anymore unl ess ... and ye t wha t happen ed, he landed on the floor just afte r h is very first move. Resul t! G ienge.r and Koste found th em se lves tied for th e go ld m eda l and Thune wit h th e bron ze. This was an exce ll ent sport ive clima x. Ea st and West Ge rm any on th e top step of th e w inner s pod ium to ge th er! Even more important thou gh was that finally a Western European was at the top. FINAL REMARKS Not conside ring th e pomme l h orse phenom enon Magya r, in general th ese Europ ean Champion ship s didn 't have many big re ve lation s or surpri ses. U nlike former years the third Ru ss ian gymnast wasn ' t very impressive as was th e case w ith Di am idov, Voronin, Klimenko and two yea rs ago Andr ianov. Although one mu st ad mit he co ntinuall y recl im bed th e ladder of p laces thro ugho ut Ihe co mpeti ti o n . GYMNAST Dec. '73

Even Ihough a tremendous evo lution , as Dortmund 1966, did no t occur h ere, so m e impressive surpri ses happened. The Briti sh Stan Wild (27 th) perform ed in hi s va ult a fir st fli ght full twi st hand sprin g. Anririanov dismounted with a " Tsukah ara " on th e rin gs, a stunt a few Europeans have ma stered o n th e hi gh bar . In o ur opinion hi s " Tsukahara" wa s superi or to th at of Tsuk aha ra

Legend of Counlri es East German y DDR) Finl anu (F IN) Hungary (HUN) Polanu (POL) Romani a (ROM) RU5sia (USSR) West Ge rmany (GF R)

MEN'S RESULTS 1. Klim enko (USSR) 2. Andri anov (USSR) 3. Kos te (DDR) 4. Thun e (DDR ) 5. Marchenko (USSR)

FINAL SCORE (Evenl Floor 1. Andri ano v (USSR) 2. Klim enk o (USSR) 3. Koste (DD R) Va ulting 1. Andrianov (U SSR ) 2. Szajna (POL) 3. Mo ln ar (HUN)

him se lf w h ich he perform ed in Belgium on the Japanese tour. Nissinen 's one handstand on one bar fo ll owed immed iate ly by a quarter on to a normal hand stand was ve ry pretty, as we ll as a b ack somersa ult di smount from a handstand positi o n on the bar. An important occurance here though was mo st definitely that the West Europeans now seem to be co ming w ithin gras p of th e East German s.

Floor 9.40 9.35 9.20 9.00 9.25

Porn 9.40 9.30 9.25 9.40 9. 20

Rin gs Vault P. Bars 9.55 9.45 9.20 9.30 9.35 9.30 9.35 9.20 9.1 0 9.25 9. 10 9.35 9.20 8.90 9.45

"' H. Bar 9.55 9.70 9.60 9.60 9.55

Total 56.55 56.30 55.70

55.65 55.55

101al) 18.85 18.80 18.45

Pommel Horse 1. Magya r (H UN) 2. Kubica (POL) 3. Klim enko (USS R)

19.05 18.80 18.75

Rings 1. Kli menko (USSR) 2. Andr ianov (USSR) 3. Grecu (ROM)

18.80 18.75 18.75

18.70 18.75 18.15

Parallel Bars 1. Klim enko (USSR) 2. N iss in en (F IN) 3. Andri anov (USSR)

18.95 18.75 18.75

High Bar 1. Gieng er (G FR ) 2. Koste (LJDR) ). Thune (LJDR)

19.25 19.25 19.20



Olga Korbut (URS) Photo by Geoffrey T. Crankshaw


EUROPEAN GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS (feminine) HELD AT WEMBLEY POOL, LONDON, OCTOBER 26 and 27. by CARL HABERLAND, GENEVA, SWITZERLAND The ninth European G y mna stic s Champion ship s for women were held at Wembley Pool , London, on Octob er 26 and 27. Fort y-two wo men represe nted 23 co untri es, four countries each bein g represe nt ed by on e parti c ipant. I mi sse d Karin Janz, Erik a Zuchold , Tamara La za ko vitch , and others, but new faces ha ve taken some of their pl aces. Injuri es pla yed a large part in the fina l standings. Olga Korbut had injured her ankle au ring the pre-m ee t tr ainin g, and as a consequence, was not up to h er tru e pot enti al. In fact , after hav in g pr ese nted herse lf for the vau ltin g fin als, she was forced to abort her first va ult (and th e rest of th e finals) due to her injury. Patri cia Bazz i (Sw it ze rl and ) and Il ona Beke si (Hun ga ry) we re injured before th e trip to London , which also changed so m e results. Ludmilla Touri sc heva dominated thi s meet, taking all fi ve gold m eda ls. Ol ga Korbut won the silver med al in the A ll-Around, fo llowe d b y Ker stin e Gerschau from East Germany. Th e 22

latter wi ll certainly be filling the shoes of Karin Janz who has retired to study medicine. Eve n though Angelika H ellman tied Tourischeva iI', the va ulting final s, it was Gerschau w ho show ed the ca pabilit y to ri se to th e occasion in a large international competition. Her' s was th e most innovati ve routin e on the floor b y any standard. There was not too lIlu ch new shown at Wembley. Korbut did a full twist on, handspring off, va ult, and ve ry nicely. Touri sc heva and Goreac both showed Tsukah ara va ult s. Goreac was more-or-I ess piked, wh il e Touri sc heva was more-or-I ess tucked. Howev er, Touri sc heva (as is her sty le) gained great height on th e touch. Uta Schorn showed goo d after flight on her Yamash ita thereb y gaining th e onl y medal for a western European cou ntry, as did her compatriot, Andrea Berge r, just fourteen. Kerstin e Ger sc hau mount s th e beolm to an immedi ate pan ca ke split s and seve ral girl s w ith aerial wa lkovers to th e back . Schorn and Touri sc heva do doubl e tw ists on th e floor, but Ludmilla bobbl ed in the fin als, having to touch th e floor to regai n her equilibrium (none done as Moore-Rice) Korbut d id no t sho w th e back so mi on the bea m due to h er ankl e injury. Gersc hau sho wed layed-out bound ers on the fl oo r plu s a fanta sti c ex hibition of th e

Monika Csaszar (HUN)

Charleston , alld her f loo r in general took the gold medal to m y mind, building on routines of her pr edecesso rs Jan z and Zuchold. Touri sc heva still has great amp litud e on all events . Compl ete re sults follow. Indiv idu al scores were lo we r th an at Mun ich th e hi gh es t sco re being a 9.70 by Hellman in the vau ltin g finals. If you ha ve the October, 1972 GYMNAST at hand, turn to pag e 32. Girls who competed in the Ol ympi cs and at Wemb ley took places 1, 6, 7, 13,14, 23, 24, 29, and 31 in Munich w ith scores ranging from 36.70 to 38.60. This co r~e s ponds to the top 10 scores at Wembley of 36.15 to 38.10. The int eresting point s of thi s compar ison are Gelsch au 's third pl ace, Goreac's fourth , th e upward move ment of Uta Schorn, and Med vecz ky' s probl ems on bars. There is no doubt th at at Varna , it might we ll be USSR , GDR , first and seco nd , while Hungary and th e USA w ill be pushed by Romania. Severa l impress io n s remain fro m We mbl ey . The tea rful ex it of Ol ga Korbut, th e triumphant march of Touri sc h eva , En gli sh sc hool girl s w ith th eir uniforms and sc hoo l ti es. A lso, th e O.K. va ult (next tw ist-on , tw ist-off. ) The floor routin e of Gerschau with her interesting American dance, th e fanta sti c amplitude of Tau ri sc heva . See yo u in Va rn a.... GYMNAST Dec. '73 1


by Pe te Shilston, Staffordshire, England

photos by Glenn Su ndb y

GYMNAST Dec. '73

Ludmill a Tourischeva (URS)

Alina Goreac (ROM)

Th e Empire Pool , Wembley, Lo ndon, ho lds eight thou sa nd peop le in co nd iti ons of some discomfort, ow in g to th e comp lete absense of ven til ati o n. It mu st be hard for th e compet itors. Publ ici ty of co urse ce ntered on th e Russ ian gi rl s; rumors of fr ightenin g new movem ent s bei ng co un te red wit h nasty sto ri es abou t Olga Korbut 's aff li cti ons w ith sprain ed ank les and bad tee th . But on Frida y th e Ru ss ians were kept for t he seco nd half of the overa ll champion ship. Gro up One con tain ed many ext rem ely yo ung girl s, who won th e good wishes of t he aud ience but comm itted many erro rs. Th ere we re comp etent pe rfo rm ances from th e Czech s and Pol es, but th e real eyeopener at t hi s stag e was Kerstin e Gersc hau, a 16-year-old East Germa n who put i n a superb perfo rm ance o n t he beam to edge ahead o f a sli ghtly off- pea k Angelika H ell man. She looks all set to be t he successo r to Ka rin j anz. In th e second half, all eyes and app lau se were for the Ru ssia ns, to th e obvious discomfort of many o f th e o th er competi tors. As soon as Lu dm ill a Touri sc heva bega n her fl oo r exercise, one was made aware of t he yaw nin g gu lf between hi gh tal ent and surpass in g geniu s. She looked inca pable of mak in g mi st ak es. Not o nl y d id he r 9.6 put her straight in th e lead, but her gamesmanship was formid abl e totall y igno rin g th e o th er co mpetitors, th e crowd, and even th e sco reb oa rd , and sp en din g every spa re moment on so m e ferociou s lim bering-up . On ly one thing ma tt ered from thi s moment o.nwards - co uld Olga Korb ut prevent th e co ntest becomi ng a ma ssac re? O lga stepped o nto th e mat w ith her le ft ankl e heavi ly st rapped . She looked pale and ho ll ow eyed, from tears or lack of sleep . Th e aud ien ce ch eered her on , but someth in g was mi ss in g. Th e gaiety seemed forced; she was no longe r held up b y lev itat ion o n th e leaps and so m ersa ults. Sh e shook her hea d sad ly and took 9.45. Whil e Lu dmi ll a wa rm ed up, sh e sa t in unhappy silence, starin g bl ank ly in fro nt o f her, replacing th e ba ndage, removi ng and demanding massage, d rin ks and pai n-ki llin g sprays. She knew she wasn ' t going to w in , and it was b reaki ng her hea rt. Th e co mpetition in the vau lt was ve r y t igh t, with fo u r scores of 9.2 or above already. U ta Sch orn , backed by a cliqu e of voc iferous chantin g Germa ns, at o nce clocked 9.3 w ith a so lid Yama shita, and Ludmill a respond ed w ith th e sa me for a full tw ist, sli ghtl y marr ed by a step on landing. Th e word went rou nd th at Ol ga was go in g to do so mething special. Numbe r 24 was h eld up - a f ull twi st before hittin g th e bo x. (I hea rd it named a " W ild " - far m o re evocat ive than a Japanese name!) But th e landin g was fa ul ty; th e ank le let her down aga in . 9.3. The bars saw both Russ ians at th e ir most devastat in g, w it h modified and almost faul t less ve rsion s of the ir Mun ich rout in es. Bot h took 9.65; th e hi ghest ma rk record ed during th e entire all-aro und co ntest. O lga recover ed her spirit s suffi cientl y to make a typi ca l Korbut gestur e; se ttin g off a g ro up of gi rl s w ho cheered her durin g someo ne else 's performance. Ludm ill a ju st went on practi ci ng he r sp li ts in he r unflappabl e, infuriating way .


Lud m illa Tourisch eva (URS)

By the time we came to the beam, O lga was li mping bad ly and was clea rl y in pa in. She was obli ged to cut out most of the leaps and the famous back somersau lt. The handstand splits fa il ed and she al most came unstuck in her back layout to stradd le. Her 9.25 meant that Ludmi ll a on ly had to avo id fa lli ng off in order to take th e title. Instead the hushed aud ience saw the Russia n girl put up yet another devastat i ng ly efficient d isplay to fini sh we l l ahead, leaving Kerstine Gerschau in thi rd p lace. O lga was close to tears at the meda l ceremony ; probabl y as much from heartbrea k as from pa in: seco nd p lace was a b low to her prid e. On th e march-in she tr ied to sl ink into a corner-seat and hide, and had to be hust led up to the pod ium by th e coach. Ludm ill a by contrast was at her most rega l; composed , se lf conf ident, strong and fres h enough to do the whole thing ove r again. Thro ughout t he contest th e contrast of personalities had been as interesting as the gymnast ic batt le. Saturday was the indi vidua l apparatus con test. Prelim i nary ta lk centered on two matters - wou ld Olga 's ank le hold , and cou ld anyone stop Ludm ill a from making a clean sweep of the meda ls? The answer to the first came qU ick ly. O lga was third to vault, and o ne instincti ve ly se nse d that she wasn' t going to make it. She shi ed awa y and co llapsed against the wa ll in a flood of tea rs. " Poor littl e mite ", I heard said as she limped out of the arena and out of the competit ion - thr ee words that show exact ly where O lga 's appea l lie s. Sudden ly we


were right back to that night on the bars in Mun ich where the Korbut fa ir yta le began. For a hopeless romantic like me it was j ust too much.

Ludmi ll a se ldom need s our sym path y, and now mo ved on from triumph to tr iu mph , though she had to fight harder than the figures m ight suggest. She had to sha r e the vau lt ti tl e with Ange lika He ll man, who moved back to her top form a litt le late in th e proceed ings. Ange li ka also turned in th e super ior performance on the ba rs to score 9.7, but was too far behind on Frida y's catch up, even t hough Ludm ill a's performa nce was perhaps a fract ion less polished t h an her previous effort. On the beam Ludm i lla crus h ed all opposition wit h the efficiency of an extremely gracefu l tank , finishing 0.25 ahead of t he next gi rl. Ke rstine Gersc hau had an aweinsp iring mount, leap ing onto the beam without hands to a sp lits pose, b ut the rest of her perfo rmance was not up to the same standard, and the other meda ls wen t to the Roman ian gi rl s, A lina Goreac and Anca Grigoras. Fina lly came the floor exercises, and Ludm ill a at last showed signs of human falli bi lity, slipp ing on her tumbling pass to score on ly 9.3 . At last it seemed possib le that someone e lse wo ul d get a look- in. Sonya Brazdova perfo rmed bri lli an tly, inc lud i ng t he best spl its I have ever seen, but she had on ly come into the contest because of O lga ' s injury and was already too far behi n d . The o nl y girl who could ' stea l it was Friday's discovery, Kerstine Gerschau. I think most of the audience were' wi ll in g her o n to w in - grossly unfa ir to Ludm ill a after t he bril li ance we had w itnessed, b ut Bri t ish audiences don't like their heroe s to be too superhuma n, prefe rring a tr iu mph over the odds. Kerstine came out w ith a dance of the most . delig htf ul tee nage ga iety, wh i lst the " Black Bottom " , of all th i ngs, tin k led in the backgro u nd. Maybe it wasn ' t as d ifficult as Ludmi ll a's disp lay, but the crowd loved it, and the judges were ro u nd ly booed w hen they awa rded on ly 9.45 . So t he Russian gi rl had won yet aga in, and ran a lap of honor to thundero us applause. I don 't know what it all p roved, apart from confirm in g that Ludmi ll a is the world 's greatest gymnast. She wi ll p robab ly neve r be loved in the way t hat Olga is loved , but I ca n not see anyone defeating her in the i mmed iate future.


Res ults o f the All-Aro und Cha mpio nships, Frid ay, O ctob e r 26

1. To ur ischeva USSR 2. Korbu!, O. USSR 3. Gerscha u , DDK 4. Go reac, A.ROM 5. Hellman, DDR 6. Schorn, U. GER 7. Csaszar, M. H UN 7. Brazdova, S.TCH 9. Grigoras, ROM 10. Medveczky, HUN

Lege nd o f Cou ntries Czechoslovakia (TC H) East Germany (DDR) Hungary (H UN) Romania (ROM) Russia (USSR) West German y (GFR)

V 9.30 9.30 9.25 9.20 9.30 9.30 9.15 9.20 8.85 9.20

B 9.65 9.65 9.40 9.50 9.55 9.25 9.35 9.20 9.40 8.65


9.55 9.25 9.40 9.40 9.00 9.20 9.25 9.20 9.35 9.20

FX TOTAL 9.60 38.1 0 9.45 37.65 9.35 37.40 9.20 37.30 9.25 37.10 9.15 36.90 9.00 36.75 9.15 36.75 9.10 36.60 9. 10 36.15

Res ults o f th e Individ ua l Fi na ls, Saturday, O cto b er 27 Vault 1. Tourischeva, l. 1. Hellman A. 3. Schorn , U. 4. Goreac, A. 4. Gerschau , K. 6. Brazdova, S.

pre lim fina ls USSR 9.30 9.55 DDR 9.30 9.55 GFR 9.30 9.40 ROM 9.20 9.35 DDR 9.25 9.30 TCH 9.20 9.30

TOTAL 18.85 18.85 18.70 18.55 18.55 18.50

Bea m 1. Tourischeva, l. 2. Goreac, A. 3. Grigoras , A. 4. Csaszar, K. 4. Gerschau, K. 6. Schorn , U.


9.55 9.40 9.35 9.25 9.40 9.20

9.55 9.45 9.40 9.40 9.25 8.20

19.10 18.85 18.75 18.65 18.65 17.40

9.65 9.55 9.50 9.35 9.40 9.30

19.30 19.25 18.95 18.90 18.1 5 18.10

Floor 1. Tourisc heva, L 2. Gerschau , K. 3. Goreac, A. 4. He ll man , A. 5. Brazdova , S. 5. Schorn , U.


9.60 9.35 9.20 9.25 9. 15 9. 15

9.30 9.45 9.55 9.40 9.30 9.30

18.90 18.80 18.75 18.65 18.45 18.45


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Tau ri sc heva, L Hellm an, A. Goreac, A. Csas zar , M. Gerschau , K. Grigoras, A.


9.65 9.70 9.45 9.55 8.75 8.80


GYMNAST Dec. '73



A ll of her past achievements we re ear ned w hil e Debbie was competing for th e KIPS of Lakewood , Ca li forn ia. Howeve r dur in g th e summ er Debbie switch ed over to a we ll known riva l, th e Long Beach SCATS. " I changed becau se I was ha v in g coac hin g probl ems.", sh e commented. " But I'm mu ch happier now. " Wa tchin g her perform during th e SCATS Gymcapade s she seemed to be enjoy in g herse lf and th e aud ience lou dl y app lauded her bar routine altho u gh sh e confessed "T he bars didn ' t fit me at all. I didn ' t have a chance to ad ju st them so I mad e u p th e routine as I we nt along." No t a bad cove rup co nsid erin g th c routine she threw th at evening in cluded two cast hand stand s on th e hi gh bar , ha lf turn stomac h w hip o n th e lo w bar and hecht from the hi gh bar. U ne ve n bars and vau ltin g ha ve usuall y bee n considered D ebbi e 's bett er events . However in additi o n to her front ac ria l on beam she wo uld like to add a back di ve sim il ar to Olga Korbut 's, thu s add in g a littl e mo re flare to t hat ro utin e. On bars she's also planning a few more th in gs for th e upcoming seaso n. " We th o ught of a new mo ve on bars, at leas t we don ' t think it 's eve r bee n don e be fo re," she exp lain ed. "Yo u start in a front support on th e hi gh bar, shot th roug h, and th en pop back to a back flip and th en regra sp ." Sin ce the feet do not push on the bar and th e release is from th e hands Debbie fo resees no problem abo ut th e lega lity of the move. Next seaso n she wo u ld also like to do a o ne and a half f ull tw ist sto mach w hip. When' Debbi e Fik e performs there is no H er background in ball e t h as been ex ten sive , cuteness abo ut her. Absent fro m her routines at leas t eig ht or ni ne yea rs, and she still studi es are the pi xie qualities that o n ce helped to make it. From ba ll et she easil y moved int o gymnast ics Cathy Rigby Mason a star an d now character ize and competed with the same club, th e KIPS , the style of Olga Korbut. from the ve ry beginning until thi s summ er. For But Debbie is an att ract ive gymnast in her awhil e she li ved in Utah bu t for the most part own way . Elegant , poi sed and polish ed she her life has been spent in Southern Ca lifornia. rad iates a style similar to Touri sc heva, w hom She attends Kenned y Hi gh School and li ves in she adm ires, and ye t sh e adds her ow n Cypress. indi v idual to u ch which makes her see m more The SCATS st ill sp end man y hours of wo rk out mature th an ju st a hi gh sc hool girl of sixteen. tim e in a tin y chu rch auditorium on Pine Street Th e opportunit y to meet Debbie occured in Long Beach and Debbie, no w, alo ng with w hil e th e SCATS were in An ah eim and wa lkin g them. She es tim ates that she spe nd s nearly 6 o r into th e dressing room ami d all th e gi rl s she was 7 ho urs a day in the gym w ith more than two not ve ry not iceab le. But o n ce she sm il es, a hours o f th e practi ce tim e devoted to balan ce pleasant almost bashful sm il e, it 's easy to se nse bea m. Thi s pract ice has pa id off for Debbie a qu alit y of freshness abo ut h er an d a feel in g making her a ve ry co nsistent performer. A that th e titl e " Elit e" gym nas t still has a n ewness gy mn ast , SCATS direc tor Bud Ma rquette for her and has n 't changed her basic att itud es. de scr i bes as a ve ry "clea n performer " . Debbie was not particularl y n ot iceable Watching her mo ve through her routines it 's severa l yea rs ago eith er ; however at th e 1972 easy to see th at D ebbi e stri ves to pe rfect each Olympic tri als she finished eig hth , an mo ve as be st she can and knows how to co ntro l incred ibl e accomp li shment conSide rin g her w hat she does eve n if the bars don 't happen to co mpetiti on. And in th e past yea r her honors fit h er that night. ha ve includ ed fifth all-aro und in th e Elite So fo r thos e spectators who ha ve n 't had th e Nationals, third all-around in the Romania vs. opportunit y to see Miss Fik e perform th e nex t USA meet and third all-aro und in the N HKCup probable plac e w ill be th e Elit e Qualification in Japan . Meet in Lo ng Beach and ma ybe at more The fifth place showin g at th e Elites was a nation al an d int ern ati ona l m ee ts throughout " surprise " for Debbie but h as give n her th e the 1974 season. One thing is certai n Debbie is a gym n as t to watc h for and one th e gymnastics hope that a berth on the World Games team in 1974 and on th e Olympic Games team in 1976 is wo rld shou ld be hearin g mu ch of in th e futur e. within h er reach.

Debbie Fike


GYMNAST Dec. '73




WRITE FOR TAFFY'S NEW CATALO~ OF GREAT STYLES FOR ACTION 1571 Golden Gate Plaza . Cleveland. Ohio4412~

:x>9 Pharr Road. N,E .• Atlanta. Georgia 30301

134 E. Third South . Salt Lake City. Utah 1M11 1 5960 Northwest Highway. Da II 8S'. Tex•• 75221 550A Washington Street. Wellesley. Mall. 0218 '


NARD'S GYMNASTIC SCHOOL By Barba ra Thatcher Ju st off of th e main highwa y th at run s through Amar ill o, Te xas stand s a large gymnasium. Fro m th e front it fairly rese mbl es a dri ve -in restaurant, w hich in fact it was at one tim e, and o n the sid e in red , w hite and blu e is p ain ted NARD'S Gymnastic Schoo l. It is an impress ive \ structure in sid e and ou t, as impressive as the man w ho built and owns it , Nard Cazzell. On ce inside th e gy m yo u are greeted by this man, ru gged look in g w ith sharp cl ea r eyes and a casua l mann er who is and ha s been a pioneer for th e wo rld of gy mna stics. In 1954, in w hat was th en th e outskirts of Amarillo , Na rd se t a few trampolin es o ut on the prairie built a cove rin g for th em and start ed a trampolin e sc hool. Th e club and the interest grew and the trampoline school, w ith hi s w i fe Sissie 's help, deve loped into th e gym nasti cs ce nter in ea rl y 1970. The club has ove r 35 0 ch ildren enro ll ed in th e entire program with 20 boys and 20 girl s on th e co mpetitive tea m. These children are allaround gy mn asts b eca use Nard and Siss ie don 't believe gy mn asts should be specialists. " I don ' t care w h eth er a boy is four or o ld er when h e co mes into o ur gym he works all -around. " And with excell ent staff and fac iliti es th e , opportunity is ce rtainl y th ere. Covering 44,000 square fe et th e gym is equ ipped with everything imaginabl e in th e way of apparat us including a 60 by 84 foot floor exercise mat which the bo ys and girl s share during workouts . In the bo ys wo rk out room th ere are two sets of equipment fo r each event as well as spotting riggings for ring s, paralle l bars and hi gh bar. In the girls workout area th ere are a total of seven beams of va ri o u s heights' and four se ts of un evens. In between both areas is th e trampoline room with ten trampolin es pla ce d togeth e r in an int erco nn ecting frame, set slightl y above th e ground with stairs leading up the ramp which goes around th e entire area . Tramp o lin e is a majo r tool in teachin g gymn as ti cs at Nard's and the prin ci pl es lea rn ed on the tramp are many times applied to o th er eve nt s. On e o f th e highlights of a visit to th e

sc hool is a demo nstrati on of speed tumbling on th e tramp. Th e gymna sts take turn s executin g ro und-off flip flop back s, fu ll twists and anything else Nard feel th e gro up can and should do. The philosop hy alm ost fo ll ows that anyt hin g that 's po ss ib le on th e th e fl oo r is po ssib le o n th e tramp and vice ve rsa. Instruction at Nard ' s' is at the sa m e high leve l as the facility. Fo urt ee n in st ructors help th e stud ent s progress from ve ry begi nn er to adva nced . Among the sch oo l' s mo st we ll known coac hes are Odess Lo vin , 1973 NCAA floor exe rcise champi o n and Pat Hamilton , AAU national champion. A long with gy mn as ti c skill s, a se nse of d iscipline and prid e is in still ed all th e way along th e lin e. " You have to earn a p lace o n th e to p tea m, yo u ca n ' t bu y il. ", Siss ie empha sized. " I've had girl s here that wa nt to be chee rl eaders. And I tell them th ey ha ve to decide o ne or the ot her. Here they ca n 't do both ." Na rd feels th e sa me way, " I tell th em the rul es and if th ey don ' t like it they ca n ju st go so m ew here else. " Na rd tolerat es no tal kin g back tei any in stu cto r and w hen representing th e i ea m an yw here nearly perfec t co nduct is th e only beha vior accep tab le. But besides th e di sc iplin e th ere is th e pride and look of con ce rn and amu se m ent as Na rd and Si ss ie spea k of their gymnas ts pa st and present includin g form er nationa l trampolin e champion s D ave Jacobs and Ronnie M unn . Respect is the final in gred ient con tributin g to th e school 's success. The respect the gy mn asts ha ve for them se lves, each ot her and th eir in stu cto rs, especia ll y Nard and Siss ie. And w h en Na rd ca ll s the group together during a worko ut th ey co me runnin g from all sectio ns of the gy m and sit quiet ly wi th back s straight and eyes and ea rs att ent ive . The boys in gym trunk s w ith red, w hite and blu e "Na rd 's Gymnastic School " " t" shirt s and th e girl s in bright leo tards with hair n ea tl y pu ll ed back . Then once Nard tell s th e group w hat he wa nt s wh et her it be routin es, group tumb ling, or the introd uction of a vis ito r instantly th ey ru sh back to their stations. Time is not was ted.

Sissie and Nard Cazzell

Th e Cazzell s are always recepti ve to n ew ideas and one of th e best i n gymnastics they fee l is the Un it ed States Assoc iati on o f In depend ent Club s of w hi ch th ey are dc tive members. " I thin k at th e first meetin g at this yea r 's Coac hes Cong ress a lot o f peop le were trying to fee l it o ut , see if it wo uld wo rk and th en jo in. ", Na rd sa id . " But it is go in g to wo rk. Th at's why I n om in ated Dr. Bill Crenshaw fo r an office. H e' ll see that t hin gs get done. " Siss ie added, " Th e nex t day mo st of the peop le w ho came ba ck for th e seco nd m ee tin g seemed to b e th e ones who we re rea ll y w illin g to wo rk. I

Nard's Gymnastic School


GYMNAST Dec. '73

':..------- - - -





""t _

photos b y Richard Ke nney








... ',





., L<;,iI

One of the spacious workout areas for girls at the school.

think w e got a lo t m o re accompli shed, " Bo th th e Cazze ll s fee t th e associatio n ca n b e a trem end o us h elp wi th t h e girl s age grou p p rog ram and a mo re co nc rete boys age gro up prog ram. Nard 's sc hool is ju st an exa m p le of wh at many clubs stri ve to ward s; a large, qu alit y facilit y wh ere gymn as ts ha ve th e o ppo rtunit y to achi eve th eir full gymn as tic po tenti al. Th e GYMNAST staff h ad th e opportunit y to sto p o n th e way back fro m the Co ach es Co ngress and o ur visit w ith th e Cazze ll s was mos t enj oya bl e and m emo rabl e. Th e gym is op en to anyo n e interested in gymn as ti cs w ho wo ul d lik e to see it. And findin g two fri end li er o r mo re hosp itabl e p eop le th an Na rd an d Si ss ie is hard to d o,

All youngsters at Nard's Gymnastic School are all-around gymnasts. This pa rt of th e workout area for the boys with at least two pieces of equipment per e ve nt and an excell e nt instructor-student ratio.


Ed. Note: This story and th e following Gym-Capades article are an introduction to the " Club Corne r" department of GYMNAST magazine. Oth e r clubs a re encouraged to submit similar stories and pic tures which will bene fit the growing numb e r of clubs throughout th e country.

GYMNAST Dec. '73


The Gymnastics

The Triple Drill featuring rhythmic gymnastics.

JI®~~ §~CIDit~

yJliil.-Gapct,cfes photos by Richard Kenney

Lou Hintnaus and company pose for a picture during the Gymnastics 1900 skit.

Western High School Chorus' "Singing Christmas Tree" .


GYMNAST Dec. '73

Dusty Ritt e r

Bud Marque tte

THE SCATS GYM-CAPADES By Barbara Thatcher The Southern Ca lifo rni a Acro Tea m put o n th eir own ve rsion of the Ice Capad es w ith mats in stea d of ice w hen th ey pr ese nt ed th e 11th annual Gym-Capad es, Nove mb er 17th at th e Anah eim Co n~e nti o n Cent er. La st yea r it was ca ll ed th e Chri st mas Carou se l but it still amounted to th e sa me thing, a we ll o rga ni zed production w ith elemen ts of comedy, suspense and bea ut y w hi ch blend ed togeth er prO Vid ed an entertaining eve ning w het her the specta to r was a long time fan of th e SCATS or a novice to gymna sti cs. This year th ere were none of th e ce leb riti es that have graced the program in the pa st, such as Ol ympi ans Kim Chace, Debbi e Hill and the most famo us SCAT of all Cath y Rigb y Mason. But even w ithout th ese gym nasts to ad d a certain glamo r, the SCATS man age d to have a large turnout and th ere are seve ral gymnasts current ly w ithin th eir ranks who may one d ay be equally as famou s. The se talented performers help ed to m ake thi s p erformanc e by amateurs as nearl y professiona l as po ss ible. Opening th e sho w (fo ll owin g a bri ef introdu cti on) w ith th eir standard wa rm-up number " Close To You ", th e gir ls looked more unifo rm , m ore sy nchro ni zed th an th e yea rs before and each gym nas t did her p art w ithout hesitati on or th e need to loo k around and see w hat eve ryo n e else was doing. This number,

w hi ch co nsisted of lim beri ng up exe rcises see med to co me naturall y to th e girl s. Th e acts th at followed featured so lo perfo rm an ces by th e SCA TS and th e m en 's tea m from Ca li forn ia State Co ll ege, Full ert o n. The ' be st comb in ation was th e SCATS on balan ce b ea m and the m en o n rin gs . Two o ut standin g performers o n th ese eve nt s we re Ky le Gayner o n bea m an d Gene Bail ey on rin gs. Kyle 's unbelie va bl e flex ibilit y w ith co mpl ete co ntrol , is bea uti ful to watch and h er two front aerials see m e ffortl ess. Ge ne Ba il ey still lacks good sw ing on rings but see m s stronger every time he perform s. He is a d efinit e c rowd pleasing gymnast. Floor exe rcise was the least poli sh ed area for the girl s in resp ect to indi v idu al numbersw hil e parall el bars alon g w ith sid e horse presented th e grea test problem s for th e m en. Karren Brakke, a tough littl e tumbl er fell o n h er double full on th e floor, b ut she is on Iy 12 so has a few years to md , te r it , ho weve r her dan ce skills plus form are no t lIu it e at th e sa m e level w ith her tum b lin g whic h md Y hurt her in future co mpetiti o n. Lynn e Co vin , 16, had ni ce dance, exce ll ent form dnd tumbling. Sh e looked very re laxed compa red to so m e of the o ther perform ers. Kar en A tkin s also had ni ce da n ce co mbin at io ns but it was noti cea ble th at she was not as trim or li ght as th e o th er girls. Fo r the m en Du sty Ritter turn ed in a most r espectabl e performan ce then later had slight trouble o n parall el bars but in that area he was not alone. Also severa l o th er men mi ssed ro utin es on th e o th e r eve nt s. Un eve n parall el bar s was th e onl y other individu al act for girls that was flawed. This number was m arred by an at t empt at co med y that ju st was n ' t necessa ry or appro pri ate then . It was the ta sk of o n e of th e SCA TS to try and disrupt th e seq uence of ro utin es wh il e appea rin g to be ju st a kid from th e audien ce, then finall y gett in g on bars and executing a nice routine to th e am aze m ent of th e sp ectators.- She· succeeded in full y faking out the crowd but p erh ap s also helped destro y th e co ncent rati o n of th e last p erform ers Cind y Ea stwood and D ebbi e Fik e. D ebb ie didn 't eve n have a chan ce to adju st her bars prop erl y. A n o utstan din g gym nast, thi s was her o nl y opportunit y to show w hat she co uld do and it 's a shame she h ad to share th e spotlight wit h so m eone else. The routin es th e girl s threw on bars were good enou gh to keep an audience att en ti ve so th ere was no reaso n to ha ve to add somet hin g ex tr a. Th e to uc h of co med y though amusing might ha ve be en b etter so m ewhere else in the program . Th e rest of th e prog ram was exce lle nt especiall y the Tripl e Drill , a ro utin e th at was only surpa ssed by th e Gymn asti cs 1900 number. The empha sis in th e Tripl e Drill was o n rh ythmi C gy mn as tics w ith one group of girl s working w ith indi an clubs, o ne group w ith ribbon s and one w ith pOi-bail s. It looked as though thi s routin e had b ee n pra cticed to p erfect io n m any tim es. I o nl y noticed one girl co untin g th e b ea ts to h erse lf. After th e Tripl e Drill spec ial gu es t perform er Tani-Ok alani d emonst rated wha t rea l sk ill is req uired in wo rking w ith poi-ball s. (Wh ich are basicall y ball s made of poi , wrapped w ith m ate ri al and atta ched to a st ring making th em simil ar to klack ers, th e to y th at was popul ar a few yea rs ago) Sh e wo rk ed w ith many poi-balls at on ce and also w ith fi re pOi-bail s, tw irlin g and twisting th em qui ck ly dnd eas il y .

No rbert D ill is always a p leasure to wa tch as he wo rks o n hi s gy m w hee l. A lo ng wi th Mi ss Okalani, he wa s also a fea tur ed en te rtain er. Mr. Dill has a way of gene ratin g crowd excitem ent and th e respon se thro u gh mo st of th e audience is usuall y " That sure looks Ii ke fun . I 'd rea ll y lik e to try it. " Th e m os t fasc in atin g seg m ent of hi s routi ne is w hen he br ings the w hee l al most to a co mpl et e stop o n th e floor and th en skillfull y gets it go ing aga in. Gym na st ics 1900 was ex tremel y cleve r, funny and ve ry enjoyabl e. Credit for th e skit 's success should rightl y go to Lou Hintnau s. Hintn aus and co mpan y we re dressed in stripp ed, baggy, turn of th e ce ntury typ e gym cos tu mes. Hintnau s pla yed th e coa ch, wh ile another coac h of th e SCATS, Scott Crouse tried his best to pla y th e part o f ju st one of the girls. The funnier mo m en ts we re w h en Hintn aus chalk ed the girls up allover w ith baby powder in stead o f chalk , the va ultin g d rill , and w hen h e pretend ed to be spo ttin g tumblin g and th e girl s ju st tumbl ed right pa st him . It was obvious th at the number was as muc h fun for t he participant s as it was for th e specta tors. Tumbling Turm o il and Cri ss Cross, two m ass tumblin g numbers, o n e wi th the little SCATS and th e othe r w ith the o ld er girl s is always an exc itin g rout in e (preV io u sly it 's b een call eu Hari-K ari) an d th e tumbling see m ed better t h is yea r. Extra talent was added w hen th e team from Ca l Stat e Fu ll ert on jo in ed in w ith th e o lde r girl s and as always th ere we re a co uple of n ea r co lli sions w hi ch height en ed the exci tement. It was th e Fourth of Jul y and Christma s co mbin ed w hen th e Western Hi gh School Chorus and Drill Tea m e ntered into the program . Th e chorus for med a giant sing in g C hri stmas tree on a fram e w ith spiral sta i rs. Wearing green robes and ho lu i ng ca ndles with different colored li ghts th e group produced a ve ry uniqu e effect. Th eir songs we re pl easa nt, howeve r th e w hol e thin g see med a little o ut of pl ace at a gymn astics ex hibiti o n. Also th e drill team looked slightl y out o f place. Dresseu in red, w hite, and blue, th e gi r ls went into form at io ns, twirled gun s and flags. Synchronized and uniform in th ei r routin es, they nevertheles s ju st didn ' t appea r to fit in with th e ultra feminin e SCATS and th eir eq ually poli shed routin es. Both the dri ll t ea m and chor us we re good but the co ntras t betw ee n the g roups and th e gymna sts was ju st too mu ch. H ad th ey performed throughout th e evening at va rious interva ls th e co ntras t wo uldn ' t have bee n so seve re. Overall it was a fine show. Th e music was app ropri ate (wes tern mu sic for sid e horse, German music w ith th e gy m w h ee l), th e costume s nice and the rou tin es exce ll ent from th e SCATS and fair from th e th e Cal State Fullerton crew. Th'e purpose of th e show was to promote gymnastics, provid e a showcase for the SCATS .talents and rai se m o n ey. The group enli sted th e skill s of a public rela tio ns agen cy and this helped th em ga in more publicity. This show m ay be a good exa mpl e for other clubs to • fo ll ow. The SCATS o n ce start ed by merel y W prese nting sma ll ex hibiti ons w ith ve ry littl e o r no publicit y, then w ith the he lp of their parent s C club and th e entire organi za tion th e sh ows beca m e bigger and bett er each year. Th e SCA TS is a club w hi ch co nstan tl y strives to improve, making each yea r and e ach performance b etter th an the last.

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Instruction: VAULTING USE OF TRAMPOLINE, MINI-TRAMP AND OVERHEAD BELT IN TEACHING TWISTING VAULTS by Dr. Gerald F. Calkin One of the major problems in teaching twisting vaults is that of spotting. Use of a twisting belt is the logical answer. However, this is precluded because of the long run and great amplitude involved in vaulting. At Eastern Kentucky University we have developed a series of techniques to overcome these difficulties. First, a trampoline is set us (see picture number one) with one end on a box and the vaulting horse set up ¡ at the other end with a crash mat beyond. Then the gymnast does a handspring (Yamashita) vault with two spotters. In picture: number three Billy Sherrill demonstrates this. He is spotted by coach Gerald Calkin and Bob Sanderson. When the gymnast has acclimated himself to this set-up he puts on the twisting belt. Billy Sherrill demonstrates this with an attempted full twisting handspring vault in picture number two. When the vault has been satisfactorily mastered using this .set-up, the trampoline is replaced with a mini-tramp. This more closely approximates the actual vault situation but still requires a relatively short rU.n. This makes it possible to use an overhead belt with a fairly short travel. This set-up is demonstrated by Bob Sanderson doing a full twisting Yamashitayault in picture number five. With this set-up the vaurt comes out otthe belt. (When it is ready.) The final step is to transfer to the regular vaulting situation. These techniques have been successful at â&#x20AC;˘ Eastern Kentucky University. .

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GYMNAST Dec. '73

ARE YOU DOING ENOUGH? By Carole Liedtke As submitted to Renee P. Hendershott

COMMITMENT AND THE GYMNAST by Jo hn W. Hinds, Jr. As in any endeavor in life a total commitment to the task at hand is needed for success to occur. Th erefore a gymnast must be a committed indi vidua l if he is to experience the thrill of standing on top of the placement platform and claim the blue ribbon or the gold medal. For th e successful gymnast com mitment is needed in a va riety of ways. His every action must come with t he total commitment of a professional. Realizing this fact the gymnast will find his workouts more meaningful and more enjoyable. Commitment begins when the gymnast first starts training. He must realize the need to follow training rules. H e must realize that his energies should be directed toward bUilding his body and not toward tearing it down by drink, d rugs , lack of rest, poor nutrition, and/or smoking. Gymnastics will provide an adequate amount of activity to help build the body if the gymnast attends to his other body needs . With present day pressures it takes a strong individual to resist the temptations ever present - it takes commitment. Few activities will or should stand in the way of practice for the dedicated gymnast. Gymnasti cs is a sport of perfection and perfection comes from practice . Gymnasts who place a higher value on social and romantic affairs, optional appointments and other purely personal invol veme nts than on practice at the established time will seldom reach the top, for wherein do their chief interests li e? Although there is usually a va riety of athletic teams available for a young man to j oin , the true gymnast will center his every interest and action in his chosen sport, the sport of gymnastics. He need not be narrow in view but must be solidly committed in his sport as the only sport - he must be "sold" on it's supreme importance for him . To obtain the strength and the fle xibility required of a champion gymnast much homework is needed. The gymnast must faithfully perform movements which will develop strength and flexibility at home . Workout tim e is too valuable to use for exercises. The committed gymnast can and will obtain strength and flexibility at home. For effect ive learn in g anu performing, the gymnast must be committed to pertectlng eacn skill he performs. A back flip can only be executed if the gymnast is committed to doing the who le ski ll. A gymnast that goes halrway through a back flip anu stops is heaueu for tr oub le. Lik ew ise a gymnast that u oes not go all out for a giant swin g on the hi gh bar is likely to experience uifficulty. By the same token a neophyte learning a new skill will find success co mes more readily if he commits himself to the skill and does not hold back. A gymnast with the proper fundamentals w ill have little uifficulty in go in g all out ' si nce he will have the confidence necessary to commit his all. Without confidence, fear often develops and this creates a v icious cycle. The gymnast will usually hold back and thus the new skill is not completed satisfactorily. In fa ct a frightening situation or eve n an injury may r esu lt causing more fear and loss of co nfidence. It therefore behooves the beginning gymnast to learn the GYMNAST Dec. '73

Paul Tomich, Aurora Central High School, Aurora, Colorado. National High School Coaches Association All American now attending the United States Air Force Academy.

basics thoroughly and advance from skill to skill in a logical order of progression, gaining confidence as he goes. Only when such confidence is developed will the gymnast become committed with his whole body to new skill. He must remember - seldom can a move be performed by going about it half-heartedl), Just as it is difficult to learn new skill without total comm itm ent it is just as uiffl cu lt t"o perform a routine w ith out tota l comm itment. Routines that win are dynamic and flawless they move with a sureness and ease that comes from long hours of practice, confidence and commitment. To compliment the routine and skills performed, the gymnast must have "fo rm ". He must realize that once good form becomes a habit it wi ll remain with him anu contr ibute to his success. The gym nast must rea li ze that gymnastics is an art o f body expression and that good form promotes beauty in the skills performed. Therefore for success to occur the gymnast must be committed to exceptional form at all times when learning skills and performing routines. For the gymnast to be committed he must have a coach who is also committed - a coach w ho is also committeu 110'X, to gymnastics and to gu idin g his gym nast s towaru championship ca liber. With th e comb in atio n of a committeu gymnast anu a committ eu coach the rewarus of success shoulu result for all concerneu.

" Today ' s life is actua ll y very easy o n a person with automati c machines transporting us and cleaning up and caring for us. Th erefo re, I think that it is very hard to keep the att itude of lo ya lt y and responsibility in our tradition. I know each coach has lost some athletes with ability, but without the proper attitud e, and it hurts us to see this happen. This att itud e is a must in at hl etes, and since a sport now requires more discipline and personal devotion than is required i n our daily li vi ng, it is up to each athlete, who rea ll y wants to ach ieve, to accept this responsibility and loya lty. " Mrs. Carole Leidtke, who has for a lon g time assisted Mr. Cap Cauui ll , heau coach of th e Loui sv ill e Gym Club in coac hin g his team to a position of national prominance has this to say to our modern day gymnas ts: " As ath letes most of you feel that yo u have worked very hard , and that the demands on yo u are very great. But ha ve you done enough? It takes three things to develop a good athlete : One is ability. If you have made a team, you have more than the ave rage person. Of course, some of you have more ability than others and will do more ... but two other things make fo r a high leve l of achievement... even more than ability. These two things have to do with an attitude of responsibility and loyalty. You must have a feeling of responsibility and loyalty to yo ur coach, and to the te am (a lso called PRIDE): 1. To make every practice and not " cut " on false pretenses. 2. A determination to do warm up exercises to their fullest exte nt and not to slack up when your coac h is not looking. 3. To develop yo ur ability as much as possible by not holding back because of fear. Lettin g yo ur mind tense up will prevent the learning of a new tri ck. You must give full effort and control your body to do what it is supposed to do. 4. To m ake every m ee t and try your hardest at everyone. 5. To practice on your own as hard as when the coach is standing there, not to do a few things, then gossip or goof off for awhile . The p racti ce session is actually very short, and every minute should be devoted to serious concentration on fulfilling your goal to the limits of your ability. These requirements are for each individual person . Each of yo u mu st want to be responsible and loya l eno ugh to yourse lf to do the best anu try as haru as you can . Everyone will not reach the ultimate goal of an Olympic gold medal, but you should not be happy with ju st being on the team or getting a trophy or letter. You will find your goal achieved when you have developed yo urself to the fullest... w hen you have been loyal and responsible enough to yo urself to have gone all out. What the 110% coaches dream about isthe gymnast who doesn' t ju st give th em a winning season but who has developed her goal of personal dignity and se lf-sat isfaction by giving her all. Now ask yo urself. .. " Ha ve YOU done enough ?"


Ed . Note: The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the GYMNAST staff. Readers are encouraged to contribute constructive articles for this new department.

John W. Hinds, is presently chairman of the NHSGCA Rules Cominittee.


Cap Caudill, Tom Heineike, and Graham Bartl e tt Frank Cumiskey presents Hall of Fame award to Je rry during the Association of Independent Clubs na med "Judge of the Yea r" . meeting. officers were elected and G raham Bartlett, Any USGF / DGWS Certified judge may newly elected president of th e group, and vice beco m e a m ember of her own state associat io n. president last year, introduced Tom M ulmer, Ea ch Sta te Associat io n m ay have as many an in suran ce agent from th e Casua lt y m embers as there are ce rtifi ed judges in th e Ind emn it y Exchange, who out lin ed fo r the state. Du es are pa ya ble upon cer tifi ca ti on and gro up the li ab ility po li cy whi le Mr. Bart lett late r mu st be renewed on an annua l ba sis. The gave the detail s of the accid ent po li cy. Basically the li abi lit y pol icy is d esigned to fo ll owin g du es have been recommended based upon level of cert ifica ti on: Nat iona l cove r t he ent ire association with tho se $20.00; Regional $15.00; State $10.00; Assoc iate members want in g the cove rag e paying for it to protect their part icular club. In order to have $7.50; and App rent ice $5 .00. The dues may sound hi gh, but belonging to the policy at least 50 pe rcent of the member the o rgan izat io n has its obv io u s advantages fo r clubs must participate and ther e mu st be a its m embe rs coup led wi th th e fac t th at 75'X, of premium of $25,000 a yea r goi ng to th e the du es from every membership w ill go right in su ran ce co mpany. Th e cos t broken down in to the home sta te of th e m ember. Fift ee n wou ld be $2.00 per student (based o n the perce nt wi ll stay within the reg ion o f th e high es t members hip co unt of th e yea r), per m ember and ten percent will go into the yea r and each member club wou ld be in sured for one half million do llars. Th us th e club national fund. An amount eq ual to not more than five own er and hi s instructors wou ld be protecteu p ercent of the jud ging fee for each judge must from law su its in w hich a part icipant becomes be ret urn ed to the state association in the injured . Th ere was much di sc ussion on th e pros organization paying the judges fee . This w ill and cons of the poli cy, howeve r Mr. Bart lett help the states build up the money to sponsor informed the gro up that th e policy had already been decided upon and if some of the clubs d id judges going to ot her states and nat iona ls. Mrs. Fie mentioned th at w h en the not wa nt it, th at was al right because he felt o rgani zat io n gets to fun ction in g fully, judges enough member clubs wou ld and so h e was not particularly worr ied about pay in g the w ill no longer send th eir active stat us shee ts to one ce ntral place. In stead, th ey wi ll se nd the premium. Th e point M r. Bart lett hoped to mak e was that th e po li cy was ava il ab le if the shee ts to the State ju dging Director who , in turn , wil l make a twice yea rl y report to th e members wanted it, howeve r nothing was nationa l office. being forced upon them. Mr. Bartlett then went on to exp lain th e She also mentioned that a gUid el in e of ethi cs will be drawn up by the Na ti o n al Gover nin g acciden t policy wh ich was also avai lab le to Board and w ill be avai lable to the state members if th ey wanted it. It was pointed o ut that t he liabilit y insurance was all in cl usive, association boimJ members. Since this o rgan iza ti o n is not yet on its feet , even cover in g trampo line, however it does not we would suggest that prospective members cover injured emp loyees. Officers for the 1973 -74 term were elected no t start w ritin g letters and making phone cal ls to Mrs. Kje ldsen quite ye t. Yo u w ill receive w ith G raham Bartlett succeeding outgo in g president Tom Hein eike, Dr. Bi ll Cre nshaw more deta il ed in format ion through USGF N ews letter o r Women 's Committee Bu ll etins replacing Mr. Bartlett as vice pr es ident and G lenn Wi lso n ass umin g th e job of on ho w to jo in o r offer yo ur help. We bring you j an et Howard was this pertinent informa tion so th at you may secre tary- treas urer. know that th ere is a bright light in th e future of secre tary-tr eas urer for th e 1972-73 term . M iss eve ry USG F/ DGWS Cert ifi ed jud ge! Howa rd exp lained th at du es are pa ya ble at each Congress and on ly cover the yea r between Congresses. Th e r efo r e all UNITED STATES ASSOCIATION OF memberships wou ld exp ire by th e end of the INDEPENDENT CLUBS Congress and would be up for renewal. Membership fees are still $10. A compre hensive in surance p rogram and A budget report was given. An in come of what should and can be d one about th e age $1 ,280 was taken into th e treasury. Printing and gro up gymnast ics program for both boys and postage cos ts amounted to $320.56 (each girl s were the major topics of d isc ussion at the member receives a newsletter). Th e clu b directory (free to all m embers) was th e greatest two meetings of th e Un ited States Assoc iation of Ind epe nd ent Clubs during th e Coaches expense at $660. Ph one ca ll s co nce rnin g the Congress. i nsurance poli cy tota ll ed $-;7.25 and trave l At th e first m eeting , Saturday evening, new costs we re $81 .27. Cou nting m embers who had


Todd , also

Frank Cumiskey

just jo in ed thi s (73-74) yea r the total number of memb ers is 145. Va ri ous co mmittees we re o rganized in clu d in g a Constitution Co mmitt ee and an Elit e and Girls Age Group Commit t ee. At th e second m eet in g on Su nday morning ther e was much co nce rn about the bo ys program and the suggestion th at the Ind ependent Clubs do more to develop a boys age gro up program simi lar to the girls. Ther e was also more discu ssion at the seco nd meeting about th e USA IGC becoming a member of the USGF and w hat the assoc iation co uld do to help the USGF on th e local l evel. Several members emp has ized that the USGF administrators and executi ves ha ve more th an eno ugh work to do coordinating th e Elite program and since clubs dea l wit h gymnas ts on all leve ls perhaps th e USA IGC could be of the most h elp to the USGF on the pre-Elit e level. At the second me et ing t he insurance policies were furth er discussed and the quest ion was raised on whether any club that wants to j o in the association should be adm itt ed. The bigg est problem and ha zard of accepting just any c lu b would be the possibil it y that one club wou ld have man y injuries and co nseq u ently many law suits th ereby j eo pardi zing th e sta tu s of th e 'other memb ers. With the new widesp rea d interest in gymnast ics, o ne member exp lained , m any people with li ttle o r no gym n as ti cs background are open i'n g sc hools and clubs because the demand is so great and gymnast ics is becoming a big bu si n ess. The forma ti on of an Eth ics Committee was suggested, which wou ld wo rk w ith the Constitut ion Committee and estab li sh m embe rship requirements or at least some kind of profess io nal crite ri a fo r members. A lso the associa ti on still must decide on t he definition of an in structor for insuran ce purposes. Anyone d es irin g more information on the in surance program, o r th e associat io n shou ld co ntact Grah am Bartlett, President, United States Assoc iation of Indepe nd ent Gymnastics Clubs, 5505 Acoma Road S.E., A lbuqu erqu e, New Mex ico. If you are ~ no n-member and wou ld like a directory whic h li sts the names and addresses of judges, off icials, equipment companies, clubs and coac hes by state sen d $5 to USA IGC cl o Tom H ein eik e, 540 N. H ydra u lic, W ichita, Kan sas 67213. If yo u are not co nnected with an ind ependent club yo u ma y sti ll join th e USA IGC as an associate member and be on th e mailing li st. For add iti ona l deta il s co ntact Mr. Bartl ett.

GYMNAST Dec. '73

Cal Girard, of the Canadian Gymna sti cs Fe deration Ge ne Wellston e disc usses hosting thi s add resses the genera l assemb ly of coaches. yea r's NCAA Championships.

NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTIC COACHES ASSOCIATION Meeting held at U.S.G. F. Coac hes Congress, Nov. 2-4, Mariott H ote l, St. louis. Members pr ese nt: Daryl Hawes, Atlanta, Ga. Den ni s M. Sm ith , Na ppan ee, Ind. Gisela du Vigneau , Bricktown , N.J. Scott Nett les, EI Monte, Ca lif. Buzz Clark , Thornton, Colo . Tom H ad ley, Co l umbus, Ind. Bob Peavy, Pullman, Washington Hal Fr ey, Berkeley, Calif. Mike H oskover, Omaha , Neb. Sid Drain , Des Plaine, III. Dan Br~ dfi e ld , Kansas C it y, Kans. l ar ry Co lburn, Shawnee Mission , Ka ns. Mark Giese, Olathe, Kans. D on Wieder, East Brunswick, N.J. Ron Jackson, A u ro ra, Colo. Frank Walsh , Dolton, III. Sandy Cut ler, Eugene, Ore. Jo hn Hinds, Co lumbu s, Ind. I. A bri ef summary was given by Sa nd y Cutler of the n ew functions of t he NHSGCA. The primary functions of th e N HSGCA are : 1. To vo te o n the USGF cou ncil. 2. To name and award an A ll American High Schoo l Gymnast ic team. II. All Am eri ca n Award Report, by Ro n Ja ckso n. 1. Onl y two va ulters qua li fied fo r the All American awa rd. 2.Th ere were on ly a few awards g iven in trampoline. 3. An ann ou nce ment of the All Amer ican award program o f th e NHSGCA w ill be sent to all the stat e athl et ic organizations in th e USA. 4. Each year, the All American sta ndard s will be eval uated for possible adj u stmen t. 5. It was moved, seco nded, and passed , that if a gym nas t is to be a cand id ate for th e A ll American award, his coach mu st be a memb er of the NHSGCA. 6. It was moved, seconded , and passed that the tram polin e standard fo r the A ll Ame rican awa rd be lowered to 8.6. 7. It was moved , second ed, and passed that the jud ges mu st sign th e scor e sheets to validate meet results fo r the A ll Amer ican award. 8. It was moved, seco nd ed , and pa ssed that an additi ona l awa rd be sent to each coac h as welf as th e ath lete. 9. !t was moved, seconded, and passed that add itio nal award s be made retr oactive for last year. Awards will be se nt to the coaches of the All Amer ica ns from las t year . 10. It was su gges ted th at a let ter be se nt to the Nati onal Co ll ege Gymnastic Coaches GYMNAST D ec. '73

Ass ociation ask in g th at colleges g ive recog niti o n to the hi gh schoo ls of th eir gymnasts w heneve r possib le. 11. It was moved, seco n ded and passed (vote was four in favor, two opposed), that the N HSGCA go on reco rd aga in st a total all around fo rm at for co ll ege competiti on. III. A lecture and demonstration of th e Un ive rsity of Californ ia str ength exe rcises was given by Paul Ziert, Un ive rsit y of Ok lahoma, and Masayuki Watanabe, Universi ty of Cal iforni a. Th e exe rcises are as fo ll ows : 1. Run seve ral laps around the Free Exercise mat. 2. Wa l k o n hand s 40 '. 3. Jump lea p s 40 '. 4. Wa l k o n hands 40 '. 5. Jump leaps 40 '. 6. Stiff-s tiff wa lk forward 40 ' (S imil ar to a st raight arm, straig ht leg press). 7. Stiff-stiff wa lk backward 40' . 8. Pu sh -u ps - hyper extended back at lop, t ight en buttocks, pu sh up ve ry fast w ith hand s leav ing th e grou nd . 9. Lyin g o n back, hold legs up 1-2 minutes, back is rounded. 10. Leg throws - lie on back and ho ld ank les of partner stand in g behind, p ike up from the ches t with straight bo dy, and lower down. 2x10 11. H ee l throws - li e on stomac h, holding partner 's ank les, try to raise heels as hi gh as possible. 2x10 12. Chest ro ll to hand stand (ho ll ow body) 2x 5 13. Handsta nd snap downs 2x10 Apparatus exe rcises : High bar 1. Pull u ps all the way to suppo rt position. 2. Stoop through, skin th e cat, back through with stra igh t legs throughout. Pomm el horse 1. Doubl e leg circles 3x15 2. Rea r Suppo rt swin g 20 Rings 1. Pull through front lever to back 'Iever, sk in th e ca t, pufl with stra ight body b ack thro ugh back leve r. Parallel bars 1. Front upri se 3x10 2. Forwa rd and bac kward ro ll s, stra ight body 2x5 IV. Frank Bare of the USG F attended part o f our meet in g. H e discussed th e following: 1. The high schoo l ro le in the to tal USA gy mna st ic program. 2. H e su ggested th at we ado pt a total all arou nd program of competit ion.

3. H e urged that at the ve ry leas t, we promote th e all around compet ition in our practices and m eets. V. Treasurer's Repor t 1. The NHSGCA curren tl y has $88.72 in o ur ch eckin g accoun t. 2. The NHSGCA paid $100.00 in dues to t he USGF thi s year. This is for membership in ihe U SGF , and a vo te o n th e USG F co un cil. All AMERICAN AWARD FOR 1974 Qualifying Standards: 1. Long H orse 8.80 2. Floor Exercise 8.60 3. Pomm el Horse 8.45 4. Horizonta l Bar 8.45 5. Parall el Bars 8.40 6. St i II Ri ngs 8.45 7. Trampoline 8.60 8. All A rou nd 47.00 or a 7.80 average for all of the eve nts co ntested in t he all-around . II. M et ho d of qualif ying : To qua lify, a gym nas t for thi s award, a coach must submit an average score, based on th e best five (5) scores fo r an optiona l routin e. (a) The coac h must be a cur rent member of th e N HSGCA . (b) At least two of the sco res mu st be from a tournament of at least fi ve o r more team s. (c) An average sco re mu st be used. (At least two j udges) . (d) Score sheets, or phot ostats of the score sheets with the signat ure of a judge and athletic d irector mu st be submitted with th e average score. Nationa l Federation rules and (e) interpretations will be th e basis for routine scores . III. Include w ith the nomin ati on : 1. A p icture of the gy mn ast - acti o n shot if possible . 2. Age of gym nast 3. Grade of gymnast 4. Number of eve nts wo rk ed by the gymnast 5. Future goa ls of th e gymnas t IV. Dead line for nominations for 1974 is Jun e 10, 1974 . Send to: Ron Jackson Aurora Central Hi gh School 1050 Neward Street Aurora, Co lorado 80011

NHSGCA Repo rt Submitted by Sandy Cutl er, Sec. -Treas. NHSGCA

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LETTERS Dear Di ck : In reading your excell ent column in the Jun e-Jul y GYMNAST, I have reason to believe that Cheryl Wagner in referring to 'so me man' w as ref errin g to myself. I, too, wa s at the clinic that Ch eryl referr ed to, w hi ch by th e w ay wa s the most o ut standin g clini c I have eve r attended and I felt very fortun ate to have been ablet o atlend as o ne of tn e few invit ed LOdcnes w ho provided th e gymnasts need ed to he lp train our judges. Here is m y point: Fi rst -I have great resp ect fo r Mrs. Jackie Fi e and Amer ica n Wom en's gymn asti cs is fortunat e to have such a hardwo rkin g dedica ted woman at th e top. H er th o rough und erstandin g o f judging w as quite an ex peri ence to witn ess and th ere are few women in th e spo rt that match her tec hni ca l knowledge: Howeve r, it is th e compl ete understanding of physica l principl es combin ed w ith a progressive political phil osoph y (as related to wo rld gymnasti cs) that will help put Am eri ca n gymn asti cs o n top, and it is in t ~ i s area that I cann o t ag ree w ith everythin g Mrs. Fi e professes to. I agree w ith you , and man y o the rs, in th e philosophy that biomechanics ought to be the key to improvin g gymnasti cs techniqu e. let us have a "second loo k" at Ch e ryl' s curved body . Th e re is still a spin e that-if straighten ed -is a better "energy tran spo rt er". Th e low ba ck arch (swayback) that man y of our femal e gymnasts sport is physically a " WEAK LI NK" in a chain , pointing toward s p oo r trainin g habits b eca use it shows the body is d eve loped un equall y and is prone to get injured. It also has been establish ed that girl s are in no way different to men as far as mu scular con stru ctio n is concern ed. The physica l law s appl y to women as we ll as to men and most o f all let us take a "second look " at our very own top fem ale gymna sts. Witho ut excepti o n they are b ea utiful yo ung w omen o r girl s, but th eir curves are no t quite th e sa me as M ami e Va n Do ren 's or Marilyn Monroe's. Th eir bodi es are strong, but maybe-just ma ybe-h ave w ea k spo ts th at could be developed better w hi ch w il l all ow the m to wo rk

ph ys ica ll y mo re eco no mi ca ll y and co nsequ entl y mo re swin gf ul , w hich wo uld poss ibl y enabl e th em to di splay their skill mo re effo rtl ess ly (Ro xann e Pi erce's grea tl y improved va ulting techni q ue is such an exa mpl e) . Now to the specific move referr ed to by Ch e ryl-Th e cas t to w rap aroun d th e low ba r-Th e hi gher th e center of grav ity ca n be ra ised befo re d esce ndin g th e great er th e sp eed o f th e resul tin g swin g-a greater amo unt o f ava il abl e ene rgy w h en affectin g th e rai l o f the ba r w ill allow far grea ter heights and reboun ds thu s look in g mo re sw in gf ul. Thi s is w hat I und e rstand un even ba rs are sup posed to be all about. Ad d iti onall y if a girl wa nts to hit th e low ba r w ithout pain the body must be in an ove rex tend ed position (arch) but th e "a rch" sho uld begin w ith th e sho ulde rs and no t o nl y in th e low back. Thi s is relati vely easy as lon g as th e speed is slow, usuall y the res ult o f low casting . Ironi ca lly, lo w ca stin g. o r the traditional fem ale cas t with an arch, IS always acco mpan ied w ith a low back arch and a great shoulde r angle (a fo rm o f a PIKE). It is thi s PIK E in th e shou lders th at all ows t he hips aft er passin g th e ve rti ca l to ascen d faste r and rais e th e heel s to trail thu s mov ing th e ce nter of grav ity (th e pl ace w he re th e weight sets in ) towa rd s the b ac k of th e bo d y and mak in g a painl ess co ntact with th e rail possibl e. In an ex tend ed body this sho uld er PIKE does no t ex ist. Th e bo dy would tend to pik e in th e hips after passing th e verti cal and ca use a rath er painful contact w ith th e rail. But th e chest pike (sh all ow contracted) body pos iti o n, o n th e o th er hand , w ill do th e sa me as th e tradi ti o nal but je rky and low speed cast o f th e past, plu s give the gymn as t new and exciting en ergy to w ork with . M y demo nstrating gi rl s did show small "p ik es " in thei r cas ts but thi s is no t th e fin al pro du ct, thi s lies in the imperf ecti on o f th eir tec hnica l executi on. I might menti o n th at by now th eir cas ts have com e to nea r perfect fo rm and are compl etely extend ed befo re beg inning to d esce nd in to the swin g, thu s putting grea t d efinition in th e ex ecutio n o f "cast to swi n g" . This also enables th em to d o eag les, false eag les or tw istin g hechts at heig hts h igh as the hi gh bar. In m y mod est opini o n-thi s is w hat un eve n bars are all about- " bea utiful swing w ith grea test amplitude crea tin g an illu sio n o f suspe nsio n in ai r. " Keep up you r grea t wo rk . Gy mnasti ca ll y yuurs, Frit z Re iter

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USGF MATERIALS for 1973 '74 1. CODE OF POINTS FOR MEN: Th e offi cial FIG Cod e, includ es A-B-C parts w ith illu strati o ns and all rul es. A MUST for all jud ges, coac hes and gy mnasts.. . $6.00 2. SUPPLEMENT TO THE MEN'S CODE: Th e 1971 re visio ns to the above FIG Co d e. Designed to be pasted into above bo ok ... $3.00 3. USGF MEN'S RULES FOR COMPETITION: N EW book for men's rul es fo r co mpetiti on , compul so ry exercises, ho路.tin g o f foreign tea m s, reg ul atio ns govern i ng USGF tea m s, etc. .. $3.00 4. CODE OF POINTS FOR WOMEN : Th e o ffi c ial FIG Cod e, includes figur es for difficulty ratin gs, rul es and all lates t rev isions in encl osed suppl em ent. .. 7.00 5. AGE GROUPE GYMNASTIC WORKBOOK: Th e USGF Age G ro up W orkboo k, compl ete w ith routin es (compulso ry) fo r boys and girl s, ages 6 th ro ugh 18. Sti ck Figures and a built-in grading syste m for cla ss ro om work . . . $3.00 6.1971 JUDGING GUIDE FOR WOMEN: Co mbin ation of old Ju dgin g Guid es 1 & 2. In cl udes all changes fro m FI G Course in M adrid , Spa in ... $3.00 7. NATIONAL COMPULSORY ROUTINES-GIRLS: Th e offici al USGF-DGWS ro utin es fo r girls. Three levels of routin es now b ein g used nati o n-wid e fo r schoo l, co ll ege,univers it y and p ost-grad uate co mpetiti o n ... $1.50 8. A HISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE USGF: First Edi tio n, hard-cove r, of th e Doctoral Di sse rtation on the ' Hi sto ry of th e D evelopm ent of th e USGF '. Co mplete and ve ry we ll docum ent ed stud y, beg in s in ea rl y 30's and reviews th e ama te ur spo rt s fe uds o f yea rs go ne by. lead s to fo und i ng of USGF in 1963 and b rin gs d eve lopme nt up to date in 1971 ... $6.50

L. ____________ _

9. RULES AND POLICIES FOR GIRLS: The off icial USGF regulations and poli cies for gir ls competition in th e United States... $2.00 10. MEASUREMENTS & DIMENSIONS: Th e officia l FIG booklet containing all the diagrams and measurements for men 's and wome n's equipment. .. $2.00 11. FIG BULLETIN: Offi cial pub lication of th e FIG .. mail ed dir ectl y to yo u from Sw it zerl and. Tim ely articles. Va luable to all in gym na stics... $10.00(per yea r) 12. MODERN GYMNASTICS: A. Code of Points for Modern Gymna sti cs. .$2.50. B. Class III -Beginners: Gymnastique Moderne - by M ildred Prchal. .. $1.50. C. Class II -Inte rm ediate: Gymnastique Moderne - by Mildred Prchal. .. $1.50 13. USA GYMNASTICS NEWSLEITER: The official word from th e USGF National Office. Listings of new books and se rvices, techni ca l changes and what's newswo rth y on a national sca le, Publi shed eve ry other month ... $5.00(per year) 14. GYMNASTIC CHECKS: A ll new. ow avai labl e, beautiful checks in li ght blue with a male and female gymnast shown on th em. A grea t new way to promot e our sport. A llow 4 to 6 weeks for de livery and mail sa mpl e of existing check with all information yo u w ish to have printed on yo ur new gy mnast ics checks. $6.00 for 200, $11 .00 - 400, $16.00 - 600 etc. 15. CREST : Embroid ered cloth , suit ab le for use on warm -u p sui ts, blazer, or uniforms ... $2.00 16. USGF PINS : Gold ba ckground show in g flag and USGF emblem ... $2.00 17. DECALS: Long la sting USGF emblem ... $0.25 20. WHO'S WHO IN GYMNASTICS: The first editi on of this new publi ca tion ... $5 .00 21. MEN'S ·I UDGING GUIDE AND COURSE: Publ ished in lesson plan s to enabl e th e instructo r to guide hi s stud ent s step by step toward beco ming a profici ent jud ge in gymnastics... $5.00 MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO THE U.S.G.F. Ord er from: The United States Gymnastics Federalion P.O. Box 4699( G) Tucson, Ar izo na 85717 USA Ph one: tou.!) 622-3865 Note : A ll Orders have to be pre-pa id . . .Books are mailed Bookrat e unless pa yment is enclosed for First Class Mail. .. Specify: Men 's or Women 's



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INTERNATIONAL CALENDAR 1974 M arch World Champions hi ps, Trampoli ne, in Johannesbu rg , So uth Af r ica. Oct. FIG Cong ress, poss ib ly in Tun isia. Oct. 19-26 Wor ld Championships in Varna. 1975 O ct. 15-21 Pan Amer ican Games (33 countries possib ly will compete). Sant iago, Chi le Gymnaestra da in Berlin. 1976 Sept. FIG Congress in Montreal, Canada , and the Ol ympic Games. U.S.A. N A TIONAL PICTURE 1974

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An y new entri es to Qualifica ti on Rounds for l an. 6 Elites mu st regist er scores. I an. 11-12 Big Ten I nvitat iona l, A nn A rbor, M ich igan , with Regio nal Techn ica l D irector. Jan . 18-19 First Q uali fying Round for USG F El itesTentati ve Site , Long Beach, Calif. Train ing Meets in four Feb. Compulso ry geograph ica ll y located centers (E lit e Program) late Feb. A ll USGF State Meets to be he ld by this time. M arch 29-30 Second Qualifying Round for USGF Elites - Tentative Site, Delaware. Mid-M arch USGF Regionals Meets to be held by this time (o ne month to wo rk for nationa ls) April 5-6 AIAW Collegiate Championships (Women) , Ca li iorn ia State University-Sacra mento , Meet Di rector. Kathy She ll y, Women's Gymnastics Coac h, Califo rn ia State Universi ty-Sac ramento, Sac ramento, Ca li f. 95819. April 4-6 NCAA Champ ionships, Penn State Un ive rsit y, Univers ity Park , Penna. April 19-20 YMCA Nationa ls in Seattle , Washi ngto n (Men 's Compu lsor ies sa me as last two year>, Women 's - USGF Adv. Leve l. a minimum age or sco re requi rements) April 18-20 USGF Jr. Nationals Ha ywa rd , California. April 25-27 AAU Senior National Champ ionship , Bill i ng s, Monta na (tent.). April Compu lsory Training Meets in four geograp h ically located centers (Elit e Program) M ay 2-4 or 9-11 - USGF Sr. Nationa ls - Site Undetermined. M ay 23-25 or 30- 31 . lune 1 USGF Elite Champ io nshi p of U.s:A. - Site Undetermin ed. Au g. 22-24 (tent.) The se dates are proposed for Fina l Tria l fo r Q ualif ica tio n fo r Wo rl d Games Team to represe n t U.S.A. at the Games Oct. 19-26, 1974. Site is undetermined. 1975 YMCA Nat io nals on Ap ril 18- 19. 1976 YMCA Nat iona ls on Ap ri l 9-10. REGIONAL SCORE Ian. 25-26 Magno li a Open (Strawberry Open becomes Mag no li a open when it moves to SW Mississippi Jr. Co ll ege in Summ it, Miss issippi) . Feb. 8-9 Valastics Invitat iona l - Nicevi ll e, Fla. Qua li fy ing sco res may be used thi s year to li mit this meet. Feb. 9 Pac ific Coast Invitation al - Ing lemoo r H.S. March 15-16 Eastern Co ll eg iate Regiona ls. M arch 15-16 A IAW (fo rm erl y Reg. 8) Co ll eg iate Reg io nals hosted by San D iego State Unive rsity, San Diego , Ca li f.; Meet Di rector Ed Franz. March 23 USGF Regiona ls, Forest Grove, O rego n . Th is meet is fo r Qua lification into USGF Jr. and Sr. Nationa ls. There wi ll be Elite Divis ion competitio n . Th is in format ion is UNOFF ICIA L. The official dates and sites lor USGF Regional meets for '74 will b':' pub lished most li kely as las t year at th e USGF Co ngress in November. April 5 Ea ste r n States Tea m I nvitationa l Championsh ips - D elaware (Te nt ati ve).

D ec. 27-29 Wa shington Chr istmas Clinic sanctioned b y WIAA. Contact Jerry Penney, Sammamish H.S. , 100 140th S.E " Be ll evue, Washington 98007. D ec. 26-30 Western Gymnastic Cl inic, University of Arizona , Tucson , A ri zona. D ec. 26-30 Easte rn Gymn astics Clin ic H o li d ay Park Recreatio n C enter Fo rt l aud erd ale. Fl orid a Gymna sts of all ages and ab il it ies welcome, both gi rl s and boys. Classes in coachi ng and teaching. On e hour of co ll ege credit ava il abl e at t he graduate leve l. Fee : $30.00 plus clinic fee N ite of Stars Exhib ition--no co mpetition. Clinic fee: $37.50--this includes a so u veni r clinic T-shirt For further informa tion: Di ck Hol zae pfel Room 201 AOB 'U niversi ty of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa 52242


W e w ould like to publish a calendar th at is Gymn astically comp ete - if you hav e an y additio ns please se nd th em to : GYMNAST Calendar P.O. Box 110 Sa nta M onica. Ca. 90406 Th ank You

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CHRISTMAS CLINICS D ec. 26-30 Sara so ta 23 rd Na tional Gymnas tic Clinic and Second Nat iona l Trampo lin e and Tu mb li ng Clinic. ... I nstr uction at all leve ls for both ma le and fema le gym nasts .... Clin ic M eet and N ight of Stars. NCAA , USGF, AAU sanc ti oned. Wri te: Na tional Gymnast ic Clinic, Inc. , Ri ck Well s, Reg istra r , 406 Rollingsga te, Apt. Cl , A nda l usia, PA 19020.

Se nd check to: Ed Cutler South Eugene High School 400 E. 19th Avenue Euge ne. Oregon 97401


BALANCE BEAM MANUFACTURED TO F.I.G. SPECIFICA TIONS A one in ch layer of specially formul ated cushioning mat路 eri al is laminated into the bea m to gi ve greater co mfort and protection duri ng long hours of training.


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Official equipment for the 1973 USSR Gymnastic tour..



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Gymnast Magazine - December 1973  

Gymnast Magazine - December 1973