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Super 'T' Shirts

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SUPER T SHIRTS All Super T Shirts (except Special) are $4.95 for short sleeves Super T Shirts come in Sma ll, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes. Super T Shirts come in White, Yellow, Blue and Tan (please indicate 1st 2nd and 3rd choice of colores when ordering). All subjects on Super T Shirts are done in Multi -colored screens on a high quality cotton shirt.

Have a Happy Handstand (white only) . . .Special $2.95 Gymnastics Gymnastic ('L' Cross on Rings) Jungle Gym Meet Gymnastics (girl In Stag handstand on Beam) Gymnast (Mushroom with Frog in stradd le leap) Gymnast (Girl In seq uence Walkover drawing)

Additional different colored shirts with your school or club name sc reened on the shirts are available on special orders of 12 or In ore shirts with a 50~ per shirt extra screening charge. (we ca n also make up speCial deSigns using your school emblem. logo, mascot or team photos, draWings or what have you. ,. Send us your special needs and we Will make them up to order for YOU). Order from:

SUPER 'T' SHIRTS The GYM SHOP 410 Broadway Santa Monica, Ca_ 90406


' )-3

T-O Men 's &Women's Gymnastic Figures.. $2.95 (Now is your chance to design your own trophies or dress up your old trophies with our New Male or Female Trophy Figure) T-1 Figurewith molded base (red, white, blue or green) ............ $3.95 T-3 Figure with Walnut wood two-tier base . .$4 .95 T-.4 Figure with Deluxe Walnut cube base .. $6.95 1-5 Figure on Walnut pedestal with year (or small victory figure) .... $8.95 T-I Figure with Photo-Plaque (your team or individual photo printed in medal l .... $24.95 l-S Other Special Trophies made up to o.der. Just send us a photo, catalogue page sketch of any trophy idea you would like to make up. Or send us a budgeted amount available for your event, and we will make up a set of trophies just for you. l~PS Figure with Pen Set available from $7.95 and up with Walnut or Marble bases (Galton or Silvertone figures and pens)

Charms: Chum Bracelet: (one charm included) Charm Pendant: Delux Charm Pendant: Sweater Pin: Bowknot Pin Charm: Brooch Pin: Ear Rings: Key Chain:

$1.00 $2.00

$2.00 $2.50 $1 .00 $2.00 $2.00 HI $3.50 )-9 $2.50 (with deluxe oval charm) All above items available in Silton e or GollOne. 10% di scount allowed on any jewelry order totaling more than $10.00 .;. )-4 )-5 )-6 )-7


MEN . Lapel Pins - Tie Tacks -Tie Bus - Key Chllins & Mone), Clips anibble for lin events (FX,sH,R,LH;PB,HB &AA). i ~


~ ? ~t

Pins. 51.ill \ Tie Tlicks. 51.sO .~ Tie Bus. .. 5:z.'SO " Key Chllins. $2,50 Money Clips•• '. 53.0Cr

Dear Sirs: Please find S ._ _ _ _ _ to cover the items indicated. Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ Addrfts ___________________________ Cicy _ _ _ _ _ _ State _ _ Z l p _

California residents add 5.., sales tax_




410 Broadway

Santa Monica, Ca. 90406


Profile for USA Gymnastics

Gymnast Magazine - August/September 1973  

Gymnast Magazine - August/September 1973